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The Mexico independent and deaf-mutes' journal. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1872-1874, October 29, 1874, Image 2

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MEXICO MEXICO, FSURSI)AY, OCT. 29,1874. Stews of t&et7eefe;. Fifth a»& Last Gift Concert in Aid of tits TvJalxo Library of Kentucky. SSHZIftO MAEEBTS. A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. The propeller Brooklyn exploded her boiler near Detroit, Thursday > and 1G persons are reported missing. Many of the survivors were badly injured. The Indians at Standing Rock Agency are indignant at the attempts of white hi en to enter the Black Hills, and at a meeting held at the -agency accused the government of indifference to its treaty obligatious, charged the military with bad faith, and demanded a ,conference with the President, A terrible state of destitution exists i:r Nebraska., several deaths from starva- tion have already occurred. Hcti-ry Clews & LV.'s banking house in S'-t-w Yo»-k, closed itsdoory on Friday. UfV. Ju'm Cowan, was convicted in the Tinted States Circuit Court, on r\ru! \y, of attempting to defraud the government. By a boiler explosion at New River, Mich , Friday, four persons were fatally scalded. Lieutenant-Colonel Buell destroyed several Indian camps near the lied River, October '.!., and_ at last accounts was in pursuit of the savages. Th<» attt nipt in New Orleans to disV franchise several thousand white voters causes great excitement, and resolutions were passed at a n indignation meeting •denouncing the authors of the scheme. Ct.overnor Kellogg estimates the total registry The following are the prices paid for farmers produce, etc., in this market: Mour,(retail)Spr'g$600,red §6 25, white SfOO th ,„,. of Louisiana, at 165,000, with iie«Toes six thousand ahead of the whites. (m Saturday Beechers. counsel ap-. poured before Judge Nelson on a motion mad\ to compel Theodore Tiltou to furnish a bill of particulars in the suit against Beeeher, and submitted affidavits of Reecher stating that he fears Tilton contemplates manufacturing evidence at the coming trial. In the Episcopal convention in New York, Saturday, the committee on. canons to whom was reserved the proposed amendment to canon 20, title I, of the Hook of Common Prayer, intended to provide tor the use of shortened services, reported resolutions providing for the appointment of a joint commission of neven bishops,seven presbyters and seven Liytnen, to take into consideration the whole subject of rubrical revision. Spain has asked England to prevent the shipment of war materials from England for the Carlists. I^ord Derby The management have determined to have the drawing of the Fifth and Last Gift Concert of the Public Library of Kentucky, on? the 30th day of NoTem.- ber next. We believe now that all the tickets will ha sold, and that the drawing will be a full one ; but whether all are sold or not, the drawing will nevertheless certainly come off on the day appointed. The special object of this card is to call a meeting of the ticket-holders at Public library Hall, on the 20th of No- vember, to make arrangements in con- nection with the committee appointed by the Trustees to superintend the counting of the tags representing the numbers of tickets sold. While there its no actual necessity for the presence of ticket-hold- ers, as under our arrangements the inter- ests of all are equally eared for, yet at the sametinie I would greatly prefer- that as many of those interested as can,, would attend this meeting and see each for him- self how perfectly fair and impartial the distribution must be. Every arrangement has been made for the drawing-—but little more than a month -remains for the sale of the re- mainder of the tickets, and whatever is done must be done promptly. THOS. E. BBAJILETTE, Agent and Manager. Louisville, Ivy., Oct. 22, 1874. Iu Oswego, Oct. 21st,at the residence of