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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, March 18, 1862, Image 7

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set in 1 ’osiiioa a t Islamf |No. JO .— A JJatUe Kioiasntarilv Expected* C a ir o , 111., M a rch 1G.— Tho flotilla g o t under way ■ a t half-past 5 o’clock this m o v ing and dropped down i eteivly un til a h o u t 7 o’clock, v’hon th o flag-ship being 1 ajjout tw o n ty loiles a b e n d and six m iles above tho is­ land discovered a stern-wbct-l steam e r r u n out froth \ $ h e siieltcr o f a point on tie K e n tuck y shore, and \ J steam ed down th e fiver. f F o u r shells wore throw u a f t’r her. b u t tho disfanco ■ was too g r e a t for th e shots to take effect. • A t nine o’clock th e lleot joundcd to about threo j m iles above the island. Tbs Com m o d o re then .or- I dared th r e e of th e m o r ta r bods into position. A t this hour — 2 o’clock in the afternoon— we arc w i t h i n range, b u t as y e t have heard nothing from the | x eaeihy. -There appears to bo • . K e n tucky shore, and we *r lq position on th e binds. A larg e num b e r o f r e b e l transport can also be seen / c r o s s th e low point n e a r tho M issouri shore, busily engaged around th e island, b ut wliat th e y are doing cannot be determ ined. T h o m o r ta r b o a ts a r c m o m entarily expected to open fire. t s r T h e re c e n t depredations of the M '.rrim a c have c.m sed a ra ttlin g among Hie dry bones of Con­ gress and th e Navy Departm ent. T h e Naval Com­ m itter- o f the S e n a te h a v e reported in favor o f an ap­ propriation of UUo,uuo for th e construction of iron clad steam e rs. a lirge re b e l force on the have counted thirteen guns Trustees’ Meeting. At a mooting of the Eoavd of Trustees of tin .idnge of Jam aica, on the Tllli day of March, 18 ( 13 , Present, John S. Snedelter, President, ft- -urs. Armstrong, Spader, Hagner, Brinokerhoif and Grv J , Trustee. Absent, Mr. Creed, Trustees. The Board was called to ord-\ by tho Proaident. The minutes of the last meeting were not read as the meeting was for the special purpose of settling with the Treasurer, the Collector, and for the hearing the report of the Presi­ dent in regard to tho Tuxes in arrear. John S. Hnedoker, the President of the Board, produced and road a Report b y which it appears th a t he line succee­ ded in erllecting Taxes in arrear as follows, to w it: . Taxes on real and personal estate, .............................. §14 70 Poll T ax, ............................................................................. 73 52 Total, ........................................... .. ........................... Amount for which persona produced receipts from the Collector, .................. .* ......................... „ .............. Amount stated by persona to have been paid to the Collector, ................................................. .. Admitted by the Collector for tlie Judd estate, Amounting to .............................................. Due from resident owners of real estate, ........ do non residents ..................................... From those assessed fur Poll Tax, .................... ?9-i 22 $36 0-1 12 64 22 40 £71 OB ?S5 56 -IS 0-2 172 00 Total uncoliecled, ....... Add the above n am ed, ........ §snl -IS 71 08 “ We Conic Again with Songs to Clrcct You.” a ? S T ie d OHAltM3$L_ . LAURA. JOHN, ’ NETTIE, V/TLLLUr, And M aster ALONZO. IVouM roipocUudy announce Umt they will fifvo thou* D U N I O N THURSDAY . Ktx-yn Kit?;#* a.1*372 50 Our Key Cc i I i r e farre-jiep .tte :! * '! '. ’o. I, 9'JTH flKfSIMSNT., N. Y. S. V., 7 K e y Wr.iT, 1 'l u m t i a , )■■ F e b r u a ry 10, 1*}G2. M r . E d i t o r — D e a r S i r : H aving reec-ircd one of your papers in which I tin) m y self a a a Special tu r - . e-respondent, and I am so much elated to think that you / ’ have noticed my m a iden elim-t, I venture to bn,-e your readers w ith a more, elaborate description of our reg­ im e n t and the land o f prom ise (laud oi rand and rain Water). I do so, m o re because I know t h a t many of your r e a d e r s have dear friends among us, than for tin? -purpose of bringing my nam e into public print, yet I / r e g a r d it as no sm a ll honor to be one ol th e contribu- tors to your valuab le sheet. In m y last, I endenvur- ed to give yon a description of the i-lam i, and slid no­ thing o f o u rs or oth e r regim ents then upon the id uni, as, a t th e tim e of m y wHtiug we w e re so unsettled tin t 1 could form no- definite idea o f the general opin­ ion form e d by the inhabitants of our soldiers, or what tho soldiers thought of the