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.11 , »• i i t 11 i 1 r • # • i ✓ •T*\ i - ----- tiiiimln,t He Was an Average Man B y J A N E O S B O R N I ’ ve tt$S> by McClure New spaper Syndicate.* Holder Dawson signed dejectedly as lie looked first at one pretty la v e and then at another. “ S om e way or other none o f them seems to get m e,\ lie told the art ch ief who had strewn tlie drawings on Daw- advertising cam p aign wants to get*toi It makes things much simpler, besides lgss expensive, 1 told Mr. Collins and suggested this new plan— ” llie n then the only reason you've been bringing me all these good things, stam m ered Iteider, “ is because I'm average. W h a t a fool been— ” I didn't say Just that, but I ’ve noticed In other things— in the books you like, the plays you p r e fer— that you are p e r fectly average.\ “ T h a n k you fo r your frankness,\ said R e ider. “ I am sorry I misunderstood. I — \ \W e ll, Mr. Collins agrees w ith «• e. Some Requirements for Right Start of Calves Th e dairy calf six to eight months nld should be provided with salt. It is best to keep a sm all box In the calf pen or stall with salt in it at all times. Th e ca lf w ill then take MANY KINDS OF BIRDS’ NESTS FIGHT FIRE WITH DYNAMITE Homes Vary as G reatly as Do the Feat..:red Creatures W h o Raise Fam ilies Therein. INCREASING USE OF STUCCO As a Building M aterial It Is Finding Appreciation Among Architec­ tural Critics. . , , . . .. , . , too, said M iss H o llis, a little nettled, lust what is ncoded son s huge th.l-l,.,. desk (o r his Inspee- ..In fllct he ga v e ordera to the ^ J ' i. They are good d r a w i a g s - p r e t t , depnrtlnent t(> del)eud on your Judg! but they don t ap|«-al. It isn t n= i„ _____ t tion, g i r l s - . , u . ...... . ... ....... .. — . m ent ns final in the selection o f all the rlKht type, io u r a r t is t s H a v e n 't . adverU s lng pictures — that's they— ” “ T h a t ’s w h y they asked n chosen models that appeal to the aver- 1 age man— ami it’s the average man we want to appeal to in advertising.” “ You’re the doctor,” was the art di­ rector's reply. “ Mr. Collins gave or­ ders to leave the decision to you.” H e gathered the drawings together rue­ fully. “ Just what type would you sug­ gest instead? O f course, she must be pretty. In a soap advertisem ent like this w e ’ ve got to have a pretty head. It seems as if these sketches represent almost every type of pretty girl there is. R e ider Dawson thought fo r n min­ ute, let Ids gaze wander off to the sk y ­ line o f gray buildings against a grayer skyline and sighed again. You want a girl that looks as If she had good health, good sense and pep. Take a girl like that dietitian in there. Now, she’s pretty, isn’t she? Nine men out o f ten would say so— but she’s none o f your baby-eyed, swan:necked, narrow-nosed creatures— \ “ Miss Ilollis?” said the art chief, a little surprised, tuid then, “ Yes, she is pretty, very pretty in her own way, but she isn’t the pretty girl type, if you get the distinction ; besides, I doubt whether she’d consent to having her fa c e used ns a soap advertisem ent. Still, I get your point The art chief may have understood Reider Dawson’s criticism, hut he was not at all cheerful or optim istic as he gathered the drawings he had collect­ ed together and left the room o f the young vice president. Then Dawson sat wondering if he had been too critical. H e was fran k ly sorry that he had to put the art ch ief to the trouble o f getting more sketches, but if it was true, as he had said, that Mr. Collins, the president, had left orders to have him pass on all sketches, then the only honest thing fo r him to do was to give his candid opinion. H e was just wondering, though, how much the weather and his own sense o f loneliness had to do with his severity toward those insipid pretty faces when there was a downright sort o f tap at the door and in walked Miss Hollis. She bore a - small tray covered with a snowy napkin and there wTas a suspicion o f steam com­ ing from beneath its folds*. R e ider Dawson looked at her a little more closely than perhaps he should have done ordinarily— but now he was try­ ing to ju s tify him self in his state­ ment that she was o f the type o f much stronger and wider appeal than these insipid girls the art chief had shown him. Yes, he had been right, p e r fectly right— hers was a convincing type o f prettiness, as substantial and down­ right as the way she knocked at the door or the way she placed the tray on the table. “ I have brought you som ething to sample.\ she began, raising the napkin and letting out the aroma o f well- brewed coffee, and som ething that smelled amazingly like the ginger­ bread that had been so dear to his heart as a boy, “ Y ou know* w e han­ dle the advertising fo r the people that make Three X molasses. W e ’ re going to feature a big poster showing steam ­ ing gingerbread made with T h r e e X. W ith it is to go a recipe fo r m aking the best gingerbread. I ’ve been ex­ perimenting on an inexpensive sim p le recipe, and here I have narrow e d down to tw o and I can’t decide which is better. They are put together d iffer­ ently and the amount o f flour and molasses is different. Perhaps you aren’t hungry, but I'm so anxious to get your opinion— ’’ “ W h a t's the coffee to do with it?” asked Reider. grinning and draw ­ ing up bis chair before the table where the tray rested. Th e dietitian blushed visibly. “ W e ll, you see, gingerbread is rather dry eat­ ing without some beverage, and it seemed to me as if coffee went with it better than tea— and it’s such/a mis­ erable day; but you don’t have to drink it unless you want to. I made it from that R ig Bear Brand coffee we do advertising for. It’s not so bad for an inexpensive coffee— “ A fter that Reider Dawson could not help but notice that very, very often Miss H o llis found excuse to bring her little sampling tray to his room. She was constantly working on recipes for the various food products fo r w’hlch the concent did advertising. Form e r­ ly when such tests Imd been made ten or a dozen, o f the office staff had been called into the dietitian’s laboratory and then had follow e d a lengthy dis­ cussion o f the merits o f the various samples, but now seemingly she was playing favorites. And that was just what Reider Dawson hoped devoutly that she was doing. F o r R e ider D a w ­ son wanted to marry her and he didn’t want to ask her if there wasn’t a ghost of a chance that she would have him. R e wouldn’t much hilnd being turned down by some girls he told him-, self, but he never could go on working In the same ottice with Miss Hollis once she had rejected his suit. So Reider Dawson was going slowly. Meantime he was receiving an occa­ sional bit o f good-natured banter truss Mr, Colons and others who counted themselves good frineds among the ex­ ecutives o f the company. “ tihe's a nice girl, and a pretty girl,” Collins told Reider, “ and the daughter o f an old friend of mine. You'll have to go a long way before you find her equal. In the meantime you're getting all the gingerbread and pancakes and crullers and we’re going hungry,” Iteider Dawson continued.