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I « I A «• - «-l ✓ if t w THE PENN YAN THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 29, 1923. Seven THE NEWS IN NEARBY TOWNS Old Fashioned Flowers Stanley —Certified seed accomplishes many good things for the potato grower. Frank Cam- mett. of Stanley has discovered. A yield this year of 1652 bushels from six acres is an example, he says. During his years in fhis work, he has had higher yields from small fields* but regards this as an excellent proof of what can be accomplished with good seed and proper care. Mr. Cammett says The old-fashioned flowers seem sweetest to me, For some fancied reason or other— In each fragrant petal there's some­ thing I see That always reminds me of Mothe*. The mem ry it brings me is winsome- ly sweet, A mem'ry that never shall perish— And in it the two of us smilingly meet— A love-laden mem'ry I cherish. This and That that certified seed is the first step. Then Qlrnll throntrli thp cptrdpn und he chooses clover sod to plow under. Manure | ™ e Slr01\ tnrougn tne garden, and slop here and there, Admiring the colorful splendor Of flowers she's is used freely aided with a 16 per cent phos­ phorous acid preparation. The ground is worked to at least eight inches in depth and level cultivation is practiced. —Seneca Grange No. 284, will meet in Washburn's hall. Saturday. Dec. 1st., at noon, An oyster dinner will be served, fol­ lowed by the election of officers for the year. —Mrs. Rhoda Snyder, of Rochester, and •Gilbert Baxter, of Hazel.* South Dakota.* were recent guests at the C. M. Weeks home en route to Florida, where they will spend the winter. —Radios have been recently installed in the homes of John Schriver and Charles Davie. —Charles Franklin is making extensive planted and tured with care, With hands that were loving and tender We stop at the roses and chat for a while— She tells me how sweetly they’re scented, And there 'midst the flowers ou^ hearts are a-smile; How happy are we, and contenteu. An old lady kept a parrot which was always swearing. She could put up with this till Saturday, but on Sunday she kept a cover over the cage— this prevented the parrot from swearing on that day— reomving it on Monday morning. One Monday afternoon she saw hei minister coming toward her house, so she again placed the cover over ih ecage. As the reverand gentle­ man was about to step into the parlor the parrot remarked: “This has been a damn short week! * * * n Some of these engineers are subtle fellows. In the elevator the other day we heard one say, “I'm not such a big fool as I used to be.” Looking the first engineer up and down coolly, the sceond engineer re­ plied, “I thought you looked thin­ ner. repairs on the creamery block, recently pur- And here are the zinnias, the.dahlias, chased from the Hill estate. When repairs are completed. Mr. Franklin will conduct an up-to-date tourists inn. Mr. Merle Hathorne and phlox The sun flowers, nodding and lazy, has started building his new barn, which And threading among them are neat \ i \) was destroyed by fire last summer.* —Miss Elizabeth Grant, of Geneva, spent over Sunday at her home* here. —Seneca Grange. No. 284 will meet in Washburns hall. Saturday, Dec. 1 at noon. An oyster dinner will be served at noon, followed by the election of officers for the ensuing year. A charge of 15c for adults will be charged for the oyster dinner. —Rev. Mr. Arthur Humphrey and family, of Benton Center are moving to Stanley. —Members of St. Theresa Catholic Church will serve a chicken supper in Washburn's hall. Wednesday evening. Nov. 28. Music by Stanley orchestra. —Mrs. Mary Barber of Grand Rapids, and Mrs John Haines left Thursday evening for Florida, where they will spend the winter —Born to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dinger, of Elmira, at Memorial hospital, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Dinger were former residents of Stanley. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bolt at Stanley. Nov. 22. a daughter. —Mrs. Mary Van Riper expects soon to leave for Los Angeles, California, where she expects to make her home with her son at Clayton. —G. P. Wirsing was a recent guest of re­ latives at Atlantic and North Cohoctan. —Miss Ellen Thompson, who teaches at Cheshire, spent over Sunday at her home here. old-fashioned little walks— And there is an daisy! And now as we’re leaving the gar­ den, I find, For some fancied reason or other-*- The old-fashioned flowers seem gentle and kind, And always remind me of Mother. C. S. KINNISON * * * A teacher, trying to impress up­ on her children the importance of kindness to animals, took them for a walk in order to bring the lesson home to them. Hearing a scream from little Jimmy she asked: “ What's the matter, Jim­ my.'' “I've been sitting on a wasp,” was the tearful response, “and I'm afraid I’ve hurt the poor thing. * * * sight launched a campaign for re­ cruits calling for men out of the Regular Service and establishing a policy of placing men in their home town or near as possible to their nat­ ivity. This is why the Navy Recruiting Officer, Chief Electrican Fred N, Stannard, of Canandaigua, was as­ signed to this section, who at the time of the assignment was serving abroad the U. S. S. New York in the Navy Yard Bremerton. Wash. Recruiting for a couple years back has been operated on a Salesmanship basis, each Navy Representive beint, classed as a Canvasser. During thi» time Stannard sold the Navy to 40 applicants, ten of which passed 03 doctors in the physical test and sworn into the service. This totaled the sales accounts of Stannard's 16 weeks act­ ivities. A pig that doesn’t make a hog ol himself isn't profitable. ♦ The housewife may like to sing, M And due to this reduction of che Recruiting Force, Stannard has been transferred to the Electrical School Hampton Roads, Virginia, where he will act in the capacity of an in­ structor, as he is a graduate of the Int. Cor. Schools, and numerous other Government courses. tt Speaking of Christmas, why not send that relative or friend a year's subscription to the Penn Yan Ex­ press. It will save letter writing and will give all the news of the old home town. Honking your horn doesn't help so much as steering wisely. * * * ♦ Good Roads Perhaps the most irritating fatality in modern life is to be gored to death by a flivver. * * * Diving on a wet concrete pavement more than 100 wild ducks broke then necks near Champaign, Illinois. The pavement, wet from a drizzling rain and lighted by the moon, looked like a shimmering body of water. Bellona Money buys pleasure, Some hoard it as a treasure. It’s a god that is worshipped oy kings; But when all is over And we're 'neath the clover, It won’t do much purchasing wings. * * * An account book helps locate the 110 -account cows and crops. The Hollowell & Wise Co. u tt Say, Esther, do you know how they summon the deaf mutes to din­ ner at the asylum? No, how?” They ring dumb-bells, of course.” * The Old Oaken Bucket, but she’d prefer to sing it to the music of the modern kitchen pump. A special review of Yates Tent, No. 88 , The Maccabees will be held on Wednesday evening, Decembei 5th. Important business. Refresh­ ments will be served. All members are invited to be present and enjoy the Benton cider and Milo fried Country Weekly cakes. “ A T T H E EASTERN ENTRANCE TO PENNYAN” Main Street Bridge A. COLMEY G a s , O il, T ir e s E x c lu s iv e S a le o f F ire s t o n e T ire s in P e n n Y a n Socony Gas Socony Oil s 1 B B Equal Opportunities B B starting in business has equal oppor- B tunities to succeed. Those who fail owe it to themselves, not to the lack of opportunity. It is because some men open an account here B S are a and B Fortune knocks at the door of the man with a With all that has been written oit the subject of the country neswspa- per, it is curious that only recently has attention been called to the fact [that one of the most loved American poets years ago paid a tribute to the country weekly, which, for color and vividness, perhaps has not been ex­ celled by any of the modern writers. Possibly it is because this little poem forms a part of Whittier’s long­ er poem, “Snowbound” that it has escaped so long special attention on the part of persons interested in the country newspaper. Just who is entitled to credit for bringing the poem to light is hard, lo say; it is several weeks now since it first began appearing in the ex­ changes. The poem follows: At last the floundering carrier boie Tne village paper to our door. Lo! brodening outward as we read To warmer zones th' horizon spread, In panoramic length unrolled We saw the marvels that it told. Welcome to us its week-old news, Its corner for the rustic Muse, Its monthly gauge of snow and ram. Its record mingling in a breath The wedding bell and dirge of death; Jest, anecdote, and love-lorn tale, The lastest culprit sent to jail; Its hue and cry