citizens; but finet- that tim e I luive cn d e a io r e d to acquaint m y s e lf as far as possible w ith all th e f r e ts and feelings e x isting among tho citizens, and how they regard th e soldiers in the f oocial circles cT lhis place, and as J o h n G. Saxe would ' »«y, \ a f t e r w e ightily weighing the m a t t e r ,” 1 have com e to tho following concludon, th a t tho poorer claeses are for th e Viilou, not because th e M artini Law m a!;es them so, but from, a conviction of the righteousness of th o cause; and Ib t y have pa^cd . through the fiery ordeal w h en lew acknow ledged our cause, and have been purified and m a d e strong by it. I think t h a t the tiurnner of this class is about suffi­ cient to save the place providing that th e i,um b er ic- quired should not exceed that of the days o f r-odoin.-- 'Tlu-se noble people (for they are noble) '.ho all their endeavors to help the condition of th-j soldiers: tln-y throw open their houses, b.tko bread and .nrnish them k \fith w a ter, which is hy f i r a more s c a r c e arlich- than food; and, in fact, act th e part cf th e good tM n u ritan |n every possible m a n n e r to (lie privates, and do not aspire to receiv e notice of tin- oilieer.s. T h ey cast ,iht-ii- ln-o.-u! nnon th e w aters, ami I am confident it will •return, m a d e plenliSul i>y the. nleising-s ut a d , ! ■^There is still another class, the w e a lthy ami afilu- -Ait, w h o , fiom fear of th e law, u c l . i i o u k d -( the i xisl- •fieo of a Governm ent, b u t beneath th e expression of righteousness is lurking t h e spiiit o f a Judas, and they Would s e ll tho en tire arm y of (lie N o rth for a loss ■Umber o f pi«oes of silver titan did Ju d a s scH lit M a ster. This class throw open th e ir houses a id give levees to the officers, and appear very bland, h a t in ■11 this they have a di/Icront m o tive th a n that which ■Ctuatcs the bosom o f th e former. 1 am happy to say th a t (he ollict-rs of tho Pi’th ob­ serve th a t dignity which is Jbiind nioue am o n g Ncw- York m en, an;l do not identify them s e lves with the la y throng. H e a d e d by our worthy Col., Joseph .S. M o rgan, who is hero regarded as one o f th e first mili- U ry m e n from the S tate in which he belongs, the ofli ccrs endeavor to m ake t h e regim e n t n o t only a moral one by t h e i r bright exam p le, but efficient in all mili­ tary m a tters, th a t th e y m ay bo read y to discharge th e ir duties w ith honor to them selves and officers w h en called into active service. H a d 1 tim e , I could .ay m a n y tilings in praise of our officers, but it will be quite sufficient to say that most o f tiieni came from old H o n g Island, and we r e g a r d them as “ e q u a l ti/any, and second (o none.” T h e left,w ing o f our regim e n t is com p o sed mostly of Long Island boys, and Companies I and F are com­ posed o f m en from your im m ediate vicinity, ami yon should b e proud to live in a com m u n ity .which bur­ nishes such m en for th e Union. 1 w o u ld like to give each personally th e p r a ise which th e y m e r it, but [suf­ fice i t to say they m e r it and receive praisos from all the officers for th e ir cleanliness and good deportm e n t 1 and th e i r being from hom e unites tho ties of lriauJ-l ship m o re strongly, and they seem lik e a ban! of brothers, sym p a thizing in one a n o ther’s sorrows, and rejoicing in th e ir happiness. If all th e arm ies were composed of such m en, there would b e no need oi F lo ren c e N ightingales to w atch hy t h e bedside of tho sick, and m a k e th e closing of the so ldier’s file happy by h e r a n g e lic presence, but soldier w o u ld watch with soldier, and if P rovidence should see fit to call one away, th e r e would be no dearth of soldiers’ tears. I can n o t close w ithout m entioning > ;.ne of the ma­ ny good qualities o f our officers, -.ml our t'apt., Geo. W. Bisseil, should receive i„y first notice, as many c-f your r e a d e r s have sons and brothers entru s ted to his Charge. 1 think th a t th e r e would b e no question raised i f I should say t h a t he is one of th e first officers in the regim e n t— s tern in the extrem e ' w h ile on duty, b u t a t o th e r tim e s pleasan t and courteous, having a Amount of Collector's liability .............. RrsoUcJ, T h at the. Report be accepted and placed on file. The Treasurer and Collu'-tor were present and the Ooiiedor tor paid over to the Treasurer, ................................ $63 03 , Tho Treasurer nsr.de his ll*po?t by which i t appears tb a ti he has a balance in his hands of ............................. £518 10 ' c Ih'sohcd', That the Report be accepted and placed o n ' J file. R.