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The Penn Yan Express PENN YAN, YATES CO., N. Y. REUBEN A. SCOFIELD, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. Published every Wednesday at Penn Yan» Yates County, New York. Entered at Penn Yan Postoffice as second class mail matter. terms : |1.00 per Year In Advance; $1.26 If Not Paid In Advance. The Only Continuously ? Republican Paper in Yates County. £ PENN YAN, N.Y., WEDNESDAY. JULY 12.19 2 2 . Vol. LVII.—No. i4.~Whole No. 2936. INDIAN BjJRIAL PLOT. Traces of-what is believed to be an Indian burial plot have been found in a gravel pit at the foot of Bare Hill, on land owned by Glenn McCoombs, of Vine Valley. When Mr. McCoombs was digging some gravel, within a tew days, he unearthed a skull and teeth and afterward he came across two skeletons. Utensils of different kinds were also taken out. Other skei- tons and utensils had been removed previously. Within a day or two, em« ployes of the State erected a tent near the site, and excavating is being done under their direction.— Canan­ daigua Journal, June 30. 8 n$imc 0 e dlarbe P H O N E 6 4 6 C . Dr. C , B .S c u d d s r , D E N T I S T . P E N N V A N . N . Y . Over Gas Offise. B. T . M A L L O R Y , FIRE,TORNADO, and AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. Farm Propertyand Tornado Insurance a Special Feature In this Agency. Room 18, A r c a d e B lock . Penn Yan. N. Y, F o r R e lia b le M e rchandise, w h e re y o u expect, and d o get valu e received. PASTOR IN LYONS SIX ' YEARS. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS Financially speaking, the se­ cret of success is simple. It consists in 1. Spending less than make. you For the remainder of July we shall make special effort to clean up our stock of all Spring and Summer Goods, of all kinds. Ends of Ready-to-wear, when the assortment is broken, will be offered at much reduction. Odds and ends of all sorts will be at very much less than the regular price. We never allow our Stock to contain left-overs. You always expect and do find bright, clean Merchandise, well kept and always saleable. Have you bought from our Muslin Counter ? We are offering here extra good values. It will be always to your interest to let us keep you posted on prices of all your every-day wants, as our prices invaria­ bly are lower. Just Arrived ■=■ 500 yards 27-inch Batiste, excellent value, 25c. the yard We are selling quite a few Vudor Porch Shades They are the best made, ventilated and self hanging. Step in and satisfy yourself. M cCALL’S PA TTE R N S A L W A Y S JEROME D. ROGERS F O R V A L U E . The Lyons Republican of July 7, contained an article on the work done by Rev. John Fitzsimons, pastor of Bt. Michael’s church in Lyons, N. Y. iFatlier Fitzsimons was In St. Mich- THE VALEDICTORY. The following essay was given by the Valedictorian of the P. Y. A. class of 1922 at the commencement exer­ cises last week. By ANNABELLE CHRISTENSEN T H E PILGRIM TERCENTENARY. OVER $1,001,000 OF UNDE-1ESPEK1NZA IS PURCHASED PENN YAN MANUFACTURERS' PAYROLL AMOUNTS 10 VEL0PED WATER POWER FOR NEW COUNTY HOME. WASTES YEARLY IN KEUKA OUTLET. Handsome Old Colonial Residence Purchased by Yales County. $i,eew,«oe annually . . ■ J ' S r . S K r i J E S J S f S »• »• * » » . * « * » i w | m ° ^ S 5 ? S fS&Stt&SXi years and his former parishioners will V14™ auuureum anniversary ix~ iAoi*n e\? Ma air the landing of the Pilgrims in the New World. For three hundred years be glad to learn of his successful six years in Lyons. The Republican said in part: Coincident with last Sunday Father Fitzsimons announced to his congre­ gation that he had just completed six years as pastor of St. Michael’s church, succeeding the Rev. Father Gommenginger, now of Penn Yan. Father Fitzsimons said in part: During these six years just past I have not accomplished anything that might be unusual or extra­ ordinary. I found things so well done on my coming to Lyons that there was little to do. I have tried to carry on the work which was so well done before. However it might be worthy of note to say that during these six years I have baptized 277 children, per­ formed 77 marriage ceremonies, and assisted at 99 burials. These, and Power Co Makes Interest iny Statement al Chamber ol Commerce Meeting. sors, it was decided by a vote of 8 Manufacturers’ Council ol Chamber ol Commerce Holds Interesting and Instructive Dinner Meeting. Souvenirs Given. Chamber Gives Valuable intormalion concerning Resources ol Penn iau. they have been honored. Only one hundred and one came over In the Mayflower. They were not n7,?>e,hnpt Ereatly I The little stream known as Keuku sh0Uld they be 50 notably Outlet, running from Keuka Lake to One hundred and forty people turn- Milo Ribbon & Carbon Co., Short Elec. Mfg. Co.', Michael-Stems Co., Guile & Windnagle, Cramer Bros., and the Taylor Chemical Co. Outside brknnPAii? I as visa w nonoreu. _ . | Seneca Lake, has long been discussed Of their coming, William Brad- as a potential water power. It has ford, first governor of Plymouth, said, been surveyed and studied by many “As one small candle- may light a engineers for various interests a n d __ _________ , — - ----- - ---------- v , . . thousand, so the light here kindled while several of the mills along the Ismail expense, will suitably care lor hath shone to many, yea, in some sort,! stream have installed water wheels the Masonic Hall, on the sidewalk, W. H. Whitfield and Sous had on exhibition one of their new motor to 1 to purchase of Clinton B. Struble ed out Friday night to the dinner a portion of the Esperanza property which was given under the auspices tor a county borne. Tills includes all Manufacturers' Council ol the the buildings and approximately 50 £.hal^ ,9r o£ Commerce- at the Masoa- acres of land. Ilie buildings were in- Everyone seemed to vote that the „ ____ __ spected on Thursday, Juiy ti, 1922, by dinner was not alone enjoyable, but busses. \These busses are something a representative of