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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, October 19, 1826, Image 1

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H m sweet «* this seesonof rest. From lift Of a^ wearisome way f How hSjppy, how calm,and how blest” This* touts whwdM^ «*’#«* djy S v ’ty ray of<foe saw, w as fiur -A» that o f s id e fc«*y«niy * a tet v murawrifefortfc t£ftfoftfo% ^ Thi^hMtore tq,roftuR ^ e b ^ iP d ,: . -■ And qaeU’ri are the powfatWOffotii: Bush’dtoo are the wmds—tad *> nafld A»ifJeso*ware With HWtorey -pm hint riflepeatedtilon »that h o o k e d tfceVaf ag«| dame with her hit law; and two lotely w h i . ; d o o ria nn instant, atoeHafoe g his^ripe hastily iif lav! c a M f # B, _ ----- Mood spilled oj) the [lowlands t o - d a y s a i d bo; ‘‘and Gin ■know* which party is the victor, we mus t jbeptour fate*with patieat roffeninCte; ih THE HOLY S P lR lfi 1 When the Hoi* Spirit dfescended dpool th&Sdn of God, no borrowed the tern-] Wance, not o f a bird of prey,lfotof the] tnoornmg end tfipdir * dove.’ And thus,] when he nywyfo^ceuds to stamp his sa-f , «twd image dn foe aoul, the iinpreision] * which be lea res is hot that of fierceness] rind Snttier&nee/ but of gentlerfoss, ar J, tenderness and love, He is the Smi^, . Bed ofconfontioD, but o f order, and Of a] sOuad mind, and of the .charity which] ■'never fsileth’—the Spirit' ‘ which ma-j keth men to Ifo of oh* mind in an honse.’] Shaft not those, therefore, who profess to] .follow his guidance, be ‘harmieMt^ns] doves * Shall they not cultivate rae| lemfeniess* and gentleness of Him to] whom theSpiyit Was gfoen without mea- «aren Shatt.they notputyoD t h a t‘cba-, nfy*wl)icb IS the ‘bond of perfectness ?’| Shall foev not renjember they ’are ‘bre-j foren,* ahd y&:foat they - fell not out by j the w*yt» T o those who are thus che.j ttatongthe graces of the Spirit, the] £ ^SAhctifier’ will become i ‘Comforter.*] ‘A*foeflove broughtto Noah the intrtjH the sobsidingof the waters,«>| : MHM&F Hejsvenly ‘U |y e convey to the] ysfo&fofeglad tidings that the tempestdT i j l m x vrithcMa wiffi etor spirit; that ’ * e w the children of God!’ May Mod |e p u t op our U nitedpmyers forGeorfc sword. Apparelled in thesis she passed dfiehven will do right; it becomes, os the guard Unsuspected and penetrated in- dians and scoured by the American For- the revolutionary cause from the royalists! and passed for loyal subjects of the Brit- plunged* it through Eliza’s heart. ireiw n e o idiM /w f e : w!w* rti&MMdmimaia e»«l)rwdm te, ■ at&tmfti .'p.fomlodttd in a B t tt e c U f n c f m ^ t o lgaift.reaMy access, • dwtoifceVtoetite .. .h e r i t e i j ^ ^ r e t i silent as die grave, save now and i the the dull tramp of the sentinels . heard, she stole into the young offi- % room and carried offhjfclofoes and it) times tike thfoeto use all due prec*i). to the gloomy prison o f herbeloved and tion m warding the Mow from Ouroirn sufficing husband. T o banish every tieads. The refies understood him, jfod shade o f suspicion from the guard, which ffiough Eliza Wrahg h er hands and ^n)g- walked around the barrack, assuming the Med deeply with h e r feelings, Whelj'tife tone o f the officer stieim itated,sheac danger to which h er George had behaeX-r costed the postrate victim of revenge LIM ITED LOQUACITY. |n, who had a shop'iii^fhti; r ^ g i i t e the disturb^ atM^.tt ^ ^ ■ ^ l ^ i p a r r o t wde to — -it aopr—the grey put io his wotd whendver a, ring c tioe.at the bell ; but ffiey Only knew two Short phrases of English apiece, ffipuM1 tlwy pronounced those very distinctly. The bouse ih which these ‘ Thebans’ livem had a prO- Hr* nl/l - fa'nkiAH n J . 1* . X *»• _ . iW m jecting old-fashioned front, # tbat'the Jp»«h first floor could not be seen jSom (hb pavement o n the aarbe side o f t y way. One day Wheh they were left at* home by themselves, hanging out of a wirtdow, a knock came at thestreet doop—‘ Who’s there?’ said the gyeen parrot,in the fix- erciae of h is office. The mah witbffie posed, was msideknown to her, and When With opprobrious epithets, and asked him tbpthought that perhaps be was now a i f his neck, was res|y for the baiter—at c,fc,oc «. .«« » uc W1H, U1B blading corpse weltering in his'blood thesafoe timeendeavonring to make him jleather!’ w*as the reply; fo which the rushed acroasler breast, jet they all wettt understand who she was. This unex- bird answered With his farther storei of quietly ih, and assumed such employment peeled intrusion foused^p the heroic] language, which, was. ‘Obi hoi’ T re­ ss was best calculated to conceal the In- American; he ha^mceived his sentence, I sently, the door not* being Opened,ffts he terest they took in ttfo passing scenes of and had resolvea fo bear it a* a soli)iV.rl»¥h»Pfi»i the .tn n w lp tL ird J . war and bloodshed around diem. Situated as they were, in a country fra- escape. But when h^ fieard the voice ] parrot w b i u i « Mi|re, uui n irai iif-wHia uie voicetparror again. ' vyno's tnere r saia rae veraedsuccessivelybythe Britishnnd^In- which too exactly ifoltaifed that of hislman with the leather,‘why don’t ydb./ bitterest foe« his soul kindled to a flame, I come down and see V to which the parrot V <w.A s i . . i i i * * s i • ,<s «. >i * / r . . * ■ ' agers, of a co/ps of which old Norton’s and springing from the ground be seized [again ihade the same answer^4 Oh, hoi* son. 'Was the comm anderthey had thehilt of the sword; which a faint gleam [This response so enraged the visitor, that,' . «/ '■ • ■ - t * J -■ - ’ .-*»« - •••««• w *'*<■** a a mo a ooirvnot« ov uui ugvu iu v VlOHUiy mt)p niThcrto>cpncqalea their attachment to of moonlisht revealed before him, drew [he dropped the knocker, and tang fu­ ff like lightning front its scabbard, andjriously at the bell; but this proceeding - Xi j mj ~mw .... She|brought up the grey parrot;, who Called ifo crown, while the rtgilant but cautious shrieked and felt—while he, with one] out in a new voice, ‘ Go to [he gate!’— #nake from his ‘ Wings7 of ‘silver* ever.! gift and blessing which the foul desires] fo ffleedsl And m»y)a!l man see that] ’ . -- - •-p - -----. --------- ■ ------ — ** HV) WHWlVMt IU O IKJW f WlVOy V»w W piw Kdtg i *— measures o f George Norton insured them stroke, sev ering the ifords that bound him j ‘ T o the g a te !’ muttered the appellant, protection from the Americans. Iqaped into the niiiit o f the guard and ] who saw no such convenience, and more- ^ hadroused them/fom three o f them fell before him ere his arm jover imagined that the^ servants were thelrtwilight reveiy died *way, but the was paralyzed by death. A shot in the lbanteriiig himj ‘ W h a t gate ?* cried he, sound o f coming trooper* succeeded af- head killed him on the spot. {getting o u t in thekennel, that he might a snoif iftftn ly anain 11 f e f jnidutes The tamp was all alaron A genenl bare ine advantage d 0 ^ i i £ fail intedo* their falsing plumes were seen dtnciug rush to the tcene e f blood succeeded^ and {cutor« ‘ Newgate,^ rejoiined this griBy * IPSffiEi w h e p liisspe-, iown five baK tmrf led.into the yard,j|nd wfing warfare, with ao little mercy, weptl ■* ‘ ... il— I «r ___ __. ..,*1 ■ ' I began to thrdw water iatothe long trough over foeheart-rending scene, and the. Ito supply the homes, trembling all the aged parents were left unmolested. The T H E DYING CHILD. I I k SM k J iU u k --- 1 11 'v... .ft. H e is with us, by the Iseal o f the Sphit j urlives ujofttempem! AI-1 imprest on _ mijat every object oelrtdiyidual _ tmder some new and po Wrfui influenc ' fliacovers by a corresponding cha nge fovce of the instrumenta to which it is fomected. T h e desert awakesgfo life *aa beauty under the beam o f ifie sun. T b e heavenly bodies obey the law of gravity, and move