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f ■/_ - *• - 5 i . V Vi ’ 1 X K EXPRESS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1923. Seven s i I » * I I \ I I i 5 I the n e w s in NEARBY TOWNS A v e r y in t e r e s t in g stereop t icon ionai.^onference. ^ lectu r e w a s given last Sunday night in this church, on “ I n d ia - ta n c e and H e r P r o m ise” . A b o u t 70 held at Wellsville I Benton Center —The follow ing serv ices w ill be .held at the Baptist ch u r c h n e x t S u n ­ day: preaching by the R e v . T h o m a s j. Hunter at 10:30 a. m. S u b ject. ‘An Incentive to F a ith fu ln e s s / precedeu by a sermonette fo r boys and girls. Bible School at 11:45 a. h. C h n s t -an Endeavor m eeting at 6:15 p. m . L e a d ­ er, Miss Mildred Van W inkle, top ic, “ What We Thank G od F o r ” . P r e a c h ­ ing service at 7:00 p. m. S u b ject “False and True S e e k e r s ” . —The services at tne M e th o d ist Episcopal church next S u n d a y w ill be omitted as the pastor the R e v . Jas. Sykes, expects to be in N e w Y o r k to meet Mrs. Sykes as she a r r ives from England. —The Baptist B ible S c h o o l o f this village was represented at the D is­ trict Young P e o p le’s C o n feren c e held at the M. E. church, B e llon a , last Tuesday, by the M isses G ladys Sm ith and Alma Lambert. —The Rev. Jam es S y k e s attended the Geneva D istrict C o n feren c e o f Methodist churches, held at S e n e c a Falls on M onday and T u e s d a y o f tnis week. —Mrs. Charles K irk p a t r ick spen t Wednesday in G e n e v a , the gu e s t o f her brother. Ira M u r d o c k and fam ily. —Mrs. Hiram S c h r o e d e r spen t a few days last week w ith her p a r e n t s , M r. and Mrs. Edward F e a r , at M ilo. —The play presented by m e m b e r s of the Hall C o n g r e g a tion a l ch u r c h at Grange Hall last F r iday even in g w a s largely attended T h e p r o g r a .m sh o w ­ ed careful training on the part o f all those who took part, and w a s w e ll received. The sin g in g by A lex a n d e r Kirkpatrick, of P e n n Yan, w a s g r e a t ly enjoyed; his im itation o f H a r r y L a u ­ der could sca r c e ly be su r p a s s e d , and he was most liberal in re s p o n d in g to repeated encores. T h e p r o c e e d s o f the evening were equ a lly divided betw e e n the Hall church and the lo c a l G range. —Hugh W. P o r t e r and O lin M. C u y - kendale m otored to B in g h a m ton on business last W e d n e s d a y retu r n in g on Thursday. —The Rev. A r t h u r H u m p h r ies is moving his fam ily to S tan ley, w h e r e he has purchased a houesi and lot. H e expects to m a k e that his h o m e p e r ­ manently. —The people o f B e n ton and. v icin ity are to nave an op p o r t u n ity o f h e a r in g Miss Mae H a n n a h B a k e r , tea c h e r o f Expression at K e u k a C o llege, n e x t . Friday evening, N o v e m b e r 23, w h e n she will give an en t e r tain m e n t in the Baptist church o f this p lace. T h e ad ­ mission will be tw e n t y ce n t s ; ch ild r e n ■under twelve years o f age ten cents. The program w ill begin at 8 o ’clo c k , and will be suitable fo r a ll ages and temperaments. It is h o p e d that the friends w ill avail th e m s e lves o f this opportunity in large n u m b e r s . —Miss D o ra K e l l e y le ft fast T h u r s ­ day for Interlaken w h e r e sh e w ill v i s ­ it her sister fo r an in d e fin ite tim e . —Mrs. Glen M a r tin, o f M iddlesex, was the guest o f h e r sister-in - la w , Mrs. Perry W r igh t , fo r severa l days last week. M rs. W r ig h t d o e s n o t im ­ prove as fast as her frien d s w o u ld like. —The annual T h a n k s g iv in g S e r v ice will be held in the B a p tist ch u r c h cn Thursday even in g , N o v e m b e r 29 at 7.30 o’clock. T h e R e v . Jam e s Sykes, of the M. E. ch u r c h w ill be the p r e a c h ­ er and the ch o irs o f both ch u r c h e s will sing special selection s . T h e o f f e r ­ ing received that even in g w ill be fo r the S. & S. H o s p ital, at P e n n Y a n . —Mrs. Thom a s J. H u n t e r attended the E c h o Luncheon o f the W o m e n ’s Missionary Societies o f the O n tario Baptist A s s o ciation held in the B a p tist church at