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The Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1821-1825, January 20, 1825, Image 1

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t m r m A m Vmf ,*»•*>* *epsbfohe£r, wife case* yrffi be fiikan * ^ S ^ tck r tg e k q q . a», delinquents,’!^ B r t E ^ B S S p f i S B r * *r:’ - .»»*»<#•*>«««:* ., „■ One|gu»re square pee r i i , ^.perfiftfe*.' ’. W '•qqi ■**i )ne ► V tR « f i*r of ittsertipns retyfewi amst M.iMriadeiiTtte advertisements; fee they will k e torinrified until otdered^oife aridcburged -!l fegerdMy JPI*JJVTOV&. =?*** handbills , ?*1LL b e e * e e u ti^ tto& « 8 , accuracy, ahd I -’U-z despatch.lespaictl. at fee rARitil, OrrtCE. - I ■ft a -■ T H E W H f i A T B . The following stiblime pda fe fee M < fii fro# femftumfeiU Anthology, and waft Writteri by : Derefcafm. h R *“d feet fee p»fe b*» been , Uan?lite») litfe Japanese, by orderOf tbe Eth- jmtor/afefe hfeig up. embroideredih gpF.J* the tempitfe Jodtfe., It h«s 4)10 been tfenelfi ted into fee Chinese and Tartar languages written opon rich. , silk, and suspended at fee y, impcxM palace ofPekia. ., Jtyffbon Eternal One!', whose presence bright;, .- feonecdb'boitipfeheb kxtsfence witb thy ic e j f S S S f f i ^ J w f e * msfrel- Fill’dfee^ith aijfefeottalstfeMd Spring. :■' Over.fee abyss pf death, end hade,it Wear Tbe garments of eternal day, and wing - Its heavenly flight btyredfei* little sphere/ Even, in its Mom* ; feTfr^|frAnw‘‘(here. a m & m m m i »« Yet.shall thy shadowed isrign W Wi; breast, ad wifi* iuhomag* fefeef 1 .'tyfewofes;:^ And When fee tengm is elpqeent no n Yhetofilshall-sp ' “ 1 M l s C E C t a N t , : roteai-s ofgrati -Sr AN AMERICAN TALE. tXfr. »*$* Nothing cbelrf excited the delicate manner in which Basil Roberts boro hinftelf' under t W W , t» ferorfi!\ t|ft*feWf, afel nOW ba'leen4:«L one btod- retohg oh hismbmtrjp Dowh4*eefe almost jpcri t < W m k U tfm k bimsotMncholytbottgh^ TWfcarrutoMydungMy ifiigbt b«VO ife ffidw toeife. Ntoicy Noland \saw R qll, and that which drew rimy Wye pn ber lover wife feelings of adrairstion and respect,' filled Mr with tiferor. and udutWrqble regret. ♦' »“ dK}\ She cried- In tb# hitteirnMS of Kelr heart, “ how, wife alltbiscombiqatioa against him, pan he fail to Iftye tlfejrsise o f raep more than the praise of God-^nd. pla$ ! 41 what a price doe# he piihfeafe ltl” », The indcess 'which life Mrefidejithe cpter- prifo entruitedto Langbofei^bU engaged the'attention arid conversfeiaaifif the officers, whiten few Mlrqut* .fiiftMff U p p ftid^ fe«be*> him if he would not tliink 'RtOi-ifevy uitrwtso- nabfjf exacdiig, if he reqoired him to under­ take another mbit ‘important service on the following morning. true to her. Fw^feotithi he re.pected^het- sorrows aitd yielded alt bis. wishes to Heir AR! mg«. _ Sbie hSd lost Her lm-fe, but fee valfed ter friend ;' and in,doe time saw jit to reward tis cnrislancy} She tnarirted Bafil Roberts, feife » luB ahdertlandittg ihat fee would never ^Ifgft Cbarles Langlmrne. “ Yon, of all then, my lord Marquis,” siid Langhome, “ can never nsfr, wttat an Ameri- cati Should 'not, at least, try to perform—you to whom we owe such a boutirlless debt ol gratitude. Still lest, tny lord, should we be back ward to perform that duty to. ourselves, there trymg circumstances, .towards bis fair which you are ever so ready to, engage in guest,'b>fee con8tderatereg«rd whieh he paid for us,” ' to ner reelings,, ‘ ' , j “ And for myself,\ said theMarqui% so Several vreeki pasted iWay, and thougn]fomnly, “ and for-myself. ,The victorious rahgWtth the ehtth of arfes, he* AmCric ................ the couhtry , Americans Will achieve the gldriotis adventure cautiously avoided any mention of the nu- j in wlftch they have engageij,‘ their toils— merous reports, which daily 'reached hiin, 'j—v.. their liberty will be secured, But ,. , . , .—v.v «... wv Lang- concerning the operaiioir of the contending, borne, my poor oppressed ctrunlry---what wi forces.. But this silence could no longer be j be lter fate in the great struggle whit h ( Ibre- preserved. The storm of- w*r, was rolling -tee she will e’er long tnake for fr'emlom onward, and fee tbotldar wbiph had hitherio *1--' * -/ i - growled at a distance, was o»W about td burst over tndiau Spring Valley! “ We must remove feour Aunt Betsey’s,\ said Basil; “she livas-in aii-out-of-tbe-way corner ; and, a*- her bnnse is large wifesl. l think we will evenivf otare npafeberT^A small body of horse we?e .perceived, qven as Basil waa spcdking. do mareh dVer the brow of ihe fiilf; gndNsin^,*v4^mibi||g: all; reltfcirifjce Alas!. I fekr'tbe atm of life .oppressor wjl: prove in the Rid, tdd strong fot her. Yes my friend, 1 am in my /own cause and happily, when weary With fee sW>m* o f I’afe, a.nd.sick with wijnestiSg eviis wlticb l cannot dare,. I will retutrii la ihis myidopted cduniry, atid fey affed frfetes amottg yon .w ‘ 1 1 \ And wlieii vou dd return,” said Ltmn- ebaiooi; •i^ f scldg all—supportipg-H-ruhng o’er Wboia We cattGod—kndknowao more . . .. -o . a ; . ^'Ihabitants of the valley; and wien J Hvmb^Aresearch,philosophy t?Sprivarelv*d, they foand, to feelr Tteason’S br/^t^ fpiiA* edhy fey bght,in vam Would t^f ‘ counsels, infinite and datk i .' ■: ■* it is lost, ere feoughtcasr* barsri high: p#t moments metermty Autft,pr(ipoied feelr .sa j j S u i Even to btavethc inhospi instant departure. . This retreat had befe selected by many tn* of the valley; and vfe«n Basil ;and astpntsb- useabyady crowded L'ltl* « » lon h»d ihf persow wfrn A f i s a m s R a place n f safety y foir, contrary to all ealeu atmri on tbe subject, it proved to be in the line of tbe American ifmy’s marcl and forget ymi so truly, yqure,\ . , , The* Mattjhir demifede.d the attention Of Thou fromprimeyRnothin?newoiaei ctut First, chaos, feen extslence-^bord pn thee fifeMreifel its foundritijto}^fl a , . ' . Spronajfortlrfrom Thee t bf light, jojr.lftmiony (Sale mffibie&dl fa»4* fefeej*r; ‘ Thy wdtd pfeatodlH; drid dtofefarede; fire splendor fills i # spaed ^ wife feya divine. ! Tima art, riml ^ and shall be, gtoriott»1 1 ' ijreatJ-\.. ■ . : l- 1 ■■ : Life-givti^. ltte-austaining potentate! fee British were preifing warmly on their efls. . Removal, Hpwdypr, Ubtit fee! .felfowmg morning vfef' ^enfen .biRlpedien^ ajtid^p .ibe voting females. forqf such the party ' fosed. - '• 1 Tby Chafes thephmeasur’d tmiverse'suriroand: by cnams tneunmensur a universe surroi Upheld by'feeb, insfered by thy breath I iott fee bMohfeg wife fee end bas boundr lly ____ .. jly feinmed life add death; |h w>fetre#fe«st upwards from fee Aery blaae, > So'rewirebp.ro,.so worlds gprfeg ftrfe ttm W re feelspaMes fe t b e W T ^ gfeae round the fe*«r Mow, the pweantry t0 f hap»ea s bngh| varmy glitforing fey pfpfeg. are tbe terrified and breaming damse1?, cotild escape frofeitWir/reais 'rifeTd the jihslfeg ' of -lurs—the heaVjr tramp bfjiprsemen’s boots— . # (rbndlirig!rtf‘si#<Hds adtfyfifok nf menage to fee buries it fee dfifiif} entered, arid requested irN ptilife feafefel!,- tliat ac cbttifeuditfen .for fee night toigftt bfe' glforded t o Faveitft * A diborikbrfefe, lighted by thyband, ',v,#refifaf|iWeaned thrifofe the bln’aabyssv ! 