Wat. H. Goit, EMI., l>y the Rev:. C. t-ollapd Adams, 5\lf. -Richatrf M. iNorish to Miss Carrie Goit. Attlie residence: of Edmund Potter, Parjsh, 5T. Y.. by Judge Potter, Mr. Filander Sturns to Miss Marietta Burk, both of Albion. Oct. 18, by Rev. Mr, Travel-, Mr . Edward Tiffany to Mrs. Sophia Ellis, all of Oswego. At the residence Of the bride's father, in Saii^ dy Creek, on the morning of the 20th, by the Rev. J. ST. Hfrks, Mr. Wilbur F. Corse and Miss Charlotte M. Stevens, On the23dinst., by Rev. E. HorT, Jr., \VU» lard Rattles, of New Haven to Pamelis B. Rob- inson, of Scriba. In Scribaj Oct. 25, 1874, by Rev. George Blos- som, Mr. Theodore Wordeu, of Scriba. to Miss Mary I.. Roberts, of t'tica. Meal, # cwt, (retail) Corn, Oats, -.. Butter, ...... i ,. Loose Butter, — Cheese^ Lard, Eggs,$doz.,. Beef#ffi>, .... .-• Beef, #cwt., Mutton, $ cwt., . Pork, 0 barrel, retail, Pork # cwt., Apples, (dried,) £?lb, .. Ham,, # ft), , , Dres'd Pordtry, t? lb, .. Potatoes, $ bush.,.... 1.90 05® 100 50 ® 55 30 @, 36 34 15 © 10 15 @ 16 24 05 m i 6 $5 © 88 $8 00 825. •m. 00 0@14 8 <&x 10 Co <«} 45 GOBI BEOS. SEW PRICES. -6o- -S^OO- -00,-—A- s00- Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Housekeepers Take ITotioe. Oswego Flour, Winter, §T.f>0 ; Spring, §1,155. Kerosene oil, - - 13 cts per gallon. One Dollar Tea, - , 30\i>erll>. Salt. ' » - • - *2.00. 50tt>. Butter Tubs, - - 35 cents. Lard, - - 10 t o 13. eta. 10 lbs of Oat Meal, - - 05 ets. Soap, - - - 4 cts-. per luiic. Coat's Thread, - ? 7 cts. per spool. jg®* The poor can have cheaper. W.O.JOHNSON, Washington St.. Mexico. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. AN ELEGANTLY BOUND CANVASS- ING BOOK for the best and cheapest Family Bible ever published, will be sent free of charge to any bonk agent. It contains Over 70 0 fine Scripture Illustrations, and ^agents are meeting with unprecedented success. Address, stating experience, etc.,. and we will show you what oiir agents are doing. NATIONAL PUBLISH- ING CO., Philadelphia, Pa. Chicago, ill.,, oi- St. Louis, Mo. The Mason & Hamlin Organ lV'Ui 1 It-hat the Carlist war is prolonged >y uic \v.mt , of .patriotism and energy of the Republicans. Vlw i'ni-ted States Supreme Court has denied ;.>. motion to advance Oranger eases. A l-tr^f number of laborers and me- chanics sailed for Europe on Saturday, in se.irch of t-mployment. It is estimated that two thousand per- son-, were killed iu the town district of 31i.';mp jre. India, during the recent c-y- <-i''ii>'. About 1,0' i0 young inen in the south- ern part of Saratoga countv, are going \West .this. fall. Kev. .J. Hyatt Smith preached in.fa.vor <>i\ u.p-:i t'oniniuTiion in- • •-•• \. • V\enne IV/>':', :L. J he pastor church liberal DIED:: In Ilastuijfo, O.'t. 21,1S74, Chauncy I). Smith, Esc[., aged 42 years. In Oswego, Oct. 22, Mrs. Adaline L. Young, aged 40 ye:u-s and S months. In Oswego, Oct. 22, 1874, Joseph- Laprarie, aged lOytiars, t! Ji'.ontlis and S-d\.ys. ln-t->sWi'gt>, Oct. •_<£, ISTt. Mary MctJovvn, aged MJ years. In Oswego, Saturday, Oct. 24th, Henry Her- rick, aged SS years and 3 niontlis. \f(.>RT<4AGE SALE.— Whereas*.Reuben A . JL I'riehard and Delia B.j his Wife of the vil- j.ige of Phoenix, Oswego I'oiurtyj N. Y.., by their cprtain- -indenture of Mortgage bearing date the sixth day of March, A . I),., oni> thousand eight hundred and seventy-one*, to secure the paynieut of the suni of four thousand and live hundred dollars payable in tive equal annual pay- ments from tiiu dft'e hereof, (said mortgage), with interest on the whole suin unpaid, payable semi-anually, «u the 6th day of September and. March iu each and every y°ar, did mortgage au<l ciiitv(V unto Samuel H. Stone, Adniinis- tratctt', and Itosiua G. Oowning, Administratrix, of the estate of Levi Iterping, deceastd, the several premises described substantially as fol- lows, riz: Alt that tract or parcel of Land situate in the village of Plue lis, Oswego Co., X. Y., known as lot (No. SS) in said village,, beginning at the S. E. .»