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Catskill recorder. (Catskill, N.Y.) 1804-1828, July 09, 1804, Image 1

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---- ’■^w»*f-n> rSKILL Rlx::o • ~:>. f »■ <, ■S- t ' ^ ’ Q ' 7 > 7 \ *'» C A T 5 R ILL (N e w - T o r k ) t o b l i s h e d bt iK A d C A T C&O&WELLi ♦IT* ^ yoi.. I- Mo N D AT, July j), 1804. No. 9 F o r THE R E G O R D E R . T H E LA S H , No. II. —— * tipen Jlander^ is a curfe s “ But not trjind an anfwtr^is'a nvr'rfe. ^ * DRTDEm r r ^ ■ ■ X H E Chaftifcr did intend to devote thc irHoic of this number to his own pattic- ulaf fuends, or irafht^T to thofc who areimtefc. diately in want of Trieiidly attoonxtioh. ^ u t h# flatters himfclf the public ^ ill not 1^0 dil- ■^leafed- w ith'his Eurhanify liiklQwtUg-letlate.. ' ■ .\V';'*/J’:-' « M r . C astigator , ^ ' leaft 1 ftrip him nA c d to the burning heat of « You fay you have taken it upon your- fc o m W contempt. « felf to correa: the foibles o f the day; aihd ' .CASXIGATOP <* it may therefore he expeaed that you will; ' - long been paying attention to my d a u g h ter|» ^ « M a r g a r e t j a n d , as I fup p o f e d , w ith honeft|:'*^^'-^°^^® ® ^ » youth } and equally ohviou#^ that it depends upon the p a r e n ts to m a k e th e i r fon y ir tu o u s . Of vicous, a chriftian or an infidcli I am for- ry, very forry, yc aged parents, whb arc aflic- ted w h ith the crimes of an unruly child, to bring his ftiame and lay it at your own doors. It is indeed ufclefs for me to reprimand yoU for what is paft. I can bearly “ attempt a reformation in your youth, by (hewing them virtue in its beauty— vice in Its deformity. I cG^ld mention inftanccs where the father has hpafted to the fpny of his former lib'ertin- ifm;. but through a regard for grey hairs, and^ the fji^rcd charaaer of. patents, I/forbear. rdofe thKniMnJkr^hpr ;minncr2:the l^hjea; o f :C% not again. << intentions. Young Snicker is a charadler, « whom, of all the people in the wofld, 1 «c(hould leaft expeft to. be a villain 5 for he: «* looks fo fcrlous, and is fo good to his pa<^ « rents and all the people in town, that my «< wife and I thought it would he right e « nough to let M aigaret keep company with <‘ him. But you know, we Ihort-fightedi T H E following information may perhaps prove offfervicc to fuch of your fubferibers as h a te not cool and dry cellars to preferve their meat a n d other provifions, an d the hint per­ haps offers an opportunity to thofe, who ^ v e fcifute and talents^ of improving it to great public advantage. . ^ A joint o f meat of any provifion fufpendr, thofe refolnli(4 » the Semte. in which from the generii th e y o r i g i n a t e ^ w ith th e pillow ing o b f e t r a - lic e n c e w h i c h Ihfe tions: « If it had been the p lea^i^o f the LegUla- turc to have eiqirefted the feefments contiio- cd in thofe rclolutij^s in iinyp^hcr mode than that by billor refoi«es,'airop|riionof the vernor thereon would n i t h i r i b t e t i necefl^ ry ^ but the l^nftitutiofi hai^i^ made it h» duty to MbH bills and reflAtes as he apl proves, and to return fuch as not ap* provcjhis ^ f k o n this ociafton, however un-« pleafadf# .li;Un?»teWable. « W hlieho declares his ueadinefs to cp^op^- i mortals can’t tell where things will end }|''ed'in a flannel bag will keep,fw.cct a confide^ which was precifely our cafe, for in the^ able time longer, than-by any of the modes ** end Snicker ruined Margaret. And now, generally pradifed* The cooler and drycy <* Mr. Caftigatorj fee the meamiefs o f the s* child into his fnarc, he does not a ^ like a man about it, but creeps .pfFioto every dirty <« hole in the ftreet, and there tells every one he comes acrofs. If you hadn’t ought to <* take n o tice o f th is a f f a ir , y o u r office I s o f << no ufe to honeft J q & n P alingtok .’