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Long Island farmer. (Jamaica, Queens County, N.Y.) 1862-1870, March 18, 1862, Image 3

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’T S r t r - B M v l l f « i t t m * t 6 1 m « J t T T L i ,- § tak> *\ S « , U i - . afaMttk i i . - T h * ffeWI* fai,;v dtfcorenft * MwtdvAmJ g&zreeDTUnDnkfirom j j * ^ y if B - o f z point <m J p t y t o k f i r i ^ 6«4 wMfoH$*«Atft>r «ra*b*t$toLake effect.-,,;; ,.■./ ... - AtnfaM bounded io abcuttJirMI ioDet <*• fotonfi. T ij# CsmipodtWe tlieo c* d*y*d ti$rt* zitfceMMrUir bo»t* iztq poliUon, A t thi* h o u r—2- D’ptDCk in th e Kftfomdofo—W* ***■ within « * * • > tort »■ ? « t h a t e h e a r d e ethifig f r o m t h e n t y y* \ t '-it Ibere appear* to-be a large rebel ftroe on the Eeatockyahwe, aad no hare eeunted th W e e k g s w in P**iti*n o o th e bio® . _ A larg e n u m b e r o f r e b e l tr»n*p»rt c a n I W “ *u g c r o w th e lew point n e a r th e SO * o a ri a h o re, to m ly e o g a f i d arouad th e ialaad, b a t w h a t f t p * a r e doiag caa a o t h e d e term laed. * 0 $ jn*rt*r boat* a r e w o m e n tqm y ex p e c ted t o open fire. ■.„.... ..■■ .-..y .... .•........, ,^>. ... ,,. - J t y Tfto recent depredation* of ihe Mernmac have c a a * « d a ra tt l in g ajfeong t h e d r y h c n p * c f Com propriation | f # ^ S j i d ^ o 0 fo r f t * c e w t r p e t i o i j f H,' 1 , . I iwMri nl.p.li.rere.ifofrW ; . J, • O a r K e y W M t C e p r e s p o n d c n c e . . / 5 ttt ivr-u v <* S ky WKirr* F lorida , February 16, i860,. M * E d i t o r —DjcaR S ib : Having received one of yourpa^r* in * § e @ 'v m i ef jadsr, HsMis^BrfarksthMr zs!IiM*r» fcfo I I * f e S S w . » » fe>*»' :-SM minute* of the I$rt *$$**»* «•••,?•*?**; wta for th e jpsetol pi ef ... m brenton Ihfoi the 'Beard, proc!qe$d h y w h iflkit appeani that h*h*6htto*«fo ^•GonestorlMiior ’•John! mid read zLtopwt b y wMftfo Appear* that hahaa l i d lnerB « a ivT sM « id*r^*sfoliei|fi^:tow ^ : T$z«« wx *$wb*ofi;jtortobbL Mtato,.»«.«•*»♦•»*«»* ■ *9*% 99•• t«<t*eepee ••»*e e-f a ««e* [ «■* • *«;*** f *M* em-pe-*,* • *>$>•• M*» • * • #•*• • W t t Aj»c«ntfi»-fhJ«h peraopn prodeMd- reo«i^a*t from ’■ •; .ith* Collator, 04 Axno*»t atated hy p«r*on*t* W e b*aa paid to -itha (Jslleeloi iia d t t a d Jprthe for $ « Judd Mtatt, 6040 •I, Amennting to. Baafroa reiidoat ewntra of real estate,„•,..<■ ,•■> 385 ? . . do non. raldeahh * ftp **,Pf « 4 1 9 F r o a thoee auewed for Foil T a x , . v . . . . . . . . . 112 0 i f TEEM A i: w i t f t w f *Wo^I4 fC*|Kt5uUt;Att*i| < Total uncollected, hdd th* a b e rp a a a e d ,. • ***•< • *• !•%* . * 48 7 1 0 6 taoont ef Collector’* liability,. reader* with a more elaborate deipripi _ imeatand thelandof prondse t o d a f aandund r a a water); I &*>, m m b«ca«set knoir that many of your reader? haredew fnendaaraongu*, than for the pnrpoie ef hrlagingmy name mto pubUc print, yet I reKard it a* ao tmall honor tp he one of tbp eontribu- tor* to your yaluable *heet. In ray last, I endearor- ed to give Son' a deicription of the island, and raid no­ thing o f our* or other regiments then upon the island, at the time of my writing we wore so unsettled that I could form no definite idea of the gefterai opin- iou formed by, the inhabitants of our Soldiers, or what ihe soldi'ar* thoueht’ of the citizens;.but-.since that 1 «. tor tor paid ore'r ta the T r e M u r e r , I . . . , , . . . . . . . 