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Havana journal. (Havana, Chemung Co., N.Y.) 1849-1893, January 05, 1889, Image 8

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n w j t o ^ '^nnmr* * fijjiiiii.il'. * ,«Vi t ** i H A V A N A . J O U R N A L . and ch allenge reTutation, I T \t W * b e any, o n s c ie n tific g round. I f th e re bo no refutation, there i t w ill stand, that the dosing o f saloons w ill reform ap potitea.—- Q h r i a t i a n Regi st er , . y . j a wdBW S AT U R D A Y JA N U A R Y 6, 1889 -l'l l ’ :l-iii'i i i ■■ . Hi—■ , A Y JA N U A RY 6, 1889 -l'l l ’ :l-iii'i i i ■■ ......... . Hi—■ , W .C .T .U . COLUMN. g m w d b y to e Jto d le eo tto e Havana Christian Temperance Union. T ie J o tn u u i I s In nowise b le tor th in th t in tola i I r e s e m b le tor an y th in g th a t m ay appear in tola Saloons as E nvironm ents. BT T. * .WILSON , X.P. A distinguished scientist, who de servedly stadds high in the scientific world, in a recent communication to a leading temperance paper, ‘ .said, among ofher things,“ the abolition of A n d . y e t th is gentlem an is a w ell k n o w n advocate o i t h e d o c trin e o f e v o lu tio n . O f the la w s g o v e rin g de velopm enl-no m an is b e tte r in fo rm e d th a m s he. A s le a rn e d ly as th e wisest s c ie n tis t be c ou ld discourse u p o n the w o n d e rfu l influence o f environm ents. H e w o u ru w u u» m at th o cuouence of. ”M y fn g th in g s a r e ; first, h e re d ity — that ‘tetfthb' t h e p la n t o r an im a l den ve s from 58 ' th is b e in g the g ro u n d “A ' 1? •m ssy- ; v ST '*' v . ST '*' A*ST A* t T H S !S i' I* ' work o f the struct ure f and, ^SndljfefcoSfii influences which sutrennd te e * * * * !-« r animal during its exi8bStece*4»lhfe#t$f -its en­- vironments. , He would te ll us that- ‘Darwinian Theory >?swajt, simply this Plants, and animals are; molded into new lonpsand conditions developed into higher forms, o r de-; graded into lower or altogether wiped out of Existence, by th e ir surround­- ings, that, no^ matter how, good a start they m ight hate, by slow and almost imperceptible.'effects o f their environments they often become de­- based and finally obliterated And, on the other hand, from a base and low origin, they ifetetmae molded, by the same sorfc-of exjnsRM influences, lirto # > r m a o f g r e a t beas|ty,and w o rth I j e co td d giV e g s a thousand l lh s t r a tk fflk o thebe fa c ts and her w o u ld bah Honk fth .< |ke i s # h 'p th e ’b&BgSk, 9C> -M ? in fo rm a tio n b y te ll is how, f W d o c tn n e cam e 46. t io r r if f ncejfr where how* scie«! a e t ' f t * A? fo r eVer, h e , fid?1 MiOlueiit g o t w h en hi tiid , ^ a b o litio A 'U t sa loons w i l l n o t 'Yeform appetiCbs, fo r th is is a fla t c o n tra d ic tio n o f t h e dod* tn n e o f environm ents. Cm k n o w * v e ry w e ll how saloons create appe­- tite s.—-H e k n o w s th a t, as.pl&nts are affected b y a i r j i g h t an d u fo lrftfig b *0 surely . a re th e a ppetites o f t e n ! Of thousands ot hum an b e in g s affected b y the influences o f th e saldOn. H< . odght to know that, as plkntS ditrWben water is withdrawn, s o 'frfHr1 appetites die when they. have not! to feed upoh.