^therefor^ to fr;eI hopeful. Still, there never seemed to be anything at all encour­ aging in Miss H o llis' manner toward him when she called with her little testing tray. iteider determined to his bear­ ings, It was the last cold, damp day that .'furrh and Miss llo l l l * arrived with fresh, crisp, hot crullers and a cup o f coffee. “ You don’t know how much I ap­ preciate this/' said Iteider. “ But I’d be a lot happier If you brought In samples for two and sat down sociably With me- “ But Ibete wouldn't be any object,” Wild Miss Ilollis. 'It would be sociable.” “ But that Isn’t the object,\ said MI bb H o llis In a most matter-of-fact way. \I'm tr y i n g to keep down expenses. I am sure you agree with Mr. Collins that that Is important. It costs a good deal more to make enough gingerbread o r crullers for eight or ten than Just fo r you. I noticed that while the others used to disagree when f took a vote the m a jority decision was always identical with your selection. It hap­ pened time and again until 1 caftie to realize that you had a perfect average taste. You were, In other words, the average man, and U Is the average man that an advertisement or any why ie about the picture fo r that new soap adver­ tising cam p a ign.” continued Reider, M o re than 50 per cent o f the c a lf’s body Is made up o f w*ater; and fo r digesting the feed, regulating the body temperature, and other body purposes the vulf needs 4 to 0 gallons o f clean, fresh w a ter every day. So the club boy should see that Ids ca lf has all the w a ter It wants and that It Is wn- “ and it’s because I ’m average that I tered daring warm days three times. told them that a fa c e lik e yours was prettier than any th e ir artists had drawn— ” “ I suppose so,\ adm itted M iss H o l­ lis. Sunshine Is necessary fo r normal growth o f the calf, hut like most good things the ca lf e:»n get too m u c h ; therefore, see that your pasture has plenty o f shade to which the calf “ W e ll, I ’m glad to know how you can go to He down and chew Its cud rate m e,\ snapped R e ider, biting vic­ iously at a crisp cruller. “ I ’ m glad, too, to know w h y you have honored m e w ith these good things. I thought you perhaps cared— now I know* you consider me nothing but a v e r a g e - com m onplace.” “ I didn’t say commonplace,” de­ fended the girl. “I t ’s nice to be av­ erage. I ’d rather m a rry an average man than any other sort. Oh, that’a not w h a t I meant to say at a ll.\ Reider jum p ed to his feet, narrow ly avoiding upsetting his cup o f steam ing coffee. “ M a y b e it isn’t w h a t * you meant to say,” he cried excitedly. “ But It’s what you said. You know how I feel about you- “ I ’ve had a sort o f an id e a ,\ said M iss H o llis. “ T h en w h y in the w o rld won’t you m a rry m e ? ” said R e id e r heatedly. “ Because you never asked me.” T h is much o f the conversation In excited voices penetrated the parti­ tions into M r. Collins* office. “ T h a t isn’t ju s t the w a y the average man proposes,” he said to his stenog­ rapher. “ But I ’ ll bet w e 'll have to look around fo r a new dietitian. •I during the heat o f the day. W h en the dairy calf is weaned from skimmilk. It should he eating grains and hay well. A good legume hay, like alfalfa, pen v im * soy bean, or les- pedezn, shotdd he fed. Th is hay Is necessary to furnish minerals to build bone, to supply protein fo r muscle building, and to furnish bulk fo r de­ veloping large feed capacity. During the “ fly season\ a liberal use of the curry comb and brush w ill help keep the h >tr silky and the skin oily, both o f which w ill tend to keep off flies. Teach, the ca lf to lead by the halter this summer. Th e best w a y to do this Is to lead the c a lf to pasture each morning and back to the barn at night. Tuberculosis Introduced .i STOPPING WASTE OF WATER C ity Lunchroom s H a v e Cut Down Slzi o f Glasses, and the Saving Is Considerable. P e o p le who look upon w a ter thal flow s through the hydrant as o f no valu e w ill be Interested to learn thal th e la r g e lunchroom s in the cities havi reduced drinking glasses In size so thal w a ter, which costs them a good deal m a y be saved. T h e new* w a t e r glass, observes th« Kansas C ity Tim e s , Is about h a lf th< size o f the old-fashioned tumbler. It is m a d e so, not to prevent the eu » tom er from drinking all the w a ter hi m a y desire, but to assure that he will not draw m o re w a ter than he will drink so that the residue left m glasses shall not be wasted. T h e managei o f a big lunch room In St. Lou is said when questioned on the su b ject: “ W e use pure filtered ice w a ter here It costs the city m oney to impound, pump, pu r ify and distribute, although our patrons may not realize It. N o w w e don’t begrudge it to those who w a n t it, but w e ’ v e found that thi average patron w ill fill a large tumblei to the brim and lea v e h a lf o f the wa­ ter. Our m idget tumblers do awn* w ith the waste. Th e y contain jusl as much w a ter as w e have found thi average patron drinks with his meals/ Into Healthy Dairy Herd Tuberculosis tuny he introduced Into a healthy herd by any o f the fo llo w ­ ing m e a n s : By the addition o f an animal that Is affected w ’ th the d isease; there­ fore animals should be purchased only from herds known to be free from tuberculosis, or from herds under su­ pervision fo r the eradication o f the disease. By feeding calves with milk or other dairy m* >dncts from tuberculous cow s ; this f l u e n t l y occurs w h e re the own­ er purchases mixed skim milk from the cream ery, and feeds it to his calves without first m aking it safe by boiling or pasteurization. By showing cattle at fairs and ex­ hibitions ; reports have indicated that numerous herds have become infect­ ed through m ingling with infected cat­ tle at shows or by occupying in fect­ ed premises. Th e shipment o f anim als In cars which have recently carried diseased cattle and which have not been disin­ fected properly. Community pastures; pastures in whleh tuberculous cattle are allow e d to graze are a source o f danger. In most cases the outward appear­ ance o f the animal bears no relation to the degree o f Infection. T h e dis­ ease frequently develops so slow ly that In some ensne m ay he months or even longer bef- re any sym p tom s are show n : th e r e fore he on the safe side and have vour herd tested. Not only do architectural critics con­ sider stucco us one o f the most attrac­ tive finishes to he obtained for exterior w a lls o f modern buildings but the gen­ eral public us w e ll has placed Its ap­ proval upon this method o f structural finishing -and beautifying. Stucco is a m agnesite product which not only Is pleasing In appearance but has