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HAVERSTRAW ITEMS A General Budget Reviewing the Doings op Our Peo- ple the Past Week: Wo are glad to aee that the adminis- tration bas at last recognized the Democratic party of Rooklaud County, and through the t-fforts of tlie Hon. Frank P. Demarest. Mr. George Swart- Trout has had tendered him a position in tb» pnblio printing office. The antis seem to be out. Tha Assessors have oomplotod the ?Meument roll for this year, and have left the same at the residence of Doer A. Melvin for the next 20 days for pnblio inspection. Mr. H. J. Files, the popular grooer of Oongers, has been appointed post- master of that thriving village. If you want good insurance at the lowest prices call or send to Thomas Finegan, corner West Broad street and Clove avenue. If you would enjoy a good evening's sport attend the athletio entertainment to be given in Washington Hall on next Monday evening. Messrs. William Waldron, George Carson, William Carpenter and Joseph Balzer havo been camping out at the hook mountain for the last two weeks and report having a pleasant time. Mra. Annie Hemeliok, of New York city, ia the guest of her brother, Mr. Jake Lefkowitz. Mr. Adolph Neith and wife, and Mr. Nathan Spitzer, of New York city, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Koskam. Solid gold baok embossed wall paper reduoed to 80 cents per double roll at Termanson's, Broadway. Mr. Isaac Boskam is enjoying a two weeks' vaoation with his pareuts in this Tillage. . haverstraw Lodge, D. O. H , will tiold their annual picnic iu Finegau's Park ou Tuesday, August 7th. No. 1, of the Anoient Order of Hibernians, will hold their aunual Pionic iu Finegan's Park on the 15th of August. Some mischevious person bnve been in the habit of taking the drinking cups lelt at the Main street spring. This practice should be stopped. This Offioe can do anything in the Job Priutiug line from a visiting card to a mammoth poster. Call and get our prices. The attention of our readers is partic- ularly called to the advertisement of Homes and Hearths which appears in another oolumn of this paper. Mr. George Swartwout and family, of New York city, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Baunigan. Mr. Frank P. Fredericks, of Kingston, N. Y? was a visitor in this village seve- ral days the past week. Newburgb is to hold a firemen's tour- nament ou October 17th and 18th. Over one thousand invitations will bo sent to fire companies throughout the State re- questing their presence iu the hilly city at that time. For tlillard & Haste's \White Swan,' \Preferred Stock\ or \Hand-made Cigars,\ go to the saloous of Chris. Doran, Nicholas Cox, Patrick Bren- nan, or Lawrence Cullen. Supervisor T. Harry Ward, of R»m- apo, has resigned bis position with the aterling mouutaiu railroad. Mr. George Geise, who was for a long time in the employ of Henry Halm, has reii'nd the store on Broadway formerly occupied by T. V. Gardner, and will shortly open a green grooery store. Call at Harry Hirschfeld's, Broadway, for flue sherry and port wine at 50 cents per bottle. Messrs. Job. and Will am Baboook, John Spisinger and John Horan, who left here last spring to work for the Epping Briok Co., of Epping, N. H., returned home this week owing to the shut down of the briokyard. Harry Hirsohfeld sole agent for the aelebrated Sohillz Mi waukee beer; put up especially for family and hotel pur- poses. Miss E. Weisebeoker, of Williams- burgh, N Y , is the guest of her bister, Mrs. P. Kelly. The annual convention of the New York State Firemen's Association will be held at Oawego, August 21. 