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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, June 10, 1862, Image 1

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'A \ «' «tf»* ' rfe, ■■■■, , I : . '- ji 1 r ’> * m m m a w e l l i n g , m m a n , . J B t f O A L L M E N . ” P U B L I S H E R A N D P R O P R I E T O R . esSS*#6 r s 'M i 1? OLDSEBKS, Ti, JUNE 10, 1862. NEW SERIES, VOL. XXX.-NO. 13. fcOJfG ..j:. * , ■••• BST4BIJ8H S D 1821. • ; CHARIiES tm d M S G i pBOPfiJtfTOfl. ’ ■ ' M l-'. • « • • • ' ' < I M W lfo * * s * ( IW * fc' ■ 1 Ibrattpiot*, (WKWs*,) aspreres, ' 1 In e r t t e n .. . . . • • * ? W - —> ..••< .* • • 4 1 2 * I w . m - . . . . . . . . * jw. s w raths. . . . ............. * IWALOO’S DRUG STORE, . , . \ T xJ -, •••• w ' • 40 # If* ail *rroaras;e* a r o P*Id except a t the lea e r S e proprietor. ’ *. r ~ . OP K e sident D e n tist. I > 4 C/3 M d Dtntistxy. C H A R L E S H . STEVKiNTS, Residfsut Dentist, foul >a feta At hie Eoomsln tbe HAT.T.'OF PHARMACY, oVfe* fofelojli* wsok EXCEPT THURSDAY, Tbofofuvoriug him with a rell will find that they cirnget their work done as well and as reasonable os they yan a t any of the .. ■ v lABOM ZST^BUSRMBIVY! I N THE CITY . One great difficulty with those having Artidolatlbcth Is the settling 4 the gums causing tlio plain. tir out the muuth, so dial they srqfremitntly qbligtdtttgo to the Deutista to have it remedied. ' i r uiq Whric Is done hors nll ffal can borotae- dlad wllhtnt losing the timo and itxpbnso ot going out otyhs village* N parttcalar attention given toChllctren’s.Tcotb, for by at. t«ndiurto thqm at tbqjirspcr titqa tha Itcmwentones will bo more regijlnr- ill work done, la a neat had •mechanical manner and War­ ranted ** represented. j , llr. S. will visit Private Bcsldoncee to extract taeth ir re- qoiretl. Jamaica, May 8,1802. < ______________ . J a m a i c a , L . I . ' t T j B t f i p a r n E i ^ - X a X a . FEMALE DEPARTMENT. Mix* HELEN M. G. STEYENS, - - - Principal. niHB « d Year of this popular .Institution, so long and lavnably |_ tinoWa a s Itos AhBiia’sSeminary l'or “ Yolrig ladles,’'opens en the 19th SepUmbor. Tborough and accomplished Touchers are employed In enoh Depart-, mont sad thenictboil of Instruction adopted by “ Miss Sri:vE.\u” is the result of ranch successful experience. Circulars, with full information as to terms, t e , may bo had Upon application personally or by totter at the Somluary, o r of tho following (Erustees. t H. gOBLToy, at. R., President i f the Board of Yrusks. Hon. John A. K i n g . .......... ....Jartmica, I. T \ftQ, Bslifl, L.L !)• ••»••••• *« OfdeovEtfq,...^. Soft, ^ p rds Fosjick. *, > ■ *«»>«» Hef. wnc if. johnsnhv D. D .... Eef. Ji'B-AlliEor..... .. 'William J. Cogswell, E s q ...... HiehardBrush, Esq. . . . . . . . . . . Jamee psrritnnb, Esq.. Laurens Reqve, feq.. . . . . . . . - Jeha D. SheltOH.JI. D.,7.-... Wllllani Phrauor. E s q ...... ... - -Homdr-H, swart,- feq. Jaiiitei, Aueuet ia, 1880. - • .....5 2 tVail Struct, N. Y. ,,2-i William Street, “ . . . . f.Jauuiiea, L. . ....146 Broadway, IT. Y. •' A C J & . 3 P X g E 3 ^ A l g ' X i . Prof. ANDREU’S Pen YOlffift LADIES, Y AT ILL re-open on Monday, Uio ITih February. Superior oppor iunltiss and a pfeuanl home will horo be found. Particular niton- tion paid -to' ibeTfiuguagoa. Drawing, Painting and Music. Tho whole school is daily excreted in vocal music, with u view to reading at sight, strengthening tho lungs, and' prompting cltecMltluess, without extra tkwie, 1” A. ANDBEU, ' .Union Hall Street. SRtfevejttes t Bev.fi. B, S«yr«*..„ ...................... ....Jamaica, L I. Bstr. P. D. Oukoy ....... . ...................... . « “ ’ Itoevo, Esq fr « lO a i l u n t t k i l l e r ..,...... ” O.WrKiesstn, M. f i .. “ “ Bsv. J , It. f i u u t t l n g ^ , . . . . . . . . . . . . “ « AUsn Bill, Esq .............. Now Orleans, La, Isaac Ferris, D.D., LL.fi.;. ....Chancellor N^Y. UnH-creity. .. Thomas Hastlngs.Esq.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Now York City. Bed. tr.W . Patton, D.fi., ............. ................. « <• John AG teyfK 5 q .,X 6 tecob8t.„...,. '■ C. K. Saxton, Zi Parkl(ovr . . ........ ............... « « AlosaoBall, M .fi., ................ .. “ « . Bpr. jame* Jl. Macdonaldj D J t . . . . . . . . Pfinccton. N. J. 8. -fi. Boot worth, LL* f i . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Albany. dibit.'B.P.Johajon .................... . ,l fi.M.fooohfa*; Prinslpal N. Y.S. Norraal School... C o r. F n lto n & W a s h in g to n Sts.. The undersigned contlnuoe to koop constantly oa hand a largo and welL selected stockof . DBtreS, MEDICINES & CHEMCALS. PBE80KIFTI0NS carefully compounded of aB hours, Physloians treitoti witlt ui»a tho most liberal terms. . Having devoted *11 my tiirio exclusively to tho Prescriptloa and Drug Business, I feol assured that by ploso attontton, Jow prices and goodhr- tioloe, I shall rocclvo a fair aliare of tho patronago of tho pooplo ot Ja­ maica aud vicinity. \ • • , LQUIS T, WALDO. Jtoy6,l861. lyS. m & SUITABLE FOIt - non SALE UBEAP, A p p ly a t tbe Depot o f Tho Second Avenue Railroad Company CORNER 6 to -4:gic3. S t , cfc- S e c o n d : NEW. YORK. 3 ml $IS9 $150 Kftvlni; removed to llieir new tv.ueiuonm, ^To- -iSslFB 3B2?c»«.c3L-,WSS/y» ure now j/rejKU'eil to offer Iho public a uingbinceiit uow settle Tull 7 O c t a v e M a s e t m o i i J P i t m o , containing all. Improvements’ known in tbis country or Europe, over­ strung bass, French 4 ;rand nctiou, harp pedat, full iiou frame, for 015 0 W A R B A H T E D F O R F I V E Y E A R S . Richlmouiding cases, S I V S t o $ 2 0 0 , all warranted mado of the he.=t seasoned material, uni to stand better thaw any sold for $100 Or $500 by tho old method* of manufacture— Wo iuvile tho best jndj.fes to examine and try^hei© new iuHtrumonts, tind we staud ready a t all times lo test them with any oih&rs manufac­ tured m this country. OROVfSTEEN & HAI.r, 3m9. 473 Broadway, New York. WATCHES _& JEWELRY. Jovvellcrs^aud Manufacturers of E N G L I S H S T E R L W G S I L V E R W A R E , Aiid firm 16 and X8 cure! COLD JYtPELRY, aud the finest-quality or T l ' a t c h e s a n d D i a m o n d s » 'wjiluh they aro eotiing nt 10 por coat, above-the actiiut net cost. Iv7. ‘ SQUIRE & LANDER, 07 Foltun St., Now Yorl:, 0 3 J S t 1 * 1 I= L ^ 3 S T ® KpmviKCE?;T - . This vabiable and popular liediclhf* has unlvorsnlly recoivod the most favorable rocommi’iidatiuiis of th® Medical Profession1 aud Ilio Public a* the SotM. I JVM! . I P EMS I It fnay bo used with tha beat pffcctiu , B iliou* an d Febrile Disease*, Coktiven$Z8} S ick Headache^ JKaiMca, to e s o f A p p e tite, Indigestion, A c id ity o f th e Stom a ch, rprp id iiy o f the liver* Gouty H h e u m a tic A ffections, Gravel, P ilesr Aud^all complninU whcraaGcutle aud Cooling Aperient or Purgative is required. It t.s. imrticularly adapted to tho wants of Ti'avcilore by Sva aiui Laud, Residents of Hot CHtnutcs, Persons of Sedentary Habits, Invalid* nnd CfeiivateseonL* ; Ciptuins of Ves.$eis Aud Piubtoi’S will find it a vutuabio xddiiion to tlicir MedicjBcClicgts. It is in the form of a jiuwdor, carefully put upin bottlos, to keep in any climate, aud merely required water poured upon it to produca a delightful ffforvcso'eut baverage.. r Numerous te^timotuaia froni professional and other gentlemon of (he highest Klauding throughout tho country,\iut ft* steadily juoro.isir.g impqlarity (tor d ‘scries of years, strongly guarantee IU vnioucy aud valuable dmractor, and tiemmoud it to tho fuvorablo uoUceof nirinlel ligont public, re • ILmiiUclurcd only by TARRANT k CO. No. 278 Greenwich St., cor Warren st., New York. And tor salo by Druggists guncrull.w lvfl ,, Brooklyn. SpbidlAgV CcpliMic Pills, A tp e e d r and i u r a ^ u r* fog Heatiache. for anle, w liolerale and retail. At WAl.BO?S DRUG STOKE. TING’S i l e a l REV. JAMRS M ? MUNT'] E n g tlsh ', French t i n a Ctys. F A M I L Y S C H O O L F O R B O Y S , - \ • - JAMAICA L. L flJHICehjeet nt tills School is to fit boys for'collcgo o r bnslncss Ifto. J . The* disposed io patronlxo-tlds Institution, >«> InvHod to correa-: IRwto'WlH Ike Fil«liW ,*ad .adai retorted to tlto Yrueteoa of Clinton AcsJifilaji; a t KssUiatnntOA AT*. Wbft have been; ptoaseil rooqnBy Iq *»jla rlford ioHie enragontonf formerly as Frlaclphl cfpho Instltnllon nndortfccl* asge .