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The Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1821-1825, January 27, 1825, Image 2

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■ * V * tr — * . ” & » ’$ , &•- ■I''’' $ £ * ' - I ' j i t ' r w p i # * ?7-w>.t»et II it fet euro# ^ -‘ d o rpoto t , # k tto ex Lt to do ■ m M t (g u ilty »» fe that law ,' are best- tolntfo pfissessioinif^ « w revfitcjually paying,js pi , . tfo fo n p p o rt » f c fo ikg o v e fe ftto n t,fin d ; Xeifiption instances > [ i f o c b g i f o ‘ford lo seV ifoliforty; rt o f our in- ,’ ■'• L y U fe e d s o c ie t y ? ami in rc ta to weF'Xj. \'Bipatttui in/the eojnymqftt of civil’ <V iV K.li« ••>,, SM Mli I) gious liberty. When we Suffer »o much r .. d \ai«fieaiX|,fip|ii ibeir teaclfors dfi not orfoiufoi , co nrol tfom, we think pubfe civil officers * plight in fifed 'item help! 4, •* '. f . Softie Jfeye spoken lightly ;dF-fofeirig for.iiiig», but diet# we think, ittfotieral, tiave •been attended wlth ^pie good mtj.tinsr* to w t h e jm f it fin fti# jjifnr f o w l f e s t f e i / tlie cutt on hit thrtfeq tfi.^stinvh -fee'* lirond. A s tlsW %0iif a|ifcyii« ile n r ’ 5)tn| foloto .Abguila, Wilsdfi'Sprnug friikknd Ja*b filled it toxtree/' Mr. B* cut IqPse xnfedrifl' eddfiwn. . Being faint wife loss of blood, he hailed, fi fife boat In nml fetfelfewd for xttutunceto » murdered Jfooj- but no atten- tlort beingpaid tu his solicitation*, he! drop­ ped again into bis birth,^mid there lay welter­ ing, m hiS blood utilil ahhmir tit twit before tlay brfiak, w hen the boaf drifted between two; trees,'ft the sliqre of the lownof Neville; 14 j +• \ ,i in. ’.a miles below Augusta. . At slay break lie than day crawled, up into towti,.iga\e-fihe alarin, and Evening meetings are coevalfrith t medical aid yr'as called fopnmt&ately,. 'Eve-- the Mrthodlst Episcopal Church, nodlm 'e’ry thing about him. w |s' a %ass of t-loited fiver befn (coututfieif Wife tltom. Other de- blood, and bis apfoafisiice Jriglitltfe His ^liOTmnntioire have foen convinced of their physfeiatis say die will y#t refifiVer*; * (fiity. to society, aijp hjii|ti#iieraily adopted i Frfim a variety of ct« 4 m,n , { ^ v 1 : that Wilson’s plan was/ at it Is ofir .privilege peaceably to ns/tim in the river as soap ‘ * ‘ 1- **' - * - —— j,jmj 8mj ihe# to have taken possession of boat, goods; and money | dispo**dfef the re­ mainder of the goods find madepff with his booty. It also appears that th# plstoLbufot rolled out of the niu«|e before Uwasfeiichar- ged ; mid thus Air. B’s. life wnl pfosefeed.— Air. B. 'has lost tife sunk his vits v had murdered SfcmitlVfor divine Wprsbip, »•« presume none Will dW trt deny, while it is guaranteed to us ’ by tlie constji/tion of die United States, and also by the/constitution of this state. See amendments, article 1st, constitution of the i Ujiited States, “ Congress shall make no law ^ respecting «« establishment of religion, or proiiitudng the free exercise thereof,” Sic. and the'/constitution of this State, article 7th, sec. ■3t/ says, “ The free exercise and enjoyment * jfil religious profession and worship, without 4bscn niuation or preference, shall forever be y ’•Unwed in (hie state by all mfinkitid j but tlie liberty of ; ,coiiseieuce hereby secured, shall - Hut be' So Construed as tti excuse acts,of li- 1 ■ : centfousness or justify practices inconiistent ’ wnil the peace fir safety of tlie state.”