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The Oswego daily palladium. (Oswego [N.Y.]) 1851-1887, October 11, 1884, Image 4

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; -eventog, abput p 4o?fij-, - --^pSyracraseBdvaUoWsjWaiia. J s ^ r S S T t , . _ i»mtoeatoffli*o-a p ^ e on, ■ ranwany-cTOniDg ona aia so, sending Out n • 4 «i^W^i.oonsisUng.of d^ep ’Wlson, Ma^ St'BogoisrM^OrpM,^ Sonle, afid ;ttns vrlnt SW <a4,eoibw>i>,, , jirpr€aeoesio>B.ttw V6) _ . , ■jViytrial, bntnnfo?<im»toly for them, the ■ r#r«olTy«anotintheirfevbr.:8natheywero -Wfitliiifebate payefine o f $15 brspehaflf as^ onthelim. KotM^‘ ‘ t^ i ahe latter.-Xast evening ctoent,oon*tiagofi?ollle]oinieay.Ituoy h._Jhomm: larlngfliaX latter.-Xast e n thira da. _____ .oon&tingofiJollleK bj. H. Cook, .Thomis lyons, Bnma \!hitaanenaO. BTiaa.agMnpamjrf the jWeta. They were promptly mreetea 1 ■ ioftoars Eley and O’Biien, who led C ■wljle Binging and ehorttang to flie epoler. slated, the furroj down yesterday. alger, r»cord$r»] ■ MechMgea>ih,j.pii. r-olhis wife was aajoumed to Oct .^twga postponed 111 noon, after several ^ Qeoige Potter, creating a dirtntbance. by atalating at a “shivaree,” mu oonvioled aitd ; good 58 or five days in 'the oormty jail. Sen- taoe was a« 5 >mi 4 ed during good hehavior. ricbael-Bndas and Daniel Griffith, smi* boys, were chargod vrith having dammed gates and thrown stonee last night abont 10 — o’olookattheddbimal school booxdinght ^ . ^ : r q it ^ n .e<lto,Mond>3M BlOWock. Mary Ann Pep- cloot this after- f On Xmnaday, October 16, Sirs. Lillie bsTeretii Blahs will gxve a free leeinre in the Social HaU on tts snbjeot of \The Ime Btpnblic.\ Aa ai« most cordially invited J^B lako has a nntiond repniation am a htiilUntand eiRcllTe speaker and writer. She -has takm n proanintnt part in numy Columbia college to mtroaa-ppointea-m- the police atatiooa of largo cdties. She is rilty. giac<tfja:ama1na®lriDg, and beUer yet, willbe^th^ pany will B^Usaka** from Oswego to : Itork and Totam for 917• Go any time; and-K^pm betore Suaday, October 19. The CenieniplatedXi l^ e f rdtaion was rnade in onr columns a ay or tryo sirroe, to the lecture course in onteniplftaou &6 coming teason, in the dhuroh of Our Pother. Further mquiry of the managers of tho enterprise, eUcits the in­ formation that the prolongation of tho course beyond the three lootnres already announo^ ■■■ depend open the support which onr c*fc ! give t t It is.woU known that leotnreiu of establtoed reputations cannot bo obtained fora song, and no others are desirable, how­ ever reasonable their tepns. It has been years since a ' ------ ’ - S ' ’ ’” * ■ ■ id will prove a financial failnro. “Oswe. people,\ it is said, •‘wiUfiU tho Academy mndo to listen to abend of negro minstrela I inteliectoal entertainmenl they do not, exaggeration. We have notioeddhat when rs. Livermore has spoken here, as she has several occasions, die has boeri greeted by large and appreciative andiencea. This of itself is snfflclcnt that our people aro mindfal of the chums of g Wo do not think that an able 1< as once a month during tho v coritideted too great a demi Praacit Hew la Tntlti. .Awitirn p a ^ o h r Sheriff Myers Bm»afse,.tbe Gtwling Talley hone thie Otwwewto-dej where b e is wanted as t heat te the oiaae of one Pmd Taylor, charged WilhdMvhi^ bcmmittedl a burglary in tho vU. lega Of PnitoB, a short time dnee. BmndUgr isM idto^W ^j^taBinregardto all the delins of tba affair, as i t is dleged that he is thogiSltyp^aa. KallerBtaalatBaCe. ^A fiva mlla lama will take place st the Fr ton akating ririk this arenlug between Chari ffsulaafais of Oawego aadjOharlea IT. Clarke WHonfoWaA^medalsndtlmchampion- cf the cooaiqr. Xcaln win leave Fnlton forOnracoaClff.