* T o deny I feel deeply intefefted ih the «afc o f the unfortunate M argaret, .would be pTofeffing more infenfibiftty of heart than I; - 1 -poffiifof —M j& -.eoautenance -glow s With the blttfli o f 'f liarn c fo r the depravity of^ our fex , w h e n I fe e y o u n g m e n ru n n in g intb the moft diabolical and cru e l erxeefles, mete-; iy f o r th e g r a tificatio n o f a foolifti arid ill-tiin - ed v a n ity . T o be fu r e h o n e f t P a u H n g ton is not gifted w ith th e flow e rs of rh e t o r i c k } nor c a n he deferib e th e in ju r y he has fuftained, in a very pathetic or affediir.g m anner; yet, h o w e v e r p lain h is tale, it is th e language o f an injured parent, and muft roufe the indig­ n a tio n o f every fy m p a th c tic bofom . It w o u ld be the g r e a teft bleffing in community, if our y o u n g m e n could be m a d e to re f l e f t w h e n , upon the brink of perpetrating the moft cri­ minal of -aftiotis. If they would ftop for a moment, arid p i^u r e to . their imaginations, the agony of two aged and tender parents, Wefcpipg over the wounded chaftity of thpir darling ;.- dee them wipe the tear o f cpmpunc- tiph from ;ber faded cheek, fee them confole ‘their child, rackedj tortuied^ wreathing in the; bitternefs of. w o e f u r e ly i one fpark of virtue Tcmaining, In.ihem would be blown up into « flame w h ich vwould confump ?vcry particle of criminality, lurking in thefr hearts. B u t inftpad of this -what do WS feer— iToung per- ___ ^ ___ ^ ihib meat is when the flannel IS put mund.it villain! As quick as he had inveigled, m ^ id^ ^ i t e r , and it will occur to any thinking ............... • • ^ ^ ^ -------- - - mhid that the flagncl /(hould be. perfeaiy clean. A flannel bag with a bowl or plate in I t « alfb .the bed mode.of conveying butter fronij Ot perhaps to maikct,’and if the bowl Qt p la te is m a d e o f - 'w o o d th e b e t t e r .— A ftrodget proof cannqt be given o f the truth of the abovei than that ice wrapped in flannel Wilt keep a'cbnffdcraBle tim e,; wheyeaaif ex- bdiTed to m e air prw rap|ted in tinen it will feflilve a l n i ^ 4 te t e ^ i a t e j y . ....... . ' , SALEM , May 2fl. T H E 'V a t built by MclTrs. Meux, a t their porter brewery in Liquorpond Street, Lon­ don, is 25 feet depth, T 5'5 feet diameter, and 195 circu m f e r e n c e , w ill contain t o , 0 0 0 bar­ rels of beer, at 36 gallons each, which is 720, 0 0 0 galls, a fixe m u c h g r e a te r th a n h a s been ^tempted before, and more than 14 times larg e r th a n th e cleb r a ted Heidelhurgh T u n , jb often mentioned by Travellers, as one pf (he wonders of Europe^—containing 800 bhds. or 50, 400 gallons. The coft eftimated in building, by MelTrs. !l(eux, is upwards of 10,oool. ft. and when harged with beer, to be worth 35,000!. ft. ■ r-Thc h o o p s ' w e ig h e d 4 fo m 174lb. to 2 topji 1 ac h ; the weight of Iron of thp whole, jjjay ! KSrComputed at 87 tons. . j This memorandum was taken on thp 2d (fLMay, 1795: by a Gentleman who was 