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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, June 17, 1862, Image 7

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^-^g g ^ r r j 'a r a sa gJKra.-ja1.;^^ ^st^^u u u e i! q B s m im iaiaa a t u J t A ^ euaem eaemees^veu a e m e a e K s a J * M » 3 ^ g ^ ! ffet^l I n s u r e y o u r P r o p e r t y !— -W c call tlio nltenlioii o f our readers to tlio advertisem e n t of th o L e n o x F ir o In s u r a n c e Co., an institution which w c c a n recom m end w i t h confidence. T h e ir capital an d surplus aro am ­ p l e and securely invested in bonds and m o rtgages and a i l losses arc prom p tly settled an d paid. Sam u e l S. .Aymnr, Esq., and R . 11. A lligcr w ill act for tlio com ­ p a n y in this village, and a l l who w ish to secure their p r o p e r ty from the ravages of fire would do well to ap p ly to them . _____ A c c i d e n t .— On T h u rsday, M r . Jo lm K ennedy, a la b o r e r and very w o rthy m an, m e t with a severe acci­ d e n t white loading sand in G rove stre e t . l i e was in th e sand pit, and t h e horse sta r tin g suddenly, threw liim down, and the cart passing o v e r his left leg, f rac­ tu r e d it in several places. T h e accid e n t will confine th e patient for months, w ith the probability that am ­ p u tation of the injured lim b m ay becom e necessary'.— m u s h i n g J o u r n a l . , Si-iecp K i l l i n g — On F rid a y n ig h t last, H r. Alexan\ d o r Johnstone, of Douglas farm , had tw enty-four ■valuablo sheep destroyed by dogs. I t is gelling w o rso than useless to hoop sheep on lhc Island, lly dropliobin, sheep-killing, tie., is m aking it alm o st im ­ p e r a t i v e th a t a war of e x term ination should b e waged ngaiiist dogs. Nothing but au cx h o r b itan t tax od th e s e anim a ls will satisfy tho peo p le.— lb . — .......... - -C-<**- ----- —— jy,r the Lf-vy M w J Jitrmcr. C h a r g e o f (he SSUi R r '’■[racist N . V. Y o R ia tc c r s , A t F air C a r s , ^ , J u n e 1 st , 18G2. R E S P E C T F U L L Y D E D IO A ZaJ T O C o l. J. 33. H . W A R D . <lT/\y low, boys! lire not till yon ac-e the foe— They’re in the forest lurking, how near wo none can know, Jie sure you take y o u r aim, then l e t her £o, For either you or they this battle will lay low.” Behind the fence w e ’re lurking, the flag in qu..el- repo- ping, Uaeh soklierVejv* is looking through the woodland glade, Calmly lying side b y side, uo mark of life dUclosing, Like a serpent in its quietness no deadly sign betrayed. Jhit b a r k ! tlic pickets are nt work, the musket’s rattle Ts mingled with a startling cry—it seems tho w o rks be- gun ; <l Un ! they’re nt it— that souDcbsomething like a battle The eouucl is coming nearer, :lis the rebels on the run. “ For God’s sake, do not fire ! you are shooting your own m ui “ Do they wear grey clothes, Lieutenant?’’ a*ks th e soldier, taking aim ; ••No, sir! I see them now— now load and firo nprnin, For if they’re not the rebels, i ’in very much to blame.” 4<Now charge thorn, boys! now charge them !” our Colo­ ur!’? loudly* c rying; \With one loud cheer th a t rends th e air we rush with bayonets set, While swift pursued by us tbo’frighted rebels flying, By our sure telling-builds many a one his death has mcl. Through the wood?, and through the swamp, and through the trees dying, Death’s me ^en^mp around arc lolling lah*^ of fearful woo, Mingling with the shrieks and g roans of wounded rebels dying; Onward wc’rc pursuing with shouts the fleeing foe. Some fall upon the nulling leaves, some sink beneath the water, And death is busy on lhc earth nnd in tho smlfry a ir; Tho peaceful fore, t shade is now a scene o f bloody sliiugh- to,t And carnage rides upon the breeze ; ’tis hero, ’Us every­ where. Frightened birds qiiiverir g crH re screaming fearfully, and fly with J a m a i c a S o l d i e r s ’ Aid S o c ie t y . There will be a meeting of this Society At the Library UoouiP, on Wednesday afternoon, at 1- o’clock. Persona ha *m>< w o rk belonging to the Society are re­ quested to rotu-a it at this meeting. P i i c u e T L u i n e r , K e c 'y , The Hhndows of th e oak troe* th e ir r*iddc glnom imparl, Ami bleeding forma are lying upon tho earth’s green lft*‘a-t, Cauiing thadcs of sadness t ’ falf upon th e heart. Tlie enemy is giving way before our free-horn hoys, For Union they nr* pushing on and nothing eon iinpedo Tho rtcp* r f free horn men. who know the indy joys That would be gcuc forever if the rebels could succeed, But b ark I a ehont is ii?ing with musie on the breeze, Jt is tho cheer of vieto s, and lightens every brenst, 5Tis answered by the s 'a rtlid birds, who, singing 011 the trees, Seem to thank their M dtcv that the conflict is at rest. Lu. XI. K ki . u - u ), C o . 