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ROCKLAND COUNTY f THE TIMES VOX.. V. HO. SB. HAVEH3TEAW, tT. 7., MAR. 17, 1894. PRICE im OBNWS. GARNERVILLE DOINGS Sfioy Looal Readings for A 13US\ Hive of Workers in Ocr Sister Village. Anns, daughter (if Peter Oaborn, is reported quite nick Mrs. James H. Taylor lias been on the sick list the punt week. Mrs. Harriet Ro-e, who lias been seri- ously ill Mm past week, is on the mend. Mrs. J.ionb Dfg.'iier and son, Fred., have been vi.-iting friends iu the city the past week. We learn that Mayor Brooks intends remodeling tue red house on his pro perty heio. A cottage prayer meeting whs held at the residence of A'o- zo Abhott on Mon- day evening lust. Miss Ir. ne Leonard was tumble to attend work the tir t part of this week through sickness. G.neville ivas >v<ll represented at the Oi>era Bou«e iu Havei'straw on Tliursjiy evening last. Mr Willi.im Stni.h and fimily will, after April 1, reside iu the house vacate ! by Mrs. Eienora Girnee. Mr ane Mrs. Burke, of Grassy Poiut, were the gues's cf their daughter, Mrs. Poter O'born on Tuesday. Mr. Rioen Bibcock has been busy the pasi weak digging the fonn lation for Ills residence at Mead's Corner. The young peop'.i belonging to the M. E Sundt > ?hcli ol aro preparing a vtv interesting programme for Easter Sunday. Mr Pater o<born <vas the lnckv win uer of the watch r ill >d off last Satnr- d«v at the Prospec. House. There were 317 chances taken Fifiy was the lucky u umber. R«v. liiahard tlarcourt, formerly pastor ol the M. E. Church, of ll.iver straw, w'is a guest it the home of Mr. E. W. Haight ou VV stside avenue yes- terday alternoon. At the caucus hvM on Tuesday night for the purpusi of nominating village ofllcrs, John M U irbrouck was nomi- nated for preside l ; John Peck for trustee; Alixmd-r Young for treasurer, and Daniel McElroy (or collector. Tne election will be held uext. Tuesday iu S. W. -Toliuson E 'gilie House. Polls will be open from 1 o'clock p. m. until aunaet. The tHXoa.ers will be acked to appropria.e 82,11)0 for the expense of the Curporatiou for 'he ensuing year. SEVERELY INJURED An old lad; u«mr I Airs. Dalton, who resides ou Broadway, tbia village, wat ruu over and severely injured by u horse and wagon belonging to Stalter tbe grocer, of Stony Point, on Railroad avei.ue, uear the More of George O Tat lor iu West Haverstraw yesterday afternoon. The I nly was taken to her home in this village and medical aid summoned. A DECIDED IMPROVEMENT. Since Mr. Geoige W Smith pur- chased tbe properiy of Edwin Brock- way, corner of F -urth aud Middle streets, we have no'iced u decided im- provement in the pi ice. The curpentera aud painteis have done their share to- ward making it a very desirable resi- dence. Tbe interior of the house has beeu lemodled. A dining room and bath room has been added, muking seven rocms on the first floor. Mr. Snii'b has jist completed a system of turning by hot water This is the fii'ht residence in Haveistraw that has beeii furnished with b s water for heating. The Audrutt hot wtiter boiltr used is a little wonder for healing, as well as being economical iu tbe cousuniption of fuel. The woik was done by Mr. W. S. Oalwell, of Fisbkill on the Hud- eon, and it reqiirei- but a glance at his worn to convince '<ne tliat be under- stands iiia busiueHH. Mr. Smith is iM ring his place for sale at a very reasonable figure. i i THIELLS. Lumciis A, Knapp is still slaughter- ing his own meat. Mr R. H. Wood has closed his win- ter course at Bellevuo Medical College, Mr. John Gdlagher's children are reoovenug irom the attack of the mease la. Mr. George SpiingsfeeD is rapidly recovering Irom bis labors duriug the towu eleo ion. Mr. William Thorpe is still living, aud bis death it in meutarially expect ed. He has beeu ?» great suflerer. Mr. V. Borky in'ends to change his residanot) from New York to this place. It is reporteo thai he has bought Mr. Adler out. This town liaH tin best looking young ladies, nioreto tbau uuy other place in the ouuuty, aud 'hey are just as good as tin y look. The I* ads in many places are almost impassable. mores., this spring than in a uumli r of jeai* before J. fi's <1> feat bus uot improved .ueiu iu the least. Miss Nettie Knapp does not improve in health. I', is in be hoped when the warm weatuer appears there will bo a change lor the better in the young lady. Tbe oliurou people are ausiously waning for the 0 mfireuce to oonveue ?o thai tne.V may hav<? u new preacher Vaiiety is the spice of lite aud brevity the houl ol wit. /, -bulou R 8 has put a large window iuto his store, aud has moved tbe door further West aud (X'eutled the couutor iu older to make it pleasant and agree- able for tbe people calling for their mail. Edward Blieill Jr., aud Wesly Rise engaged iu a rung . aud tumble fight iu the load ou eveuiug. A 1 tor much trouble and the combined < florin of Messrs. Edward Juues aud David Barnes, the oombatanta were separated. \THE IRISH IN AMERICA.