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from from May, 1 «kinr tlie ea& toobwrve, m i catise to observed,' foe Constitution of the Spanish monarchy, shell also awear to accomplish, and cause to fee accomplished the present law* The following are extracts papers o f later' dote: ■Vienna, M te I .-^Letters Constantinople of tbe 13th of are of * foort afflicting nature, if thiir d*tfol« may be believed. The Gttwd SeigmotV exasperated by the Morea land the Archi ago, bid ordered that all the mstiait churches in the capital bifid be destroyed. This order been immediately obeyed, with ■m excessive barbmfity. Sixteen cbhrches had beCta razed from the foundation. To a ^representation from the Rossian Ambassador that, tills Violence Would Offend all Chris- t<;ndc;p» the Ottortlan government re­ plied th a t « the Sultan was iforiter there, and the grievance had been dictated by reasons of state.” Intelligence had just before arrived that the Hidriots had captured forty vested freto Egypt* fodeb with cord. Adrianople witnessed another dreadful crime on the 9th of May. An Ex-Patriarch of Constantinople, three Creek bishops, and forty other Si erson? of that nation, had been pub- icly murdered. The Jews denounce the Greeks ta the Turks. Several Greeks who had endeavoured to pur­ chase the silence of the Jews, found themselves miserably deceived by those wretches. A report, not very prohnble, is in circulation, that the Hidriots have forced the Dardanelles with 56 ves­ sels, and are in possession of one of the c a stle^ > . The capital is in consternation. The fleet will certainly not put out to sea. The troops expected from Asia Minor do not arrive; those which have an appearance of leaving Constantinople, return at night, to pillage and assassinate. The Jiazars and shops arc closed, and as there is no longer any personal safety, all business has ceased. Madrid, Jane 4.-—Public tranquil­ lity Was disturbed the' day before yesterday. Au assemblage of na tional guards and of guards of the gate of St; Jerome, went to the Prince’s theatre, where they called furiously for new songof Trmd* ia Perm, and some other songs ; this demand was at length yielded to, and the; effervescence subsided. The intelligence received from the Erupecinado, as to the strengtli of the Merino, becomes, every day, more alarming. The war, carried on be­ tween them, is terrible. Each shoots the prisoners he makes; and the former, who is always for extremes, declares, that he will shoot the rela­ tives of those who may be with the Merino. The Cortes frequently hold extraordinary sittings. Pest, May 28.—The Post which arrived yesterday from Constantino­ ple brought no satisfactory accounts offoe state of that city ft Oth May] The fury of the Turks had abated may deprive the’Porte of the assist- ance Pari*, expected frdm Asia June 12.—Our Bayonne correspondent, dated 5th inst. an­ nounces, that Merino and his' band are stronger than ever. He has mow in his troop 400 cavalry wCll mount- ed. .A portion-of old Castile'is oc­ cupied by, this intrepid curate,' And it is thought, in Madrid, that be is a- bdut ilo |be declared out‘of the pale of the brw. A letter Troth Madrid of the 31st of May, states, that the Prior of the Convent of Dominican, irt which foe king has a private chapel has been arrested suspected of being the author of a plan of counter revo­ lution. - Naples, May 26’.