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4*. i i e-4** «!l* IHfmx gfttt <8*prc00.1 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1923. . —St. Mark!* Gullet aro m aking! man Ifl another of those who have w world, but Us greatest asset Is the 1 plans for their annual food and apron I found it necessary to call in the aid good sense of its people in staying I sale at E aster, which will take place | of a physician, and is confined to the clear of the Old World influences that on Saturday, April 7th at the Gas Of Fremont I ^ce MUNICIPAL BOARD’S ANNUAL REPORT.! tSILLX TALK. seek to drag them (Neb.) Tribune. down. -♦ * Lloyd George still believes that the lu a recent address before the Vas-1 United States should pull the chest- ear Club in New York, Henry Mor- nuts out of the five stilling raging in tlianthau, a Wilson Democrat and a the old world. Before the war the League of Nations partisan, made the English criticism of the United States LOCAL COKKfciPUNBENCH DUNDEE. ■—Samuel H. Gray died in Washing- ______ ton, D. C., Sunday, March 4, 1923, at- stutemeut, according to the newspap-1 was usually directed against o u r med- | ler au illness^ot several months. He er reports, that “if the United States dIinK witl> European affairs. But con- had entered the League of Nations, I ^itions change, likewise views. France would not be in the R uhr to- Mountaln Echo <W; Va > bed. Emmett Nugeldinger is deliver­ ing the milk during hts illness. —Miss Jennie Bishop is another of the victims of the prevailing colds, and unable to get out for the fyist week. —Carlton Mortensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Mortensen, is sick and under the care of the doctor. —Miss Helen Mallory, R. N., of Rochester is here for a few days, was born in Geueseo, N. Y., Novem-1 taking care of her grandfather, Ro- ber 14, 1865, and was 57 years of age. today.” All European nations, with the ex­ ception of Germany, are in the League of Nations. Therefore, Mr. Morgan- thau's statement, if it m eans anything, means that the United States would For the past 20 years he has been of- as his friends would like to see him. fleial reporter o£ debates In the House doctor is doing all he possibly CriURCn NOTES. of Representatives in Washington. For m any years he has spent hii mers in this town, and he has many BAPTIST CHURCH. I friends here. About two years ago he Attendance last Sunday was m ore| prepared a work entitled, ‘The. H is­ tory of Parliamentary can to help him. Miss Vermona Receipts of The Lighting Department $7,575.92 More Than in 1921.—H u g e Coal Bills. WATER DEPARTMENT. 1—RECEIPTS. Cash in office March 1. 1922 .................. $ 67.46 Cash with Village Treasurer March 1, 1922 ........................ 1,262.20 $ 1,309.66 LIGHT DEPARTMENT. I— IUSCI51PTS. S r r ley S a y s : Smallidge, of mano Depew, who does not improve w&t 6 r rontftls .. *.. House rent .............. E. C. Crane, East Main St., water connection .......... For many years he has spent his sum -| Gage was the guest of her friend, Old 6 iron 1 sol?* Kelly Miss Gladys Smith for Friday and Sat- From Sewer D epart- urday. Mrs. E. J. Bill, of O rleans, visited Reporting in | h er daughter, Mrs. Leslie Corbin, tor none of the nations or all of them to­ gether in the League were not able | day the pastor will continue his like old times. Let us hope that by have been able to accomplish what I ? ext Sunday the rest of the sick shall England and United States.” The fun- y 1 have recovered and be with us. eral was held in Washington on Wed- At the morning service next Sun- nesday and Dr. Montgomery, the Him, u , . , . . mnl chaplain of the House of Represen- to accomplish. This checks it up to ies of sermons on the church. The t aAA~aaa the United States. To say that had it W a ^ n S ^ been m the Le ague of Nations France ug You will find a COrdial wel- his wife and one son, Herbert Gray, | at the home of his brother, H enry, for of this village.—Observer. —Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Cushman, of several days last week. —Mr. and Mrs. guests of their brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Smith, at Potter, for the week-end. —Hilbert Jensen, who has been In Geneva for the p ast eight months, le ment, loan From Goulds Mfg. Co., rebate on la­ bor ........................ From sale of notes ti t , a i for new pump . . . . E. E. Smith were I From Village of Penn Yan, on bonds 19.024.82 99.96 16.00 12.00 3.60 200.00 12.00 4 , 000.00 3,300.00 $27,976.93 Cash In office March 1, 1922 . ............... $ Cash with Village Treasurer March 33.21 1. 1922 .. 3,453.03 $ 3,486.24 Material and sup­ plies on h a n d .... 1,622.15 Coal on hand .......... 