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Gouverneur times. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1864-1880, August 23, 1878, Image 1

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Q&ouofnunr Qi'mu* !• FaMUHM *n*1 frM.f <H»!TVI 4 :UNI .'nu, N. F, I. MIRRlTT V Opportonitj. In barTMt time, wh«« field* and wood* Out dire)* innMt'i t\o+, An<i RcrthM clang ron«jr throogh th« It ir> t<H» )»t^ t o MW, Too ) t .u^ ! too lite ! It 1* XCK) late to now. In darn, wb«) wmif **rth 1 wit % blomom on her it u U*o lite to Too UU ! too It ia too laU to rttp. ». **» ..tils •*. h VOL. XTY, GOUVERNKUR, N. V., FKIDAY, AUGUST 23, 1*78. XO. r>2 «\•• «..M.|lM. II.. — , T Wlrn HM I hlM.« IM. I fl¥n {}»** I.til I lot . Io *. «.t l,r, not wn i If lit A Ilii I In *l>>l> 1 l.» •«••!• >• .1 Uffc, I l»f g I %!•«*•. Ilif walk. As •• tl T titf|(fit Of Jrin« ittii.l HIM .Uilirum^ ,,f I>|kr#Tnt «f Wn , a pair of hU«inff httngnr, wihl oy*>* gh'Atnl tinn^ly an«l triumph Anfly iiiHiti hor through tft«i rnattfid look* whi(Vi hung from timliu tho folt on IIIM hoa<i k «Urt#»r of IIIN, ! rfN^koTi,** g thn tmtnp. \ It'n all thn aam^ aujhoir; a«nno in h HiAii M gal. \ \ wil.l Krii'uin InifNf. frrriii Kfilty*Pi whitoning iip«, ami Mho trio I to npriiig pa*t him, hut IIIM long arm rnuglii hor MM aho wont l»y, atnl in nn MIMUM* hor MIIMW( WM woninl aroi*n<l hor I10A4I. '* Mo morn acr«w)iirr,\ ip-owl^l ihm h «l#mp VoiiH%, *'thorigh th«>ro'n no nigh otiotigh to hoar y*\\ Ah >ftt.i fftf, f I la*l all I.H. Uf* » •«•<)« n »•!«• of mtr lo i yotl Why tttnc+m. Tho A «riv%l t fr.iiiU hollow, hi Uto fitiillnini IiMI*, «n.| onn iiiafi Mttnr.1 it «ll Fivn liiiMtlM^I m rMnf h'Vi^l mi.I Mplimil, t\o\<\ • M.I r<»rn*t, «ii.I will inl H li( Mill? V«n V • UK » iit'iglilMt f WUIKMI th«t loll*. M,,t o|,t Hptir« Van no WM ii«1 I.U nwn wii lh«i hollow f tMftf ll « f tival i n f«Mtt o f full i'h.»r«i «M Ilio with MM j Wh«t «||.| hd of IIIM m «<| of ni||ii N««i IIIM«*II, i^tliApv, IMII that Ilia ftiiiliilioit M«>*<lf»l hitti (o <MII for lh«t oivin IIOIIOI M lin <h<4>m< .| ff o tintilfu l <hif« «»/ MI iiiiinli land mi«| for t»«t, •«« mil l Ami rro|.« t Ami *|| ()i«f ( ho | th |n in p| Hin «'«h* i hollowa mul on th«« hilU an«| in ^.«, nil hft^l in l^lihom of OWII. M»i«'ii n .mul . Um y jjavi* Iii m f N.» woi.th'i tl*n^fiti i ohl ««|iHr«i wnn i l'«i k to h in «i«llr i likn th«|ol<| In'** ho hml grown <»ftrli rr I hn Mrnl ilmn IMHIHI mi.I tfinroM ^t with if hiMiiiiiiily from Iho DHA tliinjf th<i Not. « 11»«nii> 114*1 haon AVwii in flio hollow for w«'«'kr mill no umti #r«>til>l«-<| ll I lit MM I f to IIM|I *»hlth* r th«tf h«<l Mown. W\ UMI mom, ho*ov« r, Umi luttvr nf in*n • 'I'hon why mu* it fhfil tho IAMII fwlfrn MO Pii<|«hnly on tho. go«Nt (JIUM>I( Mufwo waM driving, j tho turn in tho roinl f A Mnotwn fr«»m g far in fr< ftty w«Mithor t wn<l thn whip foil tnoro than MIKHV Milly Mtrngvlnl hftnl, nvon in tluit ffra^p of Iron. l»nt hor ntrongth waa fall • ig fm*t, whon a wihl, Angry iihout rang down thn roavr t and tho tramp looa^i ln« hojd for arnoinont. \I>«in't moddlo, yoiing«li»r,\ lio hogan. AM » ttorooly plunging at< <vl wan p up in A flurry of MIIOW at tho ro*d MI do. Th#> Aiiftwor oMino from thn loado*! on«l of a whip, a«piAro l^twoon hin oyoH. A thinio r akull might havo liy it, ftinl, oron on (MM , f|i«t l»|ow hr«^ight him to IIIH kirn* «. Milly Van Vior<ik wa« fro**, and who • Intoat iimtifiottvoly IMMIIMU^I int>o Iho Thorn waa no room to tnrn aTid <lilhort ^lor^o gavo hi* trottor tho roniM, for ho Maw tho trump wan fooling mnoiig IIIM ruga for MOIIM thing whloh might h«v*» dungor in it. llo lo|ig«w| to titfty nnd flniMti IMM work with IMA I OH do^ I whip, Imt thorn wa«« Milly. \Oh Oil I\ aho oioUim^T. ''howfthall I got homo ?' \TIIA aaw mill road,\ hn • tit U«o|f willio i hi m wh«>n hi* Mint, itt \thn traok haa prolinhfy tuii I me 11 oro- knn, hut tho miow i*ti't <l*vp/' . hut it haa,\ «•«•! MiUy- M Thoj hauling loga^ yimlrrAmj. \rUf<i onoiigh, thoti.\ Maid OIL \Hnl ain't I thankful I nmiin *lonp, jq«t thon f\ \l>.d fftUior t, l! yon T Wit onl tKj« way? I know you would orvmo to M » mo Hr*t thing. Ami how you huv© im* proro<| |\ Milly's rtTnitoniont WHN taking* a form that <-ouId not Im uuplottMAiit toh««ro<»m pmiioii, hut a do*|» oh>ii«| waa iMittlin^ on IIIM fa«^\ notwiMiMtanding r and nho < lox'ko^l ht^rmdf Niidd«*nly to *HU him: \Hut what oan Iw tho mwttor? ITo • I'll not hurt yon, did ho ?\ \ No. hut y«mr fathor hail, MJIIy, I oanriot Mtop ut your IIOIIMO. Vour futhor IIIM foihiddoii mo. Momothing liotwoon IHm and mino t Alxnif tlmohv'tion. Whrn wv got to tho gnto y,,|i onn ftot out Mild go in, lVrliMpM IM 'II got ovor it «<» »II, And I don't want to mnko him any wor*««« jt now.\ A wmo young man wn* Oil1»rrl Moran f In npftn of bin MUtr'* nil hnl Itorfttt f^fti^ for th# 4«b!of hto teb IHMUP in Mioh oti IIMI If oilier f>1ll> tll|» « lilon Vif(t|l> llm iiiMit ou t i ii^|»N mro th«%t I h it l»ofot«> him. h*«l •om«>titn«iM of III iMfoi f MHO o r o f klgit, thlM iftlO Will <* m Mpoc » w ln»lo AM ut#<? old Nqulro Van Vleeok to the uHrmtoftf. itwMefrn nn Aggravation that Oill no daftly polled up junt loti|f enough for Jfldly to jump out, nnd then mine*! bin hut no politely to IK r father an ho drove • H<l tiinli'ii Idlil y ft cliM«r*<i • in) or Mill* th >f »nw <t\% ot|f tin.I »-i»Mif|{ o f -i»Mif|{ of hiM nlonn tli%4 nil h«4'h of mo rn f|i il I fiM• I iiiiide hi m what ho < 'itn ft tramp hrivn in him n tlllO OlM IJ| > / I'l.r M«|ii ii #« wniilii h*vn ftai.l ** • iir fiiiiit l'»>f, io h < ^rftv«« thai of Ho olNiirmi wiHi wrath, in.Ttvd, WUH <IK Inttrr ohl infill that ho <«.tjld not tlnd Wonla t»» o»prrA* himnolf, and, hrforo h«« ha^i rtM%tTrr«Nl hi* uttoranoo, Milly WHH rnpi«l'y r^ounnting to lirr niothor | awful |M)H| frtun tlin tramp, an*I tho IMIII mano«r \i\ which aha IIIMI l»oon ron niintl hy (XIIMIH Mora*. Th» H«)*ir# oould not h«*Ip linfouing, (itthough it afM»ni4xl a g<»o<l dowl liko i« < t f lila HUM.I ftinl t««ifii ot. !l* hul «MIO< 'U Ir rtn h i K w i> i. | < |II Ili^ro WMM MHIIO in thffh nf Irring Tip i«vil I i t t <» i i |»ow««i. Tho ' )< 'M«\'K whiitA HWfi1!r»<1 ttnio o f 'i. ^fHo nn.| »,tf I'l Tho H Ih'i **( m inliii l through th«i liMiry, fillhy (mo* Tim wh'»lo hullbing frMftin aoomr.l to f|Mly»r AM th o tiftnip ulroilo ftw«f f with th o mr«%iihig of th«n IhiofttM MIII onrMOM wi'h whloh fhc* *i r WMH |I|itti hohiii'l him, Ko«i IM% hitloi Hif/r <^ I IIMI t to pil l in , mul H«|inr«» VMII V!