-ja.W* epmHooly-toSUfrtttthe nblq-and very eetisrac. torj maaaer i» which be Wcharged every duly wntlo thus engaged. AM WHh ton OonfijlacelB bl» l.ttcmry'aeqirirEfiren ts, as well a s Ihhls *t>t ia»lhoi of toacMug;We csa mteetrully reeommenj.,*ay eelwel'un- dor Me Mr* a*. w ec^raM da. patNaeg* ot- thesqwlio have chifilfen to ■ T f t t f i M i h p e n c t s o n ^ f o h w l h a i i Weo MMtttfbtotor m traxua of the pupils, aa foe V«ijl#Mfof i t e wwafi-nf.gttta hUniwiaafe « , - COSMODOHE O T T T A A $ 1 ,0 0 P E R F U M E for 12 CExNTS. This exqnisite Perfume composed of richly scented Flow ers (dried an d preserved by a peculiar process) col­ lected frotp all parts o f the world, is warranted (o outlast any other perfum e of it s kind ever discovered. M anufactured b v NOAH W KINO, Now Y o rk. For sale b y L. T, WALDO and SEABURY & PECK. 8m6 ‘ . Fine tetter a*4 Note Paper, mrnaerm, MaioeeaMi to a . if. I x o n t n t n t , ;■ . • Sola Agttgts fur the Soiiietjr bf Stt&kera, 0 R A 0 K 3 8 R 8 , , 7 & SJSfP, i,y S treet, ,l HEW YORK. ’ewteTImproved f taebanR o tk . Kerosene Lamps, A Y a R I E I Y o f p a tterns; also, a L a m p t6 burn w ithout chim n e y ; also a new I.antero to burn Kerosepe Oil. A U riaes of Oliittoneya and wicks for sale bv Jam a ic a , Dec. 9, IS61. JAM E S T . LEWIS. FRANCIS C. HAL-L & CO., I m p o r t e r s a n d W b o l e s a l e D e a l e r s \ M GreenteicH iSti ■ / {Bttioeen IV&rrm and Chamber St**) H & IV YO&K, in * CHINA, CLASS AND M P flESW ABE. . U*mir<ic|urcra of K*ooe*.vr. Lxnrs snd TnrxalNus, Sas antixo Tkb- siala ‘3 m of vfoiodihattcrasj at raaauhiciuhn'S fiftees. With g full and desirable stock of all goods tn tbeir line, to which, tho attention, of C-Asil i s o Short Trait litife>« » rerxait-t.v ixvrrKti. SmY W e d d ing apd V isitin g C a r d s ! ” • ' ' AT LOW f RICES. (BUR PLATTS cagrlyed onI shorthort $ BOOB AND NUMBER tiuaa«rr a i modlrat* rites, by- s m m h s notloo, ja tho best R ; . A E H ^ r O t t M . ...... ^ neatly engraved Bold. *2 _ PIUTE Jim STPTt CABDS engravcdl in the latest «$•)» -foe Altfid. - la ordering fiqor Plate* slat* foe alee wqntod. Specimens sMdi nitm aent by mslt, oa abpltcatlnn by jctter. Wedding Slatloiier.r ot 'MNigl Mrtffittfift - , • - • ' Iwfi liMies «nd Uentlemea. . ^’rtsqfiteiyi) tonll whodetlreit, tWBei ; miking a attppie Yeg'taflt Boltu, that wM, lu i, remove Pimples, urofohee, TdnflMdeit Sal- Those deektM^aMfie, wifofnlHuitracttoitbidlrtctloDt, andkdvh fiorafwii Smtl T h e C o a f t s i Pohllshoda* 1 1 aadthsm wh« snthr late Decay, fcc.,fce,,-te., wysd* - Mlsna, *n«r being pattegTaiseApwaire iraeef wotlhlsaa msqielnas firseerfosd .1 ' H t be lisd o f tbs author,'®. At M S S « ( Xsnery, PrsM*. ’ hlmslir by nlrapto at, ’ Kerosene vu, J k r n a k ^ J i f e U ^ m t . A e i h w H y e L A W S O F N E J F a [Evory'lavr, unless * d l t t o M * ! Commsnco and toks eftect'fofdr twentieth day after foe dole of j retkry ot State, Seo. X2, titto l , ^ Aw A ct fer tb a presafr* fresh water fish, ;; Passed Apcil 33,11 The People o f the . Senate a n d Jl»tenthly', 1/0 4 S xotion 1. No person a 1 kill, any niooge o r wSJddd of August, S eptember, Ofifa o r , abaU expose for sale, o any green deer skin 'b r l months aforesaid, a n d 'eleai Drat fifteen d a y s iu {he fooj shall kill, or pursue with counties o f Kings; Queend d years from t h e passage of> t the m onth of Novetnbhp. § 2. No person shall at 2 ing the period when eueh f pose lor euli-, or have ia h liA Wild town skin. 3 § 8. No poison sball jiuni ntiv dog iirthe coUnHe* of t .j.fiforaun. Lewis, Hailtirael ton awl t-qraiiigq, enve dtu; no person shall in likq riifc or deer in any of the oljiei iug month of Novombor itojj §: 4, Na pel'son shall Jt«i^ itrai nt nny wild pigeoti 4T break up or in any livtener the nests or-birds therein/ distance within one ntHeki § 6. Any pt-rrou YTiilMdB this net shell be deoutoi gs likewise bo liable to a p«^ * § fi No person sliail ot - or trup, o r expose for the same is killed, aTty epljl >3orwiU, finch, tlirush, .lav ow. 1-iuinger, oriole, vvooa Ii it-rulcs8 bird, or any seiitt J ssKj any rohin or elarl| t'ctobar, November -anjl rob the nests of nlty of five dollars for enejj posed fir sale, and for eachli seer ion sli .ll n o t opply tq « 0 nny bird fur tho pui'pu'-o o fi or beriog tbe rarue , § 7, No pet son shall, at all ilie passage of this act, hKVi ly called the prairie fowi,t| each biro so killed. g 8. No person shall kii siou, or exjiuse for anlo day of Jauiiury nnd the fq nny ruffed grouse, commocS first day of Jnuuary und t h e l unil, eometimes called vip i s t day of J a n u a ry'and tUsli der a peunlty of five dol)*ilfl iu possession o r exposed f o r ill | 0, N o persob <;ltfil! teHkl (com m only Called black dack1\ sumtocr tluck) o r teal duCk,b nry and the first d a y of AagAM nlty ef five dollar* for enoh WnS: shall not a p p ly to the w atsl* Atlantic ocean. r ^ .4; . § 10. No-[>erson shell at.Ajfijf tWHh^ this state, with nny trep or grofise, under a penalty of 1#« grouse bo trapped cr suar«4 der this eecliun, it shall bt»BHtow fo^efeuoe to prove the sn d birds to have been Xahsa«o>)suf b#.ued by or in poe v 19, A n y person trespassing on any feeds for the pur­ pose o f taking fish from any private p o nd, stream or spring, -s.er ------- «.