-^Our sovereign has resumed the .reins of foe state. The functions o f the provisional go­ vernment have ceased. NEW-YORK, July 23. By the arrival at this port on Sa­ turday afternoon, jo( the ship Ann, Captain Crocker,*the editors of the duct of Harwrt incursions v as T Testilege aad MfVe -Wierwfoey «if Muchdofria has beep agitateSf b j ^iev^ral Jriufod insurrections#' At Drama .beep foifc is^pccepldd W p ik tisfocfion ; The eqm pjn# of the, Turkish \ *' - *• - - • ” •* isorders; i appearr d E b S i^M ether it ■pool df tito- 2 o f o ’ than before received at this port, and three flays later than were brought fleet but .. . will ever* sail. The’ Greeks have captured severalci'fopir^ vessels, apd a number more,' it s laid, baye beep given up by. the creWs-^u»ny of whom, were * Greeks. jTh* land forces are in the most wretched con­ dition. The Janissaries bate, made their voipe to bp heard, apci have threatened thembfirters andiiven the Sultan himself. /Thp pdimjfi?tratian sfop luyui. >«V «»*«.»'Pfuslet, IS immediately extfet, Strangled, dr tfe- to Boston; via St. John’s. Owing to capitated. f( AU trafle : * L cehsod betwefen the gome mistake, we have not received I Isles of the. Archipelago and Con- \ Wees have been vessels npder the since the disposition of the Vizier, but there was still some fears of new excesses. The Greek inhabitants of Con­ stantinople are endeavouring, as much as possible, to escape by night, and a considerable number had suc­ ceeded. They go to the Archipe- lago. Portsmouth June 0 .—Arrived this evening, the Tees, 26 guns, Captain 0. Rennie, from the Isle of France; she left St. Helena the 16th April. Bonaparte was understood to be very .ill with, the dropsy whpia the. T m sailed^ From the Boston Patriot . It is mentioned that seven Hano­ verian horses bad arrived from the Continent, which were to act a part in the coronation; which was to take place on the 19th Of July. The Algerine Corsairs are disman­ tled ih port. The Dey has declared, that be would not commit any hos­ tility against other powers unless they should first molest his flag. Letters from Naples of the 9th June state, that 8 QOO Austrians are ;abput to embark for Sicily. “-Tto'repo defeated the Turkish squadron is com ii sport of the Hydriots having .firmed. General Eiio was condemned' to - death on the 20 th of May, by the Preliminary Tribunal of Valencia.' •He is to be strangled after being first degraded. We ( are not acquainted with the issue'ojf the troubles at Smyrna.* The ^onscipfeuces resulting from them our regular and usual supply of pa­ pers ; but* our summary and extracts probably embrace every thing Of in­ terest that had transpired up to the time the Ann sailed. The affairs of the Porte, and foe, continued efforts of the Greeks to shake off the iron yoke pf the mussel- men, are of course the first objects of interest. There is a probability that the excesses of the Turks—the mur­ der of the- venerable bead of the Greek Church—and' otYier atrocities which have deluged the streets of Constantinople with blood, will in­ duce Russia and AustrijjL to abandon their neutrality with regard to this contest. In this event, the.whole of European Turkey innst fall; as. A- lexander has the power, and we need apt think he wants the disposition, to march direct to Constantinople. This event will not secure to Greece her independence; but even if re­ lieved from the inhuman cruelties of the Turks, and divided between Russia and Austria, they will be am­ ply repaid for the exertions they have made, sutd the Whole Christian world will have cause to' rejoice!” Such an augmentation of the power of Alex­ ander, will doubtless increase the jealousy with which he is already- viewed, especially by England. It is certain that this conflict is growing more and more important in the eyes of all Europe; and we do not find that even the London Courier speaks of it with that air of contempt which we noticed a few weeks ago. One paragraph which we have ex­ tracted, says, that the tragical death of Ali Pacha seenrfs to be confirmed; but another account equally late, says, the Pacha of Janina continues to reside in his castle which is besieged, [by the Turks we pre­ sume.] At Constantinople nil is upon the qui vive 1 Partial murders continue to be perpetrated; and in the event of any intelligence ’disastrous to the Turks arriving, they will assuredly again cause streams of Christian bipod to flow. The Servians are organising them­ selves, and are repairing from all quarters,.under the colours of their chiefs. ,SjlVeral