^ A plant' deprived^ f teotetamwill instinctively seek i t , *' The Woman’s Cforfstiau Temper­- ance Union here is a potent faotor in the progress o f temperance reform., Some four hundred copieb of tempej^tha anoe literature have been distributed Ulf, throughout the community add otebb important work accomplished. , Union is constantly increasing in nuois bers and new members are be^ngjdd I ed to its roll* at each meeting, We? think tbe W.'C. T. U. is one o f Ijhfs grandest temperance organization! .fo. existence. Together with this Union and the tremendous power o f Good Templar organization here,\ bqfr readers may well imagine teat Wee4* sport is not dead as to the cause of temperance.— Wee d s p o r t Uor . T e m­- p e r an c e J ^ e r al d. I t is believed thlTthe oldest W . C. T U in the United States is at Grass Valley, Gal. This society was organ-* ized March 25th, 1874, taking as its: name the“ Womans Temperance, and adopting.fonts..motto,, . •. ‘In J jo tL we T rust/ A fte r the formation of the W. 0 . T. U., its name andr con­- stitution were Emended to conform with the National Union, - TbetradyeUness o t lif e ana leaf .a.t'.irtflMflt* Wo •Mnm.rwtnei hntrn A t Wat th in trees TbetradyeUness o t lif e ana leaf .a.t'.irtflMflt* Wo •Mnm.rwtnei hntrn A t Wat th e w av in g trees pave .a.t'.irtflMflt* Wo •Mnm.rwtnei hntrn A t Wat th e w av in g trees pave sbedu Ij&gurden grpundTs w ltn rief, A t Wat th e w a v in g trees pave sbedu Ij&gurden grpundTs sown w ltn g rief, .yohryaantueum lsrtead, Ij&gurden grpundTs sown ltn g .yohryaantueum lsrtead, 0 com fort in to p y e a r,“ slow ly tolled b is k i com p y e a r,“ slow ly tolled b is k o e ll, as i ^existence la a t a a r / , sSSweii Cue l ^existence la a t a a r / , sSSweii Cue supreme l y wteiti We came k W e saw toe r ___late wMcenwito* ___late •Hejctsp: A n d weeplusrtetfct edt&A* 'Wedream.ed- A n d weeplusrtetfct edt&A* 'Wedream.ed- .Tne.garaen .Tne.garaen Ana .Tne.garaen Ana i flea, idead. yoods to a t w em uat w a n d frln . NeztbpnpE' em uat w a n d frln NeztbpnpE' -'. - A* • * v ic b tr fy affairs p f tee p M /e fllF b iv b a V e . been y t wTones t#i him ha y t him ha was a. was a. been. He paid me the wdBW I was afflicted wAh^Kldnay tes Kennedy's Favorite Rkotoay, I! CHI wAh^Kldnay Kennedy's Favorite Rkotoay, NT-Y.,-—l say it ,Wlte a (gf tlcm ot all teat dope NT-Y.,-—l say ,Wlte tlcm ot all teat was dope ^ HUT Ulf, I hate recepm p to many pedplfe “for v they all agree <U sa y le g iual in (be wldo i r e t\ OrawforC fltei t.—Lymau OrawforC fltei Mass. * I t is admitted by al /Aft • i H ! | M Y I« K ■*£*. Hew Jeapwrir S U I M w t o Jeapwrir S U I M w t o riMMeh latotvld ltweoBd h alf dlsMtodmtetws. S hi# aaafov i, to* oUmt < a trainofS tolnsetoatrkeUmAs . atowda ma plMumr* to toUtofcj •ptakerm a exAaoator to **! •ptakerm a exAaoator - s to p **! D tiS o rto o lw a a frta tflra .’i toaaoanaElaafioa.“ I vrta akk s p D tiS o rto o lw a a frta tflra .’i toaaoanaElaafioa.