-—- - * Therefore, « v . ' Bestilvefe, That to prevent us peaceably to ' ^ . assembly llfid engage in divine worship, is an 5 ififrii gtuneiit ilf our rights* v x Rei- lved,^fhatin theopinion of tliis mect- I 4ti|t there fight to, be sofee reform in the go- (t / and that the / Heel »«Y |fi’ddvthis ifilfir fee teachers to bring [ k J TliaV jtil1 tlie opinion of this •'-xsaaa....*.- ■bhfejjfiihj.fmn qf.fi in\litary,.fepjrit ing a unifonn have been <fe is daiigeroiis, nnd; useless nVmedJfiiiitTiSpanisit tfip i dffciidfere niid de lK e r tlte u i up l o justice* M b is p lv e d ^ T b a t s u r b ^ f the behaviour o f a & fe l p a r t o f the sitidfetS'df U p io o C o l! \ \ t b i t the peace' fin d -spCety-«lVtl|is city, fe< *AleWt' ilis t boeiety in ‘p a r tic u la r , are .feb.»asMv ' ■ '■< * ; Sfitufe fitis <le«! ration and'reso- a pocket book fiontaming gSOO in notes of fee U. States’, hank,' -princi­ pally of thfe Orleans br uh li, three*notes $50 each, and the rest 20’s and 10’s—afid n bafik book containing $55. ’ Wilson has been in custody since fee crime was i omniitted, but escaped yesterday from fee persons who were taking hihi fo George­ town jail, Brown county. It is supposed he is making his way to Ganada. F r o m the Correspondent o f the Commercial Advertiser. WA?nmaTON,Jan. 18. As I perceive yon *re beginning to make yonr complaints of your Washington Corres- pondetils, known to that wefiry umpire, the public, (ultima ratio Etlitorttmj it is lime for me 4o mend my pen, niidcleftt, 0ut myitik- stand, (they give us abominable ink find pens in the capitoi) and think up something to tell yon, as liie children say.—* V- You gentlemen ofthe type delight chiefly iu jiolilies, so I oURht to say something about the Election; but Jn trutji I lmve.liufe newoit that subject. That the long difoule may be settled by a very dose vote, seems ’Conceded upon all bands, but die uncertainty fiow, Seems nearly as great as ever. , The more genera! impression here seems in favour fif Jacksqn; hut the friends of Ajr. Adams stijl speak witlt jgreatCotlfi d e i ice; The V|t)(fodate^themselvef are as little disturbed, in fofifin#'ahd a|ipear- epUblVsited in f lhV Schenectady Ca- T'a||.we pWncipal papers hi the state - -!■ ^ diatrmuu and . - » ‘ JOYCE, Chairman, jetiry. ■ * A* i t i * I B t i E Id fe fe i « M U R D E R . V T T E M E t I mg statetnfefit ha» just been de- by ?lr Vincent’A'. Bogue, who bases- by omtraculofis felerfeience of Frovi- f t the death wfech awaited him, by nredefoifeihed blow . „ . rt ft, W p d g u e is a geniffitbau w e ll known in j r, h iF n is b n r g l) t 'k h i,re lie w f o f o f n the prothono- v \ fiaVy’s’o lh c n fo v Bra! yeaffif fefd .ftas la te ly be- VfeVDfcJfUi ^ i d e i i t tif N e v fo L w g fin s .' H e 'jelV .T 't f if o h r g ll i u ;Septembei' M t / i n i i s/nali flat ^ f & u o f , lo fll(j< f i% ife groceries, .fed fe y .gdpds, fin a fe u ilirtg vnyage. H e to o k f o t d i l i s em> V i y jf t t i R I f f i m ^ 'y t i u u g man n k m f e ‘ ^ J l l i f i i n , .