5|iown the Brewery by, Mr. Meux,, and om the eftimate of the perfons employed in uiiding it. • V- - . Brom TTew^Hninpjhire, fpni e a rly.pil& ffngjn the ,a£l of deception, ; His Excellency the Governor having mga- like diligent fehool-men, perfevering night /iVd the Bills and Refolutions lately paffed by and day to gain the firft principles of their. : th^*Senate and Houfe, dire(ftmg the choice of ff udy, till at length, having got the theory, cld£torsand members of Congrefs in diftriifts, ^ c y launch forth into the opcan of « fuccefsful and approving the mcafurcs the prefent experiment.” Parents beware how you truftr adminiftratioh— thcy have been loft 5 and the your daughters w ith fuch efttcTprifing villains. Eleaors and ^Repref^fatiyes will he chqfen They are like a mad-mdtt in a flower-garden Who without the leaft diftintEIion, tramples under foot the haughty weeds, the mournful tulip, the pale violet and, hyteinth. W here vre fee young Imen^ running on in thefc per- niciOtis courfesi . muft 'w e infer— mcliora piidocucre parentes ? unhappily .Ihc con-\ trary. ^ te r y crime perpetrated by the fon m uft be ttaee4 to the parent, w h o nc^c6|cd ihe iniproteincnt o f his mind and morals.> S o m e o f :m f good, veadera w a ie x c la i^^ what h i | th e father40 be accountable for the natural depravity\of the fon ! I might, if Iplcafcd, go into a lengthy argument to prove -that there are 50. fuch .thiilgs aa innate priocipels. in the mind 5 but. it wjlL bo fufficient. to re* fer my readers to Locke qn the human under- ftanding. It is therefore obvious that , all o u r principles of virtue urc imbibed in early general tickets^ as heretofore. We were laft evening favored with cqplcs.of the Gover­ nor’s o b je^ipn to thofe bills and refplutions. W c regret that we are unable to prepare them all for this day’s paper.— Palladium, , » The following are the; obje&mito the refo* hitions approbatory of the conduB of the admin-- ^ration, . / “ The Governor having received certain rc- iblutkms o f the Honorable the Reflate and ihoufe o f ReprefentativM—>expreffing their o- •pinipn reTpe£Ung diforganialng fentlments in- cnlcated through the medium of the prefs; pongratulating their fellow citizens upon the iefult of certain mcafures of the General Go- i^rnm e n t) and declaring their full confidence in the pvefeot adminiftration of the fame, and in the 'juftice, benctoleoce and wlfdom pf Ithe Prefident o f the tfnited Statcs-«*retUrQt for prcic|vatK#i o f Our uniplii and fdr fup^ porting fuch meafurte as can be be ft calcula­ ted to promote the gcUfetal wclfjfte* he is com­ pelled to fay, lhat if the fecond o f thofe refo^- lutions refers tb the purchafe of Louifiana^ he is not fufficienjly informed refyewing the pro­ bable advantage of that purChaf«i>-to enable •him to cOngramlatc his fellow citizens there­ o n ; more efpsiaUy asit is/aid to have been purchafed a t weat expenf/. And fuch has been his opini^ refpe^in^ f6mc’'meafurcs of the admiRiftraion; that hp is not prepared to exprefs that uijlimited confidence which the resolutions feen to report.” C H A I|lLESTW j June i6, <. Gapt. ToTiiy, of the P ilot Boat Schooner Virginia, arriwdherd on Thurfday night from Savannak irh is pafl'age from this port to St. Jago dc Ctba} he was horded off the weft Gaicos by a E rlach priveter, (name unknown, thecapUin reiufing tp give either his or that of his ve|el) Wijoibrought hint to