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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, June 17, 1862, Image 4

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I l*4w* w. f rfS - $ - ^ '■ V* V ' *-»’/ vr f u% i'U T t t . I* -i, : <;•’ By , I if | r ; !. i fit >■ li * M T T * ' “ “ *>‘* * * * < • * • IN S T A N T m iB F ! S 2 Y M » r d t « c o c o a : P U R I F Y y o u r B R E A T H f S T R E N G T H E N Y O U R TT Q IC E U S P A L D IN G ’S THROAT CONFECTIONS ' ARK ' > GOOD F O R C L E R G Y M E N , , COOD FOR LE C T U R E R S , ■ GOOD FOR PU B L IC SP E A K E R S , GOOD POR RIN G E R S , GOOD FO R CONSUM P T IVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY S p a ld in g ’s T h ro a t C o n fe ctions. . LADIES ABE DEUGHTSD WITH S p a ld in g ’s T h ro a t C o n fe ctions. 5 (anuH tfei c r y fo r S p a ld in g ’s T h ro a t C o n fe ctions. They relieve .a Cough Instantly. , They clear th# Throat. They giro strength and volume ta tbo voice. They impart a dellotona aroma to tbo breath. They are delightful to tba taste. Thoy are made of simple berbi and oanaot harm any one. I adriae erery one who has a Cough or a Hueky Voles o r a Bad Breath, or any diflloalty of tho Throat to get a package of lay Throat Confections; they'will relieve you Instantly, and yott will agree with me that« they go right |o the spot.” You will find them, very useful and pleasant while trarolllng ar attending public meeting) for atllllng yourCeugh or allaying your thirst. If you wry one package, I am Rafu in eaylog that you will ever afterwards consider them imltepensiblo— You will fiud them a t the Drngglata and Dealers in Ifodicinet P R I C E T W E N T Y - F I V E CENTS, EMy signature is on aaeh package. All ethara are coanterfelt. ||A Package will be aent by mall, prepaid on rcooipt o f Thirty Cent*. t^AddreeaJI I I E S E Y C . SPALDIM G» is 4 8 C e d a r Street, N e w Y o r k . CURE S1CJK H E o R D & C U J E l CURE JYJERVOUS UE&J&Jl C U E I CUBS BMMtlOVS 11EJ1I9JI C E E , W By the ut* of theae Pills the periodic attache e f Xtnmu er Sick B M i t l i may ba prevented ; and It taken ct the'comnaencomeut of an attack immediate relief firem pain and nckneu will ke obtained. They seldom fall in remerlng tha Xaweau and Ihaiacht to * kick it- male* ara io aubjeet. They aet gently npon the bowele—removing Guticmeu. For Literary U n , Studadi, Delicate Females, aod oil person* cf le Aeutary habit, they aro valuablo aa a Ixaalivt, Improving Ibe appetite, giving tone and riper to tbe digestive organs, aud restoring their natural elaetielty and strength to the whole system. Tbe CEPHALIC PILLS are tho result o f long inrestlgatien and car# fully coaductcd experiments, haring been In use many yeara, during which time they bare prevented and relloved a vast amount of pnln and euffertng from Headache, whether originating la iho amour system Or a deranged state of the ttomach. Tliey are entirely vegetable lu tbeir c 6 mposlUon,and may bo taken at all tlmoa with perfect safety, without making euiy change o f diet, and the ahaside c f any diiagretccbU taste render) it eaey to administer them Aa cAGdrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS I I MSg* The genuine have five elguatures oT n m j p R Y c . s p a j l b i j v g en each box, Sold hy Draggle!* and all other dealers In Medicine*, A box will be tout by mail, prepaid, on receipt of tbe P r i c e , 2 5 AU orders ahould bo addressed to C e n t s . HENRY C. SPALDING, 4 8 C e d a r S t r e e t , N e w Y o r k . $ S r A tingle bettle of S p a ld in g ’s P re p a re d G lu e , will save ten times lie cost. Spalding’s Prepared Glue! Spalding’s Prepared Glue! Spalding’s Prepared Glue! SAVE TH E PIEC E S ! ECO N O M Y l D IS P A T C H I IST .1 ntltth in time emvea As accidents mu happen, even In well regulated families, it le very desirable to havo some cheap and convenient way fer repalrlagFamf- t«m> Toys, Crockery, Ac. Meets alKrnch emergencies, and no house can atterd to be wllhont It It is always ready and up to ib» Clicking pemL ■ » VSIFCL IN EVERT nOCSM.