1 hey ownfey power, accomplish feyconrmifed, AR A f with hdf •A iw* hit, All eloquent with bfiss. - c mdjlfeam;'fTires of crysial fight! r,.ny otgoitreii streams? . ia’-wwddt ^PaiMredtoThett(' • fo fecaf Befvre^S' :fonutlfe«R« bto array’d' atlUfi fikiri rffebl.m«t feotighf, ; sttafearmtke feriaocewrifehed -■ “ re-*>-fsacy|feerbfe u* feopffui*nce of < S.hattireac WvrWs, ._.. aah ueare otde'w* W f y E ' m tig L m iM _.*/ and dwelI; ref •fee Ihrpheet'fe# divfei. ^^t'rereatirely'feifefefet bar . m t very ^ .* irt# i chiefly* comfinsed 'were' aiittng^fbbfifiV.'few J!“ ,H lfehredfond eVety I—fee ‘■jMdu,, . r- --- -j-; ; -a reard. Thr riders bfeed at. fee door—and ' ■ “T jw a i - — '..ii* Way uficortifortabje liorsei feet. w«# 'Bfe BHtisIf give ihitaiiiit! plate to Jhfonutfe' teUrlpiity fe great Frfondfyfi AfeRficb. arid even fee^ lively sallies arid fink gofeblimbntsbir din etegrigt Yriung Frencfim*n, whn fiad ifemediately followed ■the offiere. kould not kobdae fee impafisnce fe'lfe Min Vftte^ \He bsdtofehtofe-'tlm; girls #catly by his awtwvfei to tbeir: inqofriiR^-w. Wbat vfet1 re a, feiri e«i « Maferils ?’ when (ih the’feidsebfo* k>eh, encounter of Wifi; betweeri him and th# frfttfig lady .Wd-'baye yoitnsc gallaht, exclalmirtg with great antfea- and he his done the deed—:macle clean wdfe ufit, my l^rd-^m%tl^:|fecile pirey, fe waii rat least, fe says his oCderly., ' “ Ai*.! mon cber Langhorri, i’etais stir qriri vans 1# ferifei dans one m*meref cfenfee : fettK” . ‘V • ' -.. • '■■• “ Yon Way ihdfediiaY th**» #&' l^irdr af- ? tocb w fesrch toppifell in with them ahont ahd rev 4 tiiiwirfe#«tFrefettVeUutt#feiiO f ! ihwrnn t fohce, :fe«de wotand feiiiwb wdrk ofit, I warrsrit Jojfosdn siy* ilto >w»wfe d«ifthmeot waS ehV fe ribbrina iri lei# feiri b ilf an howc; but -see fereIgfeB'lBref {^tWittiin Iftttielf. •\>:- !■ - M lreto|ad «rikimsed b(W eXclamsrtwiriif of wipme. terrtd, iaddefigbt, at the ideddf when ChwAet Iresfeljawivtfetertd. rireelsawibfe gemtemin,*# feilifih«jre;tif|R! )nfetl-*«kh JM Irefes I'm * W resigriitm iiitf \aireir^ M lyl^ * p jfe^ WKfi I HP refer ■m ydefeedfewkiivg atfeaqwresitig hwhaud safe Ike ptiicfes ah Rt fech gbre ' tfewA p * Ire' Ioak/Miit Aito Nfeaad, Where tbe btnd is desolate, afe white with the ■■ JJ“‘enemies.” ' SOHlfCts’ which arfe tt hand, it would be easy toTflfetreita fee extraordinary .sayings of this man., ..R* was of nature’s rontitfuciion in in- rnoW the NvrioaaL totjRujtt,.- D1EF>, tellect And prowess. And when she turns off a favourite,.*! in Shakspeare, «ytjWily fetters, and it* adveritHlnus aids are spurned as be> At his lodgings at Terinhon’s, on Thuri- day mght last at about jwelye o’clock, iri hi* knd powlrforibits own resources. fextiefefyear, PUSH-MAvTA-HA, one of the litw Delegation, noW at Wailiington, on Choci business with -the GoVerilirient. The best at- tendsnce aud the best medical skill were em> ployed to save Itirri, but id vain. He died qf the croup, and was ill but '« day, He whs buried oil Saturday whll military honours, which were performed by fee Marine Corps, Bbifo eripit, even with tbe barren rt- - — ........ - - JW«« neath the attention of tb# mind which is rich •fulihit THE B A R e itt’S g h o s t . nor did e' pfesence Bosil Ijjttd ^Sprinlt Val- -|c ^(erefore ret uS officers, 4nd. iWy leftIti iSnghqrWe kririw lie had *\ of mncy The cdnred informatr riot an Qftpriwufe ^ckabte reehrnf edriVpif terrfrined Himfe return -to ey, M the irifest 'retreat, nut early <# the fpljowjug worhing, with [Satifcy, arid fee, grbh'ter- part fif Bto*young enfnpany,’ ofoRhbfttj 41 adm!Beise^*« ‘ •’ f< Tlfey- bad, reqifited h* fell cmrifillfeding a yieivfiW!feid|^,%V.hith ktijfy hadfes^b ruq-i i ioned1 ftte feRifesY fe gal# fit an efefly hour, #fwh *tiiey .