13, SSth Regt. N. Y . V.. White O j U S rantp, Ya,, J u u o T lb, 18»i2. Army (.'anv&poiHlcnce. AV iiiti ; O ak Y a ,, .Tune 6 th, 1862. M r . E ditor —-D bav . Sin: Although so short a space has elapsed since tbo late engagement everything secpi* npjm rently quiet, and with the exception of occasional firing in tho distance nothing occurs to m a r tho tedium of a sol- •dier's every day existence. I was up yesterday to look at some of tbo wouiukd pris­ oners; they wcro truly a wretched sight, being miserably -clad, and looking ( to use the term) almost (imi-iursnkcn; and with all with whom I wn3 able to converse a general wish that the war would soon cease seemed to prevail, as they said they were heartily rick o f it, and that this was the fovling of llie g reater y»artof the Southern Army. Ma­ ny of them wcro North Carolirhuw, who knew their Gov­ ernor had recalled them, but had not. been allowed to com­ ply with his mandate. I saw one South Carolinian, who eaid UeM “ seen a sm a rt deal of tbo w a r a n d got enough.” I thought he had, too, as he was phot in five places. A JIissif*ippian eaid“ if ho was home beM seo the Confedera­ cy further before hc-M go ft^-tin.;” and I must say tiny seemed very thankful for anything -done for the tn. Xt win* 1 lie prevailing belief nmorg them that we would kill nil the wounded, this being ci. eulatcd b y their leaders to make them stand. The doctors have bad their hands full. 1 wns also able to pa-* over r portion o f the field; mos* of the engagement, however, occurred in the woods. It was nn vgly place to fight in, and the trees b e a r proof of the lenden hail that poured from either side, their trunks* being well indented with bullets. I think myaclf lucky that I escaped carrying one or m ore myself, us they flew for a time with a perfect looseness, not ut. all pleasant to contemplate, much Ices to participate. Tip to yesterday, many had remained unburicd, and presented a disgusting sight, so much eo th a t it was almost impossible for those detailed to go near, in consequence of tho stench arising from them; as it was, they were left lying, and the earth thrown up in n mound over thorn— this would not havo happened had we been permitted to bury them at first.— The enemy actually* fired on tho details sent out to b u ry the dead the day after tho b a ttle; also, on tho parties sent nut. to collect tlie wounded—auotlicr mark of their brotherly love. (?) It rains here constantly, nnd a dry skin is something we pcldom experience, so I think by tlic time I get home I shall be quite water-proof. I receive your paper regular­ ly, and am always liappy to, as i t seenis t o bring me near­ er home. We had one officer wounded on Sunday just before tlie engagement—Lieut. AValker, of Co. K; ho wns reconnoi­ tring, and received a ball iu tlie ghouldor, which, however, has not damaged h im (hr gcrously. As ever, yours truly, 3k). IL K ki .U’C ju , C o . 13, 38th Regt., N. Y. V, A CARD TO THE LADIES. Dr. Dnponoo’s G-olclen • P ills for Tfomales. rntalliblo in con-f-rthi\ rot'olutliHj, awl reiuoviiiJC nil oiujtiuiclivns, from »hiU(*Y'T c .visp,m u t alw ays fciiuoti-ssful us a iweventiv*. T UF.SK PIri.^ have boon tiM-d b y th*' DiwUirs for m any years, Mb iu Kr.uifc' iurl Aim-rlcjv, with un|i.ir.itlel',,l tmccivrt In every tw o ; ni'l h>'ik ui-p-I 1\v many thuw n iu! wlin them . lo w iki* llit* 1*1*1** pulil .«■ I'm- l!»*i ;vili-viiiti*m of tlj«t-i»H«j{r.>i'mv limn any lrn-yil \rUn-< wli iti‘v«T.ns w.-ll a . t<» pr«-vi-nt nu ini-rinsf* of lam.ly wl- rn Im.iIUi will nnl ii.-niht it. ronmUf* parUniltw ly t-iliuvtcil. rn* tlmsp hmj>pn:-iii<: tli-m- •flvi'j so. ar*. euuti'-nM ;i\.iin-t t!u - « L'tll* wlnln in Unit citn-l.luni.iiH tlm |>rnnn.»t« r a —*niwn no rospiJ»-ii»,);ty ntV r JJjh nliliouL-h tlmir iim M ih wo'iM jtrcvnnl, any to hr-aUli, «»tlii,rwi.-'o tlm I'nN jare n *oinnK*u«lml. Full .m l expln l rtlr« «*tn>ns acc-jiupany each box. l’rico -^l.Oo lmr box. Sold wholn-mln ami retail by 1.01TS T. WAI.Iiu. D n w jltL Solo A^ont for Jammoa, L.. I,, to \ th o » all orders m u st b e addre^ed. J.adios by uln.-dug liiux $L.OO to tho .Jamaica Post Ofltoo c a n liavo bills sent to any part of Iho conn try , (ronlM entmlly) and “ Trpo of postaRft” by mail. X .'U .