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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, September 14, 1826, Image 3

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Tbo great loss ofthe T E E T H prevented By DR. CHEVALIER, „ ' SttR^EOlSr B B lJyiS T , V- 'HO. begs teave to inform the tadiea and geqtl«jaaen of this platte, th*t be eqiodgutg for a few days, next doer but end above Hi p . Sleight's Printing Of­ fice, where h e offers * bis services in the va- nous brafichesjof his profession, from 6 in the luornipg until 6 in the afternoon* _ H e does ootpretend to work 'miracles! neither is i t necessary that he should puff in a .pom­ pons way* a s many arc in the habit of doing -but assures his patrons that perfect satis** foctumshallbe given. Hr. C. extracts decayed or Joose Teeth, tund puts sound ones in their places, and makejfthera grow fast, which he is continu* aJfyifotho habit of doing; with great success; or repairs thedecay ed on6s, andplaces them ip again. H r . C. within the -last year, has extracted more than twelve hundred teeth, withopt breaking any; and does pot hesitate to say, mat bis knowledge apda$dll in that veiy interesting practice™# Jwbfch aU are is^bot inferior to tiny onearth. f 'H e wdl wait on ladies and gentlemen at -their places i f required,' ^ - - ^ • T o the respectable indigent, he offers his services gitituitously, ■ f jfov.C. has an infallible dorp for(tbe foofo- \pch, without extracting it, . \ •A\--'He refers jitfoe village of Jan. J c a tatha Rev. AfcNettteton,t«4Bev. G .H .Sayre. To the foregoing, h e adds the certificates o f aaumber of gentlemenof respectability, 13 . presumed will carry more weight estimation than a ll h e can say respiting himself. ’7 : ; ^ ( h e jindersigned, recommend to gg- ne^J paftdnng*;fe^Hhavalier, as a very in- gpniejB and elulMHentist. ,-rHemakes his - oNvn instruments, and knows well how to use them:—Rev^Mr. Feltus; R.Hatfield, J . 13- Fay, N. B. Graham, E. Morrel, Esquires ; Messrs. J.Cocks, J . Boardman, T . Lownds, 5* Everett, Med. EIee- 43 Chatham-st. and J . Hays.H.C. New-York, July 30,(823. . Dr. C’s permanent residence- is 2? IV arren-st, New-York, opposite the tfcrk. Doctor Chavalier, Surgeon Dentist,pTthe eity of New-York, haring for some timnpast practised extensively in the port o f Sag Har­ bour, and its vicinity | and, having, we be­ lieve, given very general satisfaction'to his •employers, we beg leave to recommend him to die public, as, in our estimation, a careful and skilful operator:—J. D. Gardiner, Baa* tor P . P . J . P. Osborn, Judge C .C .P.; A, H . Gardiner, Sheriff S.C.; Col. S. Hunt­ ington; H . T. Dering,Collector; E. Sage, ISeq. Sag Harbor, Dec. 14, 1822. : Jamaica, Sept. 13,1826. 37— Iw J UST receive*!, and for sale at reduced prices,1; , ’ , London superfine black, blue, mixed and .olive Cloths, ' 25 pieces Calicoes, (assorted) from one shilling to two and-sixpence, per yard, 3 pieces black Bombazine, Satinets, lOOlbs Commqn Wool,' 100 sides Sole Leather. HERUIMAN & BRUSH, Jamaica, August 3,1826. B Y order ofthe honourable James Lent, first judge of the court of common pleas, in and for Queens county, no­ tice is hereby given for the creditors of Benjntnio Mott, ofeqid county, an Insol­ vent debtor, to appbnr before the said judge, at the inn of Bernard Bloom, in the town of Newtown in said county, on the twenty-eighth day #f October next, at three o’clock, in the afternoons of that day, to .show cause, jf any they, have, why an. assignment of the Raid insolvent’s estate .tibjMdd ^ ^ 'f i g ^ - ^ l h w b e t i e q t p i ’all Ha itemated)p;f«i!hto^randrthat the- put*en,pf%lhe.said Insolvent ipayhe-for ever theretmer exempt­ ed fiom.ailarrest or imprisonment for or by reason pf any debt or debts due-at the time of making such assignment, or contracted-for before that time, though payable,afterwards; and, ajao, if in' prison, from his imprison- meBt,agree»bly t0 se Act of the JLegislature of Jhe‘ Stafo- of New-York!, entitled, “ An Aqt to abolish imprisonment for.debt in cer­ tain cases.” • * Dated the .fourth., day of September, 1826. . • \ '36—6w