-solvr.t, That the Collector's warrant be extended to April 3, 1802. and he then moke hi 3 return with his affida­ vit id the amount not cellei-tnble on the Tax books. The e-'ii.iuiUee of the Finance J-j.u tm e n t reported in favour of the payment of tho following bills presented herei-.forn: Siiivh lb Norirnml, for services asPolice Constable, $23 75 J n n i '- s ,1. B r e a t o n , fo r p r i n t i n g ................................................. 3 on Tim Board m -eivrd an invitation to attond a meeting in ihe Hoorn of Neptune Kngino Co. No. 2 , oil Thursday, M arch 20, 1 SW 2 , a t 7 o'clock, V. it. A’-W m J, T h a t the invitation be accepted and that the note be placed on file. Adjourned to Tuesday, April 3, at 71 o’clock, P. M, ITkhi-oxt P o ttk r, Clerk. 11UV H A L L A C A D E K Y , ox EVENING, JIARCH 20TH. I P I F H O a - S I A l Y l I v I E I 2 PART FIRST. ntOM' 3 - 0 H.ul us ye Proe.....................ramlly. J 'tX I T —WhMJ 'J- rul:>z Litfht is B e a m i n g . .. ......... Ijhii'k k N«UIe. 0. ^Or.O SvwfC, ( l i w w - i ......... \Is.*Uc Al<mv», ....Cnvwvt 1. ^ r A U 'Iirn L —Sr.'*»r'I u(' (J-mter U;Ii ............................. G>vi.i:r Charloi*, \WlJlnm ami Nt*UIe. T R D — U aril Y i ** i m '- i O .............................................. Cliail' ■*. Julin Mi l V M tum . £ VVluln . . . . . . . . . . . L a i i f a . . . . . . . . . .PisiiOi* TR1U—B a l/g.l/r tBv* I ’ l o u . . . .< J r b n A 'VYLain,. . .T hhimhxh PART OSCOND. 1. rilOnr.^—IJiii] FmIJir.r JJocn ..................... Pami)/..,« .... •J. IYrg“i tb j Gay W i.rlu............................................Oiosur (‘liurti’3, JebH, uu<l '\ctlie. •3. —F.umer Sluiji'-v .>’/! F-.*iil> *■ Visit I j N. V .................... CVu r AJaaijv. * 4. TRIO—Bmh,ij D«iuJcf*...............R'liari-s, Js»hn k W 'i'ijiu ............... Uoma j - I i y.M*v«*i;iva ........................... lUzr L v i v a ...................... TiJI’i ATI. tl f'u-y <iu hi the hjeini’j. .CUark-5 Jehu f». V. i.i- 7. PJ I IT . i- A-m. .................... .. ......................... . -i. riN A l.L—5 !. i £ »>!' l!i*; T i'cO .... .............. lAtimly ................... A d m ission 2d P o n t '’. D o o rs open, a t 7 fcohoui C laU iC n 10 Ccni*. '.u 's fa*- s .!o By I’li al’lh i <<n iL-‘ MVKii.ii' Li » *- D v»J ‘ J- * HtfJ) }; Ldll | -* 1 w. ’ i*l 1 !•> JfJ© ('\I EXEIGOTOi.S SALE t- L IFE INSURANCE: mNHATTJN- LIVE INSURANCE 3»o. 31 Kfassau-st,, BljSlY-YOSK. UjIpUiil« t!.^ Ptt^.Ol^OC 3 0 KE.■'Sr € 3 r Q> C D S . WM. M. E0GKR3, Exfiocfcor of llio Estate of tbo late SUSMJST At, GJllXGJJAAT, w(ll oiler for sale a t tbo STORE OF JAS. IHERRIMA.N, Corner of T r i L ’ l O N ST. and U E R l U i M X A Y E ', at very reduced priace, commencing Ami continuing until the 28th inst., the entire eteek et Dry Goods, consisting of S i l k s , B o m b a z in e s , Bareges, A U a p a tas, L a w n s , M a r inos, P r i n t s , M u s lin s , la iu n s , Bosom s, J l a n d k e r c h i t f s , Bimbroideries, Laces, Itibbons, Drefis T r im m ings, F a n c y B u tton s , with a v a riety of other ariielsa to numerous to mention. D.ted March 10, lb02. 8tv52 im i SALE. CHEAP, j *7 BKAUTIFOb HOTS of Ground, situate on Ilen’iman A • Avenue, 25 by 168 feet. Apply to Jamaica, March 10, 1S62. JAMES IIEItRIMAN. T S e O .11 Farming Utensils, &c„ &c., at C O ., ”1 . . K’.VWJIT • illl.I.AliD to comm&nco at 0 , , v;.M. T. tnr>;u ar .4 ‘.NKR k SVCPLKLIi! rf ll.e C a Gol.i.n tLuir t»f Mr. rup..\>;>;lt any (-•a. R f p H b i k a a f o i i a t y Corsiiiiitlci-. A marling of Ciis ll-mnnitti-e will be held at the house of IV r r e IV. IVaranll. Jamaica, oil Thursday, March 2 0 th, lb 02 , a t 2 o'cl-if-lc. i-. m. l'nuetual nUi-ndni-ce is requested. IUiTIAIlD b. HrCORMICK, C h a i n s .. . 0 . ,T. D m v s i s r , , 1 . . i> r i, r S'.cnlanes. IJ. f. uorninv, ) Soldifrs’ Aid Soeieiy, Ti\e ladies of the Holdiers’ Aid Society ars requested to meet at the Library Rooms, on Vfedue.day afternoon, at 4 o ’c lo c k . All nrtitlss c-f work belonging tn the Society will pleoso be returned at this meeting. Fjixse U.voxxr, Scc’y. o : T h e C -onfcsniona an d S x p o r l c n c s a n Iiw a lid , ■J%riv.TvlIW) f r i>i« W' l % a ma ' im -- h anA n r%iU; \a Ui j’V'UU)' X, »H«*i v.it-i * .{Trr ft«-m l-oUtl.’y. J’v. tl-\ » Jlt lU ' f ■-»».* tim l»i.» hi I'-Uf-iF ti irtijt ■- ,f,.ru M il 'iMacfcct y. •* H- c 1IM.' ),.i \ ..r p. -ii .th'j, \A1jUNU L iJAYlAll;, ]>• TV . Li. j- I’vii.ty, N. i’ . b; «i,. ,u L- t 4m-iS ir»sr-!uzsj»=: Cj E l LnlalJ. A CAM a TO IWL L.IUZES. Divpor-co's Golcleiy. Pills Females. .All. .HUl i lor r n n F n : m i j . ii,i- ! bav.* lv Il.'l A.'i m 4Q.