4,693.99 would not now be in the Ruhr is to say that one of the following three come. Sunday School a t 12 o’clock. All a few weeks. —Watch the Benton Items next week the Ladies’ Aid of the M. E. church United States. U) It would things wouild have been done by the Baraca men are urged to be on hand Elmira, formerly of this village, have to hear about the banquet. The an- aun0unced the engagement of their *Fe Planning for a treat on T h u rs-j Tnx Ac4.ounti have guaranteed nual banquet will come on the even- dantrhter Mias Ruth E Cushman to day evanin 6 . March 22, and w ant all France the payment of the indemnity ne| day “ he guest of the evening and the Rev- R lchard Wen‘f- als0 o£ she seeks from Germany. That is, the principal speaker will be Marshall A. that city. The marriage will occur in United States would have paid the H udson ,ot Syracuse, the founder of April. Miss Cushman is well known in this village, where she has a wide circle of friends who unite In extend- II—PAYMENTS. Bond Account. Comptroller, New York State .......... Intercut Account On bonds ............ $ 338.25 On notes .............. 68.33 $ 3.300.00 406.58 Sinking fund .......... Commercial lighting House rent .............. Old Iron sold .......... Broken lamp post, globes and lamps From light improve­ ment account . . . . Interest on sinking fund ...................... From Village of Penn Yan. lighting streets and public buildings .............. 6,316.14 2 , 000.00 38,308.20 99.96 . 3.60 24.82 6.35 107.99 6 , 000.00 $56,352.20 i n p a y m e n t s . —Harvey Brown, of Hall, Is quite sick at the home of his slater, Mrs. Anna Newcomb, in this village. Town and county School .................. 1 uHuranec Account. Compensation Fire ................ a , 376.16 64.54 61.36 206.82 430.70 268.18 indemnity itself by underwriting the I the Baraca-Philathea movement. German promise to pay. This would * —Junior C. E. at 3:30. have necessitated raising money in --Pastor’s class bovs and girls at this country by the issuance of bonds I chapel. The pastor is talking with | ’ the West‘side M. E . church, E lm ira, for which the American people would I the boys and girls on what it means RODOLPH VALENTINO in ‘‘THE) VrpnrV\t*fng“d PwstnKe of instruction for I jug their best wishes to her. She is I YOUNG RAJAH” ELMWOOD, Sat- 4 o’clock in the now the SOprano soloist in the choir urday and Monday, Postage 47.63 49.71 97.24 March 17—18. *v i M Wflnt7 |q q e-raduat p nf the Elmira Abrahaii have been taxed, and these bonds, o r| to be a Christian and a member of | ^ Arademv and is the nastor of mieht not be able to reconstruct Europe; but Lincoln’s spirit of fair- Lincoln, unsupported, nave oeen uaxeu, auu uuuu», u* I T -~h~ 'C' Vr\;™akrth e \ exoneration I Free Academy and is the p astor of the money therefrom, turned over to | ™e_caUr.„ He aakS the co°PeraUon | the E rin Meth0dist church. Snlnry Account. Superintendent and oflice ...................... 1,451.50 Production salary 3,721.69 Tax Account, Town and county $ 250.77 School . ................... 36.36 $ 287.13 Insurance Account. Compensation ... Fire ...................... 309.75 284.38 WEDNESDAY JOII1) GILBERT iu A CALIFORNIA ROMANCE Facing a tiring squad, knew that only a miracle could save him. A talc of 1848 , when California was ceded to the United States. MOVIE CHATS AFTERNOON AND NIGHT, any part of house, 10 c. ■ ■ t ---------------------- THURSDAY DUSTIN FARNUM in THREE WHO PAID “A shot broke the dead stillness of the desert.” A picture teeming with racing action and softly col­ ored with a charming love story. PATHE REVIEW PATHF, NEWS Dancing 9.15 to 10.15 AFTERNOON AND NIGHT, any part of house, 10 c. SATURDAY we are going to dollars more cents 694.13 Printing and Postage. Printing ................ 51.87 Postage .. 1 ......... .. 146.46 198.32 Other labor 396.00 5,569.09 Expense Account. Steam heat .......... Books and supplies Cleaning office .. Telephone ............ Truck expense Miscellaneous . .. 69.68 39.05 23.00 33.82 170.03 60.61 386.09 France in lieu of the money she was unable to collect from Germany. (2) France would have been guar-1 ing the World anteed security from future attacks | Can Help.” from Germany by a military alliance of parents. Senior Christian Endeavor eet- ness and his sense of justice, adopted R ozT* system\”! by the leaders and the people over on engines ! —The Dundee F air Association has ing at 5:45. Topic \Factors for Mak-1 elected the following officers for the there.’ could” settle'everythfngTn short — Detter and How »/e| ensuing year: P resident, J. J. O’Brien; order. __ Toledo Blade. vice-president, T. M. Chadwick; At the evening service the pastor treasurer c j W atson; secretary and with the United States. This is what I u ^ ^ p T a c tice 1 tom e r^ o n .”''T h e p a s ' - | ^ eral nTianagner- H \ L’r W oodruff; di- President Wilson attempted to have! to r’s message will be followed by the | rectors,^ J. J. O B jien, L. R. Hanmer, done, going so far as to bring a treaty I ordinance of Baptism. to that effect to this country and ask-1 —The School of Religious Educa-1 J* Watson, C harles Goble, H. L. Vfood- ing that it be ratified by the United tion meets e.very Monday night in the ruff, Charles Chadwick, Roy R. Rob- Men who like to be photographed with their wives are henpecked.