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The Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1821-1825, January 20, 1825, Image 2

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vv V ■$t\ ' v?.' ifcr have tojfid Hgrd^fedfotli? ;* artd ihe ru*tyW -J.;i ‘\ -'• W W ».U:;t#| :b»tyouf0r^|.4%3 FW'. «.. ’* ’ own l»ot«e i» ot| L*f. ^ .' ’tedAihahrZfl? ^:^*ti(iiblb.«ifH^^^fitftMf “^foea house; , roy foife and children Are 'Ithoul houro-aifojjfome, roaming about .•wsdft, neighbour *q .neighbour.” , yonr 'W m answer* a proper mapper, he )il!t reply : . f l f had givfo ?iqM or «ep f ' 3 blior*.a yenr ftir foiurance, you would now • ^ ' &*• had the Ntfttfo’'of > « r property in your (•/•.■ppcLt, Tlljlyauro you could havp aaVed * $ from Ihe fofibyl dollars thrown away upon ar 7 tides of extravagance and superfluities. No, iuy frien^ ItHtiirfot conoply with your request, It (i hot charity to reinstate you, any pore than it* wOofd be to reinstate d who has lust his all int iltiadvised speculation, or j culpable idleness. -ySiou should have your property { , 'i *1^ iu»aio?ted Hf;*for$ mhiuji *ht , A M d & j t vdtfosfofoftateA I • u 1 1 * ■flar insured;” ■U : • A N ^ p T E .O F EA FAYETTE. • A foefoi#? of Congress, conversing with V^ftajfidj fof fo? $oc<rodlbg» of Congress, aod deiic«t‘ely ap(»logis>ng for the opposition • which, the approf»r'n^ioiv in his favojltr tiad ex- ^periefoed in foat\|oqyr^foe GeUeral with •great koivefe and nfver failing m-eseme of pfnd, interroptld hip with this, %!ppy re Sir, am one 0 / (he opposition .—- a ai| . is so munificent, so far excefoipg the Service* of foe‘individual, tbat had 1 been « pember pf Congress, I must have voted p gainst i |.”—Richmond Enquirer. , \ Shocking effect of J talayty.~A few djays ago, ahygro. sailor itt.lhis town having j be­ come jealous of his wife, Was reprimanding liter for her inconstancy; he • was either so mortified or exasperated at some reply she glade,, that he attempted to cue his, throat in her presence, which tie So far effected) as to Iprqducewnaie blood—Immediately on seeing Lhieh shisfell, down Und expired in la fc\r itiutes, v ?l|)e mau was. free, the woman a ave ,brlpg|tng to the estate of Wilsoij Saw­ yer, deciiUElixabeth Vity Star. .f'foin iheitfxhigton, (K y .) Reporter, I legislative .'-—The last Week as usnpl dtiyolvd.to Judge Breaking. The ti^S ,and, Address to remove the Ju .fowUwurt df Appeals were tried Iti.botl 1 , and failed in each lw:a,ftw' votes' urt been Was liVfp taki n'iii foejowe?, houie'on ThuWdny ; night, precisely at the hour pjf,midnight,! and /VforWtl -received |iis Excellency’s signature ie following day. Great astonislinimit ,at m e asure has. the speaker, •> The number tfffStatesh#aAid^tt*^e ilec.e*' sarV to* aehoicgi On the firitbsftlnti’Mr; Jf: bad(e»gHt .States,M«V 3 . .