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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, April 01, 1862, Image 8

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A.VI) T HE eubeerlbtr ha* “ removed his c lo th 77 from “ The I’m'lur \ lo th* comfortable D/A7-Y© ItOOM , one door w e s t of Curtis’ Hotel , wbwre bis maey ptlrons will find him w*ll provided with all t h e SOLIDS AK1) r L C W S t r the nearlehnent of th e “ Inner man,” and *11 tho delicacies whose variety make ■{) “ tho Kpico\of good living; while good A m e r i c a * fcere bo lop'd* off and Kctirod-with a glass of HAM M E R 'S C IIAH P A GYM A L K ; • a d yoer o rder left with thcAyc/tl f o ra Barrel o r Gallon, or I*a»)Uea « u i bo supplied hi any quantity Crcth dra w n from lire wood. A b o , Iho usual aftd long cotabliobed buslnri* of this him** will'bf •eullnued, with the proprietor's well know n attention to the wanW ol •be MILLION, and hla s tore will be replete willi Confectionery, Cigar*, fo r e l f u and Native Fruits, choice Dried K ish, Fresh I'ork, he., dec. Fresh Pork and. Sausages, H i m , Shoulders, Poultry, kc.JLhc., constaitly ou hand and will be ••Id at th* lowest market prior,. S a m * fcnoked on reaecm a b la t i r v jk h k m ia h K m r a i , Jfev. 19th, 1M2* 0**0 Fulton Street, Jamaica, FRSNCH’S CONICAL WASHING- MACHINES. The most simple, durable, conveniont a n d economical article ever Ui vented for tlio purpose, Wlil do tlio washing of au ordinary fm u ilr before breakfast, n o t only saving limo, but clothe*. By strictly following the printed directions, which aro alm^lo and easy, it will wash, a t one thin*, s ix shirts n r two dozen small articles, In a b o u t six e r leeea m irm to, or thvlr cqtii valent. tho ordinary methods of cleaning Hue f.ibriea, such * * !ac#«, h e ., the greatest caro ia required, vrhihs with tli'.a machine t b c most delicate article* cau bo washed without tho pouibibty of damage. These results are produced by th e constant reaction of tlio s u d s while the machlno is in motion. Families, laundries,hotels, lioarding-houaos, hospitals, asylum*, boar­ ding-schools, ou sldpi r \ h I steam ers, and in the a rm y , w lm h avo \he»o machines in iiso, liavo scu t In their testimonials voliinUuily, a n d tho •ncom iums of tho Press a r e very n um erous, > jomo of which Ilm v o pub* tithed inva neat pamphlet form. All I ask o f tho Public is n. curoful e x aminatiin o f this im clili# beferw p u r c h a s in g of others. General Depot 419 Broadway, c o r. Canal St., New*York. P rice Only T e n D o llars. X. B A liberal discount to toe Trade. Agents wanted. Stnsl for a ttrefdar. Address bex 2S93, N Y . Dty P. 0. P n i f J P FRENCH, rmi>r£ator. Coal! Coal!! Coal!! THE subscribers offer for ssie a t their Yard in New- York Avenue, s very superisr article of free burning Hod Ash Coal from tho celebrated Loi'bcrry mine. Also, White Ash, Lehigh and all suitable for family use. AU orders left at the store of Isaac Itnpelyc, will be st- tidcd to. SMITH & HENDRICKSON, Jamaica, May C, ISfil. Carriage, Hardware & Saleable Castings, F o r sale by WM. T. BRUSH. AYER’S C H E E R Y P E C T O R A L , FOB TIIE KAPID CUKE OF C o l d * , C o u g h s , a n d l l o a i s c i i c s s . B a m rtti.0, Mws., 2 0 Ui Dec., 1853- Da. J .C . A yer : I do n o tliunitntotosay th e host remedy I Imvo ever found for Cough*, Hoarseness, I n lkcnxti. and t h » •oiieoniitaut HymptomstifaCold, toyour C hirrv 1’ kctoru . . I t s constant ufo in my p ractice and my family for the l u s t toil year* I im ahowu i t lopos.se** aupe- rlor virtue* for tlm treatm e n t of these complaint*. KBKN KNIGHT, M,D. A.H. MOKTLKY, Ksq.,nf U tica , N. Y .,w r ites: » I h a i# «>«([ your yVctmvit myself a n d In m y family ovtr since you luvoutcd It, and believe i t tlio host medicine for II* purposo ever put out. IVIUi a bad cohl I uhould soomr pay twenty-five dollars fuv a bottle t h a n do w ithout i t, w take a n y other remedy.” C roup, Whooping: Cough* Influenza. Sfiuxanst.t), Mis.