—Ex. Why not try having it taken with T. M. Chadwick, S. R. H arpending, C. I some other man’s wife? States Senate. chapel of this church. ers. The dates for the 1923 exhibition •The Woman’s Misisonary Society | w ere fixed for October 2, 3 and 4. % % % * 1 • 11 1 . .. . . 1 I ^ 9 •Announcement h as been made by (3) France would have been told by will hold their monthly meeting in the United States that she had coi- the parlor 3 0£ the church on Wednes- Mr. and M~rs.\ C hns\wood ofth\e en- lected enough; that Germany had paid daY afternoon, March 14 a t 3 o clock. t f Mrs. Edward Babcock will have easement 01 charge of the program. The Mission- all that she could pay and ought to Wood, daughter, M iss Rose of this village, and Earl H. pay, and had France attempted to en- ^ Supper w ill be served in the din- Robertson, of Elmira. Miss Wood is | of Catarrh ter the R uhr she would have been op-1 jng room a t 6 o’clock to w hich all are | a graduate of the D undee H igh school posed by the military forces of the I invited. CATARRH Catarrh is a Local disease greatly ln- \luenced by Constitutional conditions. HALL’S CATARRH MEDICINE con- fists of an Ointment which gives Quick Relief by local application, and the internal Medicine, a Tonic, which acts through the Blood on the Mucous Sur­ faces and assists in ridding your System and of the Geneseo Normal school, _ _____ —Choir rehearsal a t the church on and has taught in E lm ira and D undee These are the only three eventuali-1 Wednesday evening a t 7:30. All mem- sjnce h e r graduation from Geneseo. J 1 bers are urged to be p resent for w ork on the E aster music. —The Board of T rustees will hold Sold by druggists for over 40 Years. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. O. United States. These are tl ties that could have kept France out of the R uhr. Which one of these three ___ _______ solutions, if any, would the people of an important meeting a t the church the United States stand for? The ans- &fter the Misisonary Supper on Wed- is obvious. They would have stood n®sday n i 6 h t- The budget for the new ' church year will be made up a t this time. assertion is a 1 —At our prayer meetings from now for none of them. Mr. Morganthau’s sample of the silly talk that is going until E aster the pastor is taking for on continually. I t is a sample of the I our thoughts, “The L ast Week in the vicious propaganda that is being cir­ culated through the press and from the pulpit and platform; some of it | day night, shrewdly by those who have full knowledge of its deception and mis- BELLONA. Methodist Episcopal Church* James H. Newman, P astor. —Choir rehearsal on Wednesday evening, a t the home of Clyde Geldar. —The cast for the home-talent play plan to meet a t the church on S a tu r­ day evening of this week for rehear­ sal. —Sunday, March 18, Morning wor- Life of Our Saviour.” T his week will ship a t 10:30. Text for the sermon, take Tuesday of the Week of C hrist s I “W hat is this that I h ear of thee? ren- Passion. P lan to be w ith us on Thurs-1 d er an account of thy stewardship, for thou canst be no longer steward.” The regular meeting of the Phi-1 gt. L uke 16:2. If you a re ,as we say, “a little lathea class will be held a t the home chievous effect; some* of it stupidly °£ Mrs. Lewis Mead, Johnson Ave., on nervous about your religion we ad- Friu&y 6V6QiQg. M&rcli 16. As this IS vi&A von not to hesir this sormon Thft by those who, parrot-Uke, repeat w hat the annual election of officers a large m inister intends it for those who are some one else tells them without attendance is urged. knowing w hat it m eans or w hat effect it will have. able and willing to give gladness, pleasure and happiness to God. Sunday School at noon, R. F. —The annual tureen dinner of the W. C. T. U. w ill be held a t the home Out of the flood of propaganda urg- ?£,Mr; and “ rs- Edward W atkins, on piatm an superintendent. ing the United States to “do some- at noon i m p0r ^ 6 thing to help E urope” what concrete low the dinner We are nearing the end of our other than one which necessarily in- church year. T ry to meet all pledges Friday evening, A pril 13th. W atch for volves the employment of our m ilitary l<? th® church b®£ore the end of the fuller announcement next week. On boilers On pumps ............ On dwelling . . . . On building ........ On Liberty St. ser­ vices ...................... Station Expense. Boiler compound Lamps and wiring Rubber matting .. Lumber ................ Labor .................... Other expense ... 362.24 75.15 714.16 280.35 36.32 150.87 443.81 2,052.89 Sulary Account. Superintendent and office s a l a r y .......... 