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ROCKLAND COUNTY / THE gilll TIMES VOL. V. NO. 28. HAVERSTRAW, W. 7., SCAB. 24, 1894. FXUCOa H7l OfIiNTS. GARNERVILLE DOINGS \u25a0 tl Spio? Local Readings for a Busy Hive op Workers in Our g' Sister Village. R It is now Mayor Hasbrouck. m John Coleman is reported seriously ill. ol A variety of freab garden and flower ' c seeds at E. Hemiuover's Tbomus Call all is reported seriously ill at his borne on Church street. ' ? Elmer Knapp and family will oooupy their residence here after April Ist. * l Servioes in Trinity Cbarch on Thurs- day and Friday were well attended. Mrs. Michael Costello, who has been seriously ill the past week, is convales- T csut. Mrs. Patrick Hester, Sr., has returned at from a two weeks' sojourn in Jersey City. Several persons in this vicinity have had valuable dogs poisoned the past week. Mrs. Alonzo Abbott and family spent hi last Thursday in Stony Point visiting friends. ri David Carver has begun his farming 81 early this year,as he planted his potatoes Thutsday. Dame rumor says there will be a 81 wedding on Westside avenue in the °' near future. tt It is reported that the openiog ball m game of the season will be played on \i the damp April 7. Mr. James Fales, of Alioe street, has jy furnished his borne with a handtome f 0 new upright piano. jj The Epworth League of the M. E. ui church held a very interesting meeting ru on Thursday evening last. tk Mrs. Jacob Dogener and sou, Fred, se have returned Irom a pleaiant visit with m friends in New York oity, Ul We lerrn that John Hudson and ' a family intend to make their home at Meads' ooruer in the near future. The many friends of Wm. Youmans will be pleased to learn that he is rapid- M ly recovering from bis recent illness. Charles H. Zundel has employed several men the past week building a f«nce around his property at the corner, a Wm. Westervelt has leased the Brockway farm at Pomonia, and will sf move his family there the coming week. Pi Mrs. J. H. Bogarf, who has been vis iting her parents in Paterson for the G past three weeks, returned home Mon - M day. Mr. John Allison, who has been re- ra ported on the sick list, is, we are ? pleased to say, able to attend to busi- ' u ness again. The employees of the B. C. P. Works b are all looking forward to the Saturday c half-holiday, wbioh will begin in the 01 near future. Supt. John A. Mofßtt, of the Pruden- P' tial Insurance Co,, will move into the D( house of Mr, Fred. Scbaper on Dem- G arest avenue April Ist. N Mr. James King, who for the pakt J year has ocoupied a house on the Zun- del property, moved to Demurest avenue the forepart of the week. «? Peter Shaw, late of Passiac, N. J., has aocepted a position in the works J, here, aud will act as oatober for the tiarnerville Baseball Club the coming season. 1 ai The reception which was to be held V in Washington Hall on Friday evening, V March ICth, was postponed uutil Tues- day evening. March 27th, anu all parties tj holding invitations are kiudly requested ? to be present on that evening. A «i n A SURPRISE. W On last Wednesday eveniug of last it week Miss Ella Harris, of Stony Point, g reoeived an unexpected visit from a party of friends. The affair was so skill- fully managed by Miss Jennie Ballard si and ber associates that tbeir hostess was completely surprised, and quickly ex- o cased herself in order to don her party 6 gown. The eveniug passed rapidly, and * all too soon, in tb« various games aud amusements which young people so well ». know bow to make interesting. That u tbe visitors were acquainted with \tbe j, road to the heart\ was attested by the oare taken in providing refreshments, H wbioh, at the proper time, reoeived their >. full share of cousideratiou. The com- t pauy broke up at a late hour, each re- j grettiug the necessity for separating, aud hoping for a repetition of the sur- prise iu tbe near future. THIELLS. Some ol the famous have commenced \ to plow. \ Oar own Zib. is beaoming quite an 4 expert iu baudling tbe mail. Home oil fowls, and especially on J roosters, aud others ou horses aud cowe, etc. If you kuow of auyoue that would like to obtain a blower, they ouu be aooom- t modaied here, fortbeie are several. g Mr. Ellsworth Joues bis traded bis 1 borsu fur a beautiful sorrel, wbiob is a t tine roadster. Ooukliu has taken a back f seat. ] Tbe Juveuilo Hooiety of Good Tem- ' plurs beld u necktie sociable in tbe ' basement of tbe M. Cburcb last ' Wednesduy evening. Everything passed ' off iu a splendid mauuer, aud all ap- peared to enjoy themselves. Tbe angel of death ou Monday of this weak