«H^ k )l M 111 • i r tilMIl l|M||«| f Itnl Milly hail l»niitrn fn uliow, aa woll »IM IM r torn MIIMWI Miid «lL«or»|riod <ln*hH, nn«t M» a ntotiioiit nioro tho old mati waa Mtridmg hp and down tho room liko a tigt t m * «'*go. \ On my own ]nnd f in my own ]N| y own dmightor f\ hogaMpo^l *«t i vul«, and thon ittop|N'd in front of hor, with. \ I hd you **y (Id Morao knorkoil htm down?' • Yo*. father.\ \ \n«l y 4 VIM, f Athoi; au<1 ho hfoTighf. mo homo in hi* onttor \ \ And I dntvo him away liko a dog or thiA vory nftortKNiri f ' roiuod iho oiij» < 'f WM in o»ni M t#it tntfoifo* Ut«>t t wlimi a m.mowliM) ' Hi o miimo. \Ill drivo them All away f1n#> looking y H»K limn room I in IUM III MIHMI 'em on night. They II burn h<iriK« at tho tfitt\ and iitonnvd about to ' \*\ <»«it <-f hou no and homo noil. \ Mtlly'n mother had her Arm* around her, ftltno«t hvHtoricallr, but her eioite iiiont witN cnbnneHH itnolf compare! to tho 't|iiuMit ludicroiiH frensy of the old Mprmg ftont hift wloigh, ''(|o«»l(|o«»l moriiMig,oriiMig, M•• 111!r«^^ ' m M 111!r« 1 l» MI t MIOU, (III \|orft«t Orlvn right ' r<M»r«*<l tn«» ohl nil I r<M»r«*<l tn«» ohl m«n r ftg in «*ny wlino in thin fio||nr , «on iiM.ln't <|tiit th o ro«<| frtthoi on num. ,«4*k of h\* own had nnror my U«id !<!< it hr»d I « iMten foi him. I been cliArgod u|*on him. whatever wort* ml»rht * life I tlm nomination : hm other fault* M .to »IOIII thut hn #i*i.l, but whiln Iho i Iho ovciit* of the afternoon had not y«Miii|| tiian «• f•*«•*<» I|IO|IOIMI| to a hot •<tii, ho c In11<ilh'd hi* toiiipt#v Miif to tfivo litM hor»4> fh<« room an d do «« ho w«<t bildot i without another word. A t«ir ntrofi^ty built. hrvtitd «hnnl Jf»r*d T«»HI|I **«« < 111l*«>rI >foift«t and a ;ro«r ii i a oily IMI»«IIION«I h<»u*«* had inado lioiio lh«> \f>mm a uiMtt o f lion II n ^t«et iii^f «t iho *>tiiilf<> m hit.I IMM'H dourly alto r [Olll«r Illlr I IM rt«^| Kit. | ho |H|lh*d hit i<it««t |<» « walk a IM<>MII> t I»*t««r AH i f ho WMiit«v| to ftvo tho mi»n. i IMIIIIO kind f <v»n«ld«'r •lion, Mow hn wtntid li*¥r» dtjvrti if ho iVmld )irt*«« |<M>k«'d it Ion ^ Iho r<Hii| nhe*id of hoit, jn*>t boyond wltoro it ont«<r«v| tho ||«'ll|h N'k Wt ». H|M f D «fftiit «• witis h**r roW^hl»orn ( Mtllv \ an Vl>(<i<k WXM too rolniMt r*t• * 1 ho«*|lhy nondol a yotititf l»%. ly Io innuiti hori'tod tip, rrni in wml< r «%o««fh<r, «i>d *»!»•• had \'|' |irn hhokod r<mui of |<i«>lii«-t in all I or IMM M of M pott to in.hire any iimiMiial quietude. IIi« oip^'ted ittipprr and nYnrting nt H<piiro V»4ii Vl< «vrk H ImviiiK n o^ ri no m i ceioi'iotiloiml y put out of tho oucntioti, IHN afterthoti^htii o<|iii%lly forhad** MII un ton drivt* homo, foi tlnit would ho iliM *»t loa*»t. t ovoi tho hill, mid 1o**« thnri throo from tho Vnn V'loook honiOMtowd, nriH it ploiiMMiit ronnfiy hontolry. And llo io (lit nutnrully hotook hlfiiAolf f<»r nor And hor*4i% oiriv i l t>\ ho nai.1 to tho land h»r.I, an old *V<JUAIntano« \\l 4'AII y»Hi hoop (i «<orot V* \l>id i»no^»,\ roplio,! A I. \Thou loud nn* your nhofgnn,\ MAid (nl ( and, with tho ro<pioMf, ho M.1I!O<| An A4NS tint of IIIM otploit on tho roAd und I ho .hfToroiKH M hot worn htniNoIf HIK) tho lifti than «ho <li«l that «f f «r noon, MM rtho o^l ah^iig th«« ftonf^r 10A4I hoin#> tho \ yr»n , Al, Wl4l Iho %»t,,*i« ..ii < 1 4*( 01 ••.., iiiitnii( a.mlt'MM If , In MIH^'I rfiihriMmo of foiit h ar»-l Imt I'm IMtiiii«I to kii'Mv if thiit ritfioiil in loaltng around thoro. \ '*l\l gt» with y*»u in a TTiomont. if f (Viiihi got AWA>,\ almost Mhout«v| tho landlord. \(inn? Yi«, two on 'oin if yon want. I wiah my wifo waan't Htok. |,,^l, H].IMIH n.v.i .In riming of «n^li a It won't do for vou fo f%rre#«t him all |H>««ii*thtv M <l.o. M . i Hi, to Mf ,d th«Mi. alono, Mild without *UT warrant, but try l>own ihotonl Mh,> WMM oomiiiK, and f° r • CIIAIHIO U* till him full of buck tho fto^ity MIIOW Mi.«t i'tiK'klod nn«l>>t hor \'hot.\ h 'ht foot MINHHI fiK.M. iiuio<<4 tit oi foMr \ It wan firrmewhi&i dark when Oilbcrf began to rot race, on foot, the | Ir tlrtven ov#*r, fc»r TheyVo mnking Ftrnight fo? the mill. Bent on minchief uot a doubt of There WM no earthly reanon for any ftort of doubt. The big trump ha<1 met hi* two MAO- •««niowliAt more HinvH^xfu) than hmown, and they had promptly agreed with him (Imt tho circumfltance* calle^l for the infliction of the eifren e penwlties known to the \aw* of their guild. It wan A bread j getting well into tho evening, and tttral retiring hour* are. notoriously early. Not thu*, alumlier wn« likely fo notno very promptly to the Van Vl«*»ok fumily tlmt night 9 though the H<pnro ha<l CHlmed d<»wn R g<»o<l de«l HIUI WAN un- usually silent. Mrn. VAII Vlee<'k Imd kf'pt very clone to h«*r daughter HII the eveuing, find Imd tAken the precHnt<on to bring the two d°tf\ t lN>th l*r^o ont«H t into the hotine. The dogn au<t the family might be thn ftAfer, but how about tr«mpH ? Tho big rufttan, AA IIAH been flaid, WAA not without Homo traoeA of A vicious Intelleet, and WAA quite oompet^Mit to be the lender of A littlu AtTnir like tlmt. *' Hi*t the *»w mill firnt/' he AAtd. #i All th« men folkA 'II *tArt for it to put it out. Then the burn*, to 04* 11 AWAY the ro#d, and we kin work the hou»o <iuiek mid get to the woodn and over tho IIIIIM AS safo AN go many fojee.\ Ho they could, indeed, if no CHine in to interfere. Tho hoiiffe folk* mnnt l>e in be<I now. A nmteh, Aorne kindlingH and bitn W(KMI ( (tu tho opposite Hide of the H mill from the IKMIHC nothing euHier thfin to HtRrt A flro. *' Now. IHIV«, f<»r the biff lmrnw. W e kin wKit tlu'ro till thm UIIH well a go- \nu\ Thoy made a rnn for tt, Imt thn only roAMon they were not more elonely pur- \iied or even Hnvl UJHUI, WAA tlmt Gil- Iwuf MorA4» deemml it hiH duty to Atop and fM^ntter tho growing IIIA/O behind the Aaw mill. If. WAM not hard to do, although the fire wwi beginning to come lip vory well when the deRperadoen left it ThebrmndA could nil be kicked into the Allow, arx! there WHH not 11 tr»iee of it in three minute* After ho got there. Ilut tfioAo three nun 11 ton ! The big burn WAH l>otter than either of the fwinaU oneM, beOAURe further from the . more e«8y of enhance. If. uo horwo, mul »/:IH not even I(M^k<Hl. The three trampfi were in« Me rpnckly enough, HU<I the big one elimhod one of the high mown. '* lietter light it Tip hero,\ ho AAIM to hiH frMixU below. \They cunt get lit it to put it out. H/ty when. IH the HIIW mill Hell a going V\ \(Un't 8HV (Mlsaetly,*' prowled one of tho Hnirtller ruillAnH, peering through the J<N»r. \And there'A a feller ritnnin' A«'i'oNf the Held.