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Jamestown journal. (Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.) 1826-1938, June 21, 1826, Image 4

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’! i r T H E T R E A S U R E S O F T H ß B E E P . \ t fiï CAWPBF.UW Wint hidst ttíou in thy treasœ-c caves and celli, „ , . f ‘ Thou liullqw soupding and mysterious Main.? # • ‘ Pule fL , J .p'trri«, and rainbow del* or’d sht-IK, * j Bright things which gleam unreckM |of, . and hi vuiti. j • X$ep, keep inv rich«”*, rr.''lHn/'holy «et 1 . Wv is£, not ..;r!i of thee. l ct more, ?fi‘> Depths buve morr ! W|ut wealth ! Fatr down aud j?irii!i:'\: tiirc>u<rh the s*iflness las’! . Thou hast the starry gems, the burning p o l d , | ' Wan from ten th<.y*and royal Anrossi|'<^ —-Sweep oVr thy-ipod«, thuu wind aiid wnuhful Main! lumb claims not these again f Yet mow, the Depths have more ?—Thy. waves have rolled * Above the cities of ^ world •ernrre hv 1 feand h’ltli filV d up tl>r* palices of< Id, $ea-wced, o'ergryjvn the h.ili of re.« liy ! ■f— I). *h o'er Jieru,^Occ..)i, iu thy actorn- 1’ui j.l-iy, llb.i yields them to decay !' hv\ piort- ! the bilic w-> ofthe depths have more ? H^b hearts i.ud brave are gathered to thy bre-ist f , irih- i ’ 1 Tiiov ,.e .r not now the booming wafiirs , M iy The IrMtle thunders will not v’break, thoir rc«.t. Keep”thy red gold and gems, thou sio/uiiy gral-e, Give back the fine and brave ! (jrive bark the lost and lovely:—those fjur 'j whom. s‘ j The place was kept at board and hearjth ; so Ion®? * J The pnyer went.np through midnight's ^ breaithless gloojya, And tiio vain yearning woke 'midst festal song: ^ I Hold fas1, thy baried isles, thy towers o'< thrown, But all is not thyown ! To thee the love of woman hath goije down, Dark flows thy tide o’er manhood's noble hend, i 'N pjui^yoirth's bright locks and beauty’s flowery crown; \>t h^JUst thou he,tr a voice—Restore the ■ .’cVl ! ‘ - Earth sh:l^l reclaim her precious things from t&ee; Restore ‘he dead, thou sea 1 STANZAS. CJ’rtr? to thevworld m rosy health, And drink i«-; sweet allurin« pleasures^ Bow at tHe goj/den dirine of wealth, And worship Pme’s bewitching treasures, But know, /he hour of pain wll come, /1(nd sickau’-'ss brin'i iis rlmid of sorrow, ToVnip Jm -I• <-.m o'ir happy home, And qufiLoh thi suulijht of tonioirotot. Twine-ye the gree’i bay wreath of foy, And ^bind it «m tue brow of gladness, And Ifrf no warning voice alloy— , !No - 1 j'i Ini spirit breathe of sadness, For fillip shall be his meed of Miss, W.ii-se hold on time so -< 0 0 1 1 must sevelr, WrVi ffi'is no other Wo-ld than this, , And with it—lokcis all for ever. Pal- -iTkntss with its tndn ef wo«1.«, jMUfoLtime, penury, and f^rii f, The ini>rnfal fate wh ch outnmn throws ^-iivcr the sere and faded leaf«— J The srood man’s doom on earth may^)e^ j • And ’ae may struejile lonff with fate, But. sweet the rest Ins soul shall see | When worlds h^ wreck’d and desolatif- tver^ ihen t^e ri isidençe af ialier ab a n d o n e d tti m e re p u rp o s e s o f | w itn e s s b e fs e ll. Itw ^ s a tk n iU y T h e co ld n e s s of* th e seasoa addec to | die \fro m th a t circum s tkd d o w a s ! vi and in- f thé prisoner had impatience df thfc populace^ who nally vue.ferai riotous noises, they would dot derive much tnoijal g6od from the expeeti d exhibition, StIÏÏ ¡3»e c a o ie r, no o th e r < ; u e i, and not as now wht lly placed there the eVelmg witness beiceli. in- f valued, and was