1,698.50 Production salary 3,812.43 Other labor ........ 959.42 6,470.36 FRIDAY The international comedy favorite, MAX LINDNER in his supreme burlesque TIIE THREE MUST-GET-THERES 183 laughs for one ticket. Peari White in “ PLUNDER” The greatest serial ever made. This is present night. AFTERNOON and NIGHT, any part of the houses ioc 111.08 30.40 8.28 7.06 137.84 52.22 346.87 Repair Account. A t station ........ On line .......... On biolers .. On engines .. . On meters ... . . . 1,618.66 .......... 364.70 .......... 723.68 .......... 334.95 .......... 7.05 On dwelling ....... 36.33 On building ......... 675.40 Commercial repair 26.27 3,686.94 \ 1 Station Expense. Boiler compound. Lamps and wiring Expense Account! Inspection of lake Analyzing water Truck expense . . . Steam heat .......... Cleaning oflice... Telephone ............ Miscellaneous ex­ pense .................... 11.00 186.10 68.00 69.64 23.00 14.65 60.79 Lumber ................ Rubber matting. Cartages ............ Labor .................. Other expense .. 111.08 30.43 75,93 22.31 15.68 8.63 392.19 59.15 422.98 New Pump Account. Pump .................... 2,274.80 Water meter and attachments ........ 879.88 Switch board .... 348.17 Foundation .......... 27.45 Piping .................. 142.60 Labor ...................... 141.24 Engineering ........ 197.86 Extension Account. Clinton Street .. Collins Avenue .. Lincoln A v e n u e .. Highland D r iv e .. 89.47 148.68 513.93 373.65 Oil Account ............ i Arc Light Account. . Waste Account .... Packing Account. .. Connecting Commer­ cial Lighting, Station Supplies ... Transformer A c ­ count .................... Meter Account .... Street Incandescent . 1 Lamp Account .... 4,012.00 | D istribution System Interest Account . . Coal Account. Amount consumed 21,244.57 On hand .............. 3,384.15 715.40 362.94 176.96 27.57 60.21 382.27 30.04 885.01 1,361.88 458.75 445.04 93.75 24,628.72 SATURDAY and MONDAY, March 17 — 19 RODOLPH VALENTINO in THE YOUNG RAJAH From the play, “ Amos Judd.’* Never has Valcutiuo been given $ such wonderful opportunities as in a this picture. Vibrant with pas- & sionate love scenas, dazzling with gorgeous settings and costumes, thrill-swept with adventure and mystery. Supporting cast includes J Wanda Hawley and Charles Ogle. * A1 St. John in “ THE ALARM” AFTERNOON and NIGHT, ioc and 22 c. .... Rebate Account. Oil Account . . . Station Supplies Waste Account Packing Account Coal Account .......... Material on H a n d .. Cash in office March 1 1923 Cash with Village Treasurer, March 1, 1923 .................. 913.66 1,125.73 26.48 185.76 30.00 27.56 57.11 8,118.16 639.77 46.17 Material and Sup­ plies on Hand .. Sinking Fund ........ Cash tor engine re­ pairs to be deliv­ ered April 1 ........ Cash in office March j 1923 Cash with Village Treasurer, March 1, 1923 ................... TUESDAY ELSIE FERGUSON in OUTCAST Her most popular stage play, and by far her greatest picture. Both in her rags and shimmering Paris gowns the star is magnificent. PATHE REVIEW AFTERNOON and NIGHT, any part of the house, ioc. 1,646.13 5,000.00 2,500.00 43.28 969.83 $27,976.93 suggestion or plan has been offered at 6:30 p. m. at noon. Im portant business will fol-1 Topic, “W hat Jesus Thought About Possessions.” Leader, Howard Loree. —Advance Notice! Please reserve SPRING’S HERE I III—INDEBTEDNESS, There was paid on the W ater Bonds the past year $3300.00; this leaves the rlncipal on the W ater Bonds now out- tanding $7,300.00. There are also four notes amounting to $4,000.00 out­ standing which was voted to install new pump. There are no other debts. 6,022.29 6,065.57 $56,352.20 DOLLAR DAY Suits 53 AU WoolWoreted and Casht- raere Suits, woith $30, $35, and $40. Dollar Day, $24 85 69 All Wool Worsted and Caslii mere Suits,spring weight, val­ ues up to $45. Dollar Day, $24.85 53 Young Men's All Wool odd Suits, sizes 33 to 37, values up to $45— Dollar Day, $15, $18.50, and $22.50. Men's Brown and Grey Cashi- mere Suits, sizes 37 to 44— Dollar Day, $14.85 Shirts $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50 Yorke and Arrow Shirts— Dollar Day, $1.00 < Shirt values up to $3.00 Dollar Day, $1.95 I Shirt values up to $4.00 Dollar Day, $2.45 Silk Shirts, value up to $7.00 ' Dollar Day, $3.85 Silk Shirts, values up to $9.00 Dollar Day, $5.85 Silk Shirts, values up to 12.50 Dollar Day, 7.85 Gloves 1 lot genuine Buckskin Gloves, some with strap wrist, worth $3.50 per pair— Dollar Day, $1.00 a Glove. Boy’s Suits 43 Boy's All-wool Suits, values up to $18.50— Dollar Day, $7.85 Caps Our entire stock of Winter $2, $2.50, and $3.00 Caps— Dollar Day, $1.00 Overcoats 23 Odd Overcoats, valms un to $40.00— 1 Dollar Day, $24.85 39 Odd Overcoats, values ud to $30— F Dollar Day, $14.85 This lot includes many Sprine Weight Coats. 