-.., <,i\ h. u Up, on the north side of Lock. St., tlience easterly 4 rods, to Spencer bt., thence northerly on W. Hues, of Spencer St., 12 rods, theuca wwterly 4 rods, thence southerly on the E. line of lift ht~! twel-v e rods to the place of be- ginning, JW ileedc-d ly ,%. P. Ila.rt and wife to R. A. Prieliard.\ Al*' that tsvet or parcel o^f land, ; in village of Phtenix, known as L>f, No. ?s i n i block 0-in sai'l \illage , as surveyed b\ ' :w. A . I Mo;:,if... in l-:>0, 1 eing on or. of jeffersuu and I churoli St., <>'3 feet front and rear, anil 132 feet J deep, hf-eded by .loan Darling and wife to party X-earlv ten thousand- acres of prairie i of l:.rt j )>ML a-ud timber iaiid in ti.Jia.na are-on lire. A!-- .'U <t tni.-t.-r parqel »f laiul being t^nty , , t ,. , ,. . 4.1 .-tcre=:in >. i..ti ^ or W. half of sub.. 2, ui.grt. lot .-v partv ot Itifsianri rushed into the | .^ in N _ ^ n t .f 14s j } t.ovvnship of rtcribas pat- ited C,i<.u.:i a-yenesr ami ileinolished the j ent, i\dc;-uio, U-v.ego t-Q., K. Y., lor full de- ib.:^i; :Y- tiieir ui-teation i* believed to ' «_i-«ption «^1 fvom. Koo B ev«ts to said R. A. i- general massacre, but fhey Winner of THREE HIGHEST ME0A1.S & iMPJLOMA of HONOR, at Vienna, 1873, and Paris, 1867, now offer the FINEST ASSORT' MENTpf the BEST CABINET ORGANS in the WOULD, including new styles with recent improvements, not onli/ exclusively fur rasi/j, as formerly, but also on NEW PLANS OF EASY PAYMENTS, the most favorable ever offered. ORGANS RENTED WITH PRIVILEGE OP PURCHASE, to almost an y part of the country. First payment Si). 90 or upwards, Illustrated Grtalogues and Circulars, with full particulars, sent free on request. .Address MASON & HAMLIN ORGAN C. .., Boston, New Yorli or CHiciago. Having purchased the interest of J. IIOOBE, hi the old stand,, we are ready to sell every thing in our line, consisting of Groceries, Provisions, fruits, Pisli, SLASS WAEE, PUTED WARE, LAMES, &c, &e., »er than Ever Before. NO MO Having lifted np and arranged our store, we wish to tnake a Black Walnut, And, Finishing Ash. FOR THE S SPECIALTY IN | TEAS & CEOCElEYi 1 PS f8s CO 2gpq- m 11% I4 And ask a liberal patronage of our old customers. TBY 0U1 $1.00 JAE TEA ; Warranted the best stock in town. Come and see the new Chandeliers, >s, Lamps, &a .TS-S isps» SSSM^M TEI PEE GENT. ••T-nm li.ipti-.: ciru^ci.. \ »r- •y: r } j u. J ±tO ->f th'- ALHVV Avenne Bapti:\v coinutilu'ii his coa-i^vgatiou to l-irih-.-ii->le.-, and the Gethseinane ciinrch withdrew from the .Long Island JJaptisl 'fiat ion. The Iowa Loan and Trust Oomr pany, Des MoinieSj Iowa., invests money for Eastern lenders at tern per cent, interest, net., payable semi-annually at the Chemical National Bank,. Xew York., Al l loans secured on improved Real K-state, and the collection in full guam&feed by the Company. Lenders b'ubj ect to no expense, l'ull afartract of Title, Coupon, Notes, Mortgage, &.c., (made dir rect to lender,) forwarded 011 completion. New York and Kevy England references and, fmil in- formation sehtLonapplication. SAMUELMEHRILL, (late Governor of Iowa,) Eres't; J,vs. B. HSEART- WELL, iiec'y, lies Moines, Iowa. B. MAIYILLL k CO., IfASUJACfUEEKS OP .VfS nave w ..'.re l-eeu «» Q-. forced to i. the ti'melv ar- leave by rival of ;t biwly of troops. The Kpisconal Convention fit New V<.f!:.. Monday, adopted the report of the e-uhmiltee on «a;oiis decl-a-riuf it h\- exp thousands-ot people in South-western Nebraska are starving, and will need aid io ktvp them through the winter. An express train was wrecked ne.ir Fairut'ld, lo-.va, Tuesday tit to change the method of con- a bishop elect. Nineteen per- ;<>iis wvrti-f.itatly injured aiid several in- stantly kilted. The British mimster has informed the department of State that Labrador js a part of Newfoundland, fejfd that the provisions of certain articles of t-Ue treaty of Washington have been extended thereto. Many persons suiiVi' with sick head-T ache, usually induced by costiveness. in- digestion, Ac. Much persons will find re- lief if no: cure, by keeping the bowels open -with small doses of FacsoHS Pnt- yatli-e tills. Have you inflammatory awte throat, stiff joints, or lameness from any cause whatever ? Have you rheumatie or other pains in any part of the body 1 If so, •use JohnmiCs Anodyne Liniment, inter- iiallv and externally. Siiira T-srsa. Prichartl. I'tcorded in Oswego Co. Clerk's office, March 2.