\ N .H .-A BruriuMi#*mj*nt 4 * each bottle. Addrtn w m & t & m i m e , Ho. 48 O tdif fltrM t, H ow York. ■*' C A U T iO S i ' • ■ , , AattlHMilNltMNVHiFpenebe ere .ttethpifsg te th* WJ) suepeeUugpfibHe, ienttatioue of my PREPARED GLUE. I WimMlmMWi «U p*rsea*:ttoM|MiM before j^rchajing, »nd see the) the fd9 Aa** • , . • ragpAJttD eivgr i ■ • r tea* tat rnmtt f -n t f w nrt whim *rs«whmi»g sfaAisrtota, . f . J-’ .1 , 0 - ' t . ' ■ ' . , , 1 Great Cities. ■ \W e, V o* 'BOOtMdcM* MtayWW, h t f b r m * tu y tb a t thb 3>ifii«tiats, Bjpottnaofcrt**. mod PhyateUmaof o ur wtVUM oitlw baTt.a^pMil, s d o a a m o n tof aasaranodto a* th s t UioreAXt- «diH « f S B . OT, O. AYBlBft SO*. <* Sa*»H» (Ayer’a 9«rMwwdUt, AsW» Onr*. aaad Charry S#oto«il,) h t w baon founa to b* modiohosa o f c r e s t ezoeUenoe, and w a r ib r Ut* oonfldeno* of th s oommuntty. H OY. JTAMJBS COOK, Macror «C LOWWLL, BEAM. H O Y . A ltB I Y BBABD, Msyor o f XS’ASHHA, IT. H . HOY. 3 . vr. .H A B E lYG T O Y , K a y o r o f MAHOHBSTOB. Y . S . H O Y . JO H Y ABBOTT, Kay or o f OONOOBH, JT. B , H O Y , A . H . BU L L O C K , « Mayor pf WOEOB8XBB, MASS. H OY, YA T H ’L S3LSBEE, Mayor of BALUM, l MASS. H OY. Y . W . LINCOLN, Jr., Mayor of BOSTON, M&BS. 'H O Y . W M . M . HODMAN, Mayor o f PBOVXDBNOB, B . X. H O Y . AMOS W. PBENTICE, Mayor of NOHWIOH, OOBY. H OY. J. N . H A B E IS, . Mayor of STOW LONDON, CONY. H OY. CHAS. S. KODIER, . Mayor of. MOMTB.TIA.Ti, O. Y . H O Y . D. F. TBSM A NY, Mayor of Y E W YOBK CITY, H OY. H. M. KTNSTKEY, Mayor Of HAMILTON, 0. W . H O Y . ADAM W ILSON, 'Mayor Of TOBOYTO, 0. W . H O Y . B . M. BISHOP) . Mayor o f OINOHSNATI, OHIO. H O Y . I. H . CEAW I’OBD, Mayor of LODI8VILLB, B Y . H OY. JOHN SLOAN, Mayor of I.YOYS, IO W A . HON. JAM E S MoPEETERS, Mayor of BOWMAJfVXI.LE, O. W . HON. JAM E S W . NORTH, Mayor of AUGUSTA, MB. HOY. H E N RY COOPER, Jr., Mayor of EALLOWELL, MB. HON. JAMES Sv BEEK , . Mayor of YBBBBBIOTOY, Y . B. HON. W ILL A R D N Y E , • Mayor of N E W BEDB’OBD, HASS. HON. J. BLAISDELL, Mayor o f FALL BIVEB, MASS. HON. W.‘ H. CRANSTON, Mayor o f NEWFOBT, B . X, H O Y . PEED STAH L , Mayor o f GALENA, ZLLl H O Y , JOHY HODGKDEN, Mayor of BUBUQITB, IOW A . H O Y ; THOMAS CRUTCHFIELD, • mCsyor OT OHATTAirODQA, M finr. HOY. ROBERT B L A IR , Mayor Of TUSOALOOSA, ALA. H O Y . E . D . B A U G H , M ayor of MEMPHIS, TMOTT. HOY. GEBARD STITH, Mayor pf NJESW ORLEANS, LA. H O Y . H . D . S C R A N T O N , *Mayor of BOCKXSTEB, Y . Y. HON. DE W ITT C. GROVE, Mayor of UTXOA, Y . Y. HON. GEO. W ILSON, ~ ~ Mayor Of PITTBBVRG, B A HON. O. H . BUH L , Mayor o f DETROIT, MIOH. HON* NEM A N L . P A GE, I . - ■ Mayor of MTLWAUifUJ, WZS. HON. W . W . VAUGH N, Mayor of RACINE, W Ifl. HON. A. PARR, M a y o r o f K E N O S H A , W I S . HON. JOHY C. H A IN E S . M ayor ot CHICAGO, I L L H O Y . M . J. A . H E A T H . Mayor o f SELMA, A L A C artliy th a t tho resident Uruggiate nave > aa Hared them Ayer’s Sarsaparilla Za an ezoellent ram edy, a n d Worthy B it pon> fldenbe o f the community. A y e r ’s S a r s a p a r illa . B a r I p r l n g D l s e a e t a . f a r P n c l i y i a g t b e B i p o d . F o r S c r d l n l a a r K l m g ’a E v i l . F o r T o x n o r a , U l c e r s , a n d S o r e . . F o r K r a p t i o n a o n d F l m p l c a . i F o r B l o t c h c e , B l a l m , a n d H o l l a , F o r S t . A n t h o n y ’* F i r e , R o s e , o r B r y . F o r T e t t e r O r S a l t R h t n n i , [s l p e l a x . F