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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, August 19, 1862, Image 6

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To Robert P . Parroti, f .s h e l l s and other projectiles fur- j And y e t G e n . L e e presum e s lo rebuke t h e F e d e r a l nisbad (lie state, eight thousand four hundred and seventy j Government- for i t s disregard of the usages o f “ civil- l'T o ’l’h n ^ r ',ph(d|!s'1 tlwcts' thousand dollars, on the recom -1ij!cd w a r f a r e . ” No w o n d e r G e n . H a iled; r e t u r n e d inundation of A z a riah Pingg, H illard Fillm ore, W a shington ! h is im p u d e n t m e s s a g e as too s c u r r i l o u s and to o insult- H im t , (John 0. W r ig h t, Lorenzo Burrow s, Jam e s M. C o o k ,’ Q u e e n s County A w a k e ! T h is county- seem s at last to have awakened to tlic Lorn D a u iago b y L ig h tn in g . ; Island lias had f r e q u e n t showers for a m outh w h o havo a l l Sandford 13. Olmrcli nnd BeDcrt Dcnniston respectively held the office of comptroller of this state nnd iu recognition ef the faithful services of tiie said Phillip Phelps, as d eputy in the said comptroller’s■ office, for move than thirty years past, and as compensation for the Btime in addition to the amount heretofore received tiy lam. ing for reply. T h e C o m p a r a t i v e M i l i t a r y S t r e n g th U n ion . i i k ! the R e b e l l i o n . “ W c propose to show,” says th e N. Y. E v e n i n g Post, “ by com p u tations arithm e tically exact, that The proviso attached tu the grant of one thousand five I . / .* , indeed dollars to the Children's Friend Society in the city tao r e b e ls now in arm s avo inferior to us m n u m b ers, and to place before onr readers a statem e n t which will dem o n strate th a t ive ought by this time to have put them down e flbctually; nnd wc do this hy way of making it clear that, if we take th e proper course, th e r e is n o ground o f despondency for tho future. Ttio total imputation of U h > slave stated I s ................................ 12,200,29S Doduct slaves ..................................................................... 8,950,DU « frtii colored........................................................... 207,731— L81S.315 lm n d . . «f Albany, uudor chapter two hundred and sixty two of Die le v a of die la v a of eighteen hundred nnd sixty-one is hereby repealed, $ I . T h ii a c t shall UVe e ffect im m c d iatoly. Ifif i or StV Fvkk, I GUW of the Secretary «f State. $ {fjav# compared the preceding wUU tiie orlqtyu1 I m on ftlo lu Hits oftloc, ami do certify Hint tlio same is tt correct transcript therefrom and oi tltu wiiulo of saiti origiiml. HORATIO IULT.ARD, Scavlary of Slate. - T U E S D A Y , A U G . 10, IfiOii. I 3 f “ L e t u s h a v e f a i t h t h a t e i g h t m a k e s M IG H T ; AUD IU THAT FAITH LET US, TO THE END, D.VIIE TO DO OUR DUTY, AS WE UNDERSTAND IT .”— Abraham Lincoln. F o r e v e r float t h a t Standard S h e e t! W h e r e b r e a th e s thc foe hut falls before us ? W ith F reedom ’s soil beneath our feet, A n d F reedom 's Banner stream ing o’er us ! U n ion S t a te C o n v e n tio n . A t tv mooting of tho Republican nml Legislative 1 ’iiion CommlUcos, li«M ut tho Delovnn House, In the clly of Albany, July 23tl, 1862, tho following resolutions were adopted : Resolved, To a t n Vrilou State Convention be In-Id at BYRACl’SK, on WEDNESDAY, tin) 24th tUy or SEJTEMIJER. I«ti2. al twelve, noon, for tho nomination cf Governor, Lloiilonnnt-Governor, Canal Commis­ sioner, Inspector of SLUo Prisons and Clerk of the Court nr Appeals, to ho supported a t tlio n ext November election, ami that all Republicans, all P«inocrat.s aud all loyal cUl7.\nB snsporlers of tho polity ot* tlic Ad* Ministration In a vigorous prosecution of the war for putting down re* bolllon, aud responding to tho principles and policy set forth in tho ad­ dress and resolutions adopted at the mooting of the Republican and Union members of th® legislature, held at Albany, April 18th, 1802, nro invited to uuilo In the election o f tiireo Delegate* from each Asrvm bly District to such Coimutioiu Resolved, That vvo recommend lltal in all County and Assemble Dis­ tricts, where there are Republican and Union District IVmntiUees, that they unite iu one call, nnd th a t in those Counties and RiatricU where there is but ono Committee, tbe ConreMiou for thc election oflMegratea be called l>y that CmumilUe, r.Brciu.twx owmittkb . SIMEON DRAPER, WM. H. KERRY. •JAMES KEU.Y, JA8. TFRW1LL1GER, ISA .4(7 SffElMfAX, JAS. K. ftATf^, ,7. JI. STEDinXX, n. ROARD.MA.V, CHAU1.ES JONES. G»>. W. KRNST, n . c. mgToumick, s. v. pavskll, J7. II. MU A.S’, s. T. NAVY, O. Jt. RICHARDS, C. J . FojjGflt, «H0. u . SHAUR, 8. c. CtAVlT. >VM. A. WHEELER, R. WHEELER, V M , A. HART, AY. 1* SISK IN S , URIAS CL PARIS, WILKES AKtiEL. I-W.ltUTlVK COMM1TIRK. LYMAN TRKMAJN J R. Yf. JEDEON. j. s. r. sriim iiA X , ai . ex . cami ' rklj ., F.IiWARD DODD, J 1). L T()U.Krr, a i . onzo wood , f n. v . kogkks , W . 