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ROLAND COUNTY ) V. NO. is. HAVJUaiKAW, w. T? JAN. 13, 1894. PRICE PIVB CENTS. GARNERVILLE DOINGS Spiot Looal Rkadinqs for a Boav Hrvit OF WoBKBKS IN OCR Sister Village. Miu Mar* Adam*, of Gburob street, is on Ilia sick liat. Alas. Young is layed op with an at taok of rheumatism. Joe R. Conkdn's residence at Mead's corner la fast t earing completion. John Murray, of Church St., ia con- fined to the houce by a severe attaok of the gripp. A wedding party from Haokettstowu, N. J., were the gueata Mr. and Mre. Hemiuover. Ghildren'a wool kneepauts. 23 eta.; real good onea 40 eta., at the New York a tore. Men's wool pant* $1.00 Tha many friends of Jaa. R Falaa, o' Alice atieet, are pleased to aee him at hia deak in good health again. Mine HoaeThomaa Finnigan. of the Proepeet House, baa been suffering from rheumatiam the past week. Ghildren'a donble-brested suits tl .25 worth $3.00. Meti'a wool pauta $1.00, worth double at the New York store. A goodly numberfrom this place at- tended the reception of Edw. Pye Poat in tha Haveratraw Opera Houae on Wedneaday laat. Qo to tha New York atore at the post- ofßoe, and buy your shoes, hate, dry gooda and clothing at New York prices. Miss Mamie Leonard resigned her poeition in the print worka on Wedues day, and returned to her home on Youkers. She takes with her the beat wiabea of her many frienda in thia place. Our motto ia obeap for cash, ao don't miaa to call, and it will aatoniab you bow obeap gooda will be aold at the New York atore. A vary pleasant and enjoyable whiat partv waa held at the reaidence of Mra. David Burna on Bamapo avenue on Tueaday evening, Among these pre- e*nt were Mr. and Mra. Bonk and Miss B. Gurnee, of Brooklyn, Mr. Gurry, of New York city, Miaa McHugh, the Misers Burns, and Martha Kinney. Mr and Mra. Gejrge Bur res, and the Meaara, Dr. Baabrouck, W. H. Wilcox and Irving Kiuney of thia village. A. O. F. INSTALLS OFFICER. O wing to an uutxpeoted business a at- ter Grand 0. B. SUaw was finable to noma lo Haverstraw for the purpose the newly elected offloers orOourt Bock land. This distppoint- meut to the m«ml».<ra was overcome to a great extent hv reason that the genial Deputy Q. C. Ii Liwery was delegated to perform the work of installation. The offioers installed for the ensuing year are as follows: Miohael Lowery, Chief Banger; M J. Honrrigan. Bnb- Chief Banger; Andrew Murray Fin ? Secretary; T. F. Foley, Beo-Beort«tary; Henry M. Toppin, Treasarer; William Morrison, Sr. W ; Thomas Cook, Jr. W.; William Sliney, Br. B ; Wm. H. Kohler, Jr. B.; Thomas Finegan, Trim- tee; Miohael MoCabe, Jr., P. G. B. Court Bockland is rapidly becoming one of the most popular fraternal or- ganizations in thin vicinity, and are to give a complimentary reoeptioo in the >pera House on the 17th iustant, to , which over 7UO invitations have beeu issued, and whioh promises to be the finest affair of its kind ever held in this village. SURPRISE PARTY. The grandest party held this season in Boseville wan that held at the resi- dence of Mr. John Horaa on Tuesday evening, about fifty of the young folka of this vicinity participating. Bam, the genial knight of the raior from the establishment of George 0. Glassing, was master of* ceremonies. Amenu those prrseat we noticed the Misses Nellie and Lorretta Carroll, Katie and Nellie Byau, Mai y Lynch, Sadie Ma- guire, Mary Anu Sliney, Dora Winn, of this place; Miss Daisey Johnson, of Youkeri ; Mra. Wm. Coyne, Mra. John fiorau and Mrs. Wm. Hurley, and the Messrs. P M. JauidS and Biobard Mor- ris Hey, Edward T. Carroll, Patriok Long, J. J. Grant, Wm. Bartine, Martin J. Brophy, John Horan and the only Samuel. The affair throughout was of the dryest order, although the boat more than surprised himself in treating his guests to a wholesome supper of espeaiully prepared corned beef aud cabbage, to whioh full justioe was done by those present. As the first streaks of dawn became visible on Wednesday moruiog the party wended their way homeward, siugiug that sweet refrain, tbe \Two Little Gills in Blue,\ and \Biug Dem Bells Sammy.\ HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE. The following kits been received by Ex Assemblyman Flnegan from the State Undertakers' Association: \Sir (be convention of the New York State Uudertakura' Association bold in Brooklyn, it was uuauimously revolved that a vote pi thauks should be tendered those senators and ast-embly- inen who voted for our embalming bill In accordance therewith (\u25a0Alivea me great pleasure to be the conveyiug onr deep shush of to you for the kind interest in oar nieasuiy, and for your amJiloyaJ support, respect, l>eli«»« na, President. A GROWING NUISANCE. Rockland Gounty ia oomplelely overrun with peddlers. One day it ia a redheaded Hebrew with a lot of \aheap cloding,\ hat*, gloves and auspendera; the next day it ia a big pot bellied dutohman with a mammoth load of tin paila, pane, pota and other kitchen utenaila; the tbiid day comes a noble Italy man with a box of jewelry, pine, oeddlea,combs,etc.; the next day bringa a dirty Hungarian with a oolleo'ion of brushes, pip°s, ohairbottoma and the like; the tail end of the procession ia composed of a racr peddler, a aoiawrs grinder, a diabolical book agent, a tew- ing machiug agent and a tramp the nobleat Roman of tbem all. Tbeae peddlers are toes to legitimate business. Formerly a merchant in a small village derived a uice iocome from theaale of tbeae amall articles or Yankee notiona beceuse there ws* a larger percentage on them than on flour and sugar, etc Now hi' trade in tbeae gooda ia cut off by these wretches who carry their warea right to the farmers' door. These ped- dlera live by beggiug aa they go ftom bonae to houre. They nay no t«x<>a or lioenae and make more clear profit from the aale of #6 worth of goods, tliau the regular merchant doos of twice this amount. Each towuahip ahould com- pel these akunka to pay lioenae or elae offer a bountv on their scalp. l , It ia ceitain that the great horde of low lived immigrants coming io tbeae shores must come in direct oompetion with the American workwoman aame aa tbe peddlera with the country storekeeper. Better than a dozen tariff billa would be an aot of Congress abutting tbe gatea of America against tbe acnm, the paupera and the jail-birds of Europe. Restrict immigration. Keep the raaoala out. DECLARED INSANE. A hungtiriau woman named Julia Co- siski, wife of a laborer on tbe coal dook at Piormont, baa beeu confined in New Gity jail for tbe past two weeka under ordeis of the superintendent of tbe poor. Tbe woman has lately become affected with a mauia for praying aud while permitted to do so remained harmless, but, us ahe has spent uearly all of her tim<> reoently in religious edi flcei, her bnsbaud aud frieuoa remou atrated with her, at whioh interference she has beoam very violent. A short time ago abe suffered a aevere attaok ol tbe grip, aud aa the womau ia in a delicate oouditiou she baa late became Imbued witb some queer bajucinations, hence her commitment to jail. Dr. E B. Laird, ot thia village, at tho iustance of county superintendent of the poor, made an examination of tbe meutal condition of tue woman several days ago and declared her insane. Tbe worst part of tbe uufortuate woman's condition, is that abe should te removed to some proper plaoe aud without delay. The oouuty ofiluiala are liel pleas iu the matter, as the laws ot 1892 provide thut when a peraon ahall have been delared of unsound mind, the superin- tendent shall notify the mauugera of tbe State Insane Asylum, who accordiug to law, should send proper person* to convey the persou to the institution. This has not be<*n done in tbis case, altuougb more tnan sufficient time has elapsed for the managers of the institu- tion have attended to their buaiuesa. POLITICAL SQUIBS Ex-Assembly man Demurest is to re- aide at tbe 8 ate Cipitol for the winter. The geuial Cbarl<*a B D Freest will be among those most missed from the Assembly this winter. Senator Lexow gets on six committees as follows: Fiuanoe, Judiciary, Internal Aff«irs of Towns and Couuties, Liter- ature, Claims, and Joint Library Ex Port Wardeo and Bamapo'a Re- publican bow, Inaiio W. E isall, oapturea an assistant clerkship iu the Senate for two yeaia at 91,500 per year. Good tor Ike. When the Legislature organland on Tuesday there were only forty-thie \u25a0 ap plication* for positions on file from Booklaud County Republicans. Forty - two are still on file. Assemblyman Cutler manages to gel a place on three committees, two of whioh are unimportant. His appoint- ments are: General Laws, Commerce and Navigation, and Insurance. Ablet, the Bepublioan candidate for the Assembly iu the City of Cohoes, was defeated by nearly 2,000 plurality at the last election, proposea to contest for the aeat of his successful oppouent on general grounds. Senator Lexow introduces his first bill in which be wauts tbe Police Board