®., Fob. 7,1855. B r o th e r Ayer: I w ill chtru’fidly certify y o u r Pectoral U tU« b est remedy wo ihis&qm f.r th « euro o f whooping cough, croup, and tlte cliost diseases o r children, n o of your fraternity in tho South appreciate your skill, auil comm end your medicine to cm* people. I21KAM CONKLIN, M. D. AMOS MSB, Esq,, MOKTEREr, Ia., w r ites,3d J a n ., 165flt •* I had a tedious Iiifliivum, which confined m o In doors six weeks; took m any medicines w ithout relief; finally tried your J\ctoral l»y tho advice of o u r clergyman, Th* Xrst dose relieved Has aoronesa in* my throat and lungs} less than one half tho bottle uuuto m e completely well, Your medicines we th e cheapest as w e ll a* t h e best w* can buy, and wo esteem you, Doctor, a u d your remedies, as the poor tauu’a fiiond.” A s thm a or P h th isic, am i T Jronchitis. W est M axciustsk , 1» a ., Feb. 4 , 1S50. Btat Your CVrry is pavfovining nm sclloui cure* in this acctlou. I t Iim roiisved sevoral from alarm* Ing symptoms of consumption, nml is now c u ring a ninn mho ha* labored uudor an nlfoction o f tlm lungs for the tsut forty years. IIHNKY L. I'AUKS, Morcliant. , A. A. KA51SKY, M . I)., Alihon, M o n roe Co., Iowa, writes, Sept. 6,1855: “ During m y practice of m any yoavs 1 have found nothing equal to your C /u n y J*ectoral for giving eas* and relief to consumptive luriieuts, or cuving •nch a t a ro e-.rabls.” W# m ight add TolntnM of evldenee, t u t th* moat eon. Wincing proof o f the virtuH o f this rem edy is found In ill effects u pon trial. C o n s u m p tion. Probably no one remedy Jina ever been known which cured so m any and s u c h dangerous casos as t h is. Souii a * hum an aid can roach; b u t even to-those th e Cftsrjy Itctoral alTord* relief an d comfort. A stor llocsw, Niw Y ork O itt, M a rdi 5 ,1S5B. ' D o c tor A tm , Low ell: I f,;«l it a d u t y and a pleasure So inform you whnt y o u r 6V«c>t?/ Pectoral hns d o n e for my wife. She h ad boon flvo months laboring under the dan* gerous symptom* of Consumption, from which no aid we could procure gnvo h e r much relief. S h e was steadily fail* lug. until Dr. Strong, o f this c ity, w!u*ro wo hnvcrnmo (hr advice, recommended a trial o f your m edicine. We blew b is kludm'i*, as wo d o youraU ill; for e lic has recovered from thnt day. Slio i s not y e t as s tr o n g as s h e used to be, but is frco from h e r cough, a n d t a ils henc-lf well. Yours w ith gratitude nml regard, ) UitLAN'DO SIIKLUY', o r SttELUTTiLLi. Qm nm p ffrei, do n o t despair till you have triad A tkr’i Cnirrt Pectoral. I t In mwlo by ono o f tho b e s t medical chemists 1h tho world, a n d its cures nil a round u s bespeak th e high merit* e l lU a ir U t * .— i ViilcticTyln'u L td g tr. A y e r ’s C a th a r tic Pills. FT^llR scleifees of Chemistry and Medicine liavo bean JL taxed tlieir utxuvet to produce Ibis boat, m o at perfect pitrgutivo which la k n o w n to m a n . Innum e rable proob • r e shown that tbcseJ.hr.L3 h a v e virtues which aurpoas la •zeellence tho o rdinfl^ medicines, and th a t they win rtn» preccdontedly upon th e esteem ofidl m e n . They aro saf# and pleasant to take, b u t powerful to cure. Their p en* •rating p ropertiesstlmulato the vital a c tirltleso f the body, remove live obstruction* of its organ*, purify tho blood, and expel dlseaso. They purge o u t the foul h um o rs which breed and grow distemper, riiimihitu eliiggish or disor* ffered organs into their natural action, a n t i impart healthy tone w ith strength to tho wholo system . N o t only do they cure the ovcry-day complaints o f ovcry body, but •leo formidable and dangerous dfcensea th a t bnvo bnfKej •h e best of human s k ill. W h ile they produce powerful effects, they are a t the same tlmo, in d im inished doses, the •afest a u d best physle Siiat can bo employed for children, Deiag ingar'coatcd, th e y are pleasant to take; an d being purely vegetable, are frco from a n y r is k o f harm . Cnrt* have beeu mailo which attrpMS belief w e re they not sub* •U n tlated by men of s u c h exalted position and diam eter M to forbid ihe suspicion of u n t r u t h . Many eminent clergymen aud physicians liavo len t th e ir names to certify to the public the reliability of m y remedies, w h ile others have seut me the assurance of their conviction that my Preparations contribute imriitnedy to th e r e lief of my afflicted, inlforing fellow-inen. The Agent belofc n am ed Ii pleased to f u rnish gratis my Am erican Almanac,containing direction* f o rthclr usoand •ertiflcatee o f their c u res, of th e following complaint*:— Coetlveneaa, lUlltme Complaints, Uheuiuatism, Dropey, H e a rtburn, Headache arising from a f o u l stomach, Nau* tea , Indigestion, Morbid Inaction of the Bowel* nml Pain •rising therofrom, Flatulency, I.oss of Appetite, nil Ulcer* ou s and Cutaneous Diseases which require nti evacuant Medicine, Scrofula or King's Kvi). They also, by purify. In g the blood and stim u lating tho system , euro many •oindaiuU which it would not be anppoocd they could reach, such as Deafness, 1'iutlal Illlm hiesa, Xcni-afgla and Kervons Irritability, Dcrangcnii'jits of t h e Livor mu) Kid* •eye, Gout, and other k indred complaint* arising (Yom a low s tate o f the body o r obstruction o f i t s function*. Do not be put off b y unprincipled doalcrs w ith soma •(h e r pill they make more profit on. Aik