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The Penn Yan Express PENN YAN, YATES CO., N. Y. REUBEN A. SCOFIELD, editor and pr o p r ie t o r . published every Wednesday at Penn yan, Yates County, New York. Entered at Penn Yan Postoffice as second class mail matter. p X V / t e r m s : $1.00 per Year In Advance; - $1.25 If Not Paid in Advance, The Only Continuously ) Republican Paper in Yates County. £ PENN YAN, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7,1922. Vol. LVII.-No. 9.-Whole No. 2931. 8110UU00 dlarbe. PHONE 646 C. Dr. C. B.Scudder, D E N T I S T . PENN YAN, N. Y. Over Gas Offlse, Teachers' Certificates. Professional training is now regard­ ed as necessary in the preparation for teaching as for that of doctor, law­ yer or any other profession. There- B. T . M A L L O R Y . FIRE, TORNADO, and AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. Farm Propertyand Tornado Insurance a Specie1 Feature in this Agency. Boom 18, Arcade Block. Penn Yan. N. Y, MUTUALITY Offerings this week will include: Exquisite Silt Skirt Length of High Class Novelties. SEE WINDOW. 10 dozen Brocade Corsets that are actually worth considerable more, at $ 1 .5 0 each, sizes 20 to 26 only — Good assortment of Velvet Pngs, 9 x 12 feet, at $ 2 5 . 0 0 CHURCH NOTES. Answered the Last Roll Call. Are the American People Ungrateful? * --------- I The following Yates County veter- ’ The letter of T. A. Price, in Rural BAPTIST aas were mustered out since Memor- New Yorker, April 8th,* in regard to Rev. W . H. Wheatley Pastor ' * 1921, and were buried as what he deems the public attitude -u . . -Next Sunday morning at the reg- ~ m _ n v .,e*v,Joward ex-service men, wakes in my fore, the following changes m the cer-jular hour for worship, the -Children's _ Rnoderick D. Tupper, Co. K, 15th heart a response the deeper because tideation of teachers were adopted'n^y exercises of the Sunday school ESF9v1 Lake v (ew- ^ |I have heard my father voice a simi- by the board of regents at its last will be held. Everyone is invited. All T. ~avid Kennedy, ’C cl H., 102d Inf., lar complaint, years ago. He had serv- meetiug: mothers with babies on the Cradle n&Jy. ud nearly three years in the Civil War, All academic certificates will her ltoll are r©qUested to meet in the T Stephen B. Dunton, Co. D, 42d Pa. and had left an arm at Cold Harbor. come null and void after July 31, 1924. chapel. There will be a part in the ln>v. T, ^ _ For his pension, which was small at No rural school renewable certifi- program for the little ones. Sunday T Charles H. Dunning, Co. B, 126th first, but gradually increased, he was cate will be issued after September 1, school will meet at 12 o’clock. We are lnL'_ - ____ „ _ „ , grateful; and he scorned to claim tax 1924, t No State limited or state me certit-ltlift the temptation to “let up” a little in icate will be issued after September Gur taithfulness is apt to be strong, Tf L After September 1, 1923, all train- fs^new a g ing* ulaH b L record' has EM win A. Wilklow, Co. D, 3<1 Mich, ing class certificates will be issued not dropped. Last Sunday we had 314 „ View I coming to the time of the year when , Cook, Co. B, 148th, Inf., Dun- State life certif- tAnmt.A.tinn tn “ 1 a #- q little* in _ Clark W. Reynolds, Co. C, 44th Inf., exemption on land bought with n, saying that the government had done enough for him. it was not, therefore, for lack of money compensation that his “hungry heart,\—to quote Mr. . , . ___ _ uqu va., ^ l Price— was unsatisfied. He felt a lor three years only and will not be in the school. Let us keep the rec- ^ BU1®, ?* Sayre» 26th Ind- Battery, lack of gratitude, of sympathy, even of i renewable. However, teachers hold- ord high. Junior C. E. at 4 o’clock. Canandaigua. ^ idue respect on the part of many o. ing the new three-year training class senior Christian Endeavor meeting at , Barrett A. Boyd, Co. K, 15th Engrs. his fellow citizens toward ex-soidiers and it rankled in his soul. In after years this bitterness was considerably abated. Perhaps he came ’ -- . m • % l , WtMVI VUA«UVU*U ItfAAUVMV V* iUVVVlilA «*V a certificates who are high school grad- 6.16. Topic: “Team Work; Helps and M .. ^ ^ nates and have had one year of sue- Hinderances.” Miss Elsie Bloomfield T i*0?!8? R* Reynolds, Co. D, 126th cessful experience may continue their Will be the leader. ,nV Ita,y* ___________ _ _______ _ ____ _ _____ __ „ professional training in a State nor- —The union preaching service in A Ansel Brace, Co. B, 126th Inf., Dun- to realize that as the reaction of hu- mal school with one year of credit, as the evening will be held at this de£ ,w ^ T . ^ T . . . . „ (man nature after any ordeal is in pro- at present, except when credit for church at 7.30. The pastor will preach. Co- If 15th EnS- portion to the intensity of the strain, training class subjects was allowed (Choir rehearsal at the church on Montour Falls. a great war is inevitably followed by schools are now three years in length. I Thursday’ 'evening'\ We\ are' looking » H* Smith’ Co* E* 26th A limited three-year normal certifi- for the fifty who attended the associ- Lake View- Now is the time to buy your Vudor Porch Shades. terms account invited upon mutual ad van- consistent Self Hanging and Ventilated, Fine for Sleeping Porches, as well as sun, wind, and store protection. toward a high school diploma. I Wednesday evening. D William J. Pool, Co. A, 126th Inf., a temporary weakening of moral li General courses in State normal I —iPrayer meeting of the church on ^ w OA.u _ | and a waning of lofty enthusiasms. inf., Then, too, public sentiment, which a*- . .............. _______ ________ ___ ______ n _ „ _ _ | ways tends to swing like a pendulum cate may be issued at the end ol ation at Dundee last week to tell us T ” Harrison, uo. D, 33d Inf., from one extreme to another, was set- the second year of the new normal some of the good things they receiv- r<~ t „ p I tling back toward a just equilibrium, course in order that students may ed. The rest will want tot hear. ^0* E» 101st Ipf., it supported increasing compensation teach before completing the third —The Philathea Class will hold 1 nLiJJiVw t >^„ m t -» * it * I tor disabled soldiers, and permitted, year of the course, after which a their business meeting at the hot, Beyea, Co. I, 1st Vet. finally, a wide distribution of benefits normal life diploma will be issued. 