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Clayton independent. (Clayton, N.Y.) 1872-1884, April 05, 1882, Image 4

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SoBfS Tor A C ent. —A. Troy lawyer asked a woman ou tha witness stand licr age, and alie promptly replied: “ Isold milk for yi-u to drink when n baby, and I bavcirt go! in j p*y yet-” —The first biigsido oT Illiouirf ts without a generiil, and the Ijonisviiis- Courier-Journal thinks Hint is sufiicu'oi to account for “ the sassy attitude of Eii- —The new comet is approneliing t!n‘ earth at the rate of 2,000,000 niiios :i day and the Ehnim Free Tress thinks perhaps it might be well to more before the fu st of May. —xV U nited Stales soldier compbiiii'f throvigh the New York Sun Hint Ins tions are insufficient and Hint he is ii-iif itarvetl. Well, he had better be a iSiiss- Isaippi flood sufferer or a bostilc Sioux. —The report comes from Pim.s tlnu French surgeon has mortally offended the duelling world by going to a recent meeting on the field of honor witli nolli ing but a piece of court plaster in Ins ‘ vest pocket. —That was a phiiosopliicnl darkey who said the other day, referring to Hie Southern floods: “ God an iniglity good to this country. Do white man nm (oo lazy to manure the g roun' ntid God nni doing it for HiUy -^^Ojne fello\^^ lins brought out an opera glass which, die thinks, vvill lill n long-felt want. It holds a p int of wlns- key. “ B u t,” csclaims the Norristmvn Herald man, who evidently knows where of he speaks, “ th&t wffl not “ fill ’ n long felt want!” —The Boston girls arc said lo have begun wearing police helmet hats, and the Detroit Post and Tribu^^e anxiously calls on the Boston papers to go to iinilating will never calcli A t a n of M:p Pm ioil. She enme into (lie iiovse ear Hie otlnn- night will, an old man, so old I hat ho miglit have been lakcii for licr great grandI’allivr. All Hie seats in the vehicle weie oeeuiiif’d. hut a.s soon as the tottcr- f>clr>geiiaiian entered, half a dozen gentU'lneii jnnip'.'d up inul offeii’it him a. He aeecptid one of the kiin! invi­ tation?, and was tihoiii to .sit down when Hie huNotii .young woman said: “ Hold oil, Unele Dan'l, yon wiudd’nt let a lady .stand, woiilil yon, who Ini.' heen shop­ ping all ilay?” 'riieii she coolly t.mk the vtie.-inl place, and, pnUiiig a pte.ee of chewing gum in her monlli,began to read a <lime novel. 1 ' warn them that if Hicy the Boston police they —The Boston Tost tell.s of a gretai hand in a circus who let loose a grizzly hour one morning, to sec wliat Hin ani­ mal would do. Ho tlionght Ins slicngth would give out and he’d sundy fall be­ fore they got the animal so fnslcned np that it was safe for him to come down from the top of the tent pole. —A St. Louis woman was pulled out of the river oh Monday. ;Shc said, slic. was wading to heaven, which xvas the biggest mistake on record, as she xvns headed straight for Illinois .—Boston Post. — A lecturer is telling “ IIoxv wc Hear.” It is easily told. Somebody tells a friend of ours, and tells him not to toll; tlmt’s the way wc hear ,—Marathon Independent. —In China a man wlio makes or sells adulterated food is imprisoned or bang­ ed. In this country it is tiic man wdio buys the adulterated food who has to suffer. The otkfer fellow acquUrcs five inches of fat on his ribs, and is elected to positions of honor and trust. The Chinese must go. Some of tlioir ens- toma are subversive of our most chcnsli- cd inssitutions.— Teieas Si/tinffs. —An editor wrote a head-line, “ A liornhle Blunder,” to go over a railroad a.ccidonf, but though it wa.s the printer’s fault that it got over the- aeconnt of ,i ~ wedding. The editor was the man thrashed ail the same. — “ E lectricity,” observes the Noris- town Herald, “ is a wonderful thing. There is an electric hair hnish warranted to make the hair grow and cure headaclic, and an electric flesh brush tlial will cure several other ills that flesh is heir l o ; and now if some iellow wiM bring out an electric clothes brush that will make !Ui old suit of clothes look and wear like new, he can sell thousands at a doHar apiece, or Uircc for two dollars,” — “ An intelligent young man, a prom­ ising student, just back from Brown university,” relates the Burlington Ilrorl'- eye, “ was met at the union depot by an elderly man, ami made r. gras]) at the young man’s hand, and even essayed to clasp him in his arms. Tlie jmung man shook‘hands with the cnlliusiastic native in a non-committal sort of way, and said in a not unfriendly tone, “ Wcli, indeed, my