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a C h e I D f l t t l D a n (BxnttM. I uW o o d ls Plenty m Canada and costs W \ v V 4111* 'U'A+’ **9ZF«|about one.ha]f it does bere, Why not take care of our own folks WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1922 [first? FAIR PLAY. Syracuse. LOCAL CORRESPONDENCE REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS STATE „ For Governor NATHAN L. MILLER For Lieutenant-Governor COL. W ILLIAM J. DONOVAN For Comptroller W ILLIAM J. MAIER For Attorney General ERSKINE C. ROGERS For Secretary of State SAMUEL J. JOSEPH For State Treasurer N. MONROE MARSHALL For State Engineer and Surveyor CHARLES L. CADLE MIDDLESEX. The Million Dollar Highway now open to the public. It will be I -—Mr. and Mrs. M, 0. West, of Itha­ ca. were guests of Mr. mid Mrs. A. M. Chapman for several (lays last week. — The following attended the On­ tario Baptist Association held at Clif-j ls ton Springs last week. representing a CHURCH NOTES. BAPTIST Roosevelt said: \Even men who Woman Injured by Automobile May Not Live. Dundee, Oct. 2.—Mrs. Paul Rob­ bins, of Burdett, is in a critical con­ dition in a Montour Falls Hospial, suf- Improvements at New County Heme, now open W tmuuv. “ ^ 'X Rev. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hunter, great speedway, as there is on y a 12 Jameg B McAlpino, the Misses P. J. teet grade in the 10 miles Horn M u , Watson. Josephine McAlpino, Erna the Baptist church ol' this village, the are not professedly religious must, i f ; m ' l ^ R e J e r o 8, J. Hunter, they are frank, admit that no com- £tod arm and several severe cuts, munitv permanently prospers, either sustained this afternoon in. the State — | Watson. Josephine McAipine, im ia morally or materially, unless the road, one mile west of Dundee, when ♦ho Jensen, and Gladys Smith, Mrs. E. E. church is a real and vital element in she was struck by an automobile driv- Smith, Mr. and Mrs. , Leslie Corbin, the community life. The churches of gn by Charles Watson, of this village, firm of Wat- Every year Canada has been sup­ plied with our hard coal, and she has been the first to receive shipments, I dl^ “ £ Nfspl®8 blg revival in even when our own people were suf­ fering acutely from the want of coal. If we had an excess of coal, it would be well to give that excess to vicinity. The new tm ff s e ^ s to nave| wff1 bojd a fajr jn religious survey and on Oct. 22, wo Mrs. Robbins, with her husband Canada for she is our near neighbor; ^ beneficial effect on the sheep thojr rooms on Thursday afternoon will have a Go-to-Church Sunday. Our and son, wteint to the farm of R. B. but we fully agree with the - Post. “ 7 ' Chaffee, Wright Williams a\ ^ nf a ' M\\chaTman clmreh on t R y Standard's correspondent that our Harry Hart American have Seen appointed to take charge —The Baraca cTass will 2 * “”*16““— i=«i - » Vte&zs’c s x t s*rTiiy ,fz There may be reasons justifying a —rile Middlesex Co-Operative A s - 1 an apron, find either bring it or send ety man is urged to come and bring the Dony suddenly reared' i some Sworts to buy a pony. They were 1 loading the pony into the machine have a when the accident occurred. Mrs. contrary belief, but, so far as we have sociation now have a switch in up to observed, UiOy have never been given T h irty ^ o w e r s ^ are tu the public. _ sociation. The people have the right to de- —John Hobart has sold his grape mand the reasons, and the demand crop to Syracuse dealers at $7b per should be made so strong that* the ton. pony suddenly it to them before-that date. If not a friend. There will be moving pi<> thought she was pulled directly into convenient to send, please notify one tures of interest to the men. of the above mentioned ladies, and it freshments to follow. Re- the path of the oncoming auto. Mrs. Robbins was knocked several will be called for by some one. — Perry Wright, one of our popular store keepers, is suffering from blood — Prayer meeting of the church on feet by the machine. She was brought Thureday evening. , to Dundee to the office of Dr. James The Christian Endeavor Society McDowell, who gave the women first CONGRESSIONAL For Representative in Congress JOHN TABER poisoning in his right arm, and is un- will hold a social at the church on n_ rimhed her to a The pear, plum and peach deal <torjhe care of ( the doctor. Friday evening. An unusual program a d* U 1 McDowe11 rusl1 a h r to a government should be constrained to h abo„ t over it has been a hard deal — \Rally Day will be observed in of fun1 has been planned. Don't miss Montour Falls hospital, where it was fnr thA Grower fro L start to finish Ithe Baptist church on Sunday, Oct. lit. announced that she is probably fa- IslAtter the labor and packages were! I 5*. at 10.30 a. m. The Rev. G. Frank| —Next Sunday morning at the reg- tally injured. She sustained a deep heed it. The coal supply in this State ine coai supply iu uu8 ° ^ L.p1f1 f nr there was little lett for the Johnson will preach. There will bejular hour of worship the pastor will cut in her chest, and one over her tu be doled out, by order of Fuel D i-| W d jo r tneie was ntue iett tor ™e|special muglc at each service( and it|preacb the second in his series of right eye. SENATORIAL For State Senator ERNEST E. COLE For United States Senator W ILLIAM M. CALDER I Sweet Violets in Station. Sayre, Pa., Oct. 2.—A skunk took COUNTY For Member of Assembly FRANKLIN S. SAMPSON For Overseer of the Poor JOHN W. BALL For Coroner irrowfiP — rector Woodin, in such a way that 16 _______jg stated in the public press *s hoped that every member of the sermons on the “ Church.