—I/>ok out far counterfeit *. Ituv no Uoldon Tills of a n y kind imhvK e v e ry box H siL*netl S. P. EIowo. AH others are Ji base itnpad- Mon and unnafi* ; thcreforo. ns you valno your live* and houllli, (t«> *ay notbintr of hi'inir bMnibn^\.'-t o u t of your money.) but only o f tliaso who show Urn “i-'mPuro* S. p. Jlmve on e v e ry brx, t v b K ro- oontly b-en ndib-*l, on acvontit \f tlm I’dls bt*in^ (■riiinti-rlVit -il. A d d nl* -0 by H. F. Iti’-UM-irk, n - in .o t- m t : pr. Uknjv'H.v h Uivorln-ad ; Dr. KiaiuiN, I'lu-bmir, a m i W inn* urnjt ist m ey.-ry vill-itte i a th*» Un!* I - I States. WIiowmIo In Nt.w- Fi-t U by A. IS. Samm & Sitkdt-iux r.i’mTt»«i!f»,an'l by P. P. IPAVK, 1 F rcpri'ior, N'-w-York. To Korvonfi Rntffrcrs of Both Sexes. A Tb-tiro.l ('lor-.'t m.m 1 m ny r*.-«-n to lieudli in a H-w day®, •ifhT mai.y Vf ti'A o f ^n a t N'-rvon - ,»u. is willin ' t-» ns.t t otln-r-* bv Sim.5m/ if.-i-t-l, <-n ivivijd nf a jHi-t |i*inl '1ir«-i-t.-d tilv-clop.'*. a f«|iv ..f lh.- invvMi't.mi u-vl. f»iri*ct th e lli-;v. Jo lI V . M DAbNAI-I*. Jsh TuJtnn st I**-* t. Brr*'*!;l,\ n. X . V. 4m!Jt BARKER ITns removed lo Ids residence on “ Spader's corner,” op posile- R.'V, P. D. Oakpy’s. .Iiunaion, June 17, 1SH2. Bml-t a a A S S K B E D . In Urooklyn, on ll.n !2l.li inst.. iiy tlio Rer. O. S. Goiiln Mea,viii K'isliinotc, of Hempstead, to Caroline A. Cortel- yon, of Fiddtill, K. Y. Tn Fludiiinr. on tlio -llli in « l., iiy H i p Tiev. J . Carpenter S'nitli. []!i'i;sV. C'irnoll to S indi A. M.-C'non. On 111.- fl'li inst., Daniel 1-Iegcmau to Ann Van Cott, both of Cedar Swamp. D U E I ? . Tn this village, on the lU li in s t, Xehemiali Aresou, aged 71 years. Tn this village, nn thr-IS th insO, V.aclicl, relict of tho lata David Fredein-k, age i 7S years. In New Ynilr, on tlio 9th inst., Wiiliom linll, formerly of this village, aged 04 years, \ months and 22 days. 1776. J U L Y 4 t h . 1862. A mcptirg of H ip <;i1 h.-ns of the village and town of,In- inaiPQ, will bn htl-1 at Dinlaad’s Ifot^l, this (Tuesday) awning, for tha piirpr.se of making arrangements for ode- lirafing the -1 th of J u ly , in a manner suitable to this glori- us Anniversary. L WT OF LUTlThtS rc-ttimning Qmn-na, Juno ] 5 th, 1862: the Fo&t Office at Abi-4ir-‘. M;-J M .ry i- *.£■■*. J < -d) V, »r‘ O ' ---. M. ( I r ' . Iii--.ru i i . J . r.. i. D-.J- t ;■ b rt, r ;- bi'-J. I.- j ;- i ’ M.h-. Mi , ;t. Ir- v , M,* . c.rhrPi P Tb- H.ii I Ufluri T. } l P.. U. J! ID) - II . '!)* -M’-l'l Sun--:'-'' ), .!«* «•)-! ?-«• imiri -I. .1 iin*'j Vo^-1. C iri-iKm V-dlv. M G am V iu >’• -.ti -ui I, P. ’ n .rt N. 13. IV-r'on? a-TlUr*\ f*>r the above h-llpr^ will pl-'fwe say tlmt th- v are rnlvm h i'-i. II. W. 110\\ LA.NI>, P.M. FARMERS TAKE N E W y o k e : l a b o r a t o r y , J-or tlio salo of BADPIELD’S PREMIUM FIREWORKS, rim : crackers , ronrnovRS, colored fires , <fc. Committors for public aiut private t o ’ilbdimm suppHoiI with FANCY PIECES UNION AND PATRIOTIC DESIGNS. Orders by m a il promplly attended to. 1 tn l2 M. PEN’.VLrrr, too Front St., Now Y ork. I3E3 s a ? r a i a r A s A a a TEAS, GrR-OCERIES, ELO U R A E ^ O P ^ O V l S B O r A S . 1.300 bbls. Fltmr at SC f*0 p er bbl. 10,000 Hums, city rur«d, a t 7c. 10,01)0 SliouUlcr?, «itv eurod, flc. 5.000 boxes (‘li-'iso, Sc. J .000 kits Xo. 1 .Mackerel, $1 per kit. ] .000 tubs of Lard, Sn. *2 0 0 0 boxes of Poap, 5i*. and fic. t OOO b i \ e s Adntnaiitiiic Candles 15o, J ,(*Oi) boxe-* Starch, p un,', ft^c. 200,(»•>!> Iln. Si/car, ratv dial ri-lbicd, ffo. and 30c, 1.DM0 piipkayea putter, li* r ., IHi*. nnd 2u.-. CoiTv-e, fre-'b |'r*Mint|, 10, 12, 10. l^t, and 20c. Clmii'u (Irocn and I lack Tea?, Ou tr> 7.»e. warrant-'rj. lU.OObgallons NYw Orleans M'd ts c-t.ut Goc. | mi - * gallon. 6.ono f»albu»s PoiT'* U!t:o iJiio. p e r gal, 5 OOO (rill.uHVyrujo, -ort'-l 300 tierces P.m\ 7c. F i n e s t , O l d B r a n d i e s , I'-Yr medicinal p'Tpoa-i-s. Atr.l all utbor kinds nf goods kopt in a first <rrccory house. 2C0 JR U D J T W r O ir S T R E E T . Occnpic>i hfs n-wn *l*>re, osvn? tho p m p c r y and has no ren t to pny ; iin|«'rts and b u y s pxehrdw ly for c.i-h- - n o /cr ('live- a irnto in bis lif- ; <-ii;!.'rintnnds h!^ (nvn Inisnm-s from -si\io'-n to cVhmeii hours ov»-rv .lay Un' year roniul ; coiwuqu-.ntly ho c mi undcrs-.-ll any grocer In Xcw York, (\live h im a call at No. 2 6 9 G rccinricS S t ., & 89 ifliirray, .V A 'ir YO R K . free. ly ! 