permanency us well. Properly ap­ plied, It is said to last as long as the foundation o f a home. It is said to be fireproof and fire resisting. It Is un­ derstood to resist the natural elem ents said to disintegrate and destroy some other form s o f finish. Stucco form s g protection to the structure to which It Is applied and protects and perpetuates Itself as well. Attractiveness possible in the variety o f Its use and design is a feature. Block a fte r block o f homes, churches or other buildings can be built with this type o f finish and no tw o buildings need be alike. Th is difference in ap­ pearance is obtained through the use o f small pebbles, crushed rock, flaked shells and other m a terials capable of resisting constant exposure to the weather, and varyin g so greatly in tex­ ture and color that unlim ited combina­ tions can be obtained, givin g to each building a distinctly different effect from the one adjacent. Th e s e surfaces are never painted and are said to be Ideal as the resurfacing fo r old struc­ tures, resulting not only In m aking them look new, but m aking cooler homes In the sum m er and warm e r houses In the winter. Th e average time taken by a bird to build its nest is about u w e e k ; but If the first one be destroyed a second home may be built in a day, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. A few birds afflicted witli chronic laziness do no more than repair an old nest o f last year. Im m ediately a fter the nest has been built egg laying begins, usually at the rate o f one a day laid about the same time. Eggs laid In dark holes, like those o f the woodpeckers and kingfishers, are alw a y s white, so that they can be seen by tlfe bird entering the nest. Eggs, however, are all col­ ors. O flen, contrary to popular opin­ ion, the coloring is not at all protec­ tive. Th e number o f eggs laid In­ creases with the amount o f danger to which they are exposed. Sea birds nesting on the inacessible cliffs lay only one egg, w a terfow l ten to twenty. T h e usual number is three to five. In ­ cubation usually begins w ith the laying o f the first egg. Owls, however, be­ gin when the last egg has been laid. Robins' eggs require fourteen days’ in­ cubation, ducks twenty-seven, geese thirty-live. In all cases during this period the eggs have to be constantly turned and moistened. U s u a lly Incu­ bation Is the work o f the fem a le alone, but the m ale sparrow is peculiar in that lie sinks his dignity— and does his share. Conflagration T h a t Threatened to Do Enormous Damage Quickly Sub­ dued by Pow e rful Explosive. SEEKING FACTS ABOUT MOON BELIEVE IN THE “ EVIL EYE” One o f the Most Ancient o f Supersti­ tions— Mentioned by St. Paul, in Galatians. M any great fires that threatened to destroy both life and property on a w h o lesale scale have been subdued not by w a ter but by explosives. W h en London's great blaze was raging three centuries ago K in g Charles him self superintended opera­ tions. H e saw that the only way of stopping the fire was to make gaps which the flames could not cross. A t his orders buildings In its path were blown up, and the flames, having noth­ ing to burn, died out. Even more violent methods w e re used recently to extinguish an oil gusher which had burst Into flames. A new w e ll was being sunk In the mid­ dle o f u great oilfield. A s the drill broke through the final layer a column o f gas and oil shot 150 feet into the air. Attem p ts w e re made to get it under control, and whilst they w e re In prog­ ress a crow b a r striking against ir stone m ade a spark which ignited the rush­ ing, roaring column o f gas. N e x t In­ stant the whole oilfield was lit up by a blaze that could be seen fo r many miles. E v e r y w e ’ l in the neighborhood was In danger. A f t e r an exam ination, an expert de*e term lned to blow out the flam es just as one blows out a match. But in this case the draught was to he provided by the explosion o f a hundredweight o f dynamite. T h e operation wa.- successful. T h e force o f the explosion broke the col­ umn o f flames and quenched a fire that threatened to do m illions o f dol­ lars* worth o f damage. Photographic Attem p ts to Determ ine the Composition o f Strange A rea on IL WOMEN FORTY FARM JOURNAL Unless you happen to bo „ herself, don’t knock U,‘I knock. The most helpless thing |„ MUST NOT OVERLOOK VINES H a v e Strong Useful Purposes as W e ll as G e n e rally Recognized Orna­ mental Effect. C o w s Require Material for Production o f M ilk Not Used to It. H o s tess— I wonder w h y your little brother seems so restless and uncom­ fortable. L ittle Sister— Please, ma’am. I think it’s Yi.use his hands are c le a n — Bostos •nyi'int. BUDDY' SURELY WAS HUNGRY Chiefly Through H e r Efforts, Those Thousand H e rring Disappeared In Double-Quick Tim e . M e and my buddy can eat a thou­ sand o f them ,\ was the surprising statem ent o f a resident o f the fishing- shore section o f one o f the V irgin ia counties bordering on the Potom a c river when he witnessed a sm a ll haul o f herring one afternoon. “ Y o u and your buddy can eat a thousand o f 'em ? \ asked one o f a party o f farm e rs w a itin g to get a load o f fisli to put aw a y fo r w inter nse. “ W h o is your buddy?” T h e man who had m ade the boast bad been heard to Indulge in extrava­ gant conversation b e fore and the gath­ ered farm e rs concluded they would call w h a t they term e d his bluff. F ifty dollars was the amount o f th e w a g e r, and the follow in g Tuesday w a s the tim e fixed fo r the eating. Th e thousand fish w e re plied near the steam b oat landing and the man whose buddy was to assist In the eating o f them appeared on the appointed hour. \Just cook a hundred o f ’em,” he. said, “ and leave the 900 uncooked, ones w h e re they are.” “ But w h e r e ’s your buddy?\ Impa­ tient bystanders chorused. T h e hundred hom ing w e r e cooked and the belle o f the fishing shore an­ nounced everything in readiness fo r the feast. \Is that your buddy?” asked the. man Interested to the -amount o f $50 in the transaction. “ Y o u call that, your buddy?\ “ Sure,” was the response. They w e re talking about a 800- pound sow that had had nothing to eat since .the day the w a g e r was placed, and “ me and buddy” succeed­ ed In a successful performance- of the disappearing act.