8. LINCOLN, JL M. MADDEN, « . N. It. LERWNGTOJT,. V. M. GRINNKIX, f V. W.4«WvRf W. R. BONHAM. Making free w h i t o s . . . . , ............................................ S,041,9511 “ Of these 12,260.208 (hero a r e in Delaware, -Mary­ land, K entucky, Missouri and T e n n e ssee, of loyal or neutral f ree while inhabitants, say .1,.520,(129. D educt these, and wc h a v e left, of disloyal persons, or p ersons ia disloyal states, 4,912,354 “ H e re reb e ls m u st reDy lo re c r u it (lie arm y —an aggregai o f but little over four millions and a half of w h ite in­ habitants. Thc voters, or males of-twenty-one years and over, in this population, aro One In six or.....................................................................................‘752.569 To which add youths Lkoly to enlist or .subject to d r a ft., 160,000 necessity of m a k ing an effort to (ill up h e r quota in past and some of unusual severity. On T u e sday last, tlic army hy v o lunteers, instead of resorting to a draf t. i a p,ollt midday, the clouds in the north-w est gave indi- H eetings have been held in nparly e v e ry toivn in t h c J cations of a storm , and before two o clock it sw ept county and larg e sum s raised as bounties for those ' o v e r tlio Island from Flushing taking a south-easterly who are willing to e n list in (he service o f their coun- [direction ami most o f it passing just cast ol Jam a ic a , try. ' |T h c lightning and thunder was terrific. Considerable | North Ilem p stend was thc first town, w o b e l i e v e , ; dam age was done. where special b o u n ties w ero given. A m e e ting was! JUr. Abni. A . Hendrickson of Springfield, (this town) held, as noticed in o u r last, ami the patriotic c itizens, iost his barns and gathered crops, liis barn was iu a few days, subscribed upw ards of §8,000 for th a t j struck by lightning and w a s instantly on fire. Ono purpose, and t h e y now give §50 bounty t o each m a n ^horse was killed, and about 50 tons of hay, consider#- who will volunteer. blc’grain and a large quantity of farming im p lem ents Afr. Benjamin .4. lYillis, a n enterprising young m a n , jw e ro consumed. T w o m e n in the burn at the tim e is g etting up a c o m p a n y to bocomimimteil by himself, [threshing were somewhat stunned, but escaped witli- and in less than one week he enrolled upwards of -10 | out serious injury. M r . II. was insured about 8700 on men and had them placed i n camp. | buildings ami a b o u t £=1,000 ou contents. At H e m p stead a m e e tin g was held on W ednesday T h e house o f Thos. AV. T o m p k ins, d e c ’ll.,.at Queens, evening last, um l about 80,000 was subscribed, an d ;t h i s town, was also struck b a t not set on fire. T h e £50 nnd twenty acres of P lain land was voted to b e (]00r an(; window fram e s w e r e badly torn and scat- given to each v o lu n teer. JVe understand th a t eleven tcrcd. persons signed t h c ro ll on tb o spot. j M r. Joseph O . Skilltniin o f Black Slump, lost a line Oyster b ay has gone to work in cam -st and in a S|.lt.]; 0p whc:it. The fluid struck the stack polo and “ H e ro wc h a v e tho entire population on which the | niam‘c r tllat lvil! got m en i f they arc to b e had. A , ,|1C ,v|10ie ,vos b u rned in a f e w minutes. ate | m w 'tm -\ 'vas lleld at -Norwich, u iiieli was very larg e j T |, e F la s h in g Juurm d says tlio storm w a s very and enthusiastic. Addresses were made b y John J . |activ e in that tow n . “ A larg o locust tree n e a r flic Arm strong, Hsq., of this village, l lo it.K . 1. Beach and ■ residence o f Mr. Jam e s Law rence at F resh M eadow, others, after which it was unanim ously resolved to ; >ras struck and s h iv e r e d into tooth p iek s - f r a g m c n ts pay seventy-five dollars to each m a n who would v o l- 10p d lC (rce going hurled hundreds of f e e t from th c u n tcer for tlireo years or during the war, and fifty jim n lt, or roots. In the history of sim ilar events t h e r e MiOiiiif,' iiio total number of whit-- aiai-*-s ................................ »02,35fij d o llars to each m a n w ho would volunteer to serve [ is 110t))i||g (o com pare wiili th c com plete destruction “ This, our renders will perceive, is tivo or th r e e j n ine m o n ths under the last call o f the President. I t ) sustaincd hy tlir tree iu question. Two locust tre e s hundred thousand less than the n u m b e r of men called j was resolved farther that a special town m e e ting1 rcsUlenco of H r . H e n ry S a it were also s t r u c k for by our governm ent nt different tim es, including should ho called for tb e purpose of raising twenty i aIuy scrcrcly lianclled.'’ tlio recent requisitions. Of these 902,559, certainly J thousand dollars f o r the above purpose, by t a x . T h t'J , . ---------- n o t more than one-half, and probably sot more than Supervisor was d ir e c ted to borrow the above-named j F ir e ! F jre !! Finn ; ! ! —VMe would c a ll the attcn - sum on tho credit of t h e town. Subscriptions w e re: tion o f our readers fo t h e num b er offices w c have had called for, a n d a s u m of over 520,000 was im m e d iate-. in this vicinity within t h e past few months, thc g r e a t e r ly raised. Ten m e n enrolled their names a t onee, I p a r t o f them caused by lightning, a special m e a n s by and claim ed the bounty. -Mr. Franklin Coles and 31 r . i which we are all liable to sutler. I t is h a r d f o r us to W illiam Cauldwcll have each ofiercd a bounty lo r e -: hear o f a farmer losing ail h i s summer's labor in an em its e n listing in t h e I r a H a rris L ight Cavalry, now ihour, still there is a sa feg u a r d against that, and stationed at C u lpepperC o u rt House, Va. th e r e fore it calls f o r no p ity, lloiv many o f (lie poor- .lam a ie a lias been very quiet for some tim e past, c r class have been turned out o f their homes, w ithout but she is g etting waked up t o n sense of h e r duty, (a dollar in their p o c k e ts and hardly clothes to their sss .- mo jand we think a good account w ill lie shown when the jbacks, now le t every m a n (rich or poor) look to his JY e have, in this slatem f n t, allow ed more, largely enlistm ents shall c e a s e and tbe draft commences. A p r o p e rty, let him s e e th a t liis h o u se, barns, and house- for the resources o f the r e b e ls iu proportion to th e i r meeting has been called for W ednesday (to-morrow) Yield goods aro all insured, it costs hut a trifle, and population than we should h ave allow e d for our ow n afternoon, at 2 o’clock, in Union H a il Academy, to .every m an who lias a family should certainly b e pro- t take- m easures to r a ise money fo reM ra bounty and Aided lu this way. Any p erson wishing insurance can also to encourage enlistm ents. The meeting w ill be i h e accomodated by m ilking application personally or a large and enthusiastic onc, we doubt not, and w c be- ■ by letter to Sam’l. S . A y m a r o r Hiehnrd I). Alliger of lieve everything will lie done to get t h e patriotic men j this village. Also applications for Life Insurance, to enlist. It is understood that the town of Jam aica (which is the greatest proviso a man can m ake for his will give 85U bounty. T h e bounties given b y th e : family) received hy I t . D. A iligor. several towns, llio render will h e a r in mind, nro in ad- one-third have been forced under arm s. But Sity ono-huir,. AJil volunteers fiom KoulucUy ami oilier s u o s rtoi otn of tbo Union, probably ........................................................... Total ................................................... ........................ from these tiod«nu lulled, iroun«J*;tl, i>rh*on#rs, absent, uufll for duly, vn four—U>« luunbwr in au army v* uuatly one in two—s a y , , ........... . . .................. . .................. I.)»diKt nKThli'aj fit frr duty ............................................. I/caving a lolal actin' forco, lei* all piirjiosvs, nf, possil'lt 431,270 06-VCO 30,000 in a like estimate* T h a t the num b e r here given is g r e a t e r than the reality, we have, a s wc stated on the Gth o f August, unquestionable testim o n y , which we a r e not allowed to disclose. tVe then g a v e as a fact of of w h ich we w w e not perm itted to doubt, that the ef­ fective force of the rebels has never at any