4 C » 93 Hie Trtw u rer kudo his Raport hy whioh i t appears that h * h » r * balance in M* band* o f . , . , . . . . . . . . . . f S l S i e . JieKivc#, Tpat be accepted and placed on fi#*. Respited, Th«4 ilie C«U«otor’» w n m n t b# extended to A p r i l s , I860, aed h e th e n melcehiereturn w ith hiea&da- rit o ^ th e amouOtnot ceUeeteble on the f a x boeka The committee o f tba Finance, department reported in foronr of the payment of th a following fcllla presented beretoforej, . ,v * - • ■ llijeh H.fToitrand, for serTieea.a* Felice Done table, (S3 73 Jamee J. Brenton, for p r i n ti n g ,..,, . j . . . . . . p 6Q T h e Board reoiiTed an invitadon to attend a meeting in the Boom, of Neptune Bngiae Cm No. 2, o n Thnnday, Naroh 29, 1862, a t 7 o’clock, F, IL ■Kettlvcd, That th e invitation be-accepted and th a t the note be placed on file; Adjourned t o Tueeday, April 8, a t 71 o’clock, P . M. Piekpont Porrsn, Clerk, R e p u b ltc'au fO u n t y € « u u ) it t e e , - A meeting o fthis Committea will b e held a t the honse o f Pierr* IF, Peariall, Jamaica, on Thuraday, Karch 20tb, 1862 , at 0 o’clock, p . ». Punctual attendance: ia requested. RICHARD 0.. McCOKajOK, Chairman. 0. J . D o w sw fl,) B. I. PopggTr, | s<!creiar,elf' daier* thoiiel it’ o f th e c itize n s ; .b u t - s i n c e tl [ h a t e ehdeavorad W acqttaint m j’Selr 'asvfer w ith a ll t h e f a c ts a n d feelings e x is ting amo as posaible w ith a ll t h e f a c ts a n d feeling s e x is tin g am o n g the citizens, a n d how th e y r e g a r d th e eoldjera i n th e H c ialcw c ie* th is place, a n d M J o h n 6 . Saxe wpuld gay, “ a f te r w e ightily w eighing t h e m a tter,” I have come to th e follow ing conclusion, th a t th e poorer claves are fo r th e Union, n o t because th e M a rtial Law m a k e s them so, bu t fro m a conviction o f t h e righteousness of th e cause; and th e y have, passed through t h e f i e r y o r d e a l w h e n few acknow ledged our cause, a n d h a v e h e e n purified a ad. m ad* strong by it. I think t h a t th e num b e r o f th is class is about sum- • _ a m .. m *^1 ■ m „ 41.1* AlvA MimthAi1 j10a S o ld iers’ A id S o c iety , Th* ladieq o f tb* Soldier*’ Aid Society nre requwtsd to meet a t the Library Rooms, on W«daeid»y afternoon, a t i o’olock. AU articles of work belonging to the Society will pleasb be returned a t thic. mecti*g. P m a y H 4 *nKit, Scc'y. T h * C p u f e i s i o n s a n d E x p e r i e n c e o f a n I n v a l i d . * P DBUSHZD for ti« boa,flt ruid as *. w»rning aad * c4> '.’bn to yoong men wlro sufT.r from KtrVsns Dsbtlitjr, Premdturi* Decay, etc. au[tplyirg, a t foo samo time, lh«.SclC-maiIlcal ijnpositnm a.nd quackery. Slngfo copies njay be h o d of tho author, NATHANIEL UAYFAIR, HSq.i Bedford, King* Ceunty, N. Y., by sndosiug a peat-paid address enve­ lope I 4m48. endeavors t o h e lp' tb e condition q f tho s o ldiers, throw open t h e h houses, h a k e .broad ancl iurnish them with w a ter, w h ich is b y fhr a m o r e scarce a r ticle than foodfA n d , I * f a c t, a c t t h e p a r t o f t h e g o o d S a m a ritan in e v e r y peiaiblem a u ttor t o t h a privates, a n d d o not aspire t e re c e iv e notice o f t h e Officers. ^ T h o y cast their they T Jhere i**i~ . ____ , v eat,w b o i f r o m f o a r o f t h * law , a cknow ledge t h e exiit- eaic* o f a O o v e m m a n t, h u t h e n e a th t h e expression o f wpirit o f a Judas, a n d they __ / o f t h e N o rth fo r a less pum b « r p f p ieoea e f silver th a n did Juda* *©U his mailer. Tfii* class throw open thoir homes and give leveeato the officers, and abpea# Very bland, b u t in all thia they have a: different mn^vethag that which actuateathe bosom gf the former. . I a m hap; serve t h a t t..0 Y^ytf _ ____ _ gay throBg. - .Beaded by our worthy Cob, Joseph 9. Morgaa> Wboit here regarded aa one of the first mili­ tary m*nfromtheStam^_ ^ I all rniU- discbarge . , m i officers _____ I tim e ;l could •ay maay. th i n r s In p r a ise o f our officers,, b u t if Will b e q tdtesttfficientto any t h a t m e a t o f t h e m cam e f r u m oldLoK g ldw M l, aad w e r e g a r d t h e m a s ‘-‘e q u a l t o any, «p^a*e^tOM ma-\ th e J e f t w i u g o f o la composed mostly A CARS TO THE. LADIES, D r . D u p o n c o ’s G o l d e n P i l l a f o r F e m a l e s ; IUfollfolc in correcting, Tegnlellns, and ‘removing all obstructions, from yiutgver cau30, aml always succesyfulas a prsventfv*. • . » IUXSK' PIUA Part been used by th» Doctors for m*»y yosra, both iu France tusd,America, with