the State Board together with the exhibits, was a sue- 0t which Penn Yan should be proud, Charities and the purchase ap- cess in every way, and pointed out trom the fact that they are so well proved by him. The large house, with what could be done to make these liked that the factory is turning out few alterations, at a comparatively monthly dinners of the Chamber oi a complete bus every week. Busses /. xx. ,. ~~i <■’ kave already been provided for such to our whole nation.” Three centuries later President of a small capacity, the major portion hundreds of thousands of tons o. Taft declared, “The spirit and pur-j ^ at®F {V*8 Jaa1tf° and pose of the Pilgrims gave the United!c\ald have been burned to sum>?v States the highest ideals of moral life and power that proper develop7 and political citizenship. History has shown that the Pilgrims ment of the stream would have saved. When it is considered that approx- came here, not to seek gold as was the imately five thousand horse power purpose of most colonists, but to seek may be developed by proper -regula- God and liberty. When they signed the tion of the flow of the stream and 2 . Keeping your money where it is safe. 3. Making your money work for you. In this programme a Bank Account is your best partner. The Citizens Bank Penn Yan. G00DSPEED & MILLER for all kinds of INSURANCE and BONDS SAMPSON THEATRE TO=DAY Wednesday, July 12 AMERICAN LEGION BENEFIT Flashes of Action The official war news as taken by the U. S. Signal Corps You will see the men in training camp, on board ships, training in France, in the trenches, over the top. You will see men wounded, others killed, ar­ tillery firing, a gas attack, a balloon come down in flames and many other great sights you will never witness unless you see this wonderful picture. Mayflower compact, they were not re­ pudiating authority. They were as­ serting authority. All that they de­ sired was that authority should be di­ vine in origin and equitable in ad­ ministration. The liberty that they sought was not the absolute liberty that makes! the installation of modern hydro electric equipment, 5000 h. p. that flows practically unused into Seneca Lake every day of the year (except t'br the small installations above men­ tioned that do not total 1000 h. p.)t some idea may be formed of the in­ excusable waste involved. The residents of Penn Yan and vi- men worse than brute beasts, but lib- cinity are paying a rate of 14c per erty that is under the law. A liberty K^?'.w^ 1}lclur *or ©Metric current for that cannot subsist without authority, bgbK Full development of the stream a lihprtv that hnnpqt *nnd »nd would develop an average Of 15 milr ?iet eny tnat 18 nonest' sood. ana yon kilo-watt hours per annum. At JU!:* „ , .. the present rate Penn Yan residents The very foundation of Pilgrim be- are paying, the water that flows down lief, whether religious or civil, wa3 an the stream would be worth $2,100,000 orderly obedience to government, and per year, if used for the generation on that foundation has the United of electric current, and sold at that States built a large part of its nation „ _ al greatness. The Yates Electric Light & Power The Pilgrims established a type of Company and the Municipal Lighting government based primarily upon in- d M $wSS dividual and local rights under the hours per annual total for light and law. They organized the first town power uses, and over one-half of that meetings ever held in the United is made by burning coal, so that ap* States. They organized a representa- proximately 500,000 k.w. hrs. are tive assembly to which every town available} from water-power running REV. J. R. FITZSIMONS together with daily mass, confes­ sions, sick calls and pastoral vis­ its have constituted my work. sent delegates—the ger present state government. In other ways the Pilgrim fore­ shadowed our national greatness. Their energy, their effort, their mak- of this I largely to waste for lack of develop­ ment, just as it has run to waste since the outlet was formed by Na­ ture. Cheap and abundant hydro-electric ing the most common and homely f c ^ e manufacturing8^ work appear noble, led the to I h ^ t o T t i S ^ t democratic government where id le-| e r . Water, or “white coa l,” is n o the ADMISSION : MATINEE 25c. EVENING 35c. BALCONY 25c Phone 130 - M. Don’t miss it -- Come early =• Performances at 2.00, 3.30, 7.30 and 9 p. m. Turn out and help the boys! ness, class rank, and pride are out of cheaper there than it is along Father Fitzsimons announced that Place- Duty to their fellows and be- outlet, in fact not quite so cheap. It more than 130,000 had been given to ,lie£ in an overshadowing Providence only lacks the same sort of develop- the local church during his time, and ™adf, ‘ h.e Pilgrims the most idealistic “ S * * 1 baflinb£lda(1 us^ot uiat, nesiaes tne ordinary enuren ex- d thejr idpalism influenced the many miles are operating with low penses, pastors salary, etc., the tene- d l t f th tynicallv Ameri- priced current generated from water ment property on Catherine street a^ e*<^™.ent or tne typlcally Amen at Niagara Falls, some of it being had been paid for, about $1,100 for re- caJLspiri;;, * , , . . brought and used by the Empire Gas .pairs and improvements on the rec- JPiJSnms landed on a barren & Electric Company, in Geneva, 17 tory and $5000 for the School Fund 5oast: their successors land in glit- miles away from us. was left tering New York. But for those who intelligent consideration of the pos- Father Fitzsimons, the present pas- fir?