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>»Uild« -- nsw .- The Penn Yan Express PENN YAN, YATES CO., N. Y. R E U B E N A. SCOFIELD, editor and proprietor . published every Wednesday at Penn Yati, Yates County, New York. Entered at Pcuu Yan Postoffice as second class mail matter. BOOHING PENN YAN. TERM S : $1.00 per Year in Advance; $1.25 |f Not Paid in Advance, The Only Continuously \ Republican Paper in Yates County. C PENN YAN, N. Y„ WEDNESDAY. JUNE 2 1 ,1 9 2 2 . Vol. LVIl.-No. 11 .-Whole No. 2953. Dinner and \Made in Penn Van” txbibil Will Be “ Bumdinger 9f B n e i n c a e i (H o r i t e P H O N E 5 4 6 C . D p . G . B . S c u d d e r , D E N T I S T . P E N N T A N , N . T. Over Gas Offlse. B. T . M A L L O R Y , FIRE, TORNADO, and AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. Farm Property and Tornado Insurance a Special Feature in this Agency. R o o m 18, A r c a d e B lo c k . Penn Yan. N. Y, Our Policy ^ To have a well equipped bank. T io be conservative In invest­ ments, yet up-to dale in methods. II To be as liberal with cus­ tomers as their responsibil­ ity warrants. II To merit conlidence by strength and soundness. If To make onr Bank necessary jo Ihe community by prov­ ing onr worth to it. To give everyone a square deal Black and Navy Silk Sweaters, $5.00 and better. Sport Sweaters in a variety of colors. Silk Hosiery in all qualities in the wanted colors. Plenty in Black and White* Our qualities are unequaled* Silk Gloves, 16 button length, in white, black, and Nude. White Satin Petticoats. Silk Underwear. Silk Bloomers. Satin Bloomers. White and colors in ORGANDIE* Extra good for the price asked. In W A S H G O O D S our assortment is right, and you will find some good desirable Fancies at under prices* McCall’s Patterns are reliable. Try - ROGERS’ - Store. The Citizens Bank Penn Van. T> * •N* G00DSPEED S HILLER Ey,*.* .<:Sg£f:;x • •y. . . -y.-.v for all kinds of ■m * INSURANCE and BONDS P h o n e 1 3 0 -M . Good to be Sure by Insuring With N. S. DAILEY, agas. m a n h a s l o v e d o n l y th e W o m a n . b u t t h e lo v e of the W o m a n is e v e r f o r the lo v e of th e m a n * to.- £ ..M' •»} m ..... i* m '•>s'.. i wmw ,xys love romance of the m ost beautiful W om an the ’World has ever knoWn AGENT FOB Fire, Life, Tornado, Accident Health, Compensation, And the many other Branches of the business. Office, Room I, over The town Dry floods Co Phone—Office, 288. Bes • 826-J. tory by V ir§in i<flra c y z.v: Edmrds fp p e § i | l production xs- :«*• « r-m T W O D A Y S O N LY, Monday and Tuesday, Jane 26 - 27 Elmw One Performance, One Performance, Matinee* 22c* d Theatre , - - - Afternoon, 2,30 - - - Evening, 7*30 Evening, 22 and 33c. Children under twelve, 17c* Your Drug Store, E VERY woman In this town is Interested In pure drugs. We keep that always In mlid when buying drugs. Fall stock of Drags, Medicines, Pharmaceutics, all of the finest quality. This store is always In a position to fill your orders—or the doctor's order — promptly and efficiently. If you want thebeat, and nothing but the best, the beat way to get it Is to ALWAYS COMB TO THIS STORE, where you will be sure to find the beat. FRANK QUACKENBUSH, 14 Main SI., Penn Yan. AMERICA IN THE STONE AGE When Columbus Came Few of Its In­ habitants Knew the Use of Metals. O R D E R , Y O U R Magazines for the ensuing year, fro: Harry R. S a n fo rd 11 ARCADE BLOCK, PENN YAN Highway Buy Universal dining hall tickets. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS—■ State Commission of Highways, Albany, N. Y.— Pursuant to the provisions of Chap­ ter 30, Laws of 1909, and amendments thereto, sealed proposals will be re­ ceived by the undersigned at No. 55 Lancaster street, Albany, N. Y., at one o'clock p. m., advanced standard time, which is twelve o’clock, noon, eastern standard time, on the 11th day of July, 1922, for the improvement of the following highways: Yates County— Name of Type Approximate o. Highway Length 8122 PennYar- Bit. Mao 2.92 Potter, Pt. 2 Maps, plans, specifications and esti­ mates may be seen and proposal forms obtained at the office of the Commission in Albany, N. Y.. and at the office of Division Engineer, Ther- oii M. Ripley, St. Ann Federation Bldg.. Hornell, N. Y. Special attention of bidders is call­ ed to “GENERAL INFORMATION FOR BIDDERS\ in the proposal, specifications and contract agreement. Proposal for each highway or con­ tract must be submitted in a separate sealed envelope, with the name and number of the highway plainly endors­ ed on the outside of the envelope. Each proposal must be accompanied cash, draft, or certified check pay­ able to the order of the State Com-j mission of Highways for an amount °Qual to at least three per cent, of the amount of the proposal. The reten­ tion and disposal of such cash, draft cr check by the State Commission of Highways shall conform with Subdl-, vision 2, Section 130 of the Highway Uw, as amended by Chapter 623, uiwb of 1919. The successful bidder will be re­ quired to execute the contract and jjmply in all respects with Section y? Of the Highway Law, as amended ovflaapter 623. Tni right is reserved to reject any * all bids. HERBERT S. SISSON, . _ Commissioner. > C. FINCH. •wretary. When Columbus landed at SarvSal­ vador, nearly all North America was In the Stone age. The Mexicans were using copper, and though they did not alloy it to make bronze, they treated the metal in a way to make It a fairly good cutting material. A few of the northern tribes of Indians either worked copper or traded for it. But the vast majority of them used stone —and this in a continent richer than any other In easily found and smelted copper and Iron. In northern Michi­ gan, copper mines were found with blocks of ore separated from the bed vein—yet the natives who hunted around these mines used flint arrow­ heads. The stone implements and weapons used by the Mohawk chief In the days of Columbus were not a whit better than those used by the Cro-Magnon people of France 25,000 years ago. Moreover, these ancient Frenchmen seem to have arrived in that country with their culture full grown—which menus that it must have had a long, slow development elsewhere, probably In Asia. “ By Hook or by Crook.