0f Mrs. Wjlliam Grace, on Brown St., t ,0* t > 0, i t0 many who had not been injured in The normal diploma will be given 0n Wednesday evening of this week. Travis, Bat. B, 3d Art. service. It would probably now ap- two years college credit and therefore a full attendance is desired. . T«hn r> Qnntt n c/na prove the bonus without controversy, holders of the normal life diploma —The W. C. T. U. meeting will be D* Scott, Co. D, 50th Engrs., were n not for the fear that to grant earned under this plan may complete held on Friday afternoon, June 9, a iDtw m f » w x»o+ t > oa a , “it —1,1uld - ---------- -- *t ---- - ------------------------ - ------------- the home of Miss Holmes, at 33S n,^, L1lam H' MUIer- Bat B> 3d Art - Main atr*a.t L/Uuae©. —The regular monthly meeting of Miinl0CUm' Bat* D> 14tb Art*’ the Woman’s Missionary Society will be??_Dd hall be held on Wednesday afternoon, Lake View ' a four-year college in two years. Boy Lost in Rochester. Co. G, 18th Inf., ROGERS’ for VALUE conservative Bank over twenty years. S A M P S O N T H E A T R E Plodding along the righway of the June 14, at the home of Mrs. George East Henrietta j*oad, long after night- S. Feagles, on East Main street. Mrs. fall had overtaken him, Leland White, Samuel McElwee will have charge oi 5 years old, of Hall, Ontario county, the program. met a farmer named Peter Peterson. —(Next Wednesday, June 14, the The farmer saw the child was weary Northern Baptist Convention and crying, and, stopping, brushed convene at Indianapolis, away the tears ‘and inquired of the child his name and where he was go-i METHODIST EPISCOPAL ing. “Winchester.” wo postpone if not preven gov­ ernment expenditures gravely needed for the disabled and the insane. A deepening protest against the inade­ quacy of measures taken on their be half is making itself heard. XVorthy citizens, who have any true conception of what our soldiers exper­ ienced in the World War can never forget our immeasurable debt. It others seem ungrateful, it is not in- “Winchester,” the famous horse of .. .. . .. .. . . wn General Sheridan, which is soon to expilcabie in a world which too often be shipped to the Smithsonian Insti- *s indinerent to its benefactors am. tute, at Washington, will be placed forgetful of its obligations. That of on view at Governor’s Island Satur- % “ ch our so diers complain is true ol day at 2.30 for the last time. Veter- chrlst himself. His toil and suffering f Rev. W. Qe Wright P&stor __ _ _ ^ Im Leland White, the child man-1 —jNext Sunday will be* observed as ans of three wars will attend the cer-^or humanity must, it would seem, in- MONDAY and TUESDAY gua” t0 say# and 1 llve ln Canandai- -Children’s Day. An interesting pro- emonies, which will^ be in charge of JUNE 12 -13 The C itizens B ank Penn sure reverence even from those who fail to recognize his divinity, but whose name is so insulted daily upon _ ______ ____________________ ___ . , gram prepared by the primary de- Chaplain Edmund Banks Smith. partment of the Sunday school, win! Veterans of the Civil War, Spanish-, .. . , , , .. whi^han> n??2ur 1)6 given at the morning service, fol- American and World War will at- sacreligious lips, as his. Many of our iS i * u 0n^ f v y Z6i i Sfi6f l o w e d by a short sermon to the chil- tend the ceremonies. Major-General soldJers, themselves are among the A™® ? dren by the pastor. This service is Robert Lee Bullard, commanding the moat inconsistent in this respect. JjnJift6' a S h thwl 10r.0°QSiSC k sure to be one of special interest to Second Corps Area, will make the nignt, ana tne ooy was nearly ex-| t^e 0ider people as well as the young, address of welcome to the veterans. Union service at the Bapu hausted. After he had been given a Would that they all might set us as praiseworthy an example in peace as glass of milk and a big slice of real church in the evenimr mothers' bread he said he had been1 cnurc11 m tne evening. -Prayer meeting on Thursday ev Master Bertram Isaacs will recite they have in war! Many do, and these Sheridan Twenty Miles Away.” He our hearts hold in double honor. is a grandson of the department co mander, G. A. R. Music will be rendered by the 22d Scant as are usual rewards of patri­ otism, it never perishes from the earth. Not for recompense do men RUTH “ PATSY” MILLER VIRGINIA TRUE BOARDMAN CULLEN LANDIS i i Call WHERE MY WANDERING GOODSPEED 8 MILLER BOY TO-NIGHT ? 99 with his father and mother, but was enina to wMch everyone is invitee c^n^ sed as to just where he had miss- __The W. C. T. U. will meet with I e Mr^AtorcAn tr> o Miss Holmes, 338 Main street, on Fri- Infantry Band, and at the*' close ofiface a?Xuy and death. Garibaldi, who anfi11^ot6inrStmirl^6with day afternoon, Jqne 9, at 3 o’clock. the exercises those present will be latent possibilities of sacri- hold a picnic at the lake next Mon- which carried the general to victory. ?laA™’ In_ r_eXuI?