o r S c a l d H e a d a n d R i n g w o r m . F o r C a n c e r a n d C a n c e r o u s B o r e s . F o r S o r e E y e s , S o r e ISetx*, a n d H u m o r s , F o r F e m a l e D ise a s e s . F o r S u p p r e s s i o n a n d I r r a g n l a r t t y . F o r S y p h i l i s o r V e n e r e a l I M s e a s s a . F o r L i v e r C o m p l a i n t s . ! * For Diseases o t tbo Heart. i, f , t The Meydxg of the chief oities of th* |7Sf« tod States. Canadae, and British Frorinoee, %Mlh Mezioo, s a d irxfaot o l, I tbof«dt ,»«u this oontinant. tone tBwttdmtA-Yttt «<W only admit ft p o r i i o a inHtts'.' ■ A y e t ’B A y e r ’ s C h « ® t r P s c f e w r t , - A y e r ’s A y e r ’s A f u © O o r e , n t r A M x o m r i t ^ D r . J . C . A y e r * iC«* ' ^ XJOWKLU MAMU: - Aoa soH by Dregiistswwy sehsf#, . ; . ; 0 . L. IEGK. dt CO., o> n , ' . . , ■ L L I W L D O . - v / . * * * * * * v ' snt m o * t T . G « s ; « l l l . t S a s a ' T , « , U ^ . *A-i t , a , »,4S 4 MSOM M 4 & 1 /iiWiM-TenMiWsw I: D MIftfM: .tiDURfe.. (Sewmog h * v B r ’i b .i p m t ' Oirerunnlng t * ' Ua.TW»ei|fi . , tlons bo ths jLdnf from JapOs’ On Sundays, and Jamaica/ 1 , 2 ,3 , 4 , 5 am York-, at 8,50, *; S.OO, aud e,3p t and from Fall LeavoSHtb Yapliank, and ini City Oars bav; and. 13,18, l,8r N.wYorJcWith B.C.IsJ.R.'lL '■■enotfMtmau. w a l i e r * uastsy aasd m ^ h ,f ^ ■' % $ Ay u M p . x . • ■f' a «■ -■ .• ■ 1,00 . « ■•• iccnnect at l b s t Jtaw Tork with tha Beraa, i Fuitoa, V«R Meed, sad Couth iferrtw. and Baggeg* Chackod through to all St*» \Road atthaaam* rait bfFaraae cbargad, l A f M u i S s , ’ . • , uko heurly Trliia hetwSen BtatRew York ,ira a t spd U *. s ., Id S., and furulng, teav* BowardHocM, Fast New- pd li^OJi...it.,*IHl 1^0,2,80,8,39,. 1,50, tips a t « * t Nay York with City Care to, aud Smrthfhrrfes. au, coiftpotlng wiihpu. L R .lt. trains thr e«oi>s».A'v ...................... jrry at W . * , * ! , 19 , 1 ^ and 11^4 a. * . , 4 ,l 8 «nd *,***•*•! will OoitB»ct,at Eaet Jamawk. L. O. RH3URUS0N, dupt. 2 nd, 18tS. ,,r , a n d R a i l r o a d . J.—On and after Thursday, April JOib, ’will lean, Brsast, Gpleg YhM. ‘ fer GfWnport Jrt 8 , 0 Q a m A 5,30 v u. Yaphanlt atf.oO u . a j.RO r * (Syoacet a tli.00¥ iy4 ,3 0 ru • Yanetbigdalt at'A W a. K., and H«pp»ie*4 A *06 a, s . , 12,00 1 . u. JatauMe* at e.WA.ir.,. 13,00 u r : tkSO.g^Oaetfe.eor. x. •n arrival afRerty floattromJamea’SUp, fiAleido 'WVrnb ' rartM 't.ao A.-n. * 3,M r . » . ■Ja.td.OSr.s, lit. H.\li 1.90r ; x , . - . . a 2 » r . n . \ .25 a Tj58 A. S., and 9.40.8,50 T. X. is, s.a? A.w., *,25, e,oor. *. Ik V. STEARNS, Jtu t. Sup'l, >rk Stages, as follows. ,. LEATX 7.00 A. If.,: 8.00 *,00 10 00 11,00 .12,00 M L r JlOrChS, I t t a , Stages, villi run in oofl- tha FaHsn. Avts'no-and Stpsdway .Cars, ours jusrtmr-TQRK. .$994,3.4 1,00 P.M.- 11,09 200 j *,00 4.00 . 4,00 8.00 T.OO K I K E T O X j t A T X £ > r - T 0 R K , 0 C S . V T S . Qaccns ftMaty Surrogate’s Court* In the matter of the sfiptlsaHan of .fha- V * bo Ana Verity. AeWapiWtrc.lM. j; . • - ■ , ' ■ 4f > . J If. \V. R istsas . Att’v., William Verity, doadd , fbr amliorlty io f Boslyn, L. I. aotl tho real ealatarf said-dci for tho payment H I M d^b [N pursaanooof aw OrMTot I ibo above .utiUed matfer c: at PU$LK AlVTt0*r,O*Wl> hcr.aftcr doscrlbsd'O* Xtce bXCi :«gorBjg*t# of Qfleoaa county mado In ill* ol jth day of Kay-, 1862, I will Bell \ -Jim W J lO V S R y M tho preraUei ffB, day of JCX^.1882, at JEW O'CLOCK tn tlm MnbSeap of day, 411 that ;Wt*ln houscjand lot of . land, of wbteh said WiH|aib.Vcr% died achped and poea&aod, aituato 011 th* highway brad* f tirn Marh«fcetValley down the east MOrtb^npatead, Qtfooiis County aide o f Great Nook, in .tbmhwcu ai bounded as 10110 W* ,• fbmtencinga&alitliii aeld hlgliway