engagements have already taken place on the frontiers between them and the Bosnians. Ypsilanti retired to a formidable position, and was occupied in disci- pffiring-itna «Jferttslng'•^ir,'Ifo^5priIS, the European mode, for the purpose of opposing, with a decided advan­ tage, the Turkish bunds, if they should venture to cross the Da­ nube. ' The city of Adrianople has been the theatre of carnage, under the pre­ text that the former patriarch, Cyril, who lived there in retirement since his abdication was an agent of Russia. The Ulemas'demanded his life, and he was hanged without a trial at the gate of the city, as also three bish­ ops, aud the heads of the most opu­ lent Greek families. All the wealthy Christians have been murdered. The bishop,*-resident at Eno, bad -just time to escape. The monks at Mount Athos were in the greatest alarm. Bulgaria and the defile pf Mount HetaOs was filled with parties of Bui gariau 9 , who massacre all the Turks out, of revenge far the murder of the patriarch Gregory, and .the holy or­ thodox synod. The Montenegrins, under the con statinople. Adi'Iccs tove bee^i ceived that, Greek flag are cruising in the re- vesrel saiM, not forty Jrtffcms were found in lb* ;ean sea, so as to cut oU all communica­ tion with Egypt, and neither corn nor rice can be i-eceived. In England splendid preparations are continued for the Ring’s corona­ tion, and jus journey talreland. Thirteen Irishman have been tried and found guilty o f having commit- £?• r t ‘ b4 S S i S V Sd o f June. Oue ol tlfe- witnesses, acquamiea, the beadle of the phri&h, stated, that there, were 1000 Irishmen fighting, and brickbats fle“/ about just like crows. t- Gn the 13th of June the king gave lis anniversary entertainmejit.to the Juvenile Branclieo of the rigbility, gentry, and persons ofdistincflon. Severalsplendid entertainments lave lately ^beetr given by the nobili­ ty. The Duke of Wellington gave one at his house in* Piccadilly, -toil the anniversary of tfefe’battle of Water- oo. . U- A painful and interesting discussion has-, takpti 4 J>J§ef(, j4 - Lords on the conduct of? one bf the; irelates of the established church, Letters from Bombay, state,. that twenty ships have been taken up by tile vigilant Governor, on board of which 6000 troops are embarked, destined to the Persian Gnlph, t 6 re- jair tbe disaster suffered by the sur- irise of the detachment left by Sir Wm. Keir under the direction of a Frow tit* St* Th/mm ^Rmti a t ' June 29. . '»J Sf. Taouxs ,JtSm 29$ Tbe fast-sailing schooner Water- loo urrived here on Tuc«Ifty.4ast from La Guyra, in the e*traordhwi% quick tasuuge of four days, bringiiU' oveir tOi^r«A emigrantt, <from iw*m be-fcaru-'xhaf accotmtr MnibaHrre- ceiVed Aete of the odvabce of the lndfpendent troops tmdev thecom^ mand bf General, Bsralndes, smdthelr occupation of the subarbs of Uarrac- cos, while, at the same time, tbe roy­ alists were in the city. Such being foe posture of affairs up to the latest advices, it was therefore concluded foe forme* bad entered foe Gapitol, and that the king’s troops had re­ treated into foe interior. In conse­ quence Of those evertfsj end that of numbers of foe Blacks having, es­ poused foe cause of the BMepeqn dents, the Commandant of L^Goy* ra Came tothOresolutidp off.pV&Cbat-’ o*i Friday last, when liot a single in dividual was permitted to remain be hind. The garrison and inhabbfots having been received on board foe vessels in the harbour, foe whole got under weigh, and (with the exception of foe Waterloo, and three vessels bound to Curacpa) procee. ied fo. Puerto, Cabello, under co^oy o f if Spanish, frigate. We have been putJg pOssession. of bulletins Nos. 1 , 2 of the In­ dependent Army bj^Pperatioos be­ fore Coro, previousto its capture: and should they contain any particu­ lars of that eveifo <#ifo which« oftr readers have not afrikdy hyen made we will give the transla­ tion of their contents in our next. By an article under the Curacoa head, our readers Will perceive that a general engagement was fot the eve of taking place between foe main armies of tlie contendinftfogties on from this city of two ......... soldier* to defend foe pieces t^.