22, 23 and 24. Prizes aggregating $2,000 will be given. There will be a grand tourna meut on the 23d and 24th, and a grand parade ou the last day. Mrs. Amelia Frieden and daughter, of 166 East 104 th street, New York oitv, has been spending the past week iu town aa the guest of her sister, Mrs. S. Cohen. Mr. John B. Le Poiute, of Fall River, Mass., was the gueat of his son, Joseph, several days the past week. CARD OF THANKS. Mr. Eurrou.?l desire through your paper to extend my sincere thanks to my friends and neighbors nnd the members of Divi-ion No. 3, A. O 11., and Mouitors Association for their kind sympathy and numerous nets of kinduess extendod to me in the recent illness and death of my wife. Yours Respectfully, Roiiert F. Maguihk, STONY POINT. The assessors have completed tho assessment roll of tho town of Stony Point for the present year, and the same can be tueu for 20 days at tho residence of Assessor Howard Fonda. The members of the Stony Point M. E. Sunday-school will go ou thair annual excursion on Wednesday, Aug. Ist, to Grovevillo by the steamor Kme line. The steamer will leave Haverstraw at 7:20 a. m ; Grassy Point 7:30 a.m., arriving at Fishkill 10:30 a. m., when the excursionists will board the electric oars and onjoy a ride of throe miles through oue of tho rarest and most beautiful sections of the country to Grovevillo. Tickets for the excursion have beon placed at the small sum of 50 cents, and may be procured on the boat. GOT HER DIVORCE. Mri. Addie G. Taylor, daughter of Mrs. Tomkins W. JohnFon, of Stony Point, who it will be remembered in- stituted a suit against her husband some time since for an absolute divorce from her husband, James E. Taylor, formerly of this village, but lately of New York city, received a dooreo of absolute divorce from Judge Brcwu in Supreme Court Chambers at Newburgb , on Friday last. Mrs. Taylor in her com- plaint named one Mary Howard, of New York city, as a oo respondeut. Garret Z. Suider was appoiu ted referee to take testimony, and it was upon the findings of the referee thut the judge granted j the divorce. Mrs. Taylor will resume j her maiden name of Johnson. STATEMENT. Statement of the receipts and disbursements of moneys of Scliool District No. I, ol the of Haverstraw, for tho school year eii<lint- JulvJlst, 1801. published pursuant to a reso- lution duly adopted at the last Annual School ' Meeting of Said District, viz.: MONIES RECEIVKP: William Itenson, ox-school collector. \u25a0$ TV\) 22 Joslah Poller, Supervisor, tall. public money July ai, 1893 ???' w Josinh Folter, Supervisor, public moil- _ ey for IWW-4 Library money from State . * .... Collected by Philip Goliring.. ... Tuition of non-resident pupils \u25a0\ Total ««-«« 31 MONIES OISIIUHSEI). L. o. Markham. one year's salary l,Bojj Jjf] Marv A. F. Redmond, \ ? J Ida L. Johnson. J Jessie I.- Gedney, ? ? Minnie F. Holmes, ' L'\ Mabel L. Wostcott, ? Mary Cleary rJJ m I.lzzie Gormley. ? Lizzie Schreeder, t.\ m Binina Fiynn, ? . (11l Hose Taylor, ? J'-J! J, Mabel L. Lewis, ? Eva Millspaugh. , I'J J Lizzie Kellly, , ? ,hl Win. W. Nodine, wanes lor live mos. (school on Ridge street) \ Charles Craft, Janitor.... «\u25a0« \ Job Ilabcock, \ of colored school oil 00 Job Ilabcock, \ ol school on Ridge street \ T. ,7. Chas. Ludwick, cleaning cess pools > i« Wm.H. Jeuklus, School supplies 18 i; S. G. Newman, printing F. W. Abrams. elerk at e1ecti0n....... - 1,1 Corlles, Macy & Co., blank books lor tax lists ? lledell Itrothers, material and labor making repairs ? ;,2 Joseph V. I'lynn, school supplies... \u25a0 ? ; \'i Milton Bradley li Co., school supplies -}'j 4; W. T. Purdy, school repairs J» \J Win. H. Jenkins, school supplies 20 1> J. V. Fly nil, \ \ Central School Supply House, sc.iool . sui)plies Uonkland Co. Times, printing notice for bids for coal * V E. M- Newman, tuning piano - \» H. M. Uradbury, repairing electric bells ????? 1 Chas. H.Zundel, insuring large school _ buildinif i*' l \ W. T. Purdy, furniture for school on Ridge street ? ???? ll.