aud land of Jaoob Carihah,-**d raiMai*g hhriiso »<irtli'7e dh|(rcea «Mt along said Oirma*’el»»dIah^insiB4;linife*<rM*rr«lPaeaItin*adowsthena!oog rthV f ietrpcd.aaat* ebaine, lSllnke jlhonaonth 7s. AalDir. ’Sailnke to aaldi highway; than roulh 11 do- whl 74 lfiik*j;Hh 4 n south 17 degroen, capt one ohalu-46 links nlinig**ldh%bw*y te tlii'flnae-hfbisgianhig, cwllainlng one ooro and IS oquare jrotin, raelc'tviiii. rIgUte a f way over tb* same to (hr meadow. ■1 ; 5 , 1 ■ ' DaUd May tth, 4862. * PHEBK ANN VKRTff, • '■ • - 'Acjninlatiatr.'it b ftfllitani'V c rityi doe’d. n i i * HUSTEtt h J L P fluodhliattcpUon todi. treated tW 1 M* than fifty ihon uro. HI* grant Nshftdr Dr *a when rei«ltrtm<ani*nt'tii dieting or restflcUem fit th* Hi f t r T f c i r i y T c t r s f o n - . 5 Ca c t s OJ-tniu clas*, In w hlcb lid b u nd oM«. without an Inetihco of fall- . iltt*r,*;IV*tl'rdp, ctirca totwla dis tog. tall olh*r rctnodfcR, tail; ddrte without Mta ef tbe patisnt; cures withont tbe disguefing asd'aiekteiog a g e # of Mi ntnaf r i p M i t t ; car** i» h*w cues lrt I*ew ft»b*llth<n»rt.' ftroolshut tho poltpr.une taint the blood le euro to abawb tnilea* thk rdinedy is need. It » Ouo Dohar a vial, aud canaotbobMaJSwi gtWlnoauywlihrt'tliha ktih«o)d olfihe, No, 8 rHvlslori StiWOtj NaVYort Chyjf Book for f'O thre* cent.ataropa. 200 p*gasfuUofj>k«»«a.' . >, i|, . ' . 1y7 W M. JACKSON, No. hMjbpttDWAY, calls cspoclal attention to hi; aohcral atoOk of KApIL^M QVI,'NlNe GOODS, feeing wiihout orcc’ptlon, tho largest and rrtOtl :JI«»ir«blo and obtapcet r rsr offered at retail. -- I.-. NOHCE.-^lkal*V*ttaolk*i iyiietqneBted to on unusual bargain Jr black arid white Rilke .at t- 5 . fer yard: also, to our stock Of black sllks. in whioh will Bo foohd mimy rare bargain). ‘ In Bonnets and Mu>t)llal wo defy competilio* for alyls and cheap, ia. Call and oxnintne. ' * ObeSrv* V.JACia»N, Iraportavof Kourhlugflaod*, #nnB 5M nroadway, httwosd Spring andPrlUco ala., Now 1 York. G u a n o s I G u a j i O B ! I AM now preporod to rurnlslt Jiaket’R l»l*nd,T'entvh* aad oOiar Gu- anoa ot tbo«i*st epproved bhtda Atamoalattd and Pho»i*otic, un* aad full pdrikulara ecul teany . ; ■ JOHN ----- 8m4 1 ectkA ClrOt oanyM drda r f J udy , i IMftafobarg*. U Death jtttart. New York. (Corner e Y W M tslree_ Em ighs!-rkm ^BlIPlouglis!! IE attaotion of Farnjer* *»d OarAtnsra !s eoHad to roy large a n d w e ll sai«*t«d at*ak a f f o m a iag Utenilla, oo» listing of anim u snaa r Stock of Fiobght * ftdl d m , Ploogh C a e tjott, > • J - * OaraSheiUro, H a y and Straw Qetto n , .... - . - WheelBarraw^: V - H a y i ^ X i i b u M ■ Hoaa, Rakfis, Aa., 4 a , „ A ll ofvrMelk t t H ioM m r*a*ai>*M« M f t * iim e t will adm it.'- y > ; V' - - f , .. ' T oliafowid o t'tf# ^aadd»a,M<M#.-4-ii«l|..Omt lyw.lW# fiaatfc Bta m TfcoiBctafek*t**i daipMs,. vaeMdlbr tbaywmea*.,. . wnidotNtwiWa|*Bw«ri aaving fima, f “ - , RyaliMr mpy.ltwm- in about **). byaUAfe kc.,th*f»*« dcnmta-atbiia* TheMMfMiL theraachiao** Faml dlejgaowm*..- oachlnWilttnrt, meominM* efthf i»/4«i;aiMa4)* VMtJaakotih* r«tvhe«ude:i<*i> JfM.^A-h.'hharal 3ES. :ieXo*te se>>leai avUcieavaoip Mas. rppw . . . , w _ . , * f A » * ' wW ‘' w .yeg m „ tbaaamatawn.ot * m thtmawtdrighJ , o*M Mortgagor a a ^ * Iba'eltfewaatbatffMl - aad doly * ' “ vg&sto OrnaM county OWW <NBaa, R 'l lb a r W4* . tho Mb day ol May,iS54, l 0 aaetra tta paynaSntofiha attmaf *t*», wbhlal 4 r*mihe«MaV*ld-*lber«m***aaf M* povaaa*. Meaaaaao. - And Whcreaa lh*aai4lMMMWMi aoorbald and awaadhyBaatad Cbarie* Aawor.tha aabaortbav-horota; an# btharaaa tha amoant af: prieclp*) hadlntorOat dalmod aobadwa spoe aatd meH(a|a|t«liaibd* « « a flnit puhHoakannr tUf aattoa b aee Imndtod'aiftaMiywimiM.. Mwaadfiftyoo«.te. ............ iil l*'SifeaoM* by a eale or thapramieoa tbcreln deaettbad, a t , „ . K d W t m , m tlta j * m « nr w e l n m t j r i r n m t , » t o t m t o e s m i r s i x M , tmoen* «x>unv,*<t s * m » 4 r , m « i A y o f M SW raaRA. p ., 18*3, M 1 o’ctoek, P . M., aTtiiM day. ,. ' ' Tbe aald jtam liia m w deacribed ta aald niorigac# tat Wlow», ta wH AM th*t e a rtala ptaca fer p a r c e l o f cleared land a n d proSnleaa, a ttnataht th e iow n o f H e « m b < ^ * a irc**M , adjoining th* roedorfeighw a y iaad . ■Jag-.ftit*) BtbaUnaVonii b» Mo*r''|kfek4W»' W'awWY.MAll*- an d bausdad aa fcltow a : Oo t h a a o u th b y l s n i ttirmerly batocidag to JtMteb Wmirar,‘dOoe*»ad : Oa t h a w r t t h y land hf B b * r t W«tt*'; otTtbo » s r th b 4 tte *tM«mM e M t b IV)ksey, « ) t i t comea to tha MoreaaM w a d ot’ h lghwwy; an d t M e * raunlOg aoutherly b y tho said Toad'Or h igh­ w a y toJh a p H o a n fbaginaing, «ont*1a!pg three a e reabetfi* aama more o r k t t o th»f9yat»llbnoe*oow e tand, Togcthsr'wllh an atfel Singular tho tcnementl, hcredllamcnta aad ap- porteaiuica* thorannm bthiiitiagorin Rnywlec appertaining. -' Bated M»y l 8 ttqlgM . - ; CHMHia BROWUt, Mbrtjojee. A. B. Gw>ror,uity.ykrAMrtpgpw. _ ; ■ .. ' . 7 r \ _ W RMU 5 A 3 , Jamea M. Barber AM Edth Ann hbw)fe, or the olty, eounty aud Stet* o f NeW York, ou th* 14th day oCCctobpr, A. D., 1858, piada *xaCUted and doHvcred * perti!# Indentur* of mortgag• bearing dale an that day, tb Jiimea N. Bfrber of Uttlo Falls,' In the county of Herkimer, in the BUto of Now York, for the putpoee of sc. baring the payment to the said Jama* N . fitrbac, of the turn .of giro thousand dollar*, and interest thcroon from tha dat* Of said tnortgag*, at and after tho rat* of aeven. per sent, per, *titmm, whlchaald mort­ gage w*i recorded In tbe Queen* county Ocrk’n Ctffloo, In Llbpr No. 191 ofMorlgogee, page 21*. oa th* 18th dajr ofOOtober, 18*8,at 11 o’clock, A.X. '■ And whercea the sild Jamoa 17 Barber on tho fi[l**nth day of ?cp-. umber, A. B., 1855, rnatle, executed and dcllvorcd a Certain Indentur* of Ifurtgag* Iwarlng date on that day to Johh P.Hiliode* of the town of Hempatead, Qneena-cOonty, for tbepurpoeeof eecurlsg tl>»-p*ymenl to IhoSatd John P . Rhodeb Of tbe aim. of thro* thoueand dollar) with in­ terest thereon.atand after tha rate of aeven par cent, por annum, which said aortgoga wta .reoarded la Quoene comity Clerk’s Office, in liber 83 ct Mortgagea, -page 479, on tbe 16th day of September, A. D ., 1865, at eleven 0 clacjc and fifty mlputea, a . si, And wheren* theeakl Jainee N Barber, did by aealgnpient dated the fouiMeath.dayoflitrch, A. D .,l* 6 1 , tadrecoedod lutheOuecna conn- ty CtorkwOfOco, In liber No. 115 of Mortgagra/pag* 2*J, on tho 14th day.af March, 1881, .at Mxodock, r . x., eg that day, duly grant, bar­ gain, sell, aeilgn and-trarufcr the mqrtgogo firatly abey* mentioned and referred to, together with the bond or obligation therein deecribed, onto John W. Demott of Iho town' o f Hempsteadj QuMiiS couaty, And whcreaa tbe aatd John P. Rhodes ln aml by an OMigntnent of mortgage dated tbe eighth day ol February. A. D., I860,And recorded In the Quccne pounty Clerk’s Office, in Liber No. 108 of Mortgagee, page *19, on the 17th day of February,1860, at thirty minute* pent eleven o’clock, a. tt,, did duly aeSIgn, traiwior and aal ovor the sald mortgeg* aacondiy above act out, not* the sold Jamei N. Harbor,.together with tbo bond or obligation therein rofcred to, and whereas tlie aald.jamca N. Barber, In and h f CO aatlgnmcnt of mortgage dated, th* 14th day of March, 1361, and recorded In tho Qu«n* county Cjcrk’S Oaoe,in fiber No. l i t of Mortgage), page 259, on tho 14 th day of March, 1861, a t ,6 o’clock, p. x ,, did toll, aeeign, transfer and act oyer unto the said John W. Dctnott, the