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Wftm jpan WEDNESDAY, JU L Y 5, 1922 TH E HERRIN TRAGEDY. leader had been receiving about $4,- 000 a year. The only poorly recom­ pensed men were the '‘helpers/’ and they received their pay from the men they helped. The investigating committee was greatly nonplussed by the evidence There is not a Republican govern-1 tdec^ed» which was more of a boom- ment in the county, where Herrin, Ill.Jcrang than a political capitalizes the scene of the recent horrible trag­ edy—Is located. The Constitution off RANK INCONSISTENCY, the United States guarantees such a, government. and that The Inveighing of the Democrats tout CWItKCSrONDENCE MEMBERS OF GRADUATING CUSS OF 1922, STARKEY SEMINARY CANANDAIGUA LAKE —This is a great cherry year. Many bushels of the fine fruit is going to waste because of lack of market. —The boats are making regular round trips ^very day now, leaving W.oodvilte, at 7 a. m., and Canandai- p-jlf, )>t .1 \ n» / mi A b o a t w i l l l«<»vo PiT««>iir1of<nin a t o n.. m.. and A havn the iv»9t boat service o f any of the Finn-er T-akes. d«nr» n 1r>T>~ fhn thn m«n«. la unusually high a* — - guarantee, . A , would be upheld if the Illinois State|aganst tbe recent decision of the U authorities had the courage to invoke!® Supreme Court, declaring that the Federal aid. But thev haven’t. Labor Federal Child Labor Law was uncon\ p r e ^ t w w t w . unions consider that thev are above BtItutionaI' ls the rankest klnd ° r in\ —\Ponn'e n n » ,\ <Vv— r>v 1 ivr'i. all laws, except those of their own consistency. ler home is hein- fl'-ed »n N s\i‘- making, and they have been permitted In, most f t,heJ ^ rthen! State\ ‘ h° win *nnn' h T o tr^rt to act accordingly, and will contrive I emP*°yment oi children is regulated fn r>nk t ^fVn^ on to be so permitted, until the people by State statutes. shnr^ it a desfrnh’A shall be so aroused in wrath as to de- There are no such laws 1,1 lhe ~ ™ ''Ti’/ n / ’’of T '- v mand and enforce a change. A few Sout,h- and Prior to the enactment of p ,;,e.” n nsntll\ aFf>isna ot room L r the more Herrin tragedies may hasten |*be *aw» which the Supreme Court de- prnAe!tq to Cpmn Tnrf^u. th* such a change and if so the attend-|c*ded to be unconstitutional, children pnv Remit enmn on R\sh Foint. nnrf ant sacrifices would count as nothing. were employed in mills, shops, and A Washington dispatch, of June 28,1factories’ worked long hours, and wnflt hr; room fnr rarq fn tm n ’niw v l. savs: I were poorly paid* Tliorpfor^s nprkine^ cn** in the ]1w- The State of Illinois will be “a The textile employees in the New tted space will not be allowed, disgrace” to the nation and should England States have been on strike - not be entitled to a-place in the several months, in resistance to a 20 BRANCHPORT AND VICINITY Union unless it takes prompt ineas- per cent, decrease in their wages ures to punish the perpetrators of . . . , . ■the killings at Herrin, Senator M>- winch operators say is necessary to ers (Montana) declared today. I enable them to compete with South- The senator denounced the Herrin) ern mills. affair as \one .of the most horrible ana Gompers encouraged this strike, de- reprehensible that has ever disgraced , th nr()1^ Sti(1 nerre-me »s the annals of this country/' and pre- nounung the pioposed aeci ease as _ ____ , dieted the downfall of the American [outrageous, but he does not utter a other ‘‘caws. republic it* “ ‘such assaults on constitu-lpeep or raise a linger to improve la- —The Hartshorn property in east tional government/' as he put itjpor conditions in the South. Jerusalem was recently sold to Geo. W’’WhaMsUworse Z T u T l l u i s - The Federal Child Labor Welfare t f / V k h S d sion of the crime itself,\ said Sena- Law was stoutly opposed by Demo- Leather C o m p a n i o n t o e real estate tor Myers, “ is the fact that the united I cratic members of Congress, and the of 150 acres there are a large line Uourt action to have the law deelar- house, two large barns, four silos, 150 populace of Williamson county, Ufa-led unconstitutional was commenced sheep and other stock which goes This seems to tie a exceptionally good year lor crows. They are as nun - erous and vociferous as politicians al­ ter a lot job. They waged war on the early cherries, and will probably go after other fruitp later if the gun- j men do not shoot ahd hang up some of their blaek bodies in warning to cigarettes Seeley Says: , } i < a s. V T h e y are G O O D ! ( The cleanest line of BATHING SHITS made for the cleanest sport made. i . r i I r Francis A. Yost, Himrod; Donald M. Beckwith, Port Jefferson; Ellis L. Day, Himrod; Raymond W. Onsted, Newton, N. J.; John Edw. Shults, Lakemont. \ It is frequently claimed that the coal situation might be different if the op­ erators had conferred with the min­ ers, as they had agreed to, but the. claimants carefully avoid reference j to the fact that anthracite operators! and their miners conferred for months without arriving at any agreement. “Flashes of Action” . See what modern warfare is, as told by the camera of the U. S. Signal Corps in the Official War Films, at the Sampson Theatre, July 12th. Guar­ anteed by the U. S. Army to be actu­ al war scenes. Designed to 5 peed up your stroke and ycur appearance* Made for men who give Bathing Suits hard use— so that the chap who goes in twice a day need not purchase twice a summer! ♦ Blues, tans, grays. 3 V e > X 7 \ 7 - au peak t / be united 1 v and Too aud u r o s e c ^ Tv SouthJn m.n T -1*1 tke stock’ ? he original owner ot I tioundry. ot Barnes, the following oL noneHtnHm. 