aud the Boards of Elections in New York City made non-partisan, but for- gets to say anything about the Bepubli can city of Buohester. Tbe N«w York pr«ss applauds a mem- ber of Cougr«>Bs who said: ''I am for my dwtriot first the city next, the State third aud the Uuit« d States fourth \ When Southern men said that iu 18G0 they wure called tridtors and for tryiug to act upnu it in 1861 to 1865 Ihey were maritoriouHly shut into small pieces ?Brooklyn Eagle. Sixteeu Beptiblicaud want to put aa many Democrats out of the Assembly seats to whioh they were elected last fall. These six'eeu geutlem»n probably have Speaker Bond aud his Congress iu miud. It took a good rnauy thousauds ol majority to keep a Democrat iu his seat uuder Beed, aud it^bjs^iappeu BRICK MANUFACTURERS IN SESSION. ? An Enthusiastic Meeting if not a Jollification held by the Brick Makers in the Corporation Room* on TlnirttUty. Former Visions of Hiohek Pbices now a Reality. The Brick Manuf ictnrers Association of tbi« vicinity held a very enthusiastic meeting iu tbe corporation rooms ou Tburdav afternoon. The meeting might well be termed a j.illiflcan'on, as the most encouraging reports wer,< re- ceived from all rotirces. Owing to the abscence Of President Boott, who wait ttuable to atteud, string to a severe cold. Vioe President Terrauce M i|<uire, pre- sided. Aftar considerHbln routine baiiiness bad been dinposod off the com- mittee appointed to confer with manufacturer* in other sections made a report and produced several letters from manufacturers in other localities which were read by Secretary Slmukey. From the tone of tbe oommuuioatious it is very evident that those in other locali- ties have beeu eating some very bitter fruit, nnd ere heartily in acoord with tbe Haverstraw manufacturers' views and have only been waiting for some one to lake tbe initiative, when they would cheerfully fall in line. Mr. E. E. Lang, of New Wiudsor, sent a communication statiug that tbe manufacturers bad se- cured the Board of Trade rooms iu the city of Newbuigh for the purpose of holding a meeting of the manufacturers of that vicinity, wbicb meeting was to be held yesterday afternoon, and re- questiug the presence of the committee so that tbe Newburgb people would be in a posittou to work in harmony with those from this vicinity. The letters received by the Organi- zttion from matiuf..otnrerH iu Little ferry, Kingston, Rockton, Fishkill, Oruton, Verplunok, Feeknkiil and other places show tuat tlio tff.rts of t e manufacturers of this ? eigUborlicod to control their own buMuesN me being highly api>r<<eia:eti by ibe ui>.a ifaotur er« of otuer localities. While there are a l>rge number of loaded barges in market remaining unsold, tbe fact that the brick dealers who bad large quau- tities of briuk stored upon docks aud iu tuuir yards are being rapidly ezuausted, and the reports of tue builtiiug depart- ments of the oities of New York aud Brooklyn, show that an uuusually large number of buildings whiob have been contracted for, aud wuich are to be ereoted tbe oomiug season, is the very best indication of the healthy condition of tbe market. About thirty- five of tbe principal manufacturers attended the meetiug, the unanimous sentiment of wbioh was that brauohesof tbe organißHion should fan perfeoted iu every looality wh re bricamakiug is cariiul on, not only for 9 tbe eoutiolUng of the price of their pro duct, but for the puipoae of oorreotiug abuses wbioh are said to ? xist in the business, tbe most notable of wbtou are alter seliiug tbrir buck lor cash, wbioh i? presumed to be thirty days, in many cases after tbe thirty days have expired the manufacturers are compelled to wait forty-live aud axty days longer lor tbeir uiou-y. It is alio intended to oorreot the ex- C 'saive amount of wharfage, demurrage aud watcbiug. Tuose are among the most notable of the abuses wbioh tbe organization propose correcting. It was alm> slated by several promuieut uiauu- fnotiirers that they Dave beeu approach* ed by briok dealers with a view to mak- ing coutraots for large quantites of 9 biiok. This is eertsiuiy the very best. I indication that the briok ccum'fsiou merchants who have long controlled the manufacturers' business now renin* thai tbe manufacturers are determined ' tp have absolute oontrol of their own business, and the action of the manu- j, laoturera in the Isst few weeks certainly meets with the approbation of all who are interested in tbe brickmaking bnsi- -9 u»BH, a* the