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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1826-1880, September 09, 1882, Image 1

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• _TATE Published every SATURDAY MORNING I A. B. ELLIOTT, Proprietor, I One\Y<!ar m advance • • ...... $1 oO I .. TOB PRINTING lN ALL ITS BlUNC:rms Executed w1lh Neatness and Dtspatch AT THIS OFFICE C. L. FULLER. VILLAGE SURVEYOR. 0FLA.N6I~OBURJU AND GURE:i lSLA.:.i'D -omoe tD. rroy Mnsm Htll State EntranQ& Watches and Jewelry. A uew and beu.uhlul ae~o1 tment of \Vatohell •nd JcwdrJ )liSt r celvetl Also a tull lme of lLhle t:utl~ely l'ea Su!S cu~lors,Co.k.e .Basketa, KnaH '3 and Porka ~ro etc, At Thomas Coldsmith's, 1'1uy Ho~ bu1ldlllg a ew doors below C8.llnoo Plfl.ca \ames H. Adams, DRUGGIST ' WINES AND LIQUORS, Paints, 01ls & ail Sta,Jie Drugs. l!'iir' Agent for GE\SER ~PHING WATER, WHITE GERMAN PERFU:UE R. B. 3TILES, Attorney & ~ounsHlor at Law Cor. Rtchard & State Sts \ . (~u~es Du1Idmg n~ staua ) L\Nol:\UllURCoH NEW ll!l\K Do1lJP'e7'• La.nsingburg:.. Tr.,. ana .&.lban;r Ezpr .... For ~~ :Baggage and ..U Express fre1ght. LeaVIng .Laruomgbmgh every morn- mg and attemoon, Suudn.y• exoeptcd, m time to conn~ Wlth ..U tra.ma. Expreaa and Steamboat orders lett M the olllce oor»er of State o.nd Elizabeth Bkeel>l, oppostte Phmmx Hotef, will ~ve due attention, and returns promptly made. Cheob Cll' ord61'11 left \' tho Nattonsl Expre~~~ Olllce, In Troy, trill be promptl:r attended to. Paoaencen o.rnvln~ at Tro;r b:r tlte ev<IIllll« traiDJl hy lesnng their aheob at the Exp...,.., omoo, oan rece•vc 'their lmggage by the Mommg Expr\\\' • Or liera left at J. )(. War.ren'o, Wood, Willard & Prentioe'a and B. A. Borrow' I IIA>,...., Troy 1 m!l rooeive prompt attention. Reillln ExpreN leaveo at 8 A. .. 111111 3 P \ Extru ean be had at any boor. GBORGJ: :M. DOUGREY GEORGE H. LEMPE, 611 State St., Always has on hand a fine assortment of good11 1 llwted to the seaeun, ootlsiet ng of Gentlemen • Boots 9 Caiters And Eugli~'<h ~a J wg Shoes, L1d1es Batton Boote, Gatten nud H lj)pers Oa.ll and w~:~pect llhem before gotog to Troy, Prtces to Suit the Ttmes 1 ~OW PRICES. WM. O'CONNOR, DEALER IN ALL lfmns OF MEATS, POULTRY I -AND- VEGETABLES -AT- No. 026 State Street, v • .\~$.!.!\! 0 S IJJi.C.H They say that she IS cold, bnt they ·~ they do not, cannot know, The very flowers that hang from the grrdle of sprmg were groW1!lg under the snow Is the Vlolet eold thnt 1t slmnks from the gaze and the touch of the herd? Is the song of the thrush, though 1t IS not pernutted to fondle the l:urd? They often love fondest, love surest, who neve1 betray tho emotion. I oould tell you of one whorn she loves Wlth a passwn RS deep as the ocean It ffi true that, m word:\; she has never con~ fessed to the feehng, 4 Love chooses a lla1ntier way for tta ohmcest nnd sweetest revealing Never once hash@ touched her lips Wlth hrs own, neYer ones ca~essed her hand- He nnght kiss and careRs to his hoart's con tent would he only rmderetand I \Oo!d I Oold '\ D1d he lrnoW' all her heart hren a ver.) live here alone?\ questroned the new-comer. No answer. \I say, you liVe lwre ,,) me\ \Yes I live here alone.\ \ .t thought when I carne to the door I beard voiCes.\ Mr. Ramger stopped in preparmg the lanteJm, taJBed ills eyes, fixed. them on the stranger's face, and sa!d, mso- lently, it must be owned· J' \ Perhaps you did and perhaps you didn't, What busmess is it of yours whather I speak the truth ot not ?\ \Asrthappens the doctor, \it rs my very specral busmess I belteve -nay, I am almost certrun-tbat you have concealed a dangerous and escaped lunatiC, for whom the closest seaf'ch has been made \ \That's nonsense!\ returned the other, brusquely, busymg himself wrth the lantern. \There rs no escaped hmatrc here.