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ROCKLAND COUNTY 7 THE TIMES ? VOI.. V, HO. 32. EAV3R3TBAW, IT. 7.. MAY 12, 1394. PZUOSFIVE CBJTTB. GARNERVILLE DOINGS Sriov Local Readings for a Busv Hive of Workers in Our Sister Village. Tbo infant child of Win. Babcock is reported siclt with scarlatina. Mrs, Adolpbus Millspuugh bus be eu oh Ibo sick list the past wo«k. Mrs. Alouzo Abbot ond ohildren are visiting friends Mt Willow Grove. Tbe smiling fnco of Postmaster Her- bert. is seeu ugaiu upon our streets. Peter Shaw lias resigned bis position iu the works aud gone to West Poiut Tbe youngest child of Jobn McCauley bus been under tbe doctor's cure tbe past week. Edward May and wifo moved to Haverstraw, wbero thoy will reside iu * tbe future. Tbe family of Geo. Anderson moved into their new quarters on Wall street tbe past week. 'J Mrs. Silas Pules lias been quite sick at tbe bome of Jus. Fales at Haverstruw tbe past neek. Tbe Garuerville and Nyaok baseball ?] clubs will cross bats on tbe latter'a grounds today. , Miss Kittie Couklin, of New City, 1 was tbe guest of ber sister Mrs. Hiker Sunday last. David Wood and family moved iu the cottage on Westside avenue vacated by J Mrs. Martha Taylor. * Mr. Frank Scblug, of Yonkers, spent Beverul days tbe past week visiting ut tbe home of bis parents. * Tbe children of the M. E. Sunday School are looking forward to a yrauil time on Floral Sunday. Solid gold back embossed wall paper reduced to 30 cents per double roll ut Termaußou's, Haverstraw. Rheumatism is lurking iu the air about this place. Many citizens are ut present afflicted with the disease. Tbe Rockland* and Spring Valley baseball clubs will cross bats on the dump at 3 o'clock this alteruoon. The family of W. K. Brooks moved I to Ohurcb street on Thursday, aud are domiciled iu tue Brooks building v Tbe way to become wife is to push what you undertake. l'bo people of I: (Jaruerville Heights are doing this. Ciias, Zundel, of Haverstraw, has s broken grouud for a cottage near bis t former residence at Mead's corner. The band house was broken into the r fore part of the week, but no fuither '! damage thau a brokeu look was done. We are pleased to chronicle that (J James Hargreaves, who was hurt iu the li while at work, is convalescent, Mrs. Edward Fisbwiok aud daughter c Mabel have returned from au exteuded t visit with friends iu the nutmeg State. Mr. Frank Herbert aud sister Emma, t of Brooklyn, are visiting at the home of e their uncle Mr. I. J. Herbert of Sufferu Grove. J People iu this vioiuity are inclined to v belifve that Darwiu must be right. <J Half the people of tbe present day aro talebearers. 'J Tbe game of ball played by the Rock- s lands and Silver Stars ou the dump on ?' Saturday resulted 12 to 7 iu favor of the Rocklauds. Mrs. James and Miss Maggie Don- t uelley, who have been visiting among relatives at Peekskill, returned to their home ou Monday. Miss Lizzie Dyson, who has been the guest of Mrs Jus. B. Taylor for J several mouths, has returned to her home iu Providence. Patriok Larkiu and fort man Burke attended tbe Hibernian couveutlon at New York city ou Tuesday last, and <- report huviug a flue time. The tine weather has induced a great number of people to visit Mt. liepose and St. Peter's cemeteries. The work of modifying plots will now bo iu order. A goodly number of the young peo- pie of this village have received invita tious from the Misses Phebe Browuson aud Hattie Blum to atteud a Muy party to be held this afternoon. At tbe store of J. H. MoVeau can be found a large aud well assorted stook of wall paper, gents', ladies', misses', boys' aud children's shoes, flue willow buby carriages, Siveet, Orr & Go's ovethalls, and boys' suits from 90c. up. The -Garuerville Club House, at Mead's corner, wus burned to tbo grouud ou Tuesduy lust. The fire is supposed to have beeu started by chil- dren. The building was owned by Fied Schaper, of Haverstraw. Prof. Chat*. Brockway, of New York city, wa> the guest ol l:is brother in-law Alex. Young Sunday last We leuru that Prof. Brockway aud family con- template making their bome iu our midst for the summer mouths Mr. Thomas V Reed, a former well- known resident of this place, aud Miss Anuio Deßu'-m, of Mousey, were uiai- ri-d by the it-v. I, VauKempeiu at the residence of tbe bride't \ister Mrs L. Swttiz ut Mousey ou Tuesday last. Mr. and Mrs. Heed will reside iu Albany. Tbe receut lire ut Mead'* corner liuve caused th<- resideuts iu ihat vicinity oousiduiable alarm, for it is said they have no t-upplj iu cuse of lire und they ure beyi. mug to ask, \what are we paying water tax for?