*»*, #nd > 0 , were dividifo. ■ . v .' ,, 'n^ Arif' baBof took ifofoe, ifofoB fotfr o* clock; jj. M. S?y?g'ofoer ballots,-withd# lar results, succeeded, , when a respite look place,Wuring whibh, tlt^ibemhejrs.' retired to, the Ipbbies, and took refiesbmeuta. Y ] Nicholson, of Marybnd, beiiig unwell, ha bed prpvided for hinrt in pde of the-lobbies, tb whkh the tellers took the bnlloting box of the Sjpte for his vote. ; At three o’clock, in the morning of’the !2d>, two* other ballots tpuk place, and at four o’cldck irt the rtiormng, the twenty-first trial,.several of the memlw* came in witli their night cap* on, At twelye nt noon, of the. 12th, the twenty-eighth, ballot tqnk place, when the :Hotise.adjojirned*to <he t next day, having probfbjy tp secret session, dispensed w)th the rule fijr the permanent'ses­ sion. Oo Friday, the! I fifth, the House pro­ ceeded #0 'the ihirtiefk ballot, without s choice, add again adjourned to the next day, On Saturday, the 14th,: the 'balloting* had the same result. On Tuesday, the 17th, ai the thirty-sixth ballot, foe Speaker declared, at one o’clock, that Me, Jefferson waselocted having the votes of New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, ViCginik, Kcniucky, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland four votes for Mr. J. and four blanks, and Ver­ mont, oneyoie for jl^J. and oije blank Vote. Thus ended(tlie scene., . . N . IT L K G ^ J L A T U itE . { * f /'.tlie ldij Jrccejved )iis EKCcllency’s J c , f)ie following day. Great astoni I* , V ’ ’foisihigltdmnded^isorgiHiiziiig mi i »•*,.• ••■!.:?teen* verv irenerallv exnressed t b’ Vi$ very generally expressed; by one par- Is t J tii.Vih.Aj i. V A kUJi.O It IM l . i .. ,1 ftA'.MAA.tt/ A tkl f f -<v, '■/ IN SENATE. Friday, January 14, Tlie Senate parsed the resolutions hereto­ fore published, calling on the several bank for a statement Of tlipir concern. Mr. Redfield Introduced a bill entitled an apt in addition m an act entitled an net for tbe amendment of the law for the betier ad vancement of jubiice, [Provides lhat instead of taking bail as now practised, the security shall endorse writ, &<:.] HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. 1 W^iliiesday, Jan. 12. M. Wilkin, Committee on coiirfs of justice, reported an act to amend the fifty* dollar act, passed in 1824. • v ; By Mr. 1 Chipnmn, pursuant to notice, an act to provide an uniform compensation for inspectors of elections. Thursday, Jan, 13. The following petitions’ were, presented and referred: of Abm. P. Thompson arid others to, incorporate the Long . Island canal com- pabyi.nfT..L, Chesterand^them jfo* ioatr- poraie jf bank in the city: pf New-York, With a branch in* the county of Ijcle; of Charles Bclden and others to incorporate the Hudson insurance Company. The House then went into committee of the\ whole, 011 the bill to amend the law for the re­ gulation of elections. Mr. Speaker said he wodid hot seriously oppose the bill; but he suspected it wotildfot- crease rather than d(minish*tltC t;uVn|M|jpf vfo-r ters. He reqnested«somC getulemamP^font- ed with the bill, io explain jtfPjprpvisipns. Mr. Gondricli stated tbat the olyect of jtlie bill was to prevent vexation* and heedless challenging. Under the present, law there was no check to this practice, and it had been at time* carried to a pemicrous extent. It was not intended (as might seem at first hear ing the bill read) to authorise the person chal­ lenged io'return tlte cludletige j put it ggvy _T. the inspectors the discretionary right to pro- .TTim Legislature o^Cptiitlky passed a law P«»e au oath, requiring ihe. challenger td Say- jlpviling Judge Sebastian (<vaccept a pension1 that the person challenged was suspected of , .'kind retire from the Bench. The judge ne-i not being entitled to gvote. StJich Were, the • ' ' **\ •* * ‘ * ■ simple objects of tiie bill, , ' , VIr.