^ ^ V d s b A jiJ c /b o t whose real name is ' h fiiie v fe rw?M. a ’ f o SSa*! ■*■ to b e .ijife iijirt-A V h ita lie r , and w h o appti'»j#Vlo di ve f o i n H r l / f lived in L y c o m in g c o d iily , f t F w t f i } H f e | ; W itlf Wilson, M r . . B . states,;: >;% be wfis m fe lt'p le a s e d , and tha t he feficed / 1' 1 tnucli confideucfc in h im , so m u c h so, as to #olrfiM h ih f js y ilife goods and rece ivin g nlO- I tttey fe m fitiy uisfaiires.^ A ll fee w a y down, f e i fe e y regcheil M a y s v ill# ,. p h ic lr was Dec, i f j t h , tb fe e Hv-a*! g e n e rally boats near them, ^4 tfo ie fiu ie ^ ift COflipnnyj, and sometimes tra ­ d in g ,a lo n g s fe ’* * T lie y stopped a t LeVann, i ^r f o w n 1 ^ ; v ? fo (ij-|T iile r D « c . i 9 t ! i , a n d ws tfiliist o f. lUje. g 'o fe s ila d been sold out, M r * B,. *litCUtt 0 ite<f W W to b t i tjtfit lie tyoulo-'doat tp 'G j m W f M fee n e x tf < |ay,! and then w ind up h h i fioit^er#«nd — • f H > f , fa |) I h 1 f tS$4 llio d f o i dollars, a se the vovagev M r. B. M f ) A .<f- . -i V ,.' i ' t lr * V * ns ttfiifi IrtTlfofeiiflk, B500 or 4000 ahnbt a.br:.40Otdfi!iars worth of odds on feud, Afidfofre it wa* that Wilson ciewitnedfopon tofifntmg.Jii* bloody and {ijjiorrtble piiVpo e* , A 4 MI fi’ffock, bunday night, Dec rfl, fe bed, In* burn i bpifig astern/and WMMMfid^Mleep, Wil au /'l&kpproaclted ht^birth .Rfindlc in fohe band, fed l\fefeqnata|fo the other and darhargbdit^fiuYhiibtit**! {Mr ’B aroufe by she report, sprung—t|ie Atfid clotliet being f s# on firfifi$ the po|wer---SqtI was encouii ,*tered by Wdsim, who told huh that ibfi bout W been attai ned hy thieve*:; aurtt foinleMr- 1 <$ hnrrtcil to die .tfow bffele IfoaL Wifofei frfeck him. dom fetijieles* wife x clnb^ afe tkeA Cfit his throfifMtft.S» fezhr f M efiir fo toir/lrt a most hdfrid nfotmter, by three sfivfifc-^ el cfok^J'rotn Ifesfofoffedj or by tbs itifof-4, ceistto| tfo ah oyerfefing “ ; ..p. kept ^ r i f h f i l i o t fm y d d lh u g s m fill gfim e o n t h e i / t *s ifojvtf/ coal( i f ^ s f r e i not yet *trfifc|iid!^|i;v ibe « o W e ll betftr inrfee(R' / / F a g d M M S ^ 'flfilt.M lir/ Beeclier's JbiJl Mfcfifeberife*, fifoh# Y lestfe^^il^sfond s&hfihtfoiZ Ifo chance ls siiiaDj ;Mfotl\ey fifeTO a great ^ fort foils on th# cOuirfidr,' hjis c»ri*{Mii« hlll atithori'- sing xubscripiioii ifi thfiffieliifoalre ajfiid Ghefo*- ppake C a n a k by a foufi fe wmrt foii|)out fre- bnfo, tq -4 WeSru out off the House A«bei/the i’^ w fis f o ken, but ihay wefombsuy ih; fayour o f fee bill— and aWlinlepppofitipn jsfimfoipfitedih the Senate,»» cfeertrBjrpfefejifiAf jt,':fe^ WiU become fijfiw/ Jtisksnqferect apprq- pmtife—but|feityj^|b^riptt&h^ .$ 3 0 0 ,; OQO h> the Stock o^mGcifomfiy. . You fiave seen what it dusi wfe3|is«a%y fee FieSident’s Message, aboutfeis awotinU.' ' His friends, say? tliat an -investifotitm/will Shefo^hnt he is in the right, and that fee iifitfofr owes him ahout $50,000.