2 C K A i i i £ I 0 1 \I M O W j a i R I^EO hlOWER hm FmEMEWS O F T U B C ITY OP NEW YORK. O f S . c e , U O 3 ” o a d . w n y ^ M e tr o p o litan B a n k L u ild in g . CASH CA P ITA L , $150)000. Orgaulzod on tho plan of paying ono-half the Profit* above soven per cor-t. to1 tlm W idow?' and Orphans’ Fuml o f tbo X. Y. Tiro Department. Tina Company Insures iTeporty of h II kinds ngaiuald-oss or Dunmgo by Fi.o. do. do. do. do. Pavid Milliken. Kx-IVos't of Iho nroDopurt, Iionry A. Durr, Prest Board Trusteas do. Charles Afepougall, Lato ['resident Albert J. Delatonr, Mco-Presidont A . V, Ockersliauson, Trustoo Peter If. Titus. Late Tnifdco Iionry M. Graham, L°wls Fr.ircD, J-i-epli B.uc-k, Ftcpiion A. Main, JJ. 11. Whltl-»ck, Silas C. Herring, Cb-orgo (I.rDwoUl, Charles L. Slowart, Benjamin II. Lillio, 'Wijlimn P. Hrlutnail, Henry Morgan, At Af. Van Bcuren, G-n. W. J latch, Aii-lvb tld T, Finn, P. W. Tnrnuy, Jam«s L. (iraham, Jr D IR E C T O R S : • S. Dt-xlor 73rm.lforiT, J r., John Bridge, W m . K. Strong, Win. 0, IIofftn»n, M o incr Morgan, Jam e s B. W indle, Jtomson Appleby, John C. JJemlersoit, C. Godfrey G u n ther, Franklin II. Delano, Jam e s B. J o h n s ton, H e n r y II. Elliott, Daniel F. Tiemnnn, It. M. C. Graham , C h a rles L. Voso, Cloo. B. Waldron, Kbene'/'-r Collam ore, Kdwarrt S. H a ll, John J. Towm-ond, C. T.. Bcerkman, D a n iel B. Allen, John Carle. J r . Jo s e p h B. Vurnutn, Jr. I/it C. n a r k , C h a rles H aight, JTubbtdl W. ltwtey, lto b 't . it. SLuyvcsant. T A Y L O R , 4 Q 1 t o 4 6 7 B r o a d w a y , . T j E H * Y O I I K , Ilcijuost th o attention of purchaser* wh6 ara about* to visit Use city, to their now Stock of FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS,. Including cvory novel ly fo r the Spring and Sum m er of 1842, wliiyf* thoy nro oiFwing a t W holesale a n d Retail, M U C H B E L O W R E G U L A R P R I C E S ! Also ul 3torcs F M WI I-'AH’ n Ii l-.V M o w ing, R e aping and Raking JK1M-: 1 3 3 r A), short notice, App'v to JA^OU SMITH, Jam-vcn, June 15, lMi’2. S5 c]Ea Jt-tL I S iiia jRLEivL'TiT' A Sirvwberry Festival will be given for th e benefit o f EIETHODIfJT EPISCOPAL CHURCH, In th e Yilln^e of Jamaica, nt M R . ST O R E , Oi) tho corner of Uorritnnn Avenue nud Falton St., f f i k i i : O n T u e s d a y E v e iiiug, Ju n e 17, 13G2. All lovers of good Ice Crcjtm aud Strawberries should bo present. Jamaica Circulating Library. Tho gomi-innnal of *25 cents on oarh eh are of the Slor-k of Uda Institution wns payable on the 1st day of May, members five requested to hand (he nmouut to the L brruinn or to any member of the Hoard. 13V order, SAMUEL S. AYMAK, Scc'y, H ollo w a y ’ s F il i . s .— Dyspepsia, Sick nnd Nervous Ilcnd' ache. X>h 3 'sicinns class headaches under six divisions, each requiring a separate remedy. In ignorunce of^the immedi ate cause how frequently must they err, and their treat ment miscarry. IIqltonrny'a Pills never fail in the euro oi Dyspepsia and its consequences, headache?, itc. Rend the P rice List of the People’s Provision Com pany, 208 Greenwich St., H, Y., in to d a y ’s p a p e r; i t will save you money l y l l Notice. Tho undci-signail olTors his services iwPhysieion nnd Sur­ geon to tho people of Jomnica nnd vicinity. lie mny ixi found nt his residence, one door west of Son bury & Peck’s Drug Store, in tlie brick house formerly oc copied by Hr. J, S. Seabury, oil nod after the Ctli of jioy. GEO. f l . KTSS.VM, SI. D, N. B. Night calls particularly attended to. Jamaica, April 28, 1802 W. Wood for Salo. C CORDS extra Pine W o od fnr pale. Enquire o f K Jt/ SA.M’L . P. PO T T E R , Schoom u uker PIaet». Jam aica, .Tune 1 G, 1862 . 2 wU R a 1 3 M o s : FIRE INSURANCE CO. 16 Wail Street, NEW YORK. Capital, - - - $150,000 Assets, $130,000 This Company w ill Insure all description of I-ioporty, including Kents and Leasehold Interest, against Loss by Fire at the lowest current l-alp-. (lEO, A. JARVIS, Prcs't, tV.M.Tra JI. Franki,!*, S e r;/ N ic k ’s. I j . Bru.ndauu, S u rveyor. Applications fur rnanrnneo left with PAM’L. S. A.YMAI1 and R. D. ALL1GEII, will be promptly attended to. • ly U m * O ^ B . E :i ± £ 3 DcIIgSitfiii Shade Retreat) FOR HEALTH A3STD AMUSEMENT, K f o w O p e n f o r V i s i t o r s . For terms and other particulars, apply to P . W. PEAR- SALL, at liis residence in Jamaica, before 10 A. st. and a f ­ ter 8 v. sr. Cow-sly Co-art o f Q u e rns co m ity —Slat® o l New Y o r k . n i o n Jfnlt, P l a in t if f ) a m in tt v XttmmonJ— F o r Holier. Trial) Tlolmes, D ffcndanl y 7b tha aboi'e namwl DpfnvlcM : You tuo hvrohy Rununnnt'tl a n d rcqnirod to ansv.