\ 10 c *f \*’F. .IS 7.' If .Vd I\ I»r* V rir’.i It. iw ,., - , , . J IM ,.V I . -'.in i» ID. -- 1 lt’< X - li.'ir i l l .1 id P i’ h :t j iCN i by *. Wlii b) . •»! I.f »».•*■ tn v*’*:***/ - 1511 jn'iu Lo h-’ Ir-- « -I. »> I 1*1 » n . • l I'. •} ( ,■* , , , t* I •’ ' ' .N. J> i... - v i. fi t i* i i Jt.’p&ii Si I. t!.*' P- J rz f>'i* ntanjr Vv».\ra?, b(dh {>iiu. 11 -1 mj, > tiud*1; i (i ’ ,c* 1 i ' * I ihu.fi. t * I,. . 1 . • t -'U i I'.’ ImiIH tii-y in. *|!,u rHu-'-'Mi Liu ..'j Ue.iilh v. ' I *’”i© 111 lull »Jl,JV 'v : •«> I ’.- a hr. . i!i'ii,ait{ir'ii. u.y f.i 'I n f i* ftU ’pHi-'y l}, iH-f t vj-L i *ii. •. i.- -i,- vjiij-uuy cacL -! i.h ■! - i’ • .ii. ‘ rciml i.\* L-I i - I. W.UJ'n. 1>,, -sjfgt, •I’ol: ’J.i Mir J.iiit. ..-a, T. T. l.V •• - t .« s'-f- . h.it v l.ftt \•I l» As.} 1 lll'w. I'.J c ■\ Ly ut.i.h j I,” !/\:• -*ij' I ;,’L i-f any K.ijJ All «»».ii. ri< a.o .i 1 a-»; mi Notice. q i n n Annual Town Mrf'tuti?, for tho yetir 1862, ttiII bo X h«*M at the Town Hit!, in fieriimun Aveimo, oi\ Tuos* A]xiMsii,J at 12 o'clock fur tpan^ctioti of the usual Town Kminesi iintl tbo election of Town Officers. I I I J) UIO’EA, Suvervisv. TLvmvu. pMl-nr, .Til., 2Vuifc CUJ:. D-i'ei] .March H>, ISC' 2 . Pro d « K 'j ‘rc f -i’ \'pv, y.M-v: hi * t«ii‘ ■ i j j -\tt< / „r v f,.j J u ( i>ii 1 1 o,i»r U j« \ i*;. *’-■ Ap».i, ]>•' 1 ’Ii--'rw - „ •>, },j,r |4 lo “t ittn ‘ l‘a* « >. a .-j ■ ■ pH i‘H af •«-*.. X a ■ I * ;i*ri if* - a . -f. tdr t. tifi.b r i«r h II mpai a J. »a .-a. \ c atida. nf^aiJ 'inly, iu C’C»r.rtnity t-t a prt'-/ i i. cr«. l by J -liit . 1 . Anu.n «»;■'?, K-j , u„» ls.n * ;nty. h ru\\ r> i[ntr--.s all pGi’vn* U *nii«l v* uvi • i.i I T- 1 -in ui.-r an I J il !»*•**v-» ry to !.-• h-.t.l.u at tl, .Ui H-fit;-i *a !, at : «i 11 o • Iv* \ f.ti ir tl.'T* i’. na I all r>f tl..» ] .i<» b.%k>' ivt»s is ’> * vu ./ a UV‘ A rt'i’ tLw iipiH ar.iii ; i; L I'.'tnf <»r •.»!.»« I.-a.u ulvi’ii cni« i/(n .ii.-r «>r v. m- arc r> I I «t ike e'J- L • ! nit . 1 I - x u,m- U.M.t lu llu Sai-i Ciirt i*v ;Lc ii»-a • *1.1/ >-f .is •’•in n / hI.k iV» \U-nrt”d * IHp'', m tho Town of Nortl, .iilv. tb.s J7»Ij ilav f-f wf.in D, 1 V) 2 . . 1 . Vl.VlT t ’AULI.. Sheriff (.t‘{/t'vjj rou 7 ’y, J ’Auction. The. eubscribnr will sfeU at Public Auction, ot tb« Ute midttcce of riU S A D I V E L Z H £ W L E T J \ D E C 'D ., ut S . o c 2 s . a w a y , - ON Thursday, SlarcU at M crsiodc, A, 8 1 ., The following Stock, Frtiming Utansilt*, Ac., v iz.: 1 /arm Horse, I Maro in foal, 1 two-year old G jH, 1 1 ear old Colt, 3 GWi in cnlf, 2 Hogs, Yrugona, SJoigb, Wbeelbarroiv, »r>d Sidge Hay, Stalks, W heat, llye nnO Corn, I’o- Utoea. HufcUj Shovels, Spidc*, Forks, Itakes, P lo ^ i, Har* row, Uarroh, IViat Oik 7 Turkeys, 50 dunghill Ih>vL, Wa* gou Tmibtic, uud a lurgo number of oMiar artieloa not euu* uiuruUa, CALYIX U MOiJT\ ) v JOUV IV. DB1I0TT, Fur Isoekftway, March 7th, ISOS. uvcuferi. Hoiks of Forccidsnr Notice. rp i J E Town Auditors of the Town of Jam&ica \will meet A at the fonrn iTfll/, Ifcrriinau Avenue, on Tuesday, 25th •>f March, at 2 o'-jl&cU, fur tUo purpuse of auditing Uu> ne- \* of t!ie Saperri«or» Oversewra of tbo Poor and Cum* uiisiioncra of High-wnY?, for monova vfWmnl and disbursed. BAUTIN I. ‘DUHYEA, Siyrn'isor. Pntoil Mareb I'». 1864. I * •• i I. II id'ii. ; .« \ >.i m .I' v ; «vr l»v. ,m i > i.miL.p-, b i I hlm ■ . . il \f ; cur i t iM-y r I» .1 «i ly <-t nuii '1 !■ • .« . y«l l.i • ».* / J*. Ii -.v>» »H, .‘l r» .'SHlty l.V :: ‘4-l‘ *. til .!•-» \ril.t «'f H.\ I’lbB l i.tl^ Hi'UMuff*|l. 4 fei.M |U io Ly n P T. 'tit si >u , fl run | \ n , l»r. k U*.. K iv**i hoa«If. t ) . . I iD-I.iu,;. a .ui Ly iiu cjt-A iu « w r y \ iU 1 n lUy l'n.’ t * i isMtjs. m Abiv I ' ii. by A. V. iiANm & (*»>., «yc.y?ui.v Br“mT'ia,ai;4 b y jj S. ]>. l i t L \ ly33. ifilo lVoi»n.’l*»r, NKW-Yurk, pleasant word for all, and cheering up t h e t-i .'k with a kind enquiry and a pleasant s m ile; lie keeps a wah'li- • f u l e y e t o see t h a t vvc g e t ouv lull r a tio n s of food and v a t o - , a n d hy his never-ceasing efforts vve have hci-n cnalued to establish a Company fund hy which wo are enabled to purchase fish, butter, and o th e r a rticlci not , issued b.y th e Q u a r term a s ter’s d e p a r tm e n t, ('apt. V aughn, also, is an o th e r officer who is m u c h osteeni- eri h y t h e r e g im e n t; he is a son o f K rin , and iiai a full share o f th e r e e l Irish w it and hum o r, and his gene­ rosity is only equalled hy hi? good looks. Lieut. Geo. It. R e n n e tt wishes to b e i-cniember-od, and I am a t a loss ivhat to say o f him . If I say th a t iio is a good fellow, you w ill say th a t we ail Knew t h a t before; if I say ( h a t he is a fine- ofiicei-, yob w ill say, I