‘foifed' iflifey were to» latfiV’ a parly # tlft British .twere iti pbksessiori^- foh by ;rifeini (ef it, a considerable’ detacbjafisut of fetdffirmy was that'-day-to pass the rifer, * fiftiil arid his division of.non-nofebitants Wertiaboutturetracetlieirfitips, whemb'body of lifiifie passed tlleiri at fql! feeed. On.g«tin- ing foy brow of the hill, ajnd perceiving fe# eiietny 'tbe ttMmpet shiinded, and they rriihed ddwmori the cbftfge. r ' t • ’ ^ -Thia HitS a scene from which it was itnpos-] sible.that Basil anddtis party fcould turn tbeir apd they watched the mtent with foel« irigs ‘whicb eaii be more easily imngined foari destribjfe^-* >' - •. • . The Britrih on the first appearance o f fee horse,' had' throwti tltemselves into a llttHovr square, fo> the ground being entirely opRfiat the bridger thfcre wa; nothing fo prevenflheir being surrounded. Tfie nttucking party had advanced almost on fee,.point «f their bayo- nets ere ihey fired, For some :m‘»nreSi*lS; fee whole,coritret was concealed from the view* of fee perSoriS on the bill. * At length/ horses witlrorii tideri ran from* tlie spot—as the smrikw frilled away in volumes, tl was alforie hy fee directions. *»f tfir iRutoiirghlw the je» ct-etary nf dm |lavy, assisted hy Captain Manro’s arid (foptuiiv Dyer’s companies of volunteers; Christian cerpmonies by (lie Rev,* Mr. Hfi’wley. The procession was large (at least two thousand) and highly re­ spectable. General Jackson, Who knew aqd appreciated the service^ of this Chief, paid his last respects to his tnembry,' as did also many members uf both .Houses of Congress, and member# of Governpieut,' some o f whom attended him, though so distant, to the grave. PUSH-MA-TA-HA was.au extraordinary man. He Was one o f the three great Chiefs of his nation, and had attained tliat distinct- tion by Ids po veers of oratory and military proweSs. Nature had impressed him with the stamp of greatness—and lie was himseli even in death. “ I am told,” said he, (in liis no dye tongue, for he spoke no English,) “ feat I nin better, (t is a mistake. 1 shall die— and at about 12 o’clock to-night. It has al ways been in my heart that I should die in the land of strangers.” He tbcli gave some directions respecting his family, and lhe dis­ position of his affairs, and concluded by say. ing—•“ When I am .dead, let the big guns be fired over me,” His request was respected. He had won this high distinction by liis um- fonn nitachoient to the people and. cause, df theUiiiterfSjrites. audby the scars he had re-- ceived, and fed blood he had shed iu secotiil-' ing our power oil- Our borders, when' it was efiertfd to save our citizens from the hostility of h>s own, race and the combined hostility of the ehemy wife feem, a,U<l especially in the late war, , He even foiled Teciimseh—though not witb the sword. Re saw Vu dpportOnjty, ailfeseiz^ jttJg.’fefey bis foefiits, gfid he empfoyed them/, m reinmpkw over fefit master spirit, brfikri the spell iq which he wto attempting fe biihl his nation, aqd turned the fiword of his people upon ouf, enemies. It was by tho powers b f Ms orat.Ary. Eyery arm I ell when FlJSH-MA-TA--H A (tad sprite.— ivery hostile spirit was hushed—and the Choctaw nation, powerful as it was, wer,e iirit(edtot,us. *He put himself at the head of 500 viHKrrs,-.an(l entered Our Service—was in twenty-fife bifees—served under tbe eyeof (general Jaekfoh in' fos Fensa< ola campaign, and won the admiration of even this veteran. ’USILM A-TA-HA remembered his leader tii death. “K want,” said he, ” to sfee General Jarksrtri.” But it was tafe at night, and the (hpriledge of tliiS' wish wag not conveyed.— To the writer of tbit hasty notice, General Jackson said, when informed of it the riekf day —.