\ A welcome consumers will have to pay about as I that Argentina beef can be laid down church, Bible school and Christian to aU. . _ ______ f™* in Now York at 12c ner pound -Tliev Endeavor Society will be present at — Sunday school at 12 o clock. We much for cartages as it does for the I ™e kllHng eattle thlre for their all the service. Make it a \Goto- jumped about 60 more in our record coaL hides best beef selling at .7c; cows Church\ Day. last Sunday. Let us do it again next And this while thousands of tons sell {or per head and sheep, $1. \ M r . and Mrs. Marvin .Bronson, Sunday. Come and hear about the _ ( f th Lehi_h Vallev st„ of our coal are going to Canada, The new tariff will keep some of tnis who have been staying with their campaign plans for the Sunday where probably, the deli veries aie not I __ Adams loaded calves sheep Bronson, since last December, have —AH Baraca men are urged to be were a number of people there, but prescribed .infinitesimally. land hops Saturday lambs at ile off returned to their home in Moreland on hand next Sunday. \The Birth of when the pole cat walked in they from grass, and wool at 40c, is about Station, greatly improved in health. Christ\ is the subject for our study walked out. The animal that has no iriiuz' roN Q T A N T iN r o f GREECE the best paying proposition on the Mrs. Robert Mace and daughter, Junior C. E. at 3.30. Senior C. E. friends, but the respect of everybody, ABDICATES AGAIN. _ ____ _ ___________ Harry Lewis and family, for several triotism. What It Is and What It r i m days. Does.\ Come and hear about it in the 1,1 a col‘ier °„£ the waiting room and DUNDEE. — Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Smith were Foursquare Campaign and get in line kPP^red perfectly comfortable. King Constantine has abdicated — The annual meeting of the Bap- week-end guests of friends in Roches- for work. | Finally, one employe, braver than again in favor of his son, Crown tist congregation was held at the ter- „ — The union service next Sunday the rest, found a long stick and pok- PrinAA f1 AorcA. His eoine out was church Tuesday evening or last week, , — Frank H. Zeluff, of Port Byron, will be in the Methodist church at 7 ed the animal, and it aroused and Prince George. His going out was ........ -------- . a ------- is spending a few weeks with his o'clock. I walked m,t. John Billings says the When the builidngs at Esperanza are repaired and remodeled, Yates county will have a model home for its adult wards. The first floor of the main building will be fitted up for thle Superintendent’s living quar­ ters. The second floor will be divided into wards instead of individual rooms. The large hall on this floor be used as a sitting room and the lockers, for the women inmates. The annex at the northwest of the build­ ing will all be made two stories high, the upper floor to be used as a dor­ mitory for men; the lower floor will be for a dining room, reading room and lockers for men. The woman's dining room will be on the second floor of the main building, with a dumb waiter to it from tlie kitchen. A laundry will be built at the front of the basement, west of the main en­ trance. The top of this will be on a level with the water table of the house, and it will have a concrete roof, which may be uked for a porch The property now has a reservoir with 1400 barrel capacity, which is fed by springs. The water will be piped to the house wherever needed. The boiler used for heating the old home will be used here. At present a cesspool will be used to care for the sewerage, but eventually some differ­ ent arrangement will probably be made. There will be bath and toilet facilities o nboth floors of the main building. Electric light and electric power will be used. If service can be secured from the railroad company, that will be used, if not, a plant will be established. • i „ _ _____________ with a good attendance. A supper precipitated by a revolt of the army was served and a social time enjoyed, HOW ANARCHY CELEBRATED ITS!and navy and by a riot of the popu- and there were followed by the busi- LACK ANNIVERSARY. Ilace at Athens. The rioters served an ness session. Officers were elected as ultimatum on tlie Kiug, in which he 3 nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Har­ ry Lewis. I walked out LAKEMONT suddenly to Elmira by the illness of his brother, Seward Morris. u , , .... , ^ . — Starkey Seminary played football anv saneiiinarv emrairements was I the churcl1 ^uilast y6^ * Tho with Ithaca High at Ithaca Saturday any sanguinary engagements, waa | report ot the ditterent.organizations morning. Mrs. Bailey, o£ the Semin- Just 21 years ago today (September! ~ , “ JI J. Spencer, trustees; G. S. Shattuck, 6) an anarchist named Leon Czolgosz|was given but one hour to step down!treasurer. jtay l Robinson, clerk; shot President McKinley, the wound! from the throne. He stepped down, I Lewis Bodine and Lyman Pitcher, ad- inflicted proving fatal eight days la-las he was poVerless to keep up. visory board. The report of the treas- ter. I fonQtantinA is clearly the victim of I u>rer showed that the church had Fifteen years before, another anar-| . y (raised all of its budget of over $620o, chist named Guiteau fatally shot! European intrigue. England urged I wnich sum has been applied to the President Garfield. I him to battle with the Turkish Na- regular expenses ot the church and It is well enough to recall these I tionalists, while France encouraged payment for a part of the repairs things as we go along. ftnd aidAd the Turks Tho result atter and alterations which were made to Several days ago Charles Uzlis,|ana maea 1116 lurKa- in e resuit> a tterjthti 1 Joe Pepauritch, John