\ The above is the sitl j 'or. of Rov. Dr. Smith's leetvre which will bo given at St. Joseph's church, Gmssy Point, to- morri w night at 7:30 o'clock. An tmmenso audience will surely greet the lecure for the sale of tickets has been imprtceden'ed. Mr. L ou A. Bailey, the distinguished bus o of Holy Cross Church choir, New York city, will be heard in some of the most pleasing of Ireland's beautiful melodies, and a magnificent Irish concert will be given by local tahut who have volunteered their services to make the first St. Patrick's Day celebration at Grassy Point a moinoiable one Prof. Relin and a large oiclx stra will likewise be in attendance. JONES POINT. Mr. Joseph Ci-seln, one of otu oldist friends au t neighbor, lias b-eu Very sick. By good c-ire aud xkillfui treat meui he is ou the road to beulth. Among the late improv- in-uts to the village is a larg- store an.l dwelling. Mr. Cuarles Oakley was build r aud architect tor Mr i'nomis TenE/ok, Mr D. witt R-jduer has ma le arrauge- meuts io accomiuoila'e thi putilic with a pleasant tail to and from Peekskill and the surrounding coutur* during the coming summer. Mr Richard L-.<u', of this village, intends pulling an udili ion to his store now occupied iiy M . Gjorge L-ut Mr. Warren o Stony Point,has the contract Under advi-em-*ut. There will bo divine seivioe and cele- b atiou of the Holv Communion, in the House oi Prayer, Suuday, March 18th, ai 3p. m. Tne Uev T Stephens will ofliiuate. Suuday school at 2:30 p. m., The outlook for the shipping of sand and gavel from this poiut during the present year iu much brighter than usual Irom the fact that Mr James A. D. groat IjhS beeome a party iu the com pauy of tne lessees of the sand aud gravel banks owned by Mr. Thomas D.-uike, of this place. The banks me raid to he of gieat vdue aud have 1 >i< comparatively l lie foi houi- years past. sTONY POINT. Huril Brothers are building a grocery mid mjnut maiket, aiM expect, to occupy their new q mrters ab «IH April lit, James in milking mauy improve- ments in and around his residence. The Epsworth League of the Sio ny P.iiut M. E ciiUrcli, bad as their topic last HilU'lay eve, \'S cret Prayer. ' Leader, Matthew Hurd, Nxt .Sunday evening, topic, ''Where Hbali I Hpeuii Eteruity.\ Leader, it v S. D. llirais. All are welonine. Tbe luueMl servico* of tbe iufaut. daughter ol Be. iu B -II was held iu tko M. E Cnurcli at tins plaoo ou Monday afternoon, lie v. a. D. Harris, official iug. A surprise party was bold at tbe re sidenoe of H v S. D. Liarris ou Wed- nesday eve. of Ibis week iu bonor of .Miss Elln Harris. A Urge number were present aul bad a ven pleasant time. A Very pleasant partv was giveu to Miss Lucia Liwrenoe last Wednesday eveuii gat ber Home ou Main street. A large number ot ladies aud pentlemeu were. preseut, aud participated lu danc- ing until tbe wee boms of >be umruiug Tbe rnatcb was led by a lady aud gentleman of tins town Among tho*e present were tbe Misses Bnrtha Liven- der, Addio Liveuder aud Aland Stallet, of 'i'omkius Covi ; Mi>s Blmdu Bedford, of Haveistruw; Alis-> Kitty Cub-man, of I'biells; Miss A. B Burns, of Garner- ville; tbe Misses Maggie Kuupp, Josie Knapp, Grace Trtadwav, Maud Trend- way, Grace 11 ?se, Carrie Bose, Mhv B .se, Anna Bis \u25a0, Maggie L *ade. Mrs. Springsteen, Mr. aud Mrs L mis O -s- uian of tins towi ; MessiS. Albert B»se. of Tomkius Cov ?; Lawrence Doyle, of Grasay Puini; J Alartiu, of Haver truw; tbe Messrs. Hurd, F 11 >so, B Guldsmi li, \V. Hiuiiiton, T Hastings, Harry Bulsnti, John Treadwav, Jobii Bower, G Fales, B, Bose. J lv Wib a. Frauk Leach T. Wo d. Fred Laacb, Wm. Holt, Olivei Joiunou, Archibald Hose aud Frt d. K-isler, ol this town; HAVERSTRAW'S GOOD HUSBANDS The followiug is from the New York World of March Di.li. To the Editoi:-I have beeu married about twenty years, .uid tuy wile has not in that time built tbe fiie as often as we have been married tears. The i schedule we work ou is this: When I am at home aud well, ai 4:30 o'clock I get up, 1 uild the fire, empty the ashes, grind and pill over the entire, and at 5 o cluck, or just before, I c >11 