visited tbe home of Mr. Robert Coleman and removed from their midst a darling babe of eight mouths', being oue of a pair of twins. Tbe funeral took place lust Wednesday irom their resi- dence, and was oonducted by the Rev, W. F. Randolph. The remains were deposited in Mount Repose Cemetery. Mr. aud Mrs. Oolemau have tbe heart- felt sympathy of tbe entire community in this tbeir sad bereavement. MONSEY. Mr. A. B jnn started on Monday for the Western States on a business trip. Mr. Charles Bohr has completed the A frame of the new residence of Frederick Sohnaokenburg. Mr. Martin Kelly has been appointed Roadmaster in District No. 12 by Com- p missiouer Wanamaker. Me. Gus Bottram has left the employ of Mr. Sherwood, aud is uow working for Mr. Lewis Demond. a( Messrs Deßaun and Demarest, of * Spring Valley, are decorating the in- w terior of the Dater homestead. tl Mr. Clarence Washburn is finishing e the work on the farm of Mrs. Mary ; AoVerman on the Saddle Biver road. ti SUFFERN. Mr. Jobn B. Shwart is very ill. Mr. Charles Conover baa moved into * bis new house on Baverstmw avenne. Messrs. H. B. Potter and Ed. Our- p rigan have sold tbeir lot on Maltbie . avenue to Mr. Hudson Gallaway for 8400. Officer Hagen succeeded in arresting Steve Yandunk, Jr., another one of tbe cbioken thieves who has been infesting ~, the vioinity, and brought him before Justioe Wanamaker last Thursday week. He said he was not guilty of stealing tbe ohiokens, but he helped the other fel- lows carry them to Mahwah to sell them. 111 Mr. Petz. Jr., said be had bought 'he N ,' fowls identified by the Bev. B S. Mans- field from Yan Dunn. Justioe Wan- f\ amaker thought if be was allowed to n run at large he might help Bome other |\ thieves to carry away their spoils, and sent bim to the Oonnty Jail lor six R months and fined him 800. Tbe fine was w not paid, and he will be good uutil next 01 fall. ol fr SPRING VALLEY. Mr. Frank Westervelt was in town on Monday last. E Mr. Lioas Bider is moving iuto the C Deolark House. sc Mr. George Underbill has purchased ' l( a new draft horse. tc Mr. Vanderbeek, of Englewood, N. J., Ht spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Geo. f c Peters. t0 iv One of tbe coal oars on Conductor Gordon's train jumped the traok last 8 j Monday, and again on Tuesday. tl] Mr. Washington YanHouten's horse rauaway on Monday and broke tbe a wagon of Mr. Charles Young. Wash- to ington escaped unhurt. in Mr. Van Allen Johnson has severed to his connection with tbe Uuited States di Custom House, and a Democratic nomi- tl nation is looked for. 0' Mr. George Underbill has been ap- 1,1 pointed Boadmaster for tbe district (l north of the railroad traok; also Mr. r< Geo. Dunlap for Excise in place of Mr. n Nelson Hopkins, who has resigned, and 0 Mr. 0. E. Blauvelt in place of John D. Lake, deceased, for Assessor. !' Ou Monday afternoon the annual eleotion of offioers of the Spring Valley ,| Water Works and Supply Company took place in the real estate office of W. Parker Smith, and the following were chosen: President, George M. j. Dunlop; Vice-President, P. B. Lespiu- K( asse; Secretary, J.D. Dunlop; Treasurer, p W. Parker Smith; Directors, Peter S. K Van Orden and Addison Johnson. 0 The second anniversary of the institu- n tion of Tappau Tribe 206 Imp. O. B. M. 0 was oelebrated last Friday evening, p About forty members of the tribe were a present, besides visitors from tbe tribos p of Congers aud Nyaok. The evening b was spent in the enjoyment of vocal and s instrumental music, winding up with a j grand supper. It was along toward f Saturday morning when the festivities 0 of the evening ended, when all retired to their homes well pleased with the tl success of the affair. t Mr. J. Nelson Cooper, a well known o oitizen of this village, died on Monday t! eveuing last, aged 41 years, leaving a s widow and three ohildren, a son, Ira, r two daughters, Mr.s Frauk Cram aud c Anua, who is single, and at home with n her parents. Mr. Cooper was a Past c] Saohem of Tappan Tribe 20C Imp. O. c B. M.of this place. The funeral was r held last Thursday at 12:30 p. m., aud o was very largely atteuded, Tappau Tribe i having oharge of the burial servioe at the grave. Tbe intermeut was iu the s Briok Church Cemetery. t fl The artistioally arranged windows of the Misses Hennesseys' millinery store I will attract the attention of every pusser by,especially ladies, to day,because it is t tba spring opening of that popular es- tablishment, aud the trimmings are su- perb. The daintiest of hats aud bon- nets, trimmed with the loveliest of ' spriug flowers, are a marvel of