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>*<v < \ *\ *!ft i*. * tWinf • -• ^Am f wine, petition of-* ad*niiiis«rairi«*, and Henry 0mm%^tot^i{ the orUi Cole, late of the font* ecw«ty ©f Ontario, decea- al| gjejfigoas interested ttt the lid deceased, appear before the village &&$fa4%ps&p*& 0n**^M- tut$$§Wt$fe day of Aprlb of that ise> km the 1 fchofe of the e^i#ltej^^d,t3(rr'fe 'much? L..-2i£^te._ -wi^u . j«\..L-*-i. rax- «._. ,COtJR.\* - C^wrttfeft. t:^^L |lvea thauhs 1 fh'tbetfom- complaint, a« ToHowsj «fjg.\' OP' paft$$£fnfa$Gilg»tt* ©s^^^^Bj^ibej^tei^i, th)B. * e.ef. lte>ittC%r««|*-^ll4|ife''- on the* west. tJm$ho^4&fij$* Clark Peefc*a land,theuce OR. %t$& JW&fJBwtf&i IPfL - stake and stones, supposed -seven fods, thence running . east line of h?nd& belOfigti|g ins, B?ad|.e|e-.^jfilD4^%#a^,*- Rider, Vft.jk& fe^KSePP)?'^ d* thence running easieriw comet of the %&&Mp$mr. . south ytytfj^sffl$ay»- ee of begmdingta^d being aKtftehomesteadl, the second pari, contain between,' twenty; of i^no^l^he f samr*mar^ this day conveyed bff feCftarle^^nd-JPnidencfei his . i Maria/' >%0l be sold !g£ the? vendue to thre'btgttek 11 ffee filfefeidf the coanry of Ontario, o& of M*r,eh/ nest, at twelve^ Dated Feb. :14th, 482fe*^ f - • Master in «»8 d f in Jsej sum of money, secured denture of mortgage, dated? exetmtM &y Fer« «o#* said mejrtgage^anAT - th^ statute te4m&9istii»»tr? d^scribe4'|a^Biise# wiflj* : vendue, at the court hous& Canandaigua, in the county twetity-elgiftKday of J^ly/ fe TOtheaftCTttoariyviz. ^All * se-oppai^^el land lying and 6f Naples,, county of ®rt~ - of Pfew^YortL, it b,eiog lot .settling lot so (jailed,, and lbejr fifty^five, settling Jot so west by the* highway leadf gfe 'fronf Napleif south by Stanfey, east by s*t$mi north by Fafcl Grimes? thixty-rsej^ett acres of land* lajej^oLjP^naa- state or JSew-Yorfe, ore iy' ? of Aprlfe. U%% did, for i ©ffbur btmdretf gncf fwdn- ^h*inte»st,- twor^age onto l\ tbatfcertatu tract OP parcel in township Ko, JO, in the of Eajtf. street and sooth of -mi-i.hm.jf0t t pme^^^ t©ftfee.*Mtt#vt^*w * ~'\^\ purj:l||is|s4 $ JUchauro^ is fcno^|i*|^a.»|rRji»of e siiaWlF^iii^^liite of tfeesK;|jji^« .cent«J of Oan- ,OB the east by ibje?«a«tt Utter on tb#fo8th hy a line par- hlkmlbti sev- as t&. -the* 5if.public verifltte.,. __,__ -**f|^ o ? crock in thefore- «Mt i» th# C«*M> of tint .itpttHiaii^foir\*^ •\ w4ANg«Jt, r l-i K f fi: •{\Hf^g?* .#gS &£&& imm&- • 'r«> ,**)-. ^PfSflffWWB? •'fi' --• »i 4 '.rt«r^siSS?^M« K ^^A^^\f?5pr^r.si»>5f SOT*****' *• r » i- ? !>'\ **•*>\ 1*1 .iitibici^blmilBayi His S^tpio^k Jheir ^epl^n the^sif, ,J -; iri ^ttjjgWf |^!^;^ti iSbir^s. * *i* IT. Moit&F Co. do hereby inform the public, that they hive conferred on him the' management' of this concern, and that they- propose to furnish Wt tho roeafii «nd J facilities which their re^i <lence in New-York so happily affords, t6 supply «ach nn assortment of ^ W in4algi -^ ft vS tdroihing Thbrtias of ami \*• t icrwiceandweirserecte^tttsdrtrnentof Groceries, ..IftwI^lfe^Hfeientto state, that such ar- rangements have been made, thathe*will be receiving fresb supplies, mtkly, from the Ifew^ydrk, Auction. Rooms, making the aaiortment at alt limes general and com* pleteiwhi^h will be sold at such prices as cannot fail to please, and on the best of eHmJTi > LEVERTSENi Camndcdguth June l, 1B24 . 9ti K. B.