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Havana journal. (Havana, Chemung Co., N.Y.) 1849-1893, April 06, 1889, Image 1

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V V. \. . . . .2 W _. , .17 ., - _ . . , . 7,: ; I 3 ».‘ ;,w , I \ “ ‘,. . ‘ - _ _ ’ -_\ I ,3 __‘_‘ . ‘; . ,. Q‘ '3 I l I-’ , _ . ‘ _ . ,,.> . » . « _ , r. ’ V , y ».— _ s __,_ . cc‘ 0 K‘, .. V .,.. . . _ _ . , . ;_ A2 -r ._. ». ~ ' ' - _ , _ , 3- _'.. : \* Iv, .-\-:;.- '; 3.1‘ M’. '1» :.. .‘ ,. r, .~»=~ _, .’ =-\7?::'i“ W2’-:‘V\~.A A ' 3:‘; s;§.I_s,§;3;;:~\“= ,,.-ii’ I ‘ ’ _~.. ,.»;»L,-... T~ 1: .‘.-~~:«’::-....;;..—- J < *. ~ , ‘tn.’ ‘<k.9.. “ - -__’rj ;_“'/ -J... ‘ ~-p.334\: -r‘r~.«,. \:7: - \'71 .‘ \ A. , , . ,. 4 . 1 . . ~¥=i;..:‘~:: \\‘..;‘v-‘.=\5 \r 1 1% * —~ Eh\ ’ “\’5: z:’$.f*«.\»\___\ ,v\\\ ‘ NUMBER R230, A p-r'.’,!fk , ‘.\. _“_ .g,5i;lu|'34 W: .g‘ ‘‘ .. . \gm\-.->\\ Atz .: M ‘. _‘ '7} f,‘ . .\,\,st¢:;_ V‘ ._....~>_:‘. _:I‘ ~» I t fanot.sofcwite W qlP W gem : ’TIS b u taq O aio tn 1j.Ulraplo thing, Yei, more thlm jeweled diadem I prize ;th ii dear o)d fashioned ring, SholaMltfln'm y tienlbling hand Ana hadlTttn wear i t evermore; THE LITTLE BUSY BEE. A JOCKEFS TUMBLES. CUNNIMG REYNARD. J o liji A splnw all T a lk s In a Very F a m ilia r Vi'ay A b o u t H im . J o h n Aspinwall, of B a rry to w n , N. ¥ . , d e­- livered a lecture a t th e Cuupe: In stitu te ou th e little busy bee, its a n atom y aud p hysi­- ology, and illu stra te d his re m a rk s by stere- view s;show ing BILLY DONOHUE, T H E RACE RIDER, T E L L S O F HiS NARROW ESCAPE^ to* b p tieon o s, the iusei't and its 1 worldnga in a ll thoir details. ■ VTliilein its .physical m ake u p t he lire is in I m an y respeetB the opposite of m an iu his h a b ­ its a u d tricks, he v e ry m uch resembles the I lord of c reation, a ud wero bees to be traus- I form ed into men some would undoubtedly go in to the police force o r in the b o a rd of a ld e r m en, while th e re would be not a few sueeessurs j to J a k e S h a rp a nd to th e iuexperieneed j ouug 1 toughs who get d u b b e d by the police and a re |th en sent up to the p e n ite n tiary for dislion e sty a nd general \eass.’’ The occupations of w alking delegate a nd dude m ashers are also found in a p ia ria n society. The little bee, th a t is, the worker, is a hbrny skiitoed child of toil. He Ls incased in rings and shields o5 smooth huru to shield him against attacks o f his own species, and Several T im e s Picked I 'p from F iitler a F allen H ouse-He H ad a Leg Over Some of , lie F a ste st A niuials T h a t Kver Went t'm le r Ihe W i r e in A m erica. \ \ illiaui .Donohue l,a-ridden m any uf tb,. crack horses in th - past ten y e a r-, hu-tied, the hero nf m any .-I ,«• a nd ex. itiug tiiiL-.li.— and has probably re,-eivt-d more set ere fall., bmkeu lib s a u d laps and su-taiue,l nth,-,-ui ju rie s than a n y In 1 1 14 joek. t And yet 11 conversation a n d m anner lie i- as gentle und refined as one of the celebrated \40U never alluding to h is narrow esrupe a ud brillunil record as a Uorsemuu unless d ra w n out by sumo personal friend “W hich of y o u r many fail-was the w o rs t' ''T h e most severe teas at N u t Oilcans on A pril 'ii, 1882, on the grounds of the 1-ouim H ero Aro T h re e Q u e e r Stories from H ills o f L an c aste r County, Throe fiinuv foy rliases are reported from, different I . -alities in th is county. A t Landis valley a fox had been sta rte d a nd th irty-live b o i'irlsa n d a half dozen cross c o u n ty riders were la lively pur-uif Tho trail. Jed am ong 1be field-a nd u er the hills fo r several miles, a n d then took the houmls to the turnpike, There, m the middle uf the pike, th o scenfc w as lost The dog. m aneuvered a n d :beatf alnuit here, there end everywhere, but-the' tra il eould not be found A team ster on his. way to town vit*, u h-cd .,f hay had passed' th e spot iv ti. r 1 trn d was lost la th e pika only u m inute liefer, die liouuds b u rsto n :th e , roa,t m lu t l e r v I t\ t-ainster stopped. 6n 'si'eing the p;e k -uid tlie riders following them , to wuteli it-, result nf the maneuver-- t ing wav did lie g o '\ shouted one o f he toils as long as th ere is light. He has n o t , alia Jockey c lub It was in tlie t o ttr.ll g o t backbone like a m an o r a m ule, b u t iu-stakes for 3-year-olds a t one mile and a hull, stead he has a little stin g th a t serves his pur-I hail the m ount mi John G rav er's 1 best nut pose just os well, a n d th u s m an ag es to m ain-, gelding W arrington, a sou of W ar Dunce aud ta in his rig h ts. Between his tongue a u d N annie F. A nglia was the fa vorite, vvr.li stin g there is a com plicated m echanism t h a t is o f g re at use to th e fa rm e r a n d to n a tu re . Aside from th e honey th a t he distills, a n d w hich is w o rth thousands of d ollars auuually to t h e fa rm e r a n d to comm erce, his h a b it of . poking his h ead into flowers a n d covering it w ith pollen, which ho brushes off m o th e r , flowers, renders h im a benefactor to n a tu re in fertilizing, flowers. Before th e advent of th e b e e in A u s tra lia i t was impossible to g e t a n y sqeds of re d clover there. O f course, b is 1 process of mokiiig honey m ig h t not suit th e m ost fastidious taste, for honey is p a rtially | digested cane sugar, m ade so by the a id uf Jbee saliva,, b u t as the beo is a perfectly clean ! with Babeock second, nnd Mamm little anim al th a t revels in n e c ta r all day J The accident touk pmcc ju st a fte r Babcock second choice, and the u tlie rsta rte r being Eflie H. and Muinie W Before au e ighth of a m ile Im l ‘»« i covered Eflie II fell ahead of me and ii ai'riugtoii stumbled over her. A nglia, «bu was behind, cam e 011 top o f me, cru slrn g Iil-hoof iu to my right groin and breaking l« .. ribs. The report.