-Sneaker adduced the practice in foe City of New-Ynr'k to prove that, however salu- tarV the provisions t>l die bill might be in the country, its .'result? in die city might be unfor­ tunate. ;Qn.motion of Mr, Speaker the com- rtiittec rost.* apd reported,, pud Oft motion of Mr. Goodell, tltf bdl wiis referred to a select committed, of which Mr. Hedges is cliairmsn. * Friday, January 14. Mr. Lush, froni. their^mridCtee ng that part of the .governor’s messagn. relating to taking a census, reported a vhill fur tint; - * - l! which was ordered to bp Jeasure ever adtjpfed, «nd in truth so it isi Fur if the nvnricioM* and indebted part ofthe community continue to violate the constitu- tiopjwiili i-npunit#mid are upffercd to absorb alldjife powers df Go^erimipnts, though but fbpa/iibort period, the party’ Will so manage as lA gci relief enough. The , Judges of the (Jlotfrt.ol'Appeals, hmtever, do not intwiid tn Submit.*- Tliey could not be ini peached nor , addressed offi and tin* constitution does not ^ap'tlfo’riaie'any ptliennotle of breaking Judges. To, sVfoniit to fois encroach menf?wonlfl prove them .f»ifo)e**',to their government and re- gardJess tifit|tejis Ohliis. We tnay therefore expect eif Ton|r,’'t<> hear (if a resort to force. It will he a bruijaiit aCliievenieiit for die ini- ,'’i|t|aofKvtilhF'i^'|n;'^)'!!tt down the Supreme ’ Judicial tribunal which, is pxpressly prOvirled for in <beOon 9 t|IUhqnfoT;Ti(x po in t op t h e ■' fotYONBtp ic \ . ccptcd pie pension tinfh resigned*. Al the ■Cxi session ihe Legislature repenled thc law Rtvipg the pension anil hts lioiiour was ,ou| of without ppi/’*-Wa* fois honest^!\ , 'Fro»» foe Boston Centinell ’ ^GHpICE OF FKESI t .ENT. • f ||ty tke Hoitse of Representatives of iJongrets. f.iP'4The .tfootce ’-of Resident of the ^iiited ’ Bfofos, for tlie second time since ihe nrjoption ; of foe Coustitulioii, devolving fois year on J e iloose of HepresCntativvs, we give the (lowing. Ptitline pf dte Rules mlifoted by SQL Ts *»en the. first; cbfoce fm . tnaffo by tltiit body,-and when the Electoral vpieg foy l|fosideiT| 1rpre,73 fur Mr. Jefferson, Sntcide^We leafo. that Miss, idjittcna • foidTS foftMlpMtlrVi Clark, (p resident ,of|foe fnroily of'Gctiefal, ,, , Tlie ‘ decfo^ion qf die votes took place ins Whitney,) of Niagara Falls, ended her: life on ' BieBeiiate Ujtmfofoer, qh Wednesday the 11th j Sunday .niorning toat by swallowing' opium; A'bhwrjr, 4 Alj^r, fob 'declaration that ajWe have heard no catlse assigried for com- cllnice hatj not bgem mude by the Electors,] mitting this rash deed *—Buffalo Pdiribti , - •tnd that itdcvofoed on the House of R«pre-J / • ■■ * Semati'C*. ihe Huuwr/onvened in iu own; Capi. RidgwayJ frufo St, Tlidnias, (bec. Ghamher, and furnisnW^seM* fo? ttie Seuafe,' 24,) infor.ms, that,about