—Tavern Keepers are particularly iiWited to call and examine the C?rocerte*. npHE subscriber • at Hh. old stand/ has now •*• on hand,and is receiving, bis supply Ofl STOVES for the sei5on 5 anda tarietyof 1 |diffiir«iBt^att^»% ** f\ •••• •»•-'•• ,\* ti WMMiM,W >fiSUAiT& da* :; .,.,: HALL fe PARLOR - do- \ l C®mmSG ItOOM do. BOXfcSpEE^^KOlfdo. * ^q^tlier with £IPE$ a^d.FtlJaNn'CKE, ! >\&lm Bo,> fpotfntm Ihe roairafactwc of ..STILLS, BOILERS, and WORMS, for jiBistillers. J ,v' '0otA«ra*jJ?«<tei'#a!ndBrcwifet<fe^ , arid Copper, Iron and Tin work, generally made \jr.order. j * *l*|n Conductors for houses, always ready Jniadp,' ( , ,', Has 'now on band a quantity of Ohio Grindstones, WHISKEY, {iy the bbl.) W SHIN- GLES,of the first quality, for sale cheap. , fl^\Casb paid for old Copper and Pewter. John W. Beals^ .iatrthe.want of this country requires. -We. [particularlyinvite our old friends and ikm. public,] tncfery pirl of this countryt to have reference %o H. Seymour, and to call ; and ascertainibr themselves, that it is not a-.mere expression of wordi which asiures them it Kill be much>to their interest. JOS.I>. fe JAS. EVERNGHIM. S8tf< H! j'l'UWjll 1 ' .M ' ^ - , **V^a ??&$&& tWl .!'- CtaioftdfefeuMA** *» *?HL^ T HE wbscrihsr^a^ipg Jusi received hii Spring stock of GOODS, inviteUhe attention of his friend*and the.pubUc,to the most splendid assortment he has ever opened in this village. Among his ; stock W«8«bi* found a variety of entire new article*. rWi* \unnecessary to particularise; su^icB it tu say, that Ms aisor tment will be found tom- ;piciei and that notwithstanding ibe general rise of Goods, ha will continue to sell at bis uiualiow prices, and will receive most fcindf of Produce in payment.. '. . • • Tavern Keepers cant now be supplied with LIQUORS, of a tfry^npurior qoalt^ r ., First rate SALT; also, fine and superfine FLOUR, kept'-constantly foi; «ale at the Store of the subscriber. iy a#fested «i»»eh ffiMto '^WwS^fiW kiyen rise to-nmch s F d ^^xS Pud r«U mot*m*mtt W^ll Jnbtbairirfg se;etiitt*he #aper* a«MSk F fwhc. laccount lof th« 4ii^VAfWS^3Si- W« &«Iftw*o if^^gs^iWJ^I^Pcjoftsi now* «C T HE subscribers request those indebted to the late firm. of A. U. Jtfo» tyco- on book or on note, previous to tb^wHli August last, to call and pay. Wheat wiil'be received at Short** BEJt in payment, or at their Store, atWI»p*ice» fl3?* Ctuk paMf<a* Wheat a* usurf.\ . JAMES EVERNGHIM & Co. ; Canandaigua, Dec. 26,162&. 99 Storage ^aH Tf^I^N ^>»tgi T HE subscriber^ lia^e rented for * term of years, the lar$« an^l commodiouj& MARE HaH8B$ andBASIDt, n^.tlm f centre of the village p^ Palmyra, fibrnaerly occupied by' Jf. I>. Efejn^hira & Co. a^ are you ; ^0 present ^fcfoK^^ *£ • klnd_. till rmation. *>• ^ %i^ * fffift, Jfe considered «g t members £f/> rfiffri of ttww aHAaiM>.lii' | Cauadai ou tbe opening of the riavigation m the spring* f, <mW>W M. W A GENERAL assortment of Weaver** Hied* forsaie by ', MEAD St LTON. January 9, 1818. 3m4t forward to any part of the'lJnited States o!j FopoH^^^lfeA^S 'differences;\ ^._ % ^ ' -. ' M o'her Atnejrscati, BuUhat o^nf tbji i?^?!^^!^^- ^art.« l!b& fa^^af I newed'his t-e^oittwfendario>s>#?^fa«jer * J* B. They^ave u^er one of .