so ; » fo'rejbjy thè I, and much he b|y the d sitoSry discordjmt n nd prisoner; who had often beforb seep it and which seemed to infer tpat was acquainted with alj the cfrcunis^nces connected .with it. A younfg man, cler'k.t the nextpitneSg'called ialthotich.................... tlie sheriff’s horse, proplerl^ jac- | when Rpbecca^s absei coutred, stood reidy at the door|jof the theSpoops which formi \ gates of the prison remained closéd—^nd .... .. jlerK ac- H e deposed, th a t ce w a s d isco v e r e d , d p a rt o f the usual ¡e n o f th e e x p e le d ex- ! b rea k fa s t s e r v ie w e le m iJS^d— thHt h-s Itibifion nithorisiid a hope of ihe, speedy ; suspid^rwffiipediately grati Oration of curiosity. j ! ; that iioimqtHred if onj The town be! at last rang for oaé o’ j gone aa^d-tfns*ti4d n< cbick, the iiour of dinner to most of imp..r-.i-m crowd trho could expect sucfi a • anewe: whir’ - ' ■e lie i ticularly inquired ant: that the rer to or h ohtajï r<-(. cti^n, and which usually drew pwaj tli* lr w.*v(!r;d plucts o^ residence all tpat ' prisoner had .my resi<k;nrd to repair to j but c^n- hr>ii«e on thi»1 trury to the common custom th<f crowd remained as conjpict .¡sever; ¡neither liunjer nor Cold ¡jeeined able to thin tl^eir ranlvs. • 1 ; Ano*ber hour passed awuy and the sheritrs servant wi^ seen to t ike HLshojrsc 1 ¡md jrallop-with Ijim to the -stabjle. L\t, .1 an office■ lie foi d; to to th e com m o n custom th<f cro w d r-ine m iles fro h ^ B istoiJ her a work bds&et wl hnen mdoi’ier article the spoons a n * rin ^ w< tom o f the b a fk e t. T w itn e s s seernqo to fix in ? to the to/m s o fla w that s^’ird ra in v d f the p o p u l .ce ieparjut« \ id e n tifie d b y th e ir o w i ed, but it w;ts soo{i p ro rh u m ed , (fo r so p i^ l the rin<r, w h ich had no w bo as tlu v could Got tret s ght o f the sht*r- ( w is re c o v i'm i. T h e iff g ratified th e ir cprio-> itybv fo U o w in e h:s 1 found in h e r p o s s e s s ion horsn,') th a t th e | beast w as njot i|n- f\U n t w h e re she p'.»t it sar!>Jlc.f 1. atnl im jBU ien t curins-ty s till l}n- h e r re s !-!cnc<' w rthotu ;i^one\. ■ Thesie ur- jiered round thè cnmt yard, till on<J by ùrie ticlfs w, .<• proLibly ir fhe populace retired as thè sleet.aijid sntnv e . < t, i», imi ’h»* road. .h. : hi rrr’n to block un thè awnu<i tu 1 he 1 : \•'■''■’■.■vd by .thè off pris<m d.-ove tlicrn refuri.m \\ iW i|. -i \!i li 111 .¡^d am: A trini had l.eei o-nipleted at Slie l|ist at ilie pl..re nienti» nei terni of thè court < f rr’nnn.d inr'-iii.i iilSn, s->ini ti ’b-'lriann a^l thè populace 1 ad .sas< i \ n < mi U fi t'jsoo jji<- uhi<'h h ■: 1 i.’lt.mate operfitioni tr;r l d ie p a rty a c c i ite w i:h the cro w ( ha ree urtfrue ; *' the princip il iìie eloquence 11 ul .i ml H d t'j sci; |ii<- «hi o fri e a 11 ¡irti.ir of'the law. .11 fiori ( f il^e iu ^—a. ki> ■li tnwMideed >hat dtrintr thè p^’ottreis of jihe picion ilifu .dii. u'|Fi .} M d had lieen a favoli- prò«.)' h 1 I i een v'^>pl ost beheved tbe r»*nil\ined unto)«’ <fìi’< anv d< uoted ibi; \aerftc- ■ tr >n' Ttròn in a ojfTe«« witness ; al! iidmired h>ips :he ji iM«e « !i‘n li e ;itnl iiiirenuitv of ¿he le*- of thè l'ove-m'PMt’s Iti ten« e, ano even ths otfic.al sternrtess | <ff ii'eiice me>-( 1\ f thje imwili nu effbit oj\ thè jiu ijf* \vlit*i hejcame to prono’Ji:ce thè thè m.inl whirh hesita^ts to deride ¿pott s’en enee of thè lafli M-eincd to laiilter | in any painful openttiob ja». well as to< |>er-j declai np its.qnti dltmt severity on a v^o- foun it 1 'el! on the prisoner, other things were ■that h$ affaia pnr* rece:ved the ,same lest of ihe prt^ecut- and followed the id her at a ¡small Provjdence, about —that bfie had witli ch contained pome of appare l, and that e found at tho bot- e testanony df this ie chai'He aci<»ri!