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New-Paltz independent. (New-Paltz, Ulster County, N.Y.) 1868-1919, June 24, 1869, Image 1

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- to \ ~ \\ _!,3. CA:N\s and S .A. FE. ~Use. CAN _!oMP-A.l'fi!i<& G\~BALLY who say , rt. and 1& an unnllllally and w.o hereby recu:rn~ a• stated, to all hav. nator. It is Important ~i:taBC 1t aa put Up by the wve that th• resttlt w.U a. dimmutlon 1n the lap~p explosions, a.~ rea.UJly Ill!!UI:£1 preDl!. hghtmg., \BY 1 Co. 1 New York. ot, nre l'equi!eted lo xpr<'~S or otherwiRe VALISES. Sheets, psie, N. Y. -~----- lNG~ keepsie, No- Hoop Skirts, Gen- '0-loves. ShnwJ.g of -the largest stoek ngs! nt, a full assortment an<t Also a manu- oakH to order in ~h• E CORNWELL;- EL'l'I~G. , ~. , ' . '• 1 \ rHc: \ u L~o.E oF NEw-PA:IJrZ-,'U:taTD Co., N. For the · · New·Paltz Independent. AMooilltilin.\ P. \1 !'!! LEfEYll:&, , • lllilif:ll~- ' Jl \!.LEI< T. JOB:NSON, PublUlh¢', • . . ' • J4iw:Rmli\;;nQtl-Wbi~ »ike. f \ • \' ~ F -- McVl!lY'1'0WN, Pa;-·:Re1·e a small, fa.ithfitiaband are contendu{g against 1 an opp?,jii,ng host. The leadipg in- !H' i!l/.J :,\ o \1hrPrtbdng t imenGe , u! tile town ia in :favor of whiB]cy:and ln.ger, and few of the in· tluentilil M81l, lliadet·s in polities aftd r ~~~~~~~~.;~~~~\\!\!~~!!!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!~~!!!!~~~~~\\\\''!!!'!'!~~~~~~==~~~~!'!!!!!~~'7~~~~~~~~\'::~~9'~=\'~~!!;\\\\\'~~~~!!;\\~~\\\'!!!0 bttsine~ \~ip. _(}Om~ n~ a- temper- fi\ jf A ance me~j;ing. Yet tlre son~ o;(many w tr.• ,tu 1u.:h. Ill week, , 1, ,t m~llftilllll one ,, L,\ta>,$~0 11 \' t ... ma.de'!r?n \nhera.l terms~ for q:uarie:f:-~ , Jl ;1ul column lluVortisement!l. • · \\\lllg htlls witb regular customers p~yable , • , , t I\' Transient advertisements mp..st,-be ,P:aid , t hauce. J ,,.d aJ.vcltit;~ment;:} a.t 1~ rntt:~o, \ • Ul letters ILnU coJJimrrnielLttons to bs !til- l t, .. THE NRw-P..u.Tz INDEPENDENT,\ New \ \'_ \ , ,, •nvmnus commumcations publiilhed. ·The t the w-r1ter mu.st accompany aJl communi- tloough not necessarily !or publiClltiQil, ,J()fi P\RINTING , .1 w1th n<'atness ll.Ild dispateh, nnd upon r-easonable terms. BUSINESS OARDS. ,•,·~ 1\'.1'1\1'1'< ''JI\Vr o. P. OABPENTEE, \ l••rllt) u,t;I ... a.~a.n.dU.r-i.<.'laim.Ag•t., IIIGHLAXD, X Y ,JACOB ROBERTS, r ~ r \ r.l< \.bE!'<-r, Co:svEa: A\\'<::E.R A;.\i lJ Coli l\f6.EI4r oa ~T LAw. \EW PALTZ, !'.\EW YORK. ------- W:M. S. KENYON, I I >l\'-\SELLOH AT LAW, \\ .dl ;-)t,, oppo~ite Oourt Ho-use, ltUiG~~V;-i 1 ::-;, \, --- J AJIES f}. GR.\.HAJI, \ ll•Jl'Jlt•y uu<.l ( 'ounJ'oit•llur nt I ... n,v. !,, ·~l '\u b, Lo,.\' Bt II L>T~u G EORGE H. TABER ill Agent for Wllltor A. ·wood'B FiJ:'Ht Prize Mowers. This m.acb.i.Uo h.o.g b.QQU nwa.t•dsd tha. high~.s.f. p1~@,.ill ever olF~r~d in Engln.n~ Frn.ne.e or America~ It received tl:ie fb.st prize at \the World's Falr of, 1867, n.:u;d alao at numerous other State, Agncultural and County F!LlrS., the world over. It m the most durable ana has tno li~thtost dmft and qmckeat motion of !IllY ma.ehine ln 11.1oe. '13' 7 000 of these machines ha. ve heen sold Jnr:l.ng the l?..~i s~x yea.ra. 1 1\vo horae machines uolivered at ll11!ton or Highland, $110; one ho~e machine~ $1.00. Address G. H. TABER. Ment, 34 .Milton, Ulster Co., N.Y. Latest from Washington ! Ohio &. Buckeye. Reaper and Mower Combined. ' DODGE & STEVENSON PATENT. The Best in the World! DEATJIDS IN DRUGS, MEDiciNES, P.AJN1I1§. OILS, &c., &c. Comprt81ng a. fall aBsortment !n their line. All Goods wa.rrantted to gtve eebsf.n.otion both m price and qua.Uty. Wo Holi(l!t. a trial, which will give ample proof. PAINTS AND OILS At the lo-west market pnces lLtVlll\ ta.ken mot'~ Pl'eru..iUIDH a.nd Metlal.H tha.n r HI .fill :-iTIU.Ll. any otln·f ~Iut.:hme 10 Utle ad a REAPER, wt:>dt'frJ r·flm- tl~<·t'tr<tllftit'f 1 [UJ Ntwhurgh, pttitionasa:l!UWER. WeareSECUNDTONONE, PURE GROUND SPICES, LAUNDRY BLUEING. Sl'RVEYI::\U. ..._, 1 • \1 il:\(i- \~P I:\td:\ELH.I\Ir, promptly .