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Havana journal. (Havana, Chemung Co., N.Y.) 1849-1893, March 16, 1889, Image 5

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W3.-“~' 11' . W ..«2.\:: ‘“ J as If; .v)\;:‘_ m V IC IN IT Y LOCAL. Cur Upper District School closed last Friday. The Spring term is to bo taught by Miss Alice Fox, and all wish her sue - ceu* ^ Mr. and Mrs. James Moore were unex­- pectedly landed in a snow bank while driv­- ing from thelr home to this tlUage on Sun day last. Fortunately neither of them were hurt. I t seems good to see the young people borne again from school, and adds much to the life of tbe place. Mr, (Blmer Hasten is busy’ erecting a barn upon his lot, which adds much to its appearance.Several persons are complaining of bav log a cold op sore throat. A distemper is raging among the horses in this vloinity. boarder. I t is a girl, aud came on Fri­- day of last week. Died, near Havana, March 8th, Mrs. Eliza Gray, aged 84 years. Her remains were brought here on Sunday for burial in Tyrone Cemetery. She had been liviog with her daughter, Mrs. D. C. Smith. BUSINESS NOTICES; \’ ..v ‘n \ -- ~ ~. - ..,.:~~ j..- I ' ‘ ‘ ‘ ~ ‘ , 1 ;, ‘ :2 .‘ W. 4,‘ _r*~=,ta~a .—.._._. . ' g 1 as‘ V 3 ‘. M *— “3 , __ _ .- 1 .' VeodraMll* printed * i thto offira oft short notice. ' . . • - . i, . TTATKIMS kttCAl; smalt errerew^e anddrflop middle, -y e s g i v * * * * ' - . ^wiliiy gut Time. on j vjw n** ^ day n ig h t.\ The fornitureo! the occupants, ? T to S n e“ ^ e o e h s rb e f shop’ ' hia the grandest new pole ever heard of in this part o fth e w tw w H w feet ed the gaysat of the gay, by our .artistic pfdhter, SellM iiieiv ^ Miss Nellie Qrum, M. D ., iste pf Wat-l .kins, has permanently located for,the prac-l-fe^-than - j . ,u. . H e n is *h opening for a femsle tion. 1*anpet . •grWwg^^W o f Watkins h*ra formed * literary * «c ^ o n tor _nwtual| improvement, o f wWdi H .O . Hatdem tte JetternonHouse lmrbef, Is President, Miss Msggie Thompson, Secretary, M f* PbitjP W ^ T r m« ir e r ,*nd Mlm Ada Campbell, a student andg»Wmd« 1“« \*1‘ nsering d s n of ’W, Oocm^ University, afteraeompsUtiee examination of a m- *0%Friday o f tori’ week, Mw. Daniel lattom a t the eieg!®! 8 ^ ! 1 tastdenpe, ooraer o t Seventh and Decatur streets; ________Tbe r ia n d * o f t h e plem ant oecMton were d f exoeHent qualiW ,« d th e style in w hich tbey w ere serted Wes f u l l y u p to th e best modern Qaeen A n n a standard. T he tw o Telegram ly ric s o f W a tk in s h * *«i hnrtod t h e hatchet ( i n each o th e rs | e n n io m s ), and the ' ‘ ^ r a t p ic n ic w * r” is ended—though n o pipe o f peace has been ‘ -\ ‘ !-' isa sstro n g as ‘ o break Out on o r favor-fea aWe o p p o rtu n ity—w h in th e 'w a f song o f the avengeful ‘ ‘ N o tjob n B o e” bawl w i ll be: “iw lU m e upm x liambMaiKt bead m f oaic bOw I Wat-IchanRe Nor laMs sbaU lMp*de ms, npr mQU» BttbSStSui alone give mx spltlt repose.” Btdn. and Mrs; Dantel Beach left 1 kin* on Sathrday of IsM wisek for Roches-1 ter, ttimw to vlsit a Short time with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harris. - Thence tkergo to Albany for a day or two, where their daughter Matie is at St. Agnea’ school. F rtm Albany the trip w ill be oonlinHed. to New. York, where a few -day* w ill be passed among friends, anjl enjoying some of the principal attrac­- tions o fth e great Metropolis, beford start- ing fo r. home. ■ • ... Chas. S. Beckwith, one of the pioneer Isettlera pf Watkins,: died at his hillside __FnXav boudtl-aged over 80. yeart. In his manhood’s • - • -— — ‘ , L . Rood, wh 01J gg years of age, kbd good authority priinehedid a gnat deal Pf Work fo r Dr. Watkins, the founder o f the village, among which w aa the coortrnctkm-ofa number of reeerMrdama in Watkins Glett, only feint trsces o f which now 'remain, they having beens built over half a.century ago. The decrased haa Jong been one o f the marked and exoentnc character* of the village, and around the head Waiter* o f Beneca lake, he haring been a reeident of Watkins ever since tbe war of 1812,.““\ o is on matters of fact hereabouts, the first news- Watkins Was the“ Old paper published, in School Democrat,” \by Solomon Wilbur, -tbdugA hu name did.not appear; in the pa- j p e r.: f t p.mpOTted to be published b y au ] o f gentleman,’ ’ but the Judge I pone Of them atiil survives. Nor doee he give the date a t which the paper was start- po-L r l y and very natural death, and had jaaveral UluatriOns wcoessore 'before dther I the Watkins Democrat rer WatklnsExpres* h i y y n f w .th in ^ H>v«na and their Vicinitlei, oouia It be written, te ^ iis !s s a s K ? i& ^ men, when they possessed the land, up yth e .tim e of Gen. Sullivanh, expedition I t died an | of destruction and desolation ih 1779—110 | Ihdian village w s* destroyed on the rising k few miles south of the head o f j 1 B*neca lake, on both sideeof tbe inlet,now I known aa Catharine CrCek. There was an I Indian burial ground directly in front of Watkins Glen-r-ihe stream now known as Glen creek, ttien flowing toward the south-About east and into Culver’s pond, which has beon yery nearly obliterated by the gradual recession o f tb * waters from Catharine p,>r,h. fo e many years aftsr tbe scatter-| ing o f the Six Nations, by the cruel hand ^Megttlonof the 8« ^ s n n d *tty risHed Watkins Gleu, and held some myatMi(Ma oeremonie%.and Rod Jacket, tbmr renowned Chief, ^^waa Wont to visit ^^the Falls at Havana and mingle Ua eloquence With th rir resounding flood* Queen 0*UMri.ns Moulour, after whom the town o f Gatharinfetbe t r it t y and the inlet stream ] lW I ^ of Sense* take war* named, hasa Wstory| fu ll o f .tomancie, and unlike Queen Esther Of Wyoming wMoriety, she was * woman o f nobtt deeds and blessed jnemory.' $|ucM . | hM bran done In the publication of the I Journal* of tbe;8ullivan expedition to wreat a portion of Okr local Indian htttory from oMinou; but not enough,and much still remains to be {ttnned. ~ StOrm Jsit.