\ \ I am sorry to doubt your worll,\ replied the doctor, \but really-\ .tnd as qwck as lightnmg he dartei:. to the door of the adJolmng room and openc ,J rt .A.t the same time a sl.J.ape sprang from rt, rushed passed him, and falling at Rmnger's feet, Implored hrm wilAAf to take care of her and not to gn e Dr. Prmce looked on wrth a satis- fied smile--he had recaptured his VJC trm \It's too late to remove the patrent to-nrght;\ be sard. \ I w11l send for hPr m the mornrng I as~ure you, my fnend,.she Will be well punished for thrs\ .A.nd hrs cruel eyes gleamed. \I'll keep her agrunst the whole gang of you,\ rurswered Ramger, sullenly \Hftveno fear, my darlmg, they sha.ll not ionch you \ \She wrll be rJ)moved as early as possrble m the course of to-morrow,\ sari! Dr. Prmce, qhletly \I shall pass to-mght at Thornton,\ and, taking the lantern, he wal~ed out mtu the a rougli. ~a.vEt, ~ The Cltab:s or Noted Slll!a~ •• reverently laid the frur Damel Webster resrgned hi$ 'll\ea.t in the Umted.States Senate on J'Uly~O, \God bless you,\ he smd, as lw 11850, says a Washmgton letter. Hrs turned away f10m her he had loved so desk is still m the senate chamber, but well. He \a~ at home m these caves, whrch one, where its sits, and who rs as very few petlple WPre, so that he the lucky Senator that has rt, are Be- had no trouble m retracmg hrs way to crets to all the wo;ld except Capta.ln the entrance. Oh I th~ deseFted little Bassett \•hom Mr. Webster brought cgttage to whrch he returned I Kate's here waen a mere boy, and put him m empty bed, Kate's empty chmr 1 Strll posrtwn as a page mghteen years bef~ he sard to hrmself that rt had been the he reSigned Captrun Bassett has bela only way IIe had loved her too well a place m the Senate from that day to let her l1ve for suffermg wor:;e than untrl the present, be!ng actmg asslStant mafiy deaths could be. sergeant-at-arms now. But to the· The next day, \\ rth a force of keep- story of the deljk : As above st-ated the ers, Dr I'rmce presented himself at possessor of or rts number rs as pN- Ramger's cottage found a secret to the Senator :who Jjltl! \I have come to remove my patrent,\ m rt as 1t rs to an Egyp IUY· he sard. Captrun B.1ssett's reason, · To which answrred Ramg~r. \She all knowledge o! the has removed hrrself, the brrd has flown w ebeter's, Mr Cl.ty's, Mr. out of the cage Look 1ong enough seats a s~cret rs that, lrrioWlllg and perhaps yGu WJ!l find her:\ I and untlexstandmg t,he -deme H was a strange <'ase; but, after all, of the average Amencan cttrzen, botlr what evHlence could be all<>ged agam•t , male ,md female, for relics, he fears to Hamger, nnpopula~ as the man was? give the secret a-way lest tire desk I, however, thml, th 1t Jus trust was \oul!l be clnpped a\\ ay !Jy piecemeal well kept -Ph11ip Bourke Jiarston 1 J tire curwus \lw throng the caprtal c \ c r) tlaj I here has been no change 'I he Ri.•ing of the :>iile. m thcHc desks from the Llay they Were IJrought into the cap1tol untrl no1~, other than the annual coat of varmsh. I Cartam ~ssett has a memorandum rccorif o hur numbers and places, wlmh he e<'ps under lock and key, and \rll when he comes to shuftle off ttus mortal roil, furmsh to the proper- per- i son all the mform.ttwn relative to these dt sk\ m order that thPrr lnstory may IJe t trefnll~ presen ,.u. and h.tndc·cl I down to future generatwns as memen- tos uf W dJ>ter anU. hrs a.,~ocmtes Ill the Sc natt• There are three otller desks m the Senate clrmnuer Which cu- rwsrty huntPrs wuu1u like to he able to see antllmow that tht>y were the rrght ones. Theae are the desks of J ef!J:ron Davis, of :Mrss1ssrppr, StPphen A Dougla.