foh,days;'b^forq foe .qs wtmelirs. The Hipqtsw hgil forevjously a- sailed, a desperatfc gartg of THlEVES apd 'dnpted. Rules, that it »hmmlc.tJ«<ihp* to . bal- FIRATES, <ifteeit.or fW;ehty tnViunfoer, hddt ■ Jkil, widvhii inteiriiptom bv fousinesR, been arrested,.Ond woald he ,tried after foe $fld. SHOl'LD NOT BUT holidays. Amoiig them werpsomedld offep- I AVE AJPiiRMANEN f f o t ^ l O N UN- ders. h appears to have ieen their ti)t*i>|ion to supply themselves w*fh gqods ahd riioiVfy ’frofo the stores atid irli^tfocstAib^foafoTlkp^ 'aBid fo,mke possessiOufof^ pr jS ' nf fo>'fotfoi VasSyBin.theharbour i^i.tgirry^ff fheirlKfow; T ^ .lW w * ha'd ilfeady^fo^h.ifojepfod ,f t r . ' «. new^cfor 'Jppqhfi '$*“ m m M iWNii mm ki jV*'.' ''* i * ’ V ’ , . a hit* that wm muefo pr*i* e « t a , br b#sfow»for in bU XxreHeacy boy- Voa '$jc^Hbfo'hiP|E Thdnma. to wh**f vJ«»bn?e pbhVte ffonndcbted for 4b* timely wrest ofttfosaoufoiift , - ■• j i f t p M ^ z i r . ttfrtlm Afotlm, Who Ifft peroambgco fiji lb? 1st of December, states, tjut the p|«wqr»tmitpefo t» quiet possesstop of the Empeirori|4roops Lord Cochrane had takeit potsesytfoi uf «n4 Had gone to leeward tn tsjkeMarranh*nand ;Part|» ^tTbe foarket *ra»y|ry dnlk^-Flmir |7-SSpfosr high frliidys very high srid.icafce j Coffee 13 .to 14 cent*, , jjSpme Toriber p»rt>pnfo»is Jbyve been received; of the revolution; at. Babiai— After jhe dealH of foe Grpcral, fo? party qf troops friettdly to foe EmpeFbr*^retained pos- seision of dneqf the forts, and the bppptite party the othnt|; at tfte fime, all business was susprnded fofa numher ofdays. Th* friends nf the General after finding the oppusitei psr- iy tdo slronm for them, retreated a few mile* jit the ihlerifLkm ,.wj»fr fhe orders of tlie Em* pCror,.wher?j|iy remained on the * 22d No­ vember, feaw|foe.tp»vn jn possession of foo Poriquimsj ' v ^ iiavh appointed '* General from their own' regiment and say they will support him, let the, order* fromfoe Empe­ ror be what they may. A' few days after the revolution, this regiment of Porqnitosj recei­ ved orders frofo the Emperor (which were is­ sued previous to fo?' disturbance) to go (o Pernambuco and join Genera I Lima’s troops,; consequently two gun brigs and several prise vessels were prepared to take them off, but they refused to. go. Several of the principal officers chnreriwu in the murder of the Gene­ ral, had left foe Country. The markets It Bajuia, were overstocked with all k iu<m of I American produce, and the produce of foe cquiury very scarce and con­ sequently higb,fp|rtl v owing to the short crop, which is not mart foan two thirds as much as usual, and partly,;<>wing to the disturbances which prevent ike produce of the country frnjm coming in, j Molasses 20 millries per pipe ; Sugar $1 a f 10 per cwt; FlPoc 6j a 7 millries per ba* rcl}. very limited sales and six months supply jit market. ' Imposition dettcted. —Op Saturday last, we published a letter, addressed t« us through, the, Post Office signed • John.. Mulligan, and headed “ sorrowful nquis\ Th? letter then went ou to staty. tiiat us he (Moljigan) apd THE CHuiCE BE MADE; and *■?