* I lifipe ii||piaj/|fo'so—us 'I believe liis circumstances are uot very affluent, and I should lik e to see life at ease in hi3 old age* But l weary you. Ed I vvilt close by saying that M r . Cliuton’s Message is highly admi­ red—.mid that the Niagara Claims are aiiaan- ger of being stu m p e ilby a paper from the War Department J N . Y L E G I S L A T U R E . t f e f i - i* i f f lilv e E ’fiv e f M i s i x f o c l i e s i n J e t i g f e sm ^ tw e fo e t i i i f o e f e t b . •' f e t y t f e i f o i * mdifigt son goes iu, Adams \vill retain his pveseiit sit- ■intioti. Some affect to dec,|are tf|}it he wilt not id that case serve’; hut.1 thini! too highly of his gfiod sense to.believe'them. Will it not Xtill be bis interest, gs much' as .liis’*. duty to serv'd feefofiion ?—and can lie servfiih bet­ ter ill any other station ? I f k e retires in Vpet, Wijl he dot cbifipfonnt his future fodspecfofw but if he stibfoifs with dignified resignation to tbe People’s-will,,may he not look- forward to bptter success at a futin'e’day ? liis ljealth js: firm and vigorous,, fos Habits regular, and bis chance o f life (so to/8p«ak) as-good as that of any mag o f his age. He is ^ery thoroughly ucqhuinted with’ the affairs ,of this country both domestic oiid' Fi)mign, espeCiaUy its for-! eign’trelation’s.’ *Hi|\ capfiqitry' for^bbsiness, his unweariableitifeiSlryi bis eofil 'judgment, .anti long experience, rill unite to present him as a piomitieot'ohject tp the choice of a free fe d intelligent people. The.mnnfas a man, |s little‘beloved i 1 never fouud filiy one Who seemed to love him; his look is forbidding— fos mariners cold and repulsive—liis brow be*- trays irritability—His whole air and figure is full of firfeoesS and inflexibility. He affects repiihlicfitt'plain'ness iiihiSrfres8,and address: cannot be intimidated—is n o t to be wheedled : and seems as flt affnuy oneT ever saw to act upon the.beartles* mfixim o f never so treating U friend as to forget that he may become. ^ eneiiiy. ’ ' > jaL'ksqn is a very; diflVlrenl man,—rfitq b>* imture and fiSw%a<t\ Adams, be assumes an fiir.of more polisband jroliteness, is affable finrl>mndesceiit|ingvaml tajks, a.goud deal.— His coHoquial style ts by, no infiaiis tbat v fy sclibitiry-bis. English is not pure, rtpr liis Grfinnnfe always cprreet.: yet lie Write# bet-’ ter feBii Jie Spfeaks. You would not sttspecl him, (fiij a short and caSual interview, to be the man WhO banged Arfetfniot and Ambris- ter, and estfelished martial law over the- cot­ ton bales fiMc«itton merqhants df New-Qr- leans: yei-wfien liis features settle into re­ pose, feey bayfca grave. if nol ft Severe, ex­ pression. Hefegius tu look old jf but flits is owing to foq.Meep wrinkfes dfbfo face/ and the grey tint of biS’Ipng and filow'sy forks.’— liis lady is a felfe^foMonafe/fif hbt ifo iftost refilled or gra'cefuf^ppearahfie, but. if Said’ fethati. ' Ij* y f e m e tfia t bofe’refo E e n e l'al f o l d his la d y refofigibb# disjp&H b“‘ V •febffiy: fo-'be -a1 fa| y f •re ^ e i „ dfonied by qtfers, *.dfi^fe‘HM4yoheeri|*fi. /At Gfifeffil Oil the8tb,yoti Ha in fxctssoti« AcfafosV fU jr * * ^Ziuiriiv. <sl. % ’ v* 3' Y > /w f w *»V5”ipi5 vpir th6 i’OMrteiyAvhicti jlrcViilt arocng ptr- M I N S E N A T E . , < 'i ; S a tu rd