^[fe^^^^ ia»i I junctions • that the eohfresr*h6»|fii to ri»e^ •^^ Pahnyra t 'Jan, ti :t %Bi$. t Cdnandaigw, Sept, tf t 18&5. fJlTJMPLES.) I npHE subscriber having taken the New JL Store built by Mr. Torrey, near the public square io the viillage-of Naples, offers for sale a large arid very complete assort- ment of MX2&CHA2TOIZE, and upon as liberal terms as can be obtain- ed at any other store in the western district, LUMBER and most kinds of country produce will be received in payment. CHAS. L, RICHMAN. \•^W^fll I f C^ponte B/BWc'*, tuafadjiiiriing t: PhclpS store. „ W*T.'BAMXTETT A CO. - |IE anxious to .inform, and hope to Vrodpee proof to, the Ladies and Gen JVqpfea, 17ft Odobigr, 188a. * 1 trern^lrlfalMpage,aritfthecaodtd:^ - wg ^!17aaimCT''MBevauy, i > m»t **«\9i | H»'' t \F lf sire' siiM receiving a very geh lot era! assortment of GOODS, purchased at the latest reduced prices in New-York, which fact they flatter themselves will enable them to-settlow, and within the sphere of their operatiohs^ maintain a fair competition in their business. Their stock consists of , Dry Croods, , €Sroceiies, Crp^kery, Glassware and Hardware. JKw, Iron, Nails, Window Glass, &c. he. N. B. Tavern keepers are respectfully in- vited to call and examine their LIQUORS Canandaigua, 1 5tk JVov, 1 845. aa ' • At Wholesale fy Retail. H AS recently received a large addition to his stock of Merchandize, but owing to the pressure of his business in disposing of Goons, he has unitil now, been unable to fl however af- rofthi*village,ana mecauumvw^ f g4»e notice uf it* -arrtvali i&zmLxit**' BM»I' ronViVmiJ' a verv eeh-l kindness of bis friends and the public gen erally, and assures them that his attention has been partially devoted to the selection of well calculated for this vicinity, and which he will sell as low as can be purchased else- where. He will receiive mosj kinds of pro- duce that the Farmers have, and they shall bave Goods at the lowest cash prices for the same. His assortment is so general as to reader it difficult to particularize the arti- cles ; bnt it consists of DRY GOODS, and a large stock of among which is the superb article of old Irish Whiskey, worth |9 per gallon. Glass, Crockery and Hardware, Iron, Nails, &c. &c. He has also on band, a number of Clute's ^latent iiiottgtte* for which be will receive Grain ; and as this kind of article stands high in the public esti- 1 mation, Farmers wild do well to call and ex- JYew School Books. •' ' FOB SAL* BY T HE. Cdtundtian Class Book, consisting of geographical, historical and bio- gwpjupl f Extracts. By A.T. Lowe, M. D. --\ Vjftiosb rea^eth, let nim understund^\ The Historical Header, for the use of schools: and families, on a new plan. By Rev. J.L.Blake, A.M. Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in which the elements of that science are famil- iarly explained, and adapted to the compre- hension of young pupils. Illustrated with plates. Questions on the Historical Part$ of the New Testament, designed for sabbatb schools. By Truman J^armelee. Qutsiions on the Bible—by Thomas M'- Dowell. Wilbur's Biblical Catechism, new Stereo- type edition. Juvenile Philosopher —by J. Lothrop. History of the United States. By Rev. C. H. Goodrich. History of the United States. By a citi- zen of Massachusetts. A System of Geometry and Trigonometry with a Treatise on r ------ »-• *^' gKrl. *..IMII ii ,P-*H-- additions, by GeorgeGillet, surveyor-general Ware^e^ila^^^ 48L arrangemeilts* for a' *»J^SW^ ynW^^m^md^ lmontfeftomtheaafe^i^14efatc|^tej. ^Sj^P*w*i^ ix\ 18*40 to the m^^^^ <mmM^or^^ thewuntir tire Deputies jftriAftDw*g&\ 1 poiFerfull#to ptefrsfe tederated^Statexahouid'asseum fK^g^ Schemes aild ^Tiw 2,000 pou»dst Batter, ^ 5«000 „ Cheese, for which GOODS, at the lowest prices, will be paid at the store of- JAMES EVERNGHIM h CO* Canandaigua, llth.mo. 7th, 1825. Stittf when the^ Deputies of three/ bave