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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, March 11, 1862, Image 6

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L O N G ISLAND FARMER. ~~ r *. . fc- ■ —1 . ■- T U E S D A Y , M A R C H 11, ISOS'. |3 T “ L e t us h a v e - f a i t h t h a t itrciiT makes MiaHT, AND IN THAT FAITH LET US, TO THE END, d a i i e to d o o u k d u t y , a s w e u n d e r s t a n d i t . ”— Abraham L incoln. liver a nou from (lie most stupeadbus wrong; curso and- slmmo o f the N ineteenth Century. Y ears may elapse tofo.ro the object boldly contemplated iu this Menage shall be fully attained; but let us never harber a doubt that it will ultim ate in a gleriou* fruition.” F u rtherm o re it is a proposition to which the most scrupulous sticklers for the Constitution and the laws cannot reasonably' object. It is in full conformity with the sentim e n t of \Washington who so early as J78G expressed'it as among his first wishes “ to see some plan adopted, by which Slavery, in this country,, may b e abolished by law.!’ Reception of Col, Wood. Tuesday last was one of the-gain days in Jamaica on t h e occasion o f the reception, of t h e gallant Col, A . If. Wood, o f the H th Regt., N. Y. S . V., hy the citi­ zens and friends from, this, and other towns in Q u e s n s county. W hen it becam e known, to-a certainty th a t tbe Colo­ nel would soon b e among bis old friends, a meeting was called a t Queens by somo of our patriotic citizens who-arc constantly on thc lookout t o do honor to the brave, and a series o f resolutions parsed to give him a suitable reception, and the following gentlemen Forever float th a t Standard S h e e t ! \Where bi-catbes Ike foe b u t falls before us ? With F r e e d o m ’s soil b e n e a th cur feet. And Freedom 's B a n n er stream ing o’e r u s ! last, the Hth inslant, President Lincoln: rou.l.^ s10!'°lra f c, a ”„ 50 °f Cf s t Z \ : 61 ™ i’r * . , r, ovs. W ith I , i*M shot, 50rounds of g rape and oG ot following M essage io C ongi-c later; .18 24-pouwlcrs, with 470 shot. k M e s s a g e from the P n - jtlenl On Thursday tram m itted the “ Ftllotc-cilizens o f lhe S enate und House of Hsp- res enlaJ tec s ; “ I recommend the adoption of a joint resolution by your h o n o rable bodies, which shall he substantially as follow s; “ Resolved, That the United States ought to co-ope­ rate with a n y Statc which m a y adopt a gradual abol­ ishm ent of S lavery, giving to such State pecuniary aid to be 11 sad b y such State in its discretion to compen­ sate for the inconveniences, public and private, pro­ duced by such change of system. “ If tbe proposition contained in thc resolution doe3 not m eet t h e approval ot Congress and the country, there is the end; but if it. d o e s command such appro­ v a l I deem i t o f importance lh a t t h e Slates and people immediately interested should nt once ho distinctly notified of t h e fact, so that th e y may begin to consider wholhor to a c c e p t or reject i t . “ The F e d e ral Government would find its highest interest in s u c h a measure a s ono o f the most efficient means o f self-preservation. T lio leaders of t h e cxisl- ingjnsurrcction entertain t h e hope that the Govern­ m ent will u ltim ately be forced to acknowledge the in- dependonce o f somo part ofthc disali'eoted region, anil th a t all the S lav a States north of such parts will then lay, ‘ T h e Uuion for which w e have struggled being already gono, we now choose t o go with the Southern pn lectio*.’ “ To d eprive them of this h o p e , substantially ends the rebellion, and thc initiation of emancipation com­ pletely deprives them of it. As to all tbe States ini­ tiating i t, the point is not that a ll the Slates tolerating Slavery, would very soon, if a t all, initiate emancipa­ tion, hut that, while the olfrr is equally made to all, the more Northern shall, .hy such initiation, make it certain t o th e more Southern, that in no e v ent will the former o v e r join tho latter in their proposed Oon- fcdoracy. “ I s a y ‘initiation,’ because, in my judgmont, grad­ ual, and not sudden, emancipation is better for all.