uppaWlotcd success Ml every caso; a*4 beta urged by many foouSani ladli« who used thom, to tprfo* tho Pills public for tho alleviation of thoso suffering from any irregularities whatevsr, as welt Mb# prevent pn tncrelso of family where health will dot permit It. F«ni*l«s PaWkularly 6lfoateCt,cr fooso supposing tfieim- sslvcs so, aro cautioned against theso Pills while In that condition, as tho proprietor arauraos no responsibility oftor this aolmonith'n, although foeir mllduoss would prateht any- mischief to health y othbrwiso the Pilt,] pr* rscnmuiowlhd. Futl.and explicit directions accompany each hex. Prico SJ.Pqperbox. Sold wholctalo Rint tctall hy LOUIS T . WALDO, Pruggist, SoIcAgonttor Jamaica, L .I., te whom all ordor* Blast he addro-sod, ladles by closing him $1.09 to tho Jamaica Post Ofllco can havo PUIs sent to Any part of the soun try, (conftdcnilally) snd “ free o f postage” by mnU. . N. t t —took out for counUrfoits. Buy na Gotdon' Fills »f any kind unit,i evary box la signed. 8. D. Ho’rre. Alt others areA base imposi­ tion and nnsare; therefore, as you vain* your livoa aud health, (to u y nothing of hotng.* humbugged out of your monoy,) but only .of thoBQ who show tho signatures of A D. Howe on overy box, Vhlch has re­ cently be»t> addod, en account of tho pula being Counterfeited. Sold a!’- 10 by B. F. UnaxuoEK, Hempstead.; Dr, Bjkjjioh X Co., Rlvcrbeadt; Dr. HSnnuscFlushlng, aud by nno rtrug;lst In every village 1 n the Ual- tert States. Wholesale In hcw-Jfort by A. JB, foufos: It Co., Sitmmus Broraene, and byw S. D. HOW, iyS3. Sole Proprietor, Naw-Tork. .-^Ir-vw w u iw tazk th * ir dutt*# w jth hbRox h» W h et C t f l e i into active s e rvice t)M wBfetif» fo f th#ir, c leaoliaw w a a d g*bd d e p o r tm e n t and th e i r beiog ffpm hrane u*itfegth6 tle s » f friend*- ship m e r e ahoDglp, end-’ t h e y aeeiti like a h a n d o f brother*, S y m p athjzing ift s n p anothet’a sorrpw s,4oad rejoicing iD th e ir f lp p ih M * . f V a l t t h e arm lep w e r e «omp**e4 o f auch, m e n , t h e r e would h e a o i F k r e w c f tN iahtipgalef to w a tch by th * bedside o f t h e ak % * » A m a k e t h a eloiing.of t h e sold •M iiwt, a a c P i S r o i i d e n c e .ihtNild m e fit t o call-o n e away, t m m ’Wetdd' h e n e d e a r t h o f soldiers’ tear*- ‘ Jciram rt c lo m w i t h e u t m e n tioning a o n te o f -the j a a - [ otif •jE6c#ri» and otif Capt., Geo. ^aiajd i f I ahouhd m t , th o t h e i s dne o f thefiM t o fficers lit- th e ,r«ih«( 4 nti namwt i n t h e e x tr e M e w h ile o n d u t j , b u t m > t h « r t l i w * pleaw m t i u d eourm o u a t h a v fog « plcafotijd t m f o r a l f i s a d c h w f e g e p t h e afD k w itl and a pteaM u t .in r iteJ h e kefepae watc f S e y e t * m e - th a t w e g e t.o u r fidirahfeaa o f food a . a s s s a ^ r r , a W e 9 f th * r e a l Iriah Wit a n d hum o r, a n d t o g«ae- * m r k * a ly m m U e d ^ Slv g a o d looks, M a a fc U e e. « , « a * M 4 t a M i 4 ^ h « m m e » b * r ^ ^ ^ I am a t a hWa.What t o a*y * f m . W l m th a t h ? X % 9 > « g felfow; y e n w in m r t E t w e a l l know th a t hpforo .- ij I « f . | h f c t h e - I t r g f i z e o .i c e r , J o « w ill #8J, U teR j W»i tJerM o reiM Y t l i ^ t b e l t w r f h hsH ing hi* -O ttfH ai, M q m l m t t o ta k e t h e W v rldua it g e m . -. T h * WA*!** h * k * p«»ch***d a y a c h t, a « d they ?«di f t t h e Aforeae. ift honor . 0 ? o u j « d r % tkdA a ef* w lfo T f t la a i|U le l i a t , an d i f IS fcsuh ..***, vroald fec p r o n d o f « v n s n > » / .* ,• * \• l a gsmoluaton. i weukL a ay t h a t t h e ' Jflwudea b fiy # « * il‘ w a ll, s a d .if thaw «v*r | « !« b a t t l e , th e p h m m f W t ■ all witli; tft .' »*??»