_for, th£A°Y® show your country, I offer you hunger ThirH nrAninn#- nnHnamon wna lftGlrim, nuiu <x piuuiu 0,1 luo uwal iuuu- . '-m w c u viav gcuoia.i uv viuw i>. for a missing h(?vCepfiti>rY^ taikPd day* June 12- Th© members will meei “Winchester” was presented to. , - . aAnaaa Ao „ . wUh offices ft the Unfvlrsitv avenue at the home of Miss Helen Shepard Gen. Sheridan by officers of the Sec- aad nakedness ^ ads aadwi^ earj t stationand told them oTfin^inl the Promptly at 5.30, going from there . (ond Michigan Cavalry at Rienzi, Miss.J^f88* a^d d®at^: btauon ana torn tnem oi nnaing tne lo1,X ijn 1862. j The horse was of Black , | m follow me! And men flocked to child. Motorcycle Officer Dobles\ re- l1’ 6 Ifke where supper will be ser Plied that a child has been reported lost that answered to the description *?oxes, and something for the Christ- of the one in Peterson’s care. mas uox* Just as Dobles was making ready to (drive the precinct automobile out to PRESBYTERIAN the Peterson farmhouse the parents C. K„ Imbrie, Minister, of the little boy arrived at the station , —Children's Day, Sunday, June 11. to make inquiries. Their great anxie- ~ for all kinds of ty changed to joy when told their child was safe. They drove to Hen­ rietta directly and recovered their lit­ tle son. The child’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. A. White, of Hall, which is a INSURANCE and BONDS The picture with the heart punch, the picture of smiles, tears, laughter, joy, sorrow, and happiness— all entwined around a beautiful love story. You’ll love the wayward boy, you’ll love his mother, and his sweetheart. I few miles southeast of Canandaigua. You’ll love the picture. It’s great. Filmed from the old song of the same s ^ t i C ^ a y 0^ Highland name, it presents the outstanding melodramatic success o f the present season, it was nearly 6 o’clock when the little ADMISSION— Matinee 22c. Evening 17c - 28c Children under twelve, 10c Phone 130 -M . Good to be Sure by Insuring With N. S. DAILEY, O R D E R YOUR Magazines AGENT FOB Fire, Life, Tornado, Accident Health, Compensation, And the many other Branches of the business. Office, Room I, over The town Dry floods Co Phone—Office, 228. Bee. - 826-J. for the ensuing year, fro: Harry R. Sanford 11 ARCADE BLOCK, PENN YAN Buy a Ford ton truck. Beach’s. Expert Ford mechanics. Beach’s. Meal tickets at the Universal. fellow became separated from his parents in the large crowd in the park. Despite prompt search on the part of the parents and the park policeman no trace of Leland could be found. The park and all its approach­ es were thoroughly scoured, but the boy was apparently lost So a report to 1865 and was reported to have been cool and steady under fire. He died in 1878 and was mounted at Ward’s in Rochester and brought to 0 . . . . ^ Governor’s Island shortly afterwards. Special services m the church audit- The horse has been on the island for Hawk blood and was foaled in 1859. I bis standard. Those who, in a like “Winchester” took part in fifty1 spirit have faced the unparalleled hor- battles and engagements from 1862 ™rs of. the World War, have within themselves a reward, a good part which cannot be taken away. Let them never doubt that there are innumera­ ble other hearts capable of appreciat­ ing their devotion, who will honor forty-two years. The ride which made master and animal famous was at the battle of orium at 10.30 a. m. Baptism of chn dren. Parents requested to send ful name and birthdate of child to Mr. Imbrie during the week and to meet ,Cedar Creek, October i9. 1864. promptly at 10.15 in the Junior room on Sunday morning. Subject of Chil­ dren’s sermon: “Licking the Dasher.” There will be no regular Sunday school lesson after the Children’s Day services. —Union service in church at 7.30. - Mid-week service on Democratic Record. them forever, though they may not speak aloud their praise. For real coldness toward the soldier there can be no apology, but much c seeming indifference is but the silence of conventionality. I myself have some­ times found it impossible to find words to express to returned soldiers what I really felt. It was difficult, too, to pay them any tribute through the press, for most editors and publishers OF CLASS AND DISTINCTION T H E Lown Dry floods Co. \ In a recent speech in Congress Rep­ resentative Graham charged that ov-j the Baptist ex* one-half of the money expended in ■ soon after the war closed, ceased, | the war, raised by the sale of Liber- j for business reasons, to accept or Thursday ty bonds and taxes, was undoubtedly]publish what they called “war mater- at 7.30. Subject: Psalm 127. Memorize squandered. He showed that under the ial.” What could more surely have it before you come. | administration of the War Depart- produced the impression that the —Have you paid your Tennis Court1 ment $116,194,974 was spent on ni- nation no longer felt interest in its subscription? Do it this week. jtrate plans, which produced no ni- defenders? Deploring this effect and . . .. .. , , —Have you written to Rev. Alex.!trates; $20,000,000 on by-product coke!moved by real feeling, I wrote in 1920 was given to all the precincts and a e . McLean, Bethesda Hospital, St. ovens that produced nothing; $35,000,- the poem which I append, and offered sy^ematic search was made for him. paul, Minn. ? Do it today. Just a post 000 on picric acid plants that produc- if to several periodicals. Although 1 ih© little ienow, after being separ- card to say you are sorry he is sick ed nothing; untold millions on tanks have previously sold a considerable ated from his parents, made his way aB(j are proud of his work in Mark- and yet no tanks were constructed; number of poems to the same edit- through the crowd to the