9 United btates owners, who desired a restoration ot accumulated quite a fortune tor those| year: Ora Goundry, ot Himrod. presi- Hall, Beaver Dams, Penn. Yan, Ben-, ^°yer» Geneva. Sunday school a. ton and other places, until 123 were, •L-1,uV* ■evening service ai < vcioca, on present. At one o’clock a bountiful uinner was served, which was enjoy­ ed by all. A business meeting was held under the presidency of John D. ^ / h a ^ M s t a n c e of an entire I former labor conditions. They kave I d w H ew a s known tor «£dwM e tor county being in rebellion against thvlsucceded, for the time being, but) p^Uin Wheeler a well known car- government of the United States and I they denounce the Court for giving | penter and architect, was a recent if°7j them what they contended for, aud visitor in Jerusalem, where he li ernment ot the State in which it is _ ' . . . i,i0 *h„a i-r« iG , dent; James Goundry, of Penn Yan, w e l a w u m i r o a u 0 1 t h u c h a r v u . a a i .» b v i V auu > v i * i u y u o u u u u l u U u y m e C u i n - i u u m i y i v i y u s L » iu u . i u u p i e s i u e u i Vv ah p i e s u i o a u u u t . W - v m u r , w h o ». u v i e g u t e ti> tu u a u l v i u u u u u a i S u n d a y 6 > c n v u i U o n v e u t i v n m i x a u s a s , w i n g i v e a n a u u r e s s . ‘i n i s m e e u u g w . . u e w e l l w o r t u y o u r w a n e t o c o m e , a s vice-president; Miss Isabelie Goundry.1U1‘e ■ >v-ulh-e1' a message iur «... secretary and treasurer. Mr. and 11 18 hoped io nave a m«ue quartette, Mrs. Byron Mead, of Bellona, extend- auu pernaps ouier special . ed an invitation to meet with them'^ume anu para your car iu irout oi situated, and ing disloyal Slate governments of anything being thaL Sam should expend more of ... home on Bluff Point, for the season, manks was given to the genial ho A rnK VMk W 1 \ M 1 HP K 1UI 1% AnH il/l w ® There is little room to talk about time and energy in attempting to up- ^ apH?^dlcAltis/>*nrin t i haq a niHnn J pl-easJaully spent in visiting. Tne £ 2 | 2 K S L E 3 denouncing Courts S g r . and Mr Paul Ga = o^New' ^ about the airocities oi the Turks up-1 aud fomenting trouble in the North, 1 ri S Pnint fnr tho ^,u0lt:3 aud balL A cordial vote oi on the Armenians as long as things of this kind can happen in tnis coun­ try, without any apparent punishment for i t “If this is to go unp'unished, the failure of the officers who neglect their duty will be worse than the commission of the crime itself, and 1 see no indication of any intention on the part ot the officials of the coun­ ty in which this occurred, or ot the officials of the State of Illinois to mete out any punishment to the per­ petrators oi this crime. “1 predicted Saturday the probabil- was nvve tnesu upon air services at Y.uv u much, each £>unuay. evening win prove Ueipiui to tne community. Come and neip inane tnem a mg tmng. *... men oi m e community men a tiuu are au urged to ue present next ou«- uuy evening. —rrayer meeting Wednesday eveu- Chant of the Motor Boat. My motor boat, *tls of thee, short road to poverty—of thee I chant. I blew a pile of dough on you three years ago; now you refuse to go—or won’t or can’t. Through channel and by oceanslde you were my joy and pride, a happy day. I loved the gaudy hue, the nice white paint anew; but you’re down and out for true, In every way. To thee, old rattlebox, came many jumps and knocks; for thee I grieve. No shelter from a storm; frayed are thy seats and worn; the whooping cough affects the “chug’’ I do believe. The perfume swells the breeze, and only causes one to sneeze, as we pass by. I paid for thee a price, Twotild miy n mansion twice; now everybody’s yelling “Ice”—I wonder why. The motor has the grip, the spark plug has the pip, and who Is thine. I, too. have suffered chills, fa- Ask your grocer for Levi Smith High Grade Kerosene. If he don't car­ ry it we have it at wholesale. Guar­ anteed best for tractor and liouscho < purposes. John A. Fiero's, Benham street. VALUE WILL GET you fc 'A where labor conditions were never The community where Mr. and Mrs. hostess,0 and^MrlJ ticotteld, ing at ,.^u. before as good as they have been Garrett make their summer residence aU(j Mrs. Milton Rapalee, and the — a ue monthly meeting of the L«- since the commencement of the are very fortunate in naying sucu fiends departed in time to perfonu dies' Aid wm ue heia at the home v world war good and intelligent people m tne^^^p evening chores. • ims. ±>. Gaiuner j?*'iua> aitemoou, at! tigue and kindred ills; endeavoring region Randall met with anU ™Miss Kl^h. Eberly, a student at a.w. a u ladies not Having any way iuj to pay my bills, since thou were mine. —nMrs. Agnes i^naaii met witn an Syracuse University, arrived on get to the meeting, ue at tne cuu»u. SHOULD BE REBUKED. [accident a snort time ago, py stumth Thursday to spend the summer vaca- at 2 o’clock anu oome one wm uuw ’ Ung against a plank that Wtal ^ u tion Wlta her parents, the Rev. and you out. A labor union leader said on Friday last: . „ .j 8he was walking over-sm a ll-bridge* Airs. J. N. Eberly. Since the close Oil —ii^vy Scouts will nifet at the par- m Hornelljby which she was thrown off the t|ie (oilege for the summer, Miss Eu-;souage every Monday evening, at '( bridge and badly injured. ,.riy .,as been enjoying an outing at,ociocK. We will go out 99 per cent, strong. I Recently in what “ I 7 bird, Lake iu the Adirondacks. wiv.. —The Hi-Y Bible Class will lioiu All that we ask o£ the Erie it they k n own as \the hemlocks.\ on the, IUf„udSr’e A|mon T Mallory and Miss tC 'uLm ilitA : r t r , ^ e I V t ? e1, Dep^w0^ - ^ aS n i n ngd I w o . f f i Workmi ity there would be no punishment for they keep these men on Erie proper- iated that as the voung lady teacher £5. i A p7, , are» entertaining ter and vindicate Uie law, enner _ Dy | property _we know where they are J g g S m i to, a young masculine '!2 * . £ S — t S send in their names as federal or State officials, 1 predict and the Erie knows where they are; Plls.h nnf and seized her horse andi“ 1-fvws' \Hv *“ ,.vYtT“ that it is going to create one ot tne 1£ they are allowed to leave Erie prop- Ynemutecl to null her off but fortun- 1 vvlU!;lR l\ Rlve th.ose little ones a two greatest and most powertui waves ot ertv .rouble is bound to follow. The ate!™she rapped him in the faceIm d ' week8 ,<-al vacatlon m the country. indignation among law-abiding people Erie warns us to keep off their prop- Ht,r/ npfl it js renorted that the as- “ S, T . - s a t i TST S5T e, 22 26 Ut Z Z Z 2 U °s E S ^ E f n B L i s r a B u X n ■™w *lu,s“l“r- , - i s s a s s i . s& That is fool talk. It is more than country Thu chi dien who have come at this time will remain all through the summer, but the next lot will be here for two weeks only.