fo r Ayer’i * I t u s , and take nothing else. No o t h e r thoy can give , y o u compare# with this in 1U intrinsic value o r curative few c ii . The sick w a n t the beet aid t h e r e i t for them, and they should have I t. , • P r e p a r e d b y D r , J . C . A V E R , VrMtieal and A atlyticil Ch.miit, Lowell, Maaa. 1’u c a US Cn. m Bor, I'irc l i o x u roa $ 1. „ SOLD BY O L. r r 'nK A CO., and I T. WALDO, U > i-K tft, J A M A 1 C + I L , / . J WALDO’S DRUG STORE, C o r. F u lto n * & \W a s h ing t o n Sts., Tlic undersigned having purchased t h o Drugr Business of G-EORGrB W IL S O N , will conlimm the sumo nt t li e old s t a n d ; a n d will keep con* stiiinly on hand a iargo a n d well selected, sloolc of DRUGS, MEDICINES & CHEMICALS, Of the very best quatiiy. j P - A . T E n s r ' J ? l v I E : X > X O I 3 S T 3 S S o f e r e r r deici-iiitlon. PERFTJMF.lt T. CQtfFVStmONER V * SO A P S , & TA'HOXEin% B R U S X E S , COMES, B U J iX I X G FLU ID , HATH OFF, CAUPIIFMF, SW A V L V G CREAM, of tho best quality, TOOTir PO W D E R , CZ20ICU I f A V A N A CIO Alt S , N P I c m i * TOBACCO, P u r e W ines & l,sr,uors for m e d i c in a l P u r p o s e s , P R E S C R IP T IO N S compounded (il a U hours. Physicians tm u c tl with upon the hk ^ l hber.ri terms. Having devubri a ll my Inne cxchitiwly to tl»c Unsvription nn<l Drug Ribiness, I IW*I u-.surrd Uml by close alu-nlfon, low pnccs ami good nr* uciea, T iihall reccivo a fan* shuro of llto p a lrouago of the penpln of J a ­ maica nnd viomity. I.OUI’i T. lV.Sl.Dt>. May 6, 1801. ______________ The Infallible Corn and 13union Cure ! D. S. D A R L I N G ’S C O R N A M D B U IM lO h l S A L V E C U I l J i S W I T H O U T Jt’A T J C O J i U Y J U H Y . II saftens thoC e rn or Bunion and w a s torihe excro.sconee by exlia- lation, leaving tho fleili and akin soft and m lnral. W hen used according to direetioiis, It IV E Y E J t F A ILS TO CURE .— Try i l ! Sati*r*«tioi; (Juaranteed. Sent by Mail m receipt » f Uw price, a n d tix cenU in atampa to pay poitago. I>« i5* D.\r.l.lN(l, i’nee 25 Cants a Box. , 102 Naseau Street, Now York. PolA b y Dnifgists. 3n-51. milFI heat C o a l O i l ?ver olTei’ J . a t 50 « ts. p e r g a ll o n , b y OIL! O IL!!! for sale in Jamaica, EPVYAUI>S & BlllKKEUUOFtf. T H E ^ P I L E S \ O t r S R D&RLIHG’S TUHIOUR OINTMEHT RMiuces the luliaiu.tt;on and dispels |»'uirudiii* 1’ilev by exhalation, >-o that th e parts may b o returned to their placo, without paiu or injury, ia a f«>\v days. It is ;\1<<) a superior remedy for (am o u rs of n.ny kind whoro over it can bo npptiotl with t h e fin-er nr a cam e l's hair brush. Bent b y Mail ou rcrelpt of letter enalosing a 2 5 Cent pi*eo, nnd six cext* in alam p s. Acldreis D- HAULING, 103 Nasaat. Str&»t, New York. Price 25 CVnti a Bex. 3m51. 100,000 L O D 1^*M ANUPACTURIETG- C C S Thl. C o m p a n y , witu ac a p u a l o f $150,000. lh« us«v I extenaivo works of the kind In tlio world, and an oxjvn** nco nf 22 years in mannf.u* turi'T- with a repntailou long c»tabhnm 1 , hiviiig also tlm cxi-ln.xivi c o i i i ' - f the rib’hlR‘y:l from th>v g reat City of Swvr York, are pr« pared to f*.i -Ii an a rlirla whicli is, without doubt, tho cAqgiesf and very but ferUhxer m market. l'rlce (or 7 barrels and over $1,50 per barrel, o r only $15 per tun It freatly increase.') tlio yield and r l j m the cro p from two to threo vre«k« e a rliir, u t nil expense of from {3 t o iicr acre, a nd with vorj little labor. A I'am p W ft. cuttWntni; all the Infriina.'tion n<*c*«avy, w ih l<*tt<»v.s from Horace CJreeley, Daniel Wob^t^r, u n i hundreds of f a n iv r s win liavo m e 1 it axtensivuly for t?kih“7 years, u i«.y bo lud/n** by a ldrecsti>p a loiter to the snhicrilier. Cti-nox ..The i,. h. (-’u. havii g wiihdrawu tliair agency enlinly from Grifllng D:o, C i.,anU mov<*.l iln-n* c Ille<- from No. 60 to QQCorthuidt street, caution their customer* rml to pur clin*o a n y l‘ou*lrctt« •x rep t that bramiid willi t h e i r n.une. No other U gonumc. AJUreas, JAML-S T. FtWTEU, Care o f Luli Afanufaoluruig Cn. 3m49 IJC ctl.iiidt F1rf«t. Now Y«*rk. ’ At a Surrogale’s Oouvt, Held a t the* >m-rogaU'-'a GSicc, ut Jamaica. In aud fir tho county <*f Quceeni, vn the nmetrcnth day of March, A. D - . l S d i , IVcRriit, Hon. MurrN I'l’^rb-k, Surrogate of said county-. In the m a tter o f tlio Hpphc.it.on o f rbbboAxm ) Verity, Adnunvstrii'rix, &c., William Verity, deceased, inlostnle, f»r miUto- thority to m o rtgugo, base or soil tho r e a l ■ * * cstnte o f tlio said tntcatalo for the ; • n\ci»t of h is dclits. O N|roaUing and Alii'g the npplicati »n o f I’lab'' Ann Verity, the Ad imnistrftlrix of nil m i ! rii.gui.ir tli*-g'vJ-\ rlntt»*!s and credits wli cli wore of TViiiiatn Verity, lit*' of tho torn o l ’ ,W t li HempitPad. in the coitnly o f tjiic-n * , d ‘-';eascd, inte-tale, f o r authority to murig.ige. loatc o r s ^ li tbi* Tod e siaio of tho smd u.tu«.talo f«»r the payment of Ins df*bt), U ia otdercl t h a t all iicrsona mlcr«- u*d m tho cst.it** of the said W illum Verity, der.