- Tlie goods 'were j*r, Ptid'parti(ju].irly been missed till it tolrn property w .s • She pave bio ac- She llai] fleiilfiern' tended to pay her This witne$é w.is er of :he L>w who sted the prUoner There was yet r of the evidence 'v.iV to the cotiv.r- of hni:er’.iip sus- c limn' n forpi. of !. sorn^.hingj ye' uiii:ht ¡»resent the ijt a* p<*ct ; or ip< r- .Jaued at the flosQ átinionv was the ev-* m^ip. Tbe party convrt>-d could liaidly called a wonvn, <jlthous;h she v\as tm- , counsellor as the aiivu<|f s^s . ant, who had then piofessionjd career ; aqc lick had formed ffcat que>tir-nai ly en.'*li] 1 to all the i ’indn due to her «ex, forche had not conplelod lier seventeenth'ycju-. Re’oecc- fltunitifi, (we choose to gjve j wh ch the impurity of her real name, andjnot that by wh ch jfhe | p<<ss:Ue exceeded. This eendein n ha<| the cause by the human 11 rememb^ Some expectation ii|<eed l^e cited fron» thi appear was arraigned) was charged w^th, fi leni- L ously stealing “ three s.lver table t spoiffls . f-r the value ,of niné dollars, aqd ohe \pldl horn, :he we mourning ring with a cypher in pair, of of the jail, ai thee v.ihie.ihie off tenen dollars,ollars, off thehe eo¿dso<j>ds andnd common pic4 v o t d o t g a chattels of one CiepiL'e ----- , Esquire, In !i s dwell ug-fyjusi; ^u.np' founti,.igl!ns> he peic\ md d.gnip’.iff the Çoiqmorjweal nul the fi rm ofTth; statute in sujrh case Bi;*de and provide«).' ( , Wnen thè voice^of thè presiditì^r jn«lt^, in h irsh tones of oflìc: il forni.iLtyJ chicli (}id uut proreed (^ùm anv Ji.irtmess ; of Hear , «iiiected her-to throw ! ackljer héaid jeai ind shew ber ,f re to ihe juiy, mei trembljug->nd r’einviie h.uid h uqly T' ìis il V o trtke off tl|e faded silk ¿ardi lai |<?Ì' ;1 Y o trtke wh c^i had roDi e;d it. This being ti­ ll A e4, displayed a louud and ejt^ress vÜ face of sm.dl featu'es wh'ch seiijejd ìntJ^i de.tdly pdeness afiLT the momentary bliLsh <¡1 shame hid faded away. A prtius.or of l dit hiiir fell in disordered rm^leis i^oii^d her neck, and still partially shade« blue eye, from whi :h slowly butcionsianily maoazinç . r PUl'.M TH£. UOSTON MoNTRtY Iliiract frgm un article in the last numb ' of tht Magazine, entitled “ Juridical, ■ Recollections.” i ft was on one (Vf the cold and bjenjk d^ys of November, at the period before frientioned, th it a crowd had reflected tw fiour.s before the common time of open ^ in<? the prison :md interrupted! all ■ nassinu either through Court street or Con '.hill. The <;ood people who assembled f< Thursday lecture at the .Old Brick Jleei iij z ifoose, fiir by some ciuious conic flenc * TThursday was selected by :mmeiin>r'.aln: a^e for xrh:ppins< and prayers, wei«? Inteif- r> >ted in their „tiempt to go to tl;e phiqe of worship by the uneximpled throng ijn th(! sireet.