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\ Page Twelve THE PENN Y A N EXPRESS, PENN Y A N , N. Y ., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1923. Yates County Farmers! We Wonder Why Clover \ — Gold Bricks To deceive American farmers* red clover seed, grown in Italy, ana other Mediterranean countries, is be­ ing shipped to the United States from Germany. This misleads buy­ ers to believe that such seed was grown in Northern Europe and to offer it for sale as being harti> enough to withstand our severe northern winters. The College has demonstrated such seed to be worse than worthless on New York farms. The European dealers no doubt are trying to take advantage of the poor American red clover seed crop which was less than half, in 1923, what it was in 1922. Even the few growers who do have seed are holding it for a higher price. j Someone has said one good Amer­ ican dollar was worth more than a manure-spreader full of German marks* The money of other Europ­ ean- nations is also below par. Europe is dumping commodities on American markets to get Uncle Sam’s 100 per cent dollars. The countries about the Mediter- Sea have had a bumper crop o f red clover seed- and we are sur- to sow some of this unadapted seed “ if we don't watch out” . And even if we do watch out, we can't tell Italian seed from our best Northern grown seed when we hold it in out hands and examine it. Such seed may look just as bright and clean and free from weeds as the best hardy-domestic. Non-hardy seed usually germinates and grows well the first summer, BUT, after the first winter, the ground is likely to be covered with dead plants. Seedsmen realize that the f armt. r will feel that he “ has been done” il he finds great bare spots in his clover field the following April, so some of them mix in some good northern-grown with the non-hardy seed. This is known as ‘ blending” and at best is a questionable practice- Then the farmer gets a fair crop and blames the winter weather for its rot coining up to expectations. Some of us have always nought rur clover seed form Tom, Dick or Harry* but we can't afford to take a chance this year. The success or fail­ ure of the 1925 red clover crop is postiviely determined by the source of seed planted in tiie spring of 1924 Home-grown, hardy seed, unadultei - ated, insures success—H. B. Harwig, department of agronomy, New York State College of Agriculture. The worthlessness of Italian grown seed has been proven in Yates County by a test in co-operation with Otis Brayman of Milo. Where this clover was sown in one corner of his field the winter weather entirely killed out the clover* The remainder of the field, sown with Northern grown seed, showed a fine stand of clover in the spring. --------- ♦ --------------------------------- Helleva Good Ford The “ Minnesota” is the largest freighter flying the American flag and has been puchased by the Ger­ mans* and is being delivered. Mr. Cabcock will be three weeks on the trip over, landing in the north of Germany, and will return on a pas­ senger ship. Drivers of automobiles refuse to use dimmers on their headlights when driving in the village? It may not be generally known that in some cities a driver who persists in driving wth the headlights on full is liable to arrest and a fine. There are no streets in the business section of this village which are so dimly lighted out that drivers can see with dimmers on. ' * * * Time Tables Railway, Trolley and Bus NORTHERN CENTRAL Northbound Southbound Ex. .♦ 6:36 A. M. Ex. .. 8:32 A. M. Ex. . 12:13 P. M. Ac. .. 2:08 P. M. Ac. .. 2:41 P. M. Ac. .. 7:07 P. M. Ex. .. 7:07 P. M. Ex. .. 9:13 P. M. SUNDAYS Ac. .. 6:36 A. M. Ac. .. 2:08 P. M. Ex. . 12:13 P. M. Ex. .. 9:13 P. M. 1 .. A Some people who sit in front of one at the movies seem to be afftiled with St. Vitus' dance? sj, »<» Some people who lift their eyes to­ ward heaven and or&y for the sali- tion of “ their brethren” refuse to take a ragged small boy by the hand and buy him a suit of clothes or i> pair of shoes? *•» *i* With renting space at such a prem­ ium in th evillage rent stays so high * •i; :Ji Penn Yan can't have a community building? * * * Some good live manufactory doesn't locate in Penn Yan? NEW YORK CENTRAL 7:12 a. m. (daily, except Sunday) connect­ ing at Dresden with trains north and south. 