of stolen and lost, And traffic calling loud for gain. We felt the stir of hall and street, The pulse of life that round us beat; The chill embargo of the snow Was melted in the genial glow; Wide swung again our ice-lockcd door, And all the world was ours once more. LEGAL NOTICES bank account. Misfortune walks into the home a M Casseroles of the man who has none. u Roasters a * guest of his father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. William Jolley, and sister. Mrs. Charles Butcher. Traffic laws which differ in differ­ ent State and different towns in the •Miss Maude Black spent part o f last same State, are a cause o f confusion. __ _ * • « ♦ | I ' _ , week, visiting friends in Dresden. lu:l,. ~ ... , . , n 1 accident, loss of property, and loss of pleye farm. He will take possession in the | life. Uniform traffic laws, the same the country over, will promote safety. The objection urged against uni- spnng. —There is an epidemic of whooping cough in town. -Allen McFarren and family were Sunday form traffic laws that traffic Condi- guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Neally. tions are different in different locai- -John Reiner’s daughter, of Newark, I jtieS, does not hold in the face of the S-Rev. and Mrs!* Or via were entertained obvious power of the locality to mod- at the G. R. Hayes home for dinner Sunday, ify or add to the unifom law for ~vev’ G/ 5.\ P\rvis a. s^ ak?r at. a special conditions. There are many H * GenePva.Sb^ondVayNorth Presbyt™ | observances which, made uniform, The Janitor— How did you come Drip Pans Baldwins Bank of Penn Yan ter lose yer job? Ex-Office Boy—Mine and the boss’s Dutch Ovens grandmother died on the same day. * * * Pyrex Ware n H n B H u n m B a n m B a m n n i “Here”, said the salesman, \is a pair of pajamas you’ll never wear Steamers out.” “Er— yes, they are rather loud fo street wear, aren't they? * * * Pudding Molds ft Jelly Molds Edith— “Haven’t you and Jack bee engaged long enough to get mar- ried?” Ethel—“Too long! He hasn’t got a Vegetable Cutters Salad Sets Cream Whips W. F. Gelder was in Rochester Saturday, would m a k e fo r Safety, such as th * -John Speck, of Rochester, was a recent system of signalling for a Stop, slow ef h„ mother. Mrs. Henry Speck. I / and turnS a u n iform rule aS .0 —Mrs. Lizzie Johnston, of Hall, was a Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Earl. —Will Coffin has a new sedan —The many friends of Rev. and Mrs. W. right of way at crossings, safety pro­ cedure at grade crossings ,a heav/ S. Crane will bT ^ n t e ^ s t e r 't o ^ k n o T 't h a ^ I p e n a lly ; f o r su c h d a n g e r o u s p r a c t ict ' he has accepted a call at the First Pres- as p a s s in g a n o t h e r ca r w h e n com in g byterian Church, Dresden, N. Y., and is | t o a cu r v e Or to p o f a hill, etc. With forty-eight States and thou­ sands of municipalities, all making their own traffic rules, the motorists • , . — — » — . », — .. moving from Port Byron there this week. Hypolite Comers cent left. ft Egg Beaters Transfers Officer Pastry Bags Tubes Pastry Pans Due to the fact that the full quota of enlistments in the U. S. Navy hav­ ing been reached, Recruiting Forces have been reduced to the normal standard. On July 1st, of this year the Navy Cake Tins Pie Tins A r e Y o u Ready? The Hunting Season is Here W e ’ r e H E A D Q U A R T E R S for the accepted, reliable G u n s — A m m u n itio n — F ish in g T a c k le AND WE ALSO HAVE A FINE STOCK OF Foot Balls, Basket Balls, Punching Bags, Volley Balls BICYCLES, TRICYCLES, CUTLERY, GOLF GOODS, SUNDRIES MAIN STREET Wilkins & Elllis PENNYAN Nut Crackers ^ , , x - is more or less at sea as to what lie —Last Saturday ’evening\ i r t e n d l ^ Mr. can and can not, should or should not. I was 3 700 Short of 36 000 or full and Mrs. Frank Gorton gave them a variety do. But when the National Govern- strength with a greater possible Corn Poppers Carving Sets shower at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ri H. DeWicks, guests were present from Mid- o. ue wicks , guests were present irum miu- i i 4 -rnf f i p inw W1’ ll i npUll dlesex, Rushville. Penn Yan and West Itaiy. | HBClonal traillC law Will DO ineVi The dining room decorations were of yellow and pink; the large bay window in the liv­ ing room was pretty in decorations of red and gold with a seat for two and there nient builds roads for the Nation, a | shortage in the near future in ivew of the fact that a