B. F . Thompson, Att’y for petitioner. I IN CHANCERTv, Stateof New-York. ss. N pursuance of . a decretaiorder of this honourable court, dqted the 23d of June, 1826, will be sold at public auction, at the house of James-Poole, innkeeper, in the town ofNorth-Hempsiead,county ofQueens, on the thirteenth djfy' of October next, at one o'clock in the afternoonof that day, Un­ der the direction of the subscriber, ope of the. masters of this court, ££eriain foi jpf land, with the farm hquse ppd messuages thereon, situated in VVfesibniy, in North* • -• : ^ t i p r e i n © Gfwsrfe — — i-'\- In the matter of Gurdon Corn- » - ing & others vs. Archibald > In partiton Cornell and others. v I N pursuance of an order of the supreme court of the state of New-York foade in this cause, wiil be sold at public auction, at the Flushing Hotel, in the town of ^Flush­ ing, in the county of Queefief kept by Cur- ■ lis.Peck, at eleven o’clock ih'the forenoon, \ on Monday the 16th day o f October next, ** ALL that certain Farm, tract or parcellsof land,'lying and being in the township of Flushing, in the county aforesaid, kboWh ' and'dietinguished as the form lately owned, giossesed and occupied by Joshua Cornwall, deceased, containing about one hundred andjfbrty acres; said,farm lies at the Bay side about three miles frotn.the village of Flushing. -Sept. 13. 1826 SAML. WILLETT, ) rnmmia JAMES BLOODGOOD , ) THOMAS PHILIPS, , t s«oner* . J OTICE is hereby given, that applica,- , lion will again be made to the Legis­ lature jilm e ensuing session thereof, for fop contraption of Quials to connect together the* waters of the harbour of New-York with the Jamaica, the Great South ant Soutbaftipton bays on the' south aide*. of Long-Island, end also to connect Sonthamp ton Bay with Ronfoold* Bay, and that th(, .same be done by, Und become the-proper^ of‘the state, or that the legislature mcor- ^pmtC a Company and reimbur^i thereto ftmn the Treasury a portion of ije cost, so that the: proceeds may * afford wfair interest 16 pose who may Be disposed to Invest therein, or to incorporate foe same, wifo banking privileges ^m^a camtal of cieding one million of doHarsycut o f wjucb the said Canals shall be jnade l ib o Bank tp be located ih the.first Senate Disl n et New- Yovk, Attoikfi, 1826. ' 3T^*6w hermifter described. Afeti tbbt certain form % tract of land, which fosnjnmin. Bailey aibebased of Gerard l. Beekman by deed earing date, May first, lfftff, situate on the south side of Juniper Swart^p, in Newtown, Queens county, .and state of New-York, bounded as follows, v iz; jeWprly by land of Daniel Denton, northerly tartly by swamp and land of the estate of Joseph Woodard, deceased, and Jacofi Golder, westerly by land of Edward Tompkins, atid southerly by the highway, containlhg >tw<*nty-four acres, be the aaine more or less- The said premises will be sold by virtue of a power contained in a mortgage executed by Benjamin Bailey and Hannah his wife, on the twenty -eighth day-of April, 1820, to. John Kolyer, in his life time, to secure the payment of the sum of eight hundred and fifty dollars, with* interest, pt six per cenl,- on the first day of May, J 321—default having been made , in said * payment, a deed will be executed by the subscribers as exe­ cutors of said John Kolyer, deceased, pur­ suant to tb-i.power contained Sin said mort­ gage. Dated the §fo day/of September, 1826. JAMES H- KOLYER, JOHN'KOLYfcR, 36—6w THOMAS H. WAY.- Hempstead, containing about seventy acres, and fronting upon the,Jericho turnpike, and bounded westerly by the highway leading licom the meeting house at Westbury toiUi house of John Titus ;—ARSO, one- other piece of land, near fop above-mentioned liece, containing about seventeen acres of lan d A L S O , a piece of woodland situate in the township of Oysterbay, iu Queens county afor^aid, containing'foenly-hve a- cras and thirteen perchei of land;—ALSO, one other piece of wOodland^ying dear the 1 ast-mentioneid.fiiece of woodland, contain- three perches of land';—(excepting how­ ever out of the said piece of. woodland lasf- mentioned, thirteen acres, three' quarters and