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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, July 29, 1862, Image 2

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challenges our ndmjration und suptH>j*t,&nd, n q e d 'll add, that the maft who f'o r « k ^ nM 'cou#try Is v e n f • likely to forget hie G o d ., ?• '' L e t us g o back and itoppt-thft'rifentlj finished boo of South Catolf^,CtiVi 8 topher Gadsden L e t us g o W and adopt. ■h* t bbntirnfsnt o f a-dlstln- „ lished boo o f South Carplftm, Christopher Gadsden - j would that his spirit andpriitolhles w e re predom inant re ought to be,” said he, “ no New there now 1 “ T h e r e . England man, no N e w Yorker, known on the conti­ nent, but all © f i f Am ericans.” Or take, if y o u r prefer, the words of Patrick Henry, tittered i ^ p e ^ d u r of our nation’s hirfh-thrpes: “ All Am e rica $ thrown into one mas9. W here are your landmarks—your boundaries o f colonies? They are *11 thrown down. The distinction between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, Now Yorkers, N e w Englanders'are no moro. Iam not a Virginian but a n American .” W e havo heard much, during the present war, about the intervention o f foreign powers, in the m a tter o f this rebellion. What is the duty of our nation apd people in regard to all such intermeddling? IVe are bound to treat all the nations as M ends— to ask from them nothing hut what w e believe t o be right and just, and under no circumstances to submit to anything that is wrong. This has b een th e policy o f t h e Government in the past, and has proved entire­ ly satisfactory in i t s results. Under i t we have ad­ vanced steadily and with rapid strides, to a position second to none. T h o destiny o f this nation has p o t been accomplished, and i t must n o t be cut short. - As a divided nation we would be at tho mercy o f the des­ pots of t h e old world; but united, we may defy Eu­ rope combined. . W h ile w e 'do not desire any trouble with t h e foreign powers, still o n r motto, our language must b e \Hands off!” T h e United States need no aid, a nd sh e cannot permit any interference against her. When Eng- land does justice to her own subjects and releases her iron rod from tlje little island-near hotne, then i t will be time enough for her tb look abroad. Should she, or a n y other pow er, attempt to aid this rebellion, by her or their interference, it will then be found that the blood of th'ose who fought in tho Revolution and in t h e war of 1812 still courses the veins o f our peo­ ple, and that while wo are capable of taking c a r e o f hom e affairs, w e know how to repel and punish inter­ ference in pur domestic matters. This continent is to he governed and controlled by the American, nation. Any interference o n the part o f England, m ight pro­ voke some inquiry by what right she holds Canada, and it might be quite troublesome, for h e r to defend it. No, no, let the powers o f Europe attend to their own business, and America will do likewise. Americans! the eyes o f the world are now resting .upon you. Par away in distant lands, w h ere the wail o f oppression is heard, there ascend unto” Heaven prayers for your nation’s safety and glory. L e t not the hopes, which your past career lias created, b e dis- 'appointed. “ Go forward,” a6 become a great and mighty peo­ ple. See to it that no harm befalls t h e government. T h e national heart is still sound, and i t s desire is that the Union shall be preserved, in the Spirit of its found­ ers, for t h e benefit o f all. L e t us remember that this country is too g reat, its history too rich in historic ac­ tions, and the future too'grand to forbid our pursuing any other thaii a bold, manly and determined course towards those who now seek to overthrow i t . T h e past twelve months furnishes an instance o f de­ votion to tlie Government, such a s finds no p a r a llel in history. An nrmy, such as the world bas never seen, lias come into existence, almost by magic. I t seem e d : “ A