peifeo- tiou in their liue. luside tbe store a 8 large display may be seen, iucluding ' the most perfect artificial flowers ever seeu. Art has almost triumphed over s Nature this season iu formiug floral a treasures, and iu tbeir most attractive I forms many may here be fouud. The Misses Hennessey have a faoulcy for ? turuiug out woik in the most tasteful e form possible, and all who desire flue t Etster hats or bonuets should call on j them at onoe. EASTER. * Easter oornes very early this year, as ' it falls ou March 25, but it will be g nearly a hundred years before it again t falls on this date, tbe next year being i- 1961, 2035, 2046, 2057, 2114, 2125 and r. 2198. The earliest date upon wbiob e Easter can fall is March 22, and the h last Easters on this date were in tbe - year 1693, 1716 and 1818; but so early y au Easter will not oome again until 1970, DECISION RESERVED Attorneys so Submit Briefs on Monday. t, Many rumors of dissatisfaction on the part of some of those who were can- j didates, and particularly the Demo- fo: oratic candidate for the offloe of As- oi sessor, have been in circulation since !\ town meeting. Mr. Patriok Brennan, \ who was tbe candidate for Assessor on the Democratic tioket, and who was eleoted by a majority of the votes found 8 in tbe ballot box containing tbe town tickets, but who was afterward deolared defeated by reason of the Town Board (jj oounting two votes claimed to have been ]~ found in tbe excise box. The matter |] was brought to a climax nu Tuesday <r, morning when John M. Gardner, of tl Newburgh, representing Mr. Brennan, served upon Messrs. T. Fergus Red- (| rnond, John Smith, Edwards 8. Anness, ol William H. Bacon and Josiah Felter, n who were the successful candidates, a notioe to appear before the Attorney- General at Albany on Wednesday. The petition and oomplaint is as follows: In the matter of the application of Pat- rick Brennan und Thomas Flnegun, Relators, to the Attorney General of the State of New York, to bring an ol action of quo warranto. E To Hon. Theodore E. Hancock, T Attorney General of the State of New vi York: It The undersigned, resident citizens G and taxpayers ol the town of Haver- °l straw, in the county of Rockland and State of New York, hereby respect- G fully petition for the commencement of A an action for and on behalf of the peo- pie of the State of Now York against \i Josiah Felter, John Smith, T. Fergus 8,1 Redmond, William 11. Bacon and Ed- °J ward S. Anness, for the purpose of ol ousting said Josiah Felter from the *\ office of Supervisor, said John Smith from the office of Town Clerk, said T. G Fergus Redmond from the office of P' Justice of tiie Pence, said William H. Bacon from the office of Assessor, said jy Edward S. Anness from the office of J ll Collector, and to have his and their te several and separate incumbancles and ul holdings thereof declared and adjudged w to be wrongful and illegal, anil them- selves ineligible to the discharge of the several and separate duties belonging to each and ull of said offices respect- .. lvely. Y our petitioners hereby respectfully w show, as the grounds for this action, of the following facts: d That on the 6th day of March, 1894, a proceeding, purporting and intended Bl to be an annual Town meeting, was had, di in and for the said Town of Huverstraw, Dl for the election of Town officers in obe- q dience to the proper authority, but that the same was conducted and presided 0( over iu a manner entirely contrary to fli and in violation of the provisions and ol directions oi the statutes authorizing, ol relating to and governing the same, j,, and was, therefore, null and void and of no effect whatever. That said proceeding, in lieu of an- w nual Town meeting, was presided over 0] by only one of the Justices of the Peace, Isaac J. Herbert, of said Town. That j u the others so presiding were not Jus- j, tices of the Peace, and were therefore t wholly disqualified to serve in said ca- w pacity, and were wrongfully discharge 0 ing the duties thereof. That the ones w so acting and presiding were Charles R. Christie, in place and at the in- j, stance of George E. Knapp, Justice of the Peace; William Kennedy, (j in place anil at the instance aj of James Hartt, Justice of the 0 Peace; Charles Bacon, iu the place aud ? at the instance of Isaac 11. I'urdy, a tl private citizen, who had previously tl been named to act for and at the in- j stance of John D. Norris, Justice of the b Peace; and Charles A. Taylor, acting B for and in place of und at, the instance a of Henry F. Dor!, Town Clerk, said \ Knapp, Hartt und Norris, Justices of 