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Clayton independent. (Clayton, N.Y.) 1872-1884, May 29, 1873, Image 2

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L- TritTRSDA-^ M at 187S. W lliam D. C lark . ) -p R ahsom iP. C lark . SATJSS OF ' a d v e r t i s i n g . ivr. I 2w. I YnTrT3in:T».iTr]lv7: I 1.7Ti~a:50l 3\.?5~i 6.50 1 9. | \ 3in. I 2.25 i 3.001 \ 3,75 1 4.00 1 C.00 3 ^c. I 5 . o 6 ~ i 7 .o 6 r 96 - o 9.50 I 12TT 1 colT f 8.00 1 12.00~i 15.00 I 20.00 1 357~| 60. Business Cards, Are lines, or less, $5.00 a year, 93. for six months and 93. three months. Advertisements In local columns, t« per line the Srst vreck : and five cents each subsequent insertion. Obituary notices will be charged flv per line for all over six lines. ^ Notices of Marriages and deaths Inserted A W ILD HUNTRESS. The Wheeling <‘Begister” of the 20th inst. tells the following story on the authority of Julia Messenger ofWindrWge, Green county, P». for whose veracity it vouches: A man living near Windridge, Green county, Pa., had born to him five children, four girls and one boy. His name is Daniel Lewis. When quite young the boy and second daughter, named Lucinda Lewns, de­ veloped quite a fondness for hunt­ ing, and were out nearly all the t ime, roaming the .woods in search of game. Tliey seemed to delight in nothing so much as the fall hiv of a hunter, and would be gone from home for weeks at a time. At'te some four or five years the boy quit it, and entered on the more indus­ trious pursuits of life, hut the gi continued in the cliase. Drawitig lierself more and more from human intercourse end restraiint.shehasbe- oome a wild.' woman, lleOrng from the approach of iier kind with the speed of a deer. \ Dnrin.^ lhe early yokrs of hcr sol itarvlifdsffe used.to approach >.e« fatW ’ft h'ouse^’ftud erttice |he dogs to follow' her, learning almost any breed of dOf^ to become good huii- tors. In the hope of bringing her back to her home atid to civilisation, lier brother followed her and shot the dog she had taken away, using every inducement to got to go back with him. But it was all *\ For eighteen years, since she was twelve years of ago, she has lived this wild life, sleeping in the centres of straw stacks during the night and hiding in them during the summer the wild and cultivated fruits she intends for her winter’s store of pro­ visions. She is .now thirty years ■ old, and is as wild as the most uu tamed denizen of the forest. Mr. Messenger says he at one time, while out hunting, met her m the woods. Her long black hair, covering her face and eyes,..wa8 mat­ ted with hui-8 and leaves, and - her black flasbing eyes made her a start­ ling picture. She remained per­ fectly still until he got within twen­ ty feet of her when she turned and tied with the swiftness no man could hope to rival. A few days since she was seen a gain, and then had in her hand | thrw pheasants and four rabbits,; but although these encuinberod her j glie eluded every attempt to capture her. She has been so long in the | woods that she has become iJcrfectly | wild. Her dress is made of flu skins of wild animals and a blanket tbatshehaa takcnmmcwherejnrjng^ some of her nocturnal predatory tours. Emanuel Deutscli, of the British Museum, died at Alex­ andria, Egypt, on the 13th inst. H< was 41 years old, of Jewish birth! A graddateof the Berlin University, and one o f the most learned men in the world. W m . & C. HUTCHINSON, BOATDILDERS, B OhAYTON, N. Y. We keep constantly on hand and build to order . ALL KINDS FisMlff B®ata, SKIFFS, lE^yes, and in fact all kinds of boats that c built u ilt\ BOAT arc b by anv first class BUILDERS. 