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Jamestown journal. (Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.) 1826-1938, June 28, 1826, Image 1

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i - r u W t jí \^ y ¡ / T t f V O L , I . WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, t ----------- ■:/ J a MKSTOWTV, C h ADTAU'^OE^ P r in te d an d * A . Co. N. Y. ; ly piled i ïe th e r as t& e y b a d ¿ e e » sbat-i j ab o v e in th e qu a k jn g s o f d ie tered froi mountainjanld jutting off to the bottom Kin a frightful,, mass of ruin, j Here we j C O N D I T I O N S . | had been informed, the descdnt into the ITfhcJouriiHl will be published every ‘ bottom of'the crater could be post easily WjoinesdayaiMl forwartVed to Subscribers : made, Initi without a^nide, wejre at a loss a.ckikd‘m g to direction- 1 what coiurNe to' take, till we ujnexpected- YilLige Subscribers w ill be charged two ly dsecried a gentleman who'liad preced- dollnrs and fifty cents'per annum.\ ed us ra-fascending. ' They dlsMiaded us iron, sent by mail, or delivered at most strdduously front proceeding further th e - m t c o , the price will be two dolliirs. . but their ,lively representations pf the oinpanfe?, of ten op moYe, who take difficultyand dangers of thej way, only their papers at the office and pay on de- ' strengthened the resolution of I^>rd B. T.vey, will be charged one dollar and fif- j t<* go d<nwn, and know ingthajt the crater ty. dents per annum. I hud! been crossed at this end, p'e hastened Tfost-Jiiders supplied on liberal terms; Advertisements not exceeding a square, | be inserted three weeks for one dol- Tjvontv-five cents will be charged ¡every subsequent insertion. Larger »Jertiftemeats at a price proportiona- ctl oo brougt rpugjh p ie c e o f b lo ttin g , p a p b y o n e o f th e p a r ty to w ra p rout the more iielijcate\ specimens we mig collect. iLotid Byroh and his serva ascenjded tjbe Cone se v e r a l fe e t, but found u|k> great t<? linger thin ,! with thwir s tick*, a piece pi two cii redent lava, Lmnmyr hot, So! highly vl'as our admifytion escit by the scepe, that we fon.'of^the danger ' height, and shortly after, tjie molten lafa to wljtich fve, m^ht be e.xpo^d should c j boilod over ahd flowed down the sid{.-s change taite pilace in the rnrrehtsof d™d ■ of the corn«. And on the surrounding sr|i- ’ • \ • 1 __ M l S C E I iL A J X Y . i ¡ — J — ,<&■ ( v o l c a n o 6 f k i r a u e J T , ( Conclu did.) f)n Wednesday the 29th, after an i ness breukfast < our party, except ntr1 on, notwíthstanding thc ref^isal of the guide toi feturn with us. The descent ‘Was as porilous as it had beehrepresent- ed to be* ¡bul by proceeding Vilh great caution, tj?stíng well the safe y of every step helóte committing oitr veightto it, and often stopping to select the 'course which sriemed least hazmrd jus, in the sp.ice of i'O minutes we rcficijed the bot- 1 m by a zig-zag way, withoiu any ao cident of greater amount )mn a fpw serruches,on* the hands fronr the sharp- fragments of lav i by which ¡occa-donally vhligéjl te» sypport When ahotit h.xlJT wiv dc'wn, eiirour.i^ed to persevere, by meetinp ^n Isl.mder who 1i;iM descended o fH ) we weiß ours«'lv*»sl we wcie| jiosite «-ide and mide his wav : \v:is only, however, from the I lassurmre it qwe qf the prnctj- th< th w' til e it 3 o me, I fe sense <ïf ant de£*r| added tjC nu)S|h«il ‘the, piac(|rodkawihi of the Devil.’ lielo’- fcould be pre­ valed (¡if to retuin with iis,jonly by the promise i>f an ample jew in; \ Iffictdt to-s.iy wheth [iuon or terror pre< tbs tremendous I «pot. As I Jp at the,tr tratrtic wjall, which on aveund omeat, by a T sentiments omínate, on I iuten.mt Malden, who wás ill, JVIr. in¡>¡er, who remained to take a sketch. 1 Mr. Rugvfles who cho-e to satisfy- curiosity abov;e, jirep.ired tor a de- on the o| ... |tit into the cra^r. One of the tew o\cr. piJqe > where'tftis is [.rf'ic' c ihle, was with- renewe« i few rods of -our hut!. £’or the first ; cab.lity off our attempt, f. >r ljes:des bein<r - ------- , j, ’ Vigued, In; was tnilch cut and the loiwene^s'of the stones and rocks rn ! bruised flout a f ill—s.iid thtl bottom tt*as anp al>out it, required «ration in ev^ry j ‘ino iinijj o Debe ‘very bad movement. A -ill'/hi touch was soffit-ienf to idernch th&-n ait.l send them bounding downwards w th gieit \elnc:ty to! the hrim nt d:m :er of all nj ¡heir way. t te r^taahdnii distance to ihe ledge of about th¿ saijie number of feet, was gradual Q.m safe, the p uh haiini turned into the bgctl of'íyi old channel of land which ran ofi’ in an inclined pl;*ne, till it met the oif^etj before described, mpre th in a iji-jirter of a in.de from where we-, befan ’ ^descent.- Hv the time we reached 1$ spot, the nat!\es acting ;>s 'cuides, h the fi’Jessrs. Blnxanuand.Mr. Pow- _.ts, h id.preceded the rest of our nupn- too f;u’ *rto bé overtaken, and we be- Cferhe two parti«“! {for the rest ot’ihe mor- nlpg ; the la^i, inti) which Í Tell, cons'.st- inn; of Lord Ü. Mr. B-dl, Mr. Dav:s, Mil. White, with Lord B\ seryant md 'uiptl.irive bovXo carr» .t c.üife^n 'of w.i- fer and the specimens we m; dit collecf. Üj-foré descending, we had provided rSoW«! ^tritii long canes or polos bv úch we might teht. thc soundness of atjiy spot before sfrpping on it,, and im- etli itelv on re 'fh.a\ the le<lgp, found iewi'dom of the p*er'iuti»'ii. Th:a-ofiset is formed wholly of scoria a|d lava, mostly' bunted tei a sc.n ler, and every where intersected w th deep ■e>icrS .md chasms, fr^m m inv ot jhjch I'gh* v.’pi’iir ¡'lid sni->k<, 'in From ibrs a .sc.ild'H'/ ‘-■'e-'in :oe ••m:fe.L — ie g(>ner .1 sur! ice ' s a hltrk glossy ii!}<‘ru<tj»t'on re' n ir/pt'vfec’ljk tb<' .mm- >5f tmcti ve \(apoiurs which exist in^ groatje^ or lens dejrreo in every part of the ter^ t II M f. Davis, after two or tbi'f effectual iptimatioqs of the propriety ¡oi an injfnediate departure, wrjrned us jt) ^ | been less that] decided Mne rtot only as a private freijid ('essi th*? mining descended the utiper <-l¡f[t t el i ef-'iMo o i' e-*s’fi(*d to rtili U s o'ûs o u tlie li'v a .'s it c o i l l n i ’\ ’ - nrig n illv cooled, cr ick under us l.kf; everbernt'ons of. s-< It is d of admir reaching: lookedjuji HI 111?* it LiiiiiiL Winn, v every a?de rose to the very sky pt oppressed for a mont Ici-niiuement to a most unpleas- ¡ 0 0 .» fuller from tme influence of lma^hation, or from the factual elTect of the iijiense power, of a Svertical sub, I tlie heated and sulphureous, nt- |e of the volcano lfselT, I expe- rence(f&i^ rtgitation of spirits, and a dif­ ficulty ¡©S' respiration, wh’dh made me c;ist afer.k of wishful anx-eoy to our hut, which fit an elevation of feet seem­ ed like, a bird's nest on thejopposite side'j of the rl.ff. ’ These emotion“, however, soon j Jwis^ed off, nnd* wa b-e>r;tn wttli great slpfrit and kct;vity tne enterpf'Xe be