8 the Peace, and Henry F. Dorl, Town Clerk, having previously on the sth day fl of March, 1894, each given notice to e the Town Board of said Town of their ij several aud individual declinations and p refusals to serve as such presiding ofli- e cers and Clerk ut the said annual Town 0 meeting, a peremptory und mandatory e duty devolving upon and to be exer- g cised by each and all of them, us di- ji rected and prescribed by the statutes fl of the State of New York, and wholly v incapable of voluntary substitution, up- e pointinent or delegation by themselves, 0 singly or jointly, to others not legally a empowered and authorized to so act G and perform, v That said body, illegally organized / and constituted as aforesaid, und with- v out sanction or authority of law, there- fore, did proceed to the receiving, can- H vassing and counting of the votes cast at said alleged Town meeting, and to arrive at and declare the results thore- from. That no certificate of election of Town officers for 1894, as authorized and di- ! rected by law, has been made up, signed and filed iu the Clerk's office of * said Town, iu consequence of ull which said offices as hereinbefore named, singly and colloctlvely together with 1 others not herein named, but voted for at the same time, each and every one < is now vacant, or usurped, and wrong- fully occupied and held as hereinbefore specified, excepting iu so far as the former holders or occupants thereof are specially authorized, permitted and di- rected by the statutes governing the same, to hold and continue to exercise und discharge their each aud respective duties, until their successors have been , duly und legally chosen and quahiied. That the term of office of Supervisor 9 and Town Clerk will each expiro in 1 March, 189 C. That the tenn of office of I Justice of the Peuce will expire Decern- -1 ber 31, 1898. That the term of the office of Assessor will expiro in March, a 1897. That the term of office of Gol- e lector wiil expire in March, 1895. y Dated, March 19th, 1894. il PATRICK BRENNAN. THOMAS FINEGAN. FIRE AT ROCKLAND LAKE. \ V The moat destructive conflagration Fi that ever visited the Lake was that ?'* which destroyed the store aud dwelling 'j' of Mr. Thomas H. Woodcock on Taes- day morning. The Are waa discovered B about 10 o'clook, and that no greater damage was done, too much credit can- not be giveu Knickerbocker Engine Companv. The burned building was oooupied by Thomas H. Woodcock, the A first floor being used as a store. The \ other floors were occupied by the family of Mr. Woodcock. Up to yesterday it had not been ascertained what caused p the fire. Many theories are advanced, ' the mQsi plausable being that the tire \ was saused by spontanebus combustion, *' or from ohemicals. The latter seoms to be the most reasonable, as there was a lurge stook of drugs, oils and onemicals in the store at the time. Shortly before the fire waa discovered Mr. Woodcock, who is treasurer of the churoli. and also of Knickerbocker Engine Company, \ went to the upstairs portion of the ,)( building aud took from a trunk $900 \ he intended taking to the bank at Nyaok for deposit. While counting the money, Mr. Woodcook was annoyed and attracted by the aotion of a pet canary bird, aud thinking he had for- N gotten to feed the bird be deoended to p< the store, placing the money in a lea- til ther wallet which he plaoed upon the ai desk in the store, and procuring some I'o birdseed, returned upstairs, the bird 3' still continuing its strango actions. After placing the seed iu the oage Mr. Woodoock attempted to decend to the store, wheu he discovered the whole lower part of the building to be iu y flames, Mr. Woodoock, with his family, escaped bv a piazza in the rear of the 11 building. Knickerbocker Engine Cora pauy was soon at the scene and render- c< ed the most effective servioe, as it is li certainly due to their almost herculean si efforts that the adjoining buildiußs were <> saved, although severely scorched. As ll it was, the fuot that about the time the v flames were subdued the supply of water iu adj'ioent oisterns was exhaust- tl ed. The loss to Mr. Woodcook is $5 000 <1 on the building, $2,000 oik tho stock, tl and $2,000 on the household furniture, S makiug a totul loss of $0,000, upon which there is au insurance of $3,500 1 Among the artiulea consumed was a t violiu which Mr. Woodcock prized very t highly as a relic. Mr. Wm. Weyaut 1 severely sprained his aukle while jump- I iug from the buildiug. c i i CENTENARY. '' Mrs. EJwurd Hwurtliout spent a few l' dayg ol last week iu New Yoik oity. Mr.'Frank lloloy hus goue iu the hot house buaiiieHH. Mr. Holey iutends to have out flowers in all the latest stylea in (he near future. STONY POINT. Thorn will soon be fresli meat enough iu thu town. Leaoh ituil Kerr, liarnil- ton uuil Uluiue aud Hurd Brothers. All V expect to open up meat markets April ; Ist. J The funeral service over the remaius ( i of the iufunt sou of Mr. und Mrs. Gee i- were held in the Stony Point M. E. u Ohuroli, nu Suuday ufteruot.n, Rev Mr, . lluiris officiating. i) A grand eutertainmeut will lie given o in the M, 12 Ohuroli of tliiH place on u Weduemluy and Thursday of next week - under the dereetiou of the ladies and u gentlemen of the aburub. 