-of the accident in the papers a u il'G u id e ' varv, but mine is th e »-.,i 1 «■ t on-. .Vs 1 fell I could see clouds of dust und lioi. e , plJ m a heup, b ut a f te r that 1 knew nothing u n til I awoke three davs r in th e Hotel Iiieu, where tho good Sisteis, of C harity were nurs- ing inc. In t h a t ra ■ Apollo finished first. W. th ird the sUtri, long, these littlo irreg u laritie s m u st be over- \as we were m ak in g tlie first to r n . 1 suffered looked. Besides, ho uses a different m outh , uo p ain a t th e time, but when I became con­- fe r t h e honey. | scious i t was impossible to m ove in bed, and T h e bee is a good flyer, but a s bh, w iiijts a re 1 had to be helped. L, the good sifters, who 1 .mailer in p ro portion to his body thuu a re , handled me j u s t life • n child.« F those of tho eagle to th e king o f birds, lie j f o u r t e l : . c a v s in bed. lias to flap th em m ore fr* iu e n tly , so he flaps , ' I was i a bed h.i.i ti eii ilavs, b u t suffered a w a y a t the r a te of 410 flaps to the m inute, .n o a f te r effects whatever. Iu fa ct, i have He has. no lungs, b u t a system of tiny au-( been p a rtic u la rly furtuuatu 111 !*1 m y falls, as tabes extend th ro u g h a ll p a rts of the b o d y ,, I h ave never been annoyed by n u j of them and these he packs w ith a ir w hen lie vvuuts a fte r I have once g..i well. H ad i t n ot been to fly. N either has he a heart, b u t a dorsal ^ for th e accident Angua w,.uld havo probaLly vessel th a t, pum ps the blood to the heud..w o n a n d A p o ilo b e .u si couJ, b u t th ere was The head, as m agnified on the screen, is not a , little hope f p r W arrington anyw ay. He beautiful o bject, and it is nut th e venter o f 1 would have finished m a r tho tail end. Still the.nei;vous system he would n ot miss it \ e ry m uch if c u t o ff if i t were n ot fo r the e\ es, tw o o f w hich h a v e 4,000 lenses e ach to h oney flowers a f a r off, a nd tw o o th fr- assist in doing th e m icroscopai w ork in hive. T h e entrances tq th e hive a r e very c a re ­ fully guarded b y “Sentinels, nnd e v e ry bed on a r riv in g at. th e door is challenged by them w ith tb e ir nntennaS I f he c a n give th e countersign he is a d m itte d injo th e s a n c tu a ry , h u t i f ho c a n n o t he is in danger, f o r bees a r e v e ry nervous insects, a n d draw stin g s on th e slightest provocation. The a p p lic a n t m ust h e a th ie f, a n d old.thieves.are detected by e x ­ perienced sentinels, b u t th e form o f challeng­- ing m u s t b e g o n e th ro u g h first. his people h a d g r e a t . iiifidcncp in him. U n­- like me, he h a s never luvn any good since the fall. Anglia g o t up after the accident and jum ped h alf w a y m t h e fence, where she hung until lifte d off Neither Given, who rodo her, no r E dw ard-, who had th e m ount on Effle H,, w a s h uit I said A nglia would probably h a v e won. Because on th e first day of th e m eeting she had Beaten both Babcock and AppUo t o tlie Ftckwu k stakes, hi which race I also ro d e 'W arrington.\ “D idn’t you h a v e a -ci civ tumW e at Mon­- m outh a fe w y e a rs ago?\ “Y o u m ean th a t fall w ith W andering. Yes, i t w as a b i g shake up, b u t I wa.-not se­- verely h u rt, I belie: 0i t w as in a purse race , a t a mfie to J u l y of T here were eiglit , '“ Whi* h tin-Ii lint* t “Dijiijj'* *1 »*• In t sis-hi A ln r ffvnt. I no ; tlu d-’g anil tho hupter& fpr a f.-v\ n n m .t.’s th-t**umst4'*r went on. Th© him*<• ! uni i im ..dm hired tliat th e re ha.d iie\**r bef<>r«’ 1 it***11 su«‘h an inexplicable 1(»SOf a - f o x ’ s tra il, mu 1 leid t»> give up th e chase. A fte r \hig a iuii«-«»r si, as he tells-th© StQryi - th* t-a iii'tii w A'iti.-- tiav st* ]>jied lils llor^S t> talk with aa i jh ii .fail’ <• he m et on the road, an-! as th. \ w< r - talking a fox jum ped th** It*»v .i*tln*i.-ui e.nl, landed in th e J'gmI u n - l ti - ’th l I i'..r> ’ \ iiway to cover. W. li, 1 1 1 b, jig. a ud •\ said the teamster* m 1 - ' 11 liis f r i t” I abr.ut the way the hunters: Im 1 1 ‘ -t th** trnil a miU* back. T hey botfi • Mui'dud^d tb*** th<* only explanation o f i t * t lia u th” f’»x had jumjied into t h e r o a d juSfe ijHjitml the load of h a y as it was passing, a ndt belug u emmintr <dd i n^tomcr, had jumpiedon. the ha> aud b u n >ued inU) it o ut of sig h t be^ . f«*iv th** d«» - ,-s« -uui ‘ um tn full c ry H e jfud dnubUes* enji.\*-d« • ihseomfiture o f both' h*>uii(Ls uiitl bui.tt i - u: it was revealed toihini-. by th e sh«»rt parley w ith the teainsfcer, and; when tl:«* uv.*’n stoppml a mile a w a y if o m th e last tra il la* had th o u g h t th a t a.gipod opn jH»rtuuity t<» k-a\c Lit hiding place a n d had < . *nc so. ' t Kaiiwiilca jm rtv f.f huntei's, w ith a large \ . <»f Imunds, were* ietl a long a n d circuits «o rb a s e b y a f«*x, aud a t last th e t r a i l took t ' tn to F a rm er E dw ard 'H aller’s garden. 1» t c the scent was lost and could n o t ber©1’ » . ered. Tho chase w a s abandoned. A n I u r late r Mr. H aller w as looking q y t of a back window* a n d was surprised to see thb- fox jum p ou t of alug D utch oven in. th e gar^ den, th e d oor of which is four feetT rom th© ground, and h u rry a w ay to his n a tiv o hifis. During a n o th e r chaso in Landis v a lle y the. fox led tho h u n ters and dogs a long. chh$0 o ver a hai’d c o u n try and then stru c k f o t th© L ititz pike, above NefTsville. Th© t r a i l l o l - • lowed the pike a long distance and*then tdolc to th e field* again T he chase lasted until late in the aftprruxm , w hen the fox th re w th e hu n ters off t h e scent. T ow ard m g h t th o foX’s hiding place was discovered b y accident. I t had entered a fa rm y a rd n e a r Kissel .Mll a n d tak en refuge iu tlie kennel of onb o f t h e very\ hounds th a t were in th e chase.“ L a n c a s te r’'’ iPa.) Dispatch. ^ O R ^ K g R N CENTRAL RAILWAY. . Th k o u o bLing B8TW.MM PRiLtotoPHiA, I MOBIL \WASHINGTON AMU TH* SOOTS, CAN* dH*,ll00Hi!3t**, Bu f f a l o, a n d Nia g a r a AND TH* NORTH , vBALTI- Oa n a Nd a i- I * t r i m * T a bl eau R b e t iU n . 