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New-Paltz independent. (New-Paltz, Ulster County, N.Y.) 1868-1919, May 06, 1869, Image 1

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\\''\t..t Flii.DiiHI, h•;; IID&Il~ to oidel:. · ,, ' f il!~-ll •• • ; t .... ' . , . . ' ' . alt. ) I t J. ' rl1JIF NEW·PALTZ INDEPENDENT Is published Every Thursday Mo~ln;:, I' raE VILLAGE OF Nt~•J'un, Uwns lu ~ Fur the , New-Paltz Independent Assocmtion,· Sv l !!.Al\Lll;8 T. JUIOil:lU:\, l'ubh•hor. .TOH PH.INTING , \ u\ d w1th neatness and dispatcli, and upon reaso!lllb!e t~rms. f§n.5inf.5.5 <tarrl~. 0. P. CARPENTER, '\ 1 to:r-n.Pyat La.'I.\'Va.n.d \£J\.:S;. ~1m ~\'4 HIGHLAND,:-; Y JACOB ROBERTS, !.1 \I EsTATE AoENT, CoNVEYA...~CE..ll, JUSTICE OF THE PE\-C\E 'I.~D Cou~HELLOR A't LAw, !'<EW PALTZ. NEW YORK WM. 8. KENYO:N, 1 < >tT:-.:RELLOH AT LAW • \Vall St., oppos1te Court House, KINGSTON, N. Y. JAMES G. GRAHAM. '\. t torney and Counsellor at Law,. HooM :So. 6 1 LAw BUILDI!io, TIIIRD STREET, r the Post Office ) [22} ~~\vbu.rg-h.. SURVEYING <I I \ nr:-;a A:'iD E:-lul.'iEER!SU, prompt!) ~ \'I' lhtientlv dono, ~t the Mhortest notiCe, b) tho: nr1 ltratbnetl Apply or addreBs PlilLIP L F. ELTING. r 1 1 \'lllf\ p 0 ~o'\ D IR6~ 9-lv ETH.-\X A. DURHAM, \ r R\''EY FoR ( r -\DIS A.GU~HT THE GOV'El't.Nlt:ENT. lltli 111 JJunnw k & fapp<'n t1 uew Bnihhng, KISGHTOS, S ~ IIIlVlll\' Lll \\\C'thV f1om \u~-~htn: \h;tc n.l 1 0 ' ili c- ttlUZl b;1\1 to IH adJil::lteJ. I lt,vc ::>t PERIOR fa..: r <1\1 tJr ,.,ettlllg- tlal!Url atljut-Stetl talh. \\u.ltn'fr r l.o t11 1ul Bat lt l'a\ and llllliUtv nilllt L 1 IVt ptompl • '• ntH'Dy .and. o..hJ..Io.lges lUVth,:J;~tt 1 1) UEOlWE H. HTHICKLA .. \'D, Ca:u-penter and Builder, \I '' l' u rz ::.. Y \\ orl1.. dont n ilb. ( 1•ril' un..l Del>pUf(\h bJ r If ll•) ur(ontru.ct. UNDER. TA~IN\G-! ,,, I ~1~11• l I\ II< W l r ~lOt,] to attend a\ lrw t ~' f l~DEHf\KI~G a.t tht- 1 1 1 I, ..;t \\ '' •l t11 l \Iahoga.ny {'offinr I 1 .t 1 ~. • ftH 11 .. 1\ d na rut,.,onn.bhr terms, t11 .., t 1 ... r !Hilt d \\dl l1t J)romptl) !JI \0 J Dl BOlli. \ li-6m Excelsior Hotel, I I II , \ I n ' I ' ~ r 1 ... 1 I' ' \':md enterta.11 ... tn 1 t IgarN a11 tt It ntl• n will ln Ill , I I ll FHF ER 2D-hlll MILLINERY! \ r ],:\'! )fAit\ \I lJ 1 It\ '' -,u H t llllunu the Lu \ Ill\<! t \ v ]'.,~I I. I 1 I I l toll l I l a. ur,r llott>.:> lvi1llmery Establishment 1 ~~ f>tlll !11 • 4 11 1~d I\ \J, .. J ~~-ha l tl at >-/ lit-. J!l~ 1 ill ! I 111 '\t \' 111 Ll.:lldttllvr-.d d Llllilt\ll J, t \.Ll ' I \JIIJJ\[f,\ lll IJ>S I 1 t ... I 1 a,.,, .--1\. 1 lt t 1 I 11r~> \1 \H.1 \fORTO:V. ' , I t.tltl~l\hH 5 .-\. ,J. \ 8 It·\- :u ~' New--Paltz Hotel I ) •1r.1•r.Y 11n V\\ <>!.WEEK 1Ieols otall ) boU1111 F \'Pflr w.lattPntJ()n gwen to the rom- ~ 1 J lJ .. doo;a>~tll, uf ,,.ll~t!'l e.., hr1. 1..1\' t '~ , ...... LtqUt•ll\' ~nd (~gate al ~H., to r,l'l fuuutl at till bar :\. J. ABRA!tlR, Pr 1pnc~o~ ( 'oul ! Coal! Coal! '1, u 1 lPr-. ~tltlll u '- flrt pared to furrnsh tht f'Hl.i>lh Wltlt :-lcreened Coal, vard. at HJ(,H F\II~ a.t pnLt/1 =1a.me a.~ IR of Delaware and UuJ~on Canal Co., at \n ~ Y. Qoll Delivered at FS.ll' Pnce if Desired. r .. n .. , Cash. I J L b: A SSYDER. 