-Think it over, and ___ _______ it you can give a child pleasure, say hold tne dignity oi the law, it they That is 1001 talk, it is more tnan “ ”* so. * do nothing to punish this atrocious that. It is incendiary, and should not B E L L O N A — Mrs. Margaret Wright, wife of assault upon constitutional govern- be, permitted to go unrebuked. _ Mr and Mrs sidnev Coleman and Charles Wright, died at her residence others, tne State ot Illinois will not There is a difference a broad dif- daughters, of Buffalo, spent several ternoon, after a brief illness. Funeral be entitled to a place in the union fernce—between railroad property days last week with his parents, Mr. services were held on Thursday after- and will be a disgrace to the union.” and the public streets. Behaving peo- aad Mrs. William Coleman. i noon at the Methodist church, con- pie, whether imported or exported, ~7~^r\ .and Mrs. Harry J. Speck ducted by the Rev. J. N. Eberly, as- W ILLIAM H. SEW A R D . t L L » M tK .tflr , and daughters, Lois and Marjorie, and sisted by Rev. W. H. Wheately, ot n ‘ have a right to go on the latter, and Miss Rena Bradley and Mr. Donald Penn Yan. Interment was made in the It must be remembered that William ** *s duty of officials to protect Roach, of Rochester, spent Sunday Penn Yan cemetery. Besides her hus- H seward ot Auourn, N. X., was a them in that right, and to arrest witl1 Mr- Speck’s parents, Mr. and band, she leaves two daughters, Mrs. strong competitor tor die Presidential promptly all hellions who assail them. Mrs- Henry Speck. | Byron Kelley, of Rushville; Mrs. Le- nomniauon. inncoln, following ins elec- Raiimad « mnpr(v diffArent it is • Last Wednesday Mrs. Sarah Mac- man Race, of Benton, and one son, tion, selected sewara as becretary oi Rallroad property 18 dlfferent tt ls> gnnes and cousin Miss Clara T v - --------- - r,,~™ State. to a certain extent, private property, Msk, aud Mrs. Eloise Hebbard, ot beiore Lincoln's inauguration the and no one has the right to invade Rochester, were callers of Mr. and rar was on. aoutneru acaies nad de- u without th« nwnpr«4’ rnnsont Rut Mrs. bpeck. cmed tnrouffh co n v e n t io n to wiLnamw U* wltnout tue owners consent, .but, — C070r scheme in the decora- from tne union. United States arms i£ the strike should continue, it will ttions of the Methodist church last and ammunition had been seized. not be long before such property is Sanday morning in commemoration of the boutii, it is interred by his tor- invaded by the strikers, with felon- tb1®..Fou1r.v 0l* duly was red roses» Clara T .; Clarence Wright, of Cleveland, Ohio, and five grandchildren. —Mrs. Margaret Schroeder is spend­ ing the week with her daughter, Mrs. -Chris Jorgensen, and family on the Ainslee place, in Hall. —James Taylor is quite sick, and is ............... , ,, , under the care ot the doctor. He has Hcrhtfniiv y klte Y Llies, and blue canterbury been ill for several months, and is not .ay ngntiuny bells. It was also communion Sunday. at all strong i strikers —Next Sunday the Men’s Class i —Orla Newcomb, who has been departments without due authority. keep away from the Homestead prop- wRl take their annual outing at the confined to the house for the past beward was an intriguer, tie nearl> erty, or from the mine at Herrin. Jake: Taey w.111 start immediately af- two months, does not improve, and >, VA vm uime ai nom u , ter the mormng service. Each mem- 1 his friends are feeling quite anxious ber is requested to bring cup andl'about him. Mrs. Thomas Bishop remains lans, was encouraged in uiese deiin- mous intent if we quencies by beward, who seemed to be , . _ ___ * . , . t .., .. . .. auenaing \o me lunctions of ouivi I JudSe from history. Did the strikers got us into war with England, wiio»e m*? statesmen presumed he was backed *. TT „ . ,. ...... uy LincolnT when, in fact, Seward Tbe Horneil press should scathing- fork, and may make the choice of was moving unworthily and witnoui ly rebuke the utterer of the above. cak,e> sandwiches, pickles or the knowleuge of Lincoln. But it probably won’t. Most papers a^dYl\ss)theTclatsCsher’ ° £ Geneva' Wlli The above recently appeared in a are t0° cowardly to do that They —Choir practice in the Presbyter- near-by daily. In our judgment it is as untrue as the recent declarations of the United Confederates that Abraham Lincoln was responsible for the Rebellion. might lose subscribers. U N A C C O U N T A B L E EXCEPTIO N S . ian church next Thursday night as usual. n Tuesday of this week, Helen Barnes and Louise Black started for Douglass, Kansas, to visit the family Adjustment of the entire Mexican ^ii*e TT . . . XT Both are perniciously false and the wfen hfstonans ( i) who have emitted such ” ere o! a MUol d t i u K ? t h a t h £ Mr‘ and Mrs’ Comstock, stuff deserve to be severely rebuked, been agreed on, will, when ratified, ^ XT t History should be true, aud those bring the Obregon government to the ^ Methodist Church Notes who pervert it lor sinister purposes, j“ ^ d a f recognition by the United atl f . ^ day’mJ^ V ito\lerm o n by^the and thus delude rising generations, ° ' pastor. As announced last Sunday, commit a very serious offense. But it wky °ur government should we expect to have with us for thi is an offense that appears to be ob- base its recognition of Mexico upon its service a male quartette from Naples, taining, with little effort on the part adjustment of its indebtedness to for- ^QJ d’ $ a Yather and t h / e t ^ o w , T i of the press to check it, while some el8n countries, is beyond our compre- the pastor’s family will vouch fbr th papers, for incomprehensible reasons, hension. It seems to us that that is a quality of the music, which they wi 1 are abetting it. matter that does not rightfully con- provide. Plan to be present and briny William H. Seward, who was a resi- cem us» and that it would be far bet- ^oy bearing ^h^good^old gospel songs dent of Auburn, N. Y., was