** t* (. upp.-ar b. fore lii*> Suit*-g-dorf the rnimfy o( Queens, a t his i.flh-e, a t Jain.u *a, In tli** said county, on the > ixili d.iy of May, 1 8 0 2 , at n ine o 'clock in tlio foroimon o f that duv, thou ami there to show cause why a u thority aliould not b e given to the said Adminis- tratrix to mortgago, lca>c or sell so much oC the r e a l cstatu of the said William Verity, deceased, as shall be necessary to pay hi* debt*. In testimony whereof the said Surrogate lialli horcunU) affixed [t. ».] hi> seal o f otllcc, »l tho Burrog^o’s Offiuc, aforesaid, on tho day n u d year first above w i tllon. MuKHK FOSDICK, Surrogate. Ollice, Fiirm crs nut* UltOOKLYN, K. 1>. B R A N 0 E O F F IC E , 4 W A I L ST., N . C J 1 S I S C A P I T A L , V; $ 1 5 0 , 0 0 0 . _ . tvttn n A T T F KINGS COUNTY F IR E INSURANCE CO. oyr C!TY 0 f bruojclyjc . 3 £ 3 E 5 L E 3 \ y ■ n m - * . U u r n i iu - s mul n i i z c i i s H im k iliultllnss The eubscriber would again express bis w r * thanks to his numerous friends and customers JSs. for their continued and increasing prtronago, aud he Qaiters himeelf that he will continue to merit tho confiuenoo of the community, llo lias always on hand a full lupply ol BREAD, CRACKERS, CUKES, i PIES, A t \V*hol«s.!(i iuul ltetail. Fruit and FnnojjtOiikea, Ic«d aud Ornamented. Parties supplied »t the shortest notice. Jamaica, Jan. 13,1801. AKDUBW OlTKSniBE. Brooklyn Central & Jamaica Railroad Co. S E W A R R A N G E M E N T . , East Hew York fe Jamaica Accommodation, ^ p . f a r e ! o ~ CENTS. H I On and aftor Holiday, February 24, 1G62, aud until further neiico, I/icnl Trains wdl run m follows: LOCAL TRAIH8- /7*0AT JAM A ICA, (L. X. II. It. Dnt’OY,) 0..‘:o a . m . 10..VJ “ 11.50 “ 12.50 r. .v. 1.30 v. a. FROM F A S T N E W YO R K , plow aki> H o rss.j lu .0 0 A. M. llTiu »* 12 ri) m . 1 .'HI 1*. II. 5 2 ,no .i Tha Local Trains will connect a t K*»t N cw JY im -I c with tho Ilorso Cats rummig to and from tho l ’nUou. NV-.dl ^ tr *ct, anu South Ferri*s.£J THROUGH AND CONNECTING TRAINS- Thro'jgh nn-l t'-ouii'-cting Truius with th* Long bland IUil Load, will run as r«l!n\\3 : FROM SOU T H F E R R Y , FROM JAMAICA. 7.15 a . u, 0 10 u For Gr*cnporV. 3.10 i*. M. “ North Isllp fc Syossit 4.40 “ u llem p sttad. 0,30 « 0 35 A. M. 7 UO “ S.32 «• 2,30 i*. y. 4,50 ‘* 0,30 «• 'rum Hempstead. «• Nf-rti) blip. 11 Greenpurt. Dlw n rd T. 1 G. W . Gnfiith, Juhu N. Hayward, Kphraim Miller, A llro'l Clock, St\J>ljcll il. IYovost, John D. WVib, Cliarh s 11. F'sllows, Kdward North, 0. M. b'a.-h, SjinuH 8. Frco, YTiina.ni .l.Pooky, David Flurt.vaiit, Joint U . Keating, Richard Trm-sdl, I b u r y Johnson, Jac»b Wilson, t'linimi’py I.. C'eok*, Jiii-ph T. Durr, Adam I’. Martin, Alfred Hobby, P1UKCT0R3 ; Arch. K. Ifeserole, Aiuhcw J. Provost, Jamas W. Valentine, LcwH Ilurfl. Jumc? A. Van B ruit, Daniel Finilh, Thomas HutohinsoB, William J. l t a s e , George C. Hcnnctt, Laurens Peeve, F.ichard Drown, Oliver R. Ingersall, Nathaiii*'! Mills, Abt 'in Mills, IL N.Tcrrott, Abraham M. Fanning, Silvester Tuttle, Joseph J . Anderaon, Ez'-kiel Wa4t\ llalph Teeli. t iNsrucrocE or klecti 'I x . H-'nrv Richanlson, I liMgar Darbso. IV. W Annfi .-M, I This Company is new prepared to issue Pulidos of Insurance against I-.cs or damage by lire, 1-- T . UACKllOl s L , ibvsuhnt. Ouvfiit H. I\iii i:--nn, S>n-cta>y. Mr.. I .A U ’.LNV UffiVC of Jamaica is tho Agent for Queens County* 1 v3S BROOKLYN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Chartered A p r i l 3, 1824, ................................. $153,000 0 0 ................................... 119,833 00 O A S II C A P IT A L , S U R P L U S , .............. A S S E T S , ......... ................$272,833 81) D I R E C T O R S ! TVnii.m EllswoitS, Tvaucis A . Tilsaer, J . » M Bur***, C'harbs nni-klmlier, John Boditio, I r a u c b l . Schoalt^ Francis P. I'urimlU. Joshua Sutton, Jess* Soilgmau, John T. U rucr, llrymi I i . Sm iili, Bcnj. II. Stillwotl, J.drJm h Jlillor, George Uilllltaii, Joremiali V. Spader, Samuel P. Wlilllng, Edw ard C. Hadeoo, Cilhorl l„ lieeckuian, Ceors« C. Peters, I*a»o >’• BriCk'S, Robert Klliglit. WII.I.IA3I li'ALSITORTH, TrtsuU n l. CII.UlLEa BUKKUALTHt, r k f j P l a i i m t . ITniU B F. T.rcoim, StcrdtW - SrspHEn I,. Hl-anr.K,.