lore, us. I can Conipar»! tho gfi)er;'l , ispert ¿f the bottom of Ihe crater to jnothinp;,that will gt\e a ikelier image pof ^t to ■ur ihuid thiin trj the appear­ ance th£ Otseqo would present if the ice withi which it is coverep, in the win­ ter wor$ suddenly broken tip by a heavy storm, ind as suddetdy |'r07en again, w h .le large fragment were still tossing 1 and dashing arid heaping a^iinsi. eaeh other by tJie motion of thej waves*,' Just so rougl] ;>nd distorted was |he black mass titriei o{ir fee*, < nlv nn ljund-ed times njoi e tnrrific, independenfj of the inmi- nier ilild cro c k s , fissures, dtep holes anil chrisms,).from which sulpljtiretuis vapor, haled, witlua ¡1 to \\the near sul[ifhurebus sm o k e , :.nd V i t h n h v jf fcour,it w iissoc(im p lq feh cbok-^dwiihhth it not Kn oljiject bpl\ W us w.is visib le. £ v< n in the uq c o n fitied region above thè atr becjim e ,so o|»jxresS!ve as to mak(e is Ih o jk seftouslv o f a prec ph a te re t r e it. T h i s continued to be ih e <nise fo f tlie g reater part o f th e afternoon. A de id calijn to q k plaije both w ith ri and w ithout th e j c r a t è r ; ai)d from the d im inution ‘ nc.iie :injil the Various sipns o f action, the V i d i m o its e lf deem ed to be resting frqm its labois. ’ ! {T o w h r d s e v ^ n in g the sm o k e iag: in rolfed off to the south before a J ire sh brezze, and e v e r y thing assuii)(‘d ijs oi- d in ^ r v aspect. A t this tim e L eu ’ j M il- d c i} notw ith s tan d in g h's 'tn!ispo$ition, heeded in g e tting sufficient djua r< ■ulalt the height o f die up p e r cliff, madie it (J0 O foot, ag ioein g w th in*' .tim e n t Oi'souio (».'•'lu (fiAMufatup i i r n a ï . j\ o . of black smoi.e, was seen rising- from tlie crater directl ¡r in front of us—the subt^- ranean struggle at the same time^cease' | and immediately after, flatiies burst fro a laj^je cime,. near which v*c had been the mornuig, laud which then appeared to have beer long inactive. Red-hit atones, cinde ~s and asiies <vere ¡also pi »* | pel led with immense violence to a gre ' s ion of the cone, ria, in two bd teimg with id rid on the surrounding sr autiful cui veil streams, gl describable brill.ance. t- I A whole lfjke of fire al<> oficned inj , more distant a pait. This could not have two nnles irj circumferonjre and its act ioni was more horribly sublinie than ,uiy ihinjr I ever imajgineq to exifii, even in the idler visions of uneartlfly but ;jsa professional gpntleman, of tlh<£ peril ef o,ur sjtuatiou—nssurin\ us, tflat the inspirations of the a;r bv which iyejth10?3* Its slufjce had all tlm agitatilui miglit be surrounded, Would prove fijtal j pf an ocean—-rbdiow after billow, tossed to every One of us. We *elt the Irfitlji | its tnoDs> rous bosom ia the air, and, ifir- of the assertion, and notwithstanding chi* c.vs’onal y, tlni>se fjorn d(e opposfie jih- desiije wd had of visit'ng a similar conej, j r°Mion ¡net, tynth such violence as to dash tbd fireylspray, in concusiion, fdrry or fifiy feet High. If vi'fis at once the moat wphmdul, beautiful ¡md' dreadfully fearful sjiect.