-, and the'r devotions disturbed bv the sin ats and huzzas of the mob whicjb extended from the prison to the rhurch. ( The usual time for the commencemerjt of t!ie procos^on had passed by and th^ no.se a;ud uproar in the street r<sfttinued to r»nnov the quiet inhali'tarrs ; for Couijt street aad GorahJl and Siato street alsp tear afier te..r*«lro^ silently fell, apd teeth were both of the vvhife marble; and at t:mes there mghr tra'erd in her nmner an abstra< ¡houiiht, an indiffe jence to the nti'ter;otn tri J', which qave lier more the apjjearcijict i f a st- tue fr«>m tte hand of si me cele- ,vho li'iiJ asdoep le r |ij:s nef j, , of had been ex-j ance of a y«>ûn^ te of tho defend« t commenced. Ins of whom tho pub-j vorable prediction ts reputation has if been called !inf5 ty of Mi. Hortst ■ed superintendant and a perffìrt roiitr.ust ti) thé common pic*ures which cl .he li Lrd-be'irteuresjs il r offii . Is. M-. Hartshorr v ai |t tlas unfir una'.i* :i nr.dfr h’3 cu e wna ao conim^n class ot fidotii- c.-lin resign itu>n, such (. rtjmpany und assoc utiii^ tlie prison, ind such ipt toward» her ly alljhe ^eel ugs triuni|.heo i ve|r en' severity, wh’i l. w 1 $ ing. He appropriated! 1 0 hex,latthe request she maiie, a sep. rate ¿n soon assumed mure ne; hiess than anv other ap.'rtmen1 in the piisonjand he railed to hera:d iheyi'unp f:entfe en promise of his futu$c bar. 1 His efforts” Iiowev s«< ined ahofrether ill v wui,Id lu 1.! nm C'\ninu«i had been drtiwn and cruelty oj'sijn- le onlv .1 iem1 of n:. Île;- c nduci •flereqi fin® l^p -.iit^.e was suHi ;■ Hr:nMnp fron| the of die !nim t<?s i f tr friendlessness >rld, .Jiai h'S good the hab:t of appar- his ordinai y seem a y S' till! «inly ■pom, wjveh any othc railed t< man who ha<! piv- eminnnco at the in this respec* n. W'i'h him she ___ _ tin. Sliô refused ¡ be ! to ti ll why she <h.-u left; 1 he mansión oí the .. .,1 . .................... . . i .................. . .'V. L . ,.^ 1 .. « v i i . » ___ on; ol brted sculptor, lia^i a hv uu bein^ ..1 issue < »en more'than lieT I fe. led sb >wl rolled round he neck ooric ed her throat and jnost of bur figtre, ind 11 was eviilent thatj the ordei ti) j remove her head covering,«.is wholly unexpected, and that she had ralrulated c.iiipasslnp thr« ugh the forms bf the trial, w.tHout (be­ ing subjected to th|e Srpitiny of s^rtatijirs. When the ch-ik' had lead tliej indict­ ment, he proj,i.se<l the usu d qui-stipn—fire you tru.l'y or not ¿uilty ? • W ith aji effort that seeme«l intejided to conquifr sotme great difficuliV of rn inqutter.ince jowurds in a place so hnpnsint', sb<* cast her e^-es to heaven, and raii>!iiiz up one Immjl in tfol- emn adjuration, sn«' slowly pnil in! a voice thr Ibntr from jtsi clearness, distinctly f»nt- swered, I am not gu.lt) , s«i help rre Gfod, The action unfolded the shawl ,md exjjos ed her p« rson §s f|r as the bar m wjliii h ^bd- prose« ifor, 0 1 hew thi f.osM ssion. Inde«‘d s plan; ..on .*rd replie^ mquii 'es wi'h a mr nos Some’h'n!: btAoi.ljMjt At.^cplwhirh hung over her odscdijie inti 1 her avnraed all ex- Jiisi professional able or a tear.— great j calamity seemed to wifi^h rbed all her mel- ><<u)ig founsdllor d w n her spriis an’! al. ancholly reflei tions, tli af:< r two or thm u>el|i s inte/views, ^ie- cbiied that if her uppe.srance suitisfted |iim she was innocent, her c shew >ulil be dechired it lie b id however take|i bar and when life puut>e 'iductleft no doubt be guilty. * ¡■ his place at jthe w hich followed the <iii< i bision ofthe coV( 1 ament’s te»ti¿no- I'jy* a cull from 1the cornsel to pro- r sii me»l to bit in intercluir client, no testimony to adduce'n her behalf, byt that with popnìis- 1 propose a qfsifes- lrtst «»n the sta^id. ny was iiiiermi]it<il b»‘nch for ihe prisoners ceed, the \oun¡.' adti'C-ll as threat a dilomm¿i a* laH If'* r«*marked th.»t he h}ii s*on ofthe t ..1 1 1 1 h<* cfeiil tmn or ivvo to the WitivH' stood would permt, mediately agrim her, but not until form had been set portion and beauti1 To sortie this ii ur d impulse of a vinnoceiire—hut others n.ns deif atric.d and .iflecteii, and aripi«.