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Havana journal. (Havana, Chemung Co., N.Y.) 1849-1893, March 16, 1889, Image 7

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J ‘\;.\.r }‘a’.\_ «k 9'31 3}: .. .-,3;-Q1? I-15$; iii; - ‘.\ »-‘u..~v{‘.t.. {zany ~ V7?’ f -Va ■\■ J.sfyj).. * +<0* Lg» j! ,1. Q H, ..‘U ‘ \‘ 15;... . K“ ‘ £ 2i £ } .'\“-4*» Fact* A bont Xedador. M r. ;Loui*HoiiiteMn;, turned from Eetedor. bre some interest­- ing information aboutthatRepubUc and its future prospects. • ’ • “Ecuador,’’ said Mr. Bousevain, “seems tp be the least known o f the South American RepubhcS, h u t has, m my opinion, a glorious future. Its in­- ternal resources are simply enormous,but entirely Undeveloped, f t brings m uchof its produce from California and Chile, because i t has not tbe means o f trans­- portation for its own fro m jh o high table lands of tbe Interior; When i t is so t i anspoxted i t is w orth its weight in gold. . . ,“ In these northern provinces chickens are worth, six cents each. B y the timo they reach Guayaquil, the main seaport of the country, they are worth $1. A barrel o f potatoes in tho interior is worth $1.20; at* the seaport i t brings $12 to $18. - Wheat and barley and other products are in the same ratio. “To go from Guayaquil to Quito, the capital, takes the following tim e : By irafi five hours, four to six days by mule (according to tbe condition of the rmites and the roads) and \the final portion two days by stage. “Florrez, who is now President, is a very enlightened and liberal man. _ He has lived much of his life in the ITnited States and in Europe, and has imbibed much experience, which he is anxious to turn to his country’s account. The coun­- try is rich in gold, rubber, sugar and cattle, and only capital is required to bring i t to the; sea.” ‘ M r. Boissevaih said th a t h e visited the country filled w ith prejudice against it, b u t has returned W ith fu ll convictions . o f its future prosperity.—New York A S treet AnAnnclator. “Drop a nickei in the sipt and learn w hat street pomes next’’ is the latest 3ppUc*tiou o f tho nickel And tne elot distraction. Your nickel, however, •get into a ooAductor’a pocket. The Jot, neyettbelew, exists, and your inr qniry aosYeted juet as effectually as though you saw your «*ewnecF coin disappear ipto the silyer-plated lips .of the §ileht monster. . t A . •Oyer the doOr leading, out to the: dummy o f each one of tlio PoWell street cable cars is a device termed tho“ street annunciator*,’ ' being \simply a neat little oaken box w ith an open glass face. Its position is such ®a to be in fu ll view of all tbe passengers i n the car. As the different streets are approached narrow sheets of paper, upon which their various names;are conspiouou8ly inscribed, au­- tomatically umpld and drop into view under tbo. glas? and indicate the next street. A sharp click Calls i t to one’s attention, as do alBo the words“ the next street is” over the inscribed, name. The automatic change o f names is ac­- complished by an elevation of a few inches of ,tho iron slot in Which the grip fits, occuring a few feet beyond each street, and as the car passes a slender iron rod extending beneath the car rises and falls, which, connecting w ith the mechanism in the box, causes the ro ll of paner to unfold ju s t far enough to reveal the name q f the next street: The inven­- tion is designed to save, tee vast quanti­- ties of breath on the part of passengers and conductors. \S an Francisco Oh ran ic‘e. J ' d®®* he l i f t t L iftin g one -fo o t u xty times a minute, fo r four feet, 240 times, liftin g twO ported* each time, in one minute he W ill l i f t 480 pounds, which, m ulti pled b y sixty, W ill make in one hour 28,800 pounds, aud in five hours 144,00!) phunds, or sevonty*two tons. Now suppose tho horse or mule w ork ten hours, the amount of wpight w ill be douljie.. There is no horse or mule foot and tendons can. stand th e hardship to any length of time. To ho overtaxed in the above way he w ill soon dimmish in Value and does not live out \half of his days Of usefulness to hia owner Common sense declare* th e heavier the shoos the peavier the fo ot fa lls. To lighten tho shOo *r ill have the opposite effect. Tho question m : W ould i t not be to tho iatcrest of tne owners to pay to the hoiseahoer f te a year more on each head o f bw stock ao a t the end p f the year hia hnlmaia would retain their value instead o f dim inishing! J am well aatisfied from what I have seen among your horses' and mules* foot th a t many do hoi l ir a ou t one-naif o f tn e tr days o t usefulness on account o f the; complaint quoted, aithough there are some fxcep- tion*. - ■ in answer f o t h f iecohd question, as to irott plafej ueed undor shoest In other, cities jear#.*g,o the owners o f stock that nted' them dispensed entirely w ith.tbrtir use on account’ of th e ir inju­- rious effects. In.the firafc place the plates make a Catch basin to hold d irt ana filth te well .M te fxipiu.de th h »ir from the bottom Of the foot. - In the second place the plates are not stiff-, enough to resist the pressure when the foot comes in com f a c t w i t h t h f t o n g h c o b h ie -s tp u e * i t i i : more than 11x01/'t° press Up iti th i ‘' ’ ’ a {jruised is more , j causes contraetioh o f the feet?. - This is entirely duo tothe mismanagement ot the foot, 'in allowing the toes and. heels to grow to an abnormal hqtgbt. N ow com03 tb cvalu ep ftb eskJllfu ln esso fth e farrie i •who has charge p f 'the foot.