dcah foUnli—I, really—your face i.s rather familiar; it seems to me I have met you somewhero, and yet I can’t c.x- *ct!y place you,” The man gazed at liim and went hack to his office with the de­ termination to bind out ins remaining sons to shoemakers and blacksuiit!s.s.” —A play bill dropped from the gallery of the Yokes theatre, Copenhagen, took fire from agas jet in its fall, and ,a!igiU- ing on a lady’s head, burned off her bon­ net and nearly all her hair bc.forc Hie. flames could bo extinguished. It w:is exasperating, as it was very nice hair and cost a heap of money. MBS. m\k E. PIMKH&M, OF LYHN, MUSS. LYDIA E. PINKHAfyS’S VEGETAELE COMPOUND. Is a Positive Care Uvlllcarc entirely the vi ■Inn troubles. woi-st form of Frtnnlo Coiti- pl«lnl».»ll ornrlnn troubles, liifinnimnUon niul neera tlo*. T*ITIn|t *ml Uliiluacemenl.\ nmltlio eon^rriueul Spinal Wenknoao. and la particularly adapted to tbo oiMmr) of lafc. It wlH dlmoWe and eapel iuinora from the utenia In an early atatte of doTclopment,. Tbo Icndeiiey to can eeraoa humor* Oiere is cheeked rery sixedily by ita uae. It renioera faintiio.ia, llntuleney, de.atroysnU eravlos fcritlmulant*, and relieTeswoalciiiiss of the atomaeb. It care* Bloating, lleadachca, Ne-rrou.a I’r,>«l ration, Ooneral DeblUty. Slwpleaaneaa, Depressi.in and JraU. •naitat feellnpeellnp of benrinK doi f o Dd backache. Is always j«rma It w1!I at all times and undei ■imrmDnJ with fliolawsUiotpc rortliocureof Kidney Complaints of eithci Otmipound la unsurpassed. I.YMA E. ri.VKlIASI'ft VEOETAni.E C«M- P®CKD la proparod at S3S and S3S Western Arenuo, l.ynn,JSa»s. I’rleatl. SU bottles for J-t. Scntbyinail latlieform of pills, alsolntho form of lozenKcs, ou yoeelpt of price, $l per box tor either. Sirs, ritikhn ffxaelyam.swcrs all letters of Infiuiry. Senil for l^aini |«t. Addrees a* above. Mattion Ihis r-tgxr. Ko family should bo ■without llvDlAE. l'!XKn.VU'l uvza ITUA They cure oouatlpation, blllou ■“ :;‘-s :r all eircumslanees act In aemony with fliolaws Uiat povern the feninie system. For tho cure of Kidney Complaints of either re* this I, eausSnff imin, welebt ently cured hy ita ujc. 1 eircumslane' ■rn the feninle Aiiotlicr iMean illan. One of tlic incnncHl. men in e.xuHence i.u a pro.ipeiou!^ Kentucky ftunicr. It bad long l>ern iii.^ t'u.siom, wlienov'cr be bad iv letter lo wrile, to drop in tit Hie bank where lie kepi bis aceount and borrow a .sJu'ft. (>r paper. Iftiving finished Hie. let­ ter lie would ask Hie otsliicr ro put it in mi envelope mid direct it for him, and tlieu carry it. to Hie post-office himself. The frcijucnt ropetifion of tlii.s perfortn- iince .seemed in itself a trifle, .small, but Hie ciisliier's indignation can I;o imagined when be learneil tliat Hic farmer never stamped Ins loiters, knowing that the postinnstcr, recognizing the cashier’s linndwriting and the limik’s name in the corner, would courl.eonsly prepay them mul send the bill lo the hank Oyi'islcopiiig. When he began his Iravtds in “ The band of Hie Midnight Sun ” Mr. l)u- IMiailln did not know when lo go to bed and when to ri.se. Tlicio was no night: slm.s v.cre to be seen, and Hio moon gave iii> bid;!. Ho Hms describes his (l.irienltv 1 fell into n deep sleep, and wlien I awoke the sim shoiK' hriglilly; but this no .sign of :i late lion;, as it w.ss only Hiiee, ..\.M. 1 .slejit again mul when I awoke evervihim;' uas so sfili in Hio house that i I'-ok anollier naji; wlien I awoke for liie Hurd lime, I found that my wiileli had .slojqied. T'neii going into the iie.Kt rooiii, I saw by tile eioek f here I hat it was one o’clock. M. The buiiily laughed, for they had kept ipiie! for fear of di.slurbing me. I’aels. ff a tallow emidle be placed in ague. :iud shot at a. iloor, it will go Ihrongli xvithout sustaining injury; ami if a niu.s- kcL ball be fired into Hie xvater, it will not only rebound, but bo flattened; if fired Ihrongb a pane of glass, it will inake a hole Hie size of the Imll willunif craeking (he gla.ss. In (lie Artie, regions where the thermometer is below zero, persons can converse more than a niik' distant. Dr. .Tmnison n.sscrts that he heard every ivord of a sermon at Hie <1is- tmu’.e of two niile.s. -ITcrr Hoag, aged 32, g.avc an cxliilii- tion lo alioiil. 