“ I vrta akk vrta baeomafatadtoaoduratba Tortures iwet^fth e n ^ U B B E R B o b T l^ y S made/ Try a pair - tO * SALE AT- M . m - ' W E E D ’ S S !teror B lin d 8 lc k H e a d a o h o M l doa to lmjmvaiaood aBd A dltoM oea ita to w t too antem. i-waaadviaaaln'wyJur.JCanneilr’a X k io r, to lmjmvaiaood oea to w t too antem. i-waaadviaaaln'wyJur.JCanneilr’a X k io r, lta Eexnodr o f JtondonjC IT V I did ao and iava antem. i-waaadviaaaln'wyJur.JCanneilr’a X k io r, lta Eexnodr o f JtondonjC IT V I did ao and iava been completelr cnrt4--ai'« th o beat th in * I ever Jlpl lta Eexnodr o f JtondonjC IT V I did ao and iava been completelr cnrt4--ai'« th o beat th in * I ever — o t foranrdlaorrtMi.ot-thatiiatnre. andlibaya Jlpl heard f anrdiaoi completelr cnrt4--ai'« th o beat th in I ever o t foranrdlaorrtMi.ot-thatiiatnre. andlibaya imendeaTft ta m a jjg lrltb Jlka aneceaS’*,^fife. Jlpl ft anrdiaoi a i t o r o t foranrdlaorrtMi.ot-thatiiatnre.anrdiaoitaianrdiaoi andlibaya imendeaTft ta m a jjg lrltb Jlka aneceaS’*,^fife. aaya: —Ireeommetid heardfo reeom a i t o r . Daniel H tte,TajrotonTl lrltb Jlka aneceaS’*,^fife. . aaya: —Ireeommetid been completelr cnrt4--ai'« — o foranrdlaorrtMi.ot-thatiiatnre. imendeaTfttf Jlpl heard f anrdiaoi t — foranrdlaorrtMi.ot-thatiiatnre. imendeaTft ta m a heard reeom a i t o r . Daniel H imendeaTfta tao m a. reeom i t r Daniel H tte,TajrotonTl anedy’a Favonto H tte,TajrotonTl anedy’a Favonto headache. - anedy’a alok headache. and alok headache. - oomplainta, and was on; s o . . CU'-.O SO F Rfso’s C u r e ttte Con- J .au£Uptlon is ajuwtee best C o u g h M e ® c in e . ’ i f y o u have-a Gough ■ w ith o u t disease o f tee; Lungs, a few doses arC a ll need. B t jfy Lungs, yo u need. B u t jfy ou .n o - gleot this of yo jfy gleot this easy means of safety-the'slight ^ gleot easy safety-the'slight . w v . j ,w ^ t u , Cough m ay become A serloas atter, and Several bot­ .m atter, and Several bot­- tle * w il l be required ii*-' t t , bouse is t , *wA large ice bouse is on Yan by a a t^ r RA'llroSd ' .... IBrofltiHr i i ed AC ^v- ail tbp.asy- 'riMtetsri, ia - 4 fiptof ^wvemged sbemt 2d - tor the road aboid | &■ ** ■ Wlto'S nsfcody ibr Catorrb is “toe' ' . Aa«l«attoUae. aod Cbeapwt. > '51 old by druntote oj-oeM A y mall.« K % HaaUtlM,W|unA, Ha. by druntote oj-oeM A y mall.« K % HaaUtlM,W|unA, Ha. JV^ANA, N, Y, tr^51^Lr-' - m A' m P e r r y . <8*c M:os©ig, , * HAVANA./N. Y , , a at the old stand of N. H. Conltin, & Co., No, 50 kfaip. .Street, afe on hand with a-full line o f ' .W*vlls»7UH.J4UBOft with a-full line o f '“ Wjp’&A * •• 1 ' -• .W*vlls»7UH.J4UBOft r *r.* - ’ , >■■ snm ru D s t ove osr i t dh . . , - OFdvVERt DISCfliPTION^ - , F A V O RITE REMEDY ? c t ot l f , 1 0 BLANKETS, R O B P |S n D and a completeline of Beat Work, Paints, fills,. Yarnlskes, to f f l Alsq, everything to be found in a E F u f t ia c e s ,T i n R o o f in g A S h e e t M e ta ' BLANKETS, “=}“X ^ • - lisds, FACTI •HE ftfterinfe <PI . VtuJ F ir a t ’g r a r With sCetauljig mtellige ace, grope feet nttd -hands, and w ill i t wit bat s p M e life or die fo r lack o f A ply f t & a g t f a desiroforfopd, u wise, 1 d natural Hanger * sire.for i^di-and: is wiserfid A p p e tit^ ^ W ^ tte d -h n i] may be, iw tluW W fi te dowmentsYng dowmentsYng always dvwtontjjijpdi always dvwtontjjijpdi must die if n^tM’ on. The saloon is an ‘ of A ke, Wyomijig season two b . ost% on three d .van d ffiis M l kprop ■ m in ' and Kings'1 26tb, 1889 wi<* scons t , r - . ' ,‘T ' . * • ' 1 *■ , Fft ’ 5' ! '• /U ' * S doted wtto t doted wtto t .