\ I d the first place he must know hovr. to de­- termine when the foot is paired low enough fo r the reception olf the shoe. Second, he must know how 'to pare tlx« foot so asdo-kebp the feet in a propei • - is. dono scientifically the secret o f horsa •shoeing dissolved, anchthe, owners'of ani> mals Will, n o t fie eorapellbd. to repla&e their stock after one lesson o f b a rd work, In relation tp m y giving a lecture as requested, on ih e above, I would cheer­- fu lly tdo sp; *nd tvbnld 'be n jo re tija n glad'to. jo in and become a member1 of tho qruqlty-to-animal society, b u t as m j time is lim ited, having.’ mpAe previout engagements I n other cities, I am com­- pelled' to reave at an early day,, b u t w ill return in the bear fU tu f^; and w ill do a ll in mv power to assist th *poor duml animats,* ' t - ;»~ 5;» 5 id: .' IW TERRST n W M X IV n i d F A R M AND GA.R W S , . to purity yow bloo« ana fortify yonr system against tne deblllU tln* effects of spring wssther. A t no otbsr seseon is tb s bitter teste in tho month more prominent, tha brestb to offensive, the Aiowsy tUxzlnees SO ' fitsfluent. or that extreme tired feeling so prevalent,\ Hood's SarespsrllU Is Jnst the medicine to build up the eyeteni, purify thte hlood. curb bUlonsoesj end headache , overcome t l u t tired feeling end crette t good appetite. Try it this sprlng- •1 have taken three bottles of Hood's Sareoparille .ndconelder It the best,blood medicine I have ever taken;” Mas. A. P. LmaHXON. Portland. He. “I. w lili to ^n ro n my nuse u cme W t h o w r t o h ave derived tie iU tU fr o m tb e vat of[ Hood’s 6an»i^> p a r ills . For m a n y y e a r s ! h a t e t$ k e n ;lt; eepeclally In th e e a r ly e p r in f , w h e n I a m t. u ile d w i t b diszl* ness, d u lln e s s , u n p le a sa n t t&s o ta n iy m o u th in th e m o r n in g . I t rem o ves t h is bad taste, retierea m y beadache and m a k e i me f e r l g io iU y r e fm h e d . T h e ttv o bottlC B I have u s e ! t h is epi have te e n w o rth ft d o lla r a dose. 1 advtso all m y frle n d a t o take I t .” J o u n B in n b ,CC343d B tr te t, to w n o f Laka, Chicago. I l l \ * A S tu d y tn d e e m / ; The goose i t as much a grazing animal aa a aheep or cow. Greenstuff being it*n a tu r*l diet, tho transition in wtate^ herbs, but u /b n in te 0^ seeds khd a littib pf; everything, m bourSaigteSC starve in winter pr early spring, even i f allowed nothing b lit grain, but the greediness w ith which they devour such fresh, food sa apple parings, ctc-i shows the urgency of their need fo r it. ro ru u * * W t t * K c» . rC> ’fi,r e *M g * reedl® power Ira ■ ig Ouraanmeotod w ith-. ■.; t x a i r iheoii oa-to® also trie roedet S e w ad C^aeoii B lu ff* i* often more a fifteen mil®* M Moor. [ere i i claimed to be often due to A IfeOnveetlon current# in the air, ieh render t t optloaUj heterogeneous,. kjo U U ,io t inakingO M dle^tibrouglit n Gnenieod, where important and le-koown m ining opfflrationearecat-; A'ofto. ■•' t la now claimed th o t the whole do- in o f optica I t annexed te electricity, Ich Mu ten# beoomo an imperial snce. »i t i t p V I N D If you deFlde to take Hood s Sarsaparilla da not be tod uccd to buy any other. H o o d ’ s S a rs a p a rilla B o ld b v a ll d ru g g is ts , f f l ; s ix f o r $3 .P re p a re d o n ly ' s o ld t y a ll d ru g g is ts . $1 ; s ix f o r $5 .Prepared o n ly H O O D &C O ., Apothecaries, L o w e ll, Blass. ' by C L H u u D At CO., A p othecaries, L o w e il, A lllli by O.L IQ O D o s e s O n e D o l l a r lO O D o s e s O n e D o l l a r \77 vf~':».\§' LT ”6r.-6,’*.V\:.+*a ’ ; Top-WroaSIn* fo r N ew Scedffeg. ■ ; I f grass seed is sown in spring on fa ll p lo w e d land, nature provides a ric h seed­- bed b y ' -tite bonftfaut;:# ire te *tio n i;io f freeziog and thawing near the surfqCe. I f it is rough all the better. B ut the very best fittin g is to scatter over the surface a gopd dressing of mariurp. I t matters little whether the ,mauuw be fins or coarae, so th at i t have some lumps itt xt. under which the tiny seeds w ill find tte ir best roctiog place. I f this top-dre*«ing is given early i t w i l l prevent the surface being *o compacted by spring rains as i t would otherwise be. Stable manute is better’ for such top-dressing tbsn. any mineral fertilizer pad be.. Th® vegetable matter iti the stable ffianUte Spts aa,* mulch and makes the ground light. Thet mineral fertilizer forms a crust on tho , surface, making i t harder to pene - trate than i t otherwise would be,—B n to ii UitUicaior. . . . • **u—----.'