tim e since the beginning of the war exceeded t h r e e hundred and lift v thousand m en. D eaths, sickness, wounds and M ion to those heretofore published. T h e sums a vol-! S-.o^'I bo people a r e determ ined to attend the Y a r Cl b e j'ore ‘Jlectiu g to-morrow, and consequently the stores in C n . Lee ©n “ Savfttrr Practices.” A p ickpocket declaim ing against larc e n y ; a liar e x ­ pounding the beauties o f truth-telling ’, a harlot e n ­ joining c h a s t i t y ; a drunkard haranguing on tem p e r ­ ance,—arc b u t feeble parallels to Jeff. Davis and his creatu r e s lecturing our governm ent on tlio “ B a rbari­ ties of W a r.” AVas anything ever so impudent as tbe m issives of G e n . L e e to Gen. Ilalleok, protesting against th c orders o f P c p c a n d the proclamations o f th c President ? Bid insolence and m endacity e v e r at­ ta i n such dizzy heights before 1 H e a r tho foul- m o u thed and biazen-frontcd traito r :— Tbo President Mho .nstrucUmo to loforw you lint wc r««ur.ce our rlgbtof retaliation on Hie innocent, nud will conllmu to (rent tbopri* v a t t soldiers of G«saral fope’i army us prUoatrs of war. BvjV If, after nolico lo your govorsment, wq coufin* ropresslTC n tasnref to tke ptm- IsIiMOtA of cotmnUslomtlct&cori, who mo ready willing pnrtinpnnts la (1iM6 CfinMP, (ho M vij* prt<Uct» UircaUmcA In tlm onlore alluded, to bo rers'.r.tod In. wo tlwll nlifciant!? bo forced lo ihe tail resort of accepting tho war on the I rmi chosen .by our oncmle.*, until th* toIm •vf an ostrsg*d liumanRj sbaU toinuol a rorptct L?r lbs r«co£tilz«d ut*- •gWR of \ter., In the same scurrilous naanifesto lie speaks o f Gen. P e p e and his officers as “ robbers and murders,” to be treated as felons and not a s public enem ies. Shall “ r e luctantly b e forced to (lie last resort o f ac­ cepting t h e war o n Ihe term s chosen b y our e n e m ies” ! And this from m en vrlioso hands a r e red with the blood of in n o c e n t citizens! This from a b and o f m o r­ al desperadoes w h o h a v e blackened their souls with every c rim e denounced in t h e decnlogue! This from m e n who h a v e system a tically ignored' the usages of civilized w a rfare and m a d e murder and rapine the business o f th e ir lives f T h is from tiiose who have exhibited their contem p t f o r all tliat go'-d m en ch e r ­ ish by putting to sham e the barbarities of Indian Se­ poys ! “ Savage practices” indeed! Y’hy they liavo been th c m eat a n d drink of th e rebels ever since the w ar broke o u t . ' T h e bogus Confederacy is bottom ed in rapine. E v e ry fibre o f Us p ir a te flag is stained with blood. E v e ry incident o f its dishonored life is marked, by crim e. I t w as begotten i* Treason,, baptized in Perjury, c o n firm e d in 3 1 a id e r . ' “ Savage practiced” ! Look at East Tennessee!— Look at Memphis and Netv O rleans! Look a t Texas nnd Southern K e n tu c k y ! M inisters o f the Gospel hung to the n e a r e s t tre e for preaching tlic Union.— M en shot down lik e dogs b e c a u s e they refused to sw ear allegiance t o a traitorou* government. Thousands of the m o st honored citizens o f the land thrown into loathsom e dungeons because they would not betray itliO flag of t h e i r fathers. W om en nnd children sub­ jected to every outrage th a t brutality could inflict be cause t h e i r ;luiib;uid* and fathers would not tu r n r e b ­ a t e other causes must have reduced it far below th a t | uatc-er enlisting from this village w ill am ount, and he would be a bold m an who, possessed ' leaving t h e State a r e of a l l the inform ation which it is p o ssible to obtain in these latitudes, should lake upon h im self to atlirm th a t the r e b e ls have m ore tlmu two hundred and fifty thou­ sand effective men under arm s. “ T h e r e arc to-day, of Union men in th e field, n o t a man less than 275,000 mcu, with not f e w e r absentees fit f o r duty than (15,000. This is no random estim ate, but a s exact a statem e n t as can this f o r c e wc do not include a sitegle i'5l> from the town of Jam aica, 823 “ “ county of Q u e e n s , 850 “ state of New Y o rk, 825 “ “ G o v ernm ent of t h e United tilates, 813, one month's pay, in advance, Stoking a Iota/ of$I0J, Wo tru s t some arrangem o n t w ill b e made, nt j the village will be closed during ternoon. a portion o f tlic af- no rando m estim ate, n o tr u s t som e arrangem o n t w ill b e made, n t (lie1 y ^ . , well lie given. In