s if the very earth again, Grew quick with God’s creating breath ; And from the eods of grove and glen Roie ranks of lion-hearted men To battle to the death.” WtWKD Nor has this enthusiasm been confined alone to the native-born. The German war song, t h e Hungarian bpttle cry, and the hearty Irish cheer, have on every battle field mingled their n otes with the stirring strains o f our national airs. H o w w e ll they fought, with what courage aud skill ♦Key have met and overcome greatly superior num­ bers, let the fields tendered sacred by their bloody struggles testify. T h e se t e ll us that our nation shall stand io c h e er and b less the world. T h e clouds that gather, across the horizon will dis­ appear, the gathering storm has spent i t s fury, and all that treason, skill and cunning could d o for our de­ struction, has been applied but in vain. Our Union shall endure and its praises shall be heard when its assailants and protectors all sleep the sleep o f Death. It shall b e lisped in the earliest words, and ring in th e merry voices of childhood, and sw e ll to Heaven, upon the song o f maidens— it shall iive in the stern resolve o f manhood, and rise to t h e mercy seat upon woman's a v a iling prayer. H o ly m en shall invoke its perpet uity at the altars of religion, aud it shall be whispered in the last accents o f expiring age. \ T o n g lo r io u s b o w O f F r o p tlo m , b e n d o d b y t b e linnd of ( 3 or), Is spanning Time’s dark Burges. Ils high arch, A type of Love aud Mercy, on the cloud - Tells thnt tbe mariy storms of humnn lifo Wilt pass in silence, and the sinking waves ' *“ * G a t h e r i n g t h e fo r m s o f g lo r y a n d p e a c e Reflect the undimmed brightness of tbe Heavens.” In no delusion of national vanity, hut with a feeling n f profound gratitude to the God o f our Fathers, fur H is protecting care in the past, let us iudulge the hope that our country and her people have been selected, and are y e t to be preserved, as the instruments for preparing and maturing much o f good y e t in reserve for the happiness of th e human race. Great good lias already been produced hy tlie solemn proclamation of our principles, and taucn'more by the illustration of our exam p le. L e t us then invoice upon our efforts the blessing and guidance o f that Almighty Being “ who i s tjie Author o f peach, and the lover of concord,” and w e shall thCD find order springing out o f confusion, harmony evoked from discord, and years o f freedom, prosperity and happiness in reserve for our now bleeding and dis­ tracted country, “ When the weary years are halting I In the mighty march of Time, And no new oues throng the threshold Of it s co r r i d o rs s u b lim e ; . i . IWben the clarion call, ‘ Old? a up,* • Ring* along tlie line no more, Then adiCU, thou blessed country, Then adieu, and aot before? • - ! P. am the ,V V. UJj/tr. j SEOTRAH! F p a AtLTH B STATES. DY UBS. JOIHt B. wilUN*. ’Our birthright is this noble lam?, And our h earts with rapture fhrilL As lovingly w e look uport ' . Each wooded vale and hill. » ’ . ’ * Aiid we wili protect it ev e r l By h c h v e n ! we firmly swear, •\ ‘ W e will conquer this rebellion, And tho badge o f Freedom wear. C h o r u s . — T h e n g a l l a n t m e n a r i s e ? Our country shall b e f r e e ! „ Hurrah for all tbo States, 'Union and lib e r ty ! “ ’O a r loyal souls are leagued as one, • And o n east or western main W e w llln g ty .as brave men rise, OuT ijreedora to m a i n t a i n . Forever float that Standard Rbeet.!' W here breathes the foe but falls before us ? W ith Freedom ’s soil beneath our f e e l, And Freedom's Banner streaming o ’e r us! U n io n S t a t e C o n v e n tio n . At A meeting of tbe Republican nnd I.ogU!atlvo Union Committees, held at the D cgtru I Htiiss, In the city of Albany, July 23il, 1802, the following resolutions wore adopted -. .. , . - , JtesolveS, That a Union Shite Convention bo h ell at SYRACt'gl, on WEDNESDAY, the 24th day of SEPrESIBK, 1862, at twelve, noon, for