Canandaigua last W e d n e s ­ day. D u ring her stay she w a s en t e r ­ tained at the hom e o f Mrs. A r t h u r R o o d , a form e r resident o f this v i l ­ lage. — Mrs. W illiam Tom ion entertained several little ones at the birthday par­ ty in honor o f her granddaughter, Ruth, last Saturday afternoon, w h o was 9 years old. The tim e w a s pleas­ antly spent in playing gam es and a f­ ter refreshm e n ts had been served all departed w ishing R u th m a n y happy returns o f the day. The co lo r sch e m e was pink and white. She receiv e d many beautiful gifts. —The Rev. Thom a s J. H u n t e r at­ tended a C o n ference o f the p a s t o r s o f the Ontario B a p tist A s s o c ia t io n at Clifton Springs, M o n d a y o f th :s w e e k . —Miss H e len D e e r ing, F ield S e c r e ­ tary of the Y o u n g P e o p e l’s B r a n c h o f the Methodist W o m a n ’s F o r e ig n M is­ sionary Society w ill sp e a k at th e h o m e ,of Mrs. John S c o field this F r id a y a f ­ ternoon at 2 o ’clock . A tu r e e n su p p e r will be' served, and a silv e r o f f e r in g received. Miss D e e r in g is a v e r y in ­ teresting speaker, and all are in v ited to come. —The ladies o f the M e th o d ist church will hold th e ir A n n u a l F a ir and Roast Po,rk S u p p e r in G r a n g e z Hall on D e cem b e r 7, a f t e r n o o n and evening. The fo l l o w i n g com m ittees have been appointed. F a n c y W o r k . Mrs. Carrie M an n in g , and M rs. E lw a Edmonds. A p r o n s . M rs. L o u ise B ish o p and Mrs. M ac O lm s tead. H a n d k e r ­ chiefs, Mrs. E. N a g e ld in g e r ’ s class. Ice cream, M iss A r len e N ich o ls, M iss , Ruth Manning, V e r n o n N a g e ldin g e r , and Carl B. O lsen. F ish P o n d , S t e w a r t Edmonds, L a u r e n c e H u m p h ries,, Irv ­ ing Havens, D o r o t h y R o l f e , M a y Wright, Thora C h r istensen and A g n e s Christensen. •Rally Day was observed in the Congre- •Her In h e r i- gational School last Sunday. —Communion Services will be ^observed . . . , _ , . ^, both at Number Niti-e Presbyterian and Ccn- Slldes W ere sh o w n d e p ictin g differen t gregational churches on Sunday morning. typ e s o f p e o p le and p la c e s in that Dec. 2 nd. , rn u n trv I —Thanksgiving services will be observed U • * . , XT ,, j% tt j . ! at Number Nine Thursday morning. Novem- — M iss L ida H a ll, Of H a m m o n d s p o r t, ber 29th, and in the Congregational Church is v isitin g M rs. H a r r iet L o n g . M iss i in the evening at 7:30 P. M. H a ll w a s form e r ly a resident o f this p lace. — M r. and M rs. W e b s ter T u r n e r w e n t to H o r n e ll last w e e k to visit Mr. T u r n e r ’s sister, M rs. G r a c e L o n g . — Mr. and M rs. Ed. T u r n e r w e n t to A v o c a last w e e k to visit M rs. T u r n e r ’s broth e r , L o n Coffin, w h o is in the Bath H o s p ital. — T h e collector,, M rs. N e llie Sm ith, o f D istrict No. 4 w ish e s to an n o u n c e that the tax list is ou t and she is ready to receiv e paym e n t at any tim e. Lake Keuka Road Is Now Open Laying of Concrete on West Side of Lake Keuka Finished as Far i as Lakeside Park Jack Frost in tricks so Killjoys are not popular, bi^t it is early that good seed corn is scare, i a fact nevertheless, that more people Get your supply while the getting: are killed playing than there are is good. working. Count ’em. LEGAL NOTICES Bellona Hall —The cantata. ‘‘Over the Rainbow,” sung by torty children from Hall. Stanley and Seneca will be repeated on Thursday eve­ ning. Nov. 22nd. in the new Congregational Church, at Hall, under the auspices of Mrs. Jorgensen’s Sunday School Class, for the benefit of the church. The “ Fireflies” song and dance, the “ Snowflakes” frolic and the “ Four Winds” will be added attractions of Fairyland, with the other numbers given in full. The complete program, as follows re­ quires over an hour to render and will be accompanied by Mr. Robert York, with vio­ lin And Miss Mabel Moon at the piano. 1. Introduction 2. Song form “ Toyland” 3. A Rainy Day 4. The Rainbow waltz 5. Invitation to Fairyland 6 . Over the Rainbow chorus. ACT II 1. In Rainbow Land. 2. Moonbeams and Sunbeams. 3. March. 4. Four Winds. 5. When all \the World has gone to sleep. 