-j, Spring ■ tb*' Xews froTO.Tdwn* In go hu jd e r m al A d jo in in g C ount!** G leiuied by W Id * A w n ke ' ‘H avaan J o u rn a l C o m e p o n d . o n t o” ^ ' \•*\ .' ’ •\ A very fine lot p i Watches at Hopkins, the Jeweler. Last ’Rwretoywtt the annlreraMyot great blizzard tn thto State. , annlreraMyot tbe I‘ .=~;~, ‘: 9;; 53: Ms?‘-:4 Maple sugar and maple harty’s.- * syrup at Clau- , X Young M*h’» Qbrirtfta ^arexfirtion has been prganizedttMiUpcirt. :.' Try Meeks Bros. , Flour. 27tf “And winter, lingering, chills tbe le p o t Spring,” seems Yery fu lly shown this season, more titan usual. On the hills there is s till ffitioh snow. We saw a gen­- tleman and lady pass yesterday (Friday) in a cutter in the mud, Who evidently came from the h ill. j . Tobacco growers h*yem «le better pales o f4 bw^pK)ductthii.y«»r 'thin setttal yesrs previous. Very little has been sold for. Wat-l „w„ — .kins, prac-l-fe^-than 15-centa,-and most o f the crop pgj ppjp ind, Some of these growers are very decided temperance .meu and oppose the use of the weed, and yet make the* crop their money staple, Tbeir conscience is appeased because a part of it'is given to the churches and be­- nevolent pnrposes, doing an acknowledged “evil that good may oome.” Our ^District School closes Its winter .term next week w ith a public sxhlbition on Friday evening, t}£ 15th inst. Prof. T _T T - „. j Baker, ^dnc^paf, haAjtaught a and is now his assistant, conducted the great tudoees Miss Gline, ________Tbe U ke place. F tp f, B a k ^ t moves lot Bacon’s d w e llin g on the corner o f 1 L ane. ' * , Rev. H . B . B aldw in has dffered bis re s ig n a tio n -v e ry much to the surprise o f | h ls church and 'io cie ty—to take effect A p r i l 1st; He is a mod; -exce lle nt man, a tru e Christian gentldmanAnd ve ry spiritual. A l l pastors, we believe, o f m uch sensibili- U y ; w m o ften feel a lassitude o f sp irit and favor-fea r th e ir w o rk i i not a« good as the, heart desires.. B u t is not J i S a WekkheeS com - m0n to man, and a Christian pastor has a ll I the sensibiiity o r feelings, o f a i n a n , not- W h h rta n d ih g his faith , A n d not lin fre - m 4j . .... i Wedding card* we k« n are °ht fo r the jmiOT of two of our mo*t honored familira, jn their dhildren a marriage. Ws w ill re-00^r^ P°Ji wl*en“ / . A-iwim, , t m w # I. learn quite-a change around is Wkpeeted tp _-• into Mrs. Ceme- quently m ore than o the rs.. And do not I churchee in this age of bustle and love of Wat-IchanRe get Uioughtless of their, pastor’s chang th need of kindly, sympathy, They have beendoing good Work and.have elicited quite an interest among the youth, Once a year they give a public exhibition, i ss if * caper, have music and % f t t t £ w in the tenth year and was never mote prosperous. I . Mr. Bald win tt an unmarried man,-and Jtichidne men^jf- ten take oounsol with their sympathies too much. M in tttm that“ marry do well,” apd should bs jMSshod to do w e ll; let others if they Witt“ do better.” I think I have never spoken of pur l i t ­ erary Society which meets monthly-f t haa been studying for the last few months “Greentt History of the English People.” Mr. Abram Minier is quite il l and con fined to the bouse. Jfri George Lovell stilt lingers and seems wasting by slow de­- cay, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Havens have been on the sick list, but are now improv­- ing. Mrs. Rev. N . A. DePew t t very poorly this spring, hut able to ait up most o f the time. Our new President is received by all clsseOs very quietly. Is it not a rebuke to the maligners ahd traducera o f the Repub can party that the providence of God has restored them to power!—“ the measure ye meet to othsra shall he measured unto you.” ’ ' D. ,'r t e K t c S x x . ^ Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fan Fleet, a SOn, February 14th. ■ A nice valentine, - Quite a number df children in this dis­- trict have been affljeted with sore throats, oonfining each one to the house for a few days. - • Master Erwin Lovell is said to be suffer ing from Bright’s disease of the kidneys, Elisha Weaver and 'fam ily have gone for a few days visit to Mr. Weaver’s fath­- er in Scipio. Rev. Henry Hoffmire preached to a large and attentive hkdience March 3d. The Christian Endeavor Orchestra accom panied Bro. French, on his usual appoint ment two weeks agOand highly entertained * very large audience, the music being in 1 table service, apd A very pleasant and pro iong to be remembered, I Misses Nancy and, Grace William a have I been spending a few days at Watkin* and Dundee. . Surprise parties are the order of the day. south-About fifty gathered at the residence of Samuel Williams J e s t week Wednraday, and enjoyed themselyes until the