* ^foa.t foi? doors of the House fouUftl fof <Iofod . /fotog the balloting, except agaiojt fo? nfo- . iN Houte, c j;-. d,MC,ed 19 . ’IPfe&h Slate hafoa ballot boa ip whfch tfot mehihtfo belonging io it, having; preynfojdy. ahjpfoHfted a teller bot foeyotes of.the Sfotei tur *&r Ph the part pf tlte Uhited Slktf • M fiifoflpfo counted ihe.vptef j dujlltfBtei of the rwim were put by him iiifo two.^qetal tsitl- Mr. 1'hhinas Kieroah, of NewrjBruhswick^ were crossing tlie ferry from-Brooklyn -tor tins city in a row bhai. on-Fiiiday night, they ran upon a cakp.:pf u'*, and Kirrman got up hitli hiS:par,.tofohdfo|U'offand fell overboard apd immediatel*^j|i|fcjto*at he had left, % tf ppk in a sffoijflHMPw Nee-York, cofotaiomg tf^to have hfen,married ftqnested us to make the fact||iiwfoforoughthe medium- of the E, Post, tli:i| his. friends might kn^F his sad faie. It tnnis- on investigating the matte?,-both at Ne#Bri)nsv»fok mid at our police office, that foe Vmcr ojf fo® k*l« wa*! foi* very Same^iliulpras E^rnkn, who wished to make the puMicfo?lievk thathe'W||y?own- ed. He had carricd nn tlie fois'illiiigBusiness ip New-Brun*wick ffor. two yclrs pdst, and was in gqnd credit and much respected. A few- weeks previous % bis leaving New-Bruns- wir k,foe borrbp?d, jfo various way*, 'money to the .amount pf ifoout $ 8000 , and there is every reason td jjelfove, jtliat, in*t(*ad, of find­ ing a watery grave, in the East Rive?, lie took passage ip foe, foi me pf TiiotnaslViia- len, of. IrelnOd. iu the packet ship Cfote*,. Captain De Cofi; for. Liverpool, which sailed froip fois port last Saturday morning. The lady (o whom it wus'said he was,to havefoeen, marrivd, 8 oon sslisfied the justices lhaf'M?., Eiei riaO was not drowned. Letters of ad­ ministration had been taken .out, and nottcC served upon hit creditors and debtors Wifo a view to a fiual adjostment of his coocerqs.--- 'Sttch daring atfetnpfs ol fraud and imposition, shoujr) be extensively? exposed, nnd pxeipfoa? ry punished.—Ae , Post. ,,TVi* pifg/ei^rThe ten pirates; brought here in- the Brifoth brig of War Rifleman,:, were on the 11 tlt inst. delivered over to Mat? shall of this city, iaktn ashore add. cmtfini d in Bridewell\ Ao Hmkense rrowd of people assseinbled «t i|>efuot; of Courtlund-siret i* to see foe p?iVoneh?as, lliejf qpre inked 011 shore, smp*,pfwJbip]fo'4i|dd Joiuheir.cpr«*«ty< Thp crpwd was *p great tliai the bridgq con* oecVing the .streei.with tlir pier, suddenly gave way with k starifog crash, and *i*ty 0 ? seven- iy people wet? precipitated into the wSteiv-. the Marshal aufo^ome ol the. prisoner* were Among the nufojber. .Fortunately- no lives,, 'wcne fost, nor du?» itappear tlmt any one rer ceived any injurji,,saye tlmt w liich may^ arise from rather ah uprewifoiable. co)d bath. v •'.' t>- V ■ - ■ .j&n v»He nig|fit|pf tkV foi inM* a* ont io Savann*h|It proceeded from .a tbird ijtery hou*e ofo foe fCyth aide pf Johnston** square, owned *i¥j occupied by Mr* Worth- tngtoii Gale, lb* interior of which Wasen tirely destroyvd L The Cange of low wopdeo stpfo* w?»t of thetjHfofo on Johfistqu s square and Buli-sireet, belonging to th* estate < of Gijwqm *?