-er the rouiphlnt in this wtlun.wbi'Mi wa-t th is day !HM Ui tho <»l!b'o nfilio CWk o f tliosaitl • -• i. !y r f (j ,i*i ns, in Uic village of Jani.tw-i, in ftfti-l pruuAy,unU tn sorvt- i c- py c f ymtr a n s w e r to llio ewkI cruni-'nint c n tlio sn b a e n b e r , nl h is olllpi*, N’o. -I Sunils s tr e e t, hi t h e city of Brooklyn, h. I . , wllhin twenty •lays »ft**r tlio servloo o f thlK s u n u n o n a on yon, flxi-lnstvn of th o tiny of -w \\ service ; runt if y o u fnU t o answ e r iho sniil complaint within t h e Dmo nfor»*-auh tho plaiutiir In thio action will npiily to tho c o u rt for t h e H i'-f •Icnnuifleil In tho complaint. 1 .it.* I May 2fith, 18C2. 6 a l 3 ________________ AV1T.T.TAM J. P W R P L r h i n h ' f ' t A ll.w m ,. rprir. gub’riibers offer for anlo a very superior nrticlo of JL I„ cu3t Mountain, Deh'Sh and Red Adi Coal for family SMITH ib m exnnTnw v n v use. nENDRICKiSON, Now York Avomie. 131 , 130 , & 133 F i r s . St., V/iliiaaAburg)), L . I. Tlio eub5criber would reaper*fallv call tbo attention of Farmers and olhers interested in Mowers and Reapers, to liis last improved Machine! TH E KB OKI 8T O S3. This Marlnno is not merely an experiment. It was tho­ roughly tested ln-»t season, aud provefi itself a porfeet ?uo- iio«, even lM'y«>nd rny most sanguine expectation*, which enablea ino now U> oftVr i t t o the public, fully convinced, that, ou its trial, it will be found iu every particular as herein represented. l ’riecfor-j foot Hnr..................................................85 “ -1 foot 6 inches ...................................... 90 iloirer nod iieaper ............................................... !1G F. M S U W I T Z . ALSO, A I-TEW r u t ’ j* Tiit: G - l l a B ] jw r n . ' -so nr Crosby Cj-olijjrs & Co., J’osagiiJteepsip, K. Y, VALEIJTirJU & HA5TJ0B, Agent s. Jamaica, Mny 28, 1852. ^ _ ______________________ Tnion Hall. The. Frm alj Daporlm«*ut of this Institution ommmenceg it-* Ihhd ti’ d Summer T 'rm nn Tilnndnv, April 28*h. NATHAN B . GRAHAM, I’rcsiiloBt. HMNRT KEUCRMAX, S e c r e t a r y . Applications for Insurance left ■with the Agent in tbi» villnge w ill be promptly attended to. _ )?/+ ______________ 1 .. A L U G E R , Ascnt. _ ISTo. 1 P E R U V I A N G U A N O j^ O R SALE by .TAGGAll & HENDRICKSON. Jarnnn-a, March 15, 1S02. L IF E INSURANCE. M.INILITTAN IJFE INSURANCE CO.. M o . 31 iVassau-st,, rJE W -YO R X , Opposite tho I'oet-ORlce. c . i s r r c a p i t a l a x d a c c u m u l a t i o n o v e r $ 1 , 200 , 000 . $ 5 5 0 ,0 0 0 U I T ID E J U S TO P O L I C Y H O L D E R S , $ 3 4 0 , 0 0 0 . This Cnmp.i»j* being eonil«,’le'I by a Board of Dlrootora owning stcek n tlm Company, has the advantnso of tbo stock plan of managoHjent, w.»h the mutual feature of sharing th* profits of tho business without b.'ing liable to rws-MmenVa. Tho triennial ilivMond of profits of this Company has roaultod in a bonus or addition lo the policy of more tli.au fifij* per cost on the whole premium paid. The -dividend! are p:ud In tho hfo-tim% o( tha a»arod, thus aidiog them Ut i*ny future premiums, rroniiums may bo j>aH nmrnnDy, soml annually, or quarterly, when tf io p«lvy is for fife and tho annual premium amounts to $10 or over. From 40 to 50 por cent may bo paid hy notes. Porous insured ntay vis.t Europe in first class rcswols, without exts* cliargo at all soaioas oi tbo year, JIE.VKV STOffES, /VesfifaaC C. Y. Wiivmpij:, Socrelctry. J. L. H usi-T, AnUtaut SxreUtrj. 8. Jf. Srum s, Actuary* Anuai DrBms. M. D., ltxamiv/*. i V 2 S Elair Dyes, Cosntelics and Fancy Soaps. A FREKff iissortraont or the above ju s t received nml for L Y sale at WALDO’S. M A U A K O i t 1. FVe.li itali.a, just received nt tho JfAEL OF PHARMACY. Scabnry’s Olcagcnoas Opodeldoc I? llnS very remedy for llnrns nr Scalds. Sold at. tho HALf. OF rriAUM ACY, Jainaiia. LKL 253 IVE <-3 NZ A L . Mr. A. CHESHIRE Urould rcppci’tfully inform his numerous friends and the pnb>ic that pinne )»n wn? burnt out, on the 8th inst., he ha? opened liis Shop for the sale of Dread and Cakes in the Klonr and Feed Store of Mess. Valentine & Raynor, corner of Fulton street and Union Avenue, where ho would be -jl.id to sec nnd wait upon his old friends and customers. GREAT 'REDUCTION T Jn tho Brio® vf C o f T e o c & s S p i c o a , GEO. HARDING’S OLD STAND, Cornet- Fnlton and M ain Streets, BROOKLYN. Texs 50 cts. per lb. and upw ards. CoITco 12 cts. per lb. nnd up- ward**. Cm] 1 TEElPEOPLE’OTlOViSSOO 263 Greenwich Street, f d u ' r c n J V a r r n i a n d .V w r r y , J V K W Y O R K , S e l f , (le­ a v e r s to b o d nr d e p o t f r e e , a n d w a r r a n t a s r e p r e s e n t e d , Pur? Stin-h. TS*;. I h**x 5.* p e r lb., 5 boxes 4 3 4 , 10 or mere •11 2 * \ Family S <ap, B .rkeyc, 1 box 5 l-2>; per lb ., 5 boxes 5f\— Tran- parent do.. B icki-y.