30 doctors and reporters Tliiii.sd.ay. Ili.s skin in any ]>ari of his body,,even to Hu* nuieous membranes in- .sidc lii.slips, emobe juillcd out from two to fwelvo incbcs ;ind when releascil it will resnino ita natural e.oiidition. He pulled his forehead down and it eonipletr- ly e.overed ills fare. He put tlic skin of his cliest in his nimit!!, 'I’lic doctors prononiu-eil it n ease of “ derniatoly.sis.” Tim only ease that at all resembles tiiis was reported 300 year.s ago by a Dr, Tiiullier of Vienna. -A Milwaukee physician claims to wear a jiair of slioe.s m.'ide of the ianned .skin of the negro, ,Sain Steinberg, hang­ ed at Aihaiiy, I\’. V., .some time ago, Steinberg before his deatli having willed hi.s skm (o liio piiysseian’s father, an at- (orney, for defemi'ug Inin. The Laziest jUnii. illiiny yems ago, says S. S. Cos, i was 10 of n ]iarly iu ‘Washington (hty, while South and ISorHi vied with eacli other in convival life. Another of the party ’ General Hawf oii, member from Western I’cnnsylvania, whose home stead was Al- bert Gallatin'.s home . He w.a.s mi admi- ahlc story toller. _1 recall .'-•omewlia!; .sadly, now that lie is gone, how well he illustrated the Inzi- of a class of ‘tHi-ginians. The storj' a port, of iii.s (.’ongre.ssionai canvass­ ing. On one occasion he got nero.ss tlu: Pennsylvania line imo a little village of Virginia. Ho xvas in the midst of iigromi arotind (be. tavern. tVliiIe treating ami talking, a ]>roce.ssinn approached, which looked like a fiuiond. He a-sked who IS lo be Inuicd? “ .tu b D o w l i n g ,’’ .said H iey. “ Po(>r sigiu'fl Hie general. Ho IS a good iiatiin'd, good for iioHiing, lazy fellow, living on the few fish he enuglit anil Hm sqimlel.s lie killed, Iinl ino.slly ou the donations of his neighbors. “ So poor .lob is dead, i.s he?” ‘No, he ain’t dead, 'zaot!v,” •‘5aid timy. ‘Not dead- not d —. Yet you arc going to Ijiiry hiiiiP’ “Ji’aet i-i, g.-iicrn.!, lie ha.s got. too infer mil, .all tired lazy lo live. IV'e can’t nf ford him any more. He’s got so lazy that the grass Iiegan to grow over lii.s slioe.s--so eveilnsiin’ lazy that lie jnitout of his eyes to save Hie trouble of winkin’ xvlien out guimiii’.” •Hut,” .says the general, “ this must not be. It will disgrace, my neighbor­ hood. T'rv him a wliiic longer, e.an’i. yon “ Can’t; loo late —eotliii cost .?!.2.“. Must go on now.” About this time tim procession came np mul halted, when the general piopo.s- ed. if Uiey would let Job out he woiiid send over a bag of corn. On this au- nounccinent tlic lids of Hie eofiin opened, mid Job languidly sat uji: the cents drop­ ped from hia eyes ns lie asked: “ Is the corn shelled, geiioial?’’ “ No, not .shelled.” “ T hen,” .said Job, as ho lazily down, “go on with the funeral!” Ailvcilitiing. 'riu' eiuek of r|i« Niagarii Pails back men i.s .si!!j mssed by some ad vei l ising ag­ ents. On our desk lays a proposition to do exae-tly eleven dollars’ wortli of ad vorti.sing for two dollar.s, and agent iidd.s that it is all lie cun “ufford” to give. No doubt the advertiser Inis agreed to give him fifteen vh'llms lor tiie work, bui lather Ilian accept we will .send ten dollars lo the poverty .sirieken agent to help him out of his straitened eii emii,=5laiiees. 'i'he. ad vcrti.sifig enliiuuis of a nevvsjuipcr have a li.xed value wldc.li must be realized in older to ])iaee. Hie hit.sniess upon a p.sying ba.si.s; else it i.s ii failnic. The beggarly sums offered for “ foreign ad voitisiig” often falks siio u of tile expense of iml.ting it in type, to say nothing of the valuable space oeeupied, wlien Hie .sauie 9jir.ee given to good, iic- eeptablo reading matter would be of more value, to the publisiier in aelual jirofits. 'I’liat source, of annoyance lo both publisher mul reader, anvorliso- menls ol jiatent nostrums introtiueed by nicams of aa inlcrcstiiig article, and until recently peculiar to the states and ridi­ culed by the Canadian pnpciv, comes un­ der the liea<l of clieap advertising and oe- eupying the best jiositions a t that. Haji- pily this pajier is well rid of sucli, aed rather than do advertising at Hic ridicn- lonsly low rates offered by agents or firms the reliability of wliom we know little or nolliing, and wild arc the most exacting relative to position which must be “ in with, or next to, reading,” wc .sliall dis­ pense with tliat\ dcpartinciit entirely and depend upon dried pumpkins and beans inb-scrijition for Hie profits of the con- An American bad been bragging for -The fishenuen ou the American side of tlic lakes and the St. Lawrence iiavc addressed a memorial lo Congress asking for protection against Canadian iisliermcn who they allege, arc in pos.session of priv­ ileges they themselves do not enjoy, and arc thus enabled lo cut Hiem out in Uie Amcnean markets. IvAiiggerntioii Outdone, n bad been braj sometime in a public bar-room,of v’anous niiirvelons feats of swnnmiiig wliieli lie had wilne.sscd or performed, when an lOnglisliman, who had listened in silent iiie.icdulity, Iiethcughl himself that lie wo’d defe.al, or tiy to defeat, the boastful ‘colonel,’ with bis own weajimis. 