— Exchange. T o keep the summer milk cheeks lip to normal, the cows require a little special attention ai this tim e \o f the year. In spite o f good pastures, grass is apt to be tough and not nearly so appetizing as It was in M a y or June. Hence the cows are going to stand around in the shade instead o f putting away m ate sal fo r milk production. Th is all moans t1v' the cow s need a little grain at m ilking tim e during the late smiiiner vnnths and a little silage, too, If you have- It. Green oats and peas or green corn are very good, as w e ll as many other fora g e crops, cut green and fed during m ilking time. H e r e ’s a good grrtin m ixture to be used w h ile the cows are on pasture: Vines are among the most useful plants fo r “ tyin g ”' buildings to their surroundings. T h e r e Is a freedom and grace about their grow th that helps to relieve the form a lity o f buildings or fences better than almost any other plants. Care in their selection is nec­ essary, however, as there are disad­ vantages in the use o f son.e vines un­ der certain conditions. On brick and stone buildings some o f the clinging vines are most appropriate. Th e im­ pression that such vines are Injurious to the w a lls or make them damp which exists in some quarters is erroneous, the United States Departm ent o f A g ­ riculture relieves. Th e great problem Is so to train the v'*ues thal they may be rem oved to perm it proper painting o f the wood­ work when that is necessary. Th is may be done by means o f a trellis hinged near the ground or a chicken w ire placed over hooks at the highest point, so that it may he rem oved. A trellis can be m ade o f chicken w ire on a pipe fram e that w ill keep vines en­ tirely aw a y from woodwork. Th e thought is som etim es expressed that vines cause w o o d w o rk to i\»t. T ills Is tru e if they are perm itted to become so thick as to prevent proper ventila­ tion and tim e ly painting. H o t sun­ shine, however, is one o f the most de­ structive forces In the life o f paint. Vines by their shade help to preserve paint Instead o f destroy It. T h e “ E v il E y e \ is a m ysterious pow e r attributed to certain persons who are thereby able to injure others, o r even to cause their death, by sim p ly looking at them. Th is ancient and widespread superstition was at one tim e sanctioned by the classical au­ thors, the fath e rs o f the church, and the physicians o f the M iddle a g e s ; and Is still believed in by many nations w ithin the range o f Christendom . T h e b e lief is w idely spread am ong the Ita l­ ians and Spaniards at the present day, as w e ll as am o n g the Turks, Chinese and Japanese. T h e ancient G reeks called it Baskania, and the Romans, Fascinum. V irgil, in th e T h ird Eclogue, speaks o f an “ e v il e y e \ that has be­ w itched the tender la m b s ; and St. Paul, in G a latians 3:1, m akes use o f the idea m e taphorically to denote the spiritual perversion o f the G a latians as fo llo w s ; “ O foolish Galatians, who hath be­ witched you, that ye should not obey the truth, b e fore whose eyes Jesus Christ hath evid e n tly set forth, cruci­ fied am ong you ? \— D e troit News. PAPER FLOCK ALARMED HIM Professor's Chickens Increased So R a p idly He Feared T h e y W ould Depopulate the Country. << <« 200 lbs. cornm eal 160 lba. cottonseed meal 150 lbs. ground om s 160 lbs. gluten feed Feed the grain m ixture according to the way the cow responds. If a cow w ill not respond to grain feedin g in the summer, she Isn't worth keeping. the N e w Jerstey agricultural ex­ periment station the cows are being sprayed night and m orning with a re­ liable snray that kflls the flies. A s a result, the cows stand better fo r m ilk­ ing and since they arc not bothered with the flies thev have tim e to eat their grain. Furtherm o re, when the m ilker Is sw « t t in ,r flies and ih e cow Is switching her tall around In his face he Isn’t apt to take much interest in how much milk the '*ow gives. A good fly spray Is a good invest­ ment. Means “ B e tter A m e rica.” Speaking at the B e tter H o m es cere­ m ony President H a rdin g declared that the m ovem ent fe r better homes “ is a m o vem ent fo r a better A m e r ica.” H e contin u e d : “ TJie home is at least not m erely the re - ter hut truly the aim, the ob­ ject and the purpose of all human or­ ganization. T h e common man o f yes­ terday was a serf, a peasant, bound to tasks whose significance he did not know, and fo r whose results lie had small care. T h e common man o f to­ day is a citizen, a voter, a sovereign, truly a participant in determ ining the ends and destiny o f the state. It Is the purpose o f the B e tter H o m es m o ve­ ment to make possible a like advance in the status o f womankind. She D idn't Know. H e was it fra g ile youth, and didn't dance all the dances. “ L e t ’s sit it out,\ he said to his pretty partner. W h e r e ? \ she asked. “ On the stairs.” So they went up a n t t le w a y and sat down. W h y, w h a t’s the m atter, M r. Stack- pole?” cried the girl. F o r the young man had risen hastily and w a s gasp­ in g fo r breath. H e could not reply. H is face w a s livid, and w ith one shak­ in g hand he claw e d feeb ly at the tall o f his coat. W h a t kind o f an attack is it? \ she gasped. A t this question his voice returned. “ W h a t difference does that m a k e?” he grow led. Then, w ithout a w o rd o f apology, lie dashed up the stairs and flung him s e lf into the m en’s cloak­ room. H o w was she to know it was an ordinary carpet tack that the man who canvased the stairs had care­ lessly left standing on its head? A n y o n e who Is attem p ting to sup­ plem ent liis incom e by keeping poultry w ill be interested in the latest A m e ri­ can story on the subject. A professor o f m athem atics, contem p lating a hobby o f this kind, calculated that he had Just m oney enough to buy a hen and a setting o f eggs. A f t e r dinner one evening he sat down to estim a te re­ sults. I f ten chicks w e r e hatched and h a lf o f them w e r e pullets he would have six liens the next year. On the sam e basis he would have 50 the third year and 210 the fourth. From there on he developed fust. By eight o’clock he had bought 15,000 acres m ore land fo r his coops and runs. By nine o’clock he was occupying nil the tillab le area o f his own state. T w o hours later the original hen had populated the country and was expanding into Canada and M exico. Just before it was tim e fo r the professor to turn in fo r the night It had become necessary to run hen­ roosts out over the rivers and lakes. A t this point he went out and killed the hen. H e hadn’t the heart, he said, to start a thing like that and crow d the human race out o f North Am e rica.— M a n chester Guardian. Curious results are obtained when certain objects are photographed un­ der different lights. F o r example, plates o f a landscape obtained by in­ fra-red light give the sky as jet black and trees and grass as w h ite as snow. U ltra-violet photographs or pictures obtained through a quartz lens heav­ ily silvered on one side show white garden flowers as quite black. I f the moon’s whiteness w e r e due to the presence o f zinc oxide, then the localities in which this substance was present when photographed by ultra­ violet rays would not appear white, but black. Th is plan has been tried in the case o f lunar photographs, and in the neighborhood o f the crater Aristarchus it is clearly shown that there is a considerable area w h e reof the surface m a terial differs from that In its proxim ity. In ordinary light this^-eliows no variation from the rest o f the surface, but repeated photographs taken with the quartz lens and silver lens prove that some unsuspected substance ex­ ists on that spot. Th e difficulty Is to determ ine Its nature. T h e only way at present, It seems, consists In photo­ graphing different rocks until one Is found that presents the same charac­ teristics as those o f this district o f the moon. T h e r e have been unavail- ingly tried lavas, volcanic debris and m inerals o f many kinds.