\ h» l»aps usually at lOr* o.ich, IV, 100 f-v -fl 50 lVf»t f-iuuly Mour, 1. ufi.cy*. $7 per bbl„ 5 UhN. 60 e a c h .— Ilh'-Ic anti tlrcen Teas, i.'5i: t* St. B'-r lb., 10 per cent njf hy packngo of 5 ib . or n v o r. Colt*-' 12 1 2 la 25c per l b ., of qualities defying suc- ivssr-il cninpctitiou. Sugar cured H am s, Rc por lb ., 5 or moro 7 l-2o. P.irtn's vH o \\ i^h to ord *r fr< m tho c o u n try can do so hy m ail, a n ti the bill* h e collect 'J by any ro-’pousiblo Exprcs > delivering llio goods. C O U N T R Y PR O D U C E Iv-rclved on consignm e n t a nd sold to tlio c-'nsnni-w d irect. Kurm.'rs <• . - jnsigu their Butter, Clicesc*, A:c., and have j*en<l3 rrt-irne.l or inr..« y romitted protnptlv. H a rdw a re, 01,v s - warn or any other kind of g t r Is bought a t low .-st cash rah*s, a n d sent promptly aud o.u efu)iy to part es reque.du*^ and sending either money or prodnr-} to pay. 1/Jtt*<r-? o f Inquiry nuswered promptly and cheer* fuDy. T)»i«? J? noJmmbug, m a Iriril wi)) provo, l y l l T o Consam p tivos. T IIE ndvertisor, having bean restored to he^.lth In a few weeks, by a v e r y sim ple rem edy, after having sufiorM several year? with a severe lutig nfioclioTj, a n d t h a t ilread disease, Cmsunijition—is anxiou; to m nko known to Ins f e lliw -sm f.uis tho inean3 o f cure. To nil who dc-ire it, ho will send a copy of tlio proscription used ( free of charge), with tho directions for preparing mid using the same, which they will find n S C R E C H IK for ro X S C A fP T l O y ’, ASTH M A . ItltO X C lilT IS, Th-' only object of tho udvertl*or in sending the Prescription is in benefit the alll.cted. <tnd spread information which lie rnne-eivcs to bo invaluable, and lie hopes c\*ory snlfer«r will t r y his rem edy, ns it wilLnosl tlit*m ii-dhin/. and m a y prove a biasing. Parties wishing the preseriftion will please nddro<s. ltr-:v. EDYVARJ) A. WILSON. Willlatiwhnrgh, 3 m l l Kings County, New York. Guano. IN 0. 1 PERUVIAN GUANO, for snle hy HENRY HENDERSON A SON. J.-.m'-irv, March 17, 188*2. Notice. The District Library of the villnga of Jamaica, which is free to nil citizens, will be re-opencil this day (Tuesday) 29th inst, and will hereafter b« opened regularly on Tues­ days nnd Friday's from 4 to 6 I \ M., at the School House in Hcrmnan avenue. JO IItf D. SlIELTOX, April 2S, 1852. See. Board Education. REMOVAL. M ISSES CORNWEM. & SMITH, hiving rem«v«il fretn the Olil Stand to t h e building adjoining t h e Drug Store o f L. T. Waldo, wilt still centiuue tbo business «f M illinery and Dress-Making. They will keep as usual, Straw Bonnets, Ribbons, a hand?' sonio assortment of French Flowers, a l l tlio nowe.t styles of Bloomers. Silk nnd Mourning Bonnets made to order. Crnpe, Grenadine and Lace Veils, Dress patterns, such as Sleeves, Sacques, U o., aud a good assortment of Fancy Goods. Misses C it S.,\very grateful for the past patonnge bo stowed upon them, will be very hnppv for a continuance of tlio same. HARRIET \V . CORNWELL. EMELINK SMITH. Jamaica, May 5, 1SC2. tiud 3m10. 2 5 5 t o 2 6 1 G r ^ n d S t r e e t . 4 7 e n d 49. C a t h a r l n ^ S t r o e t . C. W. WILLIAMS ■& CO.’S, (Form e rly UfH.UAJW & 0UV1*’) U n e q u a l l e d D o u b l e T h r e a d f 1 -rices varyiiu; accordlnj to sijla and Unlsh, P r o m S S 3 U p w a r d s . For Simplicity^ Excellence and Cheapness^ they are 'Without a Jtival, E v e ry Machine Warranted ’ and Kept in JRepair One Year Without Charge. Jlgtnts W anted in E v e ry Town and City TVhcre we are not already represented. A Ucscriptlre circular will bo s e n t by mail to nil applicant*. M a n u facto r y , U tica S t r e e t ; S a lcso o o m s , 32 0 W a s h in g to n Street, BOSTOJtf, M a s s . Snllo SO L D IERS TRUE FR IEN D !! ALWAYS READY. 0 Long m a rches, soro nnd atHY-Joints, bllstored nnd inflamM fest, a ll those the Soldior m ust e n d u re, MOTHKItS, REMEMBER THW, whoa y«ur sons nro frntqtfng t h e ir m u skets to m e e t daujfer, think whal rollof » single pot o f this ALL HEAUXG *: COOLING Salro will gka t o tkt ®u# you love when far a w a y from home and fnom ls. It hardani an d nnkee tough the feet s o t h a t they enn e n d u re gront fntlguo. I t ftoothea and rchovos tho inflamed aud stifiVnad joiuts, leaving tbam iup|d«, strong anti vlgoross, w h jlo for S A B R E C U T S and G U N S H O T W OUND S It ■’ands unequalled, removing an d preventing every vestlgo of Inflam­ mation an d gently draw iag the edges together, it quickly aud cent- p’etely heels tho most frightful w o u n d s. W