•?? MftlfoWd by ‘he fttenoptima 8 e to pnli them dqwfo font foey Are noprly dfc* strpy.ed j Thi krfosfitO finch thq fifo pcigt; nayed was inmrfd by die Eipa, Imurapc? Cpmpiny of Ffa^ford, Cojifo •for.aOQO^aL ID t o m foot hq expirci .............................. soemp^tgr Had his tHgb b roken.; ’ • 1 -*-r -a-1 • > ~C\ #’■'1 'i\tkw f J&M #}CJls THURSDAY, J A W m X 20, 18*5. * ny tepfee e f hstar* g wHkh aro hapllad svlfo' rM 'aifliyH t Y.. a • _ .M'R»''Ioia?T #?al.J 'Tfea; v « m ? rowfowii ■. . . * W l w g l ) hecjocm s iog (tdo vapid- - MHv n 't***. •ttfoNMlh i “ aod’*-ifa?'‘w p ^ 'Bitfodpyfo. foe tno«loftlieaigiis,,> THHw fodfofoa'aro. m « W « i fo i ffoy tall ng, ttefofi;; - epmem F\rt —On foe 1 efooiag of foa 4*fo Jntt fo*! dwelling of Mr Ikivid Bs/dey, at Bro«*iypi w»s entirely dettfojtf by jfoh1 Ti* ip foe royeJwidlc efltrl Thomas.;-W»: iegVet fo le*irnfo?i‘&|. »sff; W&e AlmdffodlWoadfell, wa| forfopsly injured by of jt chimney*' * . :cG N® sfo-; -;/r - Go Tuesday, foe 1 4th mat, foe committee on Naval Affairs ur the^House of Representatives, mfowa. SU M iH A R Y - 'L 'tl'*1 *■' 'n 1 w.- r ;■: ' additional toaeaga doty twHre'roafe .{1 fiO) per too was im- j»«fod *t Ittvana oK Ute 34th tilt, 00 Ibieiga AessHii; ' W h i c h tm Yes* sels ttopping et due port, pirn foWe?t, to the Samvduly ss if they discharged or loaded. , ■: fmportnnt deeisitm ~ JudgwBay, o f Sootb- GaroUna, hiit decided foe, qeiestton whkh wa* argUfd hefore^m; whether 4 lw * m e Uablp; to tbe ptstfdrmance qf- militia 8*tjf, Thr opinion of tbe-bonodrable Judge iooud Upon the principle of foe *‘JLex jfoei” is, foot AlieiM a hsf ttnakmg an afoiropriation ofjfi^e^ are liable to perform militia'dhty. > hundred foaWsaadlMlar*- to providefor the more > Governor Clinton has appointed 8,- DdA Fatfonaow tm j Itiqpommenoa Bm m u U t c( effectual aupprelfom of forac (. strong menskfow* hjsMtHstronger than are. cnjlocl for by foe sUu*ai*W; ^: Whkfoqu.r c 6 mmei^ fo ’plicld, add yistke to onnelvfo requiresr The bift^wc have no doubt, will meet-the |pprobatiOn Oftbe whole Union, and tf it jrasS^and should be the means ofjnvolving us tn a war with‘Spain, be i?. so. The country .at forge calls loudly for en- ergetic measures to. put an end to this system of , murdCr, and war in disguise. On Friday, the House ot Representative* of the United States passed to a third readihgfoo bill to authorise the President to aubsciSbe ‘three hundred thousand dollars to the stock of; foe Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. The vote was 80 to 83. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. By the late arrivals at Jfetc-York. Mr, Fauntleroy was executed on the 30th of Noveihber. It.is said-ho paid upwards of $70,- 000 annually, interest, on the amount of his for. geries, by which he was enabled to conceal his crime for so long a time. , The most dreadful gales and fiooda were eX-’ per|ehced on the British coasl oh tfae '2*d aiid 23 d of November. Many vessels were , wrecked end lile* lost, and most bfthe towns on foe Coast were inundated, house^||Wb,dQwn and foe in- mates buried in the ruins.f , . HottAKp.