\ '* Here gtwyi then ! #t exclaimed the leafier, an tm caught up a wi«p of liny and Ht'tatahikl a match. \ Now, boyH v I'm ooming. Make for tho AIHHI. We'll V man In iho ion«| j io*d ho had no It uti^ht b«< luko, hor U»lmr'« naWnull thn IIMNUI WM not. yet ovor th*» hilla, but han I, or It nn^l.f IM> ono of tho f-.rtu ho folt all tho bettor for having the Why dotildo IIAI rohsl ditck*guu ovor hia ahoul lor. \llottor thati a pJMfol for night work,** ho Maid to InniMolf. bo> M 01 It nii^ lit b«> 1 ahoiii I ulio t**rt\ f \\j[ yot mm thuf man his M'Hy wnlkf^l mnro nlowly, arid hor ri««*tt bo K »n to heat, nho could not hayn | Ho did not kiM>p the IfWt np to the told why. hofiio*t, ftd, but m/ido it detour through Mfco o<Mitd *iw> hitn juoro di«iiiriot1y tho WINNU and onme out IN^JOIKI, not fnr no«v ( and n*«vor ha.1 hor oyoM fallon 011 ! from tho ft*w mill, anyihinn liko that ln>foM>. | \Hotter go on towurd tli# main roa^l,*' 2 * ! alfttott wt«ih I ha^l thn d »g« with | ha ninttoro^l ' it'« tmrlv yot, mid he'* inn «hn aai.l to h« with A «hn<h|rr hk« I* to m from tlmt <hro<^tion.\ 'What a horrildo |o,.kmw man I \Hul|ot' k ho otclmmod, a momefit Ihoti^hl thn trmtupM WMN all g*»nn \ 1 In^oi, «•« he nto^nl aiiKtng tho nheltorint( Mofw and inoro slowly walk^l Milly. I ^hadowa of a elump of tre»«, \throo nf law, mm l!i« hideout hnnmtt form dr««w ' '^m. Th« big fellow's tho tHiu* (.no. A Aupp«ry tiling in a hay mow, and uncertain fo<»ting in ttio (larx. Tnpt^fMi <»f ci>iiiiug down HH lie went up, tin* big trump fonnd himself Hltding, Bli-lnif/ helpleMHly into tlmt twenty foot gulf be t ween the two mown. Iu vfiin hegrANpe^l fit the dry timothy nnd ctover, he did but scatter IIIH lighted wmp Among the tinderinh UIHHHCN UO pulled down with him in IUH full. Down in a half ntuntied heap, with ft VMst pile of kindling liny on top of linn, to choke and ntitlo him with it« nmoke HK ho limped nlwMit in tho RiifT<»CAting ditrS- u« AM und vainly grope*! for u way to ONCMpe. Iwtug, bang I (>no of the Mirmller trnrnpA went down Amid ii «torm of leaden pollota, but the other roiu v he<l tho Ahod jnnt AH the door of I he houm^ Awuiig open, And the two inHHtifTH iHHindod out to HCO what might bo doing there, Nquiro VAII Vlocek atid hifl \\imndA,\ old MIKI young, were out in the Nhortcat order, und tho femiiln part of tho house hold were uot far behind thorn; |nit it WUH text lute to Have the big burn, whiit over might be done for tho other**. Well for the *<piiro'A po<*keU» tlmt he hail built them Home diHtance ApArt. AH for < filbert Morne ho WAN calmly reloading hi* old duck gun when the *<|ttiro difcoovered hi« prenence. \' I'm going iu A minute,\ he remark od, coolly. \ l>on't bo in a hurry, I've put out the fire At tho A,*W mill, And I think I peppered the fellow lying there by the Hiiml. If I'd been A little quicker I might Imve Auvod the Imrn.\ ••.So you've hoen out INTO thin winter night look 1 n' out for my property, hev yeT' Hrtid tho IIKU bewildered H<pnro. \The barnn goQo, And uo ininhikc, but wn kin PAVO the of hern. M The old mpiiro WAM jilAt the man In l»o nt#Hi4liiNl by an Acttml cAliimity; but, while htA 'MIAIKIH\ wore doing wlmt III tie e^Mild he done iu tho way of A fire i\o partmont, he Htnnle HtrAight for the two triimpH. The ono who had been in the wny of tho httok*hot would never Annwer Any mote <|ii«H«ttonH ( but the one the dogn wort* holding down gave Homo informa- tion. \ Whnre'H tho m»n that Attacked my daughter tht* HftcrtMKin ?\ Hnked the Ai|iiire, Aternly. •* In the b»irn.\ rnpliod tho tramp. \ Hut the hartt'H burning up,\ nnid the Hipiire. \Hi* IH he/* dnggodly rofnmod the runiian; \And NArvcd him rights for gotting me into HOCII A Acrape an tIIIM. \ Some profanity thero WAR; but the do^H were taken off, mid the man wan tied ui). \Oh Oil, come into tho bonno,\ wf»ro the ploHHAut wordA that came to tho voiing niAHA enrs, a* ho Mocnl ltMtkingat the tramp he had shot. \Not till your father ankw me,\ WM the lit*If haughty re*pon*<\ •' l)i»n't IM* A frt»l f Oil M >r«o, jiiAt be- I^UMI I mn, M growled tho old man. \Do HH Milly telln you, now and lwroAitor. (i(» right in. jVe'tl take cure of MnngH for yo f*»r A while; bnt I reckon it'll all bo youru one of th*ftt tlavA.\ Aud no Oilberi Mon»e did not go l>ack to the hoatlerv that night, and when, a few tnontlm later, at the trial of the cap- tured tramp, he wax Aflkod, \Are you in Any umnr»«r eonnoc^tod with Squire Van Vlrook V he inanfullv ro^pondiHl: \ Ho IA my fathor-in-lnw.\ Hut uothuig Diore w»A Been of the trig trump, uot a rclio of him. until they re built tho frrvAr. barn tho following spring. ^ IT. (K Xtoddanl, in JTnrtfo><l Tint* s. lie H!O<H1 bftrefrx»to4] on tho 111 the moonlight and turned MR yx>etic oar to OHio\\ what the wild WAVCM were aiivit jr. but when a wandering crab ap- propriated one of hiR tora for a t<Mitn- pick, he kocfed ovor and lot out thn othor tdne in a RhAdow dan«'o that ma^le the go^l HnhiUof the I UH examine tho moro imino<liftte •uviroument of the Khkimo- thetrhoiiHO. It in coinpoA«^l of a hillcx'k of turfed earth, of Aqnaro form, rc k cnlling HOIIIO- what our military fortifleatioiiH. Tt. m enterfsl by A low door giving uoceHK to 11 narrow and very low pA«fiage v in which the Grocnlander liirnRolf, DotwitliHtand- ing IUH Amall nizo, IH forces 1 to bend down, Tho hinglo apArtmont to thin pAHsage given Acoefta, And tho of which JA lower than IHp Hiirrounding ground, IH ventilated l *yT\n orifice in tho upper part. I t t%lighfo<l by two open- iugA on eaoh Hide of the door find her meticAlly cloned by Htnjm newn together of a Aort of goldhcntcr'H nkiu made of the intcfctmeH of the HVH\. Thin kind of immovable glazing *ift« into tho ment a Hiifticient light, but aj from without Altogether opaque. The furniture CouHintfl of a nort of camp bed which oeeupifH tho entire half of tho Apftrtment, provided with AenlflkiriA, and on wliicli tho entire family paw* tho night, after having taken off their day continue, find put on another more am- ple droA*. On the ground