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New-Paltz independent. (New-Paltz, Ulster County, N.Y.) 1868-1919, January 14, 1869, Image 1

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JEAJ.ER IN ' ' lAB. LAMPS. j\~TED WARE, NC coo~s ariety. \RltiL\.:-i UllA:-IITE { in appear- China, and ie •lll th'\' FJt.Ctonu~t, a.utl J. tlw ln.rgl~l':lt etock ol ~t\' Yt)tk und A..l~T, ,,.n,~lt·salu or retaH AT Fram!ols, d made to order I' l/0 1'0- 'H A .11 /<:,)'. pahl fo l'HlF. fht> afll autugt'l of a <-;:-l<Jrtnlt'!.Il t. .H00:\1~ and ex- H QUEEN, BA~i HEATING Heaters RANGES EXHIBITION. BOILER ' stock of . ' ' cor• carderh 'l'IIE :&INDEPENDENT NEW•PAI.T Ill publil!hed. . Tb.nr>id&Y N:<>~' . hv••ry ()o N y , p ALT2, ('LSTEB •t ' '' I\' THI::. \ LLLAul-. VI:\ !\EVi- For the Inde endent Associ~tion, .. \New-Paltz P • Ptiblisber. R ' ~c T JOHNSON, By CfL\ .L.l'\\' • ,JOB PH.INTINC:cl h t \\\\ u.n.d ilit;patth,. and upon w1t n'.;a ·~ r-Eiaaona.ble terms. ~u~iu~i$~ ~ant~. 1 0. P. CARPENTER; , t_ r n,vand U.~-Cl.n.im.Aa~. \ott •:e.•u•yt't- .. r y . HWHLAC'ID, ~- · JACOB ROBERTS, Co •cV'Il JUHTICE OF THE I .. tHE ~-lGEST, ::orrEYA.~ ~ 1 '} \CE Jl.ND COUNSELLO.B AT LAw' :;r:w PALTZ, :-lEW YORK. WM. S. KENYON, ,·>(.:--.;sELL< >HAT LA \V, \\ dl ~t., opposite CourtHouse, KDiGSTO:S, N Y. - I I I\:\ 1\.~(,E:-iE:-i E'I'H_\.N _\.. D FRHAM, I )Ill t.llh..hEP ... II.: HOTEL. Po'keepsie, N.Y. 1 l I I' r t>uovatt1t.l and n·fu.nu.-<ht d l ll _, .... ,.. )t rr 1 \ l . 'h J I ''-1 l I ,, ll Ill! \l! !'EI\HY, • 1 1 t 1 l'ollan1ure HuUtie~ ~ LJ \ l )lLlUUT It },lJW.U\D YA:S KLEE< K, '\ Sucre .. or to .\lbrrt Von IIJeerk, llur urannmr ann lll'lller m I-IA TS, CAP~, f\.'1\i:i A.~D ST:EA.W GrQQD$, 259 M~in St., Po'keepsie. 1-6m ----- A.: J. AB~A.lliS' lie~-lP~tz.EloteL ll\l LCOX & SON' HIGar,AifiD, ~-: i., \t .. ; ' I .. ' . ' ' ' :\\ :.,.. :-< _:· \.:. ~ •• , ~ • - • ... + ;.~'\ ··~.- \ 't\\ When llAndJld ~t ths C!llltle Garden. Me bea.rt Wll8 aa lifht a.,;~ me pm~'.::.: •. WhiaJa cont!!.ined illvil • rap or n. fo.rimn ' Me orrcnmst&Dce couldD't be worae. With me wardrobe flung over~· should\':• On >he ind of a blackthorn stwk, Who'd have thought, ere I grew three yean o!WJr, That I would be AJdh.;rm.a.n Miek ? So hurroo for the Dimicrat party 1 ' 't me your wote ? You sa.y you won gw thY! J tt.et honM me goold watch, Tim MeCu , Till I thread on the 1811 of hla coot. , I wint to tind bar on the Bowery, . Where the green bimDer hmnga at tho door , Me bo~~ was a. by named O'Clowry, Who was thin ovorseer of the poor. rt d ha>r in ths middle, I pa e mde coa' and me blackthorn etiek, Ch&nge me . And I walked lilte a cat on a gnddle, Before I wa• Alclherman M>ck. . 8 bail cesM to the Radicle party I o, e th.ros.t .. Och ! It Mticlul hkt-< a. blme 111 m \ I'J cut off me arum, MeCurthy, buforo 1 would ~i.