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Long Island farmer, and Queens County advertiser. (Jamaica [N.Y.]) 1826-1862, July 20, 1826, Image 6

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.. 'S-i, • $%. )>'<• '^\ ;...,. ■ .1' fell h*^ V«. f 8 R- / \ J UST^&seived »nfl fpc,Bale *at mfea Medicine Sf1^ ' ‘ r~\*‘ of fee'F • j* I VSulphatoof q ^ c ^ ; a certain nhtTriteefly care ’for-tH?' ©irMtiore-fcowcpany eacT»>ottl«-Jsjjfice w cents. >. . \ uoF ■■'. Jamaica, July 11 ,,1826. — ------ •. \ > { i; ~ w & ; : center next,, at 5? ;o’d l|cii P . M. on the premises. h'errin-s$|y d a b b e d , ALL that certain :me8«%^|ene»eitt, pr truet of land, situfite, Iyiog,attdbeingidthe fewntefd vil- ' Jamnjc*,' in QiiettA county^state of 'A, ;« n s , v!K 'h - a c r _ (jfg«. »%y ®’-T4*{7 A'A{ %•* V u d w t , Vy*. *- i«JK ^ ^ i VTC, t .' .ii P'*' V partlyby land of ingthtee acres,!„ __ The above deScnbetf byrirtue of a pOWer gftgenrade a y ^ c n t f e b V j W M ^ Smith ana Jane §tfwt his wifei o f tlje t<mb$fl|ip- ty and fitdkflfdresaid, baarin^dak the prst day ofM ayiinthe yea* dap tboojraod eight gysw t- w f i f ,lh2^ r R ® Skidmore, qnd ttMerly by, tP-iflM 'W Richard RM es.jj^the fencoffW? conjoining oboiit Menly-five aijrcJfif Jand. Jilm, a piece re^jrrei of dpla^adtro^h meadow; rifaaic Mithe lojgn £>$ county ofofesaid, *bound,^d as M k M ‘o wit: beginijiog^jbe cprnar^of* Kisoacd Rhodes’ %d, by^ojiubhc Swamp conunqrjly called g 0 knor,»vby lb© Great Jswdmjj, thence ^Mterly M ng iiid sph|> .tM i|, cogs# to Keheroiab Ludlcqp rand, ji hpab ^nd!a»t ,t« paki^ong red aqd twenty-fef«e, te,necufe tp An* ny Apiberman, thn-pajment; thdny Apibennan, the-pay of. the snip of one hundred end fen dollam, <» o r h i- 1 . with-'ihtilr^it at fiye/percebt.pfcj: SSIjrimjH8 « d & | * # ing bedh ^ d e Tbe eforisaid mortgage having been S ig n ­ ed by the s^id’Antbony Amberman? th th* shbicriber, ortthe twenty-second day. i f Ju,; h ^ 2 6 , he Will self the nhovMelcrii jfliewises, at tbe tithe specified;* by mpft-01 sajd dssignment. Gated Judd* I , ’18 * ^ , * ■ ■* WILLIAM PUl)ITTNl|, ( i Impedimenta v t M ISS COLTON, having provedby ^oc* cessfut experiment, that ehecoBsemfs the art o f correcting lmpedidienta of SpeeC% willjreceive into her BOAftBiJlG and,GAY ’ SCHOOL, recently opened nt pRitroEToaf who belong to tfiia,um Nl Jgyoong Ladies who forfa^te class. - V, . Tuition iri the verioi ____ verions branches©CjJ£e* ^ l e Education, from $+i to $}6 .p/t-ees*; ■ Thfe Sutttaer Sessibn will comijfence tbe first* weefc in May, and close first wiek inOctobdr. * . ' ’ 'Board in the family of Mrs. Gray, 60 per week: and inclading bedding, was»ing, &c. ^2 00, ‘ f^inceton, May JLt, 1^26 id ^ J n m L i c a rtt- Vf oSoieday, (bo Alai, the h|b* ' SCribeiis, in addition to ^ i r regmw line' o f Stages, will commence ijp n ih f f MORNING STAOE between NeW-¥birk and Jamaica during the summef reason, by wap of Wiliiamsbnrgh. If will leavb Mr.’ Flewry’s Stage. House, 340 Pearl-stfeet, New-York, evesy . morning, at h ^ f pist T o’clock, ahd leave Smith Hicks’, Jama*$9 every afternoon, at half past 4 o’clock.--^ PassCtngerS will becafledfor atMr. Mead's; 21 BbivOry, hnd at Air. Rapelye’s, WUUaffii^, furghFerry, New-York. - W C/& J . SUTPHEN. / May 29,1826. . « 1 rThe following maica JBook Sitores, ;s for sate at the f ^ i JBook S *.:< Mortgages, of differenfkinds, f a Heeds, of ao. ^ ^ ■powers of Attorney, ' Apprentice’s Indentures, , ’Bills of Said, - , Constables’ Blanks, poor'Master s do. , Tavern Licenses, &P.&C. Jamaica, June 28,1826 i i i ■- 1 * i ........ — -‘*1' *‘;i* 11 * \w. Yaluable Medicine for Coughs and Consumptions T HE unCommohMrtues that Arutersdns' Cough 'Drop* 4nd Pectoral Powderi are wdil knbwh tO’dbsSess for tbe cbjre CtJds, Cbughs, ana other affectioi^bf'fiiii breaitand lungs Ieadii^; Jo C^hWttf'‘‘ . . . SufficimUy p r o v e d f r o m t h e f i c t j t n M h a v e novj* b e e n in use I b r eevOrf yearrs1, ' and J t M U b e d e g m d j f t r t h e t a is still r a p idly i d i ' c r e a s i n |. W « d i B ’« l A ^ x d happy dHt»-of'thjs 4Wi«A'ng Bttfmtf-iiixd ,; great numbei^^vo^ffiterfty ©VfV ctartl- ficates of t h e b f q e f i ^ I » v e /i n C o ?s«mp; j tive Complamfe pf Tdn^ standing; evpi where their caaesV^wWOSt hope^sss, and tt; e, oomeHy df,1 ‘ ai|l c^itS’-fvectmdy by M c^B & .jiliared |,ar5(f,toGc:5rge Remson’o Jahd;tbcncoKgth* orly byRemsct^ldhd to jcne^Vr^iYJfck ieiiTb land>.thEsce csathorly nnd r ^ r east­ erly by hey tend to Joseph CraolKp’d land thfeoee eoC ej0J^ bio land to^lonu now or 1«|e of T|f^3, a bhckmnn, thenoe cptsriy JO fend owhdd osf ca:up!o^ by hence eastexiyoi cortii* to Chcdfc^a’o fond eforc- jjdsffling ; contain^ c- aa Luu«vacf'jmd sixty cwesr oftir a l ' M K c firm of fFeeket, 'Seaman & Co; whfire they in*- tend; to keep constantly on hand a gedewfl: nssortment o f GOODS, suitable for tho eofin try, which they , will sell as low nsd 0B3W dc- comniodatingtejrms as anyotherstow,lathe place,k All k i ^ s of country m j l m wbl he taken inrexchwge for g ^ 3 , for w*i<^ the most liberal .prices will begw®0*, . --THOM AS V lf.^EEK E S ^,. - N a t h a n i e l seam a n ^ .. ABSlAKAM VVEEfPSS. Hempsfdad, Jan. 25, 1826. teO ? i^r,thetices»i^^yalopg| fqtolifeterly creekf?m^| e sat^ Neo it cod ®0Id2®idev^2d to now, Ludlam’s lacd^or ^ b a r d Rhode?' Ifml ecO or pafpel of salt meSM.o'C .