« I A t Clsrcuetvill#,'tbis towit^'oii t h s l2 th inai,'Wffiiam Wellinq. sgcd 78 jsaM , 7 f o M m w d t i day*, - ' r In W ect.Go»iep,Ct,, An Ti>4sd»y,4th lost, of congsitisn of the long*, Lizgi* R. W ing, agsd 2 i y«srt, daughter of ] 3ben«zer and Elig*beth, W fof*jsnd o»Iy; sistsr of Mr*. Boa- on, wife of Rev, J . D, B outoL formep P s stor of the If. E. Church of this village. . ”• •’ lIie3 SViog was aconsistcht *nd*wotthy rflctobor o f tho If. E, .Ohureh for eleven years, and in her prematura* death, a vety extensive circle o f friends and acqnaintaness w illjnonra th a Ipsa of one who combined in sneh beautiful perfections, t h s rioheit gein .oi female character, w ith rare iBtell«et,Ual tadawjnsnts, leaving for th e ir consolation a memory gilded with the h u e o f heaven and fragrant with Virtue. A t S t Bouts, c a t h e Cth l o t i , Da.vii \B. Lamberson, for- Srly'of thi* village, a g ed 47 ysara. At'S*»psi«*d, o n the JJib i n s t , John Henry Seaman, son . : Isaac R jm d E U z ahsth WHlet^ aged’ 2 years l l months ;atfd4*day« . s ■ ' A t Hempstead, on th* 9th i u t t , Joel Powell aged 69 y s a r s .4 month g a u d 21 days. ' A t Hsaipitoad, oa th e L2tb inst., Hr*. Ann Snsdsker, aged 98 years, 8 tnobtha a p d 7 daya. i HU* 4Y i. chobus - o nun oa y* BUKiT—WhwKOtt&l* qUAP.TLTrE_SqOT4li 5- Gliirlet SOSH-itWhig WiltiSmg TRlO—IUlIygbr th«,ljalO|i4 ''P i i .’CB obus —nan S^nin* m * - qUAB'tXPIE-J Forget (24*4 Charlcl, Johi 30N0—Farmer StufoSs nndl \ bM TRIO—Bennlv Dnpdto,. . .;l,* 5.|SCLO_La ifureelUes,,.', 8. TRIO—Wlut Jiiay d o it tlllfo * BUMT— SlnglnsLcawu FINALE—Flog »f ths IVes,, Admission 25 Dent*. School Children 10 Cents,' SJTicket* for sal* hy PlIRAN) at tlia Door on ths evening e f t f Tho School ChiWren may s i' tlpno p r s v i o u a fo ths Conesrt. , T h e ^nnusi Town i t * „ held at the Town H tltS day, April lat, at 15 a'sli Town Business snd th«< D a s isl Smith, J r ., l DateJ March 10, lfff SriTS or Nav-YonK, Cocktt 0 Tha nndertlgncd, sheriff of * mo directed apd tlollvorod I'ttli Attorney of said county, ttetvhp nt a Court of Oyer and Tcrrni* Court House in North HempSO day of. April, 1802, at U *’<*,. otherwise, to appear thcrcaty'aa and othor officers who have tslt^- of any person at such Couit, * tho examination of any prUajn'-'\ rygmgnizanCe inquteitioa and* tag Ihoreor, on tho firet four Aft* Ovorl under my band ap tp*! Hempstead, in said county, tl ” J,,.C rrHE- Town Audi tori o f f JL a t the 1 own Hall, Han of March, at 2 o'clock; fort counts of the Supermaqf, ( missiqnars of H igh w ^ s ,i Dated March 10.1865.-’ m m m ; p : i|9 € r « e t W R , » t* C 1 • L > R A M I L H i \ ‘ • A u < £ ''ifeam A toN z a i »ty wi4.vlv*th«io r A O i t B E M Y , ■ A R C H 2 0 T H . ihmnia 6*9 . . . .. IfsSterAlonts ....C o v m a - . ..Corvlirr lOWUetb* W O ^ f B A t E I* IftflUiAVA r.Jclii 1 \ temuLva _ ...Cnoifor MdNSUM ....Cut rjUW*W)lU*» ....Hssfo ntiMM i , hOh*ri*sJ*bh4i William. ...» >•>, ■. .Kkidiit „w»my..,..... .. hiujkb at Vf to commence at 8. BRUSH and atieW s oI jfr, riHUNEE any # .* J lp. I 86?. Bill ha , jnmaa Avenue, on Tas»- tfanaaction cf the usual WTowDDIBcsrs, _DBRT1A, Superm o r. fiM COSformity to & precept fo ApDtem?, Rsq-, tho District e *1! porsta hoynd to appear 1 DelWery to., bp holden nt the 1 for jfohl county, on foe Hfo * U(t«iK>sn,'hy recogulfonce or -“'icca qf foo Peaco, Coroners, ..... Joliaucea for foe appearance MMtve .takon any iaquisltlon, or ISM # 3 fcqnlred to take snch : tathe wdd Court at tho opca- ^ , .Tofra of North ■ Of Hirch, 1868. ' ~~,Shar<iFtf Quepu Counts/, ... ,DirJainiirca will meet (Avsaal), qp Tueadny, S5th rpcit.sf auditing the ao- ra; of 4be Poor apd Com- WVeCClfCd apddisburs|d. WJRIEA, Supervisor. B T ® ; o s , T H E J E S T 2 N D # S T D U R A B L E . Oar large, elegAat *i taves at low price-fop ' 38*09* c i 7 and 7J- Oo- j r o a , r s. BjpMnmJS.En,, S T O C K , r i f i t t l i m j T E H S I L S , &c. Th* .ub«rib.r will toU atPaWfa AqcUDn, on # « d * e s d a y f S f a r c h 2 6 « i y A t i a d »«1 og R , A . » . , tA^hfojaaMMcajE-iD P I A N O S F a B f f i K U i P A H l O K S , « i s n d 7 Ootav**j « f o i « A | : i s v * ) ^ t - ' *• • iR:*9nr.'vfpg*e ksv* th* * : ‘S K S S S 4 t 3 B ^ \ f B o s b - w a M t a