her, aud die gets up to find < very thing i»h neatly B done as I am oapuble of doing it. It I spill some of the ashes, 1 tunc it up and get the house cloth and wipe up the fl ior Then I 11 lup tbe parlor stove, i iat breakfast, take the C o'clock tram to \ New York, do a day's work aud omue 1 home, ariiving at about C or 7 o'clock. J. put up the olotheslii e ou .Monday t morning, get up the tuh», and idiou ii wipe and sometimes wash the dishes t aud sciub up ih fi aii'n, and an no* cm sulered a molly h> my »>\n wile nor hv B anybody's wile in our neighborhood; e ai d I will say right here that there aie u men living around uie who beat uio at tuis business. Women, awake, aud try aud lead all men, so tar as lies in your y power, to a h glier thought and love lor \ your si x A Woman L'iVEU llaverctraw. N Y. y AGAIN ADJOURNED. Y r An uilj lurueii term of the 0 >u> ty ir Court whh to linvti beau li«ld ut New \ City oil WedußHiln.v, tliH li li iiistuiit, '\u25a0 tint owing to Mitt illui'H* 01 Mr. AloiiZo ie Wheeler, who whh ilie ititorne.y tu bovo- u ml oum'n, Couit wttu ug'iiu inij 'UiUfd by >i OuiiHuy until Wuilnottiirtv, the tu 2Hi>i, when tliu onsen of the People d ugaiubi Downiest itud Kelly will be I. tried. ZUNDEL THE MAN McKeiizic, McCahe an<l Oouvlp-u for Trustees. Bedell for Treasurer, Gohring FOR COLLE' TOR, AND TaYI.OR to Dispense Justice. The electors of the village met iu the Opera House on Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of nominating u suitable ? leket to be supported at the villago election, which is to be held in the Cor- poration Norms ou next Tuesday after- noon The meeting w«a called to order by Minor Z lnde!. Michael McCibe was unanimously elected chairman by ac clamation. Messrs. William T. Purdy, T. Fergus Redmond and Andrew Donnelly, Jr., were nominatid as secretaries. Mi ssrs. Redmond slid Donnelly declining, Mr, Puidy was enosen by '?cclamation. Messrs. Charles 11 Z ludel and David Kennedy were placed in nomination for president. Up< n motion Messrs. James Renti aud William Bonnetl were appointed teller-. Tne eolllt of the volo was: Zunde), 202; Kennedy, 72 i'uere being > o opposition, Messrs. John R. McKei zie, Felix MeCabe and James G uiley were re nominated for tiUNlees by acclamation. For Collector, Philip Gohring and Thomas E. Slevin were placed in no mi uatlou. Messrs. Samuel Y. King mid William Tierney were appointed tellers, the vote resiil'ing us follows: Gohring, 186; Sl-vin, 100 Alonzo U d'll aud Henry M. Rey- nolds were both desirous of luking care of the Corporation funds. The tellers appointed to receive the vote for president performed u like duty for the candidates for treasurer, the ra suit of whicu was: Bedell, 195; Rey- uolds, 83 For the chance of disseising justice to violators ol village ordinances several candidates were nominated by their irieuds, all of whom declined excepi Judge Batchelder and Charles A. Taylor U|ion motion ttie house was divided. Toose favoring Mr. Taylor being as- signed the northside, while the Judge's supporters occupied the southside. A very large mujority of the voters present nero evidt ntly in favor of Mr. Taylor, heuce he was declared the nominee of the caucus. At the election to be held Tuesday the taxpayers tvill be r< quired to vote upon a resolution to approptiatessoo for tne urpose of purcliasing new fire nose, tor which every taxpayer who has the interest of tne community at heart, or who looks utter his own interest, should vote in favor ot the resolution, as the hose is badly ueeded. ARGUMENT BEFORE THE COURT OF APPEALS. A motion for a new trial and appeal from the judgment of the Supreme Court iu refusing to grant a new trial iu the case of The Excelsior Uric* Com- pany vs Tbe Village of Havorstraw was made before the Court of Appeals ou Tuesday. Mr. Irving Brown appeared iu the iuterests of the brick company, aud argued to have tbe decision of the lower court reversed and a new trial granted. This was opposed by E A Hrew»ter, of Newburgb, who is associ- ated with Alonz i Wheeler, for the vil lage. It is expeoied the Court will reu der a d cisii.n iu tbe matter iu about two weeks. The point iu dispute is as to whether or not the Board of Trustees who were in office in 1887 bad tbe right to disonutiiiue certain streets. The de cision iu this case will be awaited with much interest by the people of this vil- lage. For should ilie decision be iu favor of the village, steps will be at once takeu by the Board of Trustees to reoover possession of the streets takeu. Should theoiuirts