Petrewski and _ Adiania Alessio confessed to drawinglthe overwhelming defeat of Greece. I and societies showed that the cnurcli I ary* “ chaperoned aTparty ‘ of “ the\ S*em- thtrty-seveni spikes from a rail of I her army having been greatly deci- is ^ a flourishing condition. inary girls to see the game. Ithaca the Michigan Central railway, near mated . — Charles Townley died at his won 13 to 0. Gary, Ind., and causing a wreck. I Th ’ «s nn fhflf Tf«ns. rnn Tyrone, Tuesday, Sept 2u, — Sunday evening the Endeavor The other day the homes of two II-1 There is no doubt that K ng Con alter a long illness. He was 74 years Society held an interesting consecra- linois Central workmen in Chicago stantine is a brave man. That was of age and was born in Ludlowvilie, tion meeting in the Temple, with a were bombed. demonstrated in the previous Balkan pu* na<* spent most of his life on a h arge attendance of the students. Mr. Tlie homes o£ three Illinois work- War and lt appears that he was no W im l^^l'ow m e eorg§ Rtobertson san6 a sol° with ed. less vallant ln hIs struSgle with the ley, o£ Tyrone; two urothers and a _ A 11 Lakemont is busy these days A Big Four train ran through anl Turks. But his army was greatly out- sister who live in other States, and h n gathering the fruit and packing open switch near Brownjsburg, Ind.,I numbered, and the odds insured his SLe v e , nephews, including Janies grapes and apples. The fruit is of injuring 11. defeat Had he succeeded his dodu - townley and R. A. Bennett of tnis fine quality, but thel price is low. railway, in Texas were burned lastp8^1^ with Ms people would have che Tyrone church, Thursday after- our housekeepers not a little. Long Wednesday night. been greatly enhanced. But he failed, noon at 2.00 o clock, and burial will trains loaded with black diamonds A freight train of the N. C. & St. and so he becomes again an exile. \ e !n Tryone Union cemetery. pull up the hill from Watkins, but L. railroad was dynamited near Padu- There is some talk that Venizelos P ennis Lewis, a well known res- keep uncpncernedly on their way to cab. L ™ , some talk that Vemzelos, Went o£ this town died at his home more fortunate communities, and the The Fourteenth street bridge of th e l ^ 6 former Premier of Greece, who south of Dundee, ihursday, Sept. 21. Lakemont coal bins are empty or Pennsylvania railway in Wilmington, I was bolstered by the Allies during I He was born on a farm near Dundee, nearly so. W e are living jn hope Del., was dynamited last Thursday!the World War, will be recalled t o r eb‘ -A5, A8i 1# iand WSS S1 that some fine day there may morning just before a pasesnger train]hi former DOSt but hti mie-ht not age-V ? ad always l\yea in thls vl‘ coal car or two in the siding, was due to pass over it. nia rormer P°st» Dut nugnt not cinity, where he has been a prosper- A dynamite explosion derailed a accept such a summons, the situation ous farmer. He was a veteran of the work engine tender on the Big Four] being too uninviting, and, no doubt, Civil War. He leaves one son, Firman KEUKA PARK near Cincinnati a few moments after it were better for him to stay out of Pher^ i s' j aL » 0^ t i mo^nMJ.ePM ^ 1 — Miss White, of Buffalo, N. Y., Sunday morning a bunk house 0f ureece# ir ne woul<1 escape another Simmons, Mrs. Horace Beyea, of thisf|ng two weeks with Miss Ball, the Pennsylvania railway, near Pitts-1 ouster. vicinity, and Mrs. Charles Hall, oi — Mrs Kimmis and grandson Phil- burgh, was. burned witMn an incredi-| --------- --------------- (Branchport. The funFrai al was held| ip, ^ L c h ™ , N Y ^ spent the week end at her home. The Ladies Aid will meet with $225,000. -------- rone Union cemetery. — Mrs. W alter Mason, of Montour These are but a few acts of sa- AJ. . , „ . _ — Two pasesnger trains have been Falls a returned missionary from botage recently reported. Almost ev- A t the primary election in New taken off the New York Central Assam spoke Sunday evening at Y ery day has its record of similar Jersey on the 26th ult., United States through Dundee, and on Sunday the c . #A. vesper service in the col- crimes. Senator Joseph Frelinghuysen was re- schedule was put back in jege chapel. She is visiting Mrs. Nor- H lth^ only safe way to l)oke a P°le cat is chapel of this church. This is a a at. least feet long, great opportunity for every Christian the intrepid man at Geneva es- Qntninor^ an^ Sunday school worker to equip caped, although the implement he ihree of our btarkey bemlnary b|mse]( f0r better service. Join the used was much shorter.—Elmira Ad- young men rigged up a radio connec- scbooi e vertisAr tion in one of the class rooms of __ Tb#a N aw Y f>rk Sta.tA Rimdav Adl^hiA^al^APi^tv^iAi^nvAVningfroe 6ch° o1 convention meets at Schenec-' Adelpluan S o c iety enjoyed a free fn^v >r v O pi h . iq concert from tli-e .. . — The Baptist State Convention Mr; ^JorrAs was caUcd meetg with tbe Emmanuel Baptist church of Albany, on Oct. 24-26, Real Estate Transfers. Edward Bradley and wife to Alfred S. Odle, premises in Starkey— $1. I Enos O. Robinson and wife to Man- ley C. Jackson, premises in Milo—$1. Morning Enos O. Robinson and wife to Mich- be a burgh, was burned within an incredi- - - T - _______ sranenport. in e iune was neia jp ( bly short time, seven car repair men, ,, q a f n a t a r f r f i iM r u iiv c c w at the house Saturday afternoon, w4el losing their lives and other being se- Ue SENATOR FRELINGHUYSEN, Sept. 23, Rev. A. C. Horsman, of this _ • verely burned. The property loss was OF NEW, JERSEY, WINS. village, officiating. Burial was ib Ty- Mirs. These crimes are scattered over ______ ... _ force. The trains that were cancelled ton