4\_HISTORY Ulster OF County, B,r ll JOHN W. HASBROtJ;,CK, will soon bo p I I l~HED m one large Octa;vo 'Vo:t:u.xn.e, '•H q ,a tam all that can be found relatmg t' ~ ,. lt>gen l11 aml gt:lncal\g.J.e\lo of our oh ~ ilhlr!Ut ma.une-rs aiul ou~::Jtomsof our fatb a. Jtltde of town.ti, \illa.~t~'~ awl \hurched- lfl har;eH, tb. If nalOP!i ,f pl:.!.l t\' Htream,. J. lmounta.,In~- thnlhng tnC'Hit>lltH, &c. &r. a~ '' uf ten 'f'ar~ 1t Dllli\lt tlf It [J(;etl bl'!-H <t .. t..h.Irf'n ur [Tl:-.n ... L !, \'\'or ~l r• ~d J \ ltl In ~UhBC11FtJUU only ~ ... In ( 1 •th • - - - .$3 50 JU Lf'athtu, - ~ - · - - !! 50 r r \ lTI Moroc.:GO, - • - • - • 5 50 } .. , pi !ivmg outHJde cf the Countj Will addres!- lo•~r •I Ju • tu the Authos.- ~t K•~honkson, Ulste1 I lJln v X y 18tf 'rw Palt~ & Po'keepsie ST..A.CirE. fJ,id•J Li'fleti-Sundays E:r.:cepted. , __ _ .. ~ .... Velocipede. • The abadoe o!mgh~e falling faat, Ail througlillardacrabbla vlllaga paaa&d A youth, m curiou& bobtail rig, Upon a cunous thingu.ttJaji~, Volo\'oiped~ I , His eye, e:ndtant, seemed to \\Y· Old t'ogy ~vellera, clear Lbc way, And li!;e \ new tm fish-hom rlloll~ Tb& aceents•ofWs nasal twang, VeJ.horee-fpede The waymde-tavern met his gaze ; He ea.w the bar-room•a oh,eerfnl bJa2:;e ; Above, tb& spect.rlll WU·eide rose, And dreadfully ho blew hls noise, Velompede l .. Try not the he1ght I the old man cried, \Try not the frowm11g height aatrldo That Treacherous whirligig uncouth 1 \ Yet heeded not the adventurous youth- Veloc-bigh-ped.o~ \Oh 1 atny,\ the ma1don allid, \and reat 'l'by softieh head upon thlB breast I\ ~ tea.r stole sweetly down his phiz,. But cloaer.still b.e hugged to his. V cloctpede I \~eware I that rolling stock was mado For rinks o.nd roads of lightel\ grade 1 .. This wa:s the peasa.nt'f:l last good~night • A •o•co replied far up the bmght, Vo!Oolnede I A cow-boy on tbe da..rk hillside Belate<]~ saw 1t. uJin.kH I\ he cned~ \Old Ratan'a loose or I'm mumilten !\ And climbed a b:ee to save hts bacon,- Veloclpede I At break of day a.e mounta.mwud A pwns farmer drove h1a herd, \ vo1< e 011ed thro tgh the startled nlr, And g'avo the man a. dreadful sc4re, VeT6c1pe<lel .1. t.&oa\'~~;~ q.rlte decetr.Ped~ \VU.!!\i'oand~ Although his legs went round and t•ound, Still graspmg m hie hantls of I<:o The fra.gmt nts ot that tltrange dt•\ u. e. Veluetpedf'' rhcrc m the hulight colcl and gtav, Anud the wreck nf tlungH he ]p', And echo, like a fallt n t-ttar The moral sountle 6• Ilt'lll and fa.1, VeloClpedt> ' L~u es New r\aUz daily at '?•il'~! ilh !'\\ g tlu·Quga' Ohio•tlle, Lloyd andlliighllln•a,l;~;~~ retW'Illng, ,.. ~ 1 ·~ PLACl!lS-Fr~ 'IS \ oOA.'\''~':f 40 U •·t· .. ·~:··· 50 u ......... eo ~~ \ • • We'a nelU'~tode 'Lordi Dan de JVhitc folks, :aud•do:r. knowa it ; s~~ !I.e glou;g~ iinhar;t~d; - Wa!Jt up, -d&rlteYI', 'P\\t de,g1Il!l'd; \ Bet'a dolllir he <ion't close il>, . ~;.!\ lof\!ft l ! tJ<.H '\Y'\l> np.,il\-rl!eya ~o !l&te; Har'k l de colored llngelfj holler, - ffi> !!W...Y; 'w1iite !OlkliJ'yoii\~ }oo late ; ' Wft,i• do'Wil!llin' colof; 'IT'~{~ ' Tin tlie~fb s!filli1ll:o 'folie):'. ' :{ ,j.d:~~? liiillelujah 'f teiikS tfu' praiae ; enttff we've A little more than fifty year& ago, when thl! Cllj- of Bro+ was a l srnalll,vjlli~e of about;' <t5otJ inhabi- stood an old atooe

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