entrance yille and Cloverton. I $116,000,000 for poison gas and no poi- ors, this one was declined by all ex- ° « koutn avenue, tie —The June Church Supper will be son gas was obtained; *>200,000,000 for cept one newspaper. I believe, how- started southward and eventually served by the Woman’s Missionary powder plants that produced no pow- ever, that this, like thousands of oth- reached the forks in the highway that society on Wednesday evening, June der; $127,000,000 for port terminals er contributions rejected as “war ma- iCn ? e?r^ t5’ Turning to the east 7th, at 6 p. m., in Palmer Hall. Every- that docked no ships; $1,051,512,000 terlal,” expressed the representa- tne child pioddea along the Last nen- one j3 invited. Bring a respectful of- for aeroplanes and no aeroplanes live sentiment of thoughtful people, netta road, avoiding automobiles and fering for missions; that is the pur-. were produced; $1,200,000,000 for the it was entitled, “Two Years After.” bvPautoi3t3 Koinee!nShisffdirectionrlde P°se’ not * free feed construction ot army cantonments in 0 nce more, the motor or the plow. How he covered the distance\ be- . ~ The Woman’s Missionary Socie- \ which it is capable of demonstration The student’s desk, the mine, the How he covered the distance be- ty meets on Tuesday afternoon, June that one-half was graft and waste. 1 — ing with accident is considered ^ re- jMiss Goldsmith have the programy way of war material before the war \ye pass them with a secret glance Light refreshments served. I was over and the armistice signed, T h a t__saw beyond the fields o —The Westminster Picnic Supper,was not a sufficient waste and scan-- France! will be held with Miss Catherine Long dal, the Democratic administration peace, they knew no martial Thomas Wood, of Geneva, who con- at Willow Grove on Friday, June 16th. went to the extreme of entering into dream; ducts a sale stable, while• tearing an Husbands and families invited. j contracts for war material after the j n war, whatever dream they had, old hack to pieces a few days ago, , The^ committee of the Woman’s armistice was signed and expending jt shared the sacrifice supreme; found in it five $20 and one $10 gold Association has dec Wed on the style hvmdreds of millions °£ doIlars f o r Their hearts were martial; khaki- County Court Causes. Driver of Death Car Is Arrested by Elmira Police. Thirty hours of tireless search by State '.troopers, deputies, auti police ot me tiouuieru 'tier, resulted t nuay aiteruouu.ai d.iU o'ciocs. in tne arrest uy luinna peace, of ueorge Poauca., age zi, of zvbd East Camurie street, piaiadelpnia. Pa., confessed driver o*. a ueatn car, wmen struca and dragged Prod, bcanton, age bb, weaittiy farmer, ot Mcuiure, N. i., zuO feet on us rad­ iator Thursday morning. Mr. titanion died six hours later in the City nos* pitai, Binghamton. Pollock’s .mother and daughter were in the car at the time of the tragedy. After the latat accident Pollock speeded away. The chase after him was exceedingly hot, the speedster having recklessly driven through hu­ man cordons mat sought to inter­ cept him, but he was finally brought The following causes have been to a standstill in Elmira by the po- notlced for trial at a term of the lice of that city. Tne Advertiser of Yates County Court, which will con- Saturday morning says: vene on the 12th inst., County Judge when questioned by Chief of Police Gilbert H. Baker, presiding. El via D. weaver, Mr. Pollock said ne William Page against Washington knew he had struck some one in a D. Hayes. Action on account. Spen- small town near Deposit. He sain cer F. Lincoln for plaintiff; H-uson & **i stopped the car, and then drove Hyland for defendant. on, as i did not mink tne man was Oliver Norman against James W. injured. We drove out of town, and Taylor. Action to recover for alleged parked on a side road outside of De­ damages. Spencer F. Lincoln for posit. We slept in the car Thursday plaintiff; Huson & Hyland for defen- night. The car is the property of my dant. two sisters, who live in Philadelphia.' George Aubin, doing business under on further questioning by the the assumed name of Penn Yan Grape lice Chief, Mr. poiioca admitted steal- Company, against Pennsylvania Rail- ing a Nash car from Penn Yan, N. i., road Company. Action to recover al- on Monday night, and driving it to leged damages. Spencer F. Lincoln East Smitnfleld, Pa., where he aban- for plaintiff; Alexander S. Diven for doned the machine, defendant. Mahlon Elliott, age 18, of Smith* The People of the State of New field, Pa., and Amherst Andrews, age York against 49 bottles of Stickney & 21, of penn Yan, N. Y., were arrest- Poors’ Jamaica Ginger, and three ed in Elmira Wednesday afternoon bottles extract Jamaica Ginger, Jo- for the alleged theft of the Nash seph Barone claimant John T. Knox, car. The car was in their possession, District Attorney, for People, plain- wnen they were arrested, tiff; Thomas F. Rogers, for defenr The authorities believe Pollock dant. knows something about the robbery The People of the State of New of a large wine cellar near Penn Yan, York against 302 bottles wintergreen, N. Y., Saturday night. Jamaica Ginger, etc., Frank Pascal!, According to his story to the po- claimant, and 25 barrels containing lice yesterday afternoon, Pollock, 40 to 50 gallons each of liquors made whose home is in Philadelphia, has from grapes, etc., James Pascal!, been working on a farm at East claimant. John T. Knox, District At- timithfield, Pa., for four weeks, and torney, for People, plaintiff; Thomas the latter part of last week he went F. Rogers, for defendant. to Penn Yan in search of work, un Monday night, it is alleged, he