0 The Epswortb League topio at tbe 0 Stony Poiut M. E. Ohuroli latH Suuday 11 eveuiug was, \Where Hbull I Speud Eternity.\ Leader, He v. 8. 1). Harris. ?' Topic for uezt Huuuay, \Fear of the \ Lord.\ Leader, Miss Eva Weiaut. il SNAPPERS SNAPPED UP ?? pi The Old Board Re-called by a p Flattering Vote. m su The Haverstraw Corporation flection ge was held in tbe Corporation Rooms on p Tuesday afternoon, and was tbe most (e exciting of any held iu tbe Corporation da in some years. No opposition of any ce consequence appearing at tbe oiucus tlf held iu the Opera House on Wednesday ot of last week at which the Board of Trus- W teis were re-nominated, it was sup- w< posed that no opposition would be made to tbe tioket n gularly nominated. ,On m B Monday eveving, and during Tuesday be forenoon, those who take an interest in ad looal affairs were surprised to learn that 7 a a combination had been made between some local politicians who bad pre- p e viously beeu bitter foes. The tioket tic placed in the field was as follows: ®'f For President?Hiram W. Babcock. \j For Trustees?Jobn Nioholson, Louis k , n Stock and William T. furdy. For Collector and Treasurer?Messrs. Gohring and Bedell were endorsed for tbe respective offices. For Police Justioe?John McKenzie. Shortly after the polls were opened it f. became evident that the Babcock tioket was being well supported, while some . of the candidates whose names appeared upon the paster ballot disclaimed any . ? knowledge of its origin, and also claim- ed they were uot candidates. It was uotioed that some of the candidates were working very hard for the success of the tioket. This, together with ru- mors of certain influences wbioh were said to be behind the movement, caused the citizens to tnru out in large num- an hers, so that nearly 300 votes were cast lat in the first hour the polls were opened, an The election throughout was very peaoe rel fnl and quiet. The result in detail is as of follows: Ki For President. wi Charles H. Zundel SCO f*' Hiram W. Babcock 200 Blank 3 1 10 J af Zuiulcl's majority, 100. pa For Trustees. eu John It. McKenzie 305 Felix McCabe 344 James Gourley 350 John Nicholson 199 an Louis Stock 221 dii William T. I'urdy 220 pi Blank 20 mi at 1725 At Majority for regular ticket, 425. Ui For Treasurer. Alonzo Bedell 552 fr< Blank 23 bii Ni 575 Pt For Collector. mi Philip Gohring 492 r? Thomas E. Slevin 00 Blank 23 ? Cc 575 d, Gohring's majority, 432. 0 j For Police Justice. an Charles A. Taylor 282 Hendrick D. Batchelder 100 a' John McKenzie 130 Blank 3 m \7 80 sii) Taylor's plurality, 122. . jj The resolutions were both carried, Pi No. 1, empowering tlio village to sell a St portion of the corporation building to wt the town, by 135 votes for to 44 against; oil aud No. 2, appropriating $500 for hose fo for the Fire Department, by 134 for to ve 37 against. * fo ai FOR WOMAN SUFFRAGE. The following preamble and resolu- ye Hons have beeu handed iuto this office H for publication: Whereas, We, citizens of Rockland hi county, in mass meeting assembled, be- j u lieve that justice and a convenient oh- servauce of the principles upon which u our government is founded demand m the abolition of the sex qualification iu voting; therefore, g| Jiesolved, That wo hereby ask that f r the word \male\ be stricken from the a description of the qualification of voters, ti as proscribed by the Constitution ol the w State of New York; oi Jiesolved, That we, as citizens, urge the members of the coining Oonslitu- tional Convention of the Sixteenth Sena- torial district, namely, William D, j* t Dickey, Newburg, Orange county; J 1 - Henry W.Wiggins, Middletown,Orange 'j county; Charles W. IT. Arnold, Statts- u burgh, Dutchess county, and Ira M. n Hedges, Haverstraw,Rockland county, \u25a0 representing tills Senatorial district, to V use every possible effort to secure an 8 amendment to our Constitution striking w , out the word \mule\ Irom Section I, tt Article II; 8 Jiesolved, That we also petition the P 8 Constitutional Convention to grant suf- J ,® Irage without distinction ol sex. '? By Order of Committee. 