imaU hours o f the morning and even then seem ed reluctant to separate. Mr. Jerome Leonard expects to work for M r. Conover of Codpers, on a dairy farm tbe coming year. Mias Bertha Allen commenced school at Trumanabu'rg on Monday. Mr. Henry Hoffmire of Manlius, N. Y., has been Spending . a few days with friends hen. He also officiated at the marriage of his son Charles, to Mim Carrie Gould of Uiysses. -A Good Templar’s lodge, with about twenty-five members, has been organized here. , mo r f at s. OAVC IAVILLE. '1o,_1‘aog; ; Robtnasnd b lu a b U d ^ b T latter quite numerou*-rmade their appearihoe here tbi« week. ...... '■ * ■'- We hope for an early Spring. There w ill be a Box Sociable at the resi­- dence o f Mr. Daniel Todd on Friday night of this week. AU are welcome. Subscribe for the Jo u r n a l and keep posted on the news. Mr. C. S. Johnson w ill glye a temper­- ance address at the H. E. Church in this place next Sunday, March 17th, at 2 p. m. Subject;“ The protection of the home in ­ fluences against the Saloon.” All are invited to attend. Pratt's Food for horses, cattle and poul­- try, at Blair’s . __________ 26w2 1 * » * 1 V *•*} t’.'wws m if p < * ** ]A J tr s\< -i M ^ I • ' 4 tt* ■Si s ' ; ' H . i& H s | „y%'t'-v 1 > i m >> s ^ -S' * •*’ ?, .5' c . iJ ,<->. *■- .. * tt a * ; Remember that Weed Bros. & Oo.s are, doing just as they say. Look at their price list of overcoats, suitings,etc , in this week’s issue. 2 V > »M M * « ** $ • A> ave M s.owm ; _tw im wm ol tM t t V»' &rA r tH6wwwltiv * n and crime, tt^ a w o u g h C b m »m o »e rc« a e . Bw i»iw r»tolnm U tot o f* n ,l. -Contest i n d »w i M r« T W * ? ? ? * ’ By It you m *r O’ercMB# the world, •Ttotir Bl* atwngth that yon »w strong. Stems W wettt to® tempters IWwer, Antlhid Him oeassto rendtheheart; to proteotthy wetter Wand. T ow a r ^ Tlltti lATttot thfltt > T h e w t t *> C h rto ttt ^ V\ .s ThejMhot *J>mtt*ondtawo«. . - . OwnpWteyour circle ’r®urathee*rth» . A b ou t map le wigar tim e . t ; . The W-C, T. U, Trill meet E . K . Thompson FrW*y» M *» b 18*h* ^ 3 p .m . Annual electionof officer^._ E v ­ erybody welcome,’” , -v . * . , , ' ,■;■ _______________California Evaporated Peaches at Clau- harty’s. y __________ NOTICE. yfe. again dealt* to strte that. a rtic le ,local andbuslnea* notions.’ to iM u re insef- tion* •»»««< be reoelTed * t .thto office befon Thurad»y morning. . io o t’b b i i x. The sleighing has been good this winter, but the recent thaw has left it very thin. For the convenience of people who find i t necessary to do trading in the evening M. N. Weed’s mammoth store w ill be open evenings until further notice. This stbre is lighted with gas supplied w ith the latest improved burners, which enables, custo­- mers to select goods and match colors nearly as well as by daylight. From^another correspondent. very Some of the farmers have improved the good sleighing ot the past for getting in some logs. . , Dr. Smeizer was seen oh the h ill Wed neaday morning o f last vveek. We after wards learned he had been called to Oscar Brown’s b y the illness o f .Mr. Brown’s IJaslm -fyw * We understand that Theodore Kellogg is to work-.ISMO Morris’ farm this year. The Box Sociable at the residence of S. M. Wilaou on the evening of March 1st, passed off very pleasantly, and was much enjoyed by all present. E. T . 8trang:and wife spent several days recently visiting jfri'ends at Ithaca. Andrew Jackson has bad the misfortune to loose a horse. The subject at the i i . ¥•• C&iuroh next Sunday evening w ill be a continuation of the subject of last Sunday, v to i *T» con- science a reliable guide. A few more Clocks at bargain prices, at Hopkins, the Jeweler. M ills Gsry, r son of Mr*. Wm. Gary o f ICatharine, died Monday evening, Match lltfa , aged 15 yean. The funeral •will he h eldonfriday, MarehYhth, at 8 o'clock p. m. . .. . . • Frank Harvey, the sfage-driver between this place and Jthaca, is suffering from an attact o f rheumatism, and haa been unable to be on the.rpad for nearly two weeks. Mrs. Ruth Hausper of Starkey, bas been visiting friends here. Mrs. Ira Brisco, nee Della Owen,is visit ing her parents in this place. Bread made from Meeks Bros., Flour w ill hold its mositure longer than from any other. 27tf year. Mr. D. G. Topping is on the road most of the time as agent for a Syracuse firm. I f there is any money to be made Guin is ^ feUow that is a(ter it> Vaughn and J. C. Larew attended When you go to Hervey Bros, next Sat­- urday for Shoes, just take the opportunity to look over their new dress goods—giog- hams, prints, white goods, &c., &c. Mother Gooee and her interesting family Will be at Decker H ill on Friday Evening of next week.'' She i» the dear old friend |o f _yodr «hiidUood;. audiyou w illa lt want to see her. _______^ g > Vaughn and J. C. Larew attended re-00^r^ at Watkras UB juryir.an last week. The Winter term of school in the Larew [diatrict cloeed last week after a successful who has proved heraelf a teacher o f ability, and has given univsnal satisfaction to both parents and pupils. The afternoon of the last day was given tp recitations and select reading by the p upil* There was a goodly number of visitors, and the time passed off antly.I t is reported that John LaBar has taken the N. 8; Thompson farm to work. Mr. Henry Miller’s little girl has been very sick With pneumonia, but is conval­- escing.Martin Thompson has taken the widow Miller’s farm to work this Summer. ODESSA. Dried Cherries, Plums and Raspberries, at Clauharty’s. ,Oornlng w a n ta to h e w d ty . 