— W ashington Star. Will Be Interested in Mrs.Hooker’s 18 cn,,itul without S. Recovery by Use of Lydia E. Pink- Th e beehive is the ham’s Vegetable Compound B L y d ia E. Pinkham ’s V e g e t a b l e Com- St. Paul,Minn.— “ I w a s goin g through the Change o f L i f e and suffered from a run-down condition and the troubles a wom an has to go through a t t h a t t im e , hot flashes, nervous­ ness and headaches. A t tim es I w a s not P Q ]\able to do m y work, 'jjliP but since t a k i n g G jjl 1 pound I am gaining e v e r y day and can do m y w o rk w ith m ore ease than I have fo r five or six years. I ow e i t all to your g r e a t m e d icin e / *— M a r t h a H o o k e r , 114 C o llege Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. W hen w o m e n w h o are betw e e n the ages o f fo r t y - fiv e and f if t y - fiv e are b e s e t w ith such annoying sym p tom s as ner­ vousness, irrita b ility, m elancholia and heat flashes, which produce headaches, dizziness, or a sense o f suffocation, they should take L y d ia E. Pinkham ’ s V e g e ­ table Compound. I t is e s p e c ially adapted to help wom en through this crisis. It is prepared from roots and herbs and contains no harm ful drugs or narcotics. W r i t e to L y d ia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts, fo r a fre e copy o f L y d ia E_ Pinkham ’ s P r iv a t e T e x t - B o o k upon \A ilm e n t s Peculiar to W o m e n .” the world to fall back Poorest tk ou, '1 “ P lease pass the butter” ; remarked when he sent his * — Th e most that you will get poorly arranged baro \s p \ 2 \ ercise. B e lieve everything that Is, by tree agents. That is a to get fooled. you I f you have money to invent ur banker; it is to hi. t .* 6. keep you prosperous. f0 llis lilted N I f the hoy gets |,l9 pi)llt|n| m other and tils religion then, he is pretty safe. 1 S Uncle Levi Zink expresses ih Ion that an optimist |8 n Eip|, — — . . . . ® * hfi eat a raw onion and think no herself knows it. '1 % i, T h e best parent of a hnby iSftl who is not afraid to hear It Is crying for what it does not what is not good for it. crM EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT CLAIM Colchester's Assertion T h a t It Is the Oldest Tow n in Great Britain M ay Be True. Unprofitable Cows Kept Simply for Amusement N o t over u third o f the so-called dairy cows o f the United Slates are profitable to their owne.s. Ten m il­ lion “ loa fer\ cows are milked whose yield Is worth less than their feed. Th e ir owners seem to keep them for the sole purpose o f m ilking them four­ teen times u week ('leaning out after them, and otherwise enjoying their so­ ciety. Prepare Plans C a refully. D o n ’t make the m istake o f building from sketchy plans or from no plans at all. N o th in g is m o re expensive than the rule o f thumb o f planning or hit-and-miss building. R a ilroads can­ not operate n a in s without tim e tables. T h e r e is no quicker w a y to wreck your purse than b irld in g without an accurate buying and building schedule Th is means carefu lly prepared plans that are com p lete in every respect. T h e y F ly by Instinct. W h e n m orning dawned the woods w e re filled with flocks o f black polled warblers, flitting like livin g shadows from light to light, w h e re the sunshine came stream ing through the leaves. T h e y had com e in the n ig h t ; in another day they would be gone, flown on north­ ward. Black polls, fra il little birds w ith bones no larger than straws, can fly better Ilian the best o f m an’s airplanes. E v e r y spring they m igrate from South Am e rica to Ganuda and every autumn they tl.v back. T h e distance is from 5,000 to 7,000. miles. Som e fa ll by the wayside, hut many m a k e the journey. Black poll cross the G u lf o f M e x ico at one flight. F o r 24 hours on end they are in the air, ceaselessly beating th e ir tiny wings, guided by unerring Instinct. T h e y follow' their uncharted courses through the air until they ar­ riv e safe at their destination. W h e r e Old Crows Go. C row s are devoted parents. Th e com m u n ity mounts guard over the nest until the young are ready fo r flight. A f t e r the young birds have left the nests the d'fferen t comm u n ities or tribes (hm iiclled in the same region assemble with every evidence o f sys­ tem a tic organization. T h e ir m eetings | are held before the dawn and the J m e e ting place is a dvsevtedjspot where perfect secrecy can he observed. Dur­ ing the session many distinctly d iffer­ ent cries are heard and in th^m natur­ alists have professed to see the rudi­ ments o f a language. Chatham. Ont., is a great crow w in terin g place for in that w a rm est corner In eastern Canada the crow s stay, who hesitate to take the long trip across Luke E rie southwards fo r the winter. Am o n g them are many old ones who die there. T m e average Am e rican tourist In England is usually content -to lim it his sightseeing to those historic spots which the guide books have made fam iliar, w r ites A d e laide B ragg Gil­ lespie in T r a v e l, without ever realiz­ ing that there are many places o f historic interest and actual beauty not fa r from the beaten track, which more than repay the adventurer who strikes o lf bodily from the popular itineraries. C o m p a ratively few tra v ­ elers, fo r exam p le, explore the beau­ ties o f Essex, yet this is a really charm ing country that is rich in quaint and ancient towns and v il­ lages. And the touchstone o f Essex Is Colchester, only 52 m iles from Lon­ don, and easily accessible by m otor or by train. From the standpoint o f tourist, historian, archeologist, and antiquary alike, Colchester is the most im p ortant town o f its county, and a day, or many days, may pleas­ urably and profitably be spent in vis­ itin g its treasures. F o r Colchester makes the unique claim o f being the oldest town in Great Britain, and as the relics and remains o f its various inhabitants date back to Paleolith ic and N e o lith ic tim es w e shall not dis­ pute the claim. INDUCES M Humphreys* N u m ber F o r t y ” Induces Repose, and N a tural, Refreshing Sleep. F o r Insom n ia, Sleepless­ ness, W a k e fulness, Restless- N o Narcotic, N o Opiate, N o Dope, N o habit form ing Drugs, Strictly Hom eopathic. 