alsemhfed* that th%n#e^eWipfece for the meeting of the €&t^§mm^m , agreed upon, and announced. j*fcjfa®$!f I lie of Colombia adopted m^^mm^§i; \ It waspropbsed that this * l Cottt^sTof^e Americas'* should be composed of PlesSpo- tentiarfes from the Republics 6T ColomBia, Peia, Mexfco, Guatimala, &0f-JMm WESTERN IN CANANDAJQUA. T HIS Company is incorporated wjth a capital of Two HunQnd dfid Pipy Thousand Dollars, which has been paid in. The Company will insure against Loss or on Surveying. RyA$Ii Damage by Fire, on as favorable terms,as — ^.n^ „ 0 „ oro i cations from any part of the State, accom- and#at^y^aulddeliMfe^#|^f^ A ing roaiter«;-s<— • \ , ; ,•;. v r ^ i-J^- * U The 4 mrmatio» of;a mmMM^' Ion, alliance, and Jjerpetuat fff|| v , i Thepromulgattonofa Mdnif^^m the justice of ^e American ca|s^ahdjh| paltry views^of Spain, ^mfWSiM ; Christianity.. • ;\ ' 'T /</C-*^Si^ S. ^a^opt measures Te>peB«^eg- ands ptT&o Rico [ uti!Gp4to Ap erateon tfe propriety ofcomb««^Wces of all the^utes to free 1fea*fi^;$*RBg& cpntend, that *beUnit* World i»jNhismse grounded fea>&of a^y^ntetf the \ HolrAlfiaoc^l-^-\- cerns:—havereeeif the respect: of t 1 Europe for tfa&it^ r treaties of *Atmtft f «bndsti%^rld meirc^aitd^jgbo^tmdfitstoij^^'* * of them »—areconsider- -*\- - —* from the predomirjant t \ therefor^ as they who do not wish, that their entangling alii a|e tety^eMfotit^as s 1 may he> their opiu)on of Republicans, that the\ r managetbeie^wn aa^iirs in ^jfear, ;BforEdno& t \ 33tt AW» J 91 MEAD and T. B. LYON, having * formed a connection in business under the firm of * • MEAD & LYOM, have the pleasure of informing their friends and the public 'm general, that they have just received\ and now offer for sale at their store opposite the foot of Bristol street, a amine them. ms#and very exfensivi*assortment of (TJ* TAVERN KEEPERS, are partic- * jWft %$& tS6tUUt„ CSrOOftS, | \*» ri y, invited to call and examine his Gro- which i$i»% are determined shall be so;ld as- cheap as the cheapest. Their stock embu ce* a general assortment of . DRX Go:pD&; ... GLASS WA»E, CROCKERY, ceries as they are oif the first quality. Canandaigua, Jan. 8, 1828. 40tf IRON, NAILS, ^c. kc. , ; which, having all been selected io New-York •ince the late decline in pric^Sr will enable them to »eU at such rates as to make it an object for the farmers to purchase of them. . NOTICE. T HE subscribers inform the Public that the firm of A. U. MOTT &. CO. under which they bave hitherto transacted business in this village, is this day discon- tinued by mutual consent; and the business of the concern will thereafter be conducted by • HARRIS SETKOTJI, as their Agcnl> under the firm of James Evernghim & Co. tvho are duly authorised to manage all the affairs of the late firm, and to whom all debts oWfaid concern mutt be paid, and all ac- counts dipt* from tthem, presented for pay- JOS.D. fo JAS. EVERNGHIM of Connecticut Walker's Critical pronouncing Dictiona' ry, for Schools. Second Canandaigua stere- otype edition, to which is added, a Chrono- logical Table, stating the principal events of the late war between the United States and Great Britain. Ostranderh Arithmetic* This valuable Book is more and more used, as teachers become acquainted with its merits. In addition to the recommenda- tions heretofore published, the following have been recently given, without the knowl- edge of the author, to whom (he others were addressed: Hamburgh, 4th 1st month, 1825. R. W. HASKINS & Co. Respected Friends—I have