expected th a t ; I w ill th e r e f o r e say th a t he is w e ll, holding his original size, and is content to tak e th e world as it joes.. T h e officers h a v e purchased a yacht, and they call it th e “ L a d y M o rgan,’’ in honor o f ouv worthy CpLor.el’s wife ; it is a trim little boat, and if it could pee, w o u ld bo proud of its name. In conclusion, I w o u ld say th a t th e Jam a ica boys are all w ell, and if tjiey ever go in b a ttle, they will ■how to you all t h a t iliey will a c q u it them selves with honor o r die in th o a tt e m p t ; and they a l l wish to he rem e m b e red to everybo d y ; and I will mention pri­ vately, for the benefit o f y o u r young lady readers dial Tom , D ick arid I l a r r y have not forgo tten them. Wo e x p e c t our B rigadier-G e n e ral B rennan on the island this w e e k to tak e com m and of the forces here. | 0 . A. P. £ > S E £ i. . At Ciaroncovillo, tiiij town, on the l ‘2th inst., William W illing, agt-d 73 years, 7 months and 14 days. In West Guahen, f t., on Tuesday, fill inst., of congestion of llu- lungs, Lizzia It Wing, agc-il 51 ye-re, daughter of Kbcnezn- and Dlir.abc-th Wing, and only ristur of Mrs. Ron­ ton, wife of Rev. J . I). Bouton, former Pastor of tho M. 1- Chureh of this village. Mias Wing was a eonsi.- tent and worthy member of the. II. fi Chureli for t-l.-ven years, and in her premature do-nth, a \ i ry e.etenairo e-i.olo oi friends and ncqrniiiitaaw- wid mourn tho lorn of one n t o comb'nud in such beautiful p.-rfi-nui-r-s, th e vh-hejt gtm ol ft-malo character, w ith rare ii.tcl'm-lua' tndowmvut-, it.wing for their consololiou a memory gilded with the hue of heaven and fragrant with virl-ie. At S '. H-vtu, on the Cth inst., HaviJ B. Lataborson u-.eily of this village, aged -fi years. At Hempstead, on the Uth inst., john Henry Seaman, eon of 1-3.10 S. and H’lizabeth Willets, aged 2 years 11 mouths and -1 d lys. A t Ih'inpsleaJ, on the 9th inst., Joel Powell aged 59 years, 4 months and 51 days. A t Hempstead, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Ann Snedo r.gtd 20 y u m , 3 months and 7 days. for- ker, .aCiCyj-j' IK S&'Sd£djnS£S'!ls, ufi. Cliffrsca'. oy STOCK, F M ' \ \ iL S , £ C . The subscriber will sell a t Public Auction, on Wednesday, March 2<Hii) ai JO o ’clock, A. Mi, A t his residence, in ^ I S P i X r s L I E 3 ^ 3 ' C S r ^ 15 HE H i 3 E L . 3 C ? , In the Town of Jamaica, ahout ono mile north of tho Hotel of Luke 11 Decker, the following urtielea of personal property, to w it: 3 valuable Ifoives, |I one horee H ay Rake, 5 Cows, one with Calf by her!! Grind Stone, Jloes, side, and the others shortly1 Rtkes, Shovels, 1 \ ‘barge q-inantity of top and bottom Stalk i, About 0 or 8 tons of Timbthy and Clover Hay, in c o m i n g , S fine Shoats, .12 pair dung hill Fowls, 1 pleasure Sleigh, I tyro seat Rockaway Wagonlqd bushels Rye, JbJf BEST AriO YUUK^JSAS iHSmx beau mvlo m th* ^-Aym**ut of lli« idodcj’ a** \ t i -j. ■ *1 liy n isiort* .g*- ciHlj l tut f iurih »Uy I*cbri;*ry, 1 ? 50 , ex' fi'M>i liy E'»iij.itnm X.e >>f lUa idvvhoC J-xni.vtcn, Q<ivunrf cowuiy vt Sew \ > rJ;, to ^fubernian *•« Da* t<nvu (>{ Jareama Ce-'Hity s’iiU uf»*re»M«l, and which s*:tl nciiTga^e yrai rortOrJcd im th© J'^vU’w ».‘frp x* uf c-juuty it, I. h'-r No. 65 of liortj3;*s, pugd i5o, I'Vitr'i-TT isih, 1 vo, a. 3 aa*.I -IA iomu(o,s I*. -W, ZnJ whiTt-fu uiwi )• uuw huiJ v.&4 e w i'sl b y N iJioL s Aiubcinaun, lu« .^ iliiGiibor, and U o « hguu , I of pitucipai and iiitn-pst «:!^aT,f*d to dp >luv* iifn'U B«.iil r.i inga\.- v. t«t> inn* r f tha li'ii»Uc-t»»a of thi* uoticu it la© suaj oi’ «;.© {.i,i\tr«tl htid y**voniy-fi\e K Ul.. hdJar? 0 v# eeni*. Kuw ih/*jWt>ro HuLue i.i L»r*by givm aft 1 to' f'Rif.v, /.it tjlf' 4 »| | Lr \>rt'»o >4 kWi- )nwer oi o-'iii*iti«d in sui 1 mutisms© and duiv lli: tVi'Lii'i' H la i '-.n 'li / j I’Wyritl ns «fi>: «sKrl, aud hi ptir.-*ii.U(yB of lh“ Slauu in ta«ch c u ti - ' , nmJft an I pr'-ra*©-!, tho baiil t/turtsv1, will b« Uy a A<il«t cf <ha pr*tai* 3 B iii©r«*ui d p v n W «t PI'DI.V j JVCTIUtf. at JJntel boj't by <'(*/.. Jf‘£ X At jnUXiiUX. iu laut-ani ct . 7.1 MAICA. qtom.s ouiirdv. r.iual** \ eji Uik Vty^’Katvav YurnpiVv and bnuw’D aw the 2{ALF» n u r r.n r t i r n s i i j r , u.« ta 'K W U (U; ocjcxx , a. il, l ul 2lrO (/CLOCA. /*, 2/ , oi 'that <In/. 'i to pai l prekGiiwti aru lUat rihail iu raid mortga^# an follows : All thM c-it-ua pi©> o <T ^.iri’ol i/f l.iu-t vytth tho huirihn^a aad iicfi'flr*- iifiii* U.*rr-ju, s.iaate ul .