30c. and $1.00, at all Drug Stores, or sent on receipt of price, or Parcel Post collect on delivery. Book on the treatment of all diseases mailed free. Humphreys' Homeo. Medicine Co., 164 William Street. New York, < i i 4 i 1 \ Your Drug Store E VERY woman In this town b-mtiit* in pare drags We k**Hp in* o mli d when buying drag-. Knl stock- >rngs. Medicines, PharmartnUc- ellofnj nest quality This sto-*- is always jr i station to HU your orr'er*—fit tht-dne^1 rf'er — prompt! and etficlentlj itj0, vent the best and nothing hut th? b*t,u 1 est way to get It Is fo ALWAV h ( os [ O THIS 6T''RE wheie yon will he^,. i And the b^st. 1 FRANK QUACKENUB 11 Main Si.. P?on tan 1 H.A 1 M>lKb. NOTICE TO CREDITORS POLICEMAN HAS A GRIEVANCE Asks Plain tively H o w H e Can Supposed to Know H o w Fast One Can Walk* Be T o Be Happy, Though Married. II. E. W . : Is it true you hold a theory that m a rried people are not happy? T h is is to settle a bet. M Y R T L E . W h oa, M e r t z ! . . . W h a t I hold Is that human beings are as lmppy or as m iserable as they make each other. It is generally true that m arried peo­ ple are as happy, on the average, as unm arried people. But it is peculiar o f m arried people that they do a w h o le lot of unnecessary things to make each other miserable, and as a result they’re alw a y s in v itin g com­ pany, because they’d rather see' al­ most anyone than each oilier, the way they feel in their curl papers and grouches. It isn’t being m a rried that does it. I t ’s forgettin g to be sw e e t­ hearts. But m a rried people who keep on being pais and sw eethearts are the happiest beings this side o f angels.— Richm ond Tim es-Dlspatch. “ H o w fa r can you w a lk In five m in­ utes?” asked the policeman. “ Oh, I don’t know. A block, two blocks, three maybe.” ‘M a y b e fou r or five,” supplemented the policeman. “ But maybe some- Pursuont to an Order of Hon. Gilbert 1 Baker. Surrogate of the County of Yate, Notice is hereby given, according to law. t all persons having claims against Julia t Conklin, late of the town of Milo. Coot) of Yates. State of New York, deceas* to present the same, with the vootfcm thereof, to the undersigned, as Executor* tf said deceased at the office of Spencer l Lincoln. Penn Yan. N. Y.. on or before* 5th dav of January. 1924. Dated. June 27th. 1923. ALICE L. BARKER INA E. FOSTER Executon SPENCER F. LINCOLN Attorney for Executors Penn Yan, N. Y. 87-6m«. NOTICE TO CREDITORS . i , . , Pursuant to an Order of Hon. Gilbert B body else, Who isn’t as young as you I Baker. Surrogate o f the County of Yale, are, could only walk one. ! - i~ . «« Tow n W a n ts Radio Set. Seward. Alaska, is conducting a rapid-lire campaign to puise funds for a municipal radio outfit. Hom e Tow n G e n e rally Best. Someone lias s a id : “ I ’d rather be p big toad In a small puddle than a small toad in a big puddle.” For moat men there are greater oppor­ tunities In home towns thun there are In large cities. B e tter stay in your home town. LAMB OR NOTHING FOR HIM Offended Suitor C e rtainly N o t Th e r e for Lengthy Interview W ith the ‘’ F a m ily Mutton/' Usually It Is the fa th e r o f the girl whom I he trem b ling young man has to see when he . wishes to propose, but sometimes It is the mother. One such Unfortunate called upon his prospective mother-in-law, and was met with absolute frigidity. W h en Ids mission was announced, the m other hud a lit. “ No, s i r ! ” she exclaim ed. “ I have not encouraged your visits. On the contrary, I have opposed them. I feel you have taken a mean advantage o f our hospitality— that you Intend to steal our one ew e lamb/* Then the young man becam e angry, fo r he had received every possible en­ couragement. “ Madam,” he said to the astonished woman, who expected and hoped be would go down on his knees to beg fo r the honor of an ulllanoe with the fam ­ ily, “ If I cannot have the fam ily lamb, you will excuse me from continuing this Interview with the fam ily mut- ton/’— London Tit-Bits. Odd Method o f “ Saving.” Rosa Bonheur used to say that her youth was one o f great p o v e r t y ; then she would add some droll stories about the fam ily method o f regulating Its finance. T h e studio was a collection o f odds and ends and M. Bonheur knew how to turn that disorder to account. W h en he received mone ♦ ‘’or his work he would take a handful o f coin end throw It at random about the room. Then In tim es o f stress, when there was apparently not a sou left In the house, the entire fam ily would set to work searching In nooks and corners. Sometim es they w'ould find a five-franc piece, and that warded off starvation. Individual E ffort Necesary. A clean Hry. lie it remembered, can come nnlv from individual effort. D o n ’t leave l! tii your next door neighbor to In nil ti e '■|nnn,ng in vour community •rpl |il' 1 Of MOSQUITOES 1 1 An application at night Had Its Use. Bluehelle had Just been Introduced to a newcom er In the rosebud garden o f girls and. as girls w ill, started In to Im­ press her. <► “ W e have n big town house.” “ H o w nice,\ said the new'comer. “ W e w in ter In F lorid a ,\ w e n t on the other. “ Y e s .” “ And w e summer In M aine.” “ T h en,” asked the stranger, “ what le the use o f that big town house?” “ Oh, w e have to have some place to keep aw a y from .” W h y the Dead Sea Is Salt. In a lecture before the R o y a l Geo­ graphical society, W ilfred Irw in dis­ cussed the chem ical com p osition o f the R iv e r Jordan, which is responsible fo r the extrem e saltiness o f the Dead sea. Analysis o f samples taken from differ­ ent purls o f tin* river shows that even near its source the w a ter is highly Im­ pregnated with various salts, chiefly common table salt ami chloride o f m ag­ nesia. As 1 he w a ter passes through the Sea o f G a lilee there is a slight In­ crease In the salt content, but the cal­ cium sulphate and the silica, which It also contains, decrease. In the im ­ mense evaporating pan o f the Dead sea the suit— that is, the sodium chloride— is crystallized, w h e reas the magnesium chloride rem ains in solu­ tion.— L ivin g A g e . * Just Don’t Use Brains. e Perhaps K e ith, the British anthro­ pologist, is right. H e asserted the o ili­ er day that people use only a sm all fraction o f their bvain capacity. I f you witnessed the feats o f m em o ry and ob­ servation perform e d by the bank clerks who pass on your checks to decide if the signature is really yours, you would agree that the human mind 1ms m a rvelous capabilities that are not brought into action ordinarily. Signature clerks in banks are not m ental giants o r m a rvels. T h e ir brains are no better developed than yours. But through practice and train­ ing, they acquire the pow e r to do things that seem impossible, things you would say you could never do. Y e t you m ight be able to duplicate their feiits if you only trained your observation and concentrated your at­ tention us they have done. A wom a n ’s t'-ngue !g e her allow- once-^-the sm a ller It lg the fa s t e r It goes.— Boston Transcript. ' Jam & Jelly Making “ N o w what I’m getting at is tills: People are all the tim e coming up to me and asking to be directed to some place. And when I point the way they invariably ask, ‘H o w long a walk Is It?