thirty-one square rods of land, including the road or highway, which causes a deduc­ tion of one acre, Jawing twelve acres, three Quarters and thirty-one square rods of land) ALSO, all that certain tract 6 f land in VVesl- fcury, in the township of Norih-Herapstead, whereon John Vandewu'ter heretofore lived, containing foirty-two acres of land;—ALSO, a piece of timber land, in the. township Dysterbay, near the 1 iasbmebtioned parcel containing thirteen .acres;—ALSO, a cer­ tain piece or (met of land, in the township of North-Hempstead, part of the form,for­ merly of John Loper’s, containing -sixteen acres, three^uarters and thirty-one square itfods of ianff ^ALSO, all that t{wp}!{di|.h 0 use and the loton which the house stifods,. 8 ituate in Westbury aforesaid, in North-fiejmpstead, On the bigbway leading from the Grhpt Plains tp Wheatly, containing a fenced garden-— T O be sold at/ublic aucfipn jon-the 18th day of September next at 2 o’clock P. M. on the premises herein after described, all that certain messuage or tenement and farm or tract,of land, situate, ly ing And being at a place called Muttontown, in the town of Oysterbay, jn Queens county, bounded as. follows: beginning at the easterly point of said form, adjoining land now or late of John Cheshire, thence running westerly by Cheshire’s land until it comes to George Monfoort’s woodland; thence westerly by said woodland to Joost Monfoort’s woodland, thence northerly by his woodland to George Monfoort’s cleared land ; thence northerly and again westerly by Monfoort’s cleared landtio George llemsen’s land, thence south­ erly by Remsen’s land to Jane Vafin l^ick- len’s land, thence southerly and agiifrt east­ erly hy her land to Joseph (Croaker's land, foence easterly by his land (to land now or late of Titus, a blackman, thence easterly by bis land to land owned jpr occupied by William Duryen; thence easterly and nortb- easterly by his land to Ghcspire’s land afore­ said, or- place of beginning; ‘containing a- bout one' hundred and sixty acres of land, be the same more or less; it being tbe form devized to John Wortman by fhe Jast will and testament of fijs^Iate father Garret Wortman, deceased*' The above described premises will be spld’by yirtue of a. power contained in a Mortgage, executed hy John Wortman and Catherine \ his wife, , to foe. Subscriber, on the 12th day of February, -iAga^q^xPcare./lheiliM^pt q|la.^eitaift sum, of Money therfeia^flKntioneo, witn ip- terest on or before the firit day of May tlfieh next—defauU.having bem'made in the said payment Dated the ltjtn day of March, 1826 — ll-^m , SAMVEhr SHERMAN. O^r-The sale fif the above.desenbed pre­ mises is postponed Until the 'Qth day of Oc­ tober next, at thenamp pjach and hour. SAMUEL 3HERMAN. of likewise, a small piece of land, hounded on foe north by tbe Commons near *a pond o; % ter, on ti& east by Edmund Port’s land, ai^ on the south and west by the highways; • ALSO, all tbat certain piete or piircel of woodland, situate J n foe North, Woodsy in thptpwnshipofNorth-Hempsteadaforesaid, efidttiining twenty-one acres {^-ALSO, al thnt one certain, piece or tra«-bf land and m a rtin Itely pptostiedby one JimesPine, *ihttteitiHemp»tead!^tb,contatnin^eighty five acres, of land and;ibeado w ;--rALSO,a,l Westbuif and Hempstead Harbour, con htfafok twintyrniiie acres- and 'pne bund red g|aafe tdds allJbMifoirtam tract, L j amaica- Poah Coache». FALL ARRANGEMENT. . A < COACH, will leave.- Smith. HickO' /% Stage House, Jamaica, every mqxx*> ingathalf pastseven o^clodc, for “ passenger* at Brooklyn,' at half pfece, o r parcel 6 f land,'fouate in thefor- fimr county of Clinfon, amj' present county of Firanklin, in the Stafe bf New?Y 6 rk;y,^nt cfistmgujshed as lot ntimber eigmy-five, m the general division of fowpship ndfober sevenvof a tract of Jand formerfy' appropri­ ated as'Bounty ] ^ ) ^ l 9 :^ d f o 6 eri^ntaxi 9 *' IllJrS o f the sfofopf NeW^hfk. bti't afte^ Ward granted bv letters patent to James %aJdwell;~AN 6 AtffO,‘aU foal certain ■' ‘ ' * - - • »■ tte New twd. number .ip o’clock. \Seats may be taken at Rqwlai igpOnc.er’s, No. 4 FuUon-street. New- 1 Or iit Snfedeqor’s, Brooklyn.' Morning Stag©i The morning Stage will hereafter lesye Nrt, FJqnn'sVF ranklinSicjuare, atBo’ck^k A/M. 