^. a e k a a i ^ teavrith iha lAaatry. -fobADweehna, ChtilaB Bawksby, George * 00 *. George Brown, -William Brown, Alar.' erBilldehtti - - - i^ram oaM cNanney were .^^Waka-CMli*. feDeveiehxBIakoof Kee 'hfeHafTeikaUte won i,w ffll^nieihK o n vraUfig.OeWber 16, og M lrepaablicana of Byiacnao,' <ndTept»poTilioa» to receive ^eahamday emgni. ShAea^iears haU. A^fbvUay Kueat. Udge, it bring his shty^ixth ' AdhatnediaxlieBaT. O. A LBdUy^tsflaAi waa admilted to the bar AtSingliaaiUtd yeetordar- The olase nrimbaredri^htaaB. - AabawtakahlnBariaes’ box fertory this J Otwidayrasferday * ____ iM'dtan bt SyiacuM 7 to 3. ’ xrihLooAN C lob . LamtBloTenthbelTreen M i'j B.'WilW. ^ 6 glee cinb w Mitoheli artSBaaabeWiorld ^rt^oeatton'toSwalih'tiia be At 7i30 to-rnc \ g^s. a . W hus , pmri.deht. W B •IS.S63>6rh»««l. • THE ORAHCIER WILL. TlHI«nrraBalearo»ndaaaCeiu.to AdaUta It h u r to r y o f M o a te W ^ -,'\V - TMedueetfa tw e BaadkereUei: ' ■ Dint Oswego is,'hot B mhiJoai city hia ate; h ^ aemriistratad timo tod again both to lin; .the sotisfaollonpf tho musiodovlng people who were seldom ’• ;; to not expected that the New Xork opera ooilipany which , was Sdyor&ed to appear ■ • 'nginthe Queen’s Lace Hnndker- ■The snm wEoh tho general the will on the Bvenworth eier,oised inflnchceover Mrs.' Grsnger, and s riot aware of the volue td^betpropettythatbyhorwUl. fell to the --------- byhorwUl general.- The casevms lately oontested, T. K.,pnlIer.appestingforg thnhha, ■a for t heir and His- ooOk, GiffordJfePoheny and dodge Pom- stobk for General LepvenwiSrth. The case ed np last Augnat, and as above BHIr Birch Camln*. The' San Franhisoo minstrels ore announced for tho Academy of Mndo next Saturday eve- ning, Billy Birch, tho well known minstrel, is out with a fine oompony. ' atltaotions to cultivated brennndertaken in Oswego; and a common ballet that anything of the J failnro. \ their pnrsea or intelleots. nter, will bo either upon The project at all Of The Bpeakcr\ > field haa been hitherto S J S 3 ____________________ predecessors, , nor did it, but uToso > did attend ^joyed a rare treat. The company, which- nukbers some thirty peo- ■o, l is one of the best we have had hero in some timo and deserved a better house. All thoebnraotere, bniE partfonlariy that ot the king by MlSs Winston and tho qneen by Miss ■' feed wore exeellen - ‘ ‘^dboth ‘ ' s received liberal WHS also vcryfiri’e. o tlyre n S ^ applauso. The'ob— Spriugfiold’ 111400 : \Storm Beat-n\ is a five act melo^wma of thrilling incident and caliingfor hkvish scenio display, and as presented at tho Operahonse laet night,under the management of Shook & Collier, all its reipiitementa for suooess were fully mot. Tho memhers of tho Lsdy FrankJyn bay relief expedition who appear^ in tho rescue were; ooUed ont. The scenery icelynewand on an elaborate scale, Oit striking being tho Artio ecene ____ uo adror*_bot«aUs in tha fourth act, and (he villsgO chnndyaid soeno of the last act with its rastio arched gstewiy gr glimp u beyond of the village street t h e l o c a l CANVAdS. ’ 8TIAM YACHT RUTH. irOot 10 . ,-r.^he grand demopstm-' i.undTUopilnated ooun^ judge Wright tiouwhioh,%®laiaa>dlogandb 5 4 0 ! , ladies.' 'Mr-.H.C. Pedk oal topfder.uad:nojuinated. ionohairman WhOrUftof-™™™,— __ _ oon band, stepped forward and thnnked the people fot the boner oonicrred upon him. Tlien followed the election ot vice-presidenU and seomtaries, among whom were eomo straight out and outOleveland mem formerly republicans, which looked as though there* publican ranks were rather Ue.titato of ma- terlal to form a club. Port Jarvis, N. Y., w spoke for abont one hour and a half, and said nothing. Many people became disgusted and' the hall before J)is ' ' “ 53 JSas:S2im» limt' Monanroments—Tonn4ge.oarpoutors,55.01i !