1 ' The balmy breezes of March reminds us it is the season fo r odes to Spring,beautiful Spring.The committee o f Ways aad Means o f the A C. T.of the Baptist church cordially invite everybody to a Crazy Tea given by them next Wednesday evening, March 20th, in the roonjs formerly occupied as a Shoe store by P. ,G. Mitchell. Tea from 5 to 9. B ill 10 cents. The W. C, T . C. meets with Mrs. O. D. Field next Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. Our afflicted' townsman, Mr. D . Hen­- drickson, who has been ill for a long time, is no better. A slight improvement in the list of our sick. The winter term of school closes this week fo r a short vacation. Tbe gentlemen of the M. E. Church, ing program is also being prepared, j.p .» iu J ip euiT,ssc. Violin, Guitar and Baujo material, Pegs,, Tall Pieces, Budges, Rosin, &c. Strings of all kinds. Best quality, Tow prices, at Hopkins, the Jeweler. Charter ^ s e tlo n n e x t Tuesday. We intend to start for New York in about a week for Spring and Summer goods. Dry Goods are very cheap this spring, and when we receive our new stock we shall be able to sell you new, stylish and seasonable goods as cheap or cheaper than you can buy old stock at closing out sale. It w ill pay you to to wait for the new goods, at M. N. Weed’s one price atom W § .<;..; yew. .. Ithaca '.'last'--week voted for license, the majfority being 714. ' ; The examination of Bara' Jayh<% a f u | - tloe o t the Peace of Cayhla, afnated foe sending ohsene matter through the *^U» baa been farther postponed to Monday I next,. March 18th. The hill appcoprisring $95,000 for an wmory at Geneva has passed the leglsla- tnre. ’ ■■'■ •'•.... A n exchange saya many a man h*« rained his eyesight sitting in a Wsr roOm l« * in« for : - - ■ Cards are ont announclng the marriage of Mr. Merwin L. Abef of Csthsrine, to. Miss Lena M. Adamy o f thia Tillage, the l;h*ppy event to occur on Wednesday, o f bext week, March 80th. _____________Meeks Bros., guarantee their Combined Process Flour, equal to any Roller make from the same grade of wheat. 27tf . Now the prudent farmer cutteth bis season’* wood So he may linger in bed while his better halt getteth his breakfast. Miss Grace Cole Is visiting friends in Corning.Mr. Jay Beecher was in town on Friday. Miss Eva Nortbrup is spending her va cation here with her parents. Mr. Frank Hall has purchased the farm known as the Cole place, of John Tomp­- kins. B B A .V I B D A M S . TBe Ittmoa Demoorat says potatoes are a d ru c te th e W k ^ t, sblppets offering 0nly fl(t*».ow its a bushel. - : ^“ Rev. M. Cpyle w ill occupy the pulpit in the M. E. Church next Sunday, at the re­- quest o f the pastor, Rev J. B . Hyde. Figs, Dates, Prunella and Boiled Cider at Clauharty’s. Died, at the residence o f her daughter, Mrs. J, M, Fox, near Moreland, on Thiua day, March 7th, 1889, Mrs. Mary Craw- ford, relict of the lat* Judge Crawford aged 86 years. A t the time of her death Mrs. Crawford was the oldest rerident o f that locality. , - '2 . - .. The aDDortimimenf o f achod moneys for this County w ill be me** IW OcmmWoner Howatd oh Tuesday next. ______________should BBNNETlaBURO. Last Tuesday evening Mrs. Caroline Chase was given a surprise. About twenty friends met to make it a pleasant occa­- sion. I Tbe young people/ gave Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Morris a surprise last Friday evening. There were fo rty present. Frank Hopkins and wife of Farmer, Seneca County, are moving into the house which he purchased last fall. Mrs. C. K in g and Mrs. L. Strong o f Mecklenburg visited at F. Denson's on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Mrs. Jay Fish has been spending a couple of weeks with M r, Fish’s people at Lan­- sing.Miss L . Wilson, of Cook Academy, is spending her Spring vacation w ith her aunt, Mrs. Andrew Morris. George Gardner is spending a week with friends in Elmira. Special prices in Ladles Shoes at Hervey Bros, next Saturday. Take notice : This week Saturday, March 16th,. we w ill offer for sale four dozen pairs ladies fine shoes at $1.50 a pair. A ll sizes, and every pair a bargain. A t a special sale of shoes last Fall we sold two dozen pairs the first day. We hope to do even better than this, as we are offering you better barjmins. Come early as the assortment of sizes w ill spnn be broken. Respectfully,H E R V E Y &BROS. I t is stated that Bey. M r. Booram of Monsheadt, w ill be the Hector of Bt. Mark’s church, Millport, alter Baiter Sun­ «.,3!~')~.‘rt-' ,, , ,‘.,. ~ 2’ ______________should A person would think after calling at the that this place would furnish the F. B, C. Co. with a supply of telegraph operatorafor some time to come The Y. P-D . C. will meet at the rest dence of A , 8, Winfield next Friday even- ing, and w ill debate“ Which is the greater evil, temper or intemperance S A sociable was held at the house of Mr. F. W, Nortbrup on Wednesday eveniugof this Week. ‘nu ‘ Z. :\. I; :.~ p; 1 r :-L«,r.:.1'»'.§.‘~.I. ,a.~,:A m . 