— In the mere financial or pecuniary view, any member were chosen a Committee of Arrangements, to carry T h t F o r t i f ic a ti o n * Ol M e w Y o r k . out t h e wishes of the m eeting: Jas. J . Itrenton, Lcn- Somo w e e k s since, in view o f the then probable <jttl p . p ratt, Samuel S. Aymar, Ab*n. U . Smith and difficulty witli England; over tho T r e n t affair, we Daniel H. Carpenter. called attention: to the importance of augmenting the jjr. p r*tt was chosen Grand Marshal, and invita- defettc.cs of New York and Long Island. We have tions extended to the F ire Department, M ilitary or- since read thc official roport laid before the lcgisla- ganizations and civic societies throughout Queens turo which gives a full account o f the condition of county to p a rticipate in the joyous occasion, the forts ia New Y o rk harbor, t h e i r armament and q’|18 (]ay w a l. p ropitious, aiul soon the gatherisg the am o u n t of ammunition now o n hand. The fob throngs were seen wending their way to tho Hotel or Towing is a summary of t h e returns : YVni. D u rland, which had been selected a s tlie place F o r t Columbus, Governor’s Island, h as 25 32-pounl- o f meeting, and where thc Committee o f Arrango- e n , uG 2.4-poundcrs, 5 S-peund»r Ctuumbiads and d meats were i n session, nnd the line was formed by the G-poundor M d pieces f t j 111. » MarcHal and his Aids. A special train had boon pro- rounds1 of 30-pounder grape shot and 37 of canister for i billed to convey t h e distinguished guests t o Jamaica J aml \neighbors g reet you upon tins occasion 2 l-pounders. N e ither grape nor canister can act on — and a com m ittee consisting of Messrs. Armstrong, th e m ain slii|) channel. __ _ ^ .......... .. f J Spader and Gracy, Trustees of the ! \Washington. In (heir unfortunato misapprehension they remained in the woods until discovered, on (ho morning of th e fourth day, by a picket of thc IMh \Virginia Regiment. T h c Colonel was taken to the (quarters o f th c commanding otlicer o f that regiment, in camp, near Ccntrevilie, and there remained for two weeks, during which lie was allowed tho attendance o f Dr. Ifoiniston oftlie 1-ltli Regim ent, who had also been made a prisoner. Dr. If. extracted tlio hall which had lodged in the Colonc T's groin, and other’ wise contributed to his relief in a most.satisfactory The f ire Department enlivened the march by sing­ ing the following, set to tlie tune of “ wo’re marching along.” “ Soon o v e r Richmond our banner shall play; I have been tliere, says Wood, and will show you th e way: Our gallant'Fourteenth, in their loyalty strong, To thc triumph of right will g o marching along, Maivhing ..1 ’g, marching along. To the downfall of (reason, will go marching along.” | Tho ride wos rather cold business, but thc enflmsi-j , , . , n hen tho rebels learned that ColonolWood com. nsmol the occasion wanned every heart, no complaint ; triam|ei[ a and not a v o lunteer regiment they was mado but e v ery on® seemed determined to lie in materially changed thcir treatm e n t of him and were cheerful spirits. Al last thorcsidcnec of tho Col. was | disposed lo he very civil. Adjutant \Wcrteiibecker reached I 1,10 1Sih , irgilli?. b,ccarno ospocially interested in ................... „ , 'Inscase, and prevailed upon General J3eaurc\ard Thc signt of lus home, from which lie Had so long i p e ,.mjt him (Colonel Wood) to go l o his father's house heen absent, nud which at one lime he never expect- in Charlottesville, and to havo bis parole, cd to see ngnin, affected the gallant soldier more than j Colonel M ood started for that place via Manassas alt his hardship.— more than all Che public demonstra-!^ tbe sixtb • r» <* • i t\ i i August, (.luii lottcb^ illc is pic* 0 Stintlv located somo tions, or t h e congratulations of friends. Over (lie Mj miles from Manasses. T h e io the Colonel was porch was a wreath of evergreens, within which were showiirinueh kind attention, and rapidly' regained his thc simple words, “ Welcome Home.” The proees- health ^ under the^care ol the A d jutant’s relatives. Castle William has 20 D-ponnders with G9 shot, j 32-ponml-ia>t a y l,ccial Meeting of that Brooklyn for that purpose- which left pounders, will. 470 shot. r y at 10 o’clock. The Colonel was attended by M r.; th .lt .