^cle, and ifresistaldy foui- ried th</ thoui>-h's tjo that lake of [fit e Imm wbfitire tjie sm< ke oi lor ment as|en- deth for dver 'ano ev« i I !S.i vvotH of ILm whi) fan! the fi uiulatmn of iherinrtb , ; -------------------, . . --------------- - - '» I not jar from tbe path whe we had i^i^^-'t't'ns of his w<uvl w ’h nik I u wvelred w*th i beau’iful. '‘nrra^tatioa cf sulplptr, flhe distnnre of v'few bntJffrml vardk (>nly from whero we then wbn we }®LsTÌly toofe thè spee'’iest coursf* fV' m so djingf’i[ous ai S)>ot. The nscent off th ledge wa$tnot less d'ffirult tb m (he dei- scotìi had benn, ami for *he lu^* few yartis wa6 alitiost perjiend'cuhr, hot wr> _ all sficceeded In gnin'n\ 'ts 'on in safe' v,'-,ever bmu|\ht to niv m nd he iw'ui rev ' ' - > - *■ *--- •' •> t- vetwl.eft T'itllv udii (r(ld is We reached thè h\ut •abtuit 2 (i’f|orl|, t?rnf>l< majtsh /—let ;■ 11 he nati ins! sa\ ex'li; usted with fa’igue and hun^r, anjd . unti) ^-»od, Ilqto terribk ùrf thou in thy had rmnàediale reason to congratjil iSe ^trurks. J ourselves on ¿il most narrow escape from | l’nder thè n;tfne of .Pule (j^'v^hiy suffe lin^'ani^eottreme danger, ifnot fro^n i this vulcano, ^s you m.iy'have yeuista- deafh. .. . ..... „ ' ■ ■ l i . . • ' tlfe jwholje chasm to be filbng with thiqk , of ihem<e>t dHtmsrulshed (iods ofH i^ tn. Knure in 'n g im )res« ions 1 to upi- I s terrjfic fefciures are well ^u.'.e :he character ¡and abodejnl an unp tious demon, and f«\V woiks in rulture would be luofK* likely to impose thoughts of terror on t^e iguora'pt an<l supt rs.i tious, or froniitheir destructive rav ivi'*. stioner lead td sacrifices\ of propitiation tind pe ice. ft isnow n< fiower over N o t one o f tlit« large numb<T.in nurji’om- pany *nied Af:cr ¡in ear.lv turned rapidly losing its he minds of the peoj: re p o rt seldom sp e a k s the w h o le tru th u* these m a tters, at. it »s r..-l,ei u i.tu a 'in: >y to inquire very particularly into a lady ’3 fortune^ S|ie wai> indulged by her v d nruai.», at home, and carossed- by her k nd friends abroad ; sent to iho iuosi fitsh- ionable school; .he mistress duly ad vis» r ed vhat she was a peculuxrly debate girl, %itli aiost exquisite sensibilities, an,, a tare genius; and w is to be treated With all becom.iig tc-nderness aod considera­ tion. There she learned a fe<$v ol ¡j< useful and a great many of the orn 'mou­ nd branches taught in such sein'Uaries; ;iml was fm.U.ly oespalclieil to a buardias; School to fim>h her education—a pofle, f.ishiouabkij ek-L’ant education; with wlmch the adjective ‘*usi_/w/‘” as usual, had very little, jl any .h.'n^ to do. Sh u w a s now an a c io u ifh s h e d la d y ; she understood F ie n c h aud p a in tin g ; w.ifi versejtl m B e lle L e itre - '; k n ( w som e- h ('f p lijo s o p li}, n a tu r.il m .i u io f.d ; had ^'-one the m u n d ol the s c ie n c e s ; w roiei p o e try ; k e p : an A lb u m ; uuder- st' o d .n iu s ic, and w.>s fin a lly ifitte d out « ' h- W ith a iiiu p . i l u. n iid .ii p ian o ,— ■ “ Whit a tpie la>i\ ; s od die w»>ndei*.ijy . villagers, how tu.shi(>ii..ble how peiter(> - ly im n:« el.” ll was evcn-so; andVlie first difflcu!t^ wlmch ruse, w;us 'hou the etidice of 'h i* ver\ ve\. t.iiius„ lai' s '|l mr loss neces* rvevd— hi.sh.■*. i . 'I i.e ; ivfv i; rl, vh\ h is the whole win hi « f In i \\ do •• •* trmti, Sumej me Iniis ,i i llicult tom ke a pcilet'rlv uiiobji c i .n-rble ' li.iti- 1' was n«.t then to be woiideie I at ilia C 1 - nt lia shin hi te cinii ur«is*ed in m ik ng & •>'ll> Ci c■ n ; for she was < ii-ceroM-ribed in In: spheie hv .lie vrrv sm dl c ’inpass of periei ily ^ei.teej p(i öU( h ,m one, with ,t no i/li l.h e to be at all ajiprehejusive of iti» a-supernatural bHiiiz- [Jmost tlceplesis nie^t we our fices bomeWanl, lim ■m ahd smoke were .et degree ^f he it that testifie vie n.tyof fire. Wô Ind tiot proceeded pa^i v^ds ii'tehected by a |l(t so l')i-'f le ÍH ti e, wh.le he l'-ll'\v in foot ämtis beneath,’up.c entlv pssured ! p<rf>f the uns’ibs’.u'1 ’1 eh irarter of 'he h|de m'lis. In some places, bv’h^ust* Mi!