anchor broke opeu^the h^tchies, boifted oUt the cargp, and otherwife i^nlacjEcd |the veffel, fent for his papers, and^-broke open all hU lettera;H h e olRcejp on boit<i then proceeded to plunder the cargo o f the fiflowing articles ; one barrel Of beef,: one batf l; of pork, twp cafetf of gin, and; 2L‘: ham :ViWmg,r - in an infulting 7 manner. The Lord UtM fwheft.y^^lgiij^ for tue dont r . ' M then permitted h ialto pte^, cee4ii.The tW ci(teeedingdays proving he m^de bul41|^fe^WSy,:.a»d o « ihe third day he was again Iteq ght too by a French ptiva- teer called th^etire Eftelle, Capt. Alniayd, of M artiniqu^ (bowing EnglKh.colours, who fent on boai|!a boat with five armed me« and took poiffion of the Virginia, fending capt. Torreyi-d mate on board the privateer, paying ino attmtion to the papers whatever, but faying tha he wanted juft fuch a veffd for a privates, as his own did not fail faft enoUgl^ arid rat (he was a very good prize for him. he ad at that time a ichooner and (loop in comp ny, which had alfo been cap­ tured. They Itocccded with the V i i g i n a to the Spaniih liind of Porto Rico, and came to anchor onche 29th of April yi the Bay Meariguay whke the ‘ ‘ evert thc'ffiaddy of Icj in the courfe pf the and'the fchobffef, befdfe^Capf. T* left ^the ifland was fittirt| but Pfe aiWivatccr.Capt. Tor*^ rey & his j^bplewcrc turmd a(hore in a ftrange country, wlthbiit a dollr, or any rhcanst, htti fuch as chance or hu& n ity offered, of procuring fobfiftance, or OR returning to A- m e rica: being fo totally ide^tute o f money he was unable to g et awayhttpebple^ & with difficulty procured for htmfel&paffs^e u p to St. Thomas, in a fmall frrti^ml'r, where he had nearly died of fickdefs cb^rafied by his ill treatment oil boafif the priwteer. - Gapt. T. was (b fbrtunut^ obt^n a paffagc gratisy to HavannW and again from thence to Savaimah in^G ^ rgia.- His crew, he bc- lievs, arc, ftUl iif^^/Forto Rico, ^ w ithout t h t means of returding, or of cummUuicatmg with their-friends and fami)et. licence which picaroons affumc of « managing own afi^iirs in their bwd way,\ and n p t,|g m H y official orders whatev- cr.^ It Was ch e ^ f e n t^ n o f the Frenchmen to hoift out the Nl^iirdds cargo at fca, or to Car­ ry her to wf\ete he Cbuld Uifeharge and dilpofe o i m plunder in fecurky, and then Tend hev ^ 40 Tea again. fte been fo unfuccesful o f late,-asTo ® ^ ^ |||tirbteii tip. Not one A- mentert'‘h a 4 . (h<rc as a prize for 30 |ir# dad what captures they of their hands before tb e f CfU get sbem flitev pott, by- BrnBh W a SHIB^GTGN, June 22; For more than a if ee^k wc have beert deluge ed with the moft conftant and powerful rains. The Potomac has not b^en known To high for upwards of thirty years- A great nurhbi^ bf mill dams and Tome m|Us hate been entitely deftroyed* A ftonc null near the grcatTalls, with every thing-in k, Hks been walked frtb the Fdtomaci even the bed on which the m'd- Icr fleptr Was taken up near this place. Mr, Rowle’s miB ha|4>tenwcry much damaged. The meadows on the Potomac and bn the creeks have been overflowed. In feme places the grafs has no|.;<^ly been Ibfl;, but the mea<ft dow^ greatly injuredj from the quantity of fand thrown on fo theth« The wheat as far thefe tains extend, ihuft be almoft, if not emirely loft. If it eTcape the deluge it will be deftroyed by the ruft. -The coni on pneveagroi^d isalmoft eniiTely wa(h« ed uP'i; Gn marty.