\'priti^fWi iu s«U town *’l Jt-ranti’a.uSol b<iajn* dii .1 >r««t< riy by tneadwv *iwr»nfJr holucgmg to J,»hu B. B«nu&tL : ii 0 .ih©rly hy land uf aaiJ Na holas Ambwriuau ; OMtrrly bj tho bpi.UpC*!! roaJ uatii it teiHrt oppujit® tho umuhnrly hue of mou-l>..w low oi- lorr.Kiny bah-ujii.g t«>lbou;arj Bru-’h j Uioulo ruuams wpstony t-» i«#a>N»'.r of iat*l J'*au IN DWj' U. uoc’J.. nt IU.j «* of hoy ue/Gg, • uittuiiii’t* thv«o quw.ji» ot ;iU ti*c« Uq the.*mp< iou»r*i.r Us*, ^xcopt- U 5 O i’of«uiri ti.a Jciijrrifi'' ue»cnliOil ]nyco »r pAit.i*! uf Lttd, viz. : - Ait tl»at cfttUiu f (?j« or farcol uf I«,ntl ahuaUd mi th>’ >\nst khIo cj s,iriiig5'’M road, town, fucnuj and wtato iif«u*«apl. aud bf>uu’>«l as Ud- !“n» Bfcj.riit.n/ ,*• ike «:\i tifs ' f s.ui B»njaiuiu rr«JericU’s iau»l l»y tho we&t Side «)C said «*nd »U.*ii»*e alor.? the t*i»nntQ®H ioa-J su .lh vr»e h iU‘.lr-,*d mi-.} ■ 0 T#ot** ii loti flL7 f«u caa cf t-LA lau-I ■I’.tii it cciu^c to a c e r u v u t>'h P o p ji'stiay tho tueuA n VliT<’«a Tiionu\ !iru»h futd N itlA.fi.-l NuMraui. fon»i«c\y, au*\ ruua.ug andtUerly tfaon f:ct , 17 ft«t> h> suri tlii- h t.U it to the ueaiiurr of I'hooaaw ♦h'h*.’ au*t \Siluam B uu t t ; ai»d th»»a*’« al\d'.r tho vvr'isi’1© of aetv<Iow hffu >1 hy ’L'ufuii an t Uiihftjn till it rmnM hr B(fifj.*iuiii I rrijjrj'-k * JsuJ ; on th * unrth by B«nJ UJ.n 1 a ImiJ l.h it r»un*« t » th-j p ’ .ac> * t LoijwDiUig, »uf.tvui.Lg by wa UiitV.ca okfi-wgUh part «,f au a' JC bJ tho s.atr»** it***,u f»r I* -s. That no vuit * r pro*- \Vtug bn* b. u t i(ifftitu:a«i a t la v or la equity to rccnytr tV* tl-ld Du»r r*njaj*ii:.{ .su* ire l l y sssd moitgage or m>> >»nrt iL.-i *uf ..u l it l.\ i ich -.si'us u*-u\« ii.ootio.wJ. vt.-u i^i.i ui j if j u■ j • i tj- uf r - \ -»a vi y<iY bu hvr©' * w - t. UstsT lla/eh Uth. 1-5 I. liWlV LA* .UIIi£RHAX, M e r l^ e . A ip Axunn Hai.vfi, AtUirnty, ClfiUSJS C 'S S r r S L XVD ./lCCO'MVKiTJ:OM? $ 1 ,1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . C L J . I M S P A t l i $550,000 H J V 2 B 2 X J J 3 , TO V 0 1 J C 7 M O L B Z s a x $340,000. V«> Conpauy t«!njf ##nductefi by a HoarU .«f Direjdorii. «W b J« c q the C«Mpany. ku tUa adraoUg* of th« «to«k plan of with lh« mutual hR'.uro «f «lwriu^ tho preQla of th« bu«in«M without b*i*» liable to fustuintnls. Tbo trifkuial difldood of profits of tkte Company has reauhtd l» a bot\u& or aUdtlioa to the yolWy «f. uwr.\ ftfty per tout o» U® wholo prouiinw p*!d. The ,iilvidt®d» »ro paid iu U« j life-Um» •* tbeia® to pay- futor® Frtiniuin* icuy ho paid aunuat!y,««t»l.aui]iiKl1y^O qoarUrly, vhe policy la lor lif® Had the ariaunl prsininm aaiouuti to From dO to bO v*r aiay be paid by nous. * IVschu ;iiaui’*tl may- rulblCimv* ^ HrsL cliu? te«ola, withext exf^ uhHrg® at all stanoiiK of tho year, JfSNKl SVUXJtt, C Y . \YKYUCLl, J. L. ILitaur, J.ttisl*Ani ZtcrtLw y. Ataxic £>< Buffi, hi. !>., M v U ca I 5 0 C E N T S JDU bnj- a Cellou of tl,« best K E R O Z E X lt O i l .1 WALDO’S DRUG ®TORi T h e In f a llib le Corn and U n n io n C u r e ! LARiLTNU’S CQ&M AMD SALVE C U R E S W I T H O U T P A L Y Oil L Y J U R T . It Sffuns. the Corn m-Lnti'toD and wasws the excrewc«n«o by *rha- k-AviHy Urn yUsli aud akin aoft aud SAdirtil. >Th*u uiu'l nc.cordhis to tUroetyjiis, IV J fl t V S H F A I L S TO * Try It! Satisfaction (ium’auUcl. Sent by Hail ou rouoipt «f tho prlcfi, and fill etnU In Rtanpa to pay po*f,iijo. I), vi. UAftUNt}, ]02 STasjau Street, New Tori.. ?old hy I>ni}jgitli!, 3m51. I’jk e 25 Cenlsi a Box. MOST a w . t DURABLE. -•AS?-' Hew Clover Seed, P e r t a l e l.y ____________H K X R T H E N D R R a O N & SO N . Sreoklya Central & Jamaica Bailrcad Cc. MEW ABRANGJSMXNT. SfiivKew York fc Jamaica AccommcdaUan. FAHeIY CENTS. m * m r 'r.Ep'.yy', tB d h d M oa n,a »itJr itomlny, Wbruarj U\ 11S3, siud tiotU further uoijso, Licfti I’rabig will run tu folIoTrci FROM EAST XCir 1VMJC, (HoTiAKU IfJ.OO A. U. M .00 “ 1 ‘J.bO >t. Lf^f V. 31. ^ , 0 0 >« JUT Til® J.’jcal Trains will i LOCAL TRAIH8- I’R O X JA U A I C A , (J.. I. Ii. It. } 9.30 a . m . 10.60 i* U.St, 12.30 r. if. l.vO 1*. V. at S s s t NcwJYork with th* lU r a * i.’nr.s r u n n ing to nnJ from tbo Fulton, Wall Street,’and south Ferrit«. a THROUGH AND CGNHECTIKG TRAINS- Throogb juul Uounrctine Tiaitis with th* Lous J-^htnd lU il Roaiij wlU n n« r.dL.-vs* Our hrgo. elega.it ami euperior Biancs ol 7 and 7J Ce tavea at ljiy price for Cask. PIANOS FOB SMALL PABLORS, C-i and 7 Octaves, elegant and durable. All our Pianos have the X 2 2 . S X X l S 5 . t O c 3 . l i - o n X l l X J Q . , OiTing strength and duvability, anti requiring loss than half the uitiitl .amount of tuning. « fiOSS-Vl'OOD T0US6 AMERICA PIANOS S S 3 . £ 5 0 ? W arranted lo provo good, anil give perfect c-Jsfaotlou, or no sale. RST Serai for Bcscriptivc €at?.!o»«cs. JB3 B O A R D M A N , G - R A Y & C o . M A N U F A ( I T U R E I l S , ALBANY,. H. Y. N o . 