present orgauixatiou start- ed but a few weeks ago under the most a disheartening circumstances, has al- - ready aohiered the most wonderful success. Briok have advanced from 94.60 per 11 to 96.00 per U, with every prospeot of doing eveu batter, as the supply now * in the yards of dealers is bring rapidly diminished the demand for those afl >at will become greater, while at present r those who are buyiug for immediate , use obeerlully pay the prices demanded Y by the manufacturers. It simply re- t maius for tbe manufacturers to stand t firm to their agreement, when, if the events of the past few weeks is to be a t criterion, the ulm st success is assured. Grassy Point. A grand hop was given by the young ladies of Grassy Point on Wedueeday evening at the residence of Mr*. Geo Wheeler. About 20 couple dauced to the atrains of music from Lynoli and Lewis' orchestra Mr. Rioliard Gurran, ol West Qavei straw, wan floor lauimg- , with Jobu Garcv as a««iaii<ut. All the young folks had a gruud time until the shot) wuistle annouuoed the appronoh of day, when they left for home well fled with (he eveoiug's pleasure. Rumor bu it that the Shin Fan Olub is on the verge of rtiin, as the members had ? meeting and in order to coutiuue, it was ueoeesary to isaue an appeal, which *ii aunwereil immediately by the members of the Alpha Club, who are ever ready to lend a helpiug hand to their older frieuds wheu they ure in need. i)wiug to the dull season oL SUPERVISORS' PROCEEDINGS. W V ?> f J.IJVAVM ? UJW >« Supervisor'* Room, D'O. 12, 1893. [Continued from our last issue ) The committee on County Trem-nrer reported as follows! We Imivm examined the report and vouch- re presented by Abram D. Bhuvelt, Treasuier of this Count*, and find a* follows: Total receipts from all sour- ces .8198 223 43 Total expenditure* 191.123 46 Balance, 7,099 97 8.1 ill G.'U. Fnnd 80 668 HO Bui in Con. Fund. 431 11 7 099 97 ?? Tli« committee on Printing reported as allowed at t.ho uoiomti claimed in each, Bill* N ? 298 804 806 307, 308. 30!», 319. 434 461 667. B\l No 305 ?11.-« d if 8» 76; 416 at 819030; 498 at 870 75; 499 disallowed. Tb« couimitfe on Miscellaneous Bills reportel ue allowed at the amounts claimed in eaob Bills No.. 296, 321, 418, 456, 500. 501, 513, 614, 618, 534, 535, 637, 638, 539 The committer on Superintendent of tlie Poor repotted aa allowed at (lie \ am<>uot claimed- Bill Mo. 327 and the i same was placed on the County Audit. . Ttie committee on Sheriff reported as allowed at the amounts claimed in eaob; ! Bills Mo. 496. 497, 532. 583, and the . same were plaoed on the Conoty Audit; , also as disallowed Bill Mo, 455. ' The committee on County Clerk re- \u25a0 ported as approved and the same was ordered on file. * Report of Cyras M, Cram, County f Clerk. ' Also the amount claimed in eaoh Bills 1 No. 503, 519, and the same were placed f on the County Audit. The committee on Overpaid Taxes * report as allowed, at the amounts olaim ed in each Bills Mo. 293 to be charged ' to Orangetown; \u25a0\u25a0 295 to be charged to f Clarkstown; 415 and 491 to be charged , to Haveretraw; 417 to be charged to {' Ramapo; and the same were placed on 1 the Couuty Audit. I The committee on Boarda of Excise 1 reported as eppioved aud the same w»re * ordered ou file. * Reports of Boards of Excise?Clatkn- u town, Haveretraw, Oraugetown and J Ramapo Ou motion of Mr. the re- ' potts cf the differui committees were received and approved. J Ou motion of Mr. Penny ihe Conoty 0 Audit was closed. On motion of Mr. Ward the following * wan adopted: \ Resolved, That in the selection ot _ Grand Jurors to serve for the eueniug ? yar the following bo tJie apportionment *j to the several towns; To Clarkstown.. 75 I, Haveretraw O0 n Orangetown 80 \ Ramapo 60 atuuy Point 25?300 (] The members were engaged in pre i. paring their respective lists of Giaud v Jurors for the owning year (] Ou motion of Mr. Penny the follow- o iug was adopted: c Resolved, That the Countv Treasurer u be and ne is hereby HU>.horizi<d to bur row upoo the credit of tnis Couuty th* sum oi fourteen thousaud dollars, or so much thereof as rniy be necessary, and apply the same to such funds as the necessities of the Treasury may demand. Ajcs all the members present. Also Resolved, That Mr. Ward be a committee of one to notify the County Treasurer that said resolution had been pas ed. On motion of Mr. Penny tbe Board resolved itself into a Committee on Equalization of Assessment, Mr. Ward oflVrinfc