said mortgago stcondly hereinabove mentioned and. r e fefred to, )ogolh*r with live bond or obligation therein referred lo. And whereas the Said mortgages abovo referred to and assigned as abdve mentioned each contained a power of *slo proyldmgJhat If default should fee- made in the payment of the sum e f money seeured-in ahd by said mortgages or of tbe Intoreet or sny part Uiereof that might grow duS thereon, that then it should tie lawful for the party ot tho second psrt thereh), the mortgage* to sell and djeposo ortho sslil mortgaged promisee; AncV Whtrses default has been made in the payment of tho money eccuriit to be paid In And fey said mortgagee according lo tlie condition thereof; and whereas both of said mortgages are ndw held andowrjod by the siiid John W. Domott; and whereas them is now at tha time of th* firat puhllcationor this notico, due and owing upon the mortgage first herein above set out and referred to, thc eum of two thouaainl four hundred and ninety dollars of [principal and interest.— And whoren* tliere le now due-and owing upon tho mortgage sOcCndly hcratnabov* Set out and r*lbrr*d to tlie aum of three tboosand, three hundred and ifiiriy-slght dollars of principal tod Interest Now there­ fore by virtue o f tii* power OT sale in said mortgages contained, notice Is hereby given that said mortgages, will be foreclosed by asaieofnaid mertgaged premisee at N C fttni HBC7KHIT, at ths Hotal Of JAMMS H. JENNINGS, a t jfiiR RQCJCAWJtT, to the town of Hdmpetead, Queens oounty,un THVR3DI lY, -fha m rjSN W X N T B day of JULY, A-. D- l*62,at twelve o’clock, nooa.of thatday, the mortgaged prtmlMs Which are deiCrlbsd ln aald Mortgages to follow* s All tint certain Fernrj, plececr pRrccl of land situate ontb* northerly side ef Far Roekoway Ne«k, In the toeru of IIcmtHtead, Queens county, hounded *0 follows: commencing a t the south-wari corner thereof, by land of Henry Ucwlett and runsihg north lhlrly-cight degrMs and tliir- ty-fiv* minute* (west, seventy seven chains and thirty links by land and meadow |0)d hy-sald John P. Rhodes to Samuel Pearsall, until it cemes to a Small ditch bin th* moadb'dr; tbcnco running easterly a Short distance to a small cr*4k; thenco scutheaaterly hy said, etaall Creek about fourteen rod* to a branch ef said small creek running but easterly ; thence running easterly by said 'branch or the imafi creek nntif 11 eoujee in adiig ditch by land pf Ilonry Mott, deceued; thsnsC ruhnlng'southoaeterly by said dug ditch or brook aud by the fcnee by isud of said Konry Mott, deceased, about ono hundred ahd seventy- eight rods to the. middle of the highway j thenoe running )outhwcsterly alpngths WW” ~ ----- - -*-» * a _,. links, jhcnos joli P. Rhode* ______ , - ... ................. . thc rfadreeerved for ,»'hurylng ground yihonoe runnlRg by sali land reserved for abnrylng greuud southweevirly eigllty^ilght links ; thertc* southeasteriy on* cbslx *nd flOy-clght liSdsa to Jipd CT Honrjr Hewlett, dee’d . ; tlience vdsning by said laud.southwesterly four ohalue and thlrlyjwo linka to the placenfheglnnlng.containlng eh* huhdred acrce, more or less ; r*|er*lag( h*wcver, for th* use of the public the high way throngh raid premteee. ^leo rfsdrvyrtg * right pFWay lo too bury- lug greusd. firsto to t irighwdy. Jhifflg tha same preatleM that wer* ccaveyed- to to* taid. pattY of thd ,first party by the eald John f. Rhbdai, By deed bearinj even date' Witb theso preMnta, tod thlsmort- gag* hr given to **onr*:a part.a>t Um ,pdrcb*«i money thercef That no suit or proo**dl»;' a t law or In aqnlty has been instituted to reoover the.r.roCunte dae on aithor of said mortgages,or any part there, of; thathysuoh ssffit such mortgeges will fee foreclosed and all'equity ofredamntloo thereof. Bated Aprll lSth, 1860, JOHN W. DEUGPT, Norijoyee. Auxsanips H Igssr, JUerruTf' r fifaripngec, ' _____ !