\ There is strong talk of petitioning (hit board to have several hydrants placed iu this neighborhood. A great many of tbe scandalous stories current iu our village ure built ou ibis fong^^tu:?\l say, mother, John told he heard Air. Johnson sat that Mr. Uatidy's aunt was present when the Widow Burnhom told Captain Ball'* cousin that old Mrs. Oxby under tood that Sam Trifle's wife said, iu so many words, that her mother heard ou the best oi authority that you were'ut auy better than you should be. If I were yau I should look tbe matter up for the Maiug comes pretty straight) you see,\ TOMKINS COVE. There is u lull on tbe ship yard. Mr. Frauk Liugly is on tbe sick roll. The siruwberry festival season is at bund. The Eyrie lun will open for tbe sea- sou Jtinol. Mr. Buell Fhtudrue ia learuiug to throw paiut. Mr. and Mrs. Albon Kearney are pro- paring to remove to the city. Miss Julia Gounell of this plaoe is visitiug friends iu Brooklyn, N. Y. Shad lishing is played out. The num- ber caught were few, aud tbe prioeß low. Mr. Peter McGovereu, of Brooklyn, is spending a few days with friends iu town Solid gold back embossed wall paper reduced to 30 ceuts per double roll ut Termansoti's, Haverstraw. The Teaobers' Rest, opeued its hos pitable doors lust Tuesday. Several ladies are domiciled there. Mr. James Cole, tbe architect and class-mate of Rev M. J. McEvoy, was the guest of tbe lutter last Tuesday. Tue handßome new stoop at the en- trance of tbe L C. Church, now neariug completion, was planed by Mr. Coley. Misses Mary MeCaun, Lizzie Doran, Mary and Julia Dunn, of Stony Point, were the guests of Miss Annie Wineil during the week. The Town Board of Excise met in tbe Towu Hall last Monday. Tbe many beer sellers iu tbe towu did not atteud to uny great exieut. The trim figure of Mr. Albert Brock- way will be missed from our streets for the next tnree mouths, he having sailed for Sootlaud ou tbe Itb iust. Professor Turner, the talented orator, will deliver u lecture uuder the manage ment of Rev. H. J. McEvoy iu St. Joseph's Church, Grassy Point, on Wednesday evening, May 23, entitled, ' Upon tbe Paasiou Play.\ Easy chairs and hammocks are being placed iu the Old Orobard for the benefit of our city oousius and summer girls, who are expected to arrive about tbe first of June. Iu the meantime ye farm baud attaobed to the Old Farm House is having his white vest lauudryed A committee of womau suffragists called on Mr. aud Mrs. James Galla- gher last Monday, James added his name to their petition, and hopes that tbe latest addition to biß family will be a voter at some future day. The com- mittee oulled ou Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin ou Tuesday. They also want tbe word \mule\ struck out of the Con- stitution. THIELLS. Miss Addie Soriugstead is visiting friends iu New York. Mr. aud Mm. Albert Waldrou are living with his uo'.lier, she beiuguu iu valid and uu oue to oare for her. Tue Arbor Day exercises lit Willow Grove were very flue, whioh reflects a great deal of credit upou Miss Addie Spriugsteud, the teacher. A'bor Diiy exercises were held at the school bouse, consisting of tecitatious, singing, leading, the planting of trees, and ail address by the ltev, W. O.Nel- SOU. Many ol the farmers ure plautiug their oorn, and it iH said that in order to have it done aurreolly it is uecessary to have a keg of lager. For an ordinary lot, oue farmer lia» stinted iu that way, uud expects great results. Henry P-iut and Mrs. Uukcr, who live u< ar ouch other, have had a dilliuultv of so much muguitiide that it required a legal wind to decide it. Consequently Justice Herbert wasupplied to, uud the matter resulted iu favor of Paul. Mr. Ellsworth Joues with his wife s and children were uu their way to Huver- »traw laxt Saturday night, uud whea ; t they arrived at Wtßt lluverstruw near' a Mrs. lt 'illey's iu liailroad avenue some person run into his wugon. The shafts 1 were both brokeu oil', aud Joues and y his family were thrown over the dash- e board to the grouud. Jones was y drugged fur some distance, the horse e liuuliy gettiug away from him aud rau e home. It was fortuuate that they escaped with uuoh slight iu juried, ,, DECISION RENDERED 1 ??? Tiie Attorney-General Gives Mk. Brennan Permission to Bring Suit. By a telegram received by Mr. Bren- nan from Mr. Jobn F. Graham of Jobn M. Gardner's oflice 011 Thursday, it was learued that Attorney-General Hancock liub rendered a deoision in the contested election case instituted by Mr Breunen. After tbe recent town electiou