4:-~1 . A dpn atltV m 'ttK bepsflt of the pastor o f UM&esrMOTtirg church Will be held at the __FnXav e v Z Orange Hall in that place on Friday eyen-Wednesday, tog of this week. t ^ day. . The Ladies’ Aid Society ofrthe M; B . Church of Odessa, wlH hold their next __FnXav meetinK !lt t,ie home bf MtS' M n eyen-Wednesday, March 20th. . A boudtl-aged L V d w n e r w ill b*« rv« L A fa ll attend-' Lpcd is desired as it is the time for the yearly election of officers. BY ORDXK OF PRB8EPINT. *3‘”s'~‘ -;*';.' -\W I (-‘ E3‘, '2\ 5 4 . ‘~\-_V‘A~';. :' { . 1%: ______________should More clothing has been sold the past two weeks hy Weed Bros. & Co., at their Spe­- cial Sale than eyer before in town in the same length of time. Such a reduction in prices was never before known in Western New York. _________ _ _ _ _ _ Rev. James geoville, tbe Evangelist, o f this village, is holding a series, o f Gospel meetings In the Baptist church at Yofk, Divlngston county. . .-V \ \ *1‘ v r ,' '‘*’r,,, ;._K, 9:’ —J<!t:._ ,:¢»,,,.v__?-,. 24' :91‘? ‘J .\- ,\7' 3‘ “ ~,>_~ ‘ ______________should We are pleased to learn that Mr. George Walker of this place, has been appointed foreman o f the fence gang on tbe F. B. O. Co.’s R. R. Adella. I t is reported that a oompsny bas been organized to ..construct«. a railroad . from Geneya to VuiEttenville, • tp b f known as the >H]ftMVa and V a n B ttw rillf Rsllrdad^” ^and^that^among the^ stockhriderafwGeo.. G,'Montgomery of Odessa , Dr, N fti“ f 01J of Hector, P. M. Wtte Burdett, Dr. _________________o f Willard, J . B . T hom as o f O v id a n d C a p ta in L o g ans o f Geneva. CORSETS. N ~~ : us \' 1‘ v »_.L1';{_ .553 ThsBchuyler Countr Teachera’ InstUute w ill be held at the Court Non** in W at­- kins, eommenoing March 18th, ahd con­- tinuing to and including the 82d.' ______________should This almost tndispensible article of a lady’s wardrobe has recently been greatly improved. These advantages every lady will see at a glance, and all say,“ Why did, not someone think of that before.” Tbe manufacturers have so muoh confidence in them that they sell them on four week’s trial. Eyery lady within 50 miles of Ha­- vana should call at M. N. Weed's ono- price store and take one on trial. ______________should M ONTO trE AND VTOINITT. ______________should We are sorry to’ learn that our esteemed townsman, W. H . Morris, with hisJamily, are soon to move to Belleville, where rbsy are to make their-future home w ith Mrs. Morris’ people. M. N. * < l - f - t v i . ' . - T t >»'A ’ ,i - .< f I ' r -d n . In driving from Mr. James Frost’s to Elijah Hewitt’a I was reminded very strongly o f this country at an early day, as the main road is filled to its utmost capacity w ith snow making it impassable, and consequently one has to take the fields forabout two miles, which is not as bad as it might be . On this day President Harrison was inaugurated and took'his seat, all o f Which I was thinking Over to myself when all at once the animal I was driving made a spring and seated me in a little atream of about eight or ten inches of ice coal waier and slush, which took place about the time Mr. Harrison took the Presidential Chair, and which also protray- ed 10 me the alarming, difference in our stalions, he, ruler oyer 60,000,000 of peo­- ple, and I quietly seated in the bottom of the moet inferior creek on James Frost’s farm, which made me feel more like a fourth-rate Road Commissioner than arnler but siich is life, atffl March is like many people, so very, very windy, Yes they know how to keep a Hotel, all of which is perceptible at a glance on en­- tering the well arranged writing room with its nicely carpeted floor and daintily ar ranged bric-a-brae, all of which has that inviting look that I am sorry to say is so foreiga to many public houses; and even the piano seems to say, I am here for your especial benefit and wholly at yonr service if you are musically inclined. All the above ia a poor discription of the lower Hotel at Burdett,conducted by Mr. Strader, who has renovated and very muoh improv­- ed the premises, and the citizens seems to appreciate the landlord’s good qualities, I ______________should judge, as his first danoe was well at- . Themusio was by H ill’s Orches­- tra, wUch is under obligations to the host tended. and hostess for favors shown. I C, Iu S. C. w ill meet March 18tb, w ith Mrs. H. B, Jackson, corner Genesee and. Booth streets. Electtou Is over—let there b e a fd ft kttmdaofce. ^ ______________should .Miss SaraB u rr of Elmira, spent Sunday with friends herei' Prof. A. P. Nichols made a flyin g busi­- ness trip to Albany Tuesday. A. B. White of Campbell, has been spending afew days w ith relatives here. Mrs. Hattie Beebe returned to her home in Elbridge, Pa., Monday morning. H. S. Personious has purchased o f John Chandler hia house and lot on Mato S t. Consideration $1050. ______________should M IL L P O R T Says the Ithaca Journal: A young man L hQ only a few years ago vrk* one of th e arrested last; week fo r vagrancy. W h ij | k a n d r io t o U g u rin g were h if rttin. He is now Without home or friends« respect, and sleeps, frequently, at the po-L 1 lice station; He was' one of those drinkers ac-who can stop when they want to, but who never Want to stop until i t is too late, ______________should That new Crockery and Glassware at. Claubarty’s . _ Joseph B urritt a resident o f Ithaca, aged bight. 