\n. .rkm„s ludd deiu-and saei'ed emlanuwed.-- ,Smith battery has o 32-poundcrs; no shot, no .shell, i 3aac Badeuu, I)r. Ilomiston, Capl. Jordan ami somoi Th.- bxe utive e f the nation called for aid, and with n o grape, uo c a n ister. ‘ • * - -- . . ......................... liattcries Staton Iela shot a n d 1 j poumlers, c-rs, liut ao o f these guns. Fort Schuyler has 72 32-poumlers, without shot or Queens— 11, li. Dunham, Dr. lh P. Kissam , A. Du- shells. lKro > Cornelius II. Rhodes, ll’in. P. Bailey, Jno. Ilurtis, Fort Wood, Bedloe's Island, has 12 32-poumlers with Ihin'l. Hendrickson, lm-rCase- G. Cnrpt-jjlor, Almi. A. lu ii shot ; 0-pounder lield-piecos w ith imi s h o t; 12;Hendrickson, Wm. Creed, Samuel Feahins, Henry S-ponndcr C'olnmhiads, is 32-poundC‘rj, 17 U't-pouud-. .Mills. ................... \ ” ■ Ja m a ica — lion. Morris Fosdie.k, Hon. Jas. ITidcr, Gen. J. Aug. llerrim a n . Stephen L. Spader, John J. Armstrong, Jo h n SI, Crime, Gilbert Sayres, Seth Ih-apimiii, 'A. .W. P. Black, Aaron A. Dejjraiv. T lu s U in s r - Gen. Clias. A. Ilainiltt'ii, lion. Lutlicr Carter, Sam i. 15. Parsons, Geo. C. IJaln-r. J. l ’latt S-pouader ers, without shot or shells. Ellis' island lias ttu 32-poundevs and Coluniblnds, 'without shot o r shells. Furl Jliimillon and redoulit havo 23 3:.’-jionnders w ith 2.BVM) shot and 1 no rounds o f grape ; 27 2 1-pon rid­ e r s witli 1 tn shot ; a m o rtar with 21 - shells ; a siege how itzer witli lf>£> shells; 2H field-pioees. Port Xafayette has -J.i Ii'J-poumlers with 5,117 shot, and IS 2 l-pounders with 7‘JO sliot. Pow d e r is equally short. In four of our sea-e.oast batteries, Fort Columbus,South Battery, P o rt Neliuyler and Tlllis\ Island there is n o n e; a t Itecltoe's Island, six ■ potmils o f cannon and 1 .\i of musket p o w d e r; a t Castle William, I,3v3 pounds of cannon aud l e s of musket potvdcr: nt Port Lafayette, I,If-M pounds of cannon and un o f priming powder ; at Fort Hamilton, tutu pounds o f cannon and 110 o f rifle powder. A t live of thu forts, P o rt Columbus, South Battery, F o rt l.afaycttc, F o rt t'eliuyler ami E llis's Island, thc incc-r reports no musket cartridges; at Castle William, 7,7bd hue!; a n d hall ami 7,833 blank ; at F o rt Hamilton, 10 ,U3:; buck and hall ami le.u'.'.u blank; at lledloo's Island, 3,805 buck and ball and 1-11 blank. Commenting upon this report the Albnuy corres­ pondent o f the N. Y. Jivcn in g Vast very truly r e ­ marks: Tf invasion should really come and a fleet enter the hay or Long Island Sound, New York could he bom­ barded us a mere pastime. \v\e are pleased to bcc lh a t a hill appropriating a sum lo build fortifications f o r our defence has been introduced, and surprised to n o tice that speaker Ray­ mond left tho chair to oppojc the measure. Recent oventsliiiva shown us th a t on the slightest provocation C, ('aril, Benj. \Y . Downing, A. G. bitliuvan, Chas. R Lincoln. .N.irtineil —Thos. B . Jackson, Nicholas B’yckotll rd- mon JSoxvnc, Clias. G. Covert, Jas. ill. U'hileomb, Timothy 'I'. Jackson. TI-mpslcad — Wm. L. Laing, Edward fkilliu, B. Hendrickson, John I I . llentz, S. ill. Snedcker, Dan'l. (\lari;. -V. Ilsm p sl, a d —IT. W. Eastman, Joseph Curtis, Ol.iidinli J. Downing, Isaac II. Cocks, W m. Mitchell, Jon li T. liegeman. (Jyattrbay— Hon. Win. T. McCoun, lion. David R. Floyd Jones, F . A. Peters, Wm. Floyd Jones, Geo. Downing, Dnnielllegeman. of Congress, w ith the census tables a u d th c Treasury I Joll“ j eilIous ol> 0 ,,r Srowi\S Ira'r e r > is ^ to reports before him, can ren,lily see for h imself hour \'’1r l,Pon us- an<1 that o u r only safety is in b e a r very loon the current- expenditures o f this war would ^ P reParC(* to m eet him. purchase, at a flrir valuation, all t h c slaves in any named State. Such a proposition on the part o f the General Government sets up n o claim of a right, by Air. Raymond’s efforts to prove that there is n o immediate danger of foreign a t­ tack. may bo plausible, but l e t us not forget that ex­ perience h a s shown the wisdom of thc o ld adage, “ In Federal authority, to interior® with Slavery w ithin | llmo ° f peace prepare for war.