Mr. Graham argued for Brennan, while Senator Lexow appeared for tbo Town Board. At tbe bearing before the Attorney General in Albauy ou Mon- day last decision was rendered iu Mr. Brennan's favor, permission being given him to bring a quo warranto action to have the entire town election de- clared illegal, and therefore nutfand void. Mr. Brennan informed a Times repre- sentative yesterday that bo will force tbe case to au issue as soon us possible. Tbo matter will probably be beard at a special term of tbe Supreme Court in Newburgli. The decision is as follow*: BEFORE TUB ATTORNEY-GENERAL. Iu the Matter of the application of Patrick Brennan and others to the Attorney-Geue- ral, to bring an action iu the nature of a quo wuiTanto against Josiaii Felter, to determine his title to the office of Super- visor of tbe Town of Haver- straw. It appears from tbo papers presented on tbii application, that on tbe Gt,b day of Murob, 1801, au annual town mee ing was held in tbe Town of Haverstraw, County of Rockland, N. Y.. for the pur- pose of electing a Supervisor and other Town officers. It is alleged upon the part of the petitioner, that only one of the Justices of the Peace presided at said' Town meeting, aud that the Justices who failed to appear aud preside at the Town meeting in connection with the oue present, designated other persons to uot in tbeir place. It further appears from tbe papers that the oue Justice of tbe Peace and other persons, who were designated to act iu tbe place of the Justices, who neglected to perform their duties at said Town meeting, presided throughout tbe day; and, as nothing appears to the contrary, I ussume can- vassed tbe votes that were oast at said Town meeting. The Town Clerk was uot preseut ut said Town meeting but design ited an- other to act iu his place. It is claimed upon tbe part of the petitioners that the failure of these justices aud the Towu Clerk to attend and officiate at the towu meeting reu ders tbe electiou null und void, and they ask the Attorney-General to com- meuce au action iu the nature of a writ of quo warranto against th' present 00 cupaut of the office of Supervisor. The Towu law, Seotiou 27, Chap. 5G9, of the L\ws of 1892, provides that, \i'he Justices of tbe Peace of each towu shall attend every towu meeting held therein ;' and such of tbem as shall be preseut, shall preside at such meeting, aud Bee that the same is orderly and regularly conducted, aud shall have tbe right authority to preserve order, to enforce obedieuce, and to commit for disorderly conduct, as is possessed by tbe Board of Inspectors at a general electiou. If there be no Justices of tbe Peace pre- sent ut snob meeting, then Buch persons as shall be chosen for that purpose by tbe electors preseut shall preside aud shall possess the right powers us Jus- tices.\ The Statute appeurs to muke no pro- vision for tbe appciutmeut of persons to uct in the pluce of Justices of the Peaoe, where there are oue or more justioes present, and presiding at u Towu meeting; but says, that, if there be no Justices of tbe Peace preseut at such meeting, then such persous as shall be chosen for that purpose by tbe eleotors present, shall preside. Section 28 of tbe Chapter referred to provides that iu the übsence ot tbe Towu Clerk, the electors present shall choose a clerk of tbe Towu meeting, aud that he shall take the ooustitutioual oath of office before euteriug upon his duties, as ruch Clerk. The petition further states that \no oertifioate of el< otion of Town officers for 1801, as authorized and directed by law, baa been made up, signed aud tiled iu tbe Clerk's office ot said Town.\ Br this allegation, I assume that it is claimed that tbe Towu Clerk has neg- lected to follow the provisions of SecUou 31 of the Town Liw, which provides that, \the poll list aud minutes of the proceedings of every Towu moeting, subscribed by tbe Clerk of such nioet iug aud by the officers presiding, shall be filed iu the office of the Towu Clerk, within two days alter such meeting, and there preserved.\ There is uo allegation iu the petition or iu tbe moving papers of any fraud in the election, and uo ullegutiou that the person now occupying the office ot Sup- trvisor of till) Towu of Uav <rstruw did uot reoeive a majority of the votes cast. Iu the case of tbe People vs. Cook, 8 1 N. Y., 07, it was held that, \the lutes j for couductiug an elootion contuiued in tbe Stututes are inteuded to all >rd all citizens an opportuu tv to exercise their right to vote, to prevent illegal votes, ; and to ascertain with certainty the true \u25a0! number of votes cast, uud for whom. These uie directory, and uot jurisdio tional, iu theii character.