decide in favor of tbe biick company, the decision will prac- tically place the Fowlers, the Eekor sous and the Excelsior Brick Company in possession of the village. I. O. G. T. ENTERTAINMENT. ' Upou the iuvitaticu of Warren Lodge of Good Templars a large number of members of tho organization from Tiiiells, Spring Vullev, Nyaok aud other places were present iu the rooms of the former lodge ou l ist Friday evening, when Chief Templar George G ss II ca led the assemblage to order. Toe attendance was not so Urge us expeoted owing to tbe utmost impassable con dition of tin country roads. However, this did uot dampen the ardor or affect the enthusiasm of those present. Upon the conclusion of the business of the meeting au exee lent entertainment was given, the programme being arranged hv Miss Elwiua Ben»ou, the Vine Templar ol Warren Lodge, aud was as follow* t 4 Miss Amy Ellis sang a pretty song, eutl'led, ''Babv iu the Swing;\ Mr, B i\l Dnryee read, 'How the Mule Ei ; capedj' Mi'sOirrie Terhii'ie r> cited, ,( .Wy Neighbor-;\ Misa Lillie Mardorl t su' g the \Sweete-t Sory Ever Told.\ Tue Messrs. Dickoff Biauvelt and Hani r mell g'Ve an instriimentul t-uleetwu ou r flute and bai'joH, and a visiiing brother made u few brief remarks Mr. Dickoff . recited, ''Tne Drunkard's Lft Glass,\ Mi-s Benson sang, \Speak onlv Speak. ' luieri sting addresses were made liv Mr. Henry Wagner. Piof. Livulefo Wilson * and the Chief T mplar. In response to * hearty calls, Messrs, Dickoff, Biauvelt !, and Hauituell gav» auo'her iustrunieiital o selection, and the programme closed - with a whistling solo by Mr Bryant. y After the c iinplntiou of tbe eutertain- e nient tables laden with cake, saud- e wiches, ice creaiu and other delicacies e were spread, to which the members with their guests did ample ju<ttioe. ROSEVILLE. Hooka are no longer in if. Yon need j a letter now. I Who will you have for Roadmaster? Many aro looking for the offlijii. Tho hotels of this place will soon be opened for the summer season. A mud-gutter band made its nppenr- tince in our midst Saturday last. The schooner G. W. Wright of this place was the Art t reported sold this season. Mr. F. Grimes, of Grassy Poiut, we are told, is to manufacture brick on one of the diamond yards. Mr. M. P. Sliuey has finishod his course of studies in Eistman s Business College, Putigbkecpsiu. Mr. and Mrs. F. Maguire and family have relumed to theii In 1110 after a so- journ iu Tomkins Cove. Tne diamond yards, heretofore idle, aro now being put iu order rapidly. We learn they will all be running at full blast this season. We witnessed the liret Saturday cele- bration last Saturday uheu i-ome of our boys laid low a Pole who had been im- bibiug rather freely. Mr. Peter Aluudeville, formerly a resi- dent of this plane, has commence*! busi ness iu Bower Hall, Stony Point, where ho will always be at home to his many flieuds. List Wednesday morning, as our scribe was coming down the highroad he thought he suw his former home going up in smoke He hastened thither, but found it was ouly dust which tho March wind w is raising. TOMKINS COVE. Miss J.iiiu lluse in visiting fjitnla iu Nwburgli. Mr. 11 B. Staltor is visiting friends in Hubokeu, N J. Mr. Job Brownoll is counter jumping for Mr. E O. Rose. Captain Mat. Clancy, formerly of the tug Watkyns will blow the whistle ou the tug Sheffield this season. Mr. Louis Degroat, of Grey Court, Orange County, passed through this place lift Monday behiud a last step- per. Tha T. C. Stoue Compuuy have re- built the steamboat. dock, iiumor says tlut the Chryslenali will laud here this season. Mr. John Gallagher sprained his wrist iu a friendly 'bout with the gloves last Monday. His opponent escaped by ducking. The hand organ man aud the furni- tuie van made their appearance ou out streets during the week. This is a sure judication that epriug is at hand. The schooner liiclianl Washburn, Captain Kane, of Verplanoks Poiut, left tlie yard of the Messia. llndermond last Monday looking like the Vigilant Tue T. C. Stone Company have re- duce i the wages of their employees, aud b!ill the Italians t-eem to multiply, i'his is bad i.ews for the beer peddlers. Last Monday night some thief con- fiscated twtlve chickens foimerly the property of Mis. Adelia Kuupp. It is supposed that tho same party vuited the coup of Mr. George S. Wood and re- lieved it of seven fine birds lust Tues- day night. Everybody in town will be ut the leciure to moirow night which will be uiveu ut Grassy Point by liev. John Talbot Smith ou ''Thi> IriNh in Am- erica.