^.T„V\^v. .^.T„V\^v. wwKi^s*'\ Al * ' iwir Sekayler. otr\ '\eft*''* »•■ • r W coustarof • r W coustarof i held toSl coustarof i held as toSl kin® In i held as toSl kin® In i meneii>K kin® In i meneii>K mtSeo meneii>K mtSeo n ontbe mtSeo n ontbe Terms Of 1 betkeU I * t t Terms Of betkeU I * t t I the Court HQU OatheflnSJCourt the HQU OatheflnSJ On in i OatheflnSJ On tire in t i tire t On Ore i t\ On Ore in On Ore i t\ On Ore in ont&ettnOre On ont&ettn tire ont&ettn os tire in t i Qntbeinqsin os tire t i Qntbeinqs _ SatootHiqtenMS Qntbeinqs _ SatootHiqtenMS rtbve-tf----- ' ' - pJf;. ■te 8< B1 Y t o t id e i ^ a n y ; * that pours forth a ljying which men drink and 45 a*y»a*.. • ^ 1 Si s JFCR 'e zLjL ~e\ • ^ 1 Si s JFCR , 'e zLjL ~e\ 1 ' ’“ nycsUtoc'U tM ( m - m . And looring over (M^ implanted or roused into destroying appetite. Shut fountain—in other words oloap t^i^Qi loon—and if the appetite'be lAtent, it will not be roused to actiob fbr ,)a#c: ot the necessary influence. The Pro-, fessor knows that most o f the drra^ ing done by men is the result, direct­- ly and solely, o f the immediate temp­- tation which the open door o f the legalized saloon, found so -conven­- iently located upon the streets, offers; It is these same saloons which keep alive the fire o f appetite that bums in the bodies o f so many unfortunate men and women. That men are horn with this destructive appetite is true ; but, where one is so born, ten thous­- and are created. By what? B y the saloons by which they are environed. Tbe second factor, environments, is, therefore, vastly more important to the life o f the man than is the first. N o w , n o t o n ly the le a rn e d profes­- sor, b u t a n y t y r o in t h e science o f b i­- o lo g y can easily see h o w far th e opqfi saloon is p ro d u c tiv e o f -this aeenned th in g ca lle d tb e a p p e tite T o r a lc o h o lic d r in k s ; a nd t h e same ty r o ^ fiA ld a s easily p o in t o n t th e e ffe c t tbu'ClOsing o f the saloons w o u ld h a v e u p o h this d a m n in g t h i r s t It is true Jupiter oncf* nodded; By this is meant he t o r i moment slept, and forgot himself,' TPIs n j t said, however, that t h / universe, tn teat Short lapse, suffered fo r lack of care. So it appears otef great Professor for a moment forgot himself, He, too, nodded, losb sight of the great law A t a recent feratpf f SE Uqi CouiAheldatGanandrfgCiy. sentenced to A ven in Auburn .ult on e-third, o f ia rB!brnellSvitle. Itee r jlalfe* o f thn th e y ore. eotopelleA act thte: qounty b ■ - s,Yfce ikatqenCp' people were paying Aj Vosburgj Lawrtp Ingly Ji A t one V^ffig,qafbenU y m inistqa^’penatar, wb b ly been |y m g u p J O ra y 74*- ooitoSy 8 a |a ^iso rir wiiih pass ah act n£6vlding for Itee Courts of Uornellsville T M OR. W A WK- SA2UTARI] it« cibe bad proha taobaok W anofslCeatdlOK jnyetoUn, iV, Scofield,-of 1 t f i f leading pbywcmn’SSf th rf|a<<tlon says, rd d e r date of J u ly 26 ^ 8 8 8 - ^ 1 have hod -occasion U r Observe tb * btoefldol result* from the qte o t D r David Kennedyts Favorite Rentedy, m a d e *! Rortdout, N . Y ., in the case of Stohe in the Bladder and Gravel. And have no hedltation in reCcom- mendlng i t for such diseases.” 