<JS«l(m(U—.'dorjr- tfsoxun ALft.r, Si.nrjor. S' I. S w u m will b. »t liis residence. thl« Tlllate, e r e r . e ren l.g mad will giro lne poraoiml »tlontiontoaiiiilic>Uo*efor l e i u r e n t .. Jul.r 1 , 1 J 0 1 . ljrlB \osene At 5 0 C is.iier Gallon, f o r stile nt WALDO’S DRUG STORH. Tlio Faro on the Through and ro:mi»ctuij Traiu^, will b« 18 C*nb be* twosn Jamaica ami Knit Now York, a u d 28 Cents btlwooii Jamaica aud r-»j.itn Ferry. SU NDA Y T R A IN S : On Sundays, Trains will m ake hem i r Tups between East Now York and Jamaica. Leaving Jamaica at 8, 9,10 and H a . m , and 1 2,3. 4, and 5 r, >r. llotuniiiig, leave Howard House, Fast New York, tit S f 0 ,0,30,10,30 a n d IIT-O M .,ani 12.30,1.30. *2,00. 3 .30, 4,30. ami 5.30 r. m , rouiiM-thig at litisl New York with City Cara to and from Fill on, Wall M rort a n d Fmitb Ferrii-*. Cdv t'nra I-'Jiving Fuit\n F.*rry at s 29. 9 .29,10 29. a n d 11,20 x. M. and 12.29, 1-29, 2,29, 3 29 and 4,29 1*. Jt., will t minrut nt East Now Yoik with S team (‘.n s f«»r J.unama. L. U. RltTlAKWUN, n, c. as j. n . n. oitico, Feb. l.sth, i s c 2 . Kevo,srne Oil OF the flucst quality, by tlio bbl. 01 * a t retail. For sale by SBABUliY & PECK, Unll of Fharniacy, Jnmaiea. , Y c w m ' l r r a H r j a n M t a . J a m a i c a a n d E a s t N e w - Y o r k S t a g e s , ^ On and nfmr Maivh 3,1802. St.igi*s will run in con- ;eyT-jrig-* W zp <£ a ncction* With tho Fulton Aveuuo and Broadway Car3, LFA T E JA M A IC A , L EA n : F A S T -YE 7 TO R K. 7 00 A. 51., 1,00 V. M. 5.00 A. M-, 1.00 P. M. 8,00 “ 2,00 •' 9.IK) » 2 .UO « 9. «0 “ 3.00 “ 10 nO 3.00 “ 10 09 “ 4 00 ll.n O “ 4.00 “ 11.09 “ 5.00 “ 12,00 “ 5,00 « 12,00 “ 0,00 “ 6.00 7 .no « FAIUZ TO E j IS T jYE V - Y O I t K I O C J i'XTS. T h r o u g h ^ to F u lto n F o r r ) ’ 15 cen ts. WILLIAM HI rtleASD, Proprviar. Com Starch for Fticldings, &c. Tho Osv.'cr/o Corn Starch, tI*o v«»ry bc»*h in the market, always on hmul, freoli, n t Iho J1ALL OF PHAIIMACV. UMMRSON & 0,M)liUDONJi'S L A W U o . 33 PINE STREET, lioous 28 li 21), ; , t , t « ” = i t n w - t » b i a n . Spfchd attcntiun givcm in I h u l Eslate bu-incvs, th o rr.i.im a lion 0 Ttth-s, a n d U'amng Money on Bund and Mortgage lu tho City or on Lung Islaud. Mr. L. m ay he ?*»eu o v r ry cvGuing a t Ids rosvlmve, Jamaica, 1.. I. ISAAC T. REEVE, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Elo. 32 Pins Street, NEW-TOM. A I OLD S T M D IN' NSW HANDS ! B O O T S ATTD S H O E S . T IIE subscriber bogrf lefive to state th a t lie bes talcen tli* Boot and Shoe Store form erly kept by tlio latu John T. Waters, tk'e’d.,on tlie corner o f 1’iiltou nud Washington etrcelB, Jamaica, and thnt t i e ivill continue the businew In all its branches nsit has heretofore boon done. Having been in this shop many years, bo (latter* himself that he can do justice to nil who are willing to entru.t their work to bis care. A largo assortment of Boots, Shoss a n d Rubber*, of CTte ry description, constantly o n band. All kinds of llen ’8 w u a r made to oiler. Repnirieg done. WILLIAM SXAUY. Jnnmiaa, Oct. 29, 1861. Ne-Kr O lder. Raw Sweet Cider, just received and for Bide Ivv KDWAI1DS & BRINKERHOF*. A L E X A N D E R IJ A O N E LI, Altorncij anti CounscH o r-tU -Law , Offia corner qflTcrrim in Jhmnte i.r.d Fill Strut , over ihe Store o f Herrimun S> , Van Zandt, ________ J A M A I C A , L . I. i r o n s ' I s l a n d l l n i l i ’ o a t Z ,. 'A'-L'-A'T n m m m m JMl.H AUIIANCIIMKNI'.—Uii X.A .n w T a o .day, Nov. 5lh,1Hol, W Ymti:, as follow I/*ara Jaraca* Slip, T r a in s Going E a s t. (Now Yo;4»» l«i i» «• *.pjrt a» 9 !30 a . m . Nu.|'h;ink a t 9 30 a . it. a tt «t S y .-i'-t .it 3.30 j*. ir.j « « « Farimn-'Lilt? at 9.30 a. it.% and 3 ->0 1‘. 21. tx n u II'*mp-t'*.«-l a t 9 CO A.it., 8.30 r.rd u.oo r . it. « « « Jarmiirii nt 9.50 a . x . , 3.30 and 5 00 i*. w. Trains lettvo H u u tor's Point on arrival •>! F'-rry Boat from Jam es’Slip. T r a in s Going W e s t. Leave Gr;r*npnrl f>»r H n.t -r'a Pi-intal lU.'i'J a . at. Y.iphatik M 11 52 a . m. « I aiini.it* Iftl .- n t 7 21 A. tt. Mid I . 2 J P. M. «« ryi.s*- t at 7.25 \. m . ,in-l 1 31 i». M. v JLwr»-t-’.rl at 0.50 ftiT 7.5b i. m., nml 1.4S j*. at. « Jan u i- a at 7.30, an 1 S.C2 a . m ., 2 CD r >i E. V,’. M F A K N * Air't. Swp't. W a S s c e to C i« d ltf> r & . P URSUANT t o an order o f Hon. Morris Fostlick, Surrogato of the coanty of Quoins, nutico is hereby g .von to all persons having claims agaitiH thoostato of Georgo I. L-4t, I U<- of t!»u town of Jamai<*a, in the saM cnuttty, tl*'eca'50.1, to p r o f i t the sa.rr.o with tho vmn h* crs thoroof, to tho s'riiserihor, Ihmlriik 13 inknrhotT, at liis ivsl-h*u«*e in the vilLigii o f Jum a x a , m Ibo yui 1 c o u nty, on or before the fii'&t day of 0<-t»ib'*r *i* xt.