^iintations-where (hallow ploughing has preyailedf, the light foil on the top ^ 8 beehbomplfteiy :wa(hed off. Thougit thU«inay be of ferlous injury to fome, yet it is hoped it will be pfoduf^ve of (bme benifit by ditefting tlie attention oif farmers and planters tb deep ploughing. Wc hate not heard of ci»» tKer the extent or gteatnefs of the'itatnasje. C^rtqdt howeyer.but apprcltend, from tl>c viotence and long continuance of the rain, tkat iTargifra^ o f coum Witnefled its dcftrtt® o iavagC8 i-n PETER S B G R G H , June i i . Owing to the quantify o f rain which hasfal* len 'for a.week paft, the creeks, and the water eourfes generally, havebeeu fo high as to ren* der it dangetouS travelling and has tinfortu- nately pretefited the tegular paifage of the 'mail. The Appamattax has (welled beyond its banks, and th^iTandy l^each Is completely un- ^er water. Several m the citizens refiding nter Pocahuntas havc| been driven from their haWatidns, and <mm jelled to take (helter at a greater diftance from I the river. W c regret exceedingly the injury which the farmers will fultain, as we have n ddoubt the Wheat muft fuffer fr6m ruji^ produced by fo much wet wtth’eri ' '4 « .r - NORFOljfe, Capt. Stcck; frbn|.HaVanna, informs that two BfltiffiFrigate# hid been off the Havanna for , three weeksi twice went iif) to demand reftitutionofall Britifh veffels captur­ ed by the Frcnch'-aiid fent into the Ifland o f Cuba. The GoVernJr o f Havanna refufirig to comply with thefr <teHand, they proceeded oh to the windwardi CapU Wills fays, that the B r itifh ftill c o n ­ tinue to blockade Martinique, and have made Various attempts te cut out vcffcls f r o m S r . Piefire^s, in fohie pf Which they failed , a n d loft b o th men and bdatsi 'T h a t he thinks it impoffiblc for the Britifh to take the Iflan d , it Being fi^rrifone4^by of ^000 troops, and completely for||[flcd. June 21. 4^ BAUTIMORE, June 3 d. M r. ‘Moretonj fapticargb of the Nimrodi captain Farland, arrived on Srtlfday from St. Jago, via Philadelphia, and f t a ^ that he left there the aoth ult. Wat c ^ t u t ^ by a French privateer on, the 27th, 'an'd^#ij)tbred by the Britifh (hip of war the H u h i^' on the d^th, who feftt the* Nimrod to Jamida. M n M. un-' derftood from the FrencMpnte mafter that the piifatccr which took 1 ^ was the (afiie on board o f which general NfpSi was killed fotfie time fince, and though tl^captain pretended 'to under orders Tromih^'gOteroor o f G u a - dadoupc to eaptuTo all /knieticaa ireicls with coffee oii boaTi% fcihiii$ of opthmii that h it r’ - i it P m L A D ^ i ^ H I A , June 23. Arrived yefteyday afternoon, the brig Bcfc- fej Qf Bpftohi capt. Radford, in fifty two days from Limon, which he left the 7 th May* Capt. B. failed after tfc Columbia, arrived at Ncw-Yotk’bnB u n d a y v a n d brings later advi­ ces than any herctofbfeTccmved from Lifbon. he fays, that h e Heardno report o f Lord Ncl- fon^s death, a t Li(bo4. that there was feveral- Enilifh veffeU foipc If them (hips of war, ly­ ing inf the harbour, none o f’which wore their colours half inaR 'nim at any time while he was there; and that mete was no report cur­ rent at Lifbon of db^ldng of Naples and hts family having been Trlz^ by order o f Bona- gprtc. A M r. Lapip^y, ad?affengcr, who has 4 ' U -••f. ■J-—'.' • ■\ ' , “’T, --- »' - , 7 !- iat-. P C ,bi ■V>P / , In I m 'J ■ i I % V,

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