10w4 i says, hod i YfSI which hto so eloquently expounds; suffered Himself in fact, to talk ito the language oi a man ,%ho does no£ think or Sfirefally weigh nis wqrds. B ut | t ; is^to be feared this.iapse may. n ot he Without serious iq}nry to some. Per­- haps mauy who rSrerC him as a teacfe er m other thipgkjinAy Be led* In this particular fatally aitray* I t ia any wish tha t this repiy may' go ss fa r ahd as fast m the statement* teey answer, Jpaeph L . WoOdbury, f.. young maa cm ployed m the Mmacapplis poatofflqe, Aston ished tee officials o f the offfo* last week by banding in ■ bis rc s fp a tto ft cttd informing them th a t he intended ffi be an Indian chief fro m that tim e forth. I t appears that Woodbury waa in reality the son of a late Chippewa chief, Hole-in-tho-way. He is'-21 years of age and has gone to succeed his father at te e ChippewA reservAtion. He may introduce c iv il service reform in tbe affairs o f h is tribe, and possibly soine other reforms. parts must Y a n W e rt’s . Y a n W e rt’s In order that a catarr^ aehance to operate, thea fl*Wb be cleantosd and purified, .. . ... ....... Golden Balm n ;the only remedy .for Ca­- tarrh, which does this-effectually. . Price sects, _ f t * * ! * ' ‘ ■ . - evSrjt also, t A evSrjt also, t A . new andi also, . new andi Tins new andi Tins p r p tbtrcjraaja Hr Proprietor' tbtrcjraaja private i Hr Proprietor' i a s a o tlhav I.Ottt. tlhav I.Ottt. :G aorstoTeoj F i n ii r n OF-EVERY D1SCRIPTIQN ^ h m ‘A ES TY-pr;E A S0ir & . ’tw erf teeia o w rtast)I«..i Marvcm ot b xeac and f a ir p ric e s ira dep wiux u t to r m o ro ira de wiuxro i u t to •popularity b m g o ro i xeac I r r e s i s t i b l e I »d i ic e m e ii t s * • - - : J* S. Beyona whisper o f compBtiition o r compikru^n. COKE AND BEE FOR YOURSELF, \P IA N O S AN: lntoewprla. D o n t M ; W in Guarantee f j send a delegatefrom every nome and lee me prevc to At I am diving-way down to f delegatefrom every prevc to At I am diving-way down to f liOCK BOTTOM l'H IO E S! U N D E R T A K I N G , Thla departm ent branobeo. Let deeds , Thla departm ent branobeo. Let deeds or toe future. toolre Stove menu Stove the menu some bar county. D e to re county. D e to re ,.. uerft Iteoaw about sis andtfiemywi ’ Hav»na,4|hB^)j; w rite fo r cam: S E W money vvltti •» ohiy coe v money vvltti •» ohiy coe v SatlsfacUonf toeoenr. pkinso’of,%,Y. : •ER W l IN \WATKINS. a o c a a an employe at HenderoottSi .nince t&ey began,-boWaeee in J employe .nince t&ey began,-boWaeee in J to e BWrp^Ptt S touten s tfo te toe Jj . toe Jj 6ti wttortd Kttorr . • t a ss t sr fS i Iwoug; Jetteeof Iwoug; Jetteeof ibareJetteeof ibare or jS tt Any amount 61 t * r - rf.VWi•tv. !S i' I* :%■ •v 'f , ‘c UJ h $ , ^ w c o n odonor? « ** *«— ' vsr iq .____ _ ! ;ysb% Jf. % • .T Stove Im p

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