-’ Had the United States State limits, referring, as it d ecs, Iho absolute control » S«od s.zed standing army for the past cf th c w b itdl in each ease to t h e Stale and its people !('UIU't f “f a ce,,U!r/ \ thef e 'vouU Probably ,iaTe been no rebellion, or if one had arisen, its defeat would have cost no great outlay. So, i f we arc well pre- immediateiy interested. “ I t is proposed as a matter o f perfect!}- free choice with them. In thc Annual Message, last December, I thought fit t o say, ‘ T h e Union must he preserved, and hcnc.c all indispensable means must- ho employed.\ I said this, not hastily, hut deliberately. M a r has been and continues to be, an indispensable means to this end. A practical reacknovvleilgment of the na­ tional authority would render tlie w a r unnecessary, and it would at once cease. “ If, hotvevor, resistance continues, the war must pared to resist a foreign war, it will unquestionably prove an economical investment. lf e trust the legislative hill will not only pass, hut pass p rom p tly, and that u nder its provisiani the proper defenco of tlio Long Island coast may receive early attention. No portion of ouj Northern sea-board is so thoroughly unprotected, and tempting to a foreign foe. T hte P atriot ' s R fwatid . .— Elsewhere wc print i some account o f tlie reception given to Col. Wood, of also continuo, a n d it is impossible to foresee all the in-' tlio 1 -ltli Regiment N. Y . S. AL, on his r e tu r n to his: wdents which m a y attend, and a l l the ruin wldeh may 1 residence a t Drushvillc, this town. It w a s a sponta- ftllow it. Such as may seem indispensable, or may ' neons and hearty demonstration of t h c people, of obviously promise great- efficiency toward ending the which any man might he proud. Thc representatives struggle, must a n d will eomc. J of all parties made haste to do honor to one who has “ T h e proposition now made, though nn offer only, proven a g a llant soldier mid true patriot. For his I hope it may b e esteemed no oHt-riso w h e ther tlie pi- long hours o f suffering and forced absence from home, cuniary consideration tendered would not bo of more, Col. Wood acknowledges a full compensation in tlie value to Iho S tates and private persons concerned j enthusiastic welcome of his friends and th e public.— than arc tho institution and propriety in it, iu the , Wilh a n illustrious patriot of other d.iys, lie 13 ready present aspect o f aflhirs. to exclaim: “ W hatever services I have rendered to “ While i t it t r u e that tho adoption o f the proposed - my c o u n try, in its general approbation, I have ro- resolution would he merely initiatory, and not within | ccived. an a m p le reward.” itiolf a practical measure, it is recommended in the ' sion halted in the road opposite thc house, and Mr. - ei .Lluti., piovcd- as af lce.iblc as a p u soncr could , , T , , , , ,, w , , F-siildy e x p ect until early in October, when somo. of John J. Armstrong, orator of the day, addresscrHol. (he morc ,-al.id rebels \of Charlottesville, wlio were Wood as follows: Ivory vindictive declared that- Federal soldiers oiHit, On behalf of the citizens of Queens, r hid yon a l a o \ f uw.ia ‘J101;?\ any cireumstances. Again la-arty and cordial « welcome home.\’ Your friends Ure (l.oughtf, 1 adjutant cam e to t h e Colonel's release from a sin- procured permission Irom G eneral Beauregard cere-desire to testify their respect for you os a man, lal l*'m *° ”i° ^ nbnlo,ub where lie ar- J - rived on or about the 11th o f October, a n d continued thc freedom o f the city until (he 1 tth of No- hen owing to the supposition th a t oim.gov- nlended to liang the Soulho-,. privateers cw York and Pldladelphir ,ne memorahlo drawing for hostages tool; place. Ar is generally known, Colonel Wood was o n e of t h e mil jrtunate vic­ tim s, and was immediately confined with hi. ill-fated feet 'ogs- rood, oek- ii i,,{, i-ren- - , — — — — - , until r n , ; , ;Q '. ; S 0 m e two w e e k s s ince, when on t h e pica o f f n m ig a tin g - conduct of !J,lV m ism b le cell> ^ e>\ were sent to the famous, or infVnnons T n b ji^o ftiptnrr. nml waning,! clout of tho