~ GO W, T. Purdy, black board cloth school on Ridge street \9 J. W. Furman, preparing tax list, etc w no ltockland Co. News, printing 2~ > James O. Ileale, 40 tons gross c0a1.... aw 00 II Furman. material and labor setting curb stones, repairing build- ing on llidgc street, and sundry other repairs HI N; ' James Gourley, making repairs '-'5 ltockland Co. News, printing, etc 2 50 Haverstraw Water Co., water to May 1. '04 117 50 E. E. l'urdy. desk for school on llidgc street ~25 Hocklaiul Co.Messenger,sundry print- ing 2o 45 W. F. Stocker, repairing chemical ap- paratus 8 50 John W. Furman, postage, stationery disbursements and returning back taxes, etc W -5 Torrance Maguirc for moneys paid putting In coal, scrubbing, mowing grass, etc IIMIO Samuel V. King, materials and labor repairing building 10 H0 Wm. 11. Jenkins, scliool supplies 10 5:1 Will. 11. Jeuklus, \ \ 33 111 11. M. Reynolds, sundry supplies lit 11 Win. H. Parkton. materials and labor making reimirs 1-' 00 Win. H Parkton, materials and labor making repairs 33 15 Geo. Mott, repairing valves 1 50 J. V. Fly nil, school supplies 3 10 Peter Gliir.ily, aiding janitor, etc 20 87 Peter Vandenburgh, kindling wood 150 Itev. Thomas F. MeGare, lent for building on Ridge street 75 00 Rev. Tiiotiuiß F. MeGare, stove for use of School on llidgc street a> 00 Jas, G. Ileale, 10 tons and 0 cwt. ot coal HI) 05 C. A. Eckcrsou. printing for Arbor Day exercises 0 20 Win. 11. Jenkins, school supplies 30 33 lledell Urothers, supplies and repairs 4 05 Haverstraw Water Co., water to Nov. 1,18111 37 50 Chas. H. Zundel, insurance, trees, llowers, etc 40 00 Mary Cleary, music for closing exor clsos, IHII3 114 s 48 Wm. 11. Jenkins, school supplies 2!) hi C. L. ltlckctts, diplomas IU tin ,J. W. Fill-man, taking school census 20 on Terrance Maguire, library books tl 30 E. M. Newman, use of piano at com- mencement 5 00 Jones A: Furman, school supplies, re- pairs, etc 30 02 Rockland Co. Messenger, printing for commencement exercises II on Waldron & Furmau, use of Opera House for coniiiioiioomciit exercises 25 no Rockland Co. News, printing state tiicnt of receipts and disbursements of school monies lli 07 Rockland Co. Times, printing state- ment of receipts and disbursements of school monies 10 07 Rockland Co. Messenger, printing statement ol* receiiils anil disburse- ments uf school monies 11l Oil llalance on hand ill date of statement 1,103 21 *11,502 31 Dated July 20th, 1801. TERRANCE MAGUIRE) Trustees of School ALONZO BEDELL, - Hist. No lof tho A. J. CARSON. I town of Haverstraw. THE TIMES. MICHAEL AIoCABE, Editob. HAVERBTRAW, N. Y., JULY 28, 1894. T~ wist haverstraw, AVniVAtj AND DEI'AHTttHE OF MAILS AT ! WENT HAVJWSTRAW I'OHTOVFICB: Arrir\ Albany and West 9:00 a. m. New York and Month \ \ Now York and South 5:15 p, m, Albany anil Went 0:30 \ Depart. New York and South 7:50 a.m. Albany and West \ \ New York and South 12:03 p. m, Albanv and West. 5:00 \ New York and Month \ \ J. a. MoVkan, p. m. WORTH PRESERVING. Every subscriber and reader of this papor should preserve this weolt's copy of this paper, as it contains not only all tho local nova, but also contains tho annual repoit of tho Trustees of School District No. l;the qua rterly report of tho County Treasurer of Rockland County, and an eight-page supplement, containing many laws passed at the last session of the Legislature. JIE COMMITTED SUICIDE! The Cause and Its Lo3Son. U7d/ did he commit suicide? Oli' f>r till! same reason that thousand of others are on tho verge of the same sin, or in numc* diute dinger of infinity, paralysis, i-nuey, or some other equally unfortunate result of [ nnv nervous nfleetion. 