—Th? Amsterdam papers, contain partii-nlars Of the late fidod?. The dykes hatl beeh brokcn down'py foe immense Weigbf 'yfj the water which rose frorti 40 to SO.ffaflMtlft foedfofosrylevel. . camp , ..................... Thomas Day, Esql has been ckosea MayiiW. •of Hudson.- ’ . Eight convicts confined tn £s«d sn Mass. oo the 26th ulr. hrolte forongk th* back part of the gaol, by remosfing, 8 feet’long, which, Had been firmly hdSrdSntct . the w.ill, and ihatie their escape.: One of them has bed) reisken. . . The celebrated MoVrill M*go«n, ifod wa* tried at Montreal, and found guiUy-ior lor- gihg a bill of Exchange, and thereby de­ frauding Messrs. Prime, Ward siul riand*, o f i New-York, has been liberated fmns Montreal 1 jail, and was n fewday.siiin.ee, in tb? tdwn qf | Stanstend, near foe proviuce line. v . The MiliedgeVifie (Gdo.) R?corder, states that the commissioners appointed to treat wifo. the Creek Indihns, for foi?. Territory, which they now occupy have wtorned, -not-/ able to, fulfil the object qf their mi(M|iL The Norfolk papers state tha?;. Ca] Warrington will shortly sail from that port in the United States Schooner Shark, to foke) Command nf the squadrdn in the West lndi|* seas, in place of Commodore Porter? called. Oh the 30th tth/ rhe l*Wf dwclling hOtwa ;i Of Mr. Nurse, of 'TiiWnseh^ Verpioh*, sdaijT j entirely ,consumed by fire. /Qn fo?fopfol 4 . lo.wfog,’.a large litiihbfr ofhthe oefokhowr* •lid- friends W*«* lected—tiuiber wa* felled, hewn an# ftiTiyH and. on. foe third Bay • bouse fo?ml Was erected forty feet in Imgth and ‘h^iy fret itt. thai in the month of April, 1824, there; had> befo an earthquake vr^Ch,U^Od slt^di^fs six nfohts sWdilowed 'u'p inor© foajT palf.ofthat onfoHo’-; #»# city,., and ov.erthfow foe otHe?, as four the. case pf Aieppo. Nearly .'all the iifoabi- fafii* fell vicljihs to foe citraslrqphVj scarce- lyfivchondri'dpersoiiscpuld save foeinselvesl Other ietiiers frhm Abhrkoh.. ahnounce' foat the game slioek, but tes* vipient, hdd been felt there.; Rairoon, a city between Ahorkoh mid Shiras Was swallowed up .with althosl flic whole of th?'.'inhabitants,., iii consequerice of the sSm? earthquake. Ail the njpiihiaios sur­ rounding Rairoqu 'We|e .•jcvelird by'foghtj iio trace o f thrm^idw remafo*. - , Tlte Sclmlr. of;Persia bus left/Teheran for Suiiauea, to attend the marriage of lit* grand daugjjfor, the daughter pf Abbas Miriu,: with Priiice Kt'cinaivchali; ftom there he, willbe* u:. .. __ 1 .. . Li. .1 _ .gani*e; hfoaruty, and attack foe PaChahk/'l Werv«| from ijle devouring element rift ;Bdgd&t,.''Th‘; Giiarge des,-Affairs pf fot Persfo; ;ls to bp relieved Hy % 4 htha^adoc, jrersia lias'in jts employ fonufoifo? hf Ffonch officersto discipline hcr troopsv ; , T he G ftB iis AWD.To-sfos.'’—A mail arri; ved in Loiidiui on ’tHe lkC'rtf Dei'eniber, bring­ ing, as-- Sfif ,McWpI«|h ^hhpifo-te Slates,-(t|ie mofo gratiftrhig. imminence,. Zeitouni lius surrendercdjto fo‘?sG?eek#,. a.qdpfCourse the whole;-pfoiymP?' m Thessaly js. liliecaiiNr, In Afofola, foe spirit of liberty was making,, ra­ pid prpgms. Patfos and ;lie Castle < of L*- pant«> were expected to sarreiilta immediate­ ly at foe last tdfott,' .