“ M jk M ;| |>wn and county ^fore^k^|onndr \ h m h w itsksiineing# M cOi bemiaE Ludlato%'t|iC\Jdow by ,® > m . m i k t o t r ^ % t o j f ■ “ I apj tb*o*“ f e ^ f s a l . fe ^ p a r f 'b f dl-tifeie sercrm pichba, ppr- cstsr or'hrccts o C p d , ^ .fete nt Bethpage, iath o fowoof.O^iarbsy, io Qjjpewcoum k , the first p id ^ .whefeof i? hounded a9 {ellowo: pa tho ifyth by land lat^pf Abrq* tom V/hibon:; oAlho south and dnsj by land of tfco herm p f p?vtd Jcckson, deceased, yad on the weot fey b J ^ h land, owners un* known, contginiirsnore err less—the sscond picoo is bonndetf on the norths by land of Abraham Whiteoh; on the east by land of Andrew * Mitphsll, (late of David Jackson;) Op the west: by -lad of the heirs of David Jcckeon, dccenocd; and on the couth bythe highway j bp th4* came moire iw # IhepQ ^ ,$ p d j n n g the rocd leading frpsa Bethp?53 meeting-house to Alanett Hill; boandca ccolbwesterly by the said road ; costhwesteriy by land formerly of Ricbard Powofl; oorthca3tcrIy by land for- marly of Silas. Whitson, deceased, ‘anti fcoutb<£Etarly bylaedijow or late of Samuel • eontdiuhg 'eigtiS-csreo and tbr^e ;o, cxcdtjtcdLy John ilb, 4o the and . ieotomaat of. hi? 'W p ^ jsa, defease! %£ - a r i f to conCuK'^l in ij Uo: .H w tc; ’ ctO CiSSIbs Mj aubscRt^ A, <^{ 4t-) igtb day of February, •f8z3,i~ r cpro fho toymcoL0f a certai'a kma r ^ J o a q y t^arein tecati?acd„with in* rest o» o r bsiferi tUe first day of May tfceji igt-r-defauit I wlng/been madQ in the ca:d |>aycuit ^ D Jed t t y 13th cfey of Mcich, 1 5 C 6 .—lJ^ 6 m .V SAMUEL SHERMAN. — •core the payt^OiSt of a ceitiitt^fuuHii’ uw* pey thereinvmefitioned, together wifii the fcterestr Defimlt ‘having beeatmad^ in the payment thereof. f >: p E t e R G . H a r t . C.S, WoodhuU,A|torney.. , r-6m ■y scWtev rcapdPi^^r infe^om ^9.|?a’“ that having bypass p r o p h e ^ dtljbg' Stage T ^— he ®6 * - w ill^sliaapfio'ton %:■ lOttve Hewlett GigSpo il^ } |jR ta |ic i. fm - ,ry ismraing, A. M.’ m JBSfe * § w m - Downiiig’o Brooklyn, at:%o’f e k ; p S . ' lfo:' MOatt'*;Jamaica. 1 *.n {'*-• '• f J,3|? *'■' BassecgpsO^iU ® ctM edferoM ^l^la^ part'ofelb& rH ll^,^ *' ' J e a t a ,vviiham3 7 T * f f V V . ! , . w ^ ■ * r.uVj, n-t^i^lBip.. • A y ,«y—A .. i.;,. Jt - 4Sf- PRO£DECTUs.;r'*f'*! * * if* \ Tbp?bl^cS|^r pjoposeatopa! t e ® ■ 'S?» N6r/>York5 to he M I 6 % ' 'kMf* '' Qjfc?- v t d h l .b t e ^ y i ^ ';pbpHSP,*'geniftmcfi^ with * jl^ol«O N ^ ^ d b ,.‘® t o |^ f i . Times w i l f f M ^ P b ^ ^ l h e r i m , . ^ ^ . , mtereot' ^nWsittl^Afswfi^ iraoked Withs andw tj1 established n^WLisg paparaof this ci^ij The *popsrA ' ^ k J , be of t h ^ o ^ . c&b.’ Tl ?5 be. Sold at UBL1C AJJG'FION, on Monday the loventh df September next. at. one in the afternoon, on the premise?, ell that ferm. r/bsn^oa Darling Whitney now live?, in the town d f Hempstead, county of Qucana, and State efNev/-York, and bound­ ed a? followa; vi 2 ; beginning at and adjoin­ ing the highway leading from the turnpike to lltp Coiirt-Hotto until it comes to the !