*«! fr< existence of thajt cunn.ii'; which is not Ubft guilt. The trial did n£it aiTord much I\Irs. The cross ex ui i'!>tJon established p int f.ivorable to the? «defendant. Th aroîind ' ofthe advocate seemed of lier I lief ’bat ne \had found sc until it was all lastily wrapped the symimiry n to-be of delicate pro- in the story of tbe w'rtnef- he h'mself had taken the he rçat- itrong i.onscimnj and ijquently the cvk «pcidclnt. , the lady of the pmsecu or, tes­ tified that ihe, pá.soner had hetttij in her family thi te year» as sem pstress-j—duri n g w hich time she hajd condu« ted w ith p« rlject ’nteenty,[ih<it fe­ nces I of had 'no prudencc, propriei v and centlv she had! eihihited appe;.ra dejection and mi-Ianchon)-]; she' suspicion, howevi|r, of her Intending I to leave the family,! when one niormng, was discovered she had flown, a ) missed nd sp<’ons were also mi at the same he witness hehevedyJjad ges having been expeijd- pparre). The It and the etítatr. TIirresecmed youn^ no *pe lost 1m* wi'h a nil nient indeed \y]ien the sharp' < ye o flaàh v^ith a pe- me iWconsistertry , who at first skid irticb's out of èie tion appeared the rçat- basket, but ¡rfrerw: rris thnt he hnd ness' of ibem taken out by thd1 I it the-, b.i^keiwas li.im'ed ;<• li^n for inspection, m ítithe i Once also it se» raed as,! ~the ’ artijicel teied on the quMon Í) eocó of roid she had t.,ken >r t!l she h.»d stofiptHÍ. pud wfl that he had «o^iy traced jj- the roaii, a çtujprctsed njio¡]n oner drew 0¿m he : tlnj: Kden a (pie « fflcer wïien i«ii witness f|«h w ho knew f|he • lieuse at which icn he answerpd ei bv inquiries pn i from ihe pi s- eyes of the jury to he l[tkle ground for t^ie % counsellor to ¡-tnim nponin defence, but h^Has pot wànt'ng ipljust'ce to his o*n reputation nor in ihe «ìu^ that a ncher «fi­ eni might have reqniredj j t his hands, ijfis address * 0 the jury was <ne > of those bijil- liant pieces of pôetry, 'inicb when ar^u- ranting, an inge- knowi so wpll Ment or evidence may b ) nious and artftd advoat « The prisoner, as no money; her wr ed ou uece.ssarv f been in the toilet in the chamber td wlijch verdict, the excellent ¿¿od character ¡of ng «'id how to lay before his f x ditors. The de- ve^’ties of the law, thè :i irsequence of tpe the ptisojne •, tfio inconsi^terocy and wen the folly of thjî oond her friendle ss and foi lorn situation,, form­ ed the; pçin :ipal topic s of his speech, while with an adpregs and been so pequliarly thi ; characteristic of his professional career, i net charged upon her, ingenuity that has e intimated the in- stifficjcn^y of the evi lonce to support' the inference of her guilt* and seemed to hint without assprtitiir that although no expia- gh eu of the manner w ere ?jfound iu her tliere by. accident or of Joseph, said he, w in the snick of iBenjanin, and the money sajel of the children of .Facofo, every man’s money ii|i his sack’s nouth ; and tbe ora­ tor followed uut the iric m iujpnation bad ation codld lcgidly lie in whiçh1 the articles possession, it alight be possible they came mistak«\ The cup as of old time found deu which lus pi 0 - suççestcd, by draw- i n e a <x*nt4‘ast . b e t u e d n t h e k i ’n d n t ' S s o f i h e f a t h e r ol”! B e u j r i m n a|id t h e u n f