„S pldmedaniement, 28.31{ now measurement, 18.01; length over aU, 79 ft. 10 In.; length, water lino, 72 tt. 7 in,; length, keel, 70 ft.; beam, deck, IS f t 0 in,; ^hoam; water lino, IS ft.; dopth, 5.ft, ,6 in,; draught, forward, 3 ft., aft, 5 ft.; freeboard, forward, 0 tt. 6 in., amidship, 8 f t, aft, 6 ft; length of cabin houSo, 41 ft. 8 in.; [width of cabin bouse, ft. 8i in.; deskroom ^ of honso, 12 ft. 6 jjis speech was half flu tTho democrats hare smiling faces to-day, and say the oonniy committee would db well to furnishurnish suchnoh menen forr t o f s m fo the republicans, as bnt a few more repetitions of Iasi evening would insure a democratic majorily in this vil^e in November next Merico Helicon baud I. 0. Dewey, first Ueutenout; James Oarrcll second lieutenant; Matthew Frawloy, coloi issue in this lectured, and his fii inthe east presand, pnblio have united in etflogiong hie elfoits. We bespeak afnllbopso. He 8 *w TMroBita Its -T- , . . .. oiuau lu uAwun UM> ecacmeii ui Yanueruui . ■ B s s p b ^ t e s A d m i m m ^ oriheltw . iO. excttedoamomshmgm enr offlee about 5 u, „ tiuui line to the sabeard in re„. epecniation among tiUroad men, some of whoroEfoinitan-offorton the9 pait off Mr.r. special train. The trip is thb pait o M Sloan to thwart the sebemea of Vanderbilt and dearly prove: campaign. Mr. Johnson gave and facts that took our republican ftienc Mr. Kenyon qnoted from tho Oswego Timca some of the sourriloua articles that ap. peered 4n Ihatpaper andreplied-to thoaome. If the correspondent and editor of that erfSnld'bave'Boen {hero they woufir bnng their heads in shame. ^Tho next msetiag. Will he held at Sanlhli Oswego in Grange hall next Friday of o'dock Wednesday evening, holding hand a copy or that day’sissneof theOswxoo Pau-iniusi, and pointing to n largo double criomu dhplayed notice of a republican muB • meeting to be - held that evening in Oawego, and to which was appended 'nearly nil tho re publican voters ofthatdty as vtce-prcal- to form a trunk line to the sraboato neotiun-vrith the Grand lowerer, of the visit Is s s i » ; r s r s ' * ' ‘. ; ' s We replied that it wns merely a hnsinew s s . y j i s s s i s s . a r ’i ' ' ’ Dr. sillier BetaraataFiltaa. Femo-v, OcL IL-Ur. F, W. MiUcr \ , . mom- 1 paper tj-day by wEch Die lot licenoo in Osweg ! r rebibitionisti Mrs. 8. M. Coon, Itti tea; Mrs. Do Wolf,-4 lbs cheese, 3 boxes boner. Mis. Do Wolf, 8 Ibe sugar; Mra John T. Mott, 16 lbs sugar; Mrs. Goergo Wallace, 10 lbs sugar; Mrs. Pexham, Oswego, is drcnlating 4 E' sugar. Mongin V. Kenefio. 1 lb tea; -chthorigneraagrreto ^ ■ L ^ ^ ' “e\“;roT&1?!’stw^ ’ ' wego Town next spring -washing Mrs. Underwood,: vole for S t John. He gai; Mrs. Boss, 1 lb -tea, 9 lbs sugar, tea t signers. cakes; N. Priabio, 2 bushels po- tatom; ^ Gniit, 23 els., ladies loltiaUallas Ike PnhlklileaUts. 8 nnnouucod to-day that Dr. E. J. Haish, < f Gouth-sreat Oswego, is drcnlatiog Syiacnso and who was traced to firook- yn was foond yesterday by her father as the IS abont to croes tho Brooklyn bridge. She d some sharp words with her mother-and becameeo vexed Unit she nm away. As'tie police were also looking for her, her father bronghther to poUeo headqnart ihcrt Bllit JoaaphDinBle I «°pcrintmdent that ho Into found her. Mias Hswksbv O m L s ' questioned ehe said she had been stop- * __ _ . Dicff vith fV frieod ihEl. «h«n W nv<-.tv<» NeW* Fr«n D«wa tke lsake mni Rlrcr.’ LN. Flynn bas taken the contract lo bnlldacntago on Bose island, near Point 1 , for ex-mayor Bose, of Cleveland, vmiu. Tbepriceoftbobuidlngwillbo$2,. 