m e e ting to-morrow, tow ard the su p p o r t of tho f u m i - j ^ , in soldier of t h e ‘ b u s of those who volunteer. T f e know several who u, H o w t o E v a d e t h e D r a f t — I'uu-. A d v ic e to t h e X i . h i d . — As thoreappcars t o he a class ofimlividuals in our midst who a repainfu ly exercised in mind a h o u tthe d r a ft which they expect w ill soon he made upon the j people, a careful perusal b y them ef that portion of . A d jutant-G eneral I lillh v u s e 's o rd e r which enum e rates the grounds upon which eh based, will teaeli them Ihe m a im e r iu which they can roun d s upon which claim s f o r exemption may he 100,000 m en of tlic rebel effective troops. A mighty forec th is—form idable, almost irresistible, if ably and skilfully wielded, without any addition o f numbers.— Can a n y naan doubt th a t, by the aid o f these troops and a ll th a t originally made a part of the loyal armies, if directed in th e ir first vigor and ardor against the enem y , w ith the requisite enterprise and rapidity of m o v em ent, we m ight b e fore tins have i.nih'.lated the rebellion? Can it be d o u b ted th a t with h a lf Hie num­ ber of additional troops recently called for we might overrun tlic rebel provinces and crush tb e life out of the Confederate governm ent I “ By rapidity of movem ent the rebels h a v e effected all that they have yet been ab le to do in keeping the rebellion alive. -They have acted on a m a x im some­ what lik e a m ercantile one, th a t tb e nim b le sixpence is b e tter than thc slow shilling. An arm y o f a hun­ dred thousand, inrncenvrc.d w ith skilful celerity, may effect m o r e than twice thc nm n b a r under a sluggisii com m a n d e r.” thc bills, tho hour having b e e n ch a n g e d by thc com- and bones calling itself a m a n need skedaddle to parts I m ittce. unknown. General I iillh o u s c lias s e ttled th a t m a tter. T h e N e w O r t i f f s ' llcTj’e c H n s 11: f D r a f f . \ J ° ' \ a ^ * derip° 7 ° f - s5l? v i Ve th e ffhit0 fcath T h e orders of tbe W a r D e p a r tm e n t and those of: ’ h t s llcccss:lrT f°r Him t o do to procure tbe tho Adjutant General o f tbe s ta te , definitely s e ttle th e ! c c r t ‘*'icale °I some unconscionable 31. D., setting period which a draft will he m a d e . The issue of;*°rlb be ' 3' c ‘Yior nu “ idiot’ or a “ lunatic,” or advances and bounty ceased after the 15th inst., e x - j b°^b ’ ^ \l03S1')le. Jo h n Jo n e s ought to be as grateful c e p t lo those who enlist for old regim e n ts and those “ ,° ^ e n e r u l llilihouse a s unlim ited gratitude itself. If who volunteer for now regim e n ts now organizing.— l ^ am Jenkins, Jikc liis prototype John Junes, is too T h e bounties to (lie latter c lass iviil cease on the 2 2 d ., IIU’,C^ ° f a coward to r a n th e risk o l being drafted, lot and all regim ents incom p lete hy th a t tim e will be consolidated. T h c draft will positively b e made oir tlic 1st o f Septem ber. B y botli orders the quota fo r the state will ho a p ­ portioned among the counties and each p r e c in c t cre d ­ ited wilh the num b er of men it has furnished. T h u s him tu r n “ pauper,” a n d produce public evidence o f bis indigence. A certificate to t h a t effect would b e a splendid “ d o d g e ” for A ir. Jenkins, It Judas Johnson is down on t h e w ar and does not blam e thc South for “ striking for their rights,” and don't w ant to fight against JelK Davis, let him indutuc tlio draft need not be m a d e g e n e r a l throughout t h e | - r c c ^ *n ^ crscJ lightning, a n d ,a f t e r becomin, _ llim tr> la iiiAntn-1 n n.l .,>.#^,1', . -?jl 1.. I i> | L a lcst Ncivs. H a rrisou’s Landing lias 130011 evacuated. A large p a r t of t h e arm y lias been w ithdraw n from tboposi. tion by w a y of F o r t r e s s M o n roe, and the residue haj m arched a o ross t o lU illiam sburgh, w h e re it will pro. | b ably m a k e its w a y to Yorktown or some othcr-con. 1 v e n ient p lace of shipm e n t. All tho guns a n d all the cam p equipage h a v e been safely rem o v e d . T h e attack 011 t h e r e b e ls upon B a ton ltouge on tho m o rning o f th e 6 tli of A u g u s t re s u lted in th e ir com­ p lete repulse, w ith heavy loss, T lic rebel General L o v e ll is r c p o r t p d among th e k i l l e d ; also, General B u g g ies, B reckinridge him self was wounded, and sev e r a l of h i s best officers have fallen into o u r hands. The rebel ram Arkansas, which was expected t o tak e part in tho light, failed t o com e to time, ami was attack e d by our gunboats n e x t morning and destroyed, I’lC Ntc.