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Gouverneur times. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1864-1880, August 12, 1864, Image 1

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V: #. -\ \ , . * I' •I K ^5 ty^i • X 1 \.' •' . •-*.•• x y X-- \ * •./ '•• •• ••\ V _• •MMM • ^v ,,•_.. • >f ' ^W v *\- i> y :'X . y * ' ^^ ,y / ^ , *. v • y'^V r V'\' ^w r 7 .- ^ * : » v v • ftMMH •i. •„*•.••/• : V {•-:•• :^ ^/^••~ : -^! *••'~~ SJ---^ '\i : ^V * •• r r^,, • - -X HimU •' \ X:* ThU imttortan ttfj l»nnt Office anJ Ofll<*«,- *UH HobiKTibei^ (*i»Kle €la** of lea to one *<ldr One Hijoare otus. sree Pf»- •••••••••- ~jMf »'T^^»>I One ftqaar J two we#k* ^ *«• • • w k One 8*tsare Jbree weeks,. ..*..•-•...•••• 1 On* £<ui*r.# one ©imth,.. .».. I * Ono Kulvre two moijtiw..... * • »• •» V One 8<f&re thfpe nwutb*,. • J*g f Otie S«jimr« MX. month*,. ,.... 5,B ; ^ Hue Square ooe year,. , •. t* On* quarter column one year,.........|JS«fJS>.*. One bt»lf column one year,. I me column «IH» year „ » Bu*m«tA Canlt, (tiv« line*,) per yta*,..* ^W A41 transiest advertisement |a »U\«iAcc in a* early a* Tuesday i:ioruia£, of fltft* for i.lverusjug wall be pr imterKsd *H M^HB BOOK AND JOB PRI NaV^Dg juot received at to do ail vii: w judicious o Wtf readori 7 nose rtrfeh tb« only feature in h cumpwwled uf wild to it. JJtantirae^ »jroptom of rcvit^r attention to iu uatur«, usci aal ttgBifieanMr. A uutaher of an J^nglUh ma$rasi|ie1ia» ation* 6*tht NO^P, whk* fur the n»%r«ctKm of , Ts r . Y., 3<\UTlX£-Y, AUGUST 13,1864 No.1., eartitoge ; tlte two substances co«^ bitting together to form a complete end cotitiuoos whole. The upper or bevy structure indicates tbc natural chsrvctrf Dt Pierro ButbpJifcne, a Uuasian noblo, *Mfcd b»«n ^aced within the hut to gwtfd bhn wife and thrv^ cUUJrea, twgboyi of | had been faand dead on the bench where the Jtad a aqd Qlteen years of age, anil the third ai^uifitfiL Uts treatment of bis serfs the subjSfcK^ conversation throughout proTince, amoD^Uti nobles as well as . *x\> TWK ^I NUIY BCII^ first and most important dutiee ofpareoU to ^UttKin-8, CAKD*,' Ki CtlfCUKA, ^ f CIRt'l'LABS, LA»KLS, * ^ HANDBILLS,' B.UJ* TICKKT8, ^KK, rUUORAMIIKS, AC 99- Wt tlatlmre qo efforts to ptoue, aod to- ieit U* ^?ortO?kU persons in need of neallj t4 PiO TOfTED STATES 10-40 B0N1& MM mn issued nuder the Act of Com- cb profide^ that aU shall be EXEMPT, tor an/ state or tup to the Bes&i notes or note* of are TO BE REDEEMED IK COLs> t ^S^l JljgSMse el Uw Coveraqient, at f* 0 ^ •JWAkPtj**'\ 1 • #r mof * **** /\tsr antfl their redemption KIVK PEB OUT. IHTEBEST WILL BE PAID IN COINreaJteaes of not orer on* hundred tfol- Inm nnirntfr a*rf mi til other Bonds He mi-anno- ally, JTJte tsjertst h ya^ible oft Mic March and September in each year. Coupon BttiidH, as Xhcy may pprftr. IlontU are recorded on the books of tfo U. S. ^Treasurer, and ran bu transferred oaljr on the Qirucr's ordef. rJ (#0up«»a Bonds are payable to Roarer, and *fe niore^oikienient for commercial to ttfU loan* will Have ihe option Uavinp their l>o*nl* dnrw iuterr^t from March accruing inie^reM in coin—{or ID Unite3-^54^ noU^», or tfci notes of National for pretuium,) or re- a fn>rn the date of Municipal or SUts\T**atias^ *their valut* w incrcai^d fro cent, per annum, a/cortling to. the rate of tax levity iu different Jiarts t»f tb* country. At the prfnen^ rate ot premium un gold thej pay ueer tight per _e*mi~-int** ml. in eurrency, and re of equal oonvomencc as a peraiaocut or ten* ao^ wlicckAsarhe requSf^i their ha exacted them as Ihoagh time w»s hirowa. \\Nor was this tlie thing of which thej kad to com plain; Fee ejctortiuoate as well as oppressive, !A^fe> Our cootttrymeo, as yoa k»own, will bqar a gruat 4eal urnJer the in- oT the fear of being sent to serve in tk>e array v or u\ a worse place, so that straw was placed which serted them »t a bed. relation to the Futrfay school It was qake eridwt That tJie soldier hafl the children study their been saflocated, and the hole iu tl»e wall punctual; and to ins showed the way by whteh the prisoner had escaped, and the broken sword the means by which the hole had.beeft made. to see that that they ase upon their ntndt the object oC4he school We do not think -\ ? i v l»w *^UitS —Thiil*' tu * intellect j,.*ne lower or structure indicate? the quality, and activity of the intellect. The part is made for ps ; \^e lower part we may to a great extent mike or war fur ouwelTcs. llafine rcuchi^J {bis point, it n^ay now be desirable to attempt some T y dawticatlosj of noeea* / •/;• for theteaeher4o u Tbere are, it seems 9 only sLx Hisoner yonih mud eompaxmtire weakness of 1 »A«r SabbeAh.^(thonl any preparation. We noses that are distinctly it to be suspected that J tell you, p*jpeni*\ it is ip-hUl work aad Tery this classifioatiou is well known and*j>f discoura^^' v 1in4 we want your synpathy. If Jong standing; fin* an antique gem nf ycKiw^oiSooowderawimportaiiceofrAri^l th^ Florentine Museum gites us fire out aid w* cannot but think you wcmM fife it << ti» six. - There ure, ^howct^r, m CJiiideni come-to school with tl» ii»i>resek»i »^»e wry &m pure speclmcnit *f any ^atthey are under Tery little restraint, and I «**»> * lm <** * 11 *• n ose« pened te be^lr^p^rticularly powerful man, without the aMiauSfKOJ some person* Jo consequence of tiiis sajp&rea botli the sen* try who had been on duty • **; one who had relieved Mnu. wtrt. kinebeard no murmurs, and perhaps had no {The first swore positively that the soldier idea of the intense hatred towards himself which his tyrany had engendered* Among the serfs on his estate were three who were noted for their ferocity, and these organised a conspiracy among the others. One night they met a*-r5talach4rae* 1k)HM» bringing *, ±m^f M^ M with them bm idles v of straw and which they heaped op against the door and windows, and then set it on fire. The count was soon awoke by the flames, and jumped oat of the window, followed by his sons. The count was cut down with an axe, and thrown back into the house, and his innocent children were tossed into the flamesu In the meantime the countess had been let down from the win» dow v at the back of the houa»]by the pocte, and feer infant child alter her; after which none let herself down. Thej then went/to the end of an orchard and sheltered im Aossia.] rieard several piercing shrieks, ^he asked the Targa nurse what it was, but the lazier tolcyher to taprtt staiostto p *ka& sec** an4 the them to the spot to I ts probable the of eril.bntthe ;eep quiet and not to sp^k a word. Pros eotly they saw a gigs^i figure approaching, upon which the curae snatched the infant from her mistresaV arms aad fan away.' It who had bees killed and the prisoner I side by side when he wsj relisted at Midnight, and the sentry who ^liered him confirmed this statement, and a#ore