United ht.ites,” satisfied alt. th e time, nor the occasion to speak of the yourself ami the g a llant 11th. wlio were baptized in lire ou (he evcr-tb-he remembered 31st of July. Suf- t Sa-(unluy m o rnin- lust. .. ij ro| 0 ici. w ith you, iH'f'inw th e rtnrli cloiid^ W which the im tion was surrounded ” 1 \\ away, nnd t h e clear again appears; and distant when we shall realize the gr nrly served to the prisoners. Until the a rrival of.Mr. led'—the! 0Vl‘n at ,llfir owa oxl,l’n.s';- \'Ylien Air. Faulkner in- restoration o f the Constitution and (he maintenance oft avl'.b7 . P . vi.v“tt!er,s,a?n: which you a n d othor nohlo men have s t r i '^ i c d —tho j j the dignity, power and authority of the General'\( hn|lrK’nm'(1 » ' ts.l«* Northern cities, wei:c miieii better crm n e .it in every p a r t of o u r land. To tlmt home: ‘ '1 n, \ T -f0''\1' ■Mtenliun from whieli you have been so long separated hv the j -A *, ’! 1 ‘° \ a k the j.ui yard and stern fortunes of war, and lo those who are anxiously \ , y , 1 o n,PP . \V n a01? waiting to g r e e t you ami to whom you are so elosclv i -1 111 lbc cells ad- conneeled l.v the tender tics o f aiTi .'-tioii and love, vie ■ \ /•' VV. \ c‘1'c a - ';n allowed now commend you. And «s yon e-.trr 11,at ein ie - 1 . ,.a ll ll\‘ lb(- warket-, and in other dearer to you now than ever Lei'.-re — permit Ih - 'l ’V',]. friends who now surround yon, to - — - ■' 1 ’ words soon to be spoken iu s n o rter perm it (1 -.\il lltti r tie- j e'-r.b tluiu ours “ VV'cleome home,” Col. lYood. wow visibly affected, replie-I in n fen feeling w o rds. T h e hand played “ ll.-m e . Swci I Item # ,” as (he tired soldier withdrew, e n o ted by Guv. King, Air. A rm strong, aud a few pei>.>n.d lVimub; and th e r e they left him in tlio retirem e n t ef h i.-f .iudy i ii- cle, once moro sitting a t Ids o w n huivlh, uidi hi-, h l - dren beside, him , to snat-li a b r iii r» puce, which 1 . so m u c h needs, before returning lo th e (h id whi c -hi- fy b ,t ; ealh-d him . T he artilli rymun fired n parting s .ii.d r , the pro.-e--- sion ivheehd r< .md, at-J re.nm c d ils in 'r r l i in line tin-,r cumliii'on was much improved. Yet wilh- limge to the mere ;-purioi.is tobacco factory v,a. ; M-i-i dingly agree,il-le, n,id the tidings of their rrlt-.i'-e on parch:, willi p.-rmi^ion to return home, which rcaciied th'ro on IV tdjy, fill.-I them with joy. “ J \ v i e v .- i f ; .< o s-i I d -Ii, Al n h -1 I , ■ ii,, t ’ i. cl ini-ry.\’ _ In h!sv,.;IV ; i.luoit Li limoud durii-g S-iturday, Col. tvi.r.l m.-t n .-.-i-il p.-rsoc i v.I,., ii.ip-rtcd facts to 1dm '-.ii.'-li go to ire.,- tt::;'. th - report-; e,f;i strong and g I \tih a >-. ..Cm A t in Lad,n.und are 1,V no ' d. (!- ■' -! i Ot Forts l ie ry -■ •\ -*» v-w). 1 Id-t- r.t r e -iorii-'ts h. vc. i ■.re. at I,. till .U T V. i i ? , . ■q-al or fc tr..ilr. w . ;d. r.t. Col. Vv'iod '-'‘-i\ ' yi 1' d J liv L ii. the puhlic. The - i Hl-.-r v. ., h.-d, and old;; i-oinc three tl.cuMud p. r m:s iti-re in at: i-nd-.ucc. The h’Ci\ h.ciad c.uv-worn and scrior.s. He was \y rvci ivt <1. ii-.'l the crow d at no time dis- .L-Io eiuhtishiHn.” hnca lo the Vilur,”,e o t'p.ceus, w here a halt touk p h .ee. , , • , . i , 1 i'l.. \ i .1 any not/' A number rd tour horse lirniK w ;re in the proi-es-, _ ___________ sion drawing wn von* di corat, d with il ;>i.d tiiotloe.-, r , Mr. R. C. MeCorrniek, o f this ofvariuue l.indo. and filled with citizens full of cntli :-1 In cn ill in We.-hingtoa for se ine we iaero. UVc a re unable to state who 1 unit-Led a ll the ton. hut in th o line wc noticed John C. Ih-ndrieh- so!i, Sm ith Nostrand, P e t e r liendri: ksou, H e n r y It. D u n h a m , John ,T. Rider, and m any we did not know. The. ladies o f Queens, ever ready to do a good du-d- prepared large quantities of provisions, o f which (In- town, who lies ■Its, has placed liiiu- -il\under medi.-nl treatm e n t in New York, and is rapidly inq roving, &*i.r.:;mD O ii -. umatic D ioramas .—Our rendu j nic reminded of (he great Dioram a of the pre.