1 P E R U V I A N G -tJA N O f-lUR SALE b v JAGGAR & HENDRICKSON. J- Juuiajea, Afnreh lo% 18li2. 3E3C O K L ® 3SJ S ^firAIiGS PHI FOR SALE CHEAP. A pply ai tlio Depot of The Sscond Avenue Railroad Company CuR.Vnt OF -L G c l S t . d b S e c o n d Jiuxre>,, WEY/ YORK. -.,T with pole and shafts, I spring M n-ket 'Wagon, I Wood Sled, 1 Hay (V agon w ith Shelving?, 1 Wheelbarrow, nearly new, t set double Harness, 2 sets single Harness, 1 Hay Cutter, eight knived, i -I Plows, 40 llaik e t Baskets,' Sale Positive. Terms Cash. ELIAS C. Dated Jnmaira, March IS, 3862, 60 bushels superior Seed Po­ tatoes, 2o0 bushels Turnips, .10 buehuls saperior W heat, Rack, About 160 buskeb Corn iu the car, Lot of Ground Feed, Lot of W h eat Straw, Lot of S a lt and Sedga Hay, and various other artiulcs 1 not herein enumerated. HENDRICKSON. Guano . F , X PERUVIAN GUANO, for gale by ............................... JJENilF HENDERSON & SON. Jamaica, March 17,1302. Fci I N this village VI LI ON, fi Safs or to lent the Hotel known as the JAMAICA-PA- fiuquii-o on the premises, Jamaica, M arch 17th, 1S62, Relies TS hereby given that all claims due the firm of Suydam JL & Woolley and George Say dam, m« 3 t be settled by the 1 st of April next, if not settled by th a t time they will be planed in the hands of an ofiieer for collection and all ex- poDscs will be added. SUi'DAM & WOLLHY, , Jamaica, March 15, 1862. ‘ For Sale, A BULLOCK, 2 years old this spring, in good condition, Enquire of . GEORGE HIOBIE, Springfield, Starch 17,, ' 1862. MACARONI. Fresh Italian, just reocived a t the _______________ HALL OF PHARMACY. Cephalic Pills, A sure cure for the Headache, for sale a t tho ItALL. OF PUAMAOY, 5 t& T E R M A T S O N 'A L H O T E L , 365 & 357 BRO A D W A Y , C o r . o f J N x ' f i x i l - r l l i j . S t r e e t . N E W • TV< h©us^—.Vb© nitifit q ’iiit, biiiiKliko, aa-i j«l**iant ho‘»l n Ujh c.f..-—oifj; - g q.®rivr iu !{<*»*»» vi ?«E?T Y r«v b ..«** or p.eut u c . H U tautrAl u Ha lufiaitou. aiu! t.u tho JB W M Q I F m . 2 . V IF S j . 2 . V , Iu fsnsre-’tiufi rrUh T a y l o r ’s 3 a i . o o n , wliero r< frv««tm*QU c * u h* Lrd «t all Hours, o r j«rvri! In Of«jr oit* r*cujS- Tho ••barr.-a th® rouiu* u id atU nJance of ib® ’Irsl Dr4ev—b a lb ’ii anil a il tl>© bwiWru couv«t.i®rt®(« a luctiod. 3oii2 Goal Oil, q E A B U J tr * T I C K offer to tbo public a- t x c s l l u t »r- IJ tide of HltiniiuxliDg Oil » t the low prise of 4 0 C e n t s p e r Gal}on, superior to any that has hcvotoforo boon »o!d in this vil lago a t fifty cants. They keep constantly on hand a iargs supply of the New York K«ros«ne Oil Co.’a Oil, and otbsr apf,rovod brands which they effar to the trade by the bbb or in enialler quantitioa, at low ruUi. Tho potifde will do well to rememlitr that the Hall of Pharmacy is Headquarters for Coal Oil. F U R N I T U R E , - F U R ^ I T U K E , V.IlOU/siLh & UKr.llL, HY DEGKRAAF & TAYLOR, Ai uur ^rareriHims Mwi ifaclory, iYo, C-7 BCWERY, and 55 Chrysiie Street, £5* Th'.rd A\ pu'i® L'ars i« i*-*, our rtora. IVa still c .etinun tl.© lVIioI«*®l© a.i.I JlylaiJ Furuit'f^ Ritrflfipcs, st tin? if tii J, Ke. 07 Uono/.v, wJ»”r® with our .r,ciT?i»<.1 f 4 vilil»*s fur manu* factunjig. w ai«t to <jffvr iu lir^mspw t-i the If *!c,” not t® bn oUUup'l cLe.>h«i’i. (»ur WAV*H’o-’»irti, Kr.. S7 Lowery, fX.U*udlng two htir.iJioJ jl»cI f*>r(* two f.',*t tliroujh (»t’firNu-i SJtcat, atKl six *tori<* in hi, f'tu* t* : most :pacl<>i:u ux well as tin* best arrnn^fd iu the city ; an>l with tin in iOkvcU laiulilie* wo i'o®-f®G.ar* ®ual>l«ti lo nmnufacturo ut low r.iWs Uitu any liunso in ttie iraJa. Me would ejptfcially | iuYtlo your aiUnltoii to our cur.ii.*t.u(, In (wnl, «f KcsMrrooF, f a x l o h a n d c s u u n z n fu r y ituh *, la R rccsteila, «nj I-l»sb, U A S L O a A Y Y , F L A C AC W A L N U T <C IUITA TIO X F C E Y I IU F M 0 7 z r x i i r DzscniPTWN, Iasin* 11 ®J Tbamber T frniture, in Sou, fr«m $20 to $190. S.ilukoards an*l txtsn-tou TiV»t ®4 consuntly b.tnu, aiul umb’ofac- lurs.l Ui order. Fine Kusofoml, Waloitt, and IfaCdg.Miy, Brdfitsads. u©ff paMovas ; e.»R*>, a lurtfi ctqtnlf^eut of )IatireN 3 «.d «<mfiistlat of Fa- \!it Spnng, furled H a ir, JJosa, Tv u a lrL c w , f-J.4 Kxcelsior. Ife w®uld iiLo call your attention to one • the, Wood and Flnf Seal Chairs. We sliall L j £*klo at .ill l.juea to svpfdj Hie trudo on tbo most rtason&bl® toi’vss. W A L K E R S JPAfMA T S W I X O CXAD L X S . Ve aro lh® sole a^ont* P i* Ibis city or TUCKER’S HEW STYLE PATENT SPRIHS BED. tb* b#*t H.i w«it a* (b« (vbfHpest of any in (i&o. puce $2.ok«acb •7 , o o o av« JiV»t ’®o®n ord«r®tl !»y aoverimi»nI f®r ho 3 pICaI u*o. 3hif»3 run as Tulivj FF'tJZ XbUm FERRX *.lf> A. M. 9 10 *» For Ortenport. 