on in uninterrupted a thousand new enemies and tjrmjMfthret and powars as his chains fall from him. And thus, in foe case o' [while io tas I to receive hi' throw to • Ihands for I taring in I Was o f j T _ _____ I O L D BACHELOR’S SOLILOQUY, f c t i r d * h u 7 f o em ‘s f t S las he reached,out hw witb«Wd hand to Alasl what a poor, solitary, deserted |pendulum, andf the heavy sipii b f a dis- I welcome bnn, and assisted him in dia- being I am! Ah! had f my time to come jconsolate father, which mingled With the [mquntmg. „ . , . over egain, I would not be how sitting [short deep* breath o f his suflering dan o f f tn d kviAnmtf a v u p m v iftvtwaft iin a I m «4 U I liiw* M F®f *rb^ ! t C0,l,?e* fel1* *H?«rred beneath a green I The taper was just glimmering in the km.olut|LiWit^moofo ms treean the border ofMie forest together, J socket, as the weary and sorrowful mo- w ^ o m few fm en w h i p and the willow tree fliich vrasplanted [ ther awaked from a momentary slumber A r * eTri' i5 S H lM * rdt* bf the gravei *0\ spreads its broad top to renew hdr turned her ’S niooa. M sfof|ense wide o v erthe unlettered tomb stone. [eyes on I .......................... *' durafofoA [orbs I ® I tb»8 the whole corns was up alone tnopinj »over my joyless fire—but it [ ling, land Roger recognised several o f V» o k servesmofight—I do not deserve to have every man really brought-'under foe in-] ftnence of foe Spirit, foe mind is clothed With oew ’fordure j foe wandering heart is brought b*«k agKin to God; foe slave w corruptionbreaks forth frmiJhia terri- Mb bondage, and walkbftbrfoftin alhfoe rfpiious liberty of foe children of God. T h e moral change, figuratively dfoMbed tby foe Prophet, is accfimpiifoed: ‘The ;,eye« o f the blind foail be opened, and foe t i m er the deaftfoall be unstopped : foen shall foe lame” m an leap as an hart, **ri the tongue of the dumb sing; for in foe wddSfriess foali w ^ r a break out, IP$. ItreanWm the desert.’ % A new man, w ^ y b i s new*jud sancti. Noirii c o m p a r i n g t o s s e s s i o n ; A g r tM M ^ n e d s f o to o k an ttcftdaint- aobb upon thedeads a p house,# Show . ' IwiM fikjft •A* j l |j p p Q |g p ||> - tions—wa- fog « « w t Of L._ .... --------- -- [From foe Trenton Emporium.] r^T H E FORAGERS. T h e irh r e bitter said old Roger » u j badr and forward,on .^^ehififdfreabiV;fr|^> r wthbvfoenitmde whichto foe irM w pers of that homely huh gave sareandfm f tul note foat something o f i llarming import was woriciiminhisbo- *om. * T h e good dame, who had been en­ gaged indastrioaily a t the wheel, rose and *ct it aside, disquieted by tlie omen, and a beautifrg-girl came tofoe broken arid decayed window, and fiookftd oufwitb ?.&gra*t - side—“ D o you v^Yea*” , “ W ell, f o b s Is mine.” Fohttfog again to the other aMto->-u D<rjroti ..#» that house?’’ rtftage m yoadetW “ Ydfo”- f l p t f i y t e * poor woman W that W l n v iu a o in u w frdfepb b W i f o wy nmrothan Ml this.’ ^ wfeiteaBshesayfrij' “ W h ftlhe . caw is K m c »’»» T h e gen- ! tlmwm tooked confouude^ena s a il no - Wheei grace seasons fontem the life. wifi were piled db from foe horizon hi( the mellow wsotn- o f the heavens* id s from the direction o f foewind threatened « tempest- eft no ordmynr , magnitude. The sbdqw jw f approaching night were uitoadjrM tM n n ^rigfoe gfeen mantle o f the thick fbrosttO one ftmereal gloom s | « | « 2 t ? a a a htsw f-»e ,,foe'' dtotont echoes :»eine4 to cooteJaden wifo^ae ttomp o f diera were carried t o the hare, and the ______________________ ,„ UC11 u MEU Ul _ Biru ”0W :t< > 0 ,n,e; S. 6 l ‘it i i off,n o , T to beJnounce, thafhopeand light! f f ' l 81) ' hap? lof- Cruel d e s h n y - ltakenfoeir everlastirig f l |h t . A sudden S E thfico 2 & to think that my brothers are at this mo- Butter drew the attemioifof foe wretch: Iht ^ } ment sorrounded with every enjoyment, ed parents from the melaiicholy object of S ’ ! t h£! t Z k!E3?» • decorated white I, with my gouty toe, sit here mise- L e d itotion 5 it was the expiring inniientV wifo the best the HUmUe circumstances rable and alone. Ah! hadlselected one [ favourite birdlwhose food had h eenn*#.