the following, tbe value) being petOHUtagett of real estate: Clarkstown 17 5 Haverairaw 17 5 Orauge unn .36 5 Ram tpo 22 5 Stony Poiut 0. ?100 Mr. Fallon offered the following as an ameudmeut: Clarkstown 18 Uaverstraw 18 Omngetowu 36 R mapo 22 Stont Point, 7?loo Vote on amendment. Ayes?Fallon. Mays?Chairman, DeNoyellee, Ward and Penny. Vote on original motion. Ayes- Chairman, DeNoyelles, Ward and Penny. Nays?Fallon. On motion adjourned tc Wednesday, Deo. 13, 1893, at 1 o'clock in the after- noon. Cbas R, Christie, Clerk. Supervisors' Room, Deo. 13,1893. Board met pursuant to adjournment. All the meinbera present. Mr. Felter in tbe chair, Minutes of last meeting adopted as read. RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED. By Mr. Ward, Resolved, That there be added to the real estate of tbe Towu of Haveretraw, aa made by the Assessors of 1893, the sum ol 83,279 40 on eaoli 8100 of valua- tion, or the gross amount of 862,264 93; that there be added to tue real estate ot the To »u of Ramapo tin sum of 895,- 647 30 on each 8100 of valuation, or the gross amouut of 81.232 300 47; and that tbe sum of the amounts so added, be apportioned to aud deducted from the other towns us follows, vis: From the Towu of Clarkstown the sum of 83,- 874 20 ou eaob 8100 of valuation, or the gross amount of 879,02107; from the Town of Orangetown the sum of 818,- 094;50 ou each 8100 of valuation or the grots amouut of 8903,405.58; from the Pojut the sum of 831,_ v-luution, it uu<t> \ ment WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? \u25a0 Young Ladies In.-ulti'D While Returning from Work on Wednesday Evening. The Times several weike ago culled atteutiou to the fact that the roal known aa the White Row in West Haveratraw, leading from the crossing of tbe New Jersey and NfW York Railroad above the Paper Mill Bridge to the West Haveratraw depot of tbe West Shorn roa i, waa iu felted witli tbe worst sam- ples of humanity that reside in thia vioinity. Wo also called attention to the fact that children aud girls were frequently (topped ana their wages de- manded in aome instances, while a uumber of young ladies had been in- aulted at different time*. For a few weeks back we beard no complaints about the matter, and had thought that the marandera had left for aome other more profitable work, but from the actions of a couple of men on Wed- neaday evening it ia very evident that protection should be afforded those who aro compelled to labor in the Print ?Vorka. and who wide iu tbie village. Whether tbe protection be furnished by thia or West Haveratraw villages ia a matter for the authorities to settle, while tbe road in question is certainly within the corporation of West Haver- atraw, its proximity to the corporation lines of this village, and the fact that tbe persons most interested are all residents of thia village, we think would be good reason for our polioe to take an occasional atroll iu that neighbor bood about the time that tbe employees pass on their way to their homea that aometbiug should, and must, be done is very evident, aa there is no more lonesome a atreet in either village than that portion that extends from tbe rail- road arousing to tbo residence of Mis. B>ll. Ou Wednesday evening, aa a young lady who resides with her wid- owed mother upon Uuion atreet, was on ber way home she waa accosted by two men who adilretaed some remarks to her shortly after ahe passed the Bell residence, to wbioh she made no reply, continuing ou her way, the men iu tbu meantime paaaing remarka in an en- deavor to open a eonveraation witb tbe girl. Failing in thia one of the men took the young lady's arm with tbe re quest that be accompany ber to her ome The girl, thoroughly frightened, commanded tbe loafer to let go, when bis partner immediately placed himself on the other aide of the youug lady, tukiug hold uf ber oloer arm. The lady iu question, who is a plucky youug Mian ol eighteen, had left the Print. Worka in company with a number of ??'tier young ladies, ha I been walking quite rapidly, aa she was anxious to get mime, aud waa some distunes in ad v iuo ' of her frienda at the time-she was fl:st aoco»ted, hut keeping her preset:on of miud she slackened her j-nce us the nieu continued their ndvancea, so thut at the time when the second t'ellosv toul< hei arm the other girla were olubh upon the trio. Aa the uurty were all waUing ? apidly the si gill »now which had fallen preventing the eonud of their footsteps being heard