=to:cf J e p e o B e tiott; then running east- teriy WhideVY tbett rniming « r.djpipijjg UjeLimiof cnid W&dey until It 3 to the land pf John Towff y and then M ^ by iancbpf eaid Town, odd then wecJeiiy- by land ot taid T«?n, and then by land Of oaid Tcom to the Turs> ea;. than rannmg oesterly olcn^tha Tdsnpike rojid to the plcco c f tojic-. fcgijj c o s ^ a c s t f ^ t y ccrcs, ho Sho Case ' P®* HI-taA'*i±±alar b£Mn&, hcSiako- mea'^>K2lJcr:3''itol appt^fegsCco tolp any^to ... . ., Tim above property wjU’to tsM hjjhcSjjsf of a pacydft contained ia j t eo r te-n £ddo ■ g a |< ^ ^ d Ay to talfcacsi cttd: E ^her Ypajm-.hiawife, of tho Town, contsty, end fafa|3 d fe^^di beariigdnSs tho twenty-third, ddy;dCjJtJ@^tjhe thpecaid ehkt hundred' atp te&nty ona, to cccore to Benjamin T. Et;satn, xJ. Fliiphiag, cstmty and state cftire- baffj, ii^ M y c e n t' Of tho oufe pf ho^rc3Mfi3»ai'.®a 0r,hc5iTO-<to:,6ret,day o f E » j h t o n e 4 w ijh^S a s t nt fv'c end' a fcsY-caaL'&iPtf wjfe4&a&, msdfi m j i J f oymc - ‘ \ 4 4 t £ ru m SVKISSAEJ. ' Oc. 'sSLl, fs§6 -**9—6gT M . lot—bounded easterly by the fence enclo* cing itoeaidfot» northerly by plains of Jo­ nathan Sods deceased 5 westerly by Pow- ell'd nlHn? tad southerly by plains now or Iqste belonging to the heirs of David Jack- con, deceased, containing twelve acres be the same more or less—4he fifth piece .is salt meadow lying at Oysterbay South calfed West Neck, bounded easterly by meadow late of Jonathan Titus deceased ; southerly by the Bay; Westerly by meadow ngw.or Prospectus oi the HA’I’IONAL PREACHER, A Periodical Work, to contain one or J two sermons monthly, from living Mi- nistera, at One Dolcar a year; edited Ujr- the Rev.AosTin DifcKENsoN, New-York. It will be the constant endeavour of the editor, to present the public such Sermons of n prafttcat tendency, as may contribute to honour the great Redeemer, nnjl sy~ ‘ immo^d couls. It la hoped, tM2!^ lent frieud?' c? God ,end mahri<s II Wbrk, Goto its-elevated charect i. Jo be reeomS^nded to the “ wla t%a:” ted , c!*ifes same time, froa i “ y,aadcheapaec3, distribution. * , TER118, 1 Stjch omingements have al SfflJ Equitable Fire Insurance - Company. T h o m a s r . m e r c e i n , Preride«i • A b ’ m VATOERVEEa, Vice Pieaide^,1. ahd Agent for LohgTslnnd, .Director# fit, Eihlberiy, The terms of Insurance, which are md** ,’ derate and ds favonrable-as any office itttW state, are exemplified in the follow!!^ trftfk. ’ c l a s s e s or H a z a r d s , a b d b a ^ b p’f a«Kdiih PBEM1UM8. , ' ‘ ■Jtsi&dss o f BozortL.—-Buildings o f brick or stone, covered with tile,jil*te or metal i the. doors and’windows of solid irpn--’$$ cents per AlOO. 2d Clot,-o or stone.coVered with 26 cents per $100. > , 3d Shut o f Hazards- late or Amoa Whitson” and Northerly by'U roofs Ihree fifths of tile, slatw#^ ditch knowdhy the name ofthe Great Ditch. v* * * containing coven acres mere or less.