500, and tho wtndc will begin early is the ill celebralo Father y attending 8 t Mary’s ping with a friend and that when her money was gone sho went to vrark in a shoe factory inNeyr York. k.Sho wns quite willing to re. Tho P. M. T. Society Matthew 0 birthday by church in a body to-monow evening. Mondni evening they will have apnbUo meeting in the baseznmt. IB CanalxlMBis. matches had been left on the vvinBi the house of Mr. G. P. Breed on Vol- toet, to^oeiui, tho other day and tho Ining through tho window i^ them, setting fire to the emtoins. A serious conflogialion would have ensued but for tho r arrival of assistance. Bin the A den ink, fell om Frank McDonald at lha oait side trestle thismonfing. He wu serveio- ly bmis-Hl and was taken homo in a hack. Dr. fthitcdalUndedhim. Ex - C.rereor Danketwier Caadsa. Ex-Go vemor Dorsheimer will deliver iddtess in this dty October 27. He is < 3f the most eloquent epeakere in thp sb Carl Beksrx WaaleJ. ajenanJ Vtaleat Dealka. arSer, coachman for Geo „ Clark, of Now Yoik, whoso family have been “ spending Ihs si ' \ is city on Thursday next : immet-so crowd. light Heart dise ipposed to bo the cause. Jrim Bjaa of Cortland was found dead on ' the street early yesterday motning. Gave ta See Ike Giuae. np to Fulton this 9 game between the Oswe- seethoga Eich.ard Turner of West Tenth, near Schuyler street died suddenly at his homo tho supper Ubio when stricken, and died in s few minutes. Heart disease is supposed to have been tho cause ot Ins death. Carrie Pomeroy of Fnlton has commenced an action for divorce against Lewis Pomeroy lecember, 1870, and lived together _____ A Trained Gaan i-anal boat WUliam young goat on board whlcl \low briilge” is shoutedas weB 1 experieiiced canaler. An Imparlnnt Ocelslen. Jndge Verm yeiterday granted a n in tho the case of Dr. Pardee against t Y. a sleeping car company to recove lost while in a sleeper. Farirelatka Slnlllmn Letlero. Eider T. B. Write addressed an an of one htmdied at Sacketa Harbor Thnrsdsy falfefldabont the war, tariff _Md. _ Today Thomas Bresnahan, Alfred A Hig- _ ns, Thomas B. Hawkins, Thomas MdNan. ny and Wiffiam MoOlsiy ware naturalized. Commeuoii Brooklyn and return . flood until Get. 19th. - Tioket Office West First 8t. in attendance, Oswrtao Films, October 11.—The \Clove- land and Hendriiks club of Oswego Falls held a meeting last evening and eioot following officers: Thomas Conners,captain; . Dewey, first lieutenant; James Oarrcll, A few very intercstiuj lo by scene of the members, and the meet- ■Dg adjomned till Tuesday, October 14; at 7s30o’oloas. imv, Oct. 11.—I at tho.Fruit Valley school house lastevsning. Stining addresses were made by Eeik. Ken­ yon and Johnson. Tho room wn 5i«i4im_Esrtotts^ Joim and Daniel and two li suspended on the wall. D r. Kenyon spoke-of the tariff tembon at 2 Bon. J. B. H i^ rak at Central^ speak at < llama far Ik^ilameloo. The ladies connected with the Memo. m«t ratefuUy acknowledgo tho following arfolcs ocelved at tho “ pound party” OcL 9th: iS S S r a S S 1 doz. uapkiDS, Johnson & Ja Mrs. Failing, bushel bet 8. M» Coon, ltt» tea; Mrs. J ;D. Sprague, ; Mrs. H. MiBcr.l . J. Wheeler, 3 cans . Sjtz, 6 lbs. Bcgsr; Mrs. rice, Miss. Lndlow, bag of Orta, 5 Ba. oatmeal, 5 Ibe. --------- ---- 1 A S j Page, 15 n*. sugar; Mrs. B. Dooliltie, 1 sack flour: Mrs. E . a Hart, 10. lbs of stTgir; Mrs.E. J. Jones, 10 lbs of sugar, lib ot tea; Mra. Crane and Mrs. G. D. Sloan, 0 lbs of tea; Mr*.T. Irwin, 14lbs of sugar; Mrs. T. Hen- demon, 1 dozen towels: Mrs, L, Cucrie, 1 lb of coffee; Mrs. L Ames, 1 lb tea, 5 Ihs of of oatmeri : Mrs. Denton. 1 y i Mm. Goodyear, 2 cans of Dr. Goo, 12 lbs of jelly. UaJarAnkarn.Cazzenv nortlcu. The Albany impress of Ibo 10th Insteut has the foBowingT Major Arthnr H. Cozzsns, corporation Jlr. Clonae’BhtoaaoiieAfaAtt»'^?»h»iM3 ;:?ri3taPbHaa«phia thia taternbtin In ohaigo --'vapd-wasidrito'dbya: length of main cabin, IS. ft. 7 in.; head room in cabin, 0 ft. 5 in.; width of cabin floorbs- oen transoms, 7 ft.; length of engioo rpom, ft, 6 in.; width of engine room, 3 ft. 4 length of main most, 38 ft. 3 in.; length- foremast, 31 fL 7 in. 