* Dated Murcli 21, lbC2. MAIIIA LOTT, U ’-Nl'l UCK 1 il'.lN CKKTiTl' 'V?, Adm xnisirtirix onil il^w n u friz/ur, ift*.. nf m id xhi'iiiA'd. PIERPONT POTTEK, ■ Attorney and Counsellor-at-La-.o, 0[flce u n d e r th e C ler/c’ s OfTloe, J a m a i c a , l . / . W I L L I A M J. S A Y R E S , A t t o r n e y a n d C o u n s r l l o r - a l - L a w , And IVntari/ P u b l i c , No. 4 Santh Street, BROOKLYN, L. 1. R e s idence J a m a i c a , L . I. FISg~& JACKSOiV, — ' A ttorneys and C o u n sc-llors-al-Xm e , O ffice over Partners ’ and C itizen s ’ H a n k , coiner o f F irst aud S o u t h - ll h street, \V1 LILA ftl SBUR GII. P A U L J . F I S H . T H U O . i ' . JA C K S O N . GILBERT SAYKES, A ttorney a n d C a u i ise l l o r - u i - L a u , Notary Public for Queens Ceuutv, Oonal-Street, J A M A I C A , JL. J . Acknowledj.nlnits of Becdg taken fur tlie. followinc ^ tato?, viz: All tho Eastvvn Stat.o^ Yirguun, Indiwn-a, ViH* rV0*’\* Oiiio, Brili.vh T enilorit's, Michigan, Iowo, Wisconsin, California—and nearly all the o ther 6 tate$. li M M O V r t h HOUSE & Sscrj PAINTING o - X - i ^ x z i r D N r o , GRAINING-, PAPER HA1JGING, &c. Jo h n W i l k i n s o n , H AVING removed his P a int Sbop from the corner of Washington and PuUoii Streets to his residence ia Fleet S treet, Jamaica, respectfully informs his numerou* friends and patrons that h e is ready l o fill all orders in Painting, Glazing, Grainit g , Paper Hanging, Ac, M ixed P a n r i a of a l l c o l o r s su p p lie d a t sh o r t n o t ic e . No connection with tfliy other person in the busiueis. Jamaica, May 28, 1 SGI. > E 5 1 F U ^ E R Y ’ In grashrariety, for sale a t ” WALDO’flk S H A W ; \ T A I L O R npnE subscriber would respectfully inform liis friends i that lie has taken the»slore formerly occupied by James A Spillctt as a News Depot, on the corner of Ful­ ton Street and llcrrimnn Avenue in the village of Jamaica* where he is prepared to execute a l l oiders in the Tailoring line. P e v s o n s p r o v i d i n g th e i r ow n \m a terials, can h a r « t h * sam e m a d e u p in t h e beet p o s s i b l e m a n n e r , a n d at s h o r t n o tic e Particular attention paid to t b e cutting and fitting of Boys’ Clothes. G a r m e n t s re p a i r e d anil c l e a n e d . M. S I I A W . J a m a i c a A mu . 5 t h , ISfil., L E W 3 S L . F O S D I C K , Hickory Isiius, llm t Seat 4rms, B«irgy Top Bows, ^liinLtig Top Bows, Ulokory Shafts tmd Pole* J u s t rccolvoil ami fur s.vle by WM. T. l»RL'5iH. A ttorney and Comisellor-at-Eav/ Office, Fnlton S treet, over th o UaH of PharnsacY, Kerosene Oil, fJpHE in best tlio market, for tale by Jnmnien, Feb. 111 . 1SC0. E. VI. IIALSET N E W ELOTJR ST O R E . FLOU R , FLO U R , Good nmlCneap, A t M E Y f c K .-S lF t.O U R S T O R K . m C X W I I R A T FLOU Ji, Y iry Cheap, A t MEYER’S. CORTV A T E A A, F ine and Ch&ict, A t MEYER’S. S A V E A T O X E F, b y buying your I ’lonv. Me»l or Bsciwlie*l Fl.v.r o f liA T fniA S MEYER, New Flour Store, Jamaica, Cor. Fulton and Church Sts. Ploughs! Ploughs!! Ploughs!! T HE attention of Farmers anti Gardeners is called to my large nnd well selected stock of AViaing Utensils, eon- aisting o f au immenns Stock of Ploughs of a ll sires, Plough Castings, Corn Shelters, Hay and Straw Cutters, \Wheel Barrows, Grind Stones, liny and Manure Forks, Shovels, long sod short handles, Spades, do do do Iloes, Ilakes, Ac., Ac., All of which will be sold as reasonable as the times will admit. To be found at th e Agricultural W arehouse of JAS. T. I.EWIS, Jamaica, March 4.1861. Cor. Fulton and Beaver Sts Notice of Foi’ccbsiire. W I1ERKA3 dafiuilt ha* boon msulM* t h e p » v m c n lu f IL* money s i ’ cured by a murlsag* dtlcd Ilia f m r tb day < f F o lm iar/, 1850, ex* ccutcd Ly imm FrcUen-k, of tlio tow n of Jam aica, Q-u'di* county and Plate of K«*w V««rS;. to Ni- IiOia* Atnberinati c>f tho town t*f JstroMoa coMi.ly an 1 ‘•Ute aforeiAttl, and winch aaid m-irt'jejrc w.-u roourdod ia tho C'.orU’s UiY.co ol * a m»*,y in L'.W 65 of pago 2*5, February 2Rtli, 1550, a t 3 o’i‘N»ck ami 45 minute® l \ M. And wLcrraa thu wwl mortR»’.;e u now h<'d and owuod h r Nicholas Ainb?rman. tbe vubicril*i.-r, and wluuva* tho a innnnt of principal and intercil rlaimo-l toh.’ due up >n .'aitl niortgat;'1 a t thu lime of tlie Gr«l publication of t in s nonce n t n a sum ot < .to hundred and s* v*uiy-ltvo Ldkrs and s c w u ty-fivo c*M*. Now thor* fore notjco ia h ereby given (hat by viritif* o f the pnwor cf iu«le c n.tamed in paid niOrl^a^o aud duly rtc.'nk-d ui: af'Tesn l. and in pursuance o f tin' rtatulo in such c«w#d nmde and provido l, tho sari tttorljaKO w ill be* forcrliw d Vy a aalc of tho pr«inl*«* lhp**i*m do.sonbjil a t PU B L JG AU C T ION, a t tlio HbUI kept by Vol., J O W .Y ffl. J a li y S O Y , lu Ihe (.urn ol J J t f A / C A , Qntens countv, *lt«nt<nl o n tlw Rccltaway Turnpike aud known us tlie HALF- \A Y Jin CM , on m v n s v j r , tlio TW E L F T H day of JU N E , A. U.,i 18i 2. a t 7W 0 O'CLOCK, P , ! ( . , of that day. The said promise* a r c described in said m o rtgage as follows : All that certain pie-*c or par. eL-f land with tl.o b u d d i e s m d improve- nvhU Uiert'uti, s.um tc a t PpnnjfioM in s a id V.