'riieold eomilry. he considered, was able to lient Hie new at aiiytlung--even at fibR--if licr sons tried, so lie. suddenly broke u|i. “ Well, yes, eoloucl,” struck in tlic Brit islier, “ tliosc wcic big swims, 1 admit that you say you’ve seen; but I have known one that beaks yonr.s all lio'low. 3’wo years .ago, I etaried from Liverpool to New York, in one of the Canard .steamers. Tlicre was a little commotion mid excitement on (he wharf at leaving, mul a man dived into tlic water, but we look no parlicniar heed of it. Next mmiiing we remembered it, Hiongli; for sure enougli tlierc was a nuin swiniming abreast of us at the rate of (ifleeii knols an hour.” \Wc e.allt’d out to him mid heaved Iiini a rojic, but he icfused all a-ssistancc. At niglit, of coni’,so, wc lost sight of him, but when the sun rose there ho w’a? again striking out as lively ns possible. And so he stood by ms all the w.ay across, sometimes diving under our keel and coming up on the oilier side; sometimes playing around ns iike a dolphin, now on his back and now on his side.s now tnrn- iiig head over heels, wheel fasliioii. Bid about I wo liour^ belurc wo rcaehed New York lie began to forge aliciul and soon flislaneed ns altogetlior; and when we got alongside wc found him slniuling on t/ie quay, dressed to receive us.” Tlie Ahuikec had eyed the stranger fixedly du­ ring Ills nariatimi. “ Tliat’s a tine yarn, I 3’j)osc,slranger?”hc said intcrrogali vely. “ Oil, yes, quite Hue; I. saw T myself,” was Hie rcjily. “ ANui saw that iiimi .swim across from Liveiquiol to New York aloiig.s’sdc your siomiior all (ho way?’’ ‘Exaolly.” “ yiranger, did ycr know that mail?” “ Wolf, no I\ answered Hie Mnglislimmi c.auliousiy ; “ I didn’t know liinijbut I saw him iieverllicless.’’ ‘Strang­ er, ] was tiiat man.” The Largest Cave on Bar Hi. (Irs.YRoiii A'lvoc.nln. 'i'lic great cave lately discovered lieie has been visited l;v a imiKitudc of people from various parts of the United Stales. We think that Lcitchficld is destined lo become the great “Mecca” of the world —for Uie Masonic fiideinity, and .scien­ tists generally. For Hie last two weeks no one lias been ndmiUed to the cave except upon presenting a written permit from Mi. Rogers, and Hio.so who have been fortu­ nate enongli to obtain admis.sion liavc been principally .scientists from abroad, who journeyed here lo sec the great won­ der for themselves. It was iieccssaiy to lake this step, as the cave was rapidly being despoiled of its contents. Iiulecd several of it.s muinmics and .some of the sniailer Masonic emblems were carried off before Mr. llpgcrs—or, in fact, any of our citizens—realized (ho imjiortancc of the discovery, and of jireserving Hie con- touts of the. cave intact. 'J'lic .snbl.man- river has been so swollen from Hio I'xcessivo rains of last mouth that no o.x- [lior.ation.s have been made in Hic .ave­ nues beyond it. Excavjitions have been made, however in the chamliers or cata- eombs where. Hie inuniinics and Masonic, onibleins were found, mid in tlic vicinity’ of tlio pyramid, and several tablets with bieioglypliics liave been dug up, also some bronze .and copjier vases, and piece.' A mound v lines reposing in regular order willi feet radiating from the centre. In the discovery of this cave the. key is iidoidilcdly found (hat will unlock the mystery of Hie. jirc-iiistoric race of Amcr- ic.a, and also prove their idontily with the .ancient Egyptian race, wlio undoubt­ edly crossed over and peojilcd tin's conti­ nent, built temples, and noiiiished in a higli degree of civjliz.ation until wijied out of existence by Hie nillilo.ss iiaiids of tlie savage. 'Hie caves of Kentucky donbtedly afforded them .sheltermid pro­ tection, and were u.scd as a sort of cat a comb for the .stor.agc of all that w.a.s near and dear to them, inchuling llicir ilUis- trons dc.adT Such at Ic.ast seems to have been the case iu tliis instance, whcHicr tins theory will apply lo the other caves of Kentucky or not. !Many beaulifuli formations have boeil di-scovcrcd during the last week. The staliictitoa and s£idagnntc.s glisten like so many inilUun diamonds. 'J’liC pillar.s and columns of alabaster .arc beautiful beyond descriptions, ami its wonders will Imve to be seen lo 1 k « fully nppic<’inlod. Negro KiiperstiUnns. A writer in Hie liO.nsville G-uo’/rr-./em - /u’ul gives some of (he enirenl siipeisii- I ions of KeiiUiCi.y Megroe.s. li'ii, jier.