large number of Dining Sets All Kinds of the bridal pair sat, as they were presented with many handsome gifts brought to them by two little maids who carried them in a basket. Refreshments were served to about 85. ♦ Pulteney Methodist Church Notes —Nothing take sthe place of Character. It is worth more than al lelse besides bet­ ter a Christian Character when you come to die than to have a multi-Millianaire’s tombestone without it. The Church is »n business — that of building Character. Come and help us—Next Sunday, 10:30 A. M. Sub­ ject “ That Pharisee” , 7:30 P. M. “ A Thank­ ful Heart” . —Sunday School at 11:45 o’clock. —Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30 P. M. —In spit of the stormy night, one hundred were present at the oyster supper last Fri­ day night, guests of the Every Man’s Bible Class. ♦ Hall •—The funeral of Mr. Charles Cay ward was held from the home of his daughter, Mrs. T. E. Hickey, on Friday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock with Dr. A. B. Temple officiating, assisted by Rev. J. D. Axtell. Burial in Seneca cemetery. Mr. Cayward suffered a stroke of paraly- lison Nov. 6 th and passed away Wednesday evening. He is survived by two daughters: Mrs. Fred Cayward. of Colorado andMrs. T. E. Hickey, of this village, and two sons, Howard and Roscoe. of this vil­ lage —The death of Mrs. Lillie Helms Reynolds, aged 54 years, occured at the Geneva City Hospital about eleven o'clock Wednesday eve­ ning. She leaves besides her husband, Wil­ liam Reynolds, two brothers, William J. Helms, of Rochester, and Grant Helms, of Geneva, and a sister Mrs. L. .R. Probasco of Rochester. Funeral services were held at her late residence on the Geneva-Hall road on Saturday aftmoon, at two o'clock, with the Rev. Alexander Thompson, pastor of the North Presbyterian church of Geneva, o f ­ ficiating. Interment was made in Glen wood Cemetery in Geneva. —Miss Ruth Stephens, from Auburn, was a able as a national police force for | enlistments were about to expire. The Navy Recruiting Bureau with in our I this seeming immense shortage ;n the national highways. “A paved United States ”” s-s notot onlynly Glass Ware Sandwich Cutters day i n o devoutly to be wished for, because of the material benefits it will bring, but because oi the safety for uniformity of tralfic rules will provide, when the Congress authorizes a system of national high ways which will serve all the States as a good State highway system now serves all the counties in that Stale. Percolators NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Gilbert H* Baker. Surrogate of the County of Yates. Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all persons having claims against Julia E. Conklin, late of the town of Milo. County of Yates. State of New York, deceased* to present the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, as Executors of said deceased at the office of Spencer F* Lincoln. Penn Yan, N. Y„ on or before the 5th day of January, 1924. Dated, June 27th, 1923. ALICE L. BARKER INA E. FOSTER SPENCER F. LINCOLN Attorney for Executors Penn Yan, N. Y. Executors 87-6moe» NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Gilbert 11- Baker. Surrogate of the County of Yates* Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all persons having claims against Michael Roche, late of tho town of Milo. County of Yates, State of New York, deceased, to pro* sent the same, with the vouchers thereof* to the undersigned. Sarah M. Roche, as ad­ ministrator of said deceased at her resi­ dence, Elm St.. Penn Yan. N. Y.. on or before the 27th day of December. 1923. Dated. June 25th, 1923. SARAH M. ROCHE Administrator Elm Street Penn Yan, N. Y* KIMBALL. LOWN & SHERIDAN Attorneys for Administrator Penn Yan. N. Y. Your Dog’s Health 11 The Hollo well & Wise Co, At this Office Can be Insured Using DELCREO Fined for Using Ferrets 11 Dog Remedies nDDDDDDDnnnDDaDDnaDnDDDnnnDDDnnDDDannDDDDDnDDDDDDDDDDaDDDDDnniDDDnannDDDnDnc^ □ Four Rochester hunters were ar­ rested by game protectors for taking rabbits with ferrets and paid $50 each for their day's sport. The use of ferrets in taking rab­ bits is at all times prohibited by the Conservation law except that the Conservation Commission may, be re­ solution, permit ferrets to be useu in cert&in counties but no such pev mission has been given in any coun­ ty for several years. The taking of rabbits with ferrets 1 . brutal and unsportsmanlike and the unrestricted use of ferrets