~ it. a. wut.u. ln·n month I cuulll huQdle the gil>•~\\ In a way that. would d~zlo your e~htt In the ruormng I coorted tbu lal·n:JoH, And boozled their dndid~:-s at night. O'Clowrv was earelmull and mellow. So I ft\ozo to hiM lomdOrt.iH qmck ; For 1 waa IL mun.lheriu' good. fellow .Ut~tolt> I wasA.IJ.huma.n 3lkk. . t l Hu, horroo for tht· oiUJ wulllall ::1 pur y \ ou t•an rldo me on top uf a goaL, . Thruugh !hi elbroet• of tho t>ath. l'im.Mc- t 'n.rthy, If CY~[\ l J:IL'hatth£'I\ lOtl W<JtU. Tlnr>. 1 unt.u<l ft. plnoc from Dlck Da:rFell ~tul'k IH>ttll·H all ov~r the •hl'lf, 1 huuL~ out tlw B\n .. en !.llU\rt U, For a ~1gn a .And ~:~ta.rtt•d l:la.loon ful nL• Bt 1!. \ h l . tlar l~t·ttt r tJuw \our hoUS(J - .. Now llJ(i UUBt! B • 8avM I t11 O'Clowry. .. lltJ Lrit'k, • er of tho P'\'l h••u,e-, If '\oOll'lt' OVof'Tl\'t' i·n.Ith, I will Ot! \.ltiht\'fw:.tn :llh k.\ l ~~~. hurrcw.J fnr tho uulJ couuthry party Jn,.t hunlll ffil' lthl glovrs and me coat. TJll I t-~matLllr ~:~Oml· nager, MeCn.rthy~ 1 hal \\uhl t!aurc tu purttml to a woto. I rwt<>J a pur nl'ar the railin', 1\ a.t1 chJd M L'atch t1orcyo Bud f11ll'; . • \Yht·n tht:! bo.~H wanted swlu:'!arln' or ba.ilin' Snru I WH.:j tht.: U;v tu bt> then. ~~~ wa)o wur su nughty beWtldhenn', l th;att·d Pu.t, Lu.rry and lh<:l:il Aud tlattht·red the Wlmmtn and t•hiltlht·ren Bt fun I wn.M Aldhorman :\ht•k. .. , Ho, hurroo for tlw \uult.L lihll 1• Md...:arthy, On aavs of potteen may Mh~· ttoat, To ron ~1own the ,, onlti ln.da·H ta._:. pa.rty,\ An<l her ~argo, the Rnrlll'lt• wote. I urdhen•d a 1 }ozen grtwn ha..nnOl'\\1 ~uu Mmt tlnrn to Workingumn M !!all; Ar:ll to pro'Lj e my true faith and gooU munners, ~mt a bell up tu l'•ter aml l'anl. I tuk tlw aU.vwe of O'Cro~klf, Lookt>d allood., trut.Ue an right, pusbf'd on Ilut th11 U'II.1'U. lllw [ lllDU. ill ID~ llll£li!t,- \m\ MO now I am A.ldhcnnan ll.a:k · ' ' I Yurr ...... f.,r th8 Ta..zno.1any\p.u-t.y Will somebody carry me c-oal, nu 1 wm!WI up thll box. nm lllrCill11lY. That carries the Ra.Jt-~..•le wote. !\.,w ffi(• mtnlP is ll. power in tho city 1 Yu pwthl\'r hangs OV4.'r the bare, And Ht hrn.ngtm~ cry~ \Och 'tis a. pity That I!Iryro Wlllr kllt'in the wars : He lc,ok~ Like ~ome mlghty commandher ... Thm the !.Jar-keeper t!l<n.ewer!:l thtm !:llick,J \ R1lt i.n the wa.r-s t 1 why, ye ga.nJ.hnr~ t\ure, tbat '\ gJeat A.luherman M:ick l\ Jump on the table, me hearty, FliDg uff your ClltUbeeu a.nd ould coat j ru make a. peeler I McCarthy, To Mmash up the Ra.d.ide wote . ... Ma.ke ws.y there 11 ....._gays Dinn.is llcR.o.dy' 'rhe sexton, to 'Murphy..,...\ ye baste t Fo» Altlhormn.n nwk ~ml hill ]@@l!y! , , .. \' -e <POJ.Jl' up to spha.k.o to. the FilM e ~ o , · e! LL Clear the road for the Aldherm.s.n 8 carna.g p,uaJ.loo 1 a.in't he cutting it thiclll nwy·re ~om' to gomo PrSlllllBnt'B ~ge, Httl Ieedy a.nd Aldhcrmo.n Mick.. · ltu.rroo, there, ye apalpeen, McCarthy~ Take o. rlleper to open yer throat~ A.nd shout for the Corkaclan party Tll~t g,iYO~ JO a place fOr • WO\e, Long life to the lnnd that lA able To oqa.ke beggars out of their duds, And 1:1ite thim a, powerful fine tu.ble, Wtth bacon, a.nd wbiekys.n4 tJpuda. Och, talk of dltl'ames and my thinkm',_ Whin hunger wa• painting things slielt, \Twas nought to the o.tm• and dhri,q.Jqn' Since I became Aldherman Micli:. - ~. , Boj l:!J!nPOf<>;n~li~ tlal;lOo!