wide area, of country, but they are I nominated, defeating Ms competitor, | arA the north-hound on a nonr noon ^ are the north-bound one near noon similar in character and are evidently| George L. Record, by over one hun-|and the south-bound one at 3.30. The the ^enn^Y^^&^Lak^^ho^^railway^ the work of dred thousand majority. arrange\ met with an accident last Wednesday Scarcely a locality of importance] The latter was vigorously supported maPtn^?0as ^°Bows: North, 7.43 a. m. evening from which he died Friday by the Progressives and the Hearst 6*61 n m ^ m ' evening. His body was rem P* - - - his home in Syracuse, N. Y. His fails to report acts of violence upon the persons of men. On this anniversary of the assassin-[papers. removed to An unusual sight ini this vicinity mother reached here soon after he PRESBYTERIAN. — Sunday, October 8th — _______,, worship at 10.30. Sunday school at 12 ael M. Hali, premises in Milo— $1. o’clock sharp. Junior Congregation Dennis W. Edwards to Philip Morse meets at six p. m. to elect officers and and wife, premises in Milo— $1. plan the year’s work. Union service John A. Conley and wife to Ruth E. in the M. E. church at seven. Greaves, premises in Jerusalem— $1. —A conference of the entire con- Ormand L. Moore and wife to P. Y. gregation is called for Thursday ev- & Lake Shore Ry., premises in Jeru- ening at 7.30 in the Lecture Room. A salem— $25. _ song service for fifteen minutes will Ida C. Hayes to Sarah _P. Drake, preceded the business session. Plan premises in Starkey— $1. for a six weeks’ church attendance Howard G. Naville to Howard G. campaign will be presented. Everyone Naville and wife, premises in Starkey is welcome. ,— $1. * — In connection with the other Charles A. Lazarus et al. to Clar- churches in town we are uniting in a ence Lazarus, premises in Potter—$L religious survey to be made on Sun- Chas. A. Lazarus et al. to Mary A. day, Oct 15th, and a \Go-to-Church Lazarus, premises in Potter— $1. Sunday\ on October 22d— our slogan Alex. O. Boss and wife to Rebecca — \Eveyr family in some church on J- Boss, premises in Italy—$1. that day!\ • Katie B. Cummings to Geo. V. But- — E very woman in tho congrega- tor, premises in Milo— $1 tion is invited to attend the 48th semi- Jared A. Darrow and wife to Ray- annual Presbyterial meeting at mond B. Twiliger, premises in Milo— Shortsville on Friday, Oct. 6th. Morn- 21. ing session * begins at 10 o’clock. •The October meeting of the Wo­ man’s Missionary Society w ill be held at the home of Mrs. James W . Davis, 124 Stark avenue, on Tuesday, O c t 10th, at 3.30 p. m. Program Will iowinV snXr a ^ were* made- be in charge of Mrs. Scofield and made' Mrs. G-. G. Conklin. The report of the ° ut of Possible 25. Gun Club Shoot. On Wednesday of last week the fol- Presbyterial meeting at Shortsville will be presented. Light refreshments.! — The October meeting of the West­ minster Society will be held Tuesday evening, O c t 10th, at 7.30 p. m., at the home of M,rs. Chas. T . Andrews. Miss Marie Landon and Mrs. H . B. Cornwell have the subject, which is Out of possible 15: Fred Hamm ..................................16 H. J. MacNaughton ..................... 20 John Sprague ................. 17 Leon Townsend ........................ 6 C. A. K e e n e y ................ 10 C. M. Hubbard .......................... 14 Charles M a c K a y ....... . ............... 9 the second study in the Negro Prob­ lem ation of a President of the United Senator Freylinghuysen is a close has fallen to the lot of several people, was injured. ST. MARK’S. Rev. R. C. Hatch, Rector ‘Sunday, October 8th— Morning prayer and sermon at 10.30. M r . 10ut of 10': H. J. MacNaughton . .....................15 Charles MacKay ....................... 9 Ernest Donaldson ..................... 8 C. A. K e e n e y ............................. 8 Fred Hamm ............................... 13 John Moore .................. 9! John Sprague . ............................. 12. States, well may serious-minded men|fripnd of Hordino. ond~hJe each in widely separated places. This \ — M r “ j ~ ' w Hollis and family of Hatch expects to be with us again, conditions rife in the United States, stoutly supported Ms administration. doe was seen either along the road- ento Mr and Mrs A tt-osbv P — Monday, Oct. 9, St. Mark’s Guild Is it any wonder Americans are de- He voted for the seating o£ Senator side or in fields near farmhouses. * * _______ , w ill hold a picMc dinner at Mrs. Fer- manding a certificate of character Newberry, of Michigan, and against Many of the older residents report nAC_ D„ eu w „ I i : enbaugh’s cottage on the Branch. gates? me ooiaiers Bonus. Ana ne made Ms tbey bave never seen a doe so far —Born to Mr. and Mrs. George dishes and something toward the din- Can Congress ignore the symptoms fight on a dry platform, although from its haunts in the deep woods. Williams, a son, on Sept. 25th. ner. or prattle over political abstractions New Jersey had been supposed to be It is thought that those seen hav — Mr. and M,rs. Howard Rector — Tuesday, O c t 10th—S t Mark’s . ...... .. .. - the anarchists operate all over|thft Rt.rnn£rARt. \ WAt» state in thA made their wav here from Pennsvl- have rented rooms of Mr. an£ Mrs. Guild w ill have a benefit picture at to establish individual ownersMp. nd? I TTnion Th« <2 a natnr aisn vania. They have not seemed to be S. B. Kennerson for the wintdh the Elmwood Theatre. Secure your| ‘ How much rope are these scound umon. xne benator also defended go t|mjd as tbey uguany are at — Mrs. Spencer Dunton extends her tickets of members of the Guild now. rels to have, and how much longer] the new tariff law. Therefore the approach of a person thanks to all those who made her Regular admission charge for a spec- will government withhold Its hand crushing victory that he won, follow- — Mrs. Mildred Waters died Mon- the many useful gifts, including kit- ial picture. There w ill be a few mu- for fear of offending anarchy’s apolo- ed by that of Senator Townsend, of day morning, Sept 25, at her home' gists and defenders? * t . _ ________ .. __ on Union street, after an illness of H. J. MacNaughton ............. 