~ i•tlltlt!lth dolt< ttt tl11 .. Jp>It•l'ltii!JtHt by 1 1· l\l~tlt d \'-1•1.J.:. \r a l lt • \\' I'Hllll' I I 1 LrJ~(, \lli• I' fl \\.n 'I l\'!JI'i :J·h and to s tch pm-ti.es n,s charge ns Wlth usmg th<·ir name Wt:l woulU aa.y they have no na.m.e except om· thf'v b.avo bought, haYing neYermn.c.le one for them- fwh f'~ Farme-rH wiHhing ma.chinesmay appl_v to J. KEATOR, Iloseudalc. D \ VID C. LE!i'EVRE, Tuthill WILLE'P TITUS, Bh:Lwangunk LOUIS J. DAYTON, Highl&ml. INS'r AN'r AlNEOUS HAIR DYE ! Ci(Je. per Bottle. Equal to a.ny fn the Dlarket. \NANIAH T T!LSON,Lio)u, \'\ H \.:'\ .\. DrHH:\Jl, W-2w Cohltlp11Dr!Comrr ,, I I \,, 1 ~ 1 ,,1\l'---T rHf (HJ\ll~~M ...... T, I Th~--Pr~~ -Ha~~;t-;:~i~~~a:r MACHI~E OILR Of llli flrnlli'M ~-' \ 1 1 tlttllli ,\ I ol]j • 11.., tl' ~~ lhuldwn, 1,1:-~,,,.q\\ .-.. \ I . 1,_ .... , ]]f \ tJ 1 \11 1'. ~ 1 11 I l <II \~ ln II all , ~~. a•lJ'•'\'t' 1 l L 11 ... 1 1'1 HI•ll' t.l d1 l I Ill~ • l<W.IU\' 'lj<l-.to l ' ll h \\ J<\'>l~ ... I j 1 kl 1 a\attll\ ll'~\dlr t\ I' Htpl 111 \ < II!W,.... < \ ~u I tf I I' WOOD & TITTAMER. UEOlWE li. :-iTHICI\L.~J'i D, I .Ja:rpenter a.:l.d Builder~ Leu~on E. lloldl'idge, \~Ut t'F.A~Olt TO DA....\'HKl. W. not OJ IS~ \\1'\l'\ll/ 'I ' \\ <H li.. tluu~ ·nit h. { •'~-n alul l)\t ... pat I h. h,) I lh, nt (outltUt. DfPOltTl•'H ,\.~It ItEAl EU I!'i 266 Mai1n St., Po'keepsie, ~~TLHESS &UTINTY MUTUAL INS. ~~-.I eue!;:KR~x~r:~ir~~R~~l~~~A .. -1 1 ~Him! GLASS AND KAHTHKm WARE. 1\('llRPO!l\'l'Eil I\ lio;:~(;, J W VAN ORDEH, Agent, Modena TABLE CU'l'LERY, , , _ 11 \\ '''\'· $111>,1mo r 1 GAS FIXT 1 PRE8, 1 t 11 1 ,.t ~~ J :\j,,, <r< l, ,,.. ... tvnd tbt t• ':It ,.f • h , ., ~~u t.s Wlth or without Pre.rru.um Notes F \.\!'< >\ \.( Dd 'i \g<11 ~\h -vv Pn.l\tz. \ 'II '' U· J l <[llt:.d•JlL(\ I'll!!\ 1111 ll('t.:, h~!htJ,• \'\' <It I 1Jr Lfl l 1 J Jl•llll\ <Jf llllht IH liTH qual!f'll I 1'l ....., t 1~ tk• \t';.tt hm1 nt t>-~ v n h,...:ht ... '•1{.!1 I Htd•IJ!tt\>ut,Jt!'l\tl~ur l•tm~:Jogr' Lttt tl111 rll.•t; t a 1 111 , \ h uul, d~ ana. hrll• 11t It .J., lJ••t !\ •t th· ltl.tlitiHL ' It l\lO\Hl, ttlld !:-<. ,, L' It .tdJly KEROSENE LA.!\IPR SILVER PLATED WARE, HOUSE I<EEPINC COODS Iii• 1 t 1 tlt tlt• 1-11•• af• t dt .:1\£'1 UI'h th• .. ll'li '~o l 1 1 ~ tn•lt~L\il\ .dt!u Jt, .\ tll I •It ta<'l~e I EAGLE :.S:OTEL, j F •I tJ.,.\' ''\''\of l't.~ 11'1 l.mlt ab~>lll \1\F hlln- , 1 , IAN <>vJL'ilTJl In Every Variety. KnCY\ston_ ::-.J Y 0 11 [\ olttl:-{tlfHtll\t l~t;,t!lll~-< \\htch\\\1'11 opt•rnt,doU TIIE~E\\\IMI.BRIALIAfilli • u.u I ''\ '\\'\\' Ia>\ aUII!oallk!>\l\\f( DINNER TEA&TOILETWARE. tht Ill• 1:-1t g-t ttttf\ Ill ~ ~lli'L'f'M~ \\ t' h.v.c t~tJlJ flll th• r ' uupniVt d a.ml JH rt't l't• d tll• H~ It ltal\t r tiJr tlu ~{,,_I This new\'\ are is similar in appear- ! \\\of 1 \'•'' t tl b t I•' en •h Chr'na ancl is Caution.- \1!\ p•lrtt•\' whr) otlt l Hl!tt lit HI H tn ance 0 le es r c , \Bit\:\[ H. \1 \:->I I\-- - r \l I, nt ... J r• 1 'll'l' t 1 ~ r I.. I Pn.l'lll• l'~ ftH tlw Hurkt·YO. u•d/1. lhPJJ' lfll}~i ul'l'l!iP)d~ I ... old at llal/ the Pn'cr. f' 1: ' .~, G 1 lllliil,g\ ,lllll PtL!JCf Hang1ng, 111 l/11 .. l>w f, \'it' 1 ''l!lhlll~''' ,rlfl, HniH' ,,fflf', 1111 mr llll ru- . ~ \-' 1) ntt• mpt to ~t. d ntH t< pntahl•ll, wlt~t•h tlu y find \I \I I Carriage Trimming! ..., ... 111 ' r .ll 01'\-1 lliln U.('ttll. ! \ Excelsior Hotel, \ \ t a.~->H 1 dtn.IJ tn m,d~t un, '''I thr-m,.,~ h' s 6\lmptlftlllg l~lll'Ct fruru tlw I'a.