\ “By hook or by crook,” an expres­ sion denoting that a person is deter­ mined to accomplish a certain thing, no matter how, was first used in Ire­ land in 1172. At that time, Strong- bow, the great warrior, invaded Ire­ land and swore he would take it “by hook or crook,\ meaning two towns of great importance in those days near the port of Waterford. Some authorities, however, claim that Strongbow was using a punning allusion. Ancient forest rights in Eng­ land and Ireland allowed the poor to carry away dead or damaged wood for fuel. The people were not permitted to use an ax or a saw but were sup­ posed to pick up the loose branches scattered about. The customary meth­ od of ..removal was to use hooked poles or “crooks\ with which the dead branches could be pulled down and hauled home. In the old English records this priv­ ilege of the poor is called “a right with hook and crook to lop, crop and carry away fuel.\ ______________ The Days That Are Gone. “You used to say,\ she complained, “that you counted that day lost when you did not hear the sound of my voice.\ “Yes, I know,” he replied,4, “and I shall never cease to long for those dear lost days.”—Boston Transcript. 1 6 D A Y E X C U R S I O N Friday, June 30 Round Trip Fare from Penn Yan $ 1 6 . 2 0 Proportionate) fares from other points COMMENCEHENT AT PENN YAN ACADEHY. SEIZE LOAD OF CHAH PAGNE. INTERESTING ADDRESS. JOHN TABER ASPIRES TO „ ........... „ , TAKE GOULD’S PUCE. One of the interesting addresses of the Yates Baptist Association, recent- The next meeting of the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the Man­ ufacturers' Council. It will be held at the Masonic Hall Friday night, July 7th. This will be “ Ladies Night\ and each member is expected to bring his wife or his sweetheart. Strange as it may seem, it is said that many people do not know of all the various things made in Penn Yan, and it is the intention of the manufac­ turers to try and bring to the notice of its citizens an idea of what is made in our community. All together we number over twen­ ty manufacturers; and the most in­ teresting part of this entertainment will be the exhibit of the various man­ ufacturers, showing what is made TIME TABLE. Railway, Trolley, and 'Bus. . Northern Central The passenger trains on the North­ ern Central pass Penn Yan as fol­ lows: Going South , (.OVD. 111. ,15fi^aaf.llea' 1 „ ‘ ~ .»LUied«.aX , , ,, ~ TT --- y~ . JLJOYYiO V/. Williams, Wl auiuuiwo *. - l uo 1U1 JVOUieSCUULUve VW 111 VUUKieoe 1UI nAi ollAUrarl prt *yvn iraf nil Express 32 A* Ml! SArmnn ‘Rafnrp thp ProflnoHon flaaQ UOll&r8 WtLS 9@iZ6(l fit the HclIIlIT10Il(lSe fAllAuro* ili - 1. _ _ _ _ _ .1 tv *- - - AVe 8X6 DOt wlOW6(l tO wll yet &U IissSSdSfiSS Si & 5£ ™ w i ■ Express . ...........................9 13 P. M. Monday, June 26, 1922 ■ « ft************** v » « 1C | * , . . „ _ . k/v «AAf & WU W DUJ fT VA U l>Vi iUV WUM* i I * * “— 1 - - - -------- ----- — --- - Sundays Class Dav Exercises * b?iong t°J Brooklyn tiay school. I do not claim to be a eald ■ ,,, , it | ally all of the manufacturers for the Accommodation ............... 2 08 P. M. y a \k ho Vi ,Tbe raid. was directed by j public speaker, just a “ dirt” farmer. 1 I am a candidate for the Republican ladies. Some of the souvenirs will be ................ Acaaemy Assembly Hail Sheriff Kellogg and carried out by | think the Baptists are a great de- nomination for Representative in very unique and very much sought af- nomination—live wires in little Yates. Congress from the 36th Congressional1 ter Brother Wheatley, I believe, has the District of this (State, and I respect- * largest church membership and the, fully solicit the support of the Re- largest Sunday school in Yates coun-1 Sunday, June 25, 1922 I bundred and forty cases of i ly held in Dundee, was given by In announcing himself as a candidate v 7.30 p.m. S aJt teS thou9and | Lewis C. Williams, of Middlesex. The for Representati in Congress for n Sermon Before the Graduation Class ™ 8ce^ L t before““ day^gbi|“ T a m llad^o be in this gathering t_hlsp dlf,rlctLto No™ a,“ t h L ™exhfb7t\s\\w\iiilncluii:\ and we Tuesday morning, after it had been today, ^consider it a ereat Shonor to ? ' t'0111*1' ^ho will not be a candidate are not supposed to mention that loaded onto a ten thousand dollar be invited to say a word for the Sun- f°** selection, John Taber, of Auburn, there will be souvenirs from practic- truck, said to belong to Brooklyn hay school. I do not claim to be a eald: ally all of the manufacturers for the . . . . . . . . Express .. ^ . 9 13 IP, M. Tuesday. June 27, 1922 Deputy Sheriff John Callan and Depu- Bxnress • 6 36 A M 6.30 p. m. ty Carl Adams, of Hammondsport. i Bxnross ............................12 13 P m ! Alumni Banquet ............. Alley’s Inn The truckmen were ordered to drive Acoommodation * ‘. *.* * * *.*. 2 42 P. M. Wednesday, June 28, 1922 with their cargo to the county jail in Express ........................... . 7 07 P. M. 10.00 a. m. this village, where the champagne a..nHat/Q ' Commencement Exercises, Class of was Put in the custody of the sheriff. y t 9* A mr 1921 .................. Elmwood Theatre The truckmen were taken before Po- :^ ™ r . U n. ::::::£ It P. Ml Thursday, June 29, 1922 llce Walter Longwell, and after New York Central (In effect, Oct. 31.) Northbound Leave Arrive 7 12 A. M. 8 36 A. M. 12 05 P. M.— Saturday only 7 10 P. M. 8 43 P. M. Southbound 7 12 A. M. 8 35 A. M. Saturday only—1 11 P. M. 4 60 P. M. 5 62 P. M. 7 10 P. M. 8 43 P. M. Sundays Northbound 6 20 P. M. 6 20 P. M. . .Southbound 9 15 A. M. 10 20 A. M. Annual nnHncr nf the firn’rtnntine’ a conference with their attorneys, rinqa Outing of tile Graduating Michael O’Connor, of Elmira, and Fririflv June an 1922 Thomas F. Rogers, of Corning, their tnninr Recention ° Masonic Temnle hearinS was adjourned to Friday, Junior Reception . . . Masonic lem p ie Jime 23d Bach gave bail in the sum of $500 for appearance at the hearing. Boy Walks Fifty Miles to Lake Keuka. Attorney Rogers claims the Cham- ---------- pagne was being moved under authori- Hornell, June 12.