a y Jan u a ry 15. R E P O R T O N T H E E L E C T O A L L A W . M r . O g d e u , iK u n m e select com m ittee to w h o m w a s r e m r r e i th a t p a rt o f t h e G o v e rn o r’s message w h ich fylated to the ehoire o f elec­ tors o f P resident and V ice.P resident o f the U n ited S lates, made' a repot t, accom p a n ied b y a b i i l re la t if o thereto. tty * [T h e b ill provides, th a t a t the general election n e x i preceding the choice o f Presi- dent add 'V ice*President o f the U n ited States, there s iia ll bs elected « f ?nia n y electors from e«jcb ( fo ^ r e s H .ife a p '^ s p e V i11# f e ^ e fire m e m ­ bers o f C c ffigressfrom sudh d is tfic t— ib a t at such elecfeni, a separfoff b a llo t box sh a ll be prepared f o ^ f o e ife e p jid n Of the electoral votes— that .tw o electors corresponding w ith the num b e r o f Sedators in Congress from each state sha ll be chosen, b y the electors chosen d ru m the different congressional dis- tric t s f a t t h e t i m i : ^ j B i s e i i n g t o f , said efectnrs, andv t b iit a l l yacfe e |s* sbalF b e f ille d fo tbe electors ifo f b f i manner-jiowpffivm^ w la w .: { ' v / 4 W e d iiesday, Ja n u a ry 19. T h e ’cd.mmi.Reefo w h o in was referred.;so m u c h o f fe e fe fo tlio n s ,'m e s s a g e fis relate* to G e u e rql |ka fiayefoe, r e p o r t # a b ilL a u t h o r i- * in g Ih ff D o v f e i f e t q , p r o c u r e , a fo il length likeness o f th e , G e n e ral, and to place i t in Suhte pro p e r plaCe»in fee cU p itol, a)id-also au­ th o risin g tbe G p v e r f o r to receive h im in a pfoper, m a n n e r pn big a r r iv a l fo r e , f e d to p rq v id e tfo meaps o f fa c ilita tin g bis jo u r n e y ih ro u g h ’ lh e s ta te , whtph the y now ask lea ‘ to intro d u c e . , ‘ q ' F r id a y , Jan. 2 1 . M r , G o ld e n , c h o ir if e n o f t h e com m ittee, on the ju d ic i a r y , to Whom was referred so m u c ll <tf the EovernorV,m e s s a g e as relates to a lie n s ; reported a general b ill to enable resident aliens to b o ld refi) estate and f o r other p u rp o ­ ses. „ H O U S E O F A S S E M B L Y * ; i i ■* F r id a y , Ja n u a ry 21, T h e b i ll f o r the r e lr e f o f M ichael Francisco! g r a n tin g him 2 0 0 acre* o f * land fu r re v o lu ­ tio n a r y iS e rvires/w a s read a th ir d fin ie , and passed, ayes 107, n o e i l . fi_. - . ^ p a w m * ■;®Q THE%fe»|Efe %jA tniiefi. J f f o f o t f e i f o r i f o b fo n /fq r u ie d be tw e e a tfouV w s p jtper e S U b k i'sre a t* o f th e AR at Brooklyn, fee F A ttM E R in this village/ we s h a ll b e f e f o ^ f e .b p t fee fo rm e r title , and fee § a p e r fog. be? w «sk*he s”ame day ax t f o 'f o r a s g r has h e retofore been W p fovem p d p ^ li bat f o i* arnfogemeat’ w fo give th e ~ fito s tfe r fe c t aitisfactma Jto e a r patrops, as |fo f e i t e d re fo rfo n S .o f|b o th th e publisher* wifi, f o lise d |o render ^the paper as interesting as 'dfokM'toM t t SawU n q r, m t iwe pre wlwa. woffojf ftfem to a m t I we . I if®** ww,Aapwefo#^te& T.he,refoltfe tforefofofeifo.