<'tolWM, 4Dd I lt 11 h 1• t '\ Bud~· \I' ~Inn• r and Ht npr t'\ kt->t->J-Illlg l'on~tantl~; on hdu~ the. hugf'Ht atuok g.f 1 1\llli :-;., Jt I~.tld 1 11ttJ.1 hPd, t •r UIMt• r 1 •IUUt~, IH guotla w W\ lult'~ hetwt•t•n ~··w ltll'k a.ml Albf:'.Q~ Ill Lilllfat tlll t t} l1\ .\tlr!Uili'u~ Plu.tt & 'u,. u.t Pnu~o<h- wt ~nn.rlllltt f\ to H~oii ~rtb~r Wb.olf'H1.lP ot' l'l'fnil A1 l\t t P~\~lt' ,LJui lJll'ltt r l'Oltntv fannt·rH \Ytll u.pprt' tatv Ll:t-tH TH.\\ ~In' i OUR PRI('Iitt r}, l\ ant>l-1-;\< tU pnr( hal::! rUg .tIna< lutu 1ua.1111ttu• till ,Jat t pomt ta.::HlyU.L'l'l'tU~li.Jlt• Ul t'MH uf llitl- 1 1 1 E'i.tra :pu.1 tH fu1 n•pu.lr!:! Wlll l•tl I~t j•t f,,r :Hlh I 1\ 1 \\m I' !-:t•>rmH, :UtHlt-nn., DuHot,..' l!1•th '\ 1 I _.uokiug-G la~ses, l nlhlll J 'l .~ I J l!!l.l>r .. nd,. \'\ Paltt • nl! \'!th l'l.tm lliiHl Ornamental Frames, 1 l! lilt n.t Il ~\\ !-i.tlll'l~ Chl!•VdH d .1 t d Tlwcltiii\\'I'~·I' lh•«' t•dtl>lnt>d llllli'lll•' I.t~ all ,.;lZl',., i!lllmnd an ruaue 0 or el'. ,] I t.., 111 tl.lw n,.., 1 '\ 11 ! .. d th >-npph il.t!•l \r<lo r,.., .. 1, nl t I • 1 ' , I I< ! - l ll < li ,.,(! >I! 1> l ..t\JoJ-. ! \\ lllt H, l ! ••, I l II 1 ] !n I ''I\,!! 111 1 ,trh Ill <•I t\t l fo '\'''!'Ill! llllt'hliL•'\' ,.., \'~1..-i:SJH J \\- \ \::\ ( l[t[JE~. :\II>dt 11,l ~ \ j t II l!ILII•l ,111 l•..,' , \\l -..t- I dJ \!! I!-. l!- ! I l tll\llJ-.}1 1 I\ I l \ '-'It \ 11\ I I fliT..( dJt l11 \ J OJI, 1 If I -... I I I' l I~ l l l: .\. ,J •• -\. B R.\. :'ti i\\ ~ New-Paltz Hotel i ) )\Jtf> J:Y llll I'\l OJ, \\I I h. 'l d-od til ) hfllll... I \l' I t'f• lli •IL,.., .. l tilt],, I \Ill· r llld pl t\lil~ ut ..,•I• -·- lioH(\ l•Inud,....,n! \\Ill- l [ll •r-. Ull<l { I...:\Ll\.d- -< tn lu• fullrHI at tli• 1 1 A J \HI~.\.'{\' J 'I I ]' f I t\ I T.\KE ::-;< >Tl( 'E! .L\'D SQfTARE PHOTO- r;RAP!l FRAME8. l•artieulttr a.UcnUoo pa.ht to PlCTUILE l\RAllllNO I J.)ir \.\' nr·v nf CnrnE\hns & Bn.ker 1 ~ Ph!IA.dt><lpl11a. I ( 1 ,\~ !IX 1 I:ltt;l:S. Country MorcbantH eupplird at ~ ... w\<tkpn(l•a. 1 \ - --·- ---- L. HEATH, 336 Main St., Po'keepsle, lliPORTim, WHOI.ES\Lt: A~ll m;nn. DF.ALF.IIIN Rrn.l~-~r~ :_. of~.~e <>n the di1·ect .110ru:l to f ~a.i k 1 the kqer -ro:-z4 ~d l':ta.ve Through every fihro or my brnln, Through eve1-y nervel through every ,.('in. I r~ol the oloatrto num, tho tonOJt 0C lifo 1 thGt fiOOffifil\iiD()JII too 1)1l!Cb, I near tho mnd nmong the treea, Playing celestilll eymphoruea ; I seQ the brzwches downWard bent, Liku kuya of oomc great instrnmcut. And over me unrolls on high That splendid scenery of the sky, Where, through a a&pphlro su& the sun Soilo lilte • golden galleon. Toward yonder cloudrmnd m tho west, Townrd yonuor l.t!lruull! or tho blost. WhiiOO UIOOp lllifn flor llplifio Its craggy .r:HllllJIU~, white with dri!\tti. Blow, mndtt ! nnd waft throngh aJl lihe rooms The Bnow-tla.ke~ or the cherry bloolU.tt ! Blow, wi.n<k! n.nJ LenJ within my l;\t-fl.(;h Tho fiery blos6ome of the pea.eb I • :· ':·•l ~:~i~~tlJll~fllr · · ·t · Cnos~~ J,. ~l.l.Q!, :M:JJV.-~f, all :~ ~· , >n<>thods <:>l lll'lli1\JVU~lllJ \fWl.illiK R DECF.fl' OF so~:;- bayou ~ed, uot-wit~-w~rer~·~utwith \ · that \:slimy greasy· qurokri.iud · that The man who wrote \Home holds on to a man, and slowly Bucks · tiweet Home,\ never hlld a home.