one of the ter for the United States to be more heartily sung by male voices. Sunu. y ablest Secretaries of State this coun- concerned about the indebtedness school will convene immediately after about the same, possibly a little weak­ er, and needs constant care, which BRANCHPORT —Mrs. Cuanes Jtiiboard has her aunt wuh her ior the summer. —-Miss Cornelia Dercn is spending the summer wiui relatives here. —irorrest Bunch is in Cleveland, Ohio, wuere he has a position with an aircraft company. —ivirs. Cena Jackques is spending some time in Perry, i n . If., visiting rel­ atives. —.m e Misses Anna, Esther, and Elizabeth uotsford will spend tne summer at Thousand Islands. —'Mothers’ Club meets tins week Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. Siei- ai buthenand. Mr. aud Mrs. E. Wiley, of Brook- Gone is my bankroll now, no .more ’twould choke a .cow, as once before. Yet, If 1 had the mon\ so help me. Jack—amen. I’d buy a boat again and speed some more.—Bayllss Y. C. Log­ book. Laws Against Profanity. Did you know that according to the law of England swearing Is an offense for which you may be convicted by a justice of the peace according to a scale of penalties? And the higher up you are In the social scale the higher the fine imposed. A day laborer, com­ mon soldier or seaman forfeits one shil­ ling for every oath; every other person under the degree of gentleman two shillings and above the degree of gen­ tleman five shillings. For a second offense It is double the sum, for a third, triple, etc. At any time a con­ stable may arrest a profane swearer and take him before a justice. On lyn, their two small children, also , , ,. Mrs. hrank Tuthill and Eugene, of [ one occasion a man lost his temper Chicago, are' spending the summer here, at their summer home. —Anyone having good warm cloth­ ing to spare for the needy of the Near East Relief, please notify Miss Grace Timmerman. She will call for same. —iGeorge Brown buried their pet dog, Buster, on Friday last. He lived to a good old age—15 years, 2 months, and had been blind or a number ot years. —Elisha Barker is back at his bar­ ber work here, making his home with Mrs. Guy Merries. —Arthur Allen and family are mov­ ing to Ferguson Corners. We are sor­ ry to lose them. —'Nellie MaoCaul, of Rochester, is visiting her mother here. —A match, gasoline, then a fire, burned the top and cushions off fh_ TTnifo/i the morning service. There is a place me uuiteuifor y0U? and a hearty welcome. Do not she is getting from the members of Lawrence Jones’ car, in front of the family ni f n . Burtch Bros.’ store, on Monday after- —Mrs. M. W. Christler, of Elmira, noon is the guest of her parents, Mr. and —Mi\ Ernest Brown and family Mrs. Albert J. Peck, tor a week. of Montour Falls, spent the Fourth —The Christian Endeavor Society with their uncle, George Brown, of the Baptist church invites its friends to attend a patriotic social on Thursday evening in the church W E S T IT A L Y parlors. An interesting program will —Mr. and Mrs. Win. Johnson enter- be given, and light refreshments serv- tained on Sunday their daughter, Mr. ed. The committee in charge says it and Mrs. Wm. Shaeffer and four cliil- will be good, and announces a charge dren of twenty cents for the evening’s en- _ 4 j r. and Mrs. Geo. Shay and Mrs. e-T h e R e v . J. N. Eberly attended df s*e Johnson spent Sunday with the annual picnic of the Methodist 'Clarke Johnson and wife, of Rush- preachers of the Geneva District last ville. Friday at Sodus Point. In the forenoon —Miss Erma Witters and friend, business of importance was transact- Mr. Cole, of Canandaigua, are now ed, and after dinner a good social time visiting her uncle, Earle Randolph was enjoyed by all present. and wife. —Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malloiy, of —, mi \ and Mrs. Geo. Manning, of Penn Yan, ana former residents of this Italy Valley, was yesterday’s guest of place, were in town the first part of ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ana- the week, calling on some of their bie many friends —The pea viner will start up work —Miss Florin© McAlpine, who, -for morning. The crops, on the aver- entirely and swore the same oath twenty times before a justice. The lat­ ter counted them and when the man had finally \stopped fined him two shillings for each repetition. There Is a similar law In Scotland. try has ever had, and he was thorough\ foreign countries to * ^ 1 w ^ u | ^ V J f f X/VUATiH 11 ^ | i | a a _ ly loyal to his chief. States. send a substitute. Come yourself! Ep-:ihe p ? s J l tx^° y?ars,A l s H?en- a men}‘ age, are quite poor. During the Civil War it required But, for some unaccountable reason worth and Junior League at 6.30 p. m.! beJ finlin hawa H ivtiiraedtli x.r- a u d Mrs; £Ienf y E££e™,’ o£ — “ 1 * — « » — - r S O \ . ™ . . . . Mexico . . . ^ S S t Z S & ’S T s o t m t t 8$ S d V l T \ ' \ ,1 European countries, and notably Eng- Russia as exceptions. service will be given over to the ln-lpart of this week- Her. numerous —iMrs. Rose Powell, Mrs. Rose Gor- land and France, from recognizing the The Allies insist that the latter shall stallation of the recently elected glad to welcome her| ten, of Reeds Corner; Mr. and Mrs# Southern Confederacy, and Lincoln Pay all her foreign debts, but they cers of the Epworth League. Rev. W. and Seward, working harmoniously, are not malting any agreements in £ stCcn™“ %o?hfm!