\ aad l or thoae who come sibUities of .the Outlet will disclose Seminary Rochester and w a s T d lin to sow- that he may reaP! t0 build- in and around Penn Yan, Dresden, bemtnaiy, Rochester, and was ordain that he m dwell Dundee, Branchport, Benton and the ea to the priesthood eighteen years Jn hono/ of these virtues upon intervening rural sections with cheap ago. After lus ordination he spent whlch nati0nal greatness has builded, electric light every manufacturer and one year in Rome, and on his return, pPM«dMlt Wilson sa H “Whii* it i* tanner with cheap and abundant he served as assistant at St. Mary’s m P°wer> through a gift of nature tna. Church, Auburn; Holy Rosary Roch- L rcentenafy of theP landing o? he ^ “ “ ou? Immes\ cook our Yan ’ coming to L y o ^ J t i T l ’ 19T PUgrimS’ 11 seema to me that the ^ d , ™ ^ SSfVSE. “ ourTlothe\ Yan, coming to Lyons July 1, 1916. | influence which the ldeals and prin_ run our fact0ries and farms with ciples of the Pilgrims with respect to what is today practically a waste civil liberty and human rights have product so far as its use is concern- had upon the formation of our insti- ^ -at present through lack of proper tutions and upon our development and de^ ™ e drainage area covering ap- TIM E TA B L E . Railway, Trolley, and 'Bus, Northern Central Good to be Sure by Insuring With N. S. DAILEY, AGENT FOB Fire, Life, Tornado, Accident Health, Compensation, And the many other Branohee of the business. Office, Room I, over The tow n Dry Goods Co Phone—Office, 228. Bes. - 826-J. SATURDAY, JULY 15 Z a n e G re y mi .... XT , Pr?SrT as a nati0n T ritS B,°,r.e Han proxf mately 178 square mil^s, \with The passenger trains on the North- a local expression, of our obligation ievei Seneca Lake lying 270 ern Central pass Penn Yan as foI-|and makes fitting a nation-wide ob-|feet below the level of Keuka, and a servance of the day.” pressure is such that the rate of in­ surance will be materially decreased, from 40 to 50 ueool& The metal roof „As liadl Previously been advertised, cities as Albany, Binghamton, Canan- trom 4U to du people, ine metai roor au members were aecorapameu by daieua. Lawrenceville Pa. etc. and packing house, so called, is well ltieir wives, that women might know a KE is Tow^ on a five Um’usand mile adapted for the use of a hospital for of what the Chamber of Commerce trjD through New England New Jer- tubercular patients. The large reser- was doing. To make this attractive to aey and Pennsylvania One of the voir, supplied from three living the ladies, the various manufacturers, clll6l£ reatures of the bus is a patent- springs, furnishes ample water tor besides making exhibits of the pi \ ed body suspension, which makes the requirements of the Home. The uct8» provided, in almost every case, rough roads smooth to the travel- 1 souvenirs of the occasion. |er. The entire body is 100 per Hon. Charles Ogden was the speak- cent Penn Yan. OUl MUUV IT A|1 w AMtVGVft V* VV* V%»MVU I 1 _ j • I. < _ __ _ _ i i j i . , as it could be effectively used in case ™ ^ blen of tire. The place is easily accessible caHed all his pleasant memories of requ^tld by the Manufacturers\ at all seasons of the year from Penn y enn y an; and in his remarks that Council to give a brief talk on the Yan and Branchport. A switch inline- Penn Yan is one of the most beauti- possibilities of the Water-power devel- diately in front of the property will tul and enjoyable little cities to live opment in the Outlet, and what it enable the county to get coal much in, he, in no way, we feel, stretched would mean to Penn Yan and vicini- more conveniently and at a less cost the truth. However, a man has to ty. This address is printed elsewhere than hauling it over the hill through llve away from here, and then comes in this issue. After this address, Mr. roads at certain seasons of the year,back> t0 feel hia losa- I Matthews gave some interesting per- almost imnas&able which thev wero1 The President of the Chamber, Mr.1 tormances with cards and a number .r'T'SKfcjrrasa ss ^ The cost o£ pumping water at the ™fairmantootlr' t^'^M a n u fartm ’e r ^ up™he Grand0 March, former Home was a Dig Item of ex-^ a iK Mr Handlev's remariS^ere and the llne was formed, beginning pense. There is running water in tne^ ery brief, ' and pertained chiefly to,s^ ^ H e ^ e a c h “ lady^ 3®°presented ions park, with old shade trees sur- turers, each of which was described. | a h L itbilhe! basket^and tlm basket round the house, with a fine view of A large placard was fastened at one was filled as the ' line proceeded the Wjest Branch at Lake Keuka. end °* hall on which was listed arou.;nd thei halL At the Milo Ribbon Esperanza is not only on the State the names of Penn Yan’s manufactur- rarhon On vapv nrotiv hintfAre road, but daily trolley service is an ers together with a summary of their. were fm^ished; Guile & Wind^gTe, added advantage throughout the y e a r . I aadth,e ..numbe5 a£ small fancy baskets were obtained; Included in the fifty acres of land next came Cramer Bros., with old- !n’ S L i S W6Fe glV\ fashioned Chianti bottles filled eu, amounted to $860,000.00 | with Cramer’s vinegar. Taylor Chem- $$0,000 88 ical Co provided vanity cases; Walk- 25 er Bin Co. provided the ladies with 10 cheese-boards; Empire State Wine 15 Co. supplies bottles of their Very 65 good grape juice. Andrews Bros., for 65 Milo Mills, had memorandum pads. 10 The Farm Chemical Co. had small 25 vials of their bi-sulphide for killing 65 moths; the Yates Lumber Co. had 50 fancy baskets. The Sweet Shop not 50 only provided candy in envelopes at 300 the tables, but had a big basket of 50 fancy candies on their table. W. H. ? Fox & Sons, manufacturers of rye 9 straw papers, gave paper carnival 60 hats* I The dinner was presided over by This, together with those non-tre-1 Miss McMinn, and, with the assisl- Kose, of “The Chestnuts,” on the’ ported, would easily run over $1,000,- auce of the Business Girls’ Club, who 'Bluff. The founders of the Rose es- 000.00, which represents no small part waited on the tables, was voted a tate were, at one time, one of the o£ the ready money spent in Penn'big success. wealthiest and most inifluential land-lX3^\ ^vM‘uf es have been obtained I Dancing then followed which was from th e tw o railroads, w h ich show - enjoyed by m a n y up to ten o ’c lock. ed that the amount of freight, both! It is to be hoped that this innova­ outgoing and incoming, which, very tion of having the ladies present largely, means manufacturers’ freight will be followed by more such din- amounts to practically another mil- ners; and we believe that the idea lion dollars. | of showing what is made in Penn Yan The manufacturers who exhibited will lead to other ideas being worked were: Walker Bin Co., Empire State out, so that a better appreciation and Wine, Co., Milo Mills, Blrkett Mills a truer realization of what a busy Farm Chemical Co., Yates Lumber little community we are may be uri- Co., Sweet Shop, Barden & Robeson, derstood. 