«o ------- ‘!ce - . on th e p a r t o f tho ewDer or occupant » presorili id therein, sbsll | a ft p u b li no ti (Hb,ekW hofqre foe thereof, o r o f said lands n o t eo to trespass, and in addition to ge, y certm ed by the Sop- a„ y fiamagea recoverable by law, shall be liable to th e own- . l, Btvtood Statiitos.] i v ,-f.l i t iW 5 li.dtWh.WrdB K>d Itti* befog prnent. <imr K . t r i , repreunled ia t / d l o w i * (f;4>^ tonreh« w ith intent to M '4& y duriDg t h e m o nths !fov«in)|*rr*ad D ecem b e r; Tfett hfe,o’r bar pcssessien, o n ly in the ' 'iro f j d n u a r y a n d the -b W y j.A b i np person L‘jjp , 'tftiy ; i W r in the , lo r tb e tevto o f five -th e rellftero n ly in - - I -V ; , ( k jll atty w ild fawn dor- Ife jpottod c o a t, o r ox- Mspeaiioo, a n y spotted bUfeui iftipoeo o r deer with lB.>fan|rfin,St. Lw rrenee, feEreek, W * rrcn, Ful- M o f - O c t o b e r ; and - Or pureue jthy moose ' i t ti e a t a t e , snYe dur- !*or Jisehnrge a n y fire J'-'HCatlnj ground, or ibf neating ground, or gqauy fire a rm a t any ^ig.pracc. ' oing provisions of erneanor, and shall (.jiQlfers, . %ltiasf| this atate, kill 1 h is possession, after '(,* ig h tb a w k , whip- ,*WWn^ martin, swnl- jolin k o r any other r,trA p or expose for rdoriog th e months ' if s . no r destroy or ever, tibder a pen- Lkifled).trapped o r ex jMfotfdjed Or robbed. This — kyrho eh *11 k ill o r trap i: it*, babifo o r history, aSaapeeim o n . ftkin, ten' years from ed- g rouse, ootnmon- dtj^oT Un dollars for bav^ J b i h i s or h e r posses- ^ i,8tws(6n the first lalyin toscb year; or Wtindge, b etw e6n the jfigaptembev; o r any trldge, betw een the i,4 *y Of O ctober, un- aokUled o r h a d . < d«ek,i.dt«kr.daek. X (eetnmonly called ^.a f in tf d a y of F ebru- \ ' Aar, u n d e r a peu- B u t th is section d sound or-the ria f n y p lace w ithin |« ap y Quail or ruffed a r t f o r saoh Quail or . a n y prosuoution un- session o f the defendnnti • - j - § 11. No person sllsll pfea* in a g y freak water stream, lake 01 - pond in which tlntfMvrA flsh,any Unto o r other de- totetious subataiico w itn iw taat w lQgfBK’d t k ; n o r any drug or' medicated bait w k b lirt^ a t Vhcraiy to poUpn o r oatch fish; nor place iu a n y p b a i W l a k a a t e c k e d with pr {nhabi- ted by trout, pikq; o r p t e k w l i t o t siba'fislt, w ith tlie intent to destroy 'such troiktn A*yWW<*LYtWitiug tha provisions of this section shall b* 4w fofc( gOi{ty' pf a misdemeanor, nud strati in addition iharteb. a n d in addltioii t o nny dam- nge ho m a y have d o n e .h a j l i k l e 'f o * penalty o f cue hun­ dred d o llars., -4 , a , ? -i *: § 12. Eve-y perspu building o r m aintaining a d;m upon the rivers em ptying ©nfettei, th e riy e r St, Law - enca or Lake U lrainpW p , w h ichd » ta- fe higher than two fcer., shall likcw ier build aiid pm iiilain,.during tlrom o u tbs of MnicU. A p ril, M iiy^fktpitfober, OijSober and Novembei, for the puipfi^e of tbe: paMsgC of fisfii A sluioc-way iu tho raid ctiaiuieij t t t feast quft foot i u dep ih ab the edge o f the d.iui. ami qf propef w iddi, and placod at* a n angle o f not uioro lha'n tlm -tj: degrCeaf afid exthodihg entirely t o the rnnuing w a ter below th'W- -dafib'-jakfeh fiuies-way shall be pro! voted on enclv aide b y :ttt,0 p r * a ,A i la a t t one foot in iicight, t« confine t h a w a ter tlwnwin, J § tS. No person s h ill a i «tiYtJ«»a,.with in ten t so t o do, catch any speckled brook ^bccklM riv e r trout, witli any device, save ofiljf M u M t b<xjt and l i n e ; and: p o person slintl entch any treafe (gMhava Any aueb tro u t in liis or her possession, save Only 4<l*M|g . ttvo snonthb o f M arch, April. May, June, J u ly ana.AlMhiF, under a penaty e f fivq dollars for each tro u t so in any prosecution under dcfei ee that ill 0 . tr o u t sqe ^ _ . b f e i 01 king o th e r waters threw § 14. No person ahaU 'tska, Salmon trou t betw een l h a the first day Of Februavjt ik , fivd dollars for each fish f o l a k ' § IB. No, person ohatt^fokn bfeck bass fir mntcalongn'gafofil and the first d a y o f 3Iay,t|n#«B'(| each.fish so taken or. h a d u ( § 16. N 6 person shall tak* tra p of any description i h f ponds; o r bay* or o utleta. tb.