7:00 p. m. (daily, except Sunday) connect­ ing at Dresden with trains north and south. 4:50 p. m. (daily, except Sunday) no con­ nection at Dresden. Saturday Only, 12:05 p. ro.. connecting at Dresden with trains north and south. Arrive at Penn Yan 8:30 a, m. from north and south. Saturday Only. 1:11 p, m. from Dresden connecting with train from south. 2:30 p. m., combination leaving Dresden at at 1:45. 5:52 p. m. froni Dresden only, j 8:05 p. m., from north and south Sunday Leave 9:15 a. m., connecting at Dresden with train south. _ Leave 5:20 p. m. ccnnectin^at Dresden with train north. Arrive 10:20 a. m. from north. Arrive 6:20 p. m. from south. Wild deer on Bong Island ate enough of a five-ton truck load of cauliflower, sunk to the hubs in the sc,it marshland* to spoil tne sale of it. Line A Day Books — Just the thing to jot down the happenings of your days and nights. All kinds, from in­ expensive ones to handsome books in seal grain and art leathers. Will satisfy that Christmas wish. At The Print Craft Shop, Jacob street. Animal nterference with telephone service includes bears that mistake the humming of wires for a swazm of honeybees; squirrels that chew holes n the lead sheath, of cables; nuts ard beetles that eat metai, and spiders that thrown their web: across open wires causing short cn - cuits when dew gathers on the web W h e n Y o u W a n t F o o t C o m fort The books that the world calls an moral are books hat show the wond its own shame. I ✓ z A I l\ ■I * A A Dansville item of recent date, says: An alleged meeting of 60 local members of the Ku Klux Klan took place last evening in a vacant hou^e belonging to Byron Zerfass in Cum- mingsville. The location is an iso­ lated one and pains were taken to make the gathering inconspicuous. It became known, however, and about 20 men went down to the house* secured a check on the licence numbers of the automobiles parked there and today sent the numbers to the county clerk's office for iden­ tification and then went back to the > house and quietly waited outside- As soon as those at the meeting learned they were being watched the meeting broke up. Efforts were made by those leaving the house to cover their faces and avoid lecogui- tion, but a number of the men were followed to their homes. Nearly all wTere identified. PENN YAN & LAKE SHORE (Trolley) Leave Leave Penn Yan Branchpoint A. M. A. M. 6:45 7:30 9:00 9:50 10:40 11:30 P. M. P. M. 12:20 1:10 2:10 3:00 3:45 4:40 5:30 0.20 *7:15 . . . **9:15 • . • . . . ff 8*15 SUNDAY PASSENGER SCHEDULE Leave Penn Yan, 8:50, 10:30 A. M. 12:15. 2:15. 4:15 and *0:00 P. Leave Branchport, 9:35, 11:15 A. M. 1:10, 3:15. and 5:15 P. *To Branchport, if ‘ passengers **Saturdays Only, if passengers This Time is not guaranteed ff Saturdays Only M M -y A honeybee's work consumes ‘xbout half the hours of daylight, the remaining hours of the twenty-four being spent in rest, according to tests maae by the United States Department of Agriculture. PENN YAN—GENEVA Auto Bus Geneva-Penn Yan Trans. Co. Leave Leave Penn Yan Geneva A. M. A. M. 9:00 8:30 11:15 11:15 P. M. P. M. 2:15 2:00 „ 4:45 5:00 Saturday 7:15 9:30 A. M. A. M. Sunday 9:45 8:30 11:30 P. M. P. M. 2:45 4:30 7:15 8:30 Holidays same as Sunday schedule. Subject to change without notice. SAVONA — DUNDEE — PENN YAN Auto Bus Physicians say that when an air­ plane is turned shai pl> at 500 miles an hour centrifugal force throws the blood outward to the lower parts of the body, draining the brain and causing unconsciousness and death. --------- ♦---------- Fighting tuberculosis is everybody's business—buy ChftStmas seals. Snyder & Rcxford, Props. Daily Except Sunday Savona North 8:00 a. m. *6:50 p. m. Bradford 8:30 a. m. 7:20 P. m. Tyrone Dundee 9:00 a. m. 9:30 a. m. 1:15 P* m. Bradford South 7:10 a. m. 6:00 P- m. Tyrone 6:45 a. m. 5:30 P- m. Dundee # 5:00 P. m. Penn Y an ff 11:15 4:00 P- m. W h y D i d n ’ t W e T e l e p h o n e A h e a d ? ” L L tired out and dusty after a long ride through the country, the chill o f early fall outside