—A walking feat ty of a permit. that will stamp him as a second Wtes- Joseph Burman and Maurice Glick- ton has been accomplished by William man. who were in charge of the truck, Howard, the 12-year-old son of Er- were the men arrested and brought to TiAQt LTnwnrri r>f Nn 17 Bostwirk s t JalI» f°ur or five other men who were nest Howard, or wo. 17 BOstwicK o l , evidently interested in the cargo of who covered on foot the fifty .miJf^ ^ t h e truck endeavored to argue with tween his home and Crystal Beach, deputies at the time of the arrest. Lake Keuka, Saturday between dawn Argument failing, these four or five and midnight. The boy pulled along a men escaped in an automobile. handcart in which he carried all the The wine seized is alleged to have paraphenalia he wanted to use during been taken from the Hammondsport PENN YAN & LAKE SHORE R. R.|»<? outing at the lake. ptoce/under IHard^by Deputy'calfa^ Leave n aI1 happened as the result of the &he tr^ck is ltttered on its aide?* Branchport automobile in which William s par- «gkniman Trucking Company, Brook- A. M. I ents and some friends were riding to jyn> ^ y »» which warrants the as- the lake not being big enough to hold gumption that the cargo was intended William and his fishing tackle. After for a New York City market. William, who had hoped to be squeez- When the cases were opened at the ed in, found that he would have to jail the bottles were found to carry lose several days at the lake, while the label, Rheims, France, probably awaiting the completion of other ar- being intended for market as an im- rangements to get him there, he form- ported wine.—iBath Courier. ed the idea of walking to cut down the r * space of time that separated him from! “Why Lincoln Laughed.\ sheer joy. He got early start, accord-! ---------- ingly, and used his cart in which to W)hen Abraham Lincoln breathed coast down all the hills. At no time his last no truer—words could have did he get a ride by automobile. been spoken at that awful time than Leave ! Penn Yan A. M. 6 40 8 35 10 05 11 35 P. M. 1 05 2 35 4 05 6 35 7 20 *9 15 7 30 9 20 10 50 P. M. 12 20 1 60 3 20 4 60 6 20 8 25 Saturday's only 10 00 *10 45 Sunday Passenger Schedule Leave Pen* Yan, 8.50, 10.30 a. m.; a\ iIluru,“ E nsiI1UB tr‘p\ After the lapse of mor’e than 57 are iMh.yvi in tne united states in;departments and governmental func- 12.15, 1.45, 3.15, 4.45, 6.05, 7.30 and startled when he was aroused by the years since his death, the American Sunday school who are not church lions were perhaps never more acute *9.15 n m boy s knock at the cottage door at neonle come to realize more and m ore'members» between 12 and 24 years of than they are today. Likewise, busi- * * _ _ 9 i_ _ • _ i n . a » _ « , « • * . * . _ W I aa • OA AAA AAA nri 4 k ai *4 «%1« a ahaiia 1 m I «*. L« ..A K — — 1 . 1 His father, asleep in preparation for ^ f an early morning fishing trip, was Atter the la|se 0j ’ than ty. I was much interested in the re­ cent report of his church work which1 appeared in the county papers. The1 two men in public life today on whom, the very life of the nation depend are Baptists—President Harding and Sec­ retary of State Hughes, 1 am not a' stickler on denominations. I am a Methodist because that church dug me out and I was in honor bound to join that church. If I inherited any religion it is Congregationalism from a Godly grandmother. I think there is good in all denominations, Catholic as well as Protestant. Younger gen-, ©rations are not so rigid in their be­ lief. A story is related of a Baptist and a Methodist church choir situated across the street from each other. 1 One was singing “Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?” The other choir sang, “No, Not One.” 1 have been requested to give a fifteen-minute talk on “How to Hold the Boys in Sunday School.” I thin* it will take as much time as this to tell how to do it, and then some. 1 have been a teacher of boys’ classes 25 years, numbering from 10 to 30, and now have the largest class in my experience. I have always taken an interest in boys and their sports; was a ball player myself, and had one son who came after me who was also a ball player. It has helped to keep me young in thought at any rate. That it is a laudable ambition to keep boys in Sunday school is evidenced by the fact that statistics tell us that you increase the probability of a boy or girl becoming a Christian four times or 400 per cent.; 80 per cent, of all JOHN TABER publicans of this District in the Prim­ ary next September. This is one of the crucial periods in our country’s history. Problems of persons who unite with the church j reconstruction, reduction and res tor- come from the Sunday school; there1 ation to normal of the governmental are 1,645,901 in the United States in;departments and governmental func- Leave Branchport, 9.35, 11.15 a. midnight Saturday, but he was amazed what a marvelous man he was. He 20,000,000 without religious in* ness conditions have been normal and LOO, 2,30, 4.00, 5*25, 6.45#, and 8.15 when he heard of the son's accomplish- was too great a character to be justr struction of any kind; 10,000,000 be- while they show a tendency to im- ’ 1 ly or fairly estimated in life by the tween 12 and 20 years, the period m 1 prove, there is yet a great deal to majority of the. people. His career occur 70 per cent, of all crimes be done in that direction, was so bound up in the Herculean en- commitied. The average age of pns- j I stand tor the well known princi- deavor to save a nation at war with oners in the United States is 19 pies of the Republican Party and itself! that there was neither time nor y average age in Sing Sing pris- will support such measures as tend opportunity to take a measure or form onv . . . . bring about the reduction of gov- Miss Anne Purdy resigned from ac- a just and true estimate of his match- . sai.d recently in a talk ernmental Expenditures and reduc­ tive service with the New York Tele- less sagacity and far-seeing statesman- to the Kings Business classes of Can- tion of taxes. phone Company, effective June 10. ship t^ ^ f ^ s o m e t W n f T o 'r he boys^n1 prmciple of reaso,lable protec- Miss Purdy recently had a serious ° f Lincoln s personal characters- “ LJL0* J.