-on p.a.s.scfi !hrough a fniier.'i) pMa'(-..ci;o;i lie will die befoic the oldc -I on- ‘ . q. |f a dog lies on its back ami iiuv. I« i( jiresag- es mi early dealh in (.he tamil.i. jf Hie longest !-.iake killed in a ilay'.'^ j.i aieh liv Kuspeudeil fioni the (lee nearest a jiarelj- ed (iehi it will bring rain. If i( bo nee.-’ essmy to (nm back after starling on af. errand, Hie i:oii;:ei|iieii! bad liie.k may be avei'li'd by making a (•l•.l-s in (he jiatli with (he left fore linger. A stilllerer may br> cured by ereepi ig up behind biiii unawmes mid knocking him down with w beef tongue jii.sl taken from the beast by an nninarried bnleiici’ iiiiden tw'cnly-oiie. A bloody knife, a. b o ltleof alcohol aiKl a l:ag of five lizards me an effective outfit for bcwiloliiiig an enemy; but the intended vielini i.'i ofleii warned of Hie dai'gni by mi ow l’.R sereecli close to his cabin. 'I’he reeipii'iil of a poison­ ous snake’s bile drinks a jiint of whiskey, and then, if soI>ei eimngh, kills (he lirst black diickcn with while tail fcallier.i be can find, jiioks (he featiicrs on! and burns diem. Joo Jeffer.son’sTricks. Miss Clara i'loiri.s, in a lellor lo a fr end in Wiisliin,glon, gives (his lively rniilnis- cenee of two widl-knowii ae(o:s; --'T 'Tli.q' were boys tlien ;one (all,blonde, and laz}-, tlic other slioiI. dark mid ae- livc. It was Sunday nigiit ; exery one had iijie to the Quaker ineeling-hoiiM! a fexv dtilihwaliove. 'i’liey were alone, will,out cards, or e.iieeker.s, nr book,?, but Satan eamo to their rescue. .\ eertaiii jiiopos- al was drawled by the long chap, and eagerly accepted liy (he short one. Tluu then put on their linls mid eo.al.s, ar ned themselves xvilh a broom, a ])ail of water and it dippei’, and weiil forll! mto Hie still, bitter cold of Hie niglil, mid work­ ed diligently. 'i’hey swiqit a broad path over Hie .slop­ ing sidewall., ijuile fiee fmni snow, over I his llicy jioiired a dipper of \7a.ler, then waited. In a I'eiv imimeiils il had fioz cn; then another dijipei of v.aler, mid air.iMier wait until the jiath was ghis.'--- like in its ley siiiooHine.s.s. A whi.sk efi* the bronm .sent a light eoveiing of snow over it, the work was done, mi.l the god­ less hruorers, gatliermg up (heir loots, seroiiged themselves down on Hm door­ step mid convorse'i pleasantly. I’le.senHy the doois of Hie ineeling house iqieiie.'t, and Iwo lines of fiiends— one. made of males, mid Hie oHier b-mak’S came. out. These line.'', eouiing down the .sIcjiH seper^lely, inet and iniiigicd in a crowd on Hie pavement I'er a tew inn- immls, (hen bioke into twes and Hirees, and eeiiie giavely down (he 'udevvalk. Bmhlenly Hie .sliUness of (he niglit. ’..’as iiioken by a whaeic! wlnicir! and two siioils that weic ns one. A female IViend llcw lo the iPSisis -winiek! Hie whole eoiigiegatioii, filled wiHi womli'r, came bling down-to Hie .scene of di.sa.'dei~- wbacki wiiaeki giuims and.si’.0)!s;‘liues‘ and ‘(lions’ filled Hmail,mid witli elieeks stained^with terns of laughler. tii--y he -^lep and ‘bedv R m,’ lliou' R e li’ii sin c e sn -.veil k n o w n lo I lie w o iM .losejih .b n'eisiin an d .lid in K il'di i . ” IV iu I iiiig m e n . Before \oii bi'gin \oiir licav.,- spri woiUaftera winter of ivlaxarmu yoin syslem needs eleaiising and strengllieiiing lo jireveiit mi aiUiek of .Ague, Bilious oi Hpiing fi’ever, or somi- oilier Hpiing sie.k- m’.=-s Hull win unlit yim for ;i. seasoii’.s work. You will save lime, mneli sick, ne.s.s .•iiiii great expense if yon v. il ‘iiid great expens lolHe of I lop r.ii tin s m o n l.h. Uoirlepe. Jlon'l wait. IPn'U iiijl m C E R i i i i ! RHEDilmi, ’ Mauralgia, Sciatica, Lumbaefo, Backache, Soreness of (ho Chest, Bout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swotl- ings and Sprains, Burns and Scalds, General Bodily Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Feet and Ears, and all other Pains and Aches. If* on Mrlli Re- On. * *rt/e, #irrv, Dhnntr mi'I rUrnjt F.xlrrnnl A trlftl cnt*ll<i »'«• o>m.r«t*tlrMjr tHRlOll ontUy of nft O h I n . pti'ry onr «itai-rliiR *l(Ii **in t«tn liiT* ctienp nixl |>o*ii!vo t>r<'i<r el' Mil IHrceUnn* In Xlorrn LnnictiPBr*. lOLD BT ALL BBUOOlRTS AND DBALLKO g s IN MKDIOING. A . V O G 33 L E R . CO„ ntrllhnnrr. Mil., I/, fi. A., WHtN 8 £ COMES THE UN­ BOUNDED POFUUniTY OF Allcock's Porous PlastorsI l.?umui.-H! llu'.y li.'iro jiroveri lliciii- j8«;lvcs th e .Uu.it lix tu m n i IvciiK'dj ovur iuvcistoil. 