6 . Flower Artists’ Solo. 7. We’re a Band of Artists Gay. 8 . The Snowfla kes Frolic. 9. The Fireflies Song. 10. Fairyland Chorus. 11. Farewell Chorus. —The home project cooking class met at the home o f Miss Marjorie Schroaer on Thursday afternoon. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Orson R. Robson, in­ structor; Miss Maude Marks, president; Miss Marjorie Schroder, secretary and treasurer. Afte the business ‘ meeting the young people enjoyed making candy. Those present were Misses Mary Pellins, Mildred Jayne. Margar­ et Wilson, Grace Miller, Maude Marks. Mar­ jorie Schroder and Mrs. O. R. Robson. The next meeting will be held Saturday. Novem­ ber 24th, with Marjorie Schroder. —The officers of the local Home Bureau have been very fortunate in procuring the services of Mrs. Orson R. Robson as in­ structor in sewing. The class will begin their work during the first week in Decem­ ber. the day and place will be announced later. All members of the Home Bureau who wish to join the class will kindly notify the chairman Mrs. Edwin L. Bristol. —The Crosier families• will hold a reunion in Association Hall on Wednesday. This event is a farewell gathering in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Crosier, of Los Angeles. Calif . who have been spending several months in this locality and expect to take their de­ parture in a few days for their home in the far w@st. —The Ladies’ Missionary Society of Num­ ber Nine Presbyterian Church will meet Thursday afternoon, November 22nd. with Mrs. David Brown, of the Stanley road. At this meeting will occur the election of of­ ficers for the ensuing year. —Mrs. Ed. Long, from Lakemont. is spend­ ing several days with her cousins, Mrs. Belle Carson and Miss Margaret Hall. —The Ladies’ Degree Team of Hall Grange. No. 1230. P. of H.. will confer the first and second degrees on* a class of candidates at their next meeting Saturday evening. Novem­ ber 24th. in Association Hall. The team will practice their work on Wednesday evening in the Hall. —Mr. Charles Cayward is critically ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. T. E. Hic­ key. —Members of Number Nine church choir will meet with Miss Emma Hibbard on Fri­ day evening. ^ —Several of our townspeople are suffering from hard colds and grippe. —The members of the Congregational church will hold their annual business meet­ ing on Tuesday afternoon of this week. A fish dinner will be served at noon. Price 50c a plate. • —Mr. Dudley Dixon has offered his home on Main St. for sale. —Messrs. Wesley Powell, Fletcher Adams. James Bush Roy Hall, Norman Hoose. Ray Black and Charles Clubb returned from a hunting trip to the Adirondack Mts.. Satur­ day. Ray Black was fortunate in shooting and brinHn<r home a deer. —Rev. J. Dayton Axtell attended the Con- —Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Barnes of Dresden, were over Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Black. —Mrs. E. L. Holcomb was a recent guest of her brother, Ed. Fish and family at Can- anadigua. —The hunters returned from the woods last week. Ed. Holcomb bringing home a deer. —Rev. G. H. Orvis and Harry Alexan­ der. Sr. have been spending a few days at Adams, N. Y. —Arthur M. Barnes and Maude Black motored to Canandaigua on Sunday. —There will be a union Thanksgiving ser­ vice in the Presbyterian church inext Sun­ day evening. Rev. Mr. Smith will deliver the sermon. —Mrs. L. Kelsey, of Flint, Mich, is a guest at the home of her brother. Seward N. Transue. * j —Floyd Fisher is spending the winter' in Florida. —Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Henson and Mrs. Orvis attended tlje church fair at Oaks Corners last week. —Born to Mr. and Mrs. Larsen, on the G. W. Black farm, a son. —Mrs. Henry Speck has returned home. —Mrs. Sarah Gage and Miss Nellie are spending a few weeks at Painted Post, guests of Amsdcn aGge and family. -—Pat Ballard’s orchestra of Penn Yan, will hold a dance in the Bellona Community House Oct. 28. ♦ Stanley w —Seneca Grange. No. 284. met in Wash- bums hall. Saturday evening. A Thanks­ giving program was given. Each one re­ sponded to the roll call by telling something for which he or she is especially thankful. Music by the