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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1826-1880, April 01, 1828, Image 2

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J <!J•'\ -;- f . ,\\':,·---~·~ sul)jcribers ... 'l'his ·Mausoleum '- • entombs· Wj,_LLIAM PITT, • who died'lan.uary 23d, 1806,.aged only -- ·- -~ · -- 4-7 years. - · : With uopr_.ec~dented. influe?c.e. ·for;es-yeltrrt!F1v~s:i)rm~e M!lll~~'lT · · of~he British Etnp1re. -Be~~~~~~~~Jh·~~~~iliw~4~~~~~~~~~~~~- • _ eloqllence ; · b11t his \vorth may be best estimated \ By- eleperience, and ,.the evidence - ·Facts.~•=· He was the advocate for refor.g~~ which · .. did .nat succeed-the oppose~ .oft he slave trade wl1icb-encreased-the Patron of :..:1~iffi1jntholics, who ivere not emancipa- - :f!'re.~ dl':o ~nglnnd,? professed protecto1·- ~ ibe.e~emy, of France. Dllring bis Government w>uks of-l.ln Freedom itvdee:r~ 1 dect-·l vate nature •. ' The first volume, being the 'revision on __ .,.,._, 'of the statutes comprismg the firat pill'!, m'nh 11 t 11 t:ed-·tne-s 0 ,, 1 rc:es 1 except the chapter above mentioned •. arid constshng of 19 chapters, is now in the cou_rse ·of pn blication, under tlie s intendPnce of the revisers, and ' He dou~le-d the ptices ofp . is~·ued from-_the pres~ by. about the . led tlie·amount of poor rates ;md taxes- ol August. The secon? volume wtll au fled 1'hre~ 'hundrecf-millions to the Na- comprtse the aecond, thtrd and foJJrtb tionul Debt. and sacrificed two· h11ndred .parts. · . . . thousan 1 t .Br 1 tomr . The. _labour of supermterrd1~g the ynb- . \\' h ln jqst, necessary wa:s.\ f1Cat1<?-n, prepar1~1g the_ marg!md note~. He ·assisted .i~ the subversiOp o.f the examtpmg_ and corr~.twg the r.roofs, Is Ballmce Qf Power-\Vi't.ne.qsed. the de-· very cons!Clera.ble, and the revt~rs as Mruction of every :1\lly he. obtnined~and s_ore us It Is a labor that can qnly --\-\\''~ snrvive<t the' nverthrow of Flanrlers, Hoi- 0 Y tltems~lves. , lana, Portl~al, Switzer.lan~l, Spai~, Aus--:_ The ~clmpters nowunder tria, Italy, and the Germa~u·e Empire, aLo to be exam~ned, \'\''~''~·\'''\ -u•eL.l.liUJL\L~~~LJ in su·ch Friendship. upder thf'lr ~~:u•H. ,t; PJ,ticls,. c9sting frorn 14 to· c·ents will pay 121? to J 98 ·per cent, ma- ''\'''\\'\\\'''1 king no nv.erage of 1-6@ 1-2 ·pe·r cent. · The qu'<i]ity pr,incip~IJy C(}ll~U!ll8U CIGS!SI'! 1.7 cent-s and 'fill pay 164 per ceot. Drab kerseys, costing from 2$ to cents w_ill fla(Y from '56 to 95 ;Per making an average of% ] •2 per cent. Swarisclownt €Osting from 18 to 50 cen wi II pay from 58 to J q.;l per c;eqt_, king· an avera·ge of 105 per eent. · The quality principal.ly con~.umed, costs 32 cents, anu will pay 87 pfll' cent. ,nl~~j~~l-:c .. ~Kerseynets, costing fi·om 18 to 3~(i.E:~:qJ;gr~!~lQ~Il#Jlls.aiJiihl~fllc6>-1Jtw-vitJg--'fJ6!1i~r,---'-·· pay.froiri 76'to Jti4 jler-c~nr:- ....... \\\ In·te :this, Mr .. llJtota.o•;ut· 1\VE'l'ilgC of 115, per Cent, . ,·es the of tb~ COl.'jOtfJ>. 