'The Kuth was huilt at Camden, N. J., in 1882. The huU is of y/ood, very strong and subshmlial, oak, locust, ohestnnt and hack- matack in tho frame, planked with yellow, pinaliinohes thick. The deoks are of white pine 2i3 inohes; tho deck booms aro yeBow pine. Tho plankshoar is of yoUow pine 3 inohes tbiok, 10 inohes wide. The timber, heads are locust; top rail yellow pine fore t. She has side keelsons of hard pine hohes; clamps, S^xlO inches; hard fastened; very strong keel and keelson of oak 5x9 inohes fasteried, with composition bolts; tho hull is fastened to a copper I’me with composition bolts and cop­ pered with oopper (not yellow copper) 14,16 end 18 ounce copper (1884). Haa a pump' break windlass; three anchors, 245, 125 and 85 lb; has two boats fifteen feet long, pairs of oars for each boat, complete daviU, port and starboard side. Tho cabin is finbbed with walnut and mahogany with lookers aH around tho cabin for stor'ea, the top lockars forming bertha. The oushlone jm.@P»^Pttta i : ^ t e.toOIB the ,game, with blankets to match. Tho engine room med with green oiloloth. Tho 1 7 inebes long, the fuU width C feet 2 inohes nndtt 4Hio state-room -onlhe starboard rida feet long with two oloeeta fordothing. There is a -water closet and wash basin on the port side With hot and cold water. The engine room is 15 feet 0 inches long, and has a water closet on the ido for the crew. The mes ;ch. The engine ro is cush- in oilcloth. The pbin is 13 saudStcffmbrflnaudA The _ ley ison tho starboard aido end has e Rood .atpvarangojjodcemand .pnmp.for irsih ya, 1 ter bom tanks nndepieatb. The pilot honu Is 7 feet long end has an armory for gnna, zifire and fishing tackle and a locker fennlug a seat. The steering wheel isof ma­ hogany, ash and boy wood. Tho leSgth of the forward dork is 17 f t after deck 12 fL 6in. clear of th» house. The house work la flnsh- hnitgAl«gi«: th hull, giving all the roc > yacht a good sea bcuL I She has six gol- rauizod water taploi, one for drinking, threo for tho boiler and two for the galley, with a tolq! enpacuty of 1,200 gallops. Tho fore- •xatlo has two - organ,laatBf ths.'puttotns.w gilt frame in which was tho New Haven. On dthe'r aids of this a printed Lord’a prayer and tekcomman^entanioilyembelliisbed,. oh|b ' gUt frames. Sheaves of whest and stalia com adorned'a^ok part of the - p > t form, while atone^m er wore iiiraidod Bort Select pieces were nmg, botbyimolent oni modem, with Mr, Enos ta Jpodir. 1 1 # ro berths seven fore peak has shelves a n d _____ ___ and rigging, and there are awnings fore and ofL Tho yacht is schooner rigged, cariyiag large nitlsr ------------------------------------ Bet machiuery is described os follows: Hngine cyliniht 13x13 tnilioo eondecsing; ind,cpcndcnt circnlatlng pnmp with all pipes copper and brass. Has a thire way exhanst valve on cylinder, and the shaft fa 4) In diameter. Doable throst bearing spring and stuiSng box bstring all heavy. The wheel is 4 feel 8 inches in diameter, 7 feet Tmo screw width of blade 15 inches; bearing la oil brass lined withhold wood; boiler 6 feet 6 inches in diameter, 8 feet 0 inches high. It is tho improved vsr- welltho pert aUotted to her. Thosingini and mnsio.wetaapproprUte to the oooasiOii The singers weto dressed in ancient sty]\ ttrey-OMig-the pieces of “Ye OHeA ’’ Beading and rceitotim by ih^ ’ ladies helped to fill ont the prei pressure, 110 pounde. The boiler Is encao-' sd with Bsbreios and fancy legging, looking like a piece of fumiturs In The affi pan b of one ght iron sheet weighmg 700 