14 acres of alfalfa, an excellent vine­ yard, small fruits, fine vegetable gar- den and other tillable land, adapted er<> \SI tor most all kinds of crops. Possession will be given August 1, 1922. The purchase price was $30,UOU. The Board of Supervisors plans to sell the farm of the former county home. After the fire of a few weeks ago the walls of the Home, with the barns, were left standing. Also across the road from the Home is a 3U-acre Guile & Windnagle ....... 25,000 Empire State Wine Co.. 10,000 Whitfield & Son ........... 16,000 Barden & Robeson ....... 55,000 Yates Canning Co ......... .... 28,000 P. Y. Boat Co. .............. 10,000 Taylor Chem. Co. ......... 31,000 Andrews Bros ................. 80,000 Birkett Mills ................ 50,000 Fox Mills ............... 48,000 , ... . . . . . jMichaelf-Stern .............. 240,000 farm, with tenant house and barn,l^iagara \yan Board ___ 70,000 which is included in the 215 acres!Milo Ribbon & Carbon.. 14,000 which comprised the farm. (Yates Elec. Light Co. .. 10,000 Esperanza was originally the Rose'iShort Elec. Co. ............. 52,000 estate, having been built by Dr. John,Cramer Bros .................... 46,000 Rose, an uncle of the present Dr. John owners in the county. The Rose es­ tate covered many acres. What Jefferson Davis Wore When Captured. Quaker Hill, N. Y., May 17, 1922. lows: Express Going South reservoir (Lake Keuka) 17.5 square The response to his suggestion, a miles in area, we have conditions that * ^ ^ o no » great pageant, was prepared and play- cannot be duplicated or even approx- AcconmodaUoo 111111111*7 12 p ! m ! ed at Hymoutb IhroyghJhe months inm t^anywhere in this section ot The section of the Outlet lying be- Dreams Express ............... 9 13 P.\ M. of Ju,y and August ot 1921. w * XV 4*44 txorA nierht of tor nierht naor Plv 1 UV vt u ic v u u c t Sundays Here, night alter night, near Ply- tween geneca Mills or - Blg Falls,\ Accommodation ............... 2 08 P. M. n\oul^ Rock this pageant was produc- d Hopeton, about two and one-halt Express ............................ 9 13 IP, M. ed; J h e actors were men, women and „ ;£cluding the property ot the - • -• •• children of that town and the sur- * b y Ebcoress Going North Express ............................12 13 P. M. | bered twelve thousand. Accommodation ............... 2 42 P. Starring Carl Cantvoort, Claire Adams, and the same cast that appeared in “ When Romance Rides,” which made such a “ hit” on July 3 - 4 . Zane Grey has never created more thrilling situations — clever, ingenious, gripping. His stories are the most fas­ cinating romances ever screened. M O N K E Y COMEDY - “ Snooky's Twin Troubles” SPECIAL ORCHESTRA » . m, 1 .. ... ai . * Yates Electrical Light and Power Co. 6 36 A. M. rounding villages. All told, they num- and TayIor chemical Co, which em- 'tred twelve thousand. braces the two highest head develop mvrxrtaac i *7 a *7 m , T^e ?val sta6e» s(?™e five„or Inents on the Outlet, have recently *W reas .......................... V7 P. M. Six hundred feet across with a depth been finaiiy surveyed; engineering Sundays of five hundred feet, had tt Accommodation ............... 6 36 A. M. night sky for background, ~impress ..............................12 13 P. MATINEE 10c - 17c EVENING 17c. Children under twelve 10c. 22c New York Central (In effect, Oct. 31.) Northbound Leave Arrive 7 12 A. M. 8 35 A. M. 12 05 P. M.— Saturday only 7 10 P. M. 8 43 P. M. Southbound 7 12 A. M. 8 35 A. M. Saturday only—1 11 P. M. 4 50 P. M. .6 62 P. M. 7 10 P. M. 8 43 P. M. Sundays Northbound 6 20 P. M. 6 20 P. M. . .Southbound 9 15 A. M .\ 10 20 A. M. of five hundred feet, had the sea and market, and financial reports prepar- and on ed, submitted and accepted; bankers it, illumined by powerful lights, mov- interested and application to the ed the dramatic scenes of Pilgrim Public Service Commission for the or* history. ganization of a Public Service Utu- At the beginning, across the dark ity Corporation, is being prepared for ftage, comes the “Voice of the Rock\ their approval. The portion of the Outlet involved stating the theme. I, the Rock of hiag a fall of fee^ between Sepeca Plymouth, speak to you Americans— MiU and the location of the hydro- of me, a rock in the ooze, they have electric station near Hopeton. The made a corner-stone of the Republic!” average yearly output of electrical The Voice dies away, and as the energy will total approximately 10 lights flash on, they reveal different million kilo-watt hours or ample elec- periods of history: the Norsemen inltric current to supply all of the light their galleys on the New England and power requirements o ^ n n ™ shores; the English marines being in through the offer ot cheap e friendly intercourse with the Indians; p°mMr* nmont -ndu involve an Samuel de Champlain; John Smith expenditure oPf approximately $400.- tom and t^ned them over to and many others. — *•*— — J iretary oi war. Dear Cousin: The enclosed copy of extract from report ought to settle the question Oi wuat Davis Wore. His wife planned it for him, and he tried to get through our lines and escape. Can’t blame her —or him. We migrtt have done the the same. Who knows? 