2 10 v. m. *•* Lovlh U h p Si Syoisltj “ “ IL'UfStciiJ. O.SU « FROM' J.UWCJ* 6.35 A. su 7.30 •* From flpmp»l®*<l. 5.31 “ “ Sorth UUp. 2.30 r. u. “ 6 r®*npwrl. v 4.50 “ 6.30 “ The J-'aro oa th© 7br< ach and Connwllnc Trarn«r, wlif b5 TS C®r.ts hr- LVt•*■! JxtiiAka ruiJ Jin®! New York, and 23 Cents bctvrtrn Jawai»,i iuid j-o.ith r ©4 ry. SUNDAY TRAINS : t>u S’linUya Trains will iuuk« It*url_r Tr.j-s b*lwc#« Jf®vr York ufid Jamal.**. Lcavj’jff Jiiumsa at S, 0, 10 and 11 a. St., a*d l t 2, IS, and 9'r. it, Rfturrdnc, leave Il-nvurdjllouiio, East * 4 ®\v Ynrt. at a.uO, O.OOj lu.ro and 11,30 a, V., and 12.30,1.3U. 2,30. 3,30, 4,30, and 5.30 p. m , eonn*.cltn£ at Etwt Xew York ^ tilt City CarK to and froia filiton, V^*ll f'tvael and hhiulh.fm'rlM: A\ Lticg- Island Rail Road Company. N ELECTION for thirU»» Directors of this Compasy. . will be held a t their efiioe, Hunter's I’oiut, oa Tuesday, the Sth day of April next, in conformity with the aenexed By-Law : Szctiok 1 , The r.nmifi meeting of the Sitockholders of this Company, for the cl-.oice of thirteen Direatera, ehall b e bold on the ecoond Tuestliiy is April of each year, a t the offiee o f tho ceapasy, Hunter’s Point, under tho direction, of three iMpeetoce. The Toll to boopanfrora t2 o ’eloek at noon, and to be kept open until 2 o’clock, P.. I t , emi- then ulosed. The Transfer Books will be closed ou the- 3 let, of March, end opened on the 9 th of .April. H u n ter’s Point, Feb. 52, 1 ** 2 . «w5t. WM. S. S. BUSSELL, Secrete ry. The Farsaers’ Union Proleeliwi Associa­ tion of Qacens, V f i ll k o l d th e i r S e c o n d A n n u a l a t th e H o o i a # f B e n } . L a n o , o n t h o 2 - ith ’ d a y o f 18S 5 , a t 7 ^ o’d o c V , a n d it ia h e p e d t h e r e w i l l bo a full a t t e n d a n c e o f m e m b e r * a s th e r e w i l l ire b i u l u e t i o f im p o r t& h c a to b e tra n s a c t e d . By order of i t IT. KOWtANtf, Set Queens, ilaroh let, lec'ij. For Sale,- A QHANTITT of POSTS and SAILS, of good quality. IS. Also a quantity of abort Manure, suitable for present J. W. SEAMAN) use. Also, one work Horse, cheap, Jam aica, March -4. 1862. ,i» ' t ' a n g e t n e n i » . Jamaica and East Kew York-Stages, Oti a nd ftflorKjiftih 3,1292, Stages w ill run in ton- FARM FOR SALE AT ALTTIOI’i, JL A i ’ATJM of 40 Acre* o/‘ «.TC«U«nt tilUbh Land, -with House, Bara, ^\ro^on-li«es*, Crib and Othtr out-buUdinjs and good>ell of water, _ A n._ one mil* T^cst of the vllUgd of II%mp*t*ad, on plank tokd, ffornifcriy be\ong\ng: lo'VAchurd fCorr*y) will bo sold at Hewlett’s IIoUl, in said town, on the 22 d'd*y of iUvch, at o’tlock, i i . Terms made known on the day of sulo. 8 w 5 I. m foUevr^' : L E A 7 E JA k U T O A , t 00 A. U , 1 00 P, W. 8,00 *k a oo •* ♦ .00 u i.oo « 10 00 » 4 00 “ 11,00 « §,00 >< 6,00 « 13,09 \ LEA VJS jzaxt NEW-Tons:, s.oo A. u., 1.00 r. u. 9.00 13.00' 11.00 12,09 f .00 t.oo 4.00. 9.00 6.00 \M JU fiJE TO E A S T K J Z W Y O R K 1 0 C-XVT& Through *to Fulton F*n*y 15 c®nU. YTflilAJT 0LTiLX>fD, Tropridor. Paints Oils and Colors, F*r M s by - VAL 7. Capital - Stibwribed, | 2 5 0 , 0 p ^ $ 1 3 3 A Q 0 f T llT I UmoJw of subscript'!** fir* »*F *p*»o* fit lb* lA;ikibg H»fi*»t I®-, tb® viHag® of .Jamaica,, ti. I*> fvsr tho baUuto *f 9190,609,1*7% ^ * in cash on Aiidufter the Yib d»y of February, 1862. BahStriiS Uourt f r # m I i 1 , l i . Co « T . Z r k C * ffehiT W # fa.tar*®y c v o s ln js for U®p*Sitd. . • - fe i a t c x c s i . J*r*MiAh' 'Brici%» Pov/der and. Shot, F»r sale b f HD WARDS & BRINKERHOFF- To Let, i OTTAGB HOUSE, small Barn, with two Aorta of ground, on Itockaway Avenue, in this villsra. I’os- ss.sion immediaUly. • IV, J. COGSWELL, Jamaica, Feb. 18, 1862, 0 last roeeived and for sale by Huts, W . T, BRUcUs , John W. r>cll®tt, C'«I«L) Cf. W®*t#r, Edw in II. ArJiolJ,. J*im L. T5Ui>Ci WUHtm U. w*ed, Jfimb* F. PJtbi*, Ci®oi‘f® W. ( 1 iti*vri*K. . ABRilrtK U tA'aCEEOt, J as ®*9 i a . f». fi. January 4(h. J$62. S T O R E T O L E T . \ T O LET, the S.ore formerly oeeupieil by UerrieeM ®- Yen Vandt, corner eft Herriinae Aveaae mm! fullea. Street, id the riUage of Jauialca, I i t Tlie-etwte is 17 by 70 feet, with a seller «nder ilia whole. It ie Ike beei loee- t«d tier* ia Ilia village, and., W (leu* a U rje Wuaiaset fee the la s . * 0 - yursffi I t hoe Maa laiai>reuodeie* ia Moderw style, and is hot surpassed by. any 1 ‘^ r e in daeeot teeaty, T’eeeeeeiea given. Merch let, 4t to*n»r if eteeired. A p ly • Jamaica, Deo. 21, 1S9L JA XE 8 UERR 1 ) E n a m d c J l Mnsiia, brills tail bWk, For eale b,y WM, T, B R t $ 4 , m . . -

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