* W e ll, that’s all right If It’s only a short distance. Then I can count up the number o f blocks in .m y head and tell them. But If it’s further I say It’s a 10-minLte walk or a 20-minute walk. But the trouble is how am I going to know how fast they walk? “ I t ’s a proposition. A man w ill ask where some store Is, and when I tell him he’s w a y past It he gets mad and says that a fellow back there told him it was a 15-minute walk. W h ile another w ill not he anywhere near the place he's going to, but when 1 Notice is hereby given, according to tow, to' all persons Having claims against Michael. Roche, late o f the toun of JViilo, Cpviaty of: Yates. State of New York, deceased. \» pre­ sent the same, with the vouchers tbeieot co the undersigned, Sarah M. Roche, yii- ministrator of said deceased at her tea- dence. Elm St., Penn Yan. N. Y.. «r before the 27th day of December. 1923. Dated. June 26th. 1923. SARAH M. ROCHE Administrator Elm Street Penn Yan. N. Y. KIMBALL. LOWN & Sitn-KlDAN Attorneys for Administrator Pei.n Yan. N. Y. tell him that he'll say: ‘But a man now an exact science «« I minutes boiling *X> pounds of fruit with 3 pounds of su^ar . Plu s i He ounces of C erto down the line said it was only a six- minute w a l k !’ ” An old lady interrupted the police­ man at this point, inquiring the way to Blank square. “ Straight ahead, ma’am. You can’t miss it.” Is it fa r ? ” asked the old lady. “ About a ten-minute walk.” H e watched her stride away, her little legs m oving at an am a zing speed fo r one so aged. “ N o w look at her,” exclaim ed the policeman. “ W ho would have thought she’d walk like that? She’ll be there within three minutes, but she’ll go right on and not stop till she’s walked ten. Some people are so literal.\— N e w York Sun N O T IC E TO CREDITORS. P U R S U A N T TO A N ORDER Of don. G ilbert H. Baker, Surrogate d ;he County o£ Yates, Notice is nerebj ,'iv n, according to law, to all person lavin g claim s against Minerva Dm oar, late of the town of Milo, Count! it Yates. State o f N e w York, decei* *1, to present the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, tdm inistrator o f said deceased m lis residencv, East Main Street, Peni fa n , N . Y., on or before the 18t! lay o f October, 1923. Dated., A p r il 16, 1923. G L E N L. OWEN, Administrator East Main St, ; Penn Yan, N. I : 'F E N C E R F. L IN C O L N , ; Attorney for Adm inistrator, Penn Yan, N. Y . 66-6ma makes THINK Strange Experience. I was In a big city fo r the first tim e and alone. It was a dreary, rainy day. T h e streets w e re slippery and it was cold. I was cold and hungry and lmd to find a hotel to pass the night. I ,had not gone fa, when I slipped and fell, dropping my suit­ case and losing my hat. A man came along, helped me up, and a fter asking w h e re I wanted to go offered to escort me to a nearby hotel. I gladly ac­ cepted. H is voice sounded strangely fam iliar, although I could not place 1 it. When we arrived at the hotel, I I turned to thank my new friend, and j in the light recognized my long-lost : brother whom I had not seen for years.— Chicago Journal; G reat honors are great burdens, but ! most men think th e ir shoulders broad enough to bear them. 5 pounds o f J a m IN AND ABOUT TME CITY and all ihe Flavor] is retained T h e shadow o f suspicion has thrown many a man in the shade. 'Wl l*F E One o f the commonest virtues Is hon­ esty that has never been tried out. You never can tell. Lots o f excuses are not worth the trouble it takes to make them. N O T IC E T O CREDITORS \Pu rsu a n t to an order of H od . 61 nert H . Baker, Surrogate of the W ty o f Yates, notice is hereby gi«$ according to law , to all persons ing claim s against Frank R. JenkiM ate of the tow n o f Milo, Couuty oi Yates, State o f N e w York, decease* «.o present the same, with the voud ers th e r e o f, to the undersigned, James 0. Goodspeed and Chris Jensen, » executors o f said deceased, at tM office o f Goodspeed and Miller, ^ cade Block, M a in St., Penn Yan, N.L m or before the first day of Noven> ber 1923. Dated, A p r il 30, 1923. JA M E S C. GOODSPEED, C H R IS JE N S E N , Executors, Penn Yan, N. Y. G e o rge S. Sheppard, A t t o r n e y fo r Executors, Penn Y a n N. Y. ♦ “ T h e r e ’s no place lik e hom e,\ says the Suburban Sage, \tv the umu who hasn’t any. No reason now her tongue to tell COUNTY COURT—COUNTY OF YA^®£ Joseph L. Strickland against Foster, his wife, tf any. her ,0u unknown. Dexter Dunn. Martha Dann. Kiibman and Betsy Kinsman. In pursuance of a judgment of ure and sale, made and entered in the aw That sad old story— \It did i not jell.” T h e devil doesn’t cure how often w e go to church on Sunday if lie can g e f us the rest o f the week. B a u e t t U U . J,, entitled action, bearing entitled action. M Yet* of June. 1923. and entered m j County Clerk's office on the 5th w ^ June. 1923. I. the undersigned Mien* »aid judgment named, will sell at P°. - -- Her jam’s now perfect R e a d whnr some o f the greatest thinkers o f the ages have said : I jelly too «« Thought rules the w o r ld .\— McCosh. W hat w e call Elherqiity Is often hut the vanity o f giving, which w e like m o re than what • <. «r X«. n\vuy. She uses C erto — so should N e v e r com p lim ent a woman on being graceful till you have seen her alight from a trolley car. »aid judgment muu««. »■ « ^ Renin* auction, at the front door of the w o jj House, in the Village ?, MFennvV^£‘ oq t* . o f Yates and state of New * orkl. .JL ii. 21st day of July. 1923 at eleven the forenoon o f that day. the 1 you described premises: , An tnat tract or parcel of / the Town of Jerusalem. County ot i o\v “ T h inkin g makes the man.” — A leott. »<i ‘Thought is the seed o f action.” * Emerson. It’s too had the fellow who is hia :“ d s tate o f New York, bounded as foil*; ;n worst enemy is so adverse to mak- Beginning on tue west slV>r!kiyf r,l,rtbe|»il branch o f Lake Keuka at the “ £“ 0 ^. corner of land formerly of Evalm W. er. now of Augustus Pmneo; thence, •‘j, the north line of said lands, north **np. iug friends w itli himself. T ’ ~ i “ T h inkers *nro scarce as gold.” - Lnvatvv. lira Net Contents 15 Fluid Draol ni tends to keep the pests away. Vicks is fine also for reducing the inflam­ mation caused by all bites and stings. _ V a p o R u b w a r 17 M i l i i o n J a n U s e d Yearly Obeyed I instructions. A n old funner had received an In­ vitation from his squire and landlord to dine at the hall. But his two daughters, who had had some little education, strove their utmost to pre­ vent his goiqg, fearful lest he should make some slip and disgrace them. H o w e v e r, he persisted, but in order that he might get through Ids dinner without discredit, they taught him such phrases as \B e g pardon” and “ P resent company excepted.” • A t the dinner the old man remained i quiet fo r some time. A t last he de­ cided that he would say something. Turning to a young woman sitting next to him, he said: “ W h y, miss, at my farm I have the grandest Utter o f pigs ever seen— p resent company ex­ cepted.