\ The manner, however, iu which this Towu meeting wus conducted, appeur- iug to be uot only irregular, but novel iu so many particulars uud the questi iu involved mainly one of law, I have con- eluded to graut the application to briug ku action to questiou the title to the \ offico of Supervisor's of tbe presont in- ' cumbent, upon tbe giving of a bond in tbo usual form in the sum of fifteen hundred dollars to indemnify and save t. harmless the people from all damages, coßts aud expenses by reason of the said notion to he commenced. As fur as tbe question of law involved is concerned, the decision of this case will determine ' the title of tho other Town officers n named in the petition, and I deem it ib best for all parties interested to have 1. but one uction commenced at present. T. E. Dancock, \ Attorney-Geueral. EXCISE MATTERS. e Tho Board of Commissioners of Ex- u cise met iu the Corporntiou Rooms on e Monday evening and organized for the - ensuing year. Heury Rem tie was elected chairman, Edward Schmobl secretary, and Jacob Hafelc treasuier. Tho Board \ will meet iu the Corporation Rooms on n Mondays and Thursdays of each week - during this month for tho purpose of receiving Applications and grunting licenses. The rate for a license will be ' $30. It was also decided to graut no e new licenses. All those who fail to m ike 1, au applicatiou aud take out a license |t during this mouth will be prosecuted according to law. The uniform rate of a $30 was adopted by tho Board so that : each person iu the business would bo placed upou the same footing. Heretofore a number of persona were in tbe liabit of taking out au ale aud beer liceuse aud would thon sell whiskey the same as those who had a saloon liceuse. The Board met ugain on Thursday night. Mr. William S. Gannon, who formeily taught school in the Beaver Pond distriot, wanted to have u license issued to him to see in- leiior decorations to the rural com- munity in St. JohuM. Mr. Gaunou wus very positive that John J. R >ee, who formerly kept a dispensary, was to re- tire from tbe business, aud Nelson Rose, uho also kept a caneversary iu the mouutuius, was reported by Chairman Remhe to have beeu iudioted aud fiued $25 for selling liquor ou Sundays. The fact that Nelsou Rose was convicted of illegal distribution of liquid refresh- ments would preclude his being granted a license. Although Mr. Gauuon was sure that John J. was to letire from business tbe Bourd promptly refused his petition ou the grouud that the Bont'd bn.l agreed to grant no new lioeu»es. The chairman was evidently in sympathy with tho former peda- gogue's application. Secretary Schmohl called the chairman down, aud stated that if Mr. Rumbe wanted to do his notorial work the same should bo doue before the Board convened so that the Board could proceed with its business. Several applications were received and acted upon, a license being granted to every applicant who is now iu tbo busi- ness. I SERIOUS RUNAWAY. Mr. Washington I. Yau Houteu, bet- ter known as \Wash accompanied by a friend Samuel W. Coe, came to towu fiom their rural homes on the banks of the turbuleut Ramapo River ou Thursday for a good time, aud it looks as if they got it. \ Wash\ uud \Sammy like all others, engaged in the honorable calling of tilling tbe soil, have been working very bard recently iu ordei to get their crops in the ground and their furms iu a proper state of ; cultivation. Their labors were about concluded ou Wednesday, aud \Wash j who has u host of frieuds among the boys when he comes down, uud par- ticularly when flash, suggested to '?Sammy\ that they visit Haverstraw aud have a good time, in fact paint the town a brigbtoarmiue. Besides \Wabh ! who has a number of customers who purchase hay, stiaw, cordwood, etc,, from him, had failed to remit, so that j he was somewhat uuxious about bis! inouey so that they might have a long ! day, started from bome early ou Tburs- i day morning, reaching towu eul'ly iu the day. ''Wash,\ who is busiuess right up to the handle, and who is u firm believer iu the principle of busi- , ueus before pleusure, called upou his ' customers with considerable success, so < much so that, financially speakiug, he was iu a position to purchase u very large loud of extract of malt aud hops, which he succeeded in doing. \Wash\ , beoacso more generous as he piled on his load, aud having numerous frieuds he eudeuvoied to call on them all, so that about 7:30 o'clock iu the eveniug when they started