. an ._ “Iv it testing fo rty-tw o bojkbetweenuine sixteen years of age for color blxnd- a n o t oa® mad® an error in matching ix o lo r* :\ , 1 , Famsierlio* w ithin th e ififlnesc® of tbo If Btreem current, W hite i f held to ac­- ini; for tho’ unknown fruita collected I t i fbdree. . imentary rockl occupying Whole _Mbear evidence o f profound mod- tio ru Without i t * being p o u ilfle to vet the lUghteet eruptive cropping- A DelnSive Telegraphio Code. She was going to Europe. He is a very r ic h man, but’ a m illionaire w ill always make up a telegraphic code to save inoixey. I t would be nothing to him i f she sent a hundred words in a telegram, but he w ill always get as muchas he can fo r nothing anyway, and he w ill have a telegraph code, tie left her to make out the code. She made one quite to the point on all important matters. She selected the words her­- self, w rote it all out, and handed i t to trim when she le ft. He locked i t in his desk and it was a'.l right. Last week he got a telegram from her. I t consisted i f one w ord —“ Laugh.” He laughed, i t seemed to be something quite pleasant. His code was at the house. He w ent up there in the best o f humor. He g o t out the code and he read this brief b u t em­- phatic legend; “L a u g h -S e n d me $500.” —— cisco Chronicle. ______________ ; . fkroehew hsteroi A* Fate recently hceb te the system b y Palis®. at V *v .... The new planet* are all extremely p b -pf the eleventh or* tw e lfth mag£ Lnae. '■ ■ r / ./■■■ Processions o f Slaves in A frica . P o in ts on F t'ttn to n . ' , One o f the saddest sight seen any­- where is a common spectacle on somo o f the large tributaries of the Congo. The Bangaia and a few other large tribes along the Congo have a great de­- mand fo r slaves to bo k ille d as sacrifices upon th e death o f im portant persons, or to be used to fu rn ish fo rth th e ir canni­- bal fepsts. Unless they are a t w ar the” supply of slaves often runs short, and they send expeditions up the Lulongo, the Tchuapn, and other rivers, to buy victim s fo r -th e ir ceremonies. Another reason w hy they seek the slave markets along the Congo; tributaries is that, (as a rule, the fu rth e r'th e y go from th e main river th e cheaper they can buy slaves. So *it is no - uncommon sight f o r ex­- plorers, ascending the tributaries, to meet processions o f Congo canoes laden w ith slaves, usually male adults, going to th e ir own funeral*, and often bound hand and foot. * To have an ideal tree on® should Cont- axence at the outset and prune annually, at least. A young tree should have only three or four leading branches, a ll others should he pruned, out, ana as the tree grows, superfluous, branches should never bo allowed to remain. Thus in timCSriier years we have a very opeu tree, which becomes a model at m aturity, b u t let no year pass w ithout its annual pruning. . . ' , Varieties vary as to needed pruning, b u t all need ’keeping in evenly balanced heads. ~ - - flx® miate o f the h ritia h ©betxitel jnge qn tb e ir npper surface sometimes Itra ti, -SotneQmes *■” iw ith in t w o : to cumuli, cars to thunder- vi,’-. :1»: ‘§’’-';}L *. 1 - r v?‘ ;- ‘J ,‘ W Au./‘..'_ io results of photographs of the on and nabulffi taken w ith Mr. Com­- a’ s five-foot telescope to test the aro of the silver on glass speculum highly,safisfactery; . he temperature o f Siberia was once h milder than a t present This age of climate i l saicf to account fo r |eonvsr*ion o f vwhat ..wate:.,teP.eA®drt k ry birds there in to bird* th a t migrate fo u th Africa and eUewhare, • i greatest improvements fn electric aratns appear to have been developed [shipboard. AU o f the modern b u ilt t te# graduslly receiving th eir equip- L The octefi going passenger ships [ a ll provided w ith the latest improve- Via, and the innovation ’apraar to he alar w ith the patrons o f the various L O N G F E L ^ S w S M A ID E N ,who San Fran­ ■With pears some varieties need spread- ing, and othcta much thining o ut; b u t neither the kpple nor the pear nedd shortening in, unless onesidea in. shape. Never lot branches crowd, for sunlight and free circulation o f air-are indispen­- sable for w ell developed fr u it; and a superfluous branch is a needless drain upon the resources of a tree. A good pruning knife, and iron mallet and. a th in bladcd chisel are excellent tools fo r priming.When trees are properly attended to ho Targe branches should need removal, h u t when th a t 1b tho case, a good saw is required. N ot pne orchard in one hun­- dred is wbat i t might have been w ith proper pruning.—27«<« York Merald. ’ ,who Is— ,who u Standing, w ith reluctant feet, \Where the brook and riv e r meet, Womanhood and childhood fle e t! n Is a typ e o f thousands of young girls who are emerging from the chrysalis stag® Of there existence; as they enter upon their“ teens.” Nervous, ^ c .ta b U ren- table, stirred b y strange, unknowable forces w ith in them, each a mystery^unto herself, our g ir ls need the tenderest care, the most loving, patient oversight, and the aid o f D r. Pierce’s Favorite Priscription, to safely carry them through toffi critical neriod, during which, in too many lives, alas, are sown the seeds of d tresstog S o f diseases peculiar to the female sex. B u t th is boon to woman- kind w i l l prevent a ll such diseases, o r cure them i f they have already seized a victim . W oman owes it to herself, to her fam ily, and to her social station, to be well and strong. Let her then not neglect the sure means o f cure. Favorite Prescription-1’ is a legitimate medicine, carefully