antone bawin, naid to be of Herpentine, the form of which roHemblen that <»f A fl«h, I'R filled with weal oil, in which Are Hteepo^i H(*V- eral wickn. The Hamo which rimm from thin \OHHOI given a Ntiflloient light. And maintAiiiH the confino<l npac^o at a high temperature. Tho cotton wiekn oorno from Uenmark, HA a IHO tho chemical which tho Oroenlandorn ooo lino to light their briar root >)pe^, which, with Uioir iobneco, their Icohol, arul their coffee, aro went them each year by the Dano^. Their continue in nmdo Alrriont entirely of AOHlfikin. I t (VIUMHIJ, in tho cane ef the men, of a nhirt (Danish), above which in placed a woolen veftt. The pan- taloon A Are of hairy fieaUkin; the txHitn, under tho pflntalo >nn, of nealAkin leather. OIOVOH of fur t arinoxl, when iieoeBnary, with bear'A clawn, blue npectacloH - Againnt the wind and the reflection from the HUOW complete tho accoutrement. The costume of tho women IH not want- ing in elegance. The hair ia rained a /a Chhwine on tho top of tho head, and bom d into a nort of vertical chignon, tied by A colored knot. A well fitting blouno of European material, trimmed with fnr, in provided with a hood, in which tho mother carrion, when Decen- nary, her latent born t an the opoHHurn doon her young. 'Iho wou.on wear very tight brooch en of nealskin and high hoot* reaching above the kneen; rod, embroidered with yellow, after marriage; white, embroidered with green, among uuniarricd girl*. Their arum cv>nnint. of bown with which they nhoot arrowK pointed with bone <.r iron and nimihtrly mmleharpooiiH, which they throw from tho hand. When tho harpoon in to be thrown into tho watet it in attached to a cord provided at, the other end with an inflated neal bladder u Inch actn HH a buoy and prevent* thn IOHH of the woiimlod animal, which would run away into deep water with their harpoon. Their other apparntim are iron iinh-honkH, woo<len baitn repre- senting flnh, co|ore<l, and very well imi- tated. 1Y> tiwm we mAjr aod cm«a*« of nkin whicli they put on tho pawn of the doga when the c«»M in very inteunc; loathern rnuzrJen to put over tho anoiit of tho dog«4 f Hmoothin g ronn of ntone, knives identi(Mil with thono which iron- t'limcrH tine to dronn nkinn, aud intend<sl for the .same purpose. Thin will K IV4> lk n idea of all t!«ut the (Ireonlandern Imve to help them to ntrugglo againtt 'tho in- clemency of thoir nativo climate. Hefoie concluding what relate^ io the HiirrotttidingA, one word about the ali- mentation. The won I KHkimo in not the name which they give to themnetven. They call themnelveH I fi tin it (th«^ men); HO true in it that under nil climat>H bu- rn nn vanity prevailH. The name Knkimo (eat<*r of rnw fl«*h) i« a nioknamo given them by their American neighborn. It in not, however, no well merited now aa it n in lant century, at tho time when (Vantz observed them. Thoy continue, nevortnolcHH, to eat the lard nent them from Denmark and HIHO the linen of the neal. The rent in eaten cooked.—AVj* turr. \W\\ ADAM UOLMt: SHOOTS. <lrrful ni short nnd Long Hmiff Him Micrrimht IIUIPM KV^M »l a Thautand >Hrdn A I on a llMBair Hurl. Afrv Tliere i« A Rtgn board put up at the Htiito line to tell unwary traveler* which Htato they are in. Wo all watched for it with flroat eagernowi, and when we pUHMvl it wo knew wo woro in Mmiienota. 'I'fio char atmosphere, tho bracing, in vtgoratiug air, tho billowy fields of verdant meadow aud golden atiibhle and the low wooded hillfl all pro<*laimed MinnoaotA. Hut avove A)1, tho air. Ahf How the OTOumiouiHUthrtiRt their headn out of tho car WUKIOWR, and craned out their ticokR, and Rucked it 111 by the bucketful; oxygon, coal a moke, cmdern, guata and all. And Raid it WAR g<xxl. And it WAR, too. You can't put enough impurity in it to Rpoil it, and there ian't a Npeck of dust in it, anywhere in the Htato, after you get away twenty inches from a cur window. One pAaaeogfr, who miatook A alow board for the Htate line* had beeu breathing himself hoarae for twenty-two miloa on oouiuion Iowa air, deolartng all the time how delicioita it WAR. He waa greatly mortified when ho learned (IIIH miHtake, and would uot breathe At all ag^in until wo rouofiod MtgneapoliB, Thia ia tho plftoo. I don't think any of the party want to 00me b»iek again. You can ait at yonr window and watch tho town grow. And whilo you aro looking in ono direction A man will build a brick block in another. It IK tho huaioftt place I have ROCU thiR Hummer. It nnikea A lazy man's buck ache to como here and Ree everybody with RO much to do and doing it so briakly.— Jtttr (rttrin Hurlington Wlmt the Illrofi Man Ore try WAR wont to employ a si inetheMi of Rlackeuing or quickening the pace of a walking companion to unit IIIR own inclination. \To any,\ he would argue, \you walk too fa*t or too RIOW IR impolite; but to Ring Hoftly nn air to the tune of the walk of your companion, and then by degree* either to quicken tho tim<* or make it nlower, IR A^tratagem aa innooent HI it IR convenient.' The principle of < \ retry*R rune was wel' «»x emphrted in the CAM* of the atingy farm- er who gave hiR hireil hay-maker butter- milk And wheT for brenkfaat, and going o tho Held hoctrd the man Ringing in a <!rnwling way, |tu t-t o r-m i-l-k and wh#y t Fniut nil <\*\, faint »11 day. hia scythe keeping time to the tnno. Tfie neit morning the farmer sot A good nioal of bacon and eggR before the man, and whon IIH went to aeo how he wss getting, on with his work, fouud hiA Arms going swiftly to \Baooti and eggs, Uke omr* of yonr 1* gs! f — Chamber•$*'$ In Shannon county. Mo., liven a man ! who in a greater adept with tho rifle and I ban performed more real and niarv ' fealn ol IIJMI kHinaiiHhip than e\eu with which Dr. ('nrv<'r h«n of Lite been aHtoniHhing the world. Capt. Hogardua and the note<l Englinh inarknrnon, Ldrd Do Orey, Aubrey Coventry, and (Jhol- rnoudeley IVnnel> aro completely «H^111>ncd hy thin hitherto unheard of phe- nomenon. The name of thin wonderful handler of the ntln in Adam Ooldio, an<l t an above mentioned, he renid«»n ui Hhan- uon county, Mo., where ho wan born. Ho is about thirty-eight yearn of ago. Adam Oohiic/ in a man in the prime of life, alM>ut five feet eleven inches in height, add with a moat wonderful phyniquo. He hafl a frank, open coun- tenance, with large, bright blue eye*, which have a pee altar appearance. They