®»r<gsig« Salts. YV7HCRSA3 default h i* bejstt heAdt iatoepayment of the suns el two I f hundred and (brtydom- dhllsr* «nd niuotyfonr c-nte, which is clalmed to b* due a tto*dai«of tol* pntTca, on a. certain, mortgage, da­ ted the «to day ef Oct., 1853, mado'tod o»eufcd by John Hill of tho eity af TnnArpebafib, toJity of Rings and Stale c t NewYOrk, to Jamei BtroOg, <U toetown ef ynwhmg, djueeus fioutfiy and State cf New York, ahd John Elliott aud David S Dnhoomh of tlm cay.cotthty and state Of New York, and teCerded in the office of ihe Clerk Of Jh* connty ofQueens, in Uber Il'otMortgag**, page 481, oh the Tilth day of Nov,, 1653, a t 12 o’efdefc add 38 'miuutcs, r. X., aud duly assigned hy ss|d JamefcStreag, John KUlctt and David & Duncomb to Joshua C, Samttr* by osfignment, dated to) 8 d day of December, 1$50, aad recorded to Mid cffico of the Clock of tod county of Queens, tn liber 89 of H«rtga- gti, page 458,lj)c*iuber 27, J3S8, at: 9 o’clock, A.Jt, ThspremitM de­ scribed ia and covered by said mortgage nr* as follows ; ' “ All these certain lota, placet, or parcel* of land, situate, ly)of<*n<i bttogfntheiownsblpof NoWtonn, etfinty of Quc«u), and itataefNew York,being too tots, knpwn nnd designated by tiienumbera.twohun. dredsnd Sorty-uoven gssT), and'three husdrod tod **T«utg'f>tO),on * -map entitled ‘ Sectkmal Map No. l of the villtg* of Weet tf.iwhiafyia toe mwnehlp bf Newtowa.Qqotritcouilty, lofeglMaai, Ndf Yorit,*ur- veyed Juhe 1,1863,1»y Clerk and Bacto, .chysBrv*|W,J»r*«g W r whlcli'map is filed in tho cffios of Ik* ChKk.sf toe .oeooty' elHOeto*, t t Jamaica, lo t No. two hundred ana Slxty-aeveu (287), i t bounded tod described a*’ fottoWs 1 'Bcgfnnlng at a polto 0\ \fto* ato*U*( dl*toat from Locnetstreet ln a scuihwesterlf dhfistoffi Mt<bet*nd 2 tx toefce* (6 8.12 r**t,) thenoe ranning'to a botithsriy dttwouoa » y * # w tto lM No. tw* hundred andsijQr-sis M « i ffiaetr-fivt ( « i Aeejea la a westerly dlrtellto by m d w lth ^ tsi toto tttolHtttoad aid « r 4 * M With said lind e n strM d ofe* handred add SeVentf-SS** Wltosald Lot *»,»*»*#; \ loeh*a<80«»(k)to 1 erly dlreottto by aM Itadand shntot f i l l ) feet to No. tore* lit VMM* Inaweateriy direction by and * tod to totoy-oce m tyeightf gtttkht atom * ; tod tototo-iti anortkwiit, •W Atom* ombHtoto* aodtMrty- A)totbS pttce Of Ikginh.ag ; belsg-tbC is tha said John Mm b y tha saw . „ , , , John HIMt asd wile, .u d BavM A B—eM » , and **M tnertgago being given to fiteSr* th* eMMderatioo or pttrCMm m toyto th* told IF :f ; j -/' , , ' ' • 1 1 '* ; r',*' ‘ Krw,M ponraa»e# of a power of tala esaWnto hi *Md ___ _ s f thaMalut* inssch caso aad* and pnivMed, nefio* it IMMbrV*«aVha4tM said raortgagtd pfemMt, a to MW batoNd by ~ ~t o e*to*M, wH<h«soMatpobiicsncttan,atth*JfAM4W4 NOjMC, WM. B tm A N D .in th* villnta to I m m , * * * tototoef • * « • . ' «|* 19th day Of m T , lgtttotieY V stoM A a teenooo tM to fiprii Tt i86a, . ■ • . jq B iua c. toXWlffit, a r t f i m . •n c m O M * U an girder toM ttu I r OMaty of Qnetm, totto* fe t o AVihM sgslnetJboeihrtesf MRrUM R Dmpataad, in ito'MW to veruohera tberoefi W lto dence in thtsajd Mwffi to af ftsptoaber jieifi MsMt MwdM' Bilosffini to-**' :m. wltowwll ^ AQpi M -Switoawtoito. BdiydY_.BtoktoaM» , * W* WsftnWwe • itoto'N-.iwrard,' \ totoslm Miller, ; A » t o « * « k , .. . . ..... Jacob Wilson,. CbannoeyL, Deck, ' 0 . AoaephY.Burr,.’. .. Adas* <L Martin, Alfted Bofeley, ..AaaesA-Ysa'Bniat, BtoW.f— ' ■ & B L Abralwen; SHveaiarY ... NsttphJ. AnderMte, Henry C. M .V ;Jlrtt! awrecscee er etoncr. •artooo, • ^ | JEdgto Darhe*. (cm or damage by fir*. 