compounded by an experienced and s k illfu l physician, and adapted to woman’s delicate organization. I t is purely vegetable in its composition and perfectly harmless in its effects m any condition of th e system. Sold by druggists; $1.00, o r six bottles fo r $5.00. \ ______________ ; . Haye yon a father? Have yon a toother? Have you a son o r daughter, sister or a brother Who has.'not yot taken Kemp's BalBam fo r tho fh ro a t a n d Lungs, the guaranteed remedy for the cure o f Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup aud a ll T hroat and L u n g troubles? I f so, why? when a sample bottle Is gladly given to yon freeby a ny druggist arid the large slse costs only fiOc a n d S I ______________ A f a m ily 'G a t h e r in g ; . » _- ‘ up u'_‘ 1» 74* 1\\l'§'V ::.‘ They understand fu ll well the cruel fate, from which there is no escape. The'richer or more important the fam ily which has lost one of iu members/tho mote numerous must bo the victims who follow him to the grave. This is one of Africa’s great cruelties which the Congo State’ Government is suppressing wherever its authority Is sufficiently es­- tablished to combat ancient evil.—• Few York Sun. - / ——•mu . A \“t‘..'? .«‘* 7 1'. '; ______________Th e b e .axe over three hundred thousand bee­- keepers In America. ‘ ,5»: u ,,,‘ . _ .,-, - , tording to Bis* i£va I t , A. Bew- of Mauri ir .ritius, i t i s a w ell authenti- f|e t th at each hive i n tropical m triei has its“ ventilating bees” dur- j tee hot seMon. Two o r three o f late bee* arc stationed a t the entrance “th e hire, and coel the interior by fn- itis n n in g w ith their wings: They relieved a t intervals by others; ana rb ile o* d u ty are kept constantly at h y a s o rt ef patrol nf bees. . i A Canadian ornithblogiat, Mr. E. .Tfcompepn, attributes considerable ‘ riloquial powers to aome birds, m Surprised in the e f t o f singing f tottiered-Wgntrlloqaists-beoome for a few moments, and then give a fa in t song, th a t seems to come far away, though the aingermay a few feet d istan t*, This curious J * T is eineeially noticeable in aifif, b u t has been observed also in hes end robin*. Boston A d ts rtiu r prints a de- ptioa erf the device of W . 0. True- Of that city, which he claims w ill take tee place o f ice. The i t covers the construction o f a t tin box, and the .chemicals em- |red to low er the temperature, The is made of tin ; end is one f oot long, te inches deep and four inches Wide, i t ire placed the proper chemicals, .i t is then placed in tee refrigerator, th e morn, m the' closet, or whatever desired to pr aperatttre. I t * . ■aat th e Use OI ice in refrigerators, refrigerator teat* were those mad* the p arty referred to. | A R n d ic k l C u r e f o r E p ile p tic F i t * . To the Editor—Pleasa in fo rm yonr readers th a t I h a v e a positive remedy fo rtb o above named disease w h ich 1 w arrant to o ure tho worst caseis. So strong is m y fa ith in its vhv tries .that I w ill send free a sample bottle and valuable treatise to any sufferer who w ill give mb his P . O. arid Express-address. Resp’ v. H.G. ROOT. M . C£. 1 83 Pearl St., New ork. ._~, . ,-y ,, “Va F a rm ' and, d a rd e n 'N o te *. Grlpea do not do w ell w ith Wet feet Graphs do best on Well cultivatec g ro u n d -w e ll drained. . •.. / Many farmers sow tim othy seed or W intfirgrein in February, ' Add a little boiling water to the h o j sw ill so as to take the c h ill off. -It is the Vnilk from the fresh coWthal produces tho perfect, butter flavor. .Some th in k the Grimes Gqlden ought to be raised alongside the Jonathan. ,§}.:§ V. ‘ \ ~ , Dow’t S t in t th o Oalvea, A calf is .worth nearly as much as a cow. N o t th a t i t w ill bring as much money, b u t at Avery sm all‘outlay it. w i ll bebrought to a cow, and i f w ell fed and cared, fpr i t wiU mak-o a goodcow., The baSt of a ll grain foods fo r a c a lf is' br.in, and although the sfandardfeedingr tables give rye bran a higher value than wheat bran,, the latter is considerably thqbetter food. Whe^tJbran, contaim.more th in i three per cent. Of sugar ahd tfe bran less than one per cent. Sugar being w holly digestible and easily changed into v ita l heat, w heat.bran.is a good food i n i young animals in tbe w inter. A t th e same price per pound as corn i t is worth twice as much, not o n l/fo r its n itrogen,, b u f for th * phosphates i t coniains and which go to make up JBone . Thxs is the reason o f i t * high value for feeding young stock, colts and pigs-as. well as calves. I t is a safe food. No one ever h u r t His animals b y giving them too much bran. I t ha* every element .of hay and corn-Combined* b u t while i t | * a good food i t should be used judiciously. A calf six Or eight months old w .ll do w e ll bn two pounds d aily of it, which, costing tw o cents, is -very cheap feed* ing. The Very best o f hay should be re* served , forthe Calves and With bran i t w i l l cause the young things to grow steadily a ll the winter: —American A g ric u ltv iu t. . Why i t is Cold on tiie Mountains. Go in to a greenhouse on a sunshiny day, and We fin d the temperature much hotter-than outside. The glass w ill allow te e hot sunbeams to enter, but i t refuses to allow teem out again w ith equal freedom^and consequently the tempera tore rises. Our Whole earth is in.this Way-to he lilfenedrto'agreenhouse, only, instead of the panes o f glass, we are en­- veloped by an enormous coating of atmosphere. 