•, of Illrnms, anTI Charles Sum- ner, of .Massa~husetts Mr Dav1s' des], occup!eil the same poSJtwn ill the ohamber that • Mr lleek's does now, nut Jt lS nut known to any o!W except Captarn Bassett whether or not rt IS the same one. Mr. Douglllil was m the same I place as that occupred hy Mr Pendle- ton, anil111r Sumner \ !l!l m the plwe now occupreu by M1 Davt es. In 1862, \hen the :New York Zouaves Wffi'e m the erty, about t\1 PntJ of them \ont mto the St•nate] drambt r (.trly m the mornmg to dP8troJ the ehrur an<l desk that had been occup!Pd by Jefferson Davrs Just as they were m the art Captam Ba~sett put rn his uppe.rr- ance. and a.~lleu them \\\hat thPv \ere about They qurckly told lnm that th1>y \ere gomg to des roy the seat and tit •k. ht r mse thP~ 11 Pre the one usetl hy .T rli Dm 1s C •ptam RaSBctt •ugrrr,;te<l to tlll'm that tlwrr rnrssron m \\ aslungton \\US to prntert puhht property, and nnt flestrov rt The' saw the pumt, anti ('!pt.un R.b~sett 1 proc•e<led so to chmgP the number of the desks as to be ahle to sa) to all \1 ho rmght mqmre that tlw dPsks that \\PIP usPd hy the Sen.Ltors \Pre not no\\ 111 tl!P. same plares, as they h ttl been rhangecl around for the expn ss pur I pose of pre\ entmg them from bemg: umtrlated by reliC amll curwsrty- hunters ------- Her Eyes Unsealed. Those who ha\0 read W1lkre ( ol lms' • Poor l\hss Fmch,\ sa1s tlrP. Ito< l!e,tc r ( :'i Y ) Post, w rll rearhl;- r,•t til ],.U('Illa's mrsfortunP-hhndness from l>rrth, ('3t!Recl by cataracts Dr (,r .. ~st 8 falla('res rPgarding the strug gh s of srght to assert Itself rn pt rsons w lro hm e bPen !Jimd for hff', the illu- swns of the pat1ent regarding dis- tmue, tolur, furnts, t\tc> \\lll be rc- nwmherecl Lut illa eonhl not, from restored srght, tell \hethc r an obJect held before her wn.' a c uhe or a globe, \hl ther a handkt rclm f \\ llil while or c, lnretl Slw hac! a great horror of anj thmg darlt that rs, \~hen sho \a.' blmd In her uuagmatwn Luc11la's msw ers to qut stwns \\ PrP pat to the tht urres of ~::;urgeun Optrc Grosse,\ and he \as IJ!eased at the result of lns slull Then• 1s m Hochester, at the crtv hosprt tl at the pr< s<'nt t1me, tiH , ounterpart of Lut>rlla m all the n alrtH'\• hut rwt m tho \surgeon optu, • Ius LtllaPres and tht ones The olll>JLct IB Emma \\ ,\tt ro!raath, twelve 1 Pars of age Slw \1 as hurn ill Loets, l'onwranm, (,ermaJI) On the 8th of A pnl, thts ) tar, she mme to Rot hester md rt sult <l w rth her ,tunt on Hoelzer Rtrec t, her f ttlH r md mother !Jemg dead 'fw o or thrPP months of th1s trme she p l\Hl m thP !Jhnd a.•ylum at Ba- tm Ht, where slw le,trnP<I to real! rarse<l letters by thr tow h Her trouble was rongcn<l tl < dtdr u t 1 and from btrth she could only see so as to d1stingmsh be- tween day and mght When taken to the crty hosprtal, the emment oculist of the mstltutwn, aft<•r an examma.- tron, sard her srght could be restored, and three \'i eeks ago he operated on th< It ft eyP, producmg a\ rrft m the cloud' winch had shut out h< r srght for so many years. The \Hrter, mtere.~t(tl ,!'II. see- mg her when the first test was mmlt, \ rs1tetl the hosprtal, and when the bandagA w a.~ removed by the sur- ge on H]H told him she <'otlld see hrs nnw r• A va.•e of flowPrs was held h< fore her, am! she sartl they were flow- ' r8 and one of thPm rt d Rhe told wha.t other obJt'< ts \\ l'l!', .tml therr form. • Ilr (,rosse s ' conhrnu il theorres, \Poor lllt~s Fmch's verrficatron of tho \surgeon optrcs ' fallaCies, were t!rspro' ed dispelled !Jy tins practrcal 11lustratl(;n, tins fact Emma's srght cuntmues to rmprovP, as the\ nft Ill the clouil\ wrtlt ns from absorpt10n No further optratwn may bonecess&J:y, and there 1s no q uestwn that m the good tllne she may see \ llil others see.\ '1 he p,•tlent see~ and It arns so gradu- ally, tlre same a~ a' lultl lt arnmg to narl, that the mmd 1~ etlucated to forms and drstancPs PasJ!y Cataract 1• 'tu:nts nev~r '\e mt mtly after the operatwn,

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