% l.bo'5, at 4 p . nii.j iu hook 101, of (ieeds, j page ^5'-. A'U that tract or parcel of land, situate in the villagtuf Phu-nix, known as village let No. 4, iu biyck ??<>. W t in said village, as ..urvuywl by < 'has. A. Moff^tt, ?«:»s>, : bai-ug' (iti ft. fwat and rear, and 1*2 fei-t <if*p. %< deeded l>v S'. H. Con- ger and wife to K. A. I'ricliiWtl. Ail tliat tijact or parcel ..f lat,ij ;ii vjilago of Pha-nix, -kintw-n as village h-t '1, in block five iu said village, bcirg G6 feet front and rear, and 1-B5 fvet deep, as surveyed toy ('has.. A,. -Moffatt, AT !•>., J ~.$*i, deeded by ^laiy A . Hill to paity of the first, pa.-i,. January 13, 1802. All-that tra<-\t or pgrcel of land in village of Phienis, known as village kit No, 'l, in block 11 in s:;ii't vilUige, bt-in^f. Cl5 fu.it f>'.;i;t and rear, fronting on Slain, street,. and Vi'l feet iU,up, as surv.eyetl by Chas. A, Moffatt in J'unc, lbotj, deeded by George Salladin and wife to. said It. A. Prichard.; Which said mortgage contauM therein a power of sale, and that sai«l mortgage with said power of sale therein contained was duly recon fed the()swego County Clerk's office the 2Tst day of March, 1871, at 9 o'clock a. in., in liber 91 of 1 mortgages, at page 13J. : A u4 whereas, default has been made jn the ; ' payment of fhe money secured to be paid in and -1 by virtue of tlus *itid. mortgage, and there is claimed to be due at the d^te of th» first publi- cation of this ntitii-e the suni of ^,9oS..S2, and to liecome due the further sum of 81,8.00.00 and interest from March (>, 1874. And whereas, no pi-oi;eediht(s in LSVY or efpiity havtt l,;>en instituted to collect the said debt se- cured by Bvyiu ijioftgage or any part thereof. Now, therefore,' notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of s^le contained in the said mortgage, and pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided, the said mort- gage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises abeve described, at public auction, to the high- est Iridde;, at the law office of J, L>. Hartsoh, in 1 Our specialities are Four and Six-seat Carnages of all descriptions for Family —.1 f ;,.„..,. ,.t,„ \\To .sell no Work but JEW We Se& Sets-ofCroctoiy from $7 to $15 \VYafranting the goods to lie No. 1. We sell no SECONDS or OBA2ED WARB^ We intend our store to be one of the host in the County, and shall spare no pains to make it attractive to th.e ladioK who wish-to-inspect our samples. U B. COBB. Mexico, June 1(1, 1874. 34 J. J. COBB. an d Livery use. our own make, and that we warrant K.WLS, f-osar. Send If i,j i'U^iotrated Catalogue. Xifl VTVn ' A«E-XTS for the\l.ifi^»^l VV JXJLi llJl/ Kxiaovatious ot'i>.-. Llt- ingitone,''' comi)le!e, authentic. A fresh b.o.ik. I'rice suited to the times. Address B> 15. it'is« sell* Publisher, Boston, Mass. ptJYlMaRLY fROMliAIwiei^RUfflCalJfiURW S Sample r.acknc.'?,, with Pricu List, mailed for tidv cent*. yRleif.iiit 0:Uur.cls Tvithout. cliarge. Tun SinviNti ^MAI «f.vB SC.PPJ.IE3 Co., .237 Broadway, Niiv Yorl:. I ^KijT C..\K.PiETISCrS, 33 cents ijer, yd. 1 FRI/F € K JI.IKCrfor roomsin place of Plas- ter. F-EIiT .HOOFI5IC* and WIUING.. Ad- dress (on 1'ottal Card). C. J. ..FAY,. Camden, New Jersey. $5 P |. Portland, Me. per day at home. Terms free, Address, GEO. STINSON-& Co., i*m lars Free. Mb. ii A. WliEK guaranteed to Male and ')eir lo-..,..,,. Particu- Augusta, / \ / Female Agents, in their locality. * Costs NOTHING to try it. TO PS 01 P. O.V1CKERY&CO., PSYCHOMANCY, OK SOUL CHARM- X TNG.