'Flicy wiil cu r e agfluna, coUlu, couglig, uluMiinjitigm iiCTinilgiuj nriil .TUj'’ I'ictil p.aiii.s. A p jilitTl lo UitJ Riiml! o f liio buc1< tlioy inlsilljlilo hi I la c It A d i c, l^w v b iig D u b ilify, am i all Ivlduuy troiiblo.s; to liio p i t ol,’ tlio RloinmOi they aro a stiro o iu c ibr .l)ys|U'psia and Ijiv e r (.lom pliiiiil. ArA.OUOIvvS i ’OFiOlTS Tl'UuS arc painU ‘.“P, (Vu^iJiul, and (piidc t o c iire. Uuwaro ol im ilalio n s lh a t Id isicr and inirn, Csut ALL- (# ( )(’lv‘i.S, llm only Giatiiim} Por- UUH I'lu.-ilr-r. .. .. NfDU/lVVU. W llIT te’S \ PUtMOH AHY - ~ r m . -• ' ft CeugliR, €ol(?a, Uro»|.*. .V.sfhmii,|l Anti otiicv Siiinx .Ulw’fioisa. J C lergym e n ftiid nnbltc epenkers w ill find l lV iH f r t V fi'fia ir v a l u a h l e l o a n a y Irritalioiis o f T I u o a l. C b c s l, nm l Y.,iing«. ~ Buie by nil ch-alprs in niedieincn. A Gooil nunieuife. 'Die g o o d housewife, wli-iii ,slie is giv- lier lionse ilss|Miiig renovaliiig,should iieiu' in iniiid (hat Hie dear ihinalesof iireeioii.s than many houses, and that their sj.'-lems need cleansing by jiiirifying Hie l>lood, rcgii lal.ing Hio stomach and boweis to preveiii and cure the di.seases ari.sing fioin sprmg^ malaria and tni isiiia, mid .sbe will kntrfr*\' that Hiere. is nothing Ilia! will d o it so jrerfe.e.tly mid .=nrely us ifop Billers, the |>!iresl..iiiid best of medu’uses. - Ci'iii'ord X . 11. Pofriof. A Loasr Snooze. IHp Van Win’Klo slept a gnoi] while, ■yet had ids sleeji oeeurrH abnui on yeiir- ;ign, when Duwn.s’ Klixir first aHaiiird Its ropiitaiion, on awaking he. wouhl iia'si' hcen able to ree.t>gni’/.e tliix friei (1 of the adlieteil, find inight Inive tak‘'n inmtiier twenty yofirs min. and w'dred nn to fiml Downs’ E iix'r at (lie emi of ha.il a eerdu- ry the most poj'.ular ami Hm hest, rough Iteinedy ku.'wn. Al.so B;isf''i’.a Bil'eis for bilii.Hi.s di.sesi.ses. ni.t so old. Imt good. ! always kei p ynor nmdieines in .slock Down’s I'ilixir is selling iieiter tha Ooiigh im'dieim* 1 have, .'iiid witli re.snUw. <!. M. 8 m n n , drnguist, ( ton. Mmh. Dr. Ibixt'i’s Miiiidrnka h i f i e t g i r e Hm’ best, Rntiisfaelinn o f :iiiv ni'-iiiciin’ 1 w lb a d i •\] llieni-’(' holtle. N. Did’ r 1101/1 p^iY .• •\] llieni-’elvi’.'.^ riitl w a rrant every holtle. N. 1 •^d\'’^^ll'^,!TrlVr- gisl, Mie.li. They hiivii H e n ry A’ .Johnsoq’.s A rnica and Dil /iniiiieni, fur extermi! use is its geod. liii’ly bays’ Wc wiil send Di. Dye’ ('eleb r a led f pottery. A mound was opened and lUiid to contfiin si.x wc!l-)>ro.served iiuiiii- oHier eleetrie Ihirly days to young men find older jussons who fire nfiltcied witli nervous d(‘bilily, lo.st vilal- eeiim’ spi’edy relie B lectro-V o ltide Belts iplimices 011 trial niiig men find ohle ity, etc., guai’Jiiiieeing speedy rebel mid eomplcte resloratiou of vigor mid iiifiii- liood. Akso for ilieumiitisni, iieunilgiii, jiiualysis, liver and ki'iney (iifiieullies, nHitnres and many otlier liisea.ses. Illn.s- tinleii pamiihle! seiil free. A'ldress Vol­ taic Beit f.'o., Mm.sh.all. Mich. fHyl J. B¥L0B ESTAWbTRIIKl) 19tl. iii ,sjoa I II 11.3 'tvArrett &jT»t msw xo.aic. “^TeTnrrerr1n:ltcrr*tw)iiucr,-#n«l-lon{;rr- o f Ike kind . A r e always sure e n d rcH.abin, ’ftUHl never fa il to insure the b e s t results in cookery. A s k j-onr procer for it and g iv e it ft trial. Satisfaction guar.-mlced or tsp a y . 8o!*J by F. L. Ilnllj^OSaytim, N. Y. , f 4 . 0 « F O l i t f . 2 . 0 0 •TJJE iM’ST rA l ’Klt IN AMKliinA — A N D - THE niiST HOOK IN ITIIE IVOHl.D. THE BURliNOTON HAWKEYE , „ a n d — ■ 'Hinfi an^ Fall of tie hosiaclie lly KOBKBT ,f. lUl RDETT, ' T h e HAWKEYE K!AN. Tlio retail price ol Uio llAWKr.yi'. is ?2.00 ,ft year. caMi In mlruiire, ami U i I h jirico iias -boeii rigidly ndliorcd to, filUiotigli tlio inmi- .agoinoiit knows very w«n tiiaj it Is worth ifiW a y c a r to Ruy imiu^willi n ranilly lo ' Tliu rvialf prlro of Uic hook Is ?2.00 AHd not ft cctil HWi’c r r !i.i.sa. Any one send- jlwg;ft.Ifirgcr sum for the book will have the >Sus returned lo Idin hy the ne.arusl Icic- Are a symptom of Jaundice, Dyspep.sia, Coii.stipation, Bil­ iousness,and .LiverComplaint. ! DR.SAKTER'SmD!lAXE BITTEKS will cure the disease and re­ move yellowness frosn sJeln .and eyes. Warranted locure. Sold c.verywlicre nt 25 els. per Lollle. .m j T , jUirposo of o t i l l ] IlININUGI NrMATlOiN, nilHMVlNU TAXES, jibe iniuuigcmciit liavo decided lo olTe.r XIIK-HAWKEVI^ FOK m . i YICAU ' -i- - ^ N D - O F ' I H E .1500.K: ^ ^ q u i y BMiii o c TW O n o L L A u a . w iil.bc s e n t to nny ono sending ftati n, copy o f t h is Adrortlsoinonl fioin O i.xr- iiinftrJiMUiivT o r a rcforcjico to it, to . 