for home thny could hardly hold auother glass. \Wash\ is somewhat of u sport, uud usually drives a good horse, thought ho would give some of the boys a brush before goiug home This he did going up and down Broadway several times at a 2.10. As the mistime continued tho sport became very exhilarated, but he weut once too often. After making about a dozen heats 011 Broadway, \Wash\ started d iwu West street, and in attempting to pass auother wagou iu frout of the resi- ! deuce of Geoigo DeWitt the vehiole, iu which Waahiiigtou and his friend were, collided with uu electric light pole, throwing them out. Coe escaped with only a few scratches, but the uumesuke of the father of uur country in attempt- ing to see if bo could touch the live wires willi his feet bronght bis crauium iu contact with tho sharp edge of the curb s one, cutting a severe gash about live inches iu length, which uecessitated the services of u physician. Afti r his wounds were dressed the pair started 11 for home sorer, uuddod aud wiser, hav i ing left a otimson trail ou West street foi several hundred feet, but uot the j kind II at was intended. SPRING VALLEY. The Jaokaon placa hag been sold to Mr. Sohnltz. Henry Helmke and family are now occupying their honae on Myrtle ave. Clarence Smith will be gnooeeded in T. F. Reed's cottage by Hr. Mapes and family. Mr. J, King will lead the 8. C. E. meeting in the Congregational Church tomorrow evening. Abraham Stevenß haa been appointed a trustee of this aohool district in place or W. Parker Smith, resigned. Dr. Murray has dropped the Rook- land County Press, and has issued the first number of the Republican Press. Mr. Clius. Smith was bnried from the Congregational Church on Sunday last. Interment was in the Brick Churoh Cemetery. I. W. Edsall, Jr., of this plaoe, and Miss Sadie Tiersley, of Brooklyn, were married on Saturday, April 28th, in Brooklyn. Mr. Geo, R. Nicholson, eugineer of the N. J. & N. Y. railroad, who was suspended two months ago, is back to work on his old engine again. Tbe Excise Board of Ramapo on Tuesday granted the following licenses: J. F. Haigbt, J. Sohneider and Wm. Euler, Spring Valley; Peter Van Houten Mousey; Robert J. Holmes, Tallmans; Wm. Taylor. R. Riggs, Suffern; J. Myers Taylor, Sloatsburg. Abram Van Houten died very sudden- ly on his 77tb birthday, Monday, at 6:15 p. m. Mr. VanHouten was born and always lived in this county, and was considered as very wealthy. The fuueral took place from the Reformed Church on Thursday at 1:30 p. m? and was largely attended. The interment was in the Biick Churoh Cemetery. Arrangements are being made towards having a game of ball between the Spiiug Valley and Garnerville nines on tbe latter's Held this afternoou. Both nines are composed of strong teams, aud it is expected an interesting game will be had. The last game between these nines took place at Garnerville lust year, and was won by the Spring Valley boys. What came near being a bad wreck oocurred at the junotion of the New Jersey and New York Railroad and the Piermout branch of the Erie Railroad ou Friday of last week. Some mis- creauts stole the baggage trnok from the depot aud placed it across the traok at tbe place mentioned. Conduotor Gor- don's train struck the truck and made it into kindling wood. Had the truok < caught iu tbe switoh a wreok would * doubtless have been the result. - II BOTH DIVORCED. An interesting state of affairs exist in the receut divorce suit of Tiibert vs. Tribert, of Nyack. Mr. Tribert secured a divoroe from bis wife in tbe Supreme Court at Whits Plains a short lime ugo siuce, aud last week Mrs. Tribert se- cured a divorce in the New Jersey Court of Chaueery. As the case now stands, Mrs. Tribert oannot marry in this State, while Mr. Tribert is debarred from doiug the same in New Jersey. FOUND THE WRONG JONES. A policeman who was patrolling Brush f street the other eveniug was run into I and knocked off the sidewalk by a v colored man who came rushing out of a side street. The officer grabbed the mau aud demanded an explanation, and |as soon as he could get his breath the l> other said: \Izs lookiu' for a pusson named Jones, sub, an' I didn't mean to run ' agin' yo'.' 1 8 \That's no wuy to look for a person named Joues. You must want to see c Jones awfully bad.\ \1 does, sab. I 'speoted to find bim k right around yere, an' I was gwine to jump on him an' stamp bim into de ' ground! If I ketoh dat Joues he wou't lib two miuutesl\ 8 \What's the trouble between you and Jones?\ 8 \Heaps o' trouble, sal). 