tbe nomination ef Governor, I.Ieutenant-Gorornor, Cana! Commis­ sioner, Inspector of State Pi Isons and Clerk of Uio Coufrt of Appeals, to bo supported at tbo bost Kovontbsr election, nnd tbat all Bcpubllcans, all Democrat* and all loyal citizens, suaportors of the policy of Iho Ad­ ministration In a vigorous prosecution of tbe war Tor putting down re­ bellion, and responding to tbo principles and polloy sot forth In tbo ad­ dress and resolutions adopted at tbo mooting of tbo Republican and Union members of tbo Legislature, bold at Albany, April 18th, 1862, are invited to unite iu tho election of three Delegates from oaoh Assem­ bly District to such Convention. M i d , That Wo recommend Ibat In all County and Assembly Dis­ tricts, where there nre Republican and Union District Committees, tbat they unito in ono call, nnd that in those Counties nnd Districts where tkero Is but onB Committee, tbo Convention for tbe election of Relegates bo called by tbat Committee. hefbbu M* coimrrrr.n, STJIKON DRAPER, WM. H. FERRY, JAHE3 KKLLT, JAS, TERIVILLIGKR, ISAAC SHERMAN, JAS. K. BATES, J. H. STEDWELL, I). IlOARDMAS, CHARLES JONES, ■ GEO. W. ERNST, R. C. McCORJIICK, S. I>. RUSSELL, B. H. MILLS, S. T. IIAYT, • C. R. RICHARDS, C. J. FOLGER, CEO. H. SHARP, S. C. GAVIT, WM. A. WHEELER, R. WHEELER, wm. a. dart , w. l . sessions , - URIAS G. PARIS. WILKES ANGEL. ZKGisixnYi cojimhtek . R. W. JCDSON, ALEX. CAMPBELL, I). L. FOU.KIT, H. W. ROGERS, o f Con­ tra, to o t h e T ^ iirp w m ^ p v ............... i Act, and the Joint to*y there** arc herewith pub- “ of the United „ jlatot'W, *»& Warn *R 'persons is countenancing, o r abettingthe «T sn r rebellion^: a g a inst the G’ov- ' -es-atWMri*- and by «tid ninth «eof t factotiererinto' set ray-hand © f feeU r titedStatesto bo affixed, b f Washington, this; 25fh dap o f ear o f our Lord one thqusaqd1 , and «ixtyatwo, and-pf the Inde- the UtotodJttteri the eighty-sev- SltAHAM J j INCOLN, ’fc E W A i w ^ r e U r y ofStato. ’ sixth ” Confiscation act prdcighia- A n n exed Ip referred ? toT tion: , S bcl .G,’. , person with States, qthqr' passage of*\ against th'e ing or abeti days a fter pai and*made :%• cea s e t o aid, t ' return, to his j estate and pif persons shall- shall be the them as afofi sales, tranaferib'OJffnpriveyanceB o f any such property after the e x p it^ p p f ^ f the sajdfiQ day* From the date of such warnin? jted proclamation shall .he null and void; an d ,.it-.|»s3f;fee a S.qfficMt bar to any sui? brought hySUtmjptifoh for the. possession or the use o f such p r o p e r t tvw 1 aiiy o f it, to' allege , and prove that be is one f l b persoqs descrihed in'this section. i t fvrther enactcd, That If any Stpte pr Territory of the United jfcosc<natoeaa*.aforesaid, after the rairtg engaged in armed rebellion sent, of the Ufrited Btates, or aid- rebellioUj ShaH not, within flO iSMOding and? proclamatipd dply given ^ f reside)# af-the United States, lanqe and abet such rebellion, ahd pee to tho Uuited States, all the oneyd. Stocks and credite of such t ■o t seixurp as hforesaid ; aiid it iojf 'the President to seize and uto hr the proceeds thereof And all «f any puch property I.YMAN TREMA1X, J. S. T. STRAN.UIAN, EDWARD DODD, ALONZO WOOD, W. S. LINCOLN, C. N. R. LUDDISGTON, T. T, FLAGLER, E. M- MADDEN, M. H. GitINNEI.L,' W. E. BONHAM, S tead y ‘a n d ThoaghtfH l T h e action o f Congress, the Proclamation o f the Presidi nt (published below), the conference of our brave Generals, a ll indicate that important events are close ot hand. The government and the people are unusually thoughtful, and the steady purpose is to go on with the war, as i f war was meant. Th'e time-for fault finding and contention among ourselves has pass­ ed, and the universal opinion of loyal men is “ L e t us he up and finish the war.” There are som e 'm en whose sympathies have been and are «ow with the southern treason, who would like to create discord io the ranks o f patriots, but now their occupation is.gone, and the most thoughtful among the people are of the