98 , 1 8 8 9 . - TaAIN8t*Ada..HATA»Al-• -* - OsB# A. 1L—Rochester Bxpresa d ally except Sunday, tor C anandaigua, Rochester, ' .B uffalo,and N iagara.Falls. - i . AU — Day Express, dally except Sunday, lor Elmira, W’m sport.BUnbury, H arrls- hurg.Y ork, BaltlmOre.Waalilngton, Lan­- caster, Philadelphia, N ewY ork, arriving a t Philadelphia, 6:50 p.) aa.; New York, -9:35p. m.;BaltlftQre,ft;4Sp. nr.j W ashing f/th« nri w W« .nuiTPf, Paring cara arc ,ua.u,.iu,|,Daii4<4iviui.ur>,;l|'< ***hu ton,8;00 p.in.B ffet P lo ro s e ru n on this tr a in from WUlamsport to Philadelphia, a n d th ro u g h passenger „. coaches to Baltimore, ' 3 A. MT-W’rnsport Aco. dally excepl Sun­- day,arriving a t S lm lra U:30a. m. Leaves Elm ira 8 p. m., connecting a t W’am sport w ith oxpreastraln io r Philadelphia, ar­- rives a t l'UUadolphla 4:25 a. m .;N ow Y o rk 7 a o a. m.;. B altim ore; 5:15 a .m .; Waehingten, 6:80 avia, PUiimadislseP?' tu g cars rrom H arrisburg to PhUadeiphla : -and N ew 'T w *1 . <«I ’Mitadelplilsv .pagseng- ers can remain in Sleepers umusturbGd un til 7,00 o’clock. : - A. M.—Northern E xpress, d a lly ,to r Can- andaigua, Rochester, Buffalo, a n d Niag­- a ra Falls. , i . M.—NlagaraExpreas, dally except Sun- day, for Canandaigua, Rochester, Buffa- i o i V d N i a g k r a F a lls. ' ’ : - 7 : 1 3 P. M . Accommodation, dally e x ce p t Sun­- day, fo r Elmira, P.M.—Southern E xpress. dally, fo r Elml- t a , W!msport;Suhbilfy,Harrisburg,YOrk, Baltimore, W ashington, L ilncaster, PhU- adelphia, and New York, a rriv in g a t Philadeipha 8:25 a* m,; New Y ork, 11:80a, m.; Baltimore, 8:is a . m .; W ashington, 9:80 a, m. Ealace sleeplng cara a re ru n on . th is train from Boohester t o Baltimore an d Washington, W illiam sport t o phlia- delphia, a h f th ro u g h passenger poaches to Baltimore. .1 8 p .M .--F ast Line, dally except Sunday, for W atkins. • TRAINS FOH HATANA FKOK TH * SOOTH; Rochester E xpressieavesE im lra 6:80:a, m ., dal- . l y except Sunday, a rriv in g a t H avana a t c:53a.m . ia g ara Express leaves Philadelphia. 7:40 ar m,,; Baltlm ore7:30a.m .,dally c x c e p ts u n a a y arriving a t H avana <121 p . m , B uffet Par­- lo r c ars are run.on t h is t r a i n from Phlla* delphia to w uuam sport; a nd passenger coaches from B altim ore'to C anandalgda and Rochester. , Lino leaves Philadelphia, 11:50 a. m.:Wash- lngton, 9:50 a -m ,iB a itlm p re, 10:45 a .m ., T l .. — ... . ... .. u Al M M Hwl l l l M^ A T M , , A - ! all llam sport ’ and B altlm o ro to W fttklna a.m. TalAce sleeping c a rs are ru n o n this tra in trom Philadelphia to Williamsport, and W ashington, to C anandaigua and ■' Rochester. . T rain s going North, leave E lm lra S ta tio n as follows;— Rochester Express.,■*,*•> ....... ......... 6:20a, m . Northoro. N iagara Express ........ ,...5:41 p. m F a st Id n e , ............. .... —............ .....:10:20p. m TralnSgoingSovfth leaVe’Canandalgua Station aa follow s:—. . ___W illiam sport Accommodation .........8:55 a. m E lm ira Acoommoiatlon.. ..............6:20 p.m SouthernErpress...;„...,....„..,.i........... 8:05p.m 'M U to e w f r t o t a r i la y tfe fe lC iO ftc a m L angley ^ f f i s t r e e t , H ftvana.N .Y.. Fwtefe freein tke UnimStates There’s.niagle in Its narrow land,. The weddiBg ring iajy toother Wore. Twonnmes to Iet|ets old and dim. That time: anauto’hnye worn away, Aie gmvOn on its narrow rim, The TeOo'rds of a vanished day. Those names a ip writ on marble now. Tho parted twain have met once more, This ring records each solemn vow— Tho weddtogrtog my mother wore. Dear patient hond th at lies a t restl ' T**ms o# t a * Jo o * m a l:—One D ollar a nd F ifty Cmutfcy will W discontinued-'at expiration of t im e tor w hich paid. . ' ’ ' '\ ' ■ — j o u r or mo* i to do •lea, a t R t i» - Y ork a n d cnioago. Double T rack, s te e l Ralls, w e sttnghouse Air-Brakes, c a rs lighted hy gas, ___________ _ _ __ _____ _ .U . . . . . Miller s a f e ty platform and coupler, a nd every modern a p p lia n c e . Three New York andChloa- g u routes-Lthe“ Solid Pullm an L ine” v ia Sala­- m anca a n d N . Y,j E. A O. R. R., and t h e Chloago .taA lantic R a ilw a y : th e E rie tcto ic a g o Line w a t h e N . Y „ P . tc o„.and. th e P ittsburgh, ‘F ort Wayn'e & Chicago R ailw ays: th e *‘N |a g a ra FaUs Itoute” v ia Buffalb aiid the G rand T runk Railway .system . L im ited E xpress between New York and Cincinnati and St. Louis, w ith N O EXTRA CHARGE FOR e a s t TIME. T he only U nerun- -m ng.Fullm ah 'C qachesbetw eehN ew Fork and !N iagara F aU s.B esteqlU pm entandtralnservlce. F in e st scenery. E a te s as low a s th e low est. Take th e E rlo .k„\ '■' ' patient Dear rin g th a fb in d s m y soul to her! Be this m y future holy quest; * To see .t o i t Dod,'s messenger, My passport to t h F i i ^ fair, When this f|n tt^ |ip Scene is o’er. Dear em bleniof .ovir circle there, The Wedding ringpny mother wore. M. L. Rayne. „. 1 0 : 4 3 x:~'3»’-g ‘_,»;,‘.:,: T‘-,3:1‘Ii3‘o§},wKi§h§&§‘b;;¢;1;1a.bi1. =Rp_v.i911M?q.*s=N6w§pagierAdv6rt1§1hsiBnrenuMs s9EI*!l09~$!’~tQQt . thew dvertzlsmg Gpntmcta max “ '.;. ' as . \ ‘.!7:*“\‘.\i\T'%‘-* ~. t i e tennistei' shouted back. q ‘»r\v .,;:.; _‘j*,‘7J g‘;;_('. .V I A m an’s self respect m a y h e lp him to ru le his own sp irit: A b ro k e r h a v in g failed to persuade t h e m anager of a m a rin e insurance com pany to tak e a c e rta in risk, becam e ru d a an d offensive. . T he m a n a g e r;w h o w a s n o ted f o r his c o u r­- tesy, k e p t h& tem per a n d rem ained so calm t h a t a b y sta n d e r asked him ,“ H ow did you m anage it*?’ “The easiest th in g in th e w o rld ,” replied th e m aH teer, h is Ojre tw inkling, w ith fun.“ I said to toyself, ‘H ushl th e re is a fool in th e room .’ T hen Ikm'd. to m yself, ‘S h d ll l double tho number? Np; that would bo a pity.’ Youth’s Companion, 4,‘ W h y Unruffled. CARDS. U : 0 r m R. T-SMBLZRR, . BmrSICIAN ^HD .SDRQK ON. residence, corner Malti and Genesee stre.et,op* poelte o ld county Clerk’s Office. Day office three-doora east o t postoffioe, over a o li e tt ’ s D rug Store, c a lls ,n ig h t o r day, w in receive nWimnt attenf.lriri. 