^ omr sticks down wi'h livree, I'irge »ei'i^s w»»tï!d give Way, disclos'ti\ f«snr«»s ■ HO feet wMè, and of fifneq1 3nd holes app-irenîlv without bottom.— we roaijd ascprnin, at the nj ^fliese, howèver, were . gewrallv too we daré approach it. Thj Uli to appenr d^ngerotis. The width tive wati to return, or foil f this ledge is constan'lv {luinn'slied, in till it leifinitmted or t.ecame 'èr or less degree, hv the fill n<r of to he cfossftd. We clpisej ! gra far hefore our khasm at least5 Xer dei>th than 4are<it dist-ince ? onlv altern^- nv its ciHirso tiarroweoon/h the latter, but soort ttllet ail e q u a lly forn v d n h le b a r r ie r in i* cu[ reíd ke, so nated ^ ¡t^asufTocat'ng g' low ofrjf'spTation. W h d r to do, jve pcceived th-S t occasionally , by pn eddy that bighlv impreg- |s, ^ not to d- llirpejfnasses from its ed^es irrn the rra- tfr; and -,t is not imposs;hle, that in some itufe convulsion of the mou-n'ain, the hole istrurture may yet be plunged in- ) the abyss below. ' .. “ ( Leaviw^ tlie sulphur h inks the J a$tèjii Ifcidei wtl directed our cours^ un- rect:on! onposite to that i er the northern to the western cbfTs.— erdlv Henled, amSiwiitrh more nity yvhen our way w^s jh|is made clear hey! ouf hreith ind ra¿ as mp:dlv as 4 “ er the no* l 4 We‘’advanced, »hese became fre*i,a,'nrr what ti be swept o f f f a;r in ö di- tn| which it gen­ ing an opnortu- in t ÎBti^ r e p e r p e n d icu la r till d ie v present- w e hebfl on |d jn o ‘r i : i <rb u t t h e b :ir(ia n d upri'/Jn $ c e o f tlu- daHger i~': ........... . «'olt oiaht to tâsn b u n - ' W 'ld d f ie r n >rous character iiermit t il weg-ene t |n¡ immense wall, fi-om eight to t^n bun- ! w< prod feet high, on w^fose surf ice lluge^ y>nd ífls ordmirv cinrse. |tones and roclís hung, appi^endv. so : ourselves unjeyner*edlv iooselj^as t/> thronten iidl'ng >t the igi'-[ the (itftj^r imneiüment to njiir ota breath.’ Id m.o;# pi ice« a!'hecH-.| itioh ts-yiei sm whirh ’bruptlv if the ground 1'a place be- ^\ve here found ¡etívered from progress— Iran off >n a di- from the : rect;oi far from that we wished to pur- ii^pb'fe cùrling , va ics aYid ^limmtt of lliH- prec;pice • sue aitd in two or three otlie^s, streams | W'eiwere at nji inconsjrl|srnble ^¡stance Hifchy-cohnired lava, extendin\ frim top ! f-om dne of thè 1 >rp<^t Jonical (jra'ers Wbottojn had , cooled in the forni of whosell d>or:ous act:on ha| sn grea*>lv im- ■- .... r , . i . _ _ , V ni [10. Il fre- n- 'ex- ek hnd ng- tas- tí bptto, ........ , ..... , feiii-dl cæcadei, evidently at a verv recent preßte}! nur m;nds during Í friod. At every step somethin0- new we hr atoned to a n^ar tjtra'eted ouf attenfiorn, ?nd by stopy'niT ' it. S > prodigious ^Vi e^g'ne f never pémetimes to look itp, .not w thoift fi feel-' expec ngqin to behold, jiijg of „apprehension, at the «norman« 4 its has-*, we j ove? our heads—at others —i hu^e masses ltt> gatn, by 9 cautiofls approach to 'be funnel brink of the gulf, a nearer glance at the orificfj Equally fearful depth beh>w—atone time cipe< tjumingi aside to tscertaifli the b^at of nj pj»le f| column of steam, »nd at ’another, to ^e- j prop« * the