firm determination that such men will not be, must not be tolerated much longer. In every community, here and e lsew h e re, the determination is coming to a head that such m en must stop eren their semi-trea­ son, or fare worse. Military orders are removing traitors beyond the linos of our army or putting them in prison; and public sentiment at the north will soop rem o v e the sympathizers with treason from their midst or silence them, A steady purpose, on the part o f all thoughtful and loyal pien, to silence the few cravens who are sneaking around, ahusing the govern- m ei.t, discouraging enlistments, nnd.croakir.g over d is­ aster, will succeed, and it w ill succeed th e sooner, if the community generally would “ taboo” every soul mean enough to disparago his .country's c a u se in the hour o f its g r eatest need. T h e significant action bf tlie government, the ener g y of military men, the rapid accumulation of men and money, a r e signs calculated to encourage the pub­ lic heart. T h e pulse o f the country beats steadily now. Men, universally, are thoughtful now —party strife is hushed now— the nation has determined now, to go to w a r ; and one and all (except the sm all class above alluded to)' are hastening to this point—\ the last dollar and the last man 'if n ecessary to save the Republic.” Enlistments, t o fill up old regiments and to form the new, are going oh rapidly; and capitalists a ll over the land are pouring out their money t o j ielp the e n ­ listments. Governors — Legislatures— Corporations' and Individuals ore vieibg With each other in the measure of tlieir Bounty; and the munificence o f t h e country is just beginning to appear. W e have no dause to fear now. T h e war, hy the direction of Halleck, McClellan, Burnside, Pope, et omnes, always including '.our gallant Navy, will l^e called war , hereafter; and it will be war to the end o f the chapter. . Abraham Lincoln, President o f these United States, has proved himself to he one o f the greatest living statesm en. H e ants steadily, n e turns neither to' th e right pr the left to favor the clamor o f interested politicises, IJe thinks and he acts. H e w ill do all- that c a n bb-dqne -tosubdue the Itebellion, aud he w ill subdue i t . ; I l i a wpy wiH be found to have been the best w a y ; and Without revenge lie w ilijgw eep the R ebels, i f necesJary to save <tho Constitution, from the face o f the earth.' * ' Our leaders are riot discouraged^ why should aiiy o f the people b e ? Does McGlellfta ijifok o f leaving the Peninsula hecriuae he bas m e t .With disaster? oh! no! H e War A large and the county wais afternoon fast, # , 'visors, to d # m ight hp raise,. , the 3Q0,000 m ep John A. K in g '^ ' m eeting in ti at the Court House, :c itieetiag o f the people of lit the •Court H o iise, on Saturday Invitation o f t h e Board o f Super* iq what wa)f-money arid .men fit the quota from th is county of led for b y the President, Hon. called- to preside, addressed the ..„ :, *i.olQqui?ht and patriotic manner for which be i i jw mucih adpnred, arid which repeated­ ly ca.lled forth’-tiim appjause o f the assembly, Short addresses w e re xbO made by Richard Busteed and John J. Armstrop|£Esq8., aBd h y flon.-Elias. J . Beach, which elicited of heartfelt cheers from the Union loving Queens couhty. A e o m m ittee.of tWo from each town, In connection with the Board^of Supefvisors, was clibsen to retire and present iilitih lc rcsofutipni expressive o f the sense o f the m e eti»g,aod ivfch reported in substance, the recommemhtKm to said Board o f Supervisors to provide a suffictjepl *uro to.pay to each volunteer $ 2 5 as a bounty, Hrtmegiatelf hri hi* being mus.tered into service, and toprttVide i lies o f those w h e J r a N l' tie* o f thefr c o u h try; b e raised imn the county, suhh ] tlie r e a l estate/? uffidiGnt ta aid t h e fami- tho.bat- sum or sums o f niohey to' ' i.imsed on the credit o f • h y a tax levied on f, the power so to d6,to h e secured hy a special nct of_the Legislature, i f neces- sary. Thi* isj p m o st e x c e llent idea,,as the tax will! fall equally anil g iv e g i t , # opportunity to contribute to thefr country’s cause, W d ajsri com pel those who would not otherwise contribute. to do so, however much their traitor proclivities might revolt at the idea. A series o f patriotic -resolutions were offered by Richard' Busteed, Es|'., and unanimously passed, and a fter iijne c h eers fopihfe journed, ' ■, W e A Quxswois jvm Lwiuxim Ptwwjfi.