are rontleM and ever in motion, and there in a peculiar sort oi twitching ac- tion perceptible, which almont convejn the iingreMiou that hia vinion miiHt t>e ilefootiva Hin light brown hair hangn iu long, flowing lookn, and a long, flow- ing beard oovera his oheoi. Hm face IH a taking one—op^n, atfable and free— and whon he talkn, hin voice han a ring- ing, cheery tone about it that in pleasant to the ear. Homo of the featn which ho han per- formed noom •ni]MiHnihlo. He ban broken *29.) ( glann balln out of ll(H) in twelvo niinutoH, with a forty-four calibre Win- chenter rifle. Ho can break 100 g\ium balln five timen out of nix, with >ut a minA, iu threat minuten. Thon4^ featn are unparalleled, and nurpa^n Dr. C/arver'n wonderful nhootiug. A neorniugly ni- credible feat that he performn in an foi- lown; A noda water bottle in thrown into the air in a certain manner, aud bo- fore it faJJn Ooldio will HMK! a bullet down tlie neck of tho bottle, and make a holo in the lM»tt4>!ii. There aro other featn that ho performn with bottlcn. At fifty yards dint^nce a l>ottJe in plft< 4 ed on a forked tong.and ((oldie will nond nil I hullotn in rapid Hiiccwniou down the lUH'k ami through t\w bottom, only per- forating the latter in one place. At long dintanecn thin wonderful mark* tnau perforoin junt an nmrveloun feats. At I,(K)O yardn he will hit tho centre of the btiH'n eye and then mmd nix bullets, one after the • ther, hitting tho very in- dent made by the first. A potato thrown in the air Ooldio. will perforate with nix bullet holes before it touch** the ground. IVrhapn Inn mort ahtonifching feat in hin breaking two balln at onco. Thin in done in tho following nmrmer: Thclmlln are, thrown CIOHHWIHO, and an thoy patut oacl! other on their course, with quick y lUHrnng aim and lightning like rapidity, Ooldie will Hpced a bullet through both. Another feat m tho placing of an inch ntrip of tin ahoiit throe feet long in poHition, at thirty foot, (imtauce, and perforating it from top to bottom with thirty-nix holes, all exiietly in tho centre of tho ntrip, and all at even dintanco apart. Ooldio HAJH ho does not know where htn wonderful nkiill ^>mum frorn. lit 1 never handled a riflrt until he wtin oighttM 1 !] yearn old, und t<> him it nee in M like an lnnimct. Ho would take aim aud flro with unerring fuvura<^y, and hin wonderful foal* noon acquired for him a marvo.lotiH reputation among hin neigh- born. H»>mo HVA yenrH npfo Ooldio left hm native, county of Hhiuiuon, when* he in enga^eil in cattle rj»iMii«:, for North- western Toxa.»-, where he punned two yearn, and tbore one of tun rnont exciting incident* of hin career happene<l. Hin fame HH a inurkHinaTi among the TCXHIIH HOOII becamo notorious In the vicinity of Ooldie'H ranoh hvc<J ono William Dar- rell, or, an ho ^WUH moro familiarly U ruled, Hloody Hill. Thin Hlo<nly Hill wan u noted ruflian and denperudo, a ro4 k klenn <lHre-«Ievil. HIH featu in niark- rnatiHhip were hkewiHc aatpanding, nnd probably no man in tlie Jjone Star Htato excejled him io handling the rifle. Bloody Rill had boon engaged in many deeds of during, and wa* oearhr alwayn mixed up iu aomo row or nquahhle. He had already killed three mon, and hin HUmoronH acts of rufflantHm had made him a terror to tho frontier. Few cared to croft* hin path, an Inn dangerous char- acter and dexterity with tho riflo w#»re well known. Ooldic had met Hill on neveral oocnnioiiH, but had never been involved in any difficulty with him. Knowing hin turbulent diPinwition, he alwiiyn nought to avoid him. On ono Huntiay, however, Ooldio wan flitting in company with a ncoro of Toxaun, when Hill rode up and joined the party. Of lato ho had become quite jealonn of Ooldie'H notoriety HH a inarknman, and had frequently npoken dmparaf<ingly of tho latter. At lant tho Texann began to relate nomo of their rofniniHOO'ieon, and Ooldio cominen< % e«l relating an incident that had occurred to him. Hill, who had drank heavily and become rather moody, in the midnt of the narration Hiiddcnly jumped to bin feet and innultcd Ooldic, at the HAIUO time striking a blow at him. All wan inntantly commotion. The whole party were on their feet and revolvers were drawn. Ooldie demand- ed natinfactiou for the innult, and Hloody Hill, with a ncornful hiugh, HUggofit<Ml that they had better make it a trial of their roHjwvtivo nkdl with the riflo. Tho idea wan caught up by the Texann, and after a nhort conHttltation they ihMMded that a duel nhould be fought, but, in coiiAfy|ti««ncoof the extraordinary nkill of the pnrtien, at a long dintance. On the open pr.iirie, nbout two milen tlintant, grew two jMmt oak treon. They were i'JO pardn apart, and were the *>nly treen on tl-Jit npot. All around wan open, timborlenn nrairie. It wan d«M'idexl tliat Ooldio ai (1 Hill nhotild Ix.th take their nt!o« and en<*h take up a ponition be- hind tho reHpective treen an<l then blazo away at each other, ^iio Texann liope«l by HUH menus to f>re/ent bltHnlnhed, or at leant to prevent a fatal termination to tho duel. The preliminanen being w>tthsl, the whole party mounted their hornon nnd rode out on the prairie to tho niileeted spot. Ooldie U ok up bin t>oni- ton behind one of the treen. aud Bill onMConced himncJf behind the othor. The remaining party of the- crowd then rode to a alight undulating eminence to the ngljt, where thoy wore to remain an HpcctafcorH. Ono of them wnn to give the nigual for tbo beginning of tho con- tent by tiring hiH rifle iu the air, and tho V/HK to be tho signal to the duel- to begin w»th their bh ody work, awaited acxtounly for the det/m- ation of tho riflo, which suddenly sound- ed on the air. Then commenced the duel at the long- f M range ever re<v>rded. Ooldie Advan- ced from ttohind the trw in A kneeling p(*«ttire f whon, whir, f hin nombrero wan perforated by a bftll from Bloodv JMWH rifle. Quick %n lightning he dropped full loTijQfth on the ground in time In em the two other ballets which name in ranid Rnneetwrion, He lay htill, brojightj hm nfle into pf^nition t an fie W.IN Htretoh- e<i full length upon /he i/round, uudj then remained immovable. PreauntJy U^ Haw a diminutive figure which he knew to bo Hill (who wan wan nearly one inch taller than Ooldie) advancing caut'orihlv from the nhelter of thn tree. Quickly taking aim he tired twice in HUCCCHMOIJ arul then rutired behind