24 Imported Gabardine full belted Top Coats, woith $5o— Dollar Day, $18 50 Pants Cotton Work Pants, sizes 30 to 44 waist— Dollar Day, $1 50 Cashimere Hairless, and Mole­ skin Pants, values up to $4— Dollar Day, $2.85 Hats ) \ h All our Fall and Winter Stetson Hats— Dollar Day, $4 85 n One lot of Hats, values to $4— Dollar Day, 2.85 One lot of Hath, values up to • $3.00— Dollar Day, $1.85 Sweaters One lot of Swc aters, values up toa$3.00— Dollar Day, $1 85 One lot of Sweaters, values up \ to $9.C0 — Dollar Day, $4.85 One lot of Sweaters, values up to $10.00— Dollar Day, $6.85. Neckwear Knitted and Cut Silk Ties, val­ ues up to $1 00— Dollar Day, 2 for $1.00 Our entire stock of $1 50, $2.00, and $2.50 Cut Silk Ties— Dollar Day, $1.00 III—INDEBTEDNESS. The last five original light bonds were paid the past year. The new light bonds amounting to 824,000.00 are now outstanding. There are no other debts. -IMPROVEMENTS AND EXTEN­ SIONS. Darr » Jewelry Store - , A . church year. Three fourths of our and naval strength, the cancellation piedges to the New World Movement of billions of dollars due this gov- are now due. T h e birds em in en t and the loaning of billions rThe annual E very Member Can- —The annual father and son ban­ quet of the P resbyterian church was held in the church parlors Friday I grass say trees say so ! The greening says’ so ! T h e first tore? Not anything. Yet either one or vass of the church w ill take place on evening, March 9th, and was largely flowers say SO ! 1 QCU I ntt am /1 Ail A nf irAA 1 oimnAW ntna I J all three of these attended. A roast veal supper was would mean die Sunday, March 25th x * , __ . « f... i. i_ , —Th© Christian Endeavor Society I served a t 8 o’clock to one hundred taxpayers of the U nited States shoul- xv-ill hold their monthly business and) and four men and boys. A fter supper I new Spring suits, Our fine big store dering the financial burdens of Eu-1gocial in the chapel of the the Rev. E m anuel John Kallina, pas- r r . * * p : x : ' „ v __ c ____ _ __ _ tor of the Presbyterian church of n a t s Fixings, say SO. Canandaigua, gave a most excellent V— IMPROVEMENTS AND EXTEN­ SIONS. The W ater mains have been extend- SO ! T h e I ed 400 feet on Lincoln Ave., 650 feet on Highland Drive, 436 feet on Collins Ave. and 169 feet on upper Clinton St. There was also one hydrant placed on Lincoln Ave. There is now in service 16 miles 2443 feet of street mains and 123 hydrants. f is ri The new centrifugal pump has been IUll Ot Installed and we are of the opinion . that we w ill derive a great benefit in overcoats, I the saving o f coal. WILL BE THE rope and maintaining a t their expense church p n ^ y evening of this week, sufficient military and naval forces Everyon is invited to enforce the advice offered to Eu­ rope by this country. Talk about Europe needing our moral support is plain buncombe. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. —If those who hitherto have been ___ _____unable to mail in their pledge cards Europe may need it, but E urope does wl11 d° s ° as soon as possible, the can- tette. The banquet was a pleasing ..At want it T h . ninin tm th to that Tass w l11 *,e completed without undue success in every p articular. not want it. The plain truth is th a t solicitation. We have been handi- —The stereopticon lecture on A las- T 6 p 6 <it 6 (ily within ths l&st two ys&rs czipped by III ubss in mziny homos* but jiv 6 n by tho pzistor in tho Prcsby* terian church Sunday night was And so — you’ ll want to address on the duties of father’s to en r in g - v o u r n e w S o r i n g o u t - sons and also the duties of sons to ^P r m & y o u r n e w o p r i n g o u t fathers. The community singing was fit SOOU— a l l ’s r e a d ) 7, led by C. H. McCumber. Several se- * lections were given by a male quar- VI— OTHER FACTS. The amount of water pumped during the past year was 228,357,236 gallons. The discount of 10% allowed to cus­ tomers for prompt payment was $1,807.73. A discount of 10% will be al­ lowed during the next fiscal year. The total amount of water rents re- New street lights have been put In operation as follows: two in the alley east side of Main St., one on Champ- , — , —, f f x7 lln Ave., one on Court St., two on ; C t O W flH lg HvCfit Ot tnC Y C&V* North Main St., three on Burns Ter- i ® race, and two on Hicks St. There are now in operation 61— 600 candle power lamps, 35— 5 light posts and 136 street series lights. We are pleased to say that the new Improvement has been in successful operation since the first of the year. Owing to delays in receiving material we were caused more or less trouble as our heavy fall load was on before the turbine was in running order. The savfng in coal meets our expectations and we believe will be fully as much ae guaranteed. VI— OTHER FACTS. The amount of revenue received for electricity fort commercial purposes during the past year was $38,308.20, being an increase of $7,686.92 over the REMEMBER DOLLAR DAY MARCB 17 ceived this