examined with considerable satisfaction, tbe copy of Ostrander's Arithmetic you sent me; and from the opportunity I have had of becom- ing acquainted with it, I do not hesitate to state, that, in my opinion, it is better adapted to the present modes of doing burness, and consequently, to the right education of youth, than any work of tbe kind that has fallen under my observation. Its particular advantages over other treati- ses of the kind bave been so fully and ably explained, that its seems superfluous to mul- tiply words upon this point It may not be improper however, to state, that I cordially ' unite with tbe opinion of those gentlemen whose recommendations are attached to the work. In short, I am confident it will be found a valuable acquisition to thefpablic, aud as such, 1 cheerfully recommend it to all who may be under the necessity of procuring new Arithmetics. Tours, most respectfully, ELISHA DEAN, Teacher. Messrs. EL W. HaiJktm, & Co. I have attentively perused tbe treatise on arithmetic by Tobias Ostrander, and am con- fident it is the best. calculated to lead the cations from any part panied with a description of the property offered for insurance, will receive prompt attention. NAT. W. HOWELL, President, JEK'H VAW RENSSELAER, Secretary. DIRECTORS. A*. W. Howell, James D. JBemis, John Greig, Walter Hubbell, Henry B. Gibson, Thomas Beats, Charles H. CarroU, Jasper Parrish, Lepi Ward, Jr. July 12, J8S5. isb yoke; and if deemed proper^o apportion the troops to be furnished by each State for the purpose; and to determine whether.thej islands should be amalgamated with any of* *faa4gnfederate& States, or he left at Ijtbesty to cHPQse a^uimiiiuuiiffti N<. ». ^ i- f ,.„•,., 4. To make or renew a general tfea^ commerce as allies, or confederates; and to make a consular convention. 5. To take into consideration the-meani to give effect to the declarations of the Pres- ident of the United Statei {Mr. Monroe,) in bis message to Congress^ concerning^ the means to frustrate any ulterior design pf col- onization on this continent by the powers of I * a^e%J&lp^^^%^ .hotter. &fM«?f of this institution ing. 4 Run before the had .been inundated notes, when issued fro finished, butthetime they we the name of the person to vwh payable, weteleft blank,, im the borrower. Vast^hanr* nations when one is in a state of neut and the other in a state of war. 7, Finally,—-Tq declare on what footing -the political and commercial relations^ of those pans of ou^ hemisphere, Whfip%uie the island, of Hayti,\ are .separated from the old world, and notrecapisetfby W Amet- - i T HE subscribers have a large and gener- al assortment of SPVWTAOTuES, ._ . of various patterns—silver mounted, plateif objects of fh.e deiiheratipn oC the Ml»*» polished steel and common, with single and (dated March 6, 1625,) says, *^A*three of double temples. There is no person but ' —~«» ~-n«.™ th« United States can be fitted from their assortment. .tfko-Real Dutch BOLTING CLOf H£, at New-York prices; 25 Chests very good HYSON SKIN TEA, at wholesale; MILL IRONS ; POT-ASH KETTLES j MIL& SAWS; GROUND PLASTER; Ooam and Fine SALT; together with a large and of DRY GOODS, Europe, and tu resist all prm^mle^pf jmier^ ^^g^ circulation m ference in our domestic concerns, - • sentgjjon^ 0 f the good standing 6. To fix, in concert, those P»« c mteaof andthe liahdrty^of the endoF the rights of Nations, whiej> <&**&(§£ the hank had faUed,-appUeat* by the holdeis to the eudotsera^ were coolly