the. sheltering trunk. O^o of the bnlletH lie afterward diHCovercd had panned through the lobe of HiH'n 1< H ear. There wan a cennMion now of firing for some time, when Ooldie espied htnopponent'K head and nhouldern cx|H>hed. Quick HM lightning hin rifle wasAt JjiMHhoulder, and tho detonating report wan heard. Hloody liiU'n hat wiin carrie<l away by tho bullet. Ooidtc now rather nieautiounlv advanced from bin nhelter a»id b«H*arne the target for nix balls in rapid rotation, nne of which made a hole iu hinooat-HlcovoAnd another through hin patitaloonn. He beat a hanty retreat. The duehnUt remained gazing at tho dintant tre^x, each watching for tho indistinct form which represented his fulvorsary. Kuch poenvl cautiously from behind the tree, endeavoring to gain sight of the other. Ooldie st lant saw Hill again advance, and the former stepped rapidly to the front and quickly brought bin rifle into position. Alrnont Himultancously the clear, nharp rej>ort of two rifles rang on tho air,.and both men fell Ooldie managed to raino Iiim nelf and crawl behind the trunk of tho tree. HM had been wounded in tho left shoulder. Presently he was JOIIHMI by tho Texans who had boon witnenHen of this mont exciting duel. They hud already ridden over to Hloody Bill and found him dead- a bullet had penetrated his temple. Another wonderful fart connected with Ooldio in that he in jiiht a* good a markn- rnAn and juM an dexterouH with the re volver an he is with the riflo. At nixty pacen he can hit tho center of tlm bull's eye and then put twenty balln in quick HiieeoHHion through the name onflco. A^t forty pacen he can with his revolver knock ofT the anli of n cigar which a geri ticman niay be nnntking, although fct? men have the norve to ntan«l HH the tarr get. Another of hin featn with the re) volver IH tiring at a champagne bottle ajt forty paeon, and with the bullrt <lriv<» the cork into the bottle. In short, his feats with pintol are too numeroiiH t<> mention. He neemn Ut fire without ink*- ing aim, AH norno of thin nhooting he CUIJJ do rn almont any p<miti'in, firing fron) under hin leg, etc. ft m nn<lerrttoo<i that nomo gentlemen who are acquainted with Ooldie s reoortj with the rifle, and have uitnoHH*'d hi* nplendid nhooting, are ruining a num of money to bring him before the public, It is their intention that ho nhali fir^t give a public cxlnbilioii of IUH HUill ir) Ht. IxJtUH, and afterward go Jliint, when a mutch in to be arranged between hini and Dr. Carver. Roars ~ Their According to Do Trouville, a French writer, thero were, in 1HH, only \H% varieties of rosen, and the advantage of multiplication by Hood in hufticiently r\iiicot] l>y thd frw»t that thor© ure now \ moro thai; HIX thounand varieties, the poorest of winch are much bett* r than any which existed «f that.day. Among the earlient cultivat-orH of IOKCN fn-r>i I he Reed were three Frenchmen- Dupotif, Vilmorin and D©**ccr»iet. The former wan the gartloncrof the Kmpn^njonepli- ine. When t*»•* allied HMDICH entered Paris in lNlfi, fho ^ ( irdon of Descrmet contiUiHxl 10,000 K**odlirif/ ro«rs i which Viberf, in IIIH anxiety t • n'cun* from de structign y Hucccetled iu carrying to the interior. In Kngland vory little attention RIVMHH at that time to Irive been paid to the production of new vttrictjeh from *-eed, and fh<» ICnglish relied very much u|Kin tho Continent for their choice roHCf*. Now, however, they arc abundanttv re. deeming tJieir reputation, and many fine varieties have been produced by the Knglinh romvgrowcrn, at flic head of whom ntandn Hivern, wfirvno efTortn nrc seconded by WIKMI, Poiil, Lane and others. They are nfill, however, com- pelled fo yield to the French cultivators, for to thoso wo ure indebted for our fln- i^nt rones— for Lamarque, ^olfaU*rro f La HCIIH\ Chrornafolla, the nou whit<« Perpetualn, Hotivcmr <le Malnminon and oth« i rn. Tho varieties of roses rwamo inrrens- ingly great aft4»r the, introduction of fh# Itengaln, Noinett4 k n, Toan s\i\[ Hourbonn --all theno ela**nen nroducmg r<H.<lily l from s«e*i, and in endless variety. There in a willingnoHH t<i cant usi.'o the old for the new, and however much wo may re- gret thin diH|>o«itioti, for Home, old and truly deserving favorite, wo cannot fevil willing to denounce it, for it exhibits a gratifying ovidoiify^ of a deniro for nn provoment, arul tho exint^nce of a spirit of progrean, whu'h, dinnatiHfled with thingn as iliey are, is continually striv- ing after nearer approachen to tion.— New Fhigland Popular Soperfliltions or fhe Tork*. Tho interpretations of droams rine to much cogitation, and furnishes a frequent topic of conversation for Turks, men and women. Fire moans sudden news, as water forecast* a journey. A person who liana reputation for explain- ing dreamn finds a ready welcome every- where in tho Mist. The Kvil Ivro is fen re* 1 by all classes. It IH to divert harmful admiration from her own beau- ty to her ornaments tlmt a Turkish bride de«'ks herself with dismondn panted on chin, choeks and forehoni}; for thin tlmt she shrouds her faro with n glitt<^ririg v«»il of thin, copper-colored strips of tin- foil; for this that she sits under tho aiki ---a festooned canopy of artificial green lw»Tighn, with hunches of dyed feathers and nhining metal balln completing the decorations. It is for this tlmt every Turkish baby ban UH little mnshn nkufl cap, a<Iorre<f with a medallion of pcarta. And if you happen to say \AV- ijuzrl tchomljouk /\ (What a pretty child !) yon are instantly asked to sfut m its face or to say \Mash-Allah !\ to correct the mischief of your words. Divination IA ofb'ii ms«1o al holy wells, by observing the surface of the water. At Eyoub, tlie sacred quarter of Htarulnml, near the mosque where the sultans aro girt, with tho swrrd of (>K- man, in lien of coronation, in a ftlraons well. It is Ui \m found in the back gp.rden of a p<x>r, tumble^l-d* wn house belonging to the Khodja who taken charge of it. It is an ordinary ound well, alK^ut a yard in diameter \ low coping-stone runs round it, <»vrr which the votaries at D.irno Fortnno's shrine stoop low, to catoh, if they may, some imago in tho depths below vouchsafed for ttu-ir enlightenment. All Mussul- man before looking in, reverently hide and stroke their face* with their open haiioH, and as IA their mannor in prHvin^ for some favor.- lirhfravia FAKM, (JAlll)E* A\H Krrlpea. ONIOV Horr.