— T b e an n u a l Pic. N ic of tlio Sabbath Schools connected with the P r e s b y terian Clmrcli o f tills place, c a m e off on T h u rsday o f last week, at J a ­ maica Park, (form erly Brorris’ Grove). The d a y was onc of tbe p leasantest of tbe s e a son. T h e company m e t at S} o ’clock, a . w., an d in a short tim e t h e y formed in procession an d tool; their departuro fo r the G r o v e , headed by Sanger’s Brass Band from B rooklyn, who discoursed excellent music. O n arriving a t the G rove tbe com p any alighted and th e children am u sed them selves by singing, walking, playing, &c., while t h c com m ittee on provisions pre­ pared dinner for those p r e s e n t. AY b ile this were going on th e hand was plnying n a tio n a l and other patriotic airs to tbe delight o f a il: after which tbo com p a n y w ere called together and R e v . 1>. D.Onltey, their Pnsior, m a d e a short and ap p r o p r iate address,- Dinner over t h e children once m o re indulged i n tho pleasures of t h e day, which w e r e k e p t up until four o’clock in the a f terno o n , w h e n t h e y m a d e preparations to r e tu r n borne. I n the afternoon a l a r g e num b er o f t h e congrega. tion anil their friends paid a visit to t h e Grove h y tbo Brooklyn C e n tral c a rs, aud participated in tlio picas, ures for a short time. D u r ing the d a y tiie hand played m any pieces o f pa- triotio and sen tim e n tal m u sic to th e gratification of all who wero p r e s e n t, which in our opinion, added m o re to tlic enjoym e n ts o f th e day than anything else that could be done. T h e com p any was a larg e ono and m a d e a line ap­ pearance in passing through tho villag e . T h e number of w-agons w e re about tw enly-five ivhioii contained not f a r from four hundred persons, old and y o u ii\.- Tlio affair passed off w e believe, very pleasantly anil all p r e s e n t w e re well pleased w ith th e d a y ’s cxeur. sion. tX r T h e scam ps who have been robbing gardens o( I r nit and vegetables, in tills village, fo r a few ivcelis past, a r e s till engaged i n th a t contem p tible business, One gentlem a n r e q u e s t s us t o w arn these fellows th a t a warm reception aw a its them tlio n e x t visit they m ake his prem ises. W c would advise all who havn 110 desire to know how- shot feels, to b e w a r e whoso g a r d e n they visit and at w h a t time it is m ade. E3T A tro ttin g m a tch for £’10,000 is t o c«rne off 011 tlse 30th of Septem b er, over the fashion Course, b e ­ tw e e n F-IIiau Allen aud a brown stallion belonging t o Z. E. .Simmons o f New Y'ork city. OSf* AVe a r c a p t to he f r e e with o u r jokes upon D o c ­ tors and th e ir drugs, until sick and I n need of their n id, then all alike boiv to the necessity o f recourse lo their Im rd-carncd and often ill-requited skill. T h c p r e ­ vailing b e lief t h a t physicians frow n upon w h a tever deviates from th e ir peculiar s y s tem and usages, arises from th e f a c t that their b e t t e r inform ation leads them soonest to detect aud discard the m e d ical delu’sious and impositions t l ia t are th r u s t upon Ihe com m u n ity. T h a t they a r e ready and p r o m p t to adopt any really valuable invention is seen hy t h e treatm e n t Doct. J . C. Ayer’s Chem ical Rem e d ie s have received a t their bauds. T h e y appreciate tlio v a lue o f these medicine* because they know their composition, and where i s ’ th e m an who ev e r heard a resp e c tab le physician either disparage th e m or discourage th e ir use ? No profession o t pursuit lias done m o re for tlic human family than t h e m edical profession, ' None isfoiiow ed hy nobler m e n or f o r nobler ends; nor is th e r e one which b e t t e r dcserves-tbe best thanks ofcinankind.