1 was chairman ot a Board to exam­ ine Qon-coms—sergeants and corpor- Y. M. C. A. CAMP. Last Friday’s Rochester Democrat and Chronicle said: Despite the rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday, boys of the Y. M. C, A. ____ __ __ _____ als—for commissions in colored regi- * who left for Camp Cory on Lake Keu- every 42 minutes A train enters the ments at the time we were ordered ka yesterday managed to put every- city every 42 seconds seconds. To out, or 1 would have been in at the | thing in readiness so that camp out- keep Manhatton from starving, capture. I rode one ot Davis’ horses [ line might start immediately. Samuel i trainloads of food are required Things Happen in New York New York is so huge that it has a wedding every 13 minutes. Every 14 minutes, day and night, there is a funeral. Ten times every hour a child is born. A ship clears the harbor from Atlanta to Chattanooga, ana have a gold piece from his saddle­ bags one ot the boys gave me. You can use the extract any way you choose. If the Express or Chron­ icle want it, they are welcome. It is correct and true. Yours always, H. A. POTTER. Extract from Col. Pritchard’s re­ port to E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War, dated May 25, 1865: “un the afternoon of the 23d I re­ ceived orders from the War Depart­ ment directing me to procure the dis­ guise worn by Davis at the time ui his capture. “Accordingly I went and received from Mrs. Davis a lady’s waterproof cloak or robe, which Mrs. Davis saiu P. Moulthrop met the youngsters at the New York Central station at 6:30 </clock yesterday morning and ac­ companied them to Penn Yan. Camp Director Frank E. Gugelman met them there and took them to the camp site. The program of the camp was out­ lined at the various organization meetings in the mess halls and the camp personnell was perfected. The organization which goes into effect today is made up of the following: Camp director, Frank E. Gugelman; assistant director, Dougal E. Young; office secretary, Ralph Sharer; physi­ cian, Donald M. Green; manual train­ ing instructor, Harold E. Harkness; swimming instructor, Franklin Mey- 266 each week. The city uses one-half billion gallons of water every day. Every 24 hours, 1,062,000 persons cross East River. Twice as many persons ride every day in New York street cars and in the subway as ride on all the steam railways of the United States combined. Last year 2 1-2 billion street car fares were collected in New York. Thirty-seven million pas­ sengers, more than a third of the population of the United States, en­ tered the New York Central’s Grand Central station on railroad trains. No wonder New York has the bighead. Italian Berry Pickers Fear Lake Keuka. Your Drug Store. E VERY woman in this town is Interested In pore drugs. We keep that always In mil d when buying drugs. Pull stock of Drugs, Medicines, Pharmaceutics, all of the flneat quality. This store Is always In a position to fill your orders—or the doctor's order — promptly and efficiently. If you want the best, and nothing but the beet, the beet way to get It Is to ALWAYS OOMJS 10 THIS 8TORH, wheie you will be sure to find the best. FliNt QUACKENBUSH, 14 Main Si.. Penn Yan. There is no intermission. As dark-laione, of which approximately $300,- dcmm VAM JP ia izc cu ad c d d i 11689 falls 011 the preceding scene, 000 will go into construction and be PENN yan & LAKE SHORE R. R, there is a distant sound of chanting, expended locally, $100,000 going into OF CLASS AND DISTINCTION Notice. Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Finger Lakes Cider and Vinegar Co., Inc., will be held at the office ol the company, Penn Yan, N. Y„ or Thursday, July 13th, 1922, for the elec­ tion of directors and such other bus­ iness that may come before the meet- t . ing. M Dated, Penn Yan, N. Y., June 21, f 1QP9 ► I M. E. COONS, ► 33w2 ____________________ Secretary. Leave Penn Yan A. M. 6 40 8 35 10 05 11 35 P. M. 1 05 2 35 4 05 5 35 7 20 *9 15 FAn^hnnrt I The sP6Ctat°rs are back in England I equipment. w | from ~ C o r Pritchard’s\report ranchporth 1R2o Th* rav« nf ii»h t r»voai na- This development will afford low „ * ph t 000 tor construction and equipment | retary d) B. D. PRITCHARD, Lt. Colonel, 4th Mich. Cav.” The above extract Is copied correct was worn by Davis as a disguise at the time of his capture, and which er* radl6 instructor, Gilbert Hatha- was identified by the men who saw it ^ay; nature study instructor, Gordon on him at the time. On the morning!Meade and Ernest Whitbeck; song following the balance of the disguise leader, Theodore Fitch; postmaster, was procured, which. consisted of a Clarence Brown; storekeepers, Wiley shawl, which was identified and ad- Capron, Gordon Meade and James L. mitted to be the one by Mrs. Davis. Whitley, Jr.; Chauffeur, Clark L. These articles I brought to Washing-: Qviatt; head waiter, Franklin Meyer. the bee-1 Athletic Committee — Clarence Brown, Gregg Swarthout andi Carl Lauterbach. A. M. 7 30 9 20 10 50 P. M. 12 20 1 50 3 20 4 50 6 20 8 25 in 1523. The rays of light reveal pa-, -- - . , ___ n. thetic scenes. Men are languishing in I pri? e^0 Homes Others are receiving death sentence apd@ ffor a,,1 demands, a daily benefit for the same thing. The light dies on to every resident user In this section, H. A. POTTER, Capt H. Co., 4th Mich. Cav. Sproul Reunion. the praying figures. Again the stage is flooded with | Commission, light. There are royal processions and operating under the Public Service | The 35th annual reunion of the Sproul family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sproul near and” ue!nsmarCheS °£ England'a kines| Apple Scab Present in Many Orchards. were Social Committe Dr. F. J. Stalker and Melvin Swartz. Education Committee—Harold Hark- The matter of employing Italian laborers for picking the raspberry crop has its disadvantages, as well as everything else. A group of about fifty of them were taken to a farm on the hill within sight of Lake Keu­ ka, where they had been engaged to pick. On seeing the lake in the dis­ tance, some mental perturbation took place, apparently fear of being drown­ ed, although they were two or three miles from the lake. At any rate they Theodore Fitch, | refused to stay and work where they could see the lake. Then they went to a farm near Crystal Springs, where ness, Ernest Whitbeck, Dr. Donald M. but eight of them had been engaged. Green, Gordon Meade and Gilbert The house had been prepared with Hathaway. four double beds. The whole group, Aquatic Committee—Franklin Mey- about fifty men, women and children, er. I huddled into the house and refused to come out, or suffer their party to be Camp Clippings (weekly paper)— William Reed, Clark Oviatt and Ralph I divided. The manager, Sharer. I Italian, was unable to himself an manage them Junior Leaders—Gilbert Hathaway, I or make them comprehend the situa- Saturday’s only J r y 'V t T e K b unfolded!’ The I , The almost unprecedented ral-M l I heIphia,-. Pa.; Miss Jennie Sproul. of. \'rvinTm li \and‘ s o u th e r n \^ various characters stanrl out nlearlv I (luring June and early July has a Port Jervis, N. Y., and Mrs. Maggie ' • Mrs riaisv I nckhart nf Phiia. George Engert, Gordon Meade, Wiley tion. He was nearly wild as the re- ivirs. uaisy ^ocKnarc or rm ia , Capron, j ames L. Whitley, Jr., Harlan suit of his fruitless efforts to man­ na, ra ., 1U1SS Jennie aproui, o r |V . TT0n anA Southern Ton. hi« nhare-AS. and stated that he T H E ¥ ► ► town Dry Goods Co. I O R D E R YO U R Magazines for the en s u in g year, fro: Harry R. S a n ford 11 ARCADE BLOCK, PENN YAN When you nervous, tired, worried or despondent it is a sure sign you need M OTT'S NERVERINE PILLS. They renew the normal vigor and . make life worm living. Be sure and ask for ► i Mott’s Nerverine Pills ' 1 WILLIAMS MFG. CO. Prop.., Ckretind.O. *10 45 Sunday Passenger Schedule 10 00 and the dialogue have moral dignity accompanied by a severe outbreak of McDermott, of Penn Yan. Dinner was as well as dramatic power. apple scab in the orchards of western The scenes are stirring—first, the New York, according to experts at ^'eM>r?K *1= a ai P’^2 ® a m,i I departure, the signing of the^ com-|*be Experiment Station at Geneva, 12.15, 1.45, 3.15, 4.45, 6.05, 7.30 and n$in* nt Prinoot^n nnd than Qtlwho have been following *9.15 p. m. the situation NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS— State Commission of Highways, Albany, N. Y.— Pursuant to the provisions of Chap­ ter 30, Laws of 1909, and amendments thereto, sealed proposals will be re­ ceived by the undersigned at No. 65 Lancaster street, Albany, N. Y., at one o’clock p. m., advanced standard time, which is twelve o’clock, noon, eastern standard time, on the 11th day of July, 1922, for the improvement of the following highways; Yates County— Highway Name of Type Approximate x<o. Highway Length 6122 Peun Van- Bit. Mao Potter. Pt. 2 Maps, plans, specifications and esti­ mates may be seen and proposal forms obtained at the office of the Commission in Albany, N. Y., and at the office of Division Engineer, Ther- ou M. Ripley, St. Ann Federation Bldg., Hornell, N. Y. Special attention of bidders is call-, ed to “GENERAL INFORMATION Woodward's posing horses and Eng- POR BIDDERS” in the proposal,! lish setter dogs In marblesque group- specifications and contract agreement, ings, scheduled to appear here with Proposal for each highway or con­ tract must be submitted in a separate sealed envelope, with the name and Dumber of the highway plainly endors- on the outside of the envelope. pact, first at Princeton, and then at. , , . , , .. . Leave Branchnort 9 3R 11 IK a m . | Plymouth. The Pilgrims land and es- closely- It is claimed, however, that 100 2 30 4 00 5 255 6 45 and 815 tablish themselves. In their dealings most of the large commercial or- 1.00, 2.30, 4.00, 5.25, G.45, and 8 . 1 5 1 ^ the Indl£ms they pregenl wh|t chards the disease is being kept fair- has remained of the best American I ly well by frequent and thorough ap- statesmanship—frankness, justice ana | plications of lime good-will. Pestilence comes to the colony. served on the lawn and then the company was called to order by the president A program was rendered, consisting of recitations by the chil- nmgs. Saved His Bees. age his charges, and stated that he had had no sleep for two days and night He finally decided that if fifty of them thought they could get a night’s rest in four beds, he would p. m. •To Brancport, if passengers. GENEVA-PENN YAN TR A N S . CO. Auto Bus Time Card Leave Penn Yan Leave Geneva A. M. 9 00 11 15 P. M. 2 15 4 45 Sat. 7 15 A. M. 9 46 . • •« P. M. 2 46 7 16 Sunday P. M. 8 30 11 15 P. M. 2 00 4 46 Sat. 9 30 P. M. ♦ • . • 11 30 P. M. 4 30 8 30 Immense schools of carp In Seneca Lake, at Geneva, have lately attract­ ed much attention. Hundreds of these fish are seen daily sporting in the shallow water near the shore. sulfur: but it is evident that the fruit growers still have a hard fight ahead of them if of the settlers die. But youth sur- I they are apt to save the apple crop vlves. Gradually the colony finds it-1 from serious losses from this disease, self. Government by the people proves In the average growing season, the stable. But foes appear both within usual routine sprays applied to the and without. Vagabonds come to the apple orchard serve to check the colony, just for the purpose of being spread of scab to any serious extent; fed. They spread lies and attempt to but a long period of wet weather oc- turn the Indians against the colon- curring any time during the growing ists. Two men set fire to the store-1 season may result in the sudden ap- house. They are brought to trial. They prarance and rapid spread of the fun- are expelled from the colony. Gover- gus. The disease may attack both the cnnsiKLinif ol 1-ecuu.uuus uv uie uuh - Denton Sturdevant is Quite a bee Iet them try it. This item was writ- dren and remarks by Rev. V. G. Shaf- abo^t T o 1^elatlen The^other dly a ten before they had made the attempt fer, of Altay. The following officers gwarm 0f hees swarmed and were* Dundete Observer. were ciected for the coming V^ar. leaving: for parts unknown. Denton, KeaS “ £ i did not want to see good money