-^ire are during th* heliglous.MrvIra* o f i n o d a y t i e g l f i l i last- It may be rm^mbhfed by ito e b '« f '«tw ->e*9e(« u workbip according to othra formula tbaq the Episco­ pal Church service, that the Bishop o f this diocese has appointed a prayer t o b e read for vhe:*w # e » i em* arms and the health’ aad safety o f our Soldiers upon the battle field, and that this, p r a y e r Is part p f the regular service o f t h e cbureh. During the raiding; Of tiie.prayers that preceded the oas reforrei lo, a gen- t o Ventiiy in the responstvq “ .Ap»en,^ vrldch the Episco­ p a l rltrialprescribes for th e lajty, hrit whiln,theof8ci- ating minister commenced the petitldn t o Gpd upoii b e h a lf o f t h e country and, h e r defenders, thU ’p erson wasidhserved to *uddep?y from g |a p ilia ! n t po*- tqre, apd, sitting erect, exhibit dissent through d M f t t nqstril^ i.apgvy hpows, and compressed. lips. The prayer *ai4 the oid gentleraan again crooked the,him ges of. his kneei, apd with h 9 wed head arid f a c e h id io hand, reiapsed mto hisi devotional jhaood, F o r this singular Conduct, which,has caused not a llttleacandal JnChucch-gpingcircles, w e imve*h'eard several.expla* nations. Seine affirm that i t was the r esult o f a scia* tic twinge'; si)me tbat i t w a s ?he'effect pf the Weath­ er; apd soime attribute it to a'wdijit p f piety ; while among the profane, bejtts sire freely offered, (at least so, w e are informed) without finding takers h o w ever, that none o f these truly accpuat for the cqnduct iq qqestipn, Noue vtffonp. j P ostage S tamps as C urrency ,— The Commistioq- er o f Infernal Revenue, Mr.* B oatwel), with the appro­ val o f the Secretary o f the Treasury, in ordpr that the act o f Oopgrc\s.s o f th© n t h o f July inst. may be ©ar? ried into jeffect m ore speedily, on Ffiday last submit­ ted the following proposition for the coq8ideration.-of the Postm a ster General, who h a s . considered and adopted them, nam e ly; • F irst :• That the' Post-Offiqe Department -furnish the Treasury Department with such postage stamps as may be needeti.for Currency— that Department paying tp the PostiGffipe Department the n e t cpst thereof. Second; That the arrangemement shall ceas.e at the option o f either party, or when the Treasury D e , partment is prepared to issue its own stamps as cur­ rency. ‘ Third i T h e stamps to he .so prepared that they cab he distinguished easily from the ordinary postage stamps. i Fourth; TJje stamps to be redeemed by the Treat sury\Department as contemplated by the act o f J u ly 17, 1862. F i f t h : Such’ stamps to he received hy the Post- Office Department for postage, and t o be at all times exchangable for ordinary postage stamps. . Arrangements w iil be immediately made t o carry th e above propositions into effect. P ostage S tamp as L egal T ender . — T h o follow, ing is the law passed by Congress t o authorize.pay- m ent in stamps and to prohibit circulation o f notes o f ]CSS denomination than ’o n e dollar: Be it enacted by the Senate and House o f Itepre; teriiatfces of the United Slates of America in Con. greet assembled, That the Secretary o f the Treasury b.e and he is hereby directed to furnish t o t h e Assis­ tant Treasurers and such designated depositaries of the United States as may be by him selected, Irisuch sums er F amow . . . .......... . .... ... ...... P*C t e d # * w t h r e o f t i s e t r i g f c ^ t b * wtowb % H r o w ^ l L , a , ± £ w * 4 y *w to m s * , r m ^ N “tod «w fin # wWt© peper. la targ e , p i t a handsomely illustrated