°J? *?1?5,^ormlae p. m. *To Brancport, if passengers. GENEVA-PENN YAN TRANS. CO. Auto Bus Time Card Leave Penn Yan Leave Geneva ment. Resigns after Twenty-Four Years of Service. A. M. 9 00 11 15 P. M. 2 16 4 45 Sat. 7 15 A. M. 9 45 . . .. P. M. 2 46 7 15 Sunday P. M. 8 30 11 16 P. M. 2 00 4 45 Sat. 9 30 P. M. ♦ ♦ t • 11 30 P. M. 4 30 8 30 tion of the American industries and m,as , f uruy naa a serious ticT what he did and sa d the neor le this country is to exist. The home is larm products has been so long dem- and feels the need of a thorough rest, uotsly His Spontaneous and peren- most any teacher can do is to co-| the well-being of the country that a About June 27th she leaves for Seat- njai «/ood humor croDDina out through °Perate with the home. Someone has proper protective tariff should be tie, Washington, to remain a year all occasions, revealed one of the kind- f.a*d a teacher must have the magne- * ’. * with her brother, Clinton. She will est hearts that ever beat in human tisai ,?f Moses, the patience of Job, be accompanied by her niece, Miss'bosom. The people had only fairly be- aJd. ^ b© 'Ylsd9™ Yn? 010?11?11 tx 1° i Elizabeth Purdy. gun to realize and appreciate the L:e.ed; A teacher has got to practice! maintained The farming industry in this country is the real backbone oi the nation and such legislation should be adopted and continued as will tend Twentv four vears azo when Miss great, good, devoted, and unselfish what he preaches. You can fool the in every possible way to make the Purdv started as onerator chief oner man that he was when he was snatch- men* but you can t fool the boys. They industry prosperous and life ator and cashier, the office of the man sjiape attested in the fact that many men forget that they were ever committee of the Senate and House telephone company was located over an snape* attesteQ ,n tno Iact tnat ^ ^ ^ upon joint THE ELMIRA BOOMERS* ^eck s hardware store. Later it moved try so thoroughly and universally no man was ever in this great conn- boys, and had to cUmb up_ Fools 1S now working on a constructive pro- just as all the boys are doing! gram along this line and very good over the dry goods store of Lynch- mourned w h e n c e departed*: ^day. They condemn boys for doing A staff correspondent of the Elmira Ful,er Corporation, and when the two The American people love to dwell ^ ^ y s ® findtog fault witlTthe bo/sS salers of that city on their trip last ? f . c®s ^ ®qu‘ pmel‘t 'T6re installed Perennial good humor. The day was £ lt“ Ufh{£ das^ d h i s ^ m e a^d | or to Improve the ad week. Of the visit to Penn Yan on ™ the Arcade.^ Miss Purdy was placed “^ ot ^ so dark t h a t ^ could^notJnd he said it was -Johnny Don’t ” I of the government in so far as it re- Thursday, Friday’s Gazette said results are expected. Everything possible should be done to support President Harding by leg­ islation and otherwise in Ms endeav- T, _ inistration end in charge of the commercial depart- the^Mck an^ omi^us ^ave known men that boys would run nates to the care of our wounded and across the street to get.rid of meet- she has been since. ' derful character is well considered Miss Purdy is still considered in and set forth in a neat volume of 148 They Repented the employ of the telephone company pages prepared by Russell H. Con- “King Solomon and King David and with another year may retire on well, published by Harper & Brothers, In youth led the wayward lives. the pension schedule. She has served Franklin Square, New York, price Each had a few affinities this company longer than anv other entitled “Why Lincoln Laugh- Besides their numerous wives. of its errminvos in Ponn Vo*. «,ni, ed.” But when old age came rolling on, fhft Y^n* *with lt is a very interesting contribution W)ith all its aches and qualms, tne exception of Robert Lunney, trou- to the philosophy and literature oi King Solomon wrote the Proverbs, ble manager, whose record with this laughter. It sets forth personal inter- And David wrote the Psalms.” company now is nearly 35 years. Chronicle. NOTICE OF SALE NOTES OF THE VILLAGE OF PENN YAN. views with our greatest Presisdent in a refreshing manner. Lincoln, alluding to the necessity OF VILLAGE °f humorous manifestations in his po- -J. L. Richart. The Good in “Wild\ Young People. Youth will have its fling, and some 2,000 years ago that wise old Roman, “In extending a welcome on behalf men*» on tbe east side of Main street, ci0uds of the Chamber of Commerce, the n®xV ° Ponaldson» Hess & Co., where This happy phase of Lincoln’s won- Y.ou can’t make a Postage stamp President IVnlter ^ ^^owei* seid* she hns beeti Rfriee. i n u am 4^ ttf ah aa »^ wia ** a / i stick to 8» C8ke* W e have no key to Penn Yan, for our gates are always open to people from Elmira and every­ where else, but I wish to state that not only the merchants but every citizen here extends a most cordial w e lcom e/ He also called attention to the fact that Penn Yan was not standing still as a business place. He told how the citizens had been able to secure a clothing factory for Penn Yan. ‘W e now are in need o f w o rk­ men and we want them at once. When you go back to Elmira please let it be known that Penn Yan can use 25 stonemasons and 25 carpen­ ters at once. We want these men to work during the summer and until late in the fall. W e have the work for them here and if they will come here ready to go to Svork they will not be disappointed. W e are more