1 K , T . BACKHOBBK, ’P t i i i i S P O trraa B. iRM attQu, » a v ta> y . • ■ : r r ; ; . % Mt. LAURENS REfcVlf of Jamaica le the Agent IbrQoeen* Cpauty. 3SH, B B M S llM W R S 1N81IB4NCKCMBHUn, ^ Charteree April S, >«M. C Ay i T AXyp a A s.b»4>Ve*)*»>eia .;j.*ldM to 90 *4'*t.'WMw» AW»h. w*a#wVA* .» w m *0 •••• . . . . .. 1 ,*.■•.,■.,,,8278,6)1 |Q Jams* Bara**. ' Yrsncte T. Botoals, Jess* 8*llgma, Ben),M- fitfiiweii, Jeremu* T.fipadtr, ' • DIBMOTdRg t - Yrancla A, Pahner, JohnBodlne, Joahus Sutton, Bryan H. Smith, Georg* Gltnilan, . ____ Edward C. Bade**,' GilbertLBaeckmai. ■ IsaacV.MrMtoj ■ Robert Knkhfc ’ VflLHAM EUBWORTH, Prfiiimt. witUAX f . B 0 R la^l^ Brennnt L. ?PAh«*, AutetantSieretesy. . . - ftscwpi Aw*a,ator ague, S- la Scant* will he at his residCncs, this vllUga, Svory svsbim and will glvo hie persoual attention to~app!{c*tion* for JMurase*. JUiy 1,1361. j y j j Nilllam ShtwCrih, Charhs Burkbaltar, Francis P. Furnald, Jthn T. RTnoe, JedodlahMUIer, Samuel F, Whiting, GesrgaC. Fete**, w m sTimjN new, mms\ B Q Q T S A JTD S H O E S . VTIM toto«Nber feeg* )«ave to *{ato that hehai taken th. 4- Bfiofe and Sho* Nt.reformerly.kept by th*lau John T. Wfitera, dgo’d,, on ih* w.rn*r o f Fulton ju»d Wa*bin*t«a Streets, Jamaica, and tbat Me will continua tii* boslasea i* all its branjbon »s it has hereipforo bsaa doa*; Har’Dg been iMhiy jltpp wtoy years, haUatterxfcinmll that he ean do jnetlef to nil who are witling tp antrait their work to hie ear*; , - A largo assortment of Boot*, Shoe* and jRttfcbfint to * t « ry description, c o n e tantlyon hsad. ............................. Y e n ’* V f f iu r n r t d * t o Oder* Jto p a i r in g AU kinds of done. Jsmaioa, Qet, 29,1881, WILLIAM'gNABY.' u *: Keioseaf Oil. rriHIS in bsst the market, far (add by Jamaiea, feh, IA. 1888. * w . YALStr ICS THH cadersigned haring formed * dh-lhtrtotoidiim ra- tpecttolly invite to* attentioa af the eittomfito J^aics and Victeito to their large nnd wetotoletoto Atofek., They liar* cottptetedtheir arrangetaabta for thsatoatof , fee €m m *nf S t 4 t W attr- Boripg the “ heated tento” srhe afeor* aPttotos Mn b* obtained At toeStalood: at all hotirt, pro»1e5oa haring been B T F a m i l i e s a n d B n r t l e a s u p p l i e d w i t h l e e C r e a i a , by th * q u n r t o r p y r a m i d , a s d e s i r e d . Here ean also be fomjel m gentral fiMortnMnt o f Cwnfr tio m b t Goodb, N o ra, F a m r s , S * « a m , k * . O g sU rs i n every Style, Together witb tba cholceat et oetera* th« market afforto for toe eomfort o f tha inner mnn, constantly en’haad. call to and sre. No oharar* tortoaatoht, CONGER A VANIH5RYQORT, Cor, Fulton it. Herriman ara Jamaiea, June 12,1880. l*tf 0ABBU&3!. iBO^f-iMAKEE. . , C a m e r o f U n ion M o il m n i C p tire S i n e t t , I g mepared to axccat* ortent for making Carriage Bbdtefi to brW deectlption ; manulkctured Ms oR)n *nptrki|*to*M*rka4 °r m e rory Witt materials. , “ te MjasmfORM mule to order m3 Defy remaktor 0* reMMaWe Jamaica, June 25,1885, ^ ^ ' H. B. WO . p ■' raautmix » m m W ^ e s & s J s w e l r y Fartienlaa totenttdffi paid to ytomrtoi kM * Claekt Wateheeimd Jawalry. ” ~ lj l » 'Hi imiyyVi' * —r ' \ k1' ‘ * 1 m st, MXCJtt P.ioto wdShoM «nto*toor^,ito#»*p*to<ffii Dtotl? olalmai aaahMt «h« eeiaM'! f t . VIMon, 10 * ef :< N o rth B e w i w M l s * * * ' ' 1 - pWaSUANT ' to tw 'wSwaf j-ensi Vast, SR*** Daoeeabwrl*, l * * t ui . i ... mi,il'iiii|ie»i,|ii- —I” . v .JraAw^ib iir- xa... «l. AJe* i.L. * mum*. Aiffitopwto Ytollffiffi.' W u J MatoML i e am M U i sm .tto#«toto tha anhMsfly, Hffilrtik y ta ttoknM * t o M t t t o ht.toawM « r *ytotteaswraaeAi- V . ■■ : MAlnii A AfiJl Ma.a .. . ^ Nn*.' _ ^, M-ipY'Wpwpg m mnmm vow ^^MtaAto # 4 ^ |< *4 xJ> fiifiAC ttali. IH h A f ' “ MR SPW BMW •' toffi* 1 . W

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