11«? knew he was alllicteil with a nervous «I is ? r hr, hut was j careless, apparently indillerent i<> the out- ' come; or he may have lessened hi; ehunces i for recovery by treating with physicians who had little or no knowledge ot such af- j factions, or by deluging himself with worth- ( less so-calledremedies. His case was a sad i one, but no worse than that of any other I nervous suflerer, who has nervous or siek headache, biliousness, di/./.iness, irritability, melancholy, failing memory, hot Hashes, j fainting, sleeplessness, nervous dyspepsia, i sexual debility, epilepsy, etc. The same or similar consequences uie likely to result to any one who has any of these idvance ! symptoms of an awful end. l>o not hesitate in getting rid of them bv intelligent treat- ment. Dr. Franklin Miles, the celebrated specialist, has studied nervous diseases over 20 years, and has discovered the only re- liable remedy for them. Thousands of vol- untary testimonials prove the virtues of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. Alonzo Barker,of Clinton. N. Y , writes: \I v.m s i alllieto«i with extreme nervouftiieni that I was on tho verpoof insanity. My hands trein- bled so that I could scarcely feed in>>elf. I used twelve bottles of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. and was cured. It is with pleasure I recommend this wonderful remedy for nervous troubles.'' \ I had been n «reat sufferer from chronic headache until I began, about four months niro, to use Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and Pills, since which time I have not had a headache. Several of my friends are usintf Dr. Miles' Rem- edies, and find them, as I did, to be moro than you claim for them.\?Mrs. Mary Kister, Los Angeles, Cal. W. U. Capwell, editor Tribune. Plymouth, Pa., writes : \My wife was cured of sick headache of many years' standing by the use of i)r. Miles' Restorative Nervine. She has recommended it to her friends, und they all praise it highly.\ Dr. Miles' Restoratlvo Nervine is sold by all druggists on a positive guarantee, or sent direct bv tlie Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, St per bottle, six bottles forSs, express prepaid. It is positively free from onlatop or dangerous drugs. Dr. Miles' Pills, 50 oosoft 'ib cents. Free book at druggists, or by mail. DAILY AMERICA AND M E RCUR Y. Neiv York's Only Straight Out Democratic Newspaper The Best Features of Sports IX ADDITION TO All the News of the Day. Dailj, 1 Cent. Sunday, Cents. TERMS TO SUBSCRIBERS. (Payable in Advance ) Daily,] year, SO 00; with Suuday, .»8 00 Dmly, <5 mouths 83 00; with Sunday 100 ' Daily, 3 months Sl.so;with Sunday 2.00 Sunday Edition only, 1 your $2.00, \> Agents Wanted?Sample Copies Free. * I DAILY AMERICA, 5 No. 34 New Chambers St., N. \'. City. Appointment of examina- tions for Commissioner's Cer- tificates for the year 1894. r, I, George A. Blauvelt, School Com- missioner of Rockland County, hereby 0 appoint tlie following examinations for Commissioner's eertitie.Ues lor the year !J 1894, viz : Examinations for certificates [i of the liiHt grades will be held on March 1 and 2, and August 10 autf 17; , examiutioiiH for certiiicates of the second i?rade will be held ou January II and 12, March 1 and 2, August 10 5 and 17 and October 5 aud 0; examina- tinus tor certificates of third grade will \ be held ou January 12, March 2, August ii 17 aud October 5. All examinations will ba held in the -, Public School Buildiug iu the Village o' Spring Valley. !{ Dated January 2, 1804: GliOltUE A. Bladvelt, 1 School Commissioner of Rooklaud Co. SURROGATE'S COURT. - Rockland COUNTY. Iu the Matter ol the application ot John Co nn ell a ii d Michael I iukn as Administrators, &(>., of Martin Dunn, deceased, for uu order di- reeling the disposition of eertain inonevs for tlie payment of debts und funeral expenses, mid among the persons entitled thereto. 