that from that time tOl he himself wa+teiieYcd, and the discbTery was made that Jlie prisoner had es- caped, he had not hesid a sound. It was imposMbls for the 4>fficer to conccire any reason why one j& his men should assist a stranger fn murdering his comrade, unless he ha3 been bribed, and the whole of the Til- lagers aTerred that the prisoner had no means whateref of doing this. It was naturally sappoeed that the fofitire WQold made for the woods, and for days and afterwards the soldiers were engaged ia searching these, but all their eodea?ors to recapture their prisoner were fruitless; and it was only when the wretched peasants had •eecfMrethiceei to stsjrraQcs^ in we ttopewtes Uieu^desire^o gei rid of the human locusts would force them to betray the hiding-place of their fellpw-Tillagor, that the soldiers weri withdrawn. Time alter time officers of jus- tice were jent at unexpected periods, to see if the fugitive had returned to his Tillage, but always with the same result; nothing had with are of a composite character, and are all naturally tcetmtpamed wrth equal- ly composite mental characteristic. , Class I. The HooMut TSote. x H. The Grecisji Nose. . III. The Cogitative ^ trilled Kose. IV, Th* Jewish Kose, V. Thetura-np Nos^, or first three craises are the aobU Jhatitisof HtUd coHsequense whether thej or not To an earnest teacher, trials i but our motto is, Hope on, Ebp^crer/' that all the seed sown may not «l by Ae^ws^eide, We both hope though not so moch as if you would giTe usV4ift oooe in a while. Some parents, when they U* school before tbeir^hildren, talk as if I) did not amount to much. Let them ask them* I toyo ol BOM, the Utter three are selres the question. whoseTanlt it is. jQirU>rd»<i sjid contempUTJe.iTi*. SaTiorsaid. -Safer Httle children tocomeun-l'Thb noble cUsjaficaUoo was to me.and forbid them not\ Do you think yoi 1*J*iog*omi9*Uj from Uie WtlHIsrt z*z?*?z£*£ i j?-& %** a'sL^iSSfre b. nwti^lw the matter -He tt«t« not far .4, of EbphM t». I» Ibii thrw^^l- meiaaguutme.'* \ioadtWaid-.oritand ^ ^ ^^j^ rf y»law, tke «Fi^ in tlie way. For UM lor* you hare to your children, pre M yow ecmnUoance and aid : ThUgt ' ^ ©f^^ Hh»D«rtreT«r/ kaj .\eooM 0Ter,ao4 faetp ••;\ coo* into th« |« rov^i. «od mergcUe Ri •ebool,aoda«««; if we w« enr ghd U>JM B«t BriiiB, *tl»-Creator,' but yon, it is therfc-rJ&r. IflDgiUtiTe nostril, betokMuac i wd tbo»gk* of the proCocmtert raorw »iwf>T.—wrtwow «o«bt I-*'\** • . tbe proper rtndy of womaDaiad ia womn.^1» «* <«!y H\ <f *n«jroild, H« attribrte.. her go«*«« »otiv«^ ]*«•V »** »^ ZJ^* - ^sz? < ±a*jr^zi£^^ s^rSLrs surely be better understood, and more tber- ] ^^ time ^ #f g^ ,^j^ to ft i| flT r t ates* liad*»o suspicion of I be<« seen or heard of him. tch who drew near and took y oughly sifted, by those who, addedi> the instinctive bias* to give name and the ability to the emotions tkrwder (far it wseeriaent there, had beet, imoiwsfilijrpsissiisini to thejiighesiai* sfa el ihe s«ale sert* It in tattered that no feoorities offer eo~?reat iadacem«lit8 to Umderr~a?lbe variou* descrip- tions of U. S. Bond*. In ali other forms of tndebt- e«lne*#, the faith or ability of private parties .or tU*^companies or separate communities ouly is ^ple^ged for payment, while the debt* oT the XJaited State- the whole property of thecoanUy V baaiff or land-steward yt ft rary rich one, for on the fie had by his i, and^seetned him had her in h(s