pounds and sets oh a firm foun­ dation. The cool bunkers ate on both ei fes of tho boiler hDld'iM five tons of cool. lep'of-bnnkcra: to form Ehd has embions on t seats lor day sod Dunks for night Tha yacht is in first class order Ihrooghont; is a •trougly bnilt vessel, s lino sea boat and un, 00 pounds, VMunm 34, rovolu- tions 155, speed 10 nautioal miles per hour, with steam and ssH has made 13} nsutical les, with engine at half stroke. The bcH- is ample. Ibe engine eondenser and ail 'W. Dnffield performed the Episcopal se in tying the 'nuptial IcnoL Tho bride we tired in a robe of violet silk vel-vet, wH*- quoise and natnrai flowers os omann to Boston, Fcctsmoutb, Portland, Hon Desert, Ktw York and Brooklyn. They w take up their residence in thie city. lowing ciar- AlonsiheWaarri A W. reports Uie Copley, Detroit \ ■ face condeneer bss 230 square leat condens­ ing enrface; tubes at# | inches packed with wick and br<ia pUA Tho yacht has a splen­ did record as e spa boat Below fa the lost tn^rom Hovaunah to Philadelphia. Logof Bteamyocht Buth. Seiraansh, May 19,1831, left Cotton-prseawharf atS:30 0 . 1 s. ^vannah 10 Bnll’a bey, head wind, 106 miles, 30 minutes; Boll's bay - - -11 mUes, 12 _____ id City, 104 miles, 11 to Bohnoke light, he lUmrlns rt stev. coal freight hack to Chicago. And her book! showed tlmt ehe lost $0 OS on tbs roud w can email veseeU live if tbebig ou luflelo, 11: Coal froighto yesterday •were leeillngly dull. There ie considerable stock on the docks and in tho pockets, but orders for ehipment are very ecarco. Chicaj His ------ -.nal, 14 m ^ ^ 4 ^ Delaware City to Philadelphia, ebb tide, 40 —les, \A , 15m.: f-‘-’ mi 3 15m.: total; 773 miles, 35h. 50m. Nino knots per hour average. Ten hours 1 nn- -1..^ jjj thO-OWJi^ md hdftd ^ - Go TO OnrpHAKT’S' O pzhzt at O mphajit ’ r George Ell Bnlwer, tftiaeketay, Black arid MoDonalA -Cto«msnt.DiBmrs'- ' t ' jChoapatthtotcTCr. •Eoiitl feoozsri Alai^.iiae,bf 9 cents pet pound. 9 cents per pound. Scenteperponnd, G eo . a . BAZLex’8, 164, IVeet let Street OuAito CosoxnT • Will 1.0 hold at tho German Lnth I ohutoh next Tuesday evening for the he oitho organ iund. . lidretaSOcanta. , TApFi!?iial^8ta0iii*ait Dloine s n l Logan club' wUt bonddreieea potto are aleo well euppUed. The - any advance of moment In fi at proient quite duooureginj went quite dueouraging. There may of 16 be n raiee evontnally of fltteen or , but nothing like the 1 90 toward thoeloss tho eeoson. Canal froighte were oteady, tho rullngrates being 4 I 3 cents on whcat,'icento on com and rye and 27g cento on oat» (0 New Erie. Charters: To Buffalo-Prop. New York, wheat end oate; MUwaukce, com. T« E rie- com. Lake frelghte wore dull a t HitUXlge, S S H S S ■Wilibd served at Browns, East iiridgo ■street, 0 }“ afternoon and td-nlght. , GioAkal , ■ ; OtOAfir Jiut opened afull aMOrtmeut of NeV Mtf- teUi, JtnsBisii cireplatsi dMcaffia Mul^aik-[ tttfast . ■ ■ river with Mr. Condo’s family and a patty c friends on board, juid was sainted by Ml th tugs in the river. The Katie Gray’s oanno) pooled forth a weloomo, which was responded to by tho Eulh. A great crowd ofj people were on the bridge. Oourc AdJtSmeA At noon to-day Jndge Vann adjourned his court till 10 A,«. Tuesday. Heee haa all tho nOw styles. Some of the best talents in tha city will sing nt theGormun LtHhecin alidroh hixt Tuesday evening. 