f o j i e A i H a t i c A p u n o s f y t . gl**J?wfoct istiifocljon, O p ; M N V , N . Y . Q - H A N O LHENDEIGKSON. Warranted td prcvhi Or no sale. | . | s p Sen,& ^ p 3 B O A R D S la thctopn of ,J*«al***. Hqtal.ofhuk* R'Heckcr, th«.i p»p*tty,,l* wit: lent •se.mils xorth of ffie lowing artiolM of pCraoifol ts « j g j 6 g a s g f S a a s i S t f g * ' ftske*, Shovels, Larga quaaotity cf fop sad jK^taw Stalks, Ahich; i s f l t yfeW>e i*Mh* h iimit cf pMgywtag . .'Xcm, JMok m * M m j h s v * n e t f«rgotl*« 2h*m,‘ «ur fafonlMr^hamni Ir#nw»« «ft th* UMoJ w*«k |* uS#Mlaa«wd o f fi»*'ferqM hero Will. Htrattten \pshi b d f r * M * n j i * t , ’tiw l i Ety W jjsa. jsiti .isoi. JbSlffrSgJ# 1 WheclbiK^w, SW.it!, new 1 qefc double gsrsass,\ SeeUeinglc , 1 Boy (Jotter, e«Mib|r*ivw?, 4 riowa, 49 Market B s**^1 d>e ^ r c s i t ! v a ’ TerbwfSfK,' na i - ’ , -a* . . B f.U* O. TOWVKfOffttW rm-'Ll'asi’j. ■ f«sw4fWftal6tr*w; l-M * f Bait anAHadga Hay, wed vsvftRK'm** a.t*„ ^ *?M* hertiw snq'tpvtsfed. ' m t y , ’■ m w t t&k . ... [N ffi a s m 1 i t 1 -Iw.t fi M t. s . -;5 m t n $ * No. 1 E OR SALE by Jamaica, Marchlt/i Apply at the Dcjsblol iSSUi ■■db1’ -|W lg. H ROGERS,- Exsautor th*. Cf tbo late ftt/SJlJV' M CMUOHAJir, Will offer fer m m th* STO R E O F JA S. IH E R R IM A N , Corner of PULTON ST: and BERRIH.INAVE-, at very redijccd prince, oommonciog . H l ^ l r u L r c a L a . y * M i a r o i i X & tX aLp And contiuain^ antil the 28th inst., tho entire Stock of Dry (JerxJaj consisting of Stlis, Fomhazinir, Baregea, Allapaccts, Leans, ! JL^arinot, JPrinft, tfttsttns, Latoni, Bosoms, Bandterchiefs, Embroideries, Laces, Billons, Breast Trimmings, * - Fancy. Buttons, with a TsrUty of other artielea to aomoroas te. mention. DatedMerch IO, 1862. ’ 8w60 7 FO R SALE CHEAP, 1 7 BEABTIFITL LOTS of Ground, situate on Herriman A l Avenue, 26 b , 168 feet. Apply to J«rtiMca, Ifareh 10, 1862. JAMES HERB11JAN. tJ B f Q M v i S r E v i t t S i t m i o H u e i i o n e e r Stock, Farming Utensils, &c.. &c,, at Auction* The subscriber will sell at Public Auction, at the late residence at TRMADWELC HEWLETT, DEC'D, at ^ P a r ^ o o l a c . a . ' w c a - y * , _ T b u p s d a y , M a r c h 2 0 t h , a t 11 o ’c l o c k , A# 91., The following 8tosk, Farming tTtensils, kfo, viz.: 1 form Horst, 1 Hare m foal, 1 two-year old Colt, Lyear old Colt, 8 Cows in calf, 2 Hogs, wagons, Sleigh, Wheelbarrow, English *nd Sedge Hay, Stalks, Wheat, Rye and Corn, Po- tatoes. Hoes, Shovel*, Spades, Forks, Rakes, Plows, Har­ row, Barrels, Faint Oil, 7 Turkeys, 60 dunghill Fowls, Wa­ gon Timber.-aiul a larga number of other articles not enu­ merated. CALVIN H. MOTT-, ) ~ „ . ' J ohn w. demott , f-Ec*eut*\- Far Rockaway, March 7th, Notice of Foreclosure* , default has beon'mad* In th* paymmt of ths money *«. cured by a mortgnj'o dated tb* fourth day of February, 1850, *x- ecuted by Senjamln Frederick, of ths tovvh of Jamaica, Queens county and State of New York, fo Nicholas Amharman ofthe town of Jauaiea, county and state aforesaid,- and which >aid mortjtge was recorded in tho ClerktaOfflce of said county tn Liter No. 56 of Mortgages, page SS5, February 28tb, I860, at 5 o'clock and 43 atinutaa, P. U. And whcreaa the said mortgage is now held and ow’mcd by Nicholas Ambtrman, th* subscriber, and whereof tb* antouht *f principal aud interest claimed te be duo npon said mortgago i t tho timo of fo* ftr.t publlcatien of this notice is tho suas of cno hundred and seventy-live dollars and savenly-ftv* (onto. Noq tborefuro notlc* is hereby given that .by virtu* of tbe powsr of sal* contained tn said mortgage and duly recorded as aforesaid, and in pursuance ef tho Statnt* in snch cases made aed provided, the sali mortgage will he foreclosed by a salo of the premiere thereto described at PVBI'IQ A UCTIOy, at the Hotel kept by COL. JOUtr it. JOHSSON, in tha tow-• ot JAMAICA. Queens county, sltsated' on the Rockaway Tarepike and kiowa as the HALF. WAT SOUSE, on THURSDAY, tho TWMLFXH day