\ How either sex may fascinate and gain the love and affections of any persom they choose, instantly. This simple mental acquire- ment all can possess, free, by mail, for 25 cents ; t ogether with a Marriage Guide, Egyptian Ora- le, Dreams, Hints to Ladies^ A'queer, book. °, 00,000 sold. Address T, WILLIAM & CO. uOblisherSj Phildelphia. \VTOTICE TO CREBITORB.-Iii pursuance lx of an order of T. W. Blciuncr, Surrogate of Oswego f'ounty, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against James Roberts, ; late of th« to^yn S?£ ?dex-ico, in said coun- ty, deceased, to present their accounts,, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned,, at his residence in Mexico village, on or before the 1st day Of May, 1874, or they will lose tike ben- fit of the statute in such case made and provi- ded.-Dated Oct. 27,1874. ORVILLE ROBERTS, . Administrator. Mexico, N, Y., Manufacturer of The largest and best assortment ever in the Town of Mexico for Only $1.50 and upwards. Different styles of sash and circular doors made to order on the shortest notice. WASHINGTON-, October 2-1.—Intimate friends of the President say that he has made no p Hustons whatever to them eon- Gern-infj the question of the third term, nor is it known that any one has men- tioned- the subject to him in conversation, and further, he has in no way expressed himself in such a manner as to induce them to believe he has any aspirations in that direction. They further remark, although much has been said and written upon the subject, the question lias not come to him in the form requiring a re- ply, and, therefore, any utterance he might might make would not only be gratuitous and intrusive, but contrary to usages. NEW YORK, Oct. 20.—At a Republi- can rally at Cooper Insti'::* • t nr<*ht, <TOV. l>ix, while addres'-inj; fit-- uie.etin\ hearing loud cried of \how about third term !\ said : •'! did not come to thrust any opini-in of mine into this canvass ; but since t am asked the question, I will answer it frankly lest a misconstruction r.hould -be put upon my silence, i say, tircn, distinctly, that I am not in favor of third term.\ IF ALCOHOLIC STiJUTLAJfl-s—are taken -.nto the blood the heart works faster, RWI this unnatural speed wears cut the vhal machinery. All intoxicating nes- trums advertised as Monies,\ \renova- tes \ &c, produce this disastrous effect, and'should be rejected. DR. WALKEUS VE< JE TABLE VINEGAR BITTERS-^ lit vi-orant without the curse of alcohols is \everywhere supplanting these pojsons. the village of ^lexjieo, in the County of Oswego, X. Y.., on the 23rd dttj-jca Jan., 1S75, at one o'clucfc in the afternoon </f tha^ ri&\\—.Dated Oct. 29, lfr.74. SAMt'KL H. STONK, Aminibtrator, ROSiXA C-. BOWXING, Administratrix, Of the Estate of I>evi Downing deceased, Mortgagees. J. I>. HA-KTSON, Attorney, Mexico, N. Ysr Another Chance!! FIFTH&LastilFT CONOEET IN AID OF THE f.l (1 [POSTPONED VO Drawing Oertam at tfcat Date, One (frantl Cash Gift, - - $2.\i0 One-(Jrr-tnd Cash Gift, - - ' - 100,000 flue t-iuii-nl »'.wii-ti-ilt, - - - 75,000 One firah'K'ash Gift, - - fiO.OOO OneG rand Cash Gift, - - - 25,000 5 Cash Gifts, £'20,000 each, - 100,000 1<) Cash fiifts, 14,000 each, • 140,000 15 Cash Oifes, lo.OOf) each, - - 150,000 20 Cash Gifts, 5,000 each, - 100,000 •J.T, Cash Gifts, 4,000 each, - 100,000 ::o Cash (hits, R.OOOeach, - 1)0,000 50 Cash Gifts, 2,000 each, - 100,000 100 Cash (Hfts, 1,000 each, - 100,000 240 Cash Gifts; 500 each, - j20,000 500 Cash Gifts, 100 each, - 50,000 15,000 Cash Gifts, 50 each, - 950,000 Grand Total 20,000 Qifts, all cash, §2,500,000 22&SS OS 1 SS01ESS: Whole Tickets, Halves, -- Tenths, or each Conp'.n, - - 11 Whole Tickets for 52 1-2 Tickets for £ £0 00 25 00 5 00 500 00 1,000 00 For Tickets and, infos^i&tion, address Agent and Manager, Public Library XJiuldlng, Louisville, Ky., or THOS.H. HAYES «& CO., E5astcr» Agents, 51-4 60>9 Broadway, New York, DOPKEME OOUKT-County of Oswe K o. Daniel \W. Hall ag'st Nicholas