'by 'p'ay of Brooklyn,.. and f«iy< Sept. 0 , 13 x 6 . 36 Notice ia hereby given, T HAT the time allowed for the redemp­ tion of -Lands sold for Direct Taxes, and purcbasjMh Ori betalp of the United States, has begti extended' for tlie term of two yenfo^fooin the*end of the late session of Congt’essvmsd that the*aame may be re- deemed cn application to , Nft*)LL FLOYD. BrookhavenuAugj ,2,4fe|B26. 36—4w T O BE SO.LD, at*pu|lic auction, on the tenth dayof Marchjiext, at 2 o’clock, P, M.on foepremiseq hereinafter described, iffeeatly of Oysterbay ih . Queemfr county, bounded as follows, viz : easterly-Jiy the highway that leads ‘.through JVheAtiy; southerly by-1 [ Willintn Crooker’s lahtJ^ Westerly by the di­ vision bet\foen|«(e towns of Oysterba; andVNfirth Hemp^fifoil Stephen Rushmorft’sfiipd: onU hundredand forty same more or less, Cxc wobdlandjieretofore cbisrti exceptedfrpm thissaiim^l b«l premises wiil be soldM by virtue of a jiower fibnfc Igi^’executed by Garret abefo bi? tiife, to Abmlr, TeleiM.onfqpiJ/in tbe lifo AbrHhtiih) on foe 1st day^V secure foe .payment of'sf mdheytfiereinmentioned M fault bavihg been made in'ul ’Dated ibe6th day .of S pt«f PETER MONl’OOJj JOHN NO^TRAWl ; u Exec- » D a n ie l v in w h len V> utors 1 GEQRQE I UYST| f ) ot 3 6 —ctim ^ Abrahm ilonfoort, dec. 'V id northerly by qntaining about of land, be the of ten acres of and which is hove deacri- Js subscribers, ’ned in a moi-t- l foort and.Eliz- Monfoort and me of foe said lay, 1817, to Haiti sum of intertdst—de­ said payment, iier, 1 8 2 6 , N. W #e|Lto aforesaid—the’fir§ 6f trt ch fofoins nine hundred and six acres, two nmbpercbCS-itbe ‘otheFof sanjf n fons six hundred awl jffijrty ecrcb ji-^dgetber wiffme; apptiftenances; 6fo, Au^st26?f626v* ; MURHAT.WFAfANi Ghanceryi- \ S* *■>. I. * ’\ t i r - ereby givnp'for foe Creditors of John W. Loweree^; o f ifid county, an Insolvent Debtor, to; afWtw before the said Judge, at his dwellingfoquse in the town o f New- Town, on foe 2oth day-of September next, at 1 0 o’clock; in .the forenoon of that day,, to show cafbse, if any they have, why nii .issignment. of- the said hisolvent’a estate sliru-ld -not>|uK rtiade, for the benefit of all lis Cieditors; and that the person of the said InsolvCnt may be for ever thereafter exempted from all arrest or imprisonment for or by reniOnpf ahiy .debt or debts due at the iime>f making such assignment, or contracted for before that time, though pay­ able afterwards; and, also, if in prison, Irom hjs imprisonment, agreeably to an Act pf ‘ the Legislature of the State of New- York, entitled, “ An Act to abolish impri­ sonment for debt in certpin cases.” Dated he 28thjdttp6f July, 1826. Ph. C. Pinckney, Attorney. 31—6w W ILL BE SOLD^ at Public Vemlue, on the third ISresday in September next, at two o’clock in’ the afternoon, at the court»hquse in Q.ueyns‘qq)inty,.to the high­ est bidder; two ceifain jneces of land lying in the township.of Hempsted, hounded as follows: tbe firstpiece is where the dwell­ ing-house now stands, and is bounded as follows beginning at the southeast corner of the aarden, bounded on the south by the road leading from Hemprted to Jerusalem, on the northwest by land of Joseph Golder, on the southeast by land of Stephen Car­ man,. on the uqrtbeast by land of Ezekiel Mathew, on the southeast by common land, to the place of beginning, containing two acres three quarters. The other piece is bounded on tbe northeast by the above mentioned rogd, on foe southeast by land of widow Heltnp, on the west by land of Richard Ellison and widow Helms, on the west by theiroad that leads tp Jesse Mole neux’ mill io the road above mentioned containing fourteen acres and a half with till the bnijdings and improvements thereon The nboye' properly to be sold to satisfy a mortgage, given by - Robert Whaley tothe new loam 6 foc| in Queens county. ALSO Three prejijj^ or tracts of land lying in the township bf fiempstedy in the county of Queens, and hbtitided asibltows, viz. the