- (hit into slices twelve ; boil th< m in three quarts of milk and wafer, equally mixed ; add a little veal ; Hoanon witli butter and pep- per ; ud-i a few well toRated slices of white broad and a hundfnl of finely chopped parsley. WAPFLPR - To a qnart of sweet milk fake two eggH, u tubleapiK>nful <>f melt^l butter, a cent's worth (»f yeant, a tea- apoonful of aaleratuH, and flour to make a hlifT batter ; in tho morning edd a tvn- HpiM)uful of sugar. They should be fried a lit/lit brown 111 a wnflb* iron. Have melte<l in a cup A piece of butter with three-quarters of a cup of milk, ami HH the cvikeH are done grato nutmeg on ca/'h and nprinkle on Niigar, then i>ut a little of the melted butter and milk on each, and you will nee how fant they will diHappear when placed on the table. lioLLKii HKKFHTFAK. — Heat a largo tender nteak thoroughly and carefully. Hprinklo over nalt, pepper, sugo, rauuvd onion, minced parsley and bits of butter. Have ready Homo mealy Innh potatoes miiHhod fine and seasoned with a little butter and salt. Hprea<| over all and roll up tightly ; fasten tho ends nnd Hides securely with skewer-pins. Place it in a pan with such broth or gravy HH may be on hand ; if none, two teacups of boiling water and ono small minced onion, |>e|>er, halt and one slice of jw>rk. Simmer an<i basic an you would a roa#*t duck. Hift OVIT if browned cracker, pounded fine. OLD VIKUINTA TOMATO \ Krrrnrp. \— Take ripo tomat<H*s, lay tliem in soald- mg watrr ; when nnfflciently cool j>eel them and cut them in small pioo**, removing the cor OH ; measure them and then measure a fourth leas of tdrong cider vinegar, say thr#^» quarts of vine- gar to ono gallon of tnmatooH, Put the tomutocH on Oie ht^ivt' a half hour t>oforo adding iho venegar. F<»r a gallon of tomatoes Hcaaon three qiiHrtw of vinegar an foliowH: TwoteHCUps of bn»wn sugar, two Ja.rf<e OIIIOHH, IIHIM^MI fine, twotahle- HjwKjnfulH p« CUM! horne ra^liah, twr> tabloNpoonfuls peeled <M*lery K<M^I, two tableKpoonfnlH HHH, ono tablespoouful mustard, one tnbIes|MM>iiful bla< % k pep- per. Other Hpicea may bo luldcvi if desired. M«»il till re<hicod to two thirds of HH < Titfitin) bulk. yiolct« are a*Ur, AriJ nt.vi-i>oru ^raniKbiti^tt^p, OTHIK hirdt< rhirp, UJCU Miw. h+tim+c, A <d thon, betimw, •'bait rmfk 'i'hfii MOW ' then sow ! And then betimcH »imit re*p. nrm All farm nuimals eicept poultry to <*rav«i aalt and should havo it. It in possible to raise n crop of <*lover, another of millet, and another of rutn- ba^iiH from the Hnme land in one season. Dairymen with H herd,of C*>WR nrnl few iicrcH limy llud a hint hero worth heeil- of Interests \Green peArfi M ^Yonnfi raarriodfolki. Sheer nonsense- -Trying to cut yoar own hair. A )H7.r cook.- One thttt \ fritter* M ftw«y her tn.if\ K<im<» hftH \M\T) clrumhiMt- -ft ohnrcb for e\i'ry ilny in the var, A caterpillar improves id naftfalB— when it turns over anew 1#W. A 1 cad ing physioian says htmi i» tb« sole ruiiM 1 of cholera infaiituo)« M Yon onn't do that Rfrain,\ said a pig U) a \xty who \)tu\ cut off bis tail. Why Are ff<xxl nwoluticms like fainting- ja<iH^? Ji«»oati»e thoy want oarryiDgonl A tx>T snjs that wlion he oat* waler- melon his rnoutb feel* a« if it were in swimming. Licproftv Iian mtulfi itu app«iran«# ia the UmUnl HUU-H on tlie AtUntio aad Pacific. (H>a*ts. Why is a philanthropist like an old horse ? Ii#»ciiusi» he always stops •! iho sound of woo. Two or threo oeninries ago th«r© wer# a hundred hiMtpiUls fur lop«ni in Eng* land and Scotland. \Hnrois yonr writ of attaobinont,** said « town olerk, iw* ho handed a lorer A marriage license. \Maria* I'm almonf diBnonrag«d s How many times have told I Jon not to say tator, but j>ertaU*r ?\ Monday J daMriod In utock or*r*tioni; I iiftMda) owned roilhoua, by aJI oaUnlAtfXWi \\Ydit4*dav my FifUi Avouue |>alaoe t»«<rau, Tliurnday I drove out a spanking bay 0p*o; Friday I K*v<> a nja|(tiiflo«4it )>all; Arid Haturday ' Mma«bcMi\ t WIUJ notblnf at ftiL Tho barl>er is an independent chap, and, Jik«all strapping big follows, omn AIWATS hold his hono. AUa (\ihfomia. Uraat fallow, though, for getting *ftto wrHpHH.- Ph\lad< iphia Hull* tin. . A fa«t walker, it is *HtiinaUftl, oonld not walk to the HUU in le^a than 1,968 jear*. but O'l^eary is williug to be* iliat he can do it iu 1,741 years if aotne- tx>dy will lay tho iww du»t. — i/raphie* Onr livei are nong» God writAM tbt word* And we »et tlifiui U> nmoc at j»U*a#ur# , And tin* *>UK K r H Ai ««» ohoopA u> fumhiou the mttinrt, W#» tnnut An<l if 1! <)r if the niudc, whal*rar th« hynj«* or m«tr*>, nad, wt' oau make it «c oan make it K All ^v110 ran do HO nhould arrfin^o so an t«> keep hogH m their apple orchard to cut up all the wormy fruit HH it drops during the HcaNon. I n thin wwy, oii«ier than any other, can tho ravitgi's «>f the worm he, checked. Where hogH aie not Kufticicnt for the purpose, a Hnihll flo<»k vf sheep should be used. The objiM't of inulchiiig 18 two-fold— first U> retain inoisturo in the ground and prevent it from being parched by Hiiuitnrr lieat; He<M>nd, to pn»U i ct the roots of vegetabf<^* from fhc «?vere frontH of winter. The bent materials for rijiih ( hing are fan-hark, saw-duat—or better Mtill, charcoal dunt - leaves, straw, to any l)^ r hf poroua Hiib^tiuji'e which will keep tho Roil Joo«*n in^d moist, Hy pro- per mulching we have neen )>otat<>eR, peiiH, be:ni«4 v f*;ibbrigeH, onions und oth- er vegetables mountain theif\ provrth Ihi'oiiurh thodriost HUinmer. — I'x<< hrttn/t . ToniidoeH ure rilled by the French in 'IUH mutiuor: TVs soon IIH H duster of flowers IH vif ,l>!e they they top tho stem down fo the ••lusters, which H'HUJ push H*ronglv, and produiM* another cliiHter of ffowern each. When those are visible, tho brancli fo which they belong js HIHO topped down to tljeir level, and this is done live times MicceHsivcly. Hy this m«»auH the plants be(*on)»^ ht<iut dwarf biiHhes not above eighteen inches high. In order fo prevent their falling ovor sticks or strings are stretched horizon- tally along the rows HO as to keep them erect. In addition to thm, all laterals whatever urn nipped ofT. I n this wav the ripo sap in directed int<i thn fruit, which acquire a beauty, HIZO HIJ<1 excel- lence unattainable by other moans.