*wn « f Jam aica, a id boun­ ded westerly b y meadow furmerly bolimging to Ji>hn IL Bennett, Jcc’d . ; northerly by land of aaid yichulas Anrberman ; eaetcrly by the Springfield road until it comes oppiu.te the southerly line o f meadow now or formerly belonging to T homiu Brti‘jh ♦ th fn c c ruiming westerly lo meadow of *ald John I». Bennett, d a t'd ., at the place or beginning, containing tln eo q u a rters of an nero Vo the same tuoeoor leas. Except- ing therefrom th e following d esenhed piero tr parcel of Lnd» vir.. :• Alt tiiet eerlain place o r parcel of Und situated on the west sido of Springfield road, town, contdy and itmc nfiiresaM, a n d hounded as fob lows : Beginning n tlh o n»rlh-ea»t c / n o r of said Cenjatniu Frederick’s land by tho w e st sido o f said road, and tlienco along t \ « Sprin^lielit road toath one hundred c.ivl acveuteun feet (117 fevd) cast o f fvaI land until il comee to a certain .ukh separating the m ra h»w b etween Thomas Brush nnd Nathantri Xostrand, formerly, and r u n n ing southerly seven teen feel (17 feel) Uy eaid dlt-*h (ill il comes to (ho m eadow of Tlmma# B’h r u s r i William Hunnctt; nn-l thcum alntig the vvostsido of tacadow owned by Thumats Ridor and Wvllmni li'r.nuU UU t t c*»mo3 b y Benjamin Frederick’s limit , llicneo mi thu north by Benjamin Frederick's land till it come* to tho placo of ’w h ining, containing by estimation onc-etghtli part of au acre bo tho sam e moro or lo-oj. That no suit o r proceeding has been Instituted at law or in equity to roeover tbe ilabt now remaining secured b y said mortgage o r any part thereof, nm llhat by s u c h saJo a s abnvo menlionod, tho said mortgage and all equity o f redemption thereof will b e foreclosed. Dated March 11th, 1S62. NICHOLAS AM.UKKUAN, Merlgagce Auixixmm Ifau.nku, AUomty. 5 0 G T S . P E R G J -A L L O N , For K E R O S E N E OIL, at EDWARDS A LBRINKERHOFF’S. Iron and Steel, Hfttf TfuaM, Bound, Ovalf Half Ovat4 for aAlo by OYSTER AND ICE CREAM THE undei'?ignod having formod a fO'Tartnerihip, v apectfully invite (lie alteniion of the eitizeua of Jamaica and vicinity lo their Inigo aud well-sclected stock. They have completed tlicir aiTangements fur the sale of * Icc fi'caia and Soda Water During tlie “ henlod term.” The above nrtidcs onn be obtained a t the Saloon s t a ll liours, provision having boon madcfor the reception of companies, nn well na imiiviiiunis G 3 T Families nud Parties supplied with lee Bream, by the quart or pyramid, as desired. lle r c e n n also he fo u n d a g e n e r a l a s s o r t m e n t o f C oistec - t io x k u v G o o n s ; N c t s , F r u i t s ’, S e o a iis , An. i l y s t i r s i n e v e r y S i i / l c , Together with the choicest tt oeterns the m arket nfTorda for the comfort of t h e inner mnu. constantly on hand, C5Y\ J ust call in a n d s<-e. No charge for tho. sight, CONGER & VANDEPvYOORT, Cor. Fulton st. Ilernman are. Jamniea, June 12 , 1868. , 3 ^ A N s l l i R , MASONS’ BUILDING- MATERIALS, B R i C K , L . A T S - 3 , Lime,\ Cement, S lu e Stone, Plsts1, Of «1J Irtiids for sale b y A Y . j F , 3 5 3 T , I E 3 j E I j S S 0 3 ^ , S .i I i T i i S T . , m ~ T E R M S CASH. Jamaica, September 10, 1S60. 1 y*& -pTAlR. CI o l!: is, Ti) 01 h an d Xnil llrus' ®s, of e: A l quality nnd tnnclernlu p.rioos, forsnie nt .YAL\ Fiae Lcticr and Note- !I’jporT xrcllo*t A’ALYlO'S. ENVELOPES, Ac., C A R B I AGE BODY M AKER. C o .uu VJ Union H a ll and Centre Stretls,\ 10 eIi<’niU> or,,1‘ls for making Carriage Bodies o f cvcrr tho vLry b c s n L n c S ! ^ 11'' 411 Ulia° r *\S ° \ \ “''I’oriutoii.Ienco, and of I m i ! * 1111111 mal1® to or’lor a n i “ “ \ J reiw lrcd, ou reasonable Juno 25, ISIS. term s. Jamaica B . D , J h 'o t i c e l o C r c U i l o t ' s . P URSUANT to an order of Hon. Morris Fosdirif, Surrogato of tho comity of Queens, notice is Jioroby givon to all per.sons having claims against tho estate of Murtha D. Miller, late of the tmva of North Ucmpstead, la t lie said county, docm iut, to pvc?ci.t, tbo stime witli lb* vouchors thereof, to tin* subscriber, Richard Aibcrlsou, a t hi* rc.ri- denco in the said town o f North Hempstead, on or before tho 17th day of September n e x t Dated March 4 , 1SG2. RICHARD ALBERTSON, Executort