Hall, Pliileana Hall, JudsonHail, Leroy Hall, Mary Hall, Mar- garet Hall, James L. Hall, and Editha Kellogg, 'fo the above named defendants: You are here- by summoned £p answer the complaint in this action, which was hied in the office »f the -Clerk of the county of Oswego, New York, on the 24th day of October, 1874, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subscribers at theirofBcein the eityof Oswego, & Y., within 20days after the service of this summons, exclusive of tins day of service, or the plaintiff will •apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint. KHODKS & mCHARDSOX, h'l Plaintilf 's Attorneys. The following arc the prices for coal : GRATE, 8.20 EOG, •. 8.20 STOVE S.G5 ClJEaTXt T T 8.15 CHARCOAL, (pa? bushel,) .... 20 Blaeksinith's Coal always on hand. #3* All coal must be paid for When delivered. 35 . . . Yv Pi^rtKLD': rpeoBlate in Wan Street- Without much risk with Pot*, Calls and Double Privileges, whii a answers Instead of large Cash Capital, and jjives equal chance to make mo^ey, negotiated by lis at the lowest rates r> u xJ«pdnsi- ble parties, On 100 shares stock for 30 days S100, for 15 days $50, from 5 to 5,000 shares at propoirfcionate Vates. Pamphlet, entitled Road t o Fortune,sent free on application. Address,, DARRAGH, BlilDGEMAN & CO., Brokers 52 and 56 Broadway, New York P.. O. Box 5020. flli-ly SURROGATE'S COURT. A Surrogate's Coui-t will be held at the Court House in OsWego City on the first Thursday of each month ; at my office in Mexico on Monday of each week ; at the office of S. N. Dada in Fulton on the first Friday of February, April, July and October ; at the office of J. W. Fen- tan in Pulaski, on the first Wednesday of Feb- ruary, May, October and November ; at the ; of- fice of H. A., Barnard in Phcenix on the 'first Tuesday of May and September during the year 1874. T. W. SKINNER, Surrogate,, UP\ A LARGE QUANTITY OF jgj m* OATS WANTED AT THE jg» ^° TORONTO MILLS. —*• 29 A. 0. THOMAS. BASE. Assortment complete and made to order with .promptness. Sash painted and glass set when ordered to d o so. ~ FBAMER Door Frames, Window Frames, Stoi*e Fronts, tic.^ il'c, on hand and made to order with dispatch. on Itaving added a nevvBlind Slat Ten- Machine to my works, I am now enabled to fill orders for 2o to 30 cents per foot. Do.or Blinds, Inside Shutters, A'c, &c, made to order on the most rea- sonable terms. MQULDIIG& With t.-ie best and most complete as- sortment of kinds, I am enabled to .give better satisfaction than any one i n the country. A Full assortment of The undersigned, who recently purchased XI. ii. WADBWORTH'S.Grocery has jnst opened a ss And he is prepared to- DELIVER BKEAf) At the houses of lliS (Jll.stOl ll-Cl'H In the Village every other day. My Baker, J, W. Larkin, Has had 2fi years experience in this business,, and I feel confident that the bread made by him will be of a superior quality. SHIMLES, LATH, PICKETS And Fence Posts Constantly on hand. SAWING. All Mnds and styles done oil the shortest notice. TOTNIM, Of every descidption done witjh dis- patch, witli priqes to suit t!he tiines aiid to please all. All kinds of Job Printing neatly done at this .Qffieo Special attention given to HoweTei' Large or Small, st End of Fpper Bridge, Why take the trouble of making your own Bread any longer, when you can have excellent bread supplied you at the extraordinary low rates of i-found 10. oi. ©f Brad For 10 Cents. Dr. X Walker's California Tin- egai* Bitters am a purely Vegetable preparation, made chiefly from the na- tive herbs found on the lower ranges of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor- nia, the medicinal properties of which are extracted therefrom without tbe use of Alcohol. The question 13 almost; daily asked, \What is the cause of the unparalleled success of VINEGAR BITV TE'KS?