dis- n O y B l o . xwvaaw l.lr a t k n t a n i l c n a t o i-fA ll Q f t o r President, William Smith, Benton Grange. Comer; appear like that, and so started after C. Bunnett, Dundee, second vice-pros-. Aftpr following the swarm for, _ ident, Mrs. William Sproul. Watkins; 1“ } ^ The next regular Grange meeting secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Anfia hadeone farenoueh sokiU e d a beelwili be held Thursday evening. July Littell. The place and time of the m h ifhandand tltis* caused the bees 13th. Meeting called at S p. m. Pro- meeting next summer were left to to cIrcle and commence to light on gram follows: ihe executive committee to be an- ^ hand and arm. The young man Music nounced later. nor Bradford says, “Let this be for a leaves and the fruit, but the warning that what we established serious injury is done to the ( D E L A S AT W. W. QUACKENBUSH most fruit. Scab appears as greenish-black or sootv-colored patches of thickened, corky tissue usually circular in out­ line unless several patches have merg­ ed into one. In severe infections large open cracks develop. Besides' the unat­ tractive appearance of the fruit, scabhy apples do not keep well In stor­ age. Chief reliance for protection against the steep slope, and literally “over scab Is placed in applications of lime the top” the flags of the Allies leap, ] sulfur at summer strength, that is 1 and are borne forward. I gallon of concontrnted lime-sulfur so- Once more the “ Voice of the Rock lution to 40 gallons of water. At this is heard. “The path of the Mayflower strength very little burning of the fo1- here for personal liberty and self- government, that will we hold as a heritage for our children and for our children’s children.” On this great stage move other figures. The Voice of Washington and the Voice of Lincoln utter prophetic words. Then two youthful figures clad in soldier garb appear, leading a charge. There is a clash of arms. Up Bear Is Cause of Great Excitement Near Naples. when thev discovered a large black bear In that vicinity. Daniel Sheehan saw the animal in his pasture, and held his arm out-stretched and per-1 Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Ledgerwood fectly still; soon the whole swarm Authors’ Night hung suspended from Ins arm in a t Like Zane Grev\ .................. big pulch-shaped mass, the way bees J Mr^ j T Biskon d<>; and he JI5S I \Joseph ' Uncoln' and His\ Cape Cod Naples, July 5—Residents of Ana- ™ a hive and all was quiet \On the Stories\ ............ James Truesdell ble Hill indulged In the favorite pas- potomac.\-iPrattsburgh Advertiser. “Harold Bell Wright as Man, Minister time of the earlier settlers on Sunday - ------ - and Author\ ......... Loren Nichols June Rainfall Excessive. |“How Eleanor H. Porter Taught Us the Glad Game\ .............................. The rainfall for June, 1922, ex-1 .................. Mrs. Elizabeth Turner from a distance judged It to be a'ceeds any year since 1917 or previous I “Grace Richmond as a Star under the strange calf. Later Ward Goodrich June, so far as records are obtaiu-l Country Sky” ..Miss Gladys Smith and other neighbors saw it at close able. In June, 1917, there were 191 “Mrs. Gene Stratton Porter Stands at range in the woods nearby. They days with .01 or more precipitation. 1 the Head of Nature Study and chased It and one of the party fired at with a total of 6.05. This year (1922) | Modern Fiction\ ................ A. C. P. it, but lie missed. The bear seemed there were 16 days with .01 or more, badly frightened and dashed into the with a total of 8.30 inches, dense woods of Grimes Glen in a] The greatest precipitation was wild attempt to escape. When last j Une lltli, when there were 3.05 inch seen he was headed toward the Bris- ea jn 24 hours, tol Hills. The footprints measured The rainfall for four by eight inches, and the claw years has been: June in former must forever be kept free!\ iage is experienced, except where the Round Trip, PENN Y A N the Sparks' Circus for two perform­ ances, Friday, July 21, on the Fair Grounds T O Bally-Hoo Man— Despised, But Important Part of Circus Hurry-y-y, we’re going to feed the Fuller group of performing elephants, . Each proposal must be accompanied wild Marti Stand closer to the nlattitbe Sparks dancing horses, Wood- tycasb, draft, or certified check pay- , m ,, C1° r ^ u ward’s statuesque posing horses and able to the order of the State Com- fornL A11 of which concerns the Bally- English setters, Hurd’s performing Bfiaslon of Highways for an amount aQual to at least three per cent, of the amount of the proposal. The reten­ tion and disposal of such cash, draft or check by the State Commission of Highways shall conform with Subdi­ vision 2, Section 130 of the Highway H*w, as amended by Chapter 623, Haws of 1919. The successful bidder will be re­ quired to execute the contract and comply in all respects with Section Hoo man. An unexploited member of pigs, Capt. Tiebor’s musical and aero- the circus life he Is, working day and batic seals and sea-lions, “the act night, his lungs, Ills throat slow y, beautiful,\ Miss Laverne Venable and turning to leather that the wonders, her troupe of trained pigeons, the rid- beneath the canvas may be told of. ing baboons and many other wild and And just as the great canvases are. domestic trained animal numbers, needed, so is he needed. Thus it Is | The thrillers will be furnished by the that soon there will come the sound Flying Walters In a thrilling aerial of his voice, the tapping of his cane1 bar novelty, the great Charbino in and his appeals to the onlooker to his famous roller skate head slide “step aslda\ For on Friday, June 21, from the top of the large tent and the the Sparks Big Circus comes to Penn daring little Japanese artist, Kaiclu, 130 of the Highway Law, as amended, Yan for a one day’s visit on the Fair who walks up a flight of steps while » * a iiia u by Chapter 623. Toe right 1 b reserved to reject any or aU bids. HERBERT