1 t FIRE AT CONGERS. \ The baru of Bernard Nally, together J j with a team of valuable horses, harness, j, wagon, ete., were totally destroyed by fl fire ou Thursday night. The lobb to a Mr. Nally is a severe one. i X s A POPULAR RESORT. A soene of transformation has taken place in tbe interior of that former popular resort, \Washington Hal).'» I Mr. Thomas Francis, who some time ago succrssfully conducted tbe place for ( several years, has again leased the pro- perty, and has had a force of oarpen- tors and painters at work for several days. A new floor has been laid and the ceilings and walls of the ball room ar- tistioally decorated, and present a hand- n some appearance Tbe house through- D out has been thoroughly renovated, the . walls have been repapered and tbe woodwork displays the artistic skill of * the painter, while the parlors show the tl handiwork of the upholsters in all the p modern styles of furniture, while the handsomest designs of Brussels oarpet adorn the floors. In the geueral reno- D vation which has taken place the cafe M has not been forgotten, the interior of c, tie room presenting a handsome ap- , pearance, aud speaks well for the artis- tic skill of Artist Swarts(rom, who de- j: signed the decorations. There is a handsome mahogany front and back bar witb four largo plate glass mirrors. The house throughout is lighted bv electri- city, the lightfc in tbe cafe being so si arranged as the reflection on tue mir- F mors create a very pretty effect. The si proprietor's well-known hospitality, to- o: gether with the fact that be keeps only si the choicest brands of cigars, liquors tl and beer, including tbe famous Pabst v braud of Milwaukee, which are always tl ou tap. As Mr. Francis 1 wide circle of f< friends are legion, we predict the ut- g most success. H . T OBITUARY. WILLIAM B. WILEY. 01 William B. Wiley, oue of the oldest '' and most esteemed residents of Rock- land Lake, died Sunday, aged 74 years _ and 4 months. Until age forced his retirement he was for many years one of tbe most trusted employees of the Kniokerbooker Ice Company as a wheel wright and blacksmith. He was an . earnest Christian, and was long a mem- ber of the Rockland Lake M. E. Church. Mr, Wiley leaves a widow R and three sons Fuueral services were held at hiß residence on Thursday afternoon uuder tbe direction of his pastor the Rev Theodore Frazer the enterment was in Oak Hill Cemetory Nyaok. Dit WILLIAM aOVAN, M. D. Dr, Wm. Govan, a well known citizen p and physician of Bookland County, p died at bis residence in Stony Point plaoe on Thursday, aged 75 years, 5 o months, 22 days. Dr. Govan was born c at Bsrnet, Vermont, August 12th, 1818. ti At the age of Ift he entered Kimball Union Academy ut Meriden N. 8., d where he prepared for College,. In fi 1835 he entered Dartmouth College, n from which he graduated iu 1839. After o bis graduation he became a teacher in ri New Windsor, N. Y., aud theu in u Peekskill Aoademy. In 1840 he com- a meuced the study of medicine, and in e: 1843 be became a licensed practitioner. In 1844 be reoeived from Dartmouth o College the degree of A. M,, aud in 1854 n he reoeived from the New York Medioal ii College the degree of M. D. Iu 1843 Dr. Govan commenced the practice o of his profession at Stony Point, and t! this has ever sinoe been his residence fi aud field of labor. In 1858 he became n a permauent member of the Medical h Society ot the State of New York, aud iu be was eleoted a permanent a member of the American Medical As- ti sociation. Iu 1872 he was made a v Fellow of tbe Amerioau Aoademy of Medioine. Iu 1881 he was chosen Vioe- v President of the Medical Society of the a State of New York. And in 1884 he ( was made a Fellow of the Mfdioal So- oiety of the County of Bookland. He has I for a number of years been Distriot In- c vestigator of the Slate Board of Health v for the districts comprising Westchester d and Bookland Counties. He served s during the late war as Volanteer Surgeon, and he was for over tweuty ? years Coroner for Bookland County. His praotioe has, during many years, extended over the whole of the uortbern part of Bookland County. Dr. Govan has always manifested a lively interest iu educational matters, and was the * President of the Board of Education uutil th« day of his death. He was a i member of tbe I. O. O. I l '. Free Masons . and G A. B. A son and daughter t survive him. The fuueral will be held 1 from his late resideeuoe on Monday 3 afternoon at 2 o'clock under tbe direc- tion of Stony Poibt Lodge F. and A. 3 M., of wbioh the deceased wss an hon- orury member. 