^ or within the jurisdiction cf-J L a k e sO n iarid and Erie; bud th a m onths of January. Febi except (w Chanm oat nay. ■ vialonaof thiaasations iaisatio n sb ba ifi j . nor, end eball, in n a d d itfop»h|* t f e c ,! viaiona o f th i no r, en d eball, i addi I dollars f o r each fish ae e a i u o k . g l i w person a h e ll ret e» y net, trap, weir o r pot, e f (be follow ing n e tted r thereof, Or id the street* tat) o» Within fits mile* ’ tabej.N a-hin.W stof o r F ii . . lock lake, id -the Couathw Crooked lake, in the eoui ca rjv e r; Cad an deign* riv e r: and G feal Sodu* p a r t of Crotdn r iv e t i d 1. thVHudsob river eredflMi Bkine tn k o ; Fish lake doin So .the eounty of C* tdW n o f B p ringw a te e a u d t fekeln-the c o o n t y d f g t . £ in the«oinntie*ef Fjlforer gaeandaga tite r , B o h e r ib a d a n d miunowe a s d frA ordtlons o f thie and (b e t * or U n e fekd lir ihre et v M a tin g ,»bie eMfiore. j n M w o A W d s h ilU n f d w-ftvO-dMtefo- for «ech t _ f l f o W p e t e r e a 's 'h r i l L . k»*e *BeoJ 1am (M uomof tbfe act, reredre I l u pouassicn. B u t ‘ t shali b e deemed a ken for t h e p u rpose ■te ln pcssesslon, any Wilf.'af November, and .ro u n d er penalty pi ad in p o s i t i o n / . Id psesessioD, any ftrtfeday o f J a n u a r y ijpffivA.dcllrer* foe j iiffth atfet/O p d a r .or Hfeo fieeh .water lakes, for MrfoHR* of {We atste, S fo, i d tb® w aters of WrOhclirivCr d a r ing 0 IgU H jf.df wisdAfluett- ^ re-pmrelty.of five. i sMtb « le* r , o r s e t rtonfofoh.lUk i n any i m r n f w tb»A a tfeui ^.therAlb, ret any dis fofotowii: Beneoa KAgdeamityt. Hem 0 * a d d Ofttario; I fitotthen; gene- M u m « ' Clyde r o l g f a v n e ; th a t S t y M o f b e t k e e u tO w fafo* b r id g e ; i,llkAtAwni.e^ Free- fwfogAtodrBfeck • aaj wftliei fekeo fire (be few-fish, A t b e V , bMAptt .id ^ i o A - dLay pAreoo W ee ■ « f o 'A v hurcSsiie 1 *® the three r d e l k n f s r er, lessee or oaonpant in a penalty of twenty five dollars fur each ofifence. § 20. Any person who shall a t any time enter upon the lawn, garden, orchard or pleasure gronnda immediately surrounding a dwelling houss, with any fire arm for the purpose of shooting, contrary to the provisions of thia aet, br shall shoot at any bird or animal theroon, shall be deemed guilty of trespass, and in addition to the damage*, eball be liable to a penalty o ften dollars. '§ 21 . All penalties imposed under the provisions of this act, may be recovered with costa of suit, by any person or persons in his or their own names, before any justice of the peace in the eounty where the offence waa committed or where the defendant resides; nr when such suit shall be brought in the city of New York before any justice of any of the district courts, or of tbo marine court of said c ity; and any district court judge, justice of tbe peace, police or ota i- magistrate is authorized upon receiving sufficient se- oqrii j h t costs on the part of the complainant, and suffi­ cient proof by affidavit of the violation of the provisions of this act by any person being temporarily within his juris diction, but not residing therein, or by any person whose name and residence are unknown, to issue his warrant and have suoh offender committed or held to bail to answer the charge against him. And any distriat court judge, justice of the peace, police or other magistrate, may upon proof of probable cause to believe in the concealment of any game or fish mentioned in this act, during any of the prohibited periods, iasuo his search warrant and cause search to be made iu any house, market, boat, car or other buildiug, and for that end may oatise any apartment, cbest, box, look er or orate to be broken open, nnd the content* examined. Any penalties when collected, shall be paid by the court before which conviction ahull be hud, one-half to the over­ seers ot tho poor of the towo in which conviction is had, and the remainder to the prosecutor. Oa the non-payment of the penalty, tbe defendant shall be committed to the common jail of the county, fdr a period of not lees than five days, and- a t tbe rate of one day for each dollar of the amount of the judgment, where the Bum is over five dollars dollars in amount. § 22. Any person proving that the hirds, fish, skins, or animals found in his or her possession during the prohibit­ ed periods, were killed prior to suoh periods, or were killed ia any place outside of the limits of this state, and that the law of suoh place did not prohibit snch killing, shall be