stole Starkey M. E. Church Centennial An- the Nash car from that village, and niversary Celebrated. drove it to East Smithlield, where he abandoned it Elliott and Andrews The centennial anniversary of the found the car and drove it to Elmira, M. E. Church at Starkey was cele- where they were arrested Wednesday brated on June 2, 3, and 4, with an morning. elaborate program. Sheriff Robinson, of Broome coun- The following is an historical ty, came to Elmira last night, ana sketch of the church: took Pollock to Binghamton, where The church building in which the he will be arraigned on a charge of Starkey Methodist Episcopal Society manslaughter. His mother and daugu- w ors hip was begun in the late au- ter also were taken as material wit- tumn of 1821 and completed about nesses. June 1, 1822. No records exist of the The members of the Elmira police organization and membership of the department deserve a great deal oi society or of the actual building of credit for arresting the driver of the the church. But it is known that car and securing a confession from John Starkey and Joshua Tuthill him. were members of the original board of trustees, of which the former was, ^ , president. I Federal Clerks. The Starkey society was a part of rpK^ _ * H a OmriUeA T a I tp Pirnnit Hntarirt Til© HUDlb©r Ol Clerks III th© 6IH- district00 Genesee co n f e r e e This *>loy ot the Federal government, by circuit'had sixteen classes, reaching wa^^a^folfows^ Deceuiber 31, 192j’ from Bellona on the north, to Read- m h i T n U »» thfs °circt!t S°iLth*18Lhe wPerr r hThom°^ ^ P a S e n t ^ I f a t e 3,751* Wright and Robert Parker, and the °f presiding elder of the Ontario district , arti; . .............. was Abner UhaSe. The last was one ^ ........... jf the outstanding men of this region ......... from this period until his death at .^fvy - ----- b0,b5v Penn Yan in 1854. He served as sen- t? e Interior ... 19,iJ5 was divided, the southern part being ? ri^.m5 Office... 4,403 known as Milo and Starkey. Ten ---- ** * 453 years later another division created ^nt?£?tate Commerce Commis- the Starkey and Barrington circuit, o * * v : * X * * * *: * *.............. the chief points of which were Star- d ! v ,!.LSery c® Commission .... 425 key, Dundee, and Barrington, with Pureau Efficiency ................ 55 several outlying classes. From 18491 Tnt^^i^0mmis®i011 *** c ? a ? tn i«7i the circuit arrangements I Shipping Board . ...................... 5,401 p»vprai timM' rinrino- the■ Ea^^‘Pa<^ Administration ....... 1,219 to 1871 changed several times; during ~ last seven years of this period Star- __ key was joined with Reading. In 1872 e Compensation Com- Hill ission 96 and ision 76 153 the present charge of Dundee auu . - . „ . Starkey was established. ^hen Property Custodian ... The old church is well cared for * .?oard for Vocational and is beloved by a devoted people. r**o7oi .................... n nVl During the past year twelve have Panama Canal . . . . . . . . . . . 7,717 been received into the membership IfR©r<*eP ^ tmental Social Hy- of the society. The church building 88 has recently been wired for electricity. ®HP™n t ®tate’ ^ ar and - 1co It is the oldedst church building in D to K a ^ d A’^ ......... * * * Yates county and with the exception A ^ .or ........... of the Asbury church, Tompkins coun- ° ffice ----- ty, the oldest Methodist church in reg- Veterans Bureau . . . . . . . . . . 18,217 ular use in the Central New York Ml®ci! 1If “ t OUS Boarda and Com* Conference. missions ....... . ................ '• • • 200 Army Officer Has Pay above FocIVs. Total .............................. 635,383 ► ► t pieces. The hack in question was once or|um the property of Abraham Thornton and was used 35 years ago for the Bissell-Sturges wedding and the day of the wedding carried the wedding of electric light fixtures for the audit- all sorts of munitions and war equip- 3T. MARK’S. Rev. R. C. Hatch, Rector clad. We found them, in the Nation’s need, ment after peace had been declared. . ........... ..................... . This cannot be excused or explain- Sons of the old heroic breed, ed away by the statement that it was' And now when they have impossible to close all war activities | again instantly upon the signing of the ar- ip0 ajj the waiting fields of toil. turned Coblentz.—-The pay of a second | Loving Cup for Charles Quackenbush. lieutenant in the American army ou the Rhine is equivalent at present Charles H. Quackenbush, son of rates of exchange to that of Marshal Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Quackenbush, of f och. This may explain in part why Penn Yan, manager of the St Clair the American army of 15,000 men County Gas and Electric Co., of St. cost Germany more than 80,000 Louis, was presented with a hand- French troops in the Mayence zone, some loving cup by the employes of It accounts also for the exaggerated the company recently. Some of the statement from German sources that employes of record of five years or America’s fighting force cost Ger- more expressed their appreciation of many more tnan ail the Allied Armies his work among them in a signed letter accompanying the beautiiul 33,0001 cup. The letter says in part: Charles Howard Quackenbush “As a man and leader of men.” “A man of vision and sincerity.” “A just and considerate employer.” “A leader fearless and persevering. “A leader wise and resourceful.” “He has ever been alert to pro- is of Occupation. Marshal Foch’s salary francs. A second lieutenant in the American forces in Germany receives $2120 a year, which extra allotments oring up to about $2300. At the rate of exchange of 14 fracs and a half to the, dollar, the second draws