440 0 :3 1 We s t w a r d I 'R o k El m i b a . STATIONS. | E lm ir a ...... Ar. C o rn in g ,... L ' n o. l | 5 51 vit 618“ No. 5, | 101 AM 131“ Rochester. ,Ar, 10 0 5« i ■Hbrneltsv'e L7 O l ca n . ., .. ,, “ Salamanda. Ar. 7 45 PM 9 48 *! 1.0 20“ 241 AM 4 82“ 5 05 V Dunkirk,:. UAL Buffalo.,.......“Ni<igaraFalls,‘ Susp.Brldge Ar, 600 AM .6 52“ 658“ 1040 PM 1147“ 1154'! | NO. 8 9 03 PM, 982 a m. D :36 12 45 PM 1Q45 AM 1255K’N 1 80 PM 315 PM 130“ 3 -10« 318“ M. MEAD, -...,-,.:e n ...g.._.._.... • toffofflwYjuiD a * t o Office in O am dH d §tore, (second door,) s la in stre et,H av a n a; N .Y , _ . lBiitc T ) R .aE O R G E M. POST, PHY8I0IAR AND SURGEON. Offloe i t realdencej On Henry s t r e e t c a ll a t k i s offloe. N ig h t 499 ; .1 0 : 5 l o c a l TnAiNS We s t w a r d PROiLEr.u u w ^ 6.1B p . m., every day, from 'ffimlra._ Stops a t all sta tio n s, arriving a t Painted P ost 6,47 p m. 1 .4 0 p . M., week daye, from Elm ira Stops a t all sta tio n s, a triv in g a t P a in te d ;Post2.20 p.m.' 3 ,5 6 A . S l., every day, irom Elmira. Corning 4,30, Addison 4,47, Ganlatco 5.28,and arrives a t HorneUsvllie 5.87 m m .\ . . l.4 8 '£ V M ., Sunday, from Elmira, corning, 3.08, Addison 8.50, Cameron 4.40, aiid a t a ll s ta ­ tio n s On signal, arriving a t Hornellsvllle, 6.45 p. m. ■ , 4.3Q p , m .Sundays excepted, from Elmira, stopplng.at N orth E lm ira 4.48, Big F la ts 4.53, Cofnlng.5 . 12and arriving a t Hornellsvllle, 645 p. m. ' stojas on signal a t HlcKOiy Grove and Hooper. 103.—9 .1 5 A . JL ,Every day from Elmira, Corning 9.44, arr.lvesPalnted Painted P est 9:48. W brtliless. IlogSs S ta tistics show t h a t th e re a r e 20,000,000 dogs ill th e U nited S tate s; t h a t th e sum o f $200,000,000 is required t o su p p o rt th is a rm y of flea lodgers,’ a n a m o u n t of m oney suffi­- cie n t t o keep to com fort 200,000 families. I t to difllcult to u nd erstan d w h y th e r e should be a n h u n d re d worthless canines tolerated to one dog w o rth y o f betag' m an ’s companion. The dogs t h a t .make n ig h t hideous, t h a t b a rk when th e y should ho silen t a n d t h a t nre voice­- less when t h e i r ijark m ig h t b e o f service; dogs t h a t a r e miracles o f ugliness a n d h a iry epitom es o f a ll th a t is vicious; these a re th e beasts t h a t p rtd p m in a te an d t h a t should re- itoive th e attehi^hnW a m odern d og Herod.— P itts b u rg Builetto.*: A . L . H U N TER, V - S., B onrary g raduate o t Ontario V eterinary Col* lege, dtToronto, Canada. T re a ts a ll diseases otdom estio anlm als. Residence on f r a n k lin S t , on tffe SoutU Slde o t Glen Bridge, 42rae J ^ AYID SMITH , ' ; DEAtEU IN BOOTS,SHQBS.ANDRVBBBRS.OttSfomWork a im Repairing as u su a l. FranW lnstreat, oppo- atte PAlL Brook House, W^jmos,N. Y. tf F a st TO H N M. ROE, A ttorney and-COunseilor-at-law. OJffoe .Over Beilen’s Grocery s to re , F o u rth S tre e t, \y at* k ln t, N, Y . . Ea s t w a r d f r o m El m i r a . STATIONS. No, 8, INO. 12. NO. 4. N0.-2. - • Alai lit V ictoria. Lv Corning, E lm ira ...... - • Waverly.“ Owego..“ Bingham ton\ Susqu’bun'aA r 8:05p.m Jersey C lty.A r N e w Y o rk ...\ 128PM 1 58“ 220L 8 53“ 8 83“ 415“ 1920p m 1055 11:26 1204n’.t 1 24 4“ 1 30a u 228AM 2 .57 324 854 429 5 09 1025PHI 1035“ 745aMI1065aM| 7 5 5“ 105 5“ I Lo c a l Tr a in s Ea s t w a r d. ».»D A , M ., from CornlDg, stopping a t Rig, F la ts 9.42, N o rth Eimlra.9.53, arrlvm g a t Elmira iffoo a. m! ' No. £0.—7 .3 3 A »M „y oek dayS, from Corning arriving a t B ingham ton 9.57 m m . N o.108.—i»..55 p .m ., every dayJrom Painted P ost, Stops a t a ll stations, arriving a t Elmira 1.88 p .m . .. No. 112.—1 0 . 0 0 ., P M every doy, iro m P ain ted Dost, s to p s a t alVstatlons, arriving a t E lm ira 10.40 p. m . 9 . 4 1 1 * M every day, from Corning, stopping at, E lm ira 10 4 4, a t Waverly 10.85 p. m . . . ' *. - The. y o u th fu l, queen o f G re a t B rita in and. Ireland,'W ho h a d ascended th e th ro n e on J u q e 20; 1837, a jtd was crow ned o n Ju n e 28, 1838, w as m a tile d op Feb. 10, ,18 -10, to F ra n c is A lb e rt A u g u stu s (Starles Emanuel,' Duke o f Saxe, P rin c e o fS a x e -C o b u rg a n d Gotha, who w fe b orn o n A ug. 20,1819. T he prince w as n a turalized o n J a n 24,1840, a n d ordered t o be styled. th e“p riic e , consort” on Ju n e 25, 1857. P rin c o A lbert’s pronounced sy m pathy w ith th e e ffo rts o f ‘the F ederal governm ent to presorvb t h e tjrhiobgained hiin m uch esteem to th e n o rth e rn states a n d caused his: prem a- tu ro d eath ^o n Dec. 1 4,186i, to b e deeply re- g retted.—PhilacteJpWh Times. 0 S. FROST, * AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, AO. P ro p rie to r Sohuyler A gricultural W orks and G rist Mill. C onstantly under steam , and ready 'r a n e S H i ff a nd gristing.—W atktds, Deo. 10th, . '. Iv; no: tjA M IL T O N & CRAMER, DIALXBS IK F R E S H MEATS I N EY ERY VARIETY IH m s n t 8SA80N. Also. P ish and Oysters In th e ir season. .P a y fcflerHldes, Felts a n d Tallow. s t s t b h s s l o o x , b a v a h a , h. t . ' /Sonus b a t jtnANca. Dally Except Sunday, T rain s leaVe Stanley a t 4:05 p. m ..for Phelps, Newark, W al lngton, Sodus P otnt and lnterme-- d ia te sta n u n s; - • . - ‘ • -i r-- T rains arrive a t S ta n le y a t 9:05 a. m , from Sodus p o in t, Walllngton, Nowarkf Plielpa and ta W ^ S | o 8 ^ ^ 0^ d * ' ‘ lolioWs f N .Y ;'07* , H. B , R . a t P helpa Ju n c tio n and Newark: (N; Y: C.) N , Y, w , S. & B. R ailw ay a t N ewark and R. W. E O .R -.R . a t W ellington. -FOr tlokets and all inform ation. Inquire of Sta­- tion Tioket Agents. J.R .W O O D , ■CHAD. E.PU G H , Gen’l P ass'g r Ag’t. Genu Manager. a s 977tt j$M*reto i n In d ia .Tho w orld« iw ^ * ’^®r SeS ahead. I n cast- iron India tweffly-tvfb now ru les o f m arriag e reform have been jipoqlaimed. Three o f these-arenew d e parture3 of a ra d ic a U a n d , 1 v i z . T h e cost o f to a rria g e ceremonies has been largely reduced; elaborate ceremonials a t th o tim e of b e tro th a l a re forbidden; and, m ost.im portant o f off, he rea fte r no g irl m ay be m arried under 14, arid no boy under 18—a change which rin g s th e d e ath k nell of the in ­ iquitous practice o f ch ild m arriage. All th is indicates a resurrection o f common sense in a community dead an d b u ried fo r a thousand years.