\ Our answer is, that they remove the cause of disease, audtho patient re- covers his health. They are the great blood purifier aiid a life-giving principle, \ -a perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the system. Never before in the history of the worn has a medicine been compounded possessing the remarkable qualities of VI-HEGA-R B-fiTEas in healing the sick of every disease man. is heir to. 'Ihey are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic, rehevipg Congestion or Inflammation of the Liver and Visceral Organs iu Bilious Diseases The properties of DR. WALKEK'S VINEGAR BITTERS are Aperient, Diaphoretic, Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-irritant Sudorific, Altera^ tive, and Anti-Bilious. ft, R. MCDONALD & co., Druggists andfien. Agta., Sam Erancisoo, California, and cor. ofWaahington and Charlton Sts., N. T. Sold by all Druggists and Dealers. A fHEELE shall we buy our Sum- mer Clothing is the great and momentous question which is now agitating the public mind. To those uninitiated we would say : Kcalcs Supplied On the shortest Notice. Opposite Delaware* Lackawanna and Western, and Lake Ontario Shore Railroad Passenger Depot, Made and Heatly Ornaniented at Eeasouable Rates- Go where yon will fad tHe Largest •^ggoytaient., (JO wheie tue Styles are the JFewest, G-o where -tile Salesroom is well Lighted. Go where every Garment is'.Giiaran- teed to fit. M t)RTCA«\J'] KALE.—Whereas, default lias been math; in the payment of the money ;•«- cured by Biorlgage dated the 25th day of .7 aau-a- ry, ISn'.Jj executed by Oscar 11. Drake an'l_ Em- ma M.Drake,, of the town of New Haveu. i:i ' )s- wego Co,. N. Y.,to-John Jamison, of Aiitboy, in t)sw,Bj;d (*<>., wliitih- mortgage v.qts reeonled fai tlie Clerk's office of said county in liber oO of mort- gages, at page 21o, on the 29th da> of January, •l'Sf)!), at 2 -o'clock in the afternoon of that day, and. Whereas, the ainouUt claimed to be due upon said mortgage.at the time of the iirst publication of this notice is the suin of two hundred eighty- eight dollars and .seven cents, that being the whole mortgage debt unpaid. Aiid whereas, the said mortgage has becu duly assigned to Jerome Woodard. ^NY>w, therefore, notice is' hereby given that by Virtue of the power of sale -contain- ed-insaid mortgage and duly recorded as afore- said, and i n pursuance of the statute, in such ease made and provided^ the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a. sale of the premises therein des- cribed, at public auction, at tire office of A. F. Kellogg, in the village-of Mexico, in Oswego County, N. Y„, on the 2Cth day of Dt'cem'ber, lS74,at 1 o'clock jnthe.afterrtoon of that day. '1'he same premises are described in said mortgage as follows: All that tract or parcel of land situate in the town of New Haven aforesaid,and being a part of lot. No. 49, in the 19th township of Seriba's Patent, bouiided and described as follows: Beginning .\> chains •!!) links, from the- north-east corner of said lot, on the nortli line of the same, and running from thence south along the eastline of live acres of landownedbyEdmuncnVheelerjto the northline of land lately deeded to Henry M. Smith, thence east along said Smith's land so far as to ihqlude ten acres of land, lying between said Smith's north line and the north line of said lot,, the east line of said ten acres to be parallel to and with the eastline of said Wheeler's five acres.—Dated October!, 1'874. JER0>1E WOOD AIID, Assignee. A. F. KELLOUC, Atty., Slexico, N. Y. mO THE PUBLIC. Late of the firm of R. (rORDON & €0., of Oswego, has opened a Mew and Extensile Line of BTAPLB AND FAHOY -I AND N0TI01S of all Desoriptio-HS, at Mo. 3 Hungerford Hock,. Oswego EAST END OF LOWER BRIDGE, woidd respectfully invite his friends and the public in general, to Call ^SxamineMs Goods Having had many years Experience in selling Dry Goods in the city, and understanding the wishes of the. citizens,, he. feels cpnfidentthat the QUALITY OF HIS GOODS, THIS STYLES AND PATTERNS, AND THE PRICES Will please any and all who may favor him with their patronage. 49 ORGAST FOR SAiE.