about 33,350 francs a year. party and President and Mrs Cleve- L 30™ “ m.. moraing^rayer 3« f These (these gallant sow a n d ^ f i U l f r e a ^ V t h e 16 s a Z e ^ i n g worth no wars can spoil. I t s M s t ^ t toetim e 1 of Sththi w ^ , T y ^ m 1 “ H u ! t r e ^ n Z f q B e T o ” ' sheUs ° Ur reme“ ber- ««>“«* we and holds it until such time as the Monday^June l2th, ™ the church at itz costing approximately $10 000,m th Slle^ T c ’e Agnfs K i e m a n . andmv 6 IXUowmg Sunday, each, was accepted after July 3, 1919. at 10.30 a. m. The Bishop will make orders of expensive shells running his visitation. The time for making up into the hundreds of thousands were any postponed meetings is short and accepted after that date, so it is desirable that the persons who Not rmlv wafa American plants former owner comes to claim it Buy a Ford—Bank the difference. Uncle Ab savs* Your locality has « uysnauie tnat tne persons wno Not only were Ameri uncie a d says, lour locality nas are behind should see the rector for vent hnsv manufacturing a chance to be one of the best places | appointments. Kept Dusy manuiacturins On June 20th, the treasurer Branchport, N. Y. —From Rural New Yorker. After the Civil War. war muni- in the world. Are you helping it tions eight months after peace bad't, ^ e j^ay® H°nrvii!nnnSH ------------- —---------- i the United Offering of the Woman's lai?d and ^akce were keDt running Howe„in .hls “Anthology of Another Buy Universal dining hall tickets, tw?nndntheuamuUnt on contracts which our War Depart- ^»WpnqfPriHle was h^a)fi5 7 ^ ----------- - ---------------- tt 0!? J'hr?fpp^ 8^u all who have ment would not cancel. France made lnfieT°whA^e hanf them at the rectory, 133 Elm street, armfstlc^was si/ned of 944 euns and for volunteers, although only seven- and those who have not boxes, can Srrilaes of the old model of 1897 teen years oldI and whea his enlist- leave their amounts likewise in an which had absolutely nomilitarvval- ment ,o£ three years expired lie envelope with their names written on u6 whatever She also delivered un- PromPGy veteranized. He knew the it. It is understood that every woman d®r contract another order of 198 trouble wasn’t near over, and the Great meals at the Universal. TIM E TA B L E . Railway, Trolley, and ’Bus. Northern Central The buck private receives $36 a mote harmony and co-operation month; a corporal, $51.80; a ser- throughout the organization, geant, $63, and a technical sergeant, “It is a privilege to have known $74.20. and been associated with him, and The French poilu at Mayence has we wish him Godspeed in his new to be content with 75 centimes a undertakings. day; a corporal received 90 cen- “We hereby present this token of times, and a sergeant, 2 francs. our appreciation , friendship, and With the rate of exchange about good wishes to Mr. Quackenbush.” 60 to 65 marks to the dollar, the The St Clair Company until re- American soldier in Germany draws cently was part of the chain of com- a larger salary than many of the tii&u panies owned by the parent company German city officials. at Philadelphia, with which Philip The American soldier in the Cob- Curtis is connected. Mr. Quacken- lentz area lives better than the aver- bush will remain in the service of age bourgeois family of either France the southern company as manager of or Germany. At each of the 10 hut* all the gas properties of this corn- managed by the Young Men’s Chris- pany. tion Association in Coblenz the sol­ diers can obtain better and cheaper | Automobile Stolen, food than in the average good res­ taurants of Paris or Coblenz. Wednesday night of last week, Here is the menu of the one Sun- Charles Rogers, of Mays Mills, drove day dinner at the Bahnhof Hotel, ^is Chevrolet automobile to Geneva, conducted by the Y. M. C. A., which \Yfitle he was attending a picture the soldier could buy for 30 marks show, the car was stolen. Thursiu. or about halt a dollar: Cream of pea m0rning the car was located in Buf- soup, roast Danish turkey, nut dress- jai0 ing, cranberry sauce, potato croquets, officer Kinney, of the Geneva police Jersey sweet potatoes, creamed cauli- department, went to Williamson flower, shrimp salad, radishes, olives, Thursday, accompanied by Charles pickles, rolls, butter, marshmallow Rogers, of Penn Yan. Mr. Rogers ice cream, cake, coffee, or tea. drove his auto to Geneva Wednesday There has never been a soldier in an^ left it in Exchange street, while who is baptized is a member of the »iTns and rarrilees and still another 1.uore experienced men Old Abe had any army who has had at his dispo- he went to a local theatre. When he ThP nasseuser trains on tho North Woman’s Auxiliary by virtue of her order of 700 guns and carriages Eng- £ the fi®ld th® better it would be tor sition the organization of weltare returned the car was gone. He noti- as fol-Jjg subscribed for women's work c-inch cuns and 355 8-inch howitzer £*es’ starved in Libby Prison, and I Rhine enjoys. Officers say the boys jate Wednesday evening that the car ---- T --- .* *K«. A _ .1 _____ V. 0-men guns anu oOD O mui UUWIUW cu u, nFALtv i. Ura 1ivin<r thti livAG t\f I .. _7 __ «... Al ___ era Central pass Penn Yan lows: enormous the back to £ $ ^ ™ 0datton ................ I \l d m thrCenTral Convention oTthe church^ wTqiAH.^War* Denatiment nermltted ate- At one of the G. A. R reunions yet to see a drunken American sol- {c^n as\ \his home, The car and Express ............................ 9 13 P. M. Let every woman of the parish show after the armistice was signed andiout °* town some one mistook tm died in the city, and yet payday, the Voung man were brought bad Sundays her loyal support. If you can give but ^everv Inc^ntlvl for econly word “Curly” for “colonel,” but here dread of the military police has come Geneva. Accommodation ............... 