n'i/ht, and •tamin-’t'on of ie On reacbinif. judged *f to 1 5 0 Çj-et h'-gb 'men, inverted f.Tava cohered clef*« and sue cali He! tnehsu.timent 0i souw o *’ . k soi^ie mi.n'.hs before. If his In.' corrf-rl it is jud^edathat the ledge fantmt lie l| than !0OD teet above the bottom, iruis makinglthe whole depth of the crater, t)i it whfeb | have stated' in ihe preceding pafes to be 1500 feet. On similar ground^ it£ circumference at the hottji m ha^ beeji estimated at a distance of fr 5 tp 7 h s, p.iad at its top from R to preiiitlv to our repet, we fount! would Ije necessary to set off on our tuijn early tho next 'morning, all the j visions for thc Natives being entirely pcpdedi We Could havfe p e^ed w hefe w5th undiminished interest, w-iihed ¡to remain at leant one day lc <sr, to vfsii the sulphur banks on th.«’ tern sidle, ^hich abound with beau iful ch-ysta|izatioas, and to make resean hes on the ¡summit. Wig'Voald have F eon tih d al^o, to have added to the vari­ ety of specimens we had already co Iectdd, especially of tho voiciaSc sp >nge^ and cap.llnry volcanic glass, net, found ojn the sr'e < f the crater wber< wie encyrflped. But it was impossible, and we maqe preparations for an early de­ parture4}. Theisplendid illuminations of the pro- ceiingevenitv} were again lighted Up with th ? closing of the day, and after erjoy- in r their hi^uity for two or three hiurs, with refnewpd. deli\|ht we sought repose tyhirh khe fati'.me of the jnornme had i^ejpider^d hitrhjy desii'able. The chatttep- injl of the islanders around our- cabini and the occasional sound of Voices in protfact- e<| conversation am<*n(i our own jiuiabers hefd, however, hardly cease/1 l<>ngera>tujh tojadmft of sound sleep, when the vhlci* nr .’gaSn began roaring and laboring w th redoubled activity. The cotif[isi' n of noi>es was prodigiously great J In a< ditioin to all we had before heard, there wjis ah angry muttering and rumbling frfim tjie very bowels ot the abyss, ac­ companied* at intervals, by what apiear- ea the desparate efforts of some (¡if antic power struggling for deliverance. These sound.' were n<rt fhced or confined to ope pi ice, bi|t rolled from one end of the wiâiout maiiv!“ a I ngi-rinL' lot k beli .nd” even from the) very entrance of oft.- pa h. Ii was precisely G o’clock whfin the 1 ist of our parT> lefi the hrnk’. íjev^r was there à iriore dehgh'ful morn’c/.— >SIlhe^<• wis piM'fi • tjy rlo” e-, and ,the atmospheiti1 was per the air. With t¡be ihermonictw, . .tri . wiho had ;tÿ hiany i ends as bullí ns un ; ec. r , . i e . , m - , p d j . a n d b i . i c i n ^ . A -tp; did assenibl. gb of Mr< 11 » and beauliluüy c o n t r a s t e d cultiurs u l o v v e d n r u t i n d 11 s.— The bed o f d^e cra:oi,st'dl oven^d w th' die b r o a d s h a d o w s ut il^ e.istein banks was of je'ty b|.ickneis. The r e f l e i iio u of theeirly situ added a deep redness to .the wos.ern eliffs—-'hi* bright yi-llow of those o p p o f i t e s h o w i - i t here n n d ñ i e r c ^ J i tince df veimjilbon, wl)ih‘ the bodv of smoke rising! between tiiem, him\ m l'L'ht drapery <*f pearl whiteness ap.unst th«- deep azure of the S »udiern ¡&.V.— Mouna Köa abd Mutina Kea in full view in t h e w e s t a$d norih, ^ e i e richly rloib- ed in purple, while iihe)ong line (ifiinei- vening foresta*—the level over whir h we net sell.