— Canton (fi. Y .) Democrat. sta te , but confined to thoso lo c a lities which shall f a il to fill th e ir quota, The order of t h e A d jutant-G ener­ a l extends every possible facility for volunteering, plctely bloated aud putrefactive ivilh bad liquor, p r e ­ sent lo the proper officer, w ritlcn and attested proof (h n t “ habitual drunkenness” liasrem lered him wholly £37\ Jefferson Davis th r e a ten s to “ r e t a li a te ” upon our G o v e rnm e n t for certain alleged “ s a v a g e prac­ tices” c o m m itted, o r intended, by tbe latter, by hang­ ing our officers now held as captives in D ixie. And what is w o rse, h c i s in position to g ive liis th r e a t some emphasis. H aving perfidiously violated liis solemn word in t h e recent “ exchange ” of prisoners by hold­ ing on to t h e F e d e r a l officers, while we liberated alike officers a n d ineD, he lias u s —or thinks lie lias us—al ids tncrcy. T liat lie should m ake haste t o use an ad­ vantage obtained by treachery is no m o re th a n we m ight e x p e c t. T h e e r ror on o u r p a r t consisted in tlic assumption th a t we were dealing with honorable men and not w ith dishonorable knaves. T h e N a v y .—T h e United States Navy is a pro g res­ sive institution. W ithin th e last twelve m o n ths, ac­ cording t o th e N a v y Register, thc following steam vessels have been constructed for th o governm e n t— 32 wooden gunboats, 1 G iron plated vessels, 12 sidc- wlieel steam e rs, 9 rams, 7 iron-clad g - '--\ t - and 4 steam frigf.}cs--3.0 in all, m a k ing a total o f 292 ves­ sels of w a r. Thc whole num b er in ISO! w a s 8S. W e have th r e e vessels in the M e d iterranean, one in (he E a s t Indies, and eight in th c Pacific, with 2750 m e n and -13 g uns. L a s t year our foreign squadron com ­ prised 29 vessels, 90.00 m en, and 683 guns. T h e nam e s of s e v e n teen vessels have been blotted off'the books of t h e D epartm ent, as destroyed, lost a t sea, stolen by r e b e ls, or condemned. ——— ----- t3 T H u n tington, Suffolk county-, is tbe banner town for raising m o n e y and giving bounties for volunteers. W e understand th a t t h e citizens have raised $30,000, and th a t t l ic y give $ 1,01) to cacli r e c r u it and also $6 p e r week to the fam ily cf such r e c r u it as long as he is in tho service of the U n ited States. i j P E v e ry tax payer and every citizen s h o u ld be a t the Academ y to-m orrow <0 hear (ho patriotic speeches a n d lend his aid nnd influence to g e t r e c r u its for thc g r e a t arm y of ihe United States. and every exertion should he m a d e to f ill the q u o tas'unbt ^or service. A n d ,finally, il Joe Brown in th a t m a n n e r. r® of a cow a rd to doimitl liis own honor, or T h o order h a s doubtless b e e n carefu lly studied b y j tbc 'lo\ 0l'°*\ ''is unlive land, I c t h i m procure evidence th e public and therefor i t is u n n e c e ssary t o refer lo i t I ' as having served n t erm a t S a g Sing as a p e n a lty a t length. It is a very ab ly p r e p a r e d document, l i n t ' ^'or *^IC commission oi sonic infam o u s crim e and there- tlie general lias, iu it, followed tlio m a n ifest error o f Secretary- Stanton and o m itted th e w o rd “ white.” from the second section, so tliat all able-bodied m ale citizens a r c to- b e enrolled, regardless of c o lor. O n c clause in (lie order has occasioned not a little a l a r m among a class of y-oung gentlem e n who have hastened to enroll them selves n s firemen. The order especially calls the attention o f enrolling officers t o (lie fact t h a t firem en who have not s e rved their tim e a r c liable t o ho drafted. T h e following im portant order was issued from (lie W a r D e p a r tm e n t on Ihe 14th i n s t . : O rdered, F i r s t : That a f t e r th e 15th d a y e f this m o n th bounty a n d advance pay shall not. b e paid to any volunteers for awy new regim e n ts , b u t only to volunteers f-.r regim e n ts now in the field, and volim- toorc 1 r> e u Up n e w regim e n ts n o w organizing, b u t not y e t full. Second: V o lunteer- to fill up new regim e n ts row .organizing will b e received and paid the bounty and advance pay until the 22d d a y of this m o n th and i f not com p leted by t h a t tim e incom p lete r e g im e n ts will he consolidated and superfluous officers m u s tered out. 'JVtird: A7oluntcors to fill up o ld r e g im e n ts will he received and paid bounty a n d advance pay t i l l tlio 1st day o f Septem b e r. F o u r th : The-draft for th r e e h u n d r e d thousand mi­ litia, called for hy the I ’m id e n t, w ill he m ade 011 Mon­ day, t h e 1st day o f Septem b er, b e tw e e n the hours of S a n d 9 A. M. and 4 and 5 o’clock v . in., and continued from day to day betw e e n t h e sam e hours u n til com- pleted. F i f t h : I f thc old regim e n ts should n o t h e filled up with volunteers before the 1st d a y of S e p tem b e r,# special draft will b e ordered for t h e deficiency. S i x t h : Exigencies of the serv ice require that offi­ cers now in the field should rem a in w ith th e i r com- htands, and no officer not is the field, i n the R e g u la r or Aroluntcer service, will, under any .eircinnstances, he detailed t o accept a new com mand. Jly order of t h e President, E d w in M . S t a x t o n , Secretary o f JVar. by demand exemption. O n t h e Sick L ist.