ex­ empted from the penalties of this aot. § 28. Iu all proseoutioiis under tbis act, it shall bo com­ petent for common carriers or express companies to show that the inhabited article in his or their possession, came into such possession in another state, in which state the law did not prohibit such possession, and such showing shall be deemed a defence to euch pvoseoution. § 2 ;. Chapter fire hundred ami fourteen of tbo laws of eighteen hundred and fifly-seven; chapter ono hundred and eixty-three oi the laws of eighteen hundred and fifty- eight; ohapter two hundred and twenty-nine, chapter two hundred mid eighty-five, chapter four hundred and sixty- four of the laws of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine; chap­ ter One hundred and ninety-six, chapter one huudred aud ninety-nine, chapter one hundred and forty-six, chapter three huudred and two, chapter fifty-four, chapter one hun­ dred and eighty six and chapter three hundred and eighty- four of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty; chapter one hundred seventy-three; chapter two hundred and four­ teen of the laws o f eighteen huudred and eisty onc, and *11 other aets 01 - parts of acts inconsistent with this act ore hereby repealed. - § 25. This act shall take effect immediately. S tate or N ew Y ork , I Office of tlio Secretary of State, ( I have compared the precediug with tho orf|>inal law on file lu this office, and do certify tlmt tho same is a correct transcript therdiuu aud of tho whale of said original. UURATIO BALLABD, Secretary c f State. C h a p t e r 243. A n A o t making further provisions relative to encroach memo upon highways. Passed April 1 5 ,18S2—three-fifths being present. The People o f the State o f New York, repreemted in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows; . Sfxtio.v j . upon tho ln-arlng before a jury as provided to section oun hundred and six of article fifth, title first, chapter sixteenth and part first of the Roviscd Statutes, the justice who issued the precept to such party shall preside a t the trial, in tho same manner a s upon the trial of an Issue joihed hi a civil action commenced before h im ,- six of tho ju ­ rors summoned shall he drawn aud iuipaanolcd, hi the salno manner as upon a trial by jury in civil action before him, and he shall have the power and it shall be his duty to decide as to the competency of jurors, tho competency and admissibility of evidence, mid all other questions Which may arise before him, in the samo manner and with tho like ef­ fect as upon a jury trial iu civil actions before h im ; aud such justice shtdl adjust and dotormiuo tho costs of siich Inquiry, and In cjj.i llm ja ry shall find an encroncbmont, he shall render nnd docket a judgment to that effect, aud for sucii c*«m; against tho person or persons who shall liavo denied such eueroaehinent; in case tlie jury find no encroach­ ment, tie shall render apd docket a judgment to thut olfiict against tho commissioner or commissioners prosecuting the proceedings and also for Such costs, together with the damages, if any, whioh may havo been fixed hy the jury, and payment thereof shall bo enforced by such jus­ tice, as in other eases of judgments rendered by him. ( 2. Tho poison o r partv ngninst whom such judgment shall he ren­ dered, may, within sixty days after filing the certificate of the Jury, ap­ peal from the finding aud Judgment to tho county court of the sanm county; snch appeal slinllbo made by tho service, within twenty days after the docketing of sunl Judgment, of uutico of appeal up on tho justice nnd Upon successful party er parlies, or ono of them, stating the grouudp of such appoal. It shall k» Iho d uty q f such justice, In his re­ turn to such appeal, to embrace copies of all the papers made and sorved in tho proceeding prior to.Issuing the precept for such Jury, and all tho evidcuco and proceedings beforo him, together with the finding of the jury and judgment entered thoreon. All the previsionsaf title eleven, chapters third aud fifth of Code of I’roceddro uro hereby extended lu SUoll appeals, so far ns the samo aro npplicablo thereto ( 3. In case the decision of the jury finding an encroachment shall ho affirmed l>y tho appellate court, such court, In addition to tlio c-sts now allowed by law, may In Its discretion order judgment ngalnst the appcl lant for the penalties provided by section ono hundred nnd four of art, rlo -ono, title ono, chapter sixteen, part first ef