'Whbff wokfe ou the earth’s surface we are, as. 5t ,wqret inside the greenhouse, and. wa benefit by tee inter­- position of the atmosphere; but when wo begia to ' climb very high mountains wo gradually get through th® atmosphere and thefi we suffer from te® cold. *If we Could imagine the eartfi to.be stripped of its coat of air, then, eternal frost would reigu over th® whole, earth as well as \ on the tops of the mCuutains. .7 '»~9‘:'‘ \. Q -. a . 11,3‘ C n tn rr h C ured. A blorgvrnan, a fte r years o f suffering from tbnt loathsome disease. C atarrh, and vainly trying every known remedy, at, last found a prescription which coinpleteiy cured and saved nim from death. A n y sufferer from.thisdread- fn l disease sending a eelf-addressed stamped envelopo to Prof. J. A. Lawrence, 88 Warren St.. N. X-. w ill receive tho recipe free b f charge. C opyrighted, 1888, by Wo r l d ' s D i s p e n s a r y Me d i c a l As s o c i a t i o n, Proprietors. v’ ; .- ;_',I 1 -'« fie, ‘. v I. ‘K . ” ' .4,» . ya DR. PIERCE’S PELLETS:PURELY VEGETABLE and PERFECTLY HARMLESS. a - j . Live r I'ul. Smallest, cheapest, cosiest to take. Ono tiny. Sugar-coated Pellet a dose. Cures Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestion. Bilious Attacks, and a ll derangements o f tbo Stomach and Bowels. 25 cents, by druggists. I I k V * . %'A ,r I ( ,t e p f R ’i(iv,. «yo |V f lj- * - A 4J m t m m ‘ «as, n .t_ A I f afflicted w ith sore eyes use Dr. tsaaoThemp- •on’xEyo-water. Druggists sell a t 2oo;per bottle. . _ . give the young grass a cham ^\ n .IW * tree go0d root3 luiure-agooa top The top and the roots - should be in pro, portion,., * . 1 / By nipping raspberry canes befori they groW'too ta ll insures a more ^tockj growth. - Sow tbelaw n grass seed e a rl/, spaats j i ve noo to tecomt Well roofed before summer To have-a succession o f ninths; place the -potsAn warmth (bloom) atMnterVala weeks. - T, YOU NEED IT! ”1 b a ' e a h ug e D ic tio n a r y , b u t i t Is so rourfc w o f t to l i f t it f o r o x a m ln a tia n t h a t la m in c i n w i to e m rs lo o k in g o u t w o rd s, a lt h o u v li -lcsir>'?ia o f kDO\vledg&- Y o u r\ H A N D Y D IC T IO N a K Y is a lw a y s by m e a n a Ilo o k o u t w o rd s o n t h e in s ta n t, bo th e in io rm a tiO Q 1b im p re sse d o n tu y m in d *’ C v rrf* p o n d e n f. 1 W ebster's I U o s t r a t e d JTaut to learo an about a Bono? Bow to Pick Out a Good One? Rhowtmperfec tloos and so Guard against Fraud ? Detect Disease and Effect a Cure wlien samou possible ? Tell the age by he Teeth? What to caliche Different Ports <>f the Animal? How to Shoo a Horse Properly f All thla hud other Valuable Information can be obtained b! reading our 1 0 0 -P A G E II*I*tT S T R A T E D H O R S E BO O K , which we win forwori. jo t paid.on recelptof only £5 cents In stamps* HAKDY DICTIONARY o f bloom ip hya -potsAn th e ir place o; atMnterVala of*tw< ca f‘ P ét_ '-_ :1 H S S 2 5,5 .0 o 0? T housands o f W o rd s D e fln rd . Iln n d re d s o fP ic iu r rs e A b b ie - v la tio n s E x p ln iu e d . O r d i n ­ a r y P o ro ltrn P b rn s rs T ra n s - la to d . M e t r i c S y s t e m o f W o !g fits.au d M ea su re *. Hyacinth bulb* forbed once cannot well be forced^gaih; the best thing t< do w ith theni is to p la n t them in th< garden.. _ / .?v ; 5 An old ^flouc,barrel, w ith the ri«aaini Of flour on its sides to beoonxe must/, ii about the worst, poisible vessel tb iceej apples in. • Sr.. t, • More c a w is ’ aeeded to not evelf-feeA When gfound feed I k Ted'than, when whole grain ip uspd.. -Cow* gC.t their feed” 'easier. , A T e rro r tb Knavish C oftl Dealers. In Northern cities teer® has been re­- cently introduced a patented automatic machine,, which is a terror to tho unfair cori.dealer. I t is in the fo rm o f scales, attached to coal recbptacles. An ac­- count says: ' ; Thefiew-fangled concern is a remark able piece of ingenuity. The hopper,of the Shape of an inverted pyramid, opens its wide mouth beneath the sidewalk -chute into which th® COal is dumped from te e cart. The hopper holds about two tons o f coal, and rest upon a set o f levers supported by aheavy framework Of Wood. The levers extend to heavy iitalea capable o f weighing Beveral tons. The wfio'e structure is so adjusted that whfen-the -coal is dumped-from th e ca rt through the sidewalk chute into the hopper its Weight is immediately regis­- tered bythosoaies. - Swift’s Spcelflo cured me bf melignxntBlood Poison after I had boon treated in vain with old eo-cslled ranedle* o f Mercarjr and Potaeh. S. S . & not only cured the Blood Pouon, but relieved the Bheumv tiam which woe caueedbythe poieonoue mlnenla GEO. BOVELL, WZ23d Avenue, N. Y . Nine yeare ago Scrofula attacked too of mv chil­- dren, end they were badly afflicted with the disene, which resisted the treatment o f my family phy-ician. X woe pexpnxded to use Swift's Speciflo by seeing an Kbonnt o f curee ln my connty paper. .The improve­- ment w u epperent from the flratrbw doeea, and ln a short tim e my children were cured, and ere etui «onnd and well. JOHN WILLIAMS. Lexington, Va . Slurp’s Srxcmo.is entirely * vegetxble remedy. xndie the only medicine which permxnently ----- ------irid Conti Slbod and Ik, B lood Humore . Cancer xri Blood Poison, Send for Books on Bl Diieieee. mal'ed free. - THE8WIPT SPECXF IO CO .. Drawer 8. Atlanta. G* .curoa itxglous Skin BO O K PU B. HOUSE. 