-** i^ood subs’.'ntial'lor- • uue loo, w.ii to be souah . Her stars fdVi yie.l her at la s t , howover. a n d shri was marrieci-j— mur.ed ton Joiin; een*le- mun as af;ci mplislied as heisdf; one ogies tit ln> fiiiiers*' bis con*-—An ^ B. and a piotessmn ; who drove lanuein with one hand; winged a pci*on at ev- ei y shm; 1 ud drank no,hing but Made» a. It wiis said the young pcntlem. n a^,d Lto'jy weroiMcii a htilc diwppoin'it''! O due matter j>f the other’s fortune; and .hat 111 ihe u'set then was a ti .llnq jar on the suljed of finances; but Ci'rnel a. adheied ti her p:ano, and Bob to his • 1- lle and Mai c ii-., . nd nil went on quno nnus c.ill\ iijrani. .Neither of tlic'ni hid ever sutiered to ui ni u neily ;i thought, as il:at !»} Ji-'W to.j/e n ltv.n^ whenob«ir c.i'h was c ue, to-fcpifcr heads—liut For­ tune in all these c ises, has a | l.un mut­ ter of fut.H'ay 0 } deal;i.|r wiih »;veti .ti most i’cii.h 1 people, an<1 when they li've sjient ibetr last dollai, jiM Uu n-' .beni out of bopse and home as unceremoni­ ously as if th* y were no better iii m com­ mon f'-lk-, Hi- never vu»rks a mir;*clc to susia.n those vdio nfver learned or had die disposition 1 0 work cny thing ¡iliem'selvtts., And so it turned out in tins ej.se. \\ hsje the pinrso was in tune in the pat lor, ti«ti evt>iV tli'il'.. wis out of tunc 111 1 lie k. £hen ; while the master dr nk M loeini nb ve it urs a u 1 'lie s^'a ints \m re diurtk Wuh (.’osniuC bel w stairs ; while 111 .ihe ni.dit ( fjhe hesucomp m\, the best living, >'»k} dre. m lip of notli i'^; from w h ich bbdjes n f steam es. ( ¿epure some unique or beautiful «pecimlen j ; we occupied more han two' hours in go- ( Jng tlie same niunbe- of miles. ! W.e then came to» spot, on tl>e wes- | tern side, where the Itdge W’dened mpiv i buudred feet, and teminated on the J side next the crater, no as in most pla- i pes, perpendicu|arly, buijn avast heap i»f brokiu cakos and bloca of lava loose- with deafening e ashes, ''tone led, w'th' eqiialwiirce s ragged ^md vawj ,'holPformpd so stnsular and terrifie plosions, whle and Hva were and noise, hing 1 mouth.— f-'im The „ ^n object, *ha* fboujrh mvl draw'ing book h^d afcidentdlv been left w:fh mv hov who jns nnw-llingto descend from the ledge|w:,b 11 «, in ordertol secure a h^sty sketch of it, 1 permitted the other gen* demejn fri. go a few vards nearer than I did wfbile^ occupied myself irith a pen- y»ur j cfaterito the other, sometimes seaming ¡ will slip thrijugh your fingers. Among to be i Immediately under us, when a it was encircl’d, thickly cover«1»! w ih trees and shrubbery, exhibited an equalh bright and lively green. On gaminqi the top of the first preci­ pice, the suriroundijig srenerv W.is so striftinglv bi-aiitiluj, that ih-aitli most of the pentlemeri had proceded me, I stop. ped;lon*,r iinoijgh to secure the outlines of a. drawing, j We W Iked rap dlv duripg the morning, and by 12 o’clock reached the houses bujlt for our accommodation, half wav between the harbor and Vole 1 - no. We determined to £pend the nighl at ibis place. lAfier dinners native dance wa«i perfirrmwl similar lo that witnessed on (air wav nii th«* mountain on Mi>ndsiv —-'ffer whidl we retired eatly to rest- set off before flav-light the next morning j . 1 h Ì bu- pleasilu- and ^nitu-ement one of B T’s were pass-mg/and die Pre< ip.