\ 11 ‘b I p^ese^ succeeded in avoiding any pretexts for regard to the payment of about $11,- deliver the installation sermon- A interference on the part of our Euro 000,000,000, which they owe this special invitation has been given to pean enemies. country. This was particularly manifested in the Trent Affair case, when, Nov. 8, 1861, the San Jacinto, in command of Admiral Charles Wilkes, intercepted Whitewash over Blood. The United Mine Workers of Amer- the Gorham Epworth League to b< present at this service as guests of our own local chapter. The male quar­ tette from Naples will be present in the evening to assist in the service. Let us make this a memorable event. Your share—to attend and bring oth­ ers with you. R U S H V ILLE —The Rushville Masonic Lodge is making a canvass of its members for subscriptions to the building fund l< the new Masonic Temple it hopes to erect. The canvass is only about on ■ third completed, but the committee has raised more than $1000. The mem­ bers are responding liberally. The new building will be erected on the corner ot Main and Gilbert streets. It would mean a big improvement in that portion of the village. —The missionary societies of Rush­ ville Methodist church have complet­ ed reorganization and will merge into one society, to be known as the Wo- home, and to know of her success on Geo< Gorton and Mrs. Frances Suter, the island. It is hoped that in the near ot River Rouche, Michigan, visited future an opportunity will be given tlie latter's granddaughter, Mrs. Orla to the friends in this section to hear Johnson, on Thursday. Miss Me Alpine relate some of her experiences, and describe the ' won­ derful scenery of that delightful part E A S T R U S H V ILLE of the world. —Miss Beulah Voorhees is home Mr. and Mrs Emmett Nageldlng- from j_,eroy for the summer, er were guests in Dundee over Sun- _jBorn to Mr. and Mrs. Burt Lafler, day* a daughter ,June 26, 1922. Miss Lav- the British steamer Trent and took as ica are absolved from the bloody prisoners the Confederae Commission-!slaughter at the mine in Williamson Ars Mflsnn and <3iid«ii whA war* ^ county, Illinois. Their escutcheon is ers Mason and Slidell, who were on freed from the red apot o£ murder; their way to France to negotiate for a they are the righteous in defense of loan to the Confederacy and to stim- their rights. Upon the officials of the ulate activity in the fitting out of rebel |coa* oompa^y# whose non-union min- privateers, to prey on our ocean com- frightful crime of the century, and up- merce. England made haste in her de-lon the Superintendent, a victim of mands upon this government for the I the union mob, is placed the blame. release of the prisoners and a dis- s ° ®nds a coroner’s jury comprised A y x , . lot three union miners and three bus- avowment of the act of their seizure. Iiness men subject to the union. The popular sentiment of this country! Wfere it not that the slaughter of was against a surrender, but Lincoln! ^be non-union men is one of the most and Seward rnemmDed the fart that disgraceful blots on the history ot ana bewara rceogmzea me ract tnat the nati0n, the verdict of the coro- a serious mistake had been made, andjaer’s jury would be laughable. The promptly disavowed the act and re-1 murdered superintendent shot a union __ _____ ^ ______ leased the prisoners, and thus saved man w^° was prowling about the men's Missionary Society. At each our country from what otherwise Pr°Pe£ y and the reprisals were monthly meeting a supper will be our country irom wnat, otnerwise, 8wift and thorough. Because he was served. The suppers will be in charge might have Imperiled the Union cause, protecting the property, with the sate- 0f five women, chosen in alphabetical If William H. Seward had been as ty of which he was charged, he is to order. The next meeting will be fea- disloyal as charged, in the above, does blam? foJ* tl*e red slaughter that fol- tured by the opening of mite boxes any inte.Ugent person doubt that Pros- C c ^ r e Y The. C\ ° X Ident Lincoln would have ousted him from the Cabinet? L A K E M O N T . ina Dinehart is with the family. —Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ansley are vis­ iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Starkey Seminary had a p*eat Spong, in Ramsey, Pa. commencement last week with isrg© —tester william, and Miney Blodg- numbers of the alumni present. Many A*t nf Elmira s-nant WArinpqriflv in of them were .from long distances, victor. 1 P Wednesday in Nine teachers of a former time were •Mrs. Chester Olmsted, of Buffalo, t T H E CARNEGIE HOM E S TEAD STR IK E . , , , , en for the ensuing year are as fol company officials who recognized the i0ws: President, Mrs. M. J. Wilson; constitutional rights of all men to firat vice-president, Mrs. William Sav- labor are the criminals, says the coro- age; second vice-president, Mrs. Anna ners jury. The score ot non-union Fake; treasurer, Miss Helen Jones; miners who were foully massacred assistant treasurer, Mrs. J. H. Adam- came to their deaths by gunshot 80n; recording secretary, ML E. Thom- wounds at the hands ot persons un- as; corresponding secretary, Mrs. P, t r6S ™ V m , ^ L tha^ rth% lar8t I T J and Alanso Foaterf ot Waterloo, are was a guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rey- mond, of Chicago, was elected to the ao^dg Board of Trustees, and Mr. A. M. _jyjr and Mra Henry DeWick Taylor, President of the Alumni As- spent Salurday night and Sunda> sociation. — __ . . ... with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunton, in —-Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Markle, with xtaiy Valley. ^ e ir daughter, Helen, —Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Kunes enter- with the Wjixson family. Their* home taine for Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. ls A«a«Sferr nvffln George Gorton, of Detroit, Mich., au —-Mrs. Annie T. Carr, of Tiffin, Ohio, Charles Gorton and family, of Reeds’ arrived last Wednesday from her Corners home. —Mr. Raymond Onsted, a student izcniz* dadu - just graduated from the Seminary, ivc . uixa rArux suffered a bad fall last Thursday —Mrs. Vreeland and daughter, D'or- morning, as he was getting ready to othy, have gone to Montrose, Pa,, to leave for his home In Newton, N. J. attend the Torrey meetings. The injury to his leg was so serious —Prayer meeting will be held that he was removed to the City Hos- Thursday evening m the chapel at pitaJ, at Geneva, where he is unde* 7.30 p. m. treatment by Dr, Skinner. The good —iMisses Lenn and Helen ^pace people of Lakemont are raising a sub- spent the week-end in Toronto, Cana- stantial contribution for his assist- da. ance. —Mrs. Harrington and daughter, —Sunday afternoon a Junior En- Carrie Mae, and Mr. Covey, ot Roches- deavor Society was organized in the ter, spent the week end on the park. Temole church under the care of —Summer school at Keuka College Miss Grace Humphreys. July 3d. Miss Louise Humphreys is home —Mary Norton had her tonsils re- Elizabeth Mersou is on the sick - m i , , , . known.” And the real murderers will! h . Voorhees The following commit- Employers occasionally have hired remain “unknown,” tor there will be! toes have been nnnntnfAd • Music Mrs ____ ___ ten to shoot workers, as in the fa- no effort on the part of the William- N T ^ t c h e l l ^ wlth her Parents on Main street. She moved at S. & S. Hospital. Arthur Brisbane is a great writer, union men upon which the crime r^ Mrs!