4 T IlE llAW KEYE COMi’AN \% ■ B i irlin g lo i b Jow a . u ,'^^l|ftinpl6 c o p ies o f Iho p-aper. - pA MiaDikc Ciu rcciod. old Idcr. Hmtdfthgcrou.s tiutinntmry abuid «oi ste s'.ired iiy nicdichie A i l iicon forem'rilciimuj hy Hm .opera- hr-D r.: N. 0 . Whitft’H Puliiionarv i l l l r ; ’ triiimpii’a whkn nii oilier tmidi- bHi?, ftrtCstiiig in n few dnya Hie tn^{VioWni> wld or czjnglq rcliovirig diffi- edhjJof hrcnlhiiig, ftiid I'nUy reslorinff UibTcQliiD kuil ciiifioifttcd auffoier. A (.llcvcr C’npiiU'c. Last week, 'Wcdncatlny, infuimillion was received hero Hint jirimli’s ciow«l of forgers had rcuclied Clticago, mid would begin opcralioiis lieio at once. All Cliicngo banks ivcre duly advised, and H io cioBCflt survcilliuicc was institulcd upon such resni’la ns were likely lo fi’cqncnted i>y the forgers. Nothing le.ariicd nnlil Inst Batnrday nriernoon, wlien Billy rinkerlon, slandiiig in Hie entrance of the Palmer House, yonug man named Oliarlc.s Preston. Ieav‘ ing the liolel wliom he romeiiiborcd liave Been in New York in conrereneo with Hic weli-kumvn Bi’oekwny. Divin­ ing at once Hi:tl lie miglil, be, one of (lie giiitr, ho c.'tneil an .■is.'iis.slant on duly in l,lic hotel and inslnicled him lo shadow Pi’O.Tlon lo the ends of Hm rarUi. The opcr.Tllvc followed young Preston about Hie cily, sa\y him in couve.rsalion with oHier nmn, and got nssislmits to shadow llicso. In this way, tiie agency una kcjit advised of Hie movemeh!.a o f' each four men wlmm Uicy knew (.0 be memheis of the Bnisli gang. 'I'lie forgers were trnecd tiirongli iieverid .sniali Pugcncs, all condncled on Hie sfiuie plan. All of the men were iif goo'l, bn.'iiiics.s-like penranec, mid lo.idily circniiiled among (he mcrclianl.s of tiic city. One of them would go 1.0 ft Iicti'^c, buy foi cash fmiatl bill of goods, ns, for exmnnle, nackflgo of Iftrd, take tlu; .same gowks lo iinoMiei’ house and sell llicin, leeeiving in payment ti cheek. 'I’hi.s diccic then linnded over (o Hic gang’s for dn- pliciition. ft lo!d, of c.onrsc. Hie bank wlierc Hie firm diii bnsinr.s.s, and emdd always lie k ept for a model. Of cmirse, oniy lionsc.s with gooii liank nceonn were diosen (o be workcil in Uiis w.ay. Following out Uiis jihin Hm gang o t.aiiicd the signatures of a considerable number of fiirns, find jiresnmably (o lest their jiralind woikiiu* ciipalfility, passed .several cheeks fiii’smnll muniinbs Ihrongli tile blinks. 'riie i'inkerlon.n iilliiwed them (o [irocccd, under d iicdion of Hieir cincf, wim.'ic ]ilan was lo let the whole game go on until each of the seven men had been acinally deice.!,cil at work. Billy Pinkerton kept himself nml (lie best known of his ojicraJivcs o u t of sight lest Hill forger.\ wonhl “ get lo the fad Hull tliey were watched, and tlina spoil Hie game. IJj: lo ye:‘.!erday morn­ ing fom only of Uie gang had been seen fit work, '.riie milicnlion.s nt the time, however, seemed to Allan Pinkerlon jmint lo the eonelnsion l in t Hm forgers had fibfitil citiidiided openition.s, and were reiuly lo eonime.ime seiions work with iienvy dieeks. Ho Hierofore con clinicil 1.0 begin making airesls wilhont delay and liiko e.limicea on Hic rcinainiiig Ihrco men who had not y d come lo light. His ddciniiniilion wiis iinstcned in nccideivlul manner. Yesterday noon Billy Pinkerlon sal in jirivale confeicnce willi the flashier of the Union National B iiik. 1’lm detec­ tive was e.vplaining to (lie man of money Hint Hic giCfil finmminl coiuetn within who.so wt . II. s limy were .scaled wn;< llircat- cned with conspiracy. He. v.i.s ef the opinion Hi.al Hm Dnioii Nalmnai and Urn Oorn Exclimige banks would lie chosen as Hie special niark.s for flr.i ojiciiition of a great gang of fdrger.s. ' 'riie du.sest sciniiny would be iu’ee';;.;my in jiicvenl. the riimiii.'d.s fioiii making 11 .snccc.ss of Hinir sdminc. Giving .simii nailing di- rcdioii.s IIS he liionglil neccs.smy, I’ink- .^ei’l.on was ahont lo leave Hm bank, when a gentiemnu'y, midiile-nged man plnpjK’d 10 Hm Jiaying leilf'i'.-i windmv, and pre- .scnlcfl a dmi'k beari’ig ihe .'.igiialurn of 11 weM-Kunwii linn, for Hm aiimiinl .•ivl.SIb 'ilie paying lyllcr ma; out Inimh mill llm ('iifdiiei’ .'lejtpi’d ftnivard lo act III Ids place. The gefitlemau with Ibe e.ln',';U WIIS a slrauger In (.be. ( (ushie.r, bn', the signal lire i>u Die cheek wa.s per- fcelly ffin.llifir, and was iiiidniibieflly genuine. .Mmiuner, (!)<■ cheek the. hntids of 11 man v. lio:?(' iijiiu’iiriinec wn.s in il.seif a snCtielrul ./uat’iinly of in- tegriiy. ‘nm t'fiffliier c.i.alied lire cheek Duiiiig the enaeliurul of Uii.s u|ip:ireii!.