with vintive superior wooa IWffrtphy, ttoohanlcal e x e c trtton.aod * t e e e f t h e Woi ‘ r t n d e r i t o n f ChWP«*t p p b )(ra»ipn*,toth, ' Aj»rb tawever, frsmtbese qttr*ctton«,|he latrine merits o f t h e book w ill ramiHrad t t to'Wlrery i n t ^ gent and reflecting m i n i Jn jtiwa eoqot^y. \ Ito styie t throughou^hoH veh e m e n tiM d jm tot^ ; Ifs denn^ ciation s o f hypocrites and ttaltors, North andSonn are> a # q q iiH irfri fearlestoesi a u d l p u y * ^ . . ; ' ^ political Information i t coutoins wiU tosvpw th e attes, tion q f every reader. The origin p f the Rehelllea j. traced back to its source i n causes WbiCh spvtng j ^ existence In a former generatton, a lto t h e stfantiatiD. motives, u lterior detigns, and-thehriariogt’Of'toe ui Presidential election jtiptoga\ ^xewittkvi ‘kvnmi^'.a^e q depicted ffithjaw ac'uteneM arid trri toiilriels-sm y r|iit. T h e fidrrattve hot thd; attractive c|iarito oif a peh sorial experience, hnd tho author Touchfes t a r enracy qf ijs statem ents. The, p u b lic m a y therefoij accep t ^ a s n o t o n ly a reH ablebm aiiocqliiur.qiaptt, iq t h p g e q e r a l l j i i t q t Y ' q f t h e , A . - . . ,- One volume, i,2mo, fuHy iUuitrated,- baBdiomel; hound iri rausliu, upwards o f 4'50 pages,d?L*5,'..Sea free h y Mail o n r e c e ipt o f pHc6. Address George % Childs, Publisher, 628-arid 630 Chestnnt-StL, Philnqt; > d id flag the m eeting ad- T h e power god-Viko within us, - Gives strenglh and wondrous might; A/td shall ieatter in copfusion, Every fbe’tha’t w a rs with right. Ilu r r a b f o r il i t h e States, .tore. H is steady purpose i s to will Uniha tfttff fcibcrtyl conquer. T h e energies o f tho country »e«n ------ ------------------ \T“— I summoned to m e e t th e crisis, arid R Wjfil I # jlrito K ? - T h e p e e p fo e f New Iamdon. Conn.j Afo Waiting Tho forces are gaiher' i g ggitia for the x n igtiy blow* an effort <0 hay© a p a v y yard at _.. _____ . that iU eitAblMtnrient .niU add greatly to tho sCCUrilf o f New York* GongreM has authorized a YomthiWcoU to osam ine.apJ report upo# the sutijeit W h o would, not share In th e glory o f saving..oqr country? > Theffillriwing is tbo . , - • 4 ft m eeting w h ira .Wri th©; presence o f Major Quarter- man, who* although ’sufforiug from his wpunfis, yet could hut respoftd t© tiie,c»l.l o f hi* fellow citifcens, and who was received,W»th .shputs o f heartfelt applause by the sons o f o ld Qu«en*-copnty. Long. maj| h e live t o defend his country’s flag iri h e r hour 6f peril, and a f ­ terwards enjoy th e dolighto o f peace which h is bravri arm has’done ad m u e fftoiestore. 'j il'W» \’\ir 'Y To Greeus, Vumptt,- G*tdea*rt, asd Market Men, The Sanitary Coramitteeriill triad- a vessel in a Jew day* to the Sear or Wa*, loaded frith provision* to be diatribu ted gratuitously , to th* M«y,, 1 ^ : p»rticu)»rly reqowt contribution* o f' . ‘ - 'T Potatoes, Onions, , 1 ’ ] . Canned Fruits, Cbooolttojj Cenned Vegetable*,’, | Preserved Fruits, . r , > Dried Fruits, Sauer K ftat .................. Th* health of th* wb<dk*lsiy i**oif«ringAom a Wono’t- ony of diet; and tb« a<iS“*ri*drit«i hy * natiirat'prsVing for « healthful variety,: top(b*ha*a Wl*hW** 9 m* food and .drink«t eiorbtt»nt prie**. ' ' C . i t v ’-e. *- ; Those .rtiel*. A r e . a # ^ t a « ' » « ^ r M . M cwenti*!* to h&ito, t?ar& «#w v « a oq hosrd th e eanal’bokt Alio* R r i ^ I y t o g ♦«» hf Bey * . ^ s « T W ,B « u o w s ,.J« J f . Grabges, Lemons, Driedand Preserved Meats, SriltMd Smoked Fl*b, j s s t a s s f 1 'tttoltte*. ***** F a m q r * g m r n i i g j l i r f i f 'i i m p took .at t)M a b o r e n o iM i.-^ m m ^ H h A ^ M n p r o s p e r o u ti that you arb > © to say ‘‘ that th* ether town)- Have CouW H|toi'’t a ^ ^ r i r i ^ tosds to the arihy. Wri i' canid ■ w m ild to gather * mer)u ,tof( s e e ; he Ja f p f » « « drMaMm&k ri ' ? > # * .of Jvf g- i.. ,a»A*.