~P~,:. ,• • Th~t Cl\Q.Inf;l t.he blg lo.QJ' m our tbrQR.t,. w .. n <>iled With th<> ora.~herl M<!Carih~, 'Nke yar 9 ra~a off m~ goaeatner collt. 11 \' • ,. •ale all kinds of GROCE~ FI!!H,. J'iord pity th.n>xil~a irl Ireland, .,, 11 111 ~L'E !fflANlll'l OF FLUOR ~'!l,':fnr.fto' '' ·~iWho•Blgh by thwwhite rolling fol!lll, 1 L· e• tien4lilatiel>tion of custo '! ·J. • ~ ~-. :. ~,. tl!ey a.J,'e th,e erlea intirely, tht 1r Jiti.Jc of neW. .! • • While ·,tie we· that are more than at home. SUGA.R·OURED ~S! Letthemcomeouttolrelandoo .lf~k-la, - 11 Lt:~ve Derry ~nil Kerry ~na Gorll ' u[ thtlf IJWillUflUg, !'urh II[ th~lf 0Wll11zRC~1:d Let them fiy from Kilkenny and Wicklow Lard \f lheu: \\D·!DB.Dnfn.<ture-- \' \'- te H \ght lhlfew \'or'k. fn:~h !l111[ J'lllt' .1.u wo a.n of' ... . 10 w. WILCOX & SON. so, llurroo for the Dimtcmt party 1 T HE unden!ll:)Bt'd a.rt• Prepared to f\irniiih rUle p'Q.blie with Screeued Coal, \~ thPJr .. ·ard a.t HIGH FALL.~. at pnces same as t.u v~u JH' of Delaware auU Hudson Oanal Co., a~ al)nu~llt, ~. Y. Coal Delivered at Y&lr Price if Desired. J. L. k A. SNYDER. T .. nat'! 1 C&o~:~h, l I ____:_ ____ _ TUAVELli!lH.'S GUIDE, HUDSON Ritl!Jit ~~lWAD. ~NO NO:&l'B. ,l;u.m, \'~ccJa.l .. · · · · · • · • ttu~a!.!•• F'<prPl'IH ~.' h. • \\'\ anii Albany Way Freight, .. {'llJiltlzt~tl Exprclili. · · · · · · · M·l!Jtrt\a.\ Y..xpreHH . .. · · • llutf:l.\,, E:o. 11 rt ~~. 11H<>tl\'h ~ r. l:.!:ht a.ml Emigrant ~J,.:[,! }.:-.;I•r.,,.,. • • .. • • ~ ',. 'I \'._. ::K>t:r:E':a,. Pt~l'ttio Ftprl'~o~.t~ !'•• b.•~..:l:'tlolll tipect6>\ l.~~~·al lhprlilo~t-~ ~ 1 ll b.t t'(ll'!lt \\a} frelKht l I .l.g ~ '>l•r• .,tj 1 1 , 1. ... p ... 1. ~pt·t uU ~r11l11.l·• 1-.xl'\' Hl3 ·' lllk Fr. 1.;ht and Pas•eng\r \ ... '•t ~ \{'ft.~tl ' Sure 1 lca.ve every hole m tts coat , Bad luck to the spa.lpeen, McCarthy. That would grudge it A da.y or a wote. Let Dootchmen go..ont on ihe prairie, Lny eggl! ond ma.ko butther &nd pork ; For the bys from 'l'yl·one and Tipp'rory Can manage a.jfa.ira in New Yo.rk. As for nagera a.nd Yankeea, 'tis pity • . Bnt batther their brains out wtd Brtck, ).\or tbie ie a.n Qtlld eo•m>ht;r ¢ty And oWIU!I'l by great !ldherman Mick. Bnrroo for New York and the party I The man wllo won't give thim 11 wote J 6 1\ ll 3 dicJQ bt>ytbQn 1 McOartb;r, So step ow tbe tail of his coat. ' - ' . . ~~· .Ll ~ · '~ A DEt!OlWlTION. OF ri.'llA:.'iELS,,AliD ADVEJ!i• TUlilE;;J 1 n; LOUISUl'!4, ~,,TWJ .ntnl- AN 'i'ElUU'l'Olil\i.AID>AII~I¥.$• , •· •• • < \ r -· . •' t - ' 4 1,:- :rr~ ' • ~ -· ., - -- _, : - : . ~ ' -- -. lw:h'ile the p~~~~:!~~~:: what uoiiB·'l Cl·:lme tiJLi~l'D.JIIge. The gua;rdian at the ~O'?T nv tlie mn,n, ,~P!D. 3~. W~-: lard's. is no:w·- serene.- He_ he~ 198~ , ij}at · ., :\fonmd . lOQ~ .wicih life .

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