—-The above described premises will be eold by virtue of n power contained in a mortgage mode and executed by Thomas Jackson and Jena bis wife, to the subscriber, to secure to him tho payment of a certain sum of mo- noy therein mentioned with interest thereon, Default having been made in the arid pay­ ment. Dated the Stir day of Alay 1826. 19—6m ! ’ SAMUEL SHERMAN. mfetul, the real «hingled--30 cents por ^100* , fA& Q a n o f Hazard*— Buildings M brick or^tmie, covered wife wodd-^37 l-2.centa par^lOO. ‘ <••• BthGact o f ifazarfe—Buijdingiiof frame, filled in urjth bricky fee front ehtirHjyjif brick—50 centif per ffSCK). 6lA Gaoi. filled in vrith brick—62-1-2 dents | 1th Gass of Hazards^Fftadir* hollow’ walls, wife brick front—70 cent* per $100. , * Sift Gass of Bazard*—Buildings entirely of Wqod—76<jif100 centj. per ^100^ . GooDs-mrf Hazardous, are to be maQred * at fee same rates as fee buildings in which they are contained, and are such as areusn- ally kept in.dry goodstbres ; iccludinjt also lousehold furniture and linen, cottm in rales, cbfifee, flour, indigo, pot-asb, rice, ugars, and other hrficl^ not combustible. in fed country, at 75 jMBtoper^lW. '. , ( ^Applteationn I w ^ g jg - ■ Front kAiPuUoa~sirnts-0- ... „ . ;Pfl MOSEft, . |*mtc*reB of tbe Com- pa y, corner of Fvltoiiand tHgh-sireels,m\{ re eive immeaiaie atttnuon. inode, fetjt, wife Divine Pembsionrtne nuettor xrill be issued the first of June 2 . Each i oas,'Sermon* 2. Each ouraher will contain, at least, (,$* ttoordicary length, or two imely printed, on superfine s{ve circulation is Unticv b oftsred at one dollar a , or wifein four months 5 . or 4 eriSlto«p|nffy cents ayca|f, if payment pih’^iof r ^ yoTr\c-J. prcspfrios the I ar r a ^ce <T 5feby ) id*- 3, wkUdlij sfeith^rtHgk - cit^qW M - * ?pd?iti<m tit rrsr^j'tfge q\r a cV / 'fiille t pJiLnco may to ^Iccc^ Mifrfe; Ou&y andp^er o» fee * n0. onlv m re;>on£3^dp“k5vcct!r'T m 3 off tho J? butiSjprndccC-** fe lustre cn«j uvolic } o t n ,te T to cdtfca pubLsjcayivl i ^ w K fUB will<to cledrly manifested la the of-a otmmitfp, p — — ----- rocs srowlh c)V i pre7eatin3'lOu5% t#%A««****^v_. . The Veaetco CoretePteed? to...ee3c=ti«:!e; cod ccc to tto cnafp^pof |t o cop^a^y v o cab, tvk.sL-tbri'iitufci f e e t t t ^ c^ crcto fea rm ju the L-S*^ C*'\L U a Sk. ttC. r v - ^ l j j f lid r ^rialbody, /d p u L 'A o f / r-^J by tc , V ltd tore , 0 *j & a d V “d J ? y ^ 0 .^ }fO ( prof ^ bc-g t^ffeo nu- g’tr. Ls tL ^ s ^ f u , ard % 7-d^:' nrttcU may ttal -riT-r, ri:!? 1 '',.