—Clergym arU n S t. Louis Republic. Waverly p. :.v _T i o g a B r a m c l i . - Bally except Sunday. T rabm ieaye E lm lrafo r Hoytvillo G80 a. m „9 20 a,nm 5 4 2p . m —arriving a t 280 p. m., 125 p. m. and 9 05 p. m. Trains leave Hoytvllle a t 9.10a. m ., 225 p, m ., 3.20 p. to.,—arriving a t El­- m ira a t 952 a. m .,5 80 p. m. ahd-6 20 p, m. ■Morns R u n B ra n c h ,—T rains leaves Bloss- b u r g a t 6:15 a ,m ., 9.20a ,m . and 1.00 p .m . Re­- tu rning lea v e Morris Run a t 8.50a.to., 10.20 a. m, ana 3 . 15p .m , A U tralns connect w ith .th e Coming, cowan- esque A A n trim RaUway a t Lawrence v ile . S. T. SEELEY, Dlv. Passenger Agent, g g '-T h e old th ie f beeris f a t and. sleek and shin­- in g and; very suave. I f c aught by sentinels, he w ill a t once t r y to m ake a d e al and offer' the policem en some su g a r, and w hile they a re e a tin g it he e ith e r slips in and fills up a t th e y sta rte rs .,a n d I , hud. th e m ouiit 0 1 1 die lao- Jo h n Spellm an’s chestnut gelding W ander-■ ing His stable thought th ey h ad a veritable ‘ cinch,-and as I was well w ithin the weight. lOipounds, they put me up with Instrhctiou- A n e w a rtic le called“ the Rparksrwaxed _y p a p e r bag” is now b e ing exXensfvCly frltrO- dnce<l, and is notireable fo r its n bvel quali- * ti«3. The e x te rio r is like a n y pnpdr b a g , b u t th-' interior surface is lined w ith a t h i n film, of fine paratllnc wax, which renders t h e b a g M ibstanualh a ir tight arul w ater proof. Th© i3Nt i> biit n trifl** m«»r*» than tb© common p a p er bag. . ander-■ \Waxed P a p e r Bags* tO&togo oounty, N.Y.) Havana, a n d s'answ er a ll calls i t\ Office, D rug corner otco\vi ^allege ilocenoea given :7‘. ., 1 FE: ‘ff,’ ‘:13 celLs o r he re tre a ls.a n d tries a n o th e r hive. If the sentinels a re ineorruptible, the th ie f humps himself, draw s hLs horny shield-tig h t around him so th at th e Stings of the [H ’iireinen m a \ not penetrate and runs. A j*oung thief sta n d s up to fight a n d gets clubhed. He learns by experience. T he queen bee bas n o t g o t such a ver) easy time. She h as p lenty to e at nnd e a ts it, a n d flies very little ; b ut a s she has to lay all th e to come away in the stre tc h i t w a - . ', t o f nn m y mount a n d m y friend-were „n tn n man At the post W andering commenced h i-o ld tricks. a n d” «i th buck junipii,B >t.-,d ‘stra ig h t as a steeple' in th e a ir I hung on with tooth anil nail a n d enjoyed Hie laughter from th e grnnd stand an d law a The old horse delayed the s t a r t sums m inutes, but when th e flag fell he w as full of running. I had him w ell ui hand, tu rn in g U,r home, and i-lu-it Tj» A. DUNHAM * 0 0 . . b a n k e r s ' A re fully equipped lo r'e v e ry k in d of legitim ate Banking, a n d iw iie itsth e accounts ot p riv ate individuals, m erchants, m anufactures, eorpo- ra titm s .a a d business arm s g e n e ra lly ; issue C O rtucates With in te re s t. • 'ELIA.DUNHAM. . 'JAMES M. DUN HAM, FEED J . DUNHAM. • H avana , J an.l l t h , 1888. FILL tlMCOpUMPIR'San p p Tobacro, s n u ff .»igars, etc . p u t u p in these bags arc prcsci ved iu perfect condition, dry-’ ing and l »ss..f nr«>ina bi ing prevented. In like m anner confectionery, fru it a n d o ther eatables a re kept in ta c t, wholesome a n d fn 'sh A\ the-* bag^ inn> Ik* mndo tran s­- lucent they iMidci the | ackage a ttra c tiv e , a nd th u adds it devirable Kcllmg qu a lity , in­- dependent of other merits’. D ruggists use th em fur enveloping a ll kinds of prepara­- tions; gr«icers find th em very desirable i n preserving in fresh condition coffee, te a , dried beef, liaivs. eln-csp. su g a r and other foods. The difference between two packages of coffee, one put np tn th e ordinary p aper bag am i the o th e r in u Sparks* waxed p a p e r bag* is very strik in g A pound of coffee in ordi­- n a ry paj»er, when b rought into a room o r c ar, is scented by everybody a t once; b u t if th e waxii! pui« r bag is used th e c o u te n tsc a n ­ not be d e te cte d . there is IV 'eseapeof arbmO, th e preservation is com plete-ThosO wraXed pajK*r hags ar** also found to be of superior \a l u c b-i wh«at, flour, buckwheat, oatmbal, In d ian m eal. * t« Th*-contents a re kepi fresh, aud in ••'S’ of m oisture or o th e r con­- tam ination is prevented. For packing ce­- m e n t, f« rtiiu e rs . eti . the bags a r e also useful Took effect Nov, 11,1888. G om gN orth, Read up. Exe. e x p. Ex p , 6 4 2 Stations. Going South. R ead up. EXP. ACOiEXP. 1 25 I 6 p in- 880 7 54 735 9 m 645 2 00 1 ?0m 05 9 15 840 8. D. O. &C. R’y a r ,. .. Lyons.. ,lv G e n ev a ...., ....D r e s d e n ...., a m 716 8 80 900 a m ip m 10 35 6 25 1240 6 45 1 2 ‘ 725 T ram w ays In D am ascus. eggs o f the colony, a n d often la j s more th an h er w eight of eggs tn one d a j , th e bees b e ­ g rudge her nothing, b u t let h e r h a v e her ow n w ay everywhere. T he drone is tho dude and w alking delegate of th e hive. H e is n o t very num erous, how ­ ever. He is f a t and spends his tim e e ating honey, flirting w ith tho girls a n d the queen, th en takes a q u iet nap in the sun. 'When his c h arm s no longer please he is d riv e n out, a n d if ho cannot g e t a b e rth in a n o th e r hive be starves. The little w orker, how ever, accord­- ing t o tho lecturer, does n o t fa re m uch b e tter. She lives fo r a b o u t six weeks, w hen she be­- comes feeble, her wings get to rn an d fringed, a n d sho lies dow n to die in the field, refusing to re tu rn to tho hive an d become a b urden on th e colony.