* ‘ The Algerincs were cruisiog OQlside of the Apakseedptifoitio- portogoew^v Severn}. Fatnot privateers were cruising at foe mouth of foe Gpt, capturing Spanish VM- wIj. .. . Tjie.CitPValier Heredia, broth?? of the,ex- minister, Count CRsha,' hat been appointed Spanish j«iiii*t»r fo the Untied States, . Guy* Glinion'1* mestsge attract* * * 3 / gene­ ra! .atteptiqn, and Hat beeh received With great favour, troth one o r tvfo exceptions.-—* The Nbfomal Gaxette Tatlier sneered at it, in culitequenceorfoe great variety o f topic* in- tMucvdvby ,ih« GoyertMtr, The Phikgb# phia Gaxette sat# they had been wXitmffwitH auxiey for file message,r anticipating 4 . nek treat for their read??*. fott whet* d pabte^ tliey found it so long thaifoey could Ant pab- h*Hit—leit they should a iyathtlr readers tqo much o f a gdod thing IC b i Ufoifd Btafot: Garotte, hodeyer, marched«!» b*t|ahon fo PfiutersrighCup to th» work,^ aeA g*?e the wHgle at onae— drolarfog^ that every, body w*t pls**c#vrtth >t, and foftt none font prm red* 01 $6000. There Wit ,»^v $4000 on the property. '- : G» Tuesday Iweek, tlm AH3RfoiIfAf ;J«hi»’ ;Mnmgyinery, Efo. tiearv|D»ovill»^ Pp. wusf. ‘ burnt dj*wn. . . There w|^;fhpw«c0of jf l O O bushels of gram Mr, Mvfo.fetim'sfotd- a^MSW^' j y • t' ; The Imps? of Mr- Gliafijrs; pichrodfon,' a? Brock'pdrt, was roceplly ,#*feojed by fir? Th.e. dwclling botisi? heloiiging to Captain A»»M Bprehard'. at Li uia$ WM destroyed H| ’fire jin foe 1st. inst. , Loss $1200.; ' ,1 tin the 5th inst. the malt house of M. Vais-, ser ScCo, at Poiighkcepsie, wa* entirely stroyed by fire, together with 10,000 but: of fearley. to g .estimated between tf,a 10.0QO dollars f not insured. Through exiraorrtinary excruon* nf the fireman offoei village; Messrs. Hoffinan’s grisi RHil was p<e On foe 26th of'December, the Pftshyte- riau church at Darivir, Gen. was dimpvered •to be on fire: when fint seeb1, foe ffa-om were just ntrending ander the eves of ihHtafolfogjt when *by ‘ tlie activity of the cjfifafofom di- s«ructiv«ti>ro!Ji:rcs*wa* arrest^ ■ It tgas in May Iasq ';thiwaevvtHln«)fo.tefW convicted, of; havibgrfsel' &* .-M■4Ht3lat^'-' house, io PfiiLdelpiiim •• siqce beeh cottfiiied in priWfo dp# iro« 1 city, ill the year- red iii Philm I« 1823,’ thi lT which pappei and thebegg supposed to be tfie work o t an iaca»tlm?|r A tetter fronqMacop, fid*, stattfoihat tto Brapch Bauk. o f Daiien, Mt Msroti, wax <W« - strOyedfoy fire on the 20 th o f Deufofoe|> -4 All foe asauey apd papers which fo t i p bank Were destroyed, im M m tf' roriu* fooa-, iand dollars in coUecthw note*} s m Aiadkyf and thtr/y thousand dollars Iwdohafng fo A Darien Bank; and between jb * susk i t * and dollort n t foe Hamhorgjr were on ileposii -Tne fir* u have pnginsietl by'accident JppotniKtni by thi Governor -t« ^•tiorjms appointed J \be* D jl* Usq Agefo to settle the foifg a au •Counts between this stafo wad Biates.: Ah actfoifot j**t trobfisliyd mm#w1 Ttlie murder of Mr Spmtwdem. Mthrtoche*. We .now foafoffotfo Pfovhst lfot been ^ a d M l d a i l ddeafo far* for afmr gene??, m m t e e r . Ufa nalMltipOSfd to hejlfockibg retetmniL IS* * :,v plgafo# w«fo *h 'TMjt **y gfohttrofo capfaiiT^lfo iroaatfboat |pefofo*

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