9 Fred Hamm ................I .......... . 5 Charles MacKay ....................... 5 Leon Townsend ......... 4 C. M. Hubbard .................... 6 Today (Wednesday) the club will start shooting for a trophy, wMch must be won three times in a season the land? vo M ichigan show s that thA nrooTAssivA vu » u c e i , o-iver a.u inuwss ui God reigns and the government at iYllcnigan» snows tnat tne progressive two dayg with qUjnSv She leaves two WasMngton still lives!\ exclaimed wave is not running as Mgh as it did small children, her parents, Mr. -and James A. Garfield in Washington on run a few months ago. Mrs. George Coons; one sister and the night that Lincoln was shot down, T _______ two brothers, Mrs. John Coolbaugh and 15 years later he was slain by an „ and Walter Coons, of this village, and assassin himself. Morris Fitzgerald, a section hand Edward Coons, of Rushville A priv- Let the living government, throb- on the New York Central railroad, ate funeral was held at the house on bing with the power of the nation, lift made a ghastly find last Saturday Tuesday afternoon of last week, and its mighty arm and strike down the afternoon when he found the body of burial was made in Hillside cemetery, ararchists and the bolshevlste who a new born female infant beside the — Fred Andrews, of this village, challenge civlization and defy the near the Rumsey pump works. was taken to. the Bath hospital re- His find was reported Coroner Robert gently, suffering from an injury on AU o£ the crimes referred to in the Knight, of Seneca Falls, who, with tteTeg^’ leverelv^ a n d ^ ^ in c ! above were not committed by anar- two physicians, held an autopsy. They & a t time he has had more cr ies! cMsts. cMld was dead at birth trouble with it, and of late he has The chief criminals were labor un- and aad h®611 thrown from the train, been seriously inconvenienced. It was lonists It weighed three and one-half pounds feared that the leg would have to be t _ ’ __ __ _______ . _________________ and was buried at the expense of the removed, but such action had not In some cases anarchists have been town. _ SeMCa county News. been taken at the time this was writ- their dupes and tools, but the crimin- , ten. It is thought that an operation al directors were members ot the A„ t *________ _____________ to remove some diseased bone may be law.—Houston Post. American Federation of Labor, and X o r 0^ ^ ^ | % £ * * * * ’ ^ 83 y'Bt* 11 18 DOt Cer\ some of them officials of that organl- nelles free for the passage of the ves- zation. sels of A L L nations, as it should be The Herrin, I1L, butchery is not re- and should have been long ago. But ferred to in the above. Y e t it was something more is needed. Accom- RUSHVILLE Leota Hurrin, the eight-year-old one of the most fiendish events In the plishments do not always follow pro- sffies1^with*her1^ a u n ^ M r s ' WEdward history of the world, and, probably, tossions. When all the forts along Hurrin, at Benton, fell on the school- thATA was nnt on a eemitne anarcMst that waterway shall be dismantled, it house steps recently and broke her there was not one genuine anarchist may become fre6, but not till then.And collar bone. She was taken to Geneva among the perpetrators. The most of with such freedom should follow the City Hospital, where it was found them were native citizens, but they dismantling of the Gibraltar fortifica- necessary to perform >an operation to all are members of the miners’ union, tion, and the cession of that territory fasten the ends Of the broken bones a branch of the American Federation to Spain, as she is naturally and together. geographically entitled to it. ^G ranger Walbridge, William Gla­ zier, of Canandaigua, and Benjamin A11 . . . . .. . , , . ..Derby were driving along the lake All that can be said in favor of A l road by Gooding's point, recently, of Labor. If there were not an anarchist in tMs country, the lawlessness attend- _ v , ~ - - ------ --------- ine- strikes would not he materially Smith can be said of Governor Mil- when a tire blew out. They were go­ ing strikes would not be materially 1@r But all that ^ be gaid in favor ing at such a high rate of 8p6edf it is lessened, for, as the Express has often {jovernor Miller cannot be said of said, that the car turned turned tur- claimed, it is the main reliance of A < o f the two, Governor Mil- He. Derby’s shoulder bone was brok- chen utensils and canned fnuts, since sical features in charge of Mrs. Julia the burning of her home. I Vail Cole. — Mr. and Mrs. Corydon R. Clark CHRISTIAN SCIENCE The Christian Scientists meet in recently entertained Mr. and Mrs. George Wellberry, of Buffalo; Mr. and Mrs. Bart Cronin, of W aterloo,, „ . . . . and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knapp, o£ Elmwood Theatre every Sunday at 11 Gorham. c clock. Subject: Axe Sin, Disease, — Mrs. Henry DeWick entertained | and Death-Real?\ Saturday and Sunday Mrs. Chas. Dunton, of Italy Valley. Mr. Dunton Democratic State Convention. Aunt Ada’s Axioms? Th© farm moth* was also a Sunday guest at the De-| @r whose world is fenced in by the Wick home. .— Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pawlic, of Rochester, were Saturday and Sun­ day guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Goodrich. The Democratic State Convention was held at Syracuse, convening on Wednesday and completing its labors shortly before midnight on Friday ev­ ening. The following ticket was nominat­ ed: Governor—Alfred El Smith, New York. Lieutenant-Governor— George ±L Lunn, Schenectady. Secretary of State—James A. Ham- kitchen stove and the pantry door the year ’round doesn’t accomplish ilton, Bronx, as much as her neighbor who gets1 Attorney General Carl Sherman, SECOND MILO — Miss Louise Cook underwent an operation for removal of tonsils at the Penn- Yan hospital, Saturday. — Mr.* and Mrs. Frank Masten and daughter, of Binghamton, spent part of last week with bis sister, Mrs. William Hatcher and Mrs. Charles Case. . — Mr. Bert ChesWick and friend, of Sonyea, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shultz. — Rev. and Mrs.- Milton Rector and daughters, Verna and Adonna, have returned to their home at Cherry Creek. away from home occasionally. Children Ory FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORIA strikers. ler has superior ability and more en, Walbridge’s knee injured but Gla^ ------------------ iaoo ou^vi ivA ai/uiv/ auu muiwi woe Ai ahiiv*+ Labor union officials are wont to thorough training. H e is distinctly an| r w 8 XOL nurL‘ chirp about “ peaceful strikes,\ but administrator. A l is a politician, first, did they ever have one when a strike last and all the time, of the Tam- BELLONA was long prolonged? many school, the faculty ot which .—The Westminster Bible Class it is hiirh time the nresa of this does not turn out men of constructive will meet with Mrs. Hal Reed, on jt is mgn ume tne press or tnis ..... % Thursday afternoon of this week, Oct. country placed the charge of lawless- » v ,vv . 5th. It is very necessary that every ness during strikes where it rightfully __ _ f * ' ” , member of the class be present, as hAinncs But if thev arA too cowardiv Two men entered the room this is the last meeting before the PBloiigs. But i£ tney are too cowardly q£ Byron John8on> at ^ commodore Fair, which will be held the evening to do that, as many of them are, they l|Hotel# New York City, recently, and of Nov. 3d. Try to be present. should keep silent. demanded money. He told them he , — The Boy Scouts will meet on Fri- had no money, but would write them day ■5l^t aat„i!}5 S u rS!L' u a <, AN IMPORTANT QUESTION SET.|a check. Instead ot indorsing it he Rally Day in ^ Presbyterian Sun- wrote on the back. Hold up, call day school. The pastor asks that it the police.’ Then the bandits may be Rally Day for the Sunday 'drv O f thA TTnited 1 check to the hotel morning service as well. This being dry navy* ot the umtea|clerk who promptly called the Communion Sunday, it is TLED. Wqter Better. The following report from Cornell University chemists has been receiv­ ed by the Municipal Board in relation to samples of water sent on Sept. 19th: These samples, as received, are safe for drinking and household use; but the results obtained may not be representative of the quality of water, when sampled. Since, however, the bacterial flora appears to be identi­ cal with that normally found, it does not appear to be unreasonable to as-; sume that your water supply is back' to its usual good quality.\ MME. NELLI GARDINI The States has been overhauling foreign police. They succeeded in getting one] that a Targe number \be present, vessels beyond the three-mile limit, of the men, who gave the name of| — The death of Mrs. Julia Boyd supposed to be loaded with “hootch\ Cliarles Williams, Louisville, Ky. The occurred at th€ home of her daughter, tor sale at fabulous prices to the other man escaped. “ Stock ‘ MondaT* m o n r i n ^ T p t . ^ B t \ thirsty people of this country. . . . . . I aged 66 years. Mrs, Boyd had been in Recently a British vessel was thus „ } Smith has just as much, chancel falling health for several years, the captured. The captain protested o£ bel° e eelcted G o v e rnor.this year immediate cause o£ death being pa,ral- against the action ot tha prohibition I tbe 8ame year. The people want two the home Tuesday, at 10 a. m.. con- officers* He claimed that his vessel I yea^rs more ot Governor Miller, and I ducted by the Rev* G, A , Wilkinson, was out twenty-tour miles, but it has it is sate to say they would be will-1 pastor of the Presbyterian church of been proven that the distance was! ing, if they had their way, to make (Howard, N. Y., a friend of the family, only thirteen miles. But whether It a contract with him tor a much long- S ^ V m V ^ h u r e h o f ^ e l l o n T 'r h e was thirteen or twenty-tour does not er period. To have a Miller In the jbody waB taken in the afternoon to matter. It was concededly beyond the I executive chamber is a possession thel the home of her sister, Mrs. Cole, at three-mile limit, and the question\ In- people appreciate. Adams Center. Jefferson county, N. voived wa^ th^etOTe, whethOT a for- Whlle there Is j o danger o£ Repub- Wednesday at 2 p m„ Rev Wilkin- elgn liquor-carrying Vessel could be Ucan defeat the wh0 want son officiating. Burial at Rodman, N. InterferedNwith by our dry navy when I decent government should remember * __ T be death of Rohorfr Newhv for m t i . ^ at “ 18 “ p 1Ulem to register and manyhyeeam a resident ^ the town of The British government supplement- then to vote. They cannot elect Gov- Benton, occurred at the home of his ed thle protest ot the captain, as noted! ernor Miller and his associates on the daughter, Mrs. Clarence Harford, of above, and, therefore, it behooved I ticket by staying home. Republican Scotia, N. Y., on Saturday, last week. th « Authorities of our government to I areas should show by a large vote Burial took place on Monday, at two the authorities ol our government to | that GoTernor m iler ' is the 8typ , ot | o’clock, at No. 9 church, Oct. 2. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Pursuant to an Order o f Hon. Gil­ bert H. Baker, Surrogate o f the County o f Yates, Notice Is- hereby given ac­ cording to law, to all persons having claims against Estella M. Stivers, late of the town of Potter, County of Yates, State of New York, deceased, to pre­ sent the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, Lora W a y- and and Flora Hall, as executors of said deceased, at the residence of Lora Wayand, in the town of Potter, (Penn Yan, R. D. 7) N. Y., on or before the 12th day of April, 1923. Dated, October 2, 1922. LO RA W A Y A ND, FLO R A H A L L , Executors. Penn Yan, N. Y., R. D. 7. HUSON & HYLAND, Attorneys for Executors, _ x Penn Yan, N. Y. Buffalo. Comptroller—James W. Fleming, Troy. State Treasurer—George K. Shuler, Lyons. State Engineer— Dwight Ladu, A l­ bany. United States Senator-Dr. Royal S. Copeland, N. Y. From first to last the Convention was controlled by Boss Murphy, of Tammany Hall. ! Tlie followers of Ex-Governor Smith had a large majority. Practically all up-State delegates favored his nom­ ination for Governor, and were insis­ tent in demanding it. I Editor Hearst had a very few delegates, but his boomsters, includ­ ing Mayor Hylan, of New York, play­ ed bluff until called by the boss, who had become convinced that it would be too risky to defy the overwhelm­ ing sentiment of the convention. To the proposition that Smith be1 nominated for Govenor, with Hearst for U. S. Senator, or vice versa, the ox-Governor would not listen. The platform, as usual, denounces State and National administrations, 1 and favors an amendment of the Vol­ stead law so as to permit the manu­ facture and sale of light wines and beer. It is also understood that \wet- World famous Prima Donna in nesg*» accords with the views of the Trovatore,” at the Sampson The- ■ nomineo tor Governor, atre on Friday night, Oct. 13. 5 * 7 consider the question seriously, as Great Britain has a record ot being a great stickler for her rights on the Governor they demand. BENTON CENTER vi v 1,+,. The Washington administration has —Preaching services will be held in high seas, although she has little re- reeeived official information that the the Methodist Episcopal church on gard tor the rights of others, as she Greek army committed atrocities in Sunday, at 10.30 a. m. and 7.00 p. m. evinced during the World War, the their retreat toward Smryna. W e do Bib!® ^school at 11.45a. m. The Bap- W a r of 1812, and at other and many not hear much about that in this ^ ts wl 1 unlte ln the evening 8erv\ previous times.. country. It is always the unspeaka- —The following services will be It is reported that the result of ble Turk. Perhaps the Turks would held in the Baptist church on Sun- tbe consideration ot the question by behave better it Christians did not day: Preaching at 10.30 a. m. by the MTOmment i« th a riAtei-minntirm Incite them to retaliations. Rev. Thomas J. Hunter. Subject: our government is the determination - \God’s Ownership.\ Communion at that It would be the part of precau- . Q ..... t > rthe close, and reception of new mem- tlonary wisdom to abandon the in- A , . a Soc^alj 8t» George R. Lunn nev- bers Bible school at 11.45 a. m. Chris- terference of foreign vessels outside ot the three-mile limit, and It has been so ordered. a Democrat long enough. As a matter congregation will unite with the This may be a great disappointment of fact, he has been a Democrat on Methodists in their service, to the prohibitionists, but they cannot, probation, or, as some Democrats Miss Marian Schofield has re- reasonably, criticize our government have said, “on suspicion.” turned to j w r home^at^ Gorham after for the action it takes,, although some - • • * _ aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barring- of them are likely to do so. COAL FOR CANADA. It is reported that England and Jar|er. pan axe not scrapping their war Ves­ sels in accordance with the treaty of Disarmament) Conference, and, conse­ quently the United States is delay-l To the Editor of the PostStandard: quently the United States Is delay- I read in your valuable paper that ing \scraps.\ It Is a wise precaution! botn ^ ? edCBUcccB8f Jiiy in the treatment thousands of tons of hard coal are on the part ot our government. I Cf catarrh. being shipped to Oswego for export t t_ — h a l l ' s c a t a r r h m e d ic in e con- to Canada. Tliti nAnnlA ha.VA nn thought of slsta of an Ointment which Quickly s d r c t if h o 1^ el6Ctln8 6 UCket the ^eadH0t Wh‘Ch \ “ih S ? acm I Z in\SyrMMe^are^siSering? sitting ^ a ™ ? 8Bya tie coal they have, not knowing wheni nation is more than tbe people couldl F j ^bcney * co., Toledo, Ohio, they can get more, {afford to swallow. ~i * ___ , — „ - — ^ UR Band and Breast Drills are ihe kind ol loots that any carpenter, cabinet alter, electrician, or machin­ ist w ill llnd serviceable and nselnl. They’re made by e x ­ perienced tool makers who have a reputation lor line\ workmanship. Shown in s e v ­ eral desirable sizes lor u se on wood or steel. You run no risk when you buy a VICTROLA It gives you exactly what you want the world’s best music sung or played by great artists themselves, wish to be heard. they. W e have Victrolas in various sizes to fit every requirement.» You can­ not afford an inferior instrument that can only give you something less than the best. 1 / ' ' ' f ' Reilly Bros. 107 .M o SI. Next to “ Olympian” v /X.