'Bout ten a minits ugo he stood by my gate an' frowed a kiss at my darter frew de win- der! If I git bold of dat pusson, sab? if I get my claws ou d»t Jones I'll?\ c \Who's tulkiu' 'bout Jones?\ ds- uiuudod u colored man as he crossed tbe t street aud fuced the pair. \I hearu \ somebody sp uk 'bout Jones; data my \ name. ' I \Am yo' de Joues who was iu front of my bouse?\ asked the iujured pursuer. \Yus sab.\ g \Am yo' de Joues who leaned on my s gate?\ ] \Yas Rah,\ t \Am yo' de Joues who frowed a kiss 1 ut my darter when she went to put de \ curtain down?\ \Yas sab.\ \Am yo'. sab?am yo' de Jones who run'd away wheu I oum out?\ \Yus sub \ t The officer moved aside to give the aggrieved party a chance to swiug his right arm just once, but he didn't swiug. He lookod Mr. Jones up aud down, aud there was a painful silsuoe for sixty seoouds. Then he said: \Reokou he ain't de man. Reokou lie's got de Jones's mixed up somehow. De Joues 1 was arter was a small mau, uu' he wus lume aud bad only oue arm. See yero, Mistab Joues, if yo' duu see some odder Joues arouud yo' jess tell him fur me dat de wery fust time I cotcb him arouud my house Ize gwine to broke him into fo'ty pieces wid de awful suddeuuess of a cyclone an' den gloat ober de maugled remains! 'Souse me, officer?'sense me, Mistah Joues. Good many Joneses arouud, but I ain't gwine to tackle uo Jouessebeu feet tall when Ize lookiu' for a Joues ouly live feet Uighl\?Detroit JYm frw, ROCKLAND LAKE. Tallmnn Brothers, our popular butch- era, now drives the handsomest bntober delivery wagon in this section o( the oounty. Miss EIU, daughter of Mr. Henry Brinkerhoff, and Andrew Hyer are to be married at the residence of tbe bride's parents with the coming of the month of roes. Mr. John L. Knox, supreme organ- izer of the American Legion of Honor, oalled on several persona in the intereat of the Order on Saturday laat. From preaent indications a flourishing branch of the Order will be instituted here in a short time. The Knickerbocker employee are on a strike against a reduction of wages from $1,50 to 81.25 per day. The com- pany say that they will not pay the rate of wages demanded by the men as they are only paying the wages offered to their up-river employes. Knickerbocker Engine Company No. 1, will hold a grand concert in the M. E. Churoh, on the evening of May 22J. The proceeds will be used for the pur- chase of new hose. Talent has been secured from Nyaok, Haverstraw, Stony Point, New York and Brooklyn. It is to be hoped that the affair will prove a large financial suocess, as the company lost about $300 by the recent Woodcock tire. STONY POINT. Mr. Reziu H. Bell will open his boat bouse at tbe Penny Bridge today, aud will have a complete stook of fruits and oonfeotionery and ice cream of all flavors oonßtantly on hand. Mr. Charles A. Marks has purchased a handsome team of grey horses for his delivery wagon. Dr. Wilbelm H. Keller, with his family, are now permanent residents of this village. The dootor is rapidly building up a large aud lucrative prac- tice. The Easy Chair. That Is tbe editor's \Easy Chair,\ At tbe rickety, three legged table there, He comes In emiliug; he takes a seat, And bigh on tbe table rests his feet; Aud tar from tbe bill collector's stare. He leans 'way back in his \Easy Chair.\ Then forward he bends, and his rusty pen Goes fifteen miles o'er tbe paper?then, When never u thought is left to pull, The printer tells bim \the paper's full.\ Then the editor smiles,and released from care, He, too, getß full in bis '-Easy Chair.\ SURROGATE'S COURT. Judge Arthur S. Tompkins bad before him for settlement several very im- portant cases of Haverstraw and Stony Point people at his last sitting iu this village. Petition of letters of administration on the estate of the late William Govuu. Granted to Miuott M. Govau. Proceeding of the administrators of the late Martin Dunn, of Stony Point, to dispose of surplus monies. Hearing adjourned for two weeks. Petition for letters of administration on the estate of the late Wesly Spring- steen. Decree awarded to Edmund C. Springsteen. In the matter of the fiual accounting of Heury M. Toppiu as administrator of tho estate of Michael Toppin. Hearing adjourned for two weeks. Petition filed for letters of guardian- ship for the estate of John W. Weyaut, au A SMALL STRIKE. The men employed on the briokyard of Beunett, Rowan & Scott refused to go to work on Monday morning, When the men were paid ou Saturday uight it wus found that the firm had out the wages ou an average of about fifteen per cent, from the wages paid last year, i'he men were very much dissatisfied, and