“ f deeply regret it. Had it been mid riiglit, I wouTd have risen anti gotie to see A fAOT. A.genflcman travelling some years since invoke of the southerti Stftsfe called ftt an inn, and requested entertaiiirtierit for tfid niglm— The host informed liife, fea't it wfe out o / lm power to accommodate feni, jwiiis house Was already fi II. He entriwitedfiim to lodg^ him, fii lie was ejowst cxbaul|«« with trayefeug, as Well as ins besst.V After riirich solicfratiife/ the host consented to entertain him, provided lie wottlfeslcfep in a Certain chamber that had long regained unoccupied, in consequence of « belief /that it Was haunted by the ghost of 4 barber/w-hO was reputed to have heen mur- widi qceua ol ronfaferi—thri .g!«t«» of - tlie .............. ktWordsdsWo: Wfts first Seteii-^lheri flathiog btoS men, hbrses, muskets; bsyonslS;. all mingled together. Slfoutr and st,rieks were, heard •rid after ah agoniting foSpSHHt'tiF ten mi? nutet, atl WiS huifepd. Thfi bridge was^fired —the British^Strttchrtl qa tit plaiin. ' #•*»** iog or, at fee hsad of his troojlt, Nancf hat feeognised- GhatleS Langhoroe:. The!battle wns over, -orif countrymen ‘victoriOiM, and oar httle patfe/Dirific a* it Jbawddri fee joy oi ijfeedtiiifetore.5 Alss=! were arsOd«ply ’ fe «h*jfe in feeir rorroWa. ' V‘ lt xyiir bot hsar feat life »ijrvivei,w jfriid N#ncy^;'< orify'i«lfiie' so hwlit—IWHli to both nothing BstsiiUwho tt “ He reiifiy repi? •’JifcslriiiigrHer f m d rei^M : .frlfe i, .*'* nut- Ws.. >44< ' as t< djifoest !*; •v«.l m ctored, .M ftFL >M firiaod-ihat Hill, PUSH-M A-T A-H A, though uneducated liirfist’lf, lie* saw the necessity of improving lis people—arid demonstrated his attachment fe civilisation, by givirigS2,00p of his annui­ ty, for $ years,\lowards the support of the school system. - • MA-T A-HA Sleeps with the great and’tlie Venerated of our fund. He ties in (lie same enclosure with our Clintons and Gerrys. When the tidings Of bis dentil shall reach his people, it will be like tlte fall ofthe nohlut tree iri tlfeir foVcst, which had long furnished them with shelter arid shade—every ear Will listen to die echoes occasioned by its fall, and alt hearts-will mourn the mighty ruin. But let them refeemWr, though he “ diedin ihe land offitrangers,” tliat he was respected and treatediltke a friend, ant) that ‘‘ the big guns” We|(|. fityd’ over friir, nrit barely ih cbmpliaricg *wlih .his last reqttesi biit out of respect, foi his. iervices, and to ShuW, that his' aitacfrrrieirito ot'c ptopfo, am his efforts in our'Cause, were not iorgbtteri. It was the' jhoast of PUSH-M A-TA-H A feat liA£r Huka ibas iehite?'' ' “ft has' tISver been staiifodi/filiiplhe, “fiy fee bltiod'ofArne- Bht' it' is red Wife that o f lifeeif enr dered hi that rooni ft number of years since. “ Vert well,” said the guest, “ I am hot afraid of fed ghost—take care of my horse, find prepare me srime supper.” Aifter taking some refiffement, he inquired of Urn host how and in wfiat manner the chamber in which |ie was to lodge, was haunted. The host replied, thatfeosft who had lodged in the room, tta-i ted, foat Shortly after they retired to rest, an unknnjvn voice Was heart)’, Iri .