\ b^h,« h | ^ ^ kBucklcp . b< ^ lös ..It! ari ill b;c ii sc ; they know just and on roarhe.d the bay in Safety ut 1 o’clock Friday.” ; T H E T R K N T O N EM P O R I Ü M . BJL FRO M ip r c AT I ON. A little niijiney is a good thing in the oufset uf lifrt^ if a person have wisdom to make njnghtiand judicious use of it. But the bead andí the pocket must bnbmre well — the sctÜes must be equipoise«! —for if one or thejínher kicks the beam, a loss will inmost jcasfes ensue. If you have too little witjthewbjld w ll over^-reacb you ; if too inuch, you will <»ut wit your­ self. In either case, ten chances to one, iiirse, or ra'her the contents of it, ........ ip through -- the dangers to which hereditary wealth le tr?mor of the ground on wlijch we 1 subjects us afe pride, indolence, extrava- l^v, tcok piare, and then again n ‘hing ’ g-ance ; and |be smaller the portion of our t(i the farthest othor extremity, wi b in- ; inheritance, |the more danger is there.— The si^hole arwas , But what most extraordinary is that _senv- those rous- Eve- cjilculAble velocity, fwled |snth the tumult, .and event most rfoundly asleep, were quickly ep by jit to thorough wakefiilness. rV mqnition momentarily increased, and Eord |B. springing up in his cot etrlaim- eH, “ |We9hall certainly have ail erup­ tion—[such power must burst ti rough' ¡very | thing.” ,He had scircely u speialiiag when a dense column these very qjvils, are often nursed up in the same crajdle with the child, cherished with hisgrovftb,and instilled info his hab­ its as he pasies through the routine ofhis education, hjr parental care, and misjudg­ ing affection! o Cornelia ¡i^as an heiress. That is, she was worth $ome thou^nds of dollars— I nevf?r knew’ cxactly the sum; coounoa .as much about gentdiiy, and rll ,hat s..rt of ‘hmt’, 'us h bear about a tadv’s t< lei ; anil tbeirlore, asnii[.dit .ilniost h ivebeen expected, ‘ he Carpets, the pl ite, the side- hoaiil, an(J even the piano Wus levied on. 1 Si.11, sipiar as phy sical ab.lity wasrun- cenied, n^a- not too late perhaps tx> turn the cuneit ol affairs. There was a plain and readyl remedy for the disease, evni in its prc.x nt state; an entue change of living andh.dii's; eet.oonn fm exinva^ c.mre, and nfriusiiy for indolenc«. Bfit IlieW h.ird.is it for il)ost> who A', ivo 1 ei-n nhiH educlited to ch mgp ; how of• <-;, -s the moral'ability, the wll, waiting 1 And llieie it pfloved to be ilio c.a>e. Tliev 'itrugi.ded w h.le to keep up aj>- pearances\; and only sunk dei pei in die end. Teli years aftei, they were i.lnu.st forgolltin.) 1 made many enquii .es ; t'er thenxahning the y illagers, and finally d.s. covered that Hot f*rt and hjs wd’n had separated'; tlr.t lie had exi band’d bis dogs anti irun i.-r a tar hat and a blue jacket; was a w indeier of the sea; <.nd the ebigaiit and acci mni[il;shed Curnts- lia, ins.cod of ibiimbing a pi-no, was gamifig a «canty subs.sti,nce at thc spm- ninc wheel. S<> much for the story. Industry and v.rtue aie the best le:- 'Ctes parents can bequeath .iheir oflspiing i the only suro defences against misfortune.—Let those who are charged with the education of children bew'arr, lest through nn r>\cr anxipty to, make the in uro mpl‘lied, they fail ltoj make them useful mfmbers of society insfead of m; k ng (¡liem re- spec table j make them proud ; iustecd of cultivating their genius, leijd them into indolence. I say beware. A barrister observed to a learned brother 1^1 court, ihe other morning,’bat he thought his whiskers were unprofes­ sional. ‘you are right,’ replies his f.end. ‘a lawyer caq^t b*tqp barefaced.’

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