JASK L . LAYTON, Mntcutrix. ■vvyr. T. BRUSH. Kerosene Lamps IN great Taiiety, Lim'p'chiroueye. Shatici, Wick, A*.4 for Hie b y SEAEUHY & PECK, Hall o f Pbirmnoy, Jamaica, I., I. Hams! Hams!! N « v r H a m a , ju a t re c e i v e d a n d f o r sale a t 11 c e n t s p e r l b . , b y E D W A R D S J t D R I N K E R H O F F Powder and Shot. For aalo by BDWARDS & BRINKEnilOFT’- C e p h a lic P ills, X tnr* cur* fo r t h * H o « d « e l>e, for e a l e a t tho HALT, Of FHAMAC7, N o l i e e » « C r c d itw i'N . P URSUANT to an ordor of Hon, Morris Fosdick, Surrogate of tho county *f Quconv, notlco i.s hereby given to all persons having alaims agnhiri tho estate of Henry AVilson, Into of tho tmvn of North llcmpstercl in the said ceunty, deceased, to present tlio same with tlio voucher* thereof, to tho subscriber, tho adm inistrator of the goods, ehattols and ccedits of the said deceased, a t his s U re, number Co AVnr- ren strcol, iu tho city of Now-York, on or beforo tlie 25th day of Juno noxt. Dated December 14, 1S61, JOHN II. IVITJfON, iitfmfnWraler. N o t i c e t o C r e d i t o r s * P URSUANT te an ord«r of lion. Morris Fw d ie k , Surrognto of tho comity of Queens, notice IS h e reby given to all persons h iving claims against tho estate ofSllas Curl, late of tho town of N o rth Hempstead, In tho said county, deceased, to Yro?cnl Uio sam o with tho vouchors there of, to the subscriber, the administsatrix o f the g oods, chattels and cred­ its of Hio said deceased, al her residence in the said town of North Hampstead, on o r before the 7th day of \fny next. Baled October 25, 1801. MARY R L M JLTH CARLE, Jdm x n islralnz. If you want Kerosene Oil At 50 ct». p e r gallon, you will buy it a t EDWARDS * BRINKERHOITS, B . W O O ? ’.L . i b e a i . h u in Clocks, Watches &, Jewelry P a rticular attention paid to repairing a1' Irinda Clonks Watches and Jewelry. I y l 8 B . 1 Boot & Shoe £ * Maker Washington St. near Fulton, JA M A IC A , L. I. P iota and Shoes made t o order, and Repairing neulh tna promptly executed. \ T (ankful for past favors, B. F„ will spare tie pains to rtet it ft cor tinuance and increase of p atronage 3j5 P u r e S p ices, Nutmegs, Cloves, Olnn»mori, Mace, Ginger, Allspie*. lepper, &c*, wholo or gi nnd, of the very host quality al ways on haud a t % Hall oj I ” .tm n n , ____________ _ ________________ SEA B b n r Js p e c k , Cypress Hills Cemetery Lots. a« V E R A L choice and well selected lots for sole n t ren U eonsble prices. Apply t o N. SHELTON MILLS Jamaica, July. 30 , I S 6 . 1 , )/m20' 111 great vuriely, p a n h« had a t lk» IIALL OF PHAKMACT. w i l l i a m : t . b r u s h , DB a X-W. jx HARDWARE, IRON, S T E E L . C’.ULRIAGK BOLTS, Till!-] BOLTS, S J j P S S - Z l W C S - ^ a , -A . I 5 g T . ~ S T H q t ) Agricultural Implements, Paints, Oils, Glass, Putty, Varnish, ie., fc e . j i c ., COR. F U L T O N A N D 1 V J W IIIN Q T O N S T R E E T S J A M A I C A . . Z j . X . hair T T FR f siilc at • Byes, Cosmetics and Fancy Seaps. vj ^ SIX HssortaiGiit ot t h e above m$t received and for WALDO’S. Hickory and Oak Spokes, Just received and for Rale b y WM T. BRUSH Proclamation, S tatb or N ew Y ork , C oiwty ok Qri:►»?, sa. • 'ilio un«I«M>iigncdt Sheriir ofiwd county, i n conformlU* to a nrccont to v ° un . .. 7 . „ a ’ J cn\\ty’ heroliy rcquiieg a l l norsons bound '.“ e *T\ “ \ y ^ ^ a c e s Tor th. appc.ranco Given under my liun.l nt tho Sl.crill'g t.mw in the Tn.n Xnrth Ifcrnptead, in » M county, thh m i . ,l.y o f lu “ h , i81S ° ,T' 1>1,A ri< CAULL, Sheriff of Qutmx County, Buckwlieat Ekmr, EDWARDS & HU INKF.RHOFES. At Seabury’s Olcagcnous Opodeldoc tlle very '-eoa^y ‘or Burns orRcahk Sold »t th* JUALL OF PHARSIAOY, JamalMk K50.000 BARRELS P09DRETTE. Ecml yonr order* early, and y o u will b e sure t o (ret lli.m fllled. A\ “ roi!1 GllllT'TNG IIROTIIER & CO., Agricultural nml S « l tV»r.houM, ~ __________ CO Courtlandt St., X.w Y o rk Cily, e A R R t A B E Sprin g s , A x les, -L\Z> TllZU LOR'FS, fur Siilo by WM. T BRUSH. F o r S e w in g M a c h ines. JONAS BROOK Ct BRO’S PBIZE MEDAL SPOOL COTTON, S trong, S m o o th arid Elastic, I t s 8tr«Dctli Is n o t Imnnlrod b y wa»h* n ^ r by friction of dm n.cdto. f t . M a d ,I n c , S f t S w h S « » For upper thread, and Brooks’ P a tent Six Cortl, R e J Ticket, For under thread. o f i on ^ r °aP , Scalers lliroiifrhout i l j 0 country. Also, l i t O ise* o f 100 d o z e n each, assorted jPTos., by «m*2 W M ‘ ™ Y S M I T H , S d t A w l , 3o v e s o y S t r e e t , N c w -Y o rk. r..-n ^ w r i n g Extracts. \ fthilln, Iiomon, Peach, Almond, Cinn»raon, Clftven *c., 4c., for sale n*< the HALL OF rHARHAO^

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