1 J Notice is hereby !i!ven that themouey now in the lunula ut tin-County Trammer of ltoeUianil County to tlie credit of the above proceeding will be distributed by the said Surrogate among the creditors ot tlie euid deceased, iu proportion to their renpeelivo debts, according lo law, at the Surrogate's Ollioe, in the Town of Ciarkstown in said County, ou the .'lilih day ot July, 181 M, at Klevt u o'clock iu tlie Forenoon of tluit day. Dated, .lime lKth. 181)1. A. S. TOMPKINS, Surrogate. THIS SPACE BELONGS TO I TURMAM, Broadway, y UNDER THE OPERA HOUSE m Who is Helling Gilt Wall Paper at 9c. per Double Roll and BORDERS to inajch at 1 cent per yard and upward. Embossed Gold Wall Paper 40 cents per double Roll. a AN ALL WOOL DRIVE is the right kind of ft trip for win- w? er wea^er ' ou l°°k O / 0111 though in ordor to take )Wl yW it, because we have the wool. There's some tilings you don't want to take?a cold, for instance, but you should always take a o»r- L gain at first sight. Om stock ul .??« vfp) ' winter clothing is as striking .ti a .? hammer, and we've knocked the - . bottom out of competition with our offer of CHILD'S OVERCOATS for $1.00. MEN'S OVER- COATS for §1,00. MEN'S ULSTERS for $0.00\ It's next door to taking cold not to wear warm clothing. Give colds a freezo out by wearing one of our Metis Ulsters, §6.00, Worth 15 00. KAUDER'S, 62 Main st. t SACRIFICE Millinery which we aio closing out at prices never before offered. Our entire summer stock must bo M.Frankel. IF TOU WANT INFORMATION ABOUT & PENSIONS ADDRESS A LETTER OR POSTAL CARD TO ' The Press Claims Company, JOHN WEDDERBURN, Managing Attorney, F. O- Box -4r©3 \Washington ID. C Honorably discharged soldiers and sailors who served 90 days, or over, in tbe late war, are entitled, if now partially or wholly disabled (or ordinary manual t labor, whether disability was caused by servioe or not, and regardless of tbeii ) pecuniary circumstances. Widows of such soldiers and bailors are entitled (if not remarried) whether sol- ? diet's death was due to army servioe or not, if now dependent upon their own labor for support. Widows not dependent upon their own labor are entitled if the soldi\r's death was due to service. Ohildren are entitled (if under sixteen years) in almost all easea where there was no widow, or she has since died or remarried. Parents are entitled if soldier left neither widow nor ohild, provided soldier died in servioe, or from effects of servioe, and they are now dependent apon their own labor for support. It makes no different whether soldier served or died in late war or in regular arm; or navy. Soldiora of the late war, pensioned under one law, may apply for higher rates nnder other laws, without losiug any ri«ht. Thousands of soldiers drawing from $2 to 910 per month nnder tbe old law are entitled to higher rates uuder new law, not only on aooount oi disabilities for which now pensioned, but also for others, whether due to servioe or not. Soldiers and sailors disabled in line of dnty in regular army or navy ainoe the war are also entitled, whether discharged for disability or not. Survivors, and their widows, of the Black Hawk, Creek, and Cherokee, and Seminole or Florida Indian Wars of 1832 to 1812, are entitled uuder a reoent Ml Mexican War soldiers and their widows also entitled, if sixty-two years of ag» or disabled or dependent. Old claims completed and settlement obtained, whether pension has been granted nnder later laws or not. Rejeoted olainjs reopened and settlement seoured,if rejeotion improper or illegal Certificates of service and discharge obtained for soldiers and sailors of the late war who have lost their original papers. Bend for laws and information. No oharge (or advioe. No fee naloss aoMMaful. Address, The Press Claims Co,, John Wedderburn, Managing Attorney, P. O. Box m. WASHINGTON, D. C. Dark Pennyroyal Pills .Tnliti W Kino* r the eelebrali (I Feumlo Regulator urn \ IyAAAi If ? AJLlllkß \u25a0 perfectly Safe and always Reliable. w 1 For all Irregularities. Painful Menstrua- Hons. Suppression, etc. they Never Fail A T\T ' I ' f\\} to afford a speedy and certain Relief. No w~ I INI I |~* y EXi'KItIMENT, but u scientific und positive M ?