^ ^ V . - V: >• •, r> - ( - T‘ army ofttaiFotoiltrie, ”1 * '■' t vt Trip t o F t t a MAkND,- that t h e H o q . J « t a J . £ receive OB Thursday toined at t h * ; ,' desire toretiwix' tit© Island. -04W*V 'tow n 4 l i i r e i w » M i i ^ M ' t o d t o t e . ta# V ^ . | „ jlftotf’ -#111 fiTdtoVffivwlikto . cam'ta-ob- '■ '-taursu t public •It will r s ^ t o m b e f . US as he m a y d eem expedienM b © postage and oth- stamps of the United States; to be exchanged by thein, on applicati.on, for United States notes? and from and after th e first day o f August n e x t such stamps shall he receivable in payment o f all dues to th e United States less than five dollars,'and shall be received in exchange for United States notes when presented to any Assistant Treasurer or a n y designa­ ted depositary selected Us aforesaid in sums qpt. less than five dollars. , ’ Sec, 2 . A iid be i t further m a tted, T h a t from and after the first day e f August, eighteen hundred atid sixty-two, no private corporation, banking association, firm, o r individual shall make, issue, c irculate, or pay any note, check, memorandum, token, or other obli­ gation, fpr a less sum than on© dolfoy, intended tq c ir ­ culate as nio’ney'or to h e received or? used in.lieu of lawful money c f th©. U n ited States; and e v ery person eo offending shall, dri Conxiption thereof in any district or circu’t court rif the-United States, tie punished b y fine not e x ceeding five hundred dollars, or tiy impris­ onment not exceeding s ix months,, or by both, a t th e option o f the court. i . , . Approved, July 17, 1862, . ................... .S. iiiii ■,ni — D e p a r t m e n t op A g r i c u ltu r e .—T h e appointment o f Mr. McCormick to a prominent position in this De.- partm ent is heartily commended by many o f the jgur, nalsj T h e Saratoga D a ily Newt, says: “ A C a ' ITal A p p o intm e n t.—Jn the organization of the new Department p f AgricilRure a Mr. Newton,'pf Penueylvama h a s ' been appointed as the head pf D e ­ partment, and Richard C, McCormick. Egq. , of New Y o rk, as ch ief tflerk aiid Depufv. W e don't-know anything,of the qualifications o f Sir. Newton, but Mr. McCormick w e do.know , as an active and energetic man, yvelj qualified for tjie position h© holdai, in every respect. ,We congratulate the Agricultural interest* o f the country upon tbe good choice o f the govern­ m ent in this resspece. H e will not be ljkely t o hum­ bug'them as the man in charge o f th© old Patent of­ fice bureau has done.\ * The Brooklyn Stfir exclaims.: ' “ A G ood A ppointment .—T7 e observe that R. C, McCormick, is appointed to a place in the Agricuttn- ral -Department at Washington, I t 18 a position for which h e has all the aptitudes uniting t© industry, phial Deatu of Habtm? YANjfoq^YTrW* arecslledt« announce the death o f Ex-President Martin Y*B Bu, ren, H e expired Thursday, a f Kin^rhook,' hi» latj residence, a fter a llngerlng iiluea*, irt the 79tby'ear tt his agfe. This ©vent, qpt n n expeeted by thhdountry, in consequence o f the ©dVari’ced y e a rs arid iacreasin; infirm itiesofthedeceasedl marks thfedeparture.of on# who, after Having won the Highest hondrs o f the Be- public, wa* permitted to qutlw e the political ripimoii- ties which attended l)is earife? cefper iq pfificial sta- lions. And, whatever |R*y h a v e been % ju s td r us- just judgments o f his contemporaries i^ith-regard to genius, aud to genius a ta'ste for Agricultural pursuits to which he has for years, been -deyotef Queens County Agricultural Society h e ip . member, and delivered a few years since on© o f t h e best o f th e -addresses Which these sqcletiris have educed.” ” , , , . *. T h e venerable N a tim a l intilBgepcer^hwt i h t ^1 low ing: . . ,»*’ ■’ *»f ■.. ; T he C. McCormick, m i d y o f tnrijSfriW- Yqrk Jgsemri# Post, has been appdqRed U h jef Clerk c f t h e new D©» , McCormick say that he brings t o i t a illigence, Industry, and familiarity ti agt& H u r t t puriuHs Wtifeh is a guarantee . that _ . w ill fill i t wltV credit to hipiself apd girielessoes* . - - ’ j •«to»9«lktTti!riPEiniuN S iap^A ti ] | n UWHifliHh’s Writing Academy during th* p u t Wrikfk tintify to-thevast impvovemrint they faay© Had© to Jtop.or.tdnt .aepompltititueqt, aM tM * tostlwc-' ny^Ufedrrohorated -by a comparisrin o f thrift- p revious # y l e o f beep completed. -to .take M M j M i t tw o lessons a.dsy ta-,dMtai.