year was $19,024.82, being amount received last year. The bills a decrease of $163.80 over the amount received last year. The bills receivable amount to $114.12. receivable amount to $4,698.03. W e now have 1,002 customers, being a gain of 126 during the past year. i urope has insultingly rejected our a little effort w ill bring us to our un­ moral support. It has refused to give | nua* congregational meeting with hee to our advice as to what should be done to correct the deplorable sit­ uation in which European countries find themselves. W hat each E uropean every p ossible pledge in. If you can­ not m ake a pledge this year, just say so on the card and mail it to Box 438. —The annual meeting of the First very interesting and instructive and was well attended. —Rev. G. H. O rvis preached in the Presbyterian church a t Dresden last Sunday afternoon. —Choir practice will be held in the Sunday School rooms of the P resby­ terian church, on Thursday evening McNIFF DOLLAR DAY SPECIALS March 17h, 1923. DONALDSON. HESS & CO. RODOLPH VALENTINO in “THE YOUNG RAJAH\ ELMWOOD, Sat­ urday and Monday, March 17—18. Don’t Miss the Many Bargains Offered. COME EABLY! COME OFTEN Jared A. Darrow 114 Main St. The Hallmark Store. Our Basement will be full of wonderful Bargains in Work Clothes and Fine Clothes Dollar Day. Value will Get You. On The Corner. Kodaks, Camera Supplies. Guaranteed Clothing. nation w ants of this country is th a t we Presbyterian Congregation of Penn exercise our power to take the p a rt * » . \ 1 J 1 b« ■ at its \ f ^ , ---------------------- - ----------- tho* Tioti^r. in a,* tiTV1 111 Penn Yan, N. Y., on Thursday, | 0j ^ i s week at 8 o’clock. T he session of that nation in the perpetual em- March 29th, a t seven o’clock p. m., for that are going on in the the election of three trustees in place What are YOU Doing to Accumulate for that Rainy Day ? This most deplorable condition exists : Estates at death of 100 average Americans 1 leaves wealth 2 leaves comfort 15 leaves from $2,000 to $10,000 82 leaves NOTHING will mee a t the church. •Mr. and Mrs. Willia same time at the Gelder start- Europeane continent. T here can be no of George L. Barden, John T. Knox doubt of this. There is no attempt up- an<* William C. MacKay, whose term ed March 3rd for E rie, Pa., w here they on the p a rt of any E uropean country o£ °® ce Wl11 exPire °.n„t^a!' a“ d will spend three o r four weeks with to rnnnpai H ip f aot one trustee in place of Calvin R ussell, relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Gelder both elected in 1922, and who declined to needed a rest—a let up in the busy serve, and for the transaction of such Federal Ownership Costly, other business as may properly be ^USy people. rounds of life which come to very presented a t such meeting. The polls will be open for one hour. Signed, Director General of R ailways Davis, John H. Johnson, Secretary. the in that distinguished official Morning worship, Sunday, March line, has prepared figures to show | 18th at ten-thirty. Mr. Imbrie will speak on the theme “Why Confess Christ?” Also Children's sermon. —Evening worship a t seven. —Sunday School a t noon. that it cost the taxpayers of the coun­ try approximately $1,800,000,000 for the war luxury of state-controlled railroads. B ut that figure must n o t be —The grand opening n ig h t of the new Community H ouse a t B ellona w ill be held Friday, March 16, 1923. P ro ­ gram as follows: 7:30 p. m. sharp, stereopticon lecture by C harles Bush, of Geneva, on his trip through the West. Admission, adults, 50c; chil­ dren under 12 years 25c. Dancing from 10 o’clock until 2 o’clock. Music by P a rk o rchestra of P enn Yan. B oth —Junior Congregation a t six. Har- misunderstood. I t covers only direct I riett Swarthout will lead on the sub- old and'new7ancesT V d m ls 8 ion\$l pe7 couple, including supper. Benefit of Band this the new building. Co: which the country is paying each year | week. as a legacy of government manage- charges on the taxpayer and takes no account of the much larger cost ject: “Stewardship. —No Junior Mission Communicants’ Class a t the manse to compute the cost, which ultimate­ ly falls upon the public, of the demor- BENTON CENTER. —The following services will be girls of our Intermediate Department | held In the Baptist church n ex t Sun- invited. ent. No statistician w ould undertake Mondays a t four o’clock. Boys and day. P reaching by the Rev. Thomas Send for your church letter and I j . Hunter at 10:30 a. m. Subject, alization to the transportation 3 ys-| p resent it during the special Holy I “W hat Is a C hristian?” (An appeal to iolloiell&fise SPECIALS FOR DOLLAR DAY 10 Per Cent. DISCOUNT On Decorated Dinner Ware 1 1 . % < Our interest department explains the way of preparing for that inevitable day. , Saturday, March 17th is Dollar Day Opportune Time for Thrifty Buyers The DOLLAR will