* * ' * *\\\ * \u25a0 relief, adopted only alter y nrs of exper- ience. Allorders supplied direct li'oiii our ANI) otllce. Prloe per puokutje, SI.(10, or six paekaues for $!>.0(), liy mail poslpniil. EVERY PACKAGE GUARANTEED. j _ Particulars (sealed) 4c. All oorrespon- 11,.. II a A , n deuoe strictly Confidential. Mil I\All II II II lYAl? PARK REMEDY CO.. Boston, Muns. CL Lf VJ. 11 (111 Wvl ? If]] Office and residence 1» ' L\ to (Hty, ViHitu'\ or (Ymuiry. Needed in every \torn nml otlU-o. Gn'iiUmt conven- /feup.,ii,;' l uMmw* Y . Third Strt> Havsrstraw. /Jl® !. Oiiu ill II iixMani'ii invniia II wlKtoulltha ******* m* v* wi uwiwuwunf \u25a0 CJI 1 ntdnhboi>. I ino instruments, no works / >i anywhere, nu> distunee. Complete, r«ady for - \u25a0 ]yi I use when shipped. Tun bo put up by ftny one, V\ M I never out of order, no ropalrinu, lest* u life rTT . . I J, time. Warranted. A money maker, >lrlte WQvlr KollOltßll 2111(1 (ill;Ll7Llmk' A' P. Harrison & Co.. Clerk 10, Columbus, 0 »uiiuu«u uuu vruiuuu*? Son\ -thing More than prom- ises for Fifty Years Tll Kll 1A I; K, (?() N TIN (I KN\< 'I Kfl besides lentil mi.l old 111;.' for whleli it, is wise to niu'ii provision, Ilenltli niny become Im- jmii' l, innl<iiisr it Impossible to rontinuo luisini\ , often in tile most critlf.nl timo. t'lininufii long limuifinl trouhlu everything ?mi'' I' vviv:;iml, Occupation or position niny 1\ lost, thus cutting off all itifotno. All policies now being issued by TIIK N vrIONM. litl' l: I NSt'lt A N(* r C COMPANY OF VkhMunt provides for nnv emergency Unit, may nti <\u25a0. It contains llie following nli- solute guarantees \u25a0. Kir-.': Ii Wi aha ntioi;s nlixed rash value, wliile tin' Hond is in force, lit tlie end of third and every year thereafter, which is plainly indorsed on its face. Second The Hond having lapsed for non-payment of preminni, It (It:miantkhh a I'uid-np Hond after three years for as many parts of the sum insured us annual premium payments have been made. Or, Kxtended Insiirnnce for the full amount of the Hond for the terms indorsed thereon. It protects the Insured against adversity in business, and makes nn nbsoluto pro- vision, in ease of dentil, for wife, children, parents, or creditors. It is a snfe and desirable investment, and guarantees that a certain amount of money will lie accumulated in a specified time, which the purchaser enn use nt nn nge when lie is more likely to be dependent upon others than others upon liini. The principles of this Bond are indorsed b_v the wealthiest and shrewdest bankers, merchants, and lawyers of America. Un<lt '\u25a0 this lloud you know cxactly what i/,m lan-,, mill if you need your money more thou insurance you can yet it. Under thin I loud you have investment, pro- tie lion, nnil the use of your capital. Daniel Faui.f.y, Agent for Eqnilahle Life and the. best Real /\u25a0'.state iiroperties in Itoekland County. West llavkiibtiuw. N. V. FORTUNES MADE AND SAVED BY FOLLOWING THE ADVICE OF The Wall Street Daily News (Established 1879 ) IS SPECULATING on investinc^R Railway Stocks and Subscription 85 per yenr. Sample copies free. Address E MARTIN BLACK, Editor, No. 49 Exchange Place, N. Y. TERMS of the County Court and Court of Sessions of the County of Rooklaud for tlio year 181)4. Terms of the County Court of the County of Rockland for the trial of issues, nod terms of the Court of Ses- sions in and for said County at which a Grand and Petit Jury will tie required to attoud, tiro hereby appointed to be held nt the Court House iu the town of Clnrkstown, iu said County in the year 1891, as follows: Fourth Tuesday :>f January, Fourth Tuesday of /nue, Fourth Tuesday of October. '& Terms of tne County Court of the County of Rockland for the trial of issues requiring no jury, ar d for the argument of appeals, the liearifg of motions and other