134 L eonar d S t ..N e w Y o r k C i t y . Printed lo small, clear typr. onfine laid paper,bound in haudfomecloth. I h uzun. n:Irn0VEDu[l1CI1uk % ‘ , ,! SAW \ E\- ~ :4’, I Mn-.I..s.1\.-,._., «=3 ....;..: -;r:-=--’—*¥-?=e- . E ‘R in §2a,~'..'.E.'.=.a' 3 2 0 — £ »A O X 3 S — 3 2 0 W h o t h a t roads d o cs o 't ov«M*y d a y m in e acrOM w o rd s w h oso m e & n ix u h o dees n o t k n o w ,a nd w h ic h be , a n n o t p ro n o u n c e o r s p e ll 15H en^e tbe dem and fo r a lu o d e r& to -slze d D i c t u n s r y w h it h can lie kept a t h a n d a lw a y s ready f o r reference **urh a w o rk t r t l l 1e need a u u n d ro d tim e s as m n r h as a targ e un- w le ld y vo lu m e ,a nd th o re fo rf* jfr^aterreiurator Ae toe Siiehlng and Pronunr’at;nn of many com* mon words hft'o boon chanueti •lurtuqthe last ao years. pcoploowuiQg the old ?< i*U.wnM tM« tlonariet need ft ro«»devn one. Hern it it* At a trtfltug cost I’ostpaid fr r *35c. ill tc. or lr stanp. FA R M E R S ' , SAW M IL L . With Universal LogBeam arid Simultaneous Set Work i, *1*0 Engine*. Wood Planar*. Manufactured by SALKflX IR O N W S I t it S . BA I . K ill. N. V. tnssell H arrison’s Expensive H at. M r. Arkell, o i Judge, ifi A moment oi ipression last fa ll, bet Mr. Ruasell srriion h sew h a t th a t his fsthet auldn’t carry In d ia n *.. The New York *» save th a t the h a t wh ich Mr, A r kef 1 p a d s fer th a President’* io n is moit gorgeous and expensive opera i ever made In America. “he hat was constructed under the False Eco.nam r Of M o d e rn M ethods.' ,While i t is ever to he a study and practice o f good farmers to economize labor and time by the use of a ll sorts of improved implements and processes, y e t i t la to be considered i f in the end one may not go too far and fare -worse iu Adopting tome o f the modern improve­- ments. A firm er, fo r instance, having one hundred acrC3 o f land only nay get h is crops harvested and grain thrashed very quickly by the use of a .self-binder and by a h irin g a steam thrasher. B u t he may aave titnb and. labor in a very un­- profitable Way by So doing, tie may ta ke thq cream o f tea cows, or, which is th e same in affect, may pay the creamety man for carrying it , and have it made in to butter there at the cost of fifty Cents A day ' o'r $100' fob te e ' season, p d be q u ito o u t o f pocketby this nmount. I t ia netprofitable far. aucb a farmer fo -c u r ' •• * ‘--* ’ his forte, acres o f grain in a Week and thrash f t in a. day whan his hired man or men have no work fo r a large part of the pear. I t is aa - if te Save-time he should • a t s month’s food in. one day and sleep th f-o tte r tw enty-bin* days.“ Haste makes WMte” v ^ r o i f n t in ibis way, and tee subject call* fo r careful considera- . Th* same line o f teougbt applies -to to® present fashion fo r keeping enor- Jnpusly large horses fo r farm work. These are needed to draw the heavy m a­- chinery now in use. I t is a fashion bor- rewed fro m our tranbatlantic cousins, Who really need these animals for use With th e ir exceedingly cumbrous and heavy plow* and enormous Wagons, o f Which the Wheels are 5 or 7 inches w ide in the tire,. Their conditions af e w holly different from ours, Thoir moist climate and continually muddy roads offer gteat obstacles to tteixseof Such lig h t vehicles •A s ^ s id J n A m .q r ie tc h m a te and soil, ^kbdp^*.pa3pable_incoiisistedcy-to o e a„ g fe« t^ 'b w rir^ e ig b T ffg” inoi'5-4 than 8000 pounds drawing a loadof 2O0O pounds on a lj-in c b tire d lig h t wagon, re w o rk in g a month i n the year only at any adequate employment, A pair of auch horses w ill consume as much as tw o pairs o f lighter odea th at would do mote work, and \I t is clearly wise for many farmers who are tempted by the prevail­- ing fashion to th in k carefully i t i t is an economical one—Few York T im * , An old, way to kepp apples, and oni s tilt used by many* i* te buty, thonx ia^ i 'hole like potatoes. This'is the ohjeetioa They tasto o f the earth. mora.ndu.m _of:the w ork tobedoni i n tho'orchardi, gatdeh' arid Around th f im tdl frwita w ill .bo,found quite a - h e lj in keeping.track o f the work. ; t < j Winter, com, fo r iastanjce(; tbat-pe;cent. tg® of seeds sure to grow may bekjxowm and planting governed accordingly. I t is A good time to lo o k over th i catalogues of small fru its, trees an4 vegetables. Order early, and be prsparei to sow the hardy seeds and plsnts tt soon u the weather and to il permits. , , .. . . I t i * well., to sort potatoes m Winters thate>«ry one having appearances o f r o i ®ey be token out, thereby1 Seeurihl chance* o f safe-keeping fo r . What arf le ft, and preventing. fouX odor in th 1 cellar. I’ostpaid stanp. BOOK Pl ’ BM w HIVG l!Ol > C I t 4 L e o o R iilM .tN . V .C Ity