—New Y o rk Times. was preparing to m ake my effort, when Greenland, m ih Mcatuu up, fell, ami t'oin- peusation followed, w ith W illie M artin. I was o n top of them before I knew it, and then a ll wils a blank. W illing hand-earried me u n d e r the trees, close by, a nd it was not long before I was a ble to ascertain my in­- juries. I »,V laid up for several day-, and when next 1 appeared on the trac k it n m w ith a blat k eye, contusions 011 forehead und a disabled arm Of course you w-ant to know who won the race? W ell, it was E x ec u to r—- a 20 t o 1 shot” ^ BOTH LEGS BROKEN .‘ Do ji»u remember a n y o th e r falU* ’ “Oh, jes, lots of them . 1 recall my tum ble at K aiatoga, a w ay back in the sc \en ties. The t^c-year-old W arlock threw me, aud though unconscious fu r n e a r h half an hour I was, ready to rid e in th e n e st rnc«*. But i t wason th e G ravesend tra c k in **? th a t my le ft leg was broken th ro u g h tho careless­- ness of a brother jockey. T here were eight of us in a swet-j«takes a t a mile and a furlong* and A da D was a hot favorite. M> m ount, S an ta t ‘lau>. was th o u g h t to havo-a good chance and w as freely backed by In* jie« *pu - at the respectable odds of e ight and ten to mu Tornado, however, took the lead and wa>> never beaded 1 would have been second, if not first, had not one of the b«*\s crowded old S a n ta into the ra ils on the first t u n . My horse stum bled an d fell, tu rn in g a com ­ plete sunuTsault w ith m e My mind wa* b - «* confused to th in k u n til a fte r I stiu* k the ground. Thi* tune I d id not l«>so conscious­- ness, but suffered g r e a t pain, a* m \ leg wu* broken. I wa* laid u p fo r nine uum ths au 1 the ltro«»id\.i Jockey ctu b kuitilv doimt d $5U0 tovsanl de fra y in g esjiens»*.s while dis­- abled, th» burplus rem aining scrvuig a* a nucleus t\ u fund for th e beueiit of sn k aud disabled jotkej*. No, I never feci the effect from th at fall, and I tb iu k niy leg l-strougei th a n i t was before. My o th er leg was broken when a boy by a p a r ty o f friends skylarking“ “W hich do you re g a rd as tho best horse you e v e r rode :* “T h a t is a difficult question to answ er, a i I haye r id J u i m any good ones an d lots i bail ones, b u t among tho bost w eivT horu, Giroilc, San Savinr a n I Eole. In my «'piuiuu Mi-p* a re h ist wa* th e ;;roatest ra e j In i>^ this coun­- try oversaw He wou tw e h u slruight jaec» from ono u i l 4 to t h r e j uiiks, a n d wa * up t > any weight. **Tho iid iu ;; Ij uiuch iiiipro\ed m th i past ten years, and so is th e raein*’,. Th* r» arc m oro s ta rte rs i:ow tliaii in the i Ul doj v hen time© d r four m ade u p the. field. Now t u or tw elve frequently go to tfiu p o ^ t.a n d suitic- \Califormare?-ttetofiataeL'.iJit’.’ •Lfff.? ' B r i g h t o n, e n d itt vrnHrnrnv--tm rnjv odd—faftvb—liefS2fi^ .......* .i staffed in b y liamliL'aijn a : .ouorp-iiL'iLd uiul Bt'oo!d}'i>. “The hurses.of ten oud even twenty years ago were equally as good over short courses itod much better over long ones tbau aro: the horses of the' present d a t. Fejv thorougb- breds of today can go over a distaueo of ground like tlio old tiroes. Trainers and owners are more honest nnd enthusiiistic nnd more in te r e s te v in c e d by tbo public In the, sport.“ Yes, you may say for roe th a t th o t u r f is improving e> i t v year, and th a t vro already lead the e : I 1 , m the most enthralling of s i x i r t e . N e w Yori; H erald. A n im perial firm an h a s, i t is reported, been g ra n te d for the construction of a line of tram w a y s in Damascus. Nor is th is conces­- sion to western civilization the on ly sign t h a t t h e f a r famed c ity o f 1 Dam ascus is on th e h ig h ro a d to becom ing modernized. Gas a ls o is to be introduced, in to the c ity , a nd th e in h ab itan ts ore eag erly a w a itin g th e prom ­ ised innovations, w hich will, th e y believe, n o t only a dd to theft1 ow n com fort, b u t will m aterially increase th e value of property w ithin the c ity boundaries. The latest esti­- m a te 6f th e population pf Damascus places i t a t 150,000.—Scientific A m erican. 1 f']' G‘erm‘an~Remed3v-1 TRUTHS FORTHE SICK. IT b r those deathl; Billons Spellsdepeni onSnL pnuR B im nsI It w ill Cure you. $ W 6 w ! irB e p ! 3 3 for a casewhere StrL-l h u s Bi t t e r s will not assist or core. I t never falls.. title of a new hook of 72 p a g es hy C.’ D. ITS CAUSE, NATURE, SYMPTOMS, PREVEN­- TION AND CURE Is ih e ine : LM.D. t h i s dreadlul d isease.. I t contains ------ .foematton fo r those I n a n y -way afflicted With 't h e disease.—&en«xi County QauHet. W ill he se n t tre e on appllcatlon. Address, ........ V BETHESDA SANITARIUM, ' . Ha v a n a , N. Y. ry The fa c t th a t tho ele m en tary substances now num ber, according to chem ists, full seventy shows a n increase w ith in tho last fifty y e a r s o f n early one-fourth in tho num ber known. The stop of a n atom o f oxygen o r n itro g e n is said ts>ftaye a diam eter of one- ten-toilliontb p a r t of a cen tim e tre ; they a re supposed to be in a s ta te o f c o n stan t m otion a t ih e.rato o f seventy m iles a m inute, and to m ake them visible th e.p resen t h ighest know n m agnifying p ow er o f th e microscope would h a v e to be increased n e a rly a thousand f o l i — New Y ork Telegram. E le m e n ta ry Substances. luutU redandaU gpne Ifeeling ; If bo, use s tr tto n m B i t t e r s : lt w ill c u to you, said Sores, R ely o h l Su l p h u r . Bi t t e r s ,t radThealth w fll fol-f low. y, Cleanse the viUsted j blood when y ou seel Su l p h u r Bm f f l I Hill curoL Iver Com-T plOlnL Don’t b e dis-l couraged; ltwDl e nrol *0 0. SULP&URjEtltXBR __ prill build y o uu p an d l inake you strong and I healthy. * .Su l p h u r Be t t e r s will make your blood A* rich and A roan who patronizes a ready made cloth­- ing storo for bis clothes cannot bo too careful about removing the numerous tags which adorn the stock piled on tho count-!'