-toiriMi.-vlt«-««>Mtii titt weto* The hoursdurtrigwhlcti tl>»..n iafi»> » .torifrtaijiriy 1 # atorirtatoed t a t e bera istratiop, it is not to h© denied titot b is Admintitratico pontrihuted its contingent to tips iocreaiing -weallli aad prosperity o f the nation. . ' ' . John B e l l R efusing t h e P r o t e c t i o n oy ths Am erican F l a g . —In May last Gen. M itchell receiv­ ed a letter from Mrs. Bell, asking him fpr p passport for her husbapd fropi Blount Sprlqgs, Ataftam©, tp Nashville. . The general granted top request, qnn Nicholas Da, vis waited upon Mr. Bell, t o communicate to him tht wishes o f h is w ife and the assurances o f tbe-General. The-courtesy w a s declined; the leader o f the latt American party evidently preferring to remain oq pebel toil, t o toe acceptance of the protection bt th* Atpericaq Flag, , . : ’ r i\- .I.. . W h y LETTEna M iscarry .— T h e reasonwhysom a .- ny letters m iscarry is oftoqer totiiftcarc, lessness o f t h e writer’s thereof, ttisrifw t h e rihcwt-cnm ings o f our postal system —incom p lete tboOgh it. in*y be. The most fruitft;? patiriels p f gpeidcpto fri mailing letters are, Ipeom p ifte and cure sealing; npri-prepayipent p f pp sp ^ p j .^^sticking the stamps e n t h e envelope c v e l e i s l y ; and puclosing the letter | n too sm a ll an enveippe, thu* cauring it to slip 'h # w e e n the folds o f newspapers; Raekrig«v«to' The general use nf stamped envelopes wpuld, oi course, obviate t b e fourth named difficulty, the'extent o f which; in our o t iii country, w e have n o t ascertain.- ed, though w e s e e by Chamber s* Journal thst, in tho London Post Office, in 1866, m o r e th a n fifty thousand postage atanipt w e re found in letter-boxes and ihail; hags, rubbed from their prqper placeg pn lettexs ani) newspaper#* ‘i ' ■. From the same source w e learn, although their city postal system is undoubtedly far in adfanqq nf that endured by the c itizens o f N e w York, th*t la London, at the c h ief office a lone/tw o hundred letter* are .post: ed every day Unseated snd -unfartinil* to^ t y to©©*- aqd letters w e r e refused b y f e e addressara in ieSS, on account o f the portrige not having beetf p r tp iid j qrid, a t the present tim e, more than twenty thriurianii letters arrive daily at toe c h i*f office bearing only the name o f an addressee, with the slmplp addltioq of the word ” L ondon^ h u l wNheqt aqy.ritfeePpjt b e in g den.ot.ed, . . . . / , I, T.! ?, T he FAm AT 'WoODHAVEir:--G‘ae o f t h e toot* tift# ful chapels w e have e v e r seejri i s that jss£ e rected at place. It isneatnH d at#a<^lyp hp Jadlto o f that . . . . . . a m*del buildlagofits kind. Tfto faff f t WtHrfha»eg on the 6th o f Augiisik t o w ftkjiw em tiJW a t t o f lir a m our last» w ill hri h e l j toy ( t o p q j p c r iriiff'rito^ -afiu d to furhtih t|Uri heautifril P h toepf ^Wri fried hardly commend au catoripriae sc lmdaWe. Wri Wili only say that all denominations therild ti* ghid to lead it a tielpingtiand asrihriohapel is to b« «q<ii*% jree to ril. - Let the ladies of Woodhaveu tiavri ssbatohtisi reason <to %oow ihat th^r rioWe eflfeto'*** wMeiyrip proved arid qp^aytdel* Let Jamaica W llhf riifty rrip- resririttd w i t o ' $ t r , y . l A ^ t ^ ri u i S ^ K i ^ ^ ^ m A of useful and^^ oraapebtai- a r t fe jfiffiljt’,rifer*d f - t o ; , - (Br Thti'stffltoril Kd ^ '© f ’toe triaehers, soMsn aridfrlend* of toe'SthhathScbool oftheM.Sk Gtirikjh, of this pkee, wffitoke pflsee ai tjtocNs, :V«nZ«Bdto Point, .to-toertof, 30th itot^ surtlag at 8 o’clock, a. ^ ®eketi, 5i) tfttotii tr. -tor** GririAT Y acbt R A G i.-A d o t if c t W a o r h ^ ir e r iu p aMhtioasry tit h tos, «rid Wk# fid gnat reiHri^st^?.rip««kerit fta kritiJi -A# 'sih' to. * r..vs

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