^.trembling and ritotracted decent, saying, “$» you want to Jejila—red ?” “ Well,” refpfe the gitek, “ if Ifecomes I will let,him shave me.” He then rfeuested that he might fit shown to tlie apartiMnt ; in going to which he was con­ ducted’ through a long room, where were seated figreat number of persons at tjie’ Na­ ming tfele. Feeling a curiosity which afmfist every fine possesses, after , having hfim ghosfistorieSi” - lie careftiUjl searched eveVy closet iri his ripart'iient, but could discover ivothirig but n large liasiri. He then went to bed; fiilt feeling touch fatigued, lie did, noij close his 'eyes to sleep immfidiatety, (which is. often fee case when one is excessively iired) aud ifi a few moments he imagined he heard the yoifce as represented to him by ttie liost, He arose from his bed, and searched etety part Of his chamber, but could discover no­ thing! He : then went to bed—but po sooiiei* had lie began to coihpoSe himself to sleep, than the question «as, repented. He (Lpfo arofe and Utent to fes* *fofe>w] • tlie sound ap­ peared to proceed from -that .quarter, nnj he stood awhile silent, After A few moments' of suspense, he again heard the sound dis­ tinctly, Convinced that it'^Mfrom without; he opened his window, when it Was repeated foil to his ear. Oil a closer examination he observed feat the limb of a “ venerable oak,” which stood Under hid window, projected so nOar to the house, as on every breath of wind td grate against tlieshingles, creating a sound resembling the interrogation wani to'be tha—vit^9,, Having safefeed himself tbat this gliott was nothing didre or le^s tiiau the limb of a tree, comirig in Cpritfict with fee loUie, he again went to bed,' firid afempted tb go to sleep; but was now irityrrupu*d by reals gf.laughter in tlie roofti below, rifbere tbr gambler* were assembled. Thinking he cOUra turn this discovery to his ’own advan­ tage, lie took the.fheel frdm the bed, and wrapped it around him, and tfifeng fee basin his hand, descended to (he room of tbe gamblers, and suddenly opening the door, rushed in, exclaiming' io a Iremnlons voire,( “ do — ybti—want—to—6e—-iha—died Terrified at this sudden interruption,, (hey left the ran m m the greatest confdjybli; idinc( turabling down stair* over other*. He then deliberately put his basin .under fee (able, and ; feos’t “He vfas aRd«fi|tfofity aiked, ibikirteri Wfe* i|fo,lfew be .Was?- devfeijoriar arid gretefol lofik, Spoke- skyi/fSftid hi* iritarprettr,1 <? hr leels fefit thfi gferiftMtit foreS’hrni fe^diry.Hfih' Drrhki^ky ih^dtMngtoii,fe* ibrifaririh ^ifert to tfre lsfifeof ackitye- going wbire tha D'atk* all crfioked, and) \ gathered' an immense qura.of mbrtey into feyj which .had been left thereupon, secured i t / * ' rind rJfified'peuce&bty to rest. 4j- !t, . Thfiriextmoruing rifi going below, lie found, th# house iri the utmost coiifusinn. They irri/ J mediately asked him if he had enjoyfed fi, gttfid night’s rest, He replied in the affirriiaj '■;» tive. Well, mo wonder;” said fee < 10 #,^ “ for fefi ghost, instead of going to his usual place, ttjfide a mistake! came into dur rttorif- r - •• - - * — . and carried off every cfint of our money, \ij ,, Tbfi gaest without being In tlie Icart snspecteekjfil, fiuietly eat his breakfast, and departed firltlt/ his valuable treasure. Thd ahbVe may be relied on ai a ; author had it from the mouth fif fi yfiry :e- feblU aged nentleiuan iri ,Mafoafe%itti, •o 'M r spectfiblU aged gentleman in , Mafoatlfwfo to Whofe il wai reported by fefi '< pirSOri' htfe- self,—Ffififend Wreath. •• Jttill THE ' INSURE Y O U R .FffopRTt,?-. • u A’ penny saved ,i* J 'fetb-peficfi earned.’’—- Tlfe season of fiiysifoi^rt^ied. It If, there­ fore, the proper timWto!^fejri'ey‘feepoliciei \ ’ 'jltyZmi: hari'd' \Hestn wise of irisuroncej onrteives with these use- , if pdt, rehew them. enough to pro1 fill' Safe guarfe Td tbdfefe'S jerty fri* ■ your windows ? Tfo • ie srewre ‘ynttf property, you reply—property-fc;- , f ^ S ^ w nat'id*»rea fedr pro* few ? To: ; ilit'' i -v /} & • V . , in m k. ■m m ‘Mr'1

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