the hotel — arid not a vacant room inside. Picture their dis­ appointment ! If they had only telephoned ahead before starting, reservations would have been made, and the disappointment avoided. W h e n e v e r you travel by automobile or by train, telephone ahead. A t little cost you can know in advance where you will s leep.. Rates for toll calls are listed in the front of the Telephone Directory. New York Telephone Company * For Tyrone/only. ff For Dundee only Connects at Savona with Corning-Bath line and Rochester division of the Erie. At Penn Yan with Geneva Bus line and Penn­ sylvania R. R. .big: Kick* We reprint the following which was clipped from a neighboring ex­ change: FOR SALE. One Ford car, with piston rings, Two rear wheels, one front spring* Has no fenders, seat^made of plank, Burns lots of gas has no crank; Carburetor busted halt way through- Engine missing, hits on two, Three years old, four in the spring, Has shock absorbers, an' everything Ten spokes missing* front axel bent. Four tires punctured, ain't worth’ a cent, Got lots of speed, runs like the deuce Burns either oil or tobacco juice. Ii you want this car inquire within. Helluva good Ford for the shape it's in. FRED E. WINTERS U N L O A D I N G Tax Exemptions a Sensational Reductions in all lines o f High-grade Shoes and Oxfords—to be sold at the astonishing prices quoted below Considerable ch$er is found in the i eminder of the State Tax Commis­ sion that the personal exemption.- for this year under the New York State Law now equal the Federal exemptions- Both its residents and its non­ residents subject to this levy may take o^ $2500 where their net in­ come as married persons living to­ gether or as heads of families is $50u0 or less When the net income goes over that amount, the exemp- ton like tne federal law is reduces to $2000. The New York State legislature, however, following ihe government act, did not boost the exemption for single persons or married persons living apart which stays at the old amount of $1000. Doubling up of the exemption for dependents from $200 to $400 is per milted in all cases. Warning is given that these big­ ger exemptions no not change that part of the law which requires ail married persons living together to file returns if their combined net income is $2000 or over and all single persons—even though heads of families—who have net incomes of $1000 or over. It is estimated that the State* un­ der these higher exemptions w ill, — show a loss in revenue of $2,630,000 | g on a normal $30,000,000 yield under the old rates and exemptions. If the normal yield should swell $35,000,000; the loss would be over $3-000 000. This reduced return is mainly brought about by the fact that as the yield increases, the num­ ber of taxpayers becomes greater in the classes lower than $5000* Putting the -^ect of the change in a simple story, the married man with two children who paid $9.09 under the old exemptions on $3300.00 net income, now pays no tax, out files a return and nine dollars lower lax is asked from such married persons who earn more than $3300 and not more than $5000. --------- + --------- A woman member of a Pittsburgh jury refused to be won over by the other jurors and so kept them in session all night and a portion of the day. The men members swore at her, but she refused to be intimi­ dated. That's the spirit—never give up! --------- ♦ --------- 1 Coal, all sizes, any amount, get your order in. Don't wait and freeze and beg for it later. Phone 513M, Owen Hoban. Women’s Brown Kid Shoes. $9.00 v a l u e s .... ............. $5.95 f * Women’s Black Kid Shoes, $8.00 values . . ............... $5.45 Women’s Black Kid Shoes, $6.00 and $6.50 values, $3.45 . i Women’s Brown Kid Shoes,$7.00 and $7.50 values’ $4.45 Women’s Black Kid Shoes, $5.00 and $5.50 values, $2.95 Growing Girls’ Brown Calf Shoes, $5.00 values.. $3.45 Growing Girls’ Brown Calf Shoes,. $4.50 values.. .>$2.95 Growing Girls’ Black Kid Shoes, $5.00 valu e s .... $3.45 Misses’ Black and Brown Lace Shoes, $4.50 values $2.75 Misses’ Black and Brown Lace Shoes, $4.00 values $2.45 Child’s Black and Brown Lace Shoes, $3.50 values. .