first piece beginmng a t a whfte oak bnsb, on tbe east side ofytife-road foat leads from Jericho to Little ^tjipk-3outh; at the north west corner of saiif7nnd, near where the house stands, running south five degrees west* along the east side of said road six chains and fifty links, to the house; thence south four degrees, west twenty one chains, to a white oak sapling on the east side of said road; theqee north seventy six degrees, east nineteen chains and ten links, to a pine tree; foence nprth nineteen degrees, west ,,t*» ichaiufeip y l J i ^ thirty one dpgrees, west five chains, to an 'oak bush; thence north eleven chains sixty five linkq* to the,(force of beginning—con taining fotirty dne'hlSrife, three quarters, and iburteenl'roda.- The;^econd piece lies on ithe sotith aqd.east, find hdfolning thereto, and is bounded pndhe west by the aforesaid land, and on foe fouth and east ,by a path newly cut and lop fence, and on the north by a road tbaf-leads from Parmeous Jack­ son’s to Hebqaitmi^—containing fourteen acres, more or leM^^AIso, about five acres of land on the nprtn side of the aforesaid Hempsted road, Where the house now stands, with all the buildings and improvements' thereon. The above property to be sold to satisfy a mortgage given by John Birdsal to the new loanoftu^biu Queens county. ALSO, All that parcel of land lying and be­ ing situate in the East Woods, bounded ns follows, viz. on foe north by foe Jericho turnpike ijoad, on the east by Benjamin Brush’s land, on the south by Theodoras Van Wyck’s land, on tbe west by Uriah Hendrickson’s land, formerly Thomas Hen­ drickson’# land ; containing sixty five acres, more.pt less, with all the buildings and im­ provements' thereon, f he above property to be- sold to satisfy a mortgage given by Uriah Hendrickson to the old loan office in Qneehs county. ALSO, All font certain tract of land lying' in the township of Hempsted, and bounded as fol­ lows! beginning on foe southwest by the great pond running- eighty-three rods by New-Bridge Path to the corner; then run­ ning sixty-five rods on the road that leads from the East Meadows to Jackson’s mills, to d'corner stonht thin running an easterly course forty rods to a certain Make hy Little Neck road; then nprthwardq^jgfoundired and sixteen rods to a cei stone; thence westwardly to beginning—containing tltirty-fofte' acres, with ail the buildings and improvements foereon. The above property to be'sold to satisfy a mortgage given to the new loan- office bv Thomas Ferebee. Queefis county. . • HENRY 0; SEAMAN, NICHOLAS WYCKO.FF, , New; Loan Officers. Jdmaicn, July 19, 1826, the inn of Micah Baldwin, in Hempstead, on Saturdny, foe 9th December next, at one o’clock in the afternoon ofthat day, at which place, and on or before Which day, all the creditors of the aaid deceased aw hereby notified, and required to produce and prove their several demands. NICHOLAS WYCKOFF, 36* t »6 w ________ Surrogate. Queens .County, i Snrrogate’s Office. | \* W HEREAS Elizabeth Bennett, Aflmi- nistriitrix of all and singular, the gfiods, chattels, aud credits, which were of Garret S. Bentiett, deceased, late of the town of Jamaica, in the county of Queens:’?;^« and state of New-York, bath by her petitionr S* presented to Nicholas Wyckoff, Surrogate of the said county, set forfo that the per­ sonal estate of the said deceased, is iosuffi- cfont to. pay^his dqbtd< add requwted the aid o f rher safd Surrtgafo fo the pre'jnlses, notice is therefore gi ven to all persons inte-. rested in the estate of the said deceased, to show canse before the said Surrogate, at his office in Jamaica, oh Monday, the second day of October next, at two q’clbck in the afternoon of that day, why so much of the real estate whereof the said deceased died seized,' should not be sold, as would ha sufficient -to pay his debts. Dated, Auoust 17 1826. NICHOLAS WYCKOFF, 33—4w Surrogate. C( For Sale, A FA KM, ONSISTING of between thirty and _ forty acres of highly cultivated land, beautifully situated qt Cow Neck, adjoining Cow Bay, on Long-Island, 24 miles from New-York, belonging to Heury Haydoch, deceased, and now occupied b« John Mor­ rell. On the premises is a good two-story dwelling-honse; barn, fowlhouse. &c.; also, a never-failing boiling spring of excellent water. Within a mile are three houses for public worship: an Episcopalian, a Presby- terian 1 church,-and a Friend’s meeting house; alsn, in the neighbourhood is a flourishing academy, and an excellent district school.