talked the mutter over among them- selves. Ou Sunday it was agreed to strike, as it was learned that the Pecks aud others who are not member of the association were to make a simu- lar reduction. The men returned to wotk on Tuesday moruin#. STRUCK BY A TRAIN. Frank Lawton, ageil übout 25, was struck by a train at West Point Monday morning aud reoeived injuries from wbiob be died. The train which struck Lawtou wus a \pick up freight\ attached to eugine No. 139, under the obarge of GonduotorMubie aud engineer Low. Aa the train turued a abort curve the engineer saw a lantern on tbe track juHt ahead, lie did what be could to atop his engine but wan tumble to do so and the traiu struck Lawtou. It was thought that be was siltiug on tbe track. Both feet are banging by shreds, aud there is a bad cut ou tbe baok of bis head wbiob may be a fracture. He was taken to Newburgh Hospital, where he died early on Tuesday. Lawton was a Southerner, aud spent several weeks here shad iishiug, recently beiug one of a party of llsbermen wbo follow tbe shad up the Coast. The party left here ou last Saturday, inteuding to make Cornwall their baud quarters. HAVERSTRAW ITEMS A General Budget Reviewing the Doings or Oua Peo- ple the Past Week; \ Lady Warren Hose Company are making aotive preparation! to hold their annual pionio on Decoration Day. The oompany expects to erect a plat- form for the oooaaion on the Heighta. For a ale Cheap.?Oue mohair parlor suit, one antique oak aide-board, one S\oond-hand piano in good order, will besoldoheap. Inquire this office. Mr. Richard E. King, of Nyaok, was appointed under Sheriff by Sheriff Dickey. It's policies are best. It's contraota will absolutely meet the requirements of your wants. It issues all approved forms of absolutely non- forfeitable in- surance. The Option polioies of the National afford investment, protection, the nse of yonr capital, and are adapt- able to any change in the oironmstanoea of life that may assail you. No form of insurance, in all its options and provis- ions, from the standpoint of the insured can be more perfect. The assests cap- itol of the National Vermont is 810,000* 000. The first policy of the National wus wrote in 1843, Daniel Farley, of West Baverstraw, Agent, for the Nat- ional Vermont and Equitable Life Insurance Oompany. The Equitable assests capitol is $169,056,396. Dr. House returned home on Wed- nesday after a week's visit with hia son, Qarret, at Chespeake Beach, Md. For Uillard & Easte's \White Swan,' '?Preferred Stock\ or \Hand-made Cigars,\ go to the saloons of Chris, Doran, Nioholas Cox, Patrick Bren- nan, or Lawrenoe Gallon. The appointment of the Hon. W. H. Gilbert, formerly of Highland Falls, but later of Newburgh, as United States commissioner general to the internation- al exposition at Antwerp, Belgium, by President Cleveland, is the conferring of an honor where it ia justly due. Mr. Gilbert has for many years performed distinguished oonsular service for the United States at various Europeon com- mercial centres, and with snob ability and honor as to oommend him most highly as a fitting representative of our country at the great exposition. Attention is directed to the advertise- ment in this issue of the well known Geneva, N. Y., Nursery. The semi-annual examinations and graduating exercises at West Point will begin June 1 The class of '91 will be graduated on June 12. The graduation bop will take plaoe in Grant Hall the Saturday previous. The newly-made lieutenants will see \1192\ at the Gar- den theatre on the evening of the 12th. It is expeoted that Secretary of War Lamont will distribute the diplomas. A large tent will be ereoted in front of the libiary and several prominent speakers will addresn the graduates. Chaplain Postlethwaitn will pronounoe the bene- diction, and the Military academy band will furnish the musio. For Sale Cheap?Family safe, 2 ft. high, 18 inches wide, weight 550 lbs. Mr. William Frankel, of New York city, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Frankel. Regular size pool table for sale, or will exohange for Bmaller one. luquire this office. Hon. Frank P. Demarest has reopen* d his law offioe in the Voorhis building, Nyaok, where he Can now be found every day except Monday. The geuial ex-assemblyman will without doubt soon build up a lucrative praotioe. Harry Hirschfeld sole agent for the celebrated Schiltz Milwaukee beer; put up especially for family and hotel pur- poses. The people living on the Nyaok turn- pike are rejoicing over the faot that the oharter of the oompany will expire on the 18th of