'f·he qualitypr.mcrpally consumed Gosts e officer who' I(e_ver·woul(l h:we left his cents, aniJ·,~~l· pay 9& per cent. •tntiop without .C<lUoe, <wd, a:L the beck of ()oatingEJ •. costing from 16 to' 50 ce~ts 1 I.e llrazdtnn llgtmt, forthwith a·ppowts a will- pay from 56 to-T7.2'per cent. malung succcsil>l'lu lH.f. Raguet. We·mu~t con·· ,_h~·n·-\1-·:>n n\•erag-e of 109 pei<--corit. that it req11(re•·morc than ordinary Flushi11gs and Liv.r: Skins, costin·g from of thi1 lntelligEnrer·to smooth-this 29 to 5Q cents·, · wm pay f1'om 56 W 95 .dTair over. We have given t:f.ie names per cent making-an ~ve-r~ of 7& 1~2 crfvessTJl:i 61pTured ·a1fd~bunlt;-. ati!,l s·tutcd . · eent.- . .. !act~ J·elali\·e to the conduct ofthe Hra- Pelilse Clot.hs, casting from· 37 Zlhan~ to\vards the United ~tates ; and • will pay from &£-to .74 per c;ent. we no1v unequivocaJiy_dedare, that the making an average of'i'O per cent._ . . Braz1han;; would -nevel'.have attemp~ Broad l;loths, costing _from 32 to bO to commit sinl!l11r acts of aggres~10n 011 cents, will pay from b6 to 86 per cenl. the per<ons ;md prope:rty of Hl'itish >uh· • -\\\\-\\\~>··.u•• aver.age of 71 per ccut~ j<\ctl;-:trJ-tl we h\''·~~I}I!l.te:<t::w 1he second ll'lir'limllrn wliLlle em~ l'tHrron!'lniliciJ:-:..\ve have ·dis~raced·1he nrat:•ed, in th~'~pinion ol exp~on·iellt:ed iru lwnebt officer~who~e conduct was sustain· porting merppuuts, WI10LI«'u gouJ~. to th<' ed by nU the diplomatic--agent!1 11! Rio- amount ol four and a he~ If m-dtwns of we have not made an effort to obtain re- ·lars, of qnahttes consumed by all das~tl~ drcs.-. bu\ h;n•e lj_u;_hcd up_ tlul ~tfair­ pf ·the community, ·known by the dPllQm maP,.e our . citiz1•ns pocl1et.their wrongs imtlioJ:~B, and chargeable with the· dutie, and instrlTs, because. 1l was not conven• followmg, viz. · - • . 1ent at the present t:iwment, when-great Coatings, costing from 50 to 79 cents pei·sonal obj(lcts wer\~ il)_ view, -to adjust the squure yard, 'will p:~y fr'om 177 lo. rlifficult-[;es with a toreign power.- 281 p<lr cent. malliilg an average of 229 --NlltW;flal I otelligenccr is in error in per cent. ing that we contemplated any war r Drab Kers~fps, GOstiug frum· 50 to ·\-'-'-''·rvn Bl1aziti. we had nQ. s.q_dl thoughts. cegts, will pay from 8B to 21.!1 per cent. War was 'unnecessary. Br.lzils is· not a mailing nn average-Qf 185 per cent. po\ver to cope \i'-ith us : but we are not Flannels, cosHng fro~ 50 lo 5s cents, int:m!SP!JU<enr:e of her inferiority to sub· will pay from 240 to 281 per cent. malt- mit to every iflsult and nggrt:ssi\e act an average _of 260 1-~ per cent_. _ thut-lw..r-EU'f-o.Jman--rule-F-shalf-.t.lmi-k--p-rop- ~i'R~·~·-mm.,..J-~WJ.JlUJJ!.!<:·!i!:.,\.W!~ ng fr.orn 50 to 146 cents PI' to authorize. 'IIhere is a becommg from 94 io 281 per cent; rnak to the clfaracte·r of the Vni- an average of 187 t'-2 pPr cent. ted States, and we repeat Otlr early de· Swan~drlww, costing .IT-om oO (o...8£! clarations, that no step should have been---..-. cents, will pay fr\om ll.iD to 281' per cent. taileD until the Charge des Aff~ire~ re- making an Rverage of 2.20 per cent. turned hom~ ; and i(, from a view of the Ladies' Clotl!s, cost111g from tiB tc 177 whole ground,- it was ascertain that·he cent!>, Wtll from 'iB to 194 per cent. was in -.the f' ... c 3 l: (] v u '\'!\'\\'~ li v e 1: r v u tl fo fa oc th T ai1 of Ill .hi an iw Ull m. th --rr. :n, th• eti hb ,mo CI Po1 ttm fait bul imt He ~ stat has Ado

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