— Al e s e e by the daily papers that \ \ illiam A. Sncdckcr of th i s village, a member c f Go. 11, -loth Hcgl., N. Y . V., i n com pany with about 500 others, arrived at t h e B e llevue Hospital, in New York c ity, on W ednesday evening last, lie enlisted about a y e a r ago, and o f tliat time more H um Jke months have been passed in sickness. T h e only bat­ tle in which lie was a b le to p a r ticip a te was tliat of W illiam sburg, and wc believe bo acquitted him self with credit. His protracted illness has reduced liis body to a m e re shadow. H n listm c n ts lmve been quite brisk the past week, in (ids town. C’a p t . Floury a n d Lieut. Smith have been v e r y busy r e c r u iting for t h e 1st Iicgt. Spi- nola’e B rigade, and arc very successful. R ’e t b ’mk that a little ex tr a exertion b y (lie friends of those gentlem e n tiieir full quota may ho filled and n c o m ­ pany form e d alm o st entirely from this town. ' . A n u r o t e r o f .ol.ber y o u n g men have enlisted in r e g ­ iments in the field and e n c a m p e d on S taten Island. D r. H a ll lias also been successful in getting m en, and scarcely a day passes b u t t b a i Jiexcjids r e c r u its to the 1st S e n a torial Regim ent. S te a l in g F owls .-^O,, S a t u r d ^ n i g h t last som e scamps e n te r e d the prem ises occupied by Mr. P ier- pont P o t t e r , in this village, and carried off seventeen very fine laying hens, and decam p e d w ith their booty. »Ir, P . lias ojjbred .a rew a rd of £ 5 for thc defection and conviction o f the scoundrels. W Col. Corcoran, a p r is o n e r among the Bebels about th ir teen months, was released on Saturday last, nd lie arrived in W ashington o n Sunday. A grand receptipu aw aits him when ,I}0 reticles Ketv Y'ork. B a ll . M a tch. —T h e hom c-and-hom o m atch tw e e n t h c Atlantic Base B a ll Club of this village, 1 tlic Constellation C lub of AYilliamsburgh, will ti place ou the. grounds of th e Atlantic’Club o f Bedfc on F riday next. G a m e c a lled a t 3 o’clock. G e x e h a l B usi'EKD.— T h e appointm e n t o f this b r m an and earnest patriot, to be a B rigadicr-G o n e r: volunteers, is v ery g e n e r a lly approved- A few oi old D em o cratic associates a n d la t e ad m irers tu r r their noses, and sneer a t the G o v e rnm e n t f o r appo ing a civilian. But w e r e not Gen. Sickles, G e n . Cc ranc anil other D em o crats, civilians? and have t not made good G e n e rals ? I s not B u s teed t h c pee any o f them ? T h e C h r i s t i a n InizUigtnttr, the organ of Reform ed D u tch Church, sa y s : “ lY e a r e plea to see tliat Richard B u s teed, E sq., of this city, been appointed a hrigadicr-gcneral of volunteers the P resident. Since th e o u t b r e a k o f thc war, B u s teed has devoted much tim e , labor, a n d thou to th e raising o f troops, and t o the support o f thc m inistration and the m a intenance of t h e Union, has great energy, m a r v e lous readiness of purp ra r e personal popularity-, and ids place in th e De cratic p a r ty gives him an u n r ivaled position in gathering o f men to t h e standard t o be raised by li G e n e r a l Dick Busteed w ill soon h a v e a sm a ll arm his heels.\ E v e n the Suffolk D e m o c r a t says in its last iss “ Hon. li. B u s teed has been a p p o inted B rigadier G eral. AVith undaunted courage, u n surpassed enci and an enthusiastic devotion t o the U n ion, he will a high prize in his n e w sphere o f action. M a y deeds add n e w lustre to his bra v e a n d patriotic wor E 3 r T h e meeting o n W ednesday (to-morrow) encourage enlistm ents, ought, a n d w e believe will one of the larg e s t ever held in the tow n. _ t3 T T h e Union Sabbath School o f Q u e e n s int holding their annual P i c Nic, nt 31 o rris’ Grove, W e d n e sday next, 20th inst.. T h e Sabbath School c o n n e c ted w ith G raco Chn (Episcopal) o f this place, will v isit V a n Z a n d t’s P on their Pio Nic E x c u rsion, oa T h u rsday, 28th ins

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