otJCMB, A. II., 1862, at 2IFO O'CLOCK, r , il-, ef that fay. Tbo said premises are descrfotd in said mortgage as follows: All that certain piece or parcel of land with foe buildings aad improve­ ments thereon, situate at Springfield in said town of Jamaica, aau bonn- dpd westerly hy meadow formairly belonging tb Jobn B. Bennett, dec’d. - northerly by land of paid Nicholas Ambermsn; easterly by the Springfield road ustil it cejaes opposite the southerly line of meadow' now or formerly belonging to Thomas Brush; thenco runalng westerly t o . meadow of said Juba B. Bepnott, dte’d., atthe place of beginalug, containing three quarters of an aero be the tame mope or less. Exeept’- ing therefrom tlie fallowing described pieco er parcel of land, r a . :— All tbat eertain piece or parcel of land aituated on the west hide rf Springfield toad, town, couuty and state aforesaid, and. hounded os fol­ lows -. Beginning nt the north-east corner of aatd Benjamin Frederick's land hy the west sldo of said road, and fotnce along tho Springfield road south one tymdtC'UiVl seveoteon.faet (li7 feet) esntof said land until it copies to a certain ditch separating the meadow hetwebn Thomas Brush apd'Natbanlol Nnftrand, formerly, and running sootbirly aeven- teas feet (17 fait) by said ditch till it comas fo the saeadodr of Thomas Rider aud William Bennett; and tlioaco aloag tiro wtst side ef meadow owned by Tbptaas R&taf and William Bennett tilt it Comee by Benjamin Frederick's land! thor.co on the north by Benjamin Frederick's land til) It comes lo tho plage of beginning, containing by estimation, oae-elghth part 0f ad acre be the samo mors or lea*. * -Thai no. suit A# proceeding hoe beon instituted at Iawf Cr la. equity to reeover the debt u r-v remaining secured by said mortgage er any part thereof, unit that by auehsaleas abore nuntlonod. ths said msrtgag; and ail equity of rcdomptloB thereof will he foreclosed. Dated,Hareh lifo, 1862. NICHOLAS AUBXRUAN, UtrtjMC*. A isxattD rat H a c s e r , A ttorney. • L I F E IN S U R A N f C H *9 ■ lEo PwhOtaqe.1 ^ q j s b b - Q A B i r m a n d A c b f f M u & a T i & s e ) : $1,100,001?. ' $ 4 4 I M S P A t q <’ $050,000 I i h t f f D S j i t p s t q P O M c f j f e U i J i u ^ f vi - 7 7 < 340,000. fb» Cempetay t*kty‘'Mz4octed by e Boaript Dlreetora *«>Mb| $•** i the Ceaspoay, Kal tR* gjrhjilage of fo* a ^ ptu-ef.itaxtireea*, With tbe mutuai foatto« «f SlimflnK 'the 'prcSfovr foe buslaen wiibret belig liable I Cemposy bee rreqlled.toa* Sfty per seat o» tbe wb*I« )t The Jtvidoad* «MM* thewupayfutMipremiua*.’ r> .‘ '■- 9*\ yremtumi may be paid fM b foe policy,tp for fits hmh the; anshpp jrbfofoS* #Wfnat» fotUUu *v«fo From 40 te toper rent oi,y bepaid kfAattr., .' . -n ■ rertone Aigugtd m»y ,mi Gurcpe li firge cthw vetHSls/WlthecI ex*l| eharge at'all aeauii ot the year, . ’ KcfaY KtUXSW, rm H M , C. Y. Wancrre, Seoretmy. ' ' fr,; J. L. EUirer, Auqfont Seeretmf. $. jy_ OnMM* MMM1X AaxiB DcBot*, H. p ., Bedscet «eam«m», . V* , to •ieieatnMI*t? j D>*. trWM 4ivje5*B^of ^rq$tt «r ebbt ee thejpiifoy «f mer* tbem •' 60 CENTS ▼111 t w * ffallon o f i t * best KXRQ UENm O f A *b •' ■ ' WALDO’S DRUG STOML T ide In f a l l i b l e C o m a n d B u n i o n C u r e I D. S. D A R L IN G ’S CORN AND BUNION SALVE CURES WITBOVT JPAI n 'VR IXJURT. It Biftebi the Corn or BtmlCa and wastes the excrescent* by exha­ lation, leaving tho Huh aid akltl loft aid ihturaL •' ^ When scceriltae fo direeilona, It HMYtlt FAILS TO CORK.— Sent by Hell on receipt ef. th e price, a a d six eentb.in etnmpe to pay postage. . ' ’ ; ' B. fo DARLINO, Price 23 Cent* a Der. 103 Nojeau Street, New York. __________ field by Drugging. ______ ■ ' . , ?m61. For sale by New Clever Seed, HERRT HEKDERSOH't SOlf. Ireoktyn Central & Jamaica Railroad Co. N E W ARRANGEMENT. East New Tork k Jamaica Accommodation. fa r e I o ’ cents . Oa end alter ilonday, February 34, XS02, m aid until further nelice, LocaLTrotna will run sa folKwat LOCAL TRAINS. FROM FAST K e r f XOMK, (Huward Hecsn.) •' 10,00 i. u. 11,00 “ 12,00 V. 1,00 tf.sr. *2,00 FROM JA M A IC A , (L. I. R. R. Ukrox,; 8,80 a. a. l<t,«a .Ilf* - 12,80 P. a. 1,30 P. H, . FROM SOmH FERRY, 7,15 a. try. 9.10 11 For Creenport. 