e e l i n g qe-_- lect and ¡forgetfulness of tho^e who ought by nature to have a^sibted ;he beautiful and drooping fjower1 hat was> bc'ndin*/Jake the roseJbud in a storm. Every body was .ifTrcted bv thr unbajipv ql>;ert lor whom this useless eloquuncd was exhausted, TIa l salo fix os occu 'os <iveraa trnrbat ' Nìc Magis incppto vultum sermoni mo - v(tu^r Quam si dura siici out stct mdtrpesiu caute s. ■ The offirer of 1 be ¡Commonwealth said hot a few word$ ui rifplv. Tbe piesidiim judee remarked totlij jury that they were : J> * I ! * i n a ' r i c j M y f ig g e d S a n t o » c r a p e ; i p e I head ge^ tras ^ bkcJ^Mnbèt^op. wiiifh, 1 a profusion of ribbon3 .^intastîeally ar~ * i^inped| .“ ¿tood,” as S||^d»speäre sayty like (juills upbn the fretful poráupme,”]^' trembled as she tossed lw# ^ead ‘in seem, of her. humbler opponents. Tne' dr^ss denoted fhe tnillmer, and Stvi :h Indeed s was, decked from behind ihi , jcounter.. Opposite to this witness’, as she mottijt| the chairi sat the coinpiatáeos. A‘WuT ble paii ; Mrs. Phoebe De I'ord oöer^ in her fight liair,' blaé eyes! and' piè simnticiiy of cuuntenaiiCe, she i contrast .imaginable to the pugna&tto to settle a fact and 1 of tlive ¿n'shed- the rrowc <>t. gfatify tbeir. Im­ mane or rfiarjtahlo teel.nos, and the ver­ dict was in a few minutes recorded by the clerk that the prisoner was guilty. Tilt* rest were Soon tidible iû L.oking prosecutrix. From the evidpifci*' of Mrs. Christie the reporter caught tj:i' f< '.lowing, which he hopes thè reader mn]!1 tmdrrstaild, although ho is not so happy 5 —“ Phoebe De Ford, she ik come,* her s:.^or too, to n:a houle ;¡ well den .sh«f s.- vs hnw I ol.le her mrm^ys, wat fcr¡ í sii y _ I no plie no moiicy fur }’cu cat w.it for pay \ h^'J I uo f[in : ^ savs she v. dl av de money, dm his sis she strike and preak ma sash öl&l I h low lor de n:arders: Vel ¡Le she comes in, and take her blow «.ti bark ot do shoulder, Je ear rurrs, aud swai»e Öodc »vis De Fi ! land Wid and traréti’; \ri^ bn 1 1 o»de house—and her wiis sâ^e sir kij» ain too. M r . N . O t «aid 1#’ hitd n o q u ? s in 11 i:«*r, and when.. ^be cíen niem f r Hier 1. hour u.s lefus t ÍS+* hé .5 it pron|! c to un^c standf telrçved; td rs. Dif; Ftjiid ,, vvbo' wa$ a anded -o.lv ■£ ed Judicial proceedings Not a whisper was of .the <^>urt room while 1 be clerk proiuiunced the*' follow. 11 ^ sentence 1: u The court;havrnj ccmsiderod of your offence do order that you be pubHirldy whipped on tbe nf-.ked back, ten str'pes, that you pay to the party injured twelve pounds ten shillings tnd sfx'jjence, v^hk h with the prt cles restured is treble the val­ ue of the articles stolen, and if the seme is not paid in tbhty < ays that you be <Ls- posed of in service t«1 any person what!; v- er, for the terra of si:; months, and tlia you stand comanLttei until. sentence be performed.” The prisoner waited a moment. An officer opened the d< or of the criminnl’s bar in which sh<? had been placed durini: the trial, and as he reached r ut his- hand to lead her from the court house she fell senseless on the floor. It w. s to see the hflictiom of this pun- 'shment some jveeks afterwards that die /i eat concourse of s »ectators had assciu- l.led at the time we have mentioned.