\ A great feas> of eloquence aud song is expected iu honor ol Iceland's patron S iiut. There will be Morning Prayers, Ser- mon aud Celebration of the Holy Corn- muuiou iu Grace Church to-morrow (Sunday) at 10:30 a m. Sunday Sohool ? a' 10 o'clock, a. m. Evening S-rvioeat 7:30 p. m. The Kev. Thomas Stephens ' will officiate. Telaphoua wires arn being laid be- tween this place, Stony Point and \ Haverstraw, making connections with Dr. Seniihtaken's office. Tho circuit also includes tho Evrie Inu, the rmi- dences of Messrs. K. J. O.lel), W.T. Searing, Walter Toiukins aud last, but not least, the residence of our reporter. Tho Lenten services held iu the Cath- olic Church last Tuesday evening were well atteuded, many non-Catholics beiug present The sermon delivered by liev M. J MoEvoy, rector, was something to be remembered,- All who were present, prouounon it one of the most force <ble and eloquent sermons they ever listened to. CONGERS. Mr. Robert P. Huokburth, who for the past two yours has successfully cou- ducted 11 hotel ut tSpU'kill, lias least*il thu Chil li in II inse ill the .south eud of Bock- laud Luke, und will run the pluee us a lirst class hotal, A flue musical uu<l literary entertuin- mi-nt will ho held in the Methodist Church of Bookluud Like, by the Ep- worth L mguo couuected with that ohuroti, i ll Friday evening, Maroh 30. A very enjoyable programme will be presented, uud it is hoped the ohuroh will tie orowded. The proceeds will ba for thu beueflt of the ehureli, and a liberal response, doubtless, will bo uiadu to the r< quest tor all to utttud. At about 8:30 o'clock hint Monday morning as thu heavy weMein freight iruia bound eant r ached a point lie- tween Congers and Valley Cottugo the brake beams on one of thu cam gave way, and as a result more I hull half of thu ca hou thu long train were derailed, lint no one whh injured, The lluver- 1' straw local which l> uvea that place ut 8:17 came a short distanou behind und ' wax obliged to >top for some time, after which it was backed up to Cougers und i put upou the switch. At this time the i) St. Louis express from the wesi came along and stopped at Oougers, where, after receiving orders from Wuoiiuukeu, ,1 she took ou the passengers bound for New York ou the liuvurstruw local. - After the express went on, the Huver- - straw local followed oil the west bound is track until reuoliiug Valley Cottage, s where she resumed her own track uud vreut ou down considerably behind time. i TALKED ABOUT GAS I ? A Plan Submitted by J. Esler Ecicerson to Relieve the l Brickmakers. ( The Brick Manufacturers Association hold a meeting in the Corporation Rooms on Thursday afternoon. About j one-half of the brick manufacturing s firms of the vioinity wore represented. Mr. J. Eiler Eukirson was present, and ' submitted a plau which, if adopted, r would relieve those manufacturers who ] were compelled by the terms of their J leases to manufacture a stated number ' of brick. The plau of Mr. Eokerson is [ that in dull times, such has have pre- n vailed in the brick business far the last ( year or so, the landlords aro to release the tenants from being compelled to manufacture the compliment as stipu- * lated in the lease, thus placing the land- lord and tenant on an equal footing, as \ under a number of the preseut ltases the manufacturers are compelled to pay e rent for the compliment stated even if * I hey are not made. In order to find the J sentiment of the landlords in rtgard to J this arrangement, Messrs. Henry Chris \ tie, 11. N. Wood, Torrance Maguire, James Q Scolt and M. U\ Washburn \ were appointed a committee to obtain signaturet to the agreement from the e owners of clay property. Should this plan be endorsed by the owners it may *- prove the solution of the question of F curtailment of the output, ni many 11 manufacturers Were compelled to maun- 1 facture their compliment last season at ! a loss. Representatives were preseut ! from the new gas company which is ' being formed, aud attempted to explain 0 how much cheaper bricu could be burn- 11 ed with gas than with either coal or woo.l The evident inteution of tbo gus *- company, however, is to first obtaiu ' subscribers for the stock of the concern, alihough the ofiicials of the company 1 claim to have sufficient capital to erect \ the works, and demons rate their * ability to burn brick economically. OBITUARY. JOSEPH EBUIILINO, J I The people of the quiet little village of New City were paiued beyond ex- n pressiou to learn on Thursday morning of the death of Mr. Joseph Eberling, which had occurred about C:? 