the Revised Stat'-ib-e aforesaid, for such period as shall intorvone botwecu tho Line fixed lor Iho removal of foncei, o r provided by section 0 1 1 0 hundred aud neren of tho raid article, title and chapter, and tho decision of such appeal; nnd in Case o f tho continued neglect or relhsul of tho occupant, after judg mont, to msko. sncli removal, tho court reudnring judgment may, hy order from t’nlo to time, enforce the additional penalties incur­ red, or may provtdo ftu the ruuiotal 0 1 such fonccs a t the expenses of tho occupant, pay ment of sn-h exitonso to bo enforced by order. Such Cppllcatious to he mado according to tho usual practice of tho court.. ij 4. This act shall apply to nl. proceedings now pending in relation to encroachment upon highways, wlftre a hearing boa not already taken place, and all acid or paitd of acts inconsistent with this acl aro hereby repealed, so far aa proceedings had or remlluucd uudor this act aro con­ cerned. ^ 5. This a ct shall take effect immediately. S tate of N ew Y ork , > Offlco ttr foo Secretary ofstote. J ,: I have compared the preceding with tho original tow on fils In this office, and do certify that the samo la a correct trunscflpl therefrom add of tho whole o f sola'original. .HOBATIO BALLARD, Secretary of State. fount;* 370. As Aur'lo amend the Revisod Statulca to relation to taking tho L-t-oi ny cf witnesses out of foe state. Tasspd'April 18, ISO-' P i, People c f the State t f S e a Tv.h, rcjjracnlvl in Se.uUi a«t .1 -i bty, tie enact as folUnoii ^ Btaaas1 , Whenever * default shall have been taken f-r 1 of nny appearance or answer er other pleading in any actum, ono many pm. cecdltig psndtfig In nny court of record, and wlici»<- i .<•» < r foot shall Iratorbson’joined lo-ttnv Inch artion or proceeding nod u slmil ap­ pear on tho Application of either party that any witne« out residing In this eta to h aratcrlalln tho prosecuiW or defcnc- .<f e>i-!. n. I -n or pr 0 feeding, foo court - may >u pun. such 0 rms as It sb.u Ihink proper, award * commission to on*or i-iorc eouip-to.it person, author tztng uictn or xtjy fine of them to examine such witn— on oath -upon the tntcTrogalfetfo. qtutoxad to such- eomtulss 00 ; to taUo ond certify the depositions -hf such witness .and return the into ai-eerdtng tn the directions gi veil wttu Attch Commission , hot1 in dit caret of defaoti fdr *sB*olapptiUBmCe,«ts llotlctfltf iuch application olu.fi- ho rcipurod to hg served cu th* fcdyereQ party. ' t, 2. Tlda act shall uko ofiect Immediately. S tats os N ew V oss , i ' • gfilce o f thc Sccretary of Wntq, C v , -t , I h a te compared the prewd^g vrtth t t i ortghiSl fe® on fiio In thia of fice.ana g-'iocrtlfy that llihXante,Isa c e r l i i t IrguJcfiisl tltcrcfioia uiiu 'ol tha who!* of said ctlglwh. - BAUhMiQp Setfdaty ef BOsfte Ibr the long Island lUrmtr, T H E A SFOJfof I N VEBSE.* DT RKY. * A W A B » H A R R IS. In a lovely eneloanre o f frBifc t f w * (tod flowers, ’Mid the sweetness a n d freqhiles&of S p ring, A gardener h ad reared, near }fe svergr*cn bower*, An unsightly and ominous thitig. Though clad as a man, the likeness w m v a g u e , And m ight figure n stump speeehifier j O r, perhaps, a felonious culprit o r knar*, Transfix'd by old Rome’s erucifiere. I f a sportsman, w h y w anting in shot-pouoh aud g u n ? W ith costume and face somewhat cleaner;— H o w ever, i t boded no pastim e or fun, By i t s statue-like form and demeauor. T h e crow and the the blackbird beheld, in ita form, A s p y on their pilfering skill ; W h ile the fruit-Io v irg eongsters, ’mid sunshine and storm, Iu their s tealthy approaches stood still. T h eir fanoy portrayed, in its threatening mien, Som e direful assault on th e ir pleasures; Arid on eaoh loving n e s t tbe fond m o ther w as scon, K eeping vigilant watch o ’er h e r treasure*. And well m ight they quake at th e im age o f m aa, In w h a tever form represented, Since th e engines o f death, o n the m o st a p p rov’d p lan, H a v e been, for their slaughter, invented. A r d an annual havoo o f nests a n d their young, W ilh its stoning, and shooting, ana plunder, Must m ark “ Young AmeiioaV’ training among O ther feata of this precocious wonder . B u t not all the sweet warblers t h a t aing iu t h a grovo Thus feared this strategic form ation; There was o n e t h a t instinctively tonored abovo Sueh low views of t h e “ lords o f creation.” She w a s reared near some d w elling w h o re kindneE* and love H ad afforded h