- him down ~-supporting C?ne's self,on I Ex. two planks, each alternately advanc- No, of course not. All his folks at ed while resting on the other~ must home M.y he didn!t. Nobody who be one ~f th~ lw.st ag:ree~~<ble. Here wt-ites abou~ ll;J;l)ihiQt; vYili htlfi ii. If i,. th~> r~~mlv <Ji mu;h liD _o1itnmp1i, !.Lu• \'man iB out of anything he immedi- cording to a writer in theAtlantio: ately goes and writes about it. No \Every step I had taken was more one writes so many \headings\ as and more difficult. The farther I the man who is out of his head. went the more myplanksw.aresucked Certainly he didn't have any home. down by the devilish mud, till I could 1 T:q~ man. who wrote \Old Arm stand up .no longer, but· was ·<>bliged Chair,\ never had an arm chair in all 6:rst to sit, and then to ·lie down flat his life. The best he had was an old on my stomach, to dividl:l my r:;plit-bottom !ihu,ir, without anv bttOk mom equu,lly. IIaliling' myself on to ·to it. the fm•em.ost, I wonld tlU'n round as The author of \Take Me Back io on 11 pivot, gt•asp the plank behrnd, Switzerland,\ never was in Switzer- haul it alongside, 11-nd then shovtl it l!I.D.d. The nea.1•est he ever came to ahead of me. Pretty soon I had' to it was sitting in the William Tell help my hancls with my teeth, for all saloon eating Switzer-ca11e-kase the strength of both was needed to I why, that was the best he could do. raise the planks from the quagmire \ Mother, I've Come Home to that sucked down. At last one of -~2!'~!\!__~~!\!__'!\_!!!..__!!\!'\'_'!\_~2!'-'!'\!' •. ~-0'!...._'!\\\--'!!' D1e,\ has not spoken to the old them sank beyond my .rea.eh. Flat 0, hfe and love ! 0, happy throng Ofthonght.a, whose only speech lH song! 0, heart of !ll&n I cD.Il.Bt thou not bo Blithe as the nll' ts, and Jut fre(lo ! woman for years, and would'nt go on my face on a single plank, in the near tho house. Besides he is one middle of the bayou, the mud rismg A bushel of furli<t~\\g~~n\ ~~ntn.ins of that class of Spu'itualists who around me ready to swallow me u.p, more nutriment than a buBhel of don't believe they ever v;ill di~;J. His -I considered. I couldn't swim wheat· but Indian corn should not health was never better. :His mother ashore, fpr I wasn't in the water; I be gro~cl fine! or it w~ not keep I is nothing but a mother-in-law, and couldn't wadE!, for to stand lip was Bweet. Them lfl no gnt.m that can she is dead anyhow. to go down like a plummet.; to move be put to. !!o many go?d uses and 1 There is the auther of \ Old Oaken six inches either way was sure death. served up dmcsoo~mmane~' different way!, I Bucket,\ too; there wasn't & bucket No human aid could ever reach me; as corn an -~ ru. . h · 'I on the whole farm, water bemg drawn no uman creature might pass that Heaves can be nearly or quite with a tin pail and cistern pole, way for months ; no hou13e, no road curecL Cut cornstalks or good sttaw \ If I had but a Thot:~an<l a was within miles of me. My only anJ mix up wah boileJ or steaUJed I YPm- ~;tnt .. d pnvately to ln:o fnt'Utl:, dmnce fol llfe \as •Luother phmk. potatoml: If hotletl tht•ow the \mtt>l.·l.h t ~ ll b erf ctlv contented That I must have .or he there till I pass<Xl the p<tint wh~re ~t fon~§ a.,i«n,<~ tion with tb'e whiskj- pike. The toll- ga.tes<are num:er-ousand rery :axact- ing; and yet these t'laBhing, fih&uJ Mlow.s cash 'ovel' without a murmer, and hasten on. Here, as- \\Jell ~s at Washington, great pmgress was mlldl! during ih~ hrJiiiAy/:1. • [!yf~Mlt- 00 SM, l)H''the dMil'!': \V~ky piJoo, a. l'AM aga:inst ti;n:l.~ BJ' imtiiot;J;al be- ings, where the s~~'ke~:> ru:e hl(ti.It'h.,a.nd oha.tacter-body and sou!.~-and· -to :note wHl.. what recildessn~ss. ~t 1s run by so many of <>ur Y?ttng men. :J!'ath- ers, mothers of our coUJltry; if you woUld have your, ~jcs, · na\IV iy. ~e publi.c schopl, enre:r ,for a 1-a.oe Ulil <that pike, neglect tempeli~oe meetings_ and teach your ·boys te make a nice cask of domestic wine. an.nually-'-em- ploy a whisky-drlnkip.g' ~oetor who w:\n recomm&nd ale' or .pur\ ol~ 17e half or two-thirds of the -ailm;en;ts he is called to treat--sneer at tem- perance organizations, and te'Mh the boys to put money in their pockets, and call them to no account for the manner in which it is expended-let them nm tho streets in the eyenings and take lessons in Satan's evening- schools, open at all h9urs for pupil;;, and im;truotisns very cheap, for .. thB first three years or so ·especially=let them he:11• \Fathm• if he Is: a nhm•eh going man, quote Scriphu·e in .