than pleased to tell you that we have work for every mason and carpenter in Penn Yan and vicin­ ity and have to send outside of Yates county for more men/ This statement by President Tower was greeted by applause. “Not only do we need masons and carpenters/ he continued, “but we are in need of 150 girls to work In the new clothing factory which is soon to open here. The secretary o f our .Chamber o f Commerce will be pleased to receive applications from girls wishing employment/ disabled soldiers and to provide prop­ er hospitalization for them. This is due to the boys who gave up so much for the country, and I shall do every­ thing in my power actively to support this proposition and to look after their interests. I shall actively support the policies of the President, who has done so much already to place tMs country on a sound basis, both as regards its domestic affairs and its foreign rela­ tions. Mr. Taber was born in Auburn May 5, 1880. Attended Auburn public schools and graduated from Auburn sition, sounds the keynote in saying; f/,vvv Vscnoois ana graauaiea irom audutu “It is a dutv I could defeat our whole Cicero, remarked that rashness at- high school in 1898. Attended Yale - . . . . s “ “ a i u v s the Village ot Penn Yan, Yates conn- alluded to: reaiiy Dan, ana tne w 5yuneNtim 2 ° rat T , ^ y fn° ' ' Hou^ 6 i n ^ c o ^ s l t i o n with^Ltooln “ sterncritlcisnfs has been, dlreet- th^ c l y ^ C o u n t y T e p u b l^ n Conv abounded in the purchase of $4?oSoot'tne pro mis- a man bustled in self-importantly and recent_ months, are all nghtat mittee. Elected Supervisor in the fall the lakes^and wild” young|1904. In 1904 when Roosevelt was whom so elected President, was secretary to A dinner will be served by one of the ladies’ committees in town, which will be entirely of Yates county prod­ ucts, and from other directions some surprises are in store. It is also plan­ ned to have good music and some vaudeville stunts; and from the plans outlined this meeting will be one of the most enthusiastic affairs that has taken place in the town for some time. Following the dinner on Friday night, the hall will be open on Satur­ day for everyone who would like to go and see the exhibits. This applies not alone to the residents of Penn Yan, but to everyone who is at all interested, both men and women. It is expected that a full attendance of the chamber will pack the hall, making it desirable that tickets for the dinner be secured in advance. The price of the tickets is $1.50 per couple* .. Red Jacket's Nativity. Seneca county has produced the man who has settled the controversy about where the greatest of Indian orators was born. At least he has apparently convinced himself. In a communication to the Geneva Times the Waterloo sage says: “Mgr. Joseph W. Hendricks under­ stands that Red Jacket was bom on the Sheldon Rose farm, near Branch- port. Mr. O. J. C. Rose is quoted as saying that this is also his under­ standing.” No one anywhere in the Lake Keu­ ka region ever had such an “under­ standing.” George S. Conover, of Geneva, is quoted as saying: “The Hon. Lewis H. Morgan in his ‘League of the Iro­ quois’ states in the most positive terms that Red Jacket was bom near Canoga.” 1 have carefully gone over every page of Morgan’s “League of the Iro­ quois” and cannot find any such statement. As for Mr. Conover's opinion on the subject, I have had several interviews with him at his residence when he lived in Geneva, and more than once he expressed tne opinion that the evidence seemed to be conclusive that he was born a. Old Castle, west of Geneva. At one time he said there was quite as much reason to believe he was bom over on the west side of Lake Keuka. If Schoolcraft ever made any state­ ment about it, there was nouiii. specific or positive, only a vague allu­ sion, as nowhere in his great work, “History, Condition and Prospects oi the Indian Tribes of the United States,” does he allude to Red Jack­ et’s nativity. As to Garry V. Sackett, of Seneca Falls, who, the Waterloo scribe says: “Had a personal acquaintance with Red Jacket, and at Judge Sackett s request Red Jacket pointed out to him the spot where he was bom near Canoga, and subsequently Judge Sackett purchased the ground and de­ clared his intention to some day erect a monument there.” That might seem to settle the sub­ ject j n some minds, but those who thoroughly knew the great Indian's proverbial love of firewater would take such a statement, especially in answer to a direct interested inquiry, with forty rods of allowance for the kind or quantity of whiskey embodied or in prospect. Red Jacket was willing to be born anywhere in the neighbor­ hood of the inebriating fluid, present or prospective. Red Jacket’s alleged Waterloo sueech manifestly had something stronger than water in it. What George B. Matthews and oth­ ers saw or heard at second hand would be no evidence in any court, and proves nothing. Can Bellows give any logical or verified statement as to how or why the father and mother of Red Jacket left the Seneca country. which abounded in an abundance of fish in streams, and went over sr>rv\ note* nf <==,in ViiiaVn '7,r whisoered somethin* to him As the heart and n0 wors® than their par- o f 1905 and served one term in 1906 into the Cayuga country at that criU- “ tUmed t0 - V “o°t extending 111 e sumeu* a* r vxmic . niAim uu® • . ; ... ___ sued tor the purpose of h » t»ii«,nn that twolva thm.aand youth, says the SL Louis Globe Demo- vears, being twice re-elected in 1913 time, too, there was positive enmity He tells me that twelve thousand l_„. — - - . and 1916. Delegate to the Republican and almost open war by and between been wild and National Convention from this coun- the Cayugas and Senecas. This gives i.1 __ _ « 4 aaa tt __ q I aa V * a th a Punnirfl nAninfifi* the sewers in said village, pursuant “ *He tells me that twelve thousand ^emarkinl that to a resolution of the Board of Trus- Lee’s soldiers have just been cap-1 c a^ .rem , , s. tnat toes of