\ - I|AV» HnUlnM Art I'rrp m A strip of land l>ordcring the Mndit-ef- fAnean, somewhat losHthun one hundrod mileH in length and in width not exceed- ing five or six, IH the raisin producing territory of Spain. Beyond those Itound- arieH the Muwatel grape, from which tho raisin IH principally produced, may grow and thrive Abundantly, but thn fruit muat go to tho market or the wine preas. When tho grapes begin to in August the farmer can-fully j the fruit tin it lies on tne warm dr? soil, and one by one chpa the Hunters fts they roach |>erfection. In almont all vine yards Hlantn of maHonr? are prepared, lof>king Jike ungUzed liot IMMIH, and f**)ver«Mi with fln<« pebbles, on wine lithe fruit IH exponed to dry. Hut tlio small proprietor prefers not U* carry his grapes so far. It m better, he thinks, to de- posit them nearer at hand, where there in leHH dnngiT of bruising, atid where been nnd wnsps nn* IONR likely •<» find th«»m. D.iy by day the cut branches are examined and fumed, til! they an* suf- ficiently cured t<> be borne t<« t'he house, U«uallv on tho hill top, and there de- posited in the empty wine pres-«, till enough have been collected for the trimUHTH und pa<*kera to begin their work. At thin stago ^r^nt piles of rough drie<| niisinR are bn»ught from the wine preaa nnd henpc^l upon \umTtl*. Ono by one the hunchcH are carefully inspected, those of thn firnt quality being trimrn^l of all irregularities and unp^-r- fect berriea nnd (fepowit«sl iu piies liy theniMelvcH; h -. in turn are treated tho**o «<f tlm second cjimlity, while flu* clippings and inferior fruit are received jut-o bas- kets at the feet of the trimmers and re- served foi homo consumption. A quan- tity of small wooden travH urn now brought forward, just the size of a com- mon ruiHih box and alnMit an inch <leep. In th**f*(t papers are neatly laid so HH U> lap over and cover tho raisins evenly dn- jw*it<d in fhe trayH, which nro then subj«M*t«*d to heavy presnure m a riioe press. After pressing the raisins are dropped int4» lh«« boxen for market. Tho grofitont rH-pond in Amorioa it on tho farm of .Thine* N. Wolls, iu tho town of Jliverhead, MHM*. I t oover* five *vri*H t aiid IN now hi* full of ©ola thttt they can be niked out with a garden rako Two yarn's i»^»» Mr. Wells put 2,000 d'>zcn <>f ecl^ into the Twnui, intending to liuve them iindisturbcMl for five team* They have iuer<\a*H*l to millions. They are fe*i r(y (i ' a rly every third day on \ horwe feet,\ a pcvulinr shell fish. The oels know when thev are to IM- fed, and tho Mi ok\ of Mr. Wells' whip against IUH WMf/ou CHIIH thouaaiitis of tham up to dim < aihoiigh anioneeiw may pound ituruj # nil «'HV wiih(iiit any effect. One of these »heii jinh fastened to a strong oord aud thrown into the watnr, may be drtiwn out 111 a few njmut<*§ with hundred* of U) lU Hfurtllif W#rk. The house of Mr. Caleb Rradbnry ia f'ambrid^e, Mans., wa* struck br ligbt- MI*K about quarter l>**fore nil o'clock on a r«*<v*nt Friday iift<'rnoon« No other building withiu a quarter of a mil* of if wiw furii'tOnd uith .4 lightbiuff T<>d, but on th'H OM« T*H\H anw frx>m every co; her of the r<w»f and from tlie ohim- nejH. A IMJH entered the front of the hounr at the Hide of a bay wiudow, mud nrarlv on a le\«M \\)[\i the top of tlie win- d«»w. Chipheads were toni off aod thn»wfi u»t<» the Htrect and a Inn a por- tion of the inmrdft inmde Uie claptioartie. A space of thiei of four feet square waa stnpp<sl 111 thin manner. Mm. Iloyce, a visitor, WUH r^etining uj>on a sofa, im- mediately uip'de of this ]*>i!ii, in the front parlor. The lightning threw down the pliihteirniK buhiud her, oovenng her completely over. A upaoe alK>iit nil feet M(]nHre wa* torn off. A ball of t^re then roll«sl AcroHn the room, wr-ot up the ba«*k wall and thon travernckl the gilt moulding completely around the room, burning it at everY alternate inch and then pasHfsl out. Mr, liradbury was sitting a xhort dist&nc^e from the lady, hut neither were injured, thongh both were stunned for a considerable time. He had jiint bc^'D u lling the lady Uiat there wan no )H>H#nhle danger of the hoiiAe iM'Uig struck, a« it ha*l met with that fate n*c*'nt)y and the lightning never struck twice in the same plaoa At V e name time the front of the house U'HM Htruck A bolt paJMMMl into the kitchen window, which WAS oj>en, in the rear, MIH* Klla Fletcher, who was preparing aupper, wan hurled nmghly through the kitchen and thrown into the dimng- room, but wan not badly injured, though stunned for some time. Fier sister WM also in the kitchen, but was not dis- turl**d, T!ie lightning by mmm pro- fonnd its way to a oham)>er up f panned eompletelv around the moiil/liug, hnming it an in the parlor, and then left, doing no other damage. The rooms were filled with a snlphnr- Iike hinoke. Al) of the inmates of the hotine were }jArd of hearing all the even ing. The <Um*tf< 1 in the house was not far from $U*ih The tfoo inwm which htruggleg and ! cHHiid f^fH' h .jewjj t]i ep itnd Hoars 1M *-h <l htnfl of wlurij heroinm IH made, by which thn w<>rl<] is suite.I aiid ' k< pt pure. It IH the Ke«-d which bears ft 11 i|t in iimrt xrn and makes men nobler thai) their nature- and derm ffrxi* and proplx th of u imtter Innc. I M?de young man's fate hsi l>iv»n • rifjiwl by hi\ peisihting »n his sw#M k thcftrt down Ahsdy i i<v crtarn **»!#.on. Words of TIIP grr»itt nrfi onlv great lxY*aiifte we are on our kn«^*s. After cr«mse« and Toiise>fl men grow humbler and wi*er. All who know their own minds know not their own heart*. He is happiest, 1H^ he king or peAsant, nli-» i\ndn p(>ace in hifl home. Th« praines of other* may be <»f tiae in Caching us not what we an* but what we nhould be. Do nothing 111 thy pamion; wlyr wilt thou put <»ut ufx>n tho sen while the f-torm is raging, M'*t of the shadow* that croH* our pHth llnoii^li life are (rainnxi by iitanding m «-ur own light. A ' • may M.T » thing twice if he ,t I.ft tar the *««v>n<l time than )»e ubh t lie flrnt, (hnvl oonnjieils olj^ervwl Afe chain« to \ whi(?h, nfglect«<l prove haJtaro U* e undutiful children. Our p which, Uioiigh ih**y make us stronger for the time, leave* us t)ie weaker ever after. Health in tlin only r\ehe* that a man ought to M»t it value on, f-»r w.Uiout it all riien are poor, let th#ir entate^ !>e whnt th^y will. Whatever roti would nof wisli ronr o Ui you <io it n<*t unto dim. the w!n» h of n,

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