1 Hs came to fthaca from Stratford, Conn., in 1816. H tt fattlillness was brief and the only illness in hja life. ________________I have been cleaning house and have found things in Silverware that I w ill sell very cheap; quality all right, but I want the room for newer style goods. Hopkins, the Jeweler. Rer. 8. W. Wetts, formerly of thU p l y , and, for a year or more pastor o tth e Fnebyterian church at Newfleld, has ac-who oqpfed a 0*11 from Danhy, Tompkins county, and w ill soon remove to tbat place. Meeks Bros ,Flour can be the leading grocers. found at all 27 tf ______________should $1050. The Spoke factory property was struck off to Alfred Pinckney a t Mortgage sale last Saturday fo r $1100. Tbe union revival meetings closed on Sunday evening. That great good has re­- sulted no one can deny, and let us hope and trust tbat those who have started may hold fast to tbe end. Twelve marole headstones have been re ­ ceived by Dexter White, Adjutant of W il­- son Dean Post, G. A R-. to mark tbe graves of the soldiers Of the rebellion in our cemetery. A slight wreck caused by a through freight crashing into the rear of (the local freight near Croton, Friday, delayed the forenoon passenger trains over three hours. The donation visit fo r the R.-v. J. R Drake, in the H.. E. church parlors on Wednesday evening was a very pleasant occasion and increased the amount of tbis DR. C. H. F IR M A N of Watkins, having leased rooms id tho Tracy Block, Havana, w ill open a Branch office to be conducted by himself, w ilb the co-operation of Dr. H. A. Moore. Teeth extracted by use ot his local ansesihettr, or by the Electric Vibrator. We are pre­- pared to do all Crown work and Porcelain filling. Excellent wo-k and reasonable charges. Office open ever day. Dr. F ir­- man w ill continue his offloe In Watkins 03 heretofore. _ 1226yl i 0 0ur advertising columns th b week w e r s r * T - \ s r $ B r*-> the Clothiersof Elmira. I t YheTwoiOracle^’Mftbeedless t o i t y to our resdefs that tw lr|p mammoth doable store is filled from cellar! to garret with everything in th e . line r i w t Z Clothing, Gent • Fumishipg Goods, * c . , and we advise all wbo visit Elmira In aeenffl of Clothing to be sore and visit Hallock JkBro’a before por-1 ■ „, •cnasing. - a—I '“ jfe’a*iL a^> y purchssedat a sale in New Yorkcity, three paintings, as follows: ‘ YheTwoiOracle^’Mftbeedless $550.;“ T i» Stirrup cafe” $7,100, and Spanish Diligence Station,” '“ Scene a t a #9,XQ iX lihore w ill be a Box Sociable at tha reri- i?dence of Mr. S, B. H ill Wednesday even­- ing, March 20th. Each lady t t expected to bring a box containing lilnch for Jtwo..] Sale of boxes at 8 o’ clock. A n invitation la extended to ail. * Another new st-ick of tbe celebrated P . W. Minor’s make of ladies floe shoes opened this week at M N. Weed s one price store. These goods are giving tbe best of satisfaction, both in fit and wear and are tbe mast popular skies sold io Ha­- vana. Tbe prices are tbe lowest, consid- ! ering tbe quality, of any shoes ip the market. Every pair warranted. Ladies w ill find it to their interest t o try a pair. TbeYown-Boardmetat the Town Clerk’s Affl„ a*tnrri*v l«*t and settled« ith office on Satmday ,l*et and settlea wt Mr; Er A , Dunham, the outgoing Super-1 Vtac ir, «ad adjourned tq meet on Monday o f thisWeek fortbepurpose o f organialng . Af m . iih A t the meettnv a T ^w uB o«d o(; Health. A t tbe meettng on Monday Mr. John McClure was cbMen as the resident member of the Board. M r. McClure was notified of hi* election, whew the Board of Health convened and ap­- pointed Dr. B ^T . Smeizer Health (M o s t for the ensiling year. - . When you pay for the Joubmal the date p it the little printed slip' w ith your name is changed, and. is your receipt for pay­- ment. Remember the dat<> always shows the Urns fo w hieh you have paid. Look at the little slip now and sea bow your ac­- count stands with the printer. fa ith fu l pastor’s worldly goods $100. On Monday evening of this week a branch of the Y M . C. A. was o r­- ganized with 30 members. Rey. J. R- Drake was elected President; Roswell Goff, Secretary ; C; V . D . Cornell, Treas­- urer. It is expected that a delegation from Elmira w ill be present a t the next meeting Monday evening. The funeral services o f the late John R. Green were held in the Baptist church Sun­- day afternoon, conducted by the pastor, George Thompson. A large number of relatives, friends and neighbors followed the remains to their last resting place in the Vary Cemetery 0h*the Bidge road. The assignment of W . Maxwell & Co., dealers to D ry Goods, Groceries, Boots & Shoes, &c., was announced last week. A W. Crandall is made the assignee, and the following preferred creditors are named: Charles F. Keysets, Havana, $1,000; E. A. Dunham & Co., Havana, $100; A W. Crandall, Millport, $200; Edward Crofut, 1 1200; J; M. Jaoksqn, $300; Mrs. Susan Maxwell, $800; P liny Tanner and John T. Green, $500; Geneseo Glove Company, $78.25. ' An inventory of the stock was nearly completed when,, on Monday, Depu­- ty Sheriffs Smalley and L ittle put in an appearance and the supposition is replevied n u u o in u v a u u vuwu .M F r w',v >vw* * --------’, the goods, as Deputy Sheriff L ittle was le ft P n charge. G e n t l e m e n —When y o u call at Weed Bros. & Co. for a pair of those fine shoes, don’t forget to l o o k over their Special Price.List on clothing. They are bargains and no mistake. Mrs. I . Chapman and daughter, M. Ethel, o f Elmira, visited her parents, Mr. and Mra. E. Hewitt of Veteran last week. Tbs Bath Pttindaalw