~'Vor · of taking a little wine for the' sljf,lm- nch's sake--llilld hear \.nil:~th<W\ offer wine to ladies wl¥\ cnll, because, having rode a few miles in a cool morning, they are chilly. Do thi~, clear P.arents, and pen;e 1 ere, and you will probably, in dae tiwe, se.e ·your bovs ~oin~-~: .. t :t \two-fm ty \ pace on the whisky pike-tl.Hl lllo~t dit•Mt an( I awiJ,y. Ponnd theru when hot Hor·l•<+a 0 wou < 6 P e . Hes that do not work hard, can be 1 with just balf the sum, as je was kept cheaper and m rno~:e flesh on i doing ohores just for his board and the above feed, than on any- other three month-;' schooling in the wmter. feed for the price. Shorts or P,:\\-1.0 The- autnor of \ Champagne ground~ adtled to the a~ove, w1ll of Cha rle \ neV'tlr drank anything bnt thronged 1·oad to helL ' sta~;ved to death, or roll over and d!l•,_ .. __ _ make an end of it in ·the nasty mud. A HAIR IN .A W ucH.-A good story Tben Irememberedmyjacknife. Get- idold of two boys living in Wej!tern ting Hi out of my pocket, I cut under New York; many yewrs ago, whose n1e, lying fiat as I was, slowly and father, on returning from a vi<;;it ·to' patiently upon the plank that long the East, brought them as a p:t'es~~)t seasoning had made ,.lu:w~>t as ha.rd a silver \tuJ.i'a eye\ watch, Tll~-e as iron, till I cut it in twQ. T-hen was a war-m discussion as to- w:hieh pulling myself forward on the farther of the boys should carry _jt, but ·it half, I drew the hindmost ahead .of,,.,,., finally decidtld that one;) boy :are ,. 0 a1n, and. s6 went on: a\' befo're should carry it one day, and theQthel' r· ,got out at. last ; but,· stranger, I .th.a n.=t; and the one not . cauy:Wg course tmprove the quality. yt, ,,. k ten een Wn1S y. To Keep up Sru~J, WindQwB,-':£hi., is performed by means of cork, in the simplest manner, and witli scarcely any expense. &re three of four holtJs in the aide of the saBh, ·into whlch mt:~ert common bottle cork, pr<lject.ing about the sixteenth part of an inch. These will press against he-wind<>~v-~ ·- groove, and by their elasticity sup- port the sash at any height re- quired. \Shells or the Ocea.n,\ is a hum- bug, -The plaintive poet who r-e}We- sents himself as wa,ndering, o.ne sum- mer's eve, with sea. beat thought, on a, pensive shore, w.a~ raised iD the in- terior of Pennsylvania, and never was ten mi_les awa.y frOm home.!!!_~ his life. -\ Gathered Shells,;; did he ? .All the shells he ev~ gathered were some egg shells back of his mother'.s kitchen, 'Tlte Wlt~at Lhp.-No Reason lS \:!!ark I hear the Angel Singing,\ now remembered in whieL. the wheat spent all his evenings in a concert crop was pronounced all over the beer saloon. Angels, indeed! conn try to be so promising as at th a pt'etlent time. Thus far we have not The man who wrote the \Song of seen a single complamt. No doubt the Shirt,\ hadn't a shirt to his back thero are sections in which from a -wearing a wamus _for the most part. sectional cnuse, the crop may not be 11 Oft in the Stilly Night,\ used to all that coult.l be wished, but Ill! a get ou \ spree n.nd make the stilly whole, throughout the length and breadth of the r(lpttblio the report£ night howl till daybreak. of a. fine cmp are pever more unani· The author of \\Ve Met by mous. In many p.prtiolls o£ the Olmnce,\ knew very well it was all southern country where heretofore arranged bef01ehand. He hnd been little wheat has been raised, a con- weeks in contriving it-and she ad- siderable breadtl> of ground is now oeeupied with ihis crop. mired its contl•ivance. was _tp.e _!!g_~st-loolqng_ white.. n:i.an, watch sh-ould alwayil fullve the :when I cra,wled ashore that ever you in his possessiilil. .'fhis watch ' did see 1 was the only one in tbe \Settlement BIRDs' NESTS.