S. SISSON. , Commissioner. ^ &creNCH' itary. I Grounds. According to the most iron­ clad promises of those in advance of the circus, it has almost doubled in size since its last visit here—in fact, it now stands as one ot the Very lead- ,ers in the “ Big Show\ class. Th [season's features include the Madge balanced on his dome. By tne way, sample of everything is to be seen in the street parade, even to the open animal cages and the thirty clowns. The Bally-Hoo man? Of course they will all be there, for the parade would not be complete without them. ATLANTIC Wildwood, Ocean Clly.Cape May and all South Jersey Seashore Resorts. FRIDAYS July 7, 21, August 4,18, September 1 Tickets good returning w ithin 16 d a y s Valid In parlor or a’eeplng earn on pay- montof ntmalclusrg h for npaoo occupied, Including tmroharttu. For Stop over privileges at Phila­ delphia, and Harrisburg on return trip, consult Agento. Proportionate fares from other points Pennsylvania Syste The ltoute of the Broadway Limited The pageant is over. The crowds loaves have boon attacked bv the fun- disperse. Only the stars keep watch gus. and satisfactory control of the at Plymouth Rock. But long will those disease is secured, who beheld this historical vision, re­ call the deeds of the Pilgrim fathers. Long will the readers of history hon­ or the Pilgrim heritage that America •possesses. 3.00 Y. P. B. CONVENTION. marks were distinctly visible In the i 9i7 ............ 5.06 soft mud of the bean field which he 191s ............ 2.8O crossed on his way to the glen. 4919 So far no loss of stock or damage to property has been reported in this section, but whether the animal is in any way connected with the beast supposed to be a wolf that destroyed 1920 1921 1.50 2.75 A Free Scholarship. Yates County Get $12,317.75. Any ambitious young man or wo­ man who is a reader of the Express may secure free instruction in Music or Elocution. The Ithaca Conservatory of Music, with the desire to stimulate the study of these arts, offers 100 scholarships valued from $80 to $600 each, to de­ serving applicants from any State in the Union, and which will entitle them to instruction for the term of ThA trAUQiirAr nf Yates enuntv has seventeen weeks beginning with the ...p.-v.vu MV, „ . .......... .. „v~vsv,.,xv, iae v « f , <19 Q 17 7 Ky ti!f opening of the school year, Septem- so many sheep and Injured other an!- received a check for $12,317 75 the ber 19 lg22< in any o( the following mals in the Bristol Hills recently is county s share in the first• departments: Voice, Violin, Piano. fi mnttnr n f nnniAnfnrn Snm n nf th#» tion of receipts from the State personal Elocution, and Instruments, and The Y. P. B. Encampment of the farmers exnressed the oninion that it al lncome tax for 192V The total dls*| Public School Music. These scholar- — f New York State Woman’* Christian frmn tim Pensvivan tribution amounts to $14,000,000. ships are awarded upon competition Reports comes from Washington _ te Womnna Christian might have come from the Pensylvan-j ^ addition to the $14,000,000 dis-lwhich is open to anyone desiring a that the administration lias decided Temperance Union was held at Mon- u\ hiUa, ^hat it^might have eseap- trlbute(1 t0 the counties, a like sumj ^ ‘sical or -.1 ^ i - - * t J* ^ ^ A 1 ^ 1*1 to take possession of the coal mines tour Falls this week, unless the strike shall soon bo set- Delegates from Yates county who 6l*Th*e*excitenient on*Anab 1 e Hill was !!nder } he law’ Is tl!r1ned ov?r_t,° ti16 unless the strike shall soon ho set- Delegates from Yates county who * v v“ v : State treasurer, making a total dls- tled. If it should do so, what then? attended the Encampment tor part or I IM:ar*y .as aB eaid‘V davs trlbution jast year 0f $33,000,000. work without conceding all their de- os Doris Gibson, Alllian Trenchard, K * ld 1b?aatt? tta”1.dLtb<J „ county treasurers is in turn distri- 1922. Marian Comstock, Helen Hill, Hnldah |!!8j ed An_Ahe chase for w,ld panther3, touted to towns and cities within each! desiring information should write to Mr. George C. Williams, Secretary of the Ithaca Conservatory of Music, Ithaca, N. Y., before September 1, mauds, whether reasonable or not? Notice of Public Hearing, Hurlbut, Susanna McElwee, Muriel Iand woIves Hurlbut, Evangel, Ruth and Esther Johnson, Elda Russell, Beatrice Brun- Notlce to the Collector, county, again on the basis of assess­ ed valuation of real property. T l i a f r .1 I n i v l i u , foh l a olw v x v a tliV i r l t a . Hospital Meeting. Thft annual moAHnu1 n f fhfl mem- 1922, at 10 o’clock, In the forenoon, In the Town Hall, in the Town of Jerusa- lem, Yates county, N. Y„ upon the sld . application of Merton Stocking and They eley tlon ot offlcer8 occurred on Fred Helmer, for consent to operate Tuesday morning with the following an auto-bus line through the Town of rp«iiitR- PrAaM*nt cwnav m ism To, S ..- S . i r - s auto-bus p n Ysin • ti4iv MV1(..vv« v .. m ....ages of *«n, Penn Yan and Hammondsport, N. Y. Kai-per, Elmira; corresponding secre- Dated June 23d, 1922. tarY* Mss Marguerite Funston, Schuy- B. S. TUTHILL, ilerville; recording secretary, Winston Town Clerk, Town of Jerusalem, i McCann, Brooklyn; treasurer, Miss 34w3 . Maude Pratt, Drydon. street, in said village, beginning on Tuesday, July 11, 1922, and continuing for twenty days, from 9 o’clock in the forenoon until 4 o’clock in the after- Come on Over „ - , . .. , A groat comedy hit written by Ru- noon of each day, for the purpose of port Hughes the author of “The Old receiving taxes assessed upon such S ^ Ahe^ ” Dated at Ponu Yan, N. Y., June 30, wIn be shown at the Sampson Mon- 1922. day and Tuesday, July 17 and IS. For AUGUSTUS DITRNIN, a pleasant evening see “ Come On Ov J35w2 Collector, er.” who have paid $100 or more to the hospital fund are members of the as­ sociation and are invited to be pres- 6Ut* W. N. WISE, President. C h i l d r e n O r y FOR FLETCHER’S O A S X O R I A

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