rule supreme Saturday when we open our doors to the many people who have been waiting for a chance like this, to save on Housewares, Tools, Auto Accessories, and Baldwins Bank Penn ARCHIE TH A Y E R UNDERTAKER 201 JACOB STREET, PENN YAN, N. Y. Lady Embalmer Public Funeral Parlors Ambulance Service Day or Night Without Charge. PHONE, 412 other needs. wonderful array of Dollar Bargains have * * * * * tern through physical neglect and the | Week services, shooting up of operation costs direct­ ly charageable to that lamentable per­ iod when the government controlled METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH. —The pastor will preach next railway operation. And we will con-1 day morning and evening. God’s people) preceded by a sermon- ette for boys and girls. Bible school at 11:45 a. m. Christian Endeavor un-1 m eeting at 6:15 p. m. Leader Miss VanOrden, topic, “Factors for tinue to oav that bill until the avs-l —The pastor w ill meet all the chil- Making the World Better; How We tern gets back to normal, however I Ba8t at tour o’clock Sunday after- at 7 p. m. Subject “W hat is a C hrist- V M A A I r ^ a 4 long it may be delayed. The only consolation to be extract­ ed from this knowledge is that every noon. —Epworth League at 6 o’clock. Topic: “W hat Jesus Thought About year we are getting further away | Service” from possibilities of state operation The F a th er and Son banquet on of the railways. The lesson has been I W ednesday evening promises to be taken to heart. Only radical visionar- an occasion of profit and pleasure, gregatlon will join with the les return to the topic. The Plum plan which no man o r hoy can afford to | in their service. i —isai. Any man who is not the father ian?” (An appeal to the young.) —At the Methodist Episcopal church next Sunday the pastor, the Rev. C. L. Saunders will preach a t 10:30 a. m. Bible School will meet at 11:45 a. m. and a t 7 p. m. the con- aptists SPECIAL BARGAINS Counters ol Enameled Ware Aluminum Ware Glassware China Special . . . . ... .. , uhob * ____ _ The “Strong and Ready” Class of has lost out even with the large j o£ a boy can easily find one to adopt I the M. E. church will hold a St. P a t­ rick’s Day Social, on F riday evening, March 16th, a t the home of their brotherhoods and finds advocates only £or the evening, and in this way make _ _ »•«. __ _ ___ 1 . _ _ .. 1 « JM » • 1 ^ — Hollowell & Vise Co. those who w ant political officials glad the h eart of some boy w ho m ight to vote them high pay and who knew I otherwise be denied the privilege of teacher, Mrs. John Schofield, on Main | nothing of th e details of acquiring the I attending. Besides interesting talks by street. Everyone is invited, and each railroad property. It was one thing I Rev. A. P. White ,ot R ochester, and person is requested to wear some ■ when th e railway shareholders agreed Rev* L- s - Boyd, former pastor, there green to add to the attractiveness of to government management in war wlll be ™“ lc anJ? eames an4 a gen- the occasion. eral good time. Seven o’clock is the time and another when it comes to issuing $25,000,009,000 In bonds to buy out these shareholders—some­ thing that simply can’t be done. Government failed In its first big I 14, w ith Miss H elen Shepard, 211 El experiment and we’ve got to pay the] street. Supper a t 6:30. bill and m ake the m ost of i t T here Is no use crying over spilt milk, but it I J ;0 every°^c is right to spill as little m ore as »os- th@ cloBe o£ the service and those Who The “Star” Sunday School Class hour. L et us be prompt in getting to- of the M. E. church held their business gether. meeting at the home of their teacher, —The Queen Esther Circle will Mrs. C. L. Saunders, a t the Methodist meet on Wednesday evening, March parsonage, last F riday evening. A fter the business was transacted the eve­ ning was spent in conversation and Prayer m eeting on T hursday eve- music. And a camp fire supper w as en- is invited, joyed by the girls, w ith their teacher, The Easter Chorus will rehearse a t acting as hostess. sible. We m ay be paying a high price for our lesson, but at least we have | present the lesson.—St. P au l Pioneer-Press. The Ladles’ Aid Society of the are willing to help are asked to be I B aptist church wll lbold a business meeting a t the parsonage on Thurs- The E pworth League will hold a | day afternoon a t 2:30 o’clock. We have to add to the list of sick r j . ' r , i-. rr\ 7 8 9 10 II I been placed on our counters and tables—goods that sell regu­ larly for much more than a dollar Read these items carefully and come prepared to share in the savings-SATURDAY Specials r^TTTTTTr... ill. , hi .»0. mh .. iih » hk ..»