-X a 9 V • m Penn Van’s Victrola Store. Geo. W. Peck Co. * * .' j-: - H.C.Morse M anager ^ P e n n Yan. N Y , Matinee—2.00 and 3.30 Evening—=7.30 and 9.00 ADMISSION — 10c and 17c SPECIALS EXTRA WEDNESDAY Mia May in THE GREATEST TRUTH The drama of a great souled woman; who risked her life for the man she loved. The picture reveals the secretp of high life and the revels.of royalty. As a thematic background, the the­ ory of reincarnation is used. The spectacle of the Roman ar­ my in parade, the Senate and the martyrdom of the Christians contribute big effects. Movie Chats Matinee, 17 c; night, balcony, 10c; lower floor, 22c. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Richard Barthelmess in TO L ABLE DAVID The performance of Richard Baxthelmess in Tol’able David is the greatest justification any star could have. This is true in every word. Tol’able David is one of the year’s best photo­ dramas. Joseph Hergesheimeris wonderful story of mother-love and boy-love has given Barthel­ mess the opportunity of his life, and he has not been found wanting. When you see what Barthelmess has made of the boy who wanted to be a man, but was \jes’ tol’able’’ in the eyes of his mountain mother, you will thrill and throb with emotion. Gladys Hulette, W al­ ter P. Lewis, Ernest Torrence are in the cast. Thursday— Fox News Friday—Go Get ’Em Hutch Afternoon, 22c; night, balcony, 17c; lower floor, 28c; children, 10c. Note:— Five useful presents will be given to patrons on Fri­ day night. SATURDAY Thomas Meighan with Agnes Ayres in GAPPY RICKS \Gappy Ricks\ is an exciting story of the sea, and has many clever twists intermingled with a goodly quantity of humor. The ocean scenes are splendid and the ship-wreck most realistic. * _ ♦ The Lee Kids in A PAIR OF ACES Afternoon, 17c; night, 17c and 22c; children, 10c. Note:—Every boy and gixl at­ tending Saturday matinee will receive a bag of candy free. * MONDAY Betty Compson in THE LAW AND THE WOMAN Adapted from the Clyde Fitch play, \The Woman in the Case.\ Story of the law that blindly ground an innocent man in the dust. The woman who fought, and dared, for him, and lifted him up. And with it all, the lure of lovely Betty Compson. Pathe News . TUESDAY St, Mark’s Guild Benefit Thomas Meighan in OUR LEADING CITIZEN Here’s the comedy-drama knock­ out of the season. Written by George Ade, America’s fore­ most humorist, especially for his friend, -/Torn Meighan. It’s a swift moving story of real American life, brimming over with clean fun and romance. With a great sxmporting cast headed by Theodore Roberts, Louis Wilson and Charles Ogle. In addition to the above fea­ ture several vocal and musical selections will be rendered. / Pathe Review Afternoon, 22c: night, 17c and 28c; children, 10c. t;7 \ a V'A' < ' 1 K i r i r . i < v 1 . v A ^ :• x \ •• '‘Aw ■ il i Seeley S a y s : Didnt’ we tell-you this was a REAL Boys’ Store? A NY store w'th $1000 to invest can show a bang upline of boys’ clothes in Summer — but in Oct. to be ab e to say you.out­ fit boys right — it takes Capital—Courage — Com­ mon Sense — and lots of all. Here’s a list which will show what lengths we go to do the largest boys’ business in the city and if you’ll -see the prices with specks on you’ll note there isn’t a speck of extra profit in any of this fine mer­ chandise Boys’ Suits Boys’ Sweaters Boys’ Boys’ Boys’ Boys’ Boys’ Mackinaws Raincoats Reefers Underwear Shirts Boys’ Caps S E E L E Y ’S Value Will 6et You. On the Corner. D U G A N CONLEY uneral Directors S U C C E S S O R S T O CHARLES E. DUGAN 134 Elm St. Penn Y a n , N. Y Keuha Lake Grapes Many people consider the Keuka Lake Grapes about the best which the world produces, and we are all glad to live in a country which produces such delicious fruit. — However, they are no happy-go-lucky production. Years before we are permitted to eat the red and purple clusters, roots must be grown, vines planted and tended, in short there must be preparation and sacrifice for the good things to come. * So in financial affairs there must be prudence and foresight as well as industry, if the best results are to be achieved. Perhaps the money saved and deposited in the bank this year may prove to be the seed which will grow the crop of your hopes. Baldwins Bank of Penn Yan S t . Special Garden Court Offer W e Are Giving Away One50c.Tul)eofM&g The Original Milk of Magnesia Tooth Paste One 50c.Tube of COLONIALCLOB (Known As The finest Shaving Cream On The Markel) With Every Purchase Of A CARDEN COURT Toilet Article (Except Talcum) Above offer with 2 cans Garden Court Talcum. (Note : This offer will be withdrawn after a limited number of Mag-lac and Colonial Club have been given away. By all means take advantage of this, but you must act quickly.) Garden Court Toiletries. HVUMTED twmv. \ /j 7 Face Powder Talcum Powder Benzoin and Almond Cream Cold Cream Double Combination Cream Rouge Compact Face Powder Extract and Toilet Water INC. The Corcoran Co., as usual, are pioneers in the up-to-date modern equip­ ment used in} connection with funerals, ambulance service, ett. The above cut shows th e sedan ambulance which that company recently added to their already complete equipment The ambulance can be converted into a regie lar cot ambulance or a cushioned sedan and is at the disposal of the people of Yates County, without charge, for conveying invalids or sick people, The Corcoran Co. will also furnish it ^ t aU their funerals for the use ot the bearers. It is a handsome, noiseless, smoothly riding car and is a fine addition to the Corcoran Co, equipment. v

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