^ m Cl^lm tyb# vscifoa^ by a fo r e f o 'e f f e f o f f it o f o j y v t f o j i f o f o b l e c f fosLa-* :tdii0od. Ifot'fohere/eafctH^:- :foT httle expeHfoce fir meato ? foVafett- poX tS spreading, 0- a t wfo’foiffi iftfotire > J f o P f e f e f o f i i the ir^ f e M b a lcffl/B q c f f itfe,> r iofoo Peru.—r A le tte r has been received' in tbis c ity , on w h ich, i f is fotid the fullest reliance m a y be'placed; w h icb stales th a t on the b th q f O c to b e r L im a .atid O fifia o w e re i n the tifitnis o f the R o y a lisjs, I t Was s u p p n ied, .howeyer, tha t they w o u ld soon fe ll in fo tlie haiidit o f the P a tr io ts . -Letters received in P h ila d e l lia also assert the same fact. A le tte r fro m V a lp a r a is o received -at N o r fo lk * ttaieft-AhstSAjfettl? w-ay f o u f e r on the S ls t ’ S e p t. b e ttfo to f B o liv a r and C a n terac— the tw o arm ies a m o u n tin g to ubout 17,000.— T h e slaughter f ta x prodigious, 3 t b 5 0 0 0 men be in g (eft dead o n tbe field* tw o th ir d s o f whom were p f thfe r o y a l a rm y . V i c t o r y de­ cided ip fa v o u r f e B u liy a r . — Com, Adv. N o « r o L K /J a n . 14, From 0»r Mediterdneari S ju n d r o n .— T lie ship A lo f o w k . o f a q d bound to B a ltim o r e , .45 d a y s ' fro m G ib r a lto r , .went p p , the B a g oii AVydn’esday m o rn ing . W e regret to le a rn al­ so b y this a r r iv a l, fe a t C o b ifnodore. M c lf o \ p p u g b wae i n fo r y JoW b e a ltb a t tlte tim e o f fo r ; s a ilin g ,' and fe a t there w i s a gre a t w a ;it o f ha rm p n y am o n g the afflcersl o f the yquadrpn pn ifo t f o iitio n * ; ^M idshipm fii! K e rr had f*t l e n f e l d p e lv fo jt w ith w h o ifi be had; t h e e fi team e d , o'r a m r ' I*16 S ’'re s i^ p to - o f fee ypitej %toS;.bas, fofe the aflvice fopd ffon- g p & t a % paper os interesting every<|(ttention givan to the local interests o ff this county* T o o u r advtrtinngl friends this arrangement w ill be peculiarly advan­ tageous, as fe e ir favfinra! will. receive a very ex­ tensive circulation throughout the whole Islan d hpng. inserted in the papers o f both places wife* out any additional charge- ? -r ^ J In publishing fee following ‘ facte relative fo o case o f Small Pox, ip featertoivn, we deein it onr duty to say something relati ve to a case which oocarred in o u r village, on thp l i f e o f Decem­ ber last. T h e woman, fee subject o f the case t> w h ich we’ allude, w e o t w ith h e r sister to New- Y o r k , where she contracted fee disease; she had never been vaccinated— (ter sister bad-; they were both equally exposed, but orily one sufft red On the. tenth day she s i^ e n e fe and* by. t b i 25tb o f fee-sfinofi mopth fofo-snm littE m a J ly c ^ fe i^w itti pustule's; fee symptoms focafee fo t y ^ m i n g m id f o r f o t o ; o r fo fe d fiy r fe e fo s dfitijblfel j suffice i t to'say, i t p ro fo d a genuine r ise o f Sfiuill Pox* T w o persons w h o bad notbeCb yai unw ittiogly exposed theptselves to the contagion, bu t they to fifo 'fo fe e fe |^ ^ v im m iifite d and expe­ rienced no inconvenience whatsoever.v Upwat p f 2 f t p f o # f o fo d access to hq r,* and some ^ tfo m repfotodly vforedjpsr* w h o had p r e y ip a s | been vaccinated; On# o f them ocfopiea» |m .. same rqofe daring the Whole fontinuahCe, fiiff fo b sicknesg, andmot one person has taken fefedmease. T k if i isth e m o re satnfacfery * w h e n ' « t # ; k f o w i i that a gfoat many c h ildren ofenpy fe e satifoJurase, not due o f jrh b m has suffefeditt. the |ea»), tfo y having . f ill been previously vaccinated. . Such ffictS fi» these, and thq following, fee w o iild think, a fo ^ o ffifiie n t fosatisfy t f o most unbelieving o f the efficacy o f <■ -g fotm n t V fifim fo n fo t. - W h o can suffer t lie ir children to grpw Up. e ip o s e d io so deadly, so distressing' an e v i l ’to d fo Sfeall Pox; w itho u t the least effort to guard them agaiust i f ? W h tit inust be fee feelings o f sucb -parent# when tb e ir fo ild r e n , through th e ir negiect, contract the disease and die w ife i t ? ,.W e il may they, r e ­ fuse to b e comforted. ‘ SMALLPOX. - We fee undersigned, Inhabitants of Watertown, Consider it aduly. we owe fee public as wfol-ii an indiyidualj-to miike a statementojffeefactsre. gardingacaS« of small poX.tyhip.lateW. appear- ed ifi tUif town, and fee tests of fee; efficiency of Vficcination lately made in feis foape. ; O fi.the 14th o f N o v e m fo r last, James Wood- sfin1 o f M r. ifo jh fin ie t vyoodrtfff/ o f f o d to w n ,w a s s e ized w ith th e o rdin a ry.sym p tom s o f fo v e r,a n d o fi the lY th o f the same.month diesn*: vered conclw iye symptonts b f smell pox / during and since t h ix p m o d th e re ’ w a * a ve ry general ilatare. ’M 1 |Inited,Stote8,^s a p fo s fo M f l i g #d in ymadniffiOn, a fid .fe fo , ..fen ffisfem fefti M l ' vnothine to fee toeU earned feptstottoa feeiiAD cc- qtiirefe.- Awd* jft-sobr opiniOp when , fen shall patronise fo r t a n t o f feo esp e rt^rce tud knowledge o f D r . Fanaher in vaaaadfien,: ca» dpt t i l l thep, fee smfol pox w ill ccaoe ta ha q toi1- rtrm o u r c o tin tr y C h a rter JRqmman, JoJm Bi.ckm e a s A , I k r o tik Cu^fis.^Satjtttel R N e tttv to r , / Mutt v^Byo&iTof Health ” « Sumuel E lton, Phystctaa : . ■Nathaniel W oodruff. W illiam- H - Jaines Bishop, Benjamm D e F o re it, G- ■ .. 3 m u ji. ■ ■’ * W atertown, January 6 , 18?d, Congrei*.—The bill to abolish .imprisoqE for debt, on the queatioD of its finoj the Senate was lost—yeto 20, nays 23. /ft. On Tuesday the 1'flfef jsffrthe presentatives. the following wcs agreed t<v!; committee of seven appointed. . ■ . Resolved, That a committee be afooinf d prepare and rdport such rules: cs, iff lheis nion. may be proper to be observed in the choice Of fi Prpsident ovthe whose t«rm fif service is ttetiguadrcc day o f Afarch l>«t, if, oncliKtgfee in the Several.ahtifo, in fee manlcv m fee Constitution of fete United shall afipqxp feat no persoafere rtty of the vote# of all th* Electors: odd Vice fofottJen! qRppkied w Stoire f - 4 * % V fled find1slifC& thisperiodAfore' wa* a r»fity gque exposure Io the contagion. Among’ them were three children of Mr. tVoodrnff, Who were con’- stanfin th'eir attendance on their lick hrafeer.-?