June. No more tolls will be oclleoted?Ex. Yes, and so will every one else who has occasion to drive over the worst road in Rookland County when it should be the best. ?Ed. A good two-seated Wagon for sale oheap. Apply at this offioe. Mrs. James Dolan and daughters, Luoy and Stella, returned to their borne in Oyster Bay on Wednesday after a pleasant visit of several weeks in this village. Three horses for sale, to suit iarmer grocer or almost any business. One good for road. Sold oheap. Inquire at this offioe. The Misses Emma West and Luoy Wood are to spend the summer witu their parents iu this village. Orders for job printing promptly executed at this offioe at lowest prioes. General I. M. Hedges is attending the Constitutional Convention being held this week in Albany. Gall at Harry Hirsohfeld'a, Broadway for fine sherry and port wine at 50 cents per bottle' Mr. John E, Zundel has been wear- ing a broad smile Saturday last, the cause of which was the arrival of a bright little girl baby at the Zundel re- sidence. LOST.?A gold cross, with a pearl iu the oeutre, between the oor. Maiu and West streets and the Short Clove. Fiuder will be rewarded by returning the same to this office. A fishing party from this village weut fishiug for eels a short time ago. All weut pleasantly as a wedding bell until the party were ready to return home, when the heavy weight of the party fell iu a hole muoh to the delight of the others, but to the great disoomfort of the fishermau. If you waut good insuranoe at the lowest prioes oall or send to Thomau Fiuegan, corner West Broad street and Clove ttveuue, JURY LIST. I The following is a list of tbe Grand and Petit Jurors drawn to serve at the next term of Cirouit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer to be held at the Court House, New City, beginning Monday, May 21, at 10 o'olook a. m. GRAND JURORS. Clarkstown?Sylvester Van Houten, Louis Biltz. William F. Kirkmau and George M. Miller. Haverstraw?Frank P. Felter, Gilbert Jones, Jobn Babcock, James W. Law- son and Matthew Waldron. Oraugetown?Charles B Bell, Carlton S. Gilson, Sylvanus B Hnested, Wil- liam Burr, Adolphus C. Maun, Hnuy R. Smith, Charles Smith, Washington I. Smith aud Samuel H. Couklin. Rutnapo?John Morris. Anthony 'Valdron, John Fisher ?ud Riohard A Burtis. Stony Toiut?Henry Kosslerand Jobn Gee. I*ETtT JURIES Clurkstowu?John C. Kebl, Charles Rose, Bt-nj imiu Bl'zzurd, Jacob Kayns, John Holl, Jobu C. Hairing aud Heury Demurest. Haverstraw?Joseph Suediker. Jobn W Wciant, Elias GurneeaudO. Aikeu. Oruijgetcwu-Hiraiu W. Jessup, Thomas Gaytior, Heury Eggers, James M Colvin, John Barnes, Jackson Cor- nelius, John William Voris, William Bryant, Geo. Lilhiirn and David Maun. Stouy Point?Heury Kussler, Nelson Rose and Daniel Menzie. Rumapo?lra Young, Jackson Rose, Churles E Duryea, William Heidgerd, Cortland Lake, George Bohley, Henry Piatt, Nathan S. Wilson, Isaac W. Ed- sell, Tunis Johnson, S O. A. M Mur phv, and John H. Grotecloss. A NEW REAL ESTATE AND IN- SURANCE FIRM. Messrs. Richard E. King and Thomas J. Deviuu have formed partnership to carry uu tho rc\al estate aud insurance business with offices iu Voorhis Build- ing ou Btoudwuy, Nyuck. Both gentle- men ure wide awake busiuess men, well liked in the community, uud we pre- dict for them great success. We wish them prosperity iu tbeir new venture. ?Myack Star, NOTICE. 1 Notioe is hereby given that tbe quar- terly parade and inspection of the \ Haverstraw Fire Department will be 1 held on the eveniug of Wednesday. May 1 lO.h, at 7;30 o'olook. Fine for non-at- . tendance will be striotly enforced. Daniel Springsteen. Secretary. FOR A STATE SCHOLARSHIP. School Commissioner George A Blau- velt gives notice in another column of this paper that he will hold a competitive examination for a scholarship in Cornell University in the publio school building in Spriug Vallov ou Saturday, June 2, commencing at 9 o'clock iu the morn- ing. This is a rare ohanoe for some bright scholar in our publio sohool, as male or female over 16 years of age are elgible to bo candidates. The success- ful candidate will reoeive tuition free during the course choseu. The exam- ination will be upon the following sub- jects, viz: English, Arithmetic, Plain Geometry, Algebra, thorough quadratio equations, aud either Latin, Frenoh or Germau, as the candidate may elect Candidates will become entitled to scholarship in the order of merit. No persou should enter an examination unless prepared to aocept a scholarship, should one be awarded.

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