-This warning is not given without reason. It is suggested by the experience of one James Hitchcock, wbo underwent a fearful ordeal in this direction. He tells it on himself, too. Years ago, when Professor Martine ran the hotel at Riverside and was attempting to re­- vive its popularity by hypodermic injections of Saturday night hops, Mr. Hitchcock was invited to participate in one of these social roveto. His wardrobe was complete with the exception of a white vest—then en regie. Well, ho went to a retail house and purchased the desired white waistcoat. He took it home and plucked off all the various tags—that is, he ■thought, ho did. He attended tho party with his wife, and ail Went well until he mingled in tho excitement of the lancers. Then ho threw open his Princo Albert and lent himself to tho abandon of the dance. WUiie ho was parading about a t the direction of tlio caller he noticed th at several people in the tot began to snicker, but ho paid no a t ­ tention to the merriment. When the caller finally cried:“ All waltz—seats!” he disposed of bis.partner and his Wife grabbed him a t onco. Sho took him ’ aside and pointed out the cause of the .merriment in his set-It was sowed on to tho vest just abaft tho watch pocket. It was of brilUant pink cardboard, and it read:“ Short and fat; 42 inches.\ Mr. Hitchcock and the retail clothing salesman who Sold him tho white vest havo never since spoken, as they havo passed by,—Chicago Herald'. Remove tlie Tags. Operatives who are ilosely coDflncd in th e to u l* a n d work­- shops; clerks,who do not procure sufficient exerclBO, and alLwho a r t confined Indoors, sbouldusoSbLPHtm Conneotioks.—At Lyons w ith Main Lino N. Y. C .A H .R . R .R . Trains: 2 , 4 a n d a , m a k e close connections fob all polnts Bast-aha W est; . Sleeping ttn d Drawing Room Oars from Lyons to Syracnse, Albany, New York and Boston; Rochester, Butralo. cinelnnatl and Chicago. • Geneva—W ith Auburn Branch N. Y. c . &H. R, R. R. All n orth bound train s inake good con- nectlonBEast and w e s t . Dresden—W ith PenU Yan B ranch S, G . &O Km* • ‘to i.il »i the^* - l ags with th esm fd le st quam it\ ».i . i n p h T '-r «»ther insecticide a re r«iil«.i»-d m pt «: Valuable clothing m ay. in hie ;m*i. be conveniently pre^ Ser\ el \*:i«*i i«*an A . M . P A L M E R , Plain Painter, Bi t t e r s.The------- not then bbvri sickly. and L egal In fa n ta tn AUstrla. W an 1 was working oveiu^o H olyw orthy 4 «ns n l\ iv* ti Fin^; me to tu rn over hiS :ri-> iv* ry d.*\ b u t 1 won't tu r n ovei* n*d»>d\ s i .ia ttr ’s-s m .Tr than 4*nct a week—- no. 1 w ..n t. but ih** bve wn -s alw ays telling c v\iw n * p**acc for me day t..'king m h! bossing; so X i »• i y t one be asked me. • n iti i .a n d wan day I >i.Die bottom side of th e it «>ut and put i t ip his l.»v it was ia. th e sam© it Tb- Vff.tb hi me to - 1 - or night U ■ 1 t • sji■ . P u t he UC (1“ found n I’lii stu n .ittr* '-1 t<*” • I blli 1 he I t Ilk »• V t < K,.ui I couldn’ttM nk there for till wan day hosez,. p k i '-i U '-i T w hat ho pttt i S02 he. N iua A 1 ly ( Iiainborm nid. Plain Painter, . Hlmrods—W ith Northern Central R. R. Corning—'With N. Y. L. E. &W-B. U , and D. E. * W. K .R . Lawrencevlile—With CowaneBque B ranch C. .A A .R ’y Tioga R. R. Shore—Beech Creek sport—Close . .I t y o u donotwishl to suitorfromKhoinn: atlsm, u s e a bottle ofl Su l p h u r BiTt k i It never falia to c I.TSonJtTeTSlthout.-, T here is a law in A u s tria p e culiar to t h a t Country, by which th e h e irs a p p a re n t 6f a m ail can, if they a ro displeased w ith the m a n ­ n e r hr^ w hich lie disposes o f his w ealth, insti­- t u te legal proceedings, a n d i f th e y m ake o u t a case a g ain st him , lie c a n bo declared a legal i n f a n t a nd the.control .o f his fo rtu n e tak e n Y r6rii him. This w as re cently done in th e ease of tw o w ealthy m en, one o f whpm is of g re a t prom inence on-t h e continent. Guar- di&ns a re appointed; w ith o u t whose consent neither can expend his income.—San F ra n ­ cisco Chronicle. * % = —A N D - BOsldehce, Owego stre e t, (Dayls W .W htppj h ^ I A llca llS p ro m p tly atten d e d to ..T8tf H E B E Y O U A “You h a v en ’t tt*rncd m om nttress th e tia y i Miss Dolan.” w»z he • Vis I h a v e.' si•/ I Howly m other, fo r ­ g ive the lie “No, you haven’t. Miss Dolan,” soz he, and walked out jtst as e-ml as yon plaze. Thin 1 Knew u h n t he\ a s up to;, ntid SO ivcrv day, instead of tu rn iu g the mattresSj X shtui k the pin on the i tlu r i>idc, and, bedad-l he uiver mJ:cd in*, a w. rd. mid on (.'hrLstfrlas he give tne a foinc uhawl H a rv ard Lam­- poon. t . —GIQARS- by th e case, thousand, t o x or one- , ; -^-TOBACCO—- by th e ounce, pound; p a n o r — D E A L E R S — Invited to call an d get vMidlesale —CONSUMERS—- ■ invited to c a ll and get p ncosft—- —W INES A N D T IQUORS—- ' a u grad es ior m edical and fam ny —MINrRAL VYAI y J a y G o u id is p a rtic u la rly fond of baked potatoes, and says t h a t tb o sim pler bis food is tlio'botter it is. fo r Ins* head.“ I find m y tim e filled u p p re tty m uch Mith business,” he onco said,,“ and I cortniiily find I can g e t along 1 letter wheij m y fotsd is tho plainest Of th e pinto, I dq n o t m e an to say th a t I do h ot like some o f tlie dikhes Which f c annot Cat, but, fo rtu n ately t am n o t sufficiently fond i v e th e m vors a r e ih cm to tnako'it uny sacrifice to ... '* * * <:omp,Iex tlislJos of high riiln, ■ very good, but, they to'OHot business.’’ --Fhiia- :dolphui Tfoits. * - : • «*w iw .4»c .tnd th t Aoufet. G arb n ^ l^ a p y jlrei. DeatTilBj»t«« j Acotop'any1 interested in 'th em iiid iitg ''^ garbage furnaces to Detroit claim that since their adoption by jthat handsome city the TMtU rate .has dropped' from'') A to ' 12 per cent. This is certainly a strong claim, one th a t should be investigated by tho authori- ti'te in this city and Allegheny, whole similar furnaces have recently been constructed. A measure th at will result in S6 marked a de- ereaso in tho death rato is worthy of general adoptioh throughout the Cities of theland.