3.10 p. a . “ North Iallp k Syolait 4,40 11 11 Hompstead. 6,30 «e ' 365 &. 367 BROADWAY, O p r . o f F r a j a i s i l i x A S t r e e t , This firet-class house—the most quiet, homelike, and pleunnt hotel in the city—oilhrs euperior indosemeuts to those vLHitlng NKW YORK for busineas or pleasure. It is teutral in its location, and kept on tha B V M O P J E A i J V P M a JIJY ^ In canipctlan with it tier • refresHroiQls eta be had at all hours, or 8 «rv«d in tbtir pws ratms. Tho oborces-are moderate, tha rooms aad atltndaaco of tho flrn order— bath's and all tha modoro couvautanaea attaebed ImM Tha Local TVaina will- connact at East XewJYork trhh tba Uojfoo Cars ruuniog.to and from tba Fulton, Wall Street, and Sautli Ferriaa.g| THROUGH AND CDHHECTIHG TRAINS. Througlv end Connecting Trams With th* Lang lehuid Rail Hoad, will run as folfows • • ‘ ‘ Eft.Olf JAMAICA. 5,85 jl . If,. 7,30 >■ From Ifompitesd. 8,82; “ “ Nerth Ieiip. 2,00 r. u. “ Oreenport. 4,50 ” 0,30 “ . . Tiio Fare on tke Ti;go«gh and Canqtctmg Trains , wlU be 1$ Cents ba. tween Jamaica and Bast Haw York, and 23 Coats between Jamaica aad South Terrj.' ' ‘ “ SUNDAY TRAINS : On Sundays, Tiamh will make hourly Tripe betweeib Bee) New York ahd Jamaica. Bearing Jemaiea af 8, 0 ,10 end. 11 jo u„ ofd 1, .2.3, 4, end 5Z1’. u . , Returning, leava HowurdjHouso, Xaat New York, at *;30,0,3ff, 10,30 ami II,Jt) A . «,, and 12,30,1,80, 2,30, 3,30, 4,80, and 5.30 p. * „ counectlng at Bust New York With City Oars to and froth Fultun, 1V*il Street and South Ferries. City Cats loavlog Fulten Ferry at 8,20, 9,20,10,29, anil 11,20 a. H.; and 12.29, 1.29, 2,29,'1.29 and 4,20 p. x., will connect at Xut New York with fiteam Cars for Jamaica. L. 0. KICILUlflgON, fihp’t. B.C. toJ.R. foOfflce,Feb. 18th, 1812.- Coal Oil. S EABURY A PICK offer to the pnbllo an *xo«U**t sr* clela ef IUuminatiag Oil at tke low'priee of 40 G enii per Ballon, superior to aay that bas heretofore been sold in this vil lage at fifty oenta. They keep constantly on hand a larg* supply of the Hew York Kerosene Oil Co.’a Oil, and other approved brattda which they offer to the trade by the bbL or in amaller quantities, at low rates. The people wHl de welt to remember that the Hall ef Pharmacy is Headquarters for Goal Oil. ____________ L« b £. Islafld Rail Road Conpany. A N ELECTION for thirteen Directors ef this pompaay, will be held a t tkelr offia*, Hiinter'a Folnt, o a Tunday, the 8 th d a y e f April n ext, l a conformity with tke aanexed By-Law: ’ , S kction 1. Tbp (tpttpial meeting of the Itookholder* of. thie Company, for the choice a f thirteen Directors, shall be hold on the second Tuesday ia jjipril o f eaoh year, a t the offia* o f tho cengpaoy, Huhter’a F o jni, under the direetion of three Iatpectbr*. The Foil to\ ho open from 12 o’olock a t noon, and to h* kept opoH until 2 o’clgelf’, K I t , and titan clQied, The Tranafor Book* will bo .closed on the 31st of March, and opened on the 9th of April. Hunter’s Point, Feb. 12 , 1112. . . . . 6w61; , Nt*. S. a RUSSELL, Secretary. F o r . J a b f t s . . ™IDN. EnqtifVt JAm»tof,?f»r6}i*7* $ 0 M F . - , 0 # i p % m ? ; y : ! | | H ; ■ ' M lsolta jASEAlO|iF^. h* that Mufotheywftt h»; ♦re. o«vi»n!tow epdall_«s- . • WHOlBBAL? k RETAIL, BY DEGEAAF & TAYLOB, At our XVarerOonm on4 Manufactory, No. 87 BOWERY, and 65 ChrysMe Street, dW JbS V i r Y < M f. third Aysnuo Cup pass our otora. W* atill coaMnua the Whotsuls nnd Retell Furnlturo Bualncte, at foe old itand, No, 87 itowory, whore with our increased fscilltire for manu- lbctarlng, wo are onahlsd to offbr.inducemints to the trade, not to be obtained elsowhsro. Our wareroous, No. 87 Bowery, extending two hundred aid forty two foot through to Clu-hUe Strwif, and six storleb in hei|ht, form tho most Spacious