S GOTPS S 5 C e n t * W iil b u y a Tr e a t i s eW t h b Ho rr y , a n d Hes Diseases Book of TO!T pages, valuable to svery osvnor ot horses. Postawe stamps taken. BentpbBtpalL Ne wYo r k Ho r s e Bo o eCo.. 184 Leonard Street. New York oity- , TO S 1 0 4 M Y ! AGENTS WANTED! tVcrRCUtolkB nUDL lOO Brewstor’s Safety EUih Holders G IV E N A W A Y to intro, duce thrm. Evrry h^reo owner buys from \ to6-Line® nnv&r ooder horse’s feet Send 25 eta tn -tamps to nay post* age an*l racklni; fnr Nickel Plated Sample that sells for 65 cents. Address Br e w s t e r M f g . C o ., Ho l l y , M i c h E M U L S I O N BEST IN THE WORLD EP^Get the Genuine. AXLE MEASESold Eremrhere. was etvisloa o f Mr. Knox. The s ilk ws* ejproduction of J o in D. Cutter’* m ill Paterson, H Itheito opera hats has imsde Of imported stuff. The man > put this'American tile together is tain Jack Mmmermaa, a veteran b f m i war who fought fo u r ye ir* w ith i Tw elfth New Y ork. Mias McFariaud,' father Was k ille d in the war, 1 ih * hat. Artiste Hamilton, flflla m and 8mlth, of Judge, tee sattm.fiaad interior. In [centre o f the to p Ua ptctora i& o il ht Judge frameri In a tunbunt, with f u L d ' . c h s ra a ’ s m and Morton, whoac pieterM In f tin te d frames ate enWreathed in ewer* and leavie a t his feet, The tide the lin in g j i fille d wi * afar colors. The hat ifith buds done ih ; coat $100. t h e Phileadphr n i U fA “Bosh” is the trade name in London for a ll butter substitutes. OF PURE COD LIVER OIL H Y P O P H O S P H IT E S JONES H E PAYS TH E F REIG HT * 3 Totu W ngou Ncnlm , Iron Levers^stepf ?earing, Draas Toro beam au J beam liov fo r ' SGO . EJvery size Sraie. V<>r free p r .v e ilr t m < n t u ix t h is p a p »r a o d o d d r e a * JONES OF BINGHAMTON, B IN O H A !WTOX, N._V. BREW“! A lm o s t as Palatable as M ilk . C o n ta in in g th e s tim u la tin gp ro p e rtie s e f th e R v p o p h o e p h lte e c o m b in e d u iih th e F a tte n in g a n d S tre n g th e n in g q u a litie s o f C od X d v e r O U , th e p o te n c y o f b o th , b e in g la r g t iy in c re a s e d . . A Remedy for Gonsomptioae For Wasting in Children. For ScroMons Affections. For Ansomia and Debility* ForConghs, Golds &Throat Aflbotions . DO YOU SEE THIS. I WANTto hear onlyirom s en sib lemen and women that are tired of bogus, deceptive, Non-Sensicaladver- tliementa, offering much for noth ing; That are w illin g to do 4cuyt honestwotk for ft&eraJ pay. (Not peddungK Address FRANKUN PUTNAMf.lff3CanalSu N Y. PEERLESS DYES A r e tb e .BEST. p t* Y r *»r i y »n - v x tc s ^ i. ‘%§‘§x%f3:‘{%*i*}3',‘§t“ %$*\+\3§%f:«s*:'«\ f ‘‘_g~_ 7' _ fa Give the Farmer’s Institutes fair t r ia l T h e f ate not,tee best schools tn thi world,-b u t i f they can, be made bettei that-ia one object th at should incite ef fo rt by farmers in Whose interest teej are Fanned. ; ' . •* Boots stored ip the cellar w ill caust; disease in - the household i f allowed t t decay ot rot. The cellar is an excellCni place fo r root crops, b u t they must bt -kept in good condition i f disease is t« be avoided. C H IC H E S T E R ’S ENG LISH PENNYROYAL PILLS '*’!.T:’ 4 . In fact, i l l dieeaie sphere there is an fn* fidinmation e f the Throat and hungs, a WABTOta OF THE FZESB, and a WAFT OF NERVE FOWEB, nofhing in the usnld eguals this paiatabie EmttMPn, • O L D B Y A L L DRUOQISTB. DETECTIVESVtattd . Ask far Qitikeito * Aijtu) Diamond Brand, m rod a>> (A llk i b o k« »ic a ia u w tQ i b lu e r tb (lets . Accept p llU t o p u t e - tan. A t D r u $ n« e th e r . .BID O IOSS .DIAMOND BBAOT., OriftixiiL beat* onlj gravla* and rM laib lo p il l f o r salt*. N e v e r- F a l L.J — . . . .. r . — i Mffsr® oa$ee itMt«rfo ltv &end-4c . <acamp*) _R»r paninxlar* aod “Belief for Ladlee* to , IfUtrs bf return oaii 10,t>00 teetS* monlSlsfromtAllESw.bohaTeQieiJ theia. Name Paper. ta er«ff Cdsnty . Shriird smsto muunder inctroee iaai ItMrSesretBefY lQ ii Sxp«jiiactn»tseo«mry. rtnlouiir* free, Granna* Detsetlvs BnrtanCo.B ireadt.ClatliiBatl.fl. Di a m o n d V e r d ^ C u r a F O R D Y S P E P S IA . : AND ALL 8TOSUCH TRODBUB* IOCB US IndiCMiie*. 8bar8tom>oh,Ha*rtlnmii,N*uaw,nK- ospemt. CtmaUMnion. Knllna** »tu r••tin x. yrfcd lUainc i * th* Mouth.r o d ;d5eef*e*lM*ttxte in to ttrig a hmowmaaa a rid L ow B w it*. . M DrugeiM* n etml*«' «*•<? <vr*vU.(t neHptofs-eent Fig‘ Graat Eiiglith Gout and . j i Rhaumxtio Remedy. 1 1 re»mt 14 Pills. . »fellowing remsrk* were addressed te tte r d w by th a t veteran lawyer and IHMam . h e * JBarker,. to that other bhA lawyer and politician, Lew ‘ ‘tew, yon.have thus fa r had very ex - tetsncrasi j n licking t ’ other fellow, T w m the day th a t you le ft m y door hi Stetson W ith no o tte r w orldly te as one bandana pockst-band- sT aad watkod In to Aroostook anty and antered upon IMsW warfare T*,. m i-h a r a msoaeeded wal l -te-yenr- ”*\1*? 5‘ Sav**.fiO«tlT* remeriy tor thaaSOv* iM a u : by it* u>o riOOMBds of c***< of tho worst kind «nd of longstanding itrebsso oured. So strong Winy,filth in tt* sfflracy that 1 send two. bottles trss, togsthsr with« .afuable i.onthisil»ca*otoito.snffsrtr. Qiv* Eipro** »nd BLOCUXI. l t a . H l PeoriBt.. N . V P.iO. address. Paper. Chichester Chemioai Co.. Madison Sq..Phllta>Pff> — monlSlsfromtAllESw.bohaTeQieiJ . M DrugeiM* n n d DeaUin* r etml*«' «*•<? on re. trtpt <vr*vU.