- ly simiile (iimbmss tiunniul.iou, M-sl.i I’inkeitoii, lie.'.ilenfint of the di'pariiuriit mit.side Hie doors of the bank, “ pip­ ing’’ Hm eidranee of the forgei.s. It was known (lifd souu! of the gang were rca- iibly sure lo .slimv np al the Unimi National at (hat time. Tim h'enteiiant nce.oi’dingly slood le.uly lo a«re.st them. JYiHiiu...a. vejy. Je\v. jiiiniUcii after Hie cu'slilor had 'ictuVimd from oiishing (he .$480 e.hcclc, Lietil. Matt rushed into thal official’s office nn.l .sui’()ri?nd lml,li of (he genllemen there Fcuted with Hm excited e.xdnmation: “'J'Ind. vva.s oiie <ff onr iiienl” A.s .{ooii a.H Biily could leeover hi.s brenlh ho employed d. (o itler Hm com-' mnnd: “ IVdi, liW'c.si Iiim, (henI” Lictil.. Mint lost no Hiim in rcltirning (o (lie .sired. He overlook Hm wcl!dre.ss- cd gciillciniin williin llm .space of ahlock^ and ari’cslcd him. 'The scqnd to Hie niTest foliowed fnsb The jiri.sonci gave Hm. name of IVilliam f/ftwreiiec. Tic h.sii been .seen by Mali lo (like Hm $|.H0 idmck fnim the Iiatid.s of (Jiiarlcy I’lenioii tim UMin wiiiim Billy liMii spoHcd 1 m ,si. Hnliiiday in !ld> l.hilmcr nou.sc, Prc.sliin was iicci’.s.smily in ihc nctii' viciiisly, and wnr. Knc.sied inma.lli- iitely iiflcnv'ii’d. Both men were (.(tkeii lo ft room at 371 ’A'libaHh avenue, wliidi was om: of Hm iooniiUc.s Hic ddedives had spoll.nl. Here Jack Brusii wins found suri’iiumicd by ,d| (lie implcmc.iis.s of Ids ncfmion.s Inidc, cliccks, geniiimr and rorged. ‘ qucci” inUa. paper, mu! all llm Iwil.u of fogri'iy lay iilKiiit Hm I'l tci! m piofaitiOii.- 'Tiie room was Joint­ ly Oi.:cu|iied by anollier iillisl, wins wins pi’onijdly iccognized .ns .lohii Morion, nlia.s .lack Miller, fi nolorioiis .Pbiladei- (ihia craeksinmi, rcccnlly I’lniveiled (o (ho gcnlvd bushies.s of forgery. The fji.nrldle was lakcut in charge and lodged in .scpei’file looms. it wiia o.x- peeted Huit jiart if not al! of Iho ic.®t of liiij gang woulil ill’ Ifikcii lieforc iiunn- ing. • Tins room af, 371 AVabanh avenue was headquiuters for llm gang, nml contained cvidcnce.s of Hm magnUmlo of Hicir Pchcnm. Tls'de.sks were covered willi cimeks Imaring Hm forged names of many of Hm leading firms in the oily. Mn.twcll .Bros., of tim l.i«i; stock-y.ards, would havfi Htiffercd (o Hm Imm of f 10- 000; and Hm Union NnUona!, liliuois Nftlinuftl, N'os’HiWesloi’U National, Mcr- dianls’ Naliomd, Nidiomii 'Tniderg’ and oUter hanks wordd Imve sultcreii lo-dny lo Uie amounl of $10,000 to $i»0,000. Hr. I'Vii/Jcr’s Ibml lU llm cujnhir '. j!KAv.Ai!i)i.:i) 'I’hn fitiovo nw i#.«i \\u\m ItHnnitf’D* h or Blf»or3 i:\vnt, hvi \ Mrttin fn»m lool^. r.nmliimMl wllli iilniilf* fiirii HK :\T« rmpml In Njihtic'r jr.'jnlnit. J Slory of llm Mm iacliiim, Irr (locItMliip h UI i jiliVRh ho.p isiid li.vhif; n,Iv<.|-- Ibotl iin'illehicB (iiiclmlliip RiiO'ii|iiii'IMu). wfiliniii niwiiiip leiU'l' my illi>i-ovmy <.|l’<;ol,c.tI ti ceiiiptcle A Iimnlroiim lillle j'.-iiiiplilcl, hbie pii'l ;ohl cover, wiUi iiiiiiieroiis engrariiigs wU! kppft ilic iHitvciF find iriiulnr, imikcllii! ivcitk ”” *ln>!Ut, I hm '. I Ilie l!;iii;*. Iiiiilil up Ilii! iicivcp timl c.leiniFe llie liiemt nml *y*lcm iil nveiy iiiqmiily. For tiix^liieMM. Miiph ol’|l|t>od hi 111,. Ilt-nd lend- moiH mu\ H m vf, T v n w lliiifr Worm. Whltn Hwv\U In^p. Worn Ky«u» n»i»I for .vniii>»T inoti (•iilVorhii' Emm nr ilDliUily 1»y ImpnitU'Mrr mu) fpinulr^ fn itpllrnic Ima i|i. P*r«r.l^rV Uant. Wfierfftne rritcchtUy l>r. PiAyiirr: I Unvc Iwo tiolllrfi ofMiur MUI hij * Ini' DyFpHphiii, Dlz/.Utr^n W(’nK*m*i<f» niiil K|i|n*-y Inml ihuy <i)f| iin* iimn? (rnnil l!inn tiK'i|« JUKI all llic imdkltn* I avrr tipfil, Krnm |?M' fVinl. fln«r I took % iH'irjin fo tmiml. nml t nm nnvd l:i imrlur.! hffilth, ntnl ^***1 a« 'vri! mj * ovnr I I v»»nr mofUcliiD ono of M»o «ri:enf(!p|. ol Mr<9. M. MAKT(N, r:mvr)m,*r.O. SoM hy nl?rvoryu’lrctf' nl. fI prr hnlllf!. imiaEWT I ’e r H a n an d Beasfc. •1 e t s r e c u r e f o r ^ V o u t u l n , l i u r t i n , ^ I f ^ l c e r e , c u t s , #WAnRANTno\^*c«frf/» TO GIVE irviMi i SATISFACTION C 'o r j u t j ’L M t X o i l s , S t r a i s t , m u l t t H flFein J t H e c n s c f. J t i t h if. i t s tv c l l u j i f l i t h e h a n d . BBtBUTTS DISPEN S A R Y . Eifiblljlisa IS‘7 al n M. 8lh Bltwl, CT. LOUIS, MO, Ilii* old niid nonknnirn I N o i s c K I'obonoitft mt 5 b « r.»r*-5oiilo nxpeiifle. pnnviio A siioutsG i i g s i i i i a ; 1 ,■ C, Iioil Imvo <»r If'r.fh iMM•»}■' ! fr*«m u’’ t«' vnlii*', nm) II l*« hoj *. . ..M.T.rU-.) 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