|| h | RETURN Specials of the Coaster Wagons Enamel Roasters Stable Blankets Racine Tires $5.00 purchase of Aluminum i Republican Prograi business m eeting and social gathering in the church parlors on F riday even- ones again this week, although the ing. Supper will be served a t 7 o’clock, majority of those who have been ill The young people who recently Join- are on the road to. recovery. Here’s A Good I Hand and Breast Drills ed the church are especially invited to attend. Secretary of the Interior F all sums up an Interesting situation when he declares that the United States “has been aiming to get Its people and its I wn f be held a t the home o f Sheriff —Mrs. G. S. Gage, who h ad been taking treatm ent a t the S. & S. Hoe- Rule The annual due-paying and tu-1 pltal a t Penn Yan, was brought to reen dinner of the Penn Yan Union I her home at the beginning of the week, somewhat better, but still con- plant back to w ork; trying to increase and Mrs. Ed. Watkins on Liberty £ t.,| fined to the bed, and under the care Its income and reduce its outgo; seek- Friday, March 16, at noon. Bring ing* to ' tenure itself against w ars and your china and food and enjoy the the menace of wars; endeavoring to social day of a worth while organi- eccumulate real capital instead of flat nation. Important business will be of the doctor. —Mrs. P erry W right was confined to the house the greater p a rt of last week with a severe cold but is now t..v w tA iAflaAn thtt hiirrtaii brought before the executive commit- able to be out. Her daughter. Miss trying to lessen me Duroeni . A «inn atQ« ah * money; of armaments; finding tasks for the idle; encouraging trade and industry; seeking to open new markets; refue­ ling to get entangled with others who have not yet found that the war Is over.” This is the program that has been going steadily forward since the In- auguaration of President Harding, and every day Is adding tee at one-thirty. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. —The Christian Scientists meet every Sunday at 11 o’clock in the Elmwood Theatre building, Subject 1 . for Sunday, March 18—“Substance.” * to the house a t h er home» by lllneea May, was also compelled to stay out of school by illness. In fact the whole family with the exception of the son Irving were sick, b u t are all improv­ ing. Miss Dora K elly Is still confined —Leslie Corbin, the genial agent at the Penna. R. R. depot was kept ST. MARK’S CHURCH. from bis duties for several days, ow- Sunday, March 18th—(Fifth Sun- ing to illness, but is once more able ore to its day in Lent)—Morning prayer and to give all the Information needed by realization. The United States Is the sermon at 10:30; Sunday School a t passengers as to the time of trains, only one of the principal participants 12 noon, in the World war that has set Its course resolutely toward the ways of Guild will meet at the Church at 7:30. peace. The others are still giving vent TheJ e are a nu“ b?L tbl£ 8 L £ ^ to the very jealousies, traditional anl- the arrlval oI the new rector and it moslties and royal lntriguos that jg hoped every member of the Guild were responsible for the g reat war. wm make an effort to be present at The United States has natural wealth1 this meeting. and cost of fares, and all other things Monday, March 19th—St. Mark's | connected w ith travel. —C. W. Hines, the village milk Children Cry FOR FLETCHER’S C A S T O R I A Start the day RIGHT with a GOOD cup of COFFEE, That kind is good in the original bean—it is freshly roasted, and has to it a fragrant aroma, and a deli­ cious, satisfying taste. Our West End Coffee is the RIGHT kind of Coffee. 35 c. cents the pound, If you are hard to please try our Japan Tea at 70 c. the pound. Both are bound to please. I A. MacKay & Co. M arket Baskets, 10c Hatchets, 39c Axes, 79c Sink Plungers, 49c. 12-qt Heavy Galv. . Pails, 65c 16-qt Galv. Measures 10-gal Wood Jacket Cans Galv. Snow Shovels Galv. Slop Pails Barn Brooms Gal. W ash Tubs Chemical for Indoor Toilets Socket W rench Sets 1-pt Thermos Bottles Rim Wrenches Schraeder Tire Pressure Gauges Running Board Mats 8-in Crescent Wrenches mu mu mu for every $10,00 purchase following; Sterling Stoves White Lily Washing Machines McDougall Kitchen Cabinets SATURDAY, MARCH 17TH A BIG REDUCTION O N OUR M U S I C Several used Machines akes with records at VERY, V ERY LOW PRICES: Some good bargains in other musical merchandise, Assorted Cleaning Brushes, 16c Wire Ash Sifters. 34c Aluminum W are, 69c Wire 1 ish Drainers, 79c P y r e x Pie Plates, 74c 14-qt Heavy Galv. Pails, 70c C A S T O R IA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3 0 Years Always bears the Signature of We Will Have Special Prices on the Following Electrical Appliances, Carving Sets, Alarm Clocks, Nickle Tea and Coffee Pots, Casseroles, Percolators, Sleds, Casserole Fram es, Clark Foot W arm ers, and many other items T h e G e o P e c k L a t e s t V I C T O R R e c o r d s a n d V i c t r o l a s “ Exclusively Victor\ REILLY BROS. ’ MUSIC SHOPPE (Next to the Olympian.)

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