1 - S a TUBDAX’S pAtAADitllt ' Is read by almost eve^-boSy in Os'Wdgo oonnty. Advertise in if. C axeouo F baxsb B ooks . Tlio best aisortment srer : offered in thb ,dty and at the lowost flffure .'A tj O l ^ as ^ . ,, Conoett'alili? Osnaan' 1 ^ « » n oMrah, n6kttCqiih%4V«)in|. ' > T M ; BcU'jjtom95.j 51; It: Jamnloii .oranges ate. worth 50 osnlea dniin. ehlgh. The new crop will _ ___ BWeetrpol: per peck, or $1.25 per b a heed or 25 cents per b illfiower is now plenlUUl )on ate wortih 40 ,osn^ ■bnshek Celery 6 bents 10 cents each; egg . ton; Marrow and Habhord^quaihT! pedq beets, 29 cents pack; onions, 30 conjo peck; potatoes, 15 cents pepk, 60'i»ntebn(|h. el; turnips, 20 cents peck;..pic4el», 25 oepj^ P o ^ -T u rkeys, 20 oonts pOMd; chick, ona, 18@30 cents; fowls, 16@18 peaitB; dueja, Moat-»Kooatbeef, 10@18 oents; portcf- housc, 18@20 conte; round, 14 oents; beef, 6 @ 12 oi lamb, hiud-qt ' qoatters, 10 @ 12 }o; chops,\9^200; hmdajuuttsr, 12 ' nd, 14 cents; com^ l-querters, I 60 , tt^- _ . . .s, 1 muttofi;, ia;@iOi awtoTMUpork io@iqi iiaiaeaoi amiWOT n®iai,. £ 3 j S £ “ atiSvS* j^O tiitOr tibel. 'SomsUms Ialtbi ■^(oV ’Etiiliihod'an afUolo d< Miiiex Immgi isgSB to d had the matter brought! ened,to shoot Jolm.Garroban when the latter mttiimptsd to holzs, two of his hortesona rohaftj .Mortgage.. : They also found an hidioUnot for ab- d'notldn against John Lashor and G: Wood o f Fnltoa. This wae one- of the most revoUiug mtste over I jury in this county- youngeBbbdug under fifteen years, to look gittSt Oawe^.BWis, where thoyreinsinixl al- . jBdwsrd lovsjpy wss indioted-for burglary in .btoeking into a store., at WiUiamstown. The ptisoneiB vdll.be amdgued Taeidsy. lig.la.WatVrfaws. . 10 ^—Thie city is all Woodruff bouse in twigaoj, 36@40; dried tieef 20i@26; tripeKk—^ “ loookc - 7^0 bolognalO; 10;Iiver5; Game—Game >s eoatoe. Wood to $ 2.00 per gallon. t OLD RELICS. ; Havel il.—The harvest festtvU lastst eveningening wasaasa ve^y An Exhiblites at a VnUral Now Yosx, Get. 11.—Thi at the M. £ . church le ev w vafy pleasant and grand affair. Tho- housp wila wellfilledandths receipts over $40. One oomeroftbcandlenoe room was well filKd Brldge'rti —C«BirsgsHom\®ufoh-^36rrioeB Tbmbr K.rs:K,anr,S lif.? su: —Wist—Presbyterian chnreb-SerTieos at- lg:39 4 . r- Theme la the .fatel>yf-«buroh and itatJ.” A cordial wd- ooine to all who oboore to worship with us. German Lutheran obr— --------------O. After(bseieroisisin the at] tbo crowd went below, where wore eerved in abundonco, both in ancient modem style. The tables w candles, with snnffets near them in bnmabie condition, low is tbo name and ago oJ I predons articlefi (bat ezhibltian: A gun owned by L O. IngaisoU^ of Norm Volnoy, brought over in the May, Flower in 1620; a pair of slippers and a tea; poem brought by MissEit &witt, ISOyeois;; sword owned by WBlism 'Yandeibeer off North Volnej, circied throsgh the French; word, 130 years old or mors; a tohoeco Box'’ 1 hy (he laina person, which 'wu id in the levolntioosry w st; a powder bptn.' medhj J. Melvin ot North Volnay, with’ ts of 1759, also one by Geotgsi Bo ' ’ Now Haven, 1774 ; black chmr by leldon, 120 years old; prayer J. S. Oiner, ISO years edd;; wter cup, aged 150, L B. ingenefil; psw.' - basin, J. Melom, aged 150y mlvac sleers' turns. Wm. Stevens, North. Ypb»y. aged' 9 ystrs; shoe buckles, W. W. S q i ^ UO.' «ts; niddynoddyorreel, J. V- iHowitt,,' I) ; nthsr artiBieaigeiLlQO yeirsold, Isiher' boot, W. ,W. Squires-, old drees, handkaf.' chUf, Mrs. F. W. Squires loont for weav-’ ing tape, pewter platter and worming pan,' Geo. Fttmsnv manure fork, Simeon Ooe,' North Volney; oopper coin, 0. Guile, South.' New Haven; water pitoha, Mrs. 0. W.' Besides the shove wen some old teoords, for instance tbs original record of prooeed- ings oi the first town meeting ot Herioo, at Boltetdsm (now Constantia) April 3, 1798. Likewfse the affidavit of John Meyer, the lertlscr,ertlicr, beforee Benjamin Wiigtit, Esq,, snp h April 16,1798 06 , H etl^er comity, and the other Mexioo, Oneida oonnty. The above named papers by P. \7, Squires otDe mater. Keies Iksni Kesener’a Seeks. 