— stage runs twice a week to New-York; a number of sloops ply to and from New- York several times a week; and several steamboats pass daily within four miles.— Apply to CORNWELL WILLIS, Cow Neck, or to SHOTWELL & HAYDOCH, Druggists^ 4p&.Pearl-st. N. Y. August 24, 1826. 34—tf ward- ANAWAY on the t3folnst,.a v. r. Sfthuy named CORNELIUS TQWN* !i Abpfit eighteen ye^rtrfofi^e*; whov; exa» vrtK ijemrn the saidSdy|o the* su bscri berj ilAlrjbe’ entitled to-.fofi ^bov 6 '> 6 V»rd. -iltg # | ^ # fcforlMd harWriag oremplojt- iagsaki boyv sh the law rigidly fin ” * \ SAM U^lfi. KELCY. 34—tf OAMUEL vv* O \ t o \ ■4 t* POST feUtlers his thanks his friends and foe public generally, for foeir liberal patronage. and begs leave to tnibrro them that ha^removed bis esta­ blishment a few duprxapqve Mr. C. Peck’s Hotel, Flushing. where>t#Horing , in all its branches is,executed wjfo neatness and de­ spatch. Having* employed two journeymen from New>*York, in tfddjtion to bis former help, be pledges himsplfdo execute all Or ders with wiiich he may fie favoured in a supetifir'ityie and at foe shortest notice, flushing, July 6 ,1826;', 2*7—tf luge any Selling off at Cost. M. H. VANDERVOORT * k*vu,fc made arrangements to leave the vil- of Jamaica, offers his. stock at cost; person wishing to purchase goods cheap, now is their time; for another-sucli opportunity may npt again soon offer.— He has on band a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queens and Glass W are: also, a few Hogsheads of very superior Vinegar which he will sell a bargain. Jamaicii, Aug. 1 , 1826. B Y virtue of a power contained in a mortgage made the tenth day of May. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, by Benjamin Fowler and Mary bis wife, of the town of North Hempstead, in Queens county, to Elijah Al­ len, o f the same place, will be sold at pub- - lie auction, on the premises, on Friday the 15th day of December next, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon of that day,M all that mes­ suage or piece of land, situate in tbe town of North Hempstead, in Queens county— bound as followeth, on the east side by Suc­ cess Pond, on the south side by land for­ merly the property of Charles Cornell de­ ceased, and on the west and north sides by\ Henry Cornell’s land—containing by esti­ mation one acre of land, be (be same more or (ess. Together with all and singular the trees, fence, buildings, hereditaments, and appurtenances thereunto in any wise be­ longing, with all right of dower, title and interest, and the reversion tnd reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issue# and profits thereof.1’ Default having been made in the payment of the monies secured by kaid mortgage—Dated. June 14th 1626. ' > ; »; - ' r ELIJAH ALLEN. Tfi. C. Pinckney, Attorney for mortgagee. Mortgage Sale. W ILL BE SOLD, at public auction^ on Saturday the 30th*tf September, at .2 o’clock in the aflernoo^on the pre- raises, all that piece or'parcel o f land, situ­ ate in the town of Hempstead, Queens connty, bounded, a*, follows: westerly by the highway, northerly by land of Stephen Smith, eqsterly-.lhy land of John Roads, southerly by (fi'd;turtnpike that leads from the village o f He&pstead to Merrick. 31ie above property > Will be sold by virtue of a- power contarhed in a mortgage of indenture, marie and sealed by Timothy Smith and Hannah his wife, bearing date tbe secopd day of June; J 821 • for securing, tbe pay­ ment of five hundred and eighteen dollar#, and fool:interest thereon-unto Benjamin Sarttmis,' Benjamin Seaman, James Raynor— default hath been made in the payment thereof, and to be told by the subscriber*. JAMES RAYNOR, , benjamin SEAMAN, BENJAMIN SAMMIS. March 26, 1826.

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