choir. Reading by Mrs. Addeson Baldridge. The next meeting will be held Dec. I at 12:00 a. m. Oyster dinner will be served at noon, followed by the election of officers- for the year. —Mrs. Owen Hotchkiss and son. Leland. spent Saturday at Geneva. —Mr. and Mrs. Harry O’Connor of Sum­ merville. were recent guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hecnan. —Members of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church are making preparations for a Thanksgiving Party. —School taxes for District, No. 1 . Sen­ eca, are no iwn the hands of the collector. Mrs. John Hibbard. —The first entertainment of the Collins Lyceum course entitled, ‘‘The CoVege Sing­ ing Girls” , was given* in Washbume hall. Tuesday evening. Nov. 20, and was greatly enjoyed by all. The next entertainment will be given Nov. 27th. —-Mrs. Mary Jones spent Saturday at Can­ andaigua. —Mrs. Paul Harvey, of Penn Yan. visited her aunt, Mrs. Andrew Bolgar, on Friday. —Delos Van Orden has returned home from a hunting trip to the Adirondacks and was successful in bringing home a fine deer. —Mrs. Ida Clark spent Saturday at Geneva. It will be gratifying to motorists who have occasion to use the road on the West side of Lake Keuka to learn that the new state road is vir­ tually completed from the village of Hammondsport to Lakeside Park, or about one mile below Gibsons. Con­ crete has been laid on both sides of Part II, of this road to the pvint above mentioned, which is now ready for use. No more concrete work will be done until Spring onT:his road. About one mile below Lakeside Park is yet to be completed. Workmen will be engaged grading as long as the weather permits during the winter. The present highway schedule calls for the construction of Part III, dur­ ing the year 1924. With the com­ pletion of that part in this county and Yates, an improved road wifi be opened to Penn Yan, making a short cut from Central New York to the Finger Lakes region and the South­ ern Tier. CK □ NOTICE TO CREDITORS U □ 3 3 □ □ Steam Pressing Dry Cleaning LET US REDYE THAT FADED WINTER OVERCOAT Amendments The amendments and propositions submitted at the recent election were defeated in Yates County. The vote on the questions was as follows: □ □ a □ □ □ u □ □ □ □ □ T h e R e sult W i l l Please Y o u . Penn Yan Dry Cleaners I Phone 247 R. D y e ing ALFRED B . JE N S E N 107 Main St. Over Reilly’s Music Shoppe Pleating Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Gilbert B* □ Baker. Surrogate of the County of Yates. □ Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all persons having claims against Julia BL Conklin, late of the town of Milo, County of Yates. State of New York, deceased, to present the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, as Executors of said deceased at the office of Spencer F*. Lincoln. Penn Yan, N. Y.. on or before the 5th day of January, 1924. Dated. June 27th. 1923. ALICE L. BARKER INA E. FOSTER Executors SPENCER F. LINCOLN Attorney for Executors Penn Yan, N. Y. 87-6mos. □ □ L E j E E □ □ □ B □ □ □ D □ 0 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Amendment For Against Maj. No. 1 .......... 1625 2929 1304 No. 2 .......... 1268 2725 2457 No. 3 . .......... 1150 2893 1743 No. 4 ............ . 888 2764 1876 No. 5 .......... 1663 2329 666 Proposition .. 1730 2560 830 For Member of Assembly James H. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Gilbert H» Baker. Surrogate of the County of Yates. Notice is hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims against Michael Roche, late of the town of Milo. County of Yates. State of New York, deceased, to pro. sent the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned. Sarah M. Roche, as ad­ ministrator of said deceased at her resi­ dence. Elm St.. Penn Yan. N. Y.. on before the 27th day of December, 1923. Dated. June 25th. 1923. SARAH M. ROCHE Administrator Elm Street Penn Yan. N. Y. KIMBALL, LOWN & SHERIDAN Attorneys for Administrator Penn Yan. N. Y. Four-Passenger Four-Cylinder Coupe The Standard of Comparison V Hypolite Comers Underwood received the usual Repub­ lican majority of 2058. ------------------------- ----------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Perhaps no man in the country was interested in the general elections than President Coolidge. The results probably meant as much to him as any man in public life. He is the type who can be looked to for a sound analysis. --------------------------- -- — ♦ ------------------------------------------------------ A full and complete line of leath­ er goods. Address books, writing cases. Line a Day Books. Just the l thing for Christmas. The Print Craft Shop, Jacob street. A Roomy “Four 99 Coupe NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of Hon. Gilbert BL Baker. Surrogate of the County of Yates. Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all persons having claims against Frank R. Jenkins, late of the town of Milo. County of Yates. State of New York, deceased, to present the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned. James C. Goodspeed and Chfris Jensen, as executors of said deceased, at the office of Goodspeed and Miller. Ar­ cade Block. Main St., Penn Yan. N. Y.. on or before the first day of November. 1923. Dated, April 30. 1923. JAMES C. GOODSPEED. CHRIS JENSEN. Executors, Penn Yan, N. Y. GEORGE S. SHEPPARD. Attorney for Executors. Penn Yan, N. Y. Providing roomy comfort for four passengers, this Buick four-cylinder Coupe brings the luxury of its particular body type within the reach of all (Too late for insertion last week) —On Nov. 6 at the Methodist parsonage in Canandaigua. Miss Gladys Johnsox of Gorham and Frank J. Gorton of Potter were united in marriage by the Rev. Stephen S. Pratt. Congratulations. —Mrs. Karl Hopp is in poor health. —L. J. Fitzwater, of Friend, was a caller in this place. Monday afternoon. Continued on Page 8 Now that the crops are in, it’s about time to begin those improve­ ments you promised your wife. Bellona Methodist C h u r c h N o tes. R. L. Sm ith, P a s t o r . —Morning w o r s h ip at 10:30, p a s t o r preaching. —Epworth League at 6:16. —In the even ing th e M e th o d ists w ill unite with the P r e s b y t e r ia n s in a un­ ion Thanksgiving se r v ice R. L. Sm ith Preaching. —The N o v e m b e r m e e t in g o f the Esther Circle w ill m e e t on S a tu r d a y , , November 24, w ith M rs. A l i c e S tetzel. —The Y o u n g P e o p le ’s C o n feren c e , held in the M e thodist ch u r c h last Tuesday afternoon and even in g , w a s very helpful and in t e r e s t in g . W e all have p rofited m u ch from the in s p ir­ ing message given by M r. C a r tw r igh t , and we can not say en o u g h in a p p r e ­ ciation and praise fo r the y o u n g p e o ­ ple who spoke to us on that “ F o u r - Fold Life ^Topics” , and th e lad ies w h o served the banquet. —We sent a num b e r o f y o u n g m e n from our Sunday S c h o o l to th e Y o u n g Men’s C onference held in G e n e v a last Sunday afternoon, and a r e lo o k i n g fo r ­ ward with interest to h e a r in g th e ir reports'next Sunday. Presbyterian C h u r c h N o tes. G. H. Orvis, Pastor. —Morning w o r s h ip at 10:30. —Evening w o r s h ip w ill be a u n ion Thanksgiving service, h e ld in this church, R. L. Sm ith p r e a c h in g . — A social m e e ting o f the ch o i r w ill he held at H a r r y A lex a n d e r ’s on F r i ­ day night. A full and complete line of leath- goods. Address books, writing cases, Line a Day Books. Just the thing for Christmas. The Print Craft Shop, Jacob street. 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MEEHAN, 06w4 Clerk Surrogate's Court W a r n in g O w n e r s Don’t let your battery run down during the winter, even if you are not using your car. will freeze if discharged. Our winter service removes this danger and takes responsibility your shoulders at a very small cost* FRENCH 116 Elm Street Phone, 248 - J T a k e H a r d W o r k O u t /^ E T a STAR Litter Carrier and get rid hard work in cleaning out the barn. Even if your time was worth only 10 to 15 cents an hour, a STAR Carrier would pay for itself and more the first year you use it STAR Carriers are part of the famous line of Tli T H E L I N E E quip * ment Litter larve. Tools Door Hangers Eauip* ment Coaster Wagons Tank THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, by the Grace of God, Free and independent: To unknown heirs of Susie B. Vreeland, deceased, if any, whose