teUeofaman who while at a hugging Bee M a nsighboring; town foe the benefit of a fflrarcb, a-few March, 1889. Repair the sidewalks. Bittiness is booming. The days are lengthening. Subscribe for the Jomnrab and keep posted cm the news of the week. Better attendance * t church, and much belter observance of Sunday would be a decided improvement. Miss Lila Wheeler is home for a few weeks. Rev. Mr.' Ferrell visited the school at Cayuta last Week. lumor saya a number of changes w ill place hdfe in the Spring. Connell has a fine hone for sale * wish an effort might be made to 01 a Good Templar Lodge here. Easter Sunday A p ril 21, 1889. Mr. C. S . Johpson o f Fairport N. Y. w ill deliver a temperance address at tho M. E. church in this place next 8unday morning,March 17th, a t 1 1 a. m-Subject! The Protection of the Home Against the Saloon Influence. A ll are welcomed. There w ill be a box sociable at the resi­- dence o f Mr. Daniel Todd, near Cayuta- ville, on Friday evening of this week. A \■ ‘\ ' led to —JalLtoaLu alt the social* held this winter. ‘ $4 60 4.40 3.20 1 20 4 00 Nut and Stove, 2000 pounds, Egg,“ •; Pea, Feed and Meal 100 pounds, Flour per bbl, Car load W hite Pine just received. 85wS A t B l a i r ’ s . evrifing* Mnoe, while biindtolded, hugged his wife fo r eevent minutes without knoW- -Ing wbo bawa* bafigtng. V ^ s n he fild find out he wanted h k 15 qeett baok. f Mx-Shsriff 'V a ltrff Behnylei: bounty, % * man of business-ilke principle* worthy ef lmltatkra. D nriiqt h i* term Of offloe b* bra doM M ttn r ii Work *T M Y o f b tt J K r in tbe oflfce o f Sheriff. Upon Om M p Irrtio n ^ b t t ^ o , offloe t b i l W L a p e a i a b is band* o n l y t w o e r a f M I o ^ and tbrae vrar* h rid under tbe in rtru o tio n en ! , ^^ w . L y on’s t t r m o f o f - ^ ^ atto noted fo r its buslnsss-lllM mansgsment, Mr. Walt acting a t that time in the anpedty of Deputy flheriff for M r. jLyom — W a fM m D m o d fa L - JL DotttleWiMMia*; HEOKCBBBOBO. ~ We were visited With another snow StOrm and blizzard on Friday and Saturday Jsit.-j, \ 1 Spring is near at hand, fad farmers are preparing for Spring work. . 11, 1989 , I Moees Bowen t t fflOvinglnto town. X d ro b JouxBAt—Wednesday, March Andrew Darling w ill work this Summer fltlv oOntrined events which w ill be of in-for Wm. HovenCaeapt Ira Seats fo r G. B. tsrast to many JotntXAn readers, and to | Reynolds; John ftlne forvWm. Carman, many people of Schuyler county and vicinity, v ia : * double wedding in which h i m Attina Switzer and Leriier Rumsey, M iH ESs Bwitner (att o f Bradford, N .Y .,) and Geo. Feagles of Monterey Were the A\mong tho#e who partook of the excel- leni auprar preqeding the oeremony, or at-> tended th * latter, were Mr. aud Mrt- gles 'bf Monterey, theh tianpy coatractlng parties, ' ‘ ^ - Bif d s u g h te r M sm ie, I tL ____-. ^ ^ now Mr*. D r. Tomer of Cooper*’ Plain*, George Ward qf Ithaca, spent Saturday aud Albert Whiting for George Carman. Albert Whiting hm moved into the; De­- w itt Becker house . The social at til* Haft on Wednesday evening last was well attended. The pro ceefi* were $12 . ’ - _. The temperauo* lecture on Tuesday evening drew out a fair sized audience. A ll should remember the Box Social at he Hall on Fridayevening of this week Stephan -ly interested in the teaching ftatem ^ ‘ .uyler county; Mr. and Mrs. nsey of Bradford j Mr. and Mr?, Imy of Dundee; Mr. Brad ^ W \\ u \' T h * m tm ip i took place in th * Baptist chnrch at Bradford, f t which Mr. and M r* Rnmsey occupy prominent posi­- tions in Snnday school whrk—the former M Assktaat Bupsrintendent, and both «* teachers; in a targe audlenoe of relative* aod friend*; After the ceremony the hap­- py couple* etartia on a short visit among relatives and friends. Mr. and Mr*. Rum- ray viaited at tb* home of Mr. ahd Mra. A f t Gspnng Saturday aud Sunday, May the years to «om« be filled w ith ju st enough oloudi to make the sunshine of ih * Mtstsr’a Ihvo radiant ih tile heartt of those who start In wedded We consecrated to H is serTlo*, i t the wish of th * writor. i ‘ last w ith friends in town, N , U. Armstrong ha* sold his barber 'shop Interest to George Ward o f Ithacs, who w ill take poaseeaion A pril 1st. V ie ltin it f r i l _ , „................ W illiam' QaHert |)Wfc*unto himself $ wife on Tuesday Of this week, Several sre compttlning of severe colds. Bine moonlights again. George A Soule* of Heynoldsville, waa in town' on Monday last, The Trmmanebuig Free-Pres* came to us on Saturday last with an addition to the length ot its columns. Snqopib. * W iNi i m I i . MOB* LAND . Sadness is once more cart over our ham­- let by the calling awsy ot one of our oldest and most estimable friends, Mra. Judge has reoovered frotn a raver* attack o f qoinray, and is out **$«; William Wakemaa has been ap- pointed leader of onr hand in the abiepoe s i George B atter, who bra M M fttl? -T h e R e p U b R ra n s o f H a m m o ^ o r t pro. po seto settle th ^ q p ra tio n aa t o who * b * a b e ^ s tm a s te r a r ^ «l ^ i d a ^ A n d - l t has b e •g n s d tb a t tbe one receiving tbs gretttset ytamber of totes shall receive the unani­- mous suppor t of the partyfor appointment. Headquarters for Optical goods. The eyes Carefully tested and suitable glasses furnished; at Hopkins, the Jeweler. Meeks Bros., Flour once tried, always used. I t is a well known fact that