I V E S and S I S T E R S . / OUR V O L U N T E E R S . You cm i.ot put into the K n a p sacks of y o u r H u sbands Mil B r e th tr s , a mor«vralu n b > c r rnnro necessary gift than a supply o f this E X T R A O R D I N A R Y M I L I T A R Y SA L V E . Tho lonely sentiy w a lkag his rounds a t night, exposed to d r m f c ia g ralus and chill night a i r , h often seized w ith m o st Yi«ue*rr Peiaa, Coucu a a d SfFTOCATl.N'O IIOAMBSS&S, first SYlSptOmS Of QUICC COXSCMF- ■nov, but if supplied w ith H oixowats ’ 1’ju s a n d Jloixow^r’s O istmutf , all danger U averted, a lew rills taken night end ow n in g , siul the Ointment briskly r u b b e d twice a dsy o v e r tbo throat and c h o s t will r e - movo the S stibwt P a in s and Ptep the m o st dlstressicf sr D i s s s s o u s Coucft. Thsrefors w o s a y to the whole Arm y, S O L D I E R S A T T E N T I O N 11 See to yottr own h e a lth , do n o t trust t o the Arm y supplle* allboiifh m o st valuablo. These P ills and Ot.vrut.vr havo been thoroughly tested, they are tho only rem c d io? used In tho European Camps and B a rracks, for ovor forty years D octor Holloway 1ms supplied all Ihe A n c les la Hurope, n n d during tho C rimiun CiUPAiov he established a^W pot a t Balukl&vn, for the oxclusivo salo of these G xcat KsititruiP, m a n y a tim e hU special Agent thero has sold over a ten in weight of the Ointment in a singlo day. TUeso tcrriblo aud fatal •seaslss o f flit S o u n o t m CaHP, IMmrrhea, D y w n teryt Scurvy^ Sere*, and Screfulou* au aisappear like a charm w h ib the Cry rings throughout tho I s n d , ** TO A R M S I T O A R M S ! ! I>o n o t let tkesi b r a v e men perish by d iseeas, place Is t b e i r hands these I’Mcctous r.m tcrxs^, that w ill enable tlmm. to resist the <tanger«us oxposures, the Fevers, tho Chills, snd th e a*onads which tb«y csa&et avoid, a n d what w m e r e , cannot frequently get succour U t h e moraeol of noatl, whereas if o n r b r i m m e n h a v o only to put thoir hands iale tlioir Knapiacks and find thero a sure rem e d y f i r all tin caetts^lee of the battle field. How m any thousands -of lives would thue be saved who would otherwise porl-di b e foro relief could be obtaltisd. ttu p C A V T I O y i — Kona aro genulno unless the werds “ H o t i o w a t, Nkw Y o r k and London,” are d iscf'rnable t s a WaUr-mark In every )eef ef the book ol directions, around each pot o r b o x ; the s a « e w ay be plainly scon by hrtding the Unf te Ike light, A handsome rew a rd will be given to a n y one rtxidcriug such informatlen a s m ay leal ia the detew lion of a n y party or parties counterfeiting the medicine* er w e e d lsf ihe same, krow ing them te be spurious. •** Sold at the Manufactory o f Pr*f*a«orJ1IeiLewAT,’M V a ldes tAne^ New York anJ by all reepectable Dragglfte e s d DeaUrs ia Med M a e throughout tl.o civilised world, in pots, a t S ic., #2e. a u d i t eaeh. 4 9 * There is a <v>»sJri#r*b)e s a v ing b y tokiaf Ibe larper P ises. X. n. — Diroctlena for t h e guldaaee ef pebeste, ia every d i a a r i i r , a t p aExod to e»*U box. _______ C assisierb S uits (C oat , P ants and \V est .) AT K>t 98, 910, $12, $ 14 , $ 15 , m , $ 20 , Pickets for Sale. P I K K , O d n r and Spruce Tickets for s a l f t by S M I T H & UEN'DKICKSON' a t their y ard in New York Avenue. MolSce for tho Settlement of Accounts. A ll persons indebted to J. S. Skabdry previous tb March 1st, 185!); oi- to the late firm of G. I., P kck iti Co., are re quested to make payment of the eamo, by Cash or note o f hand, to Senlntry & Reck at the Ball of 'Pharmacy, before the 1st of July next. As it is very desirable to close these accounts u t this lime, we propose to those who arc unable to p ay, to give them a receipt in full, nn their giving ns a satisfactory statement to that effect. With this liberal offer «-o hope th a t none will neglect to settle tlioir oooounts du­ ring tho present month. J. S. SEABURY. Jam aica. June 2, 1862. G . h . IM-tGIC & C O . H O R S E S H O E I N G , AND E 5 X a J 9 t . 0 3 E S . S l W C M ? I E 3 d 3 S r a k In all its Hrcmchcs. ; T HE subscriber informs the public tiiat, ho lias added to liis business tho branch of Horse Shoeing, and has engaged ono of tho very best Shoors to be found in the country, He is prepared to (ill all orders in Horse Shoeing nnd Blncksniithing generally a t prices lo suit the times, at the Brick Shop in Washington Street. JOHN n. HENDRICKSON, Jamaica, May 12, 1862, OF W Fi have just received a fall assortment o f Spring and Summer goods, corauting of Ladies’ aud Misses’ Straw Bonnets and Bloomers of a l l descriptions. Children’s Fancy lints and Caps, Cents’ and Boys’ Straw and F e lt Hats, A Inrgo Aiiortment of French Flowers. First quality Bonnet Frames nnd Ribbons, Whtte and Black Ruches anti Tabs, A large assortment of b est manufactured Hoop Skirts. A1 o a genera) assortment of Fancy goods, all of which we ofler nt the lowest c ity prices. Nt B.