proceedings, are ap pointed to be held in the year 1894 (except during the month of August) as follows; On Monday of each week at the Court House in Clarkstown; on Thursday of each week at the office of the County Judge iu Nvack, in said County; on the l»t and 3d Friday of each month at the ofiico of Alonzo Wheeler in Haverstraw, in said County. Terms of the Court of Sessions of the Couuty of Rockland at which neither a Grand nor a Petit Jury is required to attend are hereby nppointed to be held nt the Court House in Clarkstowniifore said iu the year 1894 as follows: First Monday of March; firHt Monday of May; fourth Mouday of July; seooud Monday of September; fourth Monday of November. Dated, January 2d, 1894. ARTHUR S. TOMPKINS, County Judge of Rockland Couuty WEST-SHORE =RAILROAD= Time table in effeot May 20, 1894. Trains moving South. i.eaveb. Jones Point?*7.o9, *10.18, a. m.; *2 53, *4 53 p. m. Tomkins Cove?*7 13, J8.04, *10.23, 111.57 a. m.; *2 57. *4 57 p. m. Stony Point?4.44, *7.10 J8.07, *10.27 a. in.; *3.00, *5.00 p. m. West Haverstraw?*s 05, fG.22, fC.SO, *7 20, fS.I2, |8.45, 59.10, *10 30, t12.03 n. in ; f1.38, *3 05, *5.05, (1 10, *0 30 ||7 25, |8.40 p. m. Haverstraw Village?fs.oB, fG 25, f6.53, *7.22, f8 14, f8.47, 59.12, *10 33 a.m.; 112.05, fl 40, *3.07, *5 08, fG 14 *6 32, 117.28. *7 52, f8 43 p m. Congers?fs.lG, fG 32. *G 50. t7.01,*7.32, |8 22 |3 55, S9 19, *10.41 a. m ; 112.12, *3 15, *5 16, fG.23, *G 40, ||7.36, f8 52 p. m. Trains moving North. Franklin Street?*3 15, fC 45, *7.15, *9 00, *10.00, f11.20 a. m.; *100, 1-2.30, f3 45, 14 15, 15 00, 15.20, 16 15. *0.15, *8 00, 18.45, ||9.45, *11 30 p. m. West 42d street 15 minutes later. ARRIVES. Congers?*l 09, 18.20, *8.36, *10.15, *11.34 ». m.; *2 39, 14 05, 14 59, 15 49. 16 25, 16,53, 17.28, *7 53, 110.19, H11.19 p. m. Haverstraw Village?*l.lB, *4 38, 18.28, *8.43, *10.22 *11 43 a m.; 112.40, *2 48, 14 13, 15 07, 15 57, 16 33, 17.01, 17 35, *8 01, *!).28, 110.27, ||11.27 p. m. West, Haverstraw?*4.4o, *8 46, *10 24, *11 45, a. in.; 112 42, *2.50, 15.09, 16 35. *8 03, *9.30 p. m. Stony Point?*B 50, *11.49 a. w ; *2.54, 15.13, 16.10, *8 08, S9 34 p. m. Tomkius Cove?*B.s4, *11.53 a. m.; *2 58, {5.16, 16 44, *8.12 p. m. Jones Point? *8.58, *11.58 u m.; *3 03, 16.48, *8.16 p. m. {Slop lor or to leave New York puss angers. *Daily. fDaily except Sunday. HSunduys only. S Stops Sundays ouly. For further information enquire of tißurest ugent, or E. C. Lambert, 5 Van- derbilt avo., N. 1. A FIND TIME Court Rockland, 8007, of the Aucieut Order Foreiters of America held their ?uuutl pionic in Finegau's Park ou Wednesday eveniau, aud was oue ol the most successful sfTuirs held this season. During the eveuiug the large aud spaci- ous dauoiug pavilliou was taxed to its utmost oapaoity. NOTICE TO FIREMAN. Tlie members of the Haverstraw Fire Department are requested to meet in tbe Corporation Rooms on Weduesday evening, August Ist, at 8 o'clock. All members should atteud, as business of iuiportauoe to the department is to be tiansaeted. f, 1. FIRM, Ageitl, UNDERTAKER AND Practical Embalmer, Everything connected with a first- class establishment constantly on hand. Embalming a Specialty and all work Guaranteed. Train or boat calls promplty attended to. Estimates given on tomb stone monuments and fencing for cem- etery plots. Personal attention giveß day or night. Place of business MAIN ST., Haverstraw. Residence Broad st. Boilers for Sale. Lot of 15 seoond-band Cilinder Boil- ers, 3C x 60, 36 x 43, 36 x 28, eto.; also stacks, tanks, etc., at old Furnace, Peekskill, N. Y. Address, A J. ThUMjONG, 118 Hodden Street, Foekskill, N. Y. For Sale or To .Let. The Ulemeriok house on the Benson property, now occupied by William Ulemerick, will be sold or rented on easy terms. For particulars, apply to Termanson's Paint Store, Haverstraw. N. Y. Auctioneer, Oscar Wood, ONE OF THE