said village, and a proposition tured. But that doesn’t mean any- i&e world nas „ a _ u tkinn. UtVt, Ho*. Wool., vmith nnnld nnt hfdn the 21st day of March, 1922. ington. He reminds me of an old aspects and the manner of wildness. Republican County . . . . . . , . . ^ —r - —. . — —— — — — . - — — — ucli nores 'shaTrhtT niimhpr^d frnrn fisherman ~I' us*ed to‘\know: who got I It \is a symptom, not a disease. And I Cayuga County since the spring of have been a dry one, to have chosen 1 to”4, inclusive, and Note No. 1 shall such a reputation for stretching the 1 is passing. Has it worked a moral 11920, In recent years he has been del^ I Canoga, ^ Frank E. Tripp, of The Elmira Star-Gazette, told of several inter­ esting incidents of the trip and complimented the citizens of Penn Yan on the excellent appearance of the entire village. State Senator Seymour Lowman, representing the United States Cut Flower Company, of Elmira, said that he had learned that the de­ posits In the banks of Penn Yan were far ahead of the deposits In the Elmira banks pro rata to the population and congratulated the citizens of this place on their busi­ ness ability and thrift. He com­ plimented the local Chamber of Commerce and citizens for secur­ ing another new Industry for Penn Yan and said there was no reason why the place should* not continue to grow and prosper with such ex­ cellent officials, civic organiza­ tions and citizens. adopted at a villfge election he?d on thiS- he's the biggest liarTn Wash- youth could not help but take on tin y in 1920. Has been chairman of the a \fishy” look to the Canoga conjura duopieu ai a village election neia on ® tuw. ° 14a.v v ,u, I d _______ m ; _ _ Committee for tion. That fishing excursion must ini come*’due” on*'the'Tst day” of \October* truth that'hebmigliVa pair \of Scales degeneration of youth? It has not gate to State Convention several to^v^ t ^ o M ^ e CMOg^claimants fnd6 e a ^ shall b ^ r fn^rest i L the fisherman's scaleTto weighThe baby\ garnish pigments, but they have not fairs in the city and county. ent events , or mcidents Pertarnmg to date thereof at the rate of 5 per It weighed forty-seven pounds.’ man-ed its soul For somehow the ---------- — --------- ' or cent, per annum, payable October 1,' “Lincoln threw back his head and soul of youth is commonly steered Crippled for Life. not to have kn h } g 1922, and semi-annually thereafter;, laughed; so did I.” ?*af? / ^ PeHis that beset will be ready for deliVery^o^the pur- ty. Ward, not wishing to show the er part of the wild youngtere of to- zation is the care of crippled children L v at the office of the Village Treasurer, up to an aristocratic lady and said, and pothers of tomorrow. Most as; of 0ther charitable enterprises such Adirondacks, and around the about him in his boyhood or youthful years. Would they have us infer that camp­ fire one evening the talk naturally ran Each proposal must distinctly state ‘You are a very handsome woman/ ° as work among boys and girls and the “r 7 fi’h When it came his turn the purchaser win p?y tof^uch notes] piece^o/ rud°e flattery6 and \Replied but after all tliere iV a divinity that I ^ a^ n|t c h r i s t ^ a L n T t h ^ p M r ‘ the jurist began* uncertain as t0 how Notice of Completion Of Assessment I hlttrea/whfch^shaU11 have accrued “ at sam^thing of you!\ Wheretipon7 Ward we^vU^'and' youth in p^rticufar °is The members o f “ i e ^otar^ ^ l“ib p[y, Q (1 Banjfs tor er—ei—for Roll. I tuc tirwxx zvf ^i» ,1.^ hnMiv rAmurirAfi “WftH vmi p.nnid it I never without its guardianship.” I not bloated bond-holders, but simply | Grand Banks for er—ei^-tor Notice is hereby given that the an- and payment therefor. the time of the delivering of the notes boldly remarked, “Wiell, you could it J!®ver.wjfh°ut its guardianship. . . . . * v ° ------- - - - - « ------ r — .» i \Say hullo and how do you do, you were as big a liar as I am! nual assessment roll of the Village of I Each proposal must be accompan- The humorous Lincolnia literature, 12Jher folks are as good as you. Penn Yan for the year 1922 has been ied with a certified check of $250, if it could be reproduced as faUhfuUy When you leave this house of clay, completed and was filed with the Vil-| payable to Ezra J. Titus, Village and fully as Honest Abe related it, I Wandering in the faraway, lag© Clerk on the 6th day of June, 1922, and that the same will remain Whales,” somebody suggested. “No.” said the justice, “we were ordinary business and professional men and consequently the funds for, . . h , carrying out these works of service I baiting with ^ a^es. must come from without the organi- »» MILES A. DAVIS. on file with the Clerk, subject to tained until the delivering of the public inspection for 15 days after I notes and payment therefor. Treasurer; to be returned it such bid would make the most laughable vol- zation. Accordingly the Rotary Club be not accepted; otherwise, to be re- ume ever issued. ™2untrX 1 other side the range, . for n »rnmi Dav MTT.P'fi a ravts Then the souls vouve cheered will has arranged tor a grand Mem nay the date hereof. Dated the 6th day of June, 1922. Signed. ARTHUR JESSUP. THEODORE G. ROSS, FRANK DANES, Village Assessors. All proposals must be addressed to the undersigned, Clerk of the Village of Penn Yan, and be endorsed: “Pro­ posal for Village Notes. MILES A. DAVIS. Branchport, N. Y. you know Who ye be, an’ say hullo. Coal Contract Awarded. and Fourth of July Celebration to take place on the Fair Grounds. The at- Many War Frauds “ Legal. At a regular meeting of the Board The Good Book says if you would! tractions engaged for the day are so I ^ r^'are 'approV^’anicon- , have friends you must show yourselt many and s0 diversified that the peo- ,Vact for the purchase of 600 tons of Few of the cases of imposition on without spe^ki^tofhem Tohold the ple who wHl swarnl to the Fair anthracite coal from P. H Turner at - -vnanmon* I wunout speaking to mem. i o hold tne Qroun(lg ^rjj wen receive their mon- $12 a ton. Mr. Turner made the low- ey’s worth. I est offer in competitive bids to furnish Tills notice is given pursuant to a the government during the war by ciass vou mnst^iA on the ioh overv resolution adopted by the Board of contractors are suscentihle of nrose- 1 xias, you \}U8t °.e ou 3°D ©very Trustees of said village conn actors ai e susceptible oi pnrae- Sunday—not semi-monthly, or month- Fords washed $1. Beach’s.