-r-First-class reed- pipe organ for sale. Call and exaniina before jsurehasing elsewIleFe. J. H» COGAGKE, 43 Aleademy-, Mexico. Pies, CooJfieSj Buns, ttc, nuiiiufactured on the prein-ises, and consequently, always fresh. ay. No. 1, Em-pire Bloclc, Main Street. Go to the Well'ErtabHsbed Firm oi BICEm 3E0S. For your SktMag, Sats and Caps, BOOTS & SHOES, AKi) im They a!, o keep a lar^e assorlihents o JZ Q & EYESY DAY? WHY, 1 Oannot Get jmj Good TXTTTTTTTTTTTTT'r'iTTTTT TTtTT'rT'r'rTTTTTT'fT'rTTTT TTT PTT ' TT T TTTl 1 TTT TTT '1T1' TT TIT T TTT TTT TTT TT1' TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTTTT ITTTTTT ITTTTrrTTTTTT OS CHEAP STJGABS What is tlae Reason ? Because yoii (lu-ii't go to aiOOEEY STOBB and got it Cajl and get the cent Jap. Tea, The Best in the Comity ibr the Price, grades of Sugar equal- ly Cheap. * AND Oil Cloths, Wl-iieli v'H i-.e >•-..Id us cheap as can he he i)uujri,iL West of New York. j. i\ i'.'X'KKK, It . i). HEI'KE.:, ;IO /ii J ™.a£ SlJTi - - - - ~. -- -I 'JU V^J ''Mexico, -May -'<i, lfu-1- © Manufacturer of CARK I1GES, PlatfOKpa Spring Wagons A. S. GIBSON ha« filled his &toiv with-] a first class stock of Which are warranted to he equal for freshness, quality aiid price to any in this part oi\ the State. Jly motto is qiiick sales and a desire to ^ive sati.faov tion. The stock will he kept up with a superior quality of TEAS, COFFEES, 81JGAES, Fruits, Tobaccos, &c. Goods delivered FTee, ' JL, S. GIBS0I, No. 1 Empire Block, MexicOi (Wadswortli's Old Stand.) 37 Eepairiiag done oil most reasona- ble Terms. Manufactory Slain street; opposite Foundr}'. Mexico, Apiil S, IST-k QUPUIOIE COUKT—COUNT Y OF OSWEGO. — IO Eil'vanl 1). Forraan and Mary Jane Gre'en- •vvonil, as Adininistratpi's of the goods, chattels aiid creilits of ,T»]in It. <xreeuwoocI, deceased, again.-t l\rl.;y. \VVyijiau Jr.—Summons. To IVrley Wyman, Jr., defendant, yoii are hpri'iy M-.mnionci! to answer the complaint of Kil\va,r<l I). Forniau and Mary JaaeSreenwood, as Administrator.-! <»f the goods, chattels and civdits of John K. Creenv/ocd, deceased, plain- tiiTr., whii-h wa-s tilerl iii the office of the (.Jlerk c>f ( )MV«#'> (. 'o-.inty, -S'ew York, on the 30th day nf Ki-pt'-inuer, 1S74, and to serve a_ copy of your ;ui.-\ver i:-n fly sulteeriher .at Pulaski, Oswego ('ount\ ,X':\v Y«rk, •within twenty days after jtb'o serviei- ff this suiinnoiiK, exclusive of the clay of service, '..;• l!«_* plaintiffs will take judgment again.-: you for two hundred and twenty dollars with interest from Kovember 12th, 1870, to- gether with i'.l.MU fees and exjienses of protest - ,, hesidtt, costs. J. W. BENTON, r.O Piaihtiffs' Attorney. PABH FOE SALS. The undersigned offers fot sale her farm, sjtuuted about 21 miles east cf Hoi'mesvillo, on the town, line road be- tween Alfoion and Richland, ^aid far|n contains 38 acres of land, eight of which •are well tiurbereeL Farm well' im-prbv- ed and buildings good. For parbieulars apply to the undersigned on the premibes. 4 6-3m PoiiLY \EHOMESOST. Or to L. L. THOMPSON, Wea£&& t l$. Y. tfikli. PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW . 1 YORK—To the Creditors, Legatees and next of kin of Valentine Moor, late of the town of 1 tastings, in the county of Oswego, deceased, send. Greeting -, You, and each of you, are hereby cited aiid required personally to b e and appear before our Surrogate of the County of Oswego, at Ms office, in the village of Mesico, onrfthe 16th da y of Nov. next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then and there to attend to the settlement of the account of Mary Moor, as the adnmiis- tratrix of the estate of the -said deceased. In testimony whereof, w e have caused the Seal of Officeof our said Surrogate to b e ^here- unto affixed Witness, Timothy W. Sldnner, Surrogate of our sold County, at the village of Mexico, the 2f>shdayGi Septenlbgt, A. 35,» W4. AM \' T, W. SEPOfES, Sulrogate, /. m

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