J. Richard- sin & Co., make the largest line of boots and shoes of any manufacture in the State of New York. Tbey are made o f good rolled leather and sold just as low as tho shoddy goods made ahd sold by eastern * houses. Every pair warranted. n , L n W n a H -u n /ia Jrr f #a S lfl --------’, , • — - ’ F o r sale Sign—the Big Cali arid see 28w4 only' by Weed Bros. & Co. Red Boot, Havana, N. Y. them. ! A irreok occurred on the Northern Cen- tral railroad near Millpprt on Friday last. - freight pain standing on the track Was ton into by another freight following. A tobooee, one freight car and the forward track of the colliding engine were derailed. T h * paraager train South at 10:40 was heWat this Nation u ntil about half past two. No one was h a rt Tb* following curious droumstsncra t t reported hy M. L . Martin Who raotrtalnod1 the fads while on brainsss in“ Pony H o l­- low.” Thera fesWsi with k . H Brown, a lady,Mrs. Bsdtwell, aged eighty-five yean. She has a friend, a Mrs. Upright, aged eighty-four, now living in Michigan bnt formerly Mridiag in Alpine, who t t the Od essa L ec t ure C ourse . ___Hello ! Hello -send down two sacks of Meeks Bros,, Fiour. A ll right. 27tf The first lecture of the Course at the M. E. Church was given Tuesday evening to a large and appreciative audience. The .ecture was preceded b y a solo,“ One Step l$ & fi£ ,rby Miss Bertfta Dubois, which-she rendered in an admirable. manner.. Rev'. Mr. Benger handled his subject in a mas­- terly style, nhft it is sufficient to say that those who missed hearing bim lost a treat. rarel'Ronddiit, On th* morning of A pril 80th, 1889, a t J o’« a , ^ ? ! S i ! »f l C ; ^ i k t . ‘ ~ church bells all over the country shall ring to celebrate the event o f one hundred years ago, when the church bells throughout the totrtssn States rang out to call the people kiiMhee to pray for the stibcras and pro*- pretty of the country under General Wash- utgtott, that day inaugurated President of the United States. . ■ r su ffe re a tro ln a Bladder a M ^ l^ rix e y trouble* and that I was ouredby Dr. Pavia Kennedy’s Favorite R em «P \n3ade at rarel'Ronddiit, N . Y .,“ -and I to o k A o tw A to — spending the balance o f my life free from torture and w ith a heart grateful for the medicine which affords me so peasant a •prospect. —Rev. 8; C. Chandler, Lebanon Springs, N. Y . S7w4 F o r t lie Good d r O tHers. '* e v |^ > > ^hfid re d jJ^ren . boys r o u r - | j r i *^ ^ f e t f ‘ o f 'rb e r -*o n * vj era in the army, and ten o f them c^bae out alive.—W atkin* JBHprets. T T R O lt* . ' * * -Mr; -Mr; O, T; WilUs, w ife and sister, went to Dresden on Saturday last to attend the funeral of btt uncle, which took place on Sunday;T. H Van Odder o f Watkins, has rent­- ed a house and shop in* this place, anc moves here about the first of April, and will open a first-class Wagon Shop. Mr, Leroy Murray, son of landlord Murray, Went to New York a week ego last Thursday. From there ho went to “'“ ‘ tbe inaugural of Blmira on Tuesday o f last week. _Busan Horton and sou have moved to ^ M n ^ r l r a F ra n oaad w ile bats a m w •Dr. C. D. Onwaou, who has been confined to his room foe several days, We are g ttd to statejs snoCh bettor. The next lecture o f the Course w ill be given by Rev. M. Coyle, Tuesday evening, March 19th, to be preceded by a solo by Mrs. John Morgan,“ Flee as a Bird to the Mountain.” Tue.sttbjert o f the lecture, “W hat I saw in my travels abroad,” w ill be (instructive and interesting, and those who heard him a year ago in description of his“ Travels screw the Continent,” w ill not fail to hear him again. L e t the house, be packed. Single tickets 10 cento '* * * g —Os p t X. O. Har di ng anfi wi fe of thto viUage, am visiting M r . Hardi ng’s brother Tsr dl afc at Tr a n K*, N . J . M r. C. L . Hs Bg, t anten f t f t reported that during the coining Consuiniitioc. Surely Cured. eummer a hew *u‘*rprise w ill be inauguret- ed at or near Btarirey ttatton, it being 'nothing less than to manufacture a non- fermented gn^e-iiquor that w ill b# non- intoxicant. Ref. J. BL MoCUKy of Clifton »l*ing% t t ths repoted d iw o rs n ro t the prooera and head o f th« company onmnia- ed. I f the p U« oa nT ,sorae $H (»o wifi be expended ia bnUdttgs, pksMh ele. —Mim Fred* Kepler and Mtos Thompson, o f Bs v u m, N. Y-, »ra gnjMts of Speaker and M r * Goto at th * '' •—A lb a n y E x p m t : Lain To the jsaifo r—Pleaso inform your readers that I have a positive remedy fo r the above named disease . B y its timely uso thousands o f hopeles* cases hare been permanently Cured. I shaft be giad to Bend two bottle* df my remedy m m to-awr of your readers who have. cMtum ptionif _ they w ill send »e their exf” * * * Dd P°**' offloe addne*. ftespeerfuily, . T . A Bwdtra, N . Y . M. a * i 8 i Pearl street, 1811yl —M r, Nelson Orawtoid Of Oxford, Mtoh., w ra .ln town on.M oaday o f this week. He was rallcd east to attend th * fu iw ra io t his mother, Mrs, Msry C ra w ­ ford of Morairad. t i lworihs to r ttra jfo w n a t. l a d i es a tt e n t i o n . Tbs sanual impisment trial of tbs ¥1- ireiM H u m a n ’ Otob W ill hahald Thursday W d s y 'A p r ti n t h and l l f h , on ttos i M t lf c e n t e Madame Demor*»t''s Bpring andfiummef Portfolios and“ What to Wear;” jittt re- ralvefi at M. N . Weed’s one prioe itom.

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