6iy*Be8t o f matcrlftls tiBed, and -workinanBhip guaranteed. j^^RepAiring skilfully and and promptly, done. Wm. & 0. HUTf HINSON. n25-l E. J. BURCHBLL, Dealer in PAINTS, OILS, VARNISH PARING. LA FARGVILLE, N. V. Plain and Ornamental Painting, Ornamental Graining, House and Vessel Painting, Buggies, Cut­ ters and Blinds Painted to order. Warreiited if re­ quested, ivhen done by the job. OIL PAINTING AND WATER COLORS From Landscapes or Copy. i ^ * I have meii in iny employ at all titnes, re^Xy tO^^Sign painting and the abovb. I will takn jobs on [.the shortest notice and so exeente them as to give satisfaction to the most fastideous. GENERAL DEALERS IN FOPvEfGN, DOMESTIC, HEAVY and SHELF S t o v e s parlor and cook of the latest improvements and best quality, also a''complete stock of Henso trlmmingi, NaiU,,.fiaru Door Fixtures, Agricultural Tools, Shovels, Iloes, Picks, Spades, Axes, Grain, Hay and Dung Forks, Scythes, Snaths, Table Cut­ lery, Clothes Wringers, and in fact everything that can be found in first Claes Hardware Store. manb F acturers op T in C opper & S heet - iron W abe Having the latest 'TlnncrB Tools and Ma chines, nml a practical Tinman of I< rience, T H E tlca l Tinman o f long expe rience, wc are prepaircd • to do all kinds of work lit reasonable prices, and special attention will be given to Repairing and Job Work. Oivt u t a call and look ov«r our ntoek o f Goods. ii22yl] J. & A. D. HAVES. n2o-yl) E. J . B urohell . HARNESS ! The undersigned would respectfully say to the Public that he is now prepared to sell uU kinds of Ilanicss arid Saddlery goods such as I have, also on h and: 2 nice Top Buggies, 2 Open Buggies, and 1 two-seated Cutt< r, which I wil sell cheap for CASH, nl-y 1 . J. W. T hompson . OouLsineau & Oo call the attention o f the Public general to theii Great sacrificing —SALE OF DRY GOODS As we have Imported rather large­ ly this Spring in every Department, and not wishing to carry over any heavy stock untibnext season, we prefer to make a sacrifice at once on the WHOLE STOCK in order to effect large and quick sales—conseipiently onr great clear­ ing out Sale will commence Sat. «U£M 8 BIRTIIDAY, May 24th ,and continue until fur- ■ tlicr notice. ^^^'Special A'h//ce-‘^The Store will fed closed one day'; *wev{on» to oni; Lai^e Sale ft.' IJ>.| ^ T obc of rcdnciug'tlie price of-lhc whole ttock'. (klUBINEAU & fXL, \Win. Miick’s Store, King street, 28-m6 _________________ QANANOQUE, ONT. GROCERIES « R b o v i s i o n s , B. OK. CROOK’S WINE OF TAR I ■Tfn ’V e n r u n t t t ’ttlille p Iciil. lias proved Dr.Crook’ii W'f newf’rnr toiavo l more merit timn any similar preparationverlTcredo e o t Ure pubtio. tt Is rich In the medicinal qualltlesof Tar, and ubenualed for disenoes o f tlie T b r M i A Ijfin « c a , performing the most remnrkablo cures. Jt eiroctnally curcaall •ml Colds. It Ims c u m l so many cnscn.of A s th m a null nroM ciiU ls, tim tlt has bvou jproiiounccd a s p e e f f l o lor fheso com- plaiiit.s. For P a in s i n t h e Ilrrnst, Hido n r Itnefc, V r n v e l n r H M iicy «lis> ansc.disen.’iesortlioirrln- a r y O rgnns. JniiiMlIcc, r orn n y lilverC o iup lalist it iiss no equal. It Is also a annerior Tonic, ItestoooN the AppofCc. I ntrmffihcns Ihefiysfcin. UcsCorcs the Weak »nif IBehilfavc«l, t C'anscs (lie Pood («> IHno Ttenioves Dyspepsia on«l IndlgcNiio ■ ,**r«»cit(s Ditlnrlous pcv. i Glrcs tone toyongByslcui. The Public will find at H E L D T At the Corner