ams had no mercy. Me carried her back to Jsne house, and there in tbe presence of the* tillagers, and without one d of them to interfere, be threw her into the fire, Three years a wbite4aairedbe^er entered the Tillage. The account he gave of himself was that he had been a soldier, and having serted his time, and moreover, been seriously .ill, he was- dis- charged, and was theo-cn Ids w&y to • \The Roma* pow i*Jprf}c*tiTe highest eoergy of cheSostr, espeeial); when the nose te course md **g§Bi* eUrost happened, he who at in order to ascer* Erery inhabttant of joung, was examined, but faggots were heaped upon her to pre>ent her from moving.\ ^ ^ junt Tillage. Amotig those wjft listened to But if Iiaac Varga's late did not deter the | the account he gare of himself was s yowig new steward fn>m following in his steps it was not likely that a statement ef what liad-hap- pened at a distance would do so, nor did. So far from being moflifiedsby thesubmissiTe* ness or the wretclied sertvt^is only seemed >urage him to deeds of greater violence. But exf&ieWfcas shown that a o6qamuoity of iDdiridQsJs^whether few or ma it has taken upen itsclfio arenge may he from --, ami arc-tliftA «nt tourer an<) ihti larjrcnt fcl for the availaUe to tliewuall capitalist. They emu hatever coutd be obtained^ ^ Jht in s>em\ no evidence tcric9 t thoaghr i^we# «U tmtcertain that the mur- derer or murderers wad or were included bolder ^ ill have tbe bt*Ovtit 6f tbe interest, . It may he u**ful to sute la iliiKc oime<;tiou the toUhFun.U d KUtcn rhiehjatcrc«t i>f Marti.,'1«C4,' OB this deUt for eluctanceon wrongs, acts with less and eTerysvcceeding occasion, instance ; the same persons who »xad sul ted to \im tyrrany of one man for fore the> slew lam, bar* with hU the coming be '• wjtat ltsd taken place reached, in_de« oonrse, proprietor ef the estate at 8t p, who, with the least possibly delay, sent '\another bailiff to take tbe'place of the de- PSJ^A* * m* U^D SpBe»\M eWB^^B^B^Bj ^B^V SSB^B^BBM^S^^BSjSj ASj^Sj 1MS>A V scarcely eleven monus Deiore rurreal his ikaa per »o far at Uur rate of •lOO,«»u,000 eount that H will be j^en ^ aen of tLe <»t»Tcrnniciiyire largely ia exc^a* prrnetft goM rcre OG wa&l* of the iiirtr for tlie an occurrence as the murder of two stewards in succession was so unexampled, ere* in Uossia, tliat it was felt by the au- thorities, that it must not pass uupunished. A detachment of military was sent to Che Tillage, and quartered on the inhabitants, with orders to remain there till the guilty were discovered. The bady of Pad a had b#en irst seen by a woodman* fee* xbwnwatd* ia a shallow pool of ferOfttty the oreHkariag of i well, to wrnr Trean idUdibe had gone to draw water^and Uw ef ti* officer in comtBaad m to order this woodman's apprehenskHB, lie wonkrer ef tbe man whose corpse he tWlessfcin probing wounds of whose exis- tence and depth they alone can forme jest . A . # . . r . A . . , . conj^ption ; and theirs tbe prlT3ege to striks r^ il^T\!*?!^^?* •?