-ent Union \War vrhieh is to be exhibited on Tliurs- hopc that i t would soon lead to im p o rtant results. In E,y Lot it not he forgotten by any who would op- A t 11} o'clock a discharge o f cannon announced that tho C’oloncl had arrived, the Depot w as thronged ivitlv hundreds o-f people who teat up deafening shouts of applause, w h ile Hie cannon pealed forth i t s fitting inlutc, and the Band struck up a patriotic air. Thc guests w e re then escorted to carriages, Col. IVood being seated in a barouche drawn b y four liors- oi a n d handsomely decorated with thc National flag. In t h o carriage witli Bun w#ro Ex-Gov. King, Benj. T, Kissam, Esq., and John S. Sncdekcr, President of thcBoard of T rustees. The procession llien marched up t h c Main s tr e e t of the village in th following or­ der: Escort of Horsemen (about 75). • Grand Marshal and Aids. Altiiic. Escort, YVoodhull Gucrds. Capl. MeK>e, Col. Wood in carringe, accompanied hy the Reception Committee and J. S. Sncdekcr, Esq., P r e s i­ dent of Board o f Trustees. Carriage with wounded Prisoners. Jno. J . Armstrong, Esq., Orator o f the Day a t Queens, with Committee of Arrangements in carriages. Fire D e p artm ent of Jamaica, Protection Engine Co. No. 1. Jno. G. Box. I-’orem a n ; Ector O’Donnell, Assist. Forem an. Neptune Engine Co. No. 2. A. J. Wilkinson, Fore­ m an ; Geo. 11, Creed, Assist. Foreman. Continental Bucket Co. No. 1. Charles F . Bennett, Forem a n ; A , J, Conklin, Assist. Foreman. Juvenile Engine Co., with m iniature Engine. YYm. Durland, Jr., Forem a n ; John ti. Ucabury, Assist. Foreman. Union Hail Debating Society. Citizens in carriages and Mounted. All along tlie route o f (lie procession t h o streets were lined with people nnd almost every house was found lagging behind. decorated will, flags, banners ami motloes. Air. J a tn r s I Colonel Wood has a furlough o f twenty days, a t the I llerriman’s house w.is literally covered w ith flags, cud o f which tim e , if cxchangi-d, he will resum e the j Stephen L. Spader's, Mrs. H. Smith's, Wn.. LudlumV.,1 command of his regim ent iir Virginia. | ami many other residences which time will not a i' w j Among the in.my decorations we noticed many ns to enumerate, were elegantly decorated aiul die mottoes, such as “ Welcome Col. YYeocl.\’ “ Tho Gut-' bioi\'’‘r''a3 al\° ‘htiovent from any th in g heretofore’ fair occupants vied with each oilier in their- ciuk-av- ant Col. of the 1 ltli Welcome home.” “ Col. Wood nf broutfbt: beforo the people of Jam aica, and are pro­ duced h y the aid of a most powerful Calcium light.— The mechanical movements on the W a r views will render thorn truly battles in m iniature; bombs will lie represented to explode a s they fly through tlie air, and cannon will be seen to pour forth their breath of fire. T h e wholevwill conclude with amusing scenes, comic and humorous subjects on tlie W ar, together- with a beautiful display of revolving Chroinatropcs o r artificial Fireworks. Military and Firemen partook ir; c-ly on thoir return C' e j''nk ° f Cdr week, a t the spacious rnosn of tho from tlie Colonel s roaiih-nco. T h e festivities were prolou-vd until a Lite hour in Jam aica and in..ny a booming gun was heard by the gallant Colonel while seated that evening in the homo ho lias so longyonrnod to he nt and with the dear ones be lias so many times longed to embrace. May lie soon be rc.-lom! to peifeel health umler their I,imi attentions, when if his country calls lie will n o t Le Unio- G.dl Ai-ail.-my. Tiic.-e splendid representations of ruo-jy of the stn-rir.; incidents o ftlie war h ave been repeatedly uitr.c.Ecl hy admiring crowds who cx- pre.-vu thcir delight in rounds o f applause. W e havo been ir.formed hy residents of H e m p stead (hat a t tlie time these Dioramas were shown in t h a t village, and nt tin- repetition ol .lie vm e , the church in which thc exhibition w.is given was crowded to overflowing.— The pv;'gramme for Thuivd;.)' evening is quite lengthy aiul will embrace many Scriptural views taken from the celt-brat cd m asters of a r t, such .u Raphael, Guido, Carlo, Afurillo, Rembrandt, C'lawle Lorrain, Peter . | Paul Rubens, Benj. W est and many others. Tlieso full view o f my great responsibility to my God and ^0E0 *He President s emancipation sehemo, that as Mr. . X.viwn n. -v* l\r.r* nn*i,l (( W‘1 a ••Ai,aa J.. J U A . . . ' A ............ 