*Nefife W&bu?? M r T V k T f i company with his mother, who ha - A t the' Sunday from the besinnine of the world all The coat of whitewash has been ap- periodicals Mrs Savace* sunner drive in his car through to his home poit of the Noitheru Baptist L the way down, would not fill a small Plied* but through it will be visible to Mrs. J. H. Wilkin, Mrs. Bert Waltheri in Defiance, Ohio. There is no better tion, which was held at Indianapolis, primer. But, In regard to our own his- the rest of the nation the red blot Mrs. c. A. Lazarus; programs, July, way to get acquainted with ones ind. torv he freauentlv distorts for rea, that cannot washed clean.-—Syra- Mrs. Wilson; August, Mrs. Baldwin; country than such a cross-country —Mr. L. Crosby and family, of Phil y u „ ^ ' cuse Post-Standard. | September. Mrs. Corbft; October, Mrs. drive. adelphia. Pa., are visiting their W. R. Fitch; November, Mrs. William ■ * * ---------- ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Crosby. —Mrs. Hollis and son, Albert, of sons more or less obvious. The above is a specimen. Employ! The kidnapping by Mexican bandits I Holbrook; December, Mrs. Inez John k u o A i u u » K I ' > u & V / m u A i v w u I f i r t n - T o m i o v i r MrS. C. A. LaZaTUS *, par- DUNDEE. •Two women escaped injury Wed- Hornell, are visiting her parents. TFought not to be necessary during ers have not hired men to shoot work- nf fnVv T f thft 8on: January, ers and thev were not thus emnloved n forty American employes of the Fel)ruary Mrs. Wilson Fitch; era, ana tney were not tnus employeel Cortez Oil Company, and holding March Mrs VnnEnnq* Anrii Mr/ In the Homstead strike. them for ransom has created great Mabel Fitch* May, Mrs! Fred Bennett; ohS,daXl tan automobile, with an stl!|ko86for“empToyers to barricade They were hired to protect the prop-] excitement in the Washington official June, Mrs. M. J. Wilson. Miss Jones *fen5ie i ^urned ,?0P p/^ e*£ °Xer *ilti|P nmnariv and emnlov euards in erty of their employers from threaten- circles, and there is talk of sending was appointed chairman of the suit- C dafend It Zainat mob at\ ed assault and destruction. p , . * ™ « c h l t r ^ of t L mite b o ^ ^ m l u e e down the Wfclker lilll. The car skidded tacks. That is a duty of the govern- And conspicuously so it was in the ^ ej ; a? “ WOUld be, wl8er t o e /ve the cnairn^p or me mite box ^pmmlttee. for severa, feet the„ turned over , , duty that the gov Homestead strike. “ 6! ^ a\ „ 8\ V®r?™e;L L ea_^nabll Um® BENTON CENTER breaking the rear right wheel but 0rnment evades cowardly, without Dt IN l V IN VBI j i i I Cn RAt iniiiHntP tliA nnoaan<roT«o n t h e x t * , . . * ri _ -i Some day The employers barricaded their 110 punish their captors. And, in the —The following services will be] than giving them a bad Shaking up. Pi!0l®SLfv°H property and hired men to defend it. meantime, our government could take b®ld in the Baptist church next Sun- The car was taken to the Empire!tnere may do a caange. This they had a perfect right tolsome notice ot the far more horrible daY: Preaching by the pastor, at 10.30 do. I event on our soil—the tragedy at a* m* Communion Thoughts.’ And there would have been no 8k“o f Herrin ^ Co^munloTSt tl? on the Homestead Works with felon-1by on Btrlke and thelr deavor meeting at 6.45 p. m. Leader, sympathizers. I Leslie Corbin. Topic: How to Get the Blessings of Freedom.” Preach- lous intent. At that time the Democrats had a In everv State where the *no*u*A lnS at 7.30 p. m. Union service. Sub- S- 8 r te,' 2 3 * S i .. \ J“ ’s universal Know. their strike on the claim that they date* for'Governor or U. 8. Senator churth next Sunday, the i f f l were underpaid, the Democratic lead- the Old Guard, Stalwarts, Iteactionar- Eberly will preach at 10.30 a. m. The ers thought that they, could make pol- !®®’_e!f:LbaYe ann0UI}ced tbi^r Bible school will meet at 11.45 a. m.,| * —A t the Spink reunion the follow-1 result\ \of *a conspiracy of certain in­ garage, in this village, to be repaired., x —The high school teachers enter- According to many reports, which tained the members of the Senior appear authentic, American tourists Class at a banquet at .the Harpending who are sight-seeing in the Allied week6 ^ i n ^ ^ , n6^ea,,yer1^ nLnySo ^ % countries, are unmercifully fleeced toastmaster and the responses were f°r everything they purchase. But by Miss Alice Crawford, Miss Eliza- they are not obliged to scatter their both Sohleyer, Miss Edna Hausner money “over there.” It could be bet- and Miss Leila Allen. During the pro-L_, » gram several vocal selection wereren-|ter U8ea over uere. dered by Miss Edith VanDeusen. The, , ^ A. affair was greatly enjoyed by all I There are charges that the recent present. |kidnapping (?) of Americans was the secretary, Elmer Vaughn, Dundee. The next reunion will be held at the home ot Elmer Vaughn, Dundee. itical capital out of an Investigation, iintention of giving support to the and at 7.30 p. m., the congregation ing officers were elected: President, So one was ordered The Investiira, nominee8‘ U is to be h°Ped that such will join the union service at the Emmett Vaughn, Barrington; vice- 6>o one was oruerea, i no in vestige edtvencee of party loyalty will reform Baptist church. president, Fred Taylor, Barrington: tors went to Homestead, confident! the reformers, who have been wont to —The thirty-sixth annual reunion that they would