until the young lady's voice waa beard commanding tho miscreants to take their bauds off. Not knowing wnat Ihe matter was, one ot the youug ladies inquired what the matter was, when the pair let go their hold, making some un- intelligible remark, an.i as there waa a number of youug ladies iu the party, including a couple of good-sizad lads, tbe men weut to one side of the road, letting the party pjasou, aud apparent- ly endeavo.iog to screen themselves as much as possible from observation. However, there was no deaire to form any acquaintance on the part of the ladies, and it waa not uutil BiO'dway waa reached that tbe youug lady in- formed her friends of the oircumstauceu. STONY POINT. Miss Ida l'bilipa, of Snffern, is visit- ing friends iu this plac.*. Oar postmaster bah posted n notice that the poatoffloo will close at 7:31) p. m. beat after Dr. J. Senftataokru baa made quite a display of Ojlgato autiueptio deutal powder iu bio drag store wiudow, Town Clerk Thmpson, wbo baa been oti tbe aiok liat, ia rapidly convalescing nuder tbe akiiUul treatment of Dr. Bengstaokeu. Bsv. Mr. Bobinsou, of the Theologi- cal Bemiuary, filled tbe pulpit of tbe Presbyterian Obarob on Sunday morn* iug and eveuiog. County Judge, A. 8. Tomkins, Dis- trio Deputy for tbe lodepeudeiit Order of Odii Fellows, of Bookland County, ia uow cugagi d iu bis installing tour ibrnugb ttie oouutT, assisted by bia staff from Oneko Lodge, of Nyack. On laat Thursday evening, Ueputy Tom- j kins and stuff were in tbia village where tliey performed tboir duties for Daniel Torokius Lodge, No. 857. Tbe lut of > ofliaers eleoted and appointed ia us I foil own: Noble Grand, William bitiu- . veil; vine grand, P. B. Vredenburgh; , Beo . Duniel Keesler; Treas., Frank 13. ' Wile*; B 8. t<> N. G., L. Brower; L 8 1 to N. G., A. Keeslur; warden, W. t Brooks; ooiduolor, E. Byd«r; obaplaiu, a 3 Ureal; B 8. to V G., 8. A. Burris; , L. 8 to V.G.N B\ae; R a. 8.. W. Burd; I. G., W. Byde.; O G., 0 Burd. Deputy Tomkiua' stuff consisted of; & Ambrose B. C.;llh, <*riind Marshs!!; a Petnr Woitendyke, Gramt WardeujJ. . E Z ibriake Gram! Treasurer, August; J. Gm»», Gruud Heor.jlarv. After the 9 instatliriou the brellteru all partook of au uleKUiit supper furnished l>y the _ ujciuliui'h ol D.tciiul To in kins Lodge mid B up. euln s were rnadu by llie visitors and others. Afi«r the supper Judge Tom- kiiu wus presented with u handsome t uieniu ciko beautifully imd uud orna- meit d will sjMbola ol' the order of Odd Fellows. TOMKINS COVE. i Mi s Ka'ie Smith now sig> a her n »tue inn s ant post ruis r<-BM. Mr. James J. Grady took charge of the post office during the past week. Misa Coia Lint is now a pupil of the New York College of Musio of New York city. Mr Lemuel Juno now \ccuDies tbe residence of Mr. Calviu Tomltinc, on Prospect ave. Capt. Win. Kmo and Mr. Patrick VlcGovern, of Verphmok# P int. are <louicoiled in the Govo or the winter* Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cam. bell, of Verplauaka Point, is lookiug oyer tbe dictionary for a name for their latest addition. Mr. George Boyd. Gapt. Farley and Mr. John Burkina, of Grotou Landing, were the guests of Mine Host Conner (be past week. The sohr. Richard W.nhhnta is hav ing extensive repairs mode at the yard of tbe Messrs. Rodeua >ud. The keel will be laid tbe 20th of thin mouth. Mr. Charles Graves, reporter for the Peekskiil Democrat, was iu town lait Sunday. Mr. Giaves left here Monday for Staten Itdaud for the purpose uf writing up a awell wedding. Try this and get rid or that headache by using Hansou's He denn ; t.iiod and recommended by imuJreda. New |estimoniala heard from every day ot its wouderful cure. For sale by drug- gists and grooars. We understand thut Father MoEvoy will have a grand priza drawing for hia valuable hor>e '? fim,\ on Thursday evening, Feb 22d, Washington's binb- day. Every one in the county will b-> anxious to win tbis kind animal, mid the tickets for tbe drawiug will be only 26 cents. The tug Wutkyna was broken into on Weduesday night and a uumber ot uae ful aitic'ea w s stuleu Among the more valuable articUs waa a rpvo'ver, the property of Mr. Alberr C Nmr. Thia revolver waa made iu 1837; was in sarviee in Ihe Mexieau war o! 1846; car ried a dagger attacliui int. The caliber t'as 128, buliet weaned 1 lb. 