e r am p le protection; W h e re naught w as p erm itted to force her rem o v e, Or crush iter m a ternal affection. A n d now ehe sgnin sought a shelter and hom o N e a r the rnsnse ot t h e gentle a n d g o o d ; Assured that from thence no fell s p o iler would eome To disturb her o r h e r iniant brood. Sho had watched the position th e gardener chose For his fnbrio o f woolen and s t r a w ; And though shaped as a man, in its stature a n d clothes, Its stillness and firm n e ss she b&w. A n d confiding in all th a t w a s hum a n around, S b n dreaded no h u r t or alarm From a form so inert, w ithout motion o r sound, A u d , withal, unequip’d and unarm ’d. On exploring its heed she perceived, a t a glance, ’Twas not only w ith manhood unbleat, B u t th e hat-covered vacuum furnished, a t one*-, A magnificent site f o r a nest. And there she eonatructed h e r t in y abode, Id w h ich her young offspring to rear, * S ecure from the rain, th e wind and tho cold, W ith no menacing enem y near. Tho tim e for removing the scarecrow a rriv’d, Having fulfilled its m aker’s design, B u t on lifting the hat the gardener descried T h a t its m ission w a s far more benign. I t had served to proteet th e m aturing seed From the reckless intrusion of some ;1 . B a t a different purpose was for i t decreed— ’Twas to furnish th e R obin a home. , Sueh confidence, under a scene eo advene, W on tho gaidener’a compassion and l o v e : And t h e effigy, formed lo repel h e r nt first, Now the Rabin’s iuhoritauco prov’d. » Nbie.—Founded on tho fullos Ing Incident: Tho gardener ot the lal* Rev. J.T. Bennett et CRovolry Rectory, England, In order to (lighten qmall hirds from a bed ot seeds, had erected nn cfiigy of * man with extcudud arms; hut ou going to remove it u few days hack, he wua surprised to find that a robin had actually ventured under tho hut, and snugly built ite littlo nest upon the head of the scarecrow. The uest nus peimlttCil to leiuulu tiiidi.hu bud. A D o l o r o u s D e a c o n . — I have seen a deacon in the pride o f his humanity. H e combed hia hair straight, and looked studiously at tha main chance; and while h e looked, he employed himself in setting a good example. H is dress vras rigidly plain, nnt( his wife was not indulged in tho vanities e f milling ery and manlua-nrnkiog. He never joked, lie did not know what a juko was any further than to koovf that fe was a sin. He carried a Sunday face through tho week. Ho did not mingle in the lta p p y B o c ial parties of his neighbeihood. H e was re d e a c o n .— He starved his social nature b e c a u s e he was s dea­ con. lie refiained from sdj,..participation in s free and generous life because he waa a deacon. H e made his children hate Sunday because he was a deacon. Q e so brought them up that they consid­ ered themselves unfortunate in being the children of a deacon. H is wife was pitied by other women because she is the wife o fw deacon. Nobody loved him. If he came into a circle where men were laughing or telling storiee, they always stopped un* til be'went out. Nobody gmsped M s hand cordial-' ly, or slapped him on the tho bhouldor, or spoke o f him as a good fellow? Ho seemed as dry read hard and tough as a piece of jetted beef. There waenfc softness of character— no juiciness— no lovelibeu in him. “ Now it is of no use for tne to undertake Ur tetl- ize to myself that God admires such re chrefsctcr are this.\ _ _______ . roiLosorHY o f Sneezing;— A sneeze, to be ia guud taste, should crack like re rifle on re clear mor­ ning. A receipt for re *ne«xe this genius is follow s ; When you feel .a tickling at -tho root o f your proboscis, just jump up* if you be seated, run 10 tie window,, through which the sun shines, throw your head hack until the bump of pbilopro- gonitiveoess presses on your coat oollar, open yOur mouth, snarl like a’ half starved hyena at re piece of fresh tnest, ii)hale a deep breath, and then-—blaze Bwrey’l Tbo effect will be prodigious. Vou W ill hrevO the bcst assurauce that you have net sneezed in vsio. \ Mr. A ., I tioderetaod yoa said I (old you a barrel of cider ikot had water io it.” “ No, 00 I” was tbe reply, “ I only said you sold me a barrel of water with a little older iu it.” B U T “ I can m a r r y ouy g i r l I 'pleae**,\ said ® y o u n g follow bo a s tin g ly. \ V e ry trup,'' le p l f e d j f f e f ,’ M y r tle, “ Tor JOB ca n 't please noy.” ■ u \ ' t U .

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