13 IRHNE AGATHA LEONARD. Irene Agatha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leonard, formerly well known residents of Garnotville, died at 0 tbe resideuoe of her sister, Mrs. Wm. E. i? Brooks, iu Garverville, on Thursday morniug last, aged 19 years, 4 months aud 7 days. The deceased was born iu o Garnerville, and resided there until u n short tirno sinoe, wheu she removed lr witu her pareuts to Yonkers, aud was p an estimable young lady, highly re- ' spected by all who knew her, aud very 0 popular with the youug folks with I', whom she was iu the habit of ussooiatiug for her many good traits. The esteem iu which sho was held by her com- panions can be understood by the fol- lowing few words from oue of her youug frieuds: \She wus one whose piety, religiou and moral conduct stood seooud to uoue; she was an example to be fol- 8 > lowed by ber srx; kln4, gentle and oon- >y tiding iu spiiit; a favorite among her lo associates; she had many friends and no euemies; true to a fjult and submis- sive wheu wroug. By her iutegrity, honor und spotless character she com- manded the respect of all who kuew LIH her. The devotion which she mani- fested toward God aud her ohuroh will \ e be a standing mouument before the lit world in her remembranoe.\ Her fuue ti- ral will take pluoe from the resideuce ut of her Bister ou Monday morniug to St. Peter's Ohuroh, where a Mass of lle- jn quiem will be offered up for the repose id of her soul. The iutermeut will be in St. Peter's Cemetery. ALDERMANIC MEETING First Meeting of the If aw Bomril. Officer Call, Clerk Furman and Corporation Counsel Wheeleb Reappointed. Nnwly eleoted trustees held their first meeting on Wednesday evening, all the members being present. The Board temporarily forgot the fact that some of the members had just been eleoted, and that an organization would have to be perfeoted. As Olerk Fnrman rapidly disposed of the minutes of the previous meeting, and read off a number of bills which, being opproved by the Finance Committee, were ordered paid as fol- lows: Lewis Chambers ....810 00 Rockland County Times 36 50 Joseph V. Flynn 1 20 E. L. Foster 50 00 One of the members about this time suggested the Board eleot a clerk. Mr. Furman was unanimously chosen as such, as was Captain Call for police officer. Gus Vetters also received his share of the plums, as the Board thought he had proven an efficient ser- vant of the people, re engaged him at the same terms as last year. The Board- for a short time were engaged in con- gratulating each other upon the con- fidence reposed in them by the people. The president in a few well chosen words oougratulated the members re-electrd, and outlined the intentions of the Ex- ecutive for the coming year, saying that we should work in harmony, with no hard feelings towards tlioi-e who < opposed ns, no enemies to get square with, aud uo friends to reward. We may differ at times, and I think foi- tunately when we differ honestly. After the olerk had tendered his thanks for the honor conferred, and the trustees had completed their mutual congratulations, Mr. Fox moved to ap- point Mr. Alodzo Wheeler as Corpora- tion oounsel, saying that as the Board bad reappointed the former appointee! none were more worthy of reappoint- ment thun the efficient Corporation oounsel. Mr. McKenzie moved to amend the appointment of Mr. Wheeler by stipu- lating that the Corporation oounsel be paid $500 exclusive of traveling ex- penses. Mr. McCabe opposed the amend met t of Mr. McKenzie, saying that seven I cases now started could not be oarried. to completion at the prioe named. The question of compensation was discussed from all sides, the matter finally being decided by the appoint- ment of Messrs. Biahm and Fox as a committee to see Mr. Wheeler and to report at the next meetiug with the understanding that he would be re- appointed at an annual salary of $500, exclusive of cases now pcuding. Mr. Oourley wanted the Board to pur- chase a quautity of lime atone t» place upou a number of the streets which are in a bad condition. Mr. McKenzie opposed the purohase of lime stone, as he thought trap rook the most serviceable, but the alderman from the upper district convinced a majority of the Board that lime stone in beHt, so lime stone will be used. Bills of Wm. MoOauley for $512.50, and Alonzo Wheeler for expenses, dis- bursements, services, etc., for $1,199.33 were ordered paid. Bonds of Alonzo Bedell, as treasurer, were fixed at $20,000, Charles A. Taylor as police justice at $2,000, and Jamea Call as police offioer at $500. A resolution designating the National Bank of Haverstraw as the depository of the village funds was then adopted, when the Board adjournal nntil Fri- day night to receive the bond of Trea- eurer-eleot Bedell, THE LECTURE AND CONCERT AT GRASSY POINT. St. Joseph's Church, Grassy Point, was literally paoked last Sunday night * to hear the Irish concert and Father Smith's great lecture on the \Irish in America.