* t^der dM of MMn-AS/'h is Tery. chary in Female writers ^shtffcld of necessity, derote j and headers to the best energiejrof their minds to ttoes>| exceedingly proocL thai he emmi w* eotertsinment ei their own bromght to a hewtfilt s^KMrMnselti el Theinia the right to use tbe scalpel this great fast »e»ce sj^f^thti ' Tewe schemes and ophcrs, sta she had given to the unfortunate youth who had been charged with the murder of the lff fid l g Their edtrtdre % sy*tettf In liff,had refitted sererml offers oC aamsfo. Bhe Uved with herbtiier ra a but oft the verge of the forest This young woman invi- ted the beggar to come to her father's cottage, lie of course accepted Jhe UriiaUoo, but \womanly sympathy spile of nature—to-ssiv, ia ) instead of afterwards journeying dhwards to mm i character. distant Tillage fie spoke he was. It J^Tbeir is a part ef ow original nature SS« ^S^S^pw^^SJSJ ^BBjSj^B^a> ^ vSB* SB^~ 4 'e^^^VSjAe^SSSjSnv^S/ S^^^ . ^Bj^B^Bve^^SS>4BWSJBSS^^^^^vflBf irerereooe. This feeling is giTen^br the mo^imporUnteods, It tsAparts gi«et power ami richness, great br^dth aod depll, to tU . inspires a sense vt one's jo* slow that.we set up sham of yoor you dfl| cannot giTe up our csJly crutcbed «p must for markei pp aad jf possible get ritf rijel rumored-about that be w*e to many old Vliska's t thr wedding was continusiry mportimt element of true bnaQHT. 1% pro- duces docility, obedience arid respect men as toward each otiier. It oUueal motgerj would thin afr t if, injtc^T of tailing forme, men h%& disereiion smd enough to piek out girl was growing por© the day was actusily fa^d, and marriegewas performed, resioring the bride's high spirits gloomy sn4 despondent still, and band, for some reason or other ashamed to meet the eyes of everybody met. One day the starost and two oftoen ttts li Qs- establishes a natural salutary ship between superiors and infer***. U scaroery possible to develop the chsxaeter the yosmg into loveliness witb torovgnouc a ••The for it se it energetie **i Ji delights i» acfiwiH wb into their of iu fears, bat steadily pomeft if obfeei able, accomplish it. it has ierff- justice to YiisfcaTTint, snd unhappy husband; and gresi- iskmeot of theiillagert wbec they were-told that he was tWiugitare woodman who bid I of his been cfcsgyrf witfctbe afujder ef i fend with killing tbe soBi* to guard him Who had betrayed, him was {ing* One da/ new known m €heTiBage> hmt wlisice, is not fond of talking jt /hUle blessed with the set phrase *(«•<*/ te sententioux, brief. jmU modi k astH^ knows precisely the value rioh ore tb&o TKN »NL Subscriptions w»JL A WKEK aU Y j HATIO5AL BAJfXS aw att AXI) BAXKEK' ikot tirtroan.of whom is i» doubt it was intended to make a i, was little sjftore than a youth, *B& SO peoUefeess Uhai W gives a f py • j wDmOi'' vWI %H ld Si Rtflnai^ forfW ten by to [that he lbs other hand, the to pet sosaehody W rosU sod tsis was ceiersily became knows list it was supplied him with aeariy a& dvUg the Jhtt* yesn he was in hiding ia terminatisA. to his i Ue wvoCjU* p«aoe of coocealsjent wss a more resjeraDy ^nown ! bellow tree, and tee m&xiety he. Nobody ee&ered ! eanWing be sjadsiwettt dpriag tsis p ia the marder, or \ cte&fed kis sppesrsnoe from yooth to ibe4*wpetr»lors^ tat I of old age. — / officer w j Otr ^^f sxaiiiasjtioii he death as a the* he SjjrrrTir witat^e Fete* ariwf trosi a 4 t orcta*/ ret it a»d it m te se fesvsd tbat lis were osiy too wilat; to ssbsmit to wkkitbe oa not the he know who of Pasiii bekilsdiheseli 1 wfcea he wss him, and fouod him lying at T^i tbejedge M* It tovmteb \Well old f*Oow,~tffod ±0 mm, omd ifitdwt t4k*a*d Wort acute and late work ood,' M^rtkMe Wtalrfj tteths faotk bysia. kiad. ^ .* 'zt. I ia tbst A t* 1 •it of to tfa* tW toel vas too rlolet m rwft of far-a of a v> a We talk It

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