0 o'clock. Mr. Eberling snffeted from u slight s stroke of paralysis lust Saturday, but it was generally believed that he was rapidlv recovering. Iu the death of Mr. Eberling New City looses one of its s most progressive and honored citizens. Although but still a young man, being J only 32 years, 4 months and 4 days old, be had, by industry and strict attention to business, become looked upon as one of the leading citizens of this place, Mr. Eberling was born iti Clarkstown, nud lived in New City all his life. In ewlj life he teamed the shoe business, and beiug a good mechanic and master of the trade, shortly after attaining bis majority, lie starti diu business for him- ? self liist in a small way, but the su- perior quality of the goods he manu faotured gave him a staudard reputation, and before long his faotory was running to its full capacity. So rapidly did his business thrive that about two years ago he ereotcd a large two-story faotory, wiiicli gave employment to a large num ber of persons. The funeral will take place from his late residence to morrow (Stiuday) afternoon at 1 o'clock to the German Reform Church. The deceased leaves a wife, four small children, six brothel's, three sisters aud uu aged father ai d mother to mourn bis demise. THOMAS L, DKNOVELIiES. Thomas Lawrenoe DoNoyelles, known and much respected by hundreds of persons in lioekland County, died at New Citv at 11 o'clock Tuesday morn- iug, aged CI years and 11 months, Mr. DeNovelles was for many years deputy shi riff of this couuty, aud was promi- nent iu the councils of the demcoratio party. The funeral was held from his late residanos on Friday alternoon at one o'clock, aud was atteuded by a large ooucoiuse of friends aud Ktouy Point Lodge F. and A. M., 313, of whioli he was a member. The services were conducted by the Kev. Mr. liuas- ell, oltlieM E aluiroh The int> riuent lining in Oak Hill cemetery, Nyaok. The deoeased leaves a widow, three daughters aud live sous to mouru his demise. AND IT WAS EVER THUSLY. A doctor will Bit down and write n ' prescription?time five minutes; paper j. and ink, one quarter of a cent; uud the patient pays SI, $5, $10, as the case may be. A lawyer writes ten or twelve linfs, and nets from 810 to $50 from his ( client. Au editor writes half a column puff for a man, pays fifty cents or one dollar for putting it in type, prints it 1 on $'20 worth of paper,sends it to 5000 c subscribers, and surprises the puffed man if he makes any charge.?Star. ( I BOARD OF HEALTH. The ltoard of Ilunlth of the town of Uaverstruw, organized for the year 1891 in the town clerk's oftioo ou Tuesday. Dr. E. B. Laird was appointed health offloer, Andrew Douuelly, Jr., citizeu member, John Smith secretary and re- gintrur of vit 1 stusticH. The Beard will meet in the town clerk's cilice on ttie llrst Mouday of each mouth ut 2 p. m. WILL THEY STOP HERE? It is roported that Gen. Daniel Bilt- terfleld, of Cold Spring, is ut the head of a proposed opposition Hue of steam- boats ou the river the coming si uson. r A boat will Uuvo New York in the morning, uud auother from Poughkeep- - sie iu the afternoon. The inteut ou is 1 to carry freigt uud passengers, und i, laud ut places where thu Mary Powell, 1 the Albauy duy Hue, uud the Boudout i. boats do uot touoh. WOMAN SUFFRAGISTS. A large audience gathered in the Opera House, iu this place yesterday afternoon at the opening meeting of the * Rockland County Woman Suffrage Convention held under the auspices of the New York State Constitutional Convention Campnign Committee. The stnge was decorated handsomely with yellow bunting, flags and plants con spicuously. In the centre was the Woman Suffrage flig, in which are two full yellow stars, represouting Wyoming aLd Colorado, and two oii'line.l stars representing Kansas and New York. The meeting was called to order tiy Mrs. Cordelia Jones, who called upon Mrs. Sophia Beale to make the opening prayer. A hymn was sutig under tho leadership of Afiss Edith Duryea. The address of welcome was given by M's Cordelia Jones. Miss Harriet May Mills, of Syracuse, responded and took charge of the meeting. An ux r.ict from the declaration ol independence was read by Mrs. Ruth Johnson. The preamble and section two of the Fourteenth Amendment were roid by Mrs. M. Au- gUHta Gardner. The preamable atid section one, of article two, of the New Yorl- State Constitution were read by Mrs. A. H. Huztrd. Then followed a symposium ou equal suffrage. Mrs. L. Wilson spok- upon moral reformers and equal suffrage; Mrs Jones upon. \Why axpaying women believe in equal suffrage.