would result in the extermination of the labbits. Where the ferret is used the rabbit has no chance. If ne leaves his burrow, he will be shot or knocked on the head by the hunter •'t the entrance while if the ferret * gets him he will be killed and the hunter may not be able to get him If there are several rabbits in thi burrow the ferret will not stop until he has killed them all. / The Delcreo Kennel Manual tells you how to prevent and cure Dog Endorsed by lead D □ D D C C ing breeders and fanciers. It is distributed Free by Bordwell's, Inc. Penn Yan, N. Y. D □ □ a D n FOR SALE A Complete line of Delcreo Dog Reme- dies always on hand* □ D D □ ft. of Lake Front D D The German mark dropped so rap­ idly recently that many Berlin restau­ rants changed prices on menus in the week-end guest of her father. Mr.’ Byron | midst of meals, managers and assis­ tant managers rushing from table to Stephens. —Mr. Clarence Yeomans returned hom e ,, , - Wednesday frtm spending several weeks at | table altering the tariffs before tnu Lake Placid in the Adirondack Mountains, guests asked for their bills. —Miss Daris Brown, ef Medina, has been a guest of her cousin. Mrs. Mary Beattie, during the past week. Uncle Ab says: The men who go -Merton Waldo is attending a business I r h e a tl never try to make an CXCUSG duties last Monday. I d o th * work of a result. QUALITY Always Wins! Continued on Page 8 CARD OF THANKS To those so kindly in the bereave­ ment of Husoand, Father and Bro t. er, George B. Wheeler, whom we laid away November 21st, in earth's long resting place: H U M P H R E Y S ’ D o c t o r 's B o o k o n th e treat* m e n t o f “ E v e r y liv i n g th in g His hopewas firm in God, who in exchange from eath to gladness be left a vacant chair, which tells its story o f sadness Dead voices answer across the valley of snow To the living as home to meet our own we *o. W. E. W. w i t h H u m p h r e y s * R e m e d ies, In the long run it is better to pay a little more for a good overcoat which will wear and satisfy, than to pay too little for some other over­ coat whose only recommendation is low price Our overcoats are priced high enough to insure quality; low enough to interest any sensible man. $ 1 4 . 7 5 , u p m a i l e d free. * The call SOS, used by ships at sea as a distress call, is purely arbi­ trary in its grouping of letters and >vas chosen because of the unusual combination of dots and dashes which make it distinctive above all other calls. It consists of three dots, spac three d hes, space and three more dots. ST CO IDS Redden the ski-', b y the use of hot app Ications. Then m a s s a g e briskly with Vicks, spread Vicks on thickly and cover with hot flannel cloths. PARTIAL LIST OF REMEDIES No. FOB 1 . Fevers, Congestions, Inflammations 2 . W orm s, Worm Fever 3 . C o lic, Crying, Wakefulness of Infanta 4* Diarrhea of Children and adults 7 - Coutfhs, Colds, Bronchitis S« Toothache, Faceache, Neuralgia 3 . Headache, Sick Headache, Vertigo lO e Dyspepsia,Indigestion, Weak Stomach 1 3 . C roup, Hoarse Cough, Laryngitis 1 5 . Rheumatism, Lumbago 1 6 . Fever and Atfue, Malaria 1 7 . Piles, Blind, Bleeding 19* Catarrh, Influenza, Cold in Head 2 0 . Whoopintf Conrfh 2 7 . D isorders o f the Kidneys 3 0 . Urinary Incontinence 3 4 . Sore Throat, Quinsy 7 7 . Grip, Grippe, La Grippe 4 0 . Induces R e p o se and Natural Refreshing Sleep For sale by druggists everywhere. HUMPHREYS* HOMKO. MEDICINE CO.. Corner William and Aim Streets, New York. F . M . M c N I F F G u a r a n t e e d C lo t h in g FINGER LAKES rm 2 - 1 X I 7-Passenger Paige FRANK COVERT Phone 546-R, Olympian .t . » T 1 \ WILLIAMS' M U N E Y and LIVER PILLS D D D D □ a □ D D a □ a On Lake Keuka large and all points. With this there are having an eight room house, gambrel roof basement bam, 40x50, 25 acres of vineyard, 16 her. D n whole of it can D □ D n n D D D □ D D D □ D D D □ D □ D □ D □ D THE PEOPLE OF THlr STATE OF NEW YORK, by the grace of God free and independent: To Nellie M. Neil. Neva Neil. Nita Neil and Hector J. Neil Whereas Geneva Trust Company has peti­ tioned to the Surrogate’s Court of our Coun­ ty of Yates to have a certain instrument in writing, relating to both real and per­ sonal property, duly proved as the last will and testament of John J. Neil, late of the Village of Penn Yan. in the County of Yates and State of New York, deceased; Therefore, you and each of you are here­ by cited to show cause before the Surro­ gate's Court of the County of Yates at the Surrogate’s Office in the Village of PennYan. in said County of Yates, on the 17th. day of December. 