(t bocesfLOO) < i> MmplaMtU on neHptofs-eent tlamp. . Tfc® Cfcarit* A. Voqtltr C».r iaWjwart, Md I proscribe and fully S*. dors* Big Gt u th* only specific lot tbe certaincnr* 'or,thin disease , .G . H ; I N I 1 R A H A M . M . D.. Amsterdam. N. Y. We have sold Big G tor toany years, and ft has given the best ot smtlri- factton. D.R. DYCHE 4 C0;. Chicago, li t . • 1 .0 6 . Bold by Brugglito Get everydetails effect w iilb e seen a il through; the season when exacting labor w ill more smoothly. 2 -T? *4. a S t N C -1 A a lomd so Arlof iS 3 iriflrw ito ln e s a y aoceoab i — _rd marketi tho landi grxntWTto t h * HOUSTON ATtXASCOmRTliO. I Rare Ohance for Settlers. i« s a y Hso’t Core for Oon- stunpUon 1* THB BEST fo r keepl • cleat. eto ng tho voice • . 35 den In choosing eggs fo r hatching let them be Of uniform size. Avoid thoso froa a„ inoi'5-4 * .. _ .s i ’ t i value. A, hen , _________generally {ortunate in hatching a goofi percentage. This may, in a'measurAhe attribniea to the fact that h e r eggs art uniform in Bi t e , . To keep onions cool is to prevent them trom sprouting. I t is better fo r them to freeze than to keep them too warm. Freezing does n o t injure thorn i f they are not disturbed and are allowed to thaw gradually, The, object should be to keep them as near tn® freezing point as possible. I f they receive warmt* enough to sprout them they w ill be in< !(f* teat atari* h e r heat it THIS MEANS YOU. v :z T K ta to tis r.rr _ -^ -* 5,00 T*,. l -te-yenr- h id tm ng ^yott have amassed a good “B*. attained^ to h ig h position .ra Cain geaer*Uy,and n in e times ot ten you h*T* lickc<J t ’ other fellow. ‘ T t i l l yen th a t is the whole o f the Of life .” —Lewiifcft (Jfs,) _ P o sitively a t vert Away. first S I for I t bHLb6en d«termincd to offer Hit sitively Away. To th e first person sending us S I for Stbp n ekots ,Seed*, , X 0 pnehet* merit', h en B tlfn l F lo w Seed*, I n .nnckP tsof tllhcholcostVegetablo H e e -qBei«t'»s4'«t»t K a d ta b , F a r * «In, T s m a to . fjab- *“ * M a s k SIeldu;C J i f i t t ttc e ,one packet ---------------------- „.you * present of the O r g K fe a s y o u g e t th e w o r t h o f-y o u r m o n e y in s e e .Wo d o . this to g o t e ve r y o n e . re a d in g t h i*“ A d .” b u y t U o l v S ee d * o t i i« .-T h e one s e n d in g t h o f l t - - J lt - n r i-w t thONW an te tin* n u m o e r o f to -a in s o r-k e riie in n I i n l l n o n u d ot t n t i c c g rits th e O r e i i i t , w B.oh s e n t by. f r e i g h t , - e c d t - e l v i m i k e d . Msylst, “ .............. gsnd t i s i s t e l n o t e , - m o n e j o r d e Wi> WUl, not eompeto w it h , f ir in g ’ «s t c N t r n t\ p ric e *} a B H s lm : , V O Hf e nn t ee ___ 0* * .*0 c t * ‘ . s e n d KUCI slee qf costal card:, Menton 1 860, ,}Yrltoto-day OrrtgiatotedTettor. — ------------------- „ ^ c d sat n tvn ca . WewiuotiJ/’ ble i e$$< AddrcgRUiaihiy, ^ h V C KB C o J ^ DRckeis and ono arucBff* AO era. S , muc srin as v: '-A %:¥§‘..?5‘,€; :‘14o(’«_'s‘{ L *‘:';*\‘Cl~?‘ NE” I Renowned Agricuit,i Lants , County, compriun* A * A rtis t’* Predicament. misadventure h a t , “F*1,? ^ J fi j * e lix Zeim, the had purchased ‘• v w i ’i * te d© so, , County, compriun* 200 , 000 ACR ES t o Matt* of ItO acres and upward, ThMb lands vrera located by th*-Company among .the earilmt. With Mp*oi«l b it* ka to Noll, t l r - * ......... -- ff n ia l ettnmte,favorable tbm*n*ndbeiut, where outdoor work can be berried on the year riund, bad . H o n e Shoeing. Iread a communication in your paper, Write* Professor W illiam Bussell to the New Orleins P ktyu n t, asking ot me by ope of your subscribers to answer iome 3' Wharei in képt bambéd win uhouldé not bwsed« bunt Mypnturi in mm tamed wit}: 1%: n%§:t1§zc:1v¢ ,mm,m._.”. % V .W,m 3.. ._ 1, W abuuI{hpn(xc,iniido:tho1neu, 4 . _,- wgmtuvgz _s -- av agatlc to 30-- _-,% 4* ullhnhid nYX*a‘?:?§§.,e-* a§?.2’Ts“~‘-E umsfzur. wxnitxnnun 93,. :11o1oa‘.’:..?;; sea; uh ::*;.**;.*:.i;*r.?:€:.:,:2*V:§9‘;e;.°..*:~.i:.az*&.m.po°'~*-°:$s¥ .3 2v*':v“.:‘,_ *.~.‘§'17.'P.IlI!i‘u ’I ' ' I . mu. -3o33'r\:'§'5: .Aa3r-a-, vcnmn 0o..2:§Ic&‘l§lu3u.“o~:1 2%; $5 Cheapeat endbeet G e rm n n - A m e rtc a n . D ic tio n a ry k t the unprecedentedly low prioe o r a l. SiXAhandsomepagee, bound in black Cloth. Knguen Words w ith German equiva­- lent* and pronunciation, and German -words w ith English definition*, so that i f yoaheer a German wbrd and want to know i t in English.yon look in orie .p u t Of the book, while I f you want to translate an Eng- Ileh word into German yon look M AKE CHICKENS I f youknow jiow to rroiwrly ctro for them. Fora.Tcent* Instainri* 5on csniirociirc* 100 -PAGE BOOK giving tno cjptvieuce of a practi- cnl Poultry, liaiser—not an ama­- teur, B u t* man working to t dot- ]ar*»nil Mint--during * period oft 55 year*. I t teaehc* you how to Defect and OitojDistaaw; to Feed for Eggs and also for rattening; which Fowls to H*vo for Breeding, Purpose*! and everything; indeed. „, --------——■“ )cct 'to_riikk« i t pront J c . BOOK PUB S tre e t, M. V . C ity

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