be able to secure evl-lkick at elections when they have of the Goundry family was held last dence that the strikers have not beenlfalled to have their own way. Deetruc- Thursday at the Milton Rapalee farm, receiving fair warra Rut thov wore tion is eaay» construction more diffi- two miles from Benton. The host and receiving lair wages. But they wereicnlt TW b 1 b true ln aU affatpaf poli. hostess were Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Sco- completely discomfited, as the lastjtlcs not excepted. Unity is, therefore, field. The morning was very rainy, pay-roll of the men, with tlieir re-|a vital necessity of up-building. jbut before noon it cleared, and rela- celpts attached, showed that they! ■ ■ » • ■ ,and Jr^enda fc?80? coniLn®Q.froii1 were well paid, and that the strike J First Prize Mayonnaise—Best ever. Flint, Seneca Castle, Milo, DRESDEN. Methodist Church Notes —July 9th, 1922, 10.30 a. m., divine ellona, worship and sermon by Rev. -W. C. terests in this country to delay the recognition of Mexico by the United States. Whether true or not, these charges should be investigated, and if It be found that they have good foundation, the conspirators should be punished deservedly. ___ ______ C h i l d r e n C r y FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORIA Flowers and Seasons. The relation of the colors of flowers to the seasons has attracted the at­ tention of a Canadian professor, who finds that of 539 flowering plants in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, about one-third have white flowers. Yellow flowers come next, and com­ prise about one-quarter of the total. Purples and blues form about one- ninth or tenth. White flowers are com­ monest in April and June, whereas yellow are frequent in July, August and September. One can not help noticing that the spring flowers have delicate colors as a rule, whites or pale pinks, yellows and blues, whereas the autumn flowers have much stronger shades of yellow, blue and purple. First Magic Lantern. Fakers ln the old days were no less quick than their present brethren to take advantage of scientific discover­ ies to fool the public. In 1646, one Athanasius Kireher announced to the few German scientists of his day that he had discovered an instrument which would throw large pictures of any drawing or painting placed on tt, upon a white screen. He wrote quite a treatise on this first magic lantern and called it the “Arm Magna Lucls et Umbrae.” From a scientific point of view Klreher’s discovery did not make a very deep Impression. But half a dozen traveling magicians some­ how or other got hold of copies of Lhe first magic lantern. They trav­ eled far and wide through the coun­ try, and they not only scared the peasants and small-town peoples out of their wits, but by making a specialty of showing pictures of the devil, of poor souls frying In purga­ tory and other unpleasant subjects, they collected considerable sums in return for the promise to keep these evil spirits out of the homes of their victims. Farm Sale. In order to close the estate of Archi bald Thayer, deceased, I, the under­ signed, administrator of said estate, will sell at public auction to the high­ est bidder, at the front steps of the Benham House, in the Village of Penn Yan, Yates county, N. Y., on July 22» 1922, at 10 o’clock, a. m., the farm of which the said Archibald Thayer died seized, consisting of about sixty (60) acres of land in the town of Milo, Yates county,, New York, and three and one-half (3 1-2) miles from Penn Yan, on the east shore of the East Branch ot Lake Keuka, near Willow Grove; fifty (60) acres of which lies east of the high way, and about ten (10) acres of which, with over twelve hundred (1200) feet of lak;e front, lies west of the highway. The terms of the sale will be cash, A search of the property may be seen at the office of Goodspeed & Miller, Penn Yan, N. Y., after July 16th, 1922. Dated at Penn Yan, N. Y., June 27 1922. DAVID MILLER, Admr., c. t. a., 34w4 Penn Yan, N. Y. H.C.Morse H A N A * e <U Penn Yan. N Y ADMISSION — 10c and 17c * SPECIALS EX T R A Edwin Paddock, Organist, from Eastman Conservatory. TH U R S D A Y Bernard Durning and Pauline Stark in SEEDS OF VENGEANCE A big story about the mountain tolk. A tale of love and feuds and the bigness of heart of these simple inhabitants of the hills. Adapted from the famous novel. The Sowing of Ander­ son -Cree, by Margaret Prescott Montague. Rathe Review Afternoon. 17c; evening, 17 and 22c; children under twelve, 10c. _______ ______________ ______ FRIDAY Charles Ray in his picturization of James Whit­ comb Riley’s old-home poem The OLD SWIM MIN’ HOLE It has caught the spirit of the Riley classic and reflects it throughout Six wonderful reels of humor and happiness, with­ out the necessity for one single sub-title. This is a real achieve­ ment. Episode Uo. 10 of “THE WHITE EAGLE” Afternoon, 17c; evening, 17 and 28c; children under twelve, 10c. SA T U R D A Y Thomas Meighan in WHITE AND UNMARRIED The romance of a dashing Yan­ kee bachelor who started out to “do” Paris and did! One of the best Paramount pictures in which Mr. Meighan has been seen to date. Al St. John omedy A STUDIO RUBE Pathe News. Afternoon, 17c; evennig, 17 and 22c; children under twelve 10c. MONDAY A new Paramount picture star­ ring Thomas Meighan in THE BACHELOR DADDY Delightful romance, the lively, entertaining caprices ot five or­ phaned children, and the thrills of a battle between Mexican bandits and a small army of de­ fenders, for the possession of a silver mine. The Bachelor Daddy A rhymed review by Albert Deane Down where the bandits still flourish, There where each day marks a raid, Where naught but a grudge does one nourish; Yes, that’s where the story is laid. Of a man who was man, for he proved it, Who gave his life to an ideal, Whose mind was a wall, yet ho moved it In a way that all othrrs must feel. Five kiddies left parentless, lonely, Willed on to this bachelor man; They twined ’round his heart, as, well, only A bunch of cute kiddikins can. But they were not all that he captured, Though