7 Mt«rdft 7 moznioi:. When Bay p»p» to tlie genUI uode; cad street and then broke it The new skating rink Is being completed Veryrspfdly- Church Prayer Books and Hymnals in' great variety. Prtqmr lessons (or tits yea? and Lent Gured hy Dr. B. P. BtUterfiM. OfWKdo, Ang. 4. 1883. I D oot O s : . Bbon I come to you abont six months ago I had been treated by five or six different physioUns ondlutd given np all hopes of ever being cured. Sad be oome despoudeut and lost all odnfideiios' in inflatemotionof the stomach and kidneys, chronic dtatrhcsi.,diabetew, Ac. I ' c i ^ y suffered enough. 'Whenl.oaiBetoyonl was nlmoet helplMs^tiredout wilhthe leart ex ■te^w h o teb^ ^ A H '^pertte now passing thi before Gen. A I tor Cleveland’and Hendtiok Sskday Netloee. Christ Cburch-''The Eighteenth “ ■ ■ r.—Services at 11 j :;r,s '■■■ ■ - ’\ '’■\g g i t Mpeolal^ welcome. ^ areeaat of illnw Hon. Thou. M. Taylor wiu he unable to do- ItYorhio loolnre on \IngorsoU’e substitute for OhrisUanity’’ on Sunday evening as previoi iy announced. CHICH Oy_i ITHfil LBOTUKB OOURSEl. Tneedor Evrulna, October 14ib, ISSI. H O N .T '.m TAYLOR OfNow York rtly wUIAoUwr hU ftmoo, oulrkol w at 11 a. u. a: ITbe admihta- A C A D E M Y O F IIIU S I C . -two HiGHTS ONLY- c a r Oct, 16. IP. Ebert pastor. Once charcb-Fubllo wonblpat 10:30 a. the morning. Sabbath school aud bible oiaae at noon. - Stedente, itnmgeri and all whe have ao chnroh home oordltUy invited crehlp with ns. VS worship at 7:30 r. u. Friends end strangers Trinity M. £. eburab-L D. Fesalea paster. Bervlees-at 1 1A w. and 7tS0 r. W. Sunday Mho >1 and bib’.e olaasos at 12:30 p. sc. ~ tar enrjulng. Apostolic Church. . KglOnBORIKG mVA Jrgmea Ceaatr. &J'S.SS 1 1 S 2 ioBle views. —a, wUeb bate been numiag bstween Chleo- g and Ogdenshurg, will ma no farther than Etelen U. T. Ayers. Thie ia tte first Ufro that a lad j boa leoelved thU honor In tba etate. It UbeUtved that it ia legal under the present la-w for a lady to bold this office, and owing to thkiniH^r qsalilleaticiBaorthe-e radldate. thte's’u ^ tabrid'to donee of the hride’i pornts in Useeolo, dniiday. ThtbridewaaafaltUalBbsIois- oiy wocher is BrtrnlL *<>4 oame from Syria to Oseeola-fort-thhP Sappy.nnloB, while the bridegroem oome ftoBi u s 'far west. . H a s s ™ - TRAOEAHPCbM M gitCE. . 'Gatii..-f,i ■ O ^ e g a \ EXCURSION -|0 BROOKLIfNff ■ A iVofattic Event. O c t o b e r X b th , 1884 , G O V . C L E V E L A N D , By 11.0 oUllcno of llrwklyn, I »U| ,„|i ,icke„ ,,, NEW YORK: «nd RETURN POIl 6».OODorlna^to Coming Week W .B . PH E L P S . ■ U).u..dui Suporinteudent. W B I N O . P«A?-riOAV’^S8ER' . Steam and Gas Fitter. ^ Mbln, hromp..y..uon4.e .nrt .11 AMUSEMENTS. tS-SlIocMd ArtlAts-33. \ a\”“_ Riverside Skating Bink « Jennie Houghton, th* ten year ol Wonder will give exhihitions Tfharailax oad Prldoy Kvrnlosa. EXCURStOH TO BROOKLYN. —A NOTABLE EVENT.- O c t o b e r I S t l i , 1 8 8 4 . To tiubUtlit'OlWOfO JSoaoencF t 4 pirtldpftto ii. ___ A<HBw¥tcse to b« fir#* Ux boaor of GOVERNOR CLEVEUND. By tko ebliou af BtooUyw, I «m illl tVk.U to BROOKLTN aid ItXTDRX for 87.00 dailag Iko fonlag vo«h by Iko OKTABIO AmntS'rBBrt slailway . R.S.MYRIQK. Dcketi WMt First Street, ni sketOftloA ir Postoftice. PAPER BAGS, ETC. DENNIS HATES, -WHOI.GaAt.B SfiALBB IH PEDLARS’ SUPPLIES, W r a p p in g s F a p e r , A c . CASH . Paid lo r Old Iro n , Raffo an a flletRls. BTOBH AND TIHWAIUl PAOTOKT '.■West FirstB u d V a n b u ren St, 2,83 08WEG0, N. V. doawy A 800X8. Z ' A t O liphanfs . / Anything in the above line can be liad at halt the price charg&d by high priced dealers. l.SJ.d.odl^’^ DR. GEORGE W. BELL, Y e TERINAXY SURGEtIN. Surglotl OpiraUdni oii Hortbaond’c a l Rtrfarntad In • MostSklllod Mtimar.

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