1923, at ten o'clock iri the forenoon of that day, why the said last will and testament should not be admitted to pro­ bate as a will of real and personal property. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. We have caused the seal of the said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS. Hon. Gilbert H. Baker, Sur- SEAL rogate of said County, at Penn Yan. the 12th day of November, one thous­ and nine hundred and twenty-three. JULIA I. MEEHAN. 06w4 Clerk Surrogate’s Court D □ bought for one-half of what the lake D n worth □ D are looking for an ent which will D D double your money, here it is. □ D □ D D D D D D □ D D D □ D □oannnnt W A L T E R TOW E R P h o n e 5 5 2 —Over 109 Main St Y a n , N .Y n n D D D D a D D D D D a □ D n D D □ □ □ D D n D lanDDnonDDDanDDaDnnoDODDnanDDDDDDDDDnDQDDDDonnaDDDDD □□□□□□□□□□□□□□' THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, to Robert E. Lee, Sloan, Iowa. Alice M. Little, Prairie City, Iowa. Mary R. King, Prairie City. Iowa. Rosella Kinney, St. Paul, Minn., Martha Kin­ ney. St. Paul, Minn., Francis Kinney. St. Paul, Minn., John Maloney, Charlotte, Iowa, Sarah Breen, Cedar Rapids, Iowa* William Maloney, Ipswitch, S. D., Ella Klinke, Riverside. III.. Helen Irene Duke Maloney. Charlotte, Iowa. Mary Eugene Duke. Charlotte. Iowa. Rose Brown, Char­ lotte. Iowa. Josephine Taylor, Cedar Rapids. Iowa. American Surety Company, New York City, N. Y „ and all unknown heirs-at-law and next-of-kin of Mary Ma­ loney, Deceased. and to all persons interested in the estate of Mary Maloney, late of the County of Yates, deceased, as creditor, legatee, next of kin or otherwise, send Greeting: You and each of you are hereby cited to show cause, before our Surrogate of the County of Yates, at the Surrogate's office in the village of Penn Yan. in said Coun­ ty, on the 4tb- day of December, 1923. at 1 0 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, why the account of Hugh G. Little, as adminis­ trator of, &c., of Mary Maloney, deceased, should not be judicially settled and allowed. In testimony whereof. We have caused the Seal of the Surrogate's Court of the said County of Yates to be hereunto af­ fixed. Witness: Hon. Gilbert H. Baker,- Surrogate of the said County of Yates, at the village of Penn Yan, the 30th, day (L. S.) of October, in the year of our Lord. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three. JULIA I. MEEHAN. Clerk of Surrogate's Court. SPENCER F. LINCOLN. Atty. for Administrator. Penn Yan, N. Y. (5 wks.) Feed Grinders Save Feed Bills a n d re s u lt in a la r g e r m ilk flo w Here are several Types and Sizes of McCORMICK-DEERING FEED GRINDERS for grinding small grains and shelled lixhire of both corn on the McCormick The New Deering 11-2 Horse Power Corn Sh e llers McCormick Deering These are Corn Sheller corn or a cob and small grains. days, too. McCormick- Deering Shellers have ade excellent records for clean work and dura­ bility. They are made in seven sizes This new engine is equipped wtih Bosch high-tension magneto and spark plug, removable cylin­ der, enclosed crank case, throttle governor, simple fuel mixer, and replaceable bearings It has a sim­ ple cooling system and an unfail­ ing oiling system. It has a low- speed engine and operates on gas­ oline. The other McCormick-Deer- ing sizes—3, 6 and 10 h. p.—use kerosene as fuel. and styles, covering hand shel­ lers, hand and Power Shellers, and Large Cylinder Shellers for single farms or custom use. Capacities range from 20 bushels up to 400 bushels per hour. YOUR DRUG STORE EV E R Y woman in this town Is Interested In pure drugs. We keep that always l» mind when buying drugs. Full stock of Drugs, Medicines, Pharmaceutics, all of th# finest quality. This store Is always in a position to fill yonr orders—or the doctor1# order — promptly and efficiently. If yon want the best, and nothing but the best, the best way to get it is to ALW AYS COMB TO THIS STORE, where you will be sure to find the best* Frank Quackenbush 14 MAIN ST., PENN YAN B. T. MALLORY PILES! PILES! PILES! V a p o R u b W I L L I A M S ' PILE O IN T M EN T Ooer 17 Million Jar a Used Yearly For Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles. For sate by all druggists, mail 50c and $1.00. WILLIAMS MFC* CO., Preps., Cleveland. 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