2 08 P. M. little, let that little swell the amount, H1® was eyery lncenuve ror econ°- at home he is known to everybody as and gone. Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 13 |P, M. if much, the better. Women mission- The exnlanation eiven bv the Dem- CurIy Harrison. The Germans seem to bear them m Ch t issued to Community House. Going North aries of all the world fields are thus ocratlc ad mMstratfon a t t o a t time ^ frequently hear him recall inci- animosity and they are very popular Charter issued com u y 6 36 A. M. supported and tile work broadened, for their English and dents of the war. with the frauleins and spooning migu A chartGP has been issued bv the H l l & 51* Jhte amount is given^by women only. French factories to^ontlnu^the man- _dayt 67 years_ago, be added^to the ^utdwr sports whic gyratory of State to the* Bellona Community House, Inc., of Benton, Yates county. It is proposed to deal in real estate, and to promote the general welfare, etc. The capital t0 stock is $6,000, consisting of shares Express Express Accommodation ............... 2 42 P. M. in 1889 it was but $2000, in 1919 over . . f S l T r * * f “ hi* as though it were yesterday,” lie says, find favor with many soldiers Express .......................... .\ 7 07 P. M. $468,000. What it may be at this con- a ! “I was on picket duty at three o’clock -------------------------- vention will rest partiv with the wo- ola™? wa^that they'doshwl tT L in^ *n the morning, and the heaviest rain-* Accommodation . ........ 6 36 A. M. I men of St. Mark’s Guild. ^ain friendly relations between this storm I ever witnessed was falling. Sundays Parasites? Express ............................. 12 13 P. M. New York Central (In effect, Oct. 31.) Northbound Leave Arrive 7 12 A. M. 8 35 A. M. 12 05 P. M.-— Saturday only 7 10 P. M. 8 43 P. M. Southbound 7 12 A. M. 8 35 A. M. Saturday only—1 11 P. M. „ 4 60 P. M. 5 52 P. M. 7 10 P. M. 8 43 P. M. Sundays Northbound * 5 20 P. M. C 20 P. M. . .Southbound 9 15 A. M .\ 10 20 A. M. country and Enerland and France and Suddenly a body of horsemen ap- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. “ thought that it would belt be Pfared the gloom. They didn’t I ook —The -Christian Scientists meet in done by permitting those countries to L? *’ and I blazed away at the bunch. the Elmwood Theatre every Sunday continue the manufacture of muni- That musket shot brought on the batr at eleven o’clock. Subject: “God, the tions for the United States in order ,,8* Shiloh, and so on. Preserver of Man.” to keep their factories busy. None of „ HlGL n°!J the product of these plants is of any c°Me<*ted tor the last war Curly Hai- use whatever to the United States. , rison s stories didn t go so w?il!,a“ d It is this comparatively small clique S ? ftiought lie was a little i©aloiis. The following action has been tak- of importing interests closely organ- ^ a r v of the trafning camps about American111?eeiontSel*° P°8t ° £ Ul6 is tho backbone of the present fight abou’f tixeftbeing^ed Wlhereas, one of our comrades in against the enactment of a protective at every station by committees com- In Memorlam. PENN YAN & LAKE Leave Penn Yan A. M. 6 40 8 35 10 06 11 35 P. M. 1 05 2 35 4 05 5 35 7 20 *9 15 Saturday’s only a r S T H u k h R M ov S T m T J » is furnlslxing the funds and p o . * of younfe girls denly been removed from our midst conducting the nation-wide campaign I>« elad of it he ^ o d say Whereas, he had been one of those iff legislation. The American people {?“ 1 i I^was I h,mmnitvr hononLhW \ami' l e l f ? man dUCV,Ve factor,ea and Prosperous dier and was never seen in a passen- _ L-voR1 f“ e'd ‘'ip r , r ? u^ „ 0tinallthdeur S**/. »r walked \ Branchport mediate peril of life, and A. M. 7 30 9 20 10 60 P. M. 12 20 1 60 3 20 4 50 6 20 8 25 with foreign bankers and foreign in- Whereas, in civil Ufe*we knew him. dustries on the other hand. as a man generous towards others, of unswerving Integrity in all busi­ ness and always a lover of clean sport in which he had made a name for himself, and loyal to hls friends. Milk Prices the Same for June. 10 00 *10 45 Sunday Passenger Schedule Leave Penn Yan, 8.50, 10.30 a. m.; 12.15, 1.45, 3.15, 4.45, 6.05, 7.30 and *9.15 p. in. Leave Branchport, 9.35, 11.15 a. m.; 1.00, 2.30, 4k00, 6.25, G.46, and 8.15 p. m. *To Brancport, if passengers. GENEVA-PENN YAN TR A N S . CO. Auto Bus Time Card Leave Penn Yan Leave Geneva A. M. 9 00 11 15 P. M. 2 15 4 45 Sat. 7 16 A. M. 9 46 •« *. P. M. 2 45 7 15 Sunday P . M. 8 30 11 16 P. M. 2 00 4 46 Sat. 9 30 P. M. • • ♦ ♦ 11 30 P. M. 4 30 8 80 And then he tells about hls home­ coming. \As a young man he lived in Indiana, in the country, and says that when he was mustered out he was given his discharge papers and told Producers' milk prices for June will to ,llon\?,,and Pnd ,aJ°* J 18 ao,<?11 a? _ ^ . . remain the same aa tlie Mav nrtcea possible. When he left the railroad Therefore, Be it Resolved, that we, accordjnK to a statement issued bv 8tatl°n nearest Ills home there was no the members of the Johnson-Costello the Dairymen's Leae m exonerative committee to welcome him. It was Post, No. 365, ot the American Legion, Association Inc Co-Operative a(ter dark an(1 he starte(1 to walk to Penn Yan, N. Y„ do hereby record The prjCe schedule for 100 pounds tl,e farm where he lived, seven of three per cent, milk at the 201-210 miles away, over muddy roads. On the And be it further resolved tha this C lntials^fo^ftM g lft' andTutierfat\ tiohne!, a ^ ^ g h b o r ' to get® * <Mnl resolution be spread upon our min- fger®3n“ a/f0J a°.r freIgllt antl butteifat’( There was no cup at the well, and utes, copies sent to the press andi niaaa i__pinia milk for nitv diatri. he stepped into the house to ask for also as an expression of the deep sym-,bllVian *1 75 l d K r CIly dlatn .one. ........ . Mrs. » ________ i ________ I Old Jerry was sitting in the front The average farm family has feed three city families, in addition! \each b’usiness^wM be be- to itself. This is figured out by cen- gun With $3610. The directors for the sus experts, who find that of the na- first year, and their stockholdings are tion’s 41,614,248 workers, only 10,- E. L. Holcomb, 10 shares; S. H. Reed, 953,158. are engaged in agriculture, ho shares, and W. F. Turner, two forestry apd animal husbandry. (shares. All are residents of Bellona. A near-sighted farmer is apt to look on the city as parasites. To a, ,t,e u umnhr»vV certain extent, they may be. • ,ts numpnreys But, without city folks, the farmer, TT . , .. . „ . would have no market for his sur- Humphreys Number ^oriy , *?■ plus crops. He would plow with a duces Repose, and Natural, Refresh- sharp stick instead of the city-made *n8 »^or Sleepless- I3teei plow. His furniturS, rugs, cloth-1 n®®Ts» Wakefulness, Restlessness, ing, auto, wire fencing, wireless and I JJ® d°P^* strict homeopathic, other devices come from the city. I Price, 30c and $1.00, at drug stores. It Is a fair exchange between city | sea^ receipt of price, or C. O. D. and country, except when, farm and Parcel FosL city prices are out of balance, as often Is the case.—Elmira Advertiser. And if it were not for the cities rural taxation would be many times higher than It is, and it is distressing now. Y. P. B. Elects Officers. Humphreys’ Homeo. Medicine Co., 156 William street, New York. Med­ ical Book f r e e . ________ Buy meal tickets—Universal. Ford Motor OH, 5 gal., $3. Beach’s.* our sorrow for the loss we and friends experience; hi pathy we feel, to Ills mother, McGovern. Notice to Contractors. Class 2—Milk for cream, ice cream,1 plain condensed and soft cheeses, Tu™n> a,lu a“ tir.,V^Vlg uv ,,, vt ‘J $150 .while lie said: “Well, well! If Class 3—Milk for sweetened con- an’t (-\ll!'ly Harrison back from densed and evaporated, milk powder Jv.?,11 • hoped you would Sealed bids will be received by the ..... — ........ . ....... rv..v.~. . ... . Board of Trustees of the Village of &nd hard fancy cheese, 20 cents per K11,ea Penn Yan, N. Y., until 8 p. m., June 12, 1922, for the following Item: The construction ot a new brick front In Engine House No. 2. Plans and specifications may be seen by applying to Trustee R. E. Wheeler, member of the Committee on Public Buildings. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. ____ CYRUS N. BACON, WILLIAMS’ KIDNEY and LIVER PILLS Have you overworked your nervous system and caused trouble with your kidneys and liver? Have you pains In lolna.eide and bsek. Have you a flab! 100 pounds over price of milk for but­ ter. Class 4—Milk for butter and Ameri- Real Estate Transfers. can nh AAR A KooftH nn nvAMLOA w I ia I a . Fenton H. Wager and wife to Roy sal\ pHces of teeso prod™ U ,Turing »• Dunton and wife, premises in Mid- m Dealers ifiT o a v the Association at I Marv ’ ■ Graves to George H. White Ill® °/ot*°i?I qSa*Li2L?v»e„r.:I Katherine Roof to Elizabeth R. eftv X 1tribut6loSer Cent bUtterfat) f0r Cran8, premises In Starkey-$1. %-ices usul\”y are lower in June1 „ W?n._ C. _DUul6l_si^an.l^wIto^to Mary than in M a r but a cold dry spring. Eastman, premises in Jerusalem has resulted In poor pastures and a, Mflrv n irnfltmnn to PAuiinA f Bir. falling off in production. Market con-L u? jlru salem—SI dillons for dairy products are also,kett’ premises m Jeruaaiem_ $1. ____ improving. ------------------------- — —“— ------------- under the eyes? I f so, use Williams' Kidney and Liver Pills. For Bale byalldruEelite. Price 60c. WILLIAMS m , 00 ., Pnp., Ctivilul, See big stock Ford parts. Beach’s^ All Ford supplies. Beach’s Children Cry FOR FLETCHER’S I C A S T O R I A The annual meeting of the Frances Willard Y. P. B. was Tield on Tuesday evening, May 30th, at the home of Eleanor Ayres. Officers were elected as follows: President, Alillan Trench- ard; recording secretary, Esther John­ son; corresponding secretary, Elean­ or Ayres; treasurer, Elda Russell. I Doris Gibson, musical director, had a song called “Home Again” sung In honor of Miss Muriel Ayres. Miss Ayres expressed her appreciation and told’ in a few words her impressions of South America and her work there, showing photographs. | Plans for the coming State Encamp-: ment were made. Among the activi­ ties of this society are the circulating of the Polyglot petition, which has already been presented in fifty coun­ tries and will be exhibited at the world’s W. C. T. U. convention in Philadelphia in November. Every Son and Daughter Out of justice to their mother and father should see “ Where Is My Wan­ dering Boy Tonight,” shown at the Sampson Monday and Tuesday, June 12 and 13. 1 6 D A Y E X C U R S I O N F r id a y , J u n e 16 Round Trip Fare Irom Penn Yan 916.20 Proportionate fares from other point* For detail* at) to leaving time of trains fate) In parloror *le« plngetirs st< p over privileges, or other information .consult Ticket Ag< nte, or David Todd, Division Passenger Agent. Williamsport Pa. Similar Excursions Fridays, June 30 and October 20. PILES! PILES! PILES! WILLIAMS’ PILE OINTMENT For Blind, Bleeding and licking Piles. For tale by all dniggidi, mail 50c-and $1.00. WILLIAMS MFC. CO« N s ChwhMl, OMs Pennsylvania The Route of the Broadway Limited

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