1 . • . m y Country, I e a rnestly beg tlio a ttention of Congress and t h c people t o that subject. “ ABRAHAM LINCOLN.\’ Recognising i n th c slavery of tho South, the chief source o f a ll our national troubles, and the utter im­ possibility o f securing permanent peace while it ex ids «fs a formidable institution, wc hf.il with delight this manifesto of (ho President. In tiie language of thc | N. Y. Tr.ihcM “ This Message constitutes of i ts e lf a n epoch in, thc history of o u r country. It has no precedents wo trust it may have many consequents, I t is th e day-star of a new National d awn. Even if it were not moro thah a barren avowal hy thc Chief M a g istrate of (ho Na­ tion that it is h i g h ly desirable th a t th e Union be p u r g e d of Slavery, it would be a great f a c t of far weightier import than many battles.” \While to many th e proposition to (ax tlie North to rid the South of an incumbrance, mny be diatasteful, nod we do not a ltogether like the idea ounelves, we doubt n o t th a t Congress will ho m o rc t han ready to w«lcome apd act upon tlio President’s suggestion. __ “ I t will lead,” soys the Tribune, with joyful confi­ dence, “ to practical results, and these tho most im ­ portant and beneficent. T h e (Mi of M arch will yet be celebrated as a day which initiated fly Sumner has well said, “ Slavery is ihe origin and main spring of t h e rebellion.” Our brethren lmve heen ruthlessly murdered a t itp mandate. Soon the. tax ours l e do honor to tiie g s liant Colonel. Al Kurland's th e procession halted and th c Presi­ dent o f the Board o f Trustees of th c village, vising in tlio carriage addressed Col. \Wood substantially a s fol­ lows : Sin- IVhcn out- Union was menaced and o u r capital endangv red, you, l ik e a brave aiul determined soldier and tru e hearted citizen, did n o t hesitate to c o m e for­ ward t o p,ie-c your life nnd a ll that man holds d ear at tlie service of your country. Brc forget not your wrong*, you • sufferings and privations uhile in cap­ tivity. But ti o rubiecn is crossed. Y’oilr s e lf sacri- lifts shall not ho forgotten hy a grateful country, which will not Ail to extend to you the h onors you have so nobly wo, . On behalf of the citizens o f J'n- gatlicror will he at our doors in compliance with i(s'mai?a « « • ' cnFnuii.stic crowd of loyal hearts, I 1 * > I AmiUH -i-nil rv /.nuili . ii,..ln/ui\A m ill iw n u i U<\+ v,,A bidding. It is the. grim m o n ster whose g reedy hands have e v e r b e e n upon tlie national throat. No cost ean he too grout to rid the country o f its terrible presence- \ ES' Rcverdy Johnson thc new U. S, S e n a tor from Maryland, i s a tpmc Union men. liis recent speech on his resolution in th e House ol\ Delegates a t Anna­ polis, q u o ting and denouncing Jeff. Davis's statement that M aryland is really w ith th e rebel states, and, if permitted, would vote to secede, was a telling and scathing one. “ Maryland is with tiie South,” said lie, in his solem n nud pointed manner, “ hut only as an integral portion of th c Union, and whoa thc South shall he liberated from tiie chains of tho Confederate despotism I” 6gF I t is said\ that Toombs is to b e made Lieuten­ ant-G eneral o f (lie rebel forces, nnd will march on Ohionncl Pennsylvania. YYc think we sec him ven­ turing i n ciiher o f those states! 13?* T h o bom b ardm ent of F h r t Sumpter will he shown a t Speer’s E x h ibition on. Thursday evening, ot Nation’? de-1 Union H a ll Ac#d#my. j tender you a corilLi welcome end pray that yonr val­ uable life may he long spared for the sake of your country. (Enthusiastic cheering.) Cob YY-od replied. VUhatever thc extent of his sufferings and privations, it was enough for him to i;now (hat he and his comrades in adversity had tlio sympathies o f a ll loyal h earts. Ho lmd the honor to command as brave a set of men as cyor confronted an enemy on that memorable day—the 21st o f July- ami cv»n th a t very enemy bore testimony to their pro.vcss in tiie acknowledgment that they feared tlio “ red-legged devils” most o f a ll. (Groat cheering.) YVhcn his health w a s restored, he was willing again to load his gallant