-The eagle, in all and the display of ever! the key was an en;iable ornament One day the cases, uses one nest, with more · dr less repair, for several vears. Many eldel' of the brothers 11 as to make 11 of our common birds do the same. journey to the city, to be gone two The birds\ may be divided, with days; and after a long and serious spect to this and kindred points, mto consultation, it was determined tL~t five general classes. First, those he must maintain the dignity o:l' the that ~:epair OJ: appropriate the las~ fumily by wearing the wa.tch ; but th(l year's nest, !tB the wren, swallow, younger was to retain the key, So bluebird, great m·ested flycatcher, they bethoug-ht them to ·give ·it a owls, eagles, fish-hawk, and a few good_wi:oding, that it mig,J:J~ ru.~;,fur' others. Second, those that build twice its usual period of twenty-fuur •. anew each season, though frequentlY: hours. The key was . applied: 8illd rearing more than one brood in the vigorously for :lift~en minu~s, Of hes h h b Wh.en !hey fo;,_nd to ''their cotxstern:A- same nest. t e t e p ~ e 1 , • ,,. t th littl 'h'; 1!.! l•,l•! •) . 11 kn l Th - dl gOn ~na e e m'iUl me no Io:n.:rer is a we - o\\':\ ex.amp e. rr y, 1 • • ;ru. ~.l: \<>m • • « t,;..,k,d_ 11 The;Y shook ~t andrtlnu:&\B- those th\t bwl4 a. R-\1\ tHv~V ffJr >Ynlill . • · · ''t'\ ,,... • . • ?r<>o~ w-hkh inclft<W 'bt :l'l>r ~ ;--h...t no- signs e£-'Jif'J -~~~ __ -..,1--- _ •·•·• The author of II I Know 11 Bank.\ ModiJ Of IJil)illing fll!J.g}J.-Th~ {{)1- • •• didn't .!mow OM whe1·e he could CROCKERY, CHINA .A..l'\iD ,..., Ill\ -ul'\''''f>tHn l 1 •' Ill ( ],•It, :•n ,.r,...r •. l Pt•Jt IJ .'11«1<>~~\. 3 )0 • 1 t<out{ h~Iu·· otlt,hle 1,f lh• <'onuh \Ill a.•lditl-18 ~h tl (,nltJt\' t~~ tht' Auth,,1 at h.t rhcJn]H.,Pll, lh-Jtt•r '\lll!t\ !\i y 1:-ltf .\ewl~nltz& Po'lirepsie .<\jST .A.G-E. I Daily Line--Sunday• Rr~rpfed. Leaver; Nel!J~4_ltz dally at 8.30, a.m. 1':~-\'~tng thro1,1g'k \Ohioville LloyU autl H1ghln.nd, retnrrung, Leave Po'keepsitfPost Ollice 1.30 p.m. Office~ two dnon~ north ·~~!k,!i~;~~j~· before 1 o'dock p. m., steamboats can at precumly two II ~ IJ 1 Lllll Prop'r. 75 Cents 55 \ ss .. 15 \ Most Perfeot and Successful Harvester in the World. In eleven years the sale of the BUCKEYl!J has tncreaBcd troJD. 'fS Mn.eltlnes to ~U.OOO. ~n d. 11n~IB 1!11.1011, ana over 100 1 000 aro now 111 v•o m th.e Uuited S~tc~. It haa rt:ceived th& Hlaht:st PTtm,um a.t t1M molt lmvartant Field 'J;'~lnl• ouer IL<kl in anu ctnmiTJI. - its Great Du-r3\)Uity L.ILI!I been tLol'od.~h17' Etilubllobcd, aoQ 11 lo OVIllT'fbore Imow\ AP<I N- cogn.Lzcd D.!! the ::o.;ta.ndn.rcl ot Excellence ln llla.tcrla.l o.nd Workma.nabip, ns well ns Perfection of Prin• ciple. V nlnable improvements lldded for 1869. .Mmlllfaotured by ADRIANCE. PLATT & CO., 165 Greenwich St., N. '1' .. tiADUf\Gt.Ory1 PoughkCCp;:jiO, N, Y. Clrculnrs forwarded by mall. 31-3m T HE HONORABLE BUTCHER, LEWIS DAY- TON, will carry on the BUTCf:'E~JNC BU~INESS I •u C£.\~TRJ1~.:a.t.his oW stn.n.d.,. n.nt! -will run 'I Wt\on on 'l'UE!IDAY ~nd I<ATUHDH of each 1\t•<'l•~ to Oenter:rille, Cold Spnngs, Oh10ville and c hntomlale;. and w11l keep constantl,y on hand thence meats, and U'ill not be urulrrsvlrl by any nne 111 tLi~:~ business. I am thabldul to my old customers for past fa- vo1·~. and liope to t•eceive n. liberal pa.tro~e the ('flming season. [29] LEWIS DAYTON. QL.tiii'Jt3 W 11.1\B, LOOKIXO-GLASSES, KEROSENE LAMPR, CtTTLElRY, PIC'l''L'BE FltAMEH, &c., &c., &c. :t AUWh.HeRubberltoller WRINGING MUHIN~~. l<rwj~o t>lv.