'L'li-- owner valued it at moio than riches, as it was presented to liiui for g.dhtti'rv isplajed iu the ban le of Mobile Bay Auy person a'.ding in the tiiulin,; of said revolver and briugi. g the culpnt to jnaiice, will received ihe reward of 850 offered by the c ip uiu of thve.isel. The Epiphuny service in Grace chinch last Ttiuradav evuuiu/wiis mote than usually iutereatiag The seivue wm conducted by the II v Tiioaias 8t «p tieus, assisted by Mr Bimwij, of the General Thcoiegicii Heiuin iry, of Ne»v York oi'y The following ivas llie pro- Bruin: Opening iii-ata, A-t \«nhGl«d cess Men < f Old; Poniun, 72. 117, IUS read ioi|Jonsivuly. First lesson, I*«i-h, -15th chuo ei ; cliaut. My S.nil D >th Mau;niiy the Lird; second lessou, ItomaiJH 40ib chapter; cliaut, Lord now Let, Thou Thy Servant JD part in Peace; creed, colieot Prayers aud lilevs- i\g;hyian. I Cime t pou Tiiy Midnight Clear. The Rxv. Mr. S epheos preacned taking hia text from I-ai«h. GO chapter, 1 versa. Offertory uuibein, We Tnree Kings of Orient Are; hymn, Ouoe iu David's Royal City; Pi aud Beue- diotiou; closing hymn, All Hail the Power of Johiis' Name. The oburoh v»'tts beautituli\ illnniiaateil; the music aud aiugiug were hearty. HERRMANN'S THEATRE. This theatre is turning people away nightly. And yet Hume wonier. Ia this life there can be uo eff .ot without a cause. The man who is constantly tailiug against humanity can usually Hud the cause by lookiug iuto bis own nature. So can the nuanag-r of n tbea- tre flud a oause for poor bmiuem by anal} King the entertainrnent off ired. Tbe production ol \ Philemon and Uiuois\ at Herrmann's Tueaire wan, without doubt, us detfcat\ aud bsauti- ful as auytbino that J. M. Hill bus ever iuteres'ed himself in, aud ,vnt tbe pat roue of Herrmaun'd I'll autre did not turn out iu sufficient number* to war- rant its contiuiiunoe. Mr Hill did uot complain. He simply uaid: \I will uot undertake to ml none the peopi-; I will discover that which they oravu, if pos- bible, and furuish it' Bo immediately organized a eompauy aud oht isteneU it \J. M. Hill's Entertainers \ In this organization cau bo fonud people from all parts of the world. Uer- toto, the Parisian daueuse, soarcniy seventeeu years of ag«?lithe. willowy and serpentine, appeals at ruub per foruianoe aud succeeds iu tbe old and young bi oaus* of tbe deli- cacy of her purforiuauod. Other dancers have failed where Bjitoto imi sucmed- ed; aud the oiuse is iu evi Uttue?they were vulgar. The absence of vulgarity ia tlie secret oi the suooeba ol J. M. ilill's itertain- era at Hi<rrui»uu's Thiittre. Uuabnud, wife nud oiiil lixu uttetid Heri'ma>ju'e, und J. M. Hills E itertuioer* am an welcome nud whole nine us a noau breath of Easier. i This is the secret oi Mr. Hili'd success. i JONES POINT. i Tlie Ri j v. Tmoiuuh Scepb«n<t visited Hit* Public holiudl ul tiiia pl.tci on 1M day last, iiuil««vh it very inum) iiug ; 1 100 sure to tlie scuool oiulilreu ou N<u- I ural History. 11 Two m«n wore kil'atl on tliß trestle , 1 near lout 1 luuii by tun Albany txprets ' mi Tuesday oveuititx Tlie iuoii, I rum papers lotiuii upon ibeir person, ware ' evi.le itlv Neiimeu as huh of tin w iuul a J ilint)liurge uml eerl.itiiute of good oliur- ( itcter by ih* E iglisli coitut-01. t A SINGULAR ACCIDENT A Runaway on the Railroad, the Wagon Smashed and the Horse Uninjured. As the train duo at Haverstraw village at 5:67 p. m. bad left the Oongera station on Wednesday evening at 5:18 p. m. on it\ way to Qaverstrav and bad proceed- ed about one thousand leet toward the tunnel to a poiut where the switch whioli is used for storing freight oars near the station intersects the main track, the passengers were startled by the bumping of the ears aa if tlietrain bad struck an obstruction on the track. The engineer, in answer to signal, brought t'jß train to a standstill as soon as passible. \fbin the traiu crew and a Urge number of passengers who were aboard alight to a icertaiu what the Matter was, the brahman discovered a horse standing opposite the rear oar on the south bound track. The horse was attached to what was left of what pre- sumably had been a four-wheeled vehicle of some kind. The brakeman and con- ductor being mystified at how la horse aud wagon enme to be on the traot at such a distance from any crossi ig, and thinking perhaps some persona-had b-eu in the wagon, started back to in- vestigate. After proceeding a short dis- tauoe the top and ether parts of the wagon were found along the tracks from where the train was stopped to where the switoh intercede the main track. It was fonud that the rig be- fouled to a liveryman at Cong rs named Weyant, who had left