— How they were disappointed has aheady been «Ust-lon'd- Preparation had been made for its inflictior when the fortitude of the suflerer tailed.' *I’hfc impenetrable silence which she had preseryed gave tray to the kindly adnionjition» of the worthy clerpyman who had Prevailed on her to l^ten to his instructions; or more proba­ bly to the awful npporehension of public ejptsure. She disclosed circumstnnces sshidi induced tbe .slierilT <>n bis own re­ sponsibility to ¡suspend tbe execut on of tbe sentence, and finally pie vailed on the supreme exeonive to grant hn-r a frtife par-'1 dm. She bad been pr«inounced gu.lty and w.ts pardoned ; put she w.is in.truih lj tions t<i npl; the witness; but ed to bi a difficult r would state wb it be sincerely be the facits. Tbe i>is*or of IV Ind v.-oikl'i fi rM.-s. Christiej T-1> it. Hhq then rt qiiested Mrs. De Fcrd t<» ao wl^-i her, and together they demanded the ney vfhkjh 31rs. Chrstie icfcsed: they ^enfi> w'ay, hut met Mr. Chr:>jtie, . 1 ! trill lnm they could rot obtain ilije p'\rv‘*j'j, :èid he tells them to fo.hack Hvitb bimi—^ When tjtèy arrive, IVI rs.1 Christie rrir> plains of Jiaving beeu beaten by the t^vn ststers, aiidboth ¿be and ber husband M to and tuÌ-n them out of the shcp. ‘ He should examine a witness ,tu ptr vc tint violence proceeded from fhe slsteis. Francis Xav:or,_ sworn^ teftiued, firr heathen Creek to most i;f those present)! '|| ns far could b<’ g..’!.nrc r\ as font w« >- D ? sister, d is w airii’s :s tvork for M1 Cliristie.; Well slv; toie b m if be Erivedd shawl sh# wifi pay him. Misfer Cbns^ij say how fir* shall p:iv 1 : gtwrr.!!-, paynu ' '■'^xTTwid he sistei de wifjij of di-t h\ib.i.nn!s. ’Wtl), Siri Clir’st» É>nv, dif no dC'e-^-vvben be f ^\min ?u ’n ee r;re .t>•!<;; ! fss'cJi:-- en wimins i\ es ( af f ir co to |jo^nc| and m]‘£^ts JVlr. €,'h:i. *;e it'wkr! vr>y.- $1 s-ivi v/ell you b.n to me [>. n’<> i:In* st>\i Miss Christ« ¡■•■y. > Eh b.en, f-i:u say, crme wid me I re .lie.« ¡».<y. Il>< it dese viromcns she c« in, arid jll -• Cbriit.tf she jay bow dev tnisli }: . Wi*ll, Christie he‘trash <dis niant ii \v .;.is s j(r ^ ‘ oui of do shop an*; we :,ll *■,; 8ioy. When the last wit in >3, ■„> v.,yi <! t- iWj chair, Mrs. Christie hunt: iijunii Lis A atl.rpatening marrer. Bi-'n^ dated with a se«it am* 11 \ ihe ini/jrTi' < s. of the bar4^he com»ien«.eu in^l'in^it’i’r II Francis hm« h to the a mu iV aide of him q.r:fl!.. il Í thè court, and not untili,tbe exerrcns thè cotirisel, couirt .'•lnid even vonst ibios were put.f«>rth, comld n stoppeij be fi.vcd tjpJ on »he vitupi rativje ■utjxjiti . in«,^ i.fber lÙb-J ylotjisb ton-ue. ^Kveu <ìt J ..»t b w'mi murs testrfied ber1 prnfeund ^^.',nlel';pt innocent |uf tbe crim^. A sin?le wond put j ihe witness and lus rause, aivijp.'h^ tbe excellent superintendant on an >nqu iy' ri.ed eeress at tho usu il vent, vvhich teriminatcd ip the perfoct satisf.c- fo. itires the expr^sa-on èf a fi tion of those friendsj whom Provideure J Thi Ri corib r, obse.fd^, that she bad been r.isc it wu? a h.'ppv « ii cums raised up for her wrongfully condemn« discharge pronounced than her convJctiou. benumbed with the Sht heard her with Hess fortitude tier senses had brdn the parties were present beV.ie the ; if\ as ' where such Uu;r,a lliif-bl^ were made, it would pe: btiji-¡be a:- :.i!c| deness of tlie blow }nd!