as well aa tbe best arranged to the city; and with, tbo increased faciliKoo we possess, are enabled to manufacture at lower rateg than any other houeo In tiio trade- Wo wpuld especially invito your attention to our stook, consisting, ih, paat, of ' Bosm roob, PARLOR AND OBAMR&R FURNITURE, , in Brocstollo, Dolslno and Plash, UAKOUAirr, BLACK WALNUT & IMITATION FUENliURM OF JV*Ry DESCRIPTION, ■aantalltd Chambor FurnWe, (n Sots, from *20 to *100. Sideboards and XxtetiiionTabfafi conataidly ca band, and vmnafao turod.to order. Fiuh Roaenood, YalUnt, and Uahogtuy, Bedstoado. new patterns ; olio, a ku-gs aasortaebt of Uatiresgo* eonsisUng of Fa tont, Spring, Curled Ifalr, Mote, Whalebone, and Excelsior. ’ WO weald alto c*it youf atteOtlcn ta offr Gauo, Wood and flag (cat GhalrS. V/o shall Lo cblo-at all t(vis .1 to supply Uio trado oa Iho moai rsaaunshlji torxi. WALKERS PATKifT SWINO ^RADIES. V* are the sola agssta for foi* city Of ' TUGRER’S NEW 8T)1E PATENT SPHIN8 GEO. tb* feast ts well oa thVcheapefit of any iA uio, Esteli prico *2.0(1 «acb ay* Just fee*n ordersjby iFCVCTnmsnt for hasgital uaa. 3mf.2 The Fanaers’ Unien Proteetire Jsserla- Uoa of Queens, Will hold their Second Annual Meeting At the Houi* of Benj. L'anC, on the 54th day of Uaroh, 1869, at 7 j- o’clock, and it fo hepid there will be * full it,t*ndiaco of membera *9 there.yrill be buslnoM ofimportanca to bo transacted. By order of \ ' ' H. ’ Queens, March Vat. 1KCK. W. HOWLAND, Sec'y. A foHT?00iE,«r‘ tv V qwDwFt fen *arf<vr. fo m o : LR«K iiUstj. B’.«. ■ A tsuE’eun Pit O-ojtoadfaabfe, fo feeifa a t ti I FARM POIt SHE AT AUCTION. A FAJUt.cf 40 Afore* of ezoelleot DHahlo _ Land, With Bouto, Bara, Waguo hooao, Crib ® »nid! oth«r onDhutldioto and good well of water, ‘ ’ CSO foil*’iVoafcof thD Vin**e of Detopttead, on pfosk rozd, (farBCrly holoogiog to Btcbard Torroyj will bogo'd z t Uowlcttlalfctol, in eaid town.on tbo 22a qay rozi jqf3ldw« ., . . . tesfoh, ct, 12 o ’elook, Bf. . -.- For Sale, A QHANTXTY of POSTS And RAILS, _ of qozllty. il. Also a quantity of ehort Mahura, auiUbfolor prMtnt J. W, SHAMAN. on . Alio, one work Here*, cheap, Jamaiss, Mnfch‘4,1862. , . .. A n e w s x r F a n g m f n H . Jamaica , ancl E a s t New.York Stages. Oa>aBd, After ItUrcli.d, l l i l , Ete$es will run is #on- >. cootiou trtih Vh» Fultou Avenue and Broadway Cfcrs, M foUovts LEAVE JAMUlOAix 7.00 A. 14., 1,09 V. K, *,oo « ffiOa $.00 <« . $,09 “ 10.00 •* * 4.09 li 11.00 <• $,00 u 12,0$ “ , - $,09 «' l e a r e M a s t s e w - ro«*. 8,09 3.11.; \ 1.00 P. u. 9.0Q << *.00 '• 10.00 ■< t-oo « 11.00 »< 4.00 « 12,0$ • M° “ e.oo « 709 «' F A R R TO E A S T N E ' w - T ORN 10 CA N T S . ' Tteougltuto Falton Fisnr 16 csotar YTlLLUJi ULItLANIb r P a i n t s O i l s a n d C o l o n ’S , . Ifet Oais by \ ”1 0 4 , *R$M A A M t Capital - , $25ft, q 6 q : Sutoseribed, T IC tto-ks Of subscriptin ir* a*w •£«'$. atUfo Baukiag Houits, ta in* viiitg* of Jamsica, L, 1.; for the balatac «f *110,OC5, payaht* ,nc*«h ou.aii*teIter.iho Jihday.zf,|bWu«jr,Afi051k . . , Ouaktng hours fotaa 1Y A,,M ,'t^i;F;5vft|ti| &0mf W »^aturSv ' tSJaa:cftdE»i . ' 7 «•*? b' JJrWx&ir Ww*,;- Vritliam.'H, VTeeO, ovoimge fordopsslto. JobuVt.DslDia (b'.tii fi. )T*«3p fo: J*u»: V <• f A*’ • W ; Jnssite, D. UiA I. ; 'isw-retaiiiawijsii ■ '‘Aia •,U37y.-4th. 1J32. Brerga W Ciwdwtit.. iDaue d, cfRBuaiair, fjjkim Xcrroo mado knovfn on tho ffov 8 W6I'. For *»!’« for i—i)hiiiitii 111■ i — Pourder and Shol BD W ARDS, it b : :TO L e ft. , ■■wiMWn , 1 $ vdAyifc «t . _______ *ly. Jzmolcz, F c t. 18, 1631 q\' T O . S T M S ...... .. ............. . ths Etef® fepi»£?:y’o S p f t d ’ h ^'& Dfltasn. a , ,. .’jia.ISoftib,' m Fulton StifobSgln tbevillsgo q f J$»aloti,'la j . .Tbattom to 27 fey 70 feet, with » c*lrtr>*&(as- tb(5 whcils.-' -It is tbz best io**- i& ttylo, etd is not catpzasd hy zay «9r* ID e«aDtJr • Jojelca,Ptffi,t-S..K 3 l»’> • B iaw slct C q J e lahJ • \ WIL. T \\ .V: u' K- 'J IF

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