* Dated Penn Yan N Y June 12 cu^°.n.1und®.r .^ie Jaw* Where an army, or when you feel like it, but every Dated, Penn Yan, N. Y., June 12, or civil official chosen to represent g*uuday. A teacher must take pride ill con‘ his class and hold it up as a great 1922. Spray, brother, spray with care, Spray potatoes here andthere; Use enough and some to spare. Spray the bugs and spray for blight; Mix Bordeaux and use it right. 32w2 EVERETT P. WRIGHT, Village Clerk. NOTICE OF BOND SALE. 21 Big Meals $7.00 at the Universal. Paving Bonds—Village of Penn Yan. low places under the Wilson adminis­ tration, resulted in thousands of such the government makes a fool f u awci >rltr? f f or on t1*e, oth^ r* organization. Not have the feeling S u 1 k ln the young man did when he aceom- government being robbed, but the a young woman home. She th»y„ t n i f e said, “I wish you would not say any- ed. Inefficiency or worse, in high and not pe aiarmed. I am as much asham­ ed of it as you are.” A teacher must preach the living gospel, that religion is to live by and not an insurance policy. Addition, not subtraction. We older people think much and talk of the future life; the boys think of the'earth and the full­ ness thereof. They pray short be­ cause they do not jave to pray for their enemies—they have none. You and I have. We think it takes a lot of ..... y* \ '11 BU,U y 1- aitures, am not even leave tne gov- j u° takes nmr^^race ^ sav©b a Tenth aH of * ” ■ * I>,R I ^ a? / l man when l?e K s ^ T g o down the to those named Women's Rights Protected. Notice is hereby given, pursuant jug-handled bargains. The cost plus to law, that sealed proposals will be system in Itself was a standing invl- __ received at the office of the Clerk of tation to the profiteer to go as far Under the laws of Connecticut real Jhe ^ 1Ilag,? °f Pei“ i. Y?n’ Yntes coun- as he likeid. Morally such waste, at a unaer tne laws or Connecticut real ty, New York, until the 26th day of time when the life of the nation is at estate conveyed to a married woman June, 1922, at 8 o'clock, p. m., for stake especially, is criminal, but it is for services or acquired*with funds the purchase of $27,500 registered not legally so. The functionaries who earned by her services may be held by ,bonds 0to 8a,d vMage, of the denoni- acted during the war as if their lin­ ker for her own use the husband be- L?ation of eacl,1, to b? ,8Sul^ ior portance and usefulness was to be ner ror ner own use, the husband be the purpose of paving and curbing a measured by the size of their expen- trig merely a trustee for the wife s part of Liberty street, in said vil- dltures, did not even leave the gov- The spirit of Independence Day I tho coal supply for the local schools, will not be forgotten and the commit- George T. Thompson was the second tee has booked as principal speaker Davidson esfate high bid- of the day, formerll.S. Conimissioner | (ler—Canandaigua Times, oi Immigration, Frederick A. Wallis, of New York City, who will deliver. Notice two horse races and an amateur bug- the linger Lakes Cider and Vinegar gy race. In the way of sports a series Co., Inc., will be held at the office of of running contests for boys and girls the company, Penn Yan, N. Y., on has been prepared, all carrying at- Thursday, July 13th, 1922, for the elec- tractive prizes. In the afternoon the tion of directors and such other bus- American Legion team of Penn Yan, iness that may come beCore tae meet\ which has been considerably strength- % ated Penn Yan, N. Y„ June 21. ened lately, will be pitted against thel,oo2 Hammondsport team. This ball game | * M. E. COONS. It passing to her heirs or trustees of said village and a propo- with those who sand-bagged the Fed- \.“ ’A,\\id“ f \ t‘ s keen him ued in her wilL\ tiw» oi Ht ,i.,v um.ni. 1000 .u„ i „ u and not a hindrance to the ca sweet cause of ' t ’ r ' belr eontntats.-Nat.ona, Republican. says $ 1 6 - 2 0 Trip, P E N N Y A N TO A T L A N T I C C I T Y Wildwood, Ocean City .Cape May and all S o u th Jersey Seashore Resorts. FRIDAYS July 7, 21, August 4,18, September 1 T ickets g o o d returning w ithin 16 d a ys Valid In parlor or s’oeplng earn on pay­ ment of usual charg -a for apace occupied, Including auroharge. For Stop over privileges at Phila­ delphia, and Harrisburg on return trip, consult Agents. Proportionate fares from other points Pennsylvania Syste The Route of the Broadway Limited For detail* as to leaving tfm • of trains, fa»ci In parloror slot plug care et< p over privileges, or other information, consult Tlc tet Agt nte, or David Todd, Division Passenger Agent, Williamsport Pa. Sim ilar Excursion Friday, October 20 Pennsylvania System The Route of the Broadw a y Lim ited them 2 5 c from X to 55 Inclusive, and the first Notice to Contractors. latency uleT'noYVdv tor' the souls der, will come due on the 1st day of n S t f nf S v I S lII? u . wlns '^d saves, but also for all in numerical order, until all are paid. a} ’ .Jlino 26’ 1922’ for tho blow ing have ft ball team and a ball ground. 1922, and semi-annually thereafter. fr^. 6 ho .?L n S o Pin?w WlM °l!t i,esus f b|1ist we fall. The bonds will bear interest from I , Muslc J? eoo<l; most boys are good cent, per annum, and will be sold to > 0? h J S n m i L ® n S n i ’ i n * S re , WT * .50° , members of the the person who will take them at the of the Committee on Public Build-1 “ King’s Business’ alone will be worth the price of ad-133w2 Secretary. FAMILY REUNIONS. Hall The annual reunion of the Hall fam- Sunday school highest nrlre “ ‘ fc, ^ . . . 