\ The object of the convention is to organiza a Rockland County Campaign Committee for thn purpose of circulating the petition ask- ing the comiug Constitutional Couven- ti in to strike the word \'male\ from the constitution of the state. It is hoped to secure one million signatured to the petition before May Ist. Tne men and women of the Siateare waking up on the question, and much enthusi- asm is manifested. Rev Anna 11. Shaw will speak in the Opera House this afternoon and a campaign commit- tee will bo organized. To-night Susan B. Anthony will speak. To-morrow afternoon she will preach iu the Opera House. SPRING VALLEY. Mr. Win. Bohr speut lust Sunday in ( town. The (rout of tbe Ked Men's Hall ia ? being puintad. f Miss Alice Sugden is having a cottage erected on Central avenue. Jacob F. Smith is putting up au ad- dition to bis botue east of tbe village. Tip Hill, formerly i f this place, but now of Cornwall, was in town last Mon- day. Lsspinasse will sell the household goods of C. W. Coukliu at auction on March 24th. Mr. Lewis White lias been appointed Headmaster for the district southof the railroad depot. Mr. Charles Jones is on the siok list, and Mr. Lticus is now driving the wagon himself. Air. J. A. Dfßaun, of Monsey, lias secured u tiue team of horses from Mr. J. E Taylor of this pluce. Mr. Wm. Dawson has moved bis family to Mousey. Mr. Dawsou lias seemed a position with Giode H-gua. The suit of Bohr vs. Wbalen before Justice Fisher and a jury on Saturday resulted in a verdict of no cause of uetinn. The new officers of the Historical and Musical society will be installed at the residence of W. A. Sherwood, Monday evening 2G inst. Tappau Tribe, 20G, Imp. O. R. M. will have u pleasant time ou Friday evaniug. The occasion being tbe second anniversary of their institution. Tlih Eagle Baseball Club re-organizud lust Monday with W. L. Earle as presi- dent; Charles Yeomans, secretary; C. Lucas, treasurer; aud Arthur Huiu- luoud, manager. This club was a winner last season, aud will be pleased to meet all clubs under 16 years. Mr. W. L. Earle will be captuiu of the nine. Johu 1). Lake, one of the Assessors of the towu ot Kamupo, died at bis home in Spring Valley ou Tueadiy at -1 p. m after it short illness of gustritis Deceused was one of the most highly respected citizens of the county, and a>l regret to learn of his death. He leaves a widow, one son, Charles, aud a duugh ter, Mra. Doremus, of ltidjtewood, N. J. Tho dwi lliug house oi Henry Qelmke a well-known farmer living abouta mile north of this place, was burned to tbe ground about nine o'clock Weduesday morning. The lire caught from a de- fective chimney and quickly spread through the building, so that there was no possibility of saviug it. An effort was made to save some ot the ooutents aud a piano mid some furniture were f taueu out, but the high wind that pre- i vailed prevented much work iu this direction. Not much could be done to stay the progress of the flames, and they rapidly consumed everything be- j lore them. The loss is considerable, i FIRE AT PIERMONT. The oontuuta of the large ooal aud f lumber yard owued by Walsh it lteioh- ling »t I'iermout wer- totally destroyed by tire ou Wednesday morning. Tue ? loss is about $8,000, paitiiilly covered by i luHiirauce. 1 SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS. ! Supervisors' Room, Marob 3, 1891. Pursuaut to a cull of the chairmuui the Hoard of Supervisors mot at their rooms at New City ou Saturday of the . above date ut 1 o'clock in the afternoon, j All the member.\ present, except Mr. Penny. Mr. Fclter iu Ihe chair. The oomuiiitee ou Alterations and '\u25a0 Repairs to Couuty Jail reported they 0 had visited }»ils at Poughkeepsie, N.nv- \ burgh u*«l Oosheu aud had procured plans, ?*«., ift accordance with a res»- [' iutiou pasMfl at u »»Onig ou Juhh|[ 22. 