names and places of residence are un­ known, and can not, after diligent in­ quiry, be ascertained, and Hon. Carl Sherman, Attorney General of the State of New York. Whereas, John S. Thompson, of Dundee. County of Yates, N. Y.. the executor named in a certain instrument, in writing, bearing date June 7th, 1923. purporting to be the last will and testament of Susie B. Vreeland. late of the Village of Dundee, in said Comi­ ty of Yates and State of New York, de­ ceased and relating to both real and per­ sonal estate, has lately applied to the Sur­ rogate’s Court of the County of Yates te have said instrument proved and recorded as a will of personal and real estate; Therefore, you and each of you are cited to show cause before the Surrogate of the County of Yates, at his office in the vil­ lage of Penn Yan. in said county, on the 26th day of November, 1923. at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, why said will and testament should not be admitted to probate. In Testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Yates to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS: Hon. Gilbert H. Baker, Sur* rogate of said County, at the Vil­ lage of Penn Yan, the 24th, day of (L. S.) October, in the year of our Lord. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three. JULIA I. MEEHAN Clerk Surrogate's Court SPENCER F. LINCOLN Att’y for Petitioners Penn Yan. N. Y. (5 wks) STORAGE BATTERIES Come in and let us show you one of the three styles of STAR Carriers or any­ thing else you need in barn equipment. Now is the time to make that barn of yours a good-paying investment. You can do it with STAR Equipment. It saves work, enables you to keep the barn sanitary, and get more profits from your herd. H N VANN Phone 196 H A R D W A R E C O . THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, to Robert E. Lee, Sloan, Iowa* Alice M. Little. Prairie City. Iowa, Mary R. King. Prairie City. Iowa. Rose! la Kinney, St. Paul, Minn., Martha Kin­ ney, St. Paul, Minn.. Francis Kinney. St. Paul. Minn., John Maloney, Charlotte. Iowa, Sarah Breen. Cedar Rapids. Iowa* William Maloney. Ipswitch. S. D.. Ella Klinke, Riverside, 111.. Helen Irene Duke Maloney, Charlotte. Iowa. Mary Eugena Duke, Charlotte. Iowa. Rose Brown, Char­ lotte, Iowa, Josephine Taylor, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, American Surety Company. New York City. N. Y., and all unknown heirs-at-law and next-of-kin of Mary Ma­ loney, Deceased. and to all persons interested in the estate of Mary Maloney, late of the County of Yates, deceased, as creditor, legatee, next of kin or otherwise, send Greeting: You and each of you are hereby cited to show cause, before our Surrogate of the County of Yates, at the Surrogate's office in the village of Penn Yan. in said Coun­ ty, on the 4tb. day of December, 1923. at 1 0 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, why the account of Hugh G. Little, as adminis­ trator of. &c„ of Mary Maloney, deceased, should not be judicially settled and allowed* In testimony whereof. We have caused the Seal of the Surrogate's Court of the said County of Yates to be hereunto af­ fixed. Witness: Hon. Gilbert H. Baker, Surrogate of the said County of Yates, at the village of Penn Yan, the 30th, day (L. S.) of October, in the year of our Lord. one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three. JULIA I. MEEHAN. Clerk of Surrogate's Court. SPENCER F. LINCOLN, Atty. for Administrator. Penn Yan, N. Y. (5 wks.) □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ C E C C □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ » s t BRICK BLOCK FOR SALE Located in Penn Yan \ A GOOD INVESTMENT PROPERTY. In A - l Condition. All rented. Pays 13 per cent, on investment NOW. When present lease expires , it will pat / 16 per cent, on investment. These properties are scarce in Penn Yan and are in GREAT DEMAND. □ □ □ □ □ □ n □ □ □ □ □ □ □ D □ □ □ □ □ □ □ i W A L T E R B . T O W E R Phone 5 5 2 —Over 109 Main St. Penn Y a n , N .Y . □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ YOUR DRUG STORE EV E R Y woman In this town Is Interested In pure drugs. We keep that always la mind when buying drugs. 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