regiment to tbe field or serve in any other position to which his country should, call him. (Renewed cheering.) The procession again moved, os, amid fliochecr.s of the immense throng and proceeded along the Hemp­ stead Plank Road to tlio villago of Queens; thence along the Jericho Turnpike to the residence of the Colonel. Throughout the entire line of the procession the same, enthusiastic demonstration* were exhibited, the houses decorated, women and children filled tlie win- dows and expressed their feelings by waiving their miniature flags and haadkerchief*. ant Col. of thc 1 ltli lUeloome home,” “ Col. Wood of; (hr- 1 ltli lieg't. w o wi-lcom-- tliy r e tu r n .'1 At tlie iviiticiif'O of Richard Du. teed, Esq., the na­ tional flag was displayed and ozc o f his children dressed aa (lie goddess of liberty essayed to welcome the Colonel ns-hc passed along, Truly old Queens out did iicrsclf on this occasion. C o lonel W o o d ’s f a j i L t u a n d U a p iivify. A correspondent of tho Brooklyn S ta r writing from Washington, Feb. 27, thus refers to Colonel Wood’s capture and c aptivity: “ A fter he. was wounded nl Bull Run. several o f his men undertook tc* carry him irom Su’dley church fo Centrevillc—a distance of-some live or six miles— on a stretcher. T h e y hud accomplished some four miles, when a s they thought by a rare streak o f good fortune, they overtook an ambulance in which 'there was a vacant ((-mpartmont. In to tbis they speedily placed tbo Colonel, and all went .veil, until they diverged from t h e wood road by which (lie regiment advanced Wc would advise one and all not io allow this op­ portunity to. slip by without seeing these elegant rep-, resentatiou, as tlie same may not he a g a in exhibited here. T h e price of admission is very low, and tho expense o f preparing and showing them is g r e a t ; we therefore bespeak for Air. Spccr a full h.ouse. See small hills for particulars of programme.. S eadury ' s C ough B alsam .— Thc popularity of tliis- j long established medicine is not only well sustained, in tiie morning,’’oiTtko WavYenlon \nnipffie and were b.Ut iS ,laily incrcasil’S- Dhysicians in various parts of about to cross the nnrro>r bridge at Cub run, a mile bbo count ry are beginning to appreciate its merit, and and a half Irom Ccntrevilie. prescribe it for their patients. YYc understand that At tins point thoy found a great congregation of, the proprietor makes no secret of ils composition, but army wagons caissons, ambulances and fn4(exied men' •„ . „ , . and horses. Indeed theoad r was completely blocked IWI1 communu:atco i atl>\of tlie mcdical fnultt? w!'° up. A little care would hare clfared it, however aiul \iny desire thc information, given all an opportunity to reach Ccntrevilie in safety. But the panic was so great, and so much increased by lie tiring of tlio enemy from a masked battery near lit' 11*11 * »! Iv hn/l iia I ___ t t y S i r On the first pago of To-day’s paper will bo- ............ .. , ,IVUI found a Poem of some length upon ihe reception of by, which had not been used, (or discovered' by our \ Col. W o o d on Tuesday, w ritten by Air. Blooilgood II. do°X U i»ri ES Ain,dw ’| lihnt i t ,'V\S f;ui(c irnP‘,ssib,» 10 j C utter, who styles himself the “ L ong Island Farm e r ly driver of the a m b u h n ^ c S t I v a ^ a n / n m u S P o tl ” . f \ C\ ,rCf M “ * ^ 1 ' ' ‘ ° \ n ° f “ Z ing the horse was oil’in a moment. Thus was t h c | inS’ and has gamed considerable notoriety as a l ’oct.. wounded Colonel left, in a perilous position, hut y i t Let a ll read tlie production, and w c ean assure them lie did n o t dream o f being captured. Tenderly sYv-1 th at they will ho amused if n o t deliglitoc. oral of Ins command removed him to the woods l.-mll — - -------- — - tt 1!’'aistc‘,i’ed *° his iiooov,i(r -5 a3 Lest (hey, f f M r. lDgm's adult Concert is progressing finc- tho c n e m r in a n d v a n M r ’behvMU0thri!- bo has 0,10 or l \ ° Ccntrevilie, they might easily lwve reached that vi]-P mc a r tists to assist vlass, such as wo a r e nol 111 the lago under cover o f the night, and thus escaped to t habit of h e w ing in Jamaica,

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