1804. (Continualon lust page.) \ i 1 WHAT IT COST TO RUN HOME OF THE CANDIDATES PAID HIGH FOR THEIR FUN. After the election fr over, the oandi- dateß who wanted to get an office and wno did not succeed, as well as the successful ones, are compelled by law to file with the town olerk a statement °' their expenses within ten days after election, Several who were candidates had not filed their statement at noon time yesterday The candidates for the principal offices, with tho amount of their expenses, are as follows: John M. Hasbrouck spent 800 for horse hire, pasters, cto., for bis fun. Duane F. Kuapp spent nothing. Josiab Fetter spent 875 for pastera and oarriago hire, His investment while being a little larger than his opponents was the most productive. Iu the race for town olerk were Henry F. Dorl, whoos statement show he parted with $60 of bis good money. George O. Bedford $1 CO. John Cleary an even 81. Warren Eingaland . While the privolege of taking caie of the towu books cost John Smith 825. The wouldbe dispensers of law out of respect to the position tbey sought were not expected to spent anything, how- ever, John D. Christie apent a total of 87 50, 82 50 for pasters, while a nioe greeu \V\ went to bring the ruralista from tbeir sundown homes to town meeting. Judge elect T. F. Redmond parted with two score good hard earned dollars, whioh went for traveling ex- penses, horse hire and pasters. It oust Edwards S- Anness just nine dollars more than Valentine Stook. Whether the difference in the expense of the candidates was caused by getting the votes in the exoise box or not, the certificate of expense does not state. It cost Auness a total of 821.50 and Stoek 812 50. Georg9 R. Weyant spent nothing to be elected overseer ot the poor. His opponents spent the following: Peter Dittman 87 50 Lewis R. Mackey and William Freeman, eaob purchased a dollar and a half's worth of pasters. The most popular man in towu is Auuust Weise, who was the republican and democratic candidate for gamp con- stable. To attain the distinction of reoeiving more votes than auy other candidate the president of the Clam Bake Club spent 83.60, 85 of which was for bills, posting aud pasters, while 83.60 was expended for refreshment. It cost Capt. Bacon 810 to be elected assessor. William Bonnet scent 812 50 for tho fnn of being a candidate. Pat- rick Brennau distributed 817 50. Charles E. Babcock speut 82 for pas- ters; Owen Feeneyand Wni. H. Spring- steen 81.50 eaob for the same purpose. The other oandidat'S for constable did not want the office very bad as they bad no expenses. William E. Brooks expended 84 50; Z. T. Allison 868 to assist him to be elected commissioner of Highways, while George O. Taylor captured the prize without oay expense. Those who were oaudidates and who failed to file a statement of their expenses as provi- ded for by law will be prosecuted. Many of the certidcates as filed by the candidates were peouliax to say the least. The following is a sample: To the Town Clerk of Haverstraw: ? Iu accordance with that detestable law compelling all candidates for publio office to file within a specified time an account of their expenses in conneotion theirwitb, this report is duly rendered by the undersigned, who was one of the contestants iu tie late scrub race for inspector of election, and who got there with both feet, so to speak, without spending a ceut or raising a hulabaloo of a splurge. March 15, 1894. J. Radford Johnson. Sworn to and sub»oribed j to before me this 151h v day of March 1894 ) Eli as V. Hill, Notary Publio, Rockland County, N. Y, _ CENTENARY. Mr. Garret Trumper bad his ohioken coup robbed ou Saturday nigbt last o( some valuable 'owl. Bills are out annouDoiog tbe public sale ou March 17th at tbe residence of 3 tbe late William E. Abrams. j Mr. Frauk Abrams has received a position ou tbe Trevanius Farm on tbe _ New City road. . HAVERSTRAW. Manager Scauuell, of the beef corn- -9 pany, was all smiles ou Monday as he 0 hauded oigars to his frieudt). We learu this geuerous display was caused by the a arrival of a tifteou pound baby boy at ? the genial manager's residence Sunday |* eveniug. The Messrs. George and C. D. Arouer have several work horsts, engine and pump for sale. See ad. Oscar Wood is afirst-elass auctioneer. 1 He is open for engagements. j At Springer's ? Oranges, Lemons, e Bauiitms, Gr..pe Fruit. Tangerines, y Naval Oranges, Grapes, Dates, Figs, eto. A small family safe size 21x18 inches, weight 500 lbs. Combination look. Fur sale cheap. Apply this office, A rumor is prevelant in the upper portiou of tUo village for several days pa i t that au uncle of Mrs. Patrick Gar- r riety aud John Ball died a short time e since iu tie West, leaving uu estate lt valued at $10,000, to which they are the ' only heirs. Go to Bonnet's on New Maiu st. for j your meals. Every dißh is cooked to v order iu first-class style, and pnoes are . moderate. Grocer Bruhm reooived two car loads \ of flour yesterday, whioh he is selling 1 «t #5 und 85 50 per brl. A grand ball will be h«M at tlf Biewery ou laster Mowky.

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