^..ru>«n tto (Q r t rt L a fe o a f y t l ^ ip. la- <* ** I is csktd, r i u /ertVioF*’ _~*Jiran L& 'l i .V i iS r tviQ be re* ar months, from fee first toingpariodical,the month- ona ceiit ami a half, for or two over 100 above article, from a fail confidence mite virtue, offers ttlto fee pubHci.vrith such re- or fcommendatioDs 'hs be feinks will immre sis success. fthwbeentestedbyaBiiwteniivel circle ofiu^Uumal persons, who- have pro-1 nounced it the fiest article of the kind ever offered to, the public. It-is. free froib all acid,-or any other ingredient feat would tend to destroy fee enamel offeeTeefeorinjpre the Gums. Carbon, or) Charcqstli has lbng * ppr* te _ caven -responsi- explication, be en- ^ ^ , ir one year gratis. 6, #oat w itcfe, and Alinisters of the Gospel, are]lbj?S^afilhori80d to receive end forr7nrdp3yme|its te thcEditor. ;* 7. rreete% Agents,intheprin- fewnSuL thex^Ueral otates, will hOre- . pfthe work T tordipz ha? Eaejr attfearised t o , d#cnu®q*4«J te fife, rSC/Iemetf CUOc ( ^ f e e 4 ’*Ml conti Sarc^no ferxke wdtife: ’’; t-«p Cst .puy'5 asv.Dre. Green and Jane $ $ 4 Aud R6v Mr. $t£mns|’kpf .PhifadeL rife a,} Ttyt, DrJStte'ibtes^PrfesJdent of w' uktfJoltegpj fi ?. ) ■| i Fiylofe. Prpl Lttr5 >Hayea^*n i^minstry4r Mr j^ k f e ^ p - ’M le m 'Glafev Atfeerst, Mfe w C - A ifr •: h v s i ^KilltegwOWb, ‘and M r ,(M y . ofessors Porter, erSeminary.. made to other pf .fee United 'heed' ■0km * % v . «fe ***■ M J I >cf (dcsfe j j WcSds, rad Sfe Ap^Ecahcn clcigyxaen in States, ftomwh% fe r r y ’s Patent Vegetable D ce. \IN OR. Cleabsing and Pres ervhw fee Teeth JP and Gnfsis.-—The Propriistor of ^ fee been held in high estinKmon by a laigeppr- tion o f fee community, nut its effect* on tbe Gums are highly injurious*: fromite extreme bar&hness, it has a tendency to irritate aw discolour feeds. The above article isdi rectly opposite in its effects *, from fee as tureofils composition, it hardens feeGams and impartafe them a.rich-Und bemfefaM lour—-it neutralizes the acMjty^vbich is ei haled fromfee stomach, and^ prevents th aCcumulation^f tarter upon the Toefh. T< those pertons who wife to preserve tt: brightest ornament pf their nature, a had some' set^tf Pettit, fee above srticlei3 strong lv recoftiifeedded* « O^r For tele at . fee Jamaica Jledicio* fepre. ' • ’*••• » T. ■ • ^ The AND QUEENS COilNTTADVERTlSEP * ta:vvmi$8Bi> nv h | n k t , g . S l e i g h t , EVERY THURSDAY’BKmnrpG, | 8 THE V l t t M ‘ OF JAUAidA, - T brms .—T uro doHara-pcr year* if p» iu advance—or two dollars and fifty cent payable half-yearly. : * Whefe! ten papers uto subscribed ft ahd left i t on© place, without; expense1 the.publisher, the terms will be'one do® and fifty cents per annum, payable.in ( auce, and an extra paper for fee ajpat,: ^Advertisements inserted' 'at. ljto.' 0 ? P R I N T I M G ’ 1 i« axtajaaVArliETYjDoriE i*s „• jt*? sr' AUL j AT THBX.6WES1 ri^KpES, - |

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