\ “ T h inking, not growth, m akes man­ hood.” — Isaac Taylor. <« Learning without thought is labor lout.\— ( ’onfuvius. Th e man xvlic looks down on his neigh­ bors is very much surprised when he finds that they don’t look up to him. the north line ot saia nsuu». ,i *rees 45 minutes west. 10 chain*. « ‘‘ ^ .o u stake and Stones; thence north, id Stones; thence uoi*m - y .Trees 15 minutes east. 2 chains. 4b « a the center of a small .guiley; tntnee* » i — i the T I M E T A B L E . R a ilw a y , T r o lley, and ’Bus. center oi a wuou oi center of the guliey. to the jie°,hvi<? nnihi 2 acres of h.nd. as surveyed the lake; thence southerly. &Iun«r *o0r s «»f the lake, to the place of beginni#*^ _ cninin« 2 acres of land, as surv6J^ ytir -1, 1373, by L. Ogden; being the £ y .ses conveyed to said Eugene J. ro .aid Joseph L. Strickland by d e e d Dew .late September 4. 192U; sain riven for part of the purchase premises. e sa l' Dated June 5. 1923. T pi e For Infants and Children. V Mothers Know That “ Man by truly nmn.\- thinking: only, becomes Pvslaluzzl. “ Nothing Is so practical ns thought. Cecil. “ As n man thinketh In his heart, so Is he.\— Proverbs. immmnmiii:iiiiHiiiiuEiiiiMUiMiuiu*iiiL%iiiiiiiiiiiiinioiimiBtifUj!g£l. Genuine Castoria ALCOHOL-G PER CENT. , AVe^etablcPrcparation&rAs-;. ; similatingthcFood byRegula “ T h e r e is no thought In any mind but it quickly* tends to convert Itself into a pow e r.\— Emerson. I n tANis /C hildren W i j Thereby Promoting Di£esti Cheerfulness and ReslConta $ For the Leteet Local N#w e com ­ pere the AENEVA DAILY TIMES w itfi th e oth e r s then pubeerlbe fo r ^ T h e Tl/nee. M6,R C. IH ILTO N , Agent,^ W #lnot S L ewyr Gentle Hearts, Great minds— mule and fem a le— have gentle hearts. Izuak Wufton handled a frog as If lie loved him. Uywper would not unnecessary lly hurt a worm. Lincoln upset his W h ite House cabinet to rescue a moth­ er pig from a mire. W ebster neglect­ ed the .Supreme court to replace a baby robin that had fallen from Ite nest, . , . W alton, the father of fish­ ers and fishing, angled for the habits o f fishes more than fo r their hide*. The rupture o f a fish was Insignifi­ cantly Incidental to the main notlog o f Ms hours abroad— his divine love o f Ihe walers, the fields, the meadows, the skies, the trees and God’s beauti­ ful things that Inhabit these. ‘TIs thp soul we seek to replenish, not th0 creel.” Front \T h e Persistent Angler and Brook Trout/’ “ Some people study nil their life, and at their death luive learned everything except to think.” — Do- merque. neither Opium,Morphine nofj Mineral, n o t N arcotic . IMS. f a c j p t / m t e S A N m f B W S R (/hunpta> jS m i S e n n a J b c b lf t S d b S n is tS te d “ W h y do so many men never amount to anything? B e c a u s e ' they don’t think.” — Edison. r . i ' ™ \ \r6t»att S oda. SIDELIGHTS ON THE SEX Some girls are a delight to the eyq and a drug to Hie mind. C tarifM S u g a r hfafrjymMi/fcrar . AhclpfulRcmedyfor iConstipationand Diarrhoea and Feverishness and Loss of S leep resoltin 6 therefrom-in I nfanty. u I f a woman Is pretty she can safely Insist on her own Im p erfections. fac-Simile Signature of Northern Central The passenger trains on the N o rti in Central pass Penn Yan as fo ow s ; Gol.ig Soutn Express ................................. 8 32 A. wcoanm odation .................. 2 08 P. vccoinm o iiauoii . ................... < 12 ivi express .............................. 9 13 P. M Sundays vccom m o d a tion ................ 2 08 P M >xpress ................... 9 13 iP. M. Going North tiixpress .............................. 6 36 A . M Express ............................... 12 13 P. M vccom m o d a tion ................ 2 42 P. M Express .............................. 7 07 P. M Sundays accom m odation ................ 6 36 A. M Express ................................. 12 13 P. M A. GRIDLEY. Plaintiff's Attorh» v JOHN E. SHERIDAN, j g eree, S T A T E O F N E W Y O R K — C O U R T — C O U N T Y O F Y A T ^ t i ^ T Y Jam es H. G rady, P la in t iff, John M o n a g h a n , Jr., and S u a ^ z i^ ln s t aghan, his w ife, Benjam in M on- ers and H e r m a n Shuits, ^ R o g - In pursuance o f a judgm e- ♦ closu re and sale, d u ly g; fo r e - ab o v e en t it led action, a f ^ I Yates C o u n ty C lerk 's o 18 th d a y o t June, 1923, Jo dan, th e undersigned. R e fi Judgm e n t nam ed, w i l l sel auction a t th e fro n t steps ham H o t e l in the V i l l a g e o f PeTT^ C o u n ty o f Yates, N. Y „ on the i j r . Tan, >n m e in ,». . u> o f A u g u s t, 1923, at 10 o ’cock A . j P p r e m ises described In said t,ie as fo llo w s , v iz; A l l that tract op o f land, situ a te In th e V illa g e o r ? ; r c e ‘ Yan, County o f Yates, and x?nn York, bounded and d e s u r iq'^ w feJ f^ S L low s ; B e g in n in g at a pc) w** n o r t h e r ly side o f H e n r y strv villa g e , said point b e in g ea s t e r ly corner o f a lo t now ly ow n e d or occupied by No woman Is so nngvllc as to pre­ fer a halo to a hat. t: 1,1 £ GEtrrAXJR G OMPANfc Y O R K Thirty Years N e w Y o r k Central ( I d effect, O c t. 3 1 .) Northbound L e a v e A r r iv e 7 12 A M . 8 36 A . M 12 06 P. M . — Saturday only 7 10 P . M . 8 43 P . M . Southbound 7 12 A . M . 8 35 A . M. - Saturday on ly— l i i p m . 4 60 P . M . 6 62 P . M . 7 10 P . M . 8 43 P . M. Sundays Northbound 6 20 P . M . 6 20 P . M. . . Southbound 9 15 A . M . 10 20 A . t i . G E N E V A - P E N N Y A N 1 H A N S . CO Auto Bus Tim e Card Barnes:; thence n o r t h e r ly eaet lin e o f said Barnes* 4t north east corn e r th e r e o f; erly, in a continuation o f tl ,| J line o f said Barnes lot, an* tli the direction th e r e o f, 34 stake; thence southerly, tc e r ly side o f H e n r y street; w e s t e r ly direction, a lo n g t side o f H e n r y street, 42 ■ point or place o f b e g in n ln same prem ises th is day > Benjaniin_ H ^ R o g e r s and f .IS eave Penn Van L e a v e Geneva The meaner nivn are the move they want llicit* wives to he angels. It Is much easier to love a woman than to understand her. , i Exact Copy o f Wrapper, THE CtMTAU* OOMPANV. NEW VOS* OITT, Marriage I n no joke, though some women think they are married to one. A . M . P . M . 9 00 8 30 11 16 11 15 P. M. R. M . 2 4 16 45 2 00 4 46 Sat. 7 16 A . M 9 46 Sunday Sat. 9 30 P- M . .. P. •. M i ; • • i l 30 1 46 P. M . T 11 4 30 . * 10 K I T Jr- and Y D th?s I8thhn V i l l a g e o f I t Y.. th i » 18th day o f June t i n e n S P E N C & t 1-. L I N C O L N 8 ' IS. fl-Xl. i WILLIAMS I KlUNE »nd LIVE and caused I Have you a flabby sHHili ° ne,a' I under the eyes? i^PI>eeranceo — ^ ^ « eo, use Wilv «id Liver Pilis e ^ ae? 7 iU' Price 60c. ’ by %% 1 \Wins MF 8 . Mii

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