% many offoe Royal troapa lfoff df4cj^-- ed and gone otf? to foe is foeir sitBai&n, foat t% .c!> cucb . tain foe shipping by taking \fods* crewa to defend foe townj; and cvea a ship l^en^^ifo,§0Ofo)O.dQl!^ l7 detained in port, by foe crew betas liken for the defojnce o f tbe fdace* 3& said foat foere mpneysmdprppfjrty i t belonging to BMaxbants. and bm??? fosiding ber^%14ibwiir offbelort foe plaee frills into foe bonds-of foS Patriots. Tfre Chamber 0 ^ ^ - ^ - merce is called, and afo to afternoon to dete|infoe wksri I§ .fo-nS done under present circumstaitcj?*, a savannah , Juiyt<>. . Horrid Murder.—About mjdcilgbt pn Sunday last, a wffoe man oqmcii Saunders,diving I7mi!«^up foeAn- gusta.'road, Was. foot dead bis touse by a negro follow, supposed to jelong to a Mr. Brown, ir^ oE about str and, knowo by th^nfc^; o f foe back doo? %theMaw;*;0#r^\l3 le opened it be received the qfoitghto . of a musket or fowling piece;*dfolfoj lead, and dropped dead oh foQrbsd iVotti whence he had justr|se&,;t$rid . where lay his wife and folee isfant Children. ' ' On Mrs. Saundere’ screaming, tho .taken young man. Accounts have been received at St. Petersburgh, from Billinghausen, who commands the.Russian expedi­ tion for the discovery of a continent at the South. Iu lat. he disco vered fopee isbnd|^coyered with snow; and oneerw^mwM a Volca- noe from which a vast bddy o f smoke issued. Captain B. states that he found no trace of an Ansjtrol Con­ tinent; but even supposing one to exist, he is of opinionv that it must be so covered wifo snow as to be, completely inaccessible. General Count Stackelbqrg has been deputed Ambassador Extraor­ dinary, by his Imperial Majesty the 'Emperor of Russia, to attend at foe Corouationof his Mojes. His Serene Highness Prince Paul Esterhazy, sen. is'deputed by his Majesty the Enmefor of^Atotria, to attend He Z m W was, io m m j a r yt&ftt 15 th, on Ills wajr to j^glandl • There is uothing -in foe English papers^ Confirming- the ’iepbrt about the death; of Bonaparte, unless it be the foltoiring frfoa foe Guardian of the 17th fJque ; ^ ‘^Thete*vtiks| a sto­ ry on the'Exchahge, bn Wednesday, that Bohaparte is, dead, which had some effect on thefonds.” ; N o r w a y .—The Differcqfies be­ tween the, Norwegian Diet, and foe King of Sweden continue,r , ••arnei- , '$ORFGf,Kf July 17. Extract o f d lt(t$r kenUman in S*. 10^14 “ Wehave * ------- _ . . . recdlyjeq intelligence of La Guyra and flb city of Cpiraccas having been .ifgain captured by foe the Maine; foat such place we have no advices, hat ere this it is highly probable that a-battle has beeb fought. The Congress of Columbia was installed on the 6 th May last in Ro­ sario de Cacuta. The people of Paraguana, on foe Venezuelan coast, declared them dlvjes/rge aMfowlairoed foeir Inde­ pendence on'foe night onfoc 3d May, without the least accident having oc­ curred on foe occasion. C ubacoa , June 16* The bulletin No. 3, of the Inde­ pendent Army of .Operations against Coro, which was taken on foe llfo May, without any loss by the Inde- dendents, states that Lieut. Colone Yehauspe, who had fled to the inte­ rior, returned with his division oi 250 men to embrace the cause of Co­ lumbia. The , arrivals during foe Week from Puerto Cabello bring accounts from thence to the 9 th inst. It ap­ pears foat General Morales arrivct at Valencia from Caraccas, on-foe evening of Sunday last, accompanies by foe regiment 'from Burgos, One the cavalry with which be enterec Caraccas. The Coluinbiait forces had advanced as far as San Carlos, where, it is stated, Bolivar and Paez had formed a junction. No genera engagement had taken place up to this date offoe last advices, but foe Spaniards were concentrating al their forces, and the letters add, “ an action was momently expected take place, which probably