— Bittehurg Bulletin,. J a y Gould’s B a k e d P otatoes. —MINrRAL VYAI lilt—- ^ L a\ H ni a 4 ! | A N o . 2 S h e lto i 111 cto^ * * Tlio B ronco. The practice of“ lobbying” sometimos th a u?ost ipRiiccntofjUiotive^aiid^.;^ odd—faftvb—liefS2fi^ i t i s u c t .t o f d o i n ' it A r l a u s o f l i t t l e ^ i r l s i n u qiei tu oing t i la s g i ll s i n a c ertain p rh n a ry sebnoi had ri - ’ solveti to' form th em se |\ es in to a seeret society, a n d ac­- cordingly planned n meeting for th e cTectioil o f officers. . ‘ One child, 't h ' bad ni'vnys beep deferYedly* popular, w ent about at recess sa y ip g to One a n d inio'lier.“ Novv remembc-r, Susro J o y vyill make a ne • v ex> president;toad KeUiftX S m a rt m ust be trea su re r 1 H er classmates quite agreed With t e r , and no comment was tuado iliitil a n o th e r iittW g irl, a newcnnier. vvlio vyaj ftOt gCCUStom*d to the. leadership of this-youitg iObbyist, bO» thought lierself to ask; ; “But wbo w ill bo president?\ Tho sm all tviro p i ll e r paused ipjft looked * t vo ffffni'U tvalf’ttvvnhffdiohi IsViA K' h e r Wi£il aslontohinehL T W rit genuinely aggrieved tofe*: >!W hy, I wlMW * I on. would a ll w ant weT Y8U wWay* ln<s u i tho h e ad o f th ingsl”—V o ftth l C \« * p afflto, Only Ono ('audldato* . ^ The bronco to' a, wild or unbroken horse. I •hnrc-beerr told by old \Califormare?-ttetofiataeL'.iJit’.’ nud that one mlways said bronco horse :v hen spcaking of unbroken horses years ago; but now, when 0110says bo as riding, o r driving a. bronco, it is understood that lie means a wild or only partly broken lidrso. As a saddle animal tho broncoofteu causes niuro excite­- ment tbini A dog fight would. If be ts a bad “bucker” he becomes' an Infernal machine, made with bail joints and steel springs run by electricity. Ho draws himself up so th a t he looks liko ft bamboo easel with a saddle ex­- tension, ’ and then spreads liimself like a plumber a t a sumiher watering place.“ Me graces the western iandscajie,\ as has been remarked by tourists, all right enough, b u t hto, “wonderful picturesqueness\—well be Jiave i t with him. Still, if o Canadian insurAnto! companies announce * reduction in premium* upon all vesseU whlch fo rtiw pur»ow ofI,ut- gets *\yay with a saddle on, and bucks. and rims, until the saddle is worked back on to hhi hsunclies, he m ay -look. a s picturesque as is Yomau .afiteif a c a p .-1 MoAtenaCor. Detroli »rUi€r,.TQ«>. '* 1 ..........M 1 ...........i.V ~ ........i .......—i --A-new-stdokof-Teas,Coffees, ttoneiy, Ao„ SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS Offered to ous?Sftiin\the'’iSjif bf-low prices and theBBST GOOD*. W A TK I N S N Y f r a n k Sm a i l i roprietbr. , lt u y i L O W P ftlC E R A IU IO A D L A U S ® fllS E C overr i men t L A ND S . sH S fiS S sr* Vtm.S A L E . roasted tw ice to three tim es each week, Ba ths, tra d e demands, thereby enabling hi* oustomers t o g e t a t a i t t l m e s P r e s h U r o w u e d C oirees toasted b y him seii a t h is coffee House a t H A V A N A . :N . i r . > »nOWh as th e Jo b h ltt Block, ih ’ wo-good stores w ith rooms nho.ve. - a .——mi or ma - VX IT ITK WU DltUi COryJLJHA uvrnou>l v w . i o n , Forterins en d fu rth er int U M em iutrw of ANDREW,rOBWOT^ H av ana ,, March <0,1887. .'an. t f The proper TullfCk’ Mo P D »Y o t t r O w n D y o l n g , a t X tom e. tm , A m w n t Iu PMkace* t W donotttook *r until; 40 o O lo n .T o r »»!» by Btorima, I% M ,D „and Praaois Yaa Dtutor There are prepositions to Franco to eon- steuct caunls fi'om Bordeaux to tho seaboard Of the Atlantic and from Narbonne to the Meditertanean; total length; 830 miles; cost, $120,000,000. ............ „'^rndpotU f* «tAmps or po*t»( not* and w 'wlUAend you by return m*il. A* t»Wtd. ^ t a -- HAVANA, ^ S o h u y le r Co.* N. Y. At a hugging tee for the benefit of :tii- ch u rch along fhq upper H udson, a m an while blindfolded Iiuggedhto Wife fol‘ several iftin-• utes WJthqui knowing w ho h o Was bugging. Whets, ho did find Out ho w a nted his 15 cents \ ....,. u J p lK S T NATIONAL B A N K OF * '\ W ATKINsj N. Y, ' CA . T? * TA . X . RBO . p O O . Organized 1863. Roorganb.od 1888.-• .tfitT N rL or*, P re d .. j o hN W; Lov*. Cashier. Hon. Ad b ia hTu t t l k, Vice-President. D i* * C T o a sW m . N . LOvej Nelson Nlvteoh, Hon. A drian T ilttie. George Haring,.M. El. Gray, 8 . 0 . colegrare, A. F . Chapman, Deposits Received, Money Loaned, Exchange B ought a n d sold. S ig h t Dratta D raw non a ll the Principal cities of Europe a dd America, -Govern- m e n t Securities b o u g h t and aold. - ITS CAUSE, NATURE, SYMPTOMS, PREVEN­ TION AND CURE Is ih e title of a new hook of 72 p a g es hy C.’ D. ine : LM.D. t h i s dreadlul d isease.. I t contains ------ .foematton fo r those I n a n y -way afflicted With .642 TOS 653 643 437 F80 611 60! 5 40 p m 020 605 80S 2 20,840 722 758 350| 715|U 40|LV WellSboroAB |122Qr 6101 BOO p til p m p m ip in 867 108# .. .Blackw ells.,( 143 790 257 : , , 1622 V.-Cedar Run...,. 165 733 212 910 ...W atervlffe. 247 8 29 . .. . 746 825 „Jersey sn o re .. 3151 902 . . . . 106 735 lv.WUliam8’t.a r 1400| 950 .Vlt ...., 42421 112 102 1262 1245 12.88 1222 12:10 12 01 114!1 a m 860 818 712 •6:58 : 635 •764 722 7 82|,..Penn Y a n .... | 938| 2. Q2I 7 58 743 765 804 -842 819 827 840 860 910 8 23 818 SOI 7 57 750 7 48 780 720 700 ...Ulmrods ..........D u n d e e .,.., Rook-Stream... Reading Centro Watlrins Glen, Wedgewood,. .Beaver Dams,. ..Post C reek. . . ...Corning..... p m 2 05 120 p m 535 458 847 828 ■8 10 4*83 405; 917 928 987 945 9 52 958 1042 1021 1040 ... C o m in g ,... .Lawrencevlile. .Knoxville. . . . W estn e id .... Harrison valley. .T io g a,.. . . . ..StokesdaleJc.. 1258 12 20: 154 210 228 *35 2.45 £ 6 6 316 329 400 a m 10 50 1128 1225 1242 100 1147 1220 p -m 4354 58 590 600 „. . . |3é’.%¥EF%§l

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