much of his heart did they fill; There was something else made him enraptured Just guess what it was if you will Afternoon, 17, evening, 17 and 28c; children under twelve, 10c. TU E S D A Y Ethel Clayton In FOR THE DEFENSE Here’s the last word in mystery dramas! Follow it breathless to the next-to-the-last-second^ and you’ll never guess the outcome. Then breaks the crashing, dar­ ing climax! Adapted from the great stage hit of the same name. Afternoon, 17 f evening, 17 and 22: children under twelve, 10. O n th e C o m e r I C h a r l e s E. D u g a n U N D E R T A K E R LADY ATTENDANT AMBULANCE . - F u n e r a l P a r l o r s P h o n f 2 7 9 P enn Y a n . N. Y. J U L Y F O U R T H W e and commemorating the occasion of our national independence. For one hundred and forty-six years the people of the United States have celebrated July Fourth in commemoration of their independence. For more than one-third of this time Baldwins Bank has served this community in a banking capacity. W h y not declare your own financial independence by starting a bank account with us. You will honor the day as long as you live. Baldwins OUSEHOLD BRUSHES O F A L L K IN D S There’s a brush for every purpose in our assortment of housewares — handy and convenient for washing and scrubbing floors, woodwork and walls, brushes for window washing, brushes for cleaning toilet bowls, floor brushes, etc. All are well made and low in price. The Geo.'W. Peck Co. The B e s t Shirts in Town. appreciated. We give yon Hollow ell & Vise Co. 1 Trade where year trade is $ ❖ £ 100 per cent value for * every dollar spent with ns. Swim! have Bathing Caps That will keep the water out of the ears and hair and > IT LASTS FOR Years NOT MONTHS! VALDURA ASPHALT PAINT fs offered for premanent protection. You do not have to apply VALDURA every year like you do most paints of its type. VALDURA makes its strong­ est appeal to the better class users. It sometimes costs a little more than the black tar dopes so generally offered but it really costs less because a gal­ lon goes further and lasts a great deal longer. VALDURA ASPHALT PAINT should be preferred for ell types of roof a} whether rubber, felt, composition, or motel. It Couldn’t go a notch high­ er in quality or style. Laundry proof, fast colors are woven into their dur­ able cool materials. Your Best Shirt Buy, from $1.00, up. McNIFF Guaranteed Clothing. I ^ best grades. It pays to buy the Timely Hints Grape Fruit Hearts. Olive Oil— We carry only the President Harding spent the Fourth at his home in Marion, Ohio, having motored there. In his speech to his fellow townsmen he declared with emphasis that his one “ outstand­ ing conviction, after sixteen months in White House, is that the greatest traitor to his country is he who ap­ peals to prejudice and inflames pas­ sion, when sober judgment and honest speech are so necessary to establish firmly tranquility and scurity.” .............................................................................................................................................. ^ cious flavor of Pimentoes, ^ Swiss Cheese — Genuine im- $ ported. i 5 Large assortment all kinds of # fruit. I | A.MacKay&Co.j best. Our brand is one of the highest quality. Large Queen Olives carefully prepared. Thousand Island Dressing, an exquisite dressing for salads. Sardines, Best Imported, in Pure Olive Oil. Cheese — Pimento Cheese, a $ creamy, rich yellow cheese, to which has been added the deli- Water Wings learning Water Is Fine' miCMISI ■uwva u , ivi|. iv*., w. iii . iim . . ■ in used widely for bridges, silos, tanks, farm machinery etc. You can use it everywhere a water ana weather resisting paint is required, whether below ground or aboveground. Supplied in Red and Green now, aa well as brilliant Black. Valdura is real Asphalt Paint — 99.556 pure Gilsonitc Asphalt Paint. It is supplied in popular sized containers from I Gal. cans uo. It is all ready for use and doce not have to Le Healed o r fussed with before y ou apply it. Let ue eend y ou the VALDURA Booklet and if you wish wo will include a i/ee sample can for * •*\ Tlie railroad shopman have gone on strike, but the trains are running with ;little trouble. The chiefs of the maintenance of way men are hesitat­ ing about issuing a strike order. The Labor Board has outlawed the strik­ ing shop men, and railroad executives have announced that the shopmen who have struck have forfeited their rights of seniority and pensions. THE 1HRICE-A-WEEK EDITION OF THE NEW YORK WORLD IN 1921 AND 1922 PROUTY RAPALEE Prescription Druggists Penn Hollo veil & Wise Co Hall’s Catarrh Medicine Those who are ln a “ run down” condi­ tion will notice that Catarrh bothers them much more than when they are In good health. This fact proves that while Catarrh Is a local disease. It Is greatly Influenced by constitutional conditions. HALL’S CATARRH MEDICINE con­ sists of an Ointment which Quickly Relieves by local application, and the Internal Medicine, a Tonic, which assists In improving the General Health. Sold by druggists tor over 40 Years. F. J, Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio. Practically a Dally at the Price of 1 Weekly. No Other Newspaper In the World Gives So Much at 80 Low a Price. The next few years will be marked by important and historical changes in the life of the United States deeply Interesting to every citizen. The Thric©A-Week World, which is the greatest example of tabloid journalism ln America will give you all the news of it. It will keep you as thoroughly informed as a daily at five or six times the price. Besides, the news from Europe for a long time to come will be of overwhelming interest, and we are deeply and vitally concerned in it. The Thrice-a-Week World will fur* nlsh you an accurate and comprehen­ sive report of everything that happens. THE THRICE-A-WEEK W O R L D S regular subscription price is only It per year, and this pays for 166 papers. We offer this unequaled newspaper and THE EXPRESS together ter $1.60. The regular subscription of the t papers Is |i.O

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