\ The church was bo orowded that almost oue hundred people were seated in the Sanctuary. Besides Father McAvoy, the rector, there were also the Rev. Dr. McCready, rector of the Holy Cross Church, of New York; Rev. C. O'Keete, of Highlaud Falls; Rev P. Mee, of Verplancks; Mr. Watsou Tom- kins, Dr. Ltivasseur, T. Fergus Red- mond and niauy other notables from Haverstraw ami viciuity who occupied promiuent seats. The church was taste- fully draped in Irish and American colors. The lecture was greatly appre- oiated, aud Father Smith's humorous s stories of Irish character in Aiuerioa excited oousiderablc laughter and ap- plause. I The coucert wa» very well rendered, g the singiug of Mr. Leon E Bailey, of - New York, aud Miss Kittie Cleary being y specially excellent. Father McEvoy ex- i pressed his gratitude for the maKuitt- ; caut atteudanoe. The following is the it programme of the ocoasiou: ? 1 Overture, \Gems of Ireland\ Orohestra S 2 Chorus, \Ihe Huip that Oucu\ '? St. Joseph's Choir J 3 Solo, \Come Rack to Erin\ i- Miss Kittie Cleary >? 4 Melody, \The Miustrel Bo>\ Mr. Hugh J. McEvoy <1 i Duet, \Oft iu the Stilly Night Misses E. Crowley aud Lotti Cleary C Bull ad, \The Low Baok'd Car\.... J i- Mr. Leou E. Hail<jjt w 7 Selections, \Memories of i- Orohestja II TALLMANS. d An Easter supper will be given by the ?' Ladies' Guild in the Congregational Church uext Monday evening. If stormy, tbe next fair night. N NOTICE. (j To Josiah Fei.trh, John Smith, T. Fergus Redmond, William 11, Bacon and Edward s. Anness: rj I'lcaso take notice that nil application J to the Attorney General of the State of New York, at Ins office in the City ol Albany on the 21st day of March, 1894, 1 p. m. on said day, will be made to bring an action on behalf of the People T of the State against you, on the ground e; and for the purpose'mentioned in with- in petition. PATRICK BRENNAN oi THOMAS FINEGAN. h By Jno. M. Gardner, their Attorney. 0] State of New York, ) uo , t t County of Rockland. ) ' Patrick Brennan and Thomas Fine- . gan being duly and severally ;sworn, \ deposes and each for himself savs that he is one of the petitioners named in fc this action; that he lias read the lore- i c goingljietitlon and knows the contents thereof; that the same is true to the knowledge of deponent, except as to 8( the matters therein stated to be alleged vi 011 information and belief, and us to p] those matters he believes it to bo true. PATRICK BRENNAN THOMAS FINEGAN. 8l Sworn to before me this 19th day of March, 1894 q James llartt, tl] Justice of the l'eacc. In compliance with the foregoing order Messrs. T. Fergus Redmond aud bi Edwards S. Anuuss went to Albany ou w Tuesday evening aud secured the ser- 0 vices of Senator Lexow, who, with Mr u| Redmond,appeared before tbe Attorney- ki General on Wednesday afternoon in ec opposition to the application. Mr. u< Brennan was represented by Mr. James w Graham, of John M. Gardner's office ol After listening to the arguments of m counsel the Attorney General reserved sa his decision, and requested counsel to th submit briefs, which they agreed to do bi on Monday next. Should the decision in of the Attorney-General be in Mr. Breu- T! nau's favor, the case will then be taken fn to the Supreme Court, as tbe Attorney- f 0 General has only the power to grant permission to bring suit, and it is quite certain that before the case would be decided in tbe lower courts some of *' those elected would have seived their \ terms. However, it would not surprise us to learn that tbe Attorney-General will deny tbe application. d »? TEAGHEUS' EXAMINATIONS. Ie Iu order to aooommodate uumerouH touchers living in tbia unction of tho oouuty, Hubool Commissioner Blauvolt w will hold extra examiuatioua (or oertiil- oaten of the 11 rut aud aeooud gradaß, at the Nyaok Public Hohool buildiug on a Friday aud Saturday, April Oth aud 7th. u m b® ROCKLAND LAKE. A grand literary aud mimical euter- '? taiuweut will be given by tUe Epworth League of tbe M. E. Ohurob on Friday in evening, to wbiob tbo public are cordi- ally invited.

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