* A xcboei-haase within.x few -nods of Mr- Wood- foffi’sfmwe^cpjntoioed nlarge number of scholars whfi were- exposed' doily to fee:connq?on,.: fo consequence of the a|ann which spread whCd tfo character of young Mt. Wdodreff’s compjaint was ascertained, Or.' folyfinnx Fatisher wos em? ploied fo vaccidate all fee inhabitants of Water­ town, who had nefor had small pox. And on the 20th of said November, ,Dr. Fansher vacci­ nated all the person# who. had been exposed, and the remainder of the inhabitants of the’ town du­ ring fee following Wtfik. The consequence w«s that, the *mall pox Was not communicated W an mdiviiiual in ihe towo. Mr. Woodruff’# family, and all ^feeii Who had been vo much eiposed had the kine pock and fee smallpox m this town terminated m tlie cose of Mr Afoodruff It t$ aScertauiedtbat the smajl pojtfito* cbminnnicated fe ML'Woodruff fo a deraoged mfe (hy fee name p f Turner,) who had recently been an inmate of fbh A|)M House, New-HSrsn , fee same person; ]fo whpm the cortfogion « traced tn Betbgny Sor; cisty m the vicinity of Nto* Have* He was at Mr Woodruff’* h«we precwely fourteen day* before ML Wofehreff’* son broke oat wife . „ . .... . , .. . At fi court of Oyer and Tertnltftr b u d fo^if tb* city; rfSctenertady, on tfoialfe ament* v John F-'.^n Patten was convicted shp 11% > mprder qf Mrs Schermerhoro, on lhe\fe o f t Okoberr;1sst, and sentenced to be'nC soft Friday tbe 25th day of February sfixp ' - J\jurder .‘—Mr David Mo?g«q ?my- d«red!iri Peru/ in tin* state, oa tbe 2^0 ult* while oft his murnfrom the iron work* Htr* 4 hpFses!returni 0 £ Jiome alone, alarmted bio mily, and sea?Cb was immediately ,aad'>—V - His body was found near the road, ebovhings ty bruised, , his skull fractured, and one’ Uroken* s A fear# ttme^ previaa*. Mo*i prosecuted four |risbtneo for robbing bti chard, qnd,recovercd four do|lars, at vj tfoy wfere mtich exasperated, and* onol* r_ ,, tfoto ohserved tbat he (Morgan) had &ld hlx fife for four, dollars.- This Cireumstancc led. Jb’ lfoiMPR‘’®hfo8*ftft« fofi tjfoy fotv* heealff, lodged in th* Plattsburgh gaol. A Coroser’i- - inquest was held on the bodjf, who, after a lon'p investigation, could not agreh. 4 cond jurywas summoned who retarded fi ver­ dict ‘f feat David Morgan, cams to bis /.!§atbi by accident ” Edsektic rr —Jssqo Treadwell, weo cr«(.U-/ fed at Montrose, Pa on the ISfh fost f ^thdL” (border of /Oliver Harper; fe May 1 a t . Hp£ djed witttou! making qny conf*r»lqn, eni ■ .thfi last moaicitt deciafed hitfisfilf tprr mt o f thefoimefqr which fo suffefed. Hr ism# tained the fofeLfofffolied iodifiej badcharaetqri#Edh}ai,.durioff»n| ' t q j & m andrettzSiitfofe? rorne, qf N«w*Liind«in, aged Y?/ _ near feefofich, incfoie conreifo|^wjfe 1 ‘soto who fearoo a suddcutyisiooncd. aid foyfog-fol^fekidji the shoulder of his son, rcinarkdi tbk/rot foint, instantly dropp'd down und exp ted. The house nnd shop brlojig^g *«v sJ. bi $&. iii, Vt. were \be w foai/ Ou Tuesday week, fee clcgafit housq of C h a r lesH eury, L«q at C/attVa^!. wai set o&firr by m incendiary and ustrif'S consuracd.A LostTteiUratitcd xi cpw»Js?i* ‘> v<i $2900* - The Tr««arepqfthe Aos^csc B* N 7<ff\ The Imuse nnd shop \Willard at Buferigifo by fire m fee 11 th iusi th ) V >

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