~ ~ 11r~>l%h 6 il.>o~~~~ ur glmm _g~t hw no til dtMOIUltild. Th~ only across Its cu-cumfere:u~;e, so a'> lo cheek he ever held w~S a white check form a battery cup or vessel for , other purposes, m{ly be of some ser- 01?' a £n:ro ban?- . He never had a rea vice to your readers. I have pe~:- check mall his life. formed the operation liuccesBfully \What n.re the Wild Waves Say- many ttmes. Place the bottle in a ing ?\ knew they were reproaching yeRsel o! water, to the _height ~vhere him for running away from Long 1t Ill desrgntJd to break 1t; also till the . . _ . 1 lJUttle to the same level. Now pour -Bran:h Wl~out paymg h1s hotel b1l~; • eon! oil inside and out on the water; \\ ho wilt Care for Mother Now? en t 1t ring of paper fitting the bottle; Who indeed ! You took the old sntur!ltu i'i lth !llc_ohol or ben2l.lle BO woman to the poor-house just before ~hnt It toucheR Oil. rour also, SOme writing the song, and there is nobody mfiHle the bottle. Set on fire; the b L Lh L L , k £ h I fr u~ \ e poor-mas.er ,;o oa e care 0 oolrl 'Htter p~:eventB t e g ass om heating below it-s surface, while the her now. expansion caused by the heat will \Hear. Me, Norma,\ was deaf and break the vcl:lsel on the water-llne. dumb_ He eoultln't make his pa hear, nor ma. Farm Prove·rbs.-Do not keep f 'rm than The au.thor of \ Rain on the Roof,\ more live stock on your u. you can keep welL alwa;:\S slept in the basement,\ exept C:xtra Size, ~Ieven Inch R<>llers. House all thi.n 0 s as much as pos-si- when he slept oui <>£doors. ble-anima.ls, utensils, and crops. \Let me kiss him for his Mother,\ ALL MACHINES W A.RRANTED UL.AHS SHADEH The more comfortable you oan got mad because the mother wouldn't koe_P your animn.ls, the more they will have him and whipped her little boy tlm\\'e. A good cow is a valuable machine within ~n inch of his life. -the 1uore food she propel'ly digests, \I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble '\\ I 1 \' b \\ax fl '\' r•, ·'' 'of \ 11 .,., ••• Plato'<! the OTCI1ter tbe profit Hnlls,\ used to cheat 11t IDIU'bles \\111't. \\oodc'n W;J.rt ,~,:,. 115 1:1\ h ~\' k A few roots daily to all t e .,oc when a boy, and his dream. was a pI:\:--:< J:-i 'l, I lEAP: are as welcome as apples to boys and horrid nightmare, brought on by l'e- limvml( 1h ~L'mU!led tosollunt my Htlll'll of Pllln• gi1:~n shoes on sleds last a lifetime. rlollMtian a£• fl•a.udulent marbl~ ha.ula. Oto> and otht-.- Jn.Ut\-i<>o.l ln.sf:r-u:uaeaa.t.., I Wlll I:Jt\lJ • d I' l'1 'l(l L h I l\t' U ' •luring !h•• m .. nth nf }!av. auv or all of my They are really cheaper in the en \ m i':)aa llSL W en omg, was PlA:vos, than wooden ones. tickled almost to death if invited to. oaGA>~s:uTonnEON!il. Repllloe all the, bars where you \Happy be thy Dreams,li'sbld ben- lllELon:mo;~';.~:s, pass oft~ by strong ~ates, o.ud then zine whisky. You can fancy what at one-third the m 1 :.nufacturers' pncos. wonder that VOU didn t do so before. · · dr d d. Now Ie the time to buy c!>_!>_'!Jl. EVERY rxsTRC- Although, •in draining land thor- kind of earns were pro uce !IH.:n Fri.LY WARRANT!ill. Good notes taken ou<>'hly,lori~ p~-e may bA dr~med, \~o one to Love,\ ha.vinsiusthlll- f'••r htzlf f~'~r/?••e-o~t. New 13Qok,t~ ~tnd !iew l'r!UHlC !rom 0 .,~., ..., ... OW/ '\~'\\.. \' ,.... el ' t,hroe lo\\ t1me• !Jler week. yet the ll crops that:followwill soon ed off his fi£th.c wife, naturally I t l.ilie HE:>BY II. REED, fill '< • b t •t 34 :1511\ImnSt.,Po'keepsio. lb agam. the deuce a OU 1 • - - --- - .Always give the soil tl,J.e fust mea;l.. .~ SMITH L. I >eGAIO/IO, If it is well fed with mnnw·e, it will ; HEN!s RIG:HTs.