>e by the rppe.itrnee and coeduct t]ie parties as in any ether yjav. It impossible to clearly ci.n:pr< hf-nd tbt ' ' - ‘ ' 1 v. Tin­ ter hv tbeir 1 •nonnjyp on which iissfiiled her, atid she bore without being sensible |of them, the rapid move­ ments w U'icb spcceedpd it. She bald now awokje to‘all the h^ors ; h o w *« h m r d the ev idence of her'sittiation. Sh^i had e*-r^ped igne- ; verd.ct—not guilty, mihy as £( thiel, but H<lr rliararter coubl Shf* ba/1 been dereiv- \y .iS- inia;- j u r y Imme diligi not be preserved. ed, ruirie^l and betrayjed. She p;ned ^or a few mopths in a mejlanrholly depression : of mind whi< b bordeted on fatuity and f, died in beconiine tbei mother of 0 lifehyj W€te child. * A scheme hajl been rontr vod bv | ^t f (>n(jn^ the rerkliess vilbiin tvho had been the ranse of her misfortune to destroy her rredibilit}, and esrape tbe ronseqiience which m manliness h«| ought to have, as­ sumed. ■ ! ft was found that bjis testimony on Imr trial adher«‘d in li-tter to tji<\ truth, wliilf T r h firrn — In tbe l.fe n f W i l l i a m P iriÇ k - n e y just pubi shod, are som<- fl-xiiarfs iVdünï p-iv ate ro r r e s p o n d e n r v <.f th i| c e le b r a ­ ted I jxvver and o r a te r , ‘w r n 'e n in E u r o p e . o f ih e f V ' ! e (j M-i follow insr is s.ibm itted the “ -epnus a lle i ; on jo .d irïse îtnpro\>e* meut” of all persons who ch^w or smci to'barro. < i M “ I 1 .' ropr &o f;ir nc to use of tob„rco to which I Waslonrc^-i bteefi months km 1 J»« e. It is novf nh-'ut je'^iwrej» montiis , « i, , . ■ . hPve tasted th'-s pernicouH wi-i?d, hu¡ I ,{ dt a.r,™,, »,n,l . w,,fh. of cm , flirb,,„ llK. uf h himsHl oli'Hl W ol; frpi nl'.nri‘ coul<] l«> of |K)Kllh. , ^ ,;lati,rwM .¡^ | bnrelv al»1( .¡repei to remova Avoiding tin* ^<*d h»?re as a vu!;: -r habit, 'Vhicii b rlosurt* before the trirk was developed, ;^ sircd socio1v niist - disc’mi.^Sm Kr» iîiafraiirl^n ìiK l irr» H v OQ fanim r h l'i'ftm l * be defrauded justice Ljy escaping bejond its jurisdiction, mw-iot CONFUSION (iP< TONCll'n. 7 k tpeople rs. I A iris’D e JFdrd a n d P h a - be hn fff\ This ivasn case of. assaul'fand battery by the defin«3ant on j the person of Julia Chr.stie. All fhe parties, complaina!!*. compfciinees,and witnesses, w ere emigrants from Canada, residing in ihisc.il v. The lan­ guage' with which the Batter tnfd their sev­ ere! stories, defies a report, combining as it did all the beauties of th«1 Canadian p.1- tois, with attempts at jEngli h which baf­ fle description, and set stenography at nought. Julia Christie sworn, worald relate the facts her own way, which site did with Unintelligible volubility. She was a sal­ low laidy with high cheek bones, a quick restless erray esye, iind a countenance which, indicated! pre^t ejfcrtability of tem­ per. She had \arrayed her spare frame lier«’' is cons'd«*red as a most ly practice/'— L.J. Star ingHntlemin.. Ir wÜTf1> 3ent is a t pi than !;i th,, (setting T I ~ct .— T h ’s iicrij tim r s less frequent in tc.WHfr ___ ________ country, fsperially since tho tjisc ofthe uj hrelh has been iytrr>dur«'(3.- When a person is w« t l^e muchi^vfrlt rt irid, l»:«t to continue ¡11 iitopf.vt\'!! he r rives>it a pbee wb'-.e f.e in^c b\ suit-d' occotnTnrtd.T'-,!. }(•• s'iouli'strin ofi wet cloihes? toibo cinn?ed f<J»r »«lb t’s s dry,find ha^e thesi.- par?-., oflip body vhitflr haye be« »l wetted well robbqd with a dfv*1! cloth. The leg«, shoulde'r.s ■'r^d«^rln'•, a^'jJ generally’he p.iris most exp’osied to th- v.-e!t ? 1 they should, t her of ire, lie p irficulrirly . tended to. 'cIt is almost increinihlp bovy'm3i-jy| ny diseases may be prevented fry' ¿vdoptn^ this courfep. Catarrhs, inflnni.ition, rhei mutisms, diarrhoeas, fever and ronsumtls'l tion, are the foremost among the traili! which frequently folio# an accident of tb^ kind.— Med. int. V..

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