BEST. Post Office address, THIELLS, N, Y. Terms Moderate. FOR SALE. Four (4) good work horses, 1, Bxl2 horizontal Engine, one 6 inch centri- fugal pump Enquire O. D. & G. ARCHER, Haverstraw, N. Y. To Rent or For Sale. The house find buru on Broadway, adjoining the R. C. Church. Barn nearly new. House containing 9 rooms with all improvements. Apply Mbs. John J. Ryan, Ridge Street. Mrs. Adelia Knapp, FASHION AIII.K DKKSSMAKEII. Latest Parisian Styles. Call and be convinced. Terms reasonable. MRS. ADELIA KNAPP, Tomkins Cove, N. Y. TO RENT. Eight rooms in perfect order. Newly paiuted and papered?over the store occupied by Harry Hirschfeld. Terms moderate. Inquire M. ADLER. UVPNATRM Nutsiielled. Great- nirmmoiu est book out. Tells all about this wonderful subject. What- ever vour views are on Hypnotism, you will Qnd this book of great value. Pub lished price, 50 cents. Sent free, transportation prepared, if you remit 25 oents for subscription to Homes and Hearths, the elegant household month- ly. Atldrtss Homes and Hearths Pub- lishing Co. New York TO INVENTORS. If you have made an invention you want a patent. And you want a good one. There are various kinds of patents. Some of them are not worth keeping around the house. They don t protect. It is as unsafe to trust tliem as to a lightning rod without a ground connection That is the kind an iuvontor is likely to get when he draws up his own specifications, or trusts the work to an irrespon- sible attorney. It is not the kind dealt in by the Press Claims Com- pany. Do you want to know what the Press Claims Company is ? It is a syndicato of hundreds of the leading papers of the United States, organized to protect those of the subscribers who have dealings with the Government against the impositions of unscrupulous claim agonts. The Rockland County Times is a member. This able company employs the best legal talent in every branch of its work. It makes a specialty of all matters relating to patents, conducting interferences, prose- cuting rejected cases, registering trade-marks and copyrights, ren- dering opinions as to the scopo and validity of patents, securing patents abroad, prosecuting and defending infriugment suits, etc. It charges nothing for information, and very moderate fees for ser- vices. Address, PRESS CLAIMS COMPANY, No. GlB F stroet, N. W., Washington, D. C. John Wedderburn, General Manager, nwiiMiiMiii mirm masmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmi Tea. Coffee Spices ? Useful presonta giveu away with ? Dl^llQS l evory pound. A The finest on the market. Moobau 350. lb. FUIiE ONLY. Condoimed Milk 'Jo. oan; 3 caus for 250. Hea Su^lKlUo^or^lb.' 0 ' ? Warner'* Safe Yeast 30, a package, 6 lbs. Of B>iC© Handtome presents given with tvery q qv j ftva 320. lb. Ground Pepper '2(>o. lb. Tomatoes Do. oun; 3 cans for 250. Mackerel, 80. eaeu. Corl > Staroh su. lb. ffiveil aWStV Witll pound;..bo witb, one-half pound tea. 30o< lb Allspice 2<lo. lb. ! o«T 25. , Si F 2 , 0 k fi igl,t 10 °* lbl Rioe 50. lb. QVOXV lb of Beat 80 cents tea for 50c. lb. - Oinoamou 200. lb. Pt!ttS i oo . can; 3 cans fo.i 250. OreJA ONese 12c. lb. Laundry Starch sc. lb. OVQXy ID. OX Qood 500. tea for 250. 1 \u25a0 \ Giugor 2( o. . Salmon 12ci can. Creamery Batter 200. lb. Amouia 150. bot. for 50. 800. TQfti My 260. tea equal to any 50c. lb. tea Ground 25c. lb. Mustttrd 20c. lb PuwpkiuHSo u can. Good Butter 15c. lb. Vaseline 15c. bot. for sc. FOR ONIS WEEK, in town. Chicory 100. lb. Cloves 200. lb- ? ,' f i H ,, Eggs, 16 for 250. D. O. AMOS. D. O. AMOS, D. O. AMOS, Corl, ll Q m ' OH) D. O. AMOS, D ' AM f ? D \ Broadway and West Broad Street. Broadway and West Broad Street. bruadway uud West Broad Street. Broadway uud Went Broad Street' Broyiy and West Broad Street. Broadway and WestjUroad Street, Broadway aud West Uroad Street,

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