Store, a choice lot of GOODS, all kinds of Groceries and Provision corse and fine Sait, Drugs Patent Medicine, Paints,Oils Varnish, Dye Stuffs, and Yan-. kee Notions of every description P U R E W H N E AND L IQ U O R S Also a fine assortment of Confectioneries, of all kinds. ■ROOTS AND SHOES, ■ FLOUR AND FEED ! ! And a thoiiBand other things too numerons to lention. n5yl SAWING ! To A ll W hom it m a v con c e r n :— Having establislu d myself per maneiilly in Clayton for the purpose of doing Custom Saw­ ing. »I pledge myself to do all work in iHy line in a workman­ like manner and to give perfect satisfaction to all who may en­ trust their biisiness in my hands. BcIlcUng^ that the C A S H S Y S T E M i« llie trhe one, my terms in the fatnra will be based upon this priucipio : lO per cent off from my usual rates, to all who pay cash at the close of each raontli Ml amounts will be due quarterly: on the first of Jaifuary, April, July and October unless special arrange­ ments are made with parties con­ cerned. iiTmfi. J.\MEs O aldfjk . An eight page Local JOURNAL. Containing all the NEWS in this vicinity and The must important Foreign news. Our paper will Subscribers at be furnished the small price $ 2.00 A TEAR, I n A d v a n c e . Subscribe for your home paper. -OUR— Silver Reed O i^is!! A l O l r u s h ; Tlie Inventor and Builder of these I very sujierior Organs, would call the\attention of the public to this, ]ii.s Advertisement. No REEI) INSTRUMENT has been ns higlily commended by judi­ cious persons, or has innintaiiicd its position half so well as B rush ’ s It is not cumbered wi-h a multi­ tude of stops, but its compass of ex­ pression and tlie QudlUyf Sweefiisit, ai'd Singing 3fdo9ioU$Ht$S p o l i ty , arid Rir^rrg Mtlodioumtu OualUy^ S feelnat, and Ringing Ot its tones are ab.-iolutcly uneqmiled MTNTER CAMPAIGN I 1873 I would respectfully atinomtce to ' ‘nterests id in all persons i chase of pur- CS 00 D 8 , tlmt I have a COMPLETE STOCK ------at ------ V e r y L o w P r i c e s . My Stock consists of a fine as .‘rortment of -D R Y GOODS^^ OROCEOIES & PROYfSIONS, HOOTS AND SHOES for Men, Women and Oliildren. Also a fine lot of PURE LIQUORS. VTt W . Asdki,: Fiirnlttiw i D. C. Poi-ter’s, Clayton, Jefferson County, N. Y. I offer a large, new Stock of Fur nitnre, MIRRORS, TADLES, CHAIRS, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Chainher sets. Wash Stands, COFFINS, Caskets, Spring-Bpds, and Matrasses, rahj^ng in pric< from $3.50 to l^d.OO.Iilfiiave alfto a new Hearse. lii- coniiec- tion with niy fi^niture rooms I have., ft gen­ eral stocl^'of Groceries ami Pfovisiois. Give me a call and 1 Avill shov you my stock an give you iny prices Department is we aj*e now print all complete, and prepared to kinds of Bills, Fostei-s, Bill heads, Cards and all other kind of Printing at the shortest notice. Bring in your Orders. CLARK * CLARK MONU MENT S, HEADSTONES TAKtETS &o., le best Itaiicn and Atht^iBaa Marble Scotch and native Qriioiie at the i- CLAYTOII MRRBLE ^ORKS I ITelt & B e l l, Proprietort. We challenge comparison with other s b o p i»' to QUALITY of stone used. Excellence of work»ran8hlp, beauty o f finish and REASONABLENESS OF PRICES. Give ns a c.!!! before pnrehasing. W$ do nof moanto b«hndtrMid. You will be sure to find one of the firm in the shop. Bear in mind you can always do belter with a proprietor than with An irresponsi' blc agent selling on commission. Work delivered and set without extTkfhwge. Satisfaction Guaraiittwd,

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