^ were eight m numbbf, S f hardy, soldier- 1 now had beenMessed with the fragrant admirer hadabsorftedMI o ther care j and. « l m A f tfa m iic h f t i*nh«A liihriri. m a f n a r l w f ] . . si _____ j _ L i -*-ir 1 ■ , i , / 9 ly looking men, arifl, folfoey fotoW off balm o f ^ domestl^corisoiation, their heavy cape and sWdhb, and crowd* roving like an fovtdious Wa 8 p ,fram thel foe rascaftfor^kfastl of « # . ^ ^ :.. •^om p lwkiirtrtecoew.snowfoelga determined puipbgeof t e r <. !h.\ r'{i *j . h e r expiring infant,'whose dim 1 Were slowly moving in foeir hollow les. It Was midniqht, arid nothing guests among them, .fitemewoundted toT the ( M i K o f a wife, a»d'‘foe comfort of|he^had b e ^ w ^ M ^ K e ^ t o m S ' dearlw cet ittte smiling cherubs. It is wben a sigh or a struggle should a i i ^ j n now too late, so it is of no use to ho I V - j —w auw vl VTv \| ed round the hospitable table, they nesu- g a u d / tulip, and nauseous poppy t o foe | S O R T S , ti # & 3 i £ aM < k m “ And forii . ^ _ ............................................. feflowmri foe other sidf,fttMiWanriiriged; my duty to contribute a share : instead whit m v you H o r n ’sb w h ich,Ih*ve addedtoittvices,’ andf « . » v . , •.,! yardfaod ^ h m W W H r i k , foit fry increased foo mjrober o f it. unprotected , A tefngiy Ijiihnlan,dot M A M f o iQ . wpy o f desert, a u d t j lf o f lf o v h a ll sire* a n f t ^ S i e i riSsmhfert ! Oh, k s ^ o u i p Q!WP» mistaking a bafoer’sfoop for sm ......................... 'ietterfel- Heaven*, wliata twang! Here, yon v i l ^ | ^ ^ ho» ^ b»lM i m^ nd b^ 4 t o l ^ from | M ;I *t«*dy cietyttolfoepublicgoO d o f whiehitwasjcold. ' / — -TT— —■ — — — . V d u ronly --------- the exetmwn of the pfokmer ovor a rich yourself by plundering ufo. You hearty ntte*l;and, when fifitfoed, a met- vile scoundrefof a varlet, where a r e you, senrer wasflespatohed to m foim ^ im of sirrah! drinlfow my clartf iretekd Disrate, and bid him prepare for it. waiting upon m e; bring nw My'Crotches, , However ill fire memhure/rf font Httle and tw ill see i f I canhotsefytou all to family concealed their anntoty fo toe righto—get yriiir gone; ste. y p t ! itis dfj mfon time,'foeiVagitatiou wae uut-dii- n o d t o t .i f I turn them. » f o i 7 fritldes 8 ^oV e i^.—T h e old itori>fiM%nde^> to rerietfl, ! shall get as b a d ^ l^M rpiaC e r^ N y bimself to each ft d ttfo it as nfo to ail this comes of being i ^ B f r i c h e l o r t * a o U ^ ^ W 'f o i o g foiAtorised* arid Tfie Romaito acted w i s c i y ^ o u b i y tax foeroo,ridetenwhtodfoaKertain irigfoore ureless m e n forreff foe com- tetospeufo^w liichtiitoa: t u f r k \ 1 wonder foat oU# togistofore ^ J ^ 'M a r e f o t g : hw itotJakM.cognizan c e : d ^ g r e w i n g e|; f o a n l R WttePeit M g f r t o - .- ^ M i r ^ l^ a '<HAmeiaiu3jn Sheitttfo fourid liei' sail-™ _ _ ______ to.eo; it-foekypiiilitoHe,' en ifofrgwitb tosprekto, Site, foeh ftmthem- foeyfaave J1. A k •* „ I mtist «!>; oriassinUmg tr i f o a x i b t e * bW'Jfovdd^ knocked up a b s ^ n ^ M i L and p h c in g it before him, wifo > N p p i l ; , wentbackTrards t ppw* f p t We;A«i<vis j r a x ^ WCOtfcflckVO/-* *v »f» . S S F M M ® arifo on th e barlmrfojMMpig with foe re ^ C Q O ly < ^ d | P | ^ t J | I S e ,OCn ;cijjiri!)-for a k n ifejlftrip^yfffov& fo Ve. ry good, h u t yM rfiljfop was not quite »'i vt ing ^.*-T »< /Vv . ? $ & * * M # p«cioua thirigS a c this side fori grave, a re our repuftitfori arid ourftfokr But i t ia to be laotoated foat iptibtewbttpcr j onri, ind the ____ , T, A srisfefrfol- he afraid to dia.—£Lacon.]

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