tho horse on the opposite.side of the depot from the track while he was snlicitiug for passen- gers who alighted from the traiu, aud it is believed that the horse, which was a spiiited one, becoming frightened, bad ran away, ruuuing up the ewitob, aud had reached 'be mail. >raok at the time the tr«iu passed the switch, as the engineer said, when questioned, that there *ns nothing ou the track, and was smpri ed when h. received the ooDdnoijr'a danger signal to stop the train. This, however, is somewhat dubious as the shook was clearly ft.lt througli'iut the whole train, aud the completely di molmhed condition of the W-MOH vvhh suet: as to those who saw the wr- ok to believe that the engine must have struck tiie wagon, as a more cumpleie wreck our reporter (who was on the t.iain) ever Haw. The strangest part i f the accident was that While the d' bris of the wagon wan soattered along the ti'H.ok for at least five hundred feet ttie h rue did not receive a single scratch, i'lie I) anket which was iu the wagon when the lioise started was found on .lie Iro it bxl« «nd reaoh, which was all that, w.a-i ltift of the wngou attached to the b ifMe wlnui fmuiit. .Messrs DeWitt, Hous-,- Hurry Vanderhilt and others wlu wi-re on the iraiu wnen goiug ba4k found ilie lop of the wagon, wbich'had been a'two seated surrey, lying directly in the centre of the truck over which the truiu hud just passed. G. A. R. OFFICERS INSTALLED. General Ira M. Hedges, Past Depart- ment Commander, assisted by his staff, on Wednesday evening installed tbe officers elected at the first camp fire held by the Post iu December. The officers installed are as follows: Commander, Capt. Silas O. Mackey; Sr. V. C? Widiaca Ben*en; Jr. Y. 0., Jacob Drew; Surgeon, William Govan, ?VI. D.; Cuupluin,. H. B. McKenzie; Qr -Muster, Odarles Wuldron; Adjutant, George Ank«w; C of D., H. W Bab- cook; 0. of G? Charles Turns.; Sgt.- Mnjor. L|ppeuan Stork; Qr.-Master Sergt., Dauiel Keetler. After the installation oeremonies were concluded a collation was served by tbe wife* aud daughters of the Comrades of the Post to tbOße present, wbioh in- cluded, besides the members aud their families, several well known citizens. After the guests had done jastioe to the supply of goc s with which the tables were loaded, the eveuing was pleasantly J speut i'i speech making aud stories' of I the dark days of tbe war. Among the invited guexts who delighted the eom- pauy with humorous anecdotes, etc., wire tbe Rev. Drs. Freeman aud Churoh uud Coiiuaellor Wheeler. It was nearly miduight when the members bade each o.her good night, with the wish that they again greet eaoU other a year hence. MRS. SUSAN MOTT. Mrs. Susan Mott, a lift) loug resident of this village, died at the residence of her sou, Theodore Mott, on Satur- day niorni <g last, at the ripe old age oi >15 yours. Mrs. Mott, although IttoHit g but a few years of n aobiog the oentuty m irk, was a very active and euergeito lady and enjoyed exceptionally good health, until, with m a few weeks, when uhe oontruuteJ a severe cold witioli «i.lml by ber extreme ago re- sult (J iu btr death. The tnueral took pluoe fr'>m the residence of her son, 'I'heuilore Mott. Tlie iuterment beiug in Mount ll tpoHf cemetery. Mrs. Mo(' was the utoiUer of tiiue ohildreu, six tig wu >m survives Iter ue follows: Mrs? Elivar.l Pnilips. of Nyaok; Edward, of New ll .v.ju, o>nn., Theodore, of Gar- i.frvrilic, uud Mis. (Jiiutou Williams,i I G. oi'h'o \V., and William of this village* A 1 >honijli ilia hnnbniitf of Mis. Mott has been tl i<iil for a uuitioer of years, the 1 ugud widow titt ber last request to her * j oiitldruu us it ed tluit she Do buried by \ the niile <»' ber dueettceil husband, which ivqueso wis grinned uutl it is to be liopt.tl that those boutls severed so long h siuce tire uow reuuiteil upou that other 1 shore. Sodu crackers sa. lb. D. O. Amos. Heoker's or Jonea' flour $4.40 a barrel D. O. Amos Broadway. Fiash egga 13 ;or 25 o, D. O. Amos. I I ? 1 \ Outcasts of a Gr«at Oitv,\ with its ? J fcr< uieiidouH hoeuio < ifr-eta ami big ami 0 brilli tut oompauy, beaded by Dan'l A. - Kvlly, will Ijh huh of this Bauson's 1 httmnj'Bt uiiViiiifH Touight at tlie. I Oiieru House, Jan. 13 tb, ( 30 lb. pail jelly, 90a. D. O. Amos. Did you ever, tt iur $1140 a barrel, at D. O. Amos. Broadway. e I Don't wis* the great show on Jan. 0 .15, lii Huury's Minstrels is tho at true* tion tbat everybody goes to see,

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