1 classes tn little Yates today. Some- Principal and interest will be paid' the rIght to r°* »no has 8IlU1 organization or stagna­ nt the office of the treasurer of the ^ecl nny or alI 1l„(lBT,l I tion. C O T Y L’Origan Chypre Village of Penn Yan, and the bon,da oowo will bo ready for delivery to the pur- chaser on the 15th day of July, 1922, at the office of the Village Treasurer. CYRUS N. BACON, Village President. mission. Throughout the day the Penn Yan Band, augmented by several out- of-town members, will furnish music. All over the grounds a midway of side attractions will be provided which will guarantee a contlnous round of lily will be held at Electric Park Sat- amusement throughout the day. All of urday, June 24. All relatives are in- the work incidental to the celebration vitqd, and each family is requested to will be carried out by the Rotary | ancles oj tw the din- members themselves. Of course you will care, too. By pa- tronizing the Fourth of July celebra-, Wonderful ballets with gorgeous tion you will not only find healthy I costumes, daring hippodrome racing, and wholesome entertainment, but you acres ot handsome and elaborate sets will be instrumental in carrying out ..QUBBN 0 F SHEBA,\ great of the Rotary Club s program of benevo- william Fox production, at the Elm- lence among the handicapped and uu- wood Theatre Ilext Monday and Tues- der-privileged children of Yates coun- Lanv ty. - 1 aay* ner and also dishes and silver. MISS FLORA HALL, Sec’y. The preacher In charge can help a — ----------- „ . lot. How many sermons do we hear Father 33 Times at fi4 Einht Since 70 L Daniel was a Pjken he <] today that have any particular inter-. Father 33 T,mes at 84’ E,flht Since 70*|have any nerve. The thin, pale Isn’t there som e fruit juice left from est in them for the boys? Too much didn't per­ son who muttered thus lifted his lip in Each proposal must distinctly state Inst summer’s canning that would | preaching about taking up crosses - .Harlan, Ivy., June 6. Robert Baker, | a sneer. “He was a piker,” he add- the price, not less than 327,500, which taste good in cold water to the men In I ^ | ° R „ o ™ l I ' U ^ his ^ child.’ Mra. B ™ thfmotlmr. \ oTVions.Amoment p Z e d ° - * y e ^ 'h a f i a b o T n n d ^ r a l m a v y \ l a d e t g 'V ^ ^ t L m L T l m r 'h ^ ’. n ^ ’ m° ment ot tense contemp‘ ' ” he yoke upon you and learn of me, for I f ™ , h this was her eighth child bf. * K f 1 ^ 21^ and8h ! was 70 She ?s Balter’! Tv® Meal tickets at the Universal. OF CLASS AND DISTINCTION Your favorite perfume hollies you can carry II wllh you the purchaser will pay for such bonds, haying? and must contain an offer to pay the Interest which shall have accrued at the time of the delivery of the bonds. Each proposal must be accompanied with a certified check for $1,000, pay- _ able to Ezra J. Titus, Village Treas- Cotton batting has been found ex- urer, to be returned If such bid be cellent for cleaning smoked walls and not accepted; otherwise, to be re- ceilings over stoves and registers, tained until the delivery of the bonds, and payment therefor. All proposals must be addressed to the undersigned, Clerk of the Village of Penn Yan, and be endorsed: “Pro­ posal for Bonds.” See big stock Ford parts. Beach's. by. who never saw the light of day, enth wife his sixth wife bavin* died wrote the song, “Rest, Happy Rest,” nianV veaVs L o wM an everlasting rebuke to those Chris- ^ 2 n c h Baker owned near Seattle am tians who are always complaining, where^ lie^ married t l i f seveS mate. h o -’ t o r g e u Z the°faci that tile G^d lenthealthU n he is \ 00 ‘/eara s olu Fires of \unknown origin\ could of-1 Bo„ks sava \Tllere wl 11 he no mwe Baker is a naUve Kentuckian and or continued, “I am greater than Dan­ iel was! For I am on my way to in­ terview the cashier at the bank where I am overdrawn.” I ten be traced to electric light wires! thorns if wo accept Jesus Christ; er^tSs a This notice is given pursuant to a hung over nails, or to oily rags 1 where the thorns once grew The city of Syracuse was visited on Sunday by another devastating storm, with resulting damages Pf nearly) a million dollars. shall T H E PROUTY RAPALEE WILLIAMS’ Lown Dry Goods Co. Prescription Druggists Penn resolution adopted by the Board of throwln in corners. Trustees of said village. Dated, Penn Yan, N. Y., June 12, 1922. EVERETT P. WRIGHT, Village Clerk. 32w2 * * * * Remember that farm animals, as well as humans appreciate plenty of clean, cold water on a hot summer day. _____ K ID N EY and U V E R PILLS Hava you overworked your nervous system and caused trouble with your kidneys and llvar? Have you pains In loins,8<do and back. It Is reported that Fatty Arbuekle Id in financial straits, and that he Is earning a precarious subsistence as a scenario writer. He Is in hopes, it is said, of that Will Hays, Film Di- _ . .... rector, will remove the ban from his great battle mm„ g: , , a m Have you a flabby appearance of the faceand under the eyes? If so, uee Williams’ Kidney and Liver Pills. For sale by all druggists. Price 60c. WILLIAMS NFS. 60., Pnp. ClITlIfead, Ohle Baker said the 33d child had been come\un“ the\fir“tree’ and6where \the named before he ,eft home- but he briers ^row shali come forth the had forgotten what it was called. myrtle tree.” We sing:—• “Jesus, I my cross have taken, AH to leave and follow thee; Naked, poor, despised, forsaken”— forgetting that serving Christ never Tuesday, makes a man naked, poor, despised, I forsaken, but on tho contrary, this is, Buy Ford parts, lower prices. Beach. \Raam 1* per cent, acid ......... 46.00 one of the works of sin. J _ ____ _ - - _ ______ I New stock just arrived at (Continued on Page 4) \ | Fordson tractor experts. Call 300. I „ _ JOHN Chariot races and scenes are part of the great love spec­ tacle, QUj?EN OF SHEBA, at thei Reduction In later price of fertill Elmwood Theatre next Monday and ‘ zer. “Rasin’* 16 per cent acid ......... $17.50 •if VJ i ... ■*> i-:y & ;il l V* _ ■v V : A. -I .* • ^

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