woulc decide tbe fate offoe province. llxtract of a letter from Santa Mar - • --tifci&ifotiWfltir,\ “ The Governor of 'CatlJmgeua, previously to foe armistice' being broken, despatched to Gandatno, Captains Perez, and Herrera, with fifty soldiers of Leon, and Other forces, convoyed by five vessels of war, for the purpose of surprising foe Independent forces in Lovioa, on foe coast of Carthagena, and burning their gunboats and villages; They were received after disembarkation, y foe Independents at the point of :he bayonet, leaving 84 dead, and a much greater number of prisoners; Ail foe flotilla, consisting of41 boats, were taken,. This pews cansed.-«Qch the troops mutinied tw?.e,. and various persons of respectability in that place were confined.” lellow who had entered .tljp.hause, seized her by the forOat, and seating ter on a bench, threatened that she; should share the fateof her hosbarjd, if she stirred or made the least naica .^ and in this situation she was obliged to remain for a quarto* of an b^Cr, while he was searching for plunder. He firsbfecurod wejl tlm^q«t 3 ?.dcc 3 ^ opening into the pu -lic road, tiienlit a fire from a smoking pot foat was in the house, and with the greatest coolness and deliberation, proceeded on his search for- money. Eilidjfjg but two dollars he became ensoged against the terrified woman, nsd threatened her with instant dKflftif she did not discover more, or tcIbkuA wjiere foe- pocket book was. however, found them empty, tmti' then demanded “ foe two Watches ” and with these and foe two dollars departed through foe back door. The poor woman, whose agony for her husband’s melancholy fate had that of her sleeping cbildren,-wasiiot? left a preyto the dreadful feolipge hee seeene which th sc before her waseal* culated to inspire. . . The murderer is-Well known on foe Augusta road, and it is believed-’will soon be apprehended. . The circum­ stances must stimulate to extraordi­ nary vigilance in pursuing him, Ht? is a stout made man, and is.supposed tp be foe same who knocked, a black boy off his horse and robbed hifci Of his saddle bags foe afternoon beforS. He is sqid toliave been recently Cjn? ployed on foe middle grontld r p i^ of Effingham house for'Low, Wallace distressed widow says, that eha.jKil seen him before, aad that he at her house not long, slnccj'/^ehca she supposes he discovered 1 I .-2 watches hanging over the. chimcoy- piece. , w 1 t So horrid a transaction has seldom occurred in our community, and wd sincerely hope, that before fois time the murderer ih in foe hand? of jaS- tice.— Pep. s * \ , . Quick tPotk.-r, Tfre Ak»msdri.a (Mississippi) Herald, of Jttftd states, that “ oft1 Thursday - foe 7fo of that mo«fo.^ % ^ f y ig f < . man, the property 'of M f.; WBfotKli of that to,wn, was iaerdcre#M>'-|?i5, a slave belonging to Esq. Bob was tried on * Bfptff ay last, by the Parish Judge andfou? cf foe most ’ respectable citizens /of \ 7 ar parish, foujqd guilty, and bR|t;¥C»;| t» be hanged oti Thursday . followifog^ which was accordingly done.” iVoaM such an* extraordinary- despatsffein foe proceedings of so impertantac^j, Patriot corps pndcr GeneralBerm: dez, a number of, cmtiWants ‘ arrivi here from 1 4 ult. in the ;jEn loo, who -.report beett evacakted, foie 28th Water- place to have; at tlio time foe Extract fois/1 dated Batiana, June “ Since yhsterday iborning, foe been Ina sfote df kb little alarm, hy a despatch fofoti Verb Gr«s, requiririga reinforcement frave taken place if a white tnaa had the murder ? committed' CommcrefalJifa . M d a n c ty ly o c e u n e f c e ^ ^ f r W g T ],-j ncpieyi afternooprBfar.'Cbarife^ ... ton, jun. and hislady fbdI.bl®-tQfco country, arid took with fofoa % about five weeks .ald-^in- jfodr.ub- sence, a black girl* aged' fear(cat years, who had res.id.ad in foci^hoa^s tily of ... ....wlfofo ttirtt, tfrh mofoer gave, as foe,j50ppos^!|tohrifo^Batto her, infant; imraMatcSy'kftsi ik e

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