$2.45 Child’s Black and Brown Lace Shoes, $3.00 values. .$1.95 i Men’s Black and -Brown Calf Shoes, $8.00 v a lues... .$5.95 Men’s Black and Brown Calf Shoes, $7.50 values.. $5.45 Men’s Black and Brown Calf Shoes, $7.00 values... .$4.95 Men’s Black and Brown Calf Shoes, $5.00 .values.. $3.95 Men’s Black Calf Shoes, $4.00 values ......................... $2.75 . S Boys’ Brown Calf Shoes, $4.50 values.......... . ......... $3.45 . j . » Boys’ Brown Calf Shoes, $4.00 values ................. ... $2.95 ■ . Youths’ Brown Calf Shoes, $3.75 values ................. $2.45 y Youths’ Cun Metal Shoes, $3.50 values ..................... $2.25 s a a a Women’s Brown Calf Oxfords, $9.00 values .............. $5.95 Women’s Brown Calf Oxfords, $7.50 and $8 values, $5.45 Women’s Brown Calf Oxfords, $6.00 and $7 values $4.95 » • Women’s Brown Calf Oxfords, $5.00 values ......... $3.95 Women’s Patent Leather Oxfords, $5.00 values... .$3.95 « Women’s Patent Leather Oxfords, $4.50 values . . .$3.45 Women’s 1 and 2-strap Pumps, $4.50 values ............. $2.95 . Women’s Comfy Felt Slippers ................. ........95c to $1.95 Men’s 12-inch Heavy Brown Elk Shoes, $6 $3 Men’s Heavy Short Rubber Boots,\ $4.00 values. . . . $2.40 Men’s Heavy Snag Proof Boots, $5.00 v a l u e s ...... $3.95 V Men’s R u b b e r s ........ .. ............................................................ 95c 4“ Boys’ Rubbers ...................................................................... 85c Women’s Rubbers ................................ . ............. 45c .to $1.00 All Men’s, Women’s and Children Arctics at reduced prices. • Men’s Comfy Felt Slippers... ............................................................................................. $1.25 to $1.95 s a a This is not a sale of a few items, picked out here . . and there, but covers our entire stock—many items not mentioned above — which went on sale at 5th t I Christmas seal your Christmas Mail. I § reduced prices Wednesday Morning No goods charged at the above prices. Dec U S E T U B 0 0 > mMARSHALUS 5 a Av -W *'••' & T _* _ - % a t a ll D ruggists, o r sen t p r e p a id by W illiam s M fq . C o % C levelan d , O. ! 11 G W Hi And Better Wearing Shoes at popular Prices, we have them. C □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ CL n □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Guaranteed All Leather Shoes. RED GOOSE SHOE STORE Elm w o o d Theatre » Building PENN YAN, N. Y. We Want Your B E A N S LND Vi LIN t I ♦ \ . I See Vs Before You Sell LAKE KEUKA FRUIT SALES COMPANY ♦ 1 I ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ I ♦ ♦ Automobile Equipment for Christmas Gifts CLUM M ’ S is one o f the recognized centers in Penn Y a n fo r Christm a s Shopping. Automo­ bile equipm ent is acceptable, sensible, taste­ ful and econom ical. It rem a ins for years as j a rem inder o f the donor. Our displays of standard nationally advertised equipment are ♦ suggestions in them selves. L O O K O VE R T H IS LIST Bumpers Spotlights Motor meters Radiator Caps Mirrors Tires and Tubes Anti-skid Chains Stop Lights Heaters Motor Horns Tire Covers Cigar Lighters Windshield Cleaners Luggage Carriers I ♦ ♦ « M E R R I L L D CLUMM { Cor. Jacob St. and Central Ave “ Where Santa Left a Stock of Christmas Gifts.\ WILKINS & ELLIS ALL SPORTS. Skates Skis Ski-Poles Sleds Tobboesrans Snow Shoes Skating Shoes Fishing Tackle Electric Train and Toys of all kinds GET READY FOK WINTER SPORTS NOW! Snow and Ice will soon be with us before you konw it. Complete equipment for all sports. We suggest- Bicycles and Bicypeds Flash Lights Batteries of all kinds Electric Lanterns Gas Lamps Guns and Ammunition Air Guns Cuttlery Equipment Pyaying Cards Roller Skates SPORTING GOODS \ Brighten Her Holiday T HERE’S nothing that will help so to liven up her Christm a s and to create a El I that feeling of holi­ day spirit as beauti­ ful flowers. She will appreciate a spray o f Roses—a Bouquet —a Potted Plant-for /• they carry a spirit o f joy and a token o f devotion. Call 1 4 0 - J to1 [day and let us suggest som e nice Christm a s flowers for Her. / CRYSTAL FLORIST No. 134 Main St. I \ *

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