-There is a move, WTTH feed all else, plants, animals, a.nd ment in high chicken ~ters, sta.rt- wl\ . I H I3ROAS men. edsincethepoultryshow,tohave the _.~_ • • ' A bolTowed tool, if broken, shoUld hens assert• themselves :before the \ n r be replaced by a n,ew, . O,l).e. A nic_e . . • . EALE ~ Foa~<wn .uro no>msTic • sense of honol' in s.u9h ~Uatters lS world m a senes of resolutions', pomt- Dry Goods and Fancy Articles much to be oommended. ing out thll.t the 'l'OOsters do llJ.l ~ije p:J\~'i'.~t~\ft~::~·o{~'i'~~~ ~~J:!'itth. !.!- It seems strange ~D~~housekeepers , orowhlg ~d :fighting and ro,ost on very !owe~t markeot pnces. • • don\t' buy pa~a !t!,ld tUfa with brass 'the highest pllrohes, anti' yet lay no 814ll!Wn Street, Poughkeepa1e 1 N, Y. hoops and ·trimnl.lpgs. They< cost a . d thl • \- ssive and un- -- little more at firSt out last wan~er- eggs, an B IS oppre rraFmfnf~ncyof the flt<.tcn Iolnnd pyeing E>IW'· hilly. - .:i .. ,,_ . just t~'the hens. 1;1\l.m,\bor of !>pl;)ciet>, F~mrthly, ~ lim- So a diagnosis was detmmine(l ~oil. ited number 11hat make no nest of \After careful inspection of; ~h~. in'Wf- ' their own, but appropriate the aban- ior mysteries, the elder b~other ei- doned nests of other birdt. Finally, claimed, \I have it, Joe! Dqn't-:rnu those WhO USe no nest at all, but de- see th~t ilne hair curled up~ theT,e? posit their eggs in the s11.nd, which is thiat's what stops it.\ \Fact/1: said the case with a large number of aqua- Joe, \that must be it, Can't -~ . , tic fowls. 'J'h us the common gull yank it out?\. A pin was at · ol.J,lf_&'· -- breeds in vast numbers on the sand bent up into a hook, and \ the hair~' . ban:l OJ: Band i;slandB oJf the 6ou th was. \ ;yank~d \ <>ttt. The wai;,h coast of Long Island. A little dent didn't go any better when relieved of 1 s made in the sand, the eggs are it ; 'and to this day the boys hate no~ dropped and the birds gp their way. beEm permitted to forget about the watch with the hair in it. • In due time the eggs are hatched by · • the beil<t of the Bun, a.nd the ' little creatures shift for themselves. In July countless numbers of them, of different ages and sizes, swarm upon these sandy wastes. As. the waves roll out, they rnsh down the beach, pwking up a kind of sea·gluten, and then hasten back to avoid the next breaker. During the cross-examination of a witness he was asked where bis fath- er was. To which question, with a melancholy air, he responded : \ Dell.d, sil'-dl'oppQd off vel'~ And-- <lehly, sir.\ 11 How came he to drop off .suqqenly ?\ was the next question. \P'cn.il pJa.y, sir-the sheriff .imposed ott .his unsuspicious nature, and get- furg·lrlm to g:o on a 'platform to loi:>k a:t A ~elect a.udiruwe!' stti:l~:il'ly ¥,e lo{o'okM a small trap-door ont fi.~m und.er hin!-, l?o;lld in ~lling .he got en- tapgled in a :vo.pe, irom the effects of which he expired.\ A somewh:at juvenil~ dandy s&id ~o a fa~,·lf.&'tn~rm a baoU. \Don•t t6u tlilli11l :liil!¥1 my moustaches are be- colnulg ?': ; IT:o. which. sh~ ,replied : \wan ·sir thev may be coming, but MISCELLANEOUS ENIGMA.-NO. 1 I am co~posed of eight letters : My 8, 7, 2, was created on the silrih day. 2 · . el · hi h -\---~ : My 3 7 7 7 , J.S a vess >n w ~ u:u.r<i ;r;s 6 5, 7, is a ~ge body.of water. s: 1, 4, 5, is '!lill animaL 7, 4; 5, is a kind of liquor. 6, 5, 7, 4, is, a, wat.er animal 6, 5, 7, s, . .is a part of 9: gamnent. 3, 7, 2,\5 ·6; are sometuues used so:hoC!lmaste:rs on scho'lars~ My whole is-an important personag~ in this government. . -, , . \' ~ 1 1 i/ o J1 I they ha.ve;~ot yet amved. , l·=~~~;~~i~~~~l\l\'i!'N'! A frie:qal'y ·suit-A Quake1·'s ~~~, 1.:

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