—Bonnets nnd Bloomers cleaned and pressed in the latest st\Ie. Ladles' Fancy Shirred Silk Bonnets on hand aud made to order. All orders in the Millinery line promptly attended to. ‘ Jamaica, April 7, 1862. JOSEPH BERNHARD. Godt! Black Cloth F r o e k Coats. . . Fino Plrick Cloth F r o c k C«rU« ................. ... ............................ Kxtra Fine Black ClM'i Frock C o a ti .................................... D luck aud Fancy Cntaim ere J’aul#, *2, $2.50, $ 3 , $3 50, 94, $4,50, U, $5,50,2 $ 6 , C a s n x i o t B B u sixiw Coats, $2.50, $ 3 , 9 4 , }5t J $ 5 , $ 10 , 913, $4 lo $$ „ t ,911) U» $14 ... .$15 to $20 A t EvAxa’ K ctknsivk Ct.OTmXG K arwiocsb , Ct) •mul Fuj.tojt S t b r i t , X«w Yorx. 08 lmIO ffllLLINERY. T HE subscriber takes pleasure in informing her friends that she is fully prepared to do all work iu her Uric that mny be entrusted tb bar c a re, with nealnes-. and des­ patch, with prices to suit the times. Straws cleaned for 25 ets. altered and lined for 37 cts.— All work warranted to givo satisfaction. Mourning Bonnets of the latest style kept, on hand. A few Silk Shirred and Straws R a ts at unuWdal low prices. C o u n t r y p r o d u c e t a k e n i n . e x c h a n g e f o r w o r k . . S MF.'s.’sa U A U a KING. Jamaica, April 28, 1862. • Nolice 1 9 hereby given, to nil -versons h a v i n g a n y d i m a n d s against the estate of E d ward Eever-.h, d e c ’ d . , late o t the town of Newtown, c.re requested to p r e a e n t t h a s a m e , w i t h tho vouchers thereof, on of- b e f o r e t h e l k t day of A u g u s t next, t o e i t h e r o f t h e E x e c u t o r s 6 ( t h e e e t a t e . . ' D A N i l i L T . U ' E V E R I O n , Ifil Jarr.ts at., Brooklyn. ' ANDREW ’BRAGAW, Newtown. A B R A U A - M G R I F F I N , J a m a i c a . Newtown, May l e t , 1 8 6 2 . ; Sm8 Whitdwashing, T HE subscriber .respectfully informs ihe p u b l i c nat he will receive orders for Wliitewashing. a t his .residence in Washington near Sotilh Street. Eersons desiring liis services can be accommodated b y applying as above. J a m a i c a , A p r i l 2 1 , I S A 1 , f S A M U E L B K N S Q N , C L O T I I I N Q t Opening of Iho , Sprtn-o axd S vxmer C ampaiox A o a tn'st Ilia n Pniora F or Cr.onnxo, B y Tnii B O W E R Y C L O T H IN G Co.wraxr, 104 BOWERY, near Grand Street, N. Y. X3T SIG N OF T H E B U L L E T IN . J R In order to bo ablo to prosecato o n r W .\U AOaiNST EXOttWTANT -PROI-TTS, we Imv. jirovlrteil onraolves with -‘ BIG GOSS,” III t(ie per­ sons of Gen'llomarily a tih Rollablo S alesmen ; Immense M ore, of a m m u ­ nition, In the s lo p e ot nn unasaallj- large sm l varied anOrtmhul o f fiP*IN O AXD SU jflfEB c i t t t l l J S f d , (tdtipled-lfl tho ceqith'eiQOiiU , , StKX, votrrns an * feuTTubliE*,' and havinp MlnptfHl tf»o folloWiiiK i'uh‘i, ftl h»v(Of M i M l l e d l f ) pro* moto prolhnbls an d aatlsfactory liikreeerw .w ith «W W t e f l i w . a r . now ronily for notion. A l l g o o d s 'Sold b y u s a r c W i w a a d w b t o b e j u s t m r e p r e ­ s e n t e d ! W e a l l o w t h e p r i v i l e g e o f e x c h a n g i n g ( w i t h i n t h r e e days) a n y g a r m e n t s o l d a t r e t a i l , w h i c h , u p e a e x - a n i m a t i o n a t h o m e , - d o e s n o t - m e c t t h e r e t i r e a p p t c v a l o f t h e p u r c h a s e s i n e i t h e r f n a t e r i a l . s l y l e , o r A t ; o r , i f ' t h i a a r r a n g e m e n t i i n o t s u f f i c i e n t l y l i b e r a l , W » O B n n t h i i l o x t C T . , ________ E f - KRXIMMI* Th« whmbrr 104. J S k !■» 10 . . To the Public. r f l H E s u b e e r i h e r r e a p a c l f u l l y a n n c u n c e c t h a t h e h a c c o a - J L s t a n d , a n h a n d I l u r s e f a n d C a r r i t f * * o f s r o r , S e r e r i p - t i o n w h i c h h e i e p r e p a r e d t o l e t o r h i r e r e a o s e e m o d e t l n g t e r m s . . y p Ho also bos Large Wofeet agproiily ndapted I* t b . r e m o v a l o f F u r n i t u r e , w h i c h m a y b t yriisait a t l a y t i m e f o r a r e a s o n a b l e e o w p e a a a t l w , / • ■ s a l e s A p r i l 1 4 t h , 1 M 2 , ' ' W K ,

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