informed that the latter were leased from their responsibility, becau holders had not pre&entedthf iiotes fo meot at the hank iti Nevr-^Taven, 1$0B distant, before the expiration of the time for ican power, ought to he .. *««-. The decree which promulgates m «hove the points equally concern the United States j as the other States, the Government «CJjfO-' lombia had authorised its Envoy Extraordi nary at Washington, to\ invite raemlto sejad Deputies, to the projected CongressV^Joping that those allies of the Republic of Colom- bia, will agree upon its nlBUy j aifd &iaV*1ts good, sincere and illustriods Criehdsj jfts'V- nited States,) would see w the union, a proof i-r remedy. rnn^nAnifTWi. DCC. 10, 18S5, 6m^ mind along from step to step in the calcula- tion, of numbers, of any I have yet seen J OSEPH LE KOT informs the inhabi- tants of the village of Canandaigua, and its *tinity,that he occupies a part of theshop of Daniel Umerson, a fev* rods below Bru- anJthe civilized world |h ge^era^benoM m it, a testimony of its desire to avoid all ob- jects of-esentment and disgust, that might he occwioneu by theila^qrw||i|f|pit found itself,*' ^ ;•' '-t. In another decree dt» the su^hjpt, JFei, e, \M$\ the Vice-President ofCplotuhi^fjis, «With respect to th> W&M$mt have thought proper to invite ^xem^'W^Ma. VI JLTUU.V. «»~.»-- t ,,,11 I . tol street, where he executes all kinds Ot j B Paiiiting. J l^—^if^Wnm^mm titogn- AU orders in his line of taAJSJ^LSf fW»*«l«wr #esP«^^l|J?S^°» C^n^?#|^fe, m W* h Hfff jlf- iflll'T'\'\ lf I'tlflfl'w lli\«hh •'.. \j'j''\ |M * ' ,^,'M Mima. an- The rules forcalculat'mgdecimali,and com- puting Interest, would of theroiewesg|«eit a decided preference J bm when Itaketb^ . *hple wotk into consideration, I am induced to express a desire that ittmerits may bfi>a|F Sign and Carriage Painting. lers in his line of business, will 1 M% „^„. ^~ , „,^.. , a .. t _ . oromotly attendedto,and faithfuliyexecuted,. $ucb siskCBrf . an 4illusMoif»%enlfttakft s ^art in a style inferior to none in thewe^terto! ^^^u^era^on^^ Th«^tns|ruc#nj.f ^ItSSt Rdurnof the state of ike Bidches* Balance* due from E*P«ns»flpa»ltt^i^ r ing house,fumitare.pliu frbttant Jol^ CashondeposHat hand, x~i * * % •*>£*****&. Counter^ iPfil* * If i jS c f^zr country f Bxifts, «IQ Awn WARD, hff*«l>°4m E that* fee haa pmoyed to the WV mm t»t»r*d of hit 'tm&^*&*&*wW: ^For tale, COFAli VARNISH, of superior quality. - «,•!• JtfWl 28, 1825. m f aUJOttds, fef s^ at tM Cimaiidal. ft -•$$#** ih>la4lnt«»p ^m^T AlOTl wM^f thne^naki^ vancea in Cash h* ^ od 5^Ki!l? t !S Geriifictttea deonsited ill thuF hands, and nesaoi« n ^ Q f^j|ei«<tstmi-annoall3r, Amount iteeom^eniii! _ 4tjf i.i.i.i.. TiK X MTn^, andTkiers of the Church of #h^reS**»teiter tf ? «h»e ^t^Jn^^wl defter ported out, and .n, consequence of this desire transmitted to our Envoy Extraordinary add Minister { Plenipotentiary at WaShih^onJ#^P|e^rl3 me to take that resolution^ ha*c induced m# \ —-- iiamedlltBls|eito) t . o|ihel|m|p^r^^^| tentative 3t*te«* ^Moni^o*|^ At«i* accented make IflHWgrtMttWWWfr^l * ^ - A^ *-,